The Altoona tribune. (Altoona, Pa.) 1856-19??, February 18, 1858, Image 2

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UflL- Whnr» partie* aro unknown to a*.' oof ml* for «dwr-
UMog I* to require payment in advance, uracuuahteofrom
kaowa poreons. It i* tUorefore owlew for all *och to acwl
«■ •dTrrtUameuU offering to pay at the eni.of ttireo W»l*
month*. Where advertisement* are aooompaoled with the
money, whether one, fire or tea dollar*, we will giro the
Ut# full benefit gleaeh rate*.
teems or svßscßxmoir.
' The Tribunt will hereafter be focnUhed to robaeriben at
ttaMwiag rate*:
. 1 map one year in cluh* oMO, to.otte addrea*.
eupy; itt dob* of 20 or mure, to one adJroes, $l,OO
per copy. Payment in all cmm ntoit bo nt xorxace.
Jt*Ml*al* should be prompt; a little wMlo before th.-<year
axplrea. in order that we may nuke all aecaawy arrange
juahts lo supply the paper regularly.
' Ih* RKD WHAPPBK or the n.uae written on the pm
Mr With RBD INE or ElfeL, indicate* that the time paid
for i* about to expire and that we deaire a renewal. If how*
Mer.ln the haste of mailing, this signal should bo omit
" ted. W 3. hope oar friends will still not furgetra*.
RanTtascso.—Sena payment by safe band*. when coo*
ytnhtat. Or ten J by mail, enclosing with ordinary care,
i *aad trunblfng nobody with a knowledge of what yob are
1 .doing. For a large amount. a draft or largo
4'Vbr tmi; or two papers, e ;nd gold or enuU-uotea.
* In,nuke change, sun 1 postage stamp*, of better stIJJ. send
for more pap- JM ; »iy $2,00 foe 70 numbers, or sl/J0 for 88
■tfmbe.s. • : ,
The Select donuulttee.
Tho Speaker Of Congress has appointed
the Select Committee to .whom the Le
. oomptoa Constitution and President Bn- 1
I ohanan'a Special Message has been refer
red. In doing so, however, he has viola
ted bpth courtesy and Parliamentary usa
giving the LeoouiptoiuteeA ue>of the committee. It has always been
tSe.custom for presiding officers to give
the friends of a motion, a majority! on a
committee created by the passage of such
motion, hut. in this instance,. Speaker Orr
teas taken advantage of his position to set
snob .usage at defiance, and has appointed
Jdgkt bitter opponents of the motion and
j of it on the committee.
' £rpjy, there pinst he “ something rotten
in Denmark,“ when the .supporters,of Le
compiß are compelled -to adopt such
means to foroe the swindle on popular sov
ereignty through Congress,
j EjtEcenyE CDKMBNcr.—Since the
earnest and persistent declarations of Hen
ry life and Charlotte Jones, made on the
' scaffold, that Monroe Stewart b innocent
jof any connection in. the horrible crime
which they have expiated with their lives,
petitions have been circulated- in Pittsburg,
aod are being numerously signed, praying
the Governor to pardon or at.least respite
Monroe Stewart. Thb b right, and we
think tWs example should be followed by
. cither cities and towns. What is to be done
must be dpne quickly as he b to be ex
ecuted on'the 2Ctii inst
a®*We shall attendf to the frothy arti
cle of the Standard in our next issue. In
the meantime, however, would it not be as
treU -for the editor of that sheet, before he
takes others to task for boldly speaking
to shbw his own hand, and not “ Wiggle-
on both sides as if afraid of his
u . bread and .butter.” ‘When we engage in
dlpcpssion we like to know where our oppo
nent stands. Gome,: be a man or a mouse,
or a long-tailed rat. Don't skulk questions
yourself ami then pitch into others for not
following your example.
HOT On Friday last, Henry Fife and
Charlotte Jones, the perpetrators of the
horriblo &e Xeesport butchery, paid the
' dread penalty qf their crimes. Both died
affirming that they had .made their peace
with and protesting to the last that
.Monroe Stewart was an innocent andsdeep
ly injured man. A fall account of the
exception' will be found in another column.
BxccuUob «f Ilenrj Fife and
•i?. -u:
' il ftvcrish anxiety was visible throughout the
Mi; morning. Kuots of. then: gathered
aroundand in'the vicinity of the qpurt bouse
discussing the event about to transpire. As the
Bouri>‘wore on the crowd increased till, before
o’clock, it numbered several.thousand. The
previous day thousands visited the jail yard to
' begratificd with a sight of the scaffold, but the
throng became so dense that the avenues leading
jto jthejail had to be closed.
At ten o’clock the Du'iuesne Greys, Cqpt. Da
'vid Campbell; Washington Infantry, Capt. T. F.
'Wright; and the independent Blues, Capt. A.
Bay, met at the armory of the Grey’s and sbort
t Jj after marched, under command of Capt.—
Campbell, to the comt yard, the Greys turning
sixty-four muskets, Infantry fifty-eight,
jiluea twenty-nine. Tho battalion passed through
' the Piambnd street entrance, and guards were
.placed around the entire court yard, being re
fie red every half hour.
The spiritual advisers of the condemned were
wiihthem from eight o’clock to the last Be-
Hginaii devotions, of n moat affecting character.
#e(e hold in their cells, up to the moment of
tbeir removal to the scaffold. They renewed
their .assurances of preparation.for,death. About
. half past one the condemned left their cell, ai d
jmtceriied to the scaffold—the two linked arm
{nana—Uevi, -Messrs. Brown andßoll preceding
«pi Steriff Fottomen and Jailor PkflipofciWw-
Prom t/>e PiUAnrg Vispatck.
In* them. FJfowMdrsssed In M* wwal clothe*,
•djaftodwlth much «o». Cbariotto wo»* white
isrltoo dyea*. rafflnd at the sleeves. and drawn
to the Wirt with a alight cord— a worked eotkr
—slippera—and oTerhoi^shodltiers a shawl which
aha requested, and which was -given to her sis-,
ter, Mrs Wolf. They ascended the scaffold and
took chairs Rot. Mr. Brown offered in their
behalf a touching and earnest prayer, after
which the following dying statements were read,
Fife’s by himself and Charlotte’s by Mr. Wil
liamson. While reading his statement, Fife was
greatly affected, and frequently wept. Yet,
with a resolute nerve, rarely exhibited on the
scaffold, ho spoke in a firm unshaken voice:.
rira’s dkclahatios.
