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®fe Jttiiraa Cribmu.
THUKSDAY, MAY 26,1859.
S9»Wherepartk« to at, onr rule for adrer
•Wag I* to require payment la advance, or »gn«r*nt*e from
Iwn penooa. It is. there fore ineleaa for Ml neb to Mod
fcMiwttle entente offering to pay at the end of three or six
f MfinUte. f ,Where adrcrtUcmente-are acconipaiitari wlth tbe
‘ HMy r Whether one,'fire or teb dollar*, We will give the
■WertJmr the foil benefit ofcathratae.
«*>«/•«., PCITESCiaL Jfc C*K,
:;hd»*rt4*teg A*enU,lie Naaaanatroat, Raw Votk, and
yjMjjte -abort, Beaton, are the Agent* for the JBlkm
XrAeme,andthe meet laflnentiat and hurt Mfeoletlag
fimpfapeye in the United State* and the Canada*. They
an feitiurlaed to contract for na atonrioweet raiM.
' • \janxsf Homs Magazine. —This neat
monthly for June is on our table,
ftored, like the grenery of a good farmer,
frith the choicest productions—not of the
Mfi|> howeyer«*-hnt of literary genius,—
l*ahl!ahed by T. S. Arthur- & Co., Phila
(jafyhia. Price 82,00.
; AST Peterson's Magazine, for June,
esaue to band with its usual promptness,
its .Appearance is always hailed with de
light by those who are accustomed to re
ceive it. The Jow price at which it is
published bangs it within; the .reach of
almost every - lady in the land. Brice 92
j>er annum. C. J. Peterson, Phila.
'Candidates fob President. —The
. Chatnbsrsburg Repository and Transcript
runs up the name of W. F. Johnston, of
r :. \r-2r r*.. a . -
Putiburghy as the next candidate for the
Presidency, subject to the Peoples’ Na
tioual noniunatiog Convention. The Dele
ware County Republican advocates the
domination of John M. Heed, of Philadel
phia, as the Republican candidate for
President in 1860.
Atlantic Monthly. —The June num
ber of this deservedly popular publication,
whioh h rapidly superceding all others of
its. style, Is before us. No one can loose
his or .her interest in this Magazine, who
has commenced the story of *the Minis
ters Wooing,” written by Mrs: Harriet
Beecher Stowe. It is one of that famed
# authoresses best stories,.and she has writ
ten good) ones. Everybody should
aobseribe for the' Atlantic Monthly. —
Price 98 per annum. We will furnish it
for 92,00.
Th* Mormons.— lt appears by state
ments looming from Washington that the
movements being made with regard to the
Mormons leaving the continent is not a
jjarty one, and; did not originate with poli
ticians. It originated with certain ship
ping and commercial men in combination
pith the Mormon chiefs. The plan is not
jet matured, but it is highly probable that
it w|H be nithin a short time. The prin
ciple bf it is that the Mormons shall be
for their improvements at a fair val
uation, and that with these means they will
be able to pay for their transportation to
an Island on the Pacific selected for that
purpose. *
Bike’s Peak Humbug— rßy. refer
ence to an article in another column, it
will be seen that the accounts from this
“famous fabled country” are anything but
Cheering at the present time. In our
dpinipu it is one of the most magnificent
humbugs of .the present age. Starvation,
grarder and suicides are. the order of the
day at Pike> Peak. It is next to death
V• 9 '^<l;' I ' ' * V
to stay there and almost certain death to
attempt to return. A telegraphic.dispatch
from St. Louis, dated May 28d says a pri
vate letter dated Pacific City, lowa, states
that a report had just reached that place
a, party of starving Pike’s Peak, emi
gpaafeattooked and captured an outward-
Ifraouid train near Offidlohs, Bluffs. Pa
ring the melee P. C. Oaks, the conductor,
was killed ; and Mr. Griffith .the newly ap
pointed Postmaster for Austria, who was
eh route to take charge of his post, was
• hung by the desperadoes. This, in con
nection' with the account published else
where shows the condition of the deluded
jepple who have gohe thither.
Book.— White oth
imitate, to a certain extent, the per
fto&ums ofGode/s lasty each succeeding
numberof Godey’s Lady's Book excels
ffaaer. There is no standing still
He has never learned the
of the word “ halt,” but under
stands and practices the motto of “ up-
WUxI and onward.” Lady reader, are you
£jtQ>|fi>ribcr to Godey’s, if not become one
at - .eaoi.The June number now on purl
tshlris a model Price $3, per annum.
#^^M»hiitfor *2,00: .
.. j.
