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Altoona, Pa, 1
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L « mail Ea«t closes at 6.30 A. «•, ““
K hv the Express Train which leaves this
H Z 7.10, The same train brings a
r°“. from Pittsburg to this place.
bfnTwLt closes at 8.00 A. M.. andl «
K tfa* B.p»» t»i» «>** l “™
[*? *g 55 The same train bring
thllf~»Pbi>*d' 1 P bi ““' 1H “ r “'
M *ll ' ,I><IM *' 1100 M ‘
b/the Mail Train which leaves
t ll.dO- The same train brings a
L mail from Pittsburg to this place.
fw»y Mall from the East arrives by the mail
L»t6-86P.M. . „ .
fnMUdanburg Mail closes at 11 A. M., and
at 11.80 A. M.. and 6.30
£ h £ u “ T“
La mail from Pittsburg sad west by the
Leu Train in the moaning and ft way mail
[the Mail Train M n0 °“ ; * tbWUgh mi,U
L pßUdelphia andHarriaburg by the Ex-
L »t S 80 in the morning and a way mail by
Uail Train at 7.00 In the evening. Those
Lo wish their communications to go through
[fpeedily as possible ehoold pay attention to
b sxraDgement.
k'ur Tsuh Rsrcssn.—ln the case of the
Immonwesltli vs. John Krigor, who was con
[ted of larceny, (in breaking into Squire Cher
f, .hop and taking a number of watches in
Lj,) at the October term of the Quarter Ses-
L, 0 f this county, the motion for a new trial
L]e by his counsel, Calvin and Banks, was
at the Argument Court, last week,
te eridence on which the deft, was convicted
L entirely circumstantial,—the finding of a
Uw, that was evidently taken from a door
[ding into the shop, on his person—being the
longest fact against him, Bis counsel argued
lat the testimony was not sufficient to convict
grave a charge. The Court, after an ar
dent by Calvin for the motion and Hall
nunat it,’ refused to grant the new trial, and
ntenced the deft to eighteen months confinc
•nt in tb»i Western Penitentiary. When will
wpleleam that vhonesty is the best policy."
tariff Funk accompanied Krigor over the
LonUin, on Tuesday last This is the Sher
ri first official visit to the smoky city, but he
bold have many more, if all the men who de-
Lm a term in the “ institution" out there, bad
Leir just deserts.
A Fi» Dbsceiptios or Mouktaih Scaxxar.
pCol. Wallace, of the Philadelphia Bulletin,
tued through here last week to attend the
lltabixrg celebration. In a description of bis
jsTtls'he gives the following fine description
the scenery between here and Pittsburg:
"As the train twisted around the enrres, bn
(a ascent of the Alleghenies the cold increased,
m the track soon lay over a spectral waste of
ton. The,trees were laden with a white qhroud,
Id deep down the yawning valleys bprebd the
line gleaming covering. As the scenes on
tther hand grew wilder and gloomier, tabs
range end ghastly appearance of Nature would
Its frighted the ghost of Mrs. Eadcliffe, the’
ke had seen the grandeur and gloom of the Ap
loinea unmoved. Snelly has a poem called
blaster; or, The Spirit of Solitude,* but the
(fenced desolation of these snowy mountain -
net would have sent the lonslj hero of tfie
kem shuddering back to the abodes of men,
(id he would thank the angost stars for hupian
luntenances and human voices. It was awful
ftcr the dark, spirit-like rush of the locomotive
iroagh the mountain fastnesses, no sound would
**k the silence "save the icy huh of some
eexing mountain.torrent To be lost in such
solitude would be drearier thou death.” r
A Mixitsd CoxruMssr.—ln the Philadel-
ua Evening Bulletin, of Monday last, we fitad
e following complimentary notice taken of one
the best Conductors that ever sung out "All
It was, however pleasure to sec that the oon
iictor—Mr. O. tl. Irvine—who had made the
ip out .remarkably pleasant, for, us, was to
ring us back to Eleventh and Market streets
gain. Railroad men Are generally .pleasant
topis, for their intercourse with thousands of
fellers brings oat the virtues of urbanity,
W manners and derision, and we, in oompa-
J vith ether. Eastern reporters, owed mneh pf
pt pleasure of our trip tajthe instinctive cour-
Njof Mr. Irvine, under whpse pharge the
Pfast line” is a decidedly agreeable institution.
Gexat RaiLWAy Roct*. The journey (rom
'iuladejphi* to Chicago by Jhe Pennsylvania
rentral and Pittsburg and Fort Wayne Bail-
r &d > no * occupies but thirty-six hours; and
ft change of can. at Pittsburg, is Jteces-
My. VTe understand jn ft faf dajrp such ai
jangements will be,e«ected as render even
change unnecessary, and this»ute erill
pen form the longest snd moat conjolete unin
[mupted railway route ia th* wM^S*rrit
[*7 Tdegraph.