Gentlemen —ln a few short moments of time,
I shall have answered with my life for the ter
rible crime which 1 have committed, and which
1 have'already fteely confessed. It must not
be supposed from what has been published in.
the newspapers here from time to time ~"M> T T
that I am 'indifferent or careless about
the atfhl fate l am now to suffer; nor must it
be supposed that I have suffered no compunc
tion of conscience for the deed that has brought
me to a felon’s death. . Ob; no. 1 have already
undergone more tortureofsoal than a thousand
deaths. ind.ob how often I havo Wished I could
restore George W Ism and hissisterbacktolife.
Vain thought. Maddened with a thirst for gold,
and stimulated by dnblfo 1 gave them the fatal
Wow that robbed them oflife, and arnttheir
souls, without warning, to the bar of God. My
fervent prayer nowis and. tong has been, that
they have been made happy by my wickedness, 1
and that their immortal souls are among the re
deemed of Christ, and I pray Almighty Clod &r
bis pardon, and that I may be permitted to hope
thjst in the world of'Spirits, X may bo. there, and ’
then bog there to be forgivbn
Since my amgt, mush baa beendone of which
•I have a sigh' to complain; not that I wqs ar
rested, tried and convicted, because that is a just
penalty for my crime, bat Ido complain of some
of the means used against me before my trial
came on. The public press bad so positively
condemned ipe that it was next to impossible to
get a fhir and impartial hearing pf my case, arid
one of the papers, the very day before the jury
was to be empanneiled, published nearly two
columns of an article npon me. in wuioh it"
that 1 was guilty beyond a doubt.—
Haw is it possible far prisoners to get on impar
tial jpry if they are to first be tried and posi
tively condemned by the newspapers ? It ought
to be sufficient for a prisoner to answer for his
crime to an .impartial court and jury, Zho pris
oner confined within the. walls of his cell has no i
opportunity to defend himself from these attacks,
and if it is continued the innocent will suffer
with the guilty. Ido not complniu of the jury
that tried uiy cum : T I believe they did their du
ty conscientiously. During the eleven or twelve
d iya I.w is.on tri> 1, my ouuiitel took a gie>t
many exceptions tuthc opinion of the court on
the admission of evidence, and when the case
was reported from the Supreme Court, I obser
ved none of those exceptions had been presen
ted or argued; but I inquired of my counsel
about this, aud he fold me they bod been lost out
of the Clerk’s office and could not be found
There -was a large number of these exceptions
Who carried them off? I will not charge that
Mr. Horner, the Clerk of the Court, had any
thing to do with their being taken away. I be- 1
lieve he is an honest man. Ido not believe the
District Attorney had any knowledge of what
became of them, ,and I believe that my Counsel
has in all things, acted in good faith towards
me. Dot the guilty party, who ever he may be.
however high in power, answer it to his own
conscience and to nis.God. There will be a judg
ment hereafter, not only for the pouf prisoner
but for'some of those engaged in -judging him
One of the witnesses at the trial swore i to my
singing a certain song in the cell, at the Mayor’s
office, in which I was made to-say that 1 killed
George Wilson and! his sis'er. It is my duty to
myself and the people that 1 leave behind, to
solemnly declare that I never sung ; that song.—
I did have a conversation with Charlotte and
among other things, 1 said to Stewart that I
would do him justice; and with the last breath
tfiat God gives me in this world, I will redeem
my promise to him. I have been charged with
the murder of White, in connection with oth> rs
Of his murder 1 am entirely innocent, and I re
peat what I stated to Mr. Phillips in iny Coafes
S:OQ, that 1 never saw Wm Junes until theuext
day after the murder of White, ami as to any
participation or knowledge on my part hs to
who murdered White; I solemnly declare I know
nothing whatever. During my trial many wit
nesses were examined. What some of. those
swore to they were mistaken'about. But I be
lieve they were all honest except two, perhaps
three. One was sworn, thentho others; for he
not only makes me admit the murder; but act
like a swaggering, reckless fool. But I forgive
them all, even him, and humbly pray Almighty
God to forgive theta. ’ 1
Since my confinement ip jt|il, ! hare always
boon treated ; with humanity and hindness by
Sheriff Patterson, anil God W‘H reward him for
his goodness of heidrt, even if it should extend a
little humane sympathy to me, so\ unfortunate
as to become his prisoner. As to Jailor Phillips,
he has always treated me kindly. In this respect
I have nothing tocomplaiu of; bnt hcsLouldbe
content to guard the body of the prisoners, and'
not try to get confessions out of them to be us
ed against them oh their trial. Wlwt I have
here said is from a sense of doty, and not out
of malice or bad fueling towards any one. lam
in no situation to indulge in words of hatred or
revenge, but rather in those of repentance and
sorrow. During my confinement ! have suffered
more in mind a thousand times for the crime I
bare committed than tlic fear of .this death that
is approaching. Here Is'.the fatal
rope, the scaffold, and the hand that is to send
my soul into eternity; but Ido not fear; 1 have
inode my peace with all the world, and I trust
with God. And now, before .these witnesses,
and in the presence of Almighty God, before
whom in a moment of time I expect ,to appear,
"and with the last breath that I am permitted to
breathe op earth, with a full knowledge of my
awful situation and my nccountability, I sol
emnly protest and declare that Mouroo Stewart
Is entirely innocent of the murder of George.
Wilson and his sister. The deed was planned
and perpetrated by myself and Charlotte Jones,
without another human being to plan, aid or as-,
sist us. For odr crime he has suffered a long
imprisonment, but 1 pray God that the last words
of a dying mm, with no hope or motive 'to de
clare anythiugibut the truth, while the jnst pun
ishment of God would be visited by falsehood,
will be taken and restore him to that liberty of
which he has been so long deprived. In what
i ever was honest he was my friend. but no part
ner of mine in crime. He has suffered much for
my crime, and 1 beg bis forgiveness. Monroe
Stewart is innocent. May God have mercy ion
my soul. . \ j Ilcxar Fins'.
