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parties ar> unknown to us.ourrnleibr adver
tlMbK-I* t° reqijJre payment in advance, ora guarantee from
JUtown persons. It is therefore useless for all such to send
• W* advertisements offering to pay at the end of three or six
months Where advertisements are accompanied with toe
toooey, whether one, five or ten dollars, we will give the
jj&fttlwr the fall benefit of cash rates.
Cosmopolitan Art Association#
Humors affecting the financial reputa
*of>the Cosmopolitan Association being cur*
(be Sandusky Register gives tbe fol
lowing version of the matter, which has
given rise to such unfounded reports. The
>|jwbHshers f of Emerson’s Magazine and Put
’ipun’s Monthly published a card in the N..
'"■yprkpapcrs, a week or so ago, cautioning
ihejpnblic against the Association, on the
alleged ground that the latter had failed
.<<♦o carry out a contract with them on ac-
subscription to their magazines.
. •/-"In reply, Mr. C. L. Derby, Actuary of
,tbe Association, publishes a card, in which
the Asscc'.at'oa “ having be
come fearful of the stability of said Maga-
,*ine, it having failed and changed' hands
.repeatedly, and the Association being res
poteiblo to ite patrons for all subscriptions
,JbrMaga*ines , it was deemed prudent to
.refuse payment for a year .in advance to
Qakshiith & Co., but have offered to
jMgr f cash forall Magazines already furnish
ed, and pay for them monthly in advance
; balance of the year., and give am-
for the performance of the
yggjjc?' 3!hepublishers sued the Actuary,
#*d,this simple little litigation, involving,
webelieve, some $1,200, is the only foun
dation for the startling report in some of
jfew York papers, anil which was also
mpt: broadcast over the .country by tele
f£«ph, that “ the Cosmopolitan Art Asso
ciation, an Ohio crncorn, had failed."
.As far fis our experience is concerned,
* pe. .can safely say that the Association is
fifove reproach, and well worthy of the
confidence and patronage of the public. In
•Iff omr dealings with it, we have never yet
sml apy cause to complain. It don’t be
come Oahsmitb & Co., to talk about swin
dling. They had better perform their,
prmmses first.
■*' Pateioxism.— At the late
Convention, Mrf Cassiday, of
in pressing the claims of hie
friend, Wm. A< Porter, Esq., for the nom
ination for fhip'reme Judge, said that he
(&<*•) teas willing to run on any plat-
Convention might adbpt., Talk,
yonr Fourth-of-July patriotism now.
Why if “ he hod fought, bled and died for
las country, and then walked over the bare
footed ground,” he could not have given
a stronger evidence of the intense patriot-
porvaded his whole being. That
a|Kßt sentence confined avolumeof mean
ing. It meant that he freely offered him
self ,SS a sacrifice, to be put to death in any
Bftftttaer his executioners might decree ;
that he was prompted to do this by the .phr
rest tff motives—rthat of zeal for the pres
ervation of the now in such peril
aid that he scrupled not to undergo any
t<ysitss or submit to any indignities, jpro
vided-hewaß invested with the crown of
nomination for Supreme
Jnd&e. The Convention accepted the sa
«Efffce,andcbnstituted the People of Penn
sylvania his executioners. If Forney’s
Jarett is a true prophet, the sacrifice jriU
be satirfactorily consummated on ,ithe jjpe
01$ Tuesday of next .Oqtoher,
' v lfcipLE Conduct. —Sojtne two weeks ago
sfcfpassenger train was passing alongbe-
and New Florence, the en
gineer noticed a boy waving, bis handfcer
in advance of the as a signal
tdijlm to stop He promptly stopped the
when a short distance ahead a large
was discovered lying across the track.
Bat for the boy’s timely warning a fearful
lUij'iMilll inn of life and property might have
o&lptted. The passengers, realising'at a
g&hoe the danger to Efe or limb to which
had been exposed, promptly raided a
smM'cf’ money, and tendered it to the boy,
testimonial of their gratitude,
he promptly but politely refused it,
saying, “Icharge nothing for saving lives.”
That boy is a noble specimen of mankind,
and If spared will make his mark in the
: ] . '"
XuU)f i s Book.—The Aptil
lady’s a*
tejtijto' i*a: U
«&& Godoyfcaa fict,Tip.--
it.'.; -' ' "" y ' ’' *'
.T «.*W % y*** r
Orleans referring* to the suicides
of Senator Rusk, Anson Jones, and many
others who have destroyed themselves,
comes to the conclusion that if the real
facte could be known, it would be found
that in a vast majority of instances the
cause ia-to be found in cups 1 and adds:
u The extensive adulterations of liquors
which have taken place of late years hot
upon the brain and destroy its proper
functions. Physicians and others know
well that the brain is liable to disease, al
most as much as any other organ, and when
it is so, the individual is—crazy 1 anddoes
not know what he is doing. The brain
of the drunkard, it is well known, will take
fire*emitting a blnish hght and causing a
smell like burning alcohol. We arestrong
ly inclined to think that most suicides by
are referable to this as the primary
l -‘.\
• MT* During the prolonged session of
the.XT. S. Senate, Which lasted doling the
whole of Monday night, quite an amiable
little interchange offeeling and sentiment
took place between Messrs. Cameron, of
Pa., and Green, of Mo. Each would have
it that the other was a liar, an&that he
wasn’t afraid of him. On -the nekt morn
ing, however, the matter was straightened
up, by Mr. Green withdrawing the perso
nal remarks he had -mode and “ Simon”
afterwards “ wiggle-waggling.”
The' XL S. frigate Niagara has been
sent to England to take part in the laying
of the .Atlantic Telegraph cable. The
same vessel took part last year. The Co.
purpose commencing operations some time
in June. To this end 700 miles of addi
tional cable are being manufactured. C.
W., Field, Esq., is again to superintend
enterprise. We trust that this attempt
connect the two continents may be sue
. j
] We have not time this week, owing
to the continued sickness of our boy and
a press of job work, to reply to the scrib
bler of the Standard’s ravings. Next
week, however, we shall be on hands with
the “ proof ’ of our assertion of last week,
which he affects to contradict, which will,
We think, annihilate the Mur(ky) ray, that
has attempted to shine for several weeks,
through the Standard , at the expense of
truth and common decency.