Easoa -fa noticing the eatings of the Pa.
oad, for the month oT.October,' Id dor
J wtaber. we aathorltycf
b i 8? C,io0 ’ 89 thtn for the tame month
e ' t,ffie P^odjrflBs7 4 of y 5
j Tqjnw AuTHdimna. —We bare bean request
'd by » numbdrof persona, to wall the attention
oflbo BorosgbCouncU to the matter ofpassing
an Ordinance requiring every property-holder
ar the occupant thoteof,- to removo the snow
ft*on the aide-Walks to front of hi* Other reai-
Whilst ewrythoughtfhl eitizenoanaid
mit hie duty to remove the snow and ice from
"tie aide-walk, without being (breed to do so by
an Ordinance, there are many who either thro*
negligence, or wilfally, permit it to remain,
much to the aonoyaiioe and danger of pedestri
sns, who can only bo induced to remove it by
the passage of an Ordinance peremptorily re
quiring it Where snow is permitted to remain
upon the aidling pavements of the town, , the
boys are Immediately upon it with their sleds,
««ii {n toss than half a day vit is converted into
aperfeet sheet of toe, rendering ascent or de
scent to ladies especially, exceedingly danger
ous. A decision bearing upon this point was
made in the Superior Court in Boston, last week,
by Chief Justice Alien, in the eaae of Samuel
Slronsa vs. City of Boston, an action to recover
damages for personal injuries received from
foiling upon an ioy sidewalk in Pinckney street.
The jury came in for instructions upon the point
whether an ioy sidewalk should be considered
a defect and the Court ruled that the City was
bound to keep the sidewalks in as good acon
dition in the winter as In the summer. Verdict
for the plaintiff, $lOOO damage. We hope
some action may speedily be taken on this sug
gestion. No one could find fault with the Coun
cil for passing such an Ordinance, while many
good citizens woold bestow hearty thanks, and
the Borough might be saved a billifor damages.
New Officer.—On the let inst, the office of
Superintendent of the Middle Division of the
Penn’a Bail Road passed into the bands of dno.
B. Anderson, Esq.,formerly of the New Albany
and Salem Roil Road. Mr. A. eqjoys the rep
utation of being one of the best railroad men in
the country, and his experience in the business
warrantsthe conclusion that under his care the
Middle Division will be skillfully managed; and
the high character of the Penn’a Central R. R.,
'the greatest road in the country, will be fully
sustained. We welcome him to our midst, and
hope .that his duties and location may prove
agreeable. I -
We an pleased to know that the retiring of
ficer, Tbos. P. Sargent, Esq., will still remain
in the office in this plaoo. We should be sorry
to loose so valuable a citizen. While occupying
the position of Superintendent he discharged
his duties faithfully, and won the respect and
esteem of all with whom he was brought in con
At a meeting of the members of the Altoona
Brass Band, held this evening, the following
preamble -and resolution were unanimously
adopted: —
Whereas, The Altoona Brass Band was en
gaged by the employees of the Penna. Bail
Road Company, at Pittsburgh, to participate in
celebrating Centennial Anniversary of the
capture of Fort Duqueane, at that City, on the
2uth of November, 1858, therefore
Retained, That a vote of thanks be hereby
tendered by the members of the Band to the
Committee of Arrangements of the Employees
of the Pa. R. R. Co., for the comfortable quar
ters provided for of, the good treatment we re
ceived at their hands, and the untiling interest
they manifested in contributing to our pleasure
and comfort during the day.
Now Stkam Floub. Mill.—A few days since
we were.made the recipient of a sock of flour,
manufactured at the steam mill in this place,
which came very opportune, as our better-half
had found the bottom of the last barrel in the
house. The bread made therefrom was pf a
good quality, although the flour,was not as good
as Is generally turned out attbe mill. In mak
ing flour from mixed wheat, purchased by the
car load, it is impossible to turn out the best
article in all cases. With good wheat and a
littib book regulation of machinery, we believe
the steam, milt ban produce floor equal to any
ever biroaght,to the town. We have heard those
who purchase flour at the null recommend it
very highly.
Thb Pssu’a Rail Road Arkad —From the
following statement of. tho receipts of the four
great central Railroads of this country, for the
month of October 1858, as compared .witii .the
same pjonth in 1857, togetherthe length
of each Road, it will he seen that the Penn’a
Central Road is far ahead In the amjonnt ofre
ceipts per mile:—
Escnrre iw Donuts asd Cxsts,
1858 ; 1857 Increase Decrease
Penn'a Railroad, 463,004 66 896,90417 66.700 39
N. Y. Central, 667.7? T 50 647,23623 10,44138
N. Y. A Erie, B9 449,685 01 . BB
Balt. A
LKsam or KoAM m Mom.
Pcnn’a RniLßoad,3S4 mile*.
N. Y. Central. Uain stem, 298—Syracuse to Niagara 171'—
total 499 mile*. 1
Ned* A Erie, 459 miles.
Baltimore A Ohio, Main stem 379—Washington Branch 39
totid 118 miles.
New Stopping Place. —Blair Furnace, some
three miles-below this station, has been made
a stopping place for the Mail train, when the
proper signal is given by those wishing to get
on at that point, or notice given to the conductor
by those wishing*) get off. This will be a
great convenience to persons redding In that
community, also to those wishing to visit in
In our notice of the .charge of
published last week, an inverted flgnromadeua
saj that.the Fast jhine" at to
turn at 6.6()—it. iiave re«i 9.50.
lay over from
hardly prove agreeable to/jpnawsntgpwns; eon
aider ihottraih the fastest bn i&eroad.
