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    >at'.g.\s.— Again the
ppi Valley ore threatened with 0,9
ions—tho “ Father of Waters ’’ i** I *®*
, and burst hkboandt
plantations, *weoping ftteea
k, and “raising Ned” giteraaT'^iu*®'
irons “crevasses.” or breaks in **’
mbankmenta on cadi 4?do nf
iken place, and the Water
those openings is rapidly fhwwit “*®g
rtb e lower lands iutetfded>teSi!! 8 **
bcae earthworks.
:u the increasing demand fcr Paper,
la large additions to their tztaawlre
Uprising styles for
' s.
DININfI KOOIU, . i-.Tj^ - g 1 .
Id, Velv*t, Bogmi. jglrtiiT »i
Making tba bjmi complete -
i large trade enablt* M
VERY tow prices; v*WK»
w. p: MARBHAIJrf^S|^
Ko. 87 Wood Street, Pitteb!.^
rNo-sir-eo— not 40 Inng m lijjwßitKtwflP
iltoona, an'd bring*
*• 1 the wonder of eVety person
i nunful good* at inch tow nricca. lint'eaS* 0
iv Mvcd~he know* what lia people otA^S,^
LADiESa-?a!S^ to ®s^
fancy DRESS QOOD3 which he ha* mulES**
Hf LEMENSffi » *»
rtment of BOOTSand
/.ml cvt-rything la'thnt
; :rX^z^^ v*B®
SERIES ever brought to the town or?&**
L- s-dd at an roaaonable.prfcoahe rt,®®
VRODY b InTiUxl to cnll njm.j..
ir^^igrsass^ :
:o. chargelfjWkii'aitK^T^
AM; qAmK« • ' ‘ ■*»
••'..shbor. I’m hero.ontbetroijndaouo P*r
: Wwt when I, Uet.par/Mkod-Tobkheldmy
■■'■■'}. and tell me where the tIIEAP «Tosl
I- nil. rent now. it temluda m* 4 Jtttl/rf
. u! I s 10, when Gen. Harrison waa electtdTr*-
l.ari’-unlyto go with the crowd «ndW*m
U,v in ending
i;t down f)i« valley, Wnd the quantity of r .^,
. way, th-.y nj.iut be telling offtety rapidly
r '-ht, my friend; 1 would any to Ton, »hv tv
ur anticipation* will bo fully realized, fl,
•■a* and well (elected uvortmeht Of'aooli
; a for//(yoenOandgi T ejhattlnuhlni*'
1 1? told, good* to Wvpw
. neighbor, that’e :where I am going U bay
tc sltsnW-ereiybodyala*.flood I m."
|i> very-cheap Bonmstfl, XinM’U
• and wlO* MbMfc 4mi.u4
''•‘<l choos t and oTtrjr other ,arUcl*-k«*lU«
-s'.rj - *tore, can be had Aftufc /ȣ
; of
[i.r 13.1658.-ly
3ES-— ■ Thankful ftr part-lavon,tk*Mk«rttor
■’.fully bo*; lucre to inform th% j tittE6ti*S-4^ 1
ciiiity, that he haa Just
in sdi «j
Jiobcj, I Pai,
d striped Merinot, Woolfmda. : 'Union
Engliak Xerinca' Slaek v fnd /«f
Match of every detcnp&»; Bfa-
Muslins, Flanneii,
'■*, Gir.ghatna, ChnOf, -
■cn-et, Emhroiderie* embracing:,
7oUara, Seat\ Banda, Paa&i"
ingt, Edginga, fn J!n*.
every article pf Ed'
' diea Wear. .
esccilcnt asajrtnient «f fisJU<
Rare, Earthenware, ie,
<1 fiUOKS of all *izae, q»illtiee wAslfl<fc
i! >=*••’ Shoe* and QaiUra.. ' -.s. .<■'•
'■-■t aigortment ofOBOCKRIM pay >»taU
..'tmisiit. I. ■’
me alllland examine the •hureartflit ■
14,1803. J.7B.JUI.KIUH.
n hear the &*«* from topt>
kii you wU&t it li. 1$ Utbat JUKNKftDCK
ra**i from the £a*tem 4ttU**Ufe* Urg****"
i DY-MADE C3iOTHIN6> ' 1
*■! styles and qualities of OeerwatfcJJf?**
I'-'-nts, Boota Kod Sum. andeWcraßijdMg*
liment of Sis kind, allof own?*
ii!y low jirlcei ibr cash. HavJnfcpnrdisiiJ
f» U prices,: lio la tbsreby onaHfcf t* Hll***!
in thoss in if ant of apyUijwj)»
11. filing son* that
r i. so, ists^tr
I. raifck'K Storo. '1- . ...
thf CASH STSTXJI, (oratlsMterj**
■ n to a.-ij other JHsn ,those,wh
■> ’:-6i-torr reforeacsaad sksurMWOT pwgß
=■ nt,) and Josirirgc to mshrtftßl.MW 1 .?
■• »r atorc., wo b*ve maSe aVery
i rice* of all de»ai|rtti>o»
• lime tad oit-ctioa to fceeptDg Wp mi, 'f , *-
vTiTiis of our ctuteniwa,SaMWi'_L__ #
r .!! K;£juEs, HAiu>WAiißjr ?®SSS2
i h .t axle, arur.KWAKB, jwow«
=. Hals u>.i Caw. .
- -M an cheap os the cheap**,-
' ‘ prodncp taken in exchange Sat F* a ‘~
v.i kr-t price. - ■>-•1---v- y- ■-
r ]mst favor?, we hope to «bar*th*tl*l|T!*l"
ir-.' in want of good*;. r {MSBy!?” .
had all tho popular
n;ly rod WcoWy l*abew,
. Miscellajironi! IJ3ij k«. seHWJw*%J2f
1 Pl-llriic, I„k< Out Hdflgg&gafe
i A iiijr uijtl Tlfbi‘t pnpci-, Bl«WtSj2SliKttl
! ‘ i Uw Stationary llij*i'
i vari-ly, Picture odd PictW# *** in V* :
of tlio lieot quality, tea te ?