Ah jfeOHvmc Entdlpkis*.—Wise,
the aeronaut, has Just completed his
raogements preparatory to vJridmduntN
Denial voyage from St Louis to Atlantic
ecadoard, in his monster balloon the “Nine
teenth Century, M which is sixty-eight feet
in diameter, and will contain from sixty
to eighty thousand feet of gas. Mr. Wise
expects to make the start from St Louis
about the middle or latter part of June, or
at the farthest, early in Mr. jWisuj
is prosecuting this undertaking at his own
expense, regarding It clfiefly as an expo-1
riment with which to satisfy himself of;
the practicability of hmlong cherished!:
jehomeof mronaaring aaross the Atlantic
Dorau Emcctios .—The execution of;
Christian Jacobi and Darid S. Evans,: con
victed of murdering their wives, took place
in thejail yard,' at Pittsburgh, on Friday
last. Both the unfortunates appeared to!
he deeply penitent, an 4 expressed them-,
selves willing to die, having made their
peace with their God. On being lied to
the soaffold Jacohi refused to say anything
to the people present, but Evans made a!
short speech, whigh will he found in
another column, in which he declared his;
* > j
innocence of the crime of which he had
been convicted.
USP" Rising—the thermometer. ,
—W- Oo—the price of flour
Thanks—to a young frlendfor a box of
Colorada Maduros.
s6f* Infanticides appear to be the order of
the day in Johnstown.
gkWAccording to the articles' ,of war» it is
death to stop a cannon bolL ■
- A wag wrote over die door of a school
bouse—“The Whaling institution.”
WV'A Yankee, with the yellow fever, may,
▼ery properly, be called a .Northern man with
Southern principles.
JH9* A little girl named Rosa O’RnurU was
drowned in the Canal at Gonemaugh on Monday
of last week.
tfcf* In a graveyard in N*w Jersey there Isa;
tombstone on which is the following simple, yet
touching, epitaph: “ lit was a good egg"
tfSf “ Mother, I heard sissy swear. “ What
did she say ?” “ She said she was going to wear
her darned stockings to church to-morrow.”
He that is good, will infallibly become
petter, and be that is bad, will as certainly
home wor?e; for vice, virtue and time are three
things which never stand still.
IS- Cambria county has instructed in favor
of Ron. 8. Calvin as Senatorial Delegate to the
Peoples' State Convention which meets in Hari
riaburg on the Bth of Jane.
tST Lucy Stone says “ there is cotton in the
ears of men and hope in the bosoms of women.*’
Got the: cotton and hope in the wrong placed,
tSP A man is a brute to be jealous of n good
woman—a tool to be jealons of a worthless one
—bat a double fool to cot Ms own throat for
either them.
t)gg~ A young carpenter haring beeen told
that “ the course of true love never did run
amotb,” took bis plane nnder his arm when hie
went conning.
WWI- A burglar was caught with twenty-tbree
watches in his possession. He was the greatest
“ thief of.time” we ever heard of—except ** pro
crastination.” j
Two boys in Cambria county came veiy
near ..losing their lives, a short time ago, from
the effects of eating hard-boiled eggs. Header,
take warning.
Wgi- A Good Motto.—
“ Here's freedom to him who would read.
Here’s freedom to him who would write,
None shrink-from the Truth being heard;
But those whom the Truth would indite.” :
WST Rev. Dr. S. R. Cox is writing a series Of
letters in the American Pretbyterian designed toj
show the Apocalyptic battle of “ Armageddon” ’
is* fit all probability at hand, in the grand run
tore of the peace of Europe now taking: effect
Years ago the significant letters, G. ;T.
—Gone to Texas—were used ,as a means of]
marking upon the ledger had debts. New the]
initials GP. P.—Gone to Pike’s Peak—are|
used for the same purpose. I
The Aey. Wm. Butt, a Methodist minister,;
who preached freedom in Kansas through all
the troubles and was persecuted by the Border
Ruffians for bis free-State sentiments, has been
transferred to the Arkansda.Couference,
poinied Presiding Elder of the Texas district
1 IguQabriel Ravel,, while playing Jocko, in
the Braailian Ape, in New Orleans, recently
lehped into the dress circle of the theatre, ids
usual, end badly frightened alady.who jump
ed up and rah; whereupon her escort kicked
his South American highness baok to the sta^e.
. I®*. The rust is said to be seriously injuring
the wheat in Suffolk county. Va.; and ope ftf
mer in Isle of Wight comity, same State, alle
ges that bis whole crop has been riuned by ft.
From some sections of North Carolina
statements are received.
