The Altoona tribune. (Altoona, Pa.) 1856-19??, March 25, 1858, Image 1

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. r .ill to cnrotho
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I , ill.iSving Ua
[. - 'ji euUcriag
I; Norrouß ajs
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and all
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I train of
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,j.u! fetnait*
' l-ars of Jiriio
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. -...11l rectfwed
hu-niam. :3lai>
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. .-•u:. No. 2 S.
li Director*,
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: .i-I written in
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1 Med to cur«
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'■ tbrougpont,
s.,ix, CdmbiSl^'
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ft raontb*, if'
'• ibdMumtt*'
■- 'jMMtc,■
' r- il- City.
’.-•.fcX TOOSB
r i otter. aflfee- :
“ t state of the.
i ‘ ansox otoct
. KKSM-ER. ..
ES. -C-1,-, nmX
iav clrcimiatiu-
r. KatSLCR.:- , tg
NB .€*Tl*
! L '' -f' ' " ‘ ■ '
VQL. 3.
Per in adraßCjb |l£o
All p*perm discontinued ft the expiratiori of thrtime
paid lor, :
, tut** or Ammon.
\ liosettkm 2do. 8 do.
)foar line* «■!•*(, $26 $ 3t}£ :$ <so
Oae*q»are,>CBUn*»A '6O - 76 100
Two “ (16 “,) 100 1 M 200
Three “ (21 “ ) . . T» 200 260
Or*r three weeks and leu than three moath*,'2&c«ntj per
•f oar* for each insertion. 1
A Smooth*. 6month*. 1 year.
CIX Md**o* Us*> i . . $l6O . -pftijOO f<&00
One square, 260 - .4 00 700
Two u 400 600 10 00
Three“ 6:00 8 00
>otuv« 6 00 10.00
Half « column, - 10 00 14 00
Oneootimn, >l4 00 -26:00
Administrator)! «pd Rzfcntors Metises,
Merchants advertising by the -year, three squares,
with liberty to change, - 10 00
Professional or Business Cards, .not exceeding .8
linos, with paper, per year, 6 00
Communications of a political (Character or luJlvalual in
terestwill bachargud, according to the above rates.
Advertisements not marked with the number of Insertions
„-dssleofl f .w/|ll-bD contbuiod till forbid and charged according
to theaboyatenps.
notices fire ccnts per line for erojfy insertion.
Obituary unices exceeding' linos, fifty (cents a square.
The Cheapest Paper ia tlie County!
■With the present number, the Tribune has en
rtcrcddpon Its t flirt! volume. -Commenced at,a
time when the confidence of the citizens of Al- ;
stoona in newspapers and newspaper publishers/
was considerably jrt^Bv;ij^t ; totn!lyannihila
gle. and
means on the part of ibr , ‘wjttors. The steady
increase of patronage, haa afforded in
dubitable evidence that labors have been ap
'J-:: ; \
In entering Upon the new volume it-is almost-
Unnecessary to .say te will tjoutin/
tie To tvsErrHilto,'';Be- ■
ing. biassed neither by dear, favor nor affection,
in favor of. parties fir sects. In this respect it
is.qnly necessary to say that the past affords'a
fair .index as to our future course.
Always opr aim to make thi JH- 1
- butie, a reliable first-class Local Papeb, ns we
believe that in that character alone, country pa
pers cap successfully compete with their flashy
city neighbors. To -this end we have secured
correspondents in various parts of the county,
who furnisfl ps with all the'items of local inter
’est in their vicinity. We purpose adding others
to our Jut as,soon as, we can obtain them.. j)u
ring the next year we shall redouble our efforts
to make the tribune a perfect compendium ol
Papeb, second to none in the country, and us
such a welcome weekly visitor to our patrons,
whether at home or abroad.
