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    Cjri JMtoima Criknt.
THOkSMT, DEC. 2, 1868.
tQto'Where pcrtiii are unknown to U4,oUrrulefor adver
tising is to require payment ihi advance, oragnarsn toofrom
known penanc It UthßCVlore oWI mb tor aU tueh to send
«* advsnlMments offering to pay at the end of three or six
months. Where advertisements are accompanied with the
money, whether one, five or ten dollars, we will give the
advertiser the fall benefit of cash cates.
Advertising Agents, 119 Nassau street. New York, and
ID State street,' Boston, are the Agents for the Altoona
Tribmtt, and the most influential and largest circulating
Hewsgaperp in tho United States and the Canadas, they
are authorised to contract for ns at oar knout rater.
is the season -of the year at which the
above diseaaesarc the most prevalent in
tljis part of r the country, and in so many
cases baffle the skill of our best physcians,
we give the following remedy which'we
find in a late number of the Scientific
American , hoping that we may thereby
aid in relieving the suffering. The paper
referred to, which, by the way, is in all
cases reliable, states that Mr. \Vitt, a
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, I
has published a pamphlet in which he
states that bicarbonate of ammonia is a
specific for the cure of scarlet fever and i
measles. He cites Dr. Peart, of Liver- 1
pool, and other practitioners, who have
never lost a case out of hundreds, since
adopting this' remedy. Two drachms of
the bicarbonate of ammonia are dissolved
~in five ounces of water, and two tablespoon
fuls of the solution given every two, three,
or four hours, according to the urgency of
the symptoms. No acid drink must be
taken, but only water, or toast and water.
The system is to be moved by a dose of
calomel if necessary; The room must be
Well ventilated, but the patient protected
from the slightest cold or droit. Gargles
should also be employed for clearing the
throat* The ammonia seems to counteract
the poison which causes scarlatina, and
also aote on the system by diminishing the
frequency and at the same time increasing
the strength of the pulse. We do not
pretend to understand medicine, and there
fore givethe above remedy as -we .find it,
leaving it with our physicians to form an
estimate of its value, aud give it a trial if
they "think it worthy.
Again.—A few days since we were the
recipient of another favor from those lib
eral publishers, Messrs. T. B. Peterson &
Brothers, of Philadelphia, in the shape of
a copyof Miss Fredrica Bremer’s last work,
entitled “TheFobb Sisters.” We have
not had time to peruse it, but we are wil
ling toj take the word of Robert Morris,
as to its merits. He says “it is in the
best style of its charming authoress. We
arc sure that every lover of a pure and
healthy literature will welcome,this trans
lation by Mary Howitt, of this last story
of the gentle and ainiable Swcediah&uthor
ess. The,purity of the writings of Miss
Bremer, their sympathetic power, and the
excellent morals which she ever inculcates,
renders her novels welcome to the family
circle. They teach patience, affection and
endurance in such a manner as to Improve
and gratify every mind. The style is
glowing, the sentiments are pore, and the
Four Bisters may be read with pleasure as
well as profit by all classess of society.—
We specially recommend it as a story
which it will do any one good to read.
The price of it is but 51. 25, and copies of
it will be sent, free of postage ,to any one,
by the .publishers, T. B. Peterson & Broth
ers, on sending that amount to them in a
letter.” '
lar Lady’s Magaaine will be greatly im
proved 4br 1859. It will contain nearly
1000;pages; from 25 to SO steel plates;
and about 800 wdbd engravings. : Idas.
AiorS. Btkph£NS, author of “Fashion
andFunine,” and Charles J.Pjetjbesok,
author Kate Ayleaford,” ate its Edi
tora/and for it. Each
will give a new JSToyelet next ; and
they wiU beasaißted’by all the bestfemale
writers* “ Peterson’s MagasineV is indis
peusjbJh to every lady. Its Fashions are
magnificent; its Patterns for
f the ite Bppsehold Beceipts,
&cl, almost countless, The . price is but
Twq PoLLABkB a year, or a dollar leas than
yffygariwfta ofitg jplass. It it the Magazine
forthe timet* fp Club r s'it is cheaper still;
via; %ee com# fox 85, or eight for 810;
witb a eplendid premium. to the person
getting up the Club. Specimens sent
gratis. Address Chas. J. PetorSon. 3,06‘
Chestnut street, Philadelphia.
The Gouldy Family. —Prom a tele
graphic dispatch in the Harrisburg Tele--
graph fin learn that Min; Gouldy has so
far her wounds aa to he
Considered ohtlbf danger. Mr* Gouldy
*8 also in a fair wey for recovery. One of
the wounds upon his head has entirely
healed, imt the others, arestill Very sore.