Pn2xle.-—To learn to read
the following, so as to make good senee/ia tfaa
mystery: .> ■. ' T J ij,
I thee read see that me. j J \
love ia down will Til bare j H 5
Bat that and you have you’ll J M
One and up and you if j ■ j
IQu A singular Snd swift retribution occur
red in Huron county, Ohio, a few days since *4-
An ugly fellow, in a fit of passion, intentionally
destroyed an eye of one of bis horses The
next day, while driving a naU, a piece of it
lodged in his eye, completely destroying the ;
eight. , \ ' ' ■ jM
IQ*A Clincher—The term, “tfincheri* is
to hare originated in the flowing manner! Ttif ?
SI to wWeh:ceuftftiil «if *
biggest lie. One said that on?
aten-penny naQ quite body of the
moon. “ That's true,” ropliedlbe other, “ far
1 ni n the other side at the verymoteeotlrSth
a claw hammer, and elinchod the naill” - Bear
since,' every outrage one falsehood haa been
termed a clincher.
iST The Emperor of France, the Emperor of
Austria and the King of Sardinia, all intend to
head their recpnetlve armies in the coating eem
paign. This was the character of ths campaign
in Anstrelitx in 1808, at which battle the Em
peror of France, the Emperor of Russia end the
Emperor of Austria were present ,
■wfi- The European Immigration to this conn
try, daring the present year. It is predicted,
will fiur exceed that of any previous one. It ie
stated by the liyerpool Tima ofApril2oth, that
about 10,000 persons had left that port alone
daring April, for oar shone, and chiefly for
New York.
, teafi. Another ease of mystery and horror has
been opened in New York, by the finding of the
remains of a yonn g woman,, cut up and packed
away in the water closet of a tenement in that
city, on Saturday rooming. The doctors ex
pressed the belief that die young unfortunate
bad probably been the victim of seduction, mur
dered in procuring, abortion, end the remains
thus butchered and hid away to conceal the for
mer crimes.
Lancaster City, in this State is supposed
to be built over a subterranean lake. A leak
in the new city basin has been probed to the
dept of twenty feet, and is found to lead to a
subterranean cavern sufficient to hold or conduct
away all the water of the Conestoga. There is
an arched vault in Lechler’s hotel, where the
rising and falling of the waters in the snbterra
nean lake are as peceptable as theorising and
falling of Conestoga creek.
Death Speech of Evans.
Obntlkmxn; —I stand before you for the last
time. A few more minutes, and 1 shall be in
the presence of my Maker and Judge. Since
the 11th of May, 1858, 1 have been deeply in
the waters of affliction; but while thus encom
passed. I have had the Lord Jesus Christ (o sus
tain me. A dear companion was then taken
from ime, for whom I would willingly have laid
down my life. Of her death I have been con
victed ; but before God, my Maker. 1 declare
my innocence. Who did the awful deed 1 know
not. I die innocent, but hope my death may
be a means of good to some here. I once prom
ised to make a statement to the public before
my execution; but as it has refused belief to
what has already been offered, I have decided
to refrain. [He here referred to some state
ments which were given in evidence on bis trial ]
1 was going to declare these statements false :
bat I leave the witnesses to their God. I did
not see Riddle that morning; and did not dis
cover the loss of the money until some time af
ter: I entertain no enmity to the witnesses
against mo; and leave.them to a higher Being.
1 could get down on my knees and pray for all
of them; and I sincerely hope to meet them all
where sin and sorrow shall be no more. But 1
am not a left-banded man, and the witnesses
. knew it was false.
In yonder cell, I have bowed before my God:
I have prayed for them and me. 1 have made a
written statement, which is in the bands of a
friend, with liberty to publish if he and others
think best If contains more than I can tell.—
Before I leave the world, I want to declare my
trust rn my Saviour and Redeemer, my belief
that he has forgiven my sins, and that be will
clothe me with the robes of purity and bliss.—
Let your hearts intercede in my behalf, that
when my body drops, my soul may fly aloft to
nn everlasting habitation. [After conferring
; with his spiritual advisers he proceeded.] Gen
tlemen, if I know anything of my own heart. I
love the Lord Jeans. I know that for his sake
my sins have been forgiven. I have a home
beyond this vale of tears—a home in the heav
ens, I know that my Redeemer liveth, and I
believe that when the drop shall fall, the Lord
Jeans will receive me t,o a home above. 1 feel
happy in anticipating that I shall soon join them
on high—my beloved companion and offspring.