£ut while the Local Department shall be our.
ipeoiol care,' we shall also devote a conakU.ra
ble apace to Litbraux Matter, Fcij ax.u Du*
Maß,andttoxhromcling of events of gjenerjil our rcadera. -We purpose atad pub
liahingfrom tiwe to tirae
Meu|«iiv Things” which •will be fimnshetf by
our contributors.. Wediave made arrangements
aleo to hare a weekly letter from Philadelphia,
and judging from the reputation our correspon
dent sustains as a popular writer, these letters
wtU.beA.rieb treat, to our rcadera. ; -
As * 6 ar® decidedly jouroalista of the pro*
gressUe Scheol,| we have concluded to adopt the
cash system in our' business. The" neglect pf
quite a number qf oqr patrons topay up prompt
ly, and the rtmoality of, others, has .JidmpeUed
wto adopt tills course. Time and ~e*p«rie)ice
our satisfaction that the
erttfif .system willnot work with newspaper i
pabiishets. From this date no paper Fill be
jest from this office, unless paid fur in advance,
expiration of the time paid for, if
.■ ptoppt-d. -rimr
- .dogs, injustice to pvr pitrpns, *
protect oif from the impositious of
sodlfeits scoundrelsj enable .uis to devote
moreattehtlohCO itiif papier. ! ’’
Recognizing,the principle that contracts to
benefit tnboth partiee.andas money |dE| latgc
-is of more ntiueio tis titan
when received in ‘ as J Sh : ' .
nieht to numbers who would otherwise discon-
V- $ 1 •!*- • -■".'•fwj .«-*/?/}•£» j»l i ‘,{ >r . y*. f 4 j: i,
twtfe r ‘« well Mito ttios? wkoiJunye negerjet
taken tho paper, we offer if
Ittff rates for the coming year: -■ ' *
' *f*tipy,one year ’ ‘ '*sss:? !
“ <51.26 per copy) IgfiO -
30 « 2OW'
_Md*»abaf3m»t ito *py,
¥>*>*• in iUlUatet, accompany %
order, '•
-JBjr lha above it will beraeen that our paper
la emphatically the cheapest in',^^,uhty.—.
As toita merits we leave in to the public to de
cide. Wecai iiestl y jequeatour/rienUs through
out the county to “ give as a lift,’’ as we |mv.e
no doubt each of them can ifeodily obtain a olub
in their neighborhood. _ . |
man men wanted to canvass the county foti
i r:1
p ; .-.b i■ :• : >.' v ; f, .-v ■/( "■
■ “’i ’■"■:•■■ - i.’,r] •’.•,. i./ ■'V •■■ -; '. - r •».,
: Held Htarg.
> WWvw>
from tit A r . I'. Sunday Timet.
, Hero worship is an 'instinct of the hu
man heart; In all ages and nations, and
with every class of the species, it bravely
commands the key which opens the dour
to the temple of fame, and, with itß tierce
"hand, writes the passport to universal pop
ularity. Prowess is the master-word of all
history, and has the force of a magical in
cantation to move-thc mind or inflame the
feelings iof both old and young. It is tae'
Onvy of’ the one,sex, and the admiration
.Of the other. It inspires poetry, eloquence
and art,, and forms the life-breath and be
ing,of the political world.
Some philosophers endeavor to degrade
this glorious attribute by the contemptu
ous epithet of “ mere brute bravery/’ us
if the unreflecting ferocity of the wild
beast could be compared with the conscious
j courage’ of intelligent man. The lion and
tiger,: in their most bloody battles, have at
most but a dim "' perception of the conse
quences to result from their encounters,
and, therefore, their fury flows from ani
mal impulse, without fear only because
without the sense of individual peril.-
But what we admire in the rational hero,
is, the danger, and, yet defiant of death,
though marshalled face to face with that
.almighty foe; for in this case the jjrowcss
must be in a great degree mental and vol
untary,; rather than physical—a pure man
ifestation of the will far more than the ef
fect of organization.
