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VOL. XV. NO. 112.
Sir John F. W. Ilerschel.
61r John Frederick William Uerschel, Bart,, the
mly son of the great astronomer Sir Frederick
William H inch el, and himself an astronomsr of
celebrity, died this morning In London. He was
born March T, 1792, at Slough, near Windsor, and
was educated at St. John's College, Cambridge,
where fee becamo senior wrangler and Smith's
prizeman In 1S13. He devoted hlmsair te
the same pursuits as his rather,
and his earliest mathematical researchei are con
tained In bis reconstruction of Lacrolx's treatise (
--vn i ne .uiiiercBuaiuaicuias," undertaken la con
nectlon with Dean Peacock. Sometimes atone and
sometimes In connection with South, he devoted a
considerable portion of the year 1816 to observations
on the multiple stars, for which the Royal Astrono-
nomicai society voted to each of them their gold
meaai on February 7, 1826. As the first result of
their observations, which were tea Miousand
In number, he presented to the Royal Society in Lon
doa in 1883 a catalogue of three hundred and eighty
double and triple stars, whese positions and appa
rent dlttances had never until then been tixed. In
1S87 he published a second catalogue of two hun
dred and ninety-five stars of this kind; and In 1823
another, in which three hundred and twenty-four
more were set down. In 1830 he published Important
measurements of twelve hundred and thirty-six
Btars which he had made with his twenty foot
reflecting telescope ; contributed to the 'Transac
tions f the Astronomical Society" a paper which
contained the exact measurements or three aun
dred and slxty.four stars, and a great number of
observations on the measurements of double stars.
At the same lime he was occupied with the Investi
gation of a number of questions in physics, the re
sults of which appeared in his "Treatise on Sound"
in the "Encyclopaedia Metropolitana;" a "Treattee
on the Theory of Light;" a "Preliminary
Discourse in the Study of Natural
Philosophy," in Lardner's "Cyclopedia ;"
in his "Treatise on Astronomy," forming part of the
same series, and in a great number of memoirs,
many of which relate to photography, published in
the "Transactions of the Royal Society" and else
where. The Astronomical Society again voted him
their gold medal for his "Catalogue of Nebuue,"
January 8, 1836. He spent lour years at the Cape of
Good Hope in 1884-8, where he examined, under cir
cumstances the most favorable, the whole Southern
celestial hemisphere, and sgested the idea of
making exact meteorological observations on given
days, and Blmoltaneously at different pieces. The
expedition to the Cape was unricrtakgn at h's own
expense. The interest which was felt in Herschel's
expedition by the educated classes outside or the
circle of astronomers was manifested in the honors
showered upon him on his return.
A considerable number or the members of the
Royal Society offered their suffrages for his election
to the presidency of that body, vacant by the resig
nation of the Duke of Sussex an honor, however,
which he did not seek. In 1833 he
was created a baronet; in 1839 an
honorary D. C. L. of Oxford ; and in 1842 was
elected Lord Rector of Manchal College, Aberdeen.
In 1848 the Astronomical Society voted him a testi
monial for his work on the Southern Hemisphere,
during which year he filled the office of President.
In I860 he published his "Outlines of Astronomy," a
valuable manual, and la December of that year he
was appointed Master or the Mint, which post he
resigned in February, 1855.
Joseph MrClelland.
Joseph McClelland, who was one of the prominent
abolitionist of thirty years ago, died recently; in
Oalesburg, J 11. lie was born In Philadelphia la 1302
and in his youth be removed to one of the lower
townships of Lancaster county, near the Maryland
line. When the anti-slavery agitation commenced
lie eagerly espoused the cause of the oppressed
negroes, and he was subject to much religious
as well as political persecution on account
of his views. After tne passage of the Fugitive
I Slave law in 1S50 he was a member of a committee
on resolutions, at a meeting neia in Georgetown,
Lancaster county, at which a resolution was passed
declaring that the law was unholy, that It should
not be obeyed, and that fugitives should be assisted
as formerly. Sopn after this a riot occurred
iat Christiana, in which Oorsuch, a Maryland
'slaveholder, in pursuit of runaway slaves,
was killed, and the committee on resolutions were
'indicted for treason against the United States. This
came to nothing, however, and Mr. McClelland was
not persecuted further. In 1865 Mr. McClelland re
moved to Ohio, where he lived until wlthia a few
rears past, when he took up his residence with his
son-in-law at Fiiinceton, 111., or with his son at Gales-
Lburg. In addition to being an abolitionist Mp.
iiccieuana was a warm temperance advocate. : .
Peter von Ileus.
Peter von Hess, a noted German artist and one of
tho leaders of the Munich school, died recently, lie
was born at Dusseldorf in 1792, and early developed
4 taste for art. During the campaign in France,
irora 1813 to 1815, he was attached to the staff of
Prince Wrede, and made a number of sketches
ulch were worked up Into excellent little
nnre pictures. In ISIS he went to Italy and made
Vapid advances in his art, producing his now famous
'Morning in Parterklrchen," "Cossacks crossing the
fihlne," etc lie afterwards went to Greece with
King Otho, and his picture of the "Disembarkation
f King Otho at Nauplla" is one of hU most cele
brated works. Other fine pictures by him are the
battles of Arcls and Bas-sur Aube, the "Austrian
Camp" and the "Crossing of the Beresina," which
ast was painted forlbe Emperor Nicholas.
