The Altoona tribune. (Altoona, Pa.) 1856-19??, November 18, 1858, Image 1

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«•> oycn, ft-jtaiS:’
■J-ssa, io SSvSr
! f-'[, l spc# *!i
,l V^miiaiurjJL
'— tUc receipt
korce.r. cat,
w-iation. SoVjf
>i atsj)ccta.l Tj*
• ■ aiv .soajW*-.
"if’-oUy andmj
- MoVP lliMt n. ,
ial livoriUv “
- - ; - - ■*, ;■ ;•?
■<l capacitjrim,
m* i J a tJiomnffi
be rocommefc^
* c/mßtoatly a '
I h. aug*
Umut-, Attooifa.'
ruth of ttu
h- has ect^j
Ksitunitt ,
1 (iallagW, Jn:
CiLcc, -wbfirtjM
■■ just reg«ii£)
L- he will
'.I CTii not Ail tc
iw vjjfg
m in-tl that Uifthf
r -ut I.fhl':viOQ to
, :—ui£a*
o oik
is now At
• - aiuTJnipi
- r*artof th«
' ortJSo,
■ -;u>e tiuUtal
'*■ ‘Wesa.j
' to tbs pnb
-h.g to this
entoffto Uji
••;rirtor, i
"Uirrti, fa. :
ity Lett, <3#
' PRfiMk,
<= wil
ellr.'br-iJ >
i -f youth, mi*
is lu tßtttlidJ
n '■ iUiJfciclii
■ • unbled
tv,- con, thtnix
o day. - ~:T\- X
■■ ia a scaled «»,.
Z' stampst6-9’<
'oi l; City, -.s, ?>
v* filap of RWr
-. rontaJhlnfelr
;uu»l localities*!
, School House*,
>r.?a > FannHoß*-
ir,t-5. b Table of
the name •Mf
ivoj cn the mtiy
Se bo Bl to WM it
! be colored CDI
to -übscrfberitf
CHI. OEIL, ' -
f. o. rr.r.ED.
A Cl’ IGAfc
ii ‘ tcrenderjßtp
iiy, behopeeto
■ ourVMe term*,
t :,
ruled. [l-t£
Crwnnale I* fa
it- d throughout
in.together with
!.0 found In W
r six month*, I*
1 ite thtelr.nW**
y i.>Bi<Jesl*itiyJ
r.i. A CO, r
ii (iazettn.
Y*.<rk City-
;ion» nwW-"
r. -J, without}*
•*.- < U-tc''
r. llontfisgd®®
•!•. u.uu ,c&n«?j
u-.i aflils rw,
i;. attend-
i, iatlit**'*
»rMAK£% ; 1
k «.,nt cl^P‘ e -
illGBJ &
I. - hv! »l J
~~~~'— : : ~ "■■■■ , * - - - '•■ -' =
KoCRUM * .
ffUB W
SR,V 1m “_> XJ ,„ll,L,n,“, tnu^Timtf*
•4«u»teMA&tioa. JlWotbt- 'lww.
MSS*** ,; **s *»«“*M
®*r* > * IS i»J
&Lta ~! *OO «#• MW
.22*? i» -p-- «oo m 00. u oo
-rfff t «H» - 1400 90 00,.
|||fe ; *5
* ja«V Un»* «io*rt«,
~M-tfr/fih«*fT to dmiQt- 10.00?
C*nU, *>t ocaedfalg 8 *
charged to iat>«
jt«ifa^^ chvgad Meordltig
' per Uartmenrr Inwrtton. ;
Obltiury ootioMMcaodiscMi o«nt» >iqw. ■
■' PrabyUftoit, Ear. -A B. Cu*X,I > Mtor.--Pz«i«hiiig *r-’
, .^TsaagmsatesssSis
:me fopm. Pw»f Wodneedey eeeningln
ujntfySebwth morning etjr o'docS.«nd In thee«n
-l«j. ftibiuh School in ths Xectrire rtayclodLtP.
