The Altoona tribune. (Altoona, Pa.) 1856-19??, May 12, 1859, Image 1

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aet, ori«at*3
cy Soap*,
ntA } , Paint aai
Puma, JPwtt^TqgjJ
a ground inOU, Wlilj*
iH|U and
iladaejr’a Blood
a Golden Mih-T?**!
>■l Corbln'a Pn|.rBli»
Merrhant’a G-»gifn, <£*
ur-fold. Antimfil? lll
oscthcr wUkffi|g*jjJ.
CelfbraUd Yaeteriede.
fUercTer known
nurket. ♦**
Oolebrstod Hmwm.ii
FLUID canaUntlronW.
reliable ptcparnUoaawu
A2SSP “TP?**
inform their frirada and
for the ptesent u£«>hhl
.o'isli as aDmgStbttC
I>, whr re they wai b*IJC
i» with a call.
ap coat call at
riNGEB * CwuaS'g.
•ip pairof pants
riXGEtt t I’LtSUJPa.
y cheap Under-
:ood and cheap
ud hat or cap
nxciKii *
ing in the line
Ii —call at
: INQKft * UllHAS’i.
Clothing cheap
good Clothing
r I.NOER k ULUUirs;
■: i:l er & 00.,
. //. Drant,)
al Railroad Depot,
iG, P A.
Metal, FaZrooi In*, to
.\aitt. Flour, Oro- 1
IXtA, Salt, tte. \
:r small quanlitios, slots
llvanla. ' [JulyJst-ly.
S’ Imperial Coach Ayny,
re's Holland BitUn,
r > ' iV
hey's Blood Stankv,
upcneo't Golios JVk,
and Me Lane's PUit,
■chanCs GtayUng OH,
it's Fourfold lAitmenr,
nd Bant LtnmestH,
ale «t
l. ttore.
niburp, roGBBBr
his Urge cad #dl tdtsuA
id Stationery, Sail
d Book Printing,
xccutod.- ' '
io, Type Founds™, PVD»-
fenly IT.IW-lT
NY. v
the I> wlstown Aorta.'
withChsenfc Manta*
’r ,m Da TaU'sUalranH 00
Sfd. ALKX. U«KX>.
D-j Vail's ChUwiSeCOw
Lsoj* for which It
: HDontanftOtwly* I I?*®* 1 *
tin. A. M. IXOBA®*
[ >wn»lilp, 3liflUiHso-» •*".
(,'E gazette-
Ciime and CrimlnehJjJ*
k-!y circulated -
Great Trim* OtoM
tun theeome,tofelh*l'» 1 “ ,
not to he found la »*/
«: il for
> should write their M®**
v. here they poeltojW^J
v. maTBEI.Ii a oft.
mirr. the ir«aildw*»2
rcKtcntbatheUpjepK* 4
i , ,(. ,'
■ rased pertont,
tom-test notice end***
tjo,t received
■,pl r oii’ra<w»jg
-,urg, Pa fJenel7^_
X'-cute or*e**f* ffUns-.
H>nts, Table fop s "
rKiiumllke wunsw*
tv hat Mrs
.iwiKtpwn, r»r. r “ m
mimend ttto fcf
M l Ui» «*pp£-Scr« >t ■
li:« cuulinujJ
5.-0 of
liwt Jo#*
V ■***&&
McCBUM & dern,
tol *•
jIcCEUM * DEBN, PcbUihew and Proprietor*.
fn.TiUe inT&riaWyin ndrance,) 11,60
ptr Biiitim, (p J ued at o, e expiration of the time
p»U for
i 1 insertion
. „ $2O $ 37H *6O
T ,arli»>x 60 , '76 100
One nju&t*, (* ‘ l | iee ’? 100 160 >OO
f.o “ ft 6 . .. 160 ‘2 00 • >6O
Tbn» ‘ ' d iesstlianUireo«nonUiß,2scentspcr
"" , * a . , \
n tai* f° r 60011 lusttUoß ' 3 months. 0 months. .1 year.
«1 60 $3 00 $6 00
2 60 4 00 “00
4 00 6 09 10 00
6 00 8 00 12 00
fjx lines cr le«»,
One 9qU(U«,
T«o “
four “ 10 90 14 00 20 00
Halfacolnmn, 14 00 25 00 ' 40 00
one column. r mentors Notices, 176
&*’ b >- th * year ’ KluarM ’ 10 00
8 6 0 o
j, ; ' * political character or individual in
-011"' nnS'cliarffed according to the above rates. -
,c Ti«T Lmcnts not marital with the number of insertions
bo continued tiU-forbid and charged according
avo cents perlipe for every iMMtfon-
Obituary notices exceeding ten tines, fifty cents o^umc.
vnAvtiwi, Uev. A h. Clark, Pastor.—Preaching ev
c>l aiJreiugat 10ji o’clock, an.l in tho evening al
"/'Mock tall rath School at» o'clock, A. M„ in the Lec
,’ •,. U |U,uii:.' Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening In
Rev S. Citnwnox, Pastor.—Preach
■ ,ir‘vory dahhoth morning at XI o’clock and in the even
' * Sabbath School in the Lecture Koopi at 2 o clock, P.
o’ Prayer Meeting in same room every Weducs
‘n'uing. Young Men’s Prayer Meeting every iriday
'’itojr'e-i! Lutheran. Rev. JacobSteck, Pastor.-Preach
, v -nirbuth mtirning at clock, and at clock
Ii !r. nitrg oahballi School |n the Lecture Room at
•j yc.rc’r.;'. >l. Prayer Meeting in same room every
" rtwiV>C:‘ U acv. W.D. Dick, Pastor.—Preaching ev
r.atl. m... nme at H'M e'd'** and >*> ‘he
• ' u’l. iibbath School in the L'-ctCr- Room al 9
1 «. "Prayer Meeting every Wednesday evening
' r 'pTuy-H: a £v-*-<>P*l’ Ucr - R - ouyF - 1 ’- Pastor.—DUinc
eaeh wontli »t WUoVlock
N » .. i >i, ptm<Uv School at 0 o clock A. 31.
