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8 ct*.
offee 18* Ws
—Worth i2j.
co Lace Boots at
o §
VLL at AU l imes
k and, well
Wliich are Wu „ u
'Hvo't, Stonncvre, 0 j
l: ! s a ” tl S hr ** for Gent. r..
K-rac.UK air*^.®,^
. I TS for Summer wear—in..
■■y cheap. J 1 ■
'K™ a * iljrtwel >t of K m i,j.
of ClUl't. Om,Ar mv ,„i
!• ' Tiler on .horl
1 ,ei! » w l“vh nut*t give
""i 1 'l' t“ COM*
.-.'iiluWnt tkut if,Ut
Peking. , J
n p> sgq
<•l.l stanil, on Vlrgltiin »i
n t of seasonable gootla, cum-,
m»-vx ■
ixtures of
lit of fwwWfargemU-iik l n i
• s unit Testing*. :
v,,ire, Qmenawmro and
! isl to any in (lie nmrktt,
■ ■■y store-room, I can now
to better advantage
( . vlnKly tonUI. '
VEX, pa, •
J’r- iiitiirn Notes, $112,000
biii-tpr IVrjietuiil.
k 1; r,u~«. Abo, on first clou
tsj-uaWe rates./
knitpany to those inespuri
•sa or nccUlcrit, etjßab U«
I>y {.nyiug fi the rate cf
■' *11)00
, 3» 00
■ . 33 (W
: ■ ; « ou
> i SO 00
t T Abram, Vice Pres’t,
Wm Fearsmt, Treas,
V-ut U(cUln»o?j • ‘
iua A Mayer,-,'
»l.n It Halt.
it the fuUowtrig teetlmonliL
, allowing the reputation of
pout, Pa., AngostA, ,iSS7.
n ith the DirectiwVaoJOfK
a..-" ColDjmtir at Xoek _lh
•j timony to tftelr high chxr
ir.iaanv andcp their. ronta'!
ri-i jiriwlentlynianagv'b wu
i t i iiomhly aJjtMtcd.
i ttAIEMATjaLV. |
i v, i.icti tlipy
rv i
■•‘■ti'iiKon I
< i'e. any ** j
! |t a»
on receipt <tf •£*
C. ll DBRB* * 0°
Wa» Illusion,
’’book FOR KV
k y. 11,0 i) v.—
sclosvuks.—Dr. I*'
J! L’S gh at work for tiro B» '
of for those coutrMJ '
i f inarri.-ge—29o p*gr*’ lull
i-f-AVKS. ,l>rlcc&cent 5 '
; f io all parts nixlertwijir
“ : ;i. postpaid
y - sow the Inst year, 1“';
i •.! married, and the inw
ii laiopy. A toctoW
>-.w’liow to clitxwe »l"5
■ r. complete work on ».
r: y. Jt contains
■ .I—warranted to b« w?
I .r it, 25 cente in ff*®* 0 f
Memo u copy hy return
a lifetime to the *£* M*o!!
Address J .W®’ 1 "’
a lux, with ftiU dltort^V
lorms tlio citizen*
c ntiuues to tnwn*~
i;,tio;i, on tha
, next door to the J** 4 '
the beet ofatyle.
iU ‘ uut r ' ai [ D^3§^
V.— lnsurance
ailcwa f-ttait.
' local
Ttaoumos *t.a Pnowme* M«mwo
« tbs Cobb* Hobbs nr Hojujdatsbtoo, ob
lH g 3i> bat or Mat, 1859. s
.. Baolotd, That in order to secure: conewt
a «Son in the approaching election campaign,
u t*o existing Committees of the American
Republican parties of this county, be re
t-d to meet together as aeon as may be
q nSent. and issue a call for a County Con-
Son to nominate a County Ticket onl>ehalf
the Peoples Party, and that power is hereby
“ ‘ them to fix the basis of representation in
Contention and the time for its meeting.”
In pursuance of the abore resolution, the
(eteral members of said Committees are hereby
rtquested to meet at the Court House, in Holli-
Zgborg, at 1 o’clock P. M , on Friday the
10th day of June, 1869, to attend'to the duties
assigned them.
Chatman American County Com.
Chairman Republican County Com.
Republican Committee.
A. L. Holliday, CL
8. 8. Blair.
Dan’l Ci Qibboney.
Wm. N. ; Hoys.
Joseph Stiller.
Sam’l P. MoComant
Robert Stewart,
Isaac Barget.
Dr. F. G. Bloom.
B. F- Custer.
L. W. Hall.
R. Pitcaims.
John A. Patterson.
Jacob Berry.
John M. Cooper.
Geo. C. Ferree.
B. F. Royer.
Jas. H. Johnston.
John Stanley.
John Bennett.
American Committee.
Geo. Poet, Chm.
' Col. Arthur HilL
John WarfeL
Michael Clatough.
Qeoige JlcCibc.
Jobn~H. Stiffler.
E. B. Tipton.
George Koon.
Archibald Rankin.
George Hoop,
frailer Harlin.
Daniel Shock.
John M. Barbor.
Henry Clapper.
Geo. P. Kelly.
Abraham Loudon.
Jacob Mclntyre.
Jacob S. Nicodemua.
Wm. R. Plummer.
,Samuel Morrow.
Caleb Guycr.
(icurge L.' Cowcn.
famucl Dean.
