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VOL. XV. NO. 120.
of the Recent
We briefly stated the fact yesterday, says the
Buffalo Express of Saturday, that three young
men, In attempting to cross the river above
Niagara Falls in a small boat Thursday after
noon, bad been carried over the falls.
The three men arrived at the falls on the 12 20
train from Buffalo' Thursday noon, and pro
ceeded directly from the depot to the Eagle
House, near by, which is kept by Christ- Gamui.
They remained there about half an hour, mak
ing few remarks, and merely asking of the pro
prietor permission to leave their boxes and
portable table behind the counter until thev re
turned. The property referred to consisted" of a
good sized oblong box, full of packages of
prize candy, an envelope box containing a lot of
cheap jewelry, brass rings, etc., and a three
legged stand, such as all itinerant peddlers
After leaving Gamm's they went up the river
bank about a quarter of a mile to a little boat
house kept by a family named Walker. Here,
after some hesitation on the part of the .lad in
charge, they obtained a flat bottom row-boat
and started across the river apparently for Chip
pewa. The German, who was the largest as
- well as the most intelligent of the party, handled
the oars.
The course taken by the boat was straight for
the other Elde. The current at this point of the
river runs swiftest, and not many moments
elapsed from the time the unfortunate trio left
the boat-house before the resistless current took
complete mastery of the frail craft and carried
it with fearful rapidity towards the seething tor
rent that crests the precipice. The stout oars
man continued to apply his oars with energy
for about a minute after the current struck the
boat, but very soon the craft seemed to break in
two simultaneously with its capsizing, and the
horror-stricken spectators on shore next saw
the three struggling in the rushing waters. As
they appproached Street's Island, three
men who happened to be witnesses of
the accident ran to the edge of the bank in
hopes of rendering assistance to the drowning
men, out aanouija one 01 me tnree was carried
within five feet and the others not a dozen feet
from the shore, it was found impossible to suc
cor them. One of the men informed our re
porter that, had he been able to get a pole or
rail of any kind, he surely could have saved one
or two of the ill-faled men. The largest, it is
sold, swam for some distance in direction of the
island, bnt the current was too strong for him,
and be was carried struggling to the brink and
hurled, all conscious, into the abyss below. The
other two were drowned ere they passed the
island, as their bodies were seen to float in-
animately just above the Falls.
Mr. Garaui, keeper of the saloon where their
things were left, says they were all young men
their ages probably ranging between eighteen
and twenty-two well but cheaply dressed
and easy and careless in their manners. One
was an Irishman, one a German, and the other
a Jew. A police officer who saw then remarked
that they looked "just like any intinerant ped
dlers." CAST ASHORB.
Yesterday forenoon a singular object was
observed "lying in the water almost under the
new Suspension Bridge, on the Canadian side
of the river, and upon investigation it was
lound to be a large piece of flesh torn from the
trunk, apparently at the hip. It wat taken in
charge by the authorities on the other side, and
we believe quietly interred during the afternoon.
No other trace or vestige of the lost men had
been seen up to six o'clock last evening.
A Man Crushed to Death lu the Cincinnati
ltallroad Iron Works.
A fearful accident occured yesterday evening
in the Cincinnati Railroad iron works, which
resulted in 6hockinglv crushing to death a work
man named Win. C. Jones. It seems Mr. Jones
waB a hooker-np at the muck rolls. At the
time the accident occurred, a bloom weighing
about eight hundred pounds was passing be
tween the rolls. Mr. Jones, who held the hook,
instead of catching the bloom at the end as it
came out, put the hook under the side, and,
the heavy weight coming suddenly down
upon the implement, threw the man upon
the belting that connects with the roller
near the floor. A moment more and the
moving leather had conducted the victim
into the jaws of death. Feet foremost, he
passed between the end of the roller over which
the bell for running the machinery moved, and
the coupling attached to the end of the roller
immediately above. To stop the machinery was
the work of a moment, but in that point of time
the man had gone crushing through until all bat
the head had been flattened into a shapeless
mass. The very food that the man had taken
into his stomach exuded from the mouth, and
death came so suddenly that the hand caught by
one of the employes aid not so much as quiver
from the awful shock.
It appears that he fell about a week ago near
the same place, but escaped with a cut about the
head. This is the first man that has ever been
killed at the works, though they have had some
hairbreadth escapes Cincinnati Gazette, Satur
Pittsburg Excited An Extra Police Force
Called Out.
A scene of a somewhat riotous character oc
curred between 12 and 1 o'clock this morning in
the Fifth ward, commonly known as the "Bull
Run" district. One of the police officers on duty
in the locality got upon the track of Edward
Bradford, one of the escaped prisoners from the
county workhouse, and when the officer
attempted to arrest him he resisted, and his
friends came to his assistance. The officer, find
ing the opposing force too strong for him, re
treated in good order and "rapped" for assist
ance. One or two officers responded, but the
opposing force had by this time taken refuge in
a stable, and having armed themselves with
brickbats and boulders, offered a very formida
ble resistance. Notice was tent to the office of
the Captain of the Night Watch, who summoned
about twenty of the night men and despatched
them to the scene of the conflict. The stable
was stormed, and after a siene of about poe hour
the walls were reached, and by breaking through
the roof the officers effected an entrance to the
stronghold of the enemy and captured the entire
force. The prisoners were conducted to the
lock-up, where they were provided with quarters
for the night. During the engagement Officer
Keifer received a wound on the head by a horse
shoe thrown by one of the -belligerents. Pitts
Ourg Commercial, Saturday.