-Twi'jns, Pastor.—Preaching at 10J4
_>. j M rl;,' moraine..and at -2 in the afternoon,
fili n' Rev. U. H . fisi!, factor— Vreachingevery Sabbath
~ - r ; u-at ) ■>:; o'clock, and also in the evening- S»W*ath
»t e o'clock, A■ M. X’rayer Meeting every Vv ednea
Hcv. SststaCaii, r.istor.—Preaching
„ e:v Si’juaili -!!•- nius nl 11 o’clock and in the evening, in
Iht’oU L’aicn iHojI llou=<*.
tw>rr. War at
Western "
W,-stum Through,
Ka-tern Through Mail
ihotcru Thr -ugh Mail, G** A. 31
WVUrrnThr'-.ujb, ' - J ££ , “
Way, r 22 p‘«
h astern •* G 25 P. 31
Hehhh»v»hurg 730 A. 3T. and GTS “
■ Office* uj-t-n for the transaction ofbusiueas fi'rfm u. 30 A 31
m 730 I’. M., dining the week, tuiil from 7.30 to 5.30 o'-
clock, on Sunday.
Juno 1, 'iT-ifj JOHN SHOEMAKER, V. 31.
Btrrus* Tralc >i.i-: Knives 1-26 A. M., leaves.l,3o A. M.
-v, n “ 7.55 “ “ 3,15 •’
ful “ toc-l “ 9.05 P. M. “ 9,20 P. 51.
“ IV. n “ 8,10 I’. 51, “ 8,25 P. 51.
Hill “ “ 7;35 A. 51. “ 7.50 A.M.
“ 0.26 p. M, “ 6.10 P. M
51-. II ibbll'AYSUb'Rfi I!RAN(JH connects with Express
Train ta.-t a-i-1 WVat. and with slail Tmlu.East and ITest.
The ill. AI il.-V lU.ii BRANCH connects with Johnstown
Vty Tr.i:. hast i.:. l West, Express Traill West and Mail
Tran. INst.
SuveiaUr 21. 15JS. TUOS. A. SCOTT, Supt.
Mruntair. Ldge. A. Y. M_ No. 2SI. meets on secondTues
4»v of .’sell m-mth. in the third story of the Masonic Tem
-1-K at 7}•£ o'clock. P.M.
Mounion Rnrampment, A. Y. 51., No 10, meets on the
fwnli T ;, P lay uf each month, in the third story of the Mar
lick Temple, at ~\i o'clock. P. M.
Jltawm J, dge, I.'O. of O. F„ No. 473, meets every Friday
iu the second story of the Masonic Temple, at 7 ’ 2
o'clock, p.-M.
Veranda Lodge, 1. 0. of O. F., No. 532, meets every Friday the third slorv of Patton’s Building, on Virginia
l>-t. »I 7 >-C o'clock. P. St.
Wnatnaf, Tribe, No. 33, X. 0. R. 51, hold stated Coun
cil! p. tv Tuesday evening in the I. 0. 0. F. Hall, in the
Minnie Temple. Council Fire kindled at 7th run 30th
W. A. Ail AMS. C. of R. (June 25, ’57-ly
Junior Sons r.f America; Camp No. 31. meets every 51op
4»V night in the third story of Patton's Xloil, at < o’clock
r. m. ■ . ' ■
ir.i'.hinjton Otmp, iYo. 64, J. S. of A., meets every
ToHilay evening, iu the il storv of Patton’s Hall.
-tit fna Division. Xa. 311, N. of 27, meets every Satnr-
J»v evening, in the Odd Fellows! Hall. Jlasonic Temple.
B. F. Rose, D. (J. IV.; Wm. C. McCormick. P. W. P.; B.JF.
Custer. W. P.; C. R. McCrea, ffj A.: Bjp. McCnun, R.
Wm. McCormick, A. R. S.; Yl.Clabaugh. T.; Jacob Renner,
P..V; I).Galbraith,C.; J. W.Clabaugh, A.C.; \V T m. Mar
•hid, 1. S.: B. F. Rosa, O. S.
Mtvma if: Via nice' Lil>rar>/ and Reading Room Atioaa-
Idm meets statedly on the Ist Saturday evening in Janua
ry April, July and October. Board of Directors meet on
let Tuesday evening In eacli month. Room open from
< to 10 o'clock every evening, (Sunday excepted.)
Judges qf the Courts. —President, ilioa. George
AUocintes, J. Penh Jones, David Caldwell.
Rrothonctary-r-ioscph Baldridge. /
Register and Recorder— Utgh A. Caldwell.
Sheriff—James jFunk. 1
District Attomey—BeoJ. h. He wit.
: Countg Commissioners— Jacob Barnhart, J. R. McFar-
Isop. Knos M. Jones,
Clerk to Commissioners —Hugh A. Caldwell.
Uerointde Appraiser —Joseph O. Adlam.
o)an!g Surveyor —James L. Owinn. !
Treasurer —John Idngofelt.
Auditors —S. slorrow, A, C. McCartney, Jos. B. llcwitt.
•Poor House Weaver, Samuel Shiver,
J. B. Riddle.
Onvner —lVUliam Fox.
