Gazette of the United-States. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1789-1793, July 08, 1789, Page 98, Image 2

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    gor, that even although he loft part of his patent,
his income from his mills before the great failure
lalt year, amounted, to a revenue of 40,0001. per
Watts and Bolton. Mr. Watts is a native of
Scotland. He was not bred to mechanics ; but
to the conftruc r tion of mills, and the application
of lteam to machinery, has made improvements,
of which the use to the arts are unlimited. And
what renders his merit the greater, is, that his
improvements are not the efteJt of accident, but
of long and persevering investigation, depending
wholly upon fcientific principles. He has ob
tained a patent, in which Mr. Bolton is included,
and in a few years will eftablilh a revenue of
10,000 per annum.
May 5. The report of the Emperor of Ger
many's death, was again very prevalent in town
yesterday, but no official accounts were received.
After the election of Caen, the Duke de Coigny
gave a grand entertainment to the Three Orders :
during the del'ert, the Duke calling to a fanner
of Falaife, who is one of the deputies of the
lower order, said, " Well Mr. Poullain, as you
are about to lit in our national alleinbly, have
you thought of the requisition you are to make ?"
" Certainly, my Lord," and what do you mean
to propose ? " First of all, I lh»ll require the
suppression of pigeons, rabits and friars." Af
ter a hearty laugh, occasioned by this odd sally,
he was alked his reasons. " Why, said he, the
pigeons destroy our corn in the feed, the rabbits
in the blade, and the friars in the Jhock."
May 6. The French Court, by an order of
Council, dated the 20th ult. to be in force from
the Ift of May to the Ift of September, have dou
bled the bounties, granted by that of the 11 tli of
January, upon the importation of corn and meal
from the different parts of Europe, and extend
ed to importations by the frontiers. The pre
sent bountiej are, 50 sols per quintal on wheat,
40 sols on wheat flour, 34 sols on rye, 32 sols on rye
flour, 20 sols on barley, 2 7 sols on barley meal ;
and all vellels without diftindiion, which within
that time lhall import any corn of the species above
mentioned, fliall be exempted from freight duties.
MAY 7.
Europe is at this day divided into several parties,
\vhofe intereits are so complicated, it is fcarely
possible to establish an equilibrium betwixt them.
The American revolution has originated two
011 the one fide, France and Spain—on the
other fide England. ,
England has also drawn Holland and Prussia in
to her party.
As ftrangcrsto this contest, Germany and the
other northern states preferv ea neutrality.
But they likewile form two confederacies
The one conlifting of Pruflia and the other states
of Germany, who league for the purpole of
checking the Emperor's encroachments :—And
the other between the latter and the Empress,
whole stipulations bind them to such defenfive
operatione as the last confederacy may' occasion,
and both to offenfive measures against Turkey.
England and Spain are alirioft wholly uncon
cerned in these two leagues—France alone can
consider herlelf interested in them ; but in cafe
fhefhould engage herfelf in these consequences,
what aid would Ihe derive from Turkey ?
Supposing, notwithstanding the consanguinity
of the Houses of Aultria and Bourbon, and the
complaints of France against Rulfia,France should
accede to the Germanic League, Turkey must
remain ufelels to the latter power, because Rulfia
would always keep a check over her, and could
also harrafs Sweden and Prulfia.
But is it to be supposed, that England wouldnot
seize an opportunity of avenging the injuries that
wei e rendered her in America ?
On Sunday fe'nniglit an unlucky accident hap
pened at the Caiile d'Efcompte, at Paris. A
courier with the King's livery arrived, and alked
foroneofthe Directors, M. Vincent, to whom a
letter was addreiled, signed Neckar, and l'ealed
with that Minister's arms. The purport of the
letter was, that the said M. Vincent, was desired
to deliver to the bearer 100,000 livres (5000 I.)
for the use of his Majesty. Upon enquiry the
signature was forged, that is to fay, Mr. Neckar's
Secretary's hand was imitated to a wonder. As
none would presume to wear the King's livery,
various are the conjectures about this extraordi
nary occurrence.
kincston, (Jamaica) may 16.