M. Meeting to eetoi'room every W(2no»-
deyewntag. Touug Men'i Pr»y« 3le»ting rrtnyi’rW»y
EvtngdhalfiiOitriin, EtetjUbcnSna, fW(aht&wd>-
togfcwiy Sabbeth morning et*JJ£ tfeWtk, naa »m£ nfclock
. , in (i*evening. Sabbath Behoof to the- IhdctnwJl&Mn at
IV o'clock, t*. M. Prayer Meeting to came room tvery
ftnuMafaty evening. - . • j ;
. Paator.—Preaching ev-
V rrf itbhilh morning at 10o'clock and in the eremsjg at;
o'clock, habbath School in the Jtoom at 9
. o'cifck, A. M. Prayer Meeting erery Wrdnarfay evening
.aMnarobm, ■*
PnitU&tt ‘EpimpaL Bev. K. V. Ouvaji, Paetor.— Dlviue
Ikrric* 2d <indil'.i Sunday « of oacii mouth.atlUVi o'clock
A. Jf,aml \% P. JI. Sunday Schoiolat 9 o'clock!. M.
CiiMk, Key. Jon* Xwiaoi, P^tor.— Preaching at 10>£
o’ci.«k tn (he morning, .and at 3J£m> the afternoon. ...
B. IL Von, Pastor—Poaching. «T«ry.fiabhatb
awrelng at o*ai»Ck, andaltd In the eve oing. SabCkth
iiiuol it 9 o’clock, A.. 31. Prayer .Meeting every Weduca
tey evening. '. y •" ■, i ■ ,*
' SstmOa, PaatorWmchlng
t*viy Sabpotii nMung at U, o’cluck and in. the evening, in
tha;oii Union lioiMe. ,
>E»ttarn Way tn 4 HoUicUyiburgU ’ lj go A.M.
WMtmi:* ' edo A t u.
IJuUiiiMburj ® to
JS»it«rfl thro«rii M«n 803 «
■ •* "
Kiatore Through Mag, * 8.3 S A. M.
WaaUjtn Way «tu] iloUldajnbnrg, . ilfSO J’. JL
' •• -'fis'’ “ '
th ? of bo«ft«j,froßi 7 A. ji.
, w Oaring |h* weak, and fl- 0 «n Bto 9 o’doclL J,. M,
on Sunday.
jock snojQUJttft, p.m.
KfatfiJVfaiXwt arHTg* A.M, leane tM A.M.
J Vert “ 8,35 “ 7 “
m - “ Fast « dSP.M. « <USP. V
“ F«t « I<M» *V a
.* : SS, : ‘ast.S ■ : iSSfrS:
Ettt 1 ; •*’ .:
ConMC ** With Johnstown
Wwt ’ ®* prcM Triklll Weat-and tt»n
p«.a,'«un. ',■■ raoft^A.jSG^^idSjjl’t
MEcnHospr ass^TOl*V
\' i V“ i 5 v ‘*^ I » p>oes * 00 • eeon<lTue * -
'«/ h^ 0B i h -„ ln .? 10 t W w . &*y <rf the Haeoale tarn
-s“>«t .Jio’cJock, P. M.
tJ!^S^ aic S^T tnt i*• * on the
I^, ; ofo - f"»N0.478, meet« ertryFrkUy
* Co “ d>tory 01 K « lc Smpta.«*TJ*
K«J kindled »t Both
KJt* •** tUnl of T^^dock
erenjng, tothe
- - -ff
iSa* l l^^i>« : ta>
■■■-2!! w « ,: -«M^»w»k.'- ■•- •■■■■■:. ■<■■■■•'•■ ■ ■- /■'
* >i r -«i’!»'- ■--■■• ■ "'
■|g!jsnsassss. ■ > ■' > f /
v^f 6 J>£‘'S^2^ w ** B< W; PMtob, c. i «nfc, k-a
|ggs£B6& =
■^^.SSa^: ’:; •
i?S«s?sssasa«6i; ■■
- .»15. -.. 1 - ;
large amount
nQ^gD^S ll ,^? B Jwen receired
“-U it the 7, u “ ol ttfUy»burfc which will be
—> - v[wK* 17* t£ '
w«ly r^>jUB 6 McCor-
tfvch WM. V. BHTOARD,
** WXortbjd »tre«t, Philadelphia.
■uiMti la (tore and for laic by
25. ’ ig ., vl . _ , WM. N. SHCOARD,
T 191 Sortb Sd »tr- t. Philadelphia.
AND zinc
“jT°, f ool **- Ofwn, Ttllow, Pails Orevn. irr
ry iig- n-U.l. KEa.SLRB’B.
