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    t CO.’S
lIES !
E $4O 000
s &10. ;
your a mavht.
IUO owners of TUE AHAve.
UVAKE offer to
Irawn each Wedheedi.T?
Delaware, in J«|blic, uT'
ra ccaiuuisiouer*
iy, June f., 185 - •
iy, Juno 13, ,
»y. June 20, 1859*
iy, June 27,
rmzEs! i
svery two Ticket
Iravrn Ballou.
1' SCHEME. ,-
0. u
0,000 •' .
5.000 “
0,000 “
1. " ,
5,089"- -
1.000 art
500 ••
350 "
-100 «
70 “
50 «
40 “
30 "
10 “
■' \
ti ,ss —QuartereS&M
11 Uo
m ,
, 18&.
ante ticket! ,
Ilf «
lartcr “
.IULY 80t
'mien ItalluU.
■izo of 870.0001
2 Pilzes of .a
:-v. - “ ■ i
ss ‘V* . m
AC- Jtc. ■ .
lag to $i,i98,i97(
■' $lO ! Quarter* $6.
> our.address, for what to*
■tt'-rv lii which you wish it
-h Wholes, lUlri-9 or Qosr.
ud what is ordered, by
•K. the drawn number* will
i.m. ;|
ihesr signature* plain, uni
v. County and Stpte.
e money by midi, can use
• i turns of Ten Dollars, and
■ they have an office. Th«
t -d hi n ■'GOVERNMENT
• vkloi’E,” or.thegapm*
Jei (ideates. br Sltdl net,,
’up. EDDY i C6*'
VV Umington, Delaware,
i.iwnre State liettcHwor*
..Id. ■■[ •
££> S 3 a
has arusfc re
(■M stand, oaVirgl|jU#t n
■: of a.,'ii6cnal»lc goods,’com-
•jEiir a gloves,-
texture* ( of
at of goods fiir ginUemcn>
n lire, QoeenSware and -
qua! to any inthemuket,
my storo-rodin, l ean now
link to better adviinUg*
t vi rj body to call.
inform Uis oW cri v
public generally
J received * tutor
-JBt eortment of ,
offering for Bale,
make them up in
most durable wan-
Hie best workmen
all work made will
give saUafaction.
gtock of Or.NU
GOODS,, Usds*-
1, rchicCs. NcckTi *, Stock*.
j.lho a large owortiwml of
a.i <.f which
t- bought till* side of\
p. ctfully invited b>MII
11 take plcnrore In
at from C A. SI. until 9 P.- M-
- fully In- .
ii life .nadJHaSfiKISE
- r.and IieVSSV?:,
it an agreeable bome fot *IJ
vi luxuriously
nt rv and eitlea, and hi* !»• >
i .nfe. Ula charge* are *>
vr Hotel in th* place, and n* .
i nnplained .
i;.vp«cting to recw* *
,ly intending to de»erV« K» “
public and Invite* a trial
cf No. 1 French
' nt Whirs, for medlcinal pnr
■J - best old Kye WbUk«J l< ]
i-ive daily during tb*;*®** o ,'}!
Delphi* acd Pittttakgh. ***
>. Raduhet; Cueumlt”'
ko, Freth L<fkc Fw*j
c stand on Main atrerf. ***
t offered to Uie PubUo tf * ll *
ley. ' ; ■
i Aavtn,
tv: itfs.UßAj®*
•signed, Agent of
ranee Company, J* grfi-
I 36 or damage by
and Property* <>* J??S»nJ '
:.t o> reasonable
with Bell, JohMl9P< *y
vhnty mutuaJ*
£> fire
k uUifcl lose e»«f
rdurt and Property
av, at as reasonable Terl ,|l«
i!icn in the notid
iiiN suokmake^*
informs the c^lz^f a
!1 continue* to n c
.::criptloc, on
Ut, next
;:i It a beet nTlrtyt*!
pour Crtet
j_oCAl- ITEMS.
. CoPr UjConUl-Qurl
jiamsjwg P*** *
ttl of idw s so exactly «o»d pictures so
r* s*’ 5 *’ ° ur situation at this moment; we
ritiiV ° ar . ttie temptation to diphia article
tH DOt - d of our “imp" offlarknesfl" for a
iti 1110881 He says, “Of all the hideous
ft* "‘““‘Startle the hnoan ear, this (copy)
* , irh erates theharahest thandcr on
tympana No matter in *h.t
,C e "' he may bo l«ut®**atißg,. * et b ®t the
P !e4sareS - rop whisper the word inhis aartcjxle»,
P rißier8 ‘ ds »n iostant spasm through his anat
‘oJ“tsFrom the stern, inexorable necessity
cry imposes, there is no escape;’tis
* iicb Wo as death- 1 * fixed as the adamantine
lißillU3 f HpaTen.’’ Whether he goes tolastaak
"fl. hopefol •»« •»’ ui ” i ”B kim "tolU
’ .J clear <plrl‘ P’” ,h ' ”
'«•” „ de r « leltarg, "bid* »»d«r. tim
~ infancy —whether to Ikwgktt :
, ep ie to -ken M»M . tok
,i« Kke bottled off «d (Alto, ot to
’’d creaks «d ,k»»M like
; „: old p „m P -Ui. ell tk. •to.ttk.f.tor.
.. intellect .«.< k, 1»» in .Wd,
dl ..m8 —sparkling, clMt end ,W>g. Oe.r-
Ui« or barren— reacting or .tatrmg-b,.
:„i„li.o tnncl OT P»k.p.
i ourlr for novelties tp meet the, mercUess de
l adsof tho “copy” thundering devil,at bis
piDoff• There is no chance for day-dteaming.
, r cDj'iying the sweets of a resting slumber,
fhile the young imp is bellowing in his ears.
I;i . c -a remorseless creditor, or Pinkston’s
■•kiiadows" —the doggihg fiend is ever present
■„ ,be moment of fancied security, and has most
mfernal lungs.