Extrafl of a letter from Aux-Cayes, dated 26th Ma\, 1789,
" We have the honor to inform you that ilus port has beea
made tree for the importation, by vessels of all nations, of ne-
S'ocs, fait provisions, flour, and every other species of merchandise
hitherto prohibited—and the exportation of the produce of the
colony, cotton, coffee, indigo, &c. under no other rellriflions
rhan paying the fame duties as the fubje£t> of Francc—this privi
>• >;c commences the firfl day of August next, and is to continue
ior the termot five years—We congratulate you upon this appear
ance of unson by commercial ties, &c."
The Underwriters at New Lloyd's Coffee-lioafe,
in London, lately presented to Capt. Todhunter,
of Wliite-Haven, a piece of Plate, on which
was an inscription, teilifying the sense
they had of liis animated exertions, in relieving
the lhip Ellen, bound from New-Providence to
Liverpool, when in the greatest distress, and of
his generous, humane attention to the pailengers
and crew.
We learn that very material injury has been done to the wheat
and other imall gram in the lower parts of the counties of Orange
and Culpepper, and the upper part of Spotlylvania, by a very se
vere storm of hail which happened the 17th inft.
A ton of pot-alh [manufactured by MtlTrs Boyd and Willfon,
of Northumberland county] is now in this city, and of so good a
quality, that 401. has been offered for it, and refufed.
Of near 2000 of citizens of the United States who lately emi
grated to Carthagenai in Spanilh America, only 140 have returned,
the reft having all died, except a few men who cnliftcd in tin
Spaniih aimy.
boston, July i.
In the Hospitals and Foundlings in Paris, there
are daily maintained, on an average, 35,341 —r
number which to the whole inhabitants of the
city is as i to ißi.
Harrafl'ed as Ihe is, by the faithlefs bipeds of
the wilderness, mull look up to the Federal Go
vernment for succour and support. And who
shall fay, that the jlrong arm of the Union wil
not be ftretclied out, in the defence of so federal
and patriotic a branch of the grlat family.
The odious Guinea trade, is one of tliemoft ad
vantageous branches of traffickwe enjoy—itfur
nilhes us a ready market for our country rum, &c.
European veflels frequently load therewith in
our own ports. One lhip which is now taking
her cargo on board, will pay therefore near 20,000
middletown, June 20.
The General Afl'embly of this State, in May
last, palled a resolve, That all further proceed
ings, by virtue of, or under the licence granted
to certain persons in New Haven county, to ma
nufacture copper coin, be, and the fame is sus
pended from and after the 20th June, instant,
until the riling of the General Afl'embly in Octo
ber next.
NEW-YORK, JULY 8, 1789.
4n ACT for lading a DUTY on GOODS, WARES, and MERCHAN
DIZE imported into the UNITED STATES,
WHEREAS, it is necessary for the support of government,
for the dilcharge of the debtsof the UnitcdStates,and the encourage
ment and protc&ion of manufactures, that duties be laid on goods,
wares, and merchandize imported :
Be it enabled by the Senate and Iloufe of Representatives of the United
States of Amcrica in Congress ajfembled, That from and after the firft
day ot August next ensuing, tne fcveral duties herein after mention
ed shall he laid on the following goods, wares and merchandize
imported into the United States, from any foreign port orplace—
that is to fay : tents.
