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i vi rj-.rf thle aßti of
' si-sy' hair, to It#;
! v, ,t!i A m{St luxe- [
i r !.?■>’. adUpg. cure )
!.o, ascii r.s ecAJd
:■: or pcrlril
o:.'l pi._scrrrt ti<«
to t-xtmre old
:oJ member of ti-a
roas.-err I.lB£f. '*
‘ttd. 1 fend Jw»
f-r s lent? . tlraey'
,:-v -T.U M;d hnv!c;{
i c: y-,uri>. to cirei
f n 1-orl-cr, ar^d
■1 tu:d the r(‘ht<>i
.1 111'- scalp »a*
i-’ 1 t?jn.c*rcdcs
tion. Augußtlaat
d> «u». iiwi®-
n-. I: v,Oßli*;»ii
tlir.f little w*a
o>;i- liisturatito
ifcd and perf-cl
ti.oij-.s-i-nCd wbo
two wlicro any
■ tonic,
'■l-.-Slr: to nccc-:d
c:idod jour
i. ir.’. si- fittl gi-ior
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t.!•;•!«( v-tv wr.t
U'.-'nlj. pjritiuir
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'y it proy.J'PTS
I vt :!:• J g- sy .
btir *!R* ;
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r'.y. i It.vcs’ o ‘
ut rn<! vipta" of y
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V: no do&lrt,
r :'*C Stxtty.
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■1 :tstias-.i;y
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, ' T , ‘‘k = , r £>
- Prorr-*,
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if-d er'4
t-< ■-• d vita
•' r'S+m' I
: r t'.Ji.p: •;
: ,’-*;Sar3 , '■
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LOCAL items.
. factotum of the Standard, in this
plate, Ukchls greet prototype, is one of Cbpt
jlaas "though vanquished often yet can
argon Still," and in the last number ofthepa
-jw.uamedf treats its readers to a lengthy item,
which he endeavors to make up in Swords
what, be lacks in argument, but unfortunately
by «0 doing be contradicts himself in thefirst
A few weeki since he stated'that
■ lir. Warfel wad dn “independent” Candidate
for sheriff but was not popular. We corrected
statement by eaylng that Blr. W’s claims
Were subject to the decision of the American-'
\ ' Republican County Convention, and that the re
i mark that he bicked popplftrity
ae there were few mqn more «ipec-;
' tin community.
Hon. Tips wq think. ought to hake been auffii
eiont to Satisfy any reasonable person. Butj
no ; the Standard reprtor continued his unwar^
■ on\ Mr, W. last weeki and at
tompted to prove from his <ard that he wsjs an
M independent ” candidate, but finding tbat ani
impossibility, he plu^e-',
V vdbqgKufdds^^oydundindnig^hW^^f fiing
i r " that if he could not “ write a
simple newspaper advertisement mthoul inon
pprspfauity than is displayed in his card, he
danced S P oB it
iasfbyo, would-be critic. True to bis nature
*nd his training, the factotum, this week,
jpgaiu reiterates the stale, contradicted dhar-
S 6B - He charges us with falsehood and
-complacently say he is speaking the truth.—' us examine U»e ground for assertion. -
He commences by stating that Bfr. Warfel is .an
'‘‘independent ,, candidate and thal he is uapopu
fa*: Both those statements we contradicted,
• «i»d dhe truth of our-aasCrtious ia tho first in
atariceho has admitted by passively dropping
Shu subject second' however he still
and almost with the same pen-full of ink
wblch he wnte« Mr, W. is unpopular,
ho mate Ibpadmission that “ he is known among
his immediate neighbors aa ago o d mechantc aad I
private CitfzOp, and no further than this docs his j
popularity extend," and adds “of .this wo have
proof perceptive.’’ Now wo would like to know
bow much further the for the Standard
would have a man’s popularity extend, and
what higher tribute could be paid to Mr. W. than
■that’paid by the reporter of the Standard , and
whether be has not' convicted himself of dolibor
falajfying,,aad snatesned us in our assertion I
that Mr. W, .was popular, in titU community.
Having no nee£ of further proof torsos,tain our
-assertions on.this we drop the subset with
tfac rcmork, that .the industrious attenfts
Stattdarft reporter affect the standing of Mr.
W, that ha may receive the nom-.
in party for the office for which he
is a candidate and in that evOnt his,(reporter’s)
would base a ,r«n»g|nxaa<U*Mravol.
