Gazette of the United-States. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1789-1793, October 28, 1789, Page 228, Image 4

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    trom the AMERICAN MERCURY.
PMiJked at Hartford, by Mr. Elisha Babcock.
alue of many civil institutions, cannot be
know n without a familiar acquaintance with
the Jtate °f some nation wholly delfitute of them.
By this means strangers travelling in the United
states, often discover excellencies in their politi
cal Constitutions, and in the several fafe-guards
to liberty, which are not noticed by the native in
habitants who have always used them. A French
man or a Spaniard educated within the verge of
acfpotic authority, fees with tranl'port a fabric of
>ee..oin, and is much more particular in noticing
, tllan t,le Al "erican, who accustomed
v habit, thinks them the immediate works of na
ture, and that the fame may be found in all nati
°, nS ~.^f c Americans thank their God,and admire
the wisdom of their anceltors, for the patrimony
° clv ' liberty. A person who means in future
to conhder himfelf a citizen of 110 one nation, but
oi the world, begs you to know that you are the
favored people of the Almighty Father. It is true
you are not rich—neither are you poor—there is
more poverty and diftrcfs in a single city of Eu
rope, than in the whole American dominion.
Every honest man may live in a state of compe
tency ; and competence to a wife mind is affluence,
ilis all that human nature can receive. You have
no Baftilesor Inquisition—no tyrannizing Nobles :
I ione to support but those who are employed in
youi ierwce. our rulers are of your own crea
tion your persons are lacred lo long as you are
innocent—and the poor have the fame access and
remedy ni your courts ofjuftice as the rich. Your
pu ilic debt if it can be funded and preserved a
mong yourselves will be a bond of union, and in
this way an advantage.
The public debr, under just and fixed regulati
ons, will bean increase of circulating property,
\ ery ferviceabltf to the growth of commerce and
manufactures— government cannot be supported
without a number of officers, who for the pub
lic dignity mull be honorably supported ; but in
the choice of these officers all men of merit may
stand as candidates for appointment—You are
not confined as in the old nations of Europe to
the beggared sons of noble families, to whom
lucrative places are generally given as a means of
expenhve living, which they can obtain in no
other way You have seen the federal appoint
ments to office made with a surprising sagacity and
regard to merit, fromaclafsof men who have had
the confidence of the people, and are known to
pollels eminent genius and integrity in the re
fpeftive departments theyfill. Under such direc
tion the wheels of government cannot fail to
move fafely and for the benefit of the whole
time is now come, in which jealousy will begin to
throw out her fufoicions. There have been al
molf innumerable applicants for public offices,
many of them men of no genius, and generally
of no mduftry; who wilhed to live an easy
life on public support. All these are disappoint
ed, and will wish to revenge themselves, by insi
nuations against the designs of government, and
the favored persons who manage our great in
tereits. Like an honest people, let us despise
every attempt of this nature, until the govern
ment hath had time to operate, we ffiall then
know its excellencies, and can remedy its defects
if there be any.
NEW-YORK, October 28, 1789.
For the CIVIL LIST of the United States, for the Year 1789.
In 7 t/alion to the prrfent government.
PrnnoLt f 1 EOiiS. \OOt/IS.
Brought forward, .42,02650
, 1,1 e of | the . Ho »le of Representatives, from
'j lO / Apnj, the time of his appointment, to the
22d0l September, both days, inelufive, at the rate of
1400 dollars per annum (five mouths, ids. 1 ■, ,si gfi
Additional allowance the time of his appoint
ment to the 9.9.A of September, one hundred and fe
vcnty-fivedays, at two dollars per day, „, Q
Principal Clerk in theofficeof ditto, froro the til J
of April to the 2 2 d of September, one hundred and
leventy-nve days, at 3 dollors per day
Engrossing Clerk, from the , q th of May, to the °
82d of September, one hundred and seventeen days,
at 2 dollars per day,
Chaplain to the House of Representatives, from the
jftof May, the tune of his appointment, to the and
of September, at 500 dollars per annum, IQ , 2I
Doo r -keeper to the House of Representatives, from 97
the 4 tli of April, the time of his appointment, to the
23d of September, one hundred and seventy-t wo
days, zt 3 dollars per day,
[Note. II he is allowed with the Door-keeper of 5 ' 4
the. cnate, his pay from the conimencement of the
lemon, there will be an addition to he made in this
Affiftant-Door-keepertoHie House of Representa
tives, f1 om the 4th of April, the time of his appoint
ment, to the ? 2 d of September, one hundied and
!eventy-two days, at 2 dollars per day,
Serjeant at Arms, from the 12th of May, the time
of his appoinjment, to the 22 d of September, one
■undue! and thirty-four days, at 4 dollars per day, 536
'45:445 3"
For the Departmentof the Treasury. Dots, iccths.