On all distilled spirits of Jamaica proof, imported from £
any kingdom or country whatsoever, pr. gallon. J 10
On all other diitilled lpirits, - ° pr. gal. 8
On molasses, - - p r . gal. 2 J
On madeira wine, - - pr. gal. 18
On all other wines, - pr.gaL 10
On every gallon of beer, ale, or porter in calks, ' 5
On all cyder, beer, ale, or porter in bottles, pr dozen, 20
On malt, _ _ p r bujhel, 10
Ou brown sugars, - . . pr. pound, 1
On loaf sugars, - . . pr. pound, 3
On all other sugars, - - - pr. pound, '1J
On coffee, - p r . p QUnd , 2 £
011 cocoa, - p r p oun( j f 1
Onall candles of lallow, - - pr. pound, 2
On all candlcs of wax or spermaceti, p r . pound 6
Oncheefe, . . . pr. pound, 4
On soap, - - - - pr. pound, 2
On boots, - - p r pair, 30
On all ftioes, flippers or golofhoes made of leather, pr. pair, 7
On all (hoes or flippers of filkorftuff, - pr. pair 10
On cables, - . . pr.ii2ut. 75
On tarred cordage, - - . p r
Or. untarred ditto, and yarn, . pr. ii9nt qo
Oil twmeor pack-thread, - - fir. u tut. 200
On all steel unwrought, - . p r . 112 a,,. 56
On all nails and spikes, - . p r . pound, 1
On ialt, - . tor bufil l si
On Manufactured tobacco, . . pr. pound, 6
° n f ",f • - " - pr. pound, 10
On wool and cotton cards, - p'r/dozfn', 50
apw ' . - . • *
On dried fifh, . . . p r . qumUl \ £
On all teas imported from China or India in (hips built
in the Luted States, and belongingtoa citizen or citizens
thereof, nr in ships orvefiels built infoieign countries and
011 the 16th day of May last wholly theproperty of a citizen <"
or citizens of the United States, and (o continuing until the
time of importation, as follows :
Onboheatea, . _ , , ,
On all souchong, or other black teas, p,. p o Z'l, 'I 0
On all hyion teas, . ,
On all other green teas, tr. pound, Ti
On all teas imported fron Europe inftiipsorveffclsbu'ifi
in the United States, and belonging wholly to a citizen o r
citizens thereof, or in ships or veflTtls built ni foreign cuun- '
tries, and on the i6th day of May last wholly the property
of a citizen or citizens of the Uuited States, and so continu- I
tng until the time ot importation, as follows:
Onboheatea, - - pr. found, % uitt
On all souchong, and other black teas, pr. pound i»
•On all hyson teas, - . pr. found, 4
Oil all other green teas, - p r . pound, ,6
On all teas imported in any other manner than as above )
mentioned, as foil >ws: - - r
Onboheatea, - - pr. founds u
On all souchong, or other black teas, pr pound,
On all hyson teas, - - pr. pound] 45
On all other green teas, - p Tk pound, 27
On all goods, wares and merchandize, other than ~1
teas imported from China or India, in (hips not built j
m the United States, and not wholly the property of
a citizen or citizens thereof, norin veflelsbuilt in so- ! 12hpr.cent
reign countries, and on the 16th day of May last whol- ad valorem.
y the property of a citizen or citizens of the United
S:ates, and so continuing until the time of importa
ion, -
On all looking-glaflfs, window and other
lais, except black, quart bottles, - j
On all China, (lone and earthen ware,
On gun powder, - - - '10 pr. centm
On all paints ground in oil, - j ad valorem.
On shoe and knee buckles,
On gold and silver lace, and
On gold and silver leaf, - J
On all blank books, - - -
On all writing, printing, or wrapping paper, paper
bailings and pasteboard, -
On all cabinet wares, - - -
On all buttons, - g
On all saddles, -
On all gloves of leather, ...
On all hats'of beaver, fur, wool or mixture of either -J
On all millenary ready made,
On all callings of iron, and upon flit and rolled iron, a
On all lcathei tanned or tawed, and all manufa&ure 5
> »f leather, except such as (hall be otherwise rated,
On canes, walking (licks and whips, - jj.