The late Omar Pasha's harem covered three
Country lawns are sufferinz the annual
teroquet eruptions.
The new hotel ot rotter rainier, m Chicago,
s to cost one million ol dollars.
James Psrton is preparing to lecture on the
'Puritans as Men of Business."
Bilver emeltine: furnaces will soon be added
iio the list of Pittsburg industries.
On week dc3-s you buy music by the sheet;
ion Sundays you can have It by the choir for
frothing. . ..
t, An exchange pniiosopnicauv remancs:
rf'.r.vltv U nn mnrt an evidence of wisdom than
paper collar is of a shirt."
A Swedish gentleman "up north" bears the
iame of Tinaltrigeng Fediglaylangelaglomgry
est. Tasty name for a wedding card.
The oldest bonse In Connecticut Having re
entlv been knocked into splinters by a stroke
,f lightning, the next oldest house Is jubilant.
H'V. - 1 n i m r m In Ha I'nltfl Atataa
Ittlgvok uanxiuct iu luv iu.wt
nay be seen in operation at the Pennsylvania
Hteel Works, Harrlsburg. It weighs thirteen
A man who sat upon a paper oi carpet nans
aid they reminded him of the Income tax.
A spoiled child the one that played with
the kerosene can.
A tubular steel manufactory is to be erected
in Hudson, New York State.
An Irish editor congratulates miuseu tuat
half the lies told about hint ain't true."
Tharitrn has but one church bell. All the
rest were melted into cannon during the war.
The women have KOI into over iurec uuu-
Ired post ofiices so far.
r sKaung Tina at uicuuu s v
formed into an opera house.
Servant guis in wj-ouudk tumuiuu
lollars a week and the suffrage.
Hail fell to the depth of four Inches in Cam
jridge, Ohio, on Wednesday.
Applications for patents are now made at
ie rate oi erer fiye hundred a week.
The Fighting1 at Paris.
Fears of a Pestilence
Illness of the Emperor.
Death of Sir J. W. F. llerschell.
Southern Baptist Convention.
The Philadelphia Public Buildings.
Important Western Lawsuits
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc.
Exclusively to The Evening Telearaph.
The Commander of Fort Vanvres.
London, May 12. A Times special despatch
from Paris says Colonel Brunei has
been appointed commander ot Fort Vanvres.
A serieB of batteries are prepared in the Arron
dissement of the Pantheon.
Pestilence Is Apprehended
in Paris.
The Daily AVirs' despatch from Paris says the
National Battalion is thinning out rapidly.
The Resignation of General Rossel
was caused by discouragements among the
Delescluze is unable to do much in conse
quence of ill-health, but, in a speech just deliv
ered, expressed confidence in
The Future Freedom of France
and the success of the Commune.
The Telegraph's despatch from Versailles says
the insurgents were unable to repair the damages
done their works by the Versallllsts, and will
possibly attempt the defeat of the latter by an
attack in strong force.
The Mayor of the town Issy has been arrested.
Floguet was arrested while on his way to
Bordeaux, and was imprisoned.
Illness of the Emperor.
Berlin, May 11 Emperor Wiiliam is 6lightly
Spanish Fluauclal Scheme.
Madkid, May 11. The Constitutional Con
gress will meet to-morrow, and Moret will on
Saturday submit a statement embodying a com
plete financial scheme, which provides for a
great saving in the expenditures of the various
departments of the Government,
i Buenos Ayreb, April 14, via London, May 12.
Business is entirely suspended and the city to
a great extent deserted. The Custom House
and all the banks are closed.
Ravages of Yellow Fever
continue and apparently only cease for want of
Death of an Eminent Savau.
London, May 12. Sir John Frederick Wil
liam Ilerschel, only son of the great astronomer,
himself an astronomer of world-wide repute,
died this morning, aged 73.
The Fighting at Paris.
Versailles, May 12. The Government bat
teries maintain a terriflc fire upon the ram
parts of Paris and the fortifications still held
by the insurgents. .
This Morning's Quotations.
Liverpool. May 1310-30 A. M. Cotton quiet and
steady; uplands, 7d. ; Orleans, Td. Sales of to
day estimated at fully 10,000 bales. The sales or
the week have been 78,000 bales, of which 13,000
were for export and 10,000 for speculation. Stock,
9C8.000 bales ; American, 692,000 bales. Receipts or
the week, 48,000 bales: American, 132,000 ; actual
export, 22,000 bales. Bales or cotton on ship named
at Charleston or Savanuah, 7Jd. for middling; do.
at New Orleans at 1 Jd.
London, May 1211-80 A. M. Consols 63 for
money and account. American securities firm. U.
S. 6-S0S Of 18C2, 90 ; Of 18C5, Old, 90 V ; Of 1867, 92 ;
10-408, 89. "
This Afternoon's Quotations.
London, May 121-30 P. M. American securities
nniet and steady.
7 Liverpool, May 12 1 80 P. M. Receipts of wheat
or three davs, 15,000 quarters; American, 10,000.
Flour, 27s. Corn, 84s for new. Pork declining.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Southern Baptist Convention.