Superintendent gf Ormmon Sehodlt— JohnJlean. .
Justices of the ihaee—Jacob Good, J. M. Cherry.
Burga; —K. SI. Jone*. ■
Jbirii Ojimcit —John Allison, Robert -Green, Robert B.
-'ftor. Daniel Price, Henry S.Spcring. '
I'rct:d‘ni nf C.uncO--JohnAHisoh<
Clerk to CouncO—Joseph O. Adiom. -v ■ u: ■
"a’OKj/t JVfoiHrer—Daniel Price.
, s™* Directors—C. BI Slnti C. C. Mason,. George If.
Wm. C. McCormick, D. P.-Rose/Goo.B. Cramer.?
"tanner nf School Board —lf m. C. McCormick. ':
K. Rly. 1
G&cf/ir—jfchn McClelland. : ■ ,
J rfilon-Tlicw: McMlnn, David Galbraith.
Jacob Biertxfwer. - _ . *
Aujstant .Outsort—Michael Ciabangh, A. -■
r’W'of £ Alejdmderi
“ «* ’ Went . R.Ortbnwood. ‘
, . “ ' yorth “ Jacob Bottcnberg.
i<MF«iert-Eajt Ward—Henry Bell. Jacob Seinfc.
„ West
North “ G. W. Harman. John Condo. _
complete oasortment of Groceries have Just been ro
,**"«* at the more of ; J.B. IHIRMAH.
,Jy" WELIiAS, *c„ can bebonght cheaper at B. TUCH’S
atany other place id the country. [Dee. 9.1858
r.,, “A tplendld assortment of Ready-Made clothing*
tallsnd Bov. 25,-tt
2 do. S do.
6 60 10 00 14 00
7 20 A.M.
7 2ii
7 26 A. JI. and fi 00 P. M.
600 “
730 "
le one of the best Purgative and Liver.Madlcineanow be
fore the public, that acts «a a Cathartic, eaaier, mnder and
mote dfectoal than anyother medicine known. Itisnot
only a Cathartic, hnt a iicer remedy, acting first on the
Liver to qject its morbid matter, then on tiro stomach and
bowels to carry off thatmattor, thus accomplishing two
purposes effectually, without any of the painful feelings
experienced in the operations of most Cathartics. 'lt
strengthens the system at the same time that it purges it;
and when taken daily in moderate: doses, will strengthen
and bniid it up with unusual rapidity.
The Lrvxa is one of the[ principal regulators of the
human body; and when it performs its functions well,
the powers of the system are fully developed. The
stomach- is.almost entirely dependent on the healthy
action of tho Liver for tho| Qj proper performance of its
functions; when tho stom-| ach is at jfhult, the bowels
aro at fault,,and the whole,Q system Buffers In conse
quence of onq organ—the!'' Livbb—having ceased to do
its duty. For" tho diseases; Ljof that organ, one of the
proprietors has made it his L study, in a practice of more
than twenty years, to find j some remedy wherewith to
counteract the many .de- rangoments to which it is
liable. /y»
' To prove that' this reme
son troubled with Xivxa
forms, has but to try a hot
These Cams remove alt
the system, supplying in
of' bile, invigorating the
digest well, ptoiptisq tbe
health to the whdlo machi
of the disease—effecting a
Biuocs Attacks are enr
pbevestxs, by the occa-
One dose niter eating is
mach and prevent the food
Only one dose taken be-
Nightmarc. v
Only one dose taken at
els gently, and cures Cos-'
One dosertuken after each
#i>~ One dose of two tear
ieve Sick Headache.
One bottle taken for fe
tlie cause' of the disease,
Only one dose immediate-1
One dose often 1 repeated '
Moubus, and a preventive :
CSf Only one bottle is
system the effeetkof medi-
JBagr“ One' 1 bottle taken for
lowness or unnatural color
One dose taken n short
vigor to the appetite,\gnd
One dose often repeated
its worst forms, while Sum
vieid almost to the first
One or two doses cores!
in children: there is vno:
remedy in the world, as it
A few bottles curee.Dropgy
Wo take pleasure in ro
es a preventive for Fever
all Fevers of u Bilious type,
and thousands are willing
All who use it archiving their unanimous testimony in
its favor.
Mix Water in the mouth with the Ihvlgorator, and
swallow both together. '
working caret, almost too great to believe. It cures as if
by magic, even the first dose giving benefit , and seldom more
than one bottle is reunited to care any kind of Liver Com
plaint. from the worst Jaundice or Dyspepsia to a common
Headache, all of which are the result of a Diseased Liver.
DR. SANFORD. Proprietor, SIS Broadway, New York.
Sold by G.,IT. KesßLKß,’Altoona;'and retailed by
all Druggists. |' [May 27. 1558.-ly
The Restorative of Prof. O. J. Wood for Restoring hair
perfectly and pm mancntl}, has never yet had a rival, vol
ume alter volume might be given from nil jwrts of the
world and from the most intelligent to prove that,it is a
perfect Restorative ; but read the circular and you cannot
ddubt; read also the following.
ZEJ-The Hair.—People hdvc for centuries been afflicted
with bald heads and the only remedy, heretofore known,
has been those abominable wigs. By a recent discovery of
Professor Wood these articles are being fast dispensed with,
but a great many pcrsbns still patronize them, because
they have been so often imposed Upon by Hair Tunics of;
different kinds. To all such persons we earnestly make
the request; that they-will try once again, for in Wood’s
Restorative there is no such thing as 'fill." We know of a
lady who was bald, who used tlie-artide a short time, and
her head is now coveted completely with the tiniest and'
most beautiful curls imaginable. We know of numerous
cases where hair was rapidly falling out, which It restored
in greater perfection than it ever had been before.