Train is said to have two hundred unfilled
lecture engagements. May the list never grow
less! . , . ,
The yucen oi rrussia nas given uue iuou
sand thalers to the society started in Berlin for
the purpose of devising original German
fashions. Connecticut recently Issued two
thousand copies of an advertising catalogue,
containing 200 pages, at a total cost of SO,000,
or A40 per volume.
Father Cleveland, the Boston city mission
ary will be VJ years old in J une. lie has lately
been paying a visit to his son, a stripling of
eeventy-three years. .... .i
A Sacramento paper reports that recently
six Chinamen were seen in a hairdresser nego
tiating the sale of their "pigtails, which were
tiDaly purchased at the rate of 3 each, to be
luwiulMlursa ittW J0i9' .'
Collapse of the Commune
The Salvation of Paris.
Entry of the Versaillists.
IV ot n, Shot Fired.
The Harrisburg Dead-Lock.
Democrats Responsible.
Destructive Fire in Baltimore.
L City Councilman Hilled.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Review of Cavalry.
Paws, May 217 P. M. This afternoon three
squadrons of cavalry were reviewed amid tre
mendous excitement. Generals Henir and For
tune presented them with standards, and they
shouted, "We will defend them till death." Soon
afterwards Petit Vanvres, by order of the Com
mune, was evacuated in order to shelter Mont
rouge. At six o'clock to-night the Versaillists
entered the La Muette gate and sharp fighting
Extraordinary Rumor
are afloat. It is reported that the Versaillists
have been repulsed. Mounted orderlies have
just arrived at the War Office with the news.
Colonel Lisboune, commanding the Francs
tireure, started immediately to
Attack the Vessalllista on the Flank.
General Cluseret is now being tried.
Versailles, May 21 9 30 P. M The Ver-
Baillist troops
Have Entered Paris.
Captain Trengo, of the navy, went from the
trenches to the ramparts at the Pont du Jour,
and, finding the insurgents had retired, called
three hundred sailors and teok possession of the
gate. Other troops followed before anyone was
aware that the entry had commenced.
Not a Rifle was Fired, nor a Man Wounded.
The whole thing was unexpected. The white
flag was hung out at Auteull.
Another brigade of Versaillist troops has en
tered Porte Montrouge, and
Troops are Pouring Down
on both points. It is reported that the Arc do
Triomphe has been reached, and the
Insurgents Made hut a Slight Resistance.
The guns on the ramparts have been turned
on the Communists. 20,000 men are under
Issy, and 40,000 are moving on the open gates.
Railways Cut and Communication. Sus
pended. London, May 22. All communication with
Paris is suspended, the Northern Railway having
been cut by the Prussians. It is reported that
General Domhrowskl lias been Captured
bv the Versaillists. The bombardment of por
tions of the fortifications of Paris still held by
the Federalists continues. A despatch from Ver
sailles this morning says that
Paris la Completely Isolated
by the Prussians, and no news has been received
from there since midnight. The Times has a
despatch from Versailles to-day stating that
Half the Army Is Within the Walls,
and hold the gates of 8t. Cloud, Passy, Auteull,
Trocadero, and Muette, as welt as the Arch of
Triumphe. Heavy firing is heard la the Champs
Sixteen thousand Versaillist troops have en
tered Vaugirard and Montrouge.
Versailles, May 22.
Eighty Thousand Versailles Troops
have now entered Paris. Sharp cannonading is
heard, doubtless against the insurgents, near
the Arch of Triumph. General Uhrich took
1600 prisoners last night, of which 400, includ
ing M. Assy, were brought to Versailles.
Son of the Duke of llroglle Wounded.
London, May 22 The Duke of Broglie
French Ambassador, has gone to Versailles, his
eon having been wounded in one ot the recent
ft Rochefort
had engaged apartments at Brussels, where he
was expected on Saturday last. He had a nar
row escape from lynching at Versailles.
Disaster at Sea.
London, May 22. The steamship Paraguay,
from London to New York, returned to port,
having been damaged in collision with the screw
steamer Webb. The latter foundered imme
diately, and thirteen lives were lost.
Ashbury's New Yacht
Livonia had a very successful trial.
Versailles, May 23.
General Domlirowikl,
who was reported as having been taken prisoner
by the Versailles troops, is now said to have
been recaptured by his own men, and has since
made an attempt to escape from Paris. It is
now stated that he ana his command are sur
rounded near St. Ouen, and will probably all be
This Morning's Quotations.
London, May S9-1V80 A. M Consols 93d. for
both money and account. United Kates bonds of
lb6'i, 90i ; of l&i5. old. u ; of latii, tii ; io-40s, 6i.
London, May 82. Tallow, 43s. 6d.
