The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 21, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 6, Image 6

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fouiutj telegraph
iiMvAint t: vr. it Err.
Jlr'i Mnittttin flm a.iMl.h.-fl ft ,hrt
arro'inl i.f l.lviarU K.t.rf it. tn'n H.fwry uf MiaN-.ti th.'
tlMLri atM. win, h.(l Iw-f r- Iwrn pa-tftr l Haiti, itri'i't
4 It H-H all ambri-lK-. titrw r l l i.n,ir... 11-" ' it .r of
THi...rh.'.'t'.. Arrt) '1.-r to Kn :U' .1, nt .1 1'r.i Irnl ..f
llarvai.l l'.'l, ... It .vr II. toll. ,,.,,. l. .. a. n tl-. .
H,I I h.l, w l wt.llt-r, ,,- fr'.'l rt 'fl I ,Ttl . W tl'H
l.rd Im II. Mc.ul ami D.itiir, . riia ..l' U H i, .11
ilariU, Ii. II ,f lnr,
TUB 1.1 ITI, H I) HA TO 11.
Tny bow shonl.l I, a ll'tlo 1ml,
In mklntf nirtku a figure f
Yon'tf only jukiiiK, I'm ut ml I ;
Do till I 11 m lugger.
But inrc yon wich tu Vrtr my (mrr,
Ami i.iyo inn to t.i-nin It,
I'll kttivu lor uiiH'i w.tli all my he.irt,'
Thougti fin.ilt llic h.ii'C to win ii.
I'll tf'l a ti.lo h"w finnrr
A litt'i. ronn rnlt irrd, .ir;
Arxl firry niglit ntvl i frv
lie wiili r U ami bo fid, nr.
Faiil 1 f Joe to farmer J hn,
"An u I V" a "i'ly .In'. Mr,
To f .rrl urli time u'nl i". up 'n
A Utile, UfelcMt cull, 'ir i"
Paul frn it Jclin In nr:h') ir Joe, "
"I I'f.rK my tti t'- nmii up,
fc'i.t lor the tO'iil lie no em il,
But will tlo when he's flrowa ii;."
Tr-? mma' y,,i can well rpv,
'I o In in i lie ut U tnun pil injr ;
The h ' i o't jnn tliink Ii I,
I k. ow t hy jc.ur minimi?.
Ard i.r.w, kind friimlii, p'raffl lo ox -H"0
My iisi.ii!; mid inv Minim, ri ;
I for 111 is oriee liave dune m bi it,
And o I'll make my mnmi. is.
Tlf fT.rlon. MilMn roan' al'.l.'i to t n- l r of
Hint .! aril l.i.nll I, air.
Klrnmrr lla; In Him t'rmifixro.
Among tba important pei-uliiiriili-s of business
life In San Francfvo if tne "i"""'cr dny" custom,
wbk h bas orlsi-n from tlie necessities of our e.mi
mcre al nnd financial connections and rcla'i'in',
kumiide tbe day prior lo the dipirture of tho
iteamiTiof the PaciHc Mall Stcnnnhlp Cmim-iay
for IVriamn a rlny of nniverrt' ll'i'iitl-ttim lio ween
Hehior nnd errolitor, nnd hem p i" "st. atner
liy." on lrrepresHili'c conrlii-t thiit H inexoriiilo
ard aure, repn ur nnd iinreleminif, la w ilted on
. thia ewmful dr between those w ho li ivc IhI!h lo
ray and ihi ae who liTO bills to collect. A p. r-
is'ei.t bnnt uuule tot cam id toe or ier of ilio
duy,aud the wholo conitiiin.i'y Mems uinoili.'d
'th the 'a'e of tlio money market ut this time.
Monty tasy,mor,ov lUht, bidhrutcsor lo.v rates ?
How mm h will the uteiimer curry aay f aro
the if YdVnu palutatlons that moat you evcrv.
where on the stnef, at ttie exchange, in ihe
iOtintinK-houp the topic of your dinner conver
fatlon. een otir barber scarcely commences his
tonorlal attentions before lilJ Toluble ton.'iiu
in i rrup I yi u w th comments upon tho money
tnnrki t, and reminds yon that collections aro
dt 11 tn-f'ay, and that the 1 it tie amount of your
ac- omit ol so il -cuds and personal ntten'i n t
ilito will be very acceptable. Thu "steamer
dav," although periodically Miro at tleu'li li'td
the t xes (. soie'itlly the int'rnvil reventid tixl,
las been ms epiih'yebaiig'.l during in liittnrleiil
record among C'a itornut iusl tutmns, and ouch
char pe tt nils more and more to reduce thing's
down to a tric:ly cash bu-is. The sic mi. r d 17
of e:irlitr times was onco a month, then emi
Birmhly, and at present tri-montbly.