> • n'jh; U'hoU-sule'nni! Bewfl
hi which it i» applied. Tty *" *
LU T '
■in that the partnarablp
:lio undersigned in tb« 8o«P
ntual consent cn tn« first UV3rt
ih e n rm* are U the baud* of®*"
‘tiiemunt. GKO. W. CU>'S*?L Gtt
tnueistbe buainet* stow na®****"
3 <he patronage
y opposite tlio People's Cheap it
lu .-ii can buy ft /ins G9*t j(o
'- >ll and examine ou
i'ing Goods. -{At****'
>;1, Spirit* cf Xurpiontlße,
chtnp at ■ - ■»• '* u r°——■
V:ti the aerita
la exprlithtely fa&vtoi
i’-Vi ’
7 *
jptflro, tom
Ijjo&A Q*» avd Watu Coxpavt.—The
„ appointed to aim the books of
* ooeywgr. •*' oaMoa-
Sljirt and attended to that part of their duty.
fZf will bo in attendance at the same place
of ereniag this week, between of
7 »sd 8 o’clock, to receive subscriptions to the
. ltt j ,{ock. Now let there be no holding off
pert of our citizens, but let all who feel
rtimsel™ able to take stock ,’if it be but a.
. (ban, come forward and subscribe at
order that the work may bo put under
|ottae t « early as possible. The shares are
*lO tack, to be paid in instalments of $2 00 per
per month. There-are few persons in the
toVO who could not take one or more shares.—
fiat the itock will pay has long since beea ful
jj demonstrated. Although the proceeds of a
i b|l« share of atock would be small, even did
i, ?K j i& or 20 per cent, yet it must be remem
li,red that such stock can always be sold at its
fall wipe, and by paying for a share in small
iMttlments it will be about the same as placing
ti»t much money in a sayings institution, the
vhole of which can be drawn out at any time
with interest. We hope to sse our citizens en
4er into the enterprise as though they were de
termined to put it through, and that as soon as
possible. The works vill be completed? and
will p*y when completed, and we would rather
HO oor citiaeos hare the benefit of them, pe
cnniarily as well as domestically, than monied
bib hem a distance.
Dm. J. M. Gsuxill.—The Huntingdon Globe
p»y» the following high compliment to the-gen
ilman whoso name heads this article, who has
iwocisted himself with Dr. D. R. Good, in this
pUc», to be the successor of Dr.C. J. Hirst;—
Ds. J. M. OaHMiLL.—Dr ( J. M. Gemmill, a
practising physician of the borough of Alexan
dria and vicinity for over twenty-five years, has
massed to Altoona, and associated himself with
Dr. D. R. Good, there to continue to labor in
U«t field, to which io has been so devotedly at
tached for so many years. We understand that
the people, among whom he has been going
stout doing good ao long, are very unwilling to
lose hi*; and we doubt not, that the removal
of Dr. Gemmiy.from Alexandria will be serious
ly fell and regretted by his former friends, who
to properly appreciated his worth as a physician,
is i citizen, and as a man. j
We would add that we were not a little sur
prised to bear of the Doctor's removal from the
plsce where be had labored so faithfully and
wecewfully for so many yeprs, where be stood
it the bead of hie profession, jand whgre be was
hilored for so many acts of usefulness and kind
Wo wish the Doctor success in his new asso
•iition with Dr. D. R. Good, and hope that still
i wider field of-usefulness will be opened unto
hin, for hie own benefit as well ae that of his
Skgks jtoh Woc.hdb. —A correspondent of the
Country Oenthmon, mentions a-ease of a horse,
wiieh was just ready to die of an old and fes-
Ured wound. Fortunately, he adds, at this
itage of the case, an eld Pennsylvania teamster
etas to our relief and recommended smoking
with old shoes. The amoks was made of old
ihaih, soles and all, cut in pieces, in a hog troth,
ud placed under the swollen parti. In a few
hours the swelling inbeided, and the -sore eom
aenced discharging matter; the horse was saved.
Ifl tin lame jiar I cut my foot with an axe.
Tbelsdyof the hoaie soiled the foot whed it
tu bisodiog freely, held it orer a pall contain
tigloeks. In a fey minutes the bleeding stop
ptd, and tbi smoke was re mo red, and . n bandage
ipplied to protect it from accidental blows.—
thi wound never-mattered, and consequently
Birir pained me. I hate seen this remedy tried
“ BM 7 similar cases, and always with the
uni rwulta Let the reader bear in mind that
»«liaiaiot or sake, drawing or healing should
k * ipplied. You have merely to smoke the
sound well, and nature will do the reet.
?ur Tim.—The Pittsburg Dupatck, in no
tißßg the fast Railroad time lately made, aaya
the roads competing the New York
' utral in reaching Chicago, have to make every
riaute “tell,” and wwhavejalready.recorded
>o»e of the quickest time ever made on any
rs *d- On the Pennsylvania Central one train
?*t» passengers through from Philadelphia to
Tuborg in twelve hours. I The Fort Way ne
•'‘p*iUe*n mentions that J. Qi Biabron, conduc
on the P. ft W. & C. R. R., runs through
?mb that city to Chicago, (a distance of one
mdrwj aud fifty miles) in four hoars and fifty
onia minutes, nuking in all twenty-onesteps,
• Cleveland Bttitm states that, on Tuesday,
“••agine on the Cleveland & Pittsburg B. R.,
“Fsw jFWLadelpbia," Engineer Chas. Clarke,
Wde ; the time between WeilsvUle and Clove
“•d. (a distance of one hundred and three
ailM.) in three including nine stops! in
oa» iasteaeq, two miles, between Handier and
MJudj were made in forty-five seconds each.
ktuaoAD Accxomt.—The body of Joseph S.
•fPittabnrgh; was founjjd a short distance
*‘ Uof V** on the Fa. R. 8., in West-
county, on the 18th ins t It appears
" . beea * Philadelphia and
iSj ”i ' h U fcanw. Hehad «»»• as far as
■ pne • n f '»toppei until the
p yhlch bc fedk passage as
U.Wa»i»eld on;
/ell fijom the tr«s, 1W-
otha~ikt^f , ?‘ , hisskulland causing
Jiamtteag death.
‘ > * , ”’ Tie ente rt*tan»«nts
mh Saturday ev
»nd th « young!