The Lost Laughter. —This work by
the late talented authoress Mrs. Caroline
Lee Hentz hjas been published by T. B.
Peterson & Bros., of Philadelphia. We
have not yet 1 received a copy of it, but
as thflfr of our brethren of the Press who
have, speak highly of it, we have no doubt
that it is a work of great merit, as all the
previously published works of that gifted
authoress have proven themselves to be.
Jt&T" The “ Mum-budget” this week is
*r raythcr” mild in its endorsement of the
Platform adopted at Harrisburg. This is
Something mi usual. W hat’s wrong. Per
haps, after ail that’s said and done, it loves
|drj Stokes as dearly as it did last sum
mer, and can’t come down on him all of a
The vote on the Lecompton swin
dle will be taken in the U. S. Senate on
Monday.-next It will also be taken in
Pennsylvania oh the second . Tuesday of
iiext October. Time-servingtrioksters and
political trimmers will do Well to make a
note of this faet.
J Gbabam’s Magazine. —Sparking and
bright as a new “ nickel,” the April num
ber of this popular magazine has found Its
way to our table.' Lcland’s motto is still
|“ Excelsior,”
f .
I BQuOur “ solqns” at Harrisburg are
still very busy doing nothing-—at least, of
any interest to our readers.
[From Onr Own Correspondent*.]
Hoixidatssdbo, March 16, 1858. :
The cr we enjoyed Jast
was conversation. Young
and old embraced the opportunity of tasking in
the pleasant sunshine, and pleasuring in' the
mild, jinvigprating and healthful spring breves,
dost emerging from a cold and unpleasant win
ter, and the disagreeable days of the first of
March, this season of delightful and refreshing
weather, invited the inmates of housesJ who
have been accustomed for some time past to get
as near the stove as possible, to step out and re
gale themselves in the open air. Yesterday and.
to-day have been equally as tempting. Squads
of men may be seen seated here and therein all
imaginable contentment, in busy conversation;
the ladies promenading and making calls, or in
tbeir own significant term, “visitations;” and
the youthful lads engaged in various sports.—
Such, in a great measure, is the situation of
pet sons and things in our town at present
A robbery was committed at the Exchange
Hotel, last week. The amount stolen was not
much, only $4 and some cents. A moil-boy
Who was stopping at the Hotel was immediately
nspeeted of the theft, and was arrested and ta
ih«n before a ’Squire, but upon examination no
money wa® found upon his person, and no oth
'erpswjf heing adduced to go
Shorao'f bat store, W Montgomety street The
catise i« attributed to an unprotected and unsafe
Btove-pspe. The ; ether happened on Front st.,
aodresttUed in considerably damaging a frame
building, the name of the owner of which I
have been unable to learn.
Achild of Mr. Whittaker, of this place, met
with ah unfortunate accident, last week, inhav
ing its arm broken.. It is supposed that it re
ceived the injury while playing, but no definite
uuoe has yetbee|t ascertained. >■
A leakage in the inuun gas pipe wggdiscover
ed, last week, on Allegheny street The Com
pany hare long been under the impression that
there was a .vacuum somewhere, through which
the gas escaped, blit jno certainty was arrived
ut until a bole was! idfog, on srid street, -to the
main pipe, when it wks found to be entirely bro
ken off. A temporary stopple waa applied un
til a new pipe amfed.
The notable aba| Celebrated “Gutta-percha
pen” man, was arrested and lodged in the Car
lisle jail a ibw damage. Maj. JB. F. Bell, who
has been making | loadable efforts to have him
arrested, and whol l rntd previously obtained a
warrant from tbU plajee, pent the Sheriff to have
;him brought here. Sheriff is expected in
a few days, when confinement in our jail until
bis trial, and, if justice be awarded, afterthat
a' snug little room & \ the Penitentiary will be
Mr. “ Gutta-percha’s’.’ jast desert and reward.
It .is said that spmej tqn warrants were present
ed for him when his arrest at Carlisle was made
public. : | i
The gas lights in Ithe Presbyterian Church
suddenly went oat ptfSabbath evening last, just
as the benediction hud been pronounced, leaving
the congregation tojretire in total darkness.—
Some blame several unknown and mischievous
persona with turning Off the gas. The circum
stances render this qqite probable. If such be
truly the case, it speaks little for the principles
let alone common djbcency of the guilty parties.
However, I do no£’ pretend to say whether it
was the result of accident or mischievousness,--
but hope it was the; former. VERITAS.
Many people do not know what their own busi -
ness is. Sotne suppoae it ia that which their
own narrow and covetous minds suggest for
their own benefit. | Others know that it implies
something more thin; that—the protection of
justice, the maintenance of truth and the pro
motion of virtue, o i in other words, the best in
terests of themselves and fellow men. To the
f.rtner class it is evident “Alpha” belong?.
I hurled back into his teeth his false assertion
that the inhabitants, of- this end of the valley
were’adicted to “foul-mouthed lying” Sow,
he attempts to sneojk put of it, by saying “ I do
not mean all.” Why did he not say that at first?
Why did he not then make some distinction ? We
take a man ns he says, not oa he means. His
first assertion waai“ Especially if he (Stans)
sboald get up intoj ‘ texas,’ they’ll give him
the full benefit of their • foul-mouthed lying.’”
Whoso “ foul mouthed lying ?” Evidently that
of tiie inhabitants. The assertion certainly jus
tifies such a conclusion, it being both plainly
expressed and plainly- implied.
But, “ Alpha,” you speak of some “ defraud
ing neighbors,” you should first “ Cast out the
beam that ia in thine own eye." Before talking
thus it would look better if you would first
“square up” with jour numerous creditors
throughout the couhtiy.