The ste an crs row leaving the 3d, l.ltli, anl
23d of ea' h monib, mukos it necessarily the d ty
prerlons " the steamer day" for t.nsincs men,
as Increased facilliics Iuitc been furnished for
sham communication and correspondence be
tween the groat metropolitan and commercial
mart of the Atlantic and Pacific St itcs (and tho
rest of mankind), so bas tho number of our
iteamer-davs Increased, and the time of credits
reduced. Experience in tho early days of Sun
Francisco buhiiicss-lifc made it essentially
mcesssry that some general and unirer-al day
of settlement should be established and recosr
nltcd among them, and as ihe hulk of th.'i
paynifn'a were foreign in their niiuro, dnf's
and exebarce bad lo be ptireh ised, and sliip-
nitnts mrdo const qucntly the day be foe the
aalltrgnf the steamer for Panatmt was mlone t
as the commercial steamer day, and for years h is
lieen reensni.t d as such, and has been a'.tend' d
mith all its peculiar epochs, inti rests, and inci
dental and tad the recoid been preserved of what
lias transpired on this Important dav, eommur
eiallT. linaiieially, ptilitically, and sociillv, it
wi nld fill a volume ot huge dimenf'on of i"
emit ir n ad ng matter, indication ol ! . -'
progretis of a n. w country and of A'nericit'i civ
lJuution, unexampled in the hlsto.y of tho worb'.
In th s connection we give place to an am ising
doner p' ion of steamer-day In Sad h'ranci-eo, fu.-
nl-htu by a coniributor, un old rtdideat of .Sn
Fram isto :
"The tiny has arrived as the sun sheds its
brame on the morning of tkc 'Jd, l'J'h, or 2M of
the month, book keep, rs and clerks are omily
engaged in making out bills and memoranda; at
8 o'clock a shower of collectors is poured forth
on tho drowned town. From every c.iu'i'iii!;
honse, every store, everv shop, they pour forth,
rmhirg around in ea-er haste in carcli of th it
Which ia to form some sjdy' quota of thu reg i'i r
trl-nionihly contribution of California to her
pvut re relations of Orient. Helter-skelter these
ga.hertrs-in rush around from pillar to p ist In
Bear h of the yellow gold. U's collector rushes
In frant'c haste to C's shop for the 'littlo tial ince
di e,' while C's man wildly (lushes into It's oilico
f, r tl e amount of 'lb it trilling bill.' Thus tie
llecton go throiub all the of the dam e
'forward and hack,' 'cros over,' 'a'l hands
around,' etc , nntil the boar of 1 arrives, and tlio
weary liml.a have rest. Happy then Isllie mm
who tinds, on footing up accounts, that he is
'h Is amusing immetlmea to watch tho pro
spers of to leotious on 'aieaiuer-duy,' ami it is
also instructive, as allordin a Htrikiuir illustra
tion ol our tle).eni!ence on each other. A o.ves a
bill of $H!Q, whlih ho has to meet on 'st-amer-davi'he
di rn nds on H ( who owes him; for the
money; H must collect from C, and 0 from 1),
and so on throuirb the alphabet. It reminds us
Of a row (f bricks set upon end if ono falls,
down ihey all go. The old nursery story h i a
eoun'erpart in collections on 'steaincr-d.iy.' We
refer to the pig which wouldn't go. 'Tlio mou-e
began to gnuw the rope, tl.e I csui t.) Iiaug
the hmrher, he butcher Iwgati to kill the nx.'Hnd
o on. ill the -pig Uegm to go.' So with ' tea m I
cat' bills. M pays 1., I, pays J, and
bo on to A, when the 'sieiimi r b -gms to go,' and
cur Mi. to in lilt ln ar'y two iiiillions in g-n.l poorer
than it whs when the ariuyol collectors c nu
nienC' d their raid ujiou tho wo, 1 I of
tie city.