It is also without doubt one of the best articles for kce[e
ing the hair in good condition, making it soft and glosi-y,
removing dandruff, and hits proved' itself the greatest ene
my to.all the ills that hair is heir to.
It is the duty of every one to improve their personal ap
pearance though some may differ in regard to the ways of
doing if: but every one will admit that w beautiful head of
hair, cither in man or woman, is an object much tube de
sired. and thyre are no means that shodul be left untried to
obtain such a consideration.— Woman's' Advocate, Ptiila.
Coshocton, Ohio, Nov. 17,1856.
0. J. WOOD A.CO.—Gents: As I have been engaged in
selling yonr Hair Restorative the last .season for one of
your local agents (R. 51. Uackinson,) and haviibg cxpcrl
cuced the beneficial effects of It myself, I would Tike to ob
tain an agency fdrthe State of .Ohio or some State in the
West, should you wish MJlßHtke each an arrangement, ns 1
am convinced there is notM^ ! eqiM to it in Die Uptted Slates,
fen restoring the hair, I ; 3iav» ,heen engaged in .the Drug
business for several yenrgy’Md hare sold tariaqs prepara
tions for the hair,’ but have firandYwthlng that restores the
secretive organs or invigorate* the Scalp as well os yonrs,
being fully convinced that yonf res'toratiyb' is what yon
represent it to be, I would like to engage in the sale of il)
for lam satisfied it hiast sell! Yours truly.
’ -V ■ . ' rg. T. STOCKMAN*. :
Wayland, Mass, Feb. 5,1857.
PROF. 0. J.-.WOOD 4Co,—Oenfai: Haying realized the
good effects of yonr .Hair Restorative, I wish to state,, that
finding my hair growing thin, as well ,as gray, I was In
duced from what I read and heard, to try the,article pro
pared by yon, to promote its growth and change its color
as it was in youth, both of which it has effected complete
ly. In the operation I have used nearly three bottles.
0. J. Wood A Co., Proprietors Sl2 Broadway, New York,
fin the great N. Y. Wire Balllhg Establishment,) and 114
Market St., SL ton!*. Mo. - ■;
For sale by O. W. KJESBLER, Altoona, and by all good
Druggist*. ’ Juno 3; 1858-ly. ■ j
ING entered into Partnership .In the Practice of
Medicine, respectfully tender their services to the Public
in the several branches of thtir Profession. ' ' :
Calls will be answered elther day or night at their office
—-which is tho aame as heretofore occupied by Dm. Hirst
A Good,-Air at theßogan House;
D*Tn> OitBBRT, M. Prof. Obstetrics in Penn’a Medical
College,‘Philadelp6iai p - ~ ;
P. Orwrer Shith, M. D., Prof Institutes of Mediclbe in
Penn’a Uedidal College. i
Johs Neiu, M- D., Prof Surgery in Pa. Med. Col, and Su
rgeon to the Pa. Hospital, Philadelphia ‘ \ ; , |;
J. B. huden, M D, Huntingdimj Pa - £
John McCulloch, MB, « | ■ . j
John Scott, Esq, i-y,;. 'i :
•"Wm Dorris, Jr, Esq, ■. “ i '-
Wm M Lloyd, Rsq. HolUdaytbnrg,
. , John Crcsswell, Jr, Esq, '
V Samuel ilitUken, Esq, Bell’s 1 Mills,
GenREBclL f-f. -■
.. John Bell, JEsq, ** : r .
> ' AP& iOsL188»«in . :
T\R. WM. R. .EINfJSY RE- >
• I / SPECTFDLLY offer? htii '
services to the people of AlCooaa emd thc
jointiig Country, -y: }S'
; He may he fonfid at the office,(ißrctoloro 06- mauV
enpied by Dr. G, D. Tliomas. . ’ Am
■ Altoona, Sept. 30, 1868'.-tf jt ~
B E. ROYER, M. I D., j
• Offers his professional services to the citlxens of
Altoona and vicinity.
The best of references given if required.
' Office at residence on Branch street. East Altdona, three
dpon above Conrad’s Store. * (April ,88 'sB>ly. -
WinchMter * Oo’a Patent ShoolderSeamPiiie SMiti
i&e.0,1888. "-'i-
dy is at last found, any per
-1 Complaint, in any of its
tie, and conviction is cer-
morbid or bod matter from
their place a healthy flow
stomach, causing food to
blood, giving tone and
|nery, removing the cause
radical core.
eional use of the Liver Is
sufficient to.rclieve the sto
ry* from rising and soaring.
W fore retiring, prevents
night, loosens the the bow
meal will care Dyspepsia
j | spoonsful will always r»
male obstruction remove
and makes a perfect cure,
ly relieves Cholic, while
Is a sure cure for CuoLcn
needed to throw out of th«
cine alter a long sickness.
; Jaunwcb removes all sal
-1 from Ihe skin.
p* |
time before eating gives
makes the food digest well,
cures Chronic Diarrbma in
mer and Bowel complaints
dose. *■
attacks caused by Wobiis
surer, safer, or'speedier
never Jails.
by exciting the absorbents
commending the medicine
(and Ague, Chill Fever, and
It operates with certainty,
to testify to Us wonderful
• t
N.S ■
Hdcd P»etrg.
, From tht Watcrlg Magazine.
Tho loireSt spot of all the earth, ’
is home,
The ione of all to which we turn,
■; tVbere’er wo roam,
A pleasant home, a happy home,
There is ho place so fltir.