Liverpool, May 22 1030 A. M Cotton quiet
and steady ; uplands, 71,(7d.; Orleans. Td7d.
ine salts to-uay are esuiumeu ni iu,uuu umea.
This Afternoon' U.utatlui.
London, May 821-30 P. M American securities
ODd consols unchanged.
Frankfort, May S3. TJ. S. bonds, 9609,d.
s, wo, f vo",
Lard, boa,
LiVKarooL, May 22. Beef, loos.
Chicago Flour and Wheat Market,
Special DeiuUK to The Evening Telegraph.
Chicago, May 92 9-30 A.M. Wheat market dull.
No. 8, 11-96 cash, 126 seller June; sales of early
at 11-26. Corn quiet and weak ; 6ic, seller June;
ofiered at 63o., seller July.
UteriM Uliip'f., Rtccipt: Stiip'U.
Floor, bbls. S.oou 4,000 Oats, bos.... 4,ooo
Wheat.bus. 65,oo0 66,ooe Hye, bus .... 6,000 8,000
corn, iw.jiwtm titm iiukj, J,ow
. 0ja -nm010" I
Exclusivity to The Evening Telegraph. ,
Washington, May 22.
The Mileage (lucatlnit.
The Committee on the Judiciary, to whom
was referred the resolution of the Senate re
questing the committee to examine and report
whether the members of the Senate are entitled
to mileage at the present special session, In
their report allude to the various acts on the
subject, and conclude by saying that the act of
July 28, 1866, declares that the compensation
of each Senator shall be five thousand
dollars per annum, and in addition thereto
mileage at the rate of twenty cents
per mile, to bo estimated by the nearest route
usually travelled in going to and returning from
each regular session. By implication this statute
repeals all former laws inconsistent with its pro
visions, and in the opinion of the committee
limits the compensation and mileage of Senators
to five thousand dollars per annum, and mileage
in goiDg to and returning from the regular ses
sions of Congress. The committee therefore
report that the members of the Senate are not
entitled to mileage at the present special session.
The Contumacious Correspondents.
The act of 1857 provides when any witness
shall refuse to answer questions put byany com
mittee of either branch of Congress, the fact
Eball be reported to the Senate or House, when
it shall be the duty of the presiding officer to
certify the same to the District Attorney, in
order that the matter maybe brought before the
Grand Jury, The Vice-President on Saturday
followed this course with regard to Messrs.
White and Ramsdcll.
Nomina tlou ConflVmcd.
The Senate has confirmed the nomination of
Nicholas Fleh, of New York, to be Assistant
Secretary of Legation at Berlin.
Government Weather Report.
War Department, Office of Tns cuikf Signal
Officer, Washington, May 2 10 A. M Synop
sis for the past twenty-lour hours: Threatening
weather with light rains prevailed on Sunday morn
liiK from Michigan to Louisiana. These have since
continued to slowly progress northeastward, ex
tending for a snort time rrom trim une to Lake su
perior. Clear wether has continued in tne Southern
States, but cloudy and threatening weather is now
extending from New Hampshire to West Virginia,
and thence to Louisiana. Clearing and lear
weather, with northwest winds, now prevails from
Indiana to Arkancas ana northward and westward.
1 he area of lowest barometer is central over North
ern New York, whence the pressure Increases as
we progress southward and westward.
Probabilities It is probable that the rain will
continue during the day on the Gulf coast of Florida.
and that threatening weather, with occasional light
rains,wlll extend from Virginia northward and east
ward. Clear weather, with fresh northwest winds,
will probably prevail on the upper lakes and the
Mississippi valley. The conditions are favorable for
local storms from Louisiana to Georgia, but else
where no serious disturbance is apprehended.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Destructive Fire and Loss of Life.
Baltimore, May 22. This morning a fire
broke out in a large warehouse on Sharp street,
No. 25, occupied by William H. Brown & Bro.,
importers of druggists' supplies. Stock and
building entirely destroyed. No. 23, Steellman,
Henricbs & Co., importers of notions and fancy
goods, partly burned and stock injured by
water. No. 21, Turnbull, Sweet & Co., import
ers and commission merchants, roof burned and
stock badly damaged by water. No. 27, dwell
ng damaged by hre and water, and walls partly
down. The stores were part of a new block of
five-story warehouses. The loss cannot at
present be estimated.
During the fire Engine No. 1 exploded, kill
ing J. Harry Weaver, member of the first branch
of the City Council from the Nineteenth ward
Mr. Weaver had just returned from Phlladel
phia, and was passing from the depot to his
home when thus suddenly killed. lie was an
extensive paper-box manufacturer, and widely
known and esteemed.
Death of an Editor.
William II. Clark, news editor of the Balti
more Sun tor the past twenty years, died at his
residence in this city yesterday afternoon, aged
53 years. In all the relations of life he was an
exemplary gentleman, and universally popular.
As a journalist he had few equals and no supe
riors in his profession.
Dead Lock No Provision for
State Government Expenses.