"As i J:c dawn of '. t 'litner-day' brings anxiety
and exi ectction, the suil nir of the st eanp r pro
duees i uttt and tepose. The people having sent
oil all ihe r cash, Icel that a weight is oil thcr
minds it" we'l as oil their pockets, and that seu-,an
of relief w hich comes over him who has nothing;
' to care for,tl.c oscsimi of their mlmls, sais
tird with the conviction thai wo, who stand in so
lutle need of money and capital, aro paving our
ngular tn monthly devolioual shrines t .wards
erettiiig iiiiiri'le and brow u-btoiiu frjnti on ih
avenues of .New Yoik, and increasing the bulk of
treasure reposing In the vauhs of thu Hank of
liugiBLd. ' O'i il' t't l'a ;fc Mm it r.
hlitaTO i oinlml,.
Cliii f anions tie nddkkn wlilrli Boom to h ive
become incrmlicjlile upun tbe m'.ilorn st.iija, is
the ati rem j d mode of i.litiii' cmbiiti ut tlio
end of tragedies and In tlie progress of mrlo
flrama. Does nrybody in hli funx- reillv liollcve
tbat "l.lJliard" unci "RirbuiDii.l," "M irVtli"
and "Jd.icduil," ''Hurry Mouia.iuib" and "Harry
l'eroy," Ttr fuupbt iuih ri.liculoiiH fights ou
lli eworth Field, und Dunsinnne, and on Slirow
inry I' aln ? And ret this isaUayH looked upon,
nay, In paiknily wulud fur, by a pmp irtha
Of tbe tiudlinco, as the cream of tho play tho
on'7 tbiuif, Indeed, worth gona to tlie thea
tre to te. Dickens, in hit Xn-hUju Sickli '..,
touches off this absurdity with one of bi
most trenchant lunges of satire, "llio tiro
c-m.Htanm," he says, "went to work and chop
ped awuy until tbe iwords emitted a shower of
parks, to the great eatMaction of Mr. Crum
mies, who appeared to think this a gr.-at poiat
Indeed. The ciiptKi iueut commenced with ahout
two hundred chops ail(uiuitered by the short
Bv.iocsud the tall sailor alternately, without pro
d .pidk auy particular result, till ibi short
allor was chipped down upon one k me; but
this was nuibinx lo liim, for ko worked hiinsult'
alxiut on one knee, with the asslntanue of bis
left band, and fought deniieratcly until the
tall tailor chopped his (word out of bis granp.
"w,the iuienuce was, that the short i.ilor,
twiacwl to extremity, would glre in at once, and
V?. .1'tr ; but, Instead of that, he, all of a
uaaw. dniw t urge vUuA from bis beit and pie
wuid UtUie tacsof the tall tailor who, nut
r.xpi,?5 .' TM o'ercorue by this that be !et
""i xi If H pick "P bl '"rd em
gain. Tbeo the cuopplllg recommenced," etc.
isw, fun.y thl. ..a, r-M, tt U., after ill. no
irreat caricature of tbe figUuj ln ilrW Uacbrth,
and lli-nry 1 1 , IU usually peijr,ued U)KJn th(5
taae. It therw w BothU ttt Uie positive ah
r.nty of Lite thing to deter an atnui of retiovt
int; tarn of tr.lnd from presenting blmseir in it
one would thluk. that an ordlmu-T tHtn of tllj
uiftUicl vf wlf-preevrrautf o wouid Lave tut ffio.
THE K,WRirt:it A.tfl TIIK
A psrscnMAS's VtltWS.
The following analysis of the romance-writer
Sfd an estimate ot tho pot t, as classes ra'her thn
individuals, we transh te from Hint powerful
woik, Taint's "lllsu.ry ot Knglish Literature :"
tv h it Is a novclisi ? In tnv judgment he Is a
pty. liologis'.oi.e w ho nitturaily and Involuntarily
r. presents psyi hology In action. He is nothing
mote and notliira; less. He loves to pic urii to
bin st I! n t'tlmeti's, to touch their a ere", spring',
nnd trace th ir pieced, n's and c nfc pe n , es, and
thus c- titrive pi. asnre f..r blinsttli. lo Inni sen
tin i no Hie lor oiof diverse tct.dencl.i-, an I of
grtsteror les dcreo til grandeur. I.ctlc does
be blmseif with ihe.j.ista n or iniiistio of
their nianile.suttions. Ho assetnliics tlnnn to
geihi r in his person iges.nnd, com .-ivim: a d uni-
it t.t i ;u al by, wulch. s its eilect on other ipiu'.llies,
noiirg llic com or.lant or discordant. Inilucn os ol
b tup. ratnent, e.liiciitiuii, nnd oee ip.iiion, lao r
irgloexp so an itn-ci tt wol 1 i f iiietiu pion and
it.wi.rd bs'lb g by n vi-il !e w.e Id ol I ingmii-'e and
inward ac'ion. To this his work p dtices itself.