Nevertheless, there are strange mysteries
and .caprices connected with the subject,
as there lire many varieties of huump cour
age. Some heroes, that; can cOofrout the
most awful perils of a peculiar character,
shrink like the veriest 'cowards from oth-,
ers of a different an i often less frigbt.'ul
description. The Ipld on.tor, who.-,e un
rivalled! thundersand fearless manner lit
eraily- appalled the fierce democracy of
Athens; fled ignominiously from; the field
of Ohaßroueaj and the .World’s highest he
ro who'nished through the horror of fierce
hail that swept the blood stained bridge
of Lodi, audrgazed with a fearless eye ou
the carnage of a hundred battles, yet turn
ed pale and trembled before the Council
of .the hive Hundred.
Amopg the desperadoes and duelists of
the south and west, 1 have never known
one whd had not his “ cowardly days”—
seasons [when he would use every dishun
orable’ means to avoid the very personal
difficulties which at other times furnished
his chief amusement and delight. Some
men are heroes only when intoxicated.—
Others .borrow all their bravery from the
passion of love and revenge, iviany fight
well in [the la. ks of an army, yet liy in
terror fpm an individual fbej while some
display the most reckless daring in all sin
gle combats, but run away at the first fire
of a platoon!
The most remarkable peculiarity and in
consistency of-desperation may be found
among s the Mexican braves of the Itio
Hpudd, who evince .the jUtppsi. fear at the
sigh* of pistols, especially, revolvers, but
shrink [not from the most terrible combat
with bowie knives; indeed, they never re -
fuse the challenge of even an American,
provided they can have the choice of these
their favorite weapons. As it may natu
rally lib supposed, they become wonderful
ly expert in the use of tbeir deadly imple
meats. | 1 have frequently s ren them
stand, ,fnd, without terrqr or token .of af
fright, iiew each other in pieces, until one
or both adversaries sunk down dead
or exhausted- ...
13 00
14 00
30 00
«40 00
But; [woe to the unfortunate enemy who
did not possess their marvelous dexterity
with the naked dagger! 'lhe first blow,
one mortal Mexican stab, always, in sue! i
cases, terminated the.struggle by piercldii
the cbibbataht’s ’heart. ’ P . P
A »iiontf4hc.jnowt' »oe<>riqtra~TlttOltaß' la
this safage speetes of. Pedro Pa
lacios, |pf BroFtisviUb, wife altogether pre
emiueut. He boasted, and duiiblless with
entire |trpth,\bf ;a.kcoir;o pi
men ,oo tho iiio besides auJtnowh
in otldbr parts of Mexico, lie
ibllowt|d the profession ~bf a gambler, and.
therefore, wandered ftbm the mouth of the
tims, v|atil his name became the terror of
the whole frontier.
‘ It mayjseein strange ip pemons
iliar with the coujatfy, th?it ' lie was hot
doomed to legal puaishpient for his deeds';
Vuf thp singular
nation] lor two or three years alter the
way thp courts were not
besides, he perpetrated all
icicles In fair fight, and according to jihe
forms recognized by the code of honor;
and,, mpieover, when prosecutions assailed
—hvhe obtained security in the chai*uCter
of the Jurors called to try the, issue. . !
It must not bo iinagincu, however, that
his coputless quan-cls Originated at the ga
mjng-ljnblQ, pr grew , out of the questions
relating to his fairness in dealing cards
was both mpre rotuantic ani fe-
His wile Juana, one of the most'
JWBWftBg hora in Megioo,
i : N
■f 1 ■■
™_ 1 “ ■ ' .• 1 . - 5 I i* v : - '
accompanied liim as a partner, and bewil
dered) the adverse players as much by her
extraordinary, beauty as the husband did
by h's skill 5j while on every occasion, and
wherever shp; went, her ehaitus. inspired
the beholdera with a sort of frenzied pasr
aion tbat,in; spite of reason, prudence and.;
peril, brought adventurous lovers to her
feet. ';
But Pedro Palacios was jealous even to
. madness, the slightest attentions to|
his bewitching siren aroused his murder
ous wrath and vengeance, and he never
failed to throw the onus of the challenge
m ■i 1 O
on his enemy, 5 or to provoke the first as
sault, when ;one blow of hife bowie knife
usually settled the controversy, and Silen
ced the. wooing of his rival forever.!