Evecial Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
IIarrisburq, May 23. Dr. Shurlock, Chair
man, has issued a call for a caucus of Republi
can members, to be held this evening, to con
sider what policy should be pursued with refer
ence to the course adopted by the Democratic
Senate on Saturday. The impression seems to
be that if an adjournment resolution is sent
into the House this evening it will be adopted,
and the Legislature will adjourn to-morrow
without providing for the ordinary expenses of
the State government.
A conference of prominent members of both
bouses was held in Philadelphia on Saturday
night, but no satisfactory conclusion was ar
rived at. This morning the Impression prevails
that the position assumed by the Democracy of
the Senate was merely intended as an attempt
to intimidate the Republicans into passing the
Registry law amendments, and that they bad no
intention that their resolutions, which were the
result of a week's caucusing, should ever reach
the House.
The Republicans are willing that the Demo
crats should'take the responsibility in prevent
ing the passage of the Appropriation bill, of
closing our schools and the charitable Institu
tions of the fctate.
by associated press."!
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Important Bequests.
Boston, May 22 It is stated that the Ameri
can Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions
have beenmade a residuary legatee of the late J.
C. Brooks, of Portland, and will realize there
from some $70,000, and by the terms of the will,
after the decease of Mrs. Brooks, the board will
receive a further sum of $50,000, the Income ot
which she is to receive during her life.
The Boston Printers' Union
have chosen Charles Young and George W.
Bigelow delegates to the International Conven
tion in Baltimore.
Flr at Rochester, N. II.
A fire in Rochester, N. II., yesterday, de
stroyed Wentworth's stable and three dwelling-
houses, owned by J. W. Springfield and William
Rand. Loss, 110,000, j
The Capture of Paris.
Indescribable Excitement.
Government in Full Possession.
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc.
Exclusively to The Evening leUgraph.
Movement of Troops.
Versailles, May 2210 A. M. The troops
of MacMahon are all moving this morning and
pouring through the Bois do Boulogne. Ten
thousand men, with fifteen pieces of artillery,
are concentrated on the Avenue do Lagrand. The
army is about to move in a direct line for the
Arc de Triomphe and barracks. Three of the
principal avenues leading towards the Champs
Eljeees are in the hands of the Versaillists.
The Consternation Among the Com-
is represented as very great.
in person is superintending the operations. The
enthusiasm of the troops is unbounded.
The Forward Movement
to the barracks begins at once.
Paris, May 22. The city is in
Tremendous Commotion.
Erom windows in the west front of the Tuile
rles the scene of conflict was distinctly seen.
Immense bodies of the Cemmuse troops are
concentrated aronnd the Hotel de Ville, having
retreated from the outskirts.
The Collapse of the Commune
is imminent.
Versailles, May 23. The latest particulars
from Paris
Confirm the Victory
of the Government.
The 83d and 104th Regiments, which were the
first to enter Paris by Porte de St. Cloud, under
command of General Doual and Cols. Treves
and Desartes, took np a position last evening
within rifle range of the Arc de Triomphe, on
the city, side of which and beneath the arch
were all manner of obstructions in the shape of
Marshal MacMahon, on being apprised of the
success which attended General JJouals ad
vance, gave
Orders for a General Movement of Troops
along the line in the dtrectidh of Forts Issy and
Montrouge, Pcrte de Billancourt and Porte de
Auteull. The three gates converging on Point da
Jour quarter were found deserted and
No Resistance
was met. With a regiment of chasseurs dashing
up the Boulevard l'lmperatrice (now called
Boulevard Brune) met with a murderous fire of
rifle Ehot from
An Ambuscade Party
of ' Communists. The latter precipitately re
treated, -when an additional force of Versaillists
came immediately in support of the regiment
attacked in front.
Four light field pieces were unlimbered on
the avenue, near the Arch, and opened fire on
the barricade, which was quickly demolished,
and on being charged and captured, was found
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Crops Backward.
New York, May 22. Mr. Greeley writes from
New Orleans that cotton and corn were never
before so backward at this season. The corn is
likely to suffer from drougth, while cotton is
exposed to utter destruction from the worms.
To-day the prospect of an average crop to the
Southern planter is decidedly not cheering.
Colonel Charles S. Todd, of Kentucky, Presi
dent Tyler's Minister to Russia, died at Baton
Rouge on Wednesday.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegravh.
Pleads Guilty.
Newark, May 22. Dr. James Bleutter, in
dicted on three counts for producing an abor
tion, to-day withdrew his plea of not guilty aud
pleaded guilty, and was recommitted to jail for
sentence on Saturday.
Kxtraordlnary Session of the Senate.
Washington, May 23. Mr. Sumner, rising to s personal
explanation, culled attention to what purported to be
report oi s apsech made by him laat Friday in executive
sesMion, pUDiicntfU in lue Iew or mram oi eaiuraay.
Alr.TrumbuU remarked. And bo of all the report of exe
cutive aeaaious for several day past : IQoy were all inven
Mr. Sumner said all the reports which he had seen of
what were called his apoeuhea were pure inventions, lie
hoped that wherever these reports had gone tliU contra
diction would follow, r itber Amea once aaid that he
would travel from Maine to Oeorg-ia while Truth wu put-
liDg on nis uoois.