Whatt vtr may be his ,,n predile.-t mn, he is i j
dilli rent to them. A truo painter re.'.trd'i with
aiiti-f it lion a well-set ar,ii and vigorous ii,se:?s,
t vt n il emploj ed in knocking a in tn ibi vu; a
true rovedst Je.ights in "'iiioink in ' flie gr in
I'enr of an evil sentiment or tho unfolding, of a
pen li ituis character.
Ills tub tit consists of svinpathy, tor this is the
omt tiiculty w hich cope s n dure with tiilch'y;
r-li 'ling ike enioiionsof his characters, his whole
ilionuht is bent on rCL'i-tcrlng their eonlllct and
li .inking tl eir species and power, lie
tl ( in lo us just as tin y nro in their cu ire' V, witii
(iit iincerti.kii g tit'.er to cond. -inn, punish; or
p, rveri th. ni ; be tianspons them intact into our
Pnas, s, leaving tn the privile:'.1 of pron inncitn,
ji.cguiei t. What he stiiv. s to do isp.r Icr
I. in tisih'cj it is his aim to di.scng ii-o typ .a
vh eh the lie. I 'enb and itiiperleelions ot real life
ol.s. urc and .lisiort, lo hriiur Hie d epcr passions
ol liuiiianl y into rclii I, to be mov d wit li the
ciii.slenr ol the beines he has himself animated,
to make us foige'. ourselves through the p .ten y
of his creative ubiiiiy. In Ibis expression of his
potter we recgnio nrf. indille rent and itNivorstl
like nafur,', but more fr. e nnd in ire powerful,
lor, in i a k i i a up the sketchy, ili-h.oned work of
ber rival, arlcorrects niilurc'i,i.!c!cets an 1 reii'h'rs
In r eoi.ctptioin eilcc.tive.
Tin: I'iikt.
If is the peculiarity of tho Poet (o he ever
young, to be ever exuberant. W ith us of the
c mmoii ht rd things are worn otii ; sixty cen'iirlcs
of cifili'alion have tn-n i-ln i! th"ir origin il lresh
t.iss; we no longer tli-liiigui-h them except
through a mist of sleicotyped iihr.ises, w hich wo
constantly use without comprehending thora ; In
stead of splendid llowers they are line vegcahles;
the luxurious primeval forest is lor unonly a well
arranged nnd too liuuiliiir kitchen garden. The
Foif, on the contrary, confronts tho world like
the tir-t man on the lirst day. AH our catalogues
an. i iudi men Is, all the paraphernalia of association
and yanbh from his mind instantly.
Ilrnirs to nun seem new. lie is astonisneu,
ravbhed. SenRtions poor in on him and oppress
him; It is the ml-powc rlul lileblood of buinaii
iuvintioii wliich, stitL'nant in us, in him resumes
its How. l oo's pronounce Ihe poet insane llio
truth is he is clear sighted. In iviiin do wo rest
ineit. for nature is ceiiseltisly in the Tlio nun
which iocs so grandly to-day, ri-e.s us it did at tho
lir-t dawn; the bowing streams, these, plants
li ii It abound, these passions that agitate us, tho
recs which pluntte beings in o this tumultuous
vortex are now aspiring and embattling with the
mire energy as on the day of their hetrinning ; the
iniinoiUil heart ot nature sun piipnaies, sun
expam s its rude vestiturc, uud oiituin-
Ing e. hoes irom llic poi s iieari wueu ours is no
larger responsive.
ft Cntiimlsslon. CummonnaaUti llullillnir,
Ko. Ml UlktlNL'T Sir. ft. rit-cemnpr 17, iwii.
All .orriis liavlnir rlatins aniiist thl, C.,mtii!.isl-.n are
nont't.l to i.rvneiit u.ciut.u urO:l..r BATI'KliAY. Uticeiii-Lt-r
;'J. IX A. B. r. KIS.l,
11-bt ITUIIfluUt.
Falrmt, nut l'akflt'iincr Icallnay t.'..iuuany (Uur
aril Vint Hut. t).