St. Louis, May 12. The Southern Baptist
Convention met yesterday in the Third Baptist
Church, several hundred delegates, representing
the Southern States, being present. The pro
ceedings consisted of an address of welcome by
Rev. W. Pope Yeoman, pastor of the Bapti9t
Church of this city, and the reading of reports
of foreign, domestic, and Indian commissions.
Mr. Tarnell, of Georgia, was re-elected Presi
dent, and . Calvin Williams and Truman 8.
Sumner Secretaries.
Mr. Williams, of the Theological Seminary of
Greenville, S. C, delivered the sermon.
Important Suit.
During the term of Thomas C. Fletcher as
Governor of this State, he employed General
John B. Gray to prosecute the claim of the
State against the General Government for
money expended In raising and equipping troops
for service during the Rebellion. General Gray
collected over six million dollars from the
Government, and retained one and oae
balf per cent, as a fee for his services,
amounting to 193,52(1. Daring Governor
McClurg's term Attorney-General Wlngate
sued General Gray to recover this amount, on
the ground that Governor Fletcher had no legal
right to employ such agent, and, If he had, that
General Gray bad no authority to detain money
belonging to the State as his fee. The case came
up in the Circuit Court yesterday before Judge
Lindy, and under Instructions from the Court
the Jury returned a verdict for the State for the
full amount claimed, with interest, making in
all 1113,157. An appeal to the Supreme Court
J! ill probably be, Jakea,
The Hon Committee Agrees to Report the
Bill to Abolish Jthe Publio Buildings
CommlMlou Negatively.
Sptcial Despatch to the Evening TelegraoK
IIarrisburg, May 12. The Committee ot
Municipal Corporations held a meeting last
evening, and agreed to report negatively on the
bill abolishing the Public Buildings Commission.
Mr. Harvey moved to strike out all after the
enacting clause and insert the following: That
the act approved the fifth day of August, A. D.
1870, entitled An Act to provide for the erection
of all the public buildings required to accom
modate the courts, and for all municipal pur
poses in the city of Philadelphia, etc , shall be
suspended ia its operation for not less than six
months from the date hereof, and that at the
next general election the legally qualified voters
of the city of Philadelphia shall vote on the
question of retaining said commission in
oillce, and at the said election the
county commissioners of said city shall provide
ballots inscribed on the outside, "Public Build
ings Commission," and inside, "ior the commis
sion" and "against the commission" respect
ively; and when the said votes are legally
counted, if it shall appear that a majority of
votes have been voted for the commission, then
the said commission shall be continued, and
may proceed to erect public buildings a? pro
vided for in said act; and if the majority of
votes so voted as aforesaid shall
be against the commission, then the
said commission shall be abolished, and there
upon cease to exercise the oillce and powers
conferred upon it by the act to which this is a
supplement, and any other commission hereto
fore created for the erection of public buildings
In said city is hereby abolished.
Seetion 2, That the Councils of the said
city of Philadelphia shall by appropriation pro
vide for the payment of all iust and lawful ex
penses heretofore incurred by the commission
created by the act to which this is a supplement,
and the said Councils shall within one year
from the date of the declaration of said election,
in case it shall be against the commission, pro
ceed to provide suitable buildings for the Su
preme Court and the courts of the city and
county of Philadelphia, and for the public offices
of the said city and county, provided that no
loan shall be created for such purpose, but all
expenses created for the erection and construc
tion of said buildings shall be provided for by
current taxation. This amendment of Harvey's
M as lost by a vote of 8 ayes to 10 noes.
The same proposition made in the Senate by
Mr. Nagle was submitted by Mr. Miller to the
committee, but as it was not accepted by the
parties who were urging the bill, it was with
drawn without a vote.
I A motion was then made by Mr. Quigley to
report the Senate bill negatively, which was
agreed to by a vote of 14 to 3. Those voting
in favor of the btll were Harvey, White, and
Miller. Those voting to report the bill nega
tively were Messrs. Parsons, Duffy, Wiley,
Dumbell, Walker, Hagar, Lamon, Mooney,
McGowan, Thompson, (Julgley, Meek, Griffiths,
and Albright. Absent or not voting, Messrs.
Fieeger, Starr, Johnson. It is said that a taw
bill will be Introduced.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Terms Rejected by the Miners.
Scran ton, May 12 The miners have rejected !
the Tproposltion of President Dickson, of the
Delaware and Hudson Coal Company 93 cents
per diamond car until Jane 1 and immediate
bt associated press.
Exclusively to Tha Evening Telegraph.
The International Yacht Race.
New York, May 12. Franklin Osgood's new
yacht Columbia will sail in a fortnight for Eng
land, to participate in the great international
race. . . , , , ' ' ,
Six Months Imprisonment for Murder.
Dorrls Deekman, of Dutchkllls, L. I., indicted
for murdering her daughter by starvation, was
yesterday allowed to plead guilty of man
slaughter in the fourth degree, and was sen
tenced to six months imprisonment.
The Wife of Ex-Collector Bailcjr
lately joined him at Montevideo, and now shares
his exile.
The Macc-Coburn Affair.
Buffalo, May 12. The Mace-Coburn fight is
postponed to Friday, J une 2, at Kansas City.