his production is the
**■ W Tmc again to
his fiature and Staining, he manufactures ,*T.tek’
fling remafk of ours into a ohdrge lhat w.c are
interested -in procuring the. “sheriff's sales ”
advertisements The- flifig ii beneath our no
rio*- 'Whenever ap r adversary violates confi
dence or purposely misenstrues trifling remarks
he is deserving of no .fcsply. He winds up with
theohargD that we support “political frierids
Undcr the disguise of neutrality.’’ This is 6 0
notoriously false that it needs no denial. He
knew when he penned it tljat it was pntrue, but
**** ej^”a P le “id .teachings of .his preceptor (the
■Standardjsma)yrvTo too strong for his conscience,
we wonder whether he meant to uthUieh his
.or veracity thereby. Whether ho
“if iaS succeeded niost admirably inV
pfacteg It beyond the shadow of a doubt; If he
fa sotetfied with his attempt, wc are. *
ifißitcxios.-The following are the
offici returns of the election held in this Bor
oogh on Friday .last. Those candidates to whose
names appended “C.T. & Bern.” were rnn
on both the Citlxena’ and Democratic Ticket—
Those marked “I" were independent candidates; j
Justice of the peace, I
f Peter Ilee^^, N y W*
I j. M. \\ S 8 J 4 41
J CT 31 89 26
Joa.K.'My, D
Jos; Moist, C I
1 1
Chief Burgess.
I ~M. Jones, CT.
J«a. Lowther. D ■
Town' Cpunctt, .
JMobllesser, D 45
Wm. Boydefc n 46
i Jon. Conii*a,“D ; v 47
Jte. Kearney, D 45
C T 49
D* H. McCormick, G T 49
John Allison; C T 64
, PeferEeeO,CT 60
kelson .Glancing, jO T 64
Jbo. M’Clellan D * C T 109
Ass’t Assessors.
Jm. Mlnlosh, D 67
Bavid Cortcr, D 57
Daniel Price, C T 64
DsndDeild, CT 64
: School Directors.
;• p- Mjfon, C T 67
•MfonXHimding, D 53
Jhos. MoMlnn, CT 59 90
Beo. B, Cramer, D - 6Q
Judge of Elections— £. w
J6hn B. Warfel, CT
leorge W. Sparks, D
Inspectors—E. W.
!. A. Beck, CT v --0#
BTm. C. McCormick, C T
Alex. Montgomer/,. .D ■/Jg.
_ Judge ofElections—flT, »*■ ■
'acob Good, C T ’• .
?- E. Miller, D IF l w
.-Inspectors—W W »-• •" - "OObusd Gbham ~ .
ja. fki ;
M. Clabaugh, CT - is flVfuoh article imported, and for iisip*i r ? n y
J. L. Beifay eider CT J&p ~ jPor drcssingLadiesHairit lin« ? ri . ce ’
[ JudktjQf Elections—lf Mr" ' it « hrlghtglossv appearance it e^ua ~ ®l v’ n B
t/-V fiji* ■■ . -men's Hairto ln SL n I J t caaB l es(,cnfle -
D»Tid (SSfep r. j, Itwmdres the dandruff; always J“wjj?rr e *
luspectorB--» i:; y, . . ... ** being fresh^hS^pof^fe
f Cw ’ B - >„
35 \
' 25
IB _
81 50 138
II 26 ' 83
, 13 83 91
11 30 87
12 26 S 5
ll' 27 -v 82
12 27 85
32 49 130
29 47 126
83 52. ISO'
33. 49 182
■B3; 49 i , 1|B;';.
63 V 82 ! 248
IS 'B4 . 18*.
18 84. V
88 4s 146
.. i; ■]./ : ,
1 83
Dibtjussiko Tburs&y
evening; Miss. Catharine Beech, a J * hplp’.* lint
the “AltooEa Hoose," met with a serious Adri
ft. which may prove fatal. She had accoin
pinlcd some friends to the Branch train. Which
now etandfl on the sod was in the
act of returning back to the house, as the Al
toona Way Train, was coming into the depot.—
Col. Cramer, the conductor of the branch-train
told lier nol to eross thesidingdn whichthe Way
’'“Approaching, until the train bad atop
ped. Bntabe, confident in her ability to dross or
bewildered by the head-light of the locomotive
stepped upon the track right infront of it. Col.
Cramer instantly seized her by the shawl to pull
her hack but unfortunately the shawl slipped from
rhouldeis. Perceiving her danger then, for
the first time, she caught, hold of the Col. to pull
herself back,, but his feet slipping on the icy plxt
.form both fell on the track .right in front of the
locomotive. The cow-catohor caught the Col.
and threw him off the track, but he was unable
to get Miss. Beech off. Kerfaet werc caught be
tween the cowcatcher and the trills, horribly
mangled and one leg broken. She gave vent to
the moqtheart-rending shrieks, which wore dis
tinctlyheard at a distance of two squares. As
soon as possible aha was extricated from her
perilous situation andlconveyed to the “ Altoona
House; 1' Pra. -Chriaty and Thomas were prompt
ly 'Calied in and did all in their power to remedy
tbddnjuries anJ.allevlate the pain'of the unfor
tunate girl. They decided that the amputation
of cjne foot was necessary to the preservation of
her life, but she refused positively to allow such
operation to be performed. She said she Was
butia poor girl,-dependent>upon her labor for
her support,, and to lose a foot or a leg would
incapacitate her frdm working and, render her a
public charge, and she would rather die now
than sustain such a .position. Her wishes were j
acceded to and up to the present time the phy -
siciana arc trying to saVe her life without ampui
bitiqu. They may succeed but the result is doubt
ful. At tbeALme of writing this (Wednesday
.afternoon) she is still living and seems to be
mending. Wo trust spe ia. This is a sad case
which ougpt to call into exercise the benevolent
jeriiugs of bur citizens. [■ Something ought to be
done fur her and it only requires .some . ope to
•take tho initiative. ; What
themselves a-Committou tb solicit contributions I
in her behalf ? The noble attempt made by Co!.