1 i»o Footed, in
Vakibiting a degree of
plc,jj oa stained without close np
7*knowledge of the
tau * ,lt 'without extra
l ' ° rp P * ll ' Commercial Course-
Dalle’s Magical Eaia Extractor.
dwtiwy tb. interest of a; wb«l« j .
a continual coughing ana/ 1 sneezing, wlnn in an w m inflansmatioa strikes at the reot of
' ohorch, and frequently interrupt the preacher heuoe an immediate cure, v | '
in Us annum, by a long bark, as unbecoming ? pallet's magical paw
iaitiadangorouz to tho health of the person
UmaelC. T|ib need not be. Dk.Kktbeb, ?f : | pAi&Ers magical past eptsaotox
PiUsbnrg, has prepared a medicine, which al- catalogue ofdlsaasH:
though yon can’t cany it in ..pocket, if you will Cum. Chafed Sore Nippies, Genu, Bunions,
ua..d».W,™goi nE t«.h nrell , will Olay all
tickling ana .irritation of and by ia Goth, SweUing», Bh«nmatlim, Scald Head, Salt Shenm,
perseverance in its tiscfor a day or two, will Baldness, Srydpelaa, Ringworm, Barbers’ Itch, Small Pox,
■ entirely cure the disease. So, aon’t'cough ahyf Me 4* ,e * ,R^4c '* 4 * > \ H !
n«p»in church; think of,Dr. Keyset and his
tiTI t < . aliottla be peached by one article; mioh an idea will vanish
Factory! ; open your heart .strings and parse whan reflection points to the ihct, that the salve is a corn
strings, and you will be a better- and happier bindtion of ingredients, each and every one applying a per
man, and not be looked l upon as one who annoys tect;an;idote to its apposite disorder,
yohr neighbors. You can get *at 6. W. Kess- Ib ™ micro*
1 * Ai ;!> t■ ; ° . 7 In effect* is magical, because the tune is so short be-
MT S, Altoona, xa. ■ tween disease and a permonent curs; and it isan extrac-
lt draws all disease ««t of the affected part, leaving perfect as before the bum?. It is scarcely ne
cessary to fay that no honse, or manufactory
should be ane moment without it.
Kb Pain Uxtrac tor is genuine unless the box lias npon it
a steel plate engraving, with the name of Henry Dailey,
Bold by 6. W. Kessler, Altoona; George A. Jacobs, Hol
lidaysburg ; and by all the Druggists and patent medicine
dealers throughout the United States and Canadas.
Principal Depot, 165 Chambers street, New York.
Nov. 11,1868-ly 0. F. CHACB.
Bap Bugs. —As the season for approaches
it will bewcll to boar in min'd tbe advice of tbe
''Country Gentleman." Persons not desirous of
being earned out of this world by bugs will be
glad to learn that they: can’t stand hot alutn
water. lake two pounds of alum, bruise it
nearly to powder; dissolve it in three quarts of
boiling water, letting it remain in a warm place
till the alum is dissolved. The alum water is
to be applied hot, by means of a brush, to every
joint and crevice. Brush the crevices in the
floor and skirting-board if they are suspected
places : whitewash the ceiling, patting in plen
ty of alum, and there will be an end to their
dropping thenoe.
, Departed.. —Every season brings its changes,
as well in the location of individuals as in their
appearance. Among those whom it has removed
from our midst this spring, we record with re
gret tho\ nanie of our young friend, J. E. Bur
chinell, who has left us to sojourn for a time
with parents at Hollidayiburg, previous to ta
king his departure on a tour of observation, de
signed to benefit bis health. Wo wish him all
the prosperity and pleasure: bis heart desires, be
lieving that he fully understands how to “ pad
dle his own canoe.”
Holudatsbubo, April 19, ’59.
Messrs Editors:— On Tuesday last, Mr. Jno.
Waohob, while engaged in plowing in tho field
near tjlic Bennington Railroad, observed that
the sod had been replaced ; and upon examining
the place, discovered a aegar-box, containing
the body of an infant Information was imme
diately given to Esquire Cox,; who bold an inquest
upon it. A post-mortem examination^was made
by Dr. Hayes. He examined the lungs of the
infant and gave the opinion that the child had
neve; breathed, and its .death was caused by
abortion. He thought its age was about six
months. The perpetrators of this crime are un
known, but we trust that means will be takep
to discover them, and bring them to justice.
On Monday the 11th inst., the reg ;lar month
ly Concert of . the Sabbath'Schools of this place,
was held in the Methodist Church. The attend
ance was Very large and the meeting very inter
esting. The exercises Conducted by Rev.
J. H. C. Dosh, who introduced a new feature
among the devotional performances. It was this
discussion of different subjects connected with
the interests of Sabbath Schools.. Three ques
tions were discussed by several members of va
rious schools, and gave; great interest to the
meeting. The children were very attentive du
ring theexercises. and all appeared to be pleased.
The next monthly Concert will be held in the
Lutheran Church, and the exercises will be con
ducted by Rev. L Knight
4in Friday evening last, the regular monthly
meeting of the Sabbath School Association, con
sisting of officers and teachers, was held in the
Presbyterian Church. The Association waacal
led to order by the President, after which prayer
was offered by Rev. Taylor. The remaining
part of the evening was principally spent in the
discussion of the question, How can parents
best promote the interests of Sabbath Schools.”
The subject was discussed by Revs. Dosh and
Knight, Messrs. Brotherline, Jones, Sharar and
Martin. After a short address by Rev A. Hi
Taylor on the same subject, the meeting adjourn
ed by the singing of the Doxology and Benedic
tion by Rev. J.,H. C. I»osh. The attendance of
the members of the Association was much larger
than on the previous meeting, and all appeared
to be well pleased with the meeting.
THE BALL OF FASHION is still open, and
the Proprietor, in returning thanks to his nu
merous customers for their ‘liberal patronage
bestowed on him since bis commencement, here
desires to say (without fear of contradiction)
that be is prepared to offer for their inspection
the best assortment of handsome Dress Goods,
Shawls, Cloaks, White Goons, &c., fix., that
can be found in Altoona.
Respectfully, &c., C. J. MANN.
See advertisement of Dr. Sandford’s
LIVER INVIGORATOR in another column. .
Prepend from a prescription nf Sir J. Claris Jf. J?., Phy
rieian Extraordinary to the Queen.
This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cure of all
these piUnfal and delicate diseases to which ths female con
stitution lisubject. It moderates oil excess and removes
oU ebstraotioM, and a speedy eve maty be relied ea’." ’
wKuwixa usixs
it is peculiarly suited! ‘ It will. In a short tlme.Srinc sn
themonthlyporiodwith’regularity,; 'i
Each bottle, price one dollar, bean theGoTernment fitossp ■
of Ortat Britain, to prtvent counterfoils. : *•
" “ '{
That POp thould not he tqk&'byfmajet during fhe first
thru nonihto/ Pregnancy, <u ihtyarc ture to bring on Mi*,
carriage but at any otter ffme (hey ore raft.