IlSiP 5 ®
- - • rnsKzijmm,
-*; -:.a :•>:;. u
jgjff ggrgg«RyT.--RAEB opportunity.
.m «aaaarj:|:Ss£, ssraasssa
■ n ?s*V tw ? nty ■•*"* Bnd Tho soil iavfihebeii
ff?fl‘?^ t^ Pr “ lUCtlon °S fruit *> Kraios, tc TbTpriS
i Pff acre, payable in easy quarter yearly tn
f tefm °i four yeaM > * ith interest
i.taniMMe made easy, m order to iuirare tho rapid hnnrovo
b-\Thli"e mr 3> induHrimuinnrUobtty
It is now- being extensively improved by good
r S»^i’issn.?f n f tho from Ne w England and
j t * te< V a erec tlng large improvements. It is
greatoit Improvement ontofPhiladelphia.—
mS?s££? hop ?? *»«» b «« 11 built in four monUa.Prais
rr I 1 f rfl business Men from the length and breadth
settling there. It is nnnttaat
ness place, on account of its being .In the mitot of a great
ket ~. *™ ry 016 fa 1 *® 1 upon this land finds aniSne-
l. excellent, and no imohl|ta^S
; * Bndy or clay loam, with a day bottom and
lt U free of stones aad easily w<ak-
SjfflWJfrhmlyiatlie phosphates, and snehis Ita
thecropeprodncod both open this Uod
Wn.MtoWng nndsr cyltlvatlon.ltwfll be
anywhere Inthepiodnction Of
#.ib» onaS*
j’M Hi pft«»atertoto can behs*dott tbs-spotat
mm to put wp Uowei pn
i Wf aatoyadymUgeg. R*
toaot subject to the Mrtainty of losing the
Pr®*” ?“>™ Ma tomPy and bis own health by those ma-
Ugnaaffcvata ofaojWtfyr.mljlidns
of the youngandand hardy la the&r oiTrecloosaway
from,home and friends.’ - Besides, ho bus amilddimateand
.an open, winter.
'There are three trains dally- toPhilsdelphls, and to all
the'propettyhas not. do. Theywill see theland nmfer
L 1 * J“o»»hly Literary and Agri-
fwnhnttM ol Batmnonton*
wuibe sent toaoch enquirer, can bepldained at SU> cts
pCranmini.•, , r’
, Title, IpihtpacWdc. Wanantoo. 4a 4» given. clear of aU
ln^liMce,^irMr^ie^Sws r ‘ to nSd.Rottte to the
PbUadelphh, for Mammon.
< * wrftdl * ******
-11 VISION STORE. , . , \
tlit ho ha* opened a (tore of theshore
¥^: l^*h * c ? ime ?l¥A d » ll «»6 WdlnHa facet*. JBast
Altoona, where he wni keep coMtahU/ ou h«"«« a|su Mp
ply of ereiything in b{* line. UW '
UVAllXmh B&d will lx* told 'At pr(c« AS low A 9 thorn of
*BJ <*Jjerc*t*lrtishn*cnt Hntown. *Sfa*tocktfnrOriakru,'
catuistta£ of ■■••.' liV’.* 7 /*' - ' *V c '.
.Flcaur, Sanu, Shoulders, Sides, dc.
ptiLbo wWaJllttle cheaper -than they canhe iKmAtany >
W»«onr l» obtainedfrom the 1
UwSute ‘ 113141
jfr.ff *** *“*■«% cow* and hop, always on
\JX tntcpilto keep each an assortment tiuttlahailataU
»Ue,to aßroly,»/«nfajinera wlthwhator.r they
mArneed, and I intend auo to sell At prices which ahU
i? e Jnyrtore.
■ PJSwrcilEkr. tgcfi'M
Pom&tuim, Hair im
ported arid dotneUic; Oriental
Drops, Cosmetics, Frangi
pantit Sacjicte, , ,
JBrus/i&, ■
Dretsifig Votrifo, Pocket Comht,
's&*/ tic.
' ju» rqa pau i*w a* ? ■
ffig , : i
Ist Hwrecentbard times hats *e«nttiai-Tcducrf,the
price arOnoaOttin Ui« citjr, especially iocash hoyim.*
than from flrnt A ' vrK * ■»- & -
ith. We SeliCnr ready pay.