1 now Have but a few moments to live, and I
wish to make a statement of 'the truth. Since
my arrest, I have been represented os a person
hardened, and destitute of feeling, and without
penitence for the crime in which 1 have been en
gaged. Any statements that I was not sorry,
are untrue; because I liave suffered continually
since the perpetration of that offence—more
than tongue can tell; and if I had the power to
retrace ray steps, and restore my uncle and aunt
to life, there is nothing I would not be willing
to do to accomplish it. The reason why I did
this, was the great love I bad for Henry Fife,
and in order to get money to go to house-keep
ing with him. A short time before ibis crime
was committed, Fife left me, against my earn
est wish—giving me as a reason for leaving
me, .that ho, was too poor to support me, and that
he was. compelled'to leave me, and go and hunt
work. JSe did lwvo bm, aad t was ud«t com*
I ftppntanstttn whether he would return. 'Dop
ing his absence, 1 suffered a greet (tad, «od I
1 would hare done anything in the world' to be
, with him. When 1 next eat* him, it was at Col
umbia, Washington Go. Pa; I was not willing
ho should leave mo again, and I went with him
—he going to M’Kocsport, and I going to jny.
! uncle’s. Then when Iwna at my uncle’s hpusc,,
| I first formed the idea of committing the crime,
I in order to got the money, so; that 1 could live
j with Fife, as I was still afraid he would kayo
me again. ]
I also fully believe that Monroe Stcwifrt was
trying to get Fife to leave me, and therefore I
bad a great dislike for Stewart. . The deed was
planned and executed, as I have stated in'my.
confession to Sir Phillips, and the Btatoraenrqf
the umrder, as Igkve it to ;Mr. Phillips, is cor
rect, all but this :* I stated that I started to
Washington to get the poison* but concluded to
sto£ in Bionongfthela Gitylaad get it, and that
I tried there and failed to get It, but I also sta
ted what Mr. Phillips did not take do wn; that
I got another person to go?for the poison, and
this person stated that the ipoison could not be'
got without swearing what it was for. I did
not go fur it myself, abd never intended
to be so understood. I wished to say id ma
king my confessions, that 1 did expect from
what Mr. Phillips said that J would have been
cleared and taken as a witness for die Common
wealth, and the reason that; I put Stewart in,
was that I did not like him, because I believed
he tried to get Fife to leave me, and I was afraid
that the morning after the mitrder was oommit-
N ted, he might have seen soihething, and been
usedas a witness against liFifh and myaelfU—
lhave been in the jail here, I have Al
ways b«m well treated by Sheriff Patterson and
Mr. Phillips. Now I expect to die, and have
tried to maSo my peace with every body, and!
hope to’ iurgkea by God fok my sins.. I
know the a*tful~wgm#oa ia.wbioh l am placed,
and know at this time I shall tell nothing but
the truth, because I fttlly believe that I shall be
accountable hereafter for what I say. With
this fdll knowledge, I am willing to state, be
fore man and before God, that Moohiu Stewa> t
is not guUty of the murder of my. uncle oraunt,
and 1 believe him to be entirely innocent. {am
sorry that I ever put him in the situation that
be !s now in. I have been visited by clergy
man and other religious people, nod I feel os
though lam prepared to die. I fully confess
my crime, and admit that my punishment is j\»st.
In regard to the murder of Mr. White in Wash
ington county, it is my wish to say that I ;do
nut know anything about it,; and the first tike
f File ever saw n»y brother, Wiliam Jones, to my
knowledge, was the next evening after Mr.
.White was killed. To my , counsel, Mr. How
ard. I desire to return my siueae thanks, for
his services in my behalf. Ue has dona- every,
thing fur me that a counsel ;cbuft) do. and I now
bid the world and all my friends farewell. 1
trust in God, and hope to bp forgiven.
When Mr. Williamson had concluded the 1
reading, Rot. Mr. Roll addressed the Throne of
Grace, the prisoners joining in tbe pnvycr.
Fife retained lus composure to the lust. He
stepped forward to the edge of the scaffold, with
one foot on the steps, beckoned to those pres
ent whom he knew, and who ascended and shook
bands with him—taking a solemn farewell, and
remarking to one, •• I »h;.lt die happy,” to an
other, •* with the help of God. 1 shall die like a
man,” and as we are positively assured, by three
ey<-wittuBies—tho’ contradicted by another—af
ter he had shaken hands witli all who came for
ward, remarked generally-: ••Gentlemen, I
want yon to understand that i die game,” har
iug said which, lie went back on to the plutionn.
During this tunc Charlotte sat on her chair
lamenting Hysterically, praying audibly and iu
terjectionnUy, and asserting over and over the
innocence of Stewart- It was with the greatest
effort that she maintained anything like compo
sure. The chairs had beep iremoved and both
were standing up immediately u inter the ropes
Fife attempted to reassure, per, embracing and
kissing her, and saying that 1 he was' there yet
The moment,for the execution h.-id arrived
A mysterious personage—rbjilf harlequin and
4jalf buffoon in his disguise, appeared; on the
scaffold—introduced to pinion their arms -and
adjust the ropes on their necks, and as a serio"
comic character, we presume, to relieve the
heaviness of the tragedy, ;Hc wore a head.mask
ominously fiery, which loosely fell in front of
his face to his breast—a Kentucky hunting shirt
of the Daniel Boone cut. And green baize leg
gings. As Fife’s eye caught siglit of him, he
seemed involuntarily startled, and raised his
hand —some present thinking he made a motion
as tho’ about to strike the; disguised person.—
His arms were then pinioned as were those of-
Charlotte, fife, it is said, > adjusted the rope
around his own neck. The] caps were drawn
over their faces—at precisely two o’clock the"
signal was given—the Sherifftouched the spring
—the platform fell from qiidur their feet—and
Henry Fife and Charlotte Jdacs were no more.
Fife died without a struggle, not moving a
muscle. His heart continued to pulsate for ten
minutes Charlotte's ceased beating in three
minutes and a half from the’ instant she fell.—
Her death was less easy ; as she fell, h<-r'hand
clasped on her breast, the Shoulders were drawn
up. and the sentence of the luw had been fulfils
led. .
-The bodies, after hanging thirty minutes,
were cat down and laid inptuin coffins provided
by Undertaker William's. Subsequently tliey
were removed to a car, by the lloss
street entrance—where a mpb of several thou
sand made progress utmost impossible. Tf the
military were or could hate) been of any great
service, it was then needed); but having been'
discharged from duty, tliecj-owd tumultuously
gathered around upon its wheels,
and checked its progress.: With the sister of.
the dead woman seated upon one of the coffins,
this shameful cortege proceeded up Wylie street,
followed by tm immense crowd of men, women
and children. The bodies >wape interred'in the
city'grave> yard—better known as the. Second
Presbyterian—Center Avenue, Seventh Ward.
