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Cjtt ptewta Critame.
MAY 19, 1859:
■U.Wh*r« parties are unknown to ns, onr rule for adrer
liaiac i* to require payment iuadvance, or n guarantee from
ftaownponoa*. . It U therefore useless for all.sucb to send
offering to pay at 'the end of three or six
; ,WSsre adrertlseraents are accompanied with the
moaey.whetUer one, five or ten dollars, wo will giro the
ftitKSUsr the foil benefit of cash rates.
l.-H.;PETTEWGIIsIi & ۩.,
fillwUtlllt Agents, 119 Nassau street, New York, and
Mints stmt, Boston, are the Agents for the Mtama
most inflaential and largest circulating
lffpi)P»psnin tbe United States and the Canadas. They
UWMthorlMd to contract for us at oar louxtt rata.
'■ ■ - ; ; '
and Distressing Accident;
On Thursday night last,‘the
ladled to the State Lunatic Hospital, at
Harrisburg, were discovered to be on fire,
about U o’clock. Every effort was grade
togave the adjoining properties by the
Harrisburg firemen, who repaired to the
ipot, fortunately with success. The large
gear thank barn, which oqst $2,000, to
gether with 16 tons of Imyr farm
implements, including.a number of cos tly
WSgOQ,a dearborn wagon, a v large;|arm
wagon, ■seven borses, a dot of chickens and
*• couple Of pigs were entirely -consumed.
The jbof and attic of the gardener's house
Wafl The entire loss, is estimated
at ’
'Xitn: ihe same night, a little after two
o’clock, the'barn attached to the Dauphin
county “ House was discovered to be
on him' iWlth this there were Consumed
five.horses, fourteen valuable milch cows,
onp largo bull, a calf. 25 tons of hay, 50
bushels of rye, 40 bushels of potatoes and
a number of chickens and 7 ducks. The
lon is estimated at SS,OC|O.
the (Oitizen -Engine Company
was proceeding to -the fire at the Lunatic
Asylum , one of the members, Sam
uel J. Miller, tripped and fell under the
wheels'tif the engine >which passed over
his body under bis arms. He was taken
up im'hn insensible condition and borne
to xbis wjhere be died at 10 o’clock
thenext morning.
A. man who gave his name as Martin
who had been some 18 months
in the Asylum, and had been pronounced
ccagy by the attending physician, was ar
rested as the supposed incendiary. While
in the As;lam he became so violent that
he wap finally committed to jail in Har
v day previous to the fire,
the Court ordered him to be sent to the
Comity House, but the carriage
whichbbnveyed him there was not put of
sight, ere he run off firom the institution.
He uup|d .giTe im satisfactory account of
■his whereabouts pn the night of the fires
and was accordingly committed for a fur-
.ther hearing
‘probable csr of lhe Ifw*
Tbit the effects of the war news upon
the business of this country viM be very
great cannot be questioned. Already it
has canped a considerable advance in the
price of brcadstuffe, and bids fair to make
flottriahhijg timesfor pur farmers. The
New York Tribune advises the fimners>
throughout the country to plant and sow
freely, penistendy; for grain and meat
are likely to be in demand next fall. The
wiurVhioh now threatens is unlikely to be
aphort and cannot be a little one. It is
likely tq array a million of men in arms
against each other, subtracting many times
that number from productive industry, to
employ them in casting cannon, making
powder, charging shells, etc. All these
snuatpat, and battle fields are not wall
adapted to growth of food. We shall be
disappointed if Europe does not afford ns
a large market for brcadstuffe before the
of the current year. ;
t £cpd (Derby, in a recent speech on the
IfrVuft question, in referring to the war
which it will be noticed by the foreign
npwp, in another column, has already been
wOtfitiinood) said that it would not be a
yiffjytwean two great nations contending
for some definite object, but a war exciting
tha most violent passions, and once begun
fttTtaly it will extend far beyond the lim-
Hpof that country. Other passions will
other interests will be touched,
will be called upon to inter
#d war originating in Italy, will cer
f.ttiniy; at no distant period, extend far
apdhyWa,-wrapping the whole of Europe
signed the bill
<jf Common PJev to
v “ " ;
Th* Sinews or Wae.—Some idea may
be famed of,,what the the
nations, supposed to be on the eve of a
great war, are likely tobe in the event of
tn actual conflict, from tbe followingstate
ment of the leans which theyhave re
cently put in tbe market
Prance, i' ......*.*100,000,000
Russia ..80.000,000
• Austria,.. 80,000,00t>
Prussia, 45,000,000
Commootesenst, prompts the inquiry—
are such heavy borrowers in a condition;
to expend further millions, in any cause
that could and ought to he settledbe peace
ful diplomacy nr .mediation ?