Secretary of the Treasury, lrom the 11th of
September, being the day of his appointment, to
the end of the year, at 3,300 dollars per annum, 93
Assistant ot the Secretary of the Treasury, fame
" mc > 1500 458 43
Three Clerks to do. for the fame period, at 4,50 412 66
Meflengrrand Office-keeper do. attherate of 150 45 81
Comptroller of the Treasury, from the 12th of
September, the time of his appointment, to the
end of the year, at the rate of 2,000 dollars per
annum, 61l lo
Principal Clerk to do. fame time,at the rate of 800 244 44
Treasurer, from the 12th of September, the time
of his appointment, to the end of the year, at a,OOO
dollars per annum, , 10
Principal Clerk to ditto, fame time, at 600 dol
lars per annum, 183 34
Auditor ot the Treasury, from 12th September,
being the time of his appointment, to the end of
the year, at 1,500 dollars per annum, 458 <2
Principal Clerk to the Auditor, fame time, at
600 dollars per annum, 180 34
Ten Clerks, being two less than flic number
heretofore employed by the Accomptant and Com
missioners for fettling the accounts of the Quarter-
Maflers, Comtnifl'aries, Cloathing, and Maune De
partments,and those of the Secret and Commerci
al Committees; which fcrvices, by the present ar
rangement, devolve on the Auditor; tllimated
for the lame period, at the rate of 450 dollars per
annum, 1.37J
To the Regifler of the Treasury, from the 12th
of September, being she time of his appointment,
to the end of the year, at 1,250 dollars per annum, 95
Five Clerks in the Regillcr's Office, being the
number heretofore employed, as detailed under the
preceding head ot the Department of the Treasury,
ellimated tor the fame period with the principal,
at tiie rate of 450 dollars per annum, C)By 50
Department of War.
Secretary of the department, from the 12th of
September, being tbe time of his re-appointment,
to the end of the year, at the rate of 3,000 dol
lars per annum, ' g
Chief Clerk for the fame period, at the rate of
600 dollars, 183 3
Two Clerks,fam« time, at 450 dollars per annum, 2 - -
Door-keeper and MefTenger, fame time, at 150
dollars per annum, . .
4o 5°
'>420 34
For the Judicial Department.
Computed according to the falarics reported by
the committee, viz.'
Chief Juflice, per annum, 4,000
Five associate Judges, each 3 ,e00, , , oco
Judge of Main DittriS,
of Ncw-Hampfhire, ,
of Maffachfctfs,
of Connecticut,
of New-York, 1; , 00
r I) 000
ot Pennsylvania, , gQQ
of Delaware, , ' nrin
of Maryland, ,| JOO
ot Virginia, l 800
ot South-Carolina, x g OQ
°[ Georgia, a ' j6oo
of Kentuckey, 800
Attorney-General, 2jooß
Ellimated for two months in the year 1789, 6,100
For incidentMaudcontingent Expe»fe< relatively to the Gut Lift.
Lnder this head are comprehended foreign con
tingent expenses, newspapers for Congress, print
ing journals of Congress, ftationarv and wood, to
gether with the rent of the several offices.