A Ducks County Fatueb's Advice to His
Son.—The following, we find in the Har
risburg Patriot and Union, is suitable for young
men of all localities, therefore we give it a place
among our locals:
“ Bob, you are about leaving home for strange
parts. You’re going to throw me out of the game
nod go it alone. The odds is agin you; Bob, but
that industry and pcrseverence
are the winning cards; they are the‘-bowers.”,
Book laming and all that sort of thing will do
to fill up with, like small trumps, but you must
Imre the bowers to back ’em, else they ain’t
worth shucks. If luck runs ngin you pretty
strong, don’t care in and look like a sick chicken
on a rainy day. but hold your head up and make
believe you’re flush of trumps; they won’t play so
hard agin you. I’ve lived and traveled around
some, Bob. and I’ve found out that as scon ns
folks thought you held a weak hand, they’d all
buck agin you strong. So, when you’re sorter
weak, keep on a bold front, bat play cautions ;
he satisfied with ap’int. Many’s the .hand I’ve
seen euchred ’cause they played for too much.
Keep your eyes well skinned, Bob; don’t let ’em
"nig” on you! Rccpllect the game lays as much
with the head os wjth hands. Be temperate;
never get drunk, for then no matter how good your
hind, you won’t know how to play it; both bowers
and the ace won’t save you, for there’s sartin to
bea - misdeal” or something wrong. And another
thing, Dob, (this was spoken in a low tone,)
(lea t go too much after women; queens is
kinder poor cards ; the more you have of ’em
the worse for yon ; yon might have three, and
mry trump. I don’t say discard ’em allif you
get hold of one that’s a trump, it’s all good, and
there’s sartin to be. one out of four. And, above
all, Bob, be honest; never take a man’s
wot don’t belong to you, nor “ slip” cards or
“nig,” for then you can’t look your man inthe
face, and when that’s the case there’s no fun in
the game,- its regular "cut throat” So now,
Dob, farewell, remember wot I tell yon, and
you’ll be sure to win, and if you don’t, sarves
you right if you get " skunked.”
I®-The Lcwktown Democrat copies the
of the R. S. B. in relation to the cases of
tsquirc Good and Dr. Roush, together with our
Editorial remarks and adds:—
We say “ amen’-’ to the eommisseratioh kindly
tendered by our cotcmporaries of the Trbuiie to
the two excommunicated individuals, and espe
cially as the perfidioiunut of the one was the re
sult of an acquaintance with a young lady of
this place,, against whose accomplished manners
and amiable qualities his susceptible heart was
not “fire proof He, however, has one proud
and that -is, that although ho has
been anmerpifully excommunicated from Club
159, E. 8. 8., he now presides with honor
»nd dignity over a Good Club, which, although
it now numbers bat two members, will no doubt
“in the coarse of human events” be multiplied
exceedingly. So mote it be.
Religious. —Last wephj|,we announced that
Bishop Simpson, pfPittohmrgh, would preach
in the Methodist Church la this place, on Sah-
next, and we are pleased to state this week
ihat the announcement will certainly be' met at
that time by the Bishop, unless.something im
portant and unforeseen shoald occar to prevent.
\ possible also that other Bishops,may be
present, as they ore now in semen at fcitts-
Dr gh, and those who live in the East may stop
this point, ovcrSunday, on their way home.
, tTB, Alfred Cppkman.and Br. Bartine, who
t*^ eea have.answcted.toat they can
.. be present on this occasion, bpt wiU.yiait
• 8 place during toe summer. '
t is the intention of the Trustees of the
to take up a subscription, on tHe beoa
** visit Biahpp (Simpson, to pay off
tobah n V n^J iaDging oypr;the church, and it is
oped that they may be sapcessful.
*n-JUiss.— 7 Qn Sunday evening and Men*
h’ea v wero visited by a succession of
B “°*ew of rain, interspersed with small
«ilv ,^ did no damage, serving
tv.. ?. twplness, trulyrefreshing, to
n .«wsed. vegetation,
start. tp loek up andtake airbab
T*iM»o Dows not. something
be done to put a stop to the prseliee of tearing
down handbills? m believe we have a Bor-
Ordinance imposing a fine ofslo upon any
penon found guilty of tearing down, defacing,
or in any way injuring a handbill or poster
within ten days after the time it is put up; but
so &r as we hard been pble to learn, it is a dead
letter, not a* single-instance being -found on : te-i
cord wherein a person has beeh lndicted under
it, notwithstanding hundreds, indeed we might
«ay thousands, of handbills hare been torn down
or defaced, within the rime prescribed by the
Ordinance, sinoe the enactment thereof, in open
day light at that ; and yet no notice has been
taken of it. Can it be that our vigilant Con
stable'has never been able to lay his eyes upon
a scoundrel while thus injuring his neighbor’s
property ? And must this .state of things con
tinue ? A man might almost as well throw his
money in the' fire as expend it for handbills to
post'iUp in this place at the present rime. We
bbpe that, an example may soon ho made of
some one of the villains who make it their busi
hess to .toar down all the bills that come in their
! nud we feel assured that our hopes, are
not in vain. The practice has become so much
of a nuisance that it must be abated and some
men who are not expecting it will be compelled
to shell out an X spot very suddenly, or serve
out a term in the “ Look Up," some of these
days. * Parents should warn their children not
to indulge in the habit, and thereby save them
selves cost and trouble. The law must be-en
forced, if not by those who should do it, it will
6e by those who suffer from the neglect of the
We copy the following from the Tyrone
Star of Saturday last:—
Ought To be Punished. —Affidavits were ta
ken in this place the other day, proving that a
certain woman in Warriorsmark'Valley had cut
up and fried'out.the fat of an old sheep, which
hud died from disease, and mixed part of it with
stuff which she sold as lard to one of our mer
chants, and part of which she made candles of,
and sold to another merchant. We forbear giv
ing names at present, as it is most likely that
her conduct will undergo a- legal investigation.