Cramer, to save her, calls faith the hearty com
mendation of aIL He is a manly, whole-souled
fellow and it is not the first time he has jeop
arded his own life to save that of others. We
trust that ho may never have cauje to regret bis
alaoity in complying with the dictates of his
noble heart.
'WajssiKOTOK’*, Bibth Logan Rifle
Rangers. appeared in our streets on Monday, to
ceiobi ate the anniversary of the birth o'f Wash
ingtoo, and, although the number on parade was
Email, they made a very creditable appearance.
We .observed a few persons dressed in the uui
form ofibeQuarils. but saw aqlhing ofthe com
pany 6a parade; How comes this ? Has the
compajuy be.eoiisbaudeiL. or is there B o little
patrio ism member?, that they ednnot
devote five hours to the celcUration of the day
that gfve birth to the' ‘‘iFathe/oVhis£ountry ?”
We he id the last supposition is erroneous The
1 miUtary spirit appears to bo rising iu other farts
of the jeountry; companies axe being organized
and thfji? ranks fast filling ; v hy then is it
flagging in AUobna » Is the spirit infused pe
riodically nad'iu different localities at different
periods, that patriotism and pride- iu military
affairs is ia aaort-lired ? Certainly this is not
the case. Thou where else will we rest the cause
than with the members of the company. To the
Rangers, also, a part of remarks are ap
plicable* Their numbers have sadly diminish
ed of late. We hope that this .will not long be
the cas£, and that by the time inspection day
comes dround their‘mnks will be full. If Ko t.
other p|irts of theeqjinty, with fewer advantages,
will bear away thejaurcls of the day, which ba\re been awarded tojhecitizen sol
diers p|‘ Altoopa. ■ We lWa; ahad
not prove the case. . j ■
Basb Chances.— The of onrrtaders
is requested Iq the advertisements of Messrs.
Cramer and Davey m-another.column, -The pro
perty of Mr. Crainer is wt« aitimteii, and from
(ho itopVovcmentfl made thereon, JsVeally desi
rable to any person wishing# Ipt in Altoona,—
The lanaofjjfr. Davey is very desirable to any'
person wishing'to purchase a home ia the west, j
j 06
* .. AttposA, Febrtiaiy 28, 1856.
j 7;. m £?L **' e Association was licit!
in the Town Kail tins evening % the
of devising means to raise funds fortfie rfcljef
of the distressed. On motion Geo. W. Patton was
me^thig R ‘ Btated object of the
■#** fedst slid West
1 "*. with ft request that
devote one day’s oolleotion iin their i
188 T *h e &afl*ht of the .poor. i
_Th» relief Committee of Wat lyiml reported
whsmf 1 •? e r th ® C * Se of^rs - hraijejin, agai^t l
whom » wnt of ejectment waf in the
the Constable for oxccation; It was moved and*'
secondedithat in yiew of the urgency ofthccasf
the inalhihty of Mrs. Bracelin to assure
r n 0 -5 rBnt 40 other parties, that
the Belief committee have power to aid her, by
procuring for her and her family a couple of
rooms, and to draw on the Treasury for the ne
cessary amount ■ ■
U "'■ as P * esolTed > a Committee
Rraifn i app , 9m^ efJ to wait on the Altoona
wS? , d 6nd ? tacr Bands ' and see what ar-'
rangemen s can be made for giving 4 Concert
,B. p»«.. ss , wraoij, owr>. I,
:f 'W
i§o l '■
d, 1 .; : ''.
s) tlik’t Vpv
w/i» ibkt*
lilt- to, UB
t a!au ex
jboat the
lit extend
iiljthe last
syllable of time has been written by tbe Ee
cotdiojg Angel.” If; then, this be so (;
above contradiction—atruth, selfsusti
necessary that the training of the imm
of man be attended to in a proper. and rational
manner. If it whs like the body, so composed
as to be perishable and subject to annihilation
by death, then the storing of the mind with use
ful material, the training of its affections, and
the insrtllUng.df virtue into it would all be. of but
little importance ; but when we consider that
it is Qodflikc in its form and destined to lire in
co-extension with the Great Eternal himself,
ihen it is that we are impressed with the
nitudo of the work that is to be done. But how
“"ten is the sparkjof eternity neglected—how of-;
ten ds it shrouded in the dark magics of
with its twin-slater Superstition, when it might
have been basking in the glowing light of intel
lectual greatness. land crowned by the never-fa-,'
ding wreaths of wisdom and knowledge.