What a pity ’tis that thinking and writing
f 1 5e done by sloam! What a glorious thing
, oa ; d be if some “calculating” Yankee could
up Dun Marble’s celebrated machine,
grab, taking in a whole sheep, wool and “short
l|i(n , s ' at one end, sent it out in a few moments
s; dm L'tut'i', metamorphosed into chops, all hot
, U J tracking, roast mutton, and a full 1 suit of
F ( ]fn clothes. A machine to grind out lead
er Want a “ chief-done-over,” as Mrs. Par
ißgtr.n would says, of ingenuity ! .How pleasant !
a„K issy ! and how economical! With such an
unstant, an editor would be the happiest, freest,
ia J uost independent dog in the community.—
The ui.-m who will invent such a machine will be
■puilui" liy tea thousand presses, while he
jvt!, uud when he dies will outshine Faust and
i;ui!t!ibu*gin glory, and be worshipped through
.iJ css ages as the patron-saint of the editorial
ii.ihurk! The cry of “ copy” deafens our
sii<l a smooched face “darkens the air” of
Muctew. Here, you son of Beelzebub, take
Decipsii.— The important suit between A- M.
< i’. White aud the Penn’a Railroad Company,
rr.ioh has occupied so much of the time of.our
Kunty Courts for a year past, was decided so
hr us our local tribunal ts concerned on Satur
hv evening last, after a trial of eight days’ du
num The case was given to the jury in the
afternoon, and after being out about an hour,
tii.T returned with a verdict for the defendants.
Kc un lerstaud the jury stood ol«ycn to one on
fcrst i.iily. The suit was brought by the Whites
<■ reci vcr a balance of some $16,000 for wood
« i gol to have' -been furnished the Company
. cjaintci. It was tried last summer before
arbitrators', when the plaintiffs received an
nurd of SI 1,000. Ncithei; party being satisfied
tiib tliis decision, tbe case .tfaa carried up to
i ;rt. U was tried at lust December Term,
liitu the jury awarded tbe,plaintiffs $7,500. —
h.b: tliis they were still not satisfied, and both
parlies demanded a pew trial, and got it, with
iw result above stated. We have not heard
kiitther the Whites intend to contest the matter
fiirtliir. The trial was conducted by
Judge White, H. D. Foster, S. S. Blair,
:u; 1 Johnston & Mullin, Esqrs., for plaintiffs,
! Messrs. John Scott, of Huntingdon, and C.
I - I’vrthing, -of Johnstown, Esqrs,,
abduutsJohnstown TVihune.
£ S. Association. —The committee appointed
it-the last meeting of the Altoona Union Sab
'-ath School Association, to select subjects for
hrniEsion at next meeting, which will be held
1 1 mowow (Friday) evening, in- the United
Brethren Church, report that: the following will
he submitted:— i
Ist. What pro the requisite qualifications of a
good Sabbath School Teacher?
2nd. What are some of the particular defects
a teacher which renders failure of success
:aj«t frequent ?
lid. What ar ; o the qualifications of,ou efficient
School Superintendent ?
■lth. How can we secure a more general co
operation of the membership of the churches
ia the Sabbath School enterprise ?
' csq Mbs asp Ladies.— An exchange, in no -
ticiug the fact that several of onr'coteniporaries
we reprimanding the young men of.their towns
for standing on the street corners of evenings
6a 'l staring at ladies ns they jjmss, says—“ How
*° c&o see ho great evil In locking at the Jodies
48 they pass; besides there is no evidence that
ladies dislike to be looked at. We think
tte J rather like it of thie two, else why so often
011 the streets but to see and bo-seen? We’ll
Tenturo a dishofslrawbeiTiesand fireamthat
the young men were all out of (own for a
tnonth, there t?>7 fpw yotU|g Jadie?’
want mending jdnring that Store
f^4o likely, ■' j '•
No Summer Vacation attbe Iron City
College, Pittsbi^rgb r Pa.' ( owing .to the jjmproved
Prospects for actiiw business throughout the en
|j re country tins coming toll. ’ . Upwards of 200
Students are in daily attendance; lienee the
ootire faculty is retained, and,then will be np
tuomer vacation, giving every faoiliity for young
W6n to ; enter durlng thd summer, nnd be thor*.
’ D sHy prepttted/ at g cost ofpply &ljMp£ vl fc
or the business season. " _ ,
Miutabt Celsbratiok. —The military com*
panics of-this place intend celebnxting.the com
ing Fourth of J nly, in an appropriate manner,
in on the Plank Road, between
thfsplnce'and Allegheny .Famaoe, and cordially
■ invite'the citisene of the town onß’snrrouttding
ponntiy to Bnitewlth them, bringing whatever,
ini the line of eatables, ‘they may think.pinper.
Persons Uving on ibe-East side of the Railroad
whp, desire to'Join inthis celebration vt ill leave
their provisionsat the Unnited Brethren Cbnrch,
and those on the West side will deposit their
at Shultz’S Hall, from which places
it will be conveyed to the woods. The celebra-
tion -is to be a general ope, the provision all
placed on a longtahle which will be erected on
the ground and all present be invited to par
take. A platform will be laid down, off! which
all those who take delight in “ tipping the light
fantastic toe,’' can enjoy themselves.
Wiibbs .abb Yon Goiko oh ,thb .Fourth?—
This-is the salutatory of almost every person you
meet qu the street or elsewhere, and so various
are the replies that we can not prfetend to say
whether the “ stay-at-homes" or the “ go-aways”
are the most numerous ;_neyorthclesB, both par
ties admit that >hey can hot properly enjoy the
day and - the sports of the evening without cal
ling at Fettingers,Literary Emporium and pur
chasing a few of the many articles he has re
ceived specially, for this occasion, consisting of
an endless variety; of noisy and beautiful fire
works, banners, flags, wreaths and everything
necessary to get up decorations, together with
toys suitable for presents to children. i< Be sure
to call and examine ibis stock soon, as the ar
ticles named are disappearing rapidly.
