The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 30, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 1

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Additional Particulars of tlio
Evacuation and CVcupa
. tion of Huvann h.
The Gunboats "S.-.mprou" ..nd
n" Capturn.1.
Salntction of tin "Savav.nah Loyal
Georgian." '
Pavikmah, Gb , rccemhcr 2'i. 1 ho annoum e
wu.t of 1 lie evacuation of this ti.y by General
Hauler am its occupation by General Sherman's
forces las al.iady bien made. Tin; great crown
li g uci ess nf General Sherman's second grtiud
tnii.l uljin was ntnrni d on Tuesday lat, the 2"th
inrtuM, with little loss uf blood. Preparations
bud I cc n n.ailo to bridge tho dykt la front of
a porth n of the enemy's works, and to make an
assault on Tuesday mid Wednesday on Ills In
trenchnicnts. '1 le line wua to have been assailed
along Ite intire lergtb, and no nn doubled its
tnctcaa at several important points.
1 he rotitemi lati d movement I" ime known to
Harder, Ihn uuh his apca In our . amps, und lie
in.mtduti ly t. ok measures to cv i unto the city,
ami remove ns gn at a part of Ins monitions as
bis limited ir:ins(.orta'iuti perini tr I. Un Miiu
Jay ntternoon he m ired our hues with a tretiieii
lous b .iiiilmrdiiieiit, all bin fim in our front
eu g in lull piny ai d most rapidly served. Tlio
tielia and colld shot tell intoour lines iushowera,
.out did little ournaitc. Our gene-tils Hid not ut
firm under-tan I the object of thin ixliaorilluiiry
uul healed m iiion-trati.ii.
( The Iti bcla were not In a po-i ion to risk a
Onle, and they could not cvi.-mte their lines
Itltotil being observed while d.i ! jlit remained,
'he rupin tiring sc-mul ui lie m.iinlvti expend
iimui i.iuii, and lease us littli- I- f ill imo our
land us poMiUile when Ilia place fill. It arrved
jnother purpose us well. Iifuihcd thu encony
ifitr tiatU to Uruw in all bin main force,
ut a t w artillerist at the lir-t In.-' to hold our
attention. The tiring was maiutoiicd until late
In the evening, our guns replying -lowly.
After dark Hardee threw bin ontoti b l UT)
aeroi-h the river, and lir-d sent ,.11 t ie able hodud
niK'Oiaw ho had ln.en eolloeied in the city, ove.
the bridge uii'ier nuar 1 into Sou'U C.iroliau, and
then In nn to niove hid column over.
The nihl wus exceedingly prop.iiotis lor sm h
n opcrnlion. It whs oarK and a In.tvy win I vai
blowiiiff fioin the We-t. eonv. yin? tlm .sound of
tramping feet over the ponuous aay from our
lineo. liut during mine of the lu . I- llint oc uned
(it'iieml Cienry, eoniiimudinK "ie 'M Uivisiou,
Twe ntieth Corps, the extreme I. It of our lines,
rmtinf; on the .Suviiimab river, In aid the move
niimai r. hs the bridee, but could not decide in
nbn h direction tlio troops were passing.
lie oruered bi uititlon to h ready at a
Dion.eiit'fc notice to move, and then watched tlie
trjtreBsofaft".ir. At midnight ( ncrnl (ietry
cciinie convinced in his own mind taat the
enemy wcie evacuatinR the town, a id uu.ilie l
the co.iimandiiiK Kenerul of t.10 f t. 1 he
mi DjJ ' fckirnoeu line continued u fnsilajo oil
cur piiktM, and uid not cc.ho until two
optline o'clock, when thev were druwi
in, and not many irwne ma uficr our
pii ket lire was advanecd, and, m etint; no oppo
aitii n, I'Uthcd ttill furtticr on, er iwled Ih.o i'h
the almtir, iloiiiKlercd through ton ditches, and
actumbied over the puripe'a, and found the ursi
line vti-cried. (eneral (Jeary immediately ad
sX.i.c;d hili Ui vibi 11, occupied the I ue, and p naal
on towaids the city. Thu secoinl line was found
l)iiL(lonid hk well, nnd l m r 1' ( leary, at the
btad id a small body ol'men, huined oa.
Before he bad enicrrd the citv, M lyor Arnold,
Of the city, with tour or flro of tv common ilty,
forte nr. Burn ndered the eny to H nerl
.ta; "..ueonditionully, and expp ssi d a trut 111
the n aacuniniiiy ot un hononm e foe for the
. lalety of thu livca und property of the iuhu n
timtn. Cicneral Orary uecepted the mirrofidcr uncon
ditional!, and usbuied them ill i' their hvi and
propi ri ilmu d be piotei ted 'leneral Ueary
tl en 1 n'i 11 11 iby ci'y, i!cs at 'hi' - Cap'aiu V'cale,
ct Ins Mu it . with tour bus lied men, to ttUo p is
union i f l ort .l.iei-son; and l-o an idler mein
bir ol hit stall lo llen'Tal Siornm, to Infirm nun
tl his i.ceupaitou of the town, i ho oill er who
bore ti In niensiipo bu t wmit .lc ilty in con
vitii Ini' our toloii ra mat U ury'- Divisi.m tvi in
tov 11 They wild to him : "You
Ji bmilu 1U0. The gMtie ia un
lift come that,
d oud and will
mt work.
finally, be assured them m'" ; .-ntly to irpin a
pa uge, and delivered his denp neb 10 (l.:ueral
tilur.uiu, eon jni.udiu ti.e le't 11-! of tlio arinv.
AliiKht o'e oclt a 1 the- cneu.j t works wero in
our piBeknion. C ipa n N" uie, with bi party,
look poj- enMOii of l-'or .larh"ou uiid Fort U.lrlo-v,
jakui)! about nxiy hi .ivy run- m
.ii-s c niucimn witu tfttin. I
Li'd ti e bamiflis, hut lln lire
'1 tie ct y of tiiivai.nah tui-i rh
clunhf; the var. It now wears ,
hliiO.iv iiiiit anil uleep. SI
cli m !i hihI the lil.nds to all th
aie Lu , ft' d 1.0 one aeeuis to 'm
wliere itulf ulilcc'H rniiy n ,
Mir.Q woras and
-ie eneinv h id
. .oon aumlued.
igcd hut li'tie
-ti aspect of a
inc. alorea are
private housea
t home, except
bartered, l'ue
it held .iutb hi .iiimi K to uu
if oil iho -.Iroets
rncieiind more, He ir li C In.'ii Il ium? pused
away. Al tlie cuureiics to-dtiv ft-.ire ware . 1 u 1 m
a Ml in' cr ol the out, .,!ci ' ,e pastors erc
a.i at Il.i ir rt si active desks
'liny all prayed Leartily for inn return of
.e.iie; iney remeuioi'iii im si :k uu 1 woiM'i.i.
hlicrs, and the poor, iut did no mention eit'ie
ol ihc I'lesideuta in their suppii .uioua. CJtitea
quantity ot greenbacks wo,: im the p atr.a at
the I'.te ol Ihe crvu e, a hieh w , . 1 help ttio cause
ah Be, while (ieutgi.1 JSiateiuom y einaiua wonh-
Jtriffcflier (Jeoerul Joi.n W. (i oy, comman l
I im Un 2d Uiviaion, -HtU Corp 1, hueu p a ed
in the coinmaiid of the ehy. au.l has pci ieeied
the urgan'ii'loii of Ids dep irtm ' t. The ci'r Is
dividiil iuio two diatriets, the f: urn and V st
ein, over which he bas placed a '' orost M irsh il
with a heavy guard. Colonel U7 .oil c xuma ids
enc, and Colonel Uarnum ano: 1 tr, vbo arc to
ee that order la preserved, and t perforin the
other varied auliea nei t ilntng to their out te
They are both excellent ollicers, autl jicriorm
Uicir dntlcn to tutt aimiacnou 01 an.