*th. We keep oor efcick frll by weekly receipt*. “ •
'SSt 5>* w <Wwmtoaa to ke«ptoU^r^aP^kmi»e.
thss any othrt- tie eomxiy.
gUMASiyr, jtEAffi
Twig an observer of its effects on a friend of mine, who'
from a neuralgic affection whfch
TUMittcc Ute boet medical treatment in Centre county. We
W theUlalVanlc X)U to the
*>md fewatdly. and In 30 minutes the Mti^Wto^ton.
fro,n P ttil » and continued.*).
“*P°«. lUve *“* whrchj am willing tomakS gooda£
A case of Felon was cured In nearly tbe'same-'
"SKS* nSsLi i J. 11. HABIT,
Bcpt 2, IfeSB-ly.} ..... Centre BUI.
LIME; LIME! LlME!—Duncansville
Lima Kiln*, near UoUldajslmrg, Pa.
pe subscriber has now in operation, fonrUrge Lime
Kline, producing daily Urge quantities of the
He is prepared to fill all orders, from Ibtuhel to te n
thou Band bushels, at tiio lowest rate*.
t.-S&T 1 ' 1 ?* filtered at any point on the Pennsylrania
ooa/f; also, at Altoona, or any point in- the surround
lug country, by wagon, or at the Klin. Addrcs*
' „ ■ , JAMBS rONK,
JnnolT-dm] , . DuncantviVt, Blair Cu. Pa,
V-/ Thft.jubacrlbcr would reanoct-1
ftilly inform the conamners of CQAIiMv L
in Altoona, that ho it constantly
cehrlne all kinds of COAX, which ■r®
“ to dcllyfr at all tira i and to any part of tho town
Office at residence, in North Word,
June 17-2m]
T EV i' s preparation for ex
■ J terminating BATS, MICE, ROACHES, AJfTS.unil
Bed-bogs without dmiger In its uao under any clrcatOßtanl
»»>/?,? »?le at tlm Drag BK?r« of
Jam 24, 68-tfj G. W. KESSLER.
laggft iSftri, :
•eaalaetMsesr wbcfteiyr [jm. *B9.
f M
tbenewsfr<an Europe! If you have
bo*, we will (ell you What ftta. Jtl» that HJBKKT TUCK
has Jpst returned fromthd Zaatem dtteirwlth «large ron
fll of X ‘ ’ X- : 'r T ! r ‘‘’ ■ • : -'• • *
r ;V ; : ;;
fQjAiJuzAs, - * .
; ; !x
*■• ■■ \A- Bovm, dt^l
• ..rfr. . d-.- r ■■
umon h&tei
-656 IwT 4SOB Market! Street,
;■ .Vf.';... •AWTPJBJOW, ■ ••;
« fffJLAPJWesiA. :■•...>}■;■.■ ...
Per Day. '• • •' ■’ ;
;-j ■ o. «r. hinkxb, Pwmaw.
TT —Tk6' iinderOfned, 'Aiiitt forßlalrrar afcvttU
take short and iongrfcks on BaMnga,
nitiire and Property ofeverydraetiptkwVhr
try, at as reasonable rates «■ any company In tfaeShUh.--
Risks also taken on the lire* of horses.- Office InMSacmlc
Temple. JOHN SHOEMAKER, Agent,
March 18,1858 ly. •." . ™ • ■
Medicated pur chest pro-
ftarful disease* Bronchitis, Coughs, Cold*, ahd other afleo
tlons of the Lugs, which arise from the exposed state of the
Chest, according to/uWon and the continual change* ofoni
climate, for sale at the Drug Store of O. tV’. KKsSXER.
Lycoming county mutual
agent of the Lycoming Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Is
at all times ready to insure against; lose or damage by Are,.
Buildings,-Mirchandist, Furniture and Property of every ‘
description, in town orctmntry, at as roasnnablo rates as ■
any company in the State. Office in the Masonic Temple.
Jan. 3, W-if] JOHN SHOEMAKER. Agent.
\J boxw Oranges and liemaosth More awt ibr sale by
March 3S, Wly] 191 North Wrtreet, Philadelphia.
MrOV : 18, 1858.
N •> r:
* Importeri tmd Dtaiert in WNif,' I
\ *Mr tbjotatotheir frte»U. toS* uSi^SSS
heretofore mrf mmmmi. gj.