I hope to dwell with them and my Lord Jesus,
1 have nothing more to say except that I am
going, home, and expect to enjoy a blessed im
mortality. V
Duties of United States Marshals— The
opinion of the Supreme Court of the United
States in the Wisconsin fugitive slave case has
at length beeif published. Though we have
hitherto given the substance of that part of it
regarding the powers of the Federal Courts and
the duties of the Federal officers, in cases arri-
ving uhder tbe Federal laws, we subjoin, for the
better information of the public, a paragraph
from the official copy of the opinion
“ Although it is the duty of the Marshal or
other persons bolding him to make known by a
proper return the authority under which he de
tains him. it is at the came time imperatively
hjs duty to obey the process of the United
-Stales: to hold the prisoner in custody under
it, find to refute obedience to the mandate or pro
cess of any other Government. And consequent-,
ly it is his duty not to take the prisoner, nor
suffer him to be taken, before a titate judge or
court upon a habeas corpus issued under S'nte
authority. No State judge or court, after they
are judicially informed that the party is impris
oned under the authority of the United States,
has’ any right to interfere with him, or to re
quire him to be brought before them'. And if
the authority of a State, in the form of judicial
prodess 6r otherwise, should attempt to control
the ' Marshall or other authorized agent of the
United States, in any respect, in the custody of
his prisoner, it would be his duty to resist it,
and to'call to his aid any force that may be ne
cessary to maintain the'authority of the law
against illegal interference. No judicial pro
cess; whatever form it may assu ne, can have
any lawful authority outside of the limits of the
jurisdiction of the court or judge by whom it is
issued : and au attempt to force it. beyond these
boundaries is nothing less than lawless vio-.
In rbpi it.—He **. Would sot Lite Always.”
—Hcrnden, the clerical wife poisoner at New
*rk, N. J., the day before his arrest, preached
a sermon from the sublime passage “I would
notliye always." He needn’t he apprehensive
of anything of the kindifhegets Into thecldtch
*» ct a New Jersey jury. Jerseyjuries are
death on verdicts In capital cases. He isaman
of considerable talent, and hearse reputation of
ntost ; extraordinary hypocrisy. He was ultra
in everything, and was especially dfrtfngnished
for his bHter antogonism to capital puhiahihent
The Railroad Wab. —The recent negotiations
in New York for the discontinuance of the exis
ting injuries competition between the principal
railroad companies has fallen through. The
New York Central refuses to allow the Southern
roads the advantages of tbur geographical posi>
Hon, ,nnd declares an intention to fairy freight
T°rk to ahy eommon-pjoint West as
eheaji as i they do from Philadelphia or Baltb
;mow: Tbs war, tb
: As a matter of Interest, at present, we give
the folloWingresnlts df desperate battles f>«ght
in Europe since 1812: > a .
On the heights, four milee from SajaJeiwca, * n
Spun, the English and Spaniards undtr Wsl
lington, totally defeated thaFteneh under HSr
mbnt, on the 22d July, 1812. Tbealllen-loet 6,-
200 men, and the French 16,000. a
At the battle of Smolensk!,, in Russia, in 1812,
the French loss’ was 17,000.
At Borodina, on the 7th September, was
fought a desperate battle between fivMWui
and French. The French lost in killed, wound-,
cd and prisoners, 60.000, and the tinmans
about the same number. The survivors of the
French army, ftomi the Bnssian campaign, were
not more than 55,000 out of an army of 600,000
At Lntzen. in Russian Saxony, on the 2d of
Kay. 1818," the allied Russia and Prussian forces
were defeated by the French under Napoleon, -
the French losing 18,000 and the allies 15,000
At Bantxen, in Saxony, on the 21st and 22d
May, 1818, a battle took place between the al
lies and the French, in which the French loss
was put down at 25,000 men,, and that of the
allies 16,000.
At Dresden, in Saxony, on the 16th and 17th
Angnat, 1815. the allies wen defeated by foe
French. The leas of the allies was about 25.000
killed, wounded and prisoners, and that of the
French about 12,000.
■> At Leipsie, in Saxony, in October 1818. a
desperate battle was fought, which lasted three
days, apd the French were totally defeated by
the allies. Napoleon lost two marshal, twenty
generals and 60.000 men. The allies tost 1.700
officers amt about 40.1*00 men
At Victoria, in Spain, on the 31st June, 1813,
the English and French fongbt a battle, in
which the French lost 7,000 and the English 6,-
At Toulouse, in France, Wellington defeated
the French under Sonlt, on the 10th April. 1814
The French less was 4,700, allied a tiny's loss 4,-
680 men.