p d U &
w.t i. win oe received in tne i. mica re.a'cs
as a proof of the friendly iaterest taken by a con
siderable portion of the llritiah people in the pro-
(Jrneral deary ho. ba-1 (treat eTpnrien'.' nn
1 -Lift executive odi r of cllics. He as 1 mn 'he
Alenb.e i f Sim Kriinelsi o, an I mi'xi qui nt y Its
Maior. He itin tinu a '111 nltrative a il ite'-. Is
a man of great rnorgy and force of rlni'BC r.anil
neee-nlile 10 ailw homav desire to n o hi iv on
inifliiiss. He pat ently llxt-iiH to all eo u naiu's
or 1 etitioim, and adiiiinlcii justice with an ev-n
l,m d.
1 1. ere lirinrr a !ar?e nrinber of i or In tY-1 itr,
wt o have no ineaim of snpisirt. he h i- ta o'U
the i oinnii'-arv niori- he his hninl in t'l city
nnd i" p ie ed them til the d pn-al ol the M i t
ai.d Common Conned, w ho are 'o fi' fuji-i
oi-ttil'tiMoii of the s me, i-ndcr (Mtiei'it! ; .n'
xupri m-on. and v. ho .ire al-oios je ;lm tne v.i
Hoiks and water orl ,r; kept 11 :ro 1 0 ; 1 1 1 -tion.
'1 lie I' ri- 1 ii psriment remains ints an I
it nrean i I n 111 in 'lie same as '-fore, in
orih r to ii.ainnuu its Ml ieney. '1 he eiiv wa
mil rln tier governed tlnn at. pieseut. l.veiy
I ait works noon hly and h uui
It is i minuted tniu at iea-i twrmy-inu iuo;i
miiiiI i f the inha'.i'niii s reiniineil 111 til" ei v.
VeiT li w, rot coni.cetcd wi h tlm Itele l mni' 11;.'
niiil eivil mtv ice, li It tlie '-i:y. ( II I'd 's
wile n il tami y were led by him to the ten ler
HitP'K of 1 ur iirniy, w I I h (ieneral II idee his
to oitcii ilceiilie l in the d.i'kest color". II s
piaeiii e si ems to d tier mmeWMit from liiat Ins
(. !, ra! orili tu advise. 'I hey are. of course, a- al.
o In r laiuil'i s, proti etc.l in iives and pronerty.
What line of policy (ieinr.vl Micrnisn will
adcit lu relation to tlie inh iiiltants, to trade and
the goicrnmcnl of the eiiv, lias not yet licen de
velopid. There are somo delici'e qiiesti nn
invidvid tliHtvs ill ri'PMe some timo to settle.
When hill I oliry is made public I will hasten to
lay it la lore your render-..
The Cieii.moii was tne first bout to reach S.i
vncinih Willi tl e 1'ii'on II ig m t.iree ve hh ail 1 a
h .l!. and CanUilii lli-nuett ' 1h proud, us he
inirl f tlio fact, ll ! w ortliy of record .
1'. II, t mil.
fcntannnh Xfiv 4rriinl.
HHv.iiumh bad no moner been captured than
preparatmna were made 10 puoiish a le wnp i.iei .
tin the moriiiiiir of the '.lltli 1I1J llr-st nuoi-
lur ot the is.tvaiiiiith l.tiil (.'.-uriiuH 111:1 le Us .1,1
pear;iiue. T lie eouor is ('apt.un M. .Vim ners,
Assi-tant. tjuaiteiinnster I'niied .Sides Volun
teers. The iin.lto of the piper ia "It -d -cut" I,
K gi 111 rated, and P'-cnthruhcd. T'l" C111011,
it M list and Shall ho l'.ev rved." l'lie f d.o A i' g
is the ni.utu'.oiy ol the editor;
dl,l TMION.
f'n the advent of the l uinn forces into S ic in-
II. ill 101. 1 tie ir-.'..eiley tliill A.I I I'urr -I.-) l .e ettr .
o. t. iium 1111. 1. 1 t' . .'l ' t:i" ' .- l. -.l . i- ...ri' s il
1 a. li.en cutn-U :t,ii , 1 r 1 AO1 to i.nnl sti a ..iv.l nv
1-1 . tl ro.ili . lerli tl.e I ulna Hi I . n. I i.t On. .' Inr
ml iniv v. as . I - or tin- n-.nli nis o! lie- 'r
a 1 fl-i :
1 nlO'Ui'l ef " Ai 1 II V. n II t il. Il oVirr u
I .vita Uai
woinl inn s'llr ..f 1 1 1 u ft. 1 ilmiln
A r'1'in.-iy. tty nut i.ri'v uf tlio nnni.'nlant of Iho
.i.1. r liuvi. nikVn pn..i K.iiiti ul Him luuitlnif .taietsu
im nt el n.e s.vioinitli . . ci, nnd io,..isi. c.r Hi-1 .i . .!. t
tn i.-i.e .uc-n A ln el 11. imr Miry liiii.t.-il n prlct
Iti .,ic'T a oil mio-riiils II .T'iit; un. I is 11 c-ml a y
Inviti. it e cin-tao-.n ul nil I'm m tin n. 'm.Oi mi on- .run
-.11! .t. t it. t H-.lnl us 111 niiHiin.' Urn ptti'vr v.l-ia'ili.
K ,11 1 men Hi Hi' tn .11 .1. ... s of o. 1 ti rs.
It 1, lull. ei'. t. .1 tl .C 1.1 i-.iTin. -smli !'.
l-r IKV.T Ulul l"ll,,l.t 1. nil- re, I . . I In- 1. 1 1 U " A l,ll t IT tl
I .rin. 11 I. 11 ,11 . 1 i I .L.i 0 n.r tin- 1 11, 1. 11 .I - -1 . tn .
liliM I, in 11 ttr. .1... s I'. t. . iVe r V .' il H i- 11 - A
t r.!,rif'i til-' -til aixli'.oi I n is iluul. .rm -.
1 111 e.n e l.i b llu Mil"' A ' nil 1 ,11'tiit'C ' "' poi ll' i' t it i
ilnr. .ilt. W. r l re O'Cii.iv Al... i' .rii'-irn .11111111110.' t-tut r. tn a- tl." I tn.ia, anil ina ! i.ic.j -its li -any
at il .11. -ii,'i.'it.
Voe l.eli.vt 11. .11 frii,i,,m. In II. wije.t nnd
scan-. Is o e iireiii llni; .-..i.utr.m ..I tlie I 11 0 .11 trnir. an I
-It. 11I.I l,e 11 e vi l. li a ,r.l ! e. e-i trie! f, n ad tf t iu e ni't
lrv ; ami ill-linn II n nn it li wtieOcr Bxlil'iltnu tin ul
elvi's 111 1 1 f t-rnl -.1 It. ' 'I I .'I 111 'It.' S ill' tl. or Hie .1 ill inure
ol.jeell. nihil and ' iin .iiilU fl'tnl til r i;iierli.' nt'.in al On'
Nnrlli, si "idd in.- t II. e .1 lei nitiied wnii.iuu ul uv-ery
lltenu nt limioin Iv And tlifi ru.e.