Of the late Congress, from the ift of January to
the 3d of March, and of the office of their Secre
tary, to the 30th of June, 86
rreafurv D. partm.ent for one year, estimated 45 0
Accompunt's office to the 11 til of September,do. at , .50
Regillcr's ditto, ditto, ,ip
Treaforcr's ditto, ditto, 100
Commissioners for adjuftingthe tommiffary and
Quarter-Mailer's Department, to the Bth of May, l"6 50
Cominiffioner for adjusting the Accounts of the
Marine, Cloathing and Hospital Departments, to
the Bth of May,
Eflimate expnfe for Comtrollfer, Treasurer, Au
ditor and Regillcr's- Office, in stationary, on the
new Treasury Department, from the 12th of Sep
tember, to the end of the year. ~0
Commissioners of the General Board for one vear
ellimated at ; '
Commiffionerof South-Carolina and Georgia, to
the 16th of July, -
Commissioner of Army Accounts, for one year, 276 60
Foreign contingent expenses, estimated by the
late Secretary for Foreign Affairs, who observes,
that the contingent expenses abroad are uncertain
but he estimates «ne year at ' _ oco
Secretary of Foreign Affairs now comprehended
in the Department of State, for one year, ellimated q,o
Secretary at War, forone year,
Stationary and contingenccs for 13 Loan-Officers, /100
7 he Door-keeper of the House of Rcprelenta
tivcs, his estimate of the contingent expenses of
the United States, for Wood, &c. for the second
Seflion. „
669 5 o
7,862 l 8
Total Expenditures for the Civil Lift, 243,377 54
Treasury Department, September the TrC "j UT >'-
ABSTRACT of JOURNAL of the first »f.ssion of the SENATE
A n J SATURDAY, April sc.
the Houfc, and di reded by "he SpeTkcv wTre'ad'
On motion, The Cbmmittee appointed the 14th inihm, to dc.
termine the mode of keepinethe journal were ,'„d ,
fider, « Whether the Minutes be amended Vo as to r' cofd 01l T
t; folio "ng.» aßre °" aftCr thC J ° Urnil b ' -d olt
A letter from Charles Thompson, Esq. dated the ...u t «
1789 direGed to the President of the Senate, purnortm °h P"''
lng delivered to General Wafhin-on the ccrtiLate of h i
fileded President ofthe Un,tcd read and ordered 2
The Committee appointed to consider of thetime ,
manner ... whicb, and the pe.fon by who,,, .heoath *X'" d
bv the Conftttution (hall be admimftered to th- PrrfidVu t, ■
United States, and to confer wuh a Co.nntutt of tt
pointed for that purpose. «ouieap.
Report, That the President hath been pleased to f, - m fv m ,1,
that any time or p.ace which both Houses may think.
point and anv manner which (hall appear mod el.gbl/to them"
will be convenient and acceptable to him-That rtquifite
tions cannot probably be made before Thmfday next-Th* k
President be on that day formally received by both Houses in l!
Senate Chamber-That the Re/rcfenutive/
pable of receiving the greater number of persons that
That alter the formal reception of the President in the Saw,
Chamber, he be attended by both Houses to the Refrefentaiiw
S'ftw Yoll: 0 adm ' mfterCd b >' thc Chan "U«of
The Committee farther report it as their opinion, that it willk.
propc, ihat.a committee of both Houses be appointed to take 0
der for conducing the business.—Read and accepted W'L
upon, Mr. Lee, Mr Uard, and Mr. D.lton, ondie part of!
Senate, together with a Committee that may be appointed „„
part „( the Ho.ife of Reptcf, nutives, wJen.pS,
order for conducing the bufmefs.
An Order of the House of Representatives concurring in tbe.n of a Committee on their pan, to confer with a Commit
tec appointed the 24th instant, on the part of the Senate tocodl
der and report what Style, &c. it will be proper to annex to the
Offices of President and of Vice President," was read by which*
appeared that Mr. Benfon, Mr. Ames, Mr. Madison, Mr. Car.
roll, and Mr. Sherman, were appointed on the part of the Houi'."
MONDAY, April 27.
The Committee appointed to take order for conduftingtheeere ol the formal reception, &c. of the President, Reported
1 hat it appears to them more eligible, that the oath Ihould be ad.
miniflered to the President in the outer gallery adjoining the Scroti
C hamber than 111 the Representatives' Chamber, and therefore, fulj.
Mit to the refpeftive Houses ihe propriety of authorising their
Committee to take order as to the place where the oath (hall bead
ministered to the President, the resolution of Saturday, affim m „
the Representatives' Chamber as the place, notwithftandin"—Rtid
and accepted. 5
♦u T* 121 afterthc oat h sHall have been adminifteredto
the President, he, attended by the Vice President and the Member,
ot the Senate and House of Representatives, procced to St. Paul's
Chapel, to hear Divine Service, to be performed by the Chaplain
of ( ongrefs already appointed.—Sent to the House of Reprefen.
tatives for concurrence.