Hit- Ho.-ks lor (hp tiannfer of will be open on
M. i.ila., InrrtiiUr 111, at o. AI.NU I Bircot. Rioni
No. il, 'i hlid Moor. li IT-ili'
UiUlioad I tiu.punj, Oili.'e So. tn H. ruUilTU
rillt AlHtM'IHA , l'prmbr 12, isr,,,
?iotlro n herroT (riven to the Stochrioliier of thiit'onv
TiAnv Hint tt e Annual Met-tli ti, ana an tie tloii for lro-l-dtn'tH'x
lli.nm,:rH, 'I rt-a-urer, inl Hpurft ry, will tnke
plrrt on lUt ittuiid MuMJAV C'lh)il Januttrv nxt, t
'2-V. tl-7 M'H:rm--T.
WALKL'l und I IU II Mtr.atu
i'lin. AhKi-i'tUA, Ih'rfm&pr !, IK'.-I.
SfiTU E. Ail iinniii imviiiK fJalum auiimt tbii !-
jarfin nt for I.hInt or Mali ridi lunJ tu-d urlnff tia i:c
tcrt war, will iirfuctit Ib-in for lniyincilt OH or b:!.'!
HA'M liDAY, the twtnty-fuiirUi In-iunt
W, V. Hir,IM,V,
Md-fwf Jit Clilef Couiinl'iiloiurr of lhnliwav.
The IHroi'tom of tb
havr thin ilav oi r'.uri-d a nm itlnr divirt.-no o iSf, i'AK
( JlN f. on ihe cnilKi iitoi'k, imtiitile I'rrr ol ia. hi tho
onir.- oi t' f ron ii'inv. eo lua. i ouuii ttircei,
on ai'd ai't-r .hiniia'A vf, iKt..'.
1 ra iftT bucks will Im ond frnnj ttrrimhrr Vt tn ,Inu
r7'i. VI.,I 1AM I.AM'.. VrMtar.
riui.Ai'Ki.riita, Dwrniibvr I.'., Ui-V,2ij!l t)
TUTTcni'Ufl Srti t I.TUVIIHi'Ti IHKt
- MVU'KM). 1 h'e Iirwtt.rii faf tho KOSSOIN
M'MPANV biive tint dny dci land their third monthly
a Thlt'Tid. tm Wovfiniii r, ..f TUKKK I'KK f. NT. on tho
Cainiul Htni'k ot thf t'oiupnuy. ia A(le aHtT the l"tf. mat.
to 1 tic I hi I hoc l un a tuo' criiMTK ai in tnuii ui mw uitiioun
A CiilUna,u. ltiM' tri--t.
t XI. m i 1 iv niiiV, rrwBi'ii-in,.
KOHTHT WFAY, Jr.. Mfi rftary.
roii.iuitif for livcru.uiiif Colored Ucttliucnli, ho.
ivinrnrsMT sm-et.
Ii itf. oil ntiA. r,f,rnbtr 7. If"! I.
Ttie Hutifrvl-ory Com unit- r for It.:rtiiliiii; Colored Kejl-mt-iita
baUntt motived tti arjoiirn ntna htt nn the u it
instant, all ueraor Iiavihu fimuu aani-i tho halt! t'om
tni'tr' iof 't"iKMfdti prrtt.t ib'-m for tminotit to H. U
t)K--N, i ho Uootnaul the or
In form II v 'i.Mh infant
fi H-1 t t:AI'W AKAPFIt MlHlr',, Secetary
jrjt O b' F IO K IMIU.AULLrillA OAS
WOKKM, Nuvuinbi'i 30. iH-it,
Prrpon!t will ta ret t-ipi at Huh onice nn'H noon of
tin- It! o' .Iktnubiy nf xt, for tin- tuiif to thu .'nutm-if oi tlia
fhilHdeifibiu lia Wnrkti, of lo. k In tb
Homhwafk and MoymueiiMng Oan Worki.
t.-i ii anu.w n On
VaiiHVuiik. do
Ai.d Id titicm! do
lot- umO a im Obtiuen;.! f. .r the incJurj fun la of sr.Id
15V-lm Ctiiier.
110 A b COJdTA f Y.
I'ii 1 1. a or Miii A , Nsivemhtir 4, 1-V14.