Wo may be allowed to state, however, that the
husband of this same creature says she cooked
for his dinner two or three chickens which had
fallen info a water-vessel at the barn, and lain
thereso long that the feathers dropped off when
he lifted the fowls out with'the dung-book!
From the same paper we learn that the tailor
shop of Win, Port, in that place, was entered
on Tuesday night of lost week, by means of a
false key, and a suit of clothes, two pair of
pants and a vest stolen therefrom. On the same
night the shoemaker shop of Mr. Hagg was en
tered and robbed of several pairs of boots. A
lot of tinware was stolen from the foundry and
machine shop of John Forbes. A man by
the name of Bennett was arrested and sent to
jail for whipping bis wife and child—now about
two months old—and threatennig to kill wife,
child, mother-in-law, and other kindred.
Blaib Cocsty Insubance Company.—Unmis
takeably it is the duty of every man who owns
a house, or any amount of merchandise or
household property, to have it insured. .It is a
duty ho owes ;to his creditors, if he has any,
but more especially does he owe it to bis fami
ly. After being fully convinced that it is a duty,
and ascertaining : that every provident man in
the community is fully insured, the next con
sideration is a safe company in which to secure
a return of your looses m case of fire. In look
ing for such a company, ti<e citizens of this or
any other community cannot find a safer one
than the Blair Copnty Mutual Fire Insurance
Company. It woufc appear ai most useless for
us to say anything in favor of this well estab
lished Company, wow folly grounded in public
confidence. Its managers are the best business
men in the county, its capital is for beyond all
its risks,, and in every instance losses are met
promptly and satisfactorily. Our young friend
D. T. Caldwell, at the Banking House Wm.
M. Lloyd & C0.,-is the agent of the Company in
this place, who will.take pleasure in giving all
information desired; and attend promptly to
surveying.premises and | securing policies for
those wishing to insure/
Mad Boa Excitement.— On Sunday afternoon,
the cry of 11 mad dog”, caused considerable ex
citement among the people'who occupy the row
of houses- below the Methodist church, on Em-
ma street A dog belonging to Mr. M. Urick
was observed on the street, behaving in rather
a carious manner, snapping at everything which
came in his way, and exhibiting other unmis
takable symptoms of hydrophobia. Mr. E. B.
Taylor and his rifle werejsent for, and, after a
chase, the dog was ahotinjthe kitchen of one of
the houses, where he had taken rufuge belli nd
theatpve. If we have a Bog Law in this place,
it is time it was put into effect, as the country
is fall of mad. dogs. Almost every paper we
pick up contains, a notice of mad dogs having
been seen or killed in their neighborhood.—
There are about three or four hundred more
dogi -this place than the security of their
owners or the welfare of the .community demands.
We should .like to hearofmeasures being adop
ted by which the cancellation of the number
mentioned could be ppeedily effected.
GpOn By*.—Williatn Green, of Logan town
ship, left in oar office, on Monday last, six stalks
of Bye, the nnited length pf which is forty-two
feet These stalks were not selected from dif
ferent parts of the field, bat stpod in one clusr
ter. .He says that he has five acres of rye in
toe field from which, these stalks were palled,
andthere is scarcely two inches difference in
the height of any of it. .We have read accounts
onjiiulPr stalks, in of to|e but
think this very good for Tnckahoe valley. His
.field wonld be a nice place to if toie
logins” were oboat - ; i/-
Bishop Abies.— Bishop Ames, of toe M. £.
Church, who has been sojoampg in ; place
for several, days post, ptoaohed ih toe Uetod
dist Chnroh -on Sunday morning last He is a
large portly jlooking gentleman, arid speaks
with great ease and coolness. He makes no
display of oratory and yet bis stylo is captiva
ting, holding in attention every
To withdraw your attention from him, if bat for
one minpte,. is to loose a beautiful comparison,
a sublime thought,, or an item of information.—
As'a logician wo have never heard bis e<in«d* ■
Sbaxl pa
iB, Bhall |we bjivti npicnic this t w 4
believe that tiifsre has not been one gotten ap
this spring, u|d we think it would be too bad
to i®t beautiful: weather of Jane pass nn
i®pro»ed,| A friend j has requested ns to sng*
gest the iideajof getting np a picnic party, to
consist oftwenty-five lor more couple, (the nnm
bermentionedbeing requisite to obtainexenr-
Bion tiokets) to|iproceed to Spruce Greek station,
and fromthenoife to a grove in the vicinity. Jle
is well acquainted vdth the locality and offers
to he thei pilot: of the company, and ■we can
vouch for hisfitnesa to fill that station. Are
there not twenty-five couple, married or single,
in the place, j who will agree to lay aside the
cares of busy life and devote one day to recre
ation and amusement t We think there should
be fifty, j The j streams in. the vicinity of the
place mentioned abound with fish, aud the woods'
with game, thhs affording those whose inclina
tions would lead—them to adopt either mode of
passing the dayman opportunity of doing so.—
Shall we not iutye a pic nic? That’s the question.