flSrThe obolenhosbeen raging in
’to a frightful;
extent. At Yeddo alone tile deaths 'are:
reported at one hunWdandiifty-thousand;
in oneononth. Alisimaand
also suffered greatly. The outbreak of I
this dreadful scourge so soon after the;
timethe foreign embassies were at Yeddo
has led the people fo attribute to them its
introduction into their country, and su
perstition points to the coincidence as a
punishment for opening Japan tolforoign-.
era. By the latest accounts thej disease
■ ———— l ———-
Wo learn that our townsman, Col-: I*
W. Hull, delivered a leotureatWilliomßburg, in
this county, on Tuesday at the re
quest of the ladies of that places for the benefit
df the “Mount Vernon Ladies Association.”
The audianto wa&,laige and attentive andwe
doubt not was well entertained, as the CoL is
able to get np something interesting on short
notice. ■
For the M&pna Tribute.
Hie Poor lleme.
Msssas. Editors:— As E. MpGraw, Eiq.,
Stewart of the Blair County Poor House, has
found it necessary to refrain from replying to
my Inst article addressed to him three weeks :
ago, on the subject of his management of coun
ty affairs, sod thereby declined my intimation
,to him to invite the tax payers to call at the
Poor House and examine into the affairs for
themselves, I subject with him and
them to .determine ;«s they may see fit. As I
understand it, be thereby admits all the errors
charged in my last communication. So mote
it be. -'Ai TAXPAYER.
According to the last census returns,
China, contains a population of 445,000,000,*
■9“ Don’t harrow op my feelings/ as; the
worm said when the plow was passing over him.
'l9* How melancholy the moon mast feel
When it has epjoyed the fulness of prosperity,
and got reduced to Us last quarter.
tSr Tavern licenses must be taken npand
; paid for within .fifteen days from the time they
are granted, otherwise they are forfeited.
; I®. A Grand military encampment is to be
held at Ghambersburg, Pa., commencing May
81st, and to continue for. four days.
M&T lie should be considered our beat friend,
who is the most ready to tell us of our errors in
afriendly way.
B&. Never marry a man because he is hand
some. He will think toa much of his beauty to
take pride in yours. '
The State Agricultural Fair is to be
held at the Powelton Grounds, in Philadelphia, ;
sometime in September next.; ;
8®“ The beat dowry to apvance the marriage
of a young lady, is when she has in her counte
nance mildness, in her speech : wisdom, inj her
behavior modesty, in her'life virtue.'
8&> A Merchant of Berdiansk has recently;
sold about 15,000i000 pounds of iron and past;
iron, made out of the projectiles found on the
battle-fields of the .Crimea, j j
tSPi Irish Sergeant—•• Attintion company,
and attind to rowl call. All of ye that are pres
int, say here, and all that aren’t presint say ab
sint ” ' .
v|||r A late number of the Brookville Amerir
can announced the destruction of the editor’s
bat; whereupon the Conncrsville Tma impu-)
Realty wonders if any lives were lost
tST* A mau .the other day declared he had in:
his fime iaten so much veal, hewas ashamed
look a Calf in the facet We suppose he never*
looking glaas, i
aQuAhvdit6r“outWeBt ,, getBoff thp foli
ioviqtWhich ** J .visit
to America la reported to fie all a amiwsstir
movement.” , J i
M&>Bev. 0. O. <UeLMn,' ofHnhtingdon, has
reoeiveda call for hie miniiterial services from
the Presbyterian congregation of IdwaCity.toi
which place he purposes restoring in a few daysi
A new idea for a '‘ jtraOk” for the |xhi4
bition of horses, has been suggested hy a gen-1
tlemen of Hartford, Conn. It is an elongated
B, and as the track crosses the intersec
tlon or middle of the figure, neither horse can
get the advantage of the shorter or inside track.:
86T Suow in Northern California A private
letter from Gibsonville, Cal., dated March 14th,!
conveys the intelligence that the snow at that
place is ten feet deep, on a level. In several
towns in the interior, the inhabitants go from
boose tohouse throught passage ways cut under
the snow, fifteen feet below the surface.