In all eases of Nervous andSplaal Affections, Pain iff
the Rack and Limbs, fatigue on slight exertion, Palpitation . -
e>f the Heart, Hysterics and Whites, these Pills will effect
a dire when all other means hare filled, and although a
powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, antimony, XiUSSOLUTION OP PARTNERSHIP
ot anythinghnrtfut to the eovtitutibn. - V Netke U hereby glren thot th. partnershlir hereto.
Full directions in the pamphlet aronnd each package fort extatlug between 1 the undersigned in tho v practice of
which should be carefully preserved. - i ■ ftts-'
Sola igent for the United States and Canada, -•i*° * ! ** e ?*? an ? 0 J HIRST M D
JOB MOSES, (late I.C. Baldwin * C 0.,) ' ARowia, April 20, 18W-R p B CO(HL It D
• Rochester, N. T. ; - ; ■ . ’ ,
H.Rv—sLOOaadfl postag. staapeienelosed to auyan -VfOTICE —AW* PERSONS KNOW-
wiß Inimra a bottle; containing ISO Tills, A - JOT lhbro«lyeiifidobfM,'fwahy war, to theundar--
- WJrtleealoAgsutus also, fob
The Original and Best in the World!
All other? are mere imitations, and should be aveided, if
yoR wish to escape ridicule.
GRAY, RED, or RUSTY HAIR. Dyed instantly to a
t)*ahtiful and natural Brown or Black, without the least
injury to the Hair or Skin.
fifteen Medals and Diplomas have been awarded to ITni.
A.; Batchelor since 1839, and oyer 80,000 applications have
been made, to the hair of his patrons of his famous Dye.
A. BATCHELOR'S HAIR DYE produces a color
notyto be distinguished from nature, and is warranted not
to ihiurc in the least, however long it may be continued,
and the ill effect of Bad Dyes remedied; the Hair Invigo
rated for Life by this Splendid Dye.
Hade, sold or applied (In 9 private rooms) at the Wig
Factory, 233 Broadway, New York.
Bold by Druggists in Altoona, and by Druggists in all
cities and towns of the United States.
The Genuine has the name and address upon a steel
plate epgraving on four sides of each Box, of
Kov. 11, 1858-ly 233 Broadway, New York.
Important to Females—Dr Cheese
kas’s Piles. —ThU combination of ingredients In these
Pilll are the result of a long and extensive practice. They
are iuild in their operation, and certain in correcting all
irregularities, painful menstruations, removing all ob
structions, whether from cold or otherwise, headache, pain
in the side, palpitation of the heart, disturbed sleep, which
always arise from interruption of nature, inducing with
certainty periodical regularity. Warranted purely vegeta
ble,And free from anything injurious to lifttor health. Ex
plicit directions, which should be read, accompany each
box.' PriCo $l. Sent by moll by enclosing $1 to any
anillorized Agent.
818. HUTCHINGS, General Agent for the United States,
166 Chambers street, New York.
Je tihoM aU Wholesale orders should be addressed.
gdldby-O. W. Kessler, Altoena; Gw. A. Jacobs, Holli
daysbnrg; and by all Druggists in the Uuited States.
Call on the Agent and get a pamphlet free.
Not. 18,'1858-ly.
This disease can bo cured by Toothache
Rexxdt, prepared by him in Pittsburgh, Pa., which is put
up in bottles and sold at 25 cents each. It is an excellent
medicine, when diluted, for spongy and tender gums, and
is worth ten times its price ts all whs ncejl it. Sold here
by G. W. Kessler. fDec. 9, U5B-ly.
Thrj are elegant. light, easy and durable.
Titling to a charm —no turning up behind—no shrinking
off the head; Indeed, this is the only Establishment where
these things are properly understood and made.
Not. 18,:18o8-ly ■ 233 Broadway. New York.
Fima, Superfine, bbl.,
“ i Extra “
“ i Extra family “
Corn Meal ICO lbs. 2.00
Bran A Shorts 100 lbs. 1.00
Bye Chop. “ “ 1.65
Corn and Oats, “ “ 1.62
Middlings, “ “ 1.60
Cahh paid for all kinds of Grain. Flour and Feed can
always be had ut the Mill nt the prices quoted alr>ve.
Superfine Flrfbr, $6 25@56 76
Extra ■ “ 6 76® 7 25
Extra Family Flour, 7 00® 7 60
■White Wheat—Extra Family Flour, 7 26® 7 75
Dry Beaches, (unpaired), fi lt>, 16® 16
“ ; “ (paired) “ 26® 28
<Dry Apples, “ 12® 13
Prunes, K 13® 15
Dry Currants, “ 14® 15
Shoulder And Bacon, » . 10
Sided, “ 11
Harojs. “ 12; 13® 15
Drypeef,; “ 14® 18
Orleans Spear, - " • 9V<® .10
Refilled “ “ : 11,12® IS
Syrup Molasses, gallon, - 6S@ 72
Scgars and Tobacco at prices to suit purchasers.
Alfoona, March 10, 1860.
On : the 7th instant, by the Bev. Joseph Fichtner, Mr.
Juniita township, Blair county. ■,
Oh the 14th instant. In Hollidayshurg, ELLA MAY,
dnpsptsr ,of Hubert D. and Amelia Johnson, aged 4 years,
.Smojithaand 13 days.
InWiliiamahnre, on tiro 14tli instant, Mrs. MARY, wife
of the laps David Ako, dec’d, aged 67 years.
D.«. coon, M. D. J. K G£JIMUL, M. D.
-1 / INO entered Into Partnership in the Practice of
Medipihei respectfully tender their service* to the Public
in the several hnincheß of their Profession. ’
Calls will be answered either day or night at their office
—which hi the saide as heretofore occupied by Dr*. Hirst,
& Odod,—or at the Logan House.
DiVrti GaßitßT, M. D.. Prof. Obstetric* in Penn’s Medical
College. Philadelphia.
BtWBTfCT Stirtir; M. D., Prof. Institutes of Medicine in'.
Ponri’aMwilcalCollege. ■ .
Jon* Neill. M. D.. Prof. Surgery in Pa. Med.Col..andSnr
gedn -terthe-pai Hospttnh PhUladelphia" , ; "
J. B. I-uden. M P, Huntingdon, Ps
John*McCnlldeh. M», «. i
John Scott, Jr, ,K#q, “ .