“ Tin’ Man himself
Has coat away his own nubility."
Through his own errors, his soul has been
rendered discordant—his own passions have
bound him to the service of ignorance. And if
these—the last paradise of the heart, are ever
again to be restored—man himself mast .da it
-This must be done, but it can only be done, by a
lit*.rue of labor. That labor is expressed In.the
single worJ— “Education.”
That word must be the “talisman” to open
up to man the wonders of his own, being, and
bring him to the knowledge of his own vast ca
pabilities. Docs-than desire ad gaze upon the
b-. autt bus fields spte .d out I.efoie h m n nature's
own gorgeous garments to Lis own benefit ?
Does he wish to regd the starry Heavens and
gaze upon the worjds above him, each revolving
with lightning speed urmud its own centre ?
Does he wish to tear, from the bowels of mother
earth, her treasures and her wonders 1 Does he
wish to force “Old Ocean” to disgorge her ill
gotteu booty ! iiejmust educate his mind. Does
he desire to havo his imagination, wing its way
beyond the confines of time, to expatiate upon
tilings that “ eyo hath not seen” and listen to
strains of music which “ear hath not heard?”
In short, .does he w£sh to make oftime,
and after that to enter the Klysian fipjlds of ev
erlasting blis?, and,to waik thisestre.ils of shin
ing gold, and “ mpro out Then
he must educate, ndt only -the mind, the
. 4 *
It was my purpose to have given you sthe tp~
suit of another visitjto one of oar
of which Mr. J. II; finlej is iustruo tor—
;pany with my friend Mr. N. Royer, Iftit want
of time and space warn me 9f being unable to do
Justice to the topic. i
On Friday evening I2th inst. wo had another
j spelling school, whidh well attended. The
j leaders. Misses C. Muure and M. A. McLelland,
j Conducted the affair jmuch to their credit. Sev
eral pieces of music, iamongst which were, .“ The
Beautiful” “Float Away” and “Bright and
: Wt ; were well performed by the class. I aw
sorrj that 1 cannot devote more space to this
little meeting.
So then “ Neaniscws” has something to say
“ Alpha’s” running around. Well I should
like to give him a call, but-as he most uncere
moniously “footed” U past my domicil, on Fri
day last, he mnjt not espect me to undertake a
Walk of ii miles to see 1 tfim. ALPHA.
Feb. 23, 1858,
At a convention of jthe Teachers of the com
mon schools of this county, held on Inst Friday
and Saturday, in the fiourt House, the expedi
ency of the estabKaliiraent of a Normal School
• w f*® .discussed. , A nuhibOjrJijf placea were sug
gested as suitable fdr its location. . Upon a res
olution, it teas left to jthe decision of the County
Superintendent to located! either in Martins
burg or in JffoJlidaysbdrg. place of
fefs the greatest inducement in the way of ac- I
[ ce 58, board, interest on the sal>-
Je <; t of for procuring the use
pf Ac., will likely be
tho locatiotf, Hisilidaysburg is tlie most central Miw-s Docnr, Events, ! *0 75;
equally -fi»^fc4i?^%aSsaKBS
w»|h, nndm some things surpasses, Martinsbur<'. **?SNL ho was to discharge the duties of hkof
quiets and hence your correspondent will sing E * A,a I>c.nnr, 1 - 4 ,
CoaTcution, -agipuntiDg to $B, were, upon mo- h° up woa t come outof the a«*."
The Borough’eleotiOn passed off onietlv T -. ; V .oriso.
citizens votes as a matter of
the;othey. Themen elected will make good of- kier 3“? ck - . , -. >■’
■m f#=!> M f ss» .h. - S£
an favorable tytto lighting of our streets. We Vr^ l ?-L t % I “ l ” ve "V ra f ? r printing Kotic™ to K%.
town enjoy the benefit pf lighted streets. If a I*? 61 ? 1 ? Hna^totype-— y v r 0 ’ ■ that
beginning is M*> Mb l»Hi.n
surest, but the whole-town should be lighted. tiicmseiresoffas
on ®. needs flic im|rovemeat an Mas the
Other. :...;■ *'■:.&'■ ■ ; : cnsduHlly “clowd them up.” g ' “
00* Bm%U scale broke out in Qaysport Thekduu
!“ t . W “ k ’ *Bwokcbouseielong
log to Mr. Tsie poly loss sustained i$ wnArienoe.'