W f isle U"t lie I'l'i.i'i liter, .a Aiiv etiv... l,o vfror nSiP'--iloiin
I- li.dr s"-lnin ri's ina. nn.l In-.-a. V.'.- Inll' It
iHrliillei n. -'ill Al iiraoi -uli 1 Im iTrlu."Ati'l coilusv.r
l kllnli'tM.' nr At hv ni-llt-e Alnl rt'ii. at, l. n t'l
ll.i'in mm tlir nelil noli. I d. 1.A1 111.' pou.-iu!.. A O
tioniKitl t'ti l i'iii..ri'1-.l to t.'i e xa-iiAilat-r. ,,r His t-twipt
1. 1 11 tir.t i t' li U isui.uiii.ili uti tin; lut-111 iratdA .it
1! e ti Insl.
vi. p.rerl'"' A-sil 10 emmet
tln-ns-rlTt - itli lurlm it Ai en and I11..11A111IV loivar I. a' I Us
llli lis, "II I i.-llula ir Ill lll. cltirf Mini nurAiidlni Ana A'l
."ant vl'lll'iit. tr ni -;' till, t I tlAt .111" .tf. tn are.
In tn ill..- tali, ann inntn-t. n. havt tictorrai und n 11
qw ti 1 r t t'it . I ei to 1. i'li-tl..p.)h'd 1 lilrii. win i na 1
At li.a ti.l.el'lfl bun h.'1-it ri'tllliillteil n? I aiull vu.tliu t
III. II Cl lilil t fiOOIlMlilV I HV l.l-.ll ') IK'tl'tt.
Art ny ppini lli'tt lrlt t'ld r K ndntisa ana'y,
Wf n. ill. I not I' ml "ur pan. r or our imlie'lirti 10 inn ..pi.'". -si.
n 1.1 th"M- wli'i ranuliliv illinu' I 'ira ns In upmt'in. 'Viu'.e
t-anii sllv ae.l Iti luster Aril t-nt-ruirAH 111" la "at
I nun setitllni tit Idell St" Are lilllt per sn.idetl til.ix-
1 .1 1 a hi il ill exist, in In" le-Ari. t.r ruaiiv t-illx"ia ur
Tint, bid I. a. In-ett .iippri'-tntl liy circiltustullcAl lis)
liowir'iil 11 tit-sii us.iiiut ri sii'eii
si 1 "I- 111 eminie 111 nur ' w ...... .', '.-"
1lntr..ttn tmnner In Hie I'lipnla' l.rc.'.e, And ail n'll) le-
. for 11 ii.e .inil 1. Kurd ana f.i-. nrnr our --.ill. oil ai u
mi. 1 i'huci .nit. Idilna 01 iin rs, ami tlio ltiLres4 am.i il-
trunuKc ui li e .lllt'iianf M.v.iiii.Ati.
llratlti'iHiIri-. r din onimiinillii
Traill fi .frt.rttoirlA Loyal O'l-onyiui, VefiaAer 2 1.
(ieneral Mietmun lias tin. head iiurterH ut the
l.tniae of Mr. Clmr cs lireen.
(li Howard a beiid iuirters are ut theho'ise
of Mr. Mi Iv nenx, lute llritisn Consul at tnivau-
liiih, who ;h now In Kurofe.
(iCt rra: Slocum'a hitiiil.iirters uro at the lute
icudeme of lion. John K. Ward.
(itneral (Jeary, cuiiiii ind tiit of the n .st,
I is 1 II in the Hank buildinc;, next door l t.o:
C'usti m House.
(IcariliK tin 'ruellni In the Hi
vitnaiHh Hlvt-r.
tYom the farnnnah t.ovil ticoryi'tn, Irrfnt-tr'H.
The following men-of-war are reported below,
inunged in elearin- the o'lstni 'tion-i in the river:
I'iiii tirr, Commodore Hiilsh ; U'mdieioii, Lieu
tenant Cemtiiunilitlg .1 oh moil ; and U'lioid, Idutt
tenant Coiimiiindiiig .
Aftnilrnl I.ili1vren l Niavavaitnti.
t'rtmtlu' .sfn nr. iah l.ttyal lrir,ian, -en.A.e-JI.
Admira! llah'gren arrived In our -ily yester-
iIbv by tl e 1 ni'ed h'atea aicum-'r i.nrLiintr, on a
visit to In atli'tiurtcis.
4;a-n-rHl luslrr l.ravra Nnvimunti i'ffr
I on Head.
1'iotiitlir Ftitttnnttfi I. -i'd r.V..-iifi. l-rviVi' 'J t.
Muior Oencrul ro ter arrived m llilscityon
Tliiiiadhv on tioiiul the Ktretmer r.Viuo :ifns. and
le't for II lion lleml onboard the atc.uncr !-M n
Cute nt ft 1'. M. of the a itnu day.
I'loliHtilat I'l-ilit -nltli llavriltsn'ai l'retM
Wit-niNO ion-, December -l. An arrivil !i"ri
to duy imin siavnnnali brint'a reports irom there
up to tbe aiternoon of the liith instant.
Klorts were b -ing made 'o Inter -ept H ir.lw
rcriat acnss llioad river. At the tiuix our
ii lorn ant le't In-nv ca n tloe ailing w ia heir l in
th d diree'ion, anil it waa the opinion of imli'arv
1 ll'ecra there that if lie got oil' ul all it would bu
wl li creut loss.
A heavy cavalry expedition bail gone aoiith. it
was umpoMil for t'u: purpose of llnding aid
iibir t'rg the V'nion pri-onora removed from
Two Inrps Nfat In I'lir-an-lt nt l-tr4ler
ll.nvj lirliiK oiat Hie tilllli MiimsIIIuii
IIihI live Iteh-A averts m vr rtnavcii,
W AAiiiM-toN, ThursdaT. Dflcember 'JO. One
of Sberm. oi's hiou h, a uriva'e In the l.n.'i I"-va.
who received a tin lough for valua'ilu aervieus
during tbe great march, arrived at liiltlmore
l"-d:iv. He Mali a that when he left S ivaunih ,m
ti e afternoon of the Ji'b, bavr citmonidin
was heard In the direction of llioad river. It was
the impression at iiartera wh o the boat
If It, that Ilardce'a force bad been o.ertakonhv
ihetroona despatched by (ieneral Sherman in
pursuit, and that a battle was lr progrcsa. The
caniionadiug waa very heavy. Two corps were
id pursuit 01 liaruec.
Statu or Taitvioaaiiia To-da v. Six A. LI.,
29. Koon, 3G.J. 1 V. 38. Wind. W.
are di fici ut by this number. Kvery other dis
trict in the Sute is out of the draft. The record
lllILAI)KI,rinA,VUH)AV, I)lCKMliKU:5(), 1S!,1.
Till KB Kill TION
' il MIH
of tlie F.tcair.rr
Anu-rkn," fro.n New Orloans?.
Coli'iiel Spiuiili rs nnd Licutonant
CoIolcI Horn Auiong the Lost.
sin-i. rr.r.sis hkj: oit.
All the Lady PasscnKora Savod.