At Ligny, in France, a battle oecured between
the Prussians and French of the 16th June,
1815, two days before the battle of Waterloo, in
which the Prussians lost 15,000 men, and the
French 6,800.
In the indecisive battle at Qnatre Bras, in
Belgium, on the 16th of June, the day before
that of Waterloo, the allies lost 6,200 men, and
the French 114.
At Waterloo the total loss of the allies, was
15.636 men. Napoleon’s was about 40,000.
Neither the Austrians nor Prussians can de
rive much encoragement from history to engage
in a war with France. The French troops have
only been matched-in these wars by the English,
the Spaniards and the Russians—scarcely by the
last named.
Another Tbaqkut—A Husband Kills his
Wife’s Pabhocr. — A shocking tragedy occurred
in Cincinnati, on Wednesday night. A man
named Richard Mahone, the father of three
children, was deliberately shot and killed at n
public house, by John W. Clawson, who was
immediately arrested. The Commercial thus
details the circumstances which led to the
Clawson is a young man, not probably over
twenty-four years of age. His troubles seem all
to have occurred from ub unfortunate marriage.
Six years ago, be led to the alter a young and
beautiful girl of' Philadelphia. The marriage
was opposed by both his and her friends. The
objections urged were their ages—she not yet
fifteen; while he wanted three years before attain
ing his majority. Despite the warnings and
counsel if friends, they eloped and were married
clandestinely. They came to this city, and for
two years their lives were happy, but at last the
tempter invaded the sanctity of their home, uud
the girl—though n mother, still a girl—again
eloped- not as a wife, but ns a mistress. She
was soon forsaken by her seducer, and writing
to h»r,.husbnml —who sill cherished for bis er
ring wife an unaltered affection—a penitent let
ter. he received beg agai n. with all her imperfec
tion. Two more years rolled away, she per
formed in the interim the duties of a with and
mother in their fullest sense, the dark spot on
their marriage existence was almost forgotten,
wheiya fiend more arch than the first, ingratiated
himself into their houshold. and succeeded in
alluring her from the path of honor. This was
the man whom the husband killed.. For a time
stolen interviews were had. but of, late the twain
have lived together publicly, as man and mis
Attempt to Mimosa the Through Majl
Aoekt and Kob the Mails anr Express Curst.
—On Wednesday evening, tii#hc express train
that leaves New York at 5 o’clock, P. M.. on
the New York and Erie Railroad, lefl Port Jer
vis, 88 miles from New York, a few minutes
past 9 o’clock, a fellow attempted to administer
chloroform to Mr. Adam Keck, the mail agent.
A sponge well saturated was applied, but hi the
'act, a drop fell 1 on, Mr keek’s face, which
aroused him. Springing up. the person clinched
the agent by the cravat and drew a six-barrel led
pistol. The mail agent seized the pistol just by
the cook, and the two had a severe tussuj for
ten minutes or more, during which time the
pistol dropped. The robber then attempted to
use a slung shot, which he also lost during the
tussel, and was altogether roughly handled.
During the senffle three or four express boxes
were broken by the parlies falling on them, and
the iron rods in front of the window were bent
out four inches and the glass broken. Unfor
tunately the bell rope was polled by "One of
them, which brought the triiln to a stand The
robber broke away and jumped off the car be
fore the conductor could seize him The ear
was so full of the chloroform that it was actual
ly suffocating. The robber left behind him an
overcoat valued at $96. the six barrelled pistol,
a basket containing provisions, a bottle of bran
dy, a bag. supposed to put the money in, (if he
got any.) and the slung shot. No doubt be exr
peered .to kill the express messenger, and the
mail agent also, if they made any resistance,
take the key of the safe and extract the money,
of which there was $lOO,OOO.
Floating Brick.— Bricks that will float used
to be made years ago, but the afffbas been lost
till recently. A Monsieur Folpini has, it is
said, discovered their compositicm, which is said
to be fifty-five parts of siliceous finrth, fifteen of
magnesia, fourteen of water, twelve of alumina,*
three of lime, and one of iron. They are Infu
sible, and will float in water though one twen
tieth part of common clay be added to them.—
They resist water, unite perfectly with' lime,
and are subject to no change from heat or cold.
They are nearly as strong as common brick,
though only about one-sixth as heavy, or con
siderably lighter than water. They are such
poor, conductors of heat that one end may be
heated red hot while the other end is held in
the hand.
A Bu>>pt BsTUßdrioM.—R, B. Jordan, pom*
timepiece, seduced the daughter of a widow
at San Andreas, Texas, aod. although frequent-
V by ineihbeW of the cbminunityin
which he lived, refused positively, to many the
girl, with whom, however he oootinued to live.