This Way, Ye Pic Nicers. —Jake. Wise, the
excellent', baker, two doors above Hileman’s
store, request us to state that he will have on
band a large stock of cakes, pies, confectionaries,
fruits, nuts, &c., to supply picnic parties on the
glorious Fourth at any other time. AU
kinds of cakes; baked to otder on .abort notice.
We know tbat-Jako cab get .up as fine a cuke os
any baker in the place, and therefore recom
mend him to those who wish anything in his
He will also have on hand a complete assort
ment of firevorks, such as squibs, torpedoes,
chasers, rockets, fiia-wheels, Bengola lights, &c.,
which he will sell cheap.
Hurra? for the Fourth I —Our young friend.
Geo. !VI. Smith, is now receiving a large supply
of fire works of all descriptions, at his store a
few doors above'the P. 0. where young America
and all others who take delight in exploding
villainous saltpeter! or indulging in pyrotecnic
displays in commemoration of the day that made
us a nation, can be accommodated with the arti
cles made for that puposc. He has also bn ban d
assortment of choice confectionaries,
nuts, cakes, &c., which he will sell at reasona
ble prices. He invites a call.
Presentation.— The members and Accepted
Lady Visitors of Division, No. 811 S. of
T., are requested to meet in the Division room
this (Thursday) evening, on which occasion a
handsome Bible will be presented to the Divi
sion by Rev. Samuel' Creighton,-on behalf of the
donors, and be received P. W. P., Wm. C. M’-
Cormick, on behalf of the Division.
J. S. of A- Celebration.— Quite extensive
preperations are being made by the Camps of
Juuion Sons in this place, to attend the celebra
tion at on Monday next. If we
are not mistaken, Camp 54 will take down any
thing an the ground, if not in numbers, at least
in general appearance. We hope that all who
participate may enjoy themselves hugely.
Notice. —Notice is hereby given to the stock
holders in the Altoona Gas and Water Company,
that the second instalment on the Capital Stock is
made payable at the Banking House of Wnt M.
Lloyd & Co., on or before the 16th day of July
1859. • B. F. ROSE, Stc'y.
Altoona, June 30-2 t
No Paper Next Week. —In accordance with
our usual custom, no paper will be issued from
ibis office next week, all hands desiring a little
BgL. The thermometer at Roush’s Drug Store
on Tuesday at noon stood >at 89 deg., and at
the same time on yesterday (W ednesday) it was
up to 91. |
Dailey’s. Magical Pain Extractor.
In nil disease? Inflammation more or less
now to allayjijlauimation strikes at the root of diseaso
hence an immediate cure.
ballets magical pain extractor,
and nothing dte, will allay Inflammation at once,and pate
a certain cure. J
will cure the folio wihgamong a great catalogue ofdlaoasss:
Bums, Scalds. Cuts, ChafeSj.Sore! Nipple®,. Corn®, Bunions,
Brpiscs. Spralns, Bites* Poison, Chilblains, Biles, Sctjofnla,
Ulcers, Never Sores, JFelops, Ear Ache, Piles, Sore
Gout, Swellings, Bbcumatism, Scald Head, Salt Bjumm,
y.MnM, Erysipelas, Itph, Sma^Pox,
To soma it may appear incredulous that bo many diseases
should be yeached by one article; such an idea will yanUh
when reflection points to the fact, that the - salvo is a com
bination of ingredients, each and every one applying ft per
fce{ antidote to its apposite disorder. . ;
v ballets Magical pain extractor
In its effects is magical, becatsso the time Is so short be
tweon dlsease arid mire; and
tor, as itdraws aU dißeage.-ut! 0 f the affected paijt,Reaving
tiiO Infury, pt b ««« - oply ne
cessary to' say that no house, workshop, or mannfectoiy
should be one moment without it. ■ /
No fain Extractor is genuine unless the boxhasppon it
astpdpiate. engraving, with jthe name of Henry Dailey,
Manotacthrcr. ’ , ' i'
Soldtiy O. TIP. Kessler, Altoona; George A. Jacobs, .Uph
lldayslmrg ; and by all : the Druggists abd patent medicine
dealers' throughout the United States andCanadas.
principal Depot, 166 Chambera street. Now York. ;
Rot. U,1868-ly ' ' C ‘ CHACE.
Hits diseaMcah bo enred by Bn, Kbyseb’b Toothacbs
. Bnttj>T,prepared by him In Pittsburgh, pa, vrlpch *• PP*
'up Jn bottles and sold at 25 cenlaeach. It 1*: «jiiM»eUeivt|
medicine, when diluted, for spongy and trader apd
to Worth ten timoa its pnce to aU who need It. gold hero
1 -, 1 ,v : : Cfoy-fr^S s8 * 1 ?- ■ :
WIGS- wigs—wigs. ,
Xbey sru elegant llghti’eeey and durable.
• ’ pitting to a .turning up behind—no shrinking
off 'the hesd; indeed, this is thi 'tmly EeUblUhuiMit whew
these things are'prbperly understood sod made.
The great etandard medicinea of the present
age, have, acquired their greatpopularity only
through peart of trial, ; Unbounded satisfge
tion it rendered by them in aU eases; and the
people have pronounced them worthy. \
Liver Compliant, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debility of the Herrons System,
Diseases of the Kidneys,
end all diseases arising from a disordered
Over Or weakness of the stomach and digestive
■organs, are tpetdily and permanently cured by
The Balsamic Cordial has acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre
paration'extant. It will cure, without fail,
the most sever longstanding
Cough, Cold, or Hoarseness, Bronehitia, In
fluenza, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
: Consumption,
and has performed the most astonishing cures
ever known of-
Confirmed Ckumimptlon.
A few doses, will also at once cheek and
cure the most-severe Diarrhoea proceeding
from Com is the Dowels.
These medicfciu are prepared by Dr. C. M.
Jaoksor & Cp., No, 418 Arch Street, Phila
delphia,, Pa., p.nd are ■told by druggists and
dealers in medicines everywhere, at 75 cents
per bottle. The signature of C. M. Jackson
uriU be on Use.outside wrapper of each bottle.
