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ICAM CO|«|fet
' v\
i ;
• *T
p Equestrian Campaign
[having ctcnmenccd, the
f this gifted combination of S
p Impress these TacU upon' the
blind, Tiz.; that this Is.the'only., :
I and American Company mtil
at that they here succeeded In
pect. and ns confident that Urn
.viil admit it, th* Managers ta
lly invite all te
glossal Music Car will no tar
lu tire morning of exhibition,,
kd" through the principal thor
res. drawn by “pieedid steeds,-
[mining the NEW YORK BO
AND. led by the AVlmrd Bugls,
io, Saturday, June 5,1868.
1331C5, - * * - • 25 Ceattr ’
p opened at 2 and 7 o'clock,"*,
[nance half an an hour Uter,
Ustinct performances afternooft:
Lug the many splendid nttrsA
I of
CALISTS, Ac., Ac.,
aj.i inc roLiowixc
lueeu of french Equestriennes^
1 iry-likc French Rider and Dai*
[ 'secae:
I’.. CUAS. E. SHERWOOD, general p.tfuuaer la.
[ World;
I: t:; -i ir.'.cu*', Magician ana
Ltculesa Somrrsot Rider, Lfelpsr
nnd "Vaulter: • -'“"i* l
The French Acrobat*;
l fU ; ,oi Coy Rider to the World;
bl CROSBY, ; : c
iricau Two-tlor»e Rider; >
eili-rc ultlje Ring,
. rjid Roue* Singer.
■norm at
June 4,'A. , -
•nJuy, June 7th:
[Jne foK
l HAD FOE $lO ! «Hf
I be drawn by 8. Jdwan AC&,
tJuuy Lottery, in ejich ol tbor
It June, 186 K, at AtOObtlj
L-ivo rctuoveU their .principal
IS3 18, ’ ir; >
fib 19, \ ■ , v ... 'yt'
GeorgU, m
Ll uue 12, 1868. 1 «£•
tES 20, . ■/
Aogurta, Oeorgta, InpnpUifWT"
[5sS 21.* ~ --v
[Augusta, Oaorjta, in. p*LUc*OW
Ic’ic 2G, 1868.
Uu> am> ncarr-nri ntzoal
[( n*ry Xi„c TicUUt •
t.sT btnmtKl i. '
ft 3iTCEDAT nr jm,
Co' 4 wii««f ••••
I |
DO* 50 Prlaeeflf '
13 230 ■» V■ ’•
Fnox FLUZ£S.
to $70,000 P riasaft J£n-'
. “ 30,000 “ -*3u|j»
“ 10,000 « « Jjfip
“ 5,000. « •« ' *lob
“ 4,000 1* « . 460
. “ 3,000 “ «• . 800
“ 1,800 **■> .«Bi
• ss
| ' ' 838Q8W
Lvee J 5; Quarters $2BO. ,
1900. correaporuiing withUjoa*
Bed on (rparnte *ujm of paper,
| - »ad placed In one Wheat.':
If ly prmted and encircled, an
and a nnmber La drawn
I :■! at the euue Ha; aMO
The hunter and prize
[t hil.itcdto theandience, and
[nr-:; the Vtl» teSDg placed
This cprration la repeated nn
but. -
he two proceeding and the two
drawing the flrat 7 Prlwawlß
p. 'tion Prize*. Forexainiile;
* $70,000. Prize, those ticket*
11. 11252, wilt each he entitled
Fa we the $30,000 Prite,thhM
B. ■■■■— will each be entitled to
p above scheme. •\ ‘ ■' '■ a} »
determined by thelutflj,'
* t!i« 570,000 Prize. Tore*-
>r <lie $70,000 Prize ends Mlfr
v S..TC the number emb fa> 1,
I>< a wiibcr ettda t&A
-.-a.ber cuds in 2
■'Bold ul the foUowteg&t**
V,le TkV«U, •*
u..jt«r “
i«!it ' “
kJdrm'for the ticket* CrdcrtA
lie fcrwanfed milL—
• tiding in any numbdPmy
I and Prizes will be sent to
tin- drawing.
■ tln-ir signatures plain, and
r T!tl State.
is drawn and payable tn foU
iii- 1, paid Immediately *fH»
h - u'ua! time of 30 day*.
'■■niticntc* to
'AN t CO, Augusta, Ox.
; >mcry, Ala, or Aulantft,Q*.
site time, by addressing
:t cities. ' •
ire draw 11 from the trbeaL
i.ut each one is entitled to,
i \vir.g. In the fallowing p**
Ur/jif'.rr, C!.'.tr>ilo» Stu*-
i.*'! fn!rUifffi,ctr, Xrto Tbrk
i :.tiny X>.v.'f,Pich)iuindDilh
iid Paulding {Hit-.) Clarion
-rd for gale a tract of
n in Furjjuson township,
b side of.tho IVegt branch of
: lire milibfrom Curweugvllje
ty. Tlic promisea are tov
: other Inducement* to pur
i n Uiiokneagnnd yields from
Hi.eie ii also an abundance
' -IrttM.; situation to person*
ifactnre of Iron.
■<r on the premises, and
boat", Ac-., from tMspolnt.
nloimation will address
•‘■‘port, Cb arficld Co, Pa.
‘tr has oc-hand now and fir
kl McCahaifs “Bluff,” whrr*
p entity cf-BRICK on short
«■ will be attended to, ,fud
LddtWgj ;; ; .
•VILLUM vacobh,
tneTtuci-Bfclr oesMy,P»,^
Jpainra Wrant.