N w Voiik, Deci mbi r 3d. The Btcamer .l-u.;i
has i.i i v. d. Ikr o!l:i era icport that last tr.-h
. :,i li ii in w i;h, oil llart.or, the bar. n il v
. Sil't, i f l'i riluti'l. ar.l took from h. r I ip'. nn
y utahman, of the suamer V,
.1 neri J, winch
lotitidirtd ut sin, end l..ny
cvcu of his olllcc'rs
pnsM'nf rs, and crew.
'lhc .Vorfi .bieri.a lift New Ot'e.ini on the
Kith of Pecemiier, with 2 Iti soldiers, 12 cabin
pu-ei '-rs, nnd a crew of 4 I men. Shi! s,irun
a leak on the -t.d.antl.-u 2 1'. M. Hio've ihe b .i.pu
..ury .'. Srl'i, wticll piollll-ed to stay all 1 le
iilve everybody aboard, if necessary.
At 2 ill! I". M. the w.itcr put the li es out. The
I, ouo ivtre got ictdy, ami ut P'lO atarted lie first
l out, with the lii.-t ei gmecr and a'l the la ly
p.issrners. bix li. ut-lo.uls were got ah;arl.
The a. venth -load led. ut liiuk.Wit.i l'dfsLT
1'cllitt and tight men, who ate supposed lost, as
they never rtachtd the bar idc. The eig'itli an I
lat boat, with the capia.u, lirut atid soeond .nil
cers, and eittht iiien, left the .'..-(A Amrrira at
7 30 I. M., und lit istt d nlnnird tlio luivpiu at
tl I'. M., being lmio.ssii)l'j to rctura to the steamer
(hut U'ftht.
The lianUO iiimle Mil! and pro ce led towan'.s
the stc.ilner, her lights all n si,s;!it, di-t it I in I
MX iii I let. About one A. M. tlie lights sudd uly
disappeared, and the steamer, it is supposed,
sunk. At daylight nothing was in -ignt hut sodie
water raaka. .Made a.dl and crti.scdur.nnd iintt!
noon, whi n the b-rijue pro 'c.'de.l o i he' cru so.
Sixty -two persons wore saved, and one li'indrt'l
and ninety -seven loit. Among llie lost were
Colone. Kauudera und Lieu'eiuint C iloucl linn.
Tho rollowinit were eaved a'ld brotiil.t here by
iho Aragn: Mis. K. Hanoin, of the,
tianitary Conimis-ion, Miss Millie Flower, Miss
Mary (ieaiy, Mrs. .loh a S clsiith: Jaae Weinh,
Siewatdcsa; Cap ain J. W. Mctirnth, Uui'cd
Slates Colored Iufmr.ry ; J. M. Wilson, lli-pit il
Mtewnrd Ini.ed Slates Army; W. 1'. Diusuiore,
Cnited Stitcs Navy; K. W. McClmtock, Unite 1
Kutes avy ; l'riva.c.s J. W. Stewart. Thumas T.
Poster, John H. Siui U, Ilirum Wilson, Allred C.
Dorr, Willis I'nkaly, l-'.dwartl Van (Jicesoti,
Marion J. Urown, jobn Shopitid, Uaily Law,
l ruiicis Wianar, John (1. Culioti, Charles 11. d-
cox, Cornelius lleynolds, and forty-two odiccra
und ciew of tho . jIA Amtrua,
npltvlii M anhuiaii'a Kirt.
Ni.vv Yoiik, December 30 1'he et'eitnshlp
Aitfjo, wbicn anived at twoo'clock this morui.ijj
Ik.ui l'til Hojul, unnijs tho loiiowiag al
ni a .
Hrportofthe Vnitctl St ites tran port Arm)n,
Ileiuy A. Uadadeii, Cotuminder, from I'ori
lioval, l)eceinher2(i, via l'ortrjs.s Monroe, irrived
at id 1'. M., December Ti, II IdUie tl ir ) ir,
till in with taii'ic Mury E. l.ihhj, ol rortland,
autl took from her Captain M.iraauiAti, ol lUd
k iainer Stnli .Imerieu, lourdere.l al aea, an I
f. riy-.'cvcn of his ollli'trs, p issengers, and . roT.
Caida n MatsMiiun's aia'euiciil la auly iln -d.
Kitrt of ateatiiship .VrA rli'ri. a, of I'liil i
deiptna, Ir in New (Jrhaua to iiew Vora, C. V., Master :
Lift New Or eana on the lth of Da'em'ior,
1m;4, aid H. W. l'at-a on the lsth, haviug neeu
iielamid by ft g. Had on board 2 id a'ea so dlors,
12 cabin passcngera, and a crew of 41 men.
I n in the time of leaving tue bar until the Win,
not n, hud lino, pieas.nn wealln r; al 4 I'. M. of
that day loiumeiiecd blowing heavy fro n the
K. S. W., wiiti a heavy sea ruiiiii.ig; Vessel lab ir
iug ami attain. UK Ritatly. 2st,a eo'itinu ince of
lie M uie weulhrr. '.2d, fllM part ol tile day,
weathtr inmlera imt ; ai uoou t)ee'n blj.u',
lltavy Kea getting up. , . , , , ,,
'1 lc engineer repotted the slap leaking badly;
1 1. 11. he tepurlcd the w iter gai ung; cbanirnl
our course lo the we twaid ; loon, oil the lore
hatcl t-a and dinovend the water ruuumg in tor
wur.i ; cut uwhv the ceiling to try to stop it, but
ctui.d not; put blankets uud a sad over tho how,
but ml to no puipose; wuter gaming cry fiai.
Al2 1'. M. a ve-sel bove lu uglu bore aw iy
lur her und hoioted our colors, Union d tii,
we being at ihe time lulill'ude lil lil.N., lougi
tuoe Tts-ld W. At 2 l.i 1' M. apokc the birtpia
.4ii7 1.. I. ihhi. Cm tain Li'iby, trmn fardi iim
K'U'.o), lor rortluud. Informed Cipuiiii l.oiby
ol i nr aiiiiati' n. He n pi ed he Would ruiuaiu by
un and take all on bo.iid, il mc -inary.
At 2 tlU I'. M., the lUstmeer reported lb', tin
wuitr haH put the lilt's out. limed tho lnr. i ,
and itilu ( i pta.u l.iobv of ir. Ite ttu-ii hive Ina
iditp lo, iilul prepaied u receive our pe iilo o:i
la uid, nt the tune we had four fe tof water n
ti e lo il ; ciiiiiiiicnct d clear. ug avvav the hoi.;
ai II .1(1 I'. M atarted the llrst noat, with lhr chief
ei ginecr lu charge, atid all lliu latlr p nscners ;
we got fix hoal-ioans ou hoard of Ihe baopie,
Ihn MVititii boul lili at dirk, ontainnu' o ir
iiuiai r (Mr. C. IVuill) and eight men. and ia sup
.i h. d lo I e Inst, as they never reehad tne ahip.
N'ght aitiinc in diik. and bowing nanl, wtm n
Mi h mi tunning, o that tne iioiis eoii.d uoi gut
buck Irom the o. r.ue to the sieamer.
7 T. M. Ship settling fast, having twelve feet
of water in her hold, l'repured our 1st boat
7 :;u I'. M . ; finding it impomle to reiurn lo Hid
.turner Hint idghl, 1 lelt the ah p. tak ng wild
me my tiist aim sieond oliieer ami eight men.
U 1'. M Atrlved on le aul the bar pie, tioiite l
the boaia on ceck lor the n'ght, made anil, and
pn Cecil. d toward the steamer, hsr lujlita all in
eight, d:l nee about ix mih a.