You also speak of sdme who would even knock
their own wires down with a hoe-handle,”, and
of “ some marking ahdep.” Now, “Alpha," you
•ughtn't to speak about several of your relatives
in that manner! It don’t look well. However'
I suppose you wanted to speak the truth for v once,
for you know one of them will a- appropriate
without purchasing, tujd another will engage in
“ fisticuffs” with bis wjfe. However/1 believe
the neighbors have, not been troubled about los
ing sheep, since they drummed you away from
amongst them. If you bad only been as definite
in your former assertion ,as you are now, yon
would not have mimnderilocd. ■
You saj youftrwwilling “to draw the bow
with mo at any time, and in any manner.” Why,
you’re growing desperate. You’ll fight, I sup
pose 7 “ Time and place often make men brave.”
There must be more “ispunk” about you now
than when you flatted |br Mexico, or when your
head was “ shaved” on “Governor’s Island.”—
I won’t chalenge you, however; you’ll only
choose “ shavings” for weapons—distance, a
good run apart. : |
As for the vindictive bilingsgate you have so
freely lavished upon ni o . I have nothing to say,
other, than that such language could emanate
from no othersource than a polluted brain, and
is like its author—sinhll potatoes. I hold it in
the same estimation as I would the brayiogs of
a jackass; -.] ,
Bat to leave this biding subject, I must in
form you, Messrs. Editors, that a wood chopper
by the name of Clark, presiding In this valley,
met with a fatal accident on Friday last While
engaged in chopping, !*© accidentally fell with his
knee upon the bit of the axe. The bit penetra
ted through the joint oif the knee, entirely sev
ering bis Teg from his -body. He died within
toinutes after the accident t. He resided
in Ironsville,' where heleaves a wife and two
children to mourn his in timely end. MAC;
The snow has left os, and the balmy sir
and the warm pajrs of the son think
that Spring is not far distant.
I had the pleasure, last Wednesday evening,
of attending a spelling-school in the district
scbopl'house. I.wpk surprised to see the large
number of pemmß.prcseni. targe and small,
old and young were there, The meeting was
called to order by leacher at aboat 7
o'clock; captains werej selected and sides cho
sen. ‘ Before recess; they used Webster’s
tionory, and after. Cobb’s New Speliing Book.
Considering* the number of persons spelling,
they did admirably.; The number who took part
in the exercises wah not much short of Sfty.
The young folks heiie still continue to hate
parties—“ taffy parses” as they call them. So
ciety is here divided into three classes—No. 1,
2 and 3. No. 1 has a party; then No. 2 gets a
little envious and it has one; then again No. 8,
keeping pace, gives one. Whatever may be the
result of this exclusiveness, I can tell'yob it
causes some spirited scenes. I on! in a dilemma.
Not attending any of the parties, I do not know
to what class they reckon me as belonging.—
Perhaps they place nta a notch belojr either pf
them, who knows? i Well I’ll havo to hearlt
Bcih’tynupUriao! t) temporal dmoritf
i-skr •* .
Sinking Pallet, March 15,1858
“ TheG idled jodo wincea.”
Arch Sprinc, March 16, 1858.
Ttor the Bbreagh -jrf Altoona. for the year ending
■ Mareh2,lB6B.' - r'■ ■- I
jaoob iiEsagßj avwewr. Dr.
To'amoant wotWi from former Treasurer—« -
anee in Treasury-MarchS, 1857. ■ j . ; ■ , jWfiQ
“ amount receive I of J, Good—balance on BrtlF \
cate foryear 1856, ~ ' , 414X5
“ amount of taxes collected and paid In by John .
McClellan, Collector for 18S7^ : f . ; 1«2,7S
“ amount paid in by BoigtM, license fbrJCxhfoK v
tions, ■"{•■■■■’ ' i- 83,00'
“ amount paid in by Burgees, being amount're
ceived from sundry persons for toying pave:
tuenta, ''-'.'v|88,33
Total Receipts, , $2163,73
JACOB HESSKH, Tftatttrtr, Cr.
By amoantiuddWm.lfoydeu : folj6apyi«(iitoidou'r V'
Digest for use of Borough Council, $6,00
*• amount paid sundry persons for work, 107,01
a a a u a a* gjl qq
« « «W. T. Marriott-for lot, 4£)’oO
“ “ “ sundry persons for work. 83,12
“ “ “ J. JS. Houston fcr lumber, 127,21
“ “ “ sundry persons for work, 155^0
a <« a u < . u • «< ' ur 135,29
, w “ “ R. A. McMurtric, fees for obtain-
Ing Charter for Borough, 66,06
“ ■ “ liewisPiack for stone i work, . 160,00
“ “ « sundry persons for wdrk, 2*9,44
“ “ “ E, IL McCormick fcr Wtober, 88,28
« “ . «J. E. Houston, i“ : « 78,45
« . “ “ C.J. Hirst s « 3,16
“ “ “ sundry persons for work, 09,42
(i it U tt « it ,» 43,44
u « u h. A. Sellers room rent, 8,00
” " ” Burges* for preparing and entcr
- ing Mens 9,89
” ” ” J. £. Houston for lumber, 126,36
” a ” J. Hesser for materials furnished
and Work done at Lock Dp, 421,60
’* " ” John McClellan, Clerk to Council, 26,00
” ” ” McCrom A Allison for! printing, 9,00
” ” ; ” Burgees expenses entering liens,
and recording deed,; 6,10
, ” ” ” .J. Good, for preparing lien, 1,00
” ”, ” ffm. Walton for hauling, 60
” ” ” Treasurer, his per rentage, 42,46
i 1 1
Total Expenditures for the year $2203,98
Total Expenditures, ' $2203.96
” Receipts, 2163,72
Leaving a balance dne the Treasurer of $50,24
Taxes outstanding on Duplicate lor 1857,
on which noexhoueration has been made, $939,00
Due Borough for pavement laid in 185 a, 116.76
” ” ”j| ” ” 1857, 28,00-,
Total! amount due the Borough, $1081,75
Deduct amount due Treasurer, 50,24
Balance due the Borough, 41031,61
—— P. C.
We Certify that wo have examined the account of the
Treasurer of the Borough of Altoona and find it correct.
john McConnell,)
March 4-341 6. D. THOMAS. J Amftlerj
Money saved, by subscri.