Mow to Oaie SmjATioas.—There is onede-
sirahloXeature Iron ;CoUege, and
notposs . : .express,
and nv*«y pffiefotWWt in procuringdtaatUma
.V-wS r . £=• ■• -nst 11
&ss£hf Binenlir a Pd Tn««». 'tor ftf ftu
'Vae&ttcy occasfonod' ST.? 6
Altoona, Nov. 29'1858.
a 9» «*A. Friend to Improvement” writes
tints:— Wilton, N. H.,Bept. 10,1857.
Haring bad an opportunity .to test the value
of Prof. O. J. Wood’s Hair Restorative, lam
prepared to sey, that it fully make* good its
recommendations, by restoring to mote than its
original Instre, hair that has 'heoonie gray, or
age or lt will the
hair a soft and pliable texture, and whatis of
still greater importance than that, it is restored
to health; it imparts to the whsle system its
renovating, healing properties, and has a'ten
dency to restore health and prolong life, and
give to the aged the appearance of youth. Its
unequalled properties ought to recommend it to
every family. Try it ye who labor under any
disease of the head, and you will hover have to
regret its application.
Caution. —Beware of worthless imitations, as
several are already in the market, called by dif
ferent names. Use none unless the words (Pro
fessor Wood’s Hair Restorative, Depot St. Louis
Mo., and New Y,oric,} are blown in the bottle.-
Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine
dealers, also by Ml Fancy and Toilet Goods
dealers in-the United States and Canada.
Singular Pbovidencb.— Some two or three
weeks ago, Mr. B. G. Eaton, a very worthy cit
izen of this place, accidently ran a splinter into
one of bis hands, but at the time paid no atten
tion to it. It soon grew painfnl, however, and
became worse and worse until mortification su
pervened, when dropsy also manifested itself,
and in some fourteen days after the occurrence
first mentioned be died. He was aged about 65
years; his death occurring on the night of the
25th instant. His illness elicited a lively sym
pathy on the part of his neighbors and acquain
tances, and many mourn his departure -Regular.
Tns Panic—Moke Failures.— The panic in
New York seems to be on the increase. In this
city everything goes on smoothly, and the only
failures we have beard of were the failures to
furnish good fits mode by some inferior clothing
establishments. There is no such difficulty, to
be encountered by those who patronize the
Brown Stone Clothing Hall of Bockhill & Wil
son, Noa, 608 and 606 Gbeshut street, above
sixth. Gentlemen and Youths never fail to pro
cure capital fits at this popular establishment.
The Best Gough Medicine. —One of the
very best Gough Medicines to be found any
where, is Dr. Keyser’s Pectoral Syrup, sold by
G. W. Kessler, at 60 cents per bottle.
See advertisement of Dr. Sondford’s
LIVER INYIGORATOR in another column.
Dailey’s Magical Pain Extractor.
Id all diseases Inflammation moreor less predominates—
now to allay inflammation strikes at the root oT disease—
hence an Immediate core.
and nothing (Vt, will allay inflammation at once, and makt
a certain cure.
will cure the following among a great catalogue of diseases:
Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Chafes, Sore Nippies, Corns, unions,
Bruises, Sprains, Bites, Poison, Chilblains, Biles, Scrofula,
Ulcers, Fever Sores, Felons, Ear Ache, piles. Born Eyes,
Gout, Swellings, Rheumatism, Scald Head, Salt Rheum,
Baldness, Erysipelas, Ringworm, Barbers’ Itch, Small Pox,
Measles, Rash, Ac., Ac.
To some it may appear incredulous that so many diseases
should be reached by one article; such an idea will vanish
when reflection points to the Cut,- that the salvo is a com
bination of ingredients, each and every one applying a per
fect amidote to its appositc disorder.
In its effects to magical, because the tirao is go short bo
tween disease and a permanent com; and it U an extrac
tor, as it draws all disease nut of the affected part, leaving
nature as perfect as before the injury. It is scarcely ne
cessary to say that no house, work-shop, or manufactory
should be one moment without it.
No Pain Extractor !* genuine unless the box has upon it
a steel plate engraving, with the name of Henry Dailey,
Sold by O. W. Kessler, Altoona; George A. Jacobs, Hol
lldaysburg; and hy all the Druggists and patent medicine
dealers throughout the United States and Canadas.
Principal Depot, 165 Chambers street, Sew York.
Nov. 11, 1858-ly C. P. CHACE.
Celebrated Female 1 Tills.
Prepared from a prescription rtf Sir J. Clarke, M. D- Phy
sician Extraordinary to the Queen.
This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cure of all
those painful and delicate diseases to which the female con
stitution is subject It moderates : and removes
all obstructions, and a speedy cure may be relied on. •
i so Maori id Lthtu
.it is peculiarly suited. It will, In a short time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity.
Each bottle, price one doUar.bears theGovernmcnt Stamp
of Great BritaU, topreyent counterfeits.
These PSOs should no i be taken by females during the first
three months of Pregnancy, as they are sure to bring on Mis
carriage, butaiany other Kwe theyan safe.
■ In all caws of Nervous ai|d Spinal Affections, Pain in
the Bock amj Limbs, Fatlgueon slight exertion. Palpitation -
of the Heart, Hysterics and Whites, these Pills will effect
a cure when aU other means have foiled, and althpngh a.
powerful retpedy K do not contain iron, calomel, antimony,
or anything imrtfnl to the constitution.
Full directions in the pamphlet around each package,
which should bo carefully preserved.