- Jrt has loft to^^thoutsettli^S
Con that had to suffer. Vj 3 With <w, thus leaving a WacA- record agalnte bljn on^onrr
A drunkard’s greye 1 Oh, what horrors gath- °“iy Woe* he Im W d»i
!er around it I How mimy are Imßtenin* to itl A -,£h VBKE ’ . . ‘ ■ ' *,
How many already ttl :Mother shd ff. left mwa S S
pant filled its lonely c(s last Saturday. A man' S?!SiS, COnStaW ‘’’ maki * eV ’* otMe :; , ’ *’ ‘
named Win. Hamlin, at; Englishman, and a mfc :;)Ht nt h* 4 -** °» *> thetmoTo tufie, ami then
her In pne nf. ore b#ks in our ridhliv’ who «ff by : ***
1 i . ■ • . -•. L,: . '?* Tuos,Lee,Jr leftprwn owing u»i // {lt|e« ik 1 i
has been laboring under|he efibetsof^‘liquor f^ l^o JZri
several days, wh|pbhad assumed Che appalling W. Okuaieij do. ■ 11./! ,’
fonp of mania potu, was ifi'one of laming v** 9 ' ’ - do *'-|'i ’• "f'~* J/ Jsm
flights, sent into eternity to meet his God. ta£ ? , , .?■« 1 . ' ; ' "*»'
prep OT <l, nnain . SnlPdbslrn«i lC iAn.j. Wb,
• . will npp«ar m du? tfane, - ““““ ““‘'l »mcn
- :■. -Jl.. '.."t".t'. ■.'• " ■-'■ '' t '?■ - -
■■v*i.'. •.''■■■«:• • , ■. •■■•.... - • •, >..•■■ . , ; •
•fdU not.l(Wm;from fhas* example to be temper
ate or disregard it? Wiia^-
better argument for total abstinence than tiris'
tone example. ; -
Yeaterday, the 22d oC February And the birth
day of Washingtou, ms celebrated by. the Fen
cibles and Junior Sons of America. The former
matte the drot time (fntheir
uniformand-unlitary eqaipments,|"eifly‘ia the
afternoon. The company elicited many cnco
ninma.npon their taste, beautiful dress, milita
ry air asd skilful 1 evolutions. At half after i 3
o'clock,, the Junior Sons formed in procession at
their Had and paraded through the principal
streets.' TheAltoomt Camp was well represen
ted- The.proccssion numbered near seventy per
sons and was preceded. by in art ini inusiq. The
Juniors also gave a party in the Town Hall in
the evening, at which speeches were delivered
which.were very creditable to the speakers. It
M said that much enjoyment was the portion of
alt presetit. An excellent'supper having been
served up for them at the “ American House,”,
they nb. doubt did justice
Tbeday woe commemorated (by private par
ties ahd gatherings in the shape of oyster sup
pers. In one\of this kind the Odd Fellows par
ticipated. \ (YE RITAS. .
(' r ( Valuev* Feb. 18, 1858.
I presume, from mat accounts, that you will
think wo are a very insolent and prevaricatihg
-set of people in this “neck; o’ timber.” Be
this as it may, ever sipce I have been in this
regiop, (termed Texas,). I have always found
peace end harmony predominating: and a more
obliging and benevolent people is nowhere to be
found. All live to the interest and welfare of
their fellow men, and delight in sustaining the
cause of education, promoting' truth, and ban
ishing from amongst them, (not by stratagem,)
such poor, insolent little scamps as “ Alpha,”
who once had his residence here, and who has
lately assailed us so violently.
We had no suspicions whatever of any hos
tile attacks from Springfield, or any other source,
but I notice iu the last number of the Tribune
that “ Alpha ” has been coming down upon us
with a vengeance, accusing us of being guilty of
v faul-mouthed lyiog.K Yet be this as it may.
we are well able to, stand all such “ wraps,” es
pecially when we consider the source, as it ap
pears from late accounts that his veracity is
very much to be doubted. If#ot, I really tlunk
ii somewhat derogatory to hia dignity ns a school
ketpcr (not teacher,) to express his sentiments
in such an erroneous manner. I want you to
tell him that “ Stuns” well knows how to take
cure of himself and don’t thank him'for his sym-
pathies, and also, that I think it would be advi
sable for him to “simmer” right down, or else
look out for breakers in the future,
But to change the subject, things on this side
of the mountain are passing along smoothly:
The generality of our enterprising farmers are
busily engaged iu threshing out their crops, of
the yield of which they can not complain.
Sbiue hove done and are now hiking their case,
waiting the return of spring. x
I’bo cold aiui dreary snows c.f stern Winter
navd cancelled from our view the decayed leaves,
and burled them in his icy coffins at the dead of
% i iu g blasts now sing requiems o’er
JS r:l,vt;s - He has also chained the rills to
homes, and hushed tLe murmur
offtbe Spooks. Winter is cold, yet it still has
ite-g.cpsuras and utility, and how beautiful it is
evergreens swaying Lack a.ud
Jorth, beckoning the return of .spring.
- 1 •. i
:x,\axa i ahuos kv i
Published for the protection of our breO,rtn of the Press and
the PuLiie generally.
'. Tt lo following named Individual? hare “ victimized” us
to the tune of the amounts sot opposite to thfir mimes.—
Our bfetii-en of the Press and the Public generally will do
welt to he on their guard while dealing with them. He
Wtio woulu Cheat the printer would ternpleat nothing
■. ’ s * pbosJpeotljs
Tfe fn the Conti^l...