1 ||dticontinuance of the wiiir .at tlm ornSwriwtqtt .
ertbnintiendmalitiee. Haringmade unuunMotiw&h
gpmeof thoflfhouses in jOognac
tbeni to furnish U) their customers upon the most reasons!
BnmdtoS U “ <bUowl “ 8 ****** <rfoo 8 n “ andSld^
_ ', w ■; v erandees. ;
I “ p ®®^» Apple, haventki^lUadcheiTy,
BnUldi “ ; Cortian®
*****” t«ek «f OLD
KSS&SS»Sfeg&°,*“' ”w~w»
j .'All goOro flcnt from our 6*tßbli*ltineut ire mmn(Md *#>
|.W (totem™****#.Sami,) . .
■ :;•: it . : .
Near the Pe» ? a Central Railroad Depot
....;■; i-v;, c; PJSALKKS IX
HAKD WAt.r PigNthd, Railroad Iron, Bar
V»»*ltte*,' along
the different in Penwyhrania. , [JulyßMy.
war competition.
■ll/f®i-announces thatfce is,
v hantl wni t«ke great pleasure In
?* y Ww wiU* a-cail. He fijola
Where inM bo had ail the popular Publication* of the
toy, Such M Pafly and Weekly Paper*, Magazine*, Morel*
JioMncc«. MiaceU*ne<m* BCbk*, School Book* Copy
b *£* > „* a< l,? e *’‘ r? of beet quality, ■';r*r‘.
r- B ~ w g arc aolc Wholesale and Retail Agent, in ihb
“ I »s r . ®» ROHS’S CaUEBKATKD BAPVB/ It doe* po»-
Mintg cure all sore* to yhloh jjt la appUed. Try!* fftf.
JL# BOOM#,—Mr. O. W. FISHES, the HolUdayihnre
Photographs of deceased perrons,
l “>«hpfteijt notice and ou tlie
ccn rcMOnAble term*. Ho has just received a large stock
* pr6 -
AGDisjaioTipj! cb’phoxogbaph.
uiTe him a Call. Booms on the conier of Montcomery
and Allegheny streefcvlToUldaytlferg, Pa, fJuhaiT^fc
Mountain restaurant and
UQSB'lQffiß SAtOOil,—The proprietor of this
_. e Saloon, ’ i • ' „i- ■,
Under the Masonic Temple,
announce that ho keepscomrtantly on
“«5f «n exceUent vtfclenf KAQKB BEES, manufactured
at the Altoona Brewery, >hlch b prononnced tlie beet in
-thecojmtty. Al»cVPU«,CJk»«;^rtinea,PrctreJs, Ac.
W» Woon-la a tiylonneqmU
led in tto country, having placed in it ; .
*w the accommodation and AnJnuement of those who nay
’ ; •
m wUI TOre DOjpaina to -vender eten; attention to Ms
Sept. 2,lBBABmj U'-’X- y i^^h3Wi3lQ.
Scatter the Gams ofthe Beaatiflil.
Scatter the gems of the beantlft>ll
By the wayside let them fkU,
That the row may spring up by the cottage gate,
' And "the Tine on the garden~wall;
Cover thorough and the rude of earth
With a veil of leaves ond flpwerv
And mark with the opening bod and cup, '
the march ofsommerhoors.
Scatter the gemeof the beautiful,
In the holy citrine of home;
Let the pure, and'the fair, and the gtaeaftil.tbaca
■ln the loveliest lustre come.
Leave not a trace of deformity
In the topple of the heart.
But gather aboutiteearth the gema
Of Katdre and of Art.
Scatter the germs of the beahtfol«
. In the temples of our God—■
The Qod who starred the uplifted sky,
And flowered the trampled sod.
When be built a temple for himself
And a home for bis priestly race,
He reared each arch in symmetey,
And carved each line in grace.
Scatter the germs of the boautlfiil
ln the depth <rf the haman soul j
They shall bod.and blossom, and bear their trait
While the endless ages roll.
Blant vrlth the flowers of charity
She portals of the tomb,
And the fair OucT pure about thy .path
In paradise shall blobm;* ■ ■■
•' 9 I
Effect IPiscfiianii.
- Stop Grumbling.