I a wxixfiiUKKTXD TqWkmjof Rbspxot. —Many'
I of our readers are no doubt aware of tho pro*
I motion of George W. Grier, Esq., late Foreman
I of the Pittsburgh Shops, to the responsible po-
I gUlon of “ Master of Machinery;,” over the en-
I line of the Pennsylvania Railroad. This ap
jpoiatmoat necessarily involved his removal'to
I this place, and dissolved, in a partial manner,
[ jj[ 3 connection with the Engineers and Firemen
lof the Western Division, many of whom bad
I drawn the first throttle and thrown the first
Istlck of wood under bis administration, and who
I could not suffer the relations which had so long
land satisfactorily existed between them, to be
■dissolved without testifying, in a suitable man-
Iner, the bigb estimation in which he Waa held
■by them, as an officer and a gentleman. Accor*
Idingly the presentation of a gold watch and
I chain was decided upon, in of which
[ a committee, consisting of William Wills, rep-
I resenting the Passenger Engineers—James
I Smith, representing the Freight Engineers and
John W. Ridley, representing the Flrmneb, ar-
I rived in this place bj the Express Train, on
Monday morning, and having called Mr. Grier,
into bis office, Mr. Will*preempted tbejtoken,
[accompanied by a few appropriate remarks. —
[lie assured Mr.rO. tijab wherever hlalot might
[be cast in the future, tbo weU-wisbes of the en*.
[tire Division would accompany .him, and that
[so long as bis connection with lire Pennsylva
[nia Centi^-aontinacd—which,thoyhopedwould
[be to the end of his Railroad career—he could
[calculate upon , their sustaining him as one man;
■confident that be—a working .pisnand pne wbo
[bad justly risen from their'.ranks sqlely;bjrbis:
■own untiring: exertions and acknowledged me
lehanical abilities—w6uld properly appreciate a
[faithful dischatae of duty on theft part and at
[the same time .ask nothing at tjieir hands .which
[the best intemtsof the company and the men :
[did not alike demand. .;
Mr. Grier not being aware of the intended
demonstration wastal;ea altogether by surprise.
He said they a)l kpew that he,,eten if prepared,
could not express himself in a manner to do
justice tO;his feelings,-and he hoped, !therefore,
that they would exciuo him : from. attempting an
extemporaneous address. Mr. Grier was evl
i dentiy much affected by the affair, and remark
ed that, much #s .he prized this token just re
jeeived the sentiments which { accompanied it
were of much -more value-to bim. Being per
fectly, satisfied- that no officer can satisfactorily
discharge his duties unless he eqjoys the confi
dence and. respect of the men under his charge
os Well aathat-of tbe officers placed over him,
he had always endeavored to secure this, and
was pleased;.to know that he bad tosome extent,
succeeded ; .tiiat,his coxirse in the future, in the
[performance of the duties of his new'office,
would-be the same end, and be hoped
with a like result Mr. ,G. again thanked the
[g?ntienym for the elegant present he had rc
| ceived at their bands, advising them to continue
| to perforin their du ties in a satisfactory manner
•o long as they remained in the service of the
| Company, and assuring- them that by endeav
| oring to promote its interests,. they would cer
| tainly promote their own.
| Ihe committee then withdrew, evidently much
■pleased with the interview and. interchange of
■friendly feelings. 1 -
I It always gives us pleasure to .record eridea-
Ices of good-will existing between employers and
■employees, but in this cam wo have a peculiar
■gratification, Mr. Grier is emphatically a work
ling, as well as a self-taught, man, and is always
■ready to put bis shoulder to the wheel when no-
Iccssity requires. From a poor apprentice-boy,
■he has risen, by his own exertions; to the fore
■most rank in his profession. Having commen-
Kced at the foot of the ladder, and gradually as--
pended to his present position, be can. foily ap
preciate the titoationof thqse under.his charge,
land it is therefore not surprising that he has
I succeeded in securing their good-will.
| We congratulate [the company upon haring
[secured the services of one so well-qualified to;
[ promote the interests of the Road, and also the
| men under him, that one of their number, who
[knows their trials aad can appreciate a faithful
[discharge of duty, has been placed over (hem.
19* Morality appears to be at alow ebb in
Altoona. Tbe' load department of the' Tribune
|of last weekis almost entirely filled with rob- j
.beries; from petty ,thefts to .{hiring highway;
| attempts. The recent discharge of 140 men by
the P. R. R. • Co, in that place.-who were get
[ ting up a ** strike,” may have, bad something to
Uo in produmng this sod state of affairs.—
We hare ever been tanghtthat the slanderer
was an individual more morally debased, more
[contemptiblymean, and a greater villain jbwi
the most daring thief or burglar, Shakapearo
[beautifully portrayed tbe difference In the fol
lowing lines:
“ H« who steals my parse steals traib
Rat be that filchce from mo my good name, x -
RoW me of that which not enriches him,
And nukes me poor indeed.”
We commend them to the calm consideration
iof'the junior of the Herald, who claims the
paternity of the above item, than whom a more
abusive slanderer, if we may judge from his de
partment of the paper, can not ho found in the
Interior of the State. We beg him,,ere he again
fcomments on the low ebb of morality in neigh
boring towns, to rid his own of a viler specimen
bf immorality than ever disgraced this place,
py taking a hasty exit therefrom.
■ I
| Revolution is Paicss.—Messrs. McLain &
Lehr have just received from the city a large
[assortment of fresh groceries which they are
[selling at unprecedentedly low prices. They
jsell the best brown sugar at 9 cents per pound
and white at 10 cents; Levering Syrup molasses
,at 65 cents per gallon, and all other articles in
proportion. Give them a call-and price their
goods and you will find our words correct.
Ihe Circus.-—Mabie & Crosby’s Circus, about
which one-balf the juveniles in town have been
dreaming for the last week, will be In town on
Saturday n«xt. If the Circus is half «s good
M the yiß be roe of the ta* that
has yet vistted this piece: :
' lUfiroiWar Cotrirrt I Tte^opdajsbij^^
tp :lho pnblisbed-call, tbe Republican County-' from (be numbs we made in reference to thb
Convention nw]t In IlolUd»y8borg on Thursday : nomination <jf (be Araerican County Tickct, tliat
list bad nominated the following ticket: we are -very pinch interested in its misoesa. Be
AsmMy-~Mnrt:u Bell, of Antis township. that es it misjy it certainl v required an awful
Col, John Piper, of Guyaport stretch of imagination to deduce any such con-
Prothono(ary~A. S. Morrow, of Mnrtinsburg. , . , ... .. “
IWasurer-m. C. Irvin, : of Iloliidaysbnrg. assertion editor of the
Commissioner —Joseph Fcay,. Williamsburg. 'j, iStendard that the Democracy Would rather the
Conner— Joseph Stiller,’ of Frnnkstown. i Republicans bad' not' nominated a ticket at all,
JHreelor Poor—John Young, of wHl be newb to that ’W 0 f
Auditor —Chns. R. McCrei, of Altoona.