The Telegraphs in India have many spe
cial disturbing influences which the lines of the
United States are not subject to. The elephants
there use the poles for scratching their sides,
and the monkeys curl their tailes upon the
wires. The lines are down more than half the
I®* Mrs. Perking says she never can under
stand these ’ere. market imports. She can on
dentiued hovreheese .pan beUrdyandpoc rkj.cui
be active—that is before ilia dead—and feathers
ban be drooping—that ia if it’s rai*hS££?hat boW
Whisky can be steady, or hops q«h&o)rapirit«
doll, die can’t see; nuther how lard can be firm
in warm weather, nor iron unsettled, nor pota
toes depressed, n«r floor rising—’less there had
been yeast put into it—sometimes it would not
rise even then.
S - A friend at onr elbow says, that sour,
crusty, dismal class of people, who are always
grumbling, always seeing something wrong in
their neigbbors and in all the events of life, are
those-who are sitting on the noth tide of the
tree of life, peeling wormy apples with a rusty
| Gazette, published at Newport, Perry
county, Pa., of last week, says“ We were
(shown by Mr. John 8. Demaree, a stalk of Bye,
%fakh grewon his lhm abont two miles South
|of this place, meaaoring six feet threeinchea in
(length. He says that about two-thirda of the
|grain in the field was oat in heads on the first
i fISTThe State Committee of the Demoeratie
(party im Illinois bare issued a manifesto, which
[is submitted to the Democracy of” the Union as
ia review and of the past action and
present position of the National Democracy of
(that State. In this bulletin Senator Douglas Is
(formally and 1 decidyely expelled from the Demo
cratic party.
I A curious esse ha* just transpired at
jMpntieeUo, lib. Two boys were arrested for
(stealing a $2O gold piece. ; The ope who did not
(steal it wais put op on trial first, and the other
iehap was used as a witness, and bis innocence
‘was established. The other boy was then
(placed on trial, when the one just acqoited came
forward and swore that he had stolen the money
Ihimeelf. '
[' M&* Mysterious Silling.—On Friday last the
ibody of an unknown man, apparently a labor*
•jer or steamboat band, was found floating in the
liver at Rochester, Beaver county. There were
two bullet boles in the breast, and three knife
■ woundsin his side, besides, several bruises on
different parts of the head and body. The body
had the appearance of being in the water four or
five weeks. The authorities are endeavoring to
unravel the mystery.
|®*Anlmposter.—The Lancaster papers
iieaution the public against “ an arrogant Impos
ter and Humbug’’ stopping in that city “ aspir
ing to the dignity of a Doctor of medicine,” who
vbas been operating under several aiiea— at one
time “ Dr. Witmore,” and at another “ Dr. Lo
irentia,” This scurvy scamp, that paper says,
jhas been imposing upon silly people by selling,
pills at $b per box, cheating printers, Ac. We
‘think the press of the' State owe it, as well to
the public as their own safety, to expose all
such diabolical villians. Pass him round.
j Machine poetry, likfi the sewing machine
or the photoghraph, is of modern invention; a
specimen begins thus:—
Up in Podunk, where the thistle
Blooms,’dies and rots;
Where the winter whirlwinds whistle
All aronnd'the lota.
Lives the slickest cal yon ever
Saw in ail your life':
Ankle like a blue beech lever,
Voice like a fife.'
And,the next two stanzas explain how the
poet courted the girl, who," it appears, wore a
check apron. But the denouement is sad:
And I (tuck'to her like teasels, * '
Bummer and (all;
But alic went off with the measles,
1 Ankle and all. '
The author of the above is presumed to have
died of grief. The editor of the Carlisle
can, however, survives to grind, out to the lis
tening earth thesubjoined:—
I’ve gazed on thy beauty resplendently fair '
And, oft have admired that nutty brown hair.
While the blush o’re-your check as rapidly traveled
As a 240 buss on a rood newly graveled.
I’ve gazed on that beauty by the brilliant gas light
On that figure so graceful—so slender—«o slight
And I’ve tho’t of that beauty—that it might soon fiula
And that part of that soft hair was sorely a braid.
We decline publishing any more of this af
fecting strain, but of pity for our lady readers.