BANK REPORTER - , because it gives /nil, mmplete, early
a id reliable information of all Bank Failures and changes;
true descriptions of all counterfeit, altered and spurious
bills; genuine bank notes; quotations and sales of Stocks,
Bonds, and Securities; financial and monetary affairs of
every nature and kind. Containing ten limes more original
important and valuable statistics and reading matter per
taining to Banks atild Money tban any other Detector or
Reporter ever published. Also gives correct quotations of
buying and selling rates of Money, Land Warrants, Ac,
corrected by the most experienced and responsible Bankers
in New York, Pliiladelphia, Boston, Cincinnati and Chica
go, making
No business man can do well without this work.
Terms :—Monthly, one year, $1,00; Semi-Monthly. $1.60;
Weekly, $2,60; iucruding book of all the Coins in the world.
Any one sending us five yearly subscribers, will receive a
copy of the SAFE-GUARD and the Weekly Journal for
one ye r.jice. Twenty-five per cefit. allowed to Agents
and Postmasters.
The only week ever published giving correct deliueatiociß
and fiic binjfle aU the Geniiiue Bank Notch, is
It cost to arrange and publiali U)is great work, over $20,-
C>oo, besides years of time aud labor.
The book Is splendidly bound—about 14 inches in length
by 10 inches in width—containing 400 pages of Bank Sole
I'late dvlincafTcns, being equivalent to having rp wards of
12,000 GENUINE BANK BILLS to compare with and de
tect the counterfeit and spurious, in advance of any des
cription in any Detector or Conk Note Reporter.
It condemns the wrong by showing the right. With
this Book, it is almost impossible to be imposed upon by
bad money.
The SAFE-GUARD is copy-righted, published and sold :
exclusively by the undersigned, and will bo sent free of
postage to any part of the country on receipt of $2 —25
per cent, discount will be allowed to Booksellers, Agents,
or to the subscriber to Hodges’ Journal of Finance and
Bunk Kejiorter. Address J. TYLER HODGES, Banker.
March 11,-2t] 2TI Broadway. N. V
a BROTHER, Importers anti Dealers in Wines and
LiqUors. return their thanks to their friends for the liberal
shore of patronage heretofore bestowed, and respectfully so
licit a continuance of the some, at the OLD ESTABLISH
MENT. NO. 5 S. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, where they
ha ve a large assort men t of WINEB and LI QUOK S of th e choic
est brand* and qualities. Having mode arrangements with
some of the first houses in Cognac anil Rochelle, enables
them to furnish to their customers upon the most
hie terms, the following brands of Cognac and Rochelle
Otard, Hennesy, ifarett, ■ Pinnett, Castillion, UarteU,
T Hines, Mlerorsin, IJ. J. Depuy A n>.
A. Seignette, At., <fc. I
Champagne, Old Oporto, j ßurgundy , Madeira, Tmeriffc,
Claret, Sherry, Lisbon, ] Hock, if meat <£Malaga Wines
of various brands mid qualities.
Holland G in, Schcidnm Schuapp w . Jamaica Spirits, Scotch
and Irish Whiskeys; Peach, Apple, Lavender. Blackl>erry,
Raspberry, Cherry and Ginger Brandies; Cordials, Wine
Bitters, Amsterdam Bitters, Ac.
. Also, constantly on hand, an extensive slock of OLD
KEFS, of various grades, some of which we guarantee to
be superior to any in the country.
C®-From our long experience in the business, and thor
ough knowledge of the tastes of the community, we flatter
ourselves to be able to fill all orders that may be entrusted
tq ns. Orders from the country (which are most respectful
ly solicited) will be promptly attended to. Great care taken
in packing and shipping.
All goods sent from our establishment are guaranteed to
give safistiction, with tho privilege of being returned.
Feb. -26-Iy] E. P. MIDDLETON A BEG.
Altoona select school.—
The Second Term of this Institution will commence
on the 6th of April next, under the superintendence of J.
B. EWING, iii the West Ward Public School Houto. The
scliosl will consist of pupils of both sexes. At the com
mencement of each session .the scholars will be examined
and classed In that department for which they are best fit
ted. ‘ Tho course of instruction wilt embrace Mathematics,
ordinary and higher English branches and Latin. The
Session will continue Four Months.
Primary Department —Alphabet, Orthography,
Reading, Elements of Arithmetic and Geo-
graphy. (3 50.
Junior Department —Reading, Writing, Prima
ry Grammar, Geography and Arithmetic, 4 50.
Senior Department— Grammar, Geography, His.
tory, Arithmetic, Algebra,Geometry, Natural
and Moral Philosophy, Elocution and Latin, 6 00.
Scholars in the Senior Department will be'permitted to
study any of the brandies taught in the tithcr departments.
No deduction made except in casesofprotracted sickness.
IA complete Set of Maps, Charts ahd Globus, together with
a'nmnbet of pieces otPhilosophical Apparatus are connec
ted with the Institution, according every advantage to stu
dents that can be obtained at distant Academies and Semi
naries.' ' ' - !
A competent corpStof teachers will bc employed.
■ It wRI bo tho aim ofthe Principtdto make the Institu
tion .worthy the confidence of the public). .March 4, tf
X i en to all persons not to purchase two Promissory
Notes of SSO each, given by mo to George Smith, of Antes
townshlpvßlair county, dated January 2, 1858, one paya
ble In three months and the other in six months, as lam
determined not to pay said notes unless compelled by law,
never having received value therefor.
Feb. 25-3t*| yj JOHN MATHES.
I^JTILHARY HALL. —The subscriber
IfX hegs' leave to Inform the public, that his large and
oomnwdtOw apartment, entitled “Unitary Hall,” is at their
aerribe, fiif Moetings, Balls, Ac ‘ Terms'] reasonable.
; Hfe alwayskecps in his Saloon, In thelsame bnQdlng, the
best quality of Lager Heer. Giro him al call.
Altoona, March 4,1858-4t.*] A. BHULTZG.