With one exception, that of the nominee for
Coroner, wo are unacquainted, personally, with,
the gentlemen composing the above ticket.
This is owing, however, to our limited acquain
tance in the county anti the foot that we ham
taken little ornopart in political or public af
fairs. K number of those named are well known
to moat af the people of the county, personally,
and to us by reputation; and we feel no hesita
tion in saying that so far os personal feelings,
are concerned, they ore as popular men aseoold:
Jbave been selected.
It was ‘boped and expected .that a different
coarse would bare bhen panned by the Conven
tion, to harmonise, If possible, the entire oppo
aition to the administration- ffe notice in the
proceedings of the convention, that a resolution
waa offered to the.effect that it was inexpedient
at this time to select candidates for the county
offices, and proposing an adjournment of the
convention untijthe 26tb of August next. Why
this resolotion was not adopted the proceedings
do not state, neyerthelessire presume there wiis;
sufficient reason, y
. Aawe anticipated. there are now two tickets
in the ficld,andanotber yet to be nominated.
What tlte result wtU-bCfShoakl they all continue
on the track, is easily.surmised. Theeffcrts of
the admipistration party, will be directed to one
object, that of 'preventing a union between the;
Amcricanand Republican parties, and in the
accomplishment of this lies their only hope of
success in this county, if we may judge from the
rote of toraer years, when the opposition was
Ison Cixx Couksbcial College, PirrsAima,
Pa.-—Our attention has been called to the sue-:
cess, growth and great popularity of (his Insti
tution, bynotieing the many improvements on
the Building this spring, making it an orna
ment tofur City. The exterior is finely paint
ed and decorated with now signs and transpa
rencies. The interior of four large Balls, 20 by
40, 22 by -70, 20 by 80, will be found beautiful-;
ly papered and carpeted,' and furnished with
every convenience suggestive of a njodel coun
ting boose. ■ These Ralls are well filled by above
200 Students. Upwards of 60 young men have;
entered this school within the last six weeks.—i
Now considering that this is the dull season of
the year for Commercial Schoolsr~'tbis plainly
shows that the present popularity and success
of the Iron City College are entirely without
precedent. The Business men of this City refer
with pride to'this Institution, and we recom
mend it to yonng men, parents and guardians,
as the our country affords fox acqui
ring a thorough commercial education for ac
tive business life. For Circular and specimen o/
Penmanship address f. Jenkins, Pittsburg Pal
—Evening Chronicle,
A friend has requested us to call the
attention of those Whose business it is to abate
such nuisances, to the fact that « number of
persons are in the habit' of collecting in the
vestibules and about the doors of some of the
churches, during the hours of evening service]
and annoying those who occupy back or gallery
Seats, with their cont'mdal talking and running
in and otit of (ho chnreh. Especially was this
the case at the .Lutheran Church on Sabbath
evening last, when the annoyance was so great
that those on the gallery could with much diffij
unity distinguish what was said by tbe minis
ter. We are ashamed to be compelled tp add
that some bf those who thus misbehaved ore
ypung men. and who no doubt wish to be con
sidered gentlemen, but they lack the first prinr
oiples'ili&t constitutes a man a geutleiran. If
ijhey do qotwish to go into the church, or havb
no desire to listen to the preaching of the gosf
pel, common sense we think'should teach them
to stay away from the house entirely, and not
disturb tlibse who do wish to hear and leorni j
Spanish Quabtees.— Two of tbe remaining
evils of tbe late suspension are the circulation
ofgpanisb quarters and unbankable money.-|
As before the suspension, business men ought
quarters for more than 20: centos
or if,token tft par they should pot be paid out
again, but collected in sums and carried to the
mint to be .exchanged for American silver. Ip
this way they bring from 22 to 25 cts. each.—
And the notes of our interior Banks ought toj be
collected and sent borne' by an agent and the
gold demanded Jqr them. If .this plan were
f°r a.time .these Banks would make ait
arrangbteent to keep \thoir notes at par ip
Philadelphia. It may not beknown to the pub
lic generally ,that these Banks pity specie at
their counters, but do not settle their balances
in .coin ot Philadelphia, consequently thmr p*-
peris generally 1 to 2 per centdiscount Can't
something be done to remedy this evil 7 r ' |
Shall w* hav*a Fourth or Jult in At
toora!—This question is now being agitated
by some of -car citixens, who propose to cele
brate the day in the good old-fashioned way, by
gathering together all the men, women and chil
dren in the place, and repairing to an Adjoin
ing grove and having a general jollification.—
We call attention to the subject at this time,
for the purpose of requesting the different so
cieties in this place not to be' too hasty in get
ting up celebrations of their own, and* also to give
notice that a meeting will shortly be called for
the purpose of completing arrangements for a
general celebration, in which it is hoped that
all associations and denominations will take
port We shall speak more at length of the
matter next week.