About a month ego a. prosecution wjw com
menced against him, and he was again earnest It
to :***? e?
pressed hi. determination to live a 8 ho chose.-.
17te uJt * *• l«ft 'home, And
, A dispatch ftwtt St. Lottie, dated M*J *M»
"*%• (Mo.)
Dimoemt, \6t thi* city, notices the a^ s !** » 4
that place if a hundred returned Pikes s P«*k
«n, who bring most deplorable accounts of the
'taining prospects, and of the sufferings of the
disappointed grid: banters, on the plain*.
It Is estimated that 20,000 men art now on
their wey back, all or most of whom are desti
tute of money add the necessaries of life, nod
are consequently perfectly reckless and deeper*
ate. Vj’l ' ■ .
Threats hare been made by acme of the moat
desperate, to burn Omaha, St. Joeeph, Leaven
worth. and other in eoneeqnenee of the
deception need inthose places to Indace the em
Two thousand men are reported to be firry
miles west ofOmahOjinaetarving'^ondition.
Some of - the; residents .of Plattsmoth hare
closed their bnaiiiesa .pishes and fled, fenring
violence atthe h&ands of the enraged emigrants.
A letter dried i Cotton Wood Springe, April
28tb, says': “Wh arc in a tight place here. —
On the road from the crossing down we bate
fire stations, Which are crammed full of beggars
from! moriiing till might, and at the rate we ore
doing bnSSnesa« tire will soon have to close.—
Pike’s Peak has turned out to bea humbug,
and tbe road ia lined with starring men; and
God knows, we hare got to give them something
to eat as long as we bare it, I can’t see a man
Re tno'priirie and starve^
“If yon could |do something'to keep the poor
deluded devils from starting, you would be
doing a kindness to humanity. We will try
and gat through ad well as possible, bat lota of
tbe poor fellows; are bound to die. There are
no provisions in the country, only what belongs
to the Mail Company. The traders along the
road have nothing in the way of provisions.—
They (the emigrants) have not attempted to
fojxe anything y«*t, hut they are bound to do it,
if you do not give them something to eat.”
The undersigned, Living become on-aers of THE ABOVE
the following scheme, to be drawn each Wednesday in
APRIL, 1850, at Wilmington, Delaware, in public, un
der the superintendence of sworn commissioners appoint-,
ed by the Governor.' ;• *
Clans 314 DrawaWednesday, Jane I, 1850. -
Class 326 Draws; Wednesday, June 8, 1859.
Class 838 Drawsj Wednesday, Jane 15, 1859.
Class 350 Draws Wednesday, June 22, 1859.
Class 302 Draws Wednesday, June 29. 1859.
Nearly one Prize to every two Tickets!
?8 Numbers--18 Drown Ballots.
magnificent scheme.
1 Prize of : |40,000 Is $40,000
I “ 21,789 “ 81,789
3 “ 10,000 •* 20,000
3 “ 6,000 “ 18,000
8 “ 4,000“ 12,000
4 “ 2,000 “ . 8,000
15 Prizes of 1,000 are 15,000
15 “ 600 “ 9,000
15 “ 600 « 7,500
227 “ , 250 “ 66.760
66 “ 100 “ 6,60 u
66 “ 70 “ 4.550
66 “ 1 40 “ 2.600
4,875 “ 20 « %7AOO
27,040 “ 10 “ 270.400
32,390 Frizes amounting to
Whole Tickets SID —Halves ss —Quarters $2,50
Certificate* of Packages vrjfkbe sold at thefcilowing
n\te». which is the risk.
Certificates of Package of 28 Whole tickets $149,50
“ Pi 26 Half “ 74,75
“ »■: 26 Quarter “ 27,37
76 Drawn Ballot*.
1 Grand Capital Prize of $70,000!
1 Prise of $30,000 5 Prizes of {2,500
1 if ; 20,000 65 “ “ 1,000
1 « “ ■ 11,627 2SB “ '« 450
1 “ 8.000 Ac., Ac„ Ac.
312,35 Prises aiuOuntlug to {1,006535!'
IFAoIe Tickets {2O ; Halva {lO ; Quarters {6.
Enclose (he amount of money to oar address. for what yon
wish to purchase | name the Lottery id which yon wish it
invested, and whether yon wish Whole*, llalwi or Quar
ter*. on receipt of which, we send what I* ordered, by first
mail. together with, lire scheme.
Immediately aftef the' drawing, the drawn numbers will
be sent with a written explanation.
Purchasers will please write their signatures plain, and
give the name of their Post Office, County and State.