With the present camber, tho TSfifiane has en
tered upon its third volume. Commenced at*
time when the confidence of the oilmens of JM
tooaa in newspapers and newspaper publishers
was .considerably shaken, if not totally aimihiia
ted, it has slowly bnt sorely restored that coto
fidence, and now stands open a sure foundation,
and is universally acknowledged 4o’ bjs cue of
-the fixed institutions of our town. ; 'Butphis re
sult has not been achieved witbout'hlidr|f strug
gle, and considerable expenditure ,; of tinW and
means on the part of its, editors, i The steady
increase of patronage, however, hs| afforded in
dubitable evidence that their labors hafeboen sp
cinteti. ... • • I';
In entering upon the .now volume! it is^almost
unnecessary to; say that the Tribune will poutiu,-
uc to be “ IsDKPsxoEST ix Brufratxb," be
ing biassed neither by fear, favor uor affection.-
in favor of parties or sects. In this respect it
is only necessary to say that the pHst affords a
fair index as to pur futurecourso. i’ 1 i'
It has always'been our aim to niOke the Tri
bune, a reliable first-class ,J.ocal IWcr/os, wo
believe that in that character kloqei country pa
pers can successfully compete with' their flashy
city neighbors. To this end we have secured
correspondents in various parts of the county,
who furnish us with all the items of local inter--
\est in their vicinity. Wo purpose adding others
to our list as soon as we can obtain-ihepi. Ba
ring the next year we shall redouble our efforts,
to make the Tribune a perfect conipendintn of
Home News—a reliable, first-class Local
Paper, second to none in the country, and as
such a welcome weekly visitor to Our patrons,
whether at home or abroad;
Put while the Local Department Shall be our
special care, we shall id so devote a considera
ble space to Literary Matter, Fra and Ilo
mou, and the chronicling of events of general
interest to our readers. We purpose also pub
lishing from time to time “ OriginaliSketches of
Men and Things ” which will befarnished Jby
our contributors. Wo have made arrangements !
also to have a weekly letter from Philadelphia,
and judging from the reputation ou|,ooiraspon
derit sustains is a popular writer, lettera
will be a rich treat- to our ; v i
A s we arc dcddedly. journalists of the pro
gressive school, wo hate concluded to adopt the
cash system iu out business. Thd neglect of
quite a number of onr patrons to pay Up prompt
ly, and the-rascality of others, has compelled
us to adopt this course. Time and;'erperioace
lias fully proved to our satisfaction that the
credit system will not work with
publishers. From this date no paper will be
sent from this office, unless paid forjinadvance,
arid at the (xpimtion pf the tiuje ipaid’for, if
no; nut wed, will be promptly stopped. This
arrangement no injustice to our patrons, |
while it will protect us from the impositions of
Soulless scoundrels, and enable us to devote j
more attention to our paper.
Recognizing, the principle that contracts to
ne satislactury should bo,fraught with mutual
ocnofit to both parties, and as money in large
amounts, in advance, is of nipre J veluo to us than
when received in driblets, as an induce
aieut- to numbers who would otfaerwise;discon
tinue, os weli us to those who have never yet
taken the paper, we offer it at theifallowing
low rates for the coming year; ’ . °
1 copy, one year - . : ' STS()
10 copies •• ($1.25 per copyT 1% 5Q
‘‘ (SI-00 per copy)! 20 00
and nil above 20 at the same rate—Sliper copy.
The money must,'»/i all cases, accompany ,the
order. ■ i 1 ’
IJjr the above it wilt • be seen thatvour piper
is emphatically the cheapest in the gounty.—
*V,' l ° itd ,uorUs leave in, to the public to de
cide.. TV e carncatl y request our friends through
out the county to “give as a lift/' aiwe have
no doubt each of them can readily obtain a club
in their neighborhood. c
Casvassebs VVA.vTEn.— Several encigelic.bu
smess men wanted to canvass the chatty fur
subscribers to the Tribune. A liberal! pcr-cen
tngc ■will be allowed, 1
There arc plenty of young gentlemen
as well as plenty of old ones, whose wards arc
turning grey, winch gives the former a great
deal of uneasiness, and exposes the age of the
latter. To avoid these little perplexities
advise such of our readers to useTrof. Wood’s
II aii - Restorative, which- will, ih tho coiirse of a
;ew weeks, change the .hair to ita natural color.
It does not dye the hair like the most of the
hair restoratives, but produces a gradual change
of color from the roots of the Bair to the final
cud, and gives it a fine and' glossy appearance.