On cloathing ready made, -
On all brushes, -
On gold, silver and plated ware, and on jewellery and
parte work, - -
On anchors, and on all wrought tin and pewter ware,
On all playiug cards, r - pr. pack 10 cents.
On every coach, chariot or other four wheel car-")
riage, and on every chaise, solo, or other two wheel >
carriage, or parts thereof. - - ) tm '
On all other goods, wares and raerchandife, five per centum
on the value thereof, at the time and place of importation, ex
cept as follows : Salt-petre, tin in pigs, tin plates, lead, old pew
ter, brass, iron and brass wire, copper in plates, wool, cotton,
dying woods and dying drugs, raw hides, beaver and all other
'urs and deer-(kins.
And be it Jurthcr en a fled by the authority ajorejaid, That from and
after the firft day of December, which (hall be in the year one
thousand seven hundred and ninety, there shall be laid a duty on
everyone hundred and twelve pounds weight of hemp imported
as aforefaid, of fix cents; and on cotton per pound three cents.
And be it enatted by the authority aforefaid, That all the duties
paid, or secured to be paid upon any of the goods, wares, and
merchandise as aforefaid, except on distilled spirits, other than
brandy and geneva, (hall be returned or discharged upon such of
the said goods, wares or merchandise, as (hall within tweive
month* after payment made, or security given, be exported
any country, without the limits of the United States, as fettled
by the late treaty of peace; except one per centum on the amount
of the said duties, in consideration of the expence which (hall
have accrued bv the entry and fafe keeping thereof.
And be it enaaed by *lhe authority ejore said, That there (hall be
allowed and paid on every quintal of dried, and on every barrel
of pirkled fi(h, of the fifheries of the United States, and on every
barrel of salted provision of the United States, exported to any
country without the limits thereof, in lieu of a drawback of the
duties imposed on the importation of the fait employed and ex
pended therein, viz. Cents.
On every quintal of dried fi(h, 5
On every barrel of pickled HfH, - 5
On every barrel of salted provision, - - 5
And be t tfurther enactedby the authority aforefaid, That a discount
of ten per cent, on all the duties impofedf by this a&, (hall be al
lowed on such goods, wares and merchandise, as (hall be im
ported in vessels built in the United States, and which (hall be
wholly the property of a citizen or citizens thereof, or in veflels
built in foreign countries, and on the sixteenth day of May lair,
wholly the property of a citizen or citizens of the United States,
and so continuing until the time of importation.
And be i'further enacted by the authority aforefaid, That this ast
shall continue and be in force until the firft day of June, which
(hall be in the year of our Lord, one thousand (even hundred ana
ninety fix, and from thence until the end of the next
feflion of C©ngrefs, which (hall be held thereafter, and no lon
ger. Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg,
Speaker of the House of Reprefentities.
John Adams, Vtce-Prejidenl of the (JnitedStatu,
and Prefdent of the Senate.
Approved—July 4, 1789.
GEORGE WASHINGTON, Prefdent of the United States.
Monday, July 6, 1789.
A letter to the Speaker, from His Excellency
Beverly Randolph, Governor of Virgin l3 *
enclosing an account of the exports and imports
of that State, from January 20, 1788, to Janu
ary 20, 1789, was read, and referred to the
committee appointed to prepare estimates, &c.
A memorial from Andrew Ellicott, fur*ey
or, addrefled to both Houses of Congress, intro
duced by Page —was read, and referred to a
committee consisting of Mr. Page, Mr. Scott,
and Mr. Baldwin.
A motion which had lain 011 thetablefince the
beginning of last month, for prefixing a corre
copy of the constitution of the United States, to
the firft volume of the laws, was called for •
Mr. White. The vote being taken upon t'
fame, it pafled in the affirmative, and was
to the Senate for their concurrence.
A meftage was received from The
dent by his Secretary, Mr. Lear, wlio in fori '
ed, that he was diredted by The Prefidentto r ■
turn to the Hon. House the bill, which hadpah-