Tf: Hbar. tm tb ri of thix v mean- u n tifled Hint,
n"''T lth luitdii of tho H'a A ot tnri"M m thav urc, e'ul-
HfO lo t he io ihe ttock "i the t oinpuny ih amount
o k.n 'M mt.m. on iiit'ir r. oin-ctivo tutirtit.
Hliown ftv titfr lfokH oi ini '.:.i in-,taiil.
Y it. b -i'irf li ilih r m 1 '"d tn a ii ui-'tatiAl purtof a ibartt,
aii'tribe tetin (' the l(. .iu i'H , hull huve ir,e iinvl
it ie ot kubkLilaliig tor a roll a.iuie on ilu iiiuu-iii oi ujiy
d. 1 nrr.
I in. Sf o k will biHBuned at the par vlne of f1w dil
lan pi-r n.uf. Ar nn t t' terri at M I't.K (K wid
be t iiarvt d irom tlin Utiniiint i.ntil Miniil o inade.
The Moil m tor uiicr-tiiti'n ami ii iniH iit will hforjen
on W M V, tba 7ih irUit, and will r io-t on tlie ;Hiit
l( I tr.iiiirr en. aiTci whii-n noftiitiii-r buu.-icritluna
w it i in- r e;d undtr tt e rf nlit r.t.
II h.i-j.;,i Tt iSf A-i T I'lKTU Trt-ai'irpf.
littvd'ii At-t 'oi iatl- ih- ft ant of tf.n i omm nweaih u
ton n i' AxatiLihtl io. lor Uh- ourii of I'.h.iK inr uui'.tnr ilia
kawh of the l'nlu-1 Hiali'i " pa mfi on tdf .'M div nt A'l
k'uit A li. Iw',4. tm- con. fli 1 to mo that "Th K t I MOl, -lTiuS
lUNk dt' I'ltll AH-:i.IM!l ' han l'urn",hf.l
fatifo tlon to hiu that a.l tho r w r-in-'iifs of im tl A t
atvvf b en rymj bnl with hv tfie imhl lunk . ami th tt it ha
hi on if an A -mi -Hi Inn or t b purvo ol umJiT
tl lap a o the I ured Siatai ;
I dt. tl arrfot e, cjiumj tils not Ire thereof tn In- piihtMiM,
In e mil a Hi e with tha tin inn ii" of iL 1 1 1 h Kw'hn
oi the Mini Ac:, and tto dtehua tliat lue t harft-r of laid
I '.ana . by tf r ternm i'f ia l Act, li 'tifeJ ami laki'n to b
hi.fnip.n urrendfred, niiijt ct to ll piov ui"iu of Lha 1st
tkt tu-n ol i aid Ac4.
A. tl rt'KTIS',
Govariio. 01 i'miusyivania.
Imci nvi Cnwv.t r. f
Hahk.m i ro,
t)T(-m . vr '."J, M.S 11 2 HL
- VHMt KA,t( Til K AlTDITna-OKNK-ral,
ai ra-iuirel hy the llth ifctin ut' tha net en
titled An act Knatniiiir thf HanKf ot thin t'omniomvr.ihn
to hf o'i.v Ainotlauonti r 'ha Tun'OKf of lt.tuk.iu. uiolcr
lha lawi of the l ultfi Htaiaa. jtanied fuwi 'tl J da tf
Alike Wit. A. li. I!, linn fer'iflisd to un that t'e
ban nirnlihed atiilactor avldtwre to hm that all tha
reoulreim-nti of aatd act haa bn otupiiad with Uf tha
a. it Km. a. art'I that it bm b"m an o mtiun f r tlia
urp,j ut Bauaiutf, uiidar tha lawa of tn Umiad
lf 'So thereftora eanta thU notloe therao to ba publUha-l,
In accrrr.anca wita the privamioni f lha .at'l 1 1 th -wuori
of tlie -aid a t ; anJ duiiu aia litat t ft ('narier ot atal
iiunk, by (ha terms of said Act, Ii dttamud and taken to u
hretitoB orrtjii.ttu'yU, aaltjeci tu tb oruvUioni of iQeilra
.emttit.ti.tv4M A.o.crem.