In the mouth of September, in 1852,
the District jCourt was inaugurated 1 in tlie
town of Laredo, and a grand “ fandango”
was given op ithe first night in honor of
the new judge, and to the boundless de
light Of the lawyers in attendance. The
multitude assembled in the public square,
and fdll mojjjn| in cloudless splendor, ren
dered the air go luminous as to require no
lamps or torches. The entire Mexican
population turned out, the mem
bers of the bar, and all the young officers
of the army jftom the neighboring fort
A scene of greater gaiety or animation
could not well; be pictured, as the merry
dancers floated like fanes in the. moon light,
and every tope’ seemed radiant with smiles
of love and; ihappiness. But all did not
enjoy the thus innocently. Near
one corner of the old stone church, which
occupied thej centre of the • square, gath
ered a large! circle of both sexes around
that altar of Mexican worship—the monte
table. ; " H i
Juana Palacios was dealer of the cards,
■ while her husband, raked down the money
won, or paid the lost hots. And never
did a stronger -Contrast present itself than
that which is toed revealed in the appear
ance of the couple ja»t mentioned. He
was a man of Herculean mould, with dark,
frowning, ferocious features, mostly con
cealed by coarse masses of black hair and
a long, bushy jjeard 3 indeed, little of his
visage; couldj bp seen, save a pair of sinis
ter flashing toy es, ami a nose resembling
the beak of a 'hawk. His clothes wore
costly, and adorned with glittering jewels,
while the silver handle of his* enormous
.knife shone popspicuous above the snowy
ruffles;of big shirt bosom.
The wife was a fair, slender woman, of
exquisite sfyape —every limb and feature
being alike!/fifll of grace —with shining
ringlets,, black us the raven’s hue, a face
beamy and cjeaiuiful as a star, and eyes so
large, Uark]i(jheamy, and overflowing with
Are, that they sbemed every moment melt
ing with thC, warmest emotions of unut
terable iovei j And this look of tenderefit
passion couCf titled the magic of her pow
er—-the indbliniible and resistless charm
which cnclijjjined the gazer’s heart, and
fettered evdjy thought to the footstool of
tuo mighty; enchantress.
Several officers wearing the uniform of
‘the Unitedtolratop) and a young attorney,
esteemed the mofet handsome man in fux
as, one Ivllicjn AVallace, approached the
monte table,|aud uttered simultaneous ex
clamations pf sUrprlse when they beheld
the lovely vi|siup presiding as dealer at the
game.: f( -.i
How bdiiutifull” cried Captain Brew-
■ton. '
“She is an Angel!” added Lieutenant
.fucker. ; ! [ 1 '
'1 be black whiskers of the jealous bus
band curled 1 ; sridh ire, like those of-an in
furiated tig?’, apd such a terrible gleaui
shot iypm hi i diabolical dark eyes, that a
dozen ol tly; spectators grew pale with
fright,; and several retreated from the cir
cle in anticipation of an immediate explo
sion. i . (ip !