Ball and Suffer.—We have recently printed
navigations for a Ball and Supper to be given at
the Washington Hotel, in this place, on the
evening of the 16th of Juno. From the char
acter of the Managers announced, we anticipate
it will be a grand affair, and that all those who
.shtdl parfecipato in the festivities the coca-;
won wiijiirwraiTe the worih_of thsr money. [
. portion of the partyre
aidingin andffiboat tbis “neck o’ timber, ,K as it
evidently !Uo|b fomjdetioix hi fiiot We believe
the Democracy could; defeat either tfceAmeri
can or Bepoblicon '’ticket, single-handed, as
those parties ate aboat equally divided in the
county, bat with* perfect adon between them
the thing If Impossible, enf the Standard- man
is well aware of the fact, his assertions to the
contrary, notwithstanding, liext week wo ex
pect to find the Trihmu classed as a Bepnblieaa
jomnal, 6hould the sagacious editor of the Stan
dard deduce like conclusions from like remarks,
in all coses.
Departed.—We ; «te «onj io announce the
deporture of ooryoutigfrißpd, Theo. A. Steelier,
whose pMoei that ofAssistant General Ticket
Agent on the Pa. has been removed
from this plane to fiairiaboig. hit. S. came to
Altoona at the time the offices of* the company
wereiirst opened, some' five or six -years ago,
and has resided here ever since. Being natu
rally of an energetic and enterprising spirit, he
participated; in all efforts got np for the im
provement of society or the town, and In tnapy
iustanocs took a leading and active part. We
always regret,the loss of a good citizen, bat we
feel the loss; more sensibly in his case." as wp
were in almost daily intercourse, with him. and
ever found him a kind friend and perfect gen*
tlemanV May his how home prove a pleasant
one and may he find as good friends as those he
leaves behind^
RsHACis dirGEM. Smith.— The remains of Gen.
P. F. Smith passed through this place, on Thors
day last, on the Fast Line, accompanied by an es
cort of twelve; members of the Duquesne Greys,
of Pittsburg. The car appropriated by the
Company jfor the purpose was suitably arranged,
being heavily craped on the outside and deco
rated wjth couple of American Flags oh the
inside. Quite a crowd had collected at the
depots hoping that au opportunity would be
given to obtain a sight qf the honored dead, but
the ear being kept looked, they wexq' disap
pointed. :
“AiraA” is Teoubus.— We notice in the
last pf the DUtirsvUle Record, that our
correspondent, “ Alpha” has stirred up a hor
net’s nest about his ears, by the reference he
made to the “ widows, old maids mad marriage
able ladies” of Blairsville, in hie first letter to
the Tribune, from that place. Onp of the “ mar
riageable ladies” tikes him in hjaiid and draws
him over the coals in & pretty rough manner,
and promises him a little more of the same sort
should he again allude to them. Whether
“Alpha” -will “dry up” at her command or
not, remains to be seen.
Tin elt Advice. —To those who are subject to
Coughs and Colds, and those various Pulmon
ary Diseases incident to oar climate at this sea
son of the year, we would advise the trial of a
bottle of Dr. Kcyscr’s Pectoral Syrup, by this
time well known to our community, and a med
icine that stands higher for its curative proper
ties than any other medicine with which we are
acquainted. ; It is a matter of wonder to us that
any person will allow a Cough or Gold to fas
ten on the lungs when so pleasant a remedy is
at hand.. Ypu con bay it at G. W. Kessler’s.
Pehhakbhip.—Thorough and practical in
every other department, Duff’s Merchont’s’Col-
Icge, of Pittsburgh, furnishes unequaled advan
tages to the student for the acquisition of a
splendid style of Penmanship. Professor Dan
can, who has charge of this branch, has long
stood in the front rank of American Chirogra
phists, and many of his students have won for
themselves high positions in the art. —PUUhurg
OazMt. ;
LfiotußE.-f-The very Eev. E. McMahon, V.
G. of Pittsburg, will lecture this evening, in
the Qatbolio' Church in this place. Subject—
Education, j From the well known ability of
the we feel no hesitancy in saying
that all who; attend will bo highly entertained.
Select School.— M. K. Williams opened
a Select School, on tho 2d inst., in the West
Ward School-house, in the room formerly occu
pied by Mr. J. B. Ewing.
, |Fbr the JUoma Tribune.
To the young men of Altoona.
A Crevatte —The Advantages of otrr Taang 3fen—The char
. - aettr qf the dace—The effect of ISberaUtg in rewarding
labor—The nape of promotion a tUviulut. ■
My Young Friends:—You have doubtless
heard or jfead of the great Bdl Crevaeee apjpo
rite the of New Orleans, through urmoh
the Raters of tho Mississippi ore pouring tbem
selves with an arrow's speed, and in 4<uthtity
equal: to ihe Susquehanna. This ww<wf« i$ a
break in-the levee, or embankimeiri thrown up
to protect t|e low-lands from feeing overfqwu
by the Mississippi. But the swollen condition
of this great Father of Rivers, by the late
heavy and rimost incessant nuns, has created
such an imniense pressure, that in several pla
ces the fto« has given way, and thus is formed
a erevaete, through which rite water pours and
foams like mad, dessolating and overflowing
thousands upon thousands of acres of the best
sugar growing lands. Now, young friends,
there Was a erevque ia my time, last week, which
ran away with no little of it. This is my apol
ogy for not greeting you with the accustomed,
lu my lost two letters, I have spoken at some
length of a few of the dangers Which surround
you in this place. But you enjoy some advan
tages too, and of them 1 wish now to speak.
It the first place, the character of the town
is a matter of very great advantage to you, by
way of inspiring you with energy and forming
in you active, industrious, and correct business
habits. In life, energy, industry and business
opportunities it is no ordinary place- It is none
of yoor “ ojae-horse" towns. No.sir. it baa
tfco y«sl city* bun about it. -sjbtop is many a
jpbme dubbed **eUy,” ia the Wcst,apdeven in
this country, (Tyrone, for inBtance,)that will
not compare with it, either i» number of inhab
itants, wta|tb, industry orburineas. - Nuwwho
dtocH not know that to live, in, or be connected
in business with, such aplace, has an inspiring
effect upon * mail* which is calculated to call
out his energies: and make blni, in his habits,
partake of the character of the town and peo
pie around him. Bring a man from one of your
dried np, finished towns, like foine we could
name, not a hundred miles off, and behold what
a change. Uesocms to be anew man, with
fresh life, new energy and changed habits. The
fret is, a man oan hardlj help bat be like those
around him. If Jbe Ores in a town of iasyloaf
era, he is Mosty to be a lot for too; b«t If be
Hm In 'Altoona, where every bod/ seems to
have thdr hands foil of business of their own,
and. attend to that without ihedling with others,
he can hardly helpbeing like Altoouians. Here,
where everything is done on an active, liberal
scale, men learn to be active and liberal. The
difference between living in some other place
and here, is Just about the difference between
the speed of one of the bid six* hone> Conestoga
teams and that of the Fast Line on the P. B . 8.,
with the “ Gaselle” as your horse and the good
humored, good-hearted Harry Gray ns driver.