Sole Agent for the United States and Canada,
1 JOB MOSES, (late I. C. Baldwin A C 0.,)
Rochester, N. T.
If. 8.—51.00 and S postage stomps enclosed to any an
thorlsed Agent, will insure a bottle, containing 50 pills,
by return mail.
B. L. Fahnestock, Pittsburg, Wholesale Agents jalso, for
sale by aU Druggists. .[June 3,1868.-ly.
The Original andßedinthe World t
AU others ora mere imitations, rad should be avoided. If
you wish to escape ridicule.
.GRAY, BED, or RUSTY HA®- ®Y?d Instantly to a
fud naijiral Brown or Black. without the least
hgjuiy ,to tW Hete'oc Skin.
Fifteen liledalsand Diplomas hAve.been awarded to Wm.
Afßahibeiqr since 1839,saripyer80#)0 applications have
been' madeto thehairof his patrons of his fornons Dye.
•WM.A.AATOHfcLOR’S HAIR DYB produce* a color
not to tw disttiafpaUM frbm.mitmre, apd to wraiuitira not
to injure fatheleait, howevdr long it may be continued,
the nl'etfoet~rf Bad bvar remedied; the Hair Invigo
ijfobvthto flulendld Pro.
Waaa, asM at applied fin > private rooms) at the VOg
Factory, Nqw Yoii.
. Solfrby Dfuggtota In Altoona, rad by in all
1 Am name ■ndrtdreM«i|Mma Bteel
plate , TK r^T l °gn n tonrridaiofeach’Box.of •’
Pitting tpachanh ■no
«df|Se*Bw&; indeed, this is the only
•■ ffiW&swSfe
—i, V • ' • *
Important to — Dr Chbese
uiV Pm*.—The combination of Ingredient* In these
pnU'Wtiw result of aleeg and extensive practice. They
memOd to their operation, and certain to correcting all
irregatoritiee, paiiifkd menstruation*, removing ell oh
■ll linium, whnthrr finriw edd or otherwise, headache, pain
' |a the aide, palpitation of the heart, disturbed sleep, which
always arise ton interruption of nature, inducing with
certainty periodical regularity. Warranted purely vegeta
ble, and See from anything Injurious to Ufeor health. Ex
plicit direction*, which should be read, accompany each
box. Price $l. Seat by mail by enclosing $1 to any
authorized Agent.
B. B. HUTCHINGS, General Agent for the United State*,
166 Chambers street. Hew York.
Xb tritom OB Wholesale order* Ootid he addressed.
gold by Q. W. Reader, Altoona; Goo. A, Jacobs, HolU
daysbnrg; and by all Druggists to the United State*.
Call on the Agent and get a pamphlet toe.
Nov. 18,1858-ly!
In Harrisburg, on the 29th nit, by Bev. D. W. Bartine,
Mr. JEREMIAH K. BELLMAN, of this place to Miss
MARGARET J. WHITS, of Harrisburg.
On the 80th ult n by the Bov. J. Steck, Mr. DANIEL H.
GROTS, of James Creek, Huntingdon On, Pai, to Mi*
MART C. daughter ofJacob Domer, Esq., of Antis Tp, Biatr
On the 12th ult, at the residence of Wm.
Biliman, near Water Street Huntingdon county, PETER
GOOD, sen., aged 77 years and 6 months.
Dry goods,' boots &■ shoes,
NOTIONS, CARPETS, Ac, Ac., Wholesale or Retail,
at the Model. [Dec. 2-3 t
French revisible shawls
are all the rage now, and they may bo found at the
Model Store, very cheap. [Doc. 2-lt
Doc. 2,1868.-U
Labor saved by buying
Ready-Made Marseille* and Linen SHIRT BOSOMS,
at the Model Store. [Dec. 2-lt
The emporium of fashion
for the Ladies of Altoona is the MODEL STORE,
Where can always be had the latest and most desirable
styles in Dross Goods, Cloaks, Glove*, Hosiery, Opera
Hoods, Ac, Ac. ilfec. 2,1858-3 t
Received to-day at the
MOVEL, another large lot of splendid DRESS
GOODS, Ac, to which wo Invite the attention of tho La
dies, and which we now offer at greatly reduced prices, os
we ore determined to convince the people that wo can sell
DRY GOODS cheaper than oar neighbors.
Dec. 2,1858-31 J. A J. LOWTHER.
hereby given that the partnership heretofore exiiV
stwean the undersigned, in the Blaclumitbing busi
ness, was dissolved by mutual consent on the 18th day of
November. All persona knowing thenisdvea indebted to
the firm are requested to make immediate payment.
Doc. 2d. 1868-31,
■old by public outcry, at the residence of Dr. O. D.
1 homos, deceased, in Altoona, on MONDAY, DECEMBER
13th, 1868, the following property, to vrit:—
ONE HOUSE, a lot of HAY, a lot of CORN
in the Ear, MEDICINES, a Cmo of SURGICAL iWU
ALSO —At the farm of the deceased, on the
■ante day, a lot of WHEAT, RYE, CORN and OATS by the
ooshei, HAY by the ton. and CUT WOOD by the cord.
TERMS:—AIT grain and hay cash—the balance on six
months’ credit, with good security.
m. Sale to commence at 10 o’clock A. M.
Dec. 2,1868-21 £?.*??*???.