Air. W ilson offered a resolution, which lies over, that
the Sergeantat-Arms b directed to discharge Z. L.
White and li. J. xtumsdeli immediately alter lue hoal
adjournment of the special session of the Senate.
ftlr. eumunas reusrsea mat as toe otnaior irom Mas
sachusetts had seen proper to make a personal explana
tion, he wished to say. a a report anneared a day or two
ago that he bad made a speech expressing great be
expressing great hostility
to tne press, tnat ne uau inaae di speuca '
i whatever on tus
fiiiliiftrt nr on anything else.
The subject of the press was not alluded to in executive
sexxion by any Senator.
ct (
Air. huniner otlereu a resolution, wnicn lies over, tnat
Messrs. White and Raiubdell. in closs custody of the
tk rxeant-at-Arms, b discharged from custody forth-
wi tu.
Mr. Pomeroy offered a resolution, whioh was adopted,
(hat the clerks of the several standing committees be
paid from (he 1st to the 81st of May.
Mr. Trumbull, from the Uominittes on the Judioiary, to
whom was referred the r solution to inquire whether Sena
tors wer entitled to mileage for attending- the present
extraordinary session, made a report to the effect tnat the
fctnators are not, under the law, entitled to mileage.
tive session npon the treaty
i in moiluQ ! jn r. Uftutviuu iu. oou.,g .011,
New York Money and Stock Market.
Niw Yoai. May S3. Stocks strong. Money
easy at 4 per cent. Uold, yt. a-uoa. 1869, cp.,
m ; do. lset, cp., do. 1866, cp., ni x ; do. lSoa,
new, 113 V i do. 186T, 113 V; o 113 ; 10 40s,
lty; Virginia 6s, new, 73; Missouri 6a, 9sW: Can
ton Co., 83 x ; Cumberland preferred, 82 ; N. Y. Cen
tral and Hudson Kiver, loox; Erie, 81; Reading,
lis; Adams Express, bO.W ; Michigan Central,
1-23 Michigan boutnern, in',1 xiunois central,
16; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 128: C'hlcairo and
Rock Island, 116; Pittsburg and Fort Wayne,
99; Western Union Telegraph, co, v
Milwaukee Markets,
Mitwinii. May si Wheat market qnlet and
weak; No I, I1-V9; No. 2, $1"25V- Received, loT.OtK)
bubhels. Shipped, StS.tXH) bttblieis. i reighU by rail
6c ; i steam, 1 10. Jt,
Exclusively to The Kvmtng Telegraph.
Coal Freights Reduced.
New York, May 22. The Lackawanna Rail
road has reduced the coal freight to the tarltt in
force before the itrike.
Serious Chatge.
John Mahanoy was arrested at Jersey City
yesterday for the murder of his brother Thomas.
Masonic Meeting.
The annual communication of the Grand Lodge
of the State of New York will convene in this
city June 6, at 2 P. M. A large amount of im
portant Masonic business is to be considered.
Mr. Bonner and the Chicago Races.
Nev York, May 22. Mr. Bonner denies the
truth of the report that he will trot Dexter at
The Foster Murder Trial.
New York, May 22. A jury has at last been
empanelled in the Foster murder case, and the
prosecution has opened.
Hopes of English Clergymen for a Resto
ration of the Dynasty.
An address, of which the following is a copy.
has been forwarded to Chiselhurst. The docu
ment is signed by Dr. Lee, vicar of All Saints,
Lambeth, England, and others of the clergy,
besides a large number of lay dignitaries:
To His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of the
French, K. G.: May it please your Majesty We
the undersigned, while tendering the expression of
our sincere and hearty sympathy with your Imperial
Majesty, take the liberty of respectfully welcoming
you to EnRland.
Our earnest hope is that your Majesty, with the
Empress and the Prince Imperial, may speedily oe
recalled to France to restore once again social order
and religious liberty, and to protect the peaceably
disposed Of your country from the inroads of a bar
barous socialism and the curse and despotism of an
anti-Christian republic
To this the Emperor has replied as follows:
Camhen-i-lacb, CmsELncnsT, May 6. Gentle
men: If the sorrow which the misfortunes heaped
upon my country cause me could be alleviated, the
lively sympathy which I have found since my ar
rival In England would have been a true consola
tion for me.
The address which you have sent me has been a
new evidence of sympathy which has deeply
touched me. I thank you for It, gentlemen, as well
as for your good wishes for France, and I beg you to
believe me sincere. Napolkon.
isqal ira-T23iii.iaijKro23.
Court of Quarter Sessions Judge Finletttr.
The only case tried this morning lit for publication
was that of the notorious Michael Dow ling, alias
"Noodles," who was charged with assault and bat
tery with intent to kill a kindred character. James
A. Eearnan, alias Punch McLaughlin. Noodles
tried hard to have his case continued, and pleaded
the absence of his counsel, Mr. Kneass,
who, however, npon coming into
court. said he hat nothing to do
with the ailalr. Noodles then assumed the air of a
martvr ana awaited results, l'unch said that on
last Wednesday afternoon he was standing at Front
and Barrow streets, when Noodles came np and
said, "You've been talking to the District Attorney
about me." "jno, i naven t," said runcn;"i am a
friend ot yours." Noodles thereupon went for him.
bea. him, Kicked him, bit him, and stabbed him on
the hand. knee. lace. neck, ana bacK.