Coburn's gaDg will be here at 2 o'clock this
Ship News.
New York, May 12. Arrived, steamers Lafa
yette, from Havre, and Queen, from Liverpool.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph, ' J
Desperate Fight with Outlaws.
San Francisco, May 12 On the 10th Inst.,
Sheriffs Morse, of Contra Costa, and Harris, of
Monterey, "corralled" a party of Spaniards in
the Pacheco Mountains, east of Gllroy. One of
the Spaniards, named Juan Sota, was of the
party that murdered three Frenchmen in Suscal
valley; another is charged with having com
mitted a murder in Santa Cruz county. A
desperate fight ensued, Sota firing five times,
hitting Morse several times. Morse shot Sota
dead and captured his companions.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Fire at New Brunswick.
New York, May 12. N. II. Dudley & Co.'s
pickle and fruit preserving establishment, at
East New Brunswick, N. J., was burned by an
incendiary fire last night. Loss, $30,000.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Government Weather Report.
War Department, office of the Chief Signal
Officer, Washington, May 1210-80 A. M. Synop
sis for the past twenty-four hours: Stations west
of the Mississippi have not yet been heard from.
The barometer has fallen greatly from the Upper
Mississippi eastward to the Atlantic, and clear
weather and light winds continue to prevail
throughout that region, but the temperature has
risen decidedly since mlduight. The clouds have
continued from the Lower Misslislppl eastward to
the Atlantic about as on Thursday inornlnjr, but It
is now clearing away west ot Alabama. The low
pressure central on Thursday morning la Uaper
Florida has moved slowly northeastward into East
ern Georgia. Very heavy rains have fallen at Key
West and In North and South Carolina, but these
are now confined to Worth Carolina. is probable that the rain In
Carolina will extend slowly to the Middle Atlantic
coat, and that the clear weather on the lakes and
B the Eastern States will t succeeded by clouds
ibis eveuliig. Partially cloudy and clearing weather
it probable fur the Lower Mississippi.
Chicago Flour and Wheat Market,
Special Despatch to The Evening TeUgrapK
Chicago, May 12 -8 A. M. Wheat dull and
lower; No. 8, l-S8kl-wtf, caub and seller last half;
tlKSlitsii seller Juue. Corn dull; 64 V4Ku. seller
Maj;Ma, seller June; 660. seller Ja'.y.
Xtcipt: Sf'ip'U.1 iUeeipU. ShipV;
Flour, bbls. 8,000 c.uoo Oats, bus.... 2S,ooo 87, 000
W lie at, bus. IO.ouO 111,000 Kye, bus .... ,ihh) 34,000
Consideration by the Senate.
The Naval School Examination.
Later from Europe.
Rebellion's Last Ditch.
Afternoon Cable Quotations.
Tho DXacd-Uoburn Affair,
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc. Etc., Etc
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Victories Claimed by the Communists.
Paris. Way 12 The Communists claim vie-
tones ana eny me reports 01 successes for the
Versaillists. Fort Vanvres was retaken by tho
Communists at the point of the bayonet.
mere was a
Desperate Encasement
around Issy, and the Communists claim to have
recaptured tne rarK 01 issy.
The Versaillists are cutting trenches in front
of the Maillot gate and
Concentrating Troons
in the Bols de Boulogne. There waj a 6harp
fusillade about Fort Bicetre to-day.
ictor bchoelcher has been arrested.
London, May 12. The Utamlard of thin
evening has a despatch asserting that the
. oiiimttnlHt Forees are only 13,000 Strong,
and that the Versailles army could go into
Paris to-day If it would.
Afternoon Quotations.
T.i.ntRpnm.. Mm la a-an P f f nttnn t,b
sea, 839,000 bales, or which 210,008 are American.
Markets at Manchester quiet.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Coburn to Site for Ills Stake.
Erie, May 13. It is reDorted that Cnbnm
will not go to Kansas City, the place appointed
for a renewal of the fight with Mace, and win
sue the stakeholder for the recovery of his
HAIRIRBURO. Ma 12. Tha following inaatu. wr.m
Ocived from tbn Goveraor:
KXECuTrv UHAMHBB.May 13, 1871. To the Senate and
Houit) ot KeoreaetitatiT.a Gentleman: Th i' .
Urge poition ot the ciUr.ens of the border counties of tha
Suite, for extraordinary lotne. arising from the late war
demand the disuaesionate and aerimia annnirlnrnHm
the Legislature, and it Is but jast to s people who have
been called uuoa to bear unequal burden, in our national
delivr ranee that thej should have the fullest exerclae of
the sovereign power of the Commonwealth to MnttrA ilia.
rt B'itution from the General Uovnrnmnnt. Mmt r .h...
losses were suffered, because the State, m discharging the
luii iubqiui. ui ucr umjr in maintaining: ireo government
patriotically and promptly transferred herowndefen
its . u'bi vu BiTeuguien tne mattered.
i cuci.i.nuiei,i.auui ciur.oua tuereoy suuered lor the
general welfare, leaving all abstract nrinninlo. unt.
view, justice and fair dealing demand that proper restita-
and it is due to the claimants that tha rcrmit ir. ..l J
such action in the matter aa will aecura a mit.