’ e have seen many persons who have- used it
successfully, and pronounced it the Only inven
tion which has come tip to their idea of ft “ cure
for grey heads.’? We commenced usingit about
two months since, and if we arc any judge of
I U, B e Qn v beauty, it has tnhde us at least ten
-years younger; in fact we are beginning to.look
quite young, and feel very much like gettTpg h
young wife. The change is'mlipachlbus/and it
would be as difficult to find a grey hairihow as
it would be to find an idea in the healtj of the
Buke of Buckingham. We know several old
maids and some young widows, whose are
just beginning to assume a silvery hue, mid who
have been talking seriously about resoking to
this remedy, and we advise them not to delay
any longer. It never fails .~Sr Lortttyinttd
. a&’ Xlioinoat' slcpticol pcdple 'em W ! co%-‘
Vl “ c ® d ria J all the faulty medicines are
not humbug, aud/tUat aroong’ the ’Wall
butterfly life there are a few of greet uefjl, and
undoubted worth. Of these, Dr SandfoW’a In
vigjoralor, or Liver Remedy stands tijist aiid
foremost among the .remedies of thej dhy that
can be relied on as a medicine that; is Ull it is
jecoumcndedl, i^4 ro l>petws- yIH Mfcrtiaes
-ityelf on cVcry trial, fer thetoatohbhf‘ Wbrous&
Jt but tell then friends to do so, and Solti goes
from mouth to mouth ail nil the pebpl* of the
Lnion have learned the. good of thistruljvalu
able. medicine. It id recommended with
j monmls to prove its virtue for the core of iireri
complaints of every kind, from the wprst Dvs
pcpsia to a common heudacW, and iapurficulw
fcwrfffi! i l -Deranged Stomach,
Bowel Complaints and diseases of children.
One or tw6 dbees aiVe suid to iTctda with
scarce a fajlnrg, worth oLHriarfbr thia
nlopo. ft ia. particularly adapted to of
ladies, particularly those of sedentarf habits.—
Some ladies of the highest standing'-ini iocietv
have given their certificates of its efficacy. ahd
wo say to all whe are nQSng, try oneitottto and
you drill never be without ft. ? v !*..«£!“• ;
8W) Sitoesm sATrixßisb tits Ibojt Cm
This Institution is'now a popularity
and patronage far above. any Institution lof the
kind in the united States. It has Won its way
to Ifs present * minepce by the energetic action
ph the part of its managers and the employment
of twclvc tenchers in the various departments of
, aufeoHbr qualifications. exclusively, i Fouifljtrge
[halls are now occupied by the School ; yet more
.tooths arc to bo fitted up. aud additional teach i
,«w tO , su PP’y the - demands bf the 1
AWSlfor a thoroitg^prtmm.
.JSSjMS- F - w - ***
■■ *• "r- ; :
: TimOiof tile 4loatn§^d
■anif o«aMr . ; Av .
i r r.-1-vU ■'■'Wat^&OtStT--.' •
my at ■; ■■ .: rX’mku*
.Afsatcra B'JOdt jCM.
-EastoraT&tougKHaU ■ ’ ‘ tf
.* ;• ' 'L - , .
. Hip;..'"- u ■ u T /' •, a. &K<£Sf.
-r.,V,' Mi.
Jnaei.’SlrtH JQg>?
Sailed, *tAl-
Eipresa Train Eartarrivoe 5.43 A. M., Wvm%BB v.
“ “ West « 8,3$ -V - “t BjM «•'
Past “ East « 1,43'p. Ji. « Sjt.P'iS
JT«*t. “ U.CO « > :-
AIiTOOSi A WAY TRAIN leaves Altcona tu*. PfaQadrP
«u>4 returning arrtvua atAltdoaAst
ttalu Weat, Altoona Way Train East and s*
Past ManTifttoEss > •■ • ,' ■• -v
&tst “ d *Wtf ahd Sein
Pad.2l,;s&-tfl • - --■■ ■; TnQ9. 'A. V BfcoT?, £uy«C
ara iw^aabW^.
gS^ : #PW* «»« r Sie'n&wi:
P«l» «0-jwtaaß nefe-hnt have been ufrjdhy t&aducfimSfr
®W jearvhoth In Fr ance and America, with urjpnraMcd
success in every Case; by xianv
ana who have used them,'to main thb MiepnbUc, fcrtha
alleviation of tiidsosnfferiag from any irn'cnl-attlrs ofw&t
eyer «atOf&,»ss Well M to pteytat pregnancy to to thotk- la
dies whose health will not permit an iuerewe of family—
Pregnant fvmMft, or those supposing themselves so, are cau
tioned against tiling these Pill 3 while pregnant. airthcFro
responsibility after the abovc
<dtho their mildness would prevent tiny mischief to health;
otherwise thw Pllta are recpAtnended. Ynif end egphci*
direcUona aecoUpany eaeli box! Price *1 par h.™ «fi f
wholesale end retail by Q.
tfcifiity.Ho will supply dealers at proprietor’ll
prices, and sepd the Pills to ladies {coqfiiicnfiar.jj-.- bj return
on receipt of $1 through the Altoona Post Data, ■
Each bo* hat my signature, J. DFPONCO, KV»W Ybffc. V
Samuel BrcsUu, general .agent fur Tyrone City,’ tlysSf -
PJoty—‘Superfine, ft tbl. -
■"■* Extra, $m :
Corn Ileal, . $ cwt. .