XjL Ihe snlwcriber offers tit private; sale, two splendid
JmU mavery desirable pert of the' town of Altoona. Tie
lota ere in fliioorder, with e nnmberbf choice Frnlt Trees
pleated thereon, Which ere In e thrifty condition. Enquire
of [*«*>• 26-lm] GEO. B. CRAMER.
QHBEIFFALECY.—I ofemyself as
acandldate for the offita ofSUEBJFFf of Blair coun
ty, at the ensuing election la October next. If elected, !
pledge myself to discharge, the duties' appertaining to said
office to the hett ofmy ability. •- r T '
• Feb. 4, 185840] , JOHM B. WABFEL.
JOb Bunch and Bayer Kafilns In storH and for Bale by
March 12,’6T-ly] 191 JVSwfA 3d s*, Philadelphia.
JL Citrons, and Currants tai atore and-for sale by
March 12,’W-ly} 1»1 yoraSd Strut, PhOadOphia.
IT I TOE BAMS, 1868.
R. Feakc* & Co., McmagerSi
.■We present to our customers throughout theCuk«i,eome
of the meet magnificent Schemes for the mouth of Hareb,.
beer atfoKAa Ae Maryland State Lotteries ftiy the aafM*
Lotteries tbrpnrritaae rickets ic. Tlrey are fi»frly;djasrahy
.the State, Lottery Commissioner, in public, and all prists
afe promptly psM by the Managers. Ail who desire and
will take the trouble, can soon ascertain that tpc Maryland
Sate Lotteries, under the sole management of ;R. France k
Co, are Cio ontv legal Lotteries in Maryland,'and are,
drawn by authority of Law.
T. H. HUBBARD A CO, will Ml all orders in the Mary
laud Lotteries promptly,- and all communications held
strictly confidential. _ '
ASd- Tbe country is flooded with swindling bogus Lotte
ries, holding out Test inducements, in the sbape of large
CtpUato,fera small price of Tkkets. Bewareiof all such,
aba when you want to try your luck, renMibliw. Aat the
Maxtuakd which have been drawn; for the tost
forty years, are .the best Lotteries to order Tickets in.
To ho drawn in BaltimcreClty, March-13, 186&
x artmint nw muu senna. :
1 Prize of &OJOOO 6 Prizes of i'
1 Prize of 10,433 6 Prizes of
2 Prizes of 6,008 IS Prizes of : ;
4Prizeeof. iflOO ; 3M,Prizsst ; of-.i;T-r
Tickets slo—Salvee ss—Quartern SUO.
Certificate of Package of 2S Winder ■ 'I ■ $140,00
Do do 20 Unlres, j ' i) •! »<M»
Do do 28 Quarters, SSjpO
“ Tht Oreat of Ut€ i
To be drawn in Baltimore City, March 20, <
naorincsKT scum*. H
43>20 drawn Ballots in each Package of 28
Making more Prizes than Elanks,:
11(3 rand Prize of $66,000 1 Prizo of 1l I $2,000
1 Prize of I&6M 1 Prize of 2^oBo
1 Prize of 13,558 t Prize of - - I^oo
1 Prize of 7,800 1 Prize of : 1.5C0
1 Prize of 7,600 1 Prize of : < , WCD
1 Prize of 1 - 6,000 iWisof f! : %2I«
1 Prize of 6.00 Q 1 Prize of ; V*o
1 Prize of 8,000 20 Prizes ot |i f- 408
IJPrizeof 3,000 85 Prizes of j] ; ‘ 300
1,000 Prizes of $2OO each. is ■ > .
Tickets $20 —Halves sl6—Quarters st-Elghlh» $%60.
Certificate of Package of 26 Wholes, ■: ,i $300,00
Do do 26 Halves, If
Do do 26 Quarters, ’ J 1 75,00
Do do a 26 Eighths ij , 37,50
Every Prize in this Scheme ini ut be Promt
20,66 D Prizes! 40,000 Tickets!! <
Maryland Lottery to be drawn on the Havajia Plan.
To be drawn In Baltimore, Md., Saturday, March 27 th, 1568.
1 Prize of *35,000 4 Appr'z to |3OO
1 Prize of 11,980 4 260
1 Prize of 4,000 a « , ~wv
1 Prize of 4,000 * !; '
1 Prize of 2,000 c
1 Prize of £oool * ■ ISO
1 Prize of I,GOD‘ . . : . tftn
1 Prize of> l!S00 ' f . 100
1 Prize of 1.2501 g f, M
1 Prize of 1.2607 I w
I Prize of 1 000 1 „ „
*1 Prize of 1,000/ w
10 Prizes of 400 40 ■ !“ 60
10 Prizes of 300 40 ’ 40
100 Prizes of ,200 400 ’ 20
30,000 Prizes of JS each.
Whole Tickofs $lo —Halves s6—Quarter*! $2,50. _ (
If you purchase two Tickets, one of them draw $B.
Certificate of Package 16 Wholes, will be sent fur $90.00
“ - 16 Halves, “ “j 46.00
“ “ 16 Quarters, “ •»! 22,60
“ “ 16 Eighties, li “j : ' 11,25
All orders for Tickets in the above splendid Sf hsmee will
be faithfully and promptly filled. Address,
T. U. HUBBARD- i Co..
Boz 40, Baltimore. MJ.
#3” Persons in the West or South can have (heir orders
filled,in the Shelby College Lottery, of Kentucky,
exactly the some as the above—and also dratrif under the
management of R, France A Co. Address 1
Louisville, Ky.
March 4-1 yj
319, 321, 323 Liberty i <„ opposite Smith field rf„ BdUbvrg. ill
Steam engines for Saw and Flouring Mills gencrallV on
hand and made to order. Tfoilors for Engines mddo on short
notice. French Burr Mill Stones, old and newslock, of my
owiu manufacture, always on kind at the lowekt prices,—
Mill Spindles.' Mill Irons, Mill and Rcgnlat,tn< : Screws,
Picks, Screen Wire, Corn and Cob Grinders, Cauldron Proot
Staff* and. Leather Beltings always on hand.