1 M Llghti a I di-uppiarid .snddenlyj we
hi I poe the ship to have gone down nt that time ;
nt iluyllghl, nothing In sight (exeeot a water
ra-k); made all and and cruised all round; did
not arc anything of her.
2 M. (iave up all hopes; the barque male
I ail autl I'roccedeil ou her courtc.
lovt H oW I.
The white- liah trade Is growing into an
Nntiil t r of i atseng' rs and crew saved, 02; lost
i h th. -hip, It', ; tool . 2 '
I it nr St n i v. na limn 'out to this I ' T
i v. nn Srrvitt lttr "Ahmio." Mrs. K. I; in om,
Similars Ct mn lai n ; fcl I Mtl'lu I-'oivI t, M.-
Maty GiHry.Mr-. John S. Smith. Jma Welch,
Mew nidi..; ('..plain H. W. Migrant, '1 ell V. .
C T ; H. M. Wlis ui, Hospital S owanl U.S.A.;
1'. "ji.sniore, C S. N. ; I' . MeC tntoek, As-it
nut Si rr. i n I . S. N. Sold'er-I't iv i'es .1. vv.
h'l'wait.Chailes I'nwl.r, .l"hn S Sin it II. Mi a'l
i -eii, A'lml C. Do, Wi lis rieklev. I'.dAin
mi(it'..)'iii', M4ri n .1. Hp .wit. J din S nvir.l,
I" liy 1 nv. Kraft. Wlsnrr, John U. Oil en,
(h'liiisll M'.etx.C rroi'iis I evno ls; and I.'
1 1 r hi d co v. ol the ,ui fh Am in .in, "ktiiwu
to l e o -i."
Tins r Chirlcs Vend; 11. 1). Walker, II e.'n;t il
St. io, I nltc l States arinv. Soldiers Wil i
t'sl . in, (, e W. Mill, .1 ones l'lekard, Onirics
,!. S'tirtevant, Allen l'uker, Saver l.utils; A A
dark. O S .V; I.lenti'iiiuit-t'olotiel llorn.ti'eh
!'. S. C. I. ; (J'linti ininsier saine regiment ('ia ii"
in ki iivi ); I. tin en h til Mai'hewa. 1 t Ii N. Y.
.ltd. n M. Ivtn, Wl'ltiiui Wooiiver, Ibnu-y,
Ulu. ets. Cloirles Diineomn, Joseph Icier, CD as
K ng, Havi.l lairowc. II nry IUvIvhh, Dtunl
l ei k, l.srtictt, I. isal'e I. ifniiti' iin", llenrv
Ni I. 1 i ti k Sargent, Coll, launders.
Card in' il.anks in behalf of the i v'c-tiv. sne.
vivoiA ol two Ituntired innl tif'v-niun ps.i n.; r-,
oil irrs . nt cr. w. of the I nitetl S i'es inn,'iii
mi r .'' .liri i, wrecked U'eetu'ter
In I Wc tender our sin re tlm iks to C mt tin
1 liomns I. il.i. v, of the bark ,1iry .. f.i''''7, ot
l'crt '.iiiC, Ma tie, In whom we rec.'gtti. our gm
i rt ns tc'or, the lunve seatnan and tin' in id
' who i xcrtctl himself so nobly for our rest- ie, a
I II I' l ct il uf Ins own veasol, and f'omwhon ve
it i civ id k lid and cutirter-us a tcntion during our
eti'V on hniiril.
! ('nr craiitinle Is also due to Cio ain H. A.
: (lAil-i'cu. ol Ihe kt' iiiu-iiii) 4e.i tun h'liiu'.v of
I vv hi.e In artl is onlv exeeclc lliy Ina ge icrositv
, of stud, which inanifi sted by l.ia nnre'ii tting
tllor a to render the termination of our sad and
mil' rt it ii oe vouige plein-uitt and comfort ihle.
fSlgllcd) ' ClUllLI S I'. M A11SII M,
Coin. hteatniT S'nrth A ilfurl.
V.. Mt Ci.iMiot k, Assistunt-Stirgi-oti U.S. N.
Proposition to Place General R. E. Leo
in Comunwl of tlie E,obol Armies.
TnENrVisuori and virtue of
THU WAR IN THE EAST. Campaign Against Augusta,
Charleston and Richmond
Feared by the Robols.
GREAT RAIDS lif W I'resenleil In trt l onlerlersiey wa
k t i.iiiiiiiiiiIt-Iii-i Inn or l.-ttaiur,
..tii I,'. I!i. iwnl Krtt'iiiii'r, l!'r,ni,r ?7.
If the unities of the Confederate States are in
tleid about to be presented, by war of Chrtamns
gili, with (i. nertii I.'e for their Comiiiau ler In-
('in I, it will not only be a mod apiiropria e an I
ugtetable present to thetn, but to ihe country it
will lie such a reiiei as win ojan o us an
I rcntUe more freely, and to the enemy a b-rror
nnd a warning, lloth Oitifcuci atea and federals
will f. el at once (hut a hand Imih strong and
un a, iv is laid upon tlio wheel, thtt il ni mis bus
nt and tiattle.aiitl will make their arrangements
iiceorilintr v.
liusiHoii the anpnosition that Mr. Dtviais
cupiiole ol an a t so sauo an I wise, which may
tie jri ildv tlotioteu. u is also iia-rii tin inn su(s
pi sup n Unit the order appointing tl -ii -riil I,.-e to
the full command and control of all mmtiry
om rations is real, complete, uncoil li'ion ;l ; th il
In- is lo plan c tnipaigna, and to apn .lnt geuorals
lo t nnilccl them ; that nr la toiiertmu wn tl i
are to he evacuated, and what held. It is not
i.rnbable thu' he would accept un upooiii'ineti'. of
tin kind nn uuv other k'ttd of terms ; tint would
he . ii.i'gii g himself wi ll n re.ipjnsibility and
i ei ha na an nut um without the means and audi.)
ri y net ded to achieve success. He wild
senr e y consent to be set tip as a stalking horse,
or to he nnd as a "aeiierul s eloiik.
TI.e frst and most ohv i 'US of the whi'es me
eflt i ts ol this in-asuro would bo t!io linn ass
ranee w hich would a on e grow up in the minds
ot our own neopie mat me hireniu ano
nuiuicea of the land will now bo up
ulird iiLjne winat uud most erll lent mm anTil at each ciaiat.' comma'id wdl he
tdai eii In tl c liunds hrai utihi to w eld It. wi'h ni
fu.or i r (Diction. We shall know, least,
ti nt (.ur ludcpeiiden. o will nel be Hilled a iy ;
that the fume will not he treated as a aec intlary
all.'ir tt c primary tui-iness being tlie grai'lici-
iinn ot a me rmrsotta puiue, or eaiousv, tirsin't-
Manv ao.'tl i Iti.. ns wt.o hive sustained hotr
pttrt in 'lis i'riiggle from the lirst have yet. of
laic, lad moments of misgiving nnd dosu'in
cVney ; not that they doubted of tho j tatic- uu I
vraliiv of Ihe cau-c, or of the energy a id sell-
icer lice of the prop e, but they have Mini to
tliemse vcs. V hat Is the u-o of it all i M iv not
tl te vi rv armies that wo have nn ed to raise and
niuip tht'SH in mica that hold wuinn in on
thu lii uod destiny of tho country, be sent
mi .one f. id's errand, ami pined under
cotnmand of aoiiie fourth rate uflieor, who must
he niuoe into a areat gnrrilunl c in 'l r ir.
a huhi r nature w i I or not, and so all h.v rumed
ai d un. one ? We av only w nit m inv a r. a l"i
n til ltd to be aillv line, lu iillii'iniug t't it tl irk
(i ul ta itt d auniiiscs like th' sc hn.c soun ti u.