■ft-The Pittsburgh Evening Chronicle, of
the 27th inst., j^aysThe following letter from
a former clerk in a store in: Market Street, and
subsequently. a graduate ;of Duff s Mercantile
College, Pittsburgh, indicates the preference
given to students of that institution in distant
partS'Of the country :
New Orleans, March 18, 1859.
Mr. P. Duff; ‘ Merchant't College, I iltslurgh:
* * 1* I;am keeping books in this city at
a salary of four thousand dollars per annum.—
The merchants of the Crescent City pay liberal
ly for efficient Service. I can command almost
any salary in ; the Counting Room, as a Book
Keeper, but as: soon as I make a good business
acquaintance, 1 intend to resume the practice of
law. : Very respectfully,
Don’t Neglect a Cocqh.—Of all the diseases
to which we Ore exposed, there is none more
deserving of out immediate attention, than what
is usually termed a .“cough or cold,” for the
reason that if not arrested, they are apt to run
into some fixfed disease of some of the air pas
sages, or 1 pultnonary tissues, ending in con
sumption,: or incurable bronchitis. The way to
prevent this, is to got a bottle of Dr. Keyser’s
Pectoral Cough Syrup; made by that gentleman,
at his great drug and medicine store, Pittsburg,
Pa. The preparation of Dr. Keyser has receiv
ed the recoirmeudutiou of hosts of respectable
persons in Pittsburg, where it is made, and will
not fail to cure ,moat incipient cases of pulmon
ary diseases. 'Sold here by Q. W. Kessler.
Agricultural Fair. —The Board of Mana
gers of the Agricultural Society met in Holli
daysburg on Friday last. The Standard says
there was considerable difference of opinion in
regard to the place for holding the next Fair,
which was not decided upon. A committee was
appointed to receive definite proposals from those
localities desiring it, and report to the Board of
Managers on ; jthe 11th ot Juno next. Now is
the time.; for the business men and citizens of
Altoona io Say whether they wish it held at
this place.
Read It.— ißead Fettinger’s advertisement
in another column and learn where you may ob
tain any ione; -of the popular weekly papers of
the day, the blest daily papers, all the monthly
publications, books, blank books, sta
tionary, ppns,(,xnk, &c., &c.
BSk- The Sabbath School Association, of Al
toona, will meet in the lecture room of the
Lutheran Church, on to-morrow: (Friday) even
ing, at ©‘clock. A full attendance of the
members, • and all those who feel interested in
the cause,, is desired.
The great standard medicine* of the present
age, hope acquired their great popularity only
through year? of trial. Unbounded satisfac
fion is rendered by them in allcasetf and the
people have pronounced them worthy.
Ilrer Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice,
Debilityof the Nervous System,
Diseases of the Sidneys,
and all diseases drieing from a disordered
liver or weakness of the stomach and digestive
organs, are speedily and permanently pared by
The Balspmio Cordial has acquired a
reputation surpassing that of any similar pre
paration extant. It will cure, without fail,
the most severe and long-standing
Cough,Cold,or Hoarseness, Bnmehitia, In
flawua, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient
' f Consumption, ": .
and has, performed the most astonishing cures
ever known of
Confirmed Consumption.
A few doses wUI also at once cheek and
cure the-, most severe Diarrhoea proceeding
front Qold in ih* Dowels.
These melons* art prepared fry Dr. 0. M.
Jackson & Co., JVo. 418 Arch Street, Phila
delphia, Pa., and are sold by druggists and
dealers in medicines everywhere, at .76 cents
per bottle. The signature of C. M. Jackson
wiU be on the outside wrapper of each bottle.
; In the Almanac published annually by the
proprietors, palled: Evbbtbody’s Almanac,
.'you wtU find testimony and commendatory
■notices from all parts of the eouniry. These
Almancuss art given away-bg dtt pur 'agent*.
A3L. For in Altoona, by A. Roush and G. W.
Kessler, and by!all Druggists. [tday 19, ’59-ly
s the Capital Stock of tho Altoona Gas and Water
Company, ate hereby notifiodthat the first instalment to.
sidd-Stock will he payable at the Banking House -of Wm.
H- Lloyd 4 Co., oft or before VieXWi of June, 1869. .
May 26. i : WM. M. : LLOYD, Treasurer^
-1 VJ RANCH Company. Agency, Anna StreetvAltoona;
1 Marehl7,lSso, f JOH.V SHOEMAKER, Agent.
.*: -jpttfs i fitsr pitsi 1
, t PerwmAlti*>rifi£ Voder this distrossingmalody willfind >
Dr.fianco’s KpQeptic Pills to be the only remedy ever dl»-
covered for Coring Bpilepey orFalUng Fils. Three PiiU
pcsewi a specific action on the nervous system; sod al
though prepared especially for the purpose of coring Fits,
they will be found of especialbenefit to OH persons afflio
ted with weak nerves, orwhoae nervous typtem has been
prostrated or phettelted from any cause whatever. The
dipptytlc patient, whooastonVtth has not lost thepower
of doly converting food iitoa life sustaining dement, it
relieved by a single course of the extraordinary Pills. The
gastricfluW reacquires its solvent power, and the erode
nutriment' which was a load and a harden to the sufferer,
while his digestive organisation was paralyzed and un
strung, becomes under the wholesome revolution created
in the system, the basis of strength, activity, and health.
Sent to anypart of the country by mail, free of postage.
Address Seth 8. Hance, 10S Baltimore Street, Baltimore,
Md. Price—one box, $3; two, $5; twelve, $2l.