lint the young lawyer, Elbert Wallace,
who was hit|sel|f of a most fierce and Iras
cible disposifion, and who felt.insulted by
the scoyufuMgiahfces of the gambler, pre
o i pitated tropire by ah act of reck
less audacity!. iTakiug two steps forward,
he thrust Ms. fingers playfully into the
shewed ,of fayeO addressing
the beautiful Juana ih ' fender'tones, he
said '■ T' •- ;-
“ Eretty Cjneil come, leave that ugly he
.greaser, andlgoihome. with me to Jlrowns
• ville. ;I will you mistress .of a fine
iap jl that yyill be better than fol-
vagabond jus
i ft look pf name-'
l^s^lie was on the point
husband snfdtcaea up a handful of silver
from the tahlle, and • dashed it ini his luce
withsuch ftiry* ai“ to bring blood both from
bis lips and pc|sc, crying "out at tho samc
iime:—r,P;j( (| s;r i : '- n ' r -y ’v
agly tubf fight about it. if you
dare"’. ;;Pj v ; V\
;Wallace;tetorned the bjowandthe then
rate, proved very brief, forthe attorney
seemedpowerless as .as"an infant in the
Herculean. !&nds, of Palacios. • The fojes
were fioon separated, yef. lajr &ojiu bew&
satisfied. • lie lawyer .enriwj«fcyi*| h initial?
[independent in everything.]
defeat, and shouted in accents of thun
der :-
“ Dog of n Mexican, I defy you to mor
tal, cbmbat! One of us two shall never
quit this ground alive!”
“Do you challenge me ?” inquired the.
gambler, in tones of savage triumph.
“ Ves, yes !” replied Wallace, in a wild
phrenzy of ungovernable passion.
: “ 1 accept, ' answered the other, with
ferocious joy. “ I choose .bowie knives,
And will settle the affair as l soon as yoft
: v ‘Let it be now, then—-this instant!”
cried Wallace. 1
!“ : Oh, no, my friend.;” remonstrated Capt.
Brewtou. Surely you will not meet a
Mexican gambler, ami half negro at that,
on equal terms ?”
“ What else can I do ?” demanded the
lawyer, fiercely “Mo gentleman would
advise endure such shame I”
“ Take a pistol, and shoot the rascal
down like a wolf!” said Lieutenant Tucker.
“ Yea; that is the way to’ serve him !”
echoed twenty tongues together.
“ Never!” exclaimed the high-souledat
torneynever will I slay a human be
ing, whatever may jje the provocation,
without giving him a fair (fiance for his
life. I would die toyself a (thousand timep
rather than murder the mekuest wretch in
Mexico!” \
In vain the judge and all) the members
of the bar essayed to shake the young man’s
irOu resolution. The preliminaries were
speedily arranged, and the (Avo mortal ah
tagpnists assumed their stations at the dis
tance of ten feet apart, waiting for the
word to rush upon each otlrer with uplif
ted knives, or advance slowly, as pleased
them best. 4
Ihc countenance of each presented a
very different appearance. The fair fea
tures and vivid blue eyes of Wallace evin
ced .Cahu. collected, chivalrous bravery —
the ideal of honpr and lofty heroism, with
out a touch of malice or token of revenge.
But the bearded visage of I'alacios, with
those fiendish, sinister eyes, so cruel and
gleaming, and those thin sneering lips
writhing in a murderous smile, looked ab
solutely infernal in its lurid rage and un
utterable hatred ; while the naked knife of
each glittered in the clear moonbeams like
a blade of burnished silver, as a thousand
spectators stood around in a great circle to
witness the horrible strife.
At last, Cupt. Brawton as the friend of
Wallace, gave the signal; and the yopng
lawyer, leaped like a lion towards his foe,
and aimed, an awful blow at his bosom,
whtch the other as rapidly parried, and re
turned with a thrust likclightning. It was
the true Mexican stab—one. only one, that
needed not repetition —for it penetrated
the heart of the attorney, who fell upon
the earih, and expired w'.thout a groan.
Then I'alacios held up the reeking kuite
in the moonli-ht, and utti red a loud laugh,
so wild, fearful, and unearthly, that, it
sounded more like the battle-cry of a devil
than any intonations of mere Jiuinau or
gans I But it proved to be laugh;
for at the moment the pistol of a Texan
ranger roared on the night aif, and the
Mexican dropped down on the corpse of
his enemy, with .a blue bulletholc through
the centre of his forehead. And such
nearly always is the ead of the desperado!