List of letters remaining
in the Post Office at Altoona, oh the Ist of December,
Askwith, Wm Kennedy John
Armstrong, W C Koonse Barbara
BellßJ \ Latherow Wra
Bmnen Edward Morrisey Tboe
Burkholder Henry Myers Francis
Beats Jane Mayer Chat
Sutler F 3 Merry man Qeo
Bradley Pat’k Mnellcn Mary
Bittle George ~ Marx Nicholas
Balt Ann Myers Henry
Brown Lncinda ♦ McDowell Eliza
Bell Savinia M McLaughlin Mary
Corbett John McCartney John
Campbell Henry McKee Frank
Cox John McLaughlin Patrick
Corbitt Ann McCacbren A
Clemson Esq McCormick Eliza
Chamberlain David Nelson Carotins
Cowen A Durry Norris Henry
Duncan B H O'Brien Mary
Dick C Bulsugh Richard
Donty M Kerne Angaline
Dubany J V Reese Elizabeth
Daugherty Adam Ritchie Jas
Dean Joshna Robison Harry
Gninevan Thus Smith Mieh’l
Oerraty Jos Stimer Mary 0
Oarrahsn Thoe Shingle Andrew
GUaher Anthony Selby C W
Huber Daniel Thompson John
Hall £ D Tilard M V
Hoover 0 8 Topper Mary Ann
Hpck J O Walker Andrew 2
Jackson Anna Wltworth Susan
Kennedy R J Watkins Jesse
Kneass S Wesley John
Kauffman L Zimmerman Reuben
Persons calling fer letters on this list will please say
«advertised/* JOHN SHOEMAKER, P. M.
The globe—the official pa
per OF CONGRESS. —I taall publish the Doily
Globe, and the Congressional Globe and ' Appendix daring
the next session ofOongress. The Daily Globe will con
tain a report of the debates in- both branches of Congress
as down by reporters equal, at least, to any corns of
short hand writers in this or. any other country, when
the debates of a day do not make more than 45 columns,
they shall appear in the Daily Globe qf'the next morning,"
which will contain also, the news of the day, together, with
such editorial articles os may be suggested by passing
The Congressional Globe and Appendix will contain a
report of all the debates in Congress, revised by the' speak
ers, the Messages of the President of the United States, the
Annual Reports of the Heads of the Executive Depart
ments, the Reports of Committees of Congress on important
subjects of general interest, the Laws passed during the
session, and copious indexes to all. They will bo printed
on a double royal sheet, in book form royal quarto size,
each number containing 16 pages averaging 2307 words per
page. The whole will make between 1700 and 2000 pages,
ftl, believed that no book has ever been published st so
low a rate. Last year I advertised In the Daily Globe, for
six'months, and in about one hundred other newspapers in
the U. 8-a reward of $226 to be paid to any person who
wonld produce a book published fit so low » rate, and none
was produced. Die large number of copies subscribed for
by Congress enables me to afford the debates to subscri
bers •> cheap. ... ,
The Congressional Globe and Appendix pass free through
the malls of the United States.' as will be seen by reading
the following Joint Resolution passed by Congress the 6th
offAngust,lBs2: ' J
Joint Resolution providing for the distribution of the
laws of Congress and debhtes therein.
With a view to the cheap circulation of the laws of Con
gress and the debates contributing to the'trim interpreta
tion thereof and to make free the communication between
the representative and constituent bodies.
Be it resolved by the Senate 1 and House of Rcprcscnta
tives of the United States of America in Congren, assem
bled. ThMftom and after the present session of Congress,
the Congressional Globe and Appendix, which contain the
laws and debates thereon,"shall pass free through the malls
soionxas the fome shall Be publish*! by order ofOofc
cress: Provided. That nothing herein shall be construed
Daily Globe free olpost-
Approved; August 6th,lBS2^ a
For a copy of the Daily Globe fonr months, tJOO
For a copy for a less time (per month) ■ *
For a copy iff the Congressional Glow and Appendix to
ring the session,
Dank notes, current in the section of country where a
subscriber resides, will bo received at
any nut of a euhscription may be remitted in portage
stamps which areprefcrable to ray currency exorat gpld
Jnmr. Where bank notes under $5 cannot bo pro
cured, I will send two coplosfor $6. r ", ;.. ;■
wni not be aeut nnlem the money accompanies
Globe and Appendix.willbestereo-
shell he AMe to randthebaektram-,
skmooßuhences; but If the first edition raaß “re brans*-
boosted before the subscription wonpy foreylyed.fshldl
charge ffl additional per copy, to pay the 'expense of ptrt
■ Mt'tS
DwelUngHooee sad Lotpf Ottrand, With welfof.
■ )
More than 500,000 bottles
The Restorative of Prot O. J. Wood Ibrßeetorlng hair
perfectly and permanently, has ncveryet toularhrd,vol
081 jtftcr roloxne isigtit bo cim uufttU pivti of tbo
world and from the most intelligent to psora that <( ft«
perfect Restorative; bat read the circular and Jroa cannot
doubt; read also the following.