During thp day the streets surrounding the
Court House were filiedwuh nn excited, fever
ish people—looking for an;) desiring t» he In all
sortsofimpossible places, paly to get a glimpse
of the exeoatiou. Where is thtKoeaJfolil
“ Have Jthey been brought out yetT* *• How
do they appear t” “ What have thcy'to say ?”
were questions continually; asked but perer an
swered Boyd’s Hill was blank with people,
who could get n glimpae- of the cross beam of
the acaffuki. There was ttb Rowdyism or riot.
One over-anxious individual climbed over the
Diamond gate, bat retre ithd'at the poiut of sev
eral bayonets, somewhat'livelier than he got
oven The door .of Ifao:: Associate -Reformed/
Church whs beselged by 'browdi, who i
desired to mount ( to the steeple; a few succeed
ed.v The entrances to tbeyard weredesperately
crowded. v
Those who had received permits from the
Commissioners for entrance,: presented their
tickets n't the Diamond- gate, and seemed great
ly disappointed when informed by Hie guard
that unless their bats were chalked by the dher
iff they could not enter. One verdant coun
tryman- had bis pocket relieved of sixty five
dollars at the gate, while; clamoring for admis
sion. A few women lounged aboulgtho comers,
shivering in the keen air, and chatting all sorts
of speculations. At hist jtbo faint wail of the
woman rose above the clamor of the street, the
report of the heavy beam asnt fell was heard,»
sentinel from the yard erred, •* It is aU ovwv”-
Cuaklotth t-f Joses,
: vm»
The stockholders of this flourishing enterprise
held their annual meeting in Philadelphia on
Monti iy hist—Mayor Vans in the chair. “Prom
tbe jannual report of the'eompany, we team that
the Warnings of the road daring the, year wire
$4,855,009.76. Deducting from tbw the sums
paid in the shape'of tolteto-otbtei; roads, trans
portation. expenses and tonnage duties, and we
have $1,854,026,36 as tbe surpltts eandnga of
tbe. road for the year. The interest on the fund
ed debt, and money paid Tor main line, office ex
penses, State tax, rest account. 4a. amounted
to $751,77.5, 91, leaving a clear balance of $l,
-100,160.95, which is more than sufficient for a
dividend of eight per cent, upon the capital of
the Company. ,
The whole number of passengers carried be
tween Piiiladclpfaia-and Pittsburgh, is equiva
lent to 143,616 possthg over tbe length, of the
road, showing a decrease of 6040 passengers.—
Upon the Harrisburg and Lancaster Railroad,
adding the number carried over the Columbia
branch au equivalent distance, the whole num
ber curried was 140,829, being 8284 less than
equivalent through passengers carried on the
Pennsylvania Railroad; showing that tbe local
business of the Pennsylvania Railroad, though
traversing a mountainous region, interseole ! by
rich valleys, to be greater than that of its asso
ciate, though passing for its whole length t ir-.ugh
the wealthy and prosperous counties of Dauphin.
and Lancaster,
v The report states that the gross earnings of
the road, for freight during the year, were $3,-
376.616 26, being an increase of $132,280, anil
that $1,088,896 86 is reqmired to complete the
doable track, of which some 162 miles bave al
ready been laid.
- Resolutions were passed instructing the Board
to .reduce the indebtedness of the Company os
early as practicable, toon amount not exceeding
three per cent on tbe capital stock already paid
in, aha to examine into the affairs of the Mari
etta and Cincinnati road, ascertain the amount
necessary to complete it, &c., and report to the
stockholders whether any, and if any what meas
ures should be adopted by this Company, with a
view to secure the traffic and advantages inten
ded to have been obtained by its subscription to
the stock of the Marietta road. 1
The meeting was very harmonious ; nn<l the
stockholders expressed themselves highly pleas ■
ed.with tbe ruad and its management.
Quick Time. —We copy the following
item from the Local, column of the Day
tou Daily Journal, as an evidence of tl.e
facility with which freight is shipped by
the Penna! R. |l. route from West to East:
On the 2d February, W. Eichelbergcr of this
city shipped 10O() bbis of Flour to New York
City. The Flour reached its destination on
the morning of the tith, four days out, and was
sold on the. day it arrived. It was shipped via
the Dayton Xenia & Rc'pre. Columbus and Xe
nia,'Steubenville & Pittsburgh, Penn Central
and New Jersey Railways. We doubt whether
there is any record,—or that there has been any
such fact to record, indeed—as the tODSmi-ision
of lOi)0 bbls of Flour from this region to New
York in the short space of four duys—unt : l tha
which we now present and ask its reference to
the omtuittee of the whole on the state of rail
way transportation from West to East.
f/ voters of the Borough of Altoona', 1 offer n.yeelf as a'
.candidate for the office cf JUSTICE OF THE PEACE, at
the ensuing election, and if elected, will endeavor to dis
charge the duties of said office to the twit of my ability.
Fob. 4,1855-te.J JOHN W. HUMES.
JP —I offer myself «.« a candidate for the office of BOB
OUGII CONSTABLE, at the ensuing election. If elected,
I pl-dge myself to use all my abilities in maintaining or
der, enforcing the Borough laws, and performing ail the
duties appertaining lo sail! office.
SHERIFF A LITY.—I offer myself, as
a candidate for tin* office of SHERIFF of BliUr coun
ty, at the onsuiug ejection In October uexf. If uloctird. I
myrtotf to the duties uj)|>ei'taluing to said
oßico to the l>e»t of xuy ability.
Feb. 4, IS&tc] JOIKN l>. WAKFEL.
f / fer myself tiv the citizens of Altoona, ns an independ
ent candidate for file office above ipuncd, at tlie ensuing
Borough Election. If elected, 1 pledge myself to discharge
the duties appertaining to said office to the be.-t of uv abil
Altoona, Jan. 28, IRoSrte.
f y earnest solicitation of a number of my friends
1 offer myself to the citizens of Altoona as an INDEPEN
ensiling election. If elected, 1 pledge myself to do my duty
fearlessly, to the best of my abilty, without fear, favor, or
affection. A/W. B.LAUB.
—I rcsje-ctrrtlly offer myself ns au 1 ndepeiident can
didate for the office of CONSTABLE, at .the ensuing Bor
ough Election. If elected. 1 pledge myself to discharge the
duties appertaining to that office* to the best of my ability,
without respect to friends or foes. N
Jan. 21-tf. J JOSEPH K. ELY.
coßascnm maa|.T bt lowtbeb * m’doweix.