“ The operations in Wall street,” or the
scenes about the Stock Market in New
York, furnish a theme for a funny article
in the New York J/i ruhf, of Tuesday, of
which we give the following sample para
graph :
“ The Olympic game)’, so intimately con
nected with the rise of Grecian power and
, influence, are destined tu immortality.—
-The game of poker on the eon sec rated soil
of Arkansas and'.MjLssissippi. has achieved
a promine ce equally classic, and is to the
intellectual vigor of the! Southwest what
the' Olympic games were to the manhood
of Greece. Whether practised across a
whisky barrel oyer a “ picayune
with tlie chap be, of ‘‘doubling the pot,”
with the suggestu c bottle and revivifying
contents oh one sidej and a tallow candle
on the other, under the shade of a cotton
wood on flip grass* in the.apartmentsofthc
hotel, or in the ciabia of the steamer du
ring the small hours of night, where the
s< | ppt” souietimes Tuns up to hundreds
before the call, poker is the pride of every
class—planter, merchant, railman, 'deck
hand and darkey! He wlio in the future
seeks to perpetuatethe memories of the
glories of the sunny land discovered by iJe
■ Soto, will collate the many traditions and
stales connected-with the game of poker*
and' with these ap the basis of his Uteraiy
; side tpf seif
tUe ip
depict his snhjeot m all ifs poetic grand
; To this follows a showing up of the
erations in stock gambling l , -eotniparOd ’ to
jvhich “ poker”,t/and
llng aredeolaw4
hn the whole we guess the is right,
in this instance; *■ \
isiike/ thp.-in.oa%an 3$
*?**« s '«**»•
r ■■• •_-• • ' r*'v v :
•c, *-** *•
■ Operations in Wall street.
. >
J‘T'l "7;-JT
We have already mensjhed editorially
a concerted measure for l i ' t W'hippitfg the
Peril around the stump^’■ and junporting:
African guisopf Apprentices, by
some of the southern A telegrain
to the New York papers. February
26, says : ' v ‘ :
Au editorial article in ’Delta of. to
day asserts that the- So,t(&f :.Jws. already
opened the African slaves and jthata
regular depot has been established qn Pcarl
river, in Mississippi, wbetc : have;
been received, and the negroes soldandpttt
to work. The Delta
gaged in thetrade genemllyiise the French
flag, because the British cruisers pri the
African coast will not-troublje; it..
Pearl river is a large which de
bouches info the Gulf of Mexico, arid un-;
less prevented> by U. S- cruisefs, as good?
and easy an opportunity is there afforded
for debarking slaves as at Cuba.
We scarce know what to think of, this
announcement. It may be' a pdnard ofthe
most pro-di-gi-ous sort, but if it be true,
then it amounts to a declaration as import
tant as it is startling. It is not for a mo
ment to be supposed that theUpiteclStates.
Government.will quietly sit f by and see
their most sacred laws openly and shame
lessly violated through auysuch miserable
subterfuges and sophistries as
have been concocted among plotting slave
These traitors and flesh-traffickers may
dress up and disguise their measures as
they please, and call them by what names
they please, hut it will all scarcely deceive
any others than they who are immediately
interested in the movement Strip this
dark and horrid plot of all nonsense and
tomfoolery, and it remains ! nothing else
than the African Sltve Trade, revamped
and revived with all its hqrrors, in the
nineteenth century, too, and oh American
soil, which, if we be’not mistaken, poets
cull the “ land of the free arid home of the
brave.” - : ; «
Should the Southern States attempt to
legalise the introduction ofsfaves,orevade
the United States laws by si fly such ridic
ulous stuff as importing thtm under the
name of apprentices, it requires but little
skill in divination to presage a very short
tether and less grace allowed them. Kan
sas, iu the event of any disturbance there
from, would have to “pale its ineffectual
William Bowlegs, Esq., bead man of
the two hundred Indians, 'pegroes, half
.breeds, mulattoes, &c., in Florida, yclept
iSemiuoles, has, for a term of years, beep
one of the leading heroes, ip the war-like,
annals of the United States! Snugly es
co c d in the, fastnesses of the everglades,
U ahum has bebn vainly sought by mar
tial bands of dragoons, mounted, riflemen,
and the like, at the rate of we know not
how many himdreds of thousands of dol
lars per annum to the National'Treasury.