The brain protrudes to the size of a wal
nut, but the attending physicians confi
dently assert thathe will finally be restored
to health. Mr. Gouldy has not yet been
informed of the suicide of his son. Young
Nathaniel is convalescent, being able to
sit up in bed and converse. Charles is al
so better,'hot makes slow progress. The
servent girl Murphy is still in the New
York Hospital, where every attention is
paid to her. The doctors believe she will
Our readers will remember that this is
the family so brntally attacked by the el
dest son, who afterwards committed sui
cide, of which we gave an account some
time since, as happening in New York
Pacific Railroad. —An exchange
says that a petition has been prepared, and
is in circvilation for signatures, praying
Congress to provide for the construction
of a double track Railroad from the At
lantic to the a collateral tele
graph,—“ the work to be done by ten dis
tinct companies, in as many sections, each
being paid in shares of one hundred mil
lions of dollars as its work may be done.
No lands are to be given; none bat Ameri
can iron and other materials of American
manufacture most be used ;—the fare for
through passengers must never exceed
three-fourths of a cent per mile; and the
whole work must be completed within five
years. For the construction of a road
upon these conditions, the petitioners say
they will ever pray.’ 7 We think it will
require a great many long prayers to ef
fect the passage of such a bill, and double
as many more, and twice as long, to build
tbc road after the bjll has passed.
WS ** On the 13th ult., the publishers of
the Atlantic Monthly issued in book form,
the “ Autocrat of the Breakfast Table,”
written by Oliver Wendell Holmes. The
Inimitable articles composing this work
were furnished by the author and pub
lished in the magazine above named, and
from the general reading they have had,
it would be surperfluoua for us “to say any
thing in praise of the “ Autocrat.” No
contributions to Magazines, cither in Eng
land or America, have ever attained such
instant and universal popularity. They
have hit the public at a point where all
men agree; and it is because they arc full
of the nature that makes all men kin.—
The work is bound in one volume of 350
pages, in handsome style, with character
istic illustrations. Price 81. Phillips,
Sampson & Co., Boston.
American Enterprise. —No race of
people under £un possess the spirit .of
enterprise to be found among the people
of the United States, and especially those
of the New-England States.- Lieut. Strain
says that in crossing die plains from'Men*
doza to San Luis, in South'America, he
met an intelligent American, who had
crossed the Andes and pushed his way
thus far into the unfrequented regions of
ithe South. The reader, with Lieut. Strain,
will readily suppose that science bad led
an enthusiastic votary to undertake this
distant tour info the semi-civilized regions,
and his astonishment will not be greater
than the Lieutenant’s, when he found that
the traveller was an agent for an Ameri
can patent medicine.
Heavy Verdict.—We learn from the
Pittsburgh True Press , that in a case just
fiuished'in the Court of Common Pleas of
Westmoreland county, there has been a
heavy verdiot giyen against the Pennsyl
vania Rail Road Company. The case was
brought by an employee of the road, for
injuries received from some carelessness
of some, of the'other hands on the train—
his leg being smashed. The caae was tried
by (ien. William A. Stokes, in his usual
able manner, for the Company ; mid by
Hon. H, B. Foster, for the Plaintiff. Af
ter a protracted, wearisome sitting of some
days, the case was ended by a verdiet for
tiho I Plaintiff against the .Company, for
PeBT Peterton’t Counterfeit Dctectqr fox
Deoemberiabefore us, containing fhll m
formation in relation to all worthless, bro>
ken and doubtful banks, together with a
description of some 66 new counterfeits
which have lately been put in circulation.
This is one of the neatest and best Detec
tors and Bank Note Lists now published.
No business man should be ‘without it. >.
. tfST Hie House of Bishops of the Epis
copal Church in the United States, have
♦ * . ... • •* . , » *. ■ < ♦ \n - -
issued a Pastoral in favor of
al a new Episoopal hymn
book, for the purpose, jb soon tobepro
WoF See the new advertisemeatsoftheModeL
IfST Comfortable—Warm stow during the
last fowidays-
A cool opcratien—‘-making fires iheee
mornings. - ■ .*■- •/>
10"* The New Gmrant and the Coal
City &srabave been united.
tfSr Theman who bad aplond npon ia blow
has since been mist i
SamMedaiy, qf Ohio, has accepted the.
appointment of Governor of Kansas.
gg£» The religion that costs ns nothing is
worth exactly What it costs.
jgr Men cannot expect to take pleasure
unless the; are willing to take pains.
Soldiers—remember the election for
.Brigade Inspector, on Satnrday week.
py- Attorney Oen. Black has decided that
the capital of Kansas most remain in Lecomp
W%— Port of the personal property of Dr.
Thomas, dec’d, will be sold at public sale on the
18th inst See advertisement.
jyy The Gettysburg papers state that the
Railroad to that place will he opened in the
course of a week.
If the mind is not laid out anti cultiva
ted like a garden, it will be overgrown with
ggy Why are ladies like bells I Because
you never find out their metal until you give
them a nng.
ggk, A coquette is said to be an imperfect
incarnation of Cupid, as she keeps her beau,
and not her arrows, in a quiver.
The heavy bonking firm of Robt. J. Bose
& Co., of Philadelphia, has been dissolved, in
consequence of the late illness of Mr. Boss.