I'.t.i.dii ,,vcr tn ernn-cs ol gre u pi n an i in i
D nit, end caused meii toshi cr wi'h u pretno'it-
torv ch ll. Now, it (letierul l.eo consents to UV
the le ding M 'ill of co'iim .ml into Ins Ii in Is, in I
lo i Purge lilm elf wl h the itutv of aeei tg t it
that llie repii'i'ie su-if r no iletriiiui'it, tT'r.i will
le un t ml of tlf'S'i painful foreliodiigs, aid tie
pupiilm hcai t w ill liL-itl higher and ail more lightly
tin us limine.
Neeiile-k lo sav that tho urmlu, not mere'y thi
Army of Northern Virginia, wli'di his si loii
known und lol owed i s trusty ell ef, tun all til
f. ic ot the Cooled' ra v evervwliere, wi 1 e igerl
a il tut h an ntmeat. The way ho Iddat'ii in
-ii l'n y will tread wub asMited t mh ; lliu lead
he bids them follow they will foil') ihrou
lilcotl and ll.tne. Armies iro tul'ii'.li do i t I .'cs of i on.iiiuiiUers, and feel when they aie u idcr
the right man lv a aare lusnn -t.
l'i rln.ns the most marked eff.-rt of a'l, however
would be the ellect apoti of ibis u nv
iinwer ve.ted In (ieneral Lee. 1 hey win uii'Mr-
stiitul from il that there Is lo ho no child's play
that this ixpcririnccil and Invincible soldier doe
not take our till iirs in hiod without full p ovei
nnd atern di -termination to Onng out nil tni tiglt.
ing torce of the country, and make the null in Cue
deariv rue the day when they made tins suu.'g'e
uwurof exieruiination. General Lee's name ia
aneciallv connected with one measure of military
eccsnKy now befwre Coureo), which ho ban
tnctrd walls of Sumter. I am willing and reauy
now.ns 1 know my Government always has been,
to enter at once Into any fair exehuugoof pnaou-
trendy ureed .1,ola ra,,rrt . w, ., ' ,
f .? " XVZ -nlnrged atHUmTe,
. net 'try .
iitei sure uu in---. Kmn resn tin . .
ii Hi'da I'crro noldicrs, be a-tir..j i tueaua to io
I 'Ollittlf 11."
Thrreforo upon every ground we Via1 nu
anil the whole Cotifcdt rncy with ns, f ionrft(
lee should be charged with this hlgi duty.
The enemy is now certainly prc-aing u tmr,
nnd at munv poln's. D-itiie'l ui ntol rav.m,,
are the sen!. .1 vv ir policy of tho Yank, i s;
innl ia h nierch or iiioveinnit Is hel l to b-
gnu d Miecc-s If it leaves iieiniw a oro in
tta. U of i!c-o irion. I no i; m iioii-.-s.
hi. h m ght all rd ahct-.r to ' lit 'n is, l ie ilc-
rnirl mi id lood, wiiicii iingni ice i - iv oeis,
and thus feed III" Ri bo lion ; the st'irv l'i iti of
hil.lrt n, who nilght fiae grow np mm " ue'ie s
this is the irtrny fit ndmh system ol wurhitv
wh'ch lias Imn di lihcrutclv adopted, tltrec'ed Iti
ginual nn era, compiacctitiy narrate i in om
it tn a, and which is now in ai vu'ii eoii'-u .m
n .plli id nn io our i otintry wherever o ir lei! In-
v. tin rs plant tin ir loot. rsn rni in, aivr tiiiiniii;
a wide n gloti td (.ciirittA into a naked ami h i.
inn ce-erl , prouil-t s Ina countryim n to ic.iva ti
I reatl a Ira. t of deaohi ioii through S nttli
Kven is Ihis nndwIiiU'r, also, thei'! is no rc-
lutiaion whatev. r in fieir sniit'ar mil' prises
Btain-t us hv sea ami land. N i winter oiA-iet i
for ihrm. On the t Ot traty, thev ar e I una guiig
at a latiter number of po ms, ami wild more
vriminoua activity, ihau at,any f irmer luoiueut
f Ihe urneele. Wo also, on our aide, mu-t
I. rate every nerve and sinew, autl collect all our
force to li ii r I back and deitrov those foul in
vaders, nnd as one vcorotH step in Hut dirce.
t on, it w.uild he sat i f at" ory to sc.. the govem-
ii t of '.le n'tny entrusted aid getutrto duller al
tJrnernl Ulnnriiiaa a llivlil.
liiRCAi u na or sai tvii.i.k t at. s oerp'tAi.
Ilr.itiOt AllTKHB A 11 MY Of NottrHltltV VlB-
nitsiA. Decenioer 21, ISoL lion. J ihik a. e 1-
Unu. Seen (.try of War : (jeueral ilr-e'uuri Iga
li porta that the enemy, a'trr having item rou 'hly
tn, ml ed in the engagt met I ol uurttay ami ntin
tluy. near Marlon, ninny having been killed and
woumli il, gained po-at asion id s.utviuo uuring
the night ol th- 2nth.
The gurri-on retreated tip Kieb valley. Ills
advance iirriv, tl at ilay'ielit on thu 21st, and tun
enemy retired that tiij-ht and the morning of the
22d Inwards Hector's (i.ip.
1 hey a'O bt in at pursued. ()nr troops aro near
init tho latiguu ami exposure with great cheer
tu'ness. 1 he damage to tho salt works can soon be
repnirf d.
Manv biltlres nnd depots on the railroid liavo
been burned. It. H. Lrti.
Jell. Uuv la nn tint 4'nnixllMii Kialals.
1IH IllVia NIHIIK THAT lllfStNl.TT el. lit' III. K Y
MIST IIK llll.Vll.ll AS A IICI.l.lOldlKST.
. fi.ft .'t Itrwinit Si iitm?!, .cf'"i,''r2..