norertvor vl i'eouayivani,
IxiorTiva Champsk, )
f.i'.h oviubar(lW4. 11 )-w
aa raiiatrad r tKa lllh ice'ion of tha Act tit
titled "An Act enaoMK the Haalm of this rommonweaiut
ta tMToma AiMnaiatinat for tha purpa.aof Bakiu atidar
UMUamf tba l'iMtedinla:ef,'riaii',d on tae JJdJTrf
Aatftiat. A . i. ISM, haa certiMod to urn. that (ka ( ommr
ctai lAana of pmn.Tlvanla. of Ihetitjof PMIadalpiila,
tMt taruiaaed tatii'acUirT evidence to him that all lha
nial'..eeuof aaid Actaare bran umpilt d with by the
iid hank inl that It baa become aa Aatorlatlon fur Um
(iRrM of banfcl aoer tha Uwi of the Uolted Hutei;
J tki, tbaraiwnt, mum tbii nirUce thareal tube pubUehea
la aoaerdanee wltb lha provUtoni of Uie laid lltb fac Joa
etf tie aaid Art, aue) do deriara that Uta eoertar of aald
Han a, b- the tenaa of aald act. ia detmtd and tabeo t be
bj rvalue vaw-rvo dared, eauaec l IM yrtrUtMS ef tbelal
A i.O.CTRTIir.
lonnur of Pan.rlvankt.
BiaorrrVB Cauvaaat, IUaaiaa, lu Huoaio
ka. UH Sir
I AHF.M.FH HAM ItoMMOHl' ANY Nntlrw 1 hrry
ytM-D (' Hif Htn. klinitlfii of (ho nhovo VniiAnT, t ml ft
rti ft li-g of dip u"s.hoid.Tii will b lii' at tie orv tf t
R Dut prtt.VHs. K" tRWAlMT fir , l'iiillt!.hU,
on IHUKHit.n, thu 'Hi ln-tm, ( 1 urltr-, I", M, lo
tnhf Itits-T roi.'f1rntif thn .t 'iitfnt nint nn Ar,
ln iwcfiitlj l.r'-Mii nix) Msni.iri r itn h ainri'iiin.
iuhI An fi stT?t U 1 iciiHU" r li .ill vt, a t 'mimiiv, nl
Ihf nr-i ftt unrl MnriRiri of the tlcurunvlllf, Maifitii,
M i) fmm onnt rn"tiKtr Rii'r-'1 '.'oinpiny, for m. iintf
nnil ccrint.l(liittli of lh vrpr.i' ncht. imwiTi, nrirl
ric, ftn. ti t h. n1 m vtv of iti Kriiimi int ft-d A-rh
Hiimt i'tf l'Rtt fV ff Hitli4v Cinni'Siiy into I wuh
ihr Hi itnnt Ml, MkiiIu. ami h'Alriii'HiTit ir 1tll-
ii-i) i miny, aotl to ot'' fT Iff n4 t I n nr f tfactjon of
Its-tin.. ) It hl'MJAN, 1'rp-t.lf m.
I'mii Aitrr i in. I.(Tmt'r 11, Ih.4. lJ-lai'it
lr li Hirrt fit v r,s?iii;T Kiilwni t.'mi.iftny.
No. 'PUi CAl.l.dW HIM, Mil, t.
run. aim I I'M i A , 1 irmtM 13, 1M'.
N -1 rr in 1i n b? tilven lo Hie Mm h ho th-i n "f tin ir
t'f iuni mil Airl) HtftU s it.' I'.' Knllwnr
MM v, t! ni it MfftliPflf tlir S...-kt;ol orn lllt'0 hr-l't at
u titliifl of Hi oTni-niiy. N". V-i;J r a I I i H 1 1 1 1 , .
Hirft i-n 1 lirt(l'A , tli V'tti Inilinl, At 4 o'flotH f.
M , in i.ii lri'i ritfts rn 1 n II. Mi r' mrtit tnfl on Citm
iU tirtyi r tt I Iri rtiirt Hnt) M 'ifmi'cri f t I'ci- t(
vil , Mit't'iA, ft-iil h e nil'-' m Cm ii-r H i Ir'ml (Vitri.
nv . Mil! tl Inrn'ti.r Pntl M tii,.i.''r of tti F.i.lrm'.m,
AM) Air'i Htiret L.iy l nv-t i.e! KsiiIwav t m tiy . f -r
tl f Trif it'K lil i.nii't 'i!'it"M "f th rr'tr(it ri'lld,
ltwra, tf iv llR . Ii ami hiei And prornTtT of tho Pmr
b Qi I hrJ trci UMi ih !.(. i. K ill w t' l-niiMV,
h)t Hittl w i li tl.r . titonTihf. HdifiuA ai.l I'iiI tn m nt
IfM i n r hailr'iid i v innj', antl t v,ii'nr Hip id plliil
urrfiti Ion i l i ho unit ,
W II wlm 'i, C. H IH'NUA N, I'rrnl 1. -it.