adjudication of the losses, and clothe the officers of the
State with the amplest power and authority to enforce
their payment. While justice should be secured to all oar
citizens, the people of Gbainbersbnrg have been almost
utterly crushed in their bnsiness operations, and their
la'.nre. "
The blow struck at Ohambersburg was a wound inflicted
upon the Commonwealth, and it should be the pride as
well aa Ike pleasure of every patriotic citizen to sanction
sncb action aa will aeoure reasonable restitution to the
citi.tnsof that ill-fated town, aa well sa to others who suf
fered. I earnestly recommend that the Legislature In its
wisdom shall adopt such measures aa will provide tha ne
cessary means for adjudicating these claims, and pressing
thrm on the National Government tt an early sad just
settlement, should the Legislature approve this sugges
tion, it will afford me great pleasure to do everything in
my power aa Kiecutive of the State to effect the desired
re.ult. Andlsupgest that it might be well to invoke
the aid also of our Senators and Kepreeeatativea in Con
gress. JOUN W. GEARY.
Mr. Oonnell Introduced a bill supplementary to the
Publio Buddings act of August, It provides that
the act of August 6, 17V, shall be suspended in ita
operation from the date hereof, and that at the next
general election the voters of Philadelphia shall v.te on
the question of retaining the oommissioa, and at the
same election the County Commissioners of
the city shall provide ballots inscribed ou
the outside "Publio Buildings Commission
and Inside "For the commission" and "Against the com
mission" respectively ; and if it shall be found on oounting
the votes that a majority have voted for the commission
the commission shall be continued, but if a majority
against then the commission shall not exeroise any of its
powers, until further action ia taken by the Legislature
and any other commission heretofore ereated for the
erection of public buildings in said city is abolished.
The second section requires that City Councils shall by
appropriation provide for the payment of all just and law
ful expenses heretofore incurred by the Commission - and
the Councils shall within one year from the date of' the
declaration of said election, in osse it shall be against the
commission, proceed to provide suitable buildings for the
Supreme Court and the courts of tne city and ceanty. sad
for the public officers of the said city ana oounty.
The General Appropriation bill was considered.
The provision for the salary of the Superintendent of the
Soldiers' Orphans' Department and vlerks was stricken
out. slid a substitute inserted, transferring all thedutiaa
of the superintendent to tha Superintendent of Common
Schools, who is authorized to employ two more clerks at
fourteen hundred dollars each, provide 1 that he shall
rirst give bonds in twenty thousand dollars for the per
formance of his duties aa Superintendent of Soldiers'
For the addition to his duties he shall receive twelve
hundred and fifty dollars a year in addition to his present
The item in regard to the publication of the legislative
proceedings was amended so aa to allow the preaeo' losn
tractors to go on with it next session until a new contract
is made.
'1 he price for widening the Journal was raised from two
hundred dollars to three hundred dollars.
The pay of the Coiiimissioners to Revise the Civil Code
wss raised from f 5WK) to trJOUO for David Derrickson. and
$6600 to W. MoOlay Hull. ,,Da
A message wsa received from the Governor appointing
Willi. in 11. Jessup. of Susquehanna, as Major L neral of
the Katiunal Guards. Adjourned,
The House met at 10 o'clock A. M
Mr. Woolever moved s reoonsiderstion of the vote yea
terday, by which the bill required dealera in coal oil to
apply Dr. lieiner's test under a tine of titty dollars.
Tha motion, after debate, waa agreed to.
A message from the Governor was received urging dis
passionate and serious consideration of border county
raid claims, to have tbem preyed upon the General Gov
ei nraent. Adjourned till 8 P. M.
Mr. Duffy moved to amend by aubstituting that it shall
not be lawful for any manufacturer, merchant, or dealer
in ooal oil or tluid, to sell or oaute to be sold any coal
oil or fluid which shall be in whole or part made of the
f roduota of petroleum, which by test shall not be less
han one hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit, the same to
be determined by some well dadoed in.trumaut, under
penalty of bfty dollars, one-half to go to the informer, the
other ball to county Lost.
Mr. btoue moved its recommittal. Agreed to yeas 46,
nays 43.
The tollowing reports were made from committees favor
ably Senate Dill relating to unclaimed deposits in sav
ings banks. Also favorably, Senate bill pay mg damages
lor military use of Jones' Hotel properly.
Also favorably Senate bill releasing religious, educa
tional, and charitable inetiluUuoa fruui collateral inhe
rilaoce tax.
A lso as originating ia committee, bill favoring Council
of Ham. burg to make an appropriation to defray the ex
peaaesef Andrew Johnson an J General Graut, who were
aiteaded the hospitalities oi tua city in lboo at the Bolton
Exclusive to The Evening Telegraph,
Naval School Visiters.
Washington, My 12 The Nary Depart
ment has ordered the following board of visi
tors to attend the annual examination of the
Naval School at Annapolis, Md.: President of
the Board, VIce-Admlral 8tephen C. Rowan.
Members Commodore J. J. A'my, Medical In
spector iT. Wcour, Pay Inspector A. H. Gl!
nsan, and Chief Engiceer Stephen D. Hlbbert.