Buckwheat S. “
U II - • H
SK .• %- : -
**&?,■ .. *<*»
irtADf & urn*a
JTLttln A Lehr eeUthetr floor xittui fcUwla* 'xtXeif
whu* ™**^*s*&^*i y&V:W
Breah Crock ! « „ »»fWWK> . • • •; <
“■■"■; “ ■ '.;«
n. LEHS& Iio\a ; 3«AEKCT.' '
Fxtra. Family Stow:-
Extra Supertax,
Superfine, i- ~ . . .
UrcahCreeJt, -
vl KS&S* )nsu;6xB.
iliTi^e 1 m Pa> ’ to *“* »Aa^-4»S'«»*^sdjr l rsr.
(X. X. fribmif pleaas copy,)"
A *Jr The subscriber
too? rnd&Hiafrt ** < * at ' Bn Acre* of the l-wt s*t^>
T&JeStsS*& ?It "fe lUb »o!*,aVcot'f,El{^SomV
mile *s£f 1
.. . . r - . ™^££lSL*-4
This School, tor Young Ladies nna Gen
kiel,Hef„te.{!rob * bl3 l tt ' e chea »'«*t one of the ItA
ki&4 In the country, The expenses tbr
from rent, tnraitnro, fuel, boardeml r~r
tioa m common English, are per nnaitei
as shovis, or ph» year only j>B.
“ on . !y f H ' r 1&»rt«r. All the T-aagnsirre
end the Ornamentals are proportionally cheap. Send Tore
Stnaeateeie expend to J«y
AfIOMSS -' JOHV T»‘ W ifcr*t
-feb. p-2m J \ lhjDrro ^an -
jiX- gct Amlrrctypes fur yourself, your friends or rol*.
t^9- fl,u rth story of P;;tt«a‘» Iluilding, übere *ll «
poretms cjn bo acrommoiitof on the shortest notice, win! ... -
and double glass. 3fo!;vlnot.rpc* taken oh Ensslin Jf-Sbl 5
otypo pUtw. Also,' Pictures taken in the now BtrlotniW vS
f C i r ”TF“^f ra^h, " R; ~ <>n I ' n!ullt father, which atvimpe* *
wimble, apdnrc tutendud principally for Insertion In my I
clos of jcw«iry, and transmitting bo moiK (vs thev do alt »
rcqulro. to be put in a wise. - * "r
- mires copied on reasonable tonus ■
Pictures arn oil warranted to please before Übwn ,
Picture* talteii K 3 low as filtv c» n ts Mten»W»jr. r -
Mann's %!£** "**’ * U *
on rSIS&iSSSS^
Tnlloj, |* offered B>r mle by the robaerlbcr * y -«y t. >
Sixty, ncrea are ntrJo* goodcaltivatioii, and mffSSmai -
tho bujance timjjor- land. The' inwevri #S»j •fl*'- -
nt n F nrK i two-story Pt.ANK WMI A-IfBF--'-
wator t* M a ff'Oil' fountain ff i
water at the door, a orchard c ut-in- |
leg Apple, Pear, Plum and Chom- •tr*n«Yte'' K *-
’ F^l^rf* 1 - *'* fcrtlw *
F,b ,Wt i JOHN eHOiJMiOH.
. V,. .V - f •
1m *mc-~Uws,n. ia
tfewTorlf seomff to be on-|Ke increise. huhi«
oltyeverythinggees on ahtootilyl and the only
faHarca-yra have beard of rwo the fail urea to
fatniat good fits made by como inferior clothing
eetewTslxiaoufc*.. ■ There is. do auoh liifllouHy to
encountered by .those Vl..t p*.flroniz«r tho
Stqinc Clothing Hull <f»odbhill nud Wil
ami COo ebote
J yiu:b»nof<n«dhil topco-
r thia popular efitsLlishmoat.
#SU When Du Vail's, Galvanic OH was first
.introdueediuto the markat,pt never was thought
of being applied, by the proprietor, to Lung-d'.'
sease, but its being applicable to Almost every
other disease, tip afflicted hare used this pnsp«
aration In Consumption, and. although it bn«
* purely'' consumptive patient, ycV
it has saved many who have been prene to'On
disease from ah early grave, v .
Tun Best Cones MrnictjfK.—-One of thayety
beat Cough Medicines to bo found anywhere, ia
Jir: Etyttr't teetotal Syrup. aold by G-rW-Kasa
ler, at 60 cents per bottle.. i - :
.stated Councils-o£
O. 1U 5%. %rWK»t3
ery Wcuncsllay cmiths in the T. O.rC. 3jv
soniq.Tein!)!*. Council Fire kinJt?d at Tthrar SOUjhrisuji
Jnuags,’S7-iy} it
. COKSXCTSS WKitT IT lOWT*** a Wl-rwyrt. nd •
, ,9A<>
t 31- •
itt *
w '-T-i, ft
>i i » ♦-
"■. &*r
. -U
■«:. .v*rf
- i •' .- 'I
■ ?:.