Wmßorrts, Jr, Esq, “
..' tfin M liloydiMtq. HoQidaytburs,
: John Creaswhll, Jr. Esq, •*
Samuel Mfllitcsn, £eq, Sell’s Mills,
Oen B P Bell, “
. John JBell. Esq,
Ajirll 2Jst, 1869-Sm .
H GS3 O: cb a* <»
r&Tft« the attention of the jftSljc to the following Goode,
wldchoregroot Bargain*; ■/,
Fine Stella Shawls, allcolors, M
AU-Wool Shawls, do _• 8 00^
English Bocals, ' \ . * yd.
Fancy Delaines, 18 ' *•
Prints, fast eotort, 10 “
Best 4-4 Brown Muslin, 10} “ '
“ 9-8 “ “ ' 12} »
“ 40 inch Bleached Muslin, 15 “
Splendid Lavellas, 12} “
Fine Brilliants, 12} “
Fine Scotch Ginghams, ‘ 12} “
Fine French Ginghams, 18} “
In BOOTS AND SHOES, we cannot be beat
west of for instance—
Fine Black Lasting Gaiters, only $1 20
Ladies real French Morocco heeled Boots, 1 65
Gents Scotch lace Boots, (new style,) 3 25
Onr stock of GROCERIES, we think, will
compare favorably with any other in “the place.
We are selling:
Very fair Brown Sugar at 9 cts. lb.
Superior Syrup Molasses at 62}cts. gal.
No. 1 Rio Coffee at 1A cts. lb.
Pltase call and examine oar immense stock
of FRESH GOODS, and be convinced that the
place for bargains is at the
Altoona, April 21, 18S9-3t MODEL.
The Model Store of Altoona is situated on
the 1 North East corner of Annie and Virginia
Streets, where may be seen, any fine afternoon,
scores of sensible Ladies making selections from
the immense stock of handsome and cheap
Goods to be found in that establishment
Altoona; April 21, 1869,-lt
SnO-CMMI bewabdi-the
above sum was actually given to
my Patrons during tho year 1868.
DUANE RDLISON, Proprietor of the Great Gift Book
House, N.o, 83 South Third Street, Philadelphia, continues
the sale of Books as usual. A Gin werth from 26 cents to
$lOO sent with every Book
Consisting of Gold and Silver. Watches,
1 Fine'GAd Jewelry, rfc..
W;h be Distributed with every Ono Thousand Books 1
The attention of the public is respectfully solicited to tbs
extensive assortment of valuable Standard and Miscellane
ous Books, which ore offered for sole at tho lowest prices.
For every Book purchased at One Dollar or more, the
Purchaser will bo entitled to receive one of the following
Gold and Silver Watches, Golu Lockets, Ladies’ and
Gents’ Gold Guard Chains, Gold Ring, Cameo Sets, Gold
Bracelets with Cameo and Florentine Settings, X,adics’Ca
meo Breast Pins, Ladies’ Florentine Sets, Ladies’ Floren
tine Pins, Ladies’ Cameo Ear Drops, Ladies’ Gold Breast
Pins, Gold Bosom Studs, Indies’ and Gents' Gold Sleeve''
Buttons, Gold Commercial Pens in Silver Cases, Ladies’
Gold Pens with Holders, Extra Gold Pena with Cases and
Holders, Gents Cluster Besom Pins, Gold Tooth Picks, La
dles’ and Gents’ Gold Pencils, Ladies’ Gold Ear Drops,
Eight-Day Parlor Time Pieces, Sewing Machine-, I ocket
Knives, Silver \J’are, including Spoons, Rutter Knivosi
Forks, Cake Baskets, 4c. Also, Miscellaneous GiftsofQolil
Jewelry, Gift Books, Ac., worth from 25eouts to $25.
Our new Catalogue for 1859 is sent free to all, upon ap
plication. Tho Inducements offered Agents aro more lib
eral than those ofhny other house in thisbusines. Having
bepn Id tho Publishing and Book Selling business for tho
last eight years, my experience enables me to conduct the
Gift Enterprise with satisfaction to all.
Agents aro wanted in every town and county, to whom
commissions will bo given in Books, or a per ceutage in
merry. For a Club of 10Books, 1 extra Book and a Gift
will be givon; on larger orders, commissions are more lib
eral. For full particulars address
Quaker Pity Fullishiny Bouse,
S 3 South Third Street, Philadelphia.
P- S. —Just issued, “The Life, Speeches, and Memorials
of Daniel Webster,” by Samuel W.Smucker, A. M., a splen
didly Illustrated volume of 650 pages. Price $2. Agents
April 21, ’59-3m.
ll New Work, by tbo Rsv. J. U. Isgrunui.
By the author of “ The Prince of the House of David'” be
ing F.n account of the wonderful scenes in the life of the
Sun of Pharoah’s Daughter, (Moses.) from his youth to the
assent of Sinai; comprising, as bran eye-witness, his mira
cles before Pharaoh, Passage of the Red Sea, and Reception
oflho Law on Mount Sinai. Containing'an elaborate and
richly colored Description of the Architecture of the Egyp
tians, their Manners and Customs in Peace and War, in
the Temple, tire Family, the Mart, and at the Tomb; and
also of the Israelites, while in the Lund of Bondage, togeth
er with Picturesque sketches of the Hebrews under their
Task Master s, of scents, Processions, and Spectacles upon
and beside the Nile, and Legends of the Obelisks, Sphinxes
and Pyramids, and of their Founders before the Flood.
Delineations of Beautiful Woman, Miriam, Amenae, Xuxo
ra and Osirla, and of Wonderful Men, Aaron, Berneses
(Moses.) and tire Prince of Uz (Job), Narrated in a Series of
Letter* from a Syrian Prince traveling In Egypt to his
Koyal Mother, Queen of Tyro. The "volume abound* In
characteristic passages of highly wrought beauty, and
Dramatic Incident.
To the 100,006 readers of “ The Prince of the House of
David,” we need only say, that this book is by the same
Author, and more wonderfully interesting and enchanting
One vol., large 12mo. 000 pp. Illustrated. Price $1.25.
Sent to any address by moil, postpaid, on receipt of tho
County Newspapers giving this Card two Insertions’
shall be sent a copy of the work, by mail, prepaid, upon
sending a copy of the paper.
No. 79 John st_ New York.. Agents Wanted.