1 09- The Bair .—People hard for eonturie* been afflieted
with bald head* and the only remedy, heretofore known,
iiM u« Uif »tiMiiiMiii« wp. By a recent discovery of
frotomWMd theoeartiolmMotemg tort With,
but a gnat many persona still patronise mem, because
they have been so often imposed upon by Hair lonleeor
different kinds. To all such persons we eanwstlymafce
the request, that they will try once again, for in Wood’s
Restorativethere fa no snch thingas foil. We know of a
lady who wae bald, who used the article a short time, and
her head is now covered completely with the'tiniest and
most beantifhl emls imaginable, We know of numerous
cases where Sftr-Vp rapidly falling out; which it restored
in greater perfection than it ever had been before.
It is also without doubt one of . the best articles for kee|>
ing the hair in good condition, making it soft and glossy,
removing dandruff;and bps proved itself the greatest ene
my to all the ills that hair is heir to.
It 1* the duty of every one to improve their personal ap
pearance though some may differ in regard to the ways of
doing it; but every ope Will admit that <* beautiful head of
hair, either to manor woman, is am object much tobede
sired. and there are pd means that should he left untried to
obtain such a consideration.—HLswm’s Advocate. Phila.
Coshocton, Obits Nov. 17, 1860.
0. J. WOOD A CO.—Gents: As I have been engaged to
selling your Hair Restorative the last season for one of.
your focal agents (K. M. Hscklnson.) mi id haring expert
enced the beneficial effectsof It. myself, | would Hketo ob
tain an agency for the State of Ohio or some State in th#
West, should you wish to make eueh an arrangement,** I
ani convinced then it nothing equal to it in the United States,
for restoring Vie hair. I have been engaged in the Drug
business for several years, and have rad various prepara
tions for the hair; bit have found nothing tha^restores the
secretive organa or Invigorates the scalp as S'eli r |(ww>
being fully convinced that your restorative is wtaiyon
represent it to be, I would like to engage in the sale of it,
for lam satisfied it must sell. Yours
Waylqnd, Mass, Feb. 6,1867.
PROF. 0. J. WOOD * CO, —Gents; Haying realised the
good effects of your Hair Restorative, I wish to state, that
finding my hair growing thin, u well aa * waa m*
duced from what I read and hoard, to try the article pre
pared by you, to promote Its growth and change IU color
as it was in youth, both of which it lias effected complete*
ly. In the operation I hare used nearly three
Tours Ac., JAMES fKAKUo*
O. J. Wood * Co., Proprietors 312 Broadway, New York,
(In the great N. Y., Wire RaiiiUg Establishment,) and XU
Market St., St. Louis, Mo. ' . . „ .
For sale by O. W. KESSLER, Altoona, and by all good
Druggists. [June 3, 1868-ly.
Head quarters for low
for past favors, the subscriber
respectfully beg leave to inform the-cltizcns of this
place and vicinity that be baajust received and opened bis
Stock of
which So will sell at very low prices lor cash. It consists
in part of
Delaines, Robes, Pcr» de Chenes, plain Mertnos,
figured and striped Merinos, H 00l Plaids, Union
Plaids, English Merinos, black and fancy
Silks, Shawls of every description ; Sheet- '
ings. Muslins, Flannels, Cassimeres, Sat~
tine/ts, Oinghams, Chintz, Hosiery ,
Qloves, Embroideries embracing
Collars, Setts, Bands, Insert
ings. Edgings, in fine,
every article of La
dies Wear.
Also—An excellent aeeortment of fauhtonable Queen*
ware, G law-ware, Earthenware, Ac.
BOOTS ami SHOES of all sizes, qualities and etylra.—
Ladies* and Misses* Shoes and Gaiters.
The v«ry host assortment of GROCERIES may be found
at this establishment.
Come on«>! como all I! and examine the abore stock.
Altoona, Oct. 14, 1858. J. B. 11l LEMAN.
—Noshr-ec —not so long as McCOKMICK keeps
store in Altoona, and brings such handsome goods as be
did this fall. It is the wonder of every person how he
can tell such beautiful goods at such low prices, but the
-stc~ is casilv solved—he knows what the people of Al
toona want and ho wh '' re to buv
in the city to enable him to sell cheap At homo,
rr FTT? T A TITT?Q arc respcctluliy invited to call
A Ui-J DAL/lJaiJ an( j examine the rich stock of
plain and fancy DRESS GOODS which he has selected ex
pressly to suit their wants, embracing everything they re
quire from a fifteen dollar shawl down to a stick of whale
bone or r>»w of pins.
tnblishment an ex
cellent assortment of BOOTS and SHOES. CLOTHS, CAS
SIMKBES. and everything in that line—also, axes, saws,
augers and various mechanical implements, together with
a superb lot of segars and tobacco.
stock ot GROCERIES ever brought to the town of Altoo
na, which will be sold at os reasonable prices ns they can
be had elsewhere. Como and examine and price, and yon
my save money thereby. ,
YTVTTRVRnnV 13 Invited to call and examine
JD V Xj.LV A Xj\JU X onr magnificent assortment of
good, goods and cheap goods, and we will exhibit them
with pleasure, making no charge if you do not bny.
Altoona, Nov. 11,1858.
EST and most complete ASSORTMENT OF GOODS
that has ever been offered in Altoona.
His Stuck consists of in part, a large assortment of
Such as French Merinos, assorted colors;
' all-wool Plaids, Delaines in every
style; Cloaks, Shawls,
And a genera] assortment of Dry Goods for winter. Also|
Boots, Shoes, Hats, v Caps, Ac.