L In the Almanac published annually by the
' proprietors, called Everybody's Almanac,
.you will find testimony and commendatory
notices from dll parts of the country. These
Almanacs are given away by all our agents.
Xtju Fvr tjale,-in Altoona, by A. Koush and Q. W,
Keealcr, fnd by ‘4ll Druggists. ■ [may 19. ’59-ly
08. Me HIVE’S
OB' A singular combination, but very effectual, ns the
lollowing will show:
Knowing! from experience, the valuable qualities of Dr.
McLane's Vermifuge and Liver Pitts, prepared by Flem
ming Bros., Pittsburgh, 1 have lor sonto time back consid
ered it my duty, ajitl made it my business, to make those
articles known wherever I iwont among my friends. A
short time *go 1 'became acquainted with the case of a
young girl,,who sjscmcd to be troubled .with worms and
liver .complaint, at,the same time, and had been suffering
for some two months. Through my persuasion she pur
chased one bottle Of Dr. McLane's Vermifuge, and one box
of Liver Pills, which she took according to directions
The result was, she passed a; largo quantity of worms, and
thinks that one box more of the Pills will restore her to
perfect health. Her name and residence can be learned
bj calling on E. Li k’heaL, Druggist, corner of Rutger and
Monroe streets. ;;
#3* Purchasers Will be careful to ask for DR. M’LANE’S
ING BROS, of Pittsburgh, Pa. All other Vermifuges In
comparison are Worthless. Dr. M’Lane’s genuine Vcrml
fugc, also his celebrated Liver Pills, can now be hod at all
respectable drug stores. rVone genuine without the signa
ture <t f ' FLEMING BROS.
Wo know of no! Invention of modern times that deserves
or is destined to Occupy a higher niche In the temple of
fame, than; the dlsdovery or Invention of the Vegetable Ep
iletic Pills, for cuiung Epilepsy, or Falling Fits, Spasms,
Cramps, and all the various modifications of Nervous Dis
ease. ■ Dr.-Seth & fiance, of 108 Baltimore st., Baltimore,
Md., the inventory is certainly entitled to the best wishes
of all the benevolent portion of mankind, who experience,
a pleasure in the alleviation of human suffering. When ,
Dr. Hancejflrst prepared these Pills, He intended them sole
ly for Fits,-Cramps and Spasuis; but subsequent experience
satisfactorily proved to him! that in addition to their re
markable SanativS properties In this class of diseases, they
exerted a perfedtiicontrol over the nervous system. Ho
was then induced'to try them in cases of Jfeuralgia, Tic
Doloreaux, Nervous Headache, Palpitation of the Heart,
Incipient Paralysis, Hysteria, Muscular ijebility, and a
host .of m\nor diseases, springing from a lack of nervous
energy, in.all ofijvhich his anticipations were crowned
with the most siinguino success. Persons at a distance,
by writing and tending a ' remittance to Dr. Ilance, can
have the medicine forwarded by mail to their post office
address, he paying the postage. The prices are for a sin
gle box $)5, two lioxes, $5, pr $2l per dozen. We have
given his hdclrcsi-above. ",
v : *
[The Originaljand Best in the World! ,
' AU others are mere imitations, and should be avoided, If
you wish to escape ridicule!.
GUAY, RED, or BUSTY lIAIK. Dyed instantly to a
beautiful And natural Brown or Biagk, without the least
injury to the Uajr or Skin.;
Fifteen Medals, mid Diplojuas have been awarded to Wm.
A. Batchcjlorsin'tu 18S9, and over 80,000 applications have
been made to did hair of his patrons of his famous Dye.
Wil. A,BATCH£LOII’S; HAIR DYE produces a color
not to bo from nature, and is warranted not
to injure in the least, however long it may he continued,
and the i|l effector Bad Dyes remedied; the Hair invigo
rated for Idfe hylthis Splenldid Dye.
Made, sold or applied (in! 9 private rooms) at the Wig
Factory, 232 Broadway, New York.
Sold by Druggists in Altoona, and by Druggists ill all
cities and towns.of the United States. i
A9* The Genuine has the name and address ppon a stebl
plate engravJngipn four sides of each Box, of
’ !1 ■' WM. A. BATCHELOR,
233 Broadway, flew York.
; - V • ‘ —4-U
Females —Db Oh£ese
itis’s JPhiS.—ihe combination of ingredients In those
Pills ore ,tbe result of a loig and extensive practice. They
are mild-jin their operation, and'certain in correcting all
ii+egulacltles, nsinfut menstruations, removing ail ob
structions, wheeler from Cold or otherwise, headache, pain
in the side, palpitation of the heart, disturbed sleep, which
always iriso fifcm interruption of nature,iuducing with
certainty periodical regularity. Warranted purely vegeta.
hie, and jfreo frojn anything injurious to Ufeorhealth, : Ex
plicit directions, which should beread, accompany each
box. Pdco fll; Sent by moil by enclosing $1 to any
authorized Agent. , i.
ILJL jtototiDlfiS, Geheral fcr thoUnlted States,
l66'Chh^^s'^^B?^P rfc * ‘- , '■
To whom oil vhealtttdt orders should heaidrttKd. --y---
Sold by G.W. Kessler, Altoona; Geo. A, Jacobs, Hcdli
.dnysbutgj and j>y all Druggists in the United States.
Call <ln the Agent and fcet s pamphlet free. ' I' ". ■' ", .
On Thursday, June 9th. 1869. at the re«lden<» oT the
bridoafirther.By theße*. B.T. Lowrie, B. E. GOOD, M.
D- of this phu& to Miss ELIZA 8., daughter of B. DoutA
SOL, of Alexandria, Huntingdon county, Pa. [Published
last week.] ;
On the 22d instant, by Jacob M. Cherry, Esq, Mr. WM.