April 21, ’59-2t.
“taelay not the order of
±J your going,” But go at once, to the People’s
Cheap Shoo Store, where yon can buy Boots and Shoes at
the very lowest prices. Our stock consists <sf every variety
of Boots and Shoes usually found in a fitot class Shoo Store
We buy for cash consequently .W'uiotfsr bargains. Bead,
following list of jomo of our prices, then fail and ex
amine . the goods and be convinced that we do tell a good
article at a £ir price. v
Gents fine (city) sowod and pegged calf and Morocco
Boots, $4.75 to $5.25
Gents Congress Gaiters, 2.50 “ 6.00
Boys Calf Boots, 2.00 “ 3.00
“ Congress Gaiters, 1.87 •« 1.25
Ladles French Morocco; Kid and Goat
heeled Gaiters, 1.50 “ 2.00
Ladies heeled Gaiters, 1.50 “ 2.75
Ladles Morocco Boots, 1.00
Hisses double-soled heeled Boots, etts
■ tom made, ij®
Children’s Boots, Shoes and Gaiters of all binds, and other
goods too numerous to mention.- Call and examine onr
stock. No charge for showing goods. Remember the
place, “ TJio Peoples’ Cheap dhoo Store,)’ Virginia street)
two doors below" Annie street; in the store formerly occu
pied by Sirs. Rigg. C.W. KIMBALL
April 14, ’59-tfJ
Stoves, Tin & Sheet-Iron Wart, Spouting.
JfUliliT inform the citizens of Altoona and vicinity
that'he keep* constantly on hand a large assortment of
Choking, Parlor, Office ami Shop Stoves,of all styles and
sizes, to suit the wants of all, which hs Will sell at low 1
prices; on reasonable terms. .
• He also keeps’ on .hand a large stock of Tin and Sheet-
Iron Ware, consisting of all articles for cpliuory purposes—
CbaZ ScutSet, .Store Pipe, etc. Abb, s large lot of Cost Iran
Porcer Pumps.' ••
ASi Particular attention paid to putting up SPOCTINO,
either In tokrn or country;- Spouting painted and pnt np
en the most reasonable terms. [aprO M, IMMy
They are the Best Calicoes yet Offered to the Public tat the
.money.- • • ! •
Wqousaut Asms,
April 21; MWHfct .
JLi April llthyMff. ttt.tJUa pfceej a cdfE A
T H E *
dr Herduqi«Mi< tatbe Oeunty ofßlatr, by ilia
ipnalNn of Um wConaMßeiiif
OQtk.totdi> oTMfty*l
!. 1 .i-, " ' AftMm.?-••• ■■ ~v;-’ p. •> ■•! ;
Jobt» Latijeo, ”
Jbbaltebft ,; *=- i.-/i § '
. JitobliM' vjA‘ :-' v J v: : *'><*»
jj&iunnL •> ‘• ' : ■- ■" uni
John &ooiri, ; r '•* «- ■ •.?=<2S
Jonathan Oonradj ■ .:■• ' ! f-p -if, n't
JohnKIAM, ; » ;•»-»
SSSSfc ■; S ;«
Thomu Hmlodl ■ 14 • m
B. WhUul, 14 too
Bamu«l Black, 14 * no
John o'Doni>el l M | oo
John Sboemakef, 14 10 OO
KichmM Medals, : j. if 10 Q 0
Jacob TTeUe, - : 3 T OO
Clement JimriL ' U 12 SO
Jacob Rink, t I■ I • U f 00
Levis Flacky v ! If 10 00
Johp C. Onc_. ,1* 10 00
J. ft J Lowther, U U H
C.B.aink, 13 , 10 00
Charles J. Mann, - 18 -■ ism
0. W. Kessler, 14 7 00
John Talbot, ■ 14 700
Henry Lehr, > 13 . io 00
K. H. McCormick, \ If 12 SO
Henry Vettineftr, i IS 10 00
Ettiuger ft Human, 13 10 00
Richard Smith, * 11 ' 7 00
P- a Shannon, IS 10 00
Henry Tack} 13 10 00
Jacob Snyder, 14 7 00
Michael Casehlsy, 14 7 00
Kimball, 18 10 00
Jesse Smith, 14 7 00
B. r. Few, 14 7 00
Isaac Hooper, 14 7 00
John Cutler, 14 7 00
James Casaiday, ■ 14 7 00
Jacob Nicholas, 14 „ 700
Allegheny Tomthip.
Patrick Smith, i ‘l4 1 00
James McKinnen, 14 7 00
William Ayres, 14 7 00
Joseph Higgins, 14' 7 00
James Oausy, v 14 T 00
Antu Ttwuhif.
Wm. P. Dy»art,
Jacob EstetUlna,
Aarou Beyro,
John Ball,
Marti!: Bell,
B. F. Ball,
Elliott A Millar, -i .
£l»ir Totwithif.
H. A F. Mclntosh,
Alemndar Enos,
Charlea Bajbla,
Daonia OStk,
M. Caulay,
Catharine Teienthip.
O. W. R««d,
Samu»l Igstt,
Franks town Township.
David W. Brown,
M. 1.. Stehley,
0«o. Xlliott i Son,
D. C. McCormick, 12 13 SO
0. W. Mank, 13 'lO 00
J. 9. Beegle, - 14 7 00
John O. Bechtel, x U 7 00
Oaytperi Borough.