Why, so inspiring is it to be in a plaei like this,
that even Joe Weitzel, stern and exact as he. is,
can hardly keep the “-Blazing-Star” Within the
limits of schedule rime, Bren the locomotives
seem to .catch the spirit, and some time break
over all restraint, for the other evening, with all
Joeoonlddo to hold her bock, the “Blazing
Star” held up before the Logan House the fifti
eth part of a minute ahead of time—Schedule
No. B—that is, if Bob. didn’t make that much
of a mistake in making It out, or if my watch
was correct (for the correctness of which 1 would
not like to vouch.) Now then, young gentlemen,
how is it possible that you should live in the
midst of influences like these, without beingl
inspired by them. It is not possible. Uncon-i
sciously to yourselves your habits will, must be
moulded by such surroundings. It is to you u!
decided advantage, and if you use the advan
tage aright, it will be of service to the world, as
well as yourselves. N
To illustrate this point a little further, let me
cite an instance. Here is the General Superin
tendent of tfaeTennsylvonia Railroad, acknowl
edged on all hands to be one of the shrewdest
and most active business men in the State—kind,
aflable, gentlemanly, and yet unflinchingly firm.
Now suppose the force pf circumstances had
kept Irim all his life in London—rthe place of his
birth and boyhood—a little village at the east
ern slope of the Cove Mountain, in Franklin
county. Fa., is there any probability that in
that case his business energies and qualities
would ever have been so fully called out and
thus perfected! To my mind there is not the
siighest probability, of it. Circumstances make
men; men do hot :create circumstances. ’Tis
said, '
“Thero u a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”
The circumstances which surround you are well
calculated to make you active, energetic, indus
trious citizens, nnd will, if you allow them to
produce their legitimate effect
Another advantage enjoyed by yon here, is
the liberality with which your labor and efforts
are reworded. -I scarcely know of a place where
labor commands a higher price. The advan
tages to you are not so much what you are able
actually to save, as the liberal and enlarged,
views of matters and things which it is likely
to beget in you. It may be that after oil you
do not actually save more than some men would
do iu other places at less wages; for liberality in
the reward of labor is apt to create a highet
price for the necessaries of life. But here is
the thing—you put a man down to very low
wages, and it makes him narrow-minded and
contracted in his thoughts, his feelings and his
actions. While on the other hand let a man
feel that he is liberally and punctually reward
ed for his work, and he is most likely to be free
hearted and liberal in all Ms ways. Look for
an illustration of this iu what Altoona has done
in- the last ftw years for public purposes.—
Where in the State—perhsps in the Union—is
a place, which for its population and wealth,
has in tho samo rime expended os much for
public improvements ? lam yeiy sure I knew
of no place. And how can we account for it
but in the liberality of the people, brought
about by the liberal scale on wMch everything
is hero done ? I Jpowof no other way.
Another advantageJo you, young wen, is the
stimulus to which here exists. That
stimulus arises from die prospect of promotion.
It is the standing rule of the P. R. B. Co., to
promote their own men s as fast as vacancies
occur. Some of herihighest functionaries at
present, onbe occupied subordinate stations.—
True merit, the result of their own efforts, has
elevated them to positions. The
rule according to wMp| they promote, is merit—
not time in the service. Here then is a stimu
lus for yom Set your bim high, nor relax an
effort until you havereached the mark.' I have
some more to say to you abbot your advantages,
but must "for the present bid you adieu.
A Cainl from Samuel Swan A Co.
TO THE PUBLIC,—The extraordinary course j
panned by the rival managers of different Lot
teries ' to. 'injure nb because our liberal schemes
and prompt manner of doing business has ma
terially affected them, compels us to call special
attention to the facts, which all who deal with
us know already; that is, that our Lotteries are
legal; the managers and trustees honest and
honorable men; that we have sold more prases'
in the last twelve months than all other Lotte
ries in the Union, and that they have been
promptly cashed in all cases on presentation.
The effort to injure us is aimed not only at
our business by our rivals, but is also intended
to act politically on one of onr partners; and
wo assure our friends and the public that with
owe comosbU au is Bronx, and this, the legal
investigation which we shall urge to a hearing,
will folly demonstrate.' in 'toe meantime onr
business will be conducted asusnhl.
, SAMUJgL & CO.,
Yours truly,
T. N. K.
' . , jU
; row liri HAa-
QBkdffa.—Professor Wobd’s Halt Tonic restores
the color, not by the nitrate of stiver process,
bat by & restoration of the healthy functions
upon Which the original and natural color of
the hair and its moisture, its gloss, its life, and
consequently.its original beauty depended.
Professor- Wood, at the age of thirty-seven j ears,
was as gray as a man of eighty, ami his hair
was dry, thin and dead. Now he has not a single
grey lock upon his crown, nor is his hair thin or
dry, but soft, pliable and moist ns that of a
Child of five yean. This preparation acts upon
the loots, for after an application, that portion
of this hair nearest the scalp is found restored
to tire original color, whatever it was, whilethe
ends of the hair sow gray. Try Wood’s Hair
Tonic, find dn not apply any other till after you
bnvfc thhk With Ibis resolution you will noror
have occasion to use n hair dye.
v “ Caotios.— Beware of worthless imitations, ns
several are already in the market, called by dif
ferent names. Use none unless the word (Pro
fessor Wood’s Hair Restorative, Depot St. Louis,
Mo,, and New York,) are blown in the bottle.