WsT A greet many learned treatises have bees written,
explaining the origin ot, and classifying the worms gener
ated in the hitman .system. Scarcely any topic of medical
science has elicited more acute observation and profound
research; and yet physicians are very much divided in
opinion on the subject. It most be admitted, however,
that, after all, a mode of expelling these worms, and pari*
fying the body from their presence, is of more value than
the wisest, disquisitions as to the origin. The expelling
agent has St length been found — Dr. it Lane' * Vermifuge,
prepared by Fleming Bros, is the much sought after spe
cific, and has already superseded nil oilier worm medicines
Its efficacy being universally acknowledged by medical
Purchasers will be C'reful toask fur DU. M’LANE’S
ING BUOS.*of Pittsburgh, Pa. All other Vermifuges in
comparison are worthless. Dr. M’Lane’s genuine Vermi
fuge, also his celebrated Liver Pills, can now be hod at all
respectable drug stores. None genuine without the signa
Dailey’s Magical Pain Extractor.
In all diseases inflammation more or less predominates—
now to allay inflammation strikes at the root of disease—
hence on immediate cure.
and nothing else, will allay inflammation at once, ami make
a certain cure.
will core the following among a great catalogue of discos ;s:
Burns, Scolds, Cuts, Chafes, Sore Nipples, Corns, Bunions,
Bruises, Sprains, Bites, Poison, Chilblains, Biles, Scrofula,
doers, Fever Sores, Felons, Ear Ache, Piles, Sore Eyes,
Goat, Swellings, Rheumatism, Scald Head, Sait Rheum,
Italduess, Erysipelas, Ringworm, Barbers' Itcb, Small Pox,
Measles, Rash, Ac., Ac.
To some It may appeor incredulous that so many diseases
should be reached by one article; sneb an idea will vanish"
when reflection points to the fact, that the salvo is a com
bination of ingredients, each and every one auplyiug a per
fect antidote to its apposite disorder.
In its effects is magical, because the time is so short be
tween disease and a permanent cure; and it is nn extrac
tor, as it draws nil disease ut of the affected jiart, leaving
nature as perfect as before the injury. It is scarcely ne
cessary to say licit no house, work-shop, or manufactory
should be one moment without' it.
No Pain Extractor is genuine unless the box Inis upon it
a steel plate engraving, with the name of Henry Dailey,
Sold by Q. \V. Kessler, Altoona; George A. Jacobs, llol
lidaysbdrg; and by oil the Druggists and patent medicine
dealers throughout the United States and Canadas.
Principal Depot, ICS Chamber-' street,’New York.
Nov. 11, 1858-ly C. F. CIIACE.
Celebrated Female Pills.
Prepared from a prescription of Sir J. Ctarle, M. 8., Phy
sician Extraordinary io the Queen.
Tliis invaluable medicine is unfailing in tlie cure ot all
those painful and delicate diseases to which the femaiocou-
Btltntion is subject. It moderates all excess and removes
all obstructions, and a speedy euro may be relied on.
it is peculiarly suited. It will, in a short time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity. •
Each bottle, price <jnc dollar, bears tlie Government Stamp
of Great prevent counterfeits.
These Puts should not be taken by females during (he first
three months of Pregnancy, as they are sure to bring on Mis
carriage, but at any other time they art safe.
In oil cases of Nervous aud Spinal Affections, Fain In
the Back and Limbs, Fatigue on slight exertion. Palpitation
of the Heart, Hysterics aud Whites, these Pills will effect
a cure when all other means have failed, and although a
powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, antimony,*
or anything hurtful to the constitution.
Foil directions in the pamphlet around each package,
which should be carefully preserved.
Solo Agent (or the United States and Canada,
JOB MOSES, (late I.V?. Baldwin A Co_)
1 ‘ Rochester, N. Y.
N. D.—|l.oo and 6 postage stamps enclosed to any an
thorized Agent, will insure a bottle, containing 50 Pills,
by return mail,.
B. L. Fahnestock, Pittsburg, Wholesale Agents; also, for
sale by all Druggists. [June 3 1858.-ly.
The Original and Bat in the World I
All others are mere imitations, and should be avoided, If
yon wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, RED, or RUSTY HAIR. Dyed instantly to a
beautiful and natural Brown or Block, without the least
injury to the Hair or Skin. v
Fifteepi Medals and Diplomas hare been awarded to Wm.
A. Batchelor since 1839, and over 80,000 applications have
been mode to the hair of his patrons of ids famous Dye.
WM. A. BATCHELOR’S HAIR DYE produces a color
not to be distinguished from nature, and is wabbantzu not
to injure in the least, however long it may lie continued,
and the ill effect of Bad Dyes remedied; the Uulr invigo
rated for Life by this Splendid Dye.
\ Made, sold or applied (in 0 private rooms) at the Wig
Factory, 238 Broadway, New York.
Sold by Druggists in Altoona, and by Druggists in all
cities and towns of the United States.
jS3~ The Genuine has the name and address upon a steel
- plate engraving on four sides of cadi Box, of
Nov. 18, 1858-ly
Important to Females—Da Cheese
man’s Pills. —The combination of Ingredients in these
Pills ore the result of a long and extensive practice. They
are mild in their operation, and certain In correcting ou
j, irregularities, painful menstrnatious. removing all bb-
I strnctlons, whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pain
in the side, palpitation of the heart, disturbed sleep, which
always arise from interruption of nature, inducing with
certainty periodical regularity.- Warranted purely vegeta
ble, and Bee from anything injurious to lifeorhealth. Ex
plicit directions, which should: ho read, accompany each
box. Price' $l. Sent by moil by enclosing $1 to any
authorized Agent. 'V 1 ' ; * , ' .