Lull’s Patent French Burr Smut Machines, akuperior ar
ticle. used iuj over COO of the best mills in the west. They
run light, clean well and last, and will last a life time.—
IV hen they become dull, the edge can be renewed by crack
ing the Burr. Wc annex a certificate from one of the larg
est flouring mill* in the west; and for further particulars
refer to our handbills.
Pittsburgh, Jurii*.26,1862.
W. VV. WtItACE, Esq. —Dear Sir; — We harp now in use
iu our mill, two of your Burr Smut Machines; they work
to our entire satisfaction; they are durable, not liable to get
out of oedey, aud wo consider them the best machine* now
All orders promptly attended to. i;
March 12. ’37-ly] 319 Liberty Street, Fi((sterg, JPz.
OlL.—This valuable preparation can he had at the
store of Henry Lolir, in Andrew Green’s oldsWid, North
Ward. Thu attention of thepublicisinvitedtotiiefiillowing
From the Lewitburg Chtom'cle.
Duvall's Qalva.vic Oil. —The' above medicine hhs been
distributed through our county for the first tints within the
last month- In regard to lls powerful preparation we can
say, it is recommended by the press in stronger-terwa than
any of'.i»r prep.-Vrution ever brought before the public-. Ma
ny instances of almost miraculous cures havo beeu recorded
by the use of the above preparation. It is said to act by
imparting to the nervous system a current of eject rid tv.—
And it is applicable to the cure of all sory and paitifuldiscasea
From the Lewistofcft Aurora.
I have been afflicted for ten years with Chronic Diarrhcua.
and have received more benefit from Duvall's Galvanic Oil
than any other medicine I ever used.
Oliver township, Miffifijcoutity.
This is to certify that I have used Duvall’s (Jalvanle OU
in my family In some of tho diseases for which it Is recom
mended, ana found it to act almost epbntauecjusly. I re
commend it to all who suffer from pain. '
Sept. 3, ’£7-6m.] Decatur township, Mifflin bounty.
Drugs i drugs hh. a.
SELLERS, Agent, again tips hiy beaver ’ ' a
to the citizens of Altoona and the public gener- m
ally and politely informs “all tho worm and
rest of mankind,” that be has opened\out,
their especial accommodation, a
at his old store room on Virginia -street. ]
Ho has visited Philadelphia and secured
one of tho best and most reliable wholesale Drue and Chem
ical houses,; a large and comprehensive assortment of '
which he offers at prices that defy -competition;’ iJi
Ho has fitted up his store in a creditable and Comfortable
manner, and flatters himself that he will be able to fender
entire satisfaction. His stock of Drags have been carefully
selected and are warranted perfectly genuine, ?
His stock of varieties are largo and comprehensive.
Ciunphene and Burning Fluid always on hand. ;
But we have not room to enumerate all, snißccit to say
that he has constantly tor sale everythin* usually kept to
a Drug and Variety store. Give him & call and'see-what he
ha*. ' [Jam 15, >sT r tf.
nut street, Sr W. Comer of Third, PhUaHelphta. imx/rpo
rated by the State of Pennsylvania. : : ;
Honey is received in any snm, large or small, aid Inter
estpaldfrom the day of doposlt to the day of withdrawal.
The office Is open every day fromfl o'clock il) the morn
ing till 5 o’clock-in the afternoon,'and on Monday and
Thursday evenings till 8 o’clock. i • ! :f;j
Ww. J-
HotuHehryL. Benner, - F. Carrol Brewstac,
Edward £. Carter, . Joseph B. Barnt 1 ■
Robert Seifridge, Francis Lee,
Sam’l K. Ashton, Joseph Yorfcea, .;
C. Londreth Mtmns, Henry Dteffendertcri
Money Is received and payments made no
tice. ’ . , ; ; ,,- - - ; .
The investments are made in, REAX ESTATB MORT
GAGES, GROUND RENTS, and snch fiAl clatia Securities
as the Charter requires ;.yV., i [Har2-sm.
This School for Young ladies and Gen- SMHfk
tlemen is probably the cheapest oneof the I lIA
kind in the country. 1 The expenses for §| |K
room rent, furniture, fuel, board and
tion in common English, are per
as above, or per year only $BB. !
Mntkria only $6 per quarter. All the Languages
and the Ornamentals are proportionally cheap. ■ Send for a
circular. Students areexpected to notify me before com
Yeb.36.2m] Caasvflle, Huntingdon Co., Pa,
rfvenUiat lettorsof Administration
ontteeststa ofQtorge Huff, late of Logan township, Blair
by the Keglrtcr of said
county totheundersigned residing in Altoona. All rer
■spns knowing themselves Indebted to said estate are reqioe
tedtomako immediate moment, and those having claims
wl r Pre**nt n» same duly authenticated tor settlement.
Feb, 11-1858-61.] J.B. HILEMAN, Jdtn’t.
A XjBAPNDS, waolhuts.
Is, no doubt, the most wonderful discovery of this tga Of
progreee, for it will restore, p. rmnncntly, gray >*.
oriniukl color* core* the lira*! of th* tali! with ti mostUtt®* i
riant powth, remove at one*- all dandruff and iteMng, cure
all scrofula, and other cutaneous eruptions, such aff aeaw
head, ate. It trill euro, as if by magic, nervous or tBW
cal headache; make the hair suit, glossy and pweKTU'A"*
color perfectly, and the hair from falling, to v** l *®*
age. The following Is from a distinguished memhurfl^the
medical profession; tea*
, St. Pi cl, January 1, 1860.
tier. O. J. Woo®—flear Sir Cnsolicited,, ! . •»*&£*<•
After being nearly bald for a lon* ranr,
and hating tried an the hair restoratires extend andhaWag
no ffritfa in any, I was Induce*!, on hearing of yonra, to fftra
U a trial. .1 placed myself In the hands of a barber, and
bail my Head rubbed with a good stiff bm»h, aad, thy wuto
tative-then applied and well rubbod in, till the «eaip wy*
aglow. This 1 fcpeateil every morning, aod In tbwi veekj
xhe young hair appeared and grew rapidly from August last
till the present time, nud is now thick, black and strong
soft and pleasant to tho touch; whereas, before, i t was harsh
and wiry, what little there was of it, and that little Was
disappearing Very rapidly. 1 still use your BsatoSatke
' about twice a week, and shall soon hare a goo 1 cud perfect
crop of hair. Now I had read all three things—end Who
hail not? but have not seen hitherto any cos a where any
person’s hair was really beta-fitted by any of the hair tonic,
etc., of the day; and It really gives me pjeastfre to record
the result of my experience. I have recommended your •
preparation to others, and it already has a targe and gentr- .