11 Y At Titonnv Com I intitiTR Status nr
Amiiiha. II Im rn 1 1. has been made known
to me that Let in tt (i. Hurley, an A tiii' M ister
in li e .Navy of tho Confe. 'crate Su es, is now
ui.iler arrest iu one ol tlie llriti-h North Ameri
can 1 rovinecs, on nn a-..prt aiton uiAue ny tue
(oiveinment of the Vnited Suites fortho delivorv
to that (i'.vt rnment t'f tlm said iletitietl (1. liar-
ley, miller thn treaty known as the Kxtr ulitl ui
I real v , now in Ion o between tlio tinted Mates
and Cn at llrtain; .Ind ic'i.-ien, it his
been rcpte-entetl to me that the said de
mand for tho extradition ol said Ileum U li. Ilur-
ev la based on the i h-rgo tint tlio suit! Ivurlev is
a fugitive from justice, a ctised of having commit
ted the crimes nf piracy und ro'iberv In tho j iris
iliet on of the I'li'tcd States ; And u irmus. It has
I ti r t Iki bci n n.ude known to me. the accu-a-
tions and t liame- n'uide ugtunat the ani l lleiiiictl
(i. Hurley are l a-ed so'elr on thu acts and c in
Ouci ot aaid llnrlev In an enterprise orevpe lition,
iiiiole or uttempted in the month or fxepte'n utr
last ( for tho capture ol the stunner Miriit-
inn. an armed vessel of tl.o Cult d States, navi
gating tho hikes on the boundary hue be
tween tie United St ites and the auid llri'lsh
North American Provinces, and tor the rele ise of
numerous eitiena of the Confederate, State l held
as pri-ontrs of war bv the United Slates lit a cer
tain island called JoIiiihou . Isinn I; dud icot.'-h,
the eaitl enterprlso or expeilidou for tho ciptiuo
the bald uriiiud sieamer Muifraii. and tor tne
ri lease ot the sat. I prisoners on Johnson's Island,
was a proper and legiilin ite linlligcrent oicr.a-
ti.di, undertaken during the p -iuliug pulille war
hitmen .tne two contetlcra lis, Known as tne
Odtlctlerale Slulua of America atl 1 the U n al
Stuns of America; which op Tii'lon wis ordered,
liret ted, and sus iiini'il by th t inithurity ol the
(lovi n' of tbe Conlednr do stuos, and e in-
litletl to Its .'itnn:t-i icd idlh ers for ex eutlon,
aim ng which oi' cers is the s.iid Hcnnett (I.
Now theretore, i, j"iierson invis, rresi ieiu
ol the Cotifi derate .Sines ol' America, do liere iv
du lure nti'l make known to aU whotnitmiy
cum em, that ihe exp. illtion iil'oresatd, under
taken in tne month of S' pteui K r last, for tho
capture t'f I lie armed steamer .'f' ' i'i'i. a vessd
id war nf Ihe Unit d St ites, an I for th releiso
of the prisoner of vv ir, citi.ens of the C ini'.'deru c
Mat. a ol America, at Joniis.m a i,
was a belligerent expedition ordered and
undertaken under tho authority of the Con
federate Slates of America, agtinst thn United
Stales nf America, and that tho tioveriiitietlt of
tbe Confederate: States of assumes tho
n apoiisihi ity of answering for tlm nets anil c in
duct of uny of its otll i ra engaged In aaid expedi
tion, and especially of I tic aaid Hcnfictt J. Hurler,
an muMer In the navy of the Confederaio
Antl I do further niake known to nil whom It
nav concern, that lu the orders and Imtru ciioua
gtv. n lo the i.tPci-rs engtged in tins expeditltin,
iffy wi ie specially dincted and eujoiued lo a'i
stuin fi om violating nny of ihe laws ami rculi
l Kins- of ibe ('ainiilhin t r llri'ls'i authorities in
relation to n mrality ; ami that the coin'dn iti n
I eel hsary to e.'fecr. the purpose of a-tid expi'dcion
"must be mane by Confotlerute aolt'iors, nnd
such I'ssl-iuncc aa Ihey iirgut (you nuy) draw
t rt. in the enemy's country.'1
In test'ii nny whereof 1 hve aignej this manl
i'evto, and tlire. teil ihe same to he sea'ed with the
eul id Ihe Depii' ini' n' of State of the Confedo
tate elate, if A uteri, a, uud u In- m ule public.
Done nt the citv of Kis'lliiiond, on tills 2 l'u day
f Dei ember, IS M. Ji.n i.iisus Davis.
liy the President,
J. P. 1inja mi s. Secretary of Sta'o.
From Ihe l.titver SIKslsAlppl.
Cahio, De 2!'. Tho s'tainer if i.-V."
f ily In lugs Memphis advices of lad evening.
Cc in ral Dana bas issued an order regulating and
restrict ng transactions in cotton wilhiti bis
tit par'.mcnt. All pirttes procurin:;or purchasing
t -1 in its from the ptirchu-ing acnt of tho
Tieusniy Department, uro retpiircl lo give satit-
la. toiy evident e of their loyalty, ami all circum
stances connected with tho raising, removal,
riansfi r, t tc, of ihe product. Tho order rell icts
nn ihe great latitude beret foto extended ti
I eroi s iu procuring unplieations. (jeueriil T. W.
It ti 1 1 1 , of this city, bus uc -eute I tho npp jillt
ii cut of Anjiibini-Gcuvrui of Illinois.
I rtiai 4 ttlllorulit Mllvttr Irani liliiho.
San Kmani Ihco, Dccemlier 2.). Sixty thou
sand dollars in silver have been recoid from
Idaho. This is the first shipment from the new
ti ver mines In Southwestern Idaho, which pro
mise to rival those of Nevada.
Sherman's success excites profound satisfact
ion. The raiDy season coutioues.
M. AI' I.M.A 1 , IIIB mill s- . u.s , flit ll.t r..
llintll' B ot thsr I' r Kl Vk.M K H I LAM t'UI lK'tsl
I auto-n 1. rail a.r mo uapor UAea. and oue tir uiuro lur
l.akr Oinai a.
Special Dt'ipiitthps t Kvcnlng Ti'lt'craph.
WiniiisiiiiiK, December .1),
Pfaertlnnai from llnslt.-l.rl ruiy.
A number of Kcbcl ileaoridra are brought her,j
very day hy the mail IkhiI. To-d.iy one hundril
'X lhtn took ihe oath of allct!.m -e.
T"i Hvml.artl mt ail ol t'ort FlAlier.
"there 'n'.pTy,Bi,i,itr ,lf ,v , f,,ri ei, under
Ai , V.ittt.T ditcniinuliig their bo-n'iar.lineut
"' 1 "rl ' 1 W' UI"t o ordered by tho (iovern
Ull nt.
Hon. An.I' MilK,,, Prf ,,.,
l.leitoraof Illinois, ami tvivn..RM of tho College, anived hero to-tU, vsm,xvie r'(l.ti
(Initial vote of that S'ato.
from SI. I.nnlx.
S r. Lot is, Dncmher The river Is aa-t
Mocked with Ice between Cipo fllrardoiu uud
Cairo by the l a. k water from the Ohio river.
Tobacco active and higher; V ortr linn and pn
cl:ar?rd; Corn lower, 1 -.irp-'l -l ; O.ita firm a:
i'Sc ; Hog" hrtn, i-11-7 gros.
Arrival or htv Luriycllet."
Naw Youk, Deceiiilar 3'). The steamer f.u
fumllr, from Havre on the li b instiiit, ha
arrived here. She bring! the remains of the late
Minister Daylon.
Oerics or Thb f.vksisa Tai aiaai'H.
aiid.T, DeeatulMr :). (
The Stock Market Is rather more active this
morning, and prices are steady. Oovernment
bonds aro in demand, and prices aro bettor, with
sales of f)-2 at lOsoV Kv.i, nn advance of ; 61
oflSNlnt 117.1, which Is n advance; Mil 10 4H
at 1014; 119 was bit! TuroM Ids, and 121 avskoJ;
New City Us are selling are Oil.
in Hank shares there;Ia moro doing. Farmera'
antl Mechanics' sold at Ml; Kensington at lt1;
Olrard 51; antl Consolidation .VI; 1111 was bid
for North America ; I'll for VuihiJelphln ; A3 for
Commercial; and NI for Northern Liberties.
Coal Oil shares are active, hut prl -es continue;
unsettled, with sales of Bull Oeek at .') J; D.iUell
at nJiOrent Basin at : l(t Hj ; Mineral at 2j ; McEI
hcnyat.08; McCllnlock at r; Oil Creek at7;
Story I arm ut 2; St. Nichtilas at I' ; and Kro'.
rer at 1J.