Flour—Superfine, bbl. |5.2S
' Extra, $ ** • $4,50
Com Meal, $ cwt. 3,00
Buckwheat fi* “ 3,40
potatoes, P bush. . \ 75
Apples, %! ■ 87
BUttcr. lb 22
Lard, » “ 14
Pork, “ Of.
Side, « « 05
Eggs, doz. 10
M'Lnin i Lehr sell,tljfir Flour at the following rates:—?
White Wheat Flour, Eiftsa Family, f bbl. $5,02
1 “ “ <«' Sflmrflne, “ - 6,60
Brush Creek * ■ “ .... “ 6^60
' M “1 Superfine, .*1 6-S5
Fxtfa Family Flour,
Extra . " ! •
Extra Superfine, j
Brush Creek,
In this place, on the ‘l3th inst, JAMES, sou of Joshua
and Rosanna Kelly, aged 18 years.
At the: residence of lu* eon, in this place, on tbo 13di
inst., Mri aged, 13 years.
(Lewistown papers please copyi) ‘
f\ get Ambrotypcs for yourself yoor friends or rela
tions, is in the firarth story of Patton’s Building, where all
persona caii b-> accommodated da the shortest nOtico,' with
lifo-like llkeiiesHce. Ambt-otype*' taken on single
and doable glass. Mehinobpiv taken on Rimbn Mvlain
otype pLttes. Also. Plcturestaken in the style trans
ter-^4,natotfraphbiß~m Patent leather, which are imper
ishable. Sod ore intended principally for Insertion In arti
clfessf jewelry, and transmitting by mail, os they do not
require to b« put In a case. ' • <
Eleturea copied on ressonoblo terins. j -1 -
Pictan-s are all warranted to pi ease bcibyo taken away. ,
Pictures taken as low an fifty cento.
: The subscriber respectfully solicit* a liberal patronage
from- the dtist-us of Altoona and vioihlty. as ho Intends to
‘ make this hU permanent station. jdtMne one, come all,and
“Seeuretho shadow ere the sulutance fodes/ 5 Don't fur
gnt the n>inj is in Patton's ’Building, Ibnrth story. The
first story is occupied by Mr, Mann’s st<We. 1
. Feb. liuatl ,1. W. CbATtAUmi.
A valuable Farm of seventy-nine acres of limestone
land.ajtu.-itu about two miles cast of Fnmkstnwn, anil ono
mile from the Penu’a Canal, on the road leading to Scotch
Valley, is offered for Ball* by tho imbscrlbcri
Sixty acres are unde* good cultivation, and .
the-balance timber laud. The S i |{A
meats consist of a good two-story PhAN iCjKfl g • IK
HdCSE and BARN, a good fountain ofJHRAb|bK
water at tbs door, a large orcliayd
ing Apple, Pear, Plum and Cherry trees; in good bearing
WtkUtmhv and erery conrehlcßce nocessary to a larm.
ITI ! R. raise* * Co. Managers
Persons living at • disUoce should beezjl
nf whom they order Lottery Tieketsor Ocif
un of Tk*pta.:The country te flooded tf
swindling Lotteries. Every Inducement i|
persons to Invest money In them. Capita*
tdO.OOOTo head tboir schemes—wi«
BoUar. k*W,OOO Capital Prises oreoffor«a
such, in every Instance, an-frand*; and ifj|
them lor tickotS, it la ho much thrown a|
shadow of aehancetif catting a prhto. nB
teries wheretho CsplUi Prise Is uhiuuaS
paiison to the price of tickets. In, tverjm
Jarge prises are offered for a small cost I
down as a certain fraud. . 1
The Kentucky Stato Lottery I° r the beW
by College, under onr management, Is tm|
the United States-Whlch ts Isgallydecldod I
Drawings; all other Lotteries which purpfl
by tho Maryland Drawings, are frauds. j
Purchase In tbe Maryland State loUsni
sure of being right. And in ordering in ttfl
teriec, you are sure of fair and honest draea
One thing took to, and that is, it you on
censed vender in Baltimore, do not rwenjj
gets’ Tickets npd Managers’ Printed Oertlfj
gcs. The Managers’Certificates bavotbenj
and havu thc lithographed signature of B- (
So oueihas a right to sand Ilia individual <
If he doc* it, be sure there is a fraud at thji
■ ’ H. FRAS
Feb'. Managers of Maryland St
Ai)M IN 16TKATO li’ S N,
X Notice Is hereby given that letters of
on the osletc ofOeorgs UafT, late of Logan I
c unity, deed. have been wanted by Die K<
c.umty to the undersigned residing In Alto
sous knowing themselves Indebted to aaidet
ted to make immediate payment, and those
will present tho same duly authenticated fcl
Fell. mSSft-dt.] J. B. HTLB>
Tyrone E.-—NOTICE IS J
J_ X given that tiie undersigned I» ho top
witli the Arm of A. * J. Cherry, in » certain
orty. in Amis township. Blair county, and w
sponsible for the acts or the remainingjatrtt:
Antis tp. Feb.. 6, HUiS-St.*] -AMOABT
In coneequouoo of the hard timer, I h
to put down theprlee of my OYSTERS to th
bla* standard. They will hereafter ho ren
Chafing Dish at TWENTY CENTS, and mart
and served np with all other accoraphnlasotf
FIVE CESTA They will also bo furnished,
cr wav, at prices to correspond with tho time
' " JOHN E
Dec. 17. tC] tegah Honao, Hoi
tice w hereby pivcj that Letters of Ada
the estate of Jucob lUiglu Lite of the borough
Blair county, dee d , have been granted by th
said county to tin* undfv«lgn®d residing' as ft
person* Knowing themftdvea indebted to said
quwtod t«> nmko iiomcdhts payment, and \
claims will present them duly authenticated f
Jun. 14-fit.] C B. SI?
frClI! IT CM!! IT!
which thoroughly cure* that dreaded disease-!
VKARS’ ITCH— (iuw prevailing to so great (in J
uatuil remedies, such as Brimstone, Tar and
Ointments, are uf no use. Many who have ns*
been compelled to use Carnes’ Itch Ointment,!
the only cure. 1 1 Is now the only remedy is t
dans place any reliance.
Jack Frost has recommenced his reign ftsBAEKES’
RKMEDY FOR KKOai'KI) KEKT is the only titbit will
cure thix.<e : whom U** has attacked. Apply thiiluwdy for
a fow (lays aud a cure will bo effected. The S applies
tkm gives relief. It bus cured casus where JUn'n hat
Tlk‘ celebrated Liniment, called HYDEB ALTfellTlß,
1 103 cured more comm of Rheumatism tlian any cw known.