McCLBtLAjq) to Miss MART POTTER, both of Logan
township. s >
,' fta ili* 23d fcsUat, et the residence of hto hiker, iatbto
New Yore, November 20.1852.
■ S 4,0.00
Ptty« for x ; lhft course in the Iron CStyiCoUnge, the.laigTst,
most extensively patronised
cial School to the United Sthteav- : ••• .'"v
SSrstudents attending daily. If arehlB69.
Dnul ttaa to complete a full conts*, frota O io 10 weeks.
Every Student, upon graduattag.ia eom
peteht to manage the Boosts of any Business andquaßfied
to ssm a salary of from
Students enter at spy time—No Vacation—Beview at
pleasure.' ' i •
51 Premiums for Best Penmanship
awarded in 1858.
Ministers Son* i received at half price.
For Circular and Specimens of Writing, enclose two letter
•tamps, and address F. W. JENKINS.
Pittsburgh, Pa.
EcptSO, ' ' . , ! '
May be had PUitburgh ALE at 12U Outs per Quart
PHfE APPLES oi from 16.f020 ttodseach.
Oranges, Lemons, Pigs, Nuts of all kinds. Sarsa
parilla, Mineral Water, Confectioneries, Cakes,
Ties, Crackers and Cheese from East and
West. Call and examine.
Jons 30,1869. _
I newspaper devoted to Literature and A griculture, also
fourth full accounts of the new settlement of Ham
moa tun, in N c» Jersey, can bo subscribed for at only 2j cents
p c rannum. . .. .
Inclose postage stamps for the amount. Address to Edi
tor of the Farmer, Hammonton, P. 0. Atlantic Co- New
Jersey. Those wishing cheap land, of the best quality, tn
ouo of the healthiest and most delightful climates in the
Union, and where crops are never cut down by frosts, the
terrible scourge of the" north, see advertisement of Ham
moutou Lands.
published EV
C. B. TOWN & CO.,
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June 30,1859. —6m
P from PhUadelphia by Railroad in the State of Now
Jersey. Soil among the best fur Agricultural purposes,
being good loam soil, with a clay bottom. The land is a
large tract, divided into small forms, and hundreds from
all parts of the country are now settling and building.—
Tiie crops produced are large and can be seen grow ing.
The climate is delightfuTand secure from frosts. Terms
from $l6 to $2O per acre, payable within four years by eu
stalments. To visit the place—Leave l ine street Wharf
at Philadelphia at A. M. by Railroad for Haiumouton,
or address R. J. Byrnes, by letter. Hammonton Post Office,
Atlantic County, New Jersey. See full advertisement in
another column.
Mount yernon.—a letter
from the Hon. Edward Everett, to the publishers.
Boston, June Bth, 1859.
Oentlshen; —The box containing the view of MOUNT
VEKNON, arrived yesterday. Xam greatly obliged to you
for this pleasing specimen of printing in colors, which,
besides its interest as a representation of the spot which,
more than any other, endears itself to the heart of the
country, is worthy of attention as a successlul attempt to
place works of art of this kind within the reach of the
great mass of the community.
I remain Gentlemen, with many thanks. Ac.,
Very respectfully yours,
The subscribers have just issued a picture of MOUNT
YERNON, printed in FIFTEEN Oil-COLORS, by a new
and improved process, hy which pictures that have here
tofore cost from $3 to $5 can bo furnished for fifty cents.—
The size of our engraving is 18 by 20 inches; on super cal
endered heavy plate paper. ‘
Price FIFTY CENTS, postage paid to any part of the
United States. J. ff. BYRAM A CO.,
112 Sorth Third St., Philadelphia.
Agents wanted in every county throughout the
PERS.ONS wishing to change, their
business to a ■ rapidly increaseing Country, a New
Settlement where hundreds are going. Where the climate
is mild and delightful. See advertisement Of the llammon
t-m Settlement, in another column. ■
J. D. Lest.
NA, BIiATB Go. Pal, . _ . .
Will practice law in the several Courts of Blair, Cambria,
Huntingdon, Clearfield, Centro and adjoining counties.—
Also in the District Count of the United States.
Collections of claims promptly attended to Agents for
the sale of Real Estate, Bounty Warrants, and all
business pertaining to conveyancing and the law.
’ References : ' ■
Hon. Wilson McCandleS and Andrew Burke, Pitts
burgh; Hon. Samuel A. Gilmore, pres. Judge of Payette
Judicial District; Hon.
Hon. Janies Burnside, Beßefonto; Bon. John W. KiHlUger;
Lebanon, and Wm. K> Fprter, Philadcljdno,
■ June 10; 1850-ly.
PERSONS wishing to establish Manu
factories lh a new and thriving place where business
is good. See advertisement of the Hammonton Settlement.
fj fixtures siid lease of a well established Boarding
House ora offered on teaeonahle terms. The furniture Is
almost as good- as new;' haying only bye” m use a little
over a year. For particulars, call at the house, on Branch
Street, East Altoona, or at my place °/. b 5" e S^^“* r ™
« Brant House.” JACOB ShYDEB.
. June 23, ’59-St. , ~ ■
A RAPE growers can carry on their husi-
Vx nessmost, successfully at Hammionton, free from
frosts. Some forty Vlnyards set out the part»«lMn- Bea
advertisement of Hammonton Land* in another colnmn.
hr The subscriber offer* at Prirfde Mba Houw and
tot Hif Ground, aitnateon Pine Streep East Altoona, for
merly occupied by Isaac W. Ara*trong. Tbo bourofaa
good Two-Story Fratne boUdlnß. There I? a troll of good
vtttuf itttr tho houn . ■ •
terms—s2so in b*md and the balance to
June 23, ’69-3fc. ' ■ "V .
XAOHTEUIi CUBIA.TE, rich «oU. and«*nre frem
toi*u. See advertisement of Uammcnton Land*toanother
column. '
House and lot, in west
f'O advertase
atipt of wniwitwi I*nd<- ......