A down East editor has got such a cold
in his head, that the -water freezes Oil his face
when he undertakes to wash it.
jgvgy* The majority in the State of New York,
at the late election, against calling a Constitu
tional Convention, was nearly 40,000.
fig£»The oldest piece of furniture, is the
multiplication table. It was constructed more
than two thousand years ago, and is yet as good
as new.
SSP* Hugh Darkness, of Maltern, 111., on the
80th nit, whilst in a fit of delirium tremens,
set his house on fire, and himself, wife and
child were burned to death.
Horrible.—The Harrisburg Patriot and
Union states that a peculiar disease, which
causes the unfortunate victims to “ scratch for
a living,” has. broken,out in that town.
The Select and Common- Councils of
Philadelphia have passed an ordinance for the
removal of the market houses from Market St.
All that is*now .required is the s : gnatare of the
ffgy Cheating the Tailor.—Humboldt says
that he met one day, In his travels, with a na
ked Indian, wbo bad, painted his body so as to
represent a blue jacket and browsers with black
buttons. '
At the Convention of Bail Rood En
gineers, held at Louisville, Ky.„ on the 10th alt,
it was resolved to petition Congress for an Act
of incorporation. The next Convention will be
held in Pittsburg. : '
jgp- A Heavy Yield.—At the late Agricultu
ral fair at Brookville, Indiana, there was exhib
ited a tomato vine thirteen feet in height, from
the first three feet a bushel of tomatoes hod been
The ugliest of trades, stud Jerrold, have
their momenta of pleasure. Now, if I were a
grave digger, or even a hangman, there ore some
people I could work for with a great deal of
tSf* *• I know lata a perfect bear in my man
ners,” said a young farmer to his sweetheart
“ No, indeed, yon are,not John; yon have .nev
er hugged me yet * Yof are more sheep than
bear.” ’ >
ggjg- The Johnstown Echo notices the appear
ance of a crazy woman in thpt place, a few days
since, whose actions denoted her the same we
noticed spine tune Since, She shonld be looked
after by her friends, if she has any.
The chess tournament played by tele*
graph, between the Philadelphia and New York
playenv has resulted in a draw game, which is
considered> victory for the Philadelphians,.as
the New Yorkers hod the first move.
tgk» Information has reached Washington in
such form as to piece the fact beyond question
that a large number of Mexicans have entered
into a league to revolutionise that State, with a
view to its annexation to the United States.
A derrick gave way on Thursday morn
ing last at the new hotel in course of erection
opposite the Girard House, Philadelphia, and
fell on one of the Workmen, killing him instant
ly, and seriously wounding another.
; a fireoccurred a t Johnstown, on Mon
day night of last week, which destroyed a large
boose belonging to the Cambria Iron Company,
and occupied by four families. It is not known
how the fire, originated. Loss about $2,600. —
No iiutnranee. , ;
gQu Hon. Thomas L.' Harris, member, of
Congress from Illinois, died on the 26th nit, of
consumption. Mri H.-'was a man of fair abili
ties, of steadfast integrity, and popular among
the mosses for the noble stand token '- by him
against the Leconipton swindle, last winter. .
tST A in his
poverty as foUo^rs.;-—“l?ben 1 first came to
Detroit, I was in perfect rags; the smallest bode
in my shirt was the one I stuck my head thro*,
and havatiiat, my only shirt washed
- gSL Hung ry * Hob.—A mannamed Myere
was wamtonly ; and kihed 'sd^H^lidbah
jjs ■•••. ■‘--w 5 -,v»vu>w«»Sß
?“•* h 7 *
ams. The citixbm immedlately assetobleA
■ i* -i.'i‘ i -f- ' , , * • ■ 1 -ji Si-'
seised Adsint Csl struiyj’ Min vp fa. se‘ : firjli
r»j|uiAi lndian*, Df. BMleyAi*
covered »n owUurking in the viaioityof bis
baa, aodraaigto tbsJ&m after his gua to
shoot H. As he wont towards the door, on his
way ont with the gun, hod U cooked, mnule be
hiind hh£, it went oflj footing the wifh and
child of Dr. Bailey, and his raster and her child
—in all font, not one of whom will probably re
cover, The gan was loaded with buok-ehot.
j; JBP*A Literary Curiosity.—We ted m «
exchange the following couplet. In whidh a part
of the letters do double service: • /
car t h d die ahd p '
A sed iendrought eath ease
hies fir b, hr 'and
ffgtf"' “ Where was the man stabbed 7” stud
the excited Irishman to a physcian. “He was
stabbed an inch and a half to the left of the
medium line, and about an inch above the um
bilicus,” was the reply. • “ 0 yes; I understand
now. But I thought it was near the Court
House.” -
The Buffalo Lodge of the Sons of Malta
recently appropriated one thousand dollars, to
be devoted to charitable purposes in that city,
daring the present Winter. If deeds of charity
like this constitute the great mission of the Sons
of Malta, the blessings of thousands will de
scend upon them.