For the cure of Pains in the Vide, Limb* andack, Sore
Throat, Vavilins* of the Joint* and Limbs, Adasand
Bruises, it lout no c<|ual. As a Liniment fur ({As, in cu
rias thills. Cuts, Sores. Strains, Swellings, and >®tlier ex
ternal injuri'-s. Hone B[>avin only accepted, *3|hohaT6
used it rive it the preference over ail others. 3
coumis AND COLDS. I
BARNES’ COUGH SYRUP, composed entlre&fVege
tubles. is a sure cure for C'uugli 1 ’. Colds and Rronith. it'is
without"any exception, tlio best remedy knowjfcfWhich
fact thousands can testify. It will bo found the»if reip*-
dy that can be used fur children. 3 i si V
Prepared only at Barnes’ Drug Store, Trenql (f.- Jl —
Sold byO. W. KESSLER, Aitpoua, and U. Pag*,! Co,
Pittsburg. [May Vjfa-ly.
/ i i FTS: GIFTS !! GIFTS! I!—lfrjxc
\X to every purchaser. f i
consisting of 1 >
The attention of the public is respectfully sollwltothe
extensive assortment of vain able Standard and EHeUaue
ons Books V liirll offered for at the lovafketail
Prices, A Lit f WGKTM FROM 25 CENTS TOfM. will
be given with every Book. A complete OatalOgwfWiuiC
-full information, with a List of Prizes, will bo forirled on
applicatiqn. J
der nt mice. c;u order any tSook published in PbiAphia.
N.-w York or Boston, and it will be furnisheda.lppub
lislier’s price, with Gilt. Any person ordering HBobks
will receive for commission an extra Book with GB For
Postage send stamps, 18 cents, for $l.OO Books, /press
No 23 South Sd strea t. Philafßltis.
-1 MATION.—The subscriber tnk.-s pleasure! umonn
cing to the citizens of Altoona and Its vicinity, t ihe has
oia'iied a STOKE in the ROOM formerly ocenpiw r iO. W.
I’atton, on Virginia street, .where he will be ha ’to ex
hibit to them his splendid stock of
which will be found entirely pew and fresh. H stock Is
carefidtr and was purchased strictly CASH,
which just at this important time has enabled i Ito buy
exceedingly low, and having adopted the
is determined to ask but “ Small Profits SbdQii ; Sales’’
Among his stock will be found everything at rtalnlng
to Ladies and Gentlemen's wear, as weU as all tides of.
Hardware, i ~ 4c.,
usually kept In a town or country store.' He r lectfully
invites a careful inspection of his stock,-
Altoona- Oct. 1.1857-tt CHARLES J ANN.
Beg leave to inform their friends and the cljdEcr if Altooi
na ami vicinity, that .they have opened a * «
in the rpom formerly occupied by John Lehr, < Virginia
street, next door to'l’atton's Half, where they " 1 bo hap
py to serve all who may favor them with a c . Their
st.ick Is a large and select one, consisting qf ' .
Flour, Feed, Bacon .
Pork, ' Sugar, -Coffee
Tea, Molassos, Fisli, >■,,
Salt, - Potatoes, Fist IV
Fluid, Camphene, Alcoh
Cigars and Tobaccov
As they purchase all their goods for the B£Al
and soli for the sumo, persons desiring of pares
thing in their Uric, will do well to give them it cj
will sell nt bat a trifling advance «n first cost,
man to pay fur anything bat what he buys! Or
ul nhd see if wo won’t mnke our word* good.
i* bbl. $5 62
“ 6 50
“ 6 25
« 6 00
“ 4 00
see M i E. Kiomici would ridspectfrsllv infbrt
tin- Indies of .Altoona'and vicinity, that -they Cm
tirju» the above business at their old Aiand opp
site Sellers’ Dmu Store, and hare just received tl
they wil> will as low m any otherestablishmert in
Dresses anil all articles oflsdios wear made t-,ord«
notW.and reasonable terms. fAi-ril 23.
.f* girl to cook and do general h .use-work. I
can cotne well recomihendedvwfll find steady eras
and good wages. Pur information, apply at this *3
* Camphene, Burning Fluid, Carbon Oil, *c„ n
iftj CologneExtract*,ShavingCream,ToiletSuit*
for sale Qr.Vf. KESSU
TTAIR, hat, tooth,
A ft: Shaving. Paint, Sash and Varnish Brushes at
W«» : • '• " ' KBS?I/EH’8;
JLV highly Savored Cigars, In abundance, can be bad a
JnnelK.'67-lyl HBNBY bBUB’S.
tain Flonr and Feed by coiling at
June IS. ’67-lyl UHRBY LF.TtR*?.
ft J fed to call and test the mutts of the articles kept by
Juno 18. ’67-ly] HENRY LEHR.
Will be Disteibcted with etest 10 b Bofa
X3L N»W. Kx*> *Jt» Twnw. ’' V
k] imu »nH
Idjfct to get
itdrt from
keti|s* All
lff j ft Mill t tO,
jriiiUt the .
p oftU Lot*'
reefiß cv«u-.
Ss put it
program. for It will restore, pcnnanently,
original color. cover fliehead of the bald with * most UUtn*--
riant growth, remove at once nil dandruff and ItchimftUMa
wit scrofula, and other cutaneous eruptions, tucli as iwa
bead, cte. It will cure, as If by magic, nervous or periodi
cal headache; make the hair soft, glosvy and preserve the
outur perfectly, andibe hair front baling, to oktmne old
sgs. Tbs following b ftom a distinguished member of th*
. St. Pitt. January I,ISM.