The rest may (not) be found in the New York
Corn Dodger for week after last
A Hobse Runs Mao. —On Thursday night
last, a horse wfiile confined in n stable in New
York, was suddenly attacked with hydrophobia.
The Post says;—The infuriated, animal tore ■
down with his teeth the manger, and then
breaking loose, dashed put of the stable door
into the yard, where he rnshcd wildly about,
and then attempted to leap over a brick wall.
He failed in this, bat continued his attempts,
although cut severely in the shoulders. A
couple of men, not knowing what was the mat
ter with the animal, approached to lead him
again to the stable, when the-horse mode a fear
ful attack upon them, tearing completely out
with his teeth, the bosom of the shirt of one of
the mien, and grasping hold of the shirt sleeve
of the ;pther. Fortunately the men were hardly
scratched, the greatest damage being done to
their clothes. A wagon' was standing in the
yard, and the enraged hors?, bowling and snort
ing with agony, seized the shaft between his
teeth, and shaking 'the vehicle violently,
wrenched jtbe shaft entirely off. \ His dreadful
distress seemed to search In this violent mabner
for some relief. At various rimes he emitted
hideous noises painful jto hear. Finally, to put
him out of misery, he was shot and killed with
a rifle. ■ V- .'
It lately, bat should apparent
ly be received with, some grains of allowance,
that a bull raised near Palmyra, in New York,
was so very ugly thblitwosdebided to bill him.
So the neighbors assembled and shot him full
of balls, which only infuriated the beast After
a long time be wab penned up and tied securely
with ropes, with two inch angur bole bored in
bis bead; 'a pound of Dupont’s best rifie powder
was put in-and rammed down, and v bis head
blown to pieces. - Thirty-five minutes after this
bis tail was in active mention, whisking flies off
bis bide.
A'Tntßfjrfut Atokkmbkt.— Alfred Hood, aged
thirty-five, was recently sent to the Insure Asy
lum, near Cincinnati, having been crazed by
remorse oh account of a former too great inti
macy with the wife of another man. He thought
the husband was pursuing him to take bis life.
Un the 4th, he fancied that the husband vas
about to drag him to hell, and thinking bis life
would be an atonement for what he had done,
he severed his head almost entirely from his
body with a razor.
99* In a letter from St Petersburgh we find
the following paragraph: “ Bnsaia has every
year lost an immense number of sheep by
disease. Vaccination being resorted to, has
hesu attended with the most satisfactory results,
as it has been found that bat of ten animals on
which that precaution has been
ira able to resist all attacks, whereas formerly
mors than two fifths died.
The from Bremen ,and the
Steamer Bornssia, from Hamburg, amy*d
New York on Saturday evening, with luterppol
dates to the 2d inat. ' ~.
The American clipper ship Wlucn
sailed from Lirerpool on the 27Uhnlt., was (as
reported per Adelaide,) wrecked -t£ ***•““
on the 28th, and, sad ts say, no Itw than WO
lives were lost.
France refused the proffered of
England for the reason that after accepting'
Russia's proposal for holding a congress it would
be an insult to the latter,
The news by this arrival shows that the war
has actually, commenced, and that a battle-has
been fought between the Austrian and Sar
dinian forces, i
; Thb latest accounts from* the seat of hostili
ties indicate that there was a sharp action at
thefamous bridge at Buffalora, eiwSfig 'tt*
river Ticino, cjn Thursday, the 28th nit, It was
reported thsf'thS Austrians, after considerable
doss, tookthV bridge at thepoint of the bay?
onet. It was reported also that Mortars had
been taken. [Tbis &ty is the capital of the
province of LerfrelHna,- on‘ the river Arlogua,
only some 25 miles from Alessandria.]
The Sardinians are reported ,to have retreat
ed from Buff»lora and Mortara, before the Aus
trians, to a point near Lake Maggiore, but as
the telegraph I lines to Switzerland had been eat
by the Austrians, authentic accounts had not
come to hand when the steamers sailed.
Austrian troops were concentrating In great
masses at Piacenza, capital of the province of
that name, thirty-mz miles firdm Farina, and
near the river Po.
Forty-thousand French troops were in Genoa
at the latest advices.
The Kind of Sardinia, accompanied by Gen
erals Canrobert and Nisi, of the French army,
had visited the line of the river Dura, an impor
tant tributary of tbe Po, one branch of which
joins that river near Turn.