Bold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Deal
ers. Also by aU Fancy and Toilet goods deal
ers in the United States and Canadas. See ad
vertisement. i
Ton Panic—More Failures.— -Tha panic in
New. York seems to be on the increase. In this
city everything goes on smoothly, and the only
failures we have heard of werej the failures to
furnish good fits made by some inferidr clothing
establishments. There is no such difficulty to
bo encountered by those who'patronise the
Brown Stone Clothing Hell of jEtoekhOl A Wil
son, Nos. 60S and 606 Chestnut; street, above
sixth. Gentlemen, and Youths never fail to pro
care capital fits at this popular establiabment.
Tax Best Comm Medicine. -—One of the
very best Cough Medicines to. be found any
where, is Dr. Keyset's Pectoral Syiup, sold by
G. W. Kessler, at 60 cents per bottle.
USA- See advertisement, of jDr. Sandford’s
LIVER INVIGOBATOR in another column.
stated Councils of
tii* “ Wlvsxbioq Tbim,” No. 06,1. o.jk M., are held ev
ery Tuesday evening in the I. O. 04 F. Hall, in the Ma
sonic Temple. Council Fire kindled at ?th Ton 30th breath
Jane 2i, ’67-ly] A. EpERLB, C. of B.
Time of the Closing and
Arrival of Mail* at Altoona Post Office. | -
Eastern Way and UolUdaysburgat . 4 :1: 11 80 A.M.
Western « : 800 ML
UoUidaysbarg . - - I t U Kll.
Eastern TblroSgh Mall 8 00 “
Eastern Through Mail: j 8 36 A.M.
Westerii Way and Ilolildaysbarg, i i 12 06 P. M.
Eastern “ ■ « 700 «
June 4, ’67-tf] JOHN SHOEMAKER, P. If.
of ArrPVakand De
parture of traini running on .tits Penh’a. Rati road, at Al
toona station. ;1 i . '
Express Train East arrives 2,4tLA. M*; leaves 2,55 A. M.
“ “ West “ B,sS?'i‘ “ 8,55 “
Fast « East “ 64V) P. M. “ 6*60?. M.
“ “ West : “ 10,00 “ . « 10,05 «
Mail “ East “ 12,06 “ “ 12,80 «
“ West “ 7,00 “ , “ 7,25 “
The HOLLIDAYSBURO BRANCH connects with Express
Train West, Moil Train East and West and with Fast Line
East. 4 '
The BLAIRSTILLE BRANCH connects with Johnstown
Way Train East and West, Express Train West and Mail
Train East.
Dec. 31, ’56-tfl THOS.4A. SCOTT, Sup’U
Celebrated Fema£ Pills.
Prepared from a prescription of Sir J. Clarke, M. D, Phy
sician Extraordinary to the Queen.
This invaluable medicine is unfailing in the cure of all
those painful and delicate disposes to Which the female con
stitution is subject it moderates, alt excess and removes
all obstructions, and a speedy cure may bo relied on.
10 MARltnro LADIES
it is peculiarly suited. It will, in a Short time, bring on
the monthly period with regularity.
Each battle, price <fno dollar, bears the <3 overnmentStamp
of Ureat Biitain, to prevent counterfeits.
There Pills should not be taken by females dining Usefirst
three months <f Pregnancy, at they are'nreto bringon Mis
carriage, but at any other time they aresafe.
In all cases of Nervous and Spinal. Affections, Pain in
the Back and Limbs, Fatigueon slight exertion, Palpitation
of tho and Whites, these Pills will effect
a euro when all other means have tailed, and ad though a
powerful remedy, do not contain iron, calomel, antimony;
or anything hurtful to the constitution.
Full directions in tho pamphlet around each package,
which should be carefully preserved.
Sole Agent for tho United States and Canada,
JOB MOSES, (late I. C. Baldwin A Co-)
: Rochester, N. Y.
N. 8.—51.00 and 6 postage stamps enclosed to any &u
thorized Agent, will insure, a bottle, containing 60 Pills,
by return mail. 3
B. L. Fahnestock, Pittsburg, Wholesale Agents; also, for
sale by oil Druggists. JJune 3,1863c-ly.
Floor—Superfine, $ bbl;
“ Sxtra, fl “ 85,00
Corn M:al, Vcwt. ' IJS
Potatoes, f! bush. 75
Dry Apples, %“ ' , 1,76
Butter, ft tt> SO'
Lard, V “ 14
Hams, $ “ 12
Shoulders, ® u . i* 10
Side, “ ? 12
Eggs, doa, 10
M*Laln A Lehr sell thelrFlour at the following rates:—
White Wheat-Floor, Extra Fatally, «JJW. 85,76
“ “ « “ Superfine,' ,**
n, u u Superfine, “ . 4,76
Fxtra Family Flour, ■ |lhbL ' ♦
Superfine Extra, best quality, 6 25
• ■ “ “ .Creek, 600
Superfine,'’ !■“ 4 76
List of letters Remaining
fn the Port Office at Aitooim,Jtjhe 1,1858.
Hnrthamer, Eta Myers, Rebecca
Brobst, LK . Myers, W O
Bechtel, JO ’ Max, OeWge H
Bowens, Bohannah Moore, Mary A 3
Baker, MAtthlrtefi.HM
Barr, Joseph McNoth.Hugh • . -
Bnorkle,'CfW ! '' McCfoskey, James C •
Cox, John L Okescm.Dantel
Cox, Dorcas , Prest,QA»:Light Co.■; '
Davis, William . Rough, Margaret N :
HineW, James -
Hecht,DaaW Bmfth,MM-
HtbdaiOeorge I Bnrith,(ffiarles 2
Hlpe,Cate gbunmitf/Johii
Uawk. William BmttteAnn
Jackson, Ellen BchlosvM
Klotzi, Rachel ■ ’'
Lingafeltar; Andrebr Tearsley, Alban 2
Longwell, IO :s :
Persons tailing for letters on this i list will please sdy
they are advertM- JOHN SHOEMAKER, P. M.