i Paor. 0. J. Wood— Dear Sir Unsolicited, I sand yon
tbta certificate, After being nearly bald for a long time,
urfhavinE tried aU the habrcstomtiTe?extent. ■
no Iklth In any, I wa» induced, on hearing of youra, to gw*
It a trial. Iplaeed myself in the hands of a barber, and
had my head rubbed with a good stiff brush, and the recto
xattre then applied and well rubbed In, till the scalp trea
aglctr. This I repeated every morning, and In three ween
the yonng hair appeared and grew rapidly from Augustus*
till the present time, and Is now thick, block and strong
soft and plcaaant to the tonoh; whereas, before, it was harsh
and wiry, what little there wea of it, end that little wag
dteippeariiig very rapidly. I still use your Restorative
Shout twice a week, and shell soon have a good and bentef
crop of haliw, Kow I had. read all these thing*—end, W,~
has hot ? but have not sees hitherto tiny case where aw
prison's hair was realty benefltted by any of the hair tom,
etcJof the day; and It really gives mo pleasure to? record
the result of my eipertenco. I have recommended your
preparation to others, and it alreadv has a largo and wiw»
dl sale throughout the Territory. The people here know
. Its effect* and have conscience la It. The supply you, seat
ns aa wholesale agents for the Territory; Is 1 nearly eum>
ted, and daily Inquiries are mode for it, Tou dqservnaw
It fcr your'diooveay; and I, for one, return you my thajm
tor the benefit It has done me, ftr I certakdy hud deepabeA
Jongagoofelftctlncanystseßrostut, Ttwra^ha^r,^
Ftrraofßaad A KCIly, Ensgiti»ts,S:. Paid,
yVcwt the Xiitor the fT*ui £stol( advertiser. ,
Bostcjt. March 2C,16»,.
; DsaJi Sas-Havft^boCioßmpretEiEturelyqultegreyJepaa
Induced, some alx weeks since, to make ntrialofyourßoato
tative.l have used less than two bottle*, bttl the psj
hair* have all diaappqored; and althonghmy hairharwrt
tally attained itswfgiaal color, yet the process <fMW|«
Is gradually on, nnd Jam In g*catt hope# that, to.*
short time my hair win be as dark-esltemetty. Xhnjwnlsu
been much gratified at the healthy-moktere andvfgarrf
the hair, which before was harsh and diy; sarillt hasewyti
to come out at formerly. • . . w'mm' 1
I have used Prof. Wood’s Hair BeftofiOixe, andiavw ad,
mired its wonderful effect. My hnlr was Ucomltj. aa |
thought, prematurely gray, but by the uw of hla
five, It has resumed Its original
permanently ! N
0. J. Wood k Co, Proprietors, 812 Broadway N. - T, and
1U Market st.. St. bonis, MtoaojW. .
For Q. W. KESShfß.q>rtiggfet. Altor--
of th* Sbel
rLot»«X. l 2
leajo® *w
ton any IV
i 00.
ler « »«W
r Allfur
Lot lie «k
on lb*
ttetre re
bel having
! I
i remedy
lut The
Is . uiuired to cnreartf onatroublcd with LlverOommalatS,
aiuti the tuoet desperate of cases, whoa ths second bottfa*
on. with scarce a siugls failure. restore the paUant
and vigor. Wo wish to cal', the attention of all to those
facto, that tho Invigorator i* esanpoundtdphysician
who baa nsjditlnhis practice for thelnat twenty year* with
a success almost crcdnlon*, and it is entirely bo
iug cum posed wholly of gum*. ■ ■' „j , .
Hume idea of the «trungtb of these gums may he formed
when it it known one buttle of the Intr IgprStoc contain* SS
mucli strength a* one handled dose* of Calomolwlthont any
of its deleterious effects.
One buttle is the surest thing knowm to carry away the
bad effects of mineral poison of any.kihd. vv \
Only one bottie of it isnoedod to throw out Ofth* system
the effect of medicine after a long sick nose.
One bottlo taken for Jaundice removes aU ysUownass or
unnatural color ffon the akin.. ~ ,
One duee after eating is sifßctsnt to relic to XM/StMSieb
and prevent tho food neb rising and souring.. I ; i.
Only one dose taken before retiring p-eventaAiightlimrs,
One' dueu token at night lOoSens thSboweUgCijtly, and
. cures custir .ness. ‘ 7
One dose taken aflcrcach meal will enrs Dytfpspafo. t- '
, One dose of two tea-spoonfhl* will always ndjavo filsk / ,■
Headache. ' \ '
One bottle taken few female obstructions rsnurfssthscasM
of the din-aie, and.makes a perfect euro. i 7,t , J
Only one dose immediately relieve* Cholic, whUsonSdeaw Tf,
often repeated la a snre cure for GlmlStnMtwWarandMntf V.
preventative of Cholera.
One do*e taken often will prevent tho rscnmaood ofWb
■ nous attacks, while it relieve* nil painful fooling*. \
t&- One or two Uusw taken occasionally is oasofUwbeai ,
remedies for cold ever knowm ’s- , •
Thonsands of cures of Inflammation' and weaknattof tbs \
lungs have been cured by tho Invigorator.
Ouo dose taken a short lime before eating give*
the appetite and makes food digesfowcll. '
One dosu often repeated curee IHorthooa In tfoffprstfoCWV
while summer and bowel complaint* yield almost to t&S
first dose. ' ’ : , ''
One or two dosas cures attack* caused by worm whits
for worms In children, there is no surer, safer and Spobdler
remedy in the world, as It never foils, =.. .- ;• f ,
There is no exaggeration in these' statements, they pro
plain and sober foots, that we can give evidence to wore,
while all who nss St are giving their unanimous’ testimony
In its favor ' r ?’ : '
We wish all who are sick and debilitated to tty this r«e»
edy, and test it thoroughly, and any who are not benefited
by itsuse we should lute to here from, as we have'. yet to
hear from the first person who has usodabottlcoflnTlgorn-
U>r without receiving benefit, for there are such astonishing
medicinal virtues in it. that all, no matter how lions' they
liave been affected, if their complaint arises from a deraag
•i-ii liver. will be benefited. If not entirely cured. .•
e ‘ Sanford S Co., Proprietors, 346 Broadway, Sew York.—
Dr. p. IL Keyser, Druggists,?(o. 146 Wood Street, Pittsburg,
Wholesale Agent* lV)r sale by G. W. KEfifitKß, Druggist,
Altoona April 2. 67*-ly
i«B have!
feand It
\J COKMIOE’S IfftOPii-We haTe jnlrt received «*d
opened an excellent assortment ofOoods, selected with
great care, expressly to
all bf which w« pnrposo selling unusually low (brXIASH
or COHSTBT PRODUCE, wrtn'the view of either gotac
ont of the bpfdnbw In the Spring, or of adopting the can
wystero. Inordcrto prepare the, way, w«
•acs Very cheap—say
Brown Sugars st &pnd: IQ o«at%
WLito m ,
Best Bio Coffee wf 14 cents,
and Molasses, Oils, Ac* equally tow, together with a let ot
all Iciw in proportion. Person* wishing to pntchaac nods
would da well to call add . examine oar itock, we charge
nothing for showing our goods, and will take pleaaureni \
accommodating'All who may kite na a ball. ’
November I? 1357-tt
T 808 SALK.—The subscriber of
fers atTrirotogalo- theRED LIOV HO- A
T£BpPOJ»l4y,«ltu«te on the second lot .