Tho Austrians on reaching Lake Maggioro
are reported to have seised all v tbe Sardinian
vessels on its waters.
Austria is endeavoring to raise a loan of $20,-
000.000 sterling.
The Emperor Napoleon was expected tp join
the French army on the 8d inst.
Tbe Prussian government bad resolved to pat
the Prussian army in readiness to march.
Count Von Buol, the Austrian minister of
foreign affairs, has forwarded circular notes io
tbe foreign governments, stating the diplomatic
and political reasons for. declaring war by tbe
Emperor against Bardina.
Tbe Wiener 1 Zeitung publishes Austrian de
crees ordering an increase tax of the third class
to be retained by the pay office immediately upon
the interest of the public land being paid: Or
dering a loan of £20,000.000 sterling to be
raised, but adding that ns it is at present im
possible to contract it, tbe national bank will
advance two-thirds of the nominal value of the
loan in new notes.
The third decree releases the National, hank
from meeting its notes with specie payments.
Tbe fourth decree orders duties and excise
dues to be paid in silver, or payable in coupons
of the national loan.
The note of preparation for war was sounding
in England. A royal decree baa been issued,
offering a bounty of £lO to seamen, with the
intention of recruiting ten thousand additional
men. There was also great activity in tbe dock
yards, and England is evidently preparing for
war. *
“You Wouldn’t Bite a Blind Box I” —On
one of the Michigan Central Railroad Trains
the other morning, an incident occurred which
created considerable merriment. A blind boy,
who bos the run of tbe cars for the purpose of
selling knick-knacks, entered tbe sleeping oar
supposing all the inmates were up and dressed.
Walking through the car, he passed his band
along tbe berths to see if they were occupied,
when it fell upon the face of a sleeper whose
hirsute covering at once arrested tho boy’s at
tention. Stroking down the hairy coat, the boy
commenced With, “Here, puppy—here, puppy!’’
and other expressions of fondness which a lover
of the canine species wonid be likely to indulge
in. Tbe disturbed sleeper partially awoke un
der these manipulations, and, shaking his head,
gave a loud snort., The boy jumped back in af- x
fright, yelling, " Get out I you wouldn’t bite a
blind boy! take himbff!” without even yet
comprehending the truth. The passengers
roared with laughter, which did not all subside
when the boy exclaimed, “ La! I thought it
was a puppy in the berth, and not a big bull
MUft- A dreadful accident, resulting from
foolishness and carelessness combined, recently
occurred at a law school pear Gallatin/ Tennes
see, and is thus described by a correspondent of
the New York Express: “ The students were
trying (illustrating) the Sickles case in moot
court, when the young man who took the part
of Sickles, jerked out a pistol which he did not
know was ’ loaded, and shot bis most intimate
friend, Who was taking the part of Key, through'
the chest. ;Mr. Tap took the part of Sickles,
and Mr. Burke the part of Key. It is a very
sad thing, but the shot was purely accidental.
It was at first thought that Mr Burke would
recover, bat’mortification bos taken place. Mr.
Tap has suffered so much in mind that he has
two or three times tried to kill himself, bat been
prevented by bis young friends.”
■QT la Frederick, Md., on Monday night, an
attack was made on L B. Lent's circus compa
ny, while , they were performing, by * large
crowd of rowdies. Two of the circus men were
badly, hurt while protecting their property.—
Two or three of the outsiders were hurt, but not
seriously. The crowd set fire to the side can
vass, which was burnt up. They also broke one
or two wagons belonging to the circus. All the
persons got out safe. The cause of this is said
to be the price of tickets, which was fifty cents.
The coinpnuy refused to put the price at twenty*
five cents, which bad been done by others before
theni. It was feared another attack would he
made. -
Loso and Short Datb.— At Berlin and Lon
don the- longest day has sixteen hours and a
half; at Stockholm, the longest day has eigh
teen hours and a half; at Hamburg, the longest
day has seventeen hours and the shortest hav
en 5 at St. Petersburg, the longest day has nine
4cen, and the sfaorteit five hours; at Torneb, in
inland, the longest day baa twenty-one hours
and a apd the shortest two hours and a
half; at in. Kofway the day lasts
from thb 21? t of May to the Si2d of Julyv with
out andat Spitsbergen, the long
cst day Is three months ‘and a half.