R. B. HUTCHINGS, General Agent fofftho United States,
.165 Chamber* street, Nem-YortC''
Zb whom ad Wholesale orders should be addressed.
Sold by Q. W. Kessler, Altoona; Geo. A, Jacobs, HolU
daysbnrg; and by all Druggists in the United States.
Call on the Agent and get a pamphlet free.
Nov. 18,1858-ly. ' _ '
This disease 1 can he' cured by Da. Rsrsss’s Tootbaciib
Humor, prepared by him in Pittsburgh, Pa , which is put
up in bottles And sold at. 26. cents each; jt is an eioeltettt
medicine, when dilated,' for spongy and tender gums, and
is worth ten times its price to all who need it. ' Sold here
by 0. W. Keeler. H>cc,>. lssB-ly.‘
' : #■
They are elegant. light, eosy and durable. ,
WtUng toa charm—imtnnUngup behind—np^irlnkii^
off htddj thfo is tltiM^^
IhiawtUnga are properly umkrtrtood'ond model
Not.-19,1858-1y 253 Broadway, New York.
233 Broadway, New York.
■ ' nVj
-rr . ,il Sgffs
• «
Dry Applre, ; M
Prunes,;. . ** Jiff jS
Dry Currants, , « •
Shngder and Bacon, - % , V* ft
Hams. \ ,« ,- i _ J}
Refined “ « . i uTuS S
Syrup Molasses, gallon, ■ «§ ft
«nd Tobacco otpriceato suit purchaser*.
Altoona, March 10,1860.
Poor, Superfine, « bhL, , ayyg
“ Extra Family “ gja
Own Heal qi 100 lbs. £oO
Bran A Short* qi 100 lbs. \ , m
Bye Chop, “ « . am
Corn and Oats, “ " lda
Middlings. U . u \ i IjOO
Cssh nid for all kinds of Grain. Door and Peed eon
always be badkt the Mill at the prices quoted above.
On Tuesday, 31st nit, ter Rev. J. Stock; Mr. SAMUEL
8. NOUN to Mias LUCINDA WOOLUEATEH, both of this
county. ? , ; ■
In tbU place, on Tuesday evenlnalast, at the honse of
b > Rev - h. B. Clark, Me. WM. J.
E. BISHOP, of Harrisburg, formerly ofGettysburg, to
Miss HALLIK B. JONES, of Harrisburg.; 10
“Ohi married love I— each heart shall own.
Where two congenial tools unite, ;
Thy golden chains inlaid with down,
Thy lamp witbrheaven’s own splendor bright”
Iu this place, on Friday, the 27th ult, Mrs. ELIZABETH
KEFF. She had for many years before her death been a
consistent and esteemed member of the Presbyterian Church.
For months before her death she htpl bedn'a great sufferer.
She patiently bore her afflictions, yet was anxious to go and
be with Christ, whenever it might he the Father’s will to
call her.
On the 35th uit., CLARISSA, daughter Of Mr. John Baker
of this place, aged right years.
A bud nipped in blooming.
Gentleman and his Lady, withintwo squares of
tlie Superintendent’s Office. Terms not to exceed $6 per
week. Address ;. “ BOARD,”
June 2,1859.—1 t TBtmnrt Omen.
! FISH !!
JL A largo lot of MACKEREL and; Dry Salted and
Pickled HERRING, Just received at the ; MODEL.
June 2, 1859.-lt
A Large and Splendid Stock Just arrived, and
clfearojr than ever, at the MODEL.
June 2,1859.-It
V T We will sell COFFEE by the Bag* SUGARS, SYR
UP, Ac., the Barrel, at Philadelphia prices, with freight
only added. J, A J. LOWTUER,
Altoona, June 2,1859.-31 . . et.--•
_ The subscriber wijl receive dully during the season,
by Exptess. direct from Philadelphia anil Pittsburgh, all
kinds of VEGETABLES, such as
Sallad, Onions, Rhubarb, Radishes, Cucumbers,
Strawberries, <s’c,. Also, Fresh Lake Fish*
till of which may be bad at his stand on Main street, first
door above Pa. B. Warehouse.
Altoona Juno 2,1859.-0 m ’
Latest news from the seat
Wo are every day
Onr entire Stock of BOOTS AND SHOES
Not at Cost,
Not nt Cost, "
But nt a fair per cent over cost Caßn iiad examine our
large stock of BOOTS and SHOES at the
Virginia St., two doors below the Superintendent's Office.
Altoona, June 2,1859. C. W. KIMBALL.
List of letters remaining
in the Altoona Post Office, June 1,1859;
Anderson, Geo K Merrits, AVm
Aiuliiser, Matilda Murphy. Michael
Bell, AY J Mayer, Agatha
Brady, Margaret Maraa Isaafe *
Brancn, Pat’k 2 McGill, dr, James
Burger, Ephraim McWilliams, dames
Bible, DP McLaughlin, James
BottorC Emily McClinfock. J H 2
Boyer, AT L Mclntyre, p F
Brown, J AY UcAtcer, I’atrlrk
Hearts, Sallie Soreross, j■
Bowen, Maria _ Negal, John
Courmerford, John Attcrson, S : A
Crawford, Margaret Oliver, A
Cawley, D Patterson, £ C \
Collier, Lucinda Banc, John
Counsman, David Power, Mary
Duncan, Copt K 2 ' Bine, John V-
Dougherty, A Reed, Abel ' .