If those Wo love who smile tor ns,
But have their dwelling there.
The dearest word 1 ever learned
Is home.
The ewecjtest sopg, I ever hoard
J| “ Home, sweet Home.”
fo may. wo turn,when cares are o’er,
When day draws to a close,,.
And find among tho loved ones there
A.season of repose. M. M. H.
or THE
Altoona Mecluuucs' Library and Heading
Boom Association.
This Society shall be called “ The Altoona
Mechanics’ Library and Heading Hoorn Associ
Its object shall be the promotion of informa
tion on *ll subjects of useful knowledge.
There shall |be a Library, a Reading Room,
and a Cabinet of Minerals and Models connected
kith this Association.
The officers o. this Society, shall be a Presi
dent, Vice: President, Secretary, Treasurer,
Seven Three Auditors, and a Librarian
The President, or in ' his absence, the Vice
President, or in the absence of both, a Presi
dent chosen pro tempore, shall preside at all
the meetings of the Association.
The Secretary shall keep an accurate record
of the business of the Society,, give notice of
the ’stated and special meetings, and'notify
numbers of their election. He shall conduct
the correspondence and keep a record thereof,
acknowledge donations to the Library and Cab
inet, and notify all Honorary members of their
The Treasurer shall receive all monies of the
Association, and deposits them as the Board of
Directors, may direct. lie shall make no pay
ments without an order iu writing from the
President, Countersigned by the Secretary, and
shall exhibit hjs account at every regular meet
ing on whenever galled on by the Board of Di
rectors. fie shall'give bonds with one or more
sureties to be accepted, by,the Association in
the sum of $£ for ttie faithful performance
of his duties. I
Secion 1. The President, Vice President, Sec
retary ami Treii surer, in connection with Severn
Directors Elected by the Association shall com
pose the Bharj pf Directors.
Sec. 2 The -Board of Directors shall have
charge of all matters of finance and the various
concerns of the Association, which may not be
otherwise provided for, with authority to devise
'and execute measures which may advahce its
interests, reporting the same to the next meet
ing of the Association.
Sec. 3. They shall keep regular minutes of
their proceedings, which shall be open at ail
times to the inspection of the members of the
Association. ;
Sec. 4. They "shall at the stated meetings of
the .Association, present a detailed report of
their proceedings
Sec. 5. They 1 shall hold stated meetings once
in each month, 1 shall elect their officers, and be
atiiberty to make By Laws for their own regu
lation. Seven; of their number shall constitute
a quorum. V ■
Sec. 6. -They shall have power to fill vancan
cies in their Board from members of the Associ
ation. ;
It shall be the duty of the Auditors to exam -
ine .the Treasurers Accounts to compare them
with the vouchers, and certify to their correct
ness, and; act;as judges at the Annual election
of officers.
Section I. the election for officers shall be.
held' on the first Saturday of January of each
year, between the hours of 5 o’clock, P. M., and
8 o’clock, P. M., of said, day and the general
meeting of the; Association at 8J o’clock, of same
day, fiat if np election shall take place ht that
time, the officers in existence shall continue un
til a new election is held. ’ .
. Sec. 2. : The!: President, Vice President, Sec
retary, treasurer and Librarian, shall bo elec*
ted by shp&rite ballot, and the Directors and
Auditors, |by general; ticket. The, candidates
receiving a plurality df votes, shall be. declared
Sec. 3. | The; officers; elect shall organize and
enter upon .the duties of their office immediate
ly. after tjhe election. No member will hare a
right to vote at the general election for officers,
who has not paid his dues' for the previous year.
■ Section J. Any poison if approved, of by a
majority pf thb Board of Directors may become
a member on with the provisions of
this Constitution. ~
Sec.. 2. The admission fee, shall be one dollar
In advance. ‘ Twenty-five: dollars will constitute
a Life Mehibcif. , ; . / ■
Site. 8. | Ths monthly dues shall be twenty
five cents] .'Ahy ihember'in arrears shall bo in
eligible Id office.
Sec 4.1 Ifohqrary members shall be elected
by the Board Idf Directors, who shall report such
election alt th£ next meeting of the Association.
' |Sec. j&l Ajs rnqmbqr .wishing- ;to ;%ithdimwi
'jTrom the } Association; must iufqrm theJLibcaH- ‘
an of bis intention, and pee that bis &sighat<on
is registered.- ; •
jSsc.,6.:; No! resignation of Membership shall
be occepted hptU all dues are paid and books
belonging ,to 'returned. ‘ ,
■•: I : :Sysaws.:v •
\ - 'U •. ARTICLE L *' ** -
.There | shall be the following standing Oom
mijttees, Wh to consist pf fi members to be »p*
i ; •; i - ■ - ■;
pointed by tbe President and approved s>y the
4th. On Specimens and Samples of American
Section 1. The stated meetings of the Asso
ciation shall be held on the evening of the first
Saturday of each Quarter, at o’clock in Jan
uary, 8 o’clock, in July, and 7 4 o’clock in April
and October.
Sec. 2. -Special meetings shall be called by
order of the President, on application of a ma
jority of the Board of Directors or twelve mem
bers of the/ Association.
Sec. S. : Twelve members shall constitute a
quorum at any general or stated meeting of the
let. On Library and Reading Room.
2d. On‘Cabinet of Models and Minerals.
■3d. On Manufactures.
6th. On Inventions.
Sec. 4. Order of Business.
Ist. Reading Minutes.
-2d. Reading Correspondence.
3d. Reports of Officers.
4th. Reports of Standing Committees
sth. Reports of Select Committees.