-1 V MENT.—lbofl wanting fbrtaj, a rare Opportunity
in- d delidhtfitl and healthy climate 25 miles &ndheastnf I
Philadelphia, on the Camden and AtianSO Eadroad Se to
Jersey. . '■ , ■■■ ■ ~ .
. An old estate oonetsting of several thousands of acres of .1
luMfucffw walhas beAa duvidedlnto Farms of vartoas rices !l
tottui (Ae purcbA**'.’’ .V popular too «r some Fiflsen ttrin- <1
deed,' flrontiWattaWipartrfsflf the. Middle Stales and New n
England havesettled there thtfpastyear, Unproved their j{
places, eardrops# eawlkal crops. The price of Hie land Isil
at the low sum of from $l5 to f2O per acre, the soil is of"
the beat quality for the production of H'Aeol.'Ctorvr, Cbm,
Potcl>ts,Orup*s«nd Vegetables. IT 18 CONSIDERED TUB
fectly secure from frosts—the destructive enemy of the far
mer. Crops of grain, grass and fruit are how growing and
can be seen. By examining the place Itself, a correct
judgment can be formed' ol the productiveness of the land.
The terms areHiade easy to secure the rapid improvement
of the land,-which is only sold for actual Onprort •<•*£, Tha
result has been, that within the past year, sonic three hun
dred houses have been erected, two mills, one steam, four
stores, some forty - vlnyards and Peach orchards, planted,
and a large number ufuther improvements, making It a
dsairable and active place of business. -
as tha reader may perceive from Relocation, Is the
Produce bringing double the price than jn locations away
from the city, and mors than double the price than the
West. It is known that the earliest and best fruits and
vegetables in this from Nevy Jersey, and are
annually exported to the extent of millions.; s
In locating hire, the settler has many advantages. Be
is within a fewhoura rido of the great cjtles pf New Eng
land and Middle States, ho is nearhis old Mends and asso
ciations, he is In a settled country where ebery improvement
Of comfort and ciaxUsatim is at hand. He pan buy every
"article be wants at the cheapest price,an4 Bis produce
for the bluest, (in the West this is reversed,) he has
schools for his children,' divine service, anil pill enjoy an
open winter, and delightful climate, where fevera are ut
ter y unknown. The result of the change cipop thoeo fiom
the north, has generally been to restore (hem to an excel
lent state of health. 1 ; I- ■;
In the way of building and improving; lumber can he
obtained at the mills at the rate of f 10 to |&S per thousand.
Bricks from the brick yard opened in the place, every ar-.'
tide can bo procured'in tha place, good carpenters arc at.
band, and there Is no place in the .Union where huUdlugs
and Improvements can be made cheaper.: ■..
The reader will, at once be struck withitbje advantages
there presented, and ask himself why thetpjroperty bas not
been taken up before, The reason is, it wa£ never thrown
in the market; and unless these statement*swere correct,
no one would be invited to examine the land before pur
ch i-ing. This all are expected to do. They will see land
under cultivation, such is the qktent of tbe settiement that
they will no doubt, meet persons, from their own neigh
horbood; they will wit tess the improvements and can
jndge the character of the population. If thry come with
a view to settle, they should corns prepared;to stay a day
or two and bo ready to purchase, as liications cannot be
held on refusal. • ' *|
There are two dally trains to Philadelphia, and to all
settlers who improve, the Railroad Company gives a Free
Ticket for six months, and a halpprice Tisket for three
years. , ' M
lu connection with the agricultural settlement, a new
and thriving town has naturally arisen, whtik pretent) in
du&ments Jur any Lind of business, particularly (fores and
manufactories. The Shoe business could be carried on in
ttiis place and market to good advantage, (lisp cotton busi
ness, and manufactories of agricultural impkmenls or
/ &r casting small articles. Ttte irapiovoraent
lias been so raiT. 1,1 as to insure a coastantahd permanent
increase of business. T‘>wj» lota of a good, size, we do not
sell small ones, fts it would effect *Ue Improvement of (ho
place, can be had at from tod upwards, i ■
The Hammonton Farmer, a literary and 4gn*
cultural sheet, containing foil information’Of Hammonton,
can ho obtained at 26 cents per annum. ’ j
Title indisputable—warrantee deeds givftn, clear of al!
Incumbrance when money is paid. Route' to the
leave’ Vine street wharf, Philadelphia ffir-HammontOTi by
Railroad, at A. M, or 4% P- if. Far? W cents.: When
tin re Inquire for Mr. Byrnes. Boarding convenience. on
.baud. Parties had better stop with Mf. Byrnes, a princi
pal, until they have decided as to purchasing, as be will
show them over the land inhls carriage-free of expense.
Letters and applications can bo addressed to Landis ih
Byrnes, Hammonton, P. O, Atlantic 004 New Jersey, or
S. B. Coughlin, 202 South Fifth Philadelphia.—
Maps and information cheerfully famished.
[June 30’69-6m.] ; i, : •
CAIi SALT. • '• • • , .
Read the foUowing Certificate* to the EJJicacy of Has Med -
idne in Inflammatory Disfata.,
“For tho list twelve years I have been more or less
troubled with Inflammatory Rheumatism,; commencing
early in the Spring, and lasting until cold weather set in,
when I would bo relieved for a while, only to be attacked
agarn in the Spring. All my Joints would; swell and bo
verv sore, attended with the most aenth pain. My feet,
shoulders, arms, and hands troubled mb poit, so much so
that X could scarcely walk, and almost always required as
sistance in dressing. During this time I Would try every
thing 1 could hear of, in the hope of finding ft cure. I also
tried several physicians, hut nothing B?enjed to help t»e
the least in the world. About two and a; half years ago I
was attacked as usual, and as usual tried everything to get
rid of it, hut to no purpose. I kept growing worse, and
Anally had to give op and stay in the hopse, whore I was
confined about four weeks. This time mj feet swelled,
and were so sore that I could not stand op 'them or get on
my boots, and my hands swelled to twice their usual size.