A man in Buffalo, New York, wears n
most rare and ancient cariosity in the shape of
a wooden watch, only onp hundred and fifty-six
years old! It was made by Casper Gloz Stat
ion, in Bwitserland, in 1702. The pinions and
verge ore of steel; the barrel, main and stope
wheels are composed of brass, and so is the bal
ance. The rest of the watch is entirely of wood,
including the cose. x
JgyThe seat of Life.—M.Brown Sepuard, in
a recent lecture before the Royal College of
Physicians and Surgeons) London, stated that
he had found a spot in thp brain, not larger than
the head of a pin, which if merely touched by
a foreign body, produces death as insaantane
oualy os if the individual had been struck by
wide-a-wake lady.—A lady was detec
ted, a few days since, pocketing a package of
gloves in a store in Cincinnati. When charged
with the theft, she burst into tears and tendered
n $2O bill in payment. The merchant took bat
$5, and gave her $l5 in change. On counting
the cosh at night, that $2O bill was found to be
a counterfeit “ Phoney the pheelinke” of that
store-keeper. _
Well, friend McPike, pre-haps the fiery
covering of your cranium had something to do
with the illumination spoken of, nevertheless,
the profile beneath it - wore such an agreeable
expression that we mistook the cause. It will
afford us pleasure to sample the “ sabstantials”
.you promise, at an early day. We are glad to
know that you don’t “ eat yourself,” os we could
not find in our heart to detract from your di
mensions, cannibalistically.
“ Hasheesh” Eating at Peinceton College
—Attempted Suicide or a Student. —A cor
respondent of the Newark Advertuer, writing
from Princeton, N J , under date of the 24 th
lust., says:
“A tremendous excitement was created hi ts
last night by the announcement that a member
of the Senior Club, Mr. C. fl., had made an at
tempt to hang himself. He bad a few days
before perused the famous work of Ludlow, en
titled ‘ The Aasheesh Eater,’ and yesterday af
ternoon, notwithstanding the persuasions of his
friends to the contrary, determined to experi
ment with this' dangerous drug. Of a delicate
constitution, the quantity he swallowed, al
though within that prescribed by the antbor of
the work, was productive of the most injurious
results. Escaping from two of his class mates
while under its influence, and imagining, as be
himself states since his recovery, that he had
been sentenced to be hung and appointed his
own executioner, he endeavored with his neck
erchief to carry out this insane project, and
would probably have accomplished tills purpose,
had not the aforementioned persons, who were
searching for him, discovered the body before
respiration hod entirely ceased.
He was conveyed tp his room, and through
the exertions of Hr. J. S. Schenck, who was
promptly on the spot, soon restored.
Honor to the Beats; —Lieut. General Scott
is about to bo the recipient of a beautiful pres
ent from the Scott Legion of Philadelphia, It
consists of a guilt frame, oyer three feet high
by nearly thrae feet wide, richly embellished
with carving and filagree work,' and contains the
certificate Of membership of Lieut. Gen. Scott
in the Legion. The plate is’ lithographed and
printed in colors. On the, top is a likeness of
Gen. Scott in a medallion, draped wish two
American flags and two regimental flags bearing
the arms of Pennsylvania. On each ride, on «
pedestal, is a member of the Legion, in the blue
uniform worn in Mexico, one standing at a
“rest” and the other at “support arms.” The
pedestal contain the nagnes of the principle bat
tles fought in Mexico* Tapering up along each
side of the plate ore two palmetto trees, colored
true to nature, and at the bottom are bunches
of the prickly pear of Mexico. The bottom of
the plate contains a representation of the Scott
Region monument in Glenwobd Cemetery; and
in the back-ground appears a battle scene, the
storming of the Castle of Cbapnltepec. The
certificate is filled up with the name of the
General in a very neat style of penmanship, and
: is signed by the officers of the Legion.
A Destsocxivb Tobsado.— The Paulding
(Mississippi) Clarion says that a very violent
and-destructive hurricane passed over a portion
of that county, on Wednesday of lost ' It
struck in its coarse, the residence of Josisfa
Moody, where its effects exceeded in horror any
thing that the imagination eon conceive or the
pen portray. The place was swept as with a
bosom of destruction, every house pn the~prem
ises was taken up and scattered in pieces to the
four winds, and, what is for more distressing to
relate Ms-M6ody himself and eight other mem-;
here of hip family were killed and several ipore
severely wounded. Cat of fourteen persons lit
the place Trat Jackson, the son-in-law
ofiMr. entirely uninjured.—
Mr. Moody was « minister of the Methodist'
Episcopal Cfiurob, and a school teacher. The
dwelling destroyed was newly built of heavy
grpen logs. <' x
S&“ A Test of Spiritualism was recently
ipade at New Bedford Mass., which we oCm
qtend to the believers in the “new revelation.’*
The ecu Wade '.ynd ; supposed fobe lost
ttith si wrecked dilp some yean ago. * Tbeftth
er, a full bCHeverin the truth <h mediornship
between mortals and immortals, enjoyed com-
P«nicatipna .with the Spirit olf hm.lovedjpnd
MM*®. son, thropgh a
ed hm toalhe “vm happy Aau&
aud that a cWwn df wS in tescTvelter
Mnideltf* Mr. W., was “takennil
iback*! a few dnysslnce by the anival of his
son In the fonnof fleehandblood, and Mania
Fight with a Bear
Passengers by the Pen
the killing of a large bea<
of that place, ad|gf«r l
manner. A maj|
side had Cro&S 1
Sariy in A® mMtjtogt;
-ffiscoTered a bfgf*,
the same miBsio*£*B OTSi
to gain her Myjit/J.