We Invite aitentlon to the alvertiicraent in
another column of tlio !'irt National Hunk,
Morton Mi Michael, Jr., Cashior. The Socretary
of the Treasury bas given nutieo that tho 10-11
l'.an will be withdrawn on the 7th of January.
This Hank Is prepued to receive subscriptions In
large or small amounts, and will nllow liberal
coniinisioi.l to bankers and brokers. Thes
bonds present great advantages to subierlhors as
an Investment the Interest is liberal, payable
sciul-anntinlly, September 1 and March 1, in coin.
The Secretary of the Tif anry has iistied the
follow ing notice withdrawing ttie ten-forty bonds
after Jn-usrv 7, luifl. FniUetent time Is thus
given for the hanks to obtain gold-bearing bonds
tor banking purpo-eg :
Ttir.-eiiv liM-AtliMrNT. Ilpeatnlier 'A'jISC.t. N'lllre is
fipii hv id. .11 ill" tt-ii-atriy l.ntii wi 1 bo wlihtl-atrti
i,A ill! t.t .Unii'iry next. No atlb-eni.ticn.. Iher."'.trt.. w.ll
1st rttcivttl alltr thai Jute. VV. F. KSH-tKII"..
Hecrt'lary of ina '1'rauaury.
J'lllI.AM'.l.rillA STOI'K HX'-HANUE H A I.ESI, I)K0. 30
ltt'i'urtctl by Clark.on A Co., Brokers. No. I:'l tl. Tbtrtl HI.
'it tl ah ltcmtlna .tip.'tl I.7',' TOO ah Walnut tl.
liuali Ivi.'U.'i U". I '.:
rmsT noAtit).
$arn D S -2is nw'i
tn) tt.. li'"'.
f..o dt. I' ',
lti.0 d It
J... l Pa l.s, w'4
ir- Cat '. licit !'.-
-;.si tin tt
I ii All. ii I '.' Ha, n"W..
tion i its s t;
tn n 11 HlU-tll 1' I',
JIHO 111. Ist.llH', Ilea. Him 'HI t'.'".'
!" h Oil Creok....
I' h l iil .n
6 .1 .li Smry Kai-iii..
1st .'i SI. NIciiolA. .
im sh do .,
0 SetTttian
i bt .ii far k lt" na ai
6 .i Ksiia' llk.liitl
s -n liana... M
4 sh I 'miaul. llAilt. . .'.)
!(' .It nl, a .kia 1 110 I
I ;.(' sh a Iti
4tm ah d.i h.KI lt.'
I i.k. li Kr trer 1
si .h .1 'i tie 1 1. in Oil. . . v Kevsi .iiein... IV
sie li tin '7n. ..PI
Mn e bclili h Val I'tls.. . l
It n ill Kt ailing.. .e p 'i'
e .ii tin tv ii t,7 '
I'll-li d.. b.Ki.'iT-,,
111. .11 Pull 'It el. .'Sj
4i' ih I iiniurr. rreek l'i
,'n sh I'aoell till. ... !i',
ti.'ali lii.iiltiir.t l'.-ltt
Vtll sli l.teitt Itasill... 3
ltsisli Hi, ll'i
tl.. .1- Vltirial (111 'fi
llit'.h I'reai'. li' ftliy.. t't
:l si 1I..I Mat Im ... II)
4 sh U'hlitli Ct .1.. 7 t't
M sh il. 71
4 .' sll WltK- '
IK .tl r illl ill IViaI.,.. 7',
on .h I'titui a UK.... Sl'a
h la" dull Va'ler.. HI
Wi .li I lil a A Kna... Vs1.
lLl.ll M I. ItilAl
ll.i.l, MeH'fliy .'i'.
IiiObIi MtUllileik.... A
Quotations of the principul Coal and Coal Oil
stocks at 1 o'clock to-nay :
md an DM
But Mottntaln Coal. fi'
fllohr Oil 1 ti
Hulltr t eal 11
OMulon 1't'AI
4 't.tlO.-C llt'Ul j
I'lutneial I.OAl
fuaon cnu, a 7i
Imiltf llAinlti.Al.. 11
llriten Ml. ('"A 4
Ktysti'iiQ Zinc, .a 1 '
.M.'ll'trev I'eit
ll ; Hutvtsa KUJ7O1I.. I.
1 , lllljllA'tl SI
.. Ih'Mi lalsnd ..
19 Hole lur in H
.. Irv n. Oil Hli
HI Kev.tnua Oil I ''
4'. Krnl.tir a l'.J
tl 1 vto.l -shade 'Id. .til 3!i
a vii "iin'nek OH., .a
111 Vtllt'TAl 1)11 t 1", .
Mints.. 4'4 .
1 '. MrKlerrv l ;
N C.tht.t.ttAle ...
Nut Ctut-lt
' !('.'
'. V'4
l'i V. M 1 'rt-i't'li'irrva D. I
'i NooletlllaiAlllAltr. ID
Aiieniit nv liivtr.
It.g 'I Milk
Iliamleli l.litud..
1 Oil I of a a J
I Minsttatl
1 nil..
Hull ( reel a :is
l'n. i
llmiili'i; Spittif
(torsi tin- iiIhi ?f
P.rrv tld
I'tilla. li Tlil-nnt.,
I'mn. Frm )it..,
V.,iT.lcti 111 4 Ia m r.
('in. cut City. ...a '!
I'hlCi A- Oil ttrink . .
4'inlln 1
I 01 n t'lanler
I a'tlao l
(.'... I ie. k
1 .
I. l.ait. t)u
He-It ni' '.
K'.t'riuin. ........
Hflera tl
H'oiv asni 1
Ht. Vrnt.lai .1
arr Ktrm
T.T Nftm-.n-.S.
cthisrrf Pan
I'liiikiirC II. 1
I'l.iila'dl'i kOd
f i-t,.ii ,it
lillt: IA
ri.-tlstor OP.,..
Kyi tr'
I is,
, 0
) 1
I a
1 it'nrh'lii
I arlell
hrkrikll till .
Itre.t Wtairta. .
'1 i'iiI, n rtttr iiaiim.
IX w uiuiit I.Uud.. .
. as
(Juoiatlons of o'd at thn l'h!adeli)hia OM
I'xt'hamre, No. ;t7 S. Third street, second aiory t
lo A.M '"-'7A 1 1 A A. M 227.J
Hit A. M 2:'S5 12 M ?'.!H
11 A. M 22 ; 1 1. M atctidy.
i.r.uAi, in rr.i.i.iuKNt'C
cn A HOP. OF HUI Olil.lNO.
TTNrmo Statkh Disihii t Couitr Judge C.d
wnlatler. Tho Uniud Snitca va. Ja nes K. Iliee.
1 lie delentlaiit, who is Captain or M inter nt tlio
barque .Vi.a A. Cochran, from tgn la (Jran le,
is Ituili ted for smucgl'iig. It seeuia that the
vesael, having arrived here. It waa ascert iin"d by
some means that a lot of cigars, about 21,0 10 in
number, which did not uppear upon the uinui'est,
wi re nn board. Tho cigars were el timed by
Juan l'.spina, a passenger, but the Government
allege that the Captain knew that they were not
regularly entered, and was a party to thu attempt
0 smuggle thetu Into port. Uu trial.
V ranrifsirlnr. No. IIjH A It 'U ftrt.