Davis, Henry Buie, J
Felton, M D- Bend, P S ■;
Gray, Margaret .Ritchie, Jas ;
OUlmartin, Michael Stratus, Wm 2
Grimes, James Smith, SaHdi J
Hughes, JP2 gwaingcr, Catharine
Hughes? JR Shoemaker, 8
Uuss. J M .gcott, JT
Hamilton, John Smith, EJ . ; -
Ucoton, Samuel 3 Btringfello\r; Jolla ■
Hodge, Co)W'2 Snider, Mr v
Halfpenny, J Stringer,'Jail’*
Haney, Hugh Bhardet, If ;/
Heasfer, Goo Short, John
Hide, Floriau . Sccrlst, Ell
Hartman, Adam Thompson) WJ /
I tel, Ann Utley, M 8 ’
Janes, Margaret £ . Williams, UK
Knepper, B Washington). George
Kennedy, Bridget Ybnng, John
Keigon, Caroline
Persons polling for letters on this list will please say
they are advertised. JOHN SHOEMAKER, P. M.
3,1859.-lt* *
popular Publications of the day, as follows ; -
New York Ledger, '
New York Mercury,'
NeW Ybrk Weekly,
San and Stripes,
Bed, While and Blue, '
Plug of Our Union,:
' ’ True Blag,
American Union,
a Newspaper?
Bunpay IHipateh,
Sunday Mercury,
Wacerty Magazine, -. T '■
' ■ Frank IsSWsPtitorial,
; Harptt , s Wteliy,
■ BdUfu’t Pictorial, , •;
Frunk Letlie’t IU. German Ptptr,
The Illustrated World, (German,)'
The Ncw Yorh'CUpper,
National JWee Gazette,
United States ZVice Gazette,
Boston Pilot, . IruhAthorieah,
Home Journal, Banner of light, '
\ SpirituatTdegraph,' WWkty Tribune,
<’■ .■ Altoona Tribune.
■ ■ ■ DAILIES: i:il-
PhßadßphiaPrest, New York Herald,
Puttie Ledger, NeW York Tribune,
Pittsburgh True Preu, ' 'New York Time*.'
.TO whkh I w added oil thepublleatjtonßa* they appear.
Mogaxines; Notels and Romances, . Mtewllaneons Booing
School Books, Copy Books)' Slates, Pens, Pencils, Inks,"
- Gnp-onff LeUer Paper, -.uvelopes, Drawing and
Tissue-Paper,-Blank Books and in flict every
thing in the Stationary Hue. Toys, No
tions and Games of every variety, Pic
thrssahd.Picture Franm», Ac.
A 3. A choice lot of CONFECTIONERIES, of every vari
ety. - Also, TOBACCO and BEOARS of the best quality,
N.jJp-'Wo are sole Wholesale and Retail Agent, in this
county, for BOHN’S CELEBRATED SALVE. It does pot
xttody cure all soree to which it is applied- Try iL - |7-tf
, ihe
They an the Seat,Calicoes yetoffered to the Public for the
• •: ■ Wholbmi*'Aoe«B,’
April 21,1869-4“ SEW YORK.
at Maja'Aft'afev
\ v ■
. *r*
niißiSE op Hie kidsets,'
iraAEirass of Ainr eetd
And the various iMlou consequent upon idMmt
B«ch aa Indigestion, Acidity of the Stomach, Colicky Mu
SK b l2f , J. *L f Deepoedeocrr^fliww;
Hk*. In all Nervoua, Kkeunaadie aad
TtcwmMe Aftwtlou, it has In numerous instances proved
beneficial, and in other* eflbcted a deckled care.
AU 11. I pONIjT ttbto CoBlpoUld| pMRUtd os ittkt) V
aetontifie principle*, after the manner of the celebrated
Holland ftrofeeeor, Boer have: Beeasae of tta great eUce*M
in the moat of the European States, ita introduction in(«
the United Statea vaa intended more especially for those
o* enr fotherlandMattered hen and there on r the Dee »f
wla mighty country. - Meeting with great success among
thorny rnow to the American public, knowing that
its truly wooderftil medical virtues mutt bo acknowledged.
It h particularly recommended to thoeo whoso
eonstitntioDa mar have been impaired by the continuous
nae of ardent spirits, or other forma of dissipation. Qeun
rally instantaneous in effect, it finds Its way directly to the
scat of life, thrilling and quickening every nerve, raising
up the drooping spirit, and, in iket, infusing now health
and vigor in the system.
C A UTlON.—The great popularity of this dcligUtftil to
raa has Induced manyimttatlons, which the pnbik should
gftard against purchasing. lie twt paimhgkd to Uw any
thing else until yah have given Boothave’s Holland Bit t«rs
a four trial. One bottle will convince you bow Infinitely
aujierior it is to all these imitations.