1 atcly made for the uiii
i make better headway through the water, soon
overtook him, and struck him on the head with
onaofhia oafs, having
bear turned on him, with the utmost coolness
commenced climbing into the boat, the man in
the mean timtf- belaboring his skull with this oar
with all his might. TlO assailing party by this
time found that ho had caught a Tartar, and
that he was likely to become the captured par
ty himself. This apprehension was rendered
nearly a certainty 'by the cspsiung oMheboat
Just as his bcnrship/ had nearly' accomplished
loading himself into it. The man, how thor
oughly .frightened, found himself In the water,
clinging to one side of the boot, with the be«!
looking at hint over the inverted bottom from
the other side. He then made a desperate ef
fort, righted the beat, ducked . the bear and got
in again, but was no sooner aboard than the
bear made another rash at him and upsct the
boat again. A lively soene of fiottnderings fol
lowed, which were fast bringing matters to a
crisis, when the battle was ended by the arri
val of another man in a boat, who had witness
ed the fight from the shore, and oome off to-the
assistance of the first adventurer. He split the
bear’s head open with an. axe, killing hiip in
stantly. The animal weighed over 400 pounds.
—Detroit Free Preet.
Mail Caebisbs in TffS Noeth West.— Pn-ing
the winter months, white all lake and river tr -
V-l are suspended, the U. S. Mails are coni d
by Indians and Inf-breeds* between Bettor,
Mioh., and the Lake Superior towns. The h *
hors of these men are of the severest character.
Over* the ice and spews, through swamps and
tangled forest trails, they wend their way;
sometimes packing the maß, with the provisioi s
for their trip, or, as they style it, voyage, upon
their back —at others, driving it before them in
sleds drawn by trained dogs.. In this way they
traverse the country for hundreds of mil s
through the frost and storms of winter,; sleep
ing where night finds them, and deeming them
selves specially fortunate if they can mal;e their
beds in the bosom of a deep anow bank. - Their
life is certainly one of great ban'ship, yet it
would be difficult to make them regard it in
any such light. It is said that they can acoom
, plish almost incredible distances in a single day
upon their snow shoes.
Brigham Youtfo.—Among the carious devel
opments of the stoppage of a banking houSp in
the City of Washington, recently, is the feet
that Brigham comes out minus about slo,ooo',
having been a confiding depositor to thatexteut,
through the agency of the territorial delegate,
wbo transacted his ’ financial matters in this
quarter. It seems, with all Brigham’s devotion
to Mormonism, he thought it as well to provide
for a wet day elsewhere, and hence has been
emulating some other rulers, who made invest*
meats at adistance from the scene of threatened
or impending revolution. In this case, how
ever, fate ruled adversely to the sensual specu
lator, and be has to mourn die loss of both 1
principle and interest Brigham will become
cyen more disgusted with a government which
ho* fenced in bis domination in Utah, and al
io wed bankers to fob his honest eprninjta, right
under the respectable nose of the President
Indiana. —The Legislature of Indiana has de
cided by conclusive majorities in either House,
that ti»e pretended election, two years ago, of
tlessrs. Bright and Pitch to the United States
, Senate, was a fraud and a nullity, and that
those gentlemen are not Senators from Indiana.
An election is, of course, to follow immediately.
We understand that the Hon. Henry 8. Lane
’Republican) and the Hon. John G.'Davis (An
ti-Lecompton Dehaocrat) will be chosen. Ur.
Lane was in Congress (the House) several yean
ago, and held a high rank there. Mr. PavisU
the present member from the Terre Hajite Ilis
trict, re-elected to the next House by a very
large majority. We do not hear whatMessTs.
Bright and Filth will do in the premises, ;but
presume they will try to bold on. In that Cjme,
an exciting contest is inevitable. —AT.. Y. 2*n6-
tthe. 1
Bdoodt Massacre.— ln the engagement be
tween the reactionist forces and those of y»da
urri in Mexico, 400 of the latter’s min- weVe
captured by the former,' who, after seeing them
disarmed and taking from, them their sabst yaV
uable equipments, ordered bis second : in com
mand to take them from his sigbVapd do with
them as be tmmght fit this iniumiui
who wellknew what wbuld ensue from such a
course, placed them in the hands,of bis!soldiery,
who were just then in a beastly state of intoxi
cation. • They fell upon the captives, who yrcte
entirely defenceless, 'and a horrible .maawer#
followed. At the end of the tembleseehe,thc
lifeless bodies of four hundred humatt being*
were found stretohedupontbe ground, mangled
and weltering in tbeur blood, a patient, saonfios
to the holy cause of liberty., • ■, ,
From the Sew York piapatchl
The affidavit of Mr. Wasbw, riven below
must silence scepticism with reganTtothe hon
esty ofsome lottery proprietors. Tbisgentie
man has versified the adage, “bettey be born
lucky than rich'.” , ;
Augusta, Ga., Oci 4ti;, 1868.