Those who prefer'hot sending’money by mail, can use
wVreby money for Tichcti, In sums cf Ten Dollars, and
upwards, can be seat us
from any City or . town where they have an office. The
money and order must be enclosed in a “ GOVERNMENT
Company Cannot receive them.
\ Orders fori Tickets or Certificates, by Moll or Ex
press;,to be directed to WOOD; EDDY A Co.,
;,j; Wilmington, Delaware.
Gentlemen ari) Requested not to Bead this
We boast of Auction Shoes
At shill InVsslx a pair.
For sure no lady would them choose
That wants a shoe to wear.
Now very much wo feel inclin'd '
Such Qolterf to'expose, ,
They are not kftod, and yon will find
Them burst!tig round the toes..
Such ill-made Shoes you could not irear
We often with them meet;
Just mod* to sell.' they Hp.and tear
When Walking in the street.
A lady passing by one day
Was caused aldeal of tronble,’
And hoA worth a bubbled
New pair ofShOe*, .and. good one* toe,
As the dear lady thought.
Until her feet protruding though .
Proclaimed them good for naught.
We pay the prices for our work
To mve it honest made, -
To worthy menwho aiv in truth
The masters!of their trade. s' ■ ■■_
And we emu bdast of extra nloe
Of beauttfiil :.ihd neat, • / 1
_ Of fairy Shoes iMUreet price
. To deeoride thf feet.
The Peoples’ Cheap Shoe Store,
’’ Virginia Street;
, Two Doors BmowAnnle St.
May 12,’W. (h W. KIMBALL.
Red lion hotel, -
This old estabtiahediand popular HOTEL, located nearly
opposite the place of stopping the passenger cars in Altoo
na, has passed inco‘the hands of the present proprietor.—
Long experience hn’the business warrants me in assuring
the tra»eUlngpubiic that no pains will be snared to render
guests as comfortable as possible while sojourning under
my roof. ■ ■
The TABLE will constantly be supplied with the Tory
best the market aflbrds. "
The BAB will be found to contain an excellent assort
ment of LIQUORS- of all kinds,- including that choice here
The STABLE is in charge of an excellent and expert
proprietor hopes, by his long experience In the
bounce and the facLitiee at his command, to make the Red
Lidn- ln all respects, a first class Hotel. The business of
me Hotel will be under toy own personal supervision. A
liberal sbarejMpublic patronage is kindly sollc ted. .
, W. SCHWEIQERT, Proprittor.
T May 18, ISM.-tf r
WkiA- MJt . Teeth extracted wtthont pain.»Eleetro
Brown Sugar 8 eta
Rio Coffee Ui
Ctlkcw for IG ets.—Worth is*
Heel’d French Morocco Ltw Booti
; m Arn&Ot
And wOl be Kept FULL it iu
C.| jaggard
Altoona, Iby 5. U».
x e select** assortment oC Pry Goods, why,
going to ssc. M
a. Ha has an vneqnaUed stock of 9SOCSBIH
mth«'K hkh b * wU * " u “ ri * o “ We
8. BthanOndwtrt, «wwuioa«, *««««*.,
most fashionable style*.
4. He hu a targe case of itot* out ff Am* a* a„,.,
dies, Mlaaee mad Children, embracing all
and prices. ' 4r. r ■’ ~
5. Ho has a floe stock of BATS for Summer ,
ofthafaehiOtt-all* very cheap. «
1 & He keeps always on hand as aasortmsat st w
•Made Clothing, to suit the season. “
in a fiuhionable stylo, and at prices which must th,
(hetion. . ’ v
8. He don’t ask people to come and boy— only k> —.
and examine his stock, feeling confident that if link!
exaiuiue they will bay without asking. 1 w
Altoona, tiay 6,184».-»f !,
£23* <3L> C£> Z£> 5B ,
* wired and opened at his old stand, on Tirriilis,
a large and attractive asaortmant of seasonable rHi ■
prisipg all the novelties in
: LAWys.
i anvoßjua
and all rartetiee and trztarss of
together with a fall assortment of goods far .volleasl
went, inch as and vsstiugs.
• Alsu a full stock of Hardware, Qaeeoswut sit
and an assortment of
of all sizes and styles, which equal to any la Utt nuta
and will be sold at fisir prices.
Having recently'enlarged my store-rocm, 1 cum
display my largely increased stefck to better dfak
and would respectfully invite everybody to coQ.
May 12:1869.
Capital, 8300,0001 Premium Notes, URM
Chartered, 1866-l-Chartor Perpetual
Will insure against Hw and Sickness. Also, on fail tin
Horses, Males sad CstUa at reoaocobis rs(«s.