al sale throughout the Territory. The people here anew
its effeetkand have confidence in it. The supply you sent
os as wholesale agents for the Territory, is nearly wkw
ted, and daily inquiry* am made for it. You deaerva toed
it for jourUMCovery,and I, for one, return yon roy thtiifea
for the benefit it ha* done me, for I certeinly had despaired
long ego of effecting any such result. T ourabartUj^'^
Finn ofßpnd A Kelly, Jt. ttti
JVoor the Editor of the Beal Edait Adxertiter. -j
■ i Bosrox, March W.lSifc
1 Dia Sis:—Having become prematurely tj trite gray.lprsa
induced, eome six week* since, to make* trtolof jon» *e*to
rotive. I hare need lee, than two boltlea, but
hairs bare all disappeared; and although my hair haS noi
fully attained be original color, yet the process of change
la gradually going on, and I am in great hope* that it s
•hort Uino my hair will be ae dark ss formerly. Xharejuews
been mnch gratified at the healthy moisture and vigor of
the hair.whichbcfore was harsh and dry; and H hsaeeasi j
to come out oa formerly. r".,'.
Respectfully yours D. C.->L®CMS
--fi • nilwfc JwlKwHW’
I have used Prof. Wood’e Hair Restorative, and kava ad
mired ifa wonderftd effect. - My hair was beccan&g. ae 1
thought, prematurely gray, but by the use of his ' Restora
tive, It has returned its original color, and have no doubt,
permanently ao.
Ri-Senalor United fftdiae.
' 0. J. Wood A Co., Proprietors, 312 Broadway X. Y. and
U 4 Market at-St. Louie, Missouri. : ; w '
For vale by 0. W. KESSLER, Druggbt. Altoona. f9-ly
> i-iulr.-C to cure any one troubled with Llrvi; CotupUhiU,
um,*«s the most'desperate of eawis, *h« lW*»c<ili4 Bottl«
»in, with scarce a sin glc fail art-, restore.! he patient to hsallh
and vigor. Wo wish to call the attention of aD t*>lhf»*
fact*, that the Invlgorator la eompoundedE by
who has need it m his practice for the but twenty years with
a success almost credulous, and it ia entirely vegetable, lie
ins; composed wholly of gums. ' ]: a . ... ...
Some Idea of the strength of theae gum* maybe Jocined
when It is known one bottle of the Invigorator ootvtahw ia
much strength as one hundred doses of Calomel without any
ofits deleteriouseffetw. ,
One bottle is the surest thing known to cany flswf ths
had effects of mineral poison of any kind." ' ■ i "'
Only one bottle of it is needed tu throw n»t nf tilt sj slm
the effect of medicine after a long sickness. . ,
One bottle taken for Jaundito removes illydlsttiiM or
unnatural color hum the skin. • » a - .
One do»e alter eating is sufficient to relieve thettuora&i
and prevent the food tom rising and souring .. ■ .';.,*,isS dose taken before retiring prevents uichlmart..
One dose taken at night loosens tha bowels
cures coativeneea. a, i ‘i :
One defer taken alter each meal will cure Oyspepwi.
One dose of two tea-spooufuls will always rvlisT* Sisk
Headache. :
One liottle, taken forfomale obstruct Urns remotoltht&ttM
of the disease, and mnk«* a.psafsot once, •
Only one dose Immediately relieve* Oiollc.'whttt dhsitis
often repented is a sure cureldr CUtdcra Morbu»,«aj4a*Wra
preventative of Cholera. ... v . . »
One dose taken ofteu wilhprevent the r&nimnrwnfSsftl-
Unus attacks, while it relieves all painftU fcetinj(^ J J\ .A Aj ’
JtSr Ohd or iwo doses taken occasionally h CMonfiaMst
remedies for cold over known. ,
Thousands of cores of luflammntion apd weakhcfsaf ths
lungs have been cured by the InvigonUdr. ’
One dose taken a short lime beforeeating give* tte*
the appetite and makes food’ digest well, ‘
One dose often repe-ited ctwe« Irtarrhaw in its worst tfewrs,
while summer and bowel complaints yield almost totha
first dose. "■■■>-••■'
One or two cures attack* caused by worms, whUs
fur worms in children, there is bo surer, safer and »peedl«r
remedy in the world; as it never (stUk. .:vif : ;J
There is no exaggeration In thesa statements, lijttXiMO
plain and soI«r Cicta, that we can give evidence to prom,
while all who use it are giving their unanimous teatmaouy
in its favor ! '' '
W» wish all who arc sick and debilitated tel try thto Rim 1
edy. and test it thoroughly, and any' who up* not benefited
by its use we should Hcetohrre from, mot to
hoar from the first person who has us»fd abottlooflnrigota
tor without receiving Wncflt, for there ate anch astonishing
medicinal virtues in It, that all, no matter how lung they
-have been affected,' if their complaint arises from a dense*
ed liver, will he benefited, ilf not entirely cured.' '’■■' * ■
Sanford k Co n Proprietor*. 310 Broadway, New York.—
Dr. O. 11. Keyser, Druggists. Xo.ltoWood Stwt. Pittsburg,
Wholesale Agent For sole bv O. W. KESSLER.