All sorts of schemes have been tried to
catch him, and as none have succeeded,
an attempt is now in operation to bribe
him and his followers to. go, to ] the. West]
it will scarcely be credited, yet a Florida
piper soberly tells us the fact, that the
lioverument now has an agent in Florida!,
authorized to offer Bowlegs and cretf ten
thousand dollar s in cash, at:once, if : they
will only go to the Seminole; tract, west df
Arkansas, two hundred and fifty thousand
dollars immediately on their arrival there,
twenty-five thousand dollars per annum
forever after, and land fp .bp given for cul
tivation, with farmers, blacksujiths, ect.,
to do their work, under pretext of teach
ing them civilization. Under ;such cir
cumstances, there are a great ipany white
folks who would like to as
the offer secures a handsowe'fnture to ev
ery man, woman and child .of-the whole,
two hundred. If Billy scorns that bribe,
it will be a question . whiclf predominates
in bis composition, the patriot dt the fool.
OSt" u Pray j, tell me my dear, trhatjs
the cause of those tears ; ) r v , v > .:
“ Oh I such a disgrace Ij cl h|vpp]£Bn§ci
one of your letters, supposing it to hc oue
addressed to myself. Certeihly it looked
more like Mrs. than Mr.” 'i ; ; r:‘ ■.o ;
“Is that all? No great harm isdone;”
.“ But the cpptents--^Buch f , a ■ jlisgraee.”
“\yhat! has anyone dared to write me
a letter unfit fpr my mfe tp read? I’’ 1 ’’ " \
“Oh, ho! : It is couched inthemost
chastelanguage. i But theidisgrace -Uh-&L
The husband: eagerly tookppthelettpr,
had been the means qfbreakinghiawifes
heart. gtiete 1 ‘the:
cause in a cooh's age; - It# top ho other
than a bjdl frorif the year’s
that there 1 is reason-te “believe that one of
was anatjypflfQhi o - , pee Lzra VII, 4,
iySch of Zerahikhj ; the
sdh" pf (a y Jhschi.*f
fit ij i •“*'. ■•■?'.*'» 4
' gjSi* 4®Sftk at fti^cent
The Slave Trade Reopened.
High Price for Indians.
• "' •‘ It - '-f t
1 '< \ :>; r
[ i
'*• ; -vi rj i.-.: ■ .' > ’
• ; ; ’ i*! 1 *; , t
r»S;1, ■?r~: -
| Theaccounts hitherto'given of the state
of affairs in’ Mexico since the flight of Com
onfort havebeen by no means favorable
the Liberal party . The leaders of that
party,,,have been represented as divided’
among themselves, and rather engaged each
in strengthening, or attempting to strength
en, his. own position than in combining to
resist the reactionary Government estab
lished in' Mexico. They have also been
represented as numerically inferior in mili
tary forces to the reactionary Government,
'and as likely to submit so soon, as they
could secure terms., We publish elsewhere
a letter 5 from Vera Cruz, received by the
last arrival, and in the correctness of tho
statements contained in which we have
every reason to place , confidence. That,
letter puts quite a different aspect upon
the state or Mexican affairs. According
to it, the united forces of the Liberals un
der Parodi were far superior in numbers
to those which Zuloaga had been ablh ta*
send against them, and the writer believed
that a battle must already, before the date
of his letter, have established their ascen
danoy. In the State of Vera Grits itself
there was, besides garrisons, a disposable
Liberal force of three wiGt :
eighteen pieces of artilleiy; If (his wri
ter's anticipations can he relied tbe
next mail may be expected to ;hring im- ;
portant information. From the ftbt that •.