Now ahd Xhbh.—Thirty yeas ago, (1829)
New England hud 30 members in the House of
BeprebeuteUyes, and’ the north- western States
18. Now the New England States Sentf 29, and
the north-western 69. " New Hampshire then
sent fi, and now has only 8 members; while D-
Imois then sending only .I now has 9 members.
The census of ISBO wUI make the disparity far
greater than it is now. The census to be taken
next year will show the population of the Uni
ted States to be over 30.000,000 inhabitants."
Pike’s Peak emigrants axe reported
to be m a suffering condition on the plains, be
ing destitute of means and food. They were
kept from starvation by.the charity of the 'em-
Overland Mail Company, who had
afforded all the relief in their power to bestow.
- Ttatnxmo Ijiciotiff.—Mr. J.T* ®***®*? , J|®
his “Diary of a Chaplain m the AmyofChe
Revolution,” relate* the, following: At the
battle of Banker Hill, as the British were ad
vancing through Charleston trihc attaekjJ a sol
dier entered ahousewherethe husband lay
sick. His wife was young and beauttfW.--
Hearing the soldier in the next rood* she wens
not to meet him. Ho immediately addressed
insulting proposals to her Beingangrily re*
pulsed, ho attempted violence, when her screams
aroused her sick husband from bis bed. Nerved
with the sudden excitement he leaped up. and
seeing his wife struggling in the hands of a
British soldier,.* ran him through the body.—
The man fbll back bin the floor; and as his ejea
met those of his destroyer, he shrieked out,
“ lly brother!” The recognition was mutual,
and with the exclamation, “ I have murdered
my brother 1” the over-excittd invalid husband
fell dead upon the corpse. These unhappy
brothers were Scotchmen. One had emigrated
to America several years' before; the other bad
joined the English Amy, and after a Jong sepa
ration thus met to perish together."
Snasrac Histoby or a Mcbdebbb.—-It was
mentioned a few days ago that Felix Sanches,
a Cuban mulatto, who, in January last, killed
bis father-in-law, ! and stabbed his wife and
mother-in-law in New York, had been arrested
at New Orleans. The Bee farther infoms u«:
He was hid away in a Spaniard’s house some
fifteen days in Now York. The Spaniard then
took him to Baltimore, and by reason of his
naturally dark skin managed to sell him as a
negro for $1,400. ; He was subsequently taken
to Mobile, where he was sold to a Mr. Brooks,
and subsequently to a Mr. Ladbctter, who sent
him here to bo sold by Mr. Foster. The latter
pot him In the parish prison for safe keeping,
where bp' wap subsequently identified as the al
leged murderer iSanohez is said to be the child
of a free negresa id Cuba, and the son of a weal
thy Cuban planter.:. He has a wealthy nude, he
says, in New York, and was born in Trinidad
de Cuba. The accused doubtless had to submit
to being sold as a Slav* to prevent being exposed
as a murderer. . ’|i
Tb* Waste of Wa*;-—ln the sixteen years
intervening between 1797 *nd 1816* the French
army absorbed 4,656,000 men. The army of
1818 was composed ofTectaita from eighteen to
twenty years of age> Of a million ana a quar
ter raised in 1813, -only one hundred thousand
remained alive in 1814. France, in addition to
this loss of her citizens, had to pay 700,000,000
francs as an indembity of-war to the alliedpow
ors. and 400,000,000 for the support of foreign
garrisons/ These j figures show the cost of a
war such as the powers of Europe arenowabout
entering into. -. -i '
*»-A few days since; in Cincinnati, Ohio,
a little girl nine years old, daughter of Caleb
Potter, was thrown'into spasms, and came very
near dying, froth the effects of' orange peel,
which she had eaten the previous two or three
days,' stopping digestion and the regular opera
tions of nature, and poisoning her system. An
Dr. M’Lane’s .
beg leave to call the atten
tion of the Trade, and more
especially the 'Physicians of the
country, to two of the most popu
lar remedies now before the public.
We refer to M
Dr. Clms. f’Lane’s Celebrated
Vermifuge and Liver Pills;
We do n6i recommend them as
universal Cure-alls, but simply for
what their name purports, viz.: .
For expelling Worms from the
human systejn. It has also been
adniinistercd;• with the mostsatis
factory results to various Animals
subject to Worms.
For the cure of Liver Complaints,
all Bilious jpEftANGEMENTS, §ick
Head-Ache, &c. In cases of.