Altoona. lApril2,^r-lr
which thoroughly cures that dreaded. disease—■taKVßV
YEARS’ ITCU—now prevailing toyjgnattwtC'm
usual remedies, such as 'Brimstone, Tar;and Predpitata
Ointments, are of no use. Mafiy who bayer osedthemhato
been compelled to use llarqcV Itch Ointment, and fotradu
the only curej It b now the only remedy fn which phyaj-. -
cions place any reliance. v
Jack Frost has re-commenced his reign and BARNES'
REMEDY FOR FROSTED; FEET to themfly one £*t Wfil
cure those whom he has attacked. Apply thto'ttmedy for
a few days and a enro will l» eflSeetcd.' The RrtfappUetft.
tion gives relief It has cured caags where UiarltotJ
The celebrated jjniment called H YPER ALT MITi nB V
has cured more cooes of Rfremunttoratliati any other know*
For the cure of Fains in the Side. Limbs and Rack; gore
Throat, Swellings of the Joints, and Limb*/ Sprain* and
Brntoes, it hoa no equal- As a Liniment forTlorsee, Ik.MR
Cuts, aores.Strains.S welling*, and all other «.
ternal iitfunes, Bone Spavin .only accepted, all whVLsVd
used it giro it the preference over all others.
BARNES’ COUGH SYRUP, 1 composed entirely of "Vege
tables, to a sure cure tor Cbugh»; Colds and Btonchltto,if to
without any exception, tlie best remedy known, of which
fcrt tbousands can testify. It will ho found tho beet
dy that can be used for children.
„ Prepared only at Bamea’ Drug Store. Trenton. N.J.—
SoJdbyG.AT. KESSLER,- Altoona, and B. Punlbifru
Pittsburg. [MaytyaT-ly;
clng to the eittken* of Altoona and its yiclnlty, OiatbaiHHr
opened a STORE in the BOOM formerly occupied by G. f.
Patton, on Vlrgfada street, where he wilt be happy to ex*
bibit to thgm his splendid stock of •’ *.
which will bo found entirely new and'fresh. His stock to
carefnllr selected and was purchased strictly for CASK
which just at this important time has enabled him to toy
exceedingly low.andfcavlDg adopted the • -mW 9
to determined to ask but “ Small Profits and Quick Salee.",
Among hto stock will b« found everything appeitalnlttg
to ladies amlGentfatpah’s wear, as .well as Ml artfcto* A
Groceries, ™
~ . _ 'Hordvr&ro, 4c., 4c.,'
*&***, Oct i; MtVtt CH.VRLgfi J. MAiW. ?
JLi Theiubßcriber has now in opmttmithree largo Lime.
dally a largo quantity of the BE9H ttHXQ!
Lisp—rjnoWor to any Umt burned in the interior of. the
wnlch lift will sell at the Kilos, or deliver by the itr
or wagon load In Altoona and vicinity, and at all points dn
tho Pennsylvania and Portage Railroads at lower prices
than it can be furnished by any -other person. Ot&n
from a distance will bo punctually attended to by addressing,
a note by mall to JAS. FUNK,
marS-ly] ; Xmnonsville, Blair Co, fa
0X3.—500 boxes Onnget and Lommatn
for lale by W. N. SHW3AJBD. T?,
marl2-ly] 191 X. 3d atre«,|>hitod«lphta." a>
PEA NUTS -5000 BUSI ti
eb Wilmington Pea Nnta is Store, and for'eale 'by ’"
Mar 12, ’67-ly] , in North 8d street, Philadelphia*.
• Sterehia, tr-ifi . in
J- ■ ' ■.■.v ,- r
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dUaouraihg mi
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bff*ebl%ht pr
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4aaigaof this u
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Bund re-coj
i|m employe
mtmftry tributi
Mad st our el
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t*d bjr tbo empi
{Art of the evoG
tlaM appeared i
Mrideaes. -As
sdmond J. Tun
RhHUe, r«f d ta
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- |L E. Cos, la g«
YM«bU« and
: PMrcat, by 1
tk.Tl. Go., Hern
Bnr Saperintem
(roller, thereby
delphis, therefor
Sttohtd, That
with one so tb<
' pl*oo, our ocoupi
JUtolvtd, That
ttf lh« strict disci
those considernd
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nark the man,
Retolved, Tlntt
harmony existini
ments, as one of
ability, which ha
'ted in bis admiui
Retolved, That
to sympathize wi
In: oar dlfficultic!
Ruolvtd, That
(feelings to know
mors sxalted an
phra to his own b
Retolved, That
nod esteem, wc t
Isr Momxnihut.
Retolved , That
rsaldepce, and tb
Ores, Alex. A.
Batpb Qrccnwoo-
Nichols, G. R. Hi
llawkeswsrth, Wi
A. C. Vsaclnin, (
derson, Frank Mi
Warful, David R.
M. QUtuttng. Ilei
Roltanon Boyer,
S*iid M, Green,
him with this exj
with it otir tru
fatttre honor, wcl
Ruolvtd, That
ing be published
After the resi
t-omboert return*
red upon him in
snarfcs. As be sj
moment, without
wc. were tumble, 0
out a report on t:
trust to oar mem
He commence
ejiecckmaker, as
ewkt not be otbe
' this manifesto tim
Staling all the tin
fl<fr»l Snperinti
e*cne*t care and i
and concert of act
»B«tw and etnplo
w*4‘to this bar no o
thenneiainpled si
the road hr to be a
this success nud t
eharaoteT-tbr the I
of the Company’s
officers and emplo
ways, in ail his re]
tiaetly laid down,
credit on thu scor
had earnestly co-c
tiotoa would have '
He then said tb
taking lease of tb
released himself ft
tnre meau’t to voi
they') would often i
they would at leas
< Ha
•. V -
V j
their checks once
7v «t this time be esf
y ■■ ■ -tv. Wg-PtflM
■ ."m h|d existed up to
i||l[ hitherto, who souj
road, needed no 1
JsR that he had boen t
C°., In good stand
, ’||| neTir do anything
Y . neccasa
M He then said th:
' misapprehension
- '-'jqaea in reference to
. Thompson. ]
f' T. was a kind
Meer, who had the
employees as mud:
' ilthough a few moi
* ;liih felt by them a
should remem
-grated upon all the a
gthe President dowd
Iwtt reduced $l,OO
I t&mgh it seemed h!
all cheerfull;
is yf