If ail the gambler* in the Worid were
summoned together by some thunderiu"
Caliope, what an ariny there woup be.r—
Since the (Jays, of .Xerxes, nothing could
compare with such a host. The late fin
ancial troubles have furnished all the re
cruits necessary or that could be desired
to jteep the ‘regular army 1 complete. You
wifi find them everywhere as thick as the
frogs of Egypt. No trade, calling or pro
fession, is free from them. Now we have
a word to pay to such men, and we hope
they will not grumble at its tor so doing.
Let .us describe them : Grumblers are
usually a very lazy set. Having no dis
position to work themselves, they gpend
their time in whining and complaining
both ahont their own afihirs and those of
their neighbors. . . . . .
Grumblers are usually a year behind
the age, and therefore, when they under
take an. enterprise they find, themselves
so far down stream that all the winds and
voices of sympathy, so necessary to suc
cess, are against them.
Grumblers are usually very indepen
dent, “ caring nothing for nobody.” De
termined to “ go it blind,” they find it a
“ wide berth” and a" a hard road to trav
el 7 wherevor.their footsteps lead them.
Grumblers are easily soared. They al
ways sec doable. A lion in the way sure
—no mistake about it. There is always
“ something about to Happen,” "Loolc oat
for bresdtetß,” is the great refrain of their
every day song- ,
. Grumblers have a most capacious appe
tite for favors, as -well; as food, and'are
therefore always on hand and " just in
time to accept the gift of a very pirtied
liur friend.” Their favorite motto' is,
"smell ;fa yore thankfully received, and
larger ones in prepbi&bji.”
are always very jealous of
4 " character .and influencoinsociety,?* and
generally 4 quite as goob as
They should therefore bo treated with great
consideration. h; ’ / ""
; Grumblers areuanally long lived, in the
opinion of their friends, sod should there
ftgc cured of their diseases as soon, as
iBo in order to prevent another financial
crisis, and sundry other terrible events too
numerous to mention, we wishto giVc a
KtUe ad vice to our felfow citizens of the
whole gambling wmjm^ty.
1 Ist. Stop gnupbiing.
2d. Get np two hours earlier in the
morning, and begin to do something out
side ofyoutregular profession.
Sd. grumbling.
ail your might—let other peoplealone.
OtK gfcp grumbling. > r •
fitji. ; Liye, within „your means. « Sell :
ypur hone. Giveawayor-lullyofir dog.
9th. &OP grumbling.
l<&J».7Mk less Of 9 yd*Uf pcculiiir
gifts and virtues, apdmbre of sos§ of
your friend? and
llth: Stop '7 ; ;/
12th, Po aU you can to pako
happy. Be cheerfoh v Bend your heck
and back more frequency when youpass
thosc outsideof "select*circle” Fulfill
your promises. ; Pay your , debts. ..Be ■
yourself all you see ip others. Beagobd
man—a true Christian, and then you can
stop grumbling.
ter ‘Why is a young lady preparatojy
to dressing in ber crinoline, like a flothf
bedel ? Because (be beore will have to
be nosed before in.
, “V is a natural rift, the
desirability Of which cannot be qurt ibn
ed, hut Seldom do .we meet with a spirit
so thoroughly saturated with good nature
that no disappointment, no* poverty,de
privation or combination of adverse cir
ctuhstsnces can break it down or overcome
its genially. fj
. A iftw .days ago a man made hia appear
ance! before Justice Brennan, who seemed
to have a perfect fountain of undimted
contentment somewhere in his oomnosi- j
tion,; which. no depressing of or accident had been able to exhaust
or adulterate, a type—amodern addition of
Mark Tapely---a human barrel of jollmess
without-hoops on. He was arreatedlfor
being intoxicated. *He gave his naa|e'as :
Getephat Take, said he was a printers and
hailed from « The Gem of Science” office;
is a short man of beer cask figure, and- a
face as rubicund as if he slept in a radm
with red curtains. His answer toiithe
question of the authorities showed hisjobn
tentment under al shades of fortune. ; The
Justice being also in a, good ham or,-was
inclined to banter the diciple of Ben Frank
lin, and accordingly addressed him agi&l
Judge —“ We!l> Mr. Take, it
have thrown aside the ‘ composing stack,’
pud gone to getting drunk Tor a living.—
I am afraid you’re a ‘ bad case,’ and, stand
in nepd of * correcting/ I think I shall
send you to ‘ quod ; H :
These technicalities which were uttered
in a tone of you-see-I-know-yoar-tradb-aa
well-as-you-do air, seemed to give ?Mr.