from the border of Slain and Annie ?t*.,
at the llaliroad Depot.' tn.Altoooa. • The JRsjsraßS9Bc
house te a large two-etory frame build- .
ing covering the entire front of the lot, and'having two
wings extending back, one o!~which contains a targe di
ning boom on' the first fiber. There is a good stiMe, bake
house, and all other nebewary outbuildings on tlieiot. A
cl:so waV-tHI and dry cellar extends under the whole bnlld
ing and there Is a well of excellent water at the porch la
the yard. The house is well arranged for a jiibltchouse,
and ItaceDtmll And' couvoni. nee to the Railroad
Depotstnnkea It a desirable property {o any person wishing.
to engage In the business. Persons wishing to view tha
property will call cm the 1 •
nash no
n 7-. tr
■ «noply
a place,
>7-1 y.:
undersigned respectfully informs
the citizens of Blair 'county ami others, 4<Mll*iV\
that ha has ojamed up the LOtIAN jKrnZtSmit. \ S f
HOUSE, formerly kept by Sheriff liws,
ftt the west end of Qcilidayaburg. for
reception of strangers anil travellers.— "
Everything comn-cted with the house has been refitted In
the new with the choicest furniture, tc., ic.
Thchonseiis large and commodious, and well .calculated
for convenience and comfort.
Ilia TABLE will be furnished with the very best the mar* '
ket can rtffonl, and no paiha or trouhlo will be spared to
render those who may choose to favor hjm with their pa
tronage comfortable aud happy during their stay wlthhon.
His STAItLIXO 1* ample, and on obliging add careful
hostler will always be in attendance,
Dec. 17.1R57.—tf.]
, 4c.
Jl J mount of wi‘ll Mooted UQCOIIH has
at the “ LOOAN HOUSE,” - Hollldttysbnrg, which win be
Bold at tho lowi'Bt cash prices, wholesale or retfdl. Tnd
man who want* has only to call. [Debr'l7»tC
jrv RAN G ES AND L}EM- s
\ / ONS,—SOO boxes Oranges and Lemon* in store waft '
for sale by V. N. BHOOAHD; '
marl2-ly] 191 K. M street, Phil»4ylphiw, '
sale on reasonable terms. Apply to . v-;
27-tf.] J. SHOKMijtBB.
T O T S.—l 3 BUILBim
ii. 7
ASE* . i
■'X?. '
v , i
' ifeMftft Kcdftrw h
tamed* vitb I
. •aw«**anppoccd to f
tending it, c
—taattrg reference to 1
‘ •. tvi»
'.~ on the “
‘ . ** jrfe)lc.the other (t'cke
of good;men of all ilm
' olo;iy oha I •Ufiinxonr »
fully looked over the n
- ‘ tjpO‘arnims them a siuj
' a Hepublica
again to the h'-inling t<
“ tW'
irtgV ’ yvi rpiOcfiei! Uu
ti ,wi«iUi«'u’ ! -TrV that I
whcifjti irt ae<
; ‘ pa h»vo. jiji i ao’ r
or j om* kinii:
' ani cduuucu
. -fitrunT Solh'.n:
! Ji
( : Hn] rsjobf
k f .httWD'^lrtsprcwhUlt
I -'. -IJMnf-tJiuae «;t zen
■ . ■ .•'ft it but
I ; t«lie«rhn)ding KepnM
I ■ appears! (liiit. the lilt ei
*. , ■ • ’ 4fbQj*%-,^t : ;Sucb. J tii *^ fc
4 ■•■"•T-ick
Jt x>t ICftj thbnrwh
•IK ; t»Jiice.vug
•>£■. - have u
vf -: thin ••j(’Ul*CI
:M' ! : .a ;c!i
■M( . Wmwutu'o a-’few-vottv
■;|§ leddtJlSJlCN qf tfli ir po.
IH •" -*® o
,||| ‘ Satltwiy pruaorijptivoiu
«Gqiit jaaiftn—a«
't; thnj£ ‘' Devil; scniia i
i ; designed for out] grntiti
(decline, I and hope that
ndt|nnoW lljcir hat
'. 'ebonie between
d ffej
the e|
” tluj
:t ! io
’■ ll*4
' • trith tie Fm>e-g
j Ohd. tbp coftiitiftuihta u
' . ua. Til
' r*Soil V\
ty was.then to nil inti
Ted.apdtheni w pur: \
' inaugijiTiited. Judge '
. bhiree of the iow par
qucnce, all wl|o buj j
■ r*'
. with the Amoi
t6e ciue
, . the!) ;mocruti
.. u .... r
MftlQQ o£ IMrtte
: t»Ofc #«* CUTTC
‘-t9 »|}ijore the
- ; : to;.j|«Un«i poi
* t ->; poir' i |pHt if.}
- ackatjwicdgo'
;••• iWlywmp'y
~ outthe names
• : ' ticket: who. *
good America
’ ~ } poklipMU*’ at
i ilk atudie< I
. , in, refy kail ta.
• »>■ -makiugunr jr.
; j® «o*y«4
. £ Binf no public
•■•.* .ii»t«a ,; .**Citi;:
.sucha mover i
i ■ ' 1
I; _ : ’ ,■ Had- m£:beea cognize
"■ "have heartily cuten..’
politifttl feeliiig thou
..ltarpinph and Townsh
q.; be the nim of a
X ’ {toen for jsuch oil
’ or party
/ • notlco ougjlit to ha
f t . whoileaired qouVd h i
Ofirdihg remajrkaof
r rUinfe ttepur'
'< , agwmAtea Inj nomiuu
H ' and ct
jpjir that
-r potajioation. But au
XI wfc>V gochj men, a
•■£s “' _ showlbc the pleasm
v *lecitfrpm biith, the
gjiftkii best qual fi
* office*. Howe
few BupubUcans
Cannot ije satisfi
ticket should i
lUty as n| citizen
to thcrefo
a ticket to sui
Od Monday
'Shultz's Hull,
fere in dtteulun
VftOUy.tqd the ci
■ ; 'i .
jfwo ev
i rvjcc
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