Feve| and Ague,
preparatory to or after taking Qui
nine, they almost invariably make
a speedy cure.
As specifics for the above men
tioned diseases, they arc Unrivaled,
and neyer known to fail when ad
ministered in accordance with the
directions. V
, Their unprecedented popularity
has induced the proprietors,
Fleming Brothers,*
to dispose of: their Drug business,
in which they have been success
fully engaged for the last Twenty
Years, and they will now give their
undivided t|ne and attentioi| to
their manufactured
termined tha| Df. M’Lane’s Cele
brated Vermpfuge and liver Pills
shall continue to occupy the high
position they|; now hold among the
great remedies of the dayf, they
will continue-tb spare neither time
nor expensein procuring the Best
and Purest material, and com
pound them in the most thorough
manner. Address all orders to
PIBBINi MOS. riltgbnrgh, Po.
P-S end; Physicians ordering from others
Fleming 8r05.,-; will do wrfl to r.rfte their orders
W I*. iTUnt% cmwrd ly
PdUbuTg\ fb. To those wishing to givo
wilt frrwaid per mail: mt paid, to any
>rt °v too United fitatss, on* box of Till* fcr twelro
P°«fcv?n stamp*. or on* rial of Tennlftaio for
• ithrwvoent «nmr«,, All orders ftomCsnad* must
» IV pT*rn.
!n jUtoon *> b J A. Brash and S. W. K«s*.
and by *U Druggists. [m*y 1», ’59-iy
*o*U pemot knowing th«nie)*M to*
dented to the nndanlkned, to come forward and make Ht-
Uerawt<m or htforetkeWihday o/ JUY, 1860, m alter
that data *ll
cOeer for Itn madia to'cnll^cffon.
M»t 15. MWC-a
yV J 5
HISKT limit
Brows Sugar S eta.
Rio Coffee 121 eta,
Calicoes 'for 10 cts.—Worth I**.
Heel’d French Morocco Lace Boots it
And will he Kept FOIL it All Xi*#*.
Altoona, Hay 5, 1889,
± • selected aesortment of Dry Good*, which sis
going to see.
2. lie baa an unequalled stock of GROCERIKn a.,
and pure, which he will sell as reasonable aasajawcW.
la the place. -
8. lie haa fhrdvxtre, Quttrutcart, SLmncort. A
moat Ciahionahlo styles. "•
4. Be has a largo saso of Boot* and S\ou for Otata U
dies, MU*ea and Children, embracing all
and prices. I .i *«*•<«
8, Us haa a fine stock of BATS for Sommer WMr
the piukof the fashion—all eery cheap. r 1 *** 1 -
6. He keep* always on hand an as-ortawat ef
Mailt Cl'-thing, to suit the sen-. n. ™
7. He has * n hand a large sf .tk ef
Vutingt, which be will make up to order on short «(£»
In a fashionable style, and at prices which muet gin ml
faction. .
S. -Uo don't aek people to come and buy—onte to teu
and examine tabs stuck, t-el.nj; confident that If thsa Su
dani lu. they will bay wilbont asking. 1 **
Altoona, May S, UUD.-tf
' dfr-CP *
Jd.Tiileman has just rk.
• wired and opened at hl« old stand, ta Virginia *
a large and attractive assortment of seasonable rood*, t. a',
prising all the uoveltiee In °
■ .1 ■ DUCAL& ■
. olwcuaxs
XAi'FS, BOEiEsf4*Lofr!$ S!L< '
and all rari ties and features of
together with a ftjdl assortment of goods for
wear, sack as‘Cloiba,Casxtmerea and Testing*. -
Also a fuli ttocH of Uardwara, Queens vrsr*nl
and an assortment of
of all alzea and styles, which equal to any la ths aisiln,
and will be sold ut blrprioea.
.Having recently enlarged my store-room, I on «»
display my largely increased, atock to better sdraisp
and would respectfully Invite every body to call.
Hay IS, 18SV.
I reflect fully Inform hleoW tin
tumeie and the public genmlli
that he hiul |n*t reolrtd t uui
and nAsaxatt a*- tori went of
CLOTHB r Gasaimerf s,
which he m now offering for nit.
and U prepared to make them op li
the latent atyle A most durable bij
ner, aa none but the beet worko«
are employed, and all work madewiil
be warranted to give satis fsriin.