Altoona, June 3,1858.
/m Notice Is hereby given that letters of Administration
on the estate of Jamzs Moore, late of Logan to wnshlp, Blair
county, deceased, have been granted, by tho Register, Ac.,
to the undersigned, residing in Antes township. All per
sons knowing themselves indebted to said estate aro re
quested t. make immediate payment; and those having
claims against it will prtsen: them dniy authenticated for
■ettlement. JOHN J. BL’RKIIOLDXtR, Adm’r.
' May 27,1 SJS.-Ct
Notice.— whereas, letters
of Administration on the Kstato of Adam Robinson,
late of the township of Logan, Blair county, deceased, have
been granted to the subscriber; all persons indebted to the
said estate are roouesttd to make immediate payment; and
those having claims cr deinnnds against the estate, will
please make Known the same vrlthourdelay to
■ Altoona, May 13,1868.-6 t JACOB GOOD, Adtn r.
: draw nigh and hear. JDSEPS.P. 7EOUT innomv
cestothepnblfe. that he U ready todjschargehls duty
X *■' sought,
.Its original color; hjvrr* hixurisntlr the bold Usd-n*
mirves all dau Irult, itching and all mfi.mia, scald head Vnd
all eruptions; maltes the hair »o«t< hoailby and glassy* and
will preserve it to any imaginable ago; removes-Ws if b*
magic, all blotches, 4c„ from tSic face and cure* all uenrah •
gia ami nervous headache. See circular and the foliowtngt
Dover, N. Ti„ Feb. 2d, 185 T.
Prcr. O.J. Wood & Co.—Gonta: r Within a few dava we
have received so many orders and calls {hr Prof.O. J. Wood's
Hair Restorative, that to-day we worcvompclled to bend to
Boston Sir a quantity, (the, 0 dcaen you forv.-arded all being ’
sold.) while wo might order a quantity from you.
bctUe mAavrtold taunt to *«w produc'd tone w/onrgm
gotoaim and the approbation, and natrdsngo itreoetrss
torn the moat substantial and worthy eltfcess of oar rt<
fiend ns as soon as may be one groSs of SI etsv; u£ om
doson £2 size; and believo m youra rtry rtsncet/WJwT
(Signed) DANtEI, tATUORPi to.
nickoryGroro, fit. Charles Co.. Nov. 19, Kog.
Peov. O. J. Woo n—Dear Sir: Some tint" lost summer we
were Induced to use some of your Ilair Restorative, and:
its effects were so wonderful,, wc feel it our duty to you \
and tho afflicted, to report it.
Our llttlo sou’s bead for some time had boen perfectly
covered with sores, and some colled it scald head. The
ha'r almost entirely came off In consequence, when a Mend,
seeing* bis sufferings, advised us to use your Restorative,
we did so with little hope of success, bat. to oor surprise,
aud that of oil our friends, a very few applications removed
the dtseoae entirely, aud a new and tuxuiient cropped hair
Boon started out and we can now say that our boy baa as
healthy a scalp, and as luxuriant'a crop of hair as any
other child. We can therefore, and do hereby recommend
your Restorative, as a perfect remedy for all disease* of the
scalp and hall'.. Wo ate. yours respectfully,
Gardiner. Maine, Juno 22,1858.
Paor. 0. J. Woo»—Dear Sir: I bavo used two bottles of
Professor Wood’s Hair Restorative, and con truly say It Is
the peateet discovery of the age for restoring and changing
the Ilair. Before using it 1 was a map of seventy. My
Hair has now attained its original color. You can recom
mend It to the world without the least her, as my case
was one of the worst kind. . .
Tour* Koapeclftilly,
O. J, Wood k Co., Proprietor* 812 Broadway, New York,
(In the great N. Y. Wire. Eaiilhg Establishment,) and 114
Market 8t„ St, Louis, Mo.
lor Mia by O. W, KESSLER, Altoona, and by all good
Druggist*, [Juno 8,1888-Iy. .
Maryland state lotteries
R., Franci & Co.,
Managers of the Mary land State Lotteries present tha fid*'
lowing Splendid Scheme*.
POR JUNE, 1858,
They caution purchasers of Ticket* to beware of order*,
log Tickets la Lotteries where extraordinary largo Cepl*
tat* are offered for a small coat of Ticket*—-all such era
swindles. -
The Maryland Lotteries base been in existence fbr Party
Years, They an drawn by a- State Officer, and can bora
lied on. If you draw a Prize, you will get yvnr money.?-*
The whole country la flooded with bogus lottery concerns,
49-Order in ctae Maryland State Lotteries. .
maoviucekt genua,
To be drawn in Baltimore City, Juno 19, ISS&.
4SP* 13 Drawn Ballots out of ;'
Making the Prizes and Bisuks equal.' Every i'aejttgt of $4
Ticket* must contain 1-3 drawn numbers, so thst oin -
ate 13 Prizes to 13 Blanks. " I
1 Grand Prize of slo,ooo] . 1 Prira of 1 M 466
1 Prize of 1387 T ;i :10 Prize of ' BJOO
1 Prize of £*ooo 10 Prise of' ' 1.000
1 Prize of 5,000 £5l Prize of - j»5
1 Prize of 6,000 06 Prlse 'of - 100
I Prtze of 6,000 66 Prize of \ $0
1 Prize of 8,000 • tS Prize of 60
1 Prize of f 6,000: . 66 ?rize ot 40
IPrireof 6,000 4^loPrise of . 90
IPriMof' MKi 27,040 Prise of . 10
1 Prize of ODSe
32,898 Prises, Attpanting to $679177. ■'
Tickets slo—Halves $6-Qa«rteni *L9si;
A Certificate of Package of 28 Wholes, costs $14060
KJ. do. ‘ 2d Halves, Tm $*
Do. do. 28 Quarters, 37 IP
Do. do. 28 Eighths, lg»
This is the old mode of Drawing. Prizes in uneWhaal
and Tickets in another. !\
Every Prise is drawn out.