In fact, I Was. to all appearances and belief,'totally used
up. About this time my parents, who' reside iu Maine,
emit for me to come home. I went and after my arrival I
commenced trying another remedy, hoping to bo cured,
but resulting the same as alTothere. For Weeks I hod not
been able to drees myself or to raise my hand to my head,
and suffer!:.g ths most excruciating pain all tho time.—
One day my father came in with a paper fn whiph was ad
vertised Dr. Coggswoll’s MEDICAL SAIi-T, for Inflamma
tory Diseases only, and wanted me to read ftnd see what I
thought of it. I rend and laughed at iti pronounced it a.
humbug, and told him that 1 had been humbugged enough.
He keut urging me, and ntlast said I could but try it, and,
if X would write to Dr. C., giving him a description of my
disease, he would pay the expense. Of course I could not
refuse such an offer and sent for one bOx. it came In due
season, but my faith was not increased, and, 1 laughed at
the idea of so small ft dose doing me any good, and told my
wife that I believed Dr. C. and his Saftubdth humbugs.—
However, I commenced using it and: tpe tcsult was per
fectly astonishing. I could hardly tteallas it myself. I
slept soundly all night, which I had,not done for along
time, and when I awoke in tho morning, l strange as it may
seem, I was entirely free from pain. ; I had then taken
but one d .se. and bathed freely before going tp bed. That
morning I felt so well that I hardly kfalw hour to contain
mvsolf.aud went down stairs and told the folks how well
I felt, and from that day to this I have not suffered one
moment’s pain or had an attack ofmy once dreaded enemy,
Rheumatism. lam perfectly well andh jarfy. and wherev
er I have a chance I recommend it. A friend of mine, re
siding in Brooklyn, is now trying It fori bad caso of neu
ralgic rheumatism, and so fur it is working admirably.—
This is along story, but I have told all;the fecta, which I
can bring witnesses to.substantiate if necessary ;and will
again eay that in tho MEDICAL SALTp a lurcf cure may bo
found for all inflammatory diseases, abdwonld urge all'
who are afflicted to give it a trial. GEO. H. DXINCAN,
No. 11J Wall-Sltreet, New York.
"When it Is remembered that tho MEDICAL SALT Is as
efficacious in all other Inflammatory diseases as in Rheu
matism. (see descriptive circulars) ibWill at once bo seen
that it is a most valuable remedy. 'Surely those,
flictcd will find in their own condition and In the above
statements, enough to Induce them toglve' theMEDICAL
SALTb trial.
Price £.00; Chronic packages, $2,60,
General Agentm No. 202 Dock Street. Thiludolphia.
' For eale in Altoona by A. ROUSH; at B.Ols Millsby B.
F. Bell; In Ilolltdavsburg by Geo. A.'Jftcobs. and by all
enterprising Druggists, and whereve*Um3V»fain« goes.—
Call cr send and get a circular, and dO npt fall to try the
New Medical Salt.- ? r '
Dec. 10, ‘5B-ly. ' -
B. 11. Gear*.
tne of an orcter of the Orphans 1 G&OTt Blsir com *
ty, there will be offered atpul)Ucven<|us or Pfftcrykpn tlie
premises, in Logan township, said o<fqniy» at 10 o'clock A*
M., off SATURDAY, 2d, 1859, ; i;; r
containing about SIXTY ACRES, (the exact quantity not
kn<-wn,) about half of it cleared and under fence—tbo
balance WOOD BAND—having thereon
erected a two-story LOG HOUSE, a;ono-,MjlBS 1
and-tt-bftlfrtory LOG HOUSE, and othcr,OHM 8 I §W
buildings, with a fine ORCHARD of gOpd BPaSlElifr
Fruit on the place. ■ Two large Springe
most excellent water on the farm. Said. . ..
Land being situated in Logan township, about two miles
from the borongb of Altoona. I'-'
TERMS OP SALE .—The' whole of this purchase money,
to he paid bn the confirmation of the sale by the Court—
on the flrat day of July Term, 1859.
Adm’r of Henry Kantner, late of Logan tp., dec’d.
, May 26,2850.—4 t ‘ p
SHOE Business and Factories oan be
* carried on profitably at Uammoptbn. Bee adrertlse
ment of Banunonton land*;
y —Messrs. Freeman t Hoorer respectfully Inform the
blic that they have ostabllsheda NEW MABIILUYAED,
on the corner of Allegheny and Front Streets. in Uollidaye
bnrg, where ■ they will keep constantly pn hand a full as
sortment Of !
. and be prepared to execute'orders for
Tomb Stones, Monuments, Table Tops ,
ic_ in a prompt anti workmanlike manner.
Hollidayeburg, April 14, ’69-din> • ( '.
TjBRSdNS wanting change-of climate
Jj for health. See adrertisement ofuammonton handa,
toanother column. . ; ■ -
cJuef’s toS for Wto,
Gentlemen and Children. for sale .by A. RVfSB.
In Qhart, Pint, Half-Pint and 4 os. Bottled
-,r5, ] r ; ‘ ■ .*'
And"the various affection* consequent upon a lUsgtderad
t ; STOMACH OR LIVES, - ,‘t-. ,
Snch a* Indigestion, Acidity of the Stomach, Colicky
Heartburn, Loss of Appetite, Despondency, Costivene**,
Blind and Bleeding. Piles. In all Nervous. Khenmatlo api
Neuralgic Affections, it has itr numerous iintnnccapteved
highly beneficial, and in other* effected a decided carer '
This is a purely vegetable compound, prepared on stristly.
scientific principles, after the in miner rtf the celebrated
Holland Professor, Bocrhnve: BociutaArjf its great slices**
inthe most of the European States., its introduction inta
the United Stah s waa intended more especially for thaw
of our fistherland scattered hero and there ovi r the Mod «l
this mighty country. Meeting with great success snteng
them. Tnow offer it to the American public, knowing that
its truly wondorfW medical virtues must be acknowledged.