Take the assurance which printera selsm»
lack, but of which the solemnities of a-Po
lice Court might temporarily hate depri
ved him, and he answered s i f
Prisoner. ~- u Well, at any rate, Palm
glad we have no * galleys’ in this . coun
try, or I suppose, you would ‘ emptyl ibe
there, and ‘veil leaded’ at that! But
bless you, sir, going to jail’s nothing ;ithV
last time I was there I tamed a ‘ rat’ fend
: taught him to chew tobacco, beadesih
venting three new steps for a hornpipb~-
it’e a good deal better than setting ‘ sbnd
minion,’ more than three quarters ‘figure
wo .rl/ and getting only a ‘price andj a
half for it. Lord hless you. Squire, 111 a
great deal rather go to jail for ten days
than not. I’ve sot sick of work just daw
l’ll have a chance to get the bile; ofi
my stomach.” M
, Judge— u You seem to take it ea^r;
how dp you propose to employ you time
this trip?’ ’ t| .
_ Prisoner —“ Well, Corporal, rm.nniib
cided whether I’ll learn io whistle the
opera of the ‘ Bohemian Girl, .practice
standing on my heed, or undertake to m-*
quire the elegant accomplishment of hu
anoing straws on my nose. If loonldget
a cat, I’d teach her to play the fiddle, ifll
thought the strings would’nt remind hbr
unpleasantly of intestinal discord, after
her feline body has been nine times slain.”
Judge —“ Mr, Take, ypu seem particu
larly happy under the circumstances;have
ypu got a wife ?” ' pM
Prisoner— {< Not now, Lieutenant. ;Hl
had pne, but she ran off with* bow-leggejl
cobbler. I was so glad aboqt it IsentMjr
dresses and quit claim deed of her person,
signed, in capital letters. She Jeft me ohe
boy* bat he was ‘foul proor—not : a w
dike me ; I bound him ’prentice 'to the-;
trade, tat the first day Je
quarrelled with the ijegular ‘devil’ . He
dropped the ‘shooting stick, into the ‘aj
ligator press;’ and in the evening-he aha
another hopeful boy brere rehew-singb
broad sword combat with a couple of‘cdl
umn rules.’ The foreman f battered,’ faith
with a < mallet,’ and when he gpt home
bp*had a f fanpy head/ if ever Hrate whs
bbe.” ’ '' ‘"pT
Clerk. —“ Where is he now?” |[
Prisoner.' —“ He nh 'away witli'a
ons, and the last I. saw of him ho
the middle of a sawdust nbg, twingtotib
his legs in a bow-knot round ms hepk.4|
I’ve been jollier-since than ever BenireJ’h
Judge.' —“ Ton seem to be alvnmjol
ly” , ■ ... -. jf
Prisoner.— ** So I am. I laughed when
my father turned me out rf at elevp
en ypars
arm, and made Axtiny faces at the doctor
while be was setting it. The bafbiesi day
I eyer spent wasone time when I hadn’t
bntpnp shirtanda pairofpante to put on,
a|id‘ badspebt all' the money I had, and
gone im»gfy fptiy hours.
■I never was retuly tmfaappy but once in
life* and that was when I fell down
my collar bone, and skin
pgd my so badly that I couldn’t get on
niy.khees to thank God I bander t broken
nay-neck.'” - 1 " ' .■
The Judge relented and- let Mr. Take
go, and-that profound individual left the
room tTyihg to whistle and sing at the
mme Ume, and slso to dance an indepen
dent jig with each leg to a different tune.
“ Johnny,” said a mother to a son,
Oihe years of age, ‘ go and wash your face j
larn whamed to see you coming to dlnnef
with fo dirty a mouth-’ ‘Xdid wish ifc
mamma,’ and ftelipg bis upper
ded gravely, ‘ I think it ‘ most be a
techs eoßung I*
GlAKMi—The bed of Og was 27 feet
jpßfe and 7 feet broad. The height of
Gohah was 11 feet—his coat wdghedlfrt)
fthdliis spear bead 19 pounds. The body
wesite, son of Agamemnon, leader of
(he Qredian expedition against Troy, Hraa
The giant Galbara, bro't
Af n <» to Rome, in the first eeutguy,
A’. D./vss ten feet high, and a woman 10
wet—Maximus; a native of spam y .the
Roman Emperor, waa nine feet Wgh.