Noodles oti'ered no evidence, but gave np the ship
and was convicted. To-morrow he will be tried for
stealing a hat.
Injunction Against the Sale of Sewing
The Washington Jlcpvbltc says: A temporary
injunction was Issued yesterday by the Supreme
Court of the District stopping the sale of the sewing
machines of the American button-hole and Over
seaming Sewing Machine Company. For the past
two or three years a considerable business has been
done at the agency of this company, which
is in the charge of Mr. George Boyden.
on Four-and-a-half street, near Pennsylvania
avenue, and the present suit is for past prollts
as well as to stop further sales. The bill on
which the Injunction issued was filed by George
Harding, Esq., or Philadelphia, and is. u Stanton,
Esq., as counsel for Charles Parham, the inventor
or a sewing machine, who claims that his patent Is
Infringed by the machines made by the company. A
motion was made and will be heard Saturday next
to continue the injunction until the suit can be
brought to a final hearing and a final decree made.
A similar suit, brought by Mr. Parham against the
same company, was recently decided in his favor by
the United States Circuit Court at Philadelphia, and
the sale of the machines of the company stopped in
Pennsylvania, and the company ordered to account
to Air. rainam ior past pronts.
EvuNiHa Teleqrayh Omen.)
Monday. Mar 23, U7L I
The general condition of our money market is
easy, tenner tne uauKs nor loan nouses are
pressed for money at this time, and, with a large
supply of funds available and seeking paying
investments during the summer, it is not singu
lar that rates should rule easy both to specula
live and business borrowers. We quote call loans
at 4(aD per cent, on acceptable collaterals, ana
at 6 per cent, on paper having three to four
months to run.
Gold is quiet, and opened weak at 1115. but
the price subsequently reached 112, and closed
lirm at in.
In Government bonds there is only a limited
movement in this market, but Saturday's closing
prices are maintained.
canai snares were qniet, tne eniy saies oeing
in Lehich at 36.
Stocks are active and prices strong. Sales of
city 6s, new bonds, at J02103. Lehigh gold
loan at 03. and 'MX for the small bonds. Read
ing Railroad was active, selling at 57K57.
Free pales of Pennsylvania at 62&62K. Little
Schuylkill at 46U: Northern Central at 41:
and Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Wilmington
The balance of the list was firm but quiet.
Manufacturers' Bank aold at SO; Feeder Dam
Coal at and llestonville Railroad at 22, b. o.
Reported by De Haven ft Bro., No. 40 S.Thlra Btreet.
FIKST s(JA it D.
1700 City 69, New. 102
a su Manu Bank.,
SC0O do 103
f 300 C A A m s, 69 94
t40oOLeh V 6s 100
. 600 W Jersey R Ts.ioijtf
loo su Reading R... 67.
3 do
7 ah Pernna R ...
62 '
do boo,
67 X
do ,
allot. 62 x
67 X
67 60
allot . 6
S8hC A AR.b60.l32
SBSh Lit. Sen RR.. 46
150 811 N cent .. 41
S7BUMlnehui R..
86 sh Cen Trans. 85 49
13000 Leh 6s, 84.
86tf soo su Keaaing k. . . mv.
32((J0 Pa 6s, t so....
'x&000 Pa 6H 1 Be...
80 sliElniira Pf...
S&fihN CentR...
4 shOC A A ft.
. 44
. 41
65 Bh Cam A Am.. .181
sasnLehVaiK.... e
10 sh Penna R..... 6iX
SishMecb. Bk..... 3a
. 62
Mfkshh nitlliTFW A BBOTHKR, NO. 40 8. Third
street, Philadelphia, report the following quotations:
-U. 8. 6a of 18bl, in(m?, ; do. 1869, 111(4U1;
nn is. iiiUl: da 1868. in.'(4Ul?;;do, 1866,
nan nil .llH'l! do. 186T. da 113u113' I do. 1868.
do. iiHi'liw: 10-4O8. lu9Kuio. U. 8.80 Year
6 per cent. Currency, 116,4U5i Uold, 111
us? silver. 106VS(gl08; Union Paclno Railroad
i.t'vr.rt. Bonds. 93V693V: Central Pacta o Rail-
road. loiViatloSi Union Paolflo Land Grant Bonds,
wssrs. William Paintib A Co., No. 88 8. Third
.trr rt-nort the following quotations: U. 8. 6s of
1S81. W117, sB-SOeof 1SM lUXieUllWJ do. 1864.
llifc"li da I860, mx&m; da, Jaly, lseo.
11 ' uH3', : au.i iiuiy, iwi, novaiw i aa juit.
1UJ11; , uu.. u;j, i;
1868, 113114; i0-4Oa, 109V(41
K. H. Currency 6a, 116HA116X,
iuv's. u. o. raoioo
Uold, lll(o)112V.
gold quotations
lirixi a. at.