Sold at $l4O per bohfc, or six bottles &r $5, by tbs
BENJ. PAGfe, JR., & CO.,
Jbnu/ticturipff PharmaemUtlt md ChtmitU, -
T. W. Oyott A ons, Philadelphia; Bnrncs A Park, Sew
York; John D. Park. Cincinnati; Barnard, Adams A Co„
St. I/rnb i A. 1100811, Altoona, Pa, and ti Iharaliu
arid Merchants generally throughout the' United States
and Canadas. - fOetbhorU, ISo^-ly
EtRYj with a Premium to each purchased worth
from Two Dollars to Two Uuudredi. ■
This is no lottery, hut a fair and legitimate tale, lit
which each .purchaser gets the value of Ids or her money
in a Gold Pencil with Gold Pen attached, or a UoMXocktu,
worth $5; and in addition to the purchase, each person re
ceives a Premium of Jowelry, not loss in value thau $2, and
it may ho worth $3, 6,8,10,15, 20,30,50, orevens»u!
Our Premiums are distributed Inla fair and honorablu
manner, and os v soon as the name of the purchaser it re
ceived with the §3, his Pencil and PcnandPremlum. or
Gold Docket and Premiums are put up in • small bon, in a
safe manner, and sent to the owner by Stall. Free: of Post
age. Our plan, from long experience in tne-abore busi
ness, has given general satisfaction, as each purchaser can
Sell or Trade tbo above articles for all they cost him, and
retain the Premium Gratis. ‘
«3L-Wc want u good Agent in every part of the country
to solicit pure! losers; and Agents, to be success (hi, should
first have a Pencil and Pen and Premium, or Locket and
Premium, or l>otli, in exhibit; and the first person becom
ing a Purchaser nt uuy place will receive the Agency fur
that uciglilioihood. -
Wc propose to let a person know what Premium he will
receive before sendinghis money. Any. Ladyor Gentle
man desiring one of the above articles, can first send us
their name nud address, slating Whether they want tlie
Pencil and Fen, or Locket, and wo will make their selec
tion, uml inform them by return Mall what Premium they
are entitled to. (hey can then have the privilege of send
ing for it .if they choose. We cannot, however, give this
privilege but once to any person; and we make this oiler la
establish the quality of our goods in a neighborhood. Af
ter a person bejdmes a purchaser, and accepts the Agency,
wc require nil persons in tipit locality to send their $5 In
advance through him.
Aud if any one is dissatisfied with their purchase, and
an unbiassed person Judge says the articles
are not worth more than the money paid foc thetn. and fu
some cases Till, or even Forty times the nrootrat,let such
person return tbo goods, and we will fteely refund the
money. : _
Among nnr Premiums arc articles sui'taUoibr Ladles
and Gentlemen, such as V-
GtnUemfn'* G1:1 and Silver Wuicltu, Omri
Chain*, Grid fatter. Buttons, Gold Watch JfeWoad atoll.
Gold Shirt St mis—plain ami with Rutting*; Gold Scarf
Pins—now style; Gold Breast Pius,Calllorni*
• Idamoud Pins, Gold Rings,Ae.4c*
Wc have Gold Watches, Flormrtltre, Uranic, Quid Stone.
Came* Gurnet and Coral Brcnst Pins and Bar- Rings,'Gold
Bracelets. flolil Sleeve Buttons, Gold Belt Slides, Quid It ion,
4c, &c. Also, Pianos, Mclodeons, Musical Boxes, Accorde Ac. : .«•
43, Unexceptionable References given wKenoverywiuired.
*<'• £•— Id "ending your names, Write Uii- BUte.COttnty
and Town plainly, so ns to avoid letters being miscarried.
Address, ANOUK ft CO,
102 Canal Street, (Old Sit.)
* New York.,
May Stli, 1859.
Levi iuling,
Allegheny Street, MnthWard, '■. A
A largo stock of allktod* of bi«
Brand* will bo kept cpnfetautly on bind,' ikT wHI nld
In feta to suit iranfeftw** atMoa as muomihtear the*
caa be had auy where In thfrcttntry. [\^yt% T W-4f
A*/” from Bxlo to 24x3o. ■ , !
Putty Knlve«, * '•’
1 ° citT *’
Spanish Brown, in stow awl
May IS, 1868. • -
2,000 Dm. WIHTK LKiD, different Brandt:
1,000 RfS. White Zinc Mint!? ~
4 Cases Chrome Green.
3 Cam Chrome Yellow. '
Burned Umber.
W Terra dlSlnnut
Bed lead.
■ i^ooiMPattr.
Vnrnislic* of all kinds In store and for sale. Wholesale
and Retail, by ’• 1 A. JftWSHT
Fancy toilet
' _ 4 mjtffsvsojps. ■■
Cleaver’s Honey Soap,
Uazln’s Pondne.
Peach and Almoodt ,
Pure White TOndaor,
■- TrantpareaV
May 12,18J9.
■ ■■
Extracts for the Handkerchief
Kits me'B*ooUj%'
BatttMly Boqnct, ■
\ For wle cheap by ■
Pnro Beamed lln*e«a Oil, ; v V,,
BxtnuUrtOU, . .. r '<Vv.. :
■ v ; ' K
■ . - ‘
*pOB THE HAIR— t ‘
Botnet’sCocoalne, •' , "
loron’s Kethairon, 1
Superior B«j Bimv
Oclogno* of til kinds, at
May 13,1869.
■ A large assortment of Nursing Bottles. ' .
Cutter’s Improved SHOULDER BRACES tor UOgs,
Gentlemen and Children. For sale by A. MOvaa.
in Quart, Pint, EfslH’lnt and 4 o«. Botttoi.
Fins Black and Red Inks, Stationery, Ac., at ■ _
May M. 1869. .BOggrg
XI Combs, Fancy Cnt)ery, QWIJ*
Forsaleby • jl, |9w»
; Mn