Every PrCxpaid in/uli without deduction t ''
To bo drawntu Baltimore, M 4, Saturday, June 86th,1868.
20,000 Prize*l '4o,oooRnmtwnlt , '
1 Prize of 4 ApprttofßOO
1 Prize of 12,000 8 •-\TIO
IPrireof «■ • *
1 Prize of 4,000 ‘ • v
1 Prize of 2,000 - * || j sy.
1 Prize of • 8,000 •. •
1 Prize of 1,600. . m■ ■ sAii
1 Prize of WOO •
1 Prize of WW , . ( •
IPrireof \#» 1 •
1 Prize of . 1,000 ■’* - - ■ '
1 Prize of 1,000 •
10 Prizes of 400 48 i* ' $0
10 Prizes of 400 40 “ 40
100 Prizes of 900 400 * •••* SB
20000 Prizes of $8 each.
The 20,000 Prises of $B, determined by tha drawing of tba
" Capital, whether odd or even. :
Whole Tickets slo—Halves ss—Quarters' .'
A Manager*’-. Certificate of 16 Wholes—where persona
wish to pay tha rWk only, will be sect for $9B
Do. ' .do. 16 Halves, '4B
Do. do. 10 Quarters, ’ $6
Do. . do. lOßigfatba, 1$
The Managers bare bean compelled from the numerous'
complaints made to them, of nnfeithfhlness on the put fit
those who have been attending to the filling of order* to
resume the correspondence business in their own name.
Order tickets from the Manager* only.
Adfressall letters to R. PRANCE A 00.
March 4-ly] Baltimore,Md.'
In one of the best! Purgative and Liver M-jdicincs now' b««
fore the public, that act-t os a VUi'uu tic, ccoicr, mlidcr,aiid
more tSectuol than any other medicine knea a. ft 1» not
only a Chthortiivbnt a liver remedy, tiling first oa tha
Liter to eject its mcrbil mutter, thi n on the ktomtfh a&d
be writs to carry off that matter, thus accomplishing two
purposes effectually, without any of the painful reeling*
experienced in the operations of most) Cotharhct. It
strengthens the system at the same turn that it puvges it;
and when taken daily in moderats doses, will strengthen
and boiid It up with unusual rapidity. V
The Liras. U .one of the principal regulotora of the
human body; and when it performs its functions well,
the powers of the sjstem t are fully developed.
ttonuteh is almost entirely dependent on the healthy
action of tlie Liver for the 103 1 proper'performance of ita
functions; when the atom- jacb is at tauiVthe bowels
are at fault, and the whole l£) system; suffers in conse
quence of one organ—the I.iVEEr-having ceased to do
its duty, dor the diseases C 4 of thot jfirgan,' one of the
proprietors has made it his study, ioartmictlce of more
than twenty yean, to find some remedy wherewith to
counteract the many d«- mngcmehls to which It Is
liable,.' ~ eg
To prove that this rune
son troubled with Ijvet.
forms, has but to try a hot
tain. !
These Gums remove ail
the system, supplying in
of bile, invigorating the
digest well, PDKtm.vG the
health to the whole machi
of the disease —effecting a
Boioca Attacks are cur
prevented. by the occa
One dose after eating is
macb and prevent the food!
Onlyonu dose taken bo'
Nightmare. - |
' Only !one dose taken at;
els gently, and cures Cos-j
(hie dose taken after each:
ne dose of two tea-
Iteva Sick Headache.
One. bottle taken forfc
, the’, can so of the disease,
’ Only one dose immedlato-
Ode'-dose often repeated
lloanoa, and a preventive
- jjjjp- Only one buttle is:
system the effects of uicdi-l
jfjf One bottle taken lor
lowness or unnatural colurj
One dose taken a short
vigor to the appetite, and
One dose often repeated:
its worst forms, while Sum
yield almost to the. first
One or two doses cures
in children: there is no!
remedy in the world, as it 1
A few bottles cures Dropsy
We take pleasure in re
as a preventive for Fever
all Fevers of a Bilious type.l
and thousands are willing
virtues. |
All who use it are giving their unanimous testimony in
its fivor. • ’
Mix Water in the mouth with the Invigorutor, and
swallow both together.
working cures, almost too great to believe. It cures ait u
by magic, even the first dozegiving benefit, and seldom wore
than one bottle is repaired to cure any kind of Liver Com
plaint, from the worst Jaundice or Dyspepsia to a common
Headache, all of which are the result of a Disused Uvt*.
DR. SANFORD, Proprietor, 315 Broadway; .Jfsvr Jvkr
taw Bold by Or W. SKrawa, Altoeims ®d ntaUtd'Jiy
, - ■ Ps
dy is at last Bund, anyper-
Compuixt, in any of Itt
tie, awl conviction is edr-
morbid or bad matter from
their place a healthy, flow
stomach, causing fooddo
ancon, giving tone and
r.cry, removing the cause
radical euro.
led, AM), WUAT 18 Blmi,
slonal use of the Lives In-
| sufficient to relieve thestO
> from rising and soaring,'
fore retiring, prevcnls
night, loosens the the bow*
meal will cure Dyspepsia,
spoonsful will, always re-
male obstruction rein ores
and makes a perfect curt
ly relieves Cholic; white
is n sure cure for CHOLSSA
needed to throw ont of thin
cine after a long sickncea.
Jac.vdics removes all sal
i from the skin.
time before eating gives
imakcs the food digest well,
cures Chronic Disrrbeoa In
mer and Bowel complaints
attacks caused by WOBItS
surer, safer, or speedier
never fails. 0
by exciting the absorbents,
commending the medicine
and Aguo,ChlU'FeTer, and
It operates with certainly;
to testily to its wonderful