Watson, Deinnstoa A Co,
Thomas Lewis,
UcLanuagnn c Stone,
P. G. Davis,
John W. Smith,
Wm.O Marry, 14 7 00
John Lingafelt, , 14 7 00
'Jacob Snyder, 14 7 00
A, F. Oflterlo. 13 10 00
James Flowers, 14 7 00
Lewis Goldman, IS 10 0q
Smith, Caldwell A Co, ‘ IS 10 0o
James R. Pa.ton, 14 7 00
Mrs. James H. Belt, 14 7 oO
James D. Rea, 18, 10 00
Jonathan stouffer, 14 7 00
U. T. Coffey, 14 7 00
David B. Conrad. 14 7 00
Simon'Brotberlins, 14 7 00
Mrs. Lydia Hagerty 14 7 00
John McKeage, 14 7 00
K. J.Ebernan, 14 7 00
Henry Mans, 14 I 700
John C. West, 14 7 00
ffa. Knntz, 14 7 00
Wm. Shoino, 14 7 00
S. W. Duboyne, 14 7 00
Mrs. C. Bingham, 14 7 00
A/L. Deafhenbnch, 14 7 00
G?o. A. Jacobi, 14 7 00
M Shoenthal, 14 7 00
Peter UcAnally, 13 10 00
James Quinn, 14 7 00
John Bechtel, 14 7 00
Geo. O. Syphers, I M 7 00
John Biggan,' 1 14 7 00
Augustus Slack, 14 7 00
James M. Kimport, IB 10 00
Geo. Patterson, 13 10 00
Thomas Dobbs, 14 7 00
Authony Dougherty, 14 7 00
Thomas Qoddfellow, 13 10 00
McFaddsn A Lemon, 8 90 00
Michael Ryan, 14 7 00
J. R McForl&n, v 14 7.00
Clouse A Cross, 14 7 00
Porter, UUliken A Co., 13 10 00
Lloyd A Ilenry, 13 10 00
John McClure. 14, . 7 00
James Condron, IS 10 00
Martin Kerbey, '■ 14 7 00
A. M. Lloyd i Co., 12 ' 12 60
A. L. Holliday, 12 12 60
Lloyd A Hill, 12 12 80
tfiu. Anderson, IS 10 00
Peter O. Hagan, 14 7 00
Beihl, Moses A Co., 13 10 00
Lloyd t Co,, 12 12 M
11. N. Borroujhs, 13 10 00
' Martiiuburg ,
J. H. Batndollar, 1 IS ' 10 00
Saaiu.l Swope, U TOO
E. Patterson, 15 10 m
J- 0- Everhart, IS 1 0 od
H. Thatcher, _ N -18 10 00
North Woodbury.
John J.Smith, 14 7 00
John B. Bead, ■ 14 7 00
Snydtr Totntthip.
Wm. M. Lyon 3 Co., Bald Eagle, 11 U 00
Wm. M. Lyon £ Co., Tyrone; 11 13 00
E. B. Isett, 14 T 00
Taylor. Tovmtkif,
O. W. Walters, 14 TOO
C. W. Bickcrton, 14 X 00
D. C. McCormick, , 14 700
Tyron* Toienahig.
Tunajr k Bra, 13 10 00
J. C. Tassr A Co, 14 7 00
Israel C. Caldwell, 13 10 00
Tyrom Borough.
E. J. Prnner A Co* 11 15 00
V. Sneeringer A Co., 11 js nn
J. H. Oalor, liquor, « no
John D.'Simler, ii • nn
Wm. Brown, « • 'lO 00
Jonathan Zerbee, « 7 00
Samuel Ettin|er, 18 ■ 10 00
roikSonitt, ■ 14 700
John VT. Creamer, 'l4' 7 00
D. S. Africa, 1 14; 7 00
Simber k Braden,. 14 7 Of
JainceMcFarUn, 14 . 700
John Scott, IS 10 00,
John C. Brown, 14 7 00
SUM McFurlen, 14 : I 00
Hoover ft Howling, IB 10 00
B. Berlin, 14 7 00
tfhUip Hoover, Mq, 80 00
Woeditrry Ttmulif.
A. Deifenbengb, '• 14 700
Ne{r, ltam t u, 3 ISIO 00
Sam’t A. Stonehraker, 14 < 7 00
AdolphnsPattaraon; IX . IS SO
John Royer, ; | IS 10 00
Simon Ake, 14 7 00
H-t>. A'BI.’T. Aks, 18 10 00
Jm. H. Hewitt 4 Bro., : IS lo 00
D.flood 4 C<s, : j IS IS 60
Alex. Bobbin, . H I 14 - 7 00
J.S. Stewart, |l4 • 7 00
C..MetV ..-.I -■ . 14 700
ClftMification of MUIS :req«irtd to pay Llfonca.
■ r —■ " Ant*. '
WmPßyaart, ■ -■■■• ft-'—:;/'; 14 77 00
BBBeIV. 7, ;H - „ , 14 . 700
Aaron Bayer, . r L-, .■> - • • i!4 •f 00
Martin Bell/ : > \ • ' 14 700
AU*>** ■
John AUleon, • "TV 14 .7 00
. Caikarw. \
SamualbatV . : (•. 14 704
V . ‘ •
B L Battaraon, .. , V7'?' ' 1# WOO
■: '■
John B Boater* ' f : IS 7 00
John Bruaihaoafa, , 14 7 00
. Logan. * ; ;
Lloyd 4 00, !■ • ■- JO 700
6e&;ifotti«iOT%: ■- ■.) 1,, i ■ '7 « .A 7: t a >
■ 7 ■: :
8 * Miladde* 7’ * L U . 700
■ 7 ; NortkWoodbmny. .■
JohnNldiodelßßa,. T 7" 14 700
TleawKljddde,’ ‘ JA ,
Jaka &iutbaalS, v ? . 14 700
• Shyitr. ■ ■■■ -v•
; - u roi
Thw.Cn*nn«n ; i| 14 TOO
14 T 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
12 13 60
11 10 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
19 13 00
14. 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
13 10 00
14 7 00
10 34 00
14 7 00
U 7 00
14 7 00
14 7 00
Job M Sp«Bfc 1* <■■ • . '-75* ■ &,r „
DwtM KmMbMa.
D C McConph-b,
Chltlo BMltfr--* tv.;? v ■
John Eojer,
DCtaitMA) -
Jacob Sorick, .x ~ ~ -
V* , '’ '' Al&ona. '' ? V
■ \ -■
. „ ■ HolUda^tlntrgk.
Bnrao Gardner* Co, ao 00
Johastoa Jack * <&• 90 A
of Distillarff, BreWers, Patent -
Ttndtra. *c. Pmou retarwrf (br Llowea
??£* ,!ii^ °* A * ep| MT P—cd the 10th day of AarlL
y lyM o M to create a Sinking (Bkl. mSS
«!* *** trrtlnriilihiaaaf ffthe
debt of the Commonwealth, Licence to b* ***" -
“* date from the lint of April, ot each. jmr* ***
Distiller* of \TWskej.
. AlUgKtmt.
B«t). B Ditlae,
- sfcy*r TbinuAtn,
reachnar * Barket^
a*,** . «™“ Jw «’-
Iff Bouth,
DistilUn of Alo, Boor, £*.
- ■
Qeo. Anocitbrumor, ’ .