Wm. B. Wilson, Esq., No. 498Peari lit.', Hi; Y.;
Dear Sir:—Allow US to congratulate you 'on
your good fortune, in drawibg the wlfeleof the
second capital prize qt $22,81)00 moor lottery
scheme of Sept. 11th last. *
As we do toot Use the names of holders
without special permission, we hsiy to- ask
authority to do so in your‘ease. - * \
We more particulariy deriroyour consent at
this time, because thorp h&s been a recent at
tempt to injure our firm. ’' ‘ '
Very & fc o .
New YokK, Oct stb, |B5&. -
Mzssns. Samuel Swahe & Co., .AoppTA, Ga^
’ Gents:—Toixrs of tbedthinsi Is jsat received.
I most eheetfnlly give you pertmsj||ionto;use
my name, and hope It may beoT.aclvantageto
your concern. " ' ' - ' • :
. I consider I owe yon tins in-
the promptness wijh whlth jou lib#
prise. •''
Very trnly yours, &c; I; 4 ,0-;■
;■ WM. E.* f' "
No. 498 Peartstreet.
P. S.—l herewith enclose'you nsy affidavit
which you can >
The undersigned Wiiv IU WiMdir. of 498
Peart street, In tin Mly of being
sworn, deposes and says : That he was the
hojder of the whole ticket—numbers IQ, 44 61
lecheme of
SefAdlth, of the draw
■%. to the
prtie of 22,8000,
has-bnn fillly ati promptly paid
by ihdmaMgen. I, ; , W. B. W«*o». ;
Swara4*fi*e»e, thUSthOotobar,4B6S.
- AWffWssl<wnoL^
-<«d' from Nebre*.
g»n tint* u»
in the arm, inflicting two severe,
are happy to state, hot dangerous wonada.
ing, and his* to
confidently looked for-
SwiS* OJt facia MrscLa.—They had |
fight in Cincinnati last week, wbiobwas *jt- |
neased bj’ two or three hundred person*, tad -S
cite universal admiration. They fbnght lllc I
two brave pigs, long and well, am had evident- |
ly been trained/in school. of porcinepugilut. |
for they hid mind, skllLplnck and |
fine was christened Morrissey, and the othw I
Heenan, and alter fighting more than an bo». |
Morrissey bowed hla tap, that acknowledge. I
himself vanquished. a
1« one of the best Purgative and Liver Medicines now W a
fore the public, that acts asa OtUiarlte, easier, milder am : m
more jffcctnal than any other medicine known. It ha* ;||
only a OMartie, but a Liter remedy, acting bat on tW Pi
Liter to cject it* morbid.matter, then on the (touch Oaf
bowels to carry off that matter, thM aceomplUWhg (*, 11
purposed effectually, without any of the pdml Mha f J
experienced in the opermttonh of Bywt OrtterWea, It |
strengthens the system at the haste time tertlt purges *, -S
and when taken dally In moderate doe«, will (tnngtka* |
and build it up with unusual rapidity. |
The LrVxala one of the j principal regulate* oflW ' S
human body; and when it [perforam.itaftwptiowwdi,
the pownrfof tbo a j (tern Jare. fully developed. TW |
ttoamck i* almost entirely .dependent on thekeahh} -s
action of the-Weer for the CCi proper perfcmafl*e oflu
functions; when Uie «toto jach is at fludt, the »ow« *
ore at fruit, and the whole Alayetem in tout 3
queues of one organ—the ,Li vie—having ceased tefo 4
its duty. For the diseases Cj! of thaV organ, «m of til
proprietora haa maae it hie study, in a wuHtathTteW |
, To prove that this reme- M «y tint tMHbWMEoflypir. I
•on troubled with JUTES a CoM(i4ttei.ig. any of fe •-¥
forms, baa but to try a but- vw ter andetevictioa b car
tain* ;* r u
These Oam* remove all morbid or bad mattir (baa i
the' system, supplying in their plw» a healthy Sow I
of hues invigprathig the stomach, causing .food t« ?
digest weft, rmuynsa tbs K, moon, giving tons U 4
health to the whole machP ~ ncry, removing the cast*
of the disease-- effecting a to radical cure,
Buiops Attacks are enr; f* od, asn, wa*r is ssttul
PEsvcaran, by the occa- aipnal use of the Lrvxs i*.