6th. Deferred Business.
7th. Consideration of Reports.
Bth. Elections.
9th. New Business.
Sec. 5. All resolutions proposed for the con
sideration of the Association, must be presented
to the Presiding Officer in writing signed by the
Sec. 6. The yeas and nays shall be called at
the request of 5 (five) members.
Sec. 7. Appeals from the decision of the
Chair shall only be sustained by a vote of two
thirds of the meeting.
Sec. 8. Debate on such appeals may be cut
off by a majority ofthe meeting on a motion
being made to that effect.
Sec. 9. Debate on other question may
be • cut off by a vote of two-thirds of the meet
ing, on motion being made to that effect.
Section 1. The Reading Room shall be open
daily (Sundays excepted) from 8 A. M., till 10
P. M. The Library from fii o'clock, P. M., to
10 P. M.
Sec. 2. Every member may detain each Book,
or set, two weeks, with the privilege of renewal
for one week longer, except new publications,
which until they have been in the Library three
mouths, shall not be detained longer than one
week, and shall in no_ case be renewed: No
nook shall be reserved for any Director or mem
Sec. 8. A fine of 10 cents per week shall be
exacted for the detention of every Book beyond
the limited time.
Sec. 4. Books not returned to life Library
within one month after the limited time has ex
pired, shall be considered lost, and the delin
quent member in addition to his fihes and dues,
shall pay the value assessed upon said Books by
the Library Committee, unless he returns them
within ten days after said assessment of value
is made, iu as good order as when taken, on
refusal to pay which the Librarian shall report
him to the Board of Directors, who shall cause
his name to be stricken from the roll Of mem
Ss.c. 5. Sho ;ld any book, be returned injured,
the borrower shall pay for the injury, or replace
tho-book as the Library Committee may direct;
and if one or more Books belonging to a sett
or setts be lost, the borrower shall pay the full
value of the sett or setts,-and may take the
remaining volumes.
Sec. 6 Members shall have the privilege of
drawing books from the Library, at. any time,
for use in the Reading Room.
Section 1. Conversation calculated to dis
turb other members, shall in no case be allow
ed in the Reading Room.
Sec. 2. Smoking, spitting on the floor, or
conduct inconsistent with decorum, or calcula
ted to injure the property of the Association,
shall not be tolerated.
Sec. 3. Unbound periodicals shall be placed
on the same footing as other works after they
have been in the Library one week. All un
bound works shall be hound as soon as practi
Sec. 4. The Librarian shall bo provided with
complimentary tickets, which shall be furnish
ed to any member, on application, torthe use
of visiting friends, not residents of Altoona or
Section 1. The Librarian shall have charge
of the Library, Reading Room and Cabinet, un
der the appropriate'Committees.
Sec. 2. He shall see that the Books, Library",
Reading Roo n and Cabinet are kept in good
order, and shall duly observe the directions of
the appropriate Committees.
Sec. 3. He shall keep a full and accurate
catalogue of the books belonging to the Associ
ation, in a. book to be provided for that purpose,
which shall at all times, be open to the inspec
tion of the members.
Sec. 4. He shall enter in a book (to be kept
for that pui pose) the name of every person to
whom a book shall be delivered, the number
the ' book, the time when taken, and when re
turned, together with the fines arising from
every default.
Sec. 5. He shall deliver to any member ap
plying, one volume, if it be a folio, quarto or
octavo, and one book or sett, not exceeding 8
volumes, if of less size.
Sec. 6. He shall collect' all forfeitures and
debts incurred by members on account of losses
or damage done to the books or property of the
Library or Reading Boom, and account for the
same to the Treasurer.
Sec. 7.‘ He shall replace the books in proper
order, upon the shelves as soon as may be, af
ter tliey are returned, having first carefully ex
amined them, and ascertained whether they have
bqen' injured.
To alter or amend this Constitution or these
By Lows, written notice shall he given stating
the intended amendments, at any meeting of
tfie : Association, and it shall be acted up|m; at
the nett, br any subsequent stated meeting.—
No amendmen t shall become'a part of th is Con
stitution I unless approved by a vote of two
thirds of members present. A
That Sec. Ist of Art, 2d. of the By Laws be
so amended as td read “ first Monday” instead
of “first Saturday." ~ v:
To ’See. 8, Art. 11, of the Constitution. All
'members, who ate in arrears for dnos, for six
been hbtified'hf'tbe tame by
the Treasurer) shall 'be deprived of the use of
Books slid other privileges pf the Association.
titled Ipscdlng.
Confession of Monster.
The “ down-enat” papers contain: the confes-j
sion of Marshal Potter, who, on tlie night of
Wednesday, April 6th, at Lee, Maine, murder
ed hie aged mother and two brothers!, and a boy,
his nephew, and then eet fire to ,the house.—
The villian is a graduate of the State Prison,
and has long been an object of general aversion
and distrust. His object in committing these
murders was to gratify, a slight quarrel with his
mother, eighty years old, who threatened to deny
him with further admission to the house, in con
sequence of bis bad conduct, and; also to get
possession of $2OO which his brothers had by
them, and $lOO which his mother had received
a few days previous; her pension as the widow
of a revolutionary soldier*. Of his [own accord,
the wretched man, Marshall Potter, made the
following confession;— '
“I am guilty. I came home about 10 o'clock
Wednesday night; my mother was irp; she told
me it was a fine time of night to tome home :
one of my brothers told me I bad been over to
Mr. Hanscom’s, and carried a bottle of liquor
with me; I told him 1 had not been there ;ho
told me I had; I told him that I did not want
any more stuff from him, or something to that
amount; he told me if I did not keep still I
should go out doors; I told him I shouldn’t go
out; I went out into the other part of the house
and got a shingle maul, (an instrument made
of hard wood, twelve inches long and six in
width and breadth, with a handle about a foot
long in the end) with which I took'the lives of
them all; 1 went in and struck Alexander with
the shingle maul; I hit him in tboiface and on
the bead and struck him a number of times.