I TfSo ugh,
J. J. Sprlnjfr,
nmuhgt^: - ■ ;U *>;•
WUhtlm A Bro., • . ‘ .■. ; r .• 'im#
Xeadert of Patwt &s&*«. v W
O W Keasier,
4 Romh, -
W»- 0 Miary,
Q W F*Um*w,
R M Lemoa 4 Co.,
Eating Housu, 0/at« G'Um* 4».
• Attoon*,
Fwdinand Noth****.
1 Rinehart,
0 Mooebangh,
John Derling.
Joseph Shenk,
Daniel Be*ttr, ,
Win. B Smith,
Roman Boibcaackj
0 H Ftopala,
ffa. Buna.
John I#OTct,
Cr»hb 4 Browa,
Wm-B Smith,
Fwltoufh,** ’
John HcCmloagb,
Ju. MeTarlan,
Jm. C Creamtr,
Samuel Bojer,
Wm. Sennioc,
John Shuck. ■ to’M
TIIB LAW fOR RETAILORS 0? «»»jnw(w«w '
Dealers of-ths dUbrant classes am esttodST ttfetoli
follows: * ■/ - ~ . ■'
Stb claw, $40,000 to $50,000. 12th rUtyiiftipoQ ioIILOW
9tU •• 80,000 to *O,OOO, 13th. «* - e/wo (O IUM
10th “ 20,000 to aww. 14th ,-■ lewthan |OM
11th “ 15,000 to 9,000. * r
Eating llouets.
Dealers of the 7th Claes ar* estimated to sell between
$l,OOO ami $2,000, Bth dees between $5OO and $lOOO,
Patent Medicine* 1
U*« Bth Class are estimated to sell between
$lOO end $3OO ; Bth Class between $5OO sad $1000; 10th
doss hetwcM $lOOO and Those who aretsttmetrd
to sell over 18000 shall pay 8 per cent, shore.
Notice thereby given that I hoM an appeal at the Court
House in Holltdaysburg. on the Tth day of Mae, 1860, t»r
the purpose of making alt uecipsary redactions and cant
tions in the foregoing Appratemeat Tenon* calihm an
me, at any time: between now sindtbe above named day of
Appeal at the store of J.B. llllejmane, Altoona Pa., will be
attended to. 3. 0. AbLUH, Mercantile Appraiser.;
Altoona, April 11th, 18S9. *
Stats or PuiasTLTASu. ; . •
1. Honey is receJred etery dsy, sad to smoant, lug*
2. Tun pee CX3T. Interest 1* paid for money from tbeday
it ta pnl in. ' ■
3. xlie money toalways paid back Ip coin whenever it
U called for, and without notice.
4. Money to received from Eancutorr, Adminittniar*,
Guardiant, and others who desire to hare It in a place of
perfect safety, and when interest can be obtained for it.
5. The mpmiy received from depositors to Invested to
Hsu. fstAtc, MoßToaars, Qxocsn newts, and snrk other
first claw securities aa the Charter direcu. \
4 oases Honrs—Every day from ».*Ol B o’clock, and ea
“ ,h *
W. J. REED,. Secretary. ,
Usjnnt L. Brno*,
Edwardju Cum,
RMEtT Sixmwjr,' Jour* B. Bask,
SiHm K. Asktw, Joitra Ynutp.
C. Usdbxtb Mrca, Hem Xtaritasnrss.
Offlje: Walnut Start, S. W. Cormrr of Third St Bfcii*.
dripiu*. v ApraMq«,*#My,
<EE’B great work for the mar-
IcO. or for those contain pla
in? marriage—COO pages, foil
)f PLATES. Vrice £5 jfsfttl—
loot to all parts under seal, by
ua 11, POSTPAID.
epics sold the last year, The.
ingle, married, and the mar
ried happy. A Lecture-oh
Love, or how to choose a pert*
tor; a complete work on Hid-.
■ Il'ery. It contains hundreds
shod—tfarmuted to bS worth
. rd for it, 25 cents In sped* or
Pelage stamps enclosed, will secure a copy by return of'
KL TELLER has devoted n lifetime to the cure of dtfr>-
rato on which his booUstreat. ' Addr«* J. TELLEBLAtA,
No; 5 Bcavrr street, Albany, N. Y. ■ v
Dr. Vichols’ Female l Villa, $1 a bos, with full directions.
Married ladies slionld not use them. Kent by mall. Ad.
dresa Dr. Teller, as above. ApriUTth.’MHy., ,
' SUBSTANCE FADES. The place to got
done np in short order, Is op Julia street, opposite E, Re|-
benacVs where ail persons can be accommodated with true ’
end perfect Likenesses. Time from Ito 8 second*.
Pictures copied on reasonable terms.
Picture* set In jewelry at eery low rates, the price de
pending upon the size of the article.
Pictures always warranted before they are taken away.
Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and nsn(ee
specimens. . - f
Pictures taken as well in cloudy as fair weather.
December 16, >6B-6m.] J. W. CLABATJOH, • 1
Blair county marble tabu.
—Messrs. Freeman A Hoover respectfully Inlbrothe
Public that they hare established a NE w M AR~RT.» Taup
on the corner of AlUghmy and Front Stredt, in
burg, where they will keep constantly oa hand a folia*
and bo prepared to execute orders for
Tomb Stones , Monuments, Table Tops,
Ac., in a prompt and workmanlike manner.
Hollldaysbnrg. April 14, ’69-6m.* , '
New firm !—the undersign-
ED would respectfully Inform the cttlasna of AJfcona
and vicinity that they hare purchased tha entire Btoekand
bnlldingsof J. Wells Collins, and intend to earrr on
BOTCHERUfO BUSINESS in his stead. We will fh£
nish MEAT OF ALL KINDS at’ the lowest possible price.
Onr MARKET DAYS will bo the same as nsrstokvra, on :
TUESDAY and SATURDAY. Wo will also attend' ek
Monday and Friday evenings to supply those who prefer
calUng at that time. BWINO * 00.
Altoona, Jan. 13,1865.-3 m
IT —wears now receiving at the “MODEL STOtJiJ’
a urge assortment of
* '
* it
. i. U
- u
5 44 .....
. ■■■ '
'U' , *
— ;
'« ’ >V w
J* '»
•«? vV-v
: .£a*
■•- ’ ’' -i'si si »-»- •
• -'M
» Mr
: ' V£
K: ' 10 «a.
E- Caiaußumn tSr'
" W
• 5-w
t oo *
l 00
* mt
. I N.
> '•V'