all the sea ports and almost the entirein
terior were held by the Libends, Zuloaga
seems to have been udder the-nepessity of
assuming the offensive, since by success in
that alone could he obtain the means of '
supporting his army and carrying on his
Government. From thwgraat unanimity
with which all the Mexican States danogn
ced the attempted coup d’etat QfGpimon
fort and the zeal exhibited by themin fa
vor of the Constitution, we hare stiilgi«at >
hope; that the Liberal party may oome4ri- >'
umphantly out of the present > struggle, -5--, ....
Should they do so, they wiUocoupysGoq--
ger ground than ever before, and the pro
ject of secularizing the church estates will*
receive a new impulse.—JV Y. .
A plate of batter from the cream of 4 u
“joke.” V • ■
A small quantity of tar supposed
been left where the pitohed theSi'
tents., ' ’■ ■'
The original brush used
“ signs of the times.” t ‘
A bucket of water from “ All’s well.”;'
Soap with which a maq was washed QTor-: -
board. V-' 1 " T ;
The strap which is used in slikypgq the
water’s edge. ''
The pencil with
the wave. ' ' "V"‘,
A portion of the yeast usetl : in Typing
the wind. v< .i 5l
A dime from the moon whenushe gavo
change for the last quarter. 1 c
The saucer that belonged to the cup of
A fence made of the railing qf a gchld
. The in' Wluflli £ lke;'<tfjjte s 'lii^ *"*
The hammer-whichlfroke upthe~inqjpti’-
•WS* 3 saa9; ad 4 to
Eggs from a nest of thieves. .
.elephant.- : v;s.
A sketchirom apahtician’svacwa. cs.
The Legislature of Kansas recently -
appointed aij officer to take the gensns qf ‘
Oxford precinct qt his ' jabey
is reported, and; it shows that Kansas prC- ■
to- - ;
ters, all and seventeen of them <. are ■."
Free State in ; politics. *Ehe Lccpniptoit
Constitution was reportedasreceiying 1300
votes at Oxford. A more such expo
sqres will show a vote so small tbr “ K--
compton” that itawarmtest friends will 1 :
blush tq say it expresses, the legal will o$
Kansas.—Xoyan- Pharos. ,
- . - ' • V./t ft*.'; *.; VT; <•' ■;
$9 Ciiß^^PAiNT^—ever use a,cloth i v
hut take pffthe dust with a lone-haxred .
brush',.‘.aftelr blowing offjbe lobse parts
with the bellows. With care-, paint will
look well fora long time. When*
dipa sponge or a piece of flannel into so*
da and water, wash it off quickly, aqd dry. •
the strength of the soda .->■
will eat off .the color.
; The 1 Age op MiBACLEB>-The New*
York papers state that several remarkable
conversions to religion have talcen r place;
city among the “ shp;dder hitpfrs’- ;
and other “ hard cases,” but in PhUadel
phiaa ijtill greater conversion is reported, i
reran old note-shaver” is said to have
turned j“. philanthropist I”
Verily.—-‘ Why, Siah.l’m astonished/ '
sai4 a very worthy deacon to ah inebjiate
he met on the street; ‘didn’t #e take you
into our church a short time since?’
~ ‘‘l believe so,” hiccupped Siah,“ and be
tween you and me, it was the dasodeat
‘take in’ you ever saw or'ho^.o£”'^ ;
'■ ' rrrd&Tr"."
* Ifcßeaaii
. ■ uo-ili fl?v rhi^s
t y . f
>i i
*** 4#£- i.’-
i* *' V
NO. 8