One dose alter eating is
modi and prevent the mod
Only oho dose' taken be-
Only one doss' token at
sis gently, and cures Cos-
One dose token after each
49“0nedo»oof two tea
lleve Stcx Uiadache.
One butte taken for fe
the cuuno of tha disease.
Only .one dose immediate-
One dose often repeated
Mosses, and a preventive
4S~ Only one bottle Is]
system the effects of tnedl-i
One bottle taken for
lowness or unnatural color'
One dose taken a short
vigor to the appetite, and
One dose often repeated l
its worst forms, while Sum
yield almost to the first
One or two doses cures
in children: there fc"Do
remedy in the world, as- it
A few bottle* cures Dropsy
We take pleasnic in ro
es a preventive for Fever
oil Fevers of a Billon* type,
and thousands are willing
All who ttse ft arc giving their unanimous tettmony la
Its ftvor
li*K Mis Wafer in the mouth with the Invtgorator, tad -J
swallow both together. ' 1
working cures, almost too great to beli»vr. It curt* it H
bv magic, even the firxt (tore giving benefit, ami seldom met* •:%
than one bottlo la required to curt aay tlml of hirer Con-
plaint, from the woratJoaadiee or Vgqiepeia to a common v|
»eAf, allot which art the result ofa titaSiaiD him- ‘‘-i
DB. SANFORD. Proprietor, SIS Broadway, Maw York.
89. Sold hr Q. W. Ksssus,. Altoona;-*ed retailed bj n|
all Druggists. , [May 27. J |
dobuainesa.op.a mom. ektensive %
Uitm heretofore, and is wrw ' $
execute all ' '
o of ant *ims ' J
,UU workmen are acVnowlcdgcd tu be capable of ,*>lll* |
The very beet icqrk in tie line of CaU • I
met Making, : •• a
and all those who entrust him with their orderfmay rtlj fij
upon receiving finished work; :'; . ' - ' • $
He keep* a constant ebppiyof furuitjwe oa hand, be. s|
which he Invites to attention of Uraw In tending to 3
“GO TO HoilSfrkTOl«o> I
Call on hlm at at his* room in Loadooerille. near tie
Plinkfiuade ■ |
November 11,1858. , . . ISAAC CBOJUO-
SES.—This ie a new' article lathie Section of the- 'm
country, although extensively used fin AheSSst. They rt
asuroproCectlou agalnet ■■ ■ $S
„ ± %
and pomess may other advaotacea <h»xomtnen <*
fins. The remain* of the lamnnlad CLAf awl ‘WEBSIS* *J
were encased fat these cases; ’
For sale by
November 11,1888.*
—The subscribertake* pleasure la inoueiii|»
too public that be has Just received hi* stock of
together %Ith the Tery latest style* of'P&shltm, and I* no* ~
prepared to accommodate alt who piay gtte him • call, tt %
the most mtMketonr'tn&niWT. j >-
His stock consists ofotl Qualities of goods, suited to tbs
season, bar dress-coats, oVcr-coata, rests, Pantaloons, be. 1 .H
Hts experience In the business warrants hjtn In premie ||
ha adfcr b a trial, that ho\oay be able to conriae* M
tbs public of the troth of fals assertions. ' |
Room on Main street, two doorii above the Natioa* l
Bote). .**->.*«. '>• : JOIIR ODOUR®*-’ i
October 38 th 1868-tt I
X> «t. f WM.HATEff, MSJmM m
JMiYrntti, 9tiTron« i>n>Bt*incßoor a
cw r.sea I
vespectfnUy Inrimatttptloiifahtelargo imd w»ll *!«•" -g
• <; ; stock of • . - .-5
J&lqnltßopl:,Paper and Statiowry, #*”. gj
and Book Printing* r|
ofeveTy description, promptly executed.
d®* Agent Sir L.dohnion 4 Co- Typo rounders, P"* - ja
delphla. Pnly X7.IS»-tL |
I I ■- i {From the Lewistown rfll
I have hero afflicted for ten years with Chronic Dtw™*J[ ia
aodhove received more benefit from Dn Vall’e Oajj 3 "* pa
than aoy'Ofberincdiclne I ever used. ALKX. McKKB
■J-":--’; Olirrr township, Mifflin conntr, f*-. m
eJS&kto certify that! used Dn VaU’a QalTwfcjQ“J S
Myfcihlly hi some of the disease* fbf whteh. lt U;
mended and found to act almost spontaneously. * Jr 0 * ■ :
Bend If to all who suffer from pain. A. M. IhORAJi. ■
Sepf. 3,’68—1y. • Decatur township, Mifflin Ws",
A CARD.—Hear what Mrs. Vanglj"
of Duncahsvillo rays:—l have used tlio GslTiefc.
prepared by J. D. Stoneroad, Lewistown, P 3-, « or *,j(a
painful disease myself and recommend it to othct»»
every ease found it to bo one of the very best mcdicm
sore and painful diseases. Relieves all pain In a *•"
Otoe. Every fiunlly should have it in the house.