He baa also a good Stock of . Uvn'
Pcmiuncrq Goods, ‘ - such aashlrti.t'.l-
Jars, Cndershirta, Drawer*, Pocket Handkerchief!, Mrci
Tie*, Stocks, Suspenders, Hosiery, ic.. 4c.; alio, a Urp
assortment of READY-MADE CLOTHING, all of uliO
he Is ilctcnnlncd to sell as cheap as they can le t-ongkl
tills side of Philadelphia. Tin- public are'respectfully is
sited to call and examine mj stock, as 'I shall take plenirt
in showing them. .Doors open at all times from OA. 11
untH 9P. SI. Admittance free.
May 5,1969-tf
:R Y B 01* r.-STAKTLI.'tf
■Ell'S great work fcr llf
led, or for those conttmfh
injr marriage—soo pajei.W
PLATES. Trite 115 tuf.t*-
mt tt> all parts umlfrtrtllj
iail, PtiST PAIP. Wp*
•pies sol J the T«*'
nglo. marrieil, and ths /fit
ied happy. A I-'dun ci
,oi', or LvW to cWj-o a farl
r: a complete work cu MIA
ifery. U containi huo-W*
■lied—warrant'd to I?
I for it, 115 rent* Imf-f-iit*
f>o«tage «tamp« encLacd, will secure ncpy hy return •*
- DU. TELLER has ilnvnt<il a Ilfctini? to the if
ease on which Ms book* treat. Address J. TELLER, U-P.
No. 5 Beater street, Albany,.X. Y.
Dr. Vlchols’ Female Pilf*. Jl a box, with full direct*,* 1
Married ladle* should nut two them. Feat hr msd. H
dress Dr. Teller, as above. April Kth, *JM*■
JL* . . ' cm apex Tffjy srt*
The subscriber bis just received from the dev a 1W
and well selected assortment of.BOOTS A BBO&2, it <“
klndu amongst which are
Men’s Calf Bools, froms3 50 to li 00.
Men’s Oxford Ties for *2 00.
Men’s Calf Baiters for $2 62.
Men’* Patent Leather Gaiter* for JS 00.
Boys’ Calf Gotten from Jl 62 to $2 00. ,
Youths’ Gaiters A 1 20 and upwards. .
ladles’ French Morocco Heel’d Boots «0.
ladies’ Kid Slippers 70 cti.
■ ladies’ Black and colored Gaiters from 90 ct*. to
Children’s Shoes of all kinds for 12V els. and upward*-
Glee me a call before buying elsewhere. JteineoiUr C*
place. Virginia street, opposite the Lutheran Church.
, May 5,18W-3t BENJ. £. FEW-
Where may be had all the popular Publication! ct
day, such as Doily and Weekly Papers, Magazines, XmJ
and Romances, Miscellaneous Books, School Books, Of?
Books, Slates, Pens, Pencils, Inks, Can and letter P»P*'
Envelopes, Drawing and Tissue Paper, Blank Rx k> m3Aj
tact ererything'in the Stationary line. Toys, Xoth-sJ M*
Gamas of every variety. Pictures and Picture friraw,
becco and Segura of the beet quality, Ac., Ac ..
N. B.—We are solo Wholesale and Retail Agent. !a
iiirely cure all sores to which'lt is applied. Try it. "*■
\T BATE FITSlii-ror a good fitting sad wtß** 1 '
COAT) call on j, ?NYP”‘
For an excellent fitting TEST, by all mean? call^^
For PANTALOONS that can’t be beat for’fit m 3 «**■
sail on . J. BXYD^ k ,.
Come, kind reader, if yon want to dress in a fiuhi’"-,
style, call at my Shop, opposite nowhere, but cl»* J ,
toon* Banking House. Look ont for the picture
name below. JACOB BXYDEB, X*s M ’
Altoona, Oct. 14, M,18M.-ly '
House and lot at private
SALE,—The subscriber offers at rrlriteW'lw
and Lot situate in the Borough of Altoona, t '""e j
No 8, in block MM. The lot is on the comer of Aw"
Eebecca streets, to 130 feet deep, and has a front
on Bcbtcea street. The homo to an excellent
frame building, well finished Inside and ontofda.. -.j,
are also all neeoesary outbuilding* on the lot,
a wen of excellent water at the door. The lot
lent order. A bargain may be bad la the atom
Altoona, May 6 th, UMjt - TBQP-
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