... ......
.111 v
11-18 A. 119
10-85 "
11117 "
U13 "
U1W llltf
11-38 119
J.VV "
Philadelphia Trade Report.
Monday, May 22 There Is a fair demand from
the home consumers for Flonr, bnt shippers are not
operating to any extent. The receipts continue
moderate, and prices remain without change. 1200
barrels sold In lota, Including superfine at $5-25
6- 62 ; City Mills extras at $6; Iowa and Wisconsin
extra family at 0-757; Minnesota do. do. at
7127-25; Indiana and Ohio da da at7-l2a
7- 60; and fancy brstids at 7-76(i, as in quality. Rye
Flour is steady at 15-75,2 6. In Corn Meal no sales
were reported.
There is a firmer feeling In the Wheat market,
but the volume of business Is light. Sales of 2000
bushels at 1 1 4(ai f5 for good and choice Indiana
red ;ll 651-60 for Pennsylvania do.; lt502i-62 for
Ohio da; and $l-70(tl0 for white. Rye may be
quoted at 1( P10 for Southern and Western. Corn
is In good neninnd both for shipment and local use.
Sales of yellow at 77c. ; Western mixed at 74(7c:
and 26,000 bushels do. do. on private terms, oats
are without special change. Sales of 25,000 bushels
at 64(3 65c. for mixed and 6H4Sc. for white. In
Barley and Malt ro sales were reported.
Park is freely offered at t30 per ton for Na 1 Qaer.
rcltron without ending buyers.
Seeds. In Cloverseed and Timothy nothing doing
to fix quotations. Flaxseed is wanted for crushing
purposes at 12-20.
Whisky; is better; we quote Western Iron-bound
at 84c
Philadelphia Cattle Market.
Monday, May 22. The market for Beef Cattle
was excessively dull this morning, and with liberal
ofrerings prices declined. Bales of choice at T
8c ; fair to good at 637c; and common at 4
6c. V lb., gross. Receipts, 2000 head.
The following are the particulars of the sales:
35 cnaries uengier, Lancaster county. 6V(7vr
- .1 f fclmtth r -n ..... t - '
60 Jas. Christy, Western, 78v. .
80 R. Maynes, Western, 7(97.
78 A. Christy, WeBtern, 78.
77 John McArdle. Western. 7a3.
124 P. Y. McFlllen. Western, 7C47V.
45 li. r.Mctruien, western and Lancaster ca, 7(37 V.
85 Ph. Hathaway, Western, 7(48 v.
135 J. S. Kirk, Lancaster co., 7( 8.
100 James McFlllen. Western, 6V3T.
75 E. S. McFlllen. Western. 7
108 M. Ullman, Lancaster co., 67.
loo P. Smyth Pro.. Lancaster co.. 7t7;.
128 Mooney, Miller A Co., Lancaster co., ((asv.
70 V. Mooney uro., western, 67'.
85 Dennis Smyth, Penna.. 737.
62 L. Drank, western and I'enna.. evaiv.
80 Una, Schamberg, Western, 7($7.
94 Hope & Levi, W estern, Sts.
80 H. Cham, Wertern, 7a;7.
24 H. Frank, Lancaster co., 7(7.
45 icorn uo., Lancaster co., K.iH.
16 Blum fc Co., Lancaster co., 77?.
41 Leavenstine & Co., Lancaster CO., 7Q7.
85 S. Frank, w estern, 7t47V-
3d II. Chain, Jr., Western, 67.
Cows and calves are extremely slow to move and
5 rices have a downward tendency. Sales at W$G0.
(ecelpts, 800 head.
sneep are not attracting mucn . attention, ana
there are few or no wnolied oirerlng. We quote
clipped at e6c. and woolled at 7o. Receipts, 16,000
Bogs met an active inquiry early in the week and
sales were effected at 7c. for corn-fed, but later
the demand subsided somewhat under the influence
of liberal arrivals and unfavorable reports from the
West, ana prices aeennea to irs7vc. Der lb. Ke-
celpts, 8034 head.
8 A. M. C6 1 11 A. M 70 9 P. M.......81
Sun Risks 4-89, Moon Sbts.
Sun Sara 7-14Uiou Water.. 3-43
(By CaMeJ "
LiTKRPOOL, May 21. Arrived, steamships Colo-
redo, from New York, aud Siberia, from Boston;
barks Josephine, from New Orleans, and Oueen nf
Hearts, from Savannah ; and schr Marios, from Gal
veston. Ma 82. steamsaip Abyssinia, from New Yorr.
touched at Queenstown to-day.
London, May 22 hteamsnip Moravian, from
Quebec, touched at Moville to-day.
ay leiajrapn.)
Niw York. May 82. Arrived. steamshiD Alennn.
from Liverpool.
F0RTBK88 monrob, va,. may sh. Tne niiot-boat
Maryland reports as passed in for Baltimore, ship
Leocadia, from Bremen ; a N. O. bark from Batavia;
and schr U. II. Eaton, from Martinique.
Steamer Mars, tirumley, New York, W. M. Baird
a. CO.
Steamer S. P. Phelps, Brown, New York-, do.