A letter of the 25th instant, from the Right Rev. Samuel Pro
voolt, to the Secretary, fignifying his acceptance of the appoint
mentot Chaplain to Congrefc, was read, and ordered to be Wed.
TEUSDAY, April 28.
pA r J 1 """ W " re " ived fr <"nthe Speaker of the House bv the
President ol the Senate, containing the two following enclosures:
Ihe Report °f ajoint Committee upon the ceremonial to be
oblerved in admimitei ing theoath, &c. to the President, as accept
ed in the House of Representatives ; and, A Bill, entitled "Ar.
' t ? rrgulatc tllttl . mc anci manner of administering certain oaths"
1 he above mentioned report was read, and ordered to lie on the
The was read the filtl time, and to-morrow was aflignedfor
a second reading.
I he Committee appointed to report a mode of communication
to be observed between the Senate and House of Rcprefer,
with refpeft to papers, bills, See. and to whom thefubjeft wasre*
committed, having again conferred with the Committee of the
Hour- of Representatives, agreed upon a report: which was read
and ordered to lie for eonfideration. Adjourned
WEDNESDAY, April 29.
Pioceeded to the second reading of the Bill, entitled iC An ast
t0 J e £ u ' ate tirne and manner of administering certain oaths,"
and after debate, it was committed to Mr. Strong, Mr. Paterfon,
Mr. Read, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Henry.
A letter from the Speaker of the House of Representatives to
the V ice Prefrdent was read, communicating the concurrence of
the House on a report of ajoint Committee, on the mode of com
municating papers, bills and meflages, between the Senate and
House of Representatives.
Also the concurrence of the House with the Senate on the ap
pointment of a committee, refpe£ting the future disposition of the
papers, in the office of the Secretary—and Mx. Trumbull, Mr.
Cadwallader, and Mr. Jackson, were joined, Adjourned.
THURSDAY, April 30.
The Report of the Committee on the mode of communication
between the Senate and House ot Representatives, was takenup»
and after debate postponed.
Mr. Lee, in behalf of the Committee appointed to takeorder
for conducing the ceremonial of the formal reception, See. of
the I lefident of the United States, having informed ths Senate,
that the fame was adjusted : the House of Representatives wcrt
notified, that the Seriate were ready to receive them in the Senate
Chamber, to attend the Piefident of the United States while takj
ing the oath required by the Constitution.—Whereupon, the
House of Representatives, preceded by their Speaker, came into
the Senate Chamber, and took the feats afllgned them ; and the
joint Committee, preceded by their Chairman, agreeably toordcr
introduced the President of the United States totheSenate
Chamber, where he was received by the Vice President, who
conduced him to the Chair; when the Viee President informed
him, that i% The Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States were ready to attend him to take the oath required
by the Conflitution, and that it would be administered by the
Chancellor of the State of New-York."—To which the President
replied, he was ready to proceed :—And being attended to the
gallery in front of the Senate Chamber, by the Vice President and
Senators, the Speaker and Representatives, and the other public
characters present, the oath was adininiftered.—After which the
Chancellor proclaimed, " LONG LIVE GEORGE WASH
The President having returned to his feat, after a fliort pause»
arose and addrcfTed the Senate and House of Representatives.
(Pot the President's Speech, fee our paper of the 2d of May.)
Ihe President, the Vice President, the Senate and Houfe o
Representatives, &c. then proceeded to St. Paul's Chapel, where di
vine iervice was performed by the Chaplain of Congress, a fer
which the President was recondu&ed to his house, by the Com
mittee appointed for that purpose.
The Vice President and Senate returned to the Senate Cham. cr »
Upon motion, Unanimously agreed, That a committe of three
mould be appointed to prepare ananfwerto the Prefiderr.'sSpe eC 1
Mr. Johnson, Mr. Paterfon, and Mr. Carroll, wereelcfte •
Published by JOHN FENNO, No. 9, Maiden;
Lans, ueai the Ofwegt-Market, New-Yokk.-[3Mf" -