It is particularly recommended to tboao persons whose,
constitutions tony have been impaired by the eontlngofa,
use of ardent spirits, or other forms of.dissipation. Q«sV
rally instantaneous jn effect, it finds its way directly to the
seat Of life, thrilling and quickening every nerve, raisin*
up tbo drooping spirit, and, in (act, inflating new heart*
and vigor in tho system.
CAUTION. —The great popnlarity of this deUahthl
ma has induced many imitations, which the public should
guard against purchasing. Be not persuaded to buyany
thing else until yon have given Boernave’e Holland Bitten
a fair trial. One bottle will convince yonhow,lnfinitely
superior it is to all these imitations.
4ap Sold at $l.OO per bottle, or six bottle* for $&, by the
sou rsoranroiu,
Manufacturing PharmactntisU and ChvaitU,
T. W. Dyott A on»,iPhlladelphia; Borneo A Park. Now
York; I John D. Park,. Cincinnati; Barnard, Adam* A Oa.
St. Ixmtat-A'. ROUSH, Altoona, Pm, and by Drug* tata
and Merchants generally throughout the United StatM
and Canadas. [October 14, 1858,-fy
J®wK e ft t b o d y.- starteiko
r —s. ■ DISCtOSUHES.—Dr. TBit
( j 11 LEU'S great Work for the tat r
ried, or for those coutempta’.
/„! ,•7 tins marriage— £oo pages, full
of secrets never before published—warranted to bo worth
three times the amount asked fur it, 25 cents in epedo or
postage stamps enclosed, will aecuic a copy by return of
mail. .
DH. TELLER baa devoted a lifetime to the euro Of dlt
ease on which his books treat. Address J. TELLER, M.D,
No. 6 Beaver street, Albany, N;Y.
Dr. Vichols’ Female Pills, $1 a box, withfilldlreclioas.
Married ladies should not use them. Sent by mall. Ad
dresa Dr. Teller, as above. April 17th, ’69-ly.
PLE. Teeth extracted without paiu by thoKloctro
Magnetic Machine. [Deo. 33,’35.-t[
49rA Student wanted. : ■ - -
BANCE Company. Agency, Adna Street, AftpoM.
March 17,1859. JOHN SHOEMAKER, Agcat.
; ' AfcAlitterndU, Juniata Gmnty,Pa.
UEO B. McFARLAN’D, Principal awl Proprietor.
This institution ie located in Cost Creek Valley, about 9 .
miles from Mifflin Station on the Penn’a Ball Baa'dfanttu
easy of access by stage coach from that point. The nekt
Session fcommences on the laatTnoaday of JDLY,anilblo4e«
on the last Friday, of DECEMBER. The Course of Study
the.saiue as in’all other institutions of like character, and
terms for Board and Tuition fully as reasonable. For fur
ther particulars send fur a Catalogue or Circular;
June 9, TBSO-—Ct S* '■ •■■■■
Allegheny Street, North Ward,.
A large stock of all kinds of LIQUORS of . tho very Rest
Brands, will be kept constantly on Band, and bo Mid
in lots to suit purchasers, at prices aa reasOnablo aa'thej'
can be bad anywhere in the country. [MaylS, ’B#-tf
IAA BOXES window glass,
’XUU from Bxlo to 21x36,
Putty Knivos, .
Patat, Wall and Varnish Blushes,
’ Plaster Paris, - "■ . ’
Logwood, ; u
Extract logwood, • ’
Catowoodt ~, v ■ », k{ ,
T Barrel "Prime YellowOchts,
: VenUJou Red, /. -
Spanish Brown, in stora and fur sale by
. May 12,1858. ,' £• ■ ; . -d. SOPBIL
X 2,oofttta. WHITR LEAD, different ,. - ■
1,000 tt». WblurZtatf Date! . •• ' ■ ’ *
4 Gases Chrome Green. ; .. •;
3 CascsCtfromV Tollqwt'.
' Terra di Slrnna. .
. J Red Lead.
\ 1,000 tbrPuttj.
Varnishes of all kinds iu store and for. saW,WboUsai«
mid Retail, by ' • A, BOOSR '
FASCY toilet
I axd siunxo SOAPS.
pleavorV Honey Sospi- ' r
Bazin’* Pontine, ■. , /■.
IVacljani AlnwiVO, -
; , Brown Winder, > :■, ,; :
Pure Whtte WiniUor,
Inurnment, .
Military timing. . t
X XOPStttS <
Eereumert . >
£xtrMt« &r tiie ' '■
Kiss ine Sweetly,,
- Butterfly Boqttet,'
ftuuripuil. M
•: .-ftSnfldttt*, • .. \U • •«:
Oils ! oils j .. • ■ n
Pure Refined linseed- Oil, ■■■• ;‘; ; j *&*■>:??’ j.-r- 1
Extra lard M,... ... V ,
Pure Carbon Oil, ...
Kerosene Oil, * ’ «-•> C 1
For sale nt
M ■ v
M*y 12,1850.
For seta cheap by
Burnet’s Cocoalne, . i >\-t ,
Lyoa’sKathairon, . ’
Superior Bay Jttna, •- -
ColOßnaeof nll Mndfcat •>
May 12,1869. , J - . ■
■’ |~i Combe, Fancy Cutlery, Port Monnaics, Galas, 4c
■"Forsaleby Jt. £<mm
Dentistry.— be. s. kimmbll,
Xeeth inserted, from one to a frill Set, on Gold or Bihar
Plate. .
Teeth filled with Gold, and warranted for ten years.
Teeth Extracted by the Electro Magnetic Machine with
out Pain.
All operations and work dona cheaper than, anywhere
else ir. the county, and a deduction made, of the railroad
expenses from Altoona to Holliday sbhrs, from all opera
tions amounting to five dollars and over.
Office on Montgomery street, opposite tbs Exchange
Hotel, Hollidayslmrg, Pa, j [Dee. 16, 1855-ly
Spectacles and eyepreser
tmfttealbft ■ y ' :<»*»■*;■“
.‘■a <*■' v r
' i ’