“1 then struck Oliver several times on the
head and face, they neither of theta struggled
after I hit them. My mother came into the
room and got hold of me; I swung round and
struck her with the maul, and she fell;' she did not
struggle. The caudle was setting on the wood
box by the side of the stove ; I Upped it off the
box iute the box of shavings; the shavings took
fire, and 1 did try to pul the fire out; I then left
the house and wept out round it ; I staid out
round there till it got pretty well afire; then 1
went over to Mr. Hanscom’s, called him up and
told him that the house was burning up, and all
there was in it; he got np, and heand I went
over; when we got there the house: was pretty
much burned through.
“ I killed Albert (his nephaw, a boy ten years
j old); I killed them all; 1 think T didn’t stike
| Albert on the bend; I struck him on tho side
of the face with the maul; be didn’t struggle
theu ; I heard him make a.noise afterwards ; he
was lying on the bed, but I don’t know as he
was psleep : I don’t know how the shavings came
in the box; they were ihero before } mother was
up and sitting by the stove when I came in; my
two brothers were in bed ; we had some quar
reling before, but nothing but words.”
The examination of the mutilated and .char
red bodies confirms the account ot the manner
in which tbe murder was effected, even that of
the buy whose jaw and face is horribly crushed
The murdered is 43 years of age. "He allows no
particular sign of feeling, but seenjs rather in
different than otherwise.
Judicial Faeces.— A correspondent, who has
evidently kept bis eyes open and made use of
bis optics, sends us a communication concerning
the escape of "an alleged murderer In Philadel
phia. The remarks of our correspondent will
'fit some other lochlitios we know of. He thus
sketches the judicial farce sometimes enacted
under the name of a trial for murder:
“ For the fun of the thing, let us suppose the
alleged murderer caught. “ Vel;t votofit?”
Of coarse, he will have a hearing before a mag
istrate, bail business discussed, and awful hard
swearing, pro and con., generally. ‘ Prisoner is
committed to stand a trial. \ Dip arrives.— *
Quarter Sessions crowded. Counsel for defend
ant on band and eager for tbe fray. Jury cal
led. “Formed an opinion?’’ Test “Stand
aside.’’ Another and another—slime question'
—same answer; till, after a long time, twelve
intelligent; ,&0., are procured. When, all of a
sudden, the discovery is made that an impor
tant witness is absent. “Can’t; go on, your
Honor. Peter Jones is here—will swear that
John Snooks, who knows everything, and more
too, can’t be found; expect to prove by him in
sanity in the family of the prisoner fora thou
sand years; wjll swear that the prisoner is as
harmless as a kitten; was hit once, when a baby,
on' the shins, with a doogti-ntit, and been soft
headed ever since.” The trial is pul off; comes
on next six 'months; crazy dodge; no go ; con
victed ;\great shame; innocent ns a lamb; move
for a new trial; argument heard; refused; sen
tenced ; Governor pardons. And; 80 ends the
farce. Who wonld’nt “ take a dajf s shooting ?”
A Strange Advertisement. —TFe find in the
Zanesville Courier an advertisement of Solomon
Sturges, one of the. wealthy men of Ohio, in
which he sets forth his reasons for offering far
sale his vast landed property, pe advertises
the subject thus:—
“ 1 have some eight or ten fine improved forms
in Indiana, and one 0f670 acres; near Galena,
in Illinois, that I wish to sell. I believe no man
has a right to own more land than is necessary
for bis use, and that of his family;: God has no
doubt wisely ordained, that land\thitri» should
be cursed ; and I can truly say I am' ex
ceedingly ancons to Sell qll my lands, and get
rid of the curse. 1 will therefore sell at low
price*, and on easy terms of payment, any of my
real estate; and 1 have a great deal pnore than
I want, ought tp have,; or desire.”:
, gQT A German couple vrere g remarried in
Detroit a few,days since, after been.di
vorced from each other for three Jjears. Onbis
wedding night some yillaipqns lafio planted the.
germ of jealousy within his breast, and he soon
hhd ho difficulty in convincing himself that he
was uninjured husband, and separation follow
ed. After three years of riiigle blessedness, he
became convinced of the faithfulness of his for
met- spouse, and be therefore w'erit from his re
sidence, in' dn eastern city, to Detroit, where
they were again miuriod, and wenp on their way
rqjoicing. /:•
egy* Every dog in Massachusetts who .WOhld
have the to live, must bf mjm r
bered, and licensed by the tdwp park, and every
dog must wear a coUar vriUi hil owncr’s name
and his own nuniber .registered dfi it. -
•*» -. .-j.
X -
Stem (ft* CVitciiuutf Sdattifie JrOtm.
What an awful picture presents itself to the
vision of the workman as his name, that good
name, the name it may be of in honest man,'is
ordered to be written upon tho“ bliekiist!”
Bisses and groans await-him* andvisioM of
eternal infamy seems to glimmer before him,
as the persecuting chalk scrawls oat his hitherto
fair initials. His tearful.wife, too, trembling
in%er doubt between starvation and honor, bids
him go and yield to the committee and the
union, and hare their spotless names preserved
from such a' fearful list/ Ndw,- brother, nke
chanic, let me say a word or two, as we gp up
to the judgement hall. I have Joined In a
“strike," in days leng since past. We Struck
against bosses who woe exceedingly kind to us;
agains men. who sympathized with ha in cur
sickness, and smiled, upon us In our prosperity.