Sargeon Kindlebarger is detached from the
Navy Rendezvous at Saa Francisco and ordered
to the Wachusctl; Assistant 8urgeon William
G. Dixon, from the Naval Hospital at Philadel
phia, and ordered to the Wachusett.
Consideration of the Treaty.
The Committee on Foreign Relations held an
adjourned meeting at 10 o'clock to-day, con
tinuing until noon. Assistant Secretary of State
Davis was again before thera to furnish expia
tions of the treaty.
The Senate
met at 12. Directly after prayer and the reading
of the journal of Wednesday, on motion of Mr.
Cameron the Senate went Into executive
Official Copies of the Treaty.
The oiUcers of the Senate this morning confl
dentialiy distributed among the hitaerto unsnp
plied members of that body the officially-printed
copies of the treaty.
The Publication of the Treaty The Sen
ate Indignant.
Washington, May 12. In the Senate atten
tlon was called to the premature publication of
tne treaty, and there was a spirited debate on
that subject. An investigation has been or
Mr. Cameron stated that the Committee on
Foreign Relations would not bo ready to report
tne treaty till .Monday at 11 o'clock.
The committee to Investigate the premature
publication of the treaty consists of Messrs
Carpenter, Conkllng, Trumbull, Davis of Ken
tucky, and Sumner. Much Indignation was ex
pressed by 6ome of the Senators at what they
considered a violation of the privileges of the
Nominal ion Confirmed.
The Senate confirmed the nomination of Max'
well Woodhull, of the District of Columbia, as
Assistant Secretary of Legation at London, In
place of W imam Cneseborough, declined.
The Senate Adjourned
till Monday at 11 o clock.
Exclusively to The Evening Telegraph.
Interesting Land Case. '
Chicago, May 12 At Desmolnes, Iowa, yes
terday, in the United States Court, the case of
Striker against Miller was disposed of. It in
volved the title to and possession of the so-called
Desmolnes river lands. Miller was an occupant
01 some oi tnesc lands adjudged to belong to the
Desmolnes Navigation Company. Last winter
ne was forcibly ejected by the United States
Marsnal, and bis home destroyed. He was
brought before the Court yesterday and fined
$500 for contempt of Court. It was ordered,
however, that should he surrender the land
within twenty days the fine was to be remitted,
otherwise he was to be Imprisoned until pay
ment. The decision is of great Importance, as
there are several hundred persons whose cases
are Identical with Miller's.
Still Another Connection for the Pennsyl
vania Central.
Toledo, May 11 The Trustees of the To
ledo Railroad have signed a contract under
which the road will be built from this city, via
Tiffin, to Mansfield, where it will connect with
and form part of the line of the Pennsylvania
Central Koad, which company iron, stock, and
run it. The work will be completed within
eighteen months.
Reformed Church Synod. ' '
Cincinnati, May 121 The Synod of the Re
formed Church, embracing delegates from Ohio,
Illinois, Kentucky, and other States, will con
vene at Fairfield, Greene county, Ohio, May 17.
maAL iiJTHLLianrioa.
- Case of Lunacy.
Court of Common Pleas Judge Pierce,
On motion of James W. M. Newlln. Esq.. six of
the jurors In the pending Grlil'en vs. Urlilen divorce
case, were impanelled as an inquest In the matter
of Walter Booth, an alleged lunatlo, on the applica
tion of tils wife. The jury found Booth to be a lunatlo
without lucid Intervals. The proceedings were In
terrupted by the lunatic from time to time, calling
upon the witnesses to tell the truth and take care of
their spiritual aflalrs. When the Jurors were signing
their names to the Inquisition, the lunatlo requested
the court to have all the names in the I'nlted States
rubbed out, and finally had to be removed by his
civil cases.
Divtrict Court, No. 1 Judge Hare.
Springer vs. Avondale. An action to recover
mesne profits of premises In South Fourth street
(not. itroaa tireer, as inadvertently stated yester
day). Verdict for plaintiff, 73.
District Court, No. 8 Judge Lynd.
In the case of White vs. McCollum et al.. an action
to recover damages for Injuries sustained in falling
tnrougn an open com miet ia irons or defendants
place of business, before reported, the jury rendered
a verdict for Plaintiff for 1300, as to all the defendants.
except JonnW. Clarkson, as to whom the verdict
waa lor the defendant.
Charge of Fraud.
Court of Quarter Sessions Judge FinUtter,
This mornlnz's session of this Court was taken ub
with the trial of Joseph Hoey upon the charge of
obtaining goods from Wm. A. Barret by means of
false pretenses. The allegation was that he ob
tained credit upon the statement that he owned four
houses in the city, and bad in his store goods worth
1 3(4)0, which was not true. The defense answered
that this was an honest mistake, and was subse
quently con ected. On trial.
EvzHUiO Tblbqbapb OrrtoaU
Friday, Ha 12. 1H7L i
Notwithstanding the flurry among the specu
lators In stocks aud the demand tor call loans,
the offerings are largely in excess of the wants
of borrowers, and heavy balances are lying idle.
This is not an agreeable feature of the market
to bank corporations, as n is lmeiy w
the next dividend if the present dullness should
continue, as it now promises, during the sum
mer. The banks are offering currency on call
and time at equal rates, which sufficiently indi
cates the view taken of the future status of the
market. We quote at 5a'6 per cent, on collate
rals and good mercantile paper.