•_ Sort. Ift. 18S3--JC-
flne ConfeeUoncry manufoctuigl rod |
M«d. 25* *5B-ly[ 191 Norih Third street, *
*ufflci*nt to rail*** th#it» '*■
from ri«|ng and (owing. ?•
toe •. ntuiiig, 1 pr*t«k 3
night, loom* Um the how
nyxnss. | $
meal will core Ihrapepai* 1
Kpoonshtl win alvija ni ; S
male obttrnctton ronon a|
and makes a perfect eon. aj
lj relieve* Cholic, whU* v|
1* a auro ear* 'to Cnoua
of Cudluu. 1
needed to throw oat of tt* K : |
cine alter a long ilckMta Vfi
Jau.vdic* rnnoTe* all ■!>
Ihnh On «kin.
time before eating gin*
I make* th* food digeat wall 'k
core* Chronic Dianhoa |* i
mer and Bowel cumpUUt* *
attack* canned I 7 Worn
(aranr, ’ MtOr,' of i|>M<llar i|
by exciting th* sbmorbaata
commending tin intdicln* ',3
mod Ago*, Chill fani, ami 1 '.-j
llt operate* with otrtairtj, [ j
Itu tvatify to it* yoaulftw
|pna C
* w .. Dimctory." in ,h
iMfc B***, V& * BOt att
Uenjbuiwe We this w
jn - Added somewhat
io-d- would be of Inter®
to it M a f*f*
except the
L has not yet been corns
LUntr*. hut hope it wU 1
next number. ‘
[£.*-Bince writing the oc
U schedule o
Cls at this Station;—
Li mail Bast closes at 0.
LJi by the Express Train
U »t 7.10. The same
Lgb mail from Pittsburg
L, mail West closes at 8
Ld by the Express Train
E »t 8.65. The same
Engh mail from Phllade
L this place.
Litem Through Mail elm
Un carried by the Mall T
[station at 11.60. The sa
[mail from Pittsburg to tl
fay Mail from the East ai
L at 6 86 P.M.
lolUdaysburg Mail closes
|M., and arrives at li.»u
f tbit arrangement, Altool
ro mails a day fwm Basil
roogh mail from Pittsburg
train in the morning
jb« Mail Train at noon d
, Philadelphia and Harril
, at 8.80 in the morning i
Uail Train at 7.00 in th<
v ish their communicatu
peedily as possible atonic
EW pant RarcßKD. — Ini
imonwcalUi tb. John Krij
ed of larceny, (in breaking
•hop and taking a nnm
,) at the October term ol
a of this county, the motj
|e by his counsel, Cairn]
ted at the Argument Cj
[ evidence on which the u
I entirely circumstantial,]
iw, that was evidently U
ling Into the shop, on his
ingest fact against him. I
t tho testimony was not i
o grave a charge. The
ient by Calvin for the
[net it, refused to grant
taped the deft, to eights*
it la the Western Penitci
pie learn that honesty
riff Funk accompanied
in tain, on Tuesday last,
i first official visit to the
Ud have many more. If,a
be a term in the “ insUtul
Ir just deserts.
, Fixm Description or M
01. Wallace, of the Phi
led through here lost w
sburg celebration. In a
leU he gives the followi
be scenery between hero i
As iho train twisted aro
ascent of the Alleghenies
I the track soon lay over
sr. The. trees were laden v
[deep down the yawning
is gleaming covering,
ler hand grew wilder i
bge and ghostly appcarai
je frighted the ghost of J
[had seen the grandeur ai
lues unmoved. Snelly L
water; or, The Spirit of
need desolation of thcs<
M Would have sent the
p shuddering back to t
I he would thank the aug
Inte nances and human vo
r the dark, spirit-like rua
mgh the mountain fhstnoa
ik the silence save the
smg mountain torrent.
Utnde would be drearier
Msxitsd Compliment.
b Evening Bulletin, of h
following complimentary
he best Conductors- that
t was, however pleasure
[tor—Mr. 0. M. Irvine—
k ■put ..remarkably pleas
hig US hack to Eleventh
Lio. Railroad men aro
pie, for their intercourse
peUets brings ont the v
manners and decision,
pith other Eastern repo:
[pleasure of pur trip to
If of Mr. Irvine, under
Ist Hue” is a decidedly n
i*»AT Railwajt Bocte,
ladeiphia to Chicago I
tral and Pittsburg ant
I,; now occupies but tfa
cue change of cars, at
f. We understand in a
gementa will be.effectet
I change unnecessary,
a form the longest and i
vpted railway route in
9 Telegraph. ‘
iKKoH.—In noticing the
ii Road, for the month
I number, we stated, t
tladelphia Bulletin, thnl
*6o, <00,39 lett than
1857 » when it should hai
the month ol
h *ll,BBO 68 greater
Pth last year, majung ti
, for last mont
Pr jpuaa earnings from
toll .22, less thnii ig gi
£ ft? ?*Psnsea having be
1?8, thproad sbowsr &
ft f