Schr Mary J. Russell, Smith, Lynn, John Rommel,
dr., uru.
Schr Sabao, Sampson, Boston, do.
Schr Oriole, Baker, do. do.
Schr Reading RR. No. 49, Rod an. N. London, do.
Schr E. S. Tyler, Smith, Hartford, do.
Schr Reading RR. 60, Nickerson, Norwalt, do.
Schr P. A. Sanders, Smith, Providence, do.
Schr Golden Eagle, Howe, New Bedford, da Ida V. Mcc'abe. Pickup. New Haven, do.
Schr J. Cadwalader, Townsend, Cambrldgcport, do.
Steamer Fanlta, Doane. 84 hours from New York.
with mdse. and passengers to John V. OhL
Steamer k. c. tJiaaie. Mcuue. 24 nonrs from New-
York, with mdse. to W. P. Clyde A Co.
Steamer juaynower, ruita, 24 pours rrom New
York, with mdse. to w. P. Clyde A Co.
Steamer Jas. 8. Green, Carr, from Richmond via
Norfolk, with mdse. to W. P. Clyde A Co.
Brltr Alice btarrett, iiooper, b oars from Cardenaa.
with molasses to B. H. Howell, Son & Co.
Schr Chief, west. 8 days from Indian River, with
grain and lumber to John L.Reilner.
Schr Mountain Laurel, Booth, IB days from Ban
gor, with laths and pickets to T. P. Galvln A Co.
benr navorne, ciars, irom jxew xorx. witn salt to
Wm. BuKim A Son.
Schr Rockaway, Dougherty, frorr Baltimore, with
salt to Wm. Bumm & Son.
Schr R. Uul, Smith, from Kondout, n. y., with.
Schr Marlon Draper, ueauy, rrom iiauoweu, flie.,
nth granite.
Schr Emeline Halght. Avery, from Seaconnet,
with fish.
Schr Ney, Chase, rrom aeaconnet, witn nsn.
tar- Rrii, Torrid Zone, arrived yesterday from
Demarara, Is consigned, with sugar, to H. L. GUI &
Bro. vessel to Warren A Gregg and not as before.
Krtir v thin, from bdieias. arrived sesterdar. is
consigned to Workman A Co.
Steamer Panther, Mills, from Wilmington, Del..
arrived at Georgetown, 1). C, at 9-80 this morning.
Correspondence rf The Evening Telegraph,
iABivn av nicAiAUUivo uuujiiin,
Nbw York Ofkicb. May 20. .Tne following
barges leave In tow to-night for Baltimore, light:
s. r uton, v. 15. enaw, ir. u. oiuart, a. d. Tay
lor, J. B. Taylor, United Brothers, Estelle, Josllu,
rnncets, caimiia, o. uumuieii, .trans v ait, linen.
and Tlceno.
A. C. Conde, witn guano, tor rnuaaeipiua.
M. F. Hannigan, with horseshoes, for Baltimore.
Baltimore BaANcn Okkice. May 20.Tbe follow
ing barges leave in tow to-nlgbt, eastward:
li. 0. unara, jjou rierce, j. rout, x uoa, uiinwn,
William McFaddes, Nightingale, G. C. Gere, aud
W. Hardin, all with coal, for New York.
Harvest Oueen, Kate Stewart, and Governor Sey
mour, left with those reported on Stnrday.
P111LADELPUIA 13RAKCU ofkicb. May 2A wcainer.
Wind :-May 20, P. M , S. W. ; S'luday, 21st, 6 30
A. M., r. . w.; 8 HU p. 01., vn . X . r. m., a. ;
warm at midday ; pleasant, bland at nignt, tempera.
ture lowered ; a light bank hove up at sunset in the
west, the sun sinking into it; men settled away
after sunset, indicating, according to nautical expe
rience, the occurrence of the wind in the opposite
quarter (the east) in the subsequent twenty-four
hours; May 22, this 4 80 A. M.. wlud S. S. E with a
humid atmospherj. Barometrical: Saturday, May
W, midnlHbt, to 15 Ml; Sunday, ut. 6 A. M.,30 ll-o;
7 P. M., 30 1-80; miUiiight, 80; Monday, iid. 4 A. M.,
S9 77-bO. L. S. C.
Special Despatch to The Evtn'ing Telegraph.
Uavkb-vjc-Ghacr, Mj' 22. The following boats
leave in tow to-day :
Kiton, Montour, and Pennsylvania Oo., with lum
ber to Taylor fc Betts.
Wyoming, Utter Siple, Camaany, and 9 Pennsylva
nia Canal 1 o.'s, with coal to H. S. Gross.
i nlon Forever, J. B. George, Mary Jane, and J.
M. Cartwtight, with coal to G. C Morris.
Pennsylvania Canal Co. and Roanoke, with coal to
J. R. W hite A Son.
Msry K. Davis, with lumber to B. H. Taylor k Son.
K. U. Lvman, with lumber to IX Trump, Son A Co,
Ella, with lumber to Noruross A Sneetz.
Louiaa, wlUUuwbt',i for Newark, N J. J. H.