Gold IS aall, as Uuai, uu at
without a siDgle fluctuation so far.
Government bonds move slowly, and prices
are the same as at the close last night.
Al the Stock Boara tnere was a diminished
business, but prices vary but little. Bales of
Btate war ioaa a iui, vuy oe, new uonas, at
103; and Lehigh gold loan at 91 )
Heading Kailroad was steady at about 57;
Pennsylvania sold at 61Xi Lehigh Valley at 0J;
OIl C,e,k ..D. AUcghcny at 53; and Little
Schujklll at 45).
In Canal shares there was a lively demand
ITbZJ??1 feelU)g ln LoNgn. with sales at
In the balance of the list we notice sales of
Bank of Repabllc at 06; Manufacturers' do. at'
SOXjCentral Transportation at48K; nd Second
and Third Streets Kailroad at 60. 74 was offered
for Tenth and Eleventh Streets Railroad and
22 for Ilestonvllle.
Reported by De Haven A Bro., No. 40 S.Thlrd street.
tsiw City 6s, New.103
4S sh IJt Sch HU iku?
isooo Leh gold L... 91V
liooo do. 9iv
129000 de 91V
12000 Leu V Con ln. 98
fa: oo Pa a W L.. . .loix
liooo c ft A m 6a, sa 93x
11000 do f37i
13000 do 93V
fioooW Jersey R 78.101
fsoooPa R cones., tsv
12100 Sch N 68, 82.. 82
floooN Penna 6s... 96
80 sh Bank of Rep. 96
to ah Penna R. . . . 61 H
loOshLeh NavBt.. 85
600 do 860. SCH
200 dO 86)4
100 do 860. 86
lTshLehValR.... 62
SBhManuf Bk... so.
MshOOA A 8.. 62
26 sh Cent Trans... 46
11.SU Reading R... 56
200 do MJ-os
2000 do.... b00. 57
65Sh2d Je 8d St.. 60
10 sh Far A MBk.l23V,
1400 Sch it (am 7
ioe sh Hestenv'e.b60 M' .
100 dO Q9W
tisooocity 6s, New.. 103
110000 City 6s, Old.. .103
f 10000 PhU K 7s... 91
$1000 Pa 68. cp 102
liooo Pa R gen mt.. 95
tioooPaRisreg... sv
100 sh Cam A Am.. 128 v
200 do O30.129
11 do 129
2O0 all Readlnir R. . . bt
1000 do... .1)60. 1ST
6 sh Penna R.... eijtf
200 do 61V-
M "O s60. 61
" 'lot. 61
sooahLeh N...bao se
100 do 85!?.
HOBhLen V R.... 6i2
120 do 020.129
lHIEPRRfl. TlH TTA-rtrw Jk TtDVntrwo Vn Am a an. . .
street, Philadelphia, report the following quotations
-U. 8. 68 Of 1881, 116jVS117: do. iw Yiovaiii '
da 1864, HOXem. do. 1868, llOVaill d0.186B.
S6!1 i d0-i 18T. o7ll3X113V.' J
2V.13.UA5 10-408, 109,i(a109. D?i 80 Year
6 per cent. Currency, 116X116V; Hold, uioa
JIJMJW' l061: fonlon Pacific Railroad
1st Mort. Bonds, 93V994V; Central Pacific Hatu
SSdil5L108' Dn dGrwtBolSdS;
mksbks. William Painter & Co., No. 36 8. Third
fiI,ee,t;i?P.tlle following quotations : U. 8. 6s of
1881,n63117;. 6-908 Of 1862; HONSHU; do. 1864.
llOXeillt do. I860, 11OX01M; do., July. 1881
18e8,113ll3?i; 10.408, 109(9109,V. 'U. 8. PaVlflO
xt CuTJe1c' 118Xj116,V Gold. 1110111.
Nark & Ladnbr, Brokers, report this morning
1000 A. M 111
10-40 Ill
10-41 " Ill
12-00 M Ill
1 v v ati w w.ivs tt a .
1213 P. M.
19-14 " .
1215 .
. HI
FhlladelphlavTrade Report.
Friday, May 12. There Is a firm feeling in the
Flour market, and more demand, particularly for
good spring wheat families, though the volume of
business Is light. About 9f 0 barrels changed hands,
Including superfine at t5-255-75; extras at:i.viB6;
Wisconsin and Minnesota extra family a't I6-7oa
7-25 ; Pennsylvania do. do. at 60a-7B ; Indiana and
Ohio do. da at $JT Ts, and high grades at 38o
Rye Flour may now be quoted at J5-76a6. in corn
Meal no sales were reported. vuru
i.T.-'.i0119,0 ihe "Wneat market is strong, aM
thereto a fair demand. Sales of looo bushels In
diana red at l-69, and 4800 bushels Ohio do. at 11-61
l-67. Rye sells slowlT at II 1801-20 for Pennsyl.
n,B. Cnrn 18 inlet; sales of 1600 bushels at 77
78c. for yellow and l275c. for Western mixed, data
are steady and dull; sales of Pennsylvania and
Western at 636Sc. In Barley and Malt no salea '
were reported.
xt88?1 m tter demnd. and we notlco sales of
No. 1 Quercitron at 3o per ton.