The weekly payment dt tWa Company to (bos* loapo
tated far active life by sicjtnes* or accident, tqok Ik
annual deposit. For instance, by paying at the nts of
$ 6 00 per year, draw weekly JSJI
10 00 do do I 10 i
SOiOO <d« do »«
80 00 do V do KN
35 00 do do i Mil
40 00 dor do •«
60 0® do da i . (Ott
- ■ MJL»CXOM: '
G C Harvey, PreeV , f X rAbtnte, Vice Frtih
Thoc Kitchen, SeoSr, T Wm Tcareon, Tresa,
D K'Jackman, | Peter Dkklnson,
Wm White, ; Choc A Haver,
Samuel Christ, i John B Bill.
The Boardof Directors submit the followlog tsstiwsE
from Governor Wm. F. Paeker.slKiwing lire repuhto *
the Company at home: -■
2 ' ’ WitmueaoM, Ps., Augnu 6,
I (uu personally act/uairjUHl nSUi tlic DU fdoh k 0406
c»rs of the West Branch’ luimiaacc Company at’ Lori f*
ten. Pa., and cfaeerfcliy bear teisthnony to tbslr high tfcsc
octet os business men. A company'under their cstM
will undoubtedly be safely and prudently vacuum
all losses which it may sustain honorably adju’.tel,
May 5, IWMm • ; •
A few more active And enterprising young aw a*
find immediate employmucl, In which theyesu isilabo
|fioo io'{l,ooo a year; to act as agent for jewel neeu
popular works. Just published, exclusively fcrspflttw
not for'snle at book store*. 1 We have a greet -jucbc
agents employed, many of whom are from ID*
{2O per week. Those wishliig to engage in this pbaul
and profitable business wOL Tor particulars, etc., sdAai J
, a I. DERBY A CO,
Publishers and Wholsasale L'cokseiiem
• Bandotkr.OU
Xditcr* of newspapers giving the above *ud th« '&*
ing throe Insertions, and callldg attention to it, »tl |n :
log a copy containing It will receive any throe of th*S»
lowing works:
Ufo of Napoleon, by Headley, |1 9
Life of Lalayetto do' 19
Life of Josephine do 19
Wild Scents In a Hunter 1 * Life, 19
Lire* of Mary and Martha Waihlnatoo, - 19
Odd Fellows* Amulet, 19
Any person wishing any of the above books aab"
them sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of it*
retail price. Address
LEE’S great work fcrlb»*£
riod, or for those cc3K=('
ting marriage—2o0 i'«g*t w
to all parts umitrs***’
mall, POST I*AlD
copies sold the last ye<ar. _*
single, married, and I- 1
ried happy. A
Lfvc, or how to cLcom • FT,
ner; a complete work 05 ,,j
wifery. It contains
°> . Uhed—warranted to
*»-- -ut naked for It. 'ih cents insp*"*^
postage stamps enclosed, will secure a copy I’T ritsr»
DH. TELLER Las devoted a lifetime tothscan“•
ease on which his books treat. Address J. TEhLWt* -
No. 5 Bearer street. Albany, N. Y.
Dr. Vichols’ Female Pills, $1 a box, with fdl ® r Jjril
Married Indies should not use them. Fsnt by
dress Dr. Teller, as above. April I'Ob
Where may bo had all the popular Publlcatioat„ -j,
day, such as Dally and Weekly Papers,
and Romances, Miscellaneous Books, School ®°|m*
Books, Slates, Pens, Pencils, Inks, Can and
Envelopes, Drawing and Tissue Paper, Blank Boos*
fact everything in flie Stationary line. Toys, So®*- y
Games of every variety, Pictures and Picture Fr*3">
bacco and Scgari of the best quality. Ac- 4c , tl*
N. B.—We are sole Wholesale and Retail 4g*c
county, for BOHN’S CELEBRATED S ALVt 'J,, [fi
iiivtly cure all sores to which It is applied. Try i • .
NOTICE.— Whereas, Letters T«jJ
mentary to the Estate of JO UN GROVItC *
Of the Borough of Altoona, Blab - county, has
to the subscriber, all persons indebted to tie w
are requested to make immediate payment; tn«* ,i,
claim* or deesands agtlflitthl estate wf j'
seam without fIW*T- v, v„', . ’ AC p!~rre»-.
0. L. DERBY * «•
of h
! ob<
iha i
by M
Mr. I
tho C
ter o
ThU i
ting o
not r«
liny a
hot ,
teiy ]
T «H(