His Stock of GROCERIES is very large, and
he is prepared to sell Wholesale at Philadelphia pricey
freight only added.
Cash buyers will And they can save money by ex
amining his stock before purchasing elsewhere.
Altoona, Nov. 18,1868.-6 m f
bers will sell at private sale, all that
valuable business stand with J
and Lot ofOronid, fronting 60 fret on RHIiW
Virginia street and extending back 110 ItHHAIB
to a 20 fret alley, hv the flourishing
of Altoopa. The Improvements aronl! nearly new and the
stand fin-business as good as any in the place. Tt'wlUbb
sold in two lots, of 25 foot each, or the whole together to
salt purchasers. The property Is now occupied hy Dr. J.
T Christy. Possession will bo given on the Ist day Of
April, 1859, when a good and clear iltlo will ho given;
Should the property not be sold by the Ist of January
next, it will then be offered for rent for. one year. !
The terms will be made easy to suit the times. For fate
thcr information apply to Wm. F. Sellers, Sabbath Reel,
Blair Co, Pa- or to the subscribers at Pottstown, Mont
gomery Co- Pa. T DANIEL GILBERT, !
Novemberll,lBsB-4t. TOBIAS SELLERS, j i
or tows um In the town of PATTERSON, Juniata
Co- will commence on MONDAY, DECEMBER 6,1858 i-f
Three Lots are eligibly situated and worthy the attention
of ail who desire a cheap home. . •
Patompit (opposite Mirrun) to one of the most thri
ving towns in onr State, and being the site of one of the
largo Machine Shops of the Pennsylvania Railroad, far
ntohes an abundant demand for labor of aU kinds. Now'to
the time for Artizans of ail descriptions to secure a bouts
in this rapidly gro^jWTO.
N. B.—Terms will he made known on day of sale, Pate
meats will be made eesy. For farther information apply
to * J. MIDDAOH, '
Nov. 18,1858-ts, Patterson, Juniata co- Pa,
MKNTABY to the estate of’Dr. G. D. THOMAS,
latoof Altoona Borough, deceased, base beev granted to
the subscribers, All persons indebted to Hie Said Estate Are
repnested to make immediate payment, OTid those having
claims or demands against the estate of the said decedent
will make known the same .without d'-lay tooneoftbo nn
denigned. The Books and Aocnap-'cs are to the handsof
Johnßhoemaker, of Altooha, on»:or the Bx’rs. lbr tmnto
dlate settlement. JOItN BHOKMAKKB; _ ;
Altoona, Pto,
jambs ;
Altoona, Kor.
-I¥l dSSiONED has Jnsl reoeioed ja fresh supply of
jss. a szrg.
please airs the a call be tore pnrcbaalngetoewhere, as I am
SSSS to seu as Cheap as &ey can be had in town.
-Ewr.4, >M»-y T. ELWAY*
J\ —tan •» hereby otttoredto' jw *r
mania(krtoroid>' of AltonMi' W SilUUiTi IB
SSS»«etrfetoAf. BL, in foil uniform,
* i' ~
? -a
T6i CilKbratko Holland bxmkdt wotf
StiSSSil A.
Liver oomplai nt, 1
* •' i ,
And the various aSSctioM upon a ton Awl
Such ms Indiasstion, Acidity of th« Stomach, Colicky PafcM,'
lieartbnrm, Los* of Appetite, Despondency, CWwftftft!
Blindan*.StartingPOes*. InatlJitnoghßlwiftiUtnii
Neuralgic km In numeroui tostaacae proysd
benelcU, ud in other* (ActM f
• This is • purely vegetable compound, prepared on attrgUfi
scisntific principle*, after the manner of the otkbMM,
Holland Professor, Boerhavo: Becnftdf it* great eaeoeaft
In,the meet of the European Btatee,it* Introduction into
the United State* erne intended more especially ibr those
of our fetherland scattered hero and there on r the tea at.
thU mighty country. Meetiugwilh. mat aneoet* ageqngi
them,.! now offer it to the Americau.Dnhlio, knowing
its truly wonderful medical virtues oust be acknowledged.-
~It ia particularly recommended to those pomme whose
constitution* may have been impaired by the cootinWon*
u*e of ardent spirit*, or other twins of dissipation., Q»«r.
rally iuetsfltaiwougin find* its way dirscUyAfcth*. ;
seat of life, thaiUpgand quickening every ncrve. raialiig, /
up. the drooping spirit* and, in fact, infusing new beam
aud vigor in the system. .
CACTION.—The great popularity of this delightful Am
-ina has induced tparyf JffijtatiQps,,. which, the public should
guard against purohaaiag.' Be .not persuaded to bMuaay
thing else until yon have given Boerhave’s Holland Btttsn.
a fidr trial. One bottle will,convince yon how Inflnhalp
superior it Is to ail these Uni tat ions. .
■ Kg' Bold at gl.oo per bo-‘thy of six bottles for th, by the
soil pwairtbji*, > ,
Manufacturing PharmacmtUU and Chtm/uU,
T. W. Dyott A Bona, Philadelphia; Beraos A Park, .Raw.
York; John D. Park, Cincinnati; BariiaFd.Adanw.AOm,,-
St. Louis; A. EODSH, Altoona, Pa. And M Jnmgfefih .
aud Merchants generally throughout the United--Stal**
and Canadas. . [October 14,ISMc-ly
AN independent daily newspaper, -
Dnofcil especially to interaU qf lynntylrania. f
Containing important Telegraphic Now* € rirtfai Auers M
advance of (At morning (MeinA), yprelgnand
Domestic WallsnlK
Jects, and Full Report! trfjll pgm oCthst <4*7,
The Cummeicial and Financial Departments are foil, and
ore carefally attended to.