Seeds Cloverseed moves slowly, and Is nominal
at 9c. For Timothy It is impossible to give reliable '
quotations.' Flaxseed rango trom is-Kkaa-za. '
Whiasy la flrm at 03c for Western Iron-bound.
8 I TO 1 9 P. M.......74
Sun Rrsxa 4-49 Moon Sets w9 ,
Spw Sbts T cIHioh Watkr"";!"; 8-L3
By Cable.)
London, May 12,-Shlp Agnes Camphell, at Sliiro
rrRm..MSirevP.ort,,,anlaKe in mcs 80
SteamShlDS Vlrinnla. Itnrnn. rr ? .
arrived out. ' "OJa
Also, mall steamer Tamar, from' Aspln wall. .
8tAttCo!r TaCOny' Nlch?ls NwYork, W.M.Balrd
Steamer S. F. Phelps, Brown, New York. . da
Burner Ann Kllza, Richards, New York, W. p' Clyde
B&nJLMa8Wortl1' sackford, Port Spain,
Tug Joe Johnson, ingraham, Baltimore, with a tow
of hHro-ps W. P "'1rt fin . " m WIT
Tug Fairy Queen. Wilson, Baltimore, with a tow
i of barges, W. P. Clyde A Co. wua row
Steamer Bristol, Wallace, 24 hours from New Tort
with mdse. to W. P. Clyde A Co. "vmr,ew or
N. G. bark Victoria, Plessentem, 197 days from
Yetst, with wool to J. A J. Dobson-veaiel to L.
Westergaard & Co. The Victoria was ashore on Pea
Patch, but cane off without damage.
Br. barkentme John Williamson, Young. 65 dava
from Messina, with fruit and brimstone to Isaac
Jeanes A Co vessel to L. Westergaard A Co.
ocur Aaaie uyerson, uoughton, 12 days from St.
Andrews, N. B., with Iron, etc., to Morris, Wheeler
Schr Tantamount. Davis, 8 days from Calais, Me..
with lnrha iml nliLol. t T u; v
...... , v. .o iw v. tt . Kxnmn ui a ijUuq '
vessel to LeBnox A Burgess.
racnr jonn is. Merrill, wicks, from New Yorr, with
salt to Wm. Bumm A Son.
SchrT. E. French, Doughty, front Leaehville, N.
C, with shlDgles to II. Oroskey A Co,
Schr Harvester, Russell, from ltappahannock
Rivtr, with ties.
Schr John 1 anr. Ktrai). from Chontsnfc T?tcr -
with spokes.
ocnr Adeline u., uarnsie, irom .y orris River,
with iron,
Schr D. & E. Keller, Kelley, from Maiden, with
Schr Mary and Caroline, Fowler, 1 day Irom Lip
Sic, Del.
Scbr George II. Bent. Smith, from Boston.
Schr C. E. Jackson, Baocock, from Wareham.
Tug Fairy Queen, Wilson, from Baltimore, with
8 low oi oarges 10 v. r. ijuu ot m.
Tug Joe Johnson, iDgraham, from Baltimore, with
a tew of barges to W. P. Clyde A Co.
mnmrPTirta TalTaMrtn A II ATI. fmTTI A-Tlrastlk
with s tow barges to W. P. Clyde A Ca
n.. .v. 1, . uavHhAT.. frrim
with a tow of barges to w. P. Clyde A Ca
Steamer Yazoo. C atharine, from New Orleans Tnr
Philadelphia, sailed from Havana 6 P. M. loth Inst.
Correepondenee The Evening Telegraph.
New VOKK Or KICK. MaV 11 11 bartrns Irava Iii
tow to-night, for BiHtmore, light.
James aicaisuou, wun iron, lor rnuaoeipnia.
Ella Ssjlor. with marble, da
Baltimore Bbanch Officb. May 11. The follow.
log barges leave In tow to-night, eastward:
T. Skinner, W. B. Shaw, W. H. Talmape, L New.
kumet, Flying Fish, Camilla, and B. Mo Williams, all
with coal, for New York.
lionesi Aie, wun coal, lor Bridge ton.
The tow reported as having left last eveninsr did
not leave until this morning.
I'uiLADKi.i'liu Brakcu Okficb, May 12. M'etther.
May 11 Wind hauled South, fresh, 5 P. M ; 6 P.
m wina nauiea to e. w. Barometer: io r. !.,
barometer, so 6-40, cloudless sky. 4 A. M., barometer
receded to 89 2 20: a beautiful momenta May):
little smoky. U S. U.
Bpeciat Despatch to The Evening Telegraph.
UAVRB-bB-UaACB, May 14. The foil wing boats
leave in ww wuj :
I). B ciough aud Lizzie, with lumber to Patter,
son & LlppUicott.
l't-Busylvanla Coal Co., No. 8, with Amber to Tay
lor A Betts.
Pennsylvania coal to., mo, 4, vita lumber, for
Wilmington, Del.
Frieudahip, wun coal to j. u. v hue a son.
Nannie and Maggie, with lumber to Hays & Ellis.
1-tizle, with grala ta Honman A Kenaedy.
Carrie, with lumber to Craig A Blauchuxd.
J. Richardson, with coal to order. J. H.