Maximus, originally from Thrade, another
Emperor, 8* feet high. ; His
8 hraelets served him for finger ran,
flisstrengthwas snoh that he could draw
ftloadedwagon, break a horses jaw with
hiftfist,crash the hardest stones with'his
with hit hands.
wrmoitf yu eqnalto hisatt«Bgth,«at
iog dO pounds, of flesh aftd driukWlS
botUes of wine daUy.:
Irish giants, were eight feerblghv A
Tennessean giant, lately died, 7} feet high,
weighing more than one. thousand poduai.
The Kentucky .giant was 7 feet ll inches
high. The Canadian giant 8 feet
SiTOAßife—-If ever I wish J
iawhftttil.hjtt a boy-swearing.--*
Who made yon ? . Who heepeyon ante f
Whe gay© yon a toop| WhogaTejon
speech? "who clothes and m f
Whopot asohlfnyour body f '
his Son rtobeyonr Saviour add fViesd f
Who Opens heaven to you ? Whose eaHh
do you Jive on ? Whose sky. i» over
van? ȴ|Wiion
t. W M*l##: s&-J9fa3S£mt
All tho answers Will be—God. &£« not
gfeat and good 1 Should m%nftre
himandthank him* and mmd hintind
enjoy hint ? v .
Yet what does. the aweares -dali .JBe
a and wicked bid
God foresee that there would
and did he make any lav anifiit awear*
ing f 0 Yesf f‘ ThSl ftIJ iK
name of the Lord thy God in^ra& : jftfvjift
Loid will not hold himguilUessthit
eth his name in vain”-—thai!
joja iim wia uk,,
On* 01-ths Boys.^Neikblwr
iwd a social party athVhodselfc#!^^
mgs iinqe,ftpdthe ‘ desrbay/o|«ilk
w somewhat prtttdbf‘ his
was, ot conise, ntfllar
so grestan: occasion. 1
feUow’fl hair w«*4rwrt#d4o
parlor, and Tnode hifl |g% to
'-■■'■* '" ; -T-f^T
; ‘ aaidhe, proudly,* tfiafy
of yoa smells a smell, thatVwc# :•; W
The effectwasdeoided, aadOharles,
haviug thos in one brief setiWnco dbfiVw
ed iHaatrative essay oq hanun naftr.
was the hero of the evening*
. Weight op the
fope a country jwjuire jbr etealhitt #
they saw himstp it. A
imteered 'ia eouQpeT Ibr*
scope o£ the sqtiire’s bmn,
M loUow»:‘htay ftplease yborllonOTjl
thfta»ai honesty heyoft*
W- %I;|i»e4U ’•ifr
“?“B.K»oy to swear that they did net
iee Un steal It,*. • squire rested his
{?«» wr ft fe# Qpeb his hind, is
ftludeept thought, ®d ne& with; great
pngdiißg hack bbhacr;
&? ?j yfh?
am sMftwdonly three that duLXd&lt
ehaige the prisoner. Clear the rbenfl*
two celfcip urchine
who iflar in * sugar barrel). “ 1
wo’t you bothbeen and did it I
by thunder I : Why, I see the mauagprihis
hpgwhite powder into that ’ere barrel ony
“if teornipg~to kill off the hpg§ wpt.jri*
a iicking round it, he
how you’ve been licking it and ’ll sure to
die after it, both of yfer!” (Irish how
clear, out in great tribulation andmakh
tracks for the nearest doctor’s, while tom
Yankee boy goes in himself and takspoe
session of the cask.)
Christian Perfection.—lf ‘
were sent to find the most perfetf
would probably pot find him compo»|ugij ;
body of divinity, but perhaps a cnrole in ’
a poor house, whom the parish wish'de*L 1
and who is bumbled before God with er
lower thoughts of himself thou others think
of him.
S6&* If you we disquieted ataoything*)
you should ooosider witVyouiselLia the,
thing of that worth that I should dp
turh myself, and lose my peace
1 You are ill, my friend.’ .
. i ®Jo ; is inflamed, and
painful. Do you kqow of any remedy**
.. *Doed I djdleet m&k with •
Bare it out.* • th . .
Mr Teh
keep it in, s
k* * - •
out, nst steb t|
£0 ,