As an Adrertislng Medium thsreis no better paper
in the State, the circulation being next to the largest In
the city, and among the most intelligent and inOocnUal of
the population.
No. 112 South Third 8t n Philadelphia,
A HAiaWOMAWItt-MUKI, .......
I* pnttWwd by the Propttbtot* U the tblWlnf enpreo*.
deutty foWrAedf
1 copy, on* year, • •' - • ........ aa:
Scupie*, do |qo,.
13 do do 1000,
20 ,do do 1600:
CO wl Cj' .j.., •• 90 00,
100 do do ••• 60 00
The forfeit club (over 100) will be ifent for Dire* j/tan.-...
The next-Urgeet dab (aver 100) will be cent for jIyMUtK
AddrcM, CVHMIKaS A PEACOCK, Proprietor*. ..
nov 20 No. 113 South Third *t, Philadelphia .
Look out fob your heads j
—The subscriber would Inform tb« in- flMfe
habitants of this place and vicinity that be .
bas jan received the latest styles of
among which may bo found, thp best piacltMoto Bbln and
Silk Hats, Black and different colored wool liftt*, Caps of
alt styles and.nrlces, for racnand bow. Persons in wont of
anything in the above line wiilfi milt to, Mi)WtS|l
to call on the subscriber before purchasing' elsewhere.' .•' ■
He has also on hand an excellent assortment of Radies’
FURS, of different colors and prices. Those in trant of
the article shonld call at once. ' ... \
Store on Virginia street, apposite the Lutheran church. .
Altoona, Oct 14, 1858,-ly r JESSE SlftnC
oqd.l’Mi best fits ri first
\T R.WpJ' FITS 11I—Yor n good' Siting and well-mad#
COAT, calf on Jr.SXVDWL
For on excellent filling VEST, by all meant call on
For PANTALOON'S that can’t be beat for fit and
call on u , J. SNIDER. ,
Come, kind readej, if ypn want to dress in a (fashionable
style, call at myjlhpi* ogfpalfo.npllrliwfe, bat close to Al
toona Banking House. Look not foe the picture with my
name Maw. JACOB BKTDKB, Tanas.
Altoona, Oct. 14,14,1868.-Iy .
Office inunediaiely opposite the iufjtfnm
Church, on Virginia street'. Teeth extractadwithoM
pain, by means of electricitv—no humbug. A stndsnt who
can corae well recommended for morality and possesess'a
good EngUah education, will be token." [Sept. Sj'W-ly.
Boot and shoemaker.—the
subscriber reepectfiiliy Informs, the ditlsbnk of
na and vicinity that he stttl cbntlnoosto nisirtiMWW'
Boots and Shoes of every doscriptiofi, on the shortest vp
tice,at his sbop on Main Street next door toftib TW|mM
office.' His work is done np In thebest of style, andean
pot foil to give setlsifactJon. Only Live him a colt'
Nov. 4, IWSv-ly., L. IUCK ARDS.
I / SPECTFULLt- offers his profosalonaljgMK
services to .the people of Altoona and the
Joining country.- .
He may be found at the office haretofora oc-' :
copied by Dr. G. I>. Thomas. ,
Altoona, Sept 80,1858.-41
Blair county issubancs
AGESCTj—The undersigned, A rant of the Blair
County Mutual Fire Insurance Company, it at dl :
times ready to insure against lotfor donugeby fire, AsW
cHptipivin town or country, »t os reason*!* *** os an*
Oompov SfoMi Office fa, the -p.
Take notice, that the a&
SESSION? No. IV m4* by tha LrMmitift Mitiiti
Insurance Compute, hrßlaif county ,i* pmut umi of
May IS, 185$. JOHN BUQSMAf^rr
Altoona, July 15,1890. . . J&pdfar; .
K_J dcnricned ha* on hahd * lotrf Settcca which ha ip)
■Dll cheap for Cash* ’■ JOHN
March 2«f.J ' Maaodfc Tnaiplal _
JTBSIA-t* cooling Cathartic, mild Id it( pparatlop
and agreeable to thetas te, prepared and for sale by. .
Jnne!M,lBsB.-tf A, ROUSH, Druggbt. ;
mington Pm Nats In More and female fiy ■ ■
March 25, ’6B-lyJ 191 North Third strait, PfUqffen -
Lumber for sale.
80,000 SHINGLES, 50,000 LAT&& ‘
and all kinds of BUILDING MATERIAL, lower than tha
lowest, for Cash. Apply to JOHN
now oectapiod by J. A j. LOWtllEll, Wifi ha'fof
Kent hy tlm 16th of October next. - -
Sopt. 23,1858. WM. M. W>TP,
of writing done at the shortest notice*—OsadS, IbA
gagas, Ac, executed in the noatest mariner by .K., :, /f
Jan. MBST-tfcl Masoaie lampla, IHo**. *
O* / etea)i« add for' 00a by ; ■■ |f