We, too, were perfectly satisfied with our env
ployers and our wages, and in faet, there was
but one man who complained of anything In the
whole establisment, and ho was Hie Uuittt man,
perhaps, that ever breathed, and strange is h
may seein, was as peevish as he was lazy. He
must have wondered at the generosity of his
employers, in keeping him about the shops; but
like all things earthly, his wonder had an end,
for he was discharged, and with no other alter*
native but to “ strike.”
He etruck for higher wages, and though des
piaed by all, he started a little stream which
burst erory barrier, till the fountain itself .was
exhausted. We all struck, we knew not why,,
hut we imagined we were in an age that demon*
ded a revolution. We soon disliked to meet ear
employers, and we as soon imagined that they
bated us, and only wished crush ne beneath
their terrible tyranny.. We farmed a union, and
displayed a magnificent “ black list."' We para
ded the streets to very martial musio; we drank,
and smoked, and flourished, and our employers
had to yield, yes, we “ brot’em’’ to terms, and
they were mighty glad to get us baek. Glori
ous day ! Magnificent victory!! What a grand
success we mechanics hud achieved!!! And yet
strange to tell, in the short space of seven
months, there were but sixteen of the “ strikers”
left in that town, and they of the sixteen all,
with but one exception, had been emblosoned
on the terrifiic “ black list.” Let me tell you,
my friend, no man nor no set of men cenld
frighten these strikers, now with a “ black lied.”
Nay, though they dared to write their names
upon the blackest walls of the infernal pit,- and
send from thence the most hissing groanspf
damned spirits, they would die before they Wotdd
yield their liberty and strike for what they did
not desire
; If your employers are regardless of your riffSU,
strike ofl’ their bonds and starve before yen will
yield. But for humaity’a sake, do npt say “ t
was perfectly satisfied, and would like to be at
work again, bat the rest struck, and I was
afraid to stand out”
If you have any rights to vindicate, let me
urge it upon yen to mantain them. ’ 1 '
“ But he alone U just.”
who in the vindication of his own osun, in
fringes not the rights of others.
The Laugh or Womax. — A woman has no
natural gift more bewitching than a sweetTadgh.
It is like the sweet sound of flutes on the water.
It leaps from her heart in a clear, sparkling
rill; and the heart 'that hears it, feels as if
bathed in cool, exhiliarating spring. Have you
Over pursued an unseen fugitive through trees,
led on by fairy laugh, now here, now there)
now lost, now found! We have—And’ we are
pursuing that wondering voice to thu day.—
Sometimes it comes tons in the'midst of ehre
or sorrow, or ikspme business; and then we
turn away and listen, and hear' it ringing
through the room like a silver bell, with power
to scare away the ill spirits mind; 'How
much we own to thatjiweet laugh! It tarns
the prose into poetry, flings shoWrs of shun
shine over the darksome wood in which we : ara
traveling; it touches with light even our sleep,
jvhich is no more the image of death, feat is
bousumed with dreams that are the shadowli of
Scesb is a Sanctum.— Enter a large atrtmg
man with a cowhide. ‘ • .-^"t
“Is the Editor in I"
“You?” ' • -
“Tea ” ,
“I hare come to settle with yon*” - ,
“Well. (Editor draws a rerolTer. 1— ‘
“Go on.”
I hare takep yonr paper a year.”
“Well.” (capping a pistol ) ’
“An article in your last weeks Issue, (efiter
cooks the pistol,} convinced me tbat vrou need*
ed— ” • ■ '■’ ■ ' ••• r ■'
“I deny your qrigbt to .giro-- therefor*
please be cautions sir.” .. v ■ t
‘‘Give you what ?” : ' f v'
‘‘A tbrea’mg!” r ~ ' [■.
“Why, no my dear sir, I came topayyomny
subscription in advance 1”
Of course no farther disturbance vqi made.
Treasure from a Wreck.— At the offices of
Messrs. Abell and Langley,, bullion brokers,
London, there are now to ba'seeh, gold bars of
tbe value of £ll,OOO, and silver barn valued at
£4OOO, finished n$ from the wreck of the British
ship Latins, which was lost off the coast of Hol
land, oh the 9th of October, 1709. After’sitty
years immersion, the gold looks as fresh as if it.
had. just been taken eat of the bank. The sil
ver bars, on the other hand, have become al
most black underlie action of salt water; and
some of the dollars, which bare been almost all
saved, are so .much corroded that they are worth
only one to two shillings each. ,
A- San Mistake. —A man living near Kush*
ville, who had been absent in California some
three years, on coming h’omc recently, found a
babe only three months old lying in the'oradle.
With a cruelty utterly diabolical; he at bnce ent
off the infant’s ears to'avenge his “wounded
honor.” The screams of the little sufferer cal
led in the family, when the infuriated man
learned that tht> child belonged to a neighbor
who Was visiting bis wife. He had to flee tr
escape a lynching. '
gQU Judge Johnson, of Louisville, has de
cided that a man has no right to whip bis wife,
bat that women have a right to whip their hat
bands “whenever they please. ‘ It was A pterogstf
tive'belonging to them and inaliens-.
ble. He was only surprisedJthat it was not ex
ercised to a” greater extent
/ ’V •
-■ ) -
| N-‘* *w.
, W**'
■rTf’-'T -t
.li‘ ;IV ;
„Tel ’ 5 t,
r .4, ,7,.
- V
•i /I * >}■