I f i ,irnn in (l Am Tim rvamlnn l-u .-f the
!(' Imi,m th' cloHc . ttiu Kkil Jitu., wtli b
he 'l In t he ffillo a it if oi il r
Vi in nv, l .'l' r r-itv. '. Ut 11 , Jl'ttnf., by Vr fr-mn ir K i
il. II Mi9i)l .tl (Ji ini'ii v, vtrth'ii. Krnni II tu I,
, on. I 1i ft in'ir Y nir ( A ' t -ni tin v l .''! 1.
'I ' i , J.'tih.- Kmiti '.i to II. hi-'ihM, hv rnf- nt
h V t 11 A' (Ah iKHft ), ftli'l SniiVniorpi, tv T'.i-
r ( ( 1 it k c . im ir r tho Kn iini i.m nn-i i " t
w rt'i f "ni 11 t 1, .i Hii- ri, ty rrof-,,.r I iW
( V fi I r i - i. ci l.
v , (j ii n'n , i li b - f'mm ! to H. Hn ut, hv I'r-ii' or
Jhtt'-r (Ml rt h I' ji in' It 1 , Witl S'.H' m-rth, li ',i
U'ti Y T-y T ' ith v wd't'-ii, K r in U tn I, Juiiloi i,
hj I'f'tv o-t ( 'lit' Mvi '-' tl Ii,.i0 li) J, oral
1 1. in ill v, l-'ilh - ffi.m lo II, .hiiii.Ti. Iiy Trftft'ti r
Allen ( A"t't..t.-ur h.-i'l" ! f,.ih.l fl .!, B'ii . t V V i-n -nor
I'ntUll I. t-rn i . wi ' it ii, t- To n 11 lo 1, 8eiJ .rs, h
th' I'rovoit (Mom' I'mIo t'i)i. v , o'ai
f 'iiny, 1' t'. Kroni i II. H-'i-honmrf. br Pr"rVHjoT
K r rl 1 1 (t,t otiH trv ). wrl:f n rr'in II i 1 , Senior, tij
I'tn'tMior i o.iv ( MAhin ) Ir K'M t Mlllnrntioiih), ornl.
MiiiilAr. l.i'U - h r m 'J to II. H. ehio!', bv I'f 'err
A Km i'n- ji!i. n n Iti ll ntr orftt. Fr'.m i 1 to 1 , JuiiMm,
by PntViiior Jirhiton (( l ro rlf Anilrllln i , oral,
1 tiridAT. J ill ruin 1' Hi II. HtiphniiioriMi, lv rrofonattr
Allen ( ur lillfa, hiei'inn . i iliti- n . ornl. I inm U
tt I, Bl fr i n, ly J'roiijBior Co; pto (Ti-btr'8 I'uIvciiaJ
Ulii'ifT', aril.
Widnwuy, 2lni. fn-.m ! t II. 'plioiriurri, ty Profrt
or Jif-Kmni ( I nf itni n II nuir ? i, nral .
Thnmtla. Wti Fhiui to II, f rthmn, Iit I'rnfitior
PwrftAry of the ( ttculiy ol Arti,
rf- 31UMUlUAli
run Tlir.
trior nvi rou.nH.
riTFr- Ptat Kavitihv rmnr'my ,
PfULAMI AOKUCT, H. l;'7 ('MMM r SlliRrT,
lifCftuhftr 1-0, .
To the .frin??r of th Tirivut Cvriumtttc the Vrt ti
Centra' f'.itr r
Thf NANITAKY f'OM M ?SS U V hoa to flnnnun',' Ihit
t Jin -II t- l i)h '1 Ilk. i- AIM," prt'inmi by Mr.
Hill, l.K, ut tl. o rt'MKjlt of lliO Kxft'Ulho l1. r j i in 1 1 Km . Ih
low rn 1v f-T del l 4-ry . It b-rnm a vry offtit 'ii.i' t-t
vitliim ol' more than two liuii.1 n il i;u'e : in print' A on t ht
tinwft t'Mi'i i ut tl o "ittMi n t rwit ol . inn. si if r ni in .vt
t ami ii il'aitrntfil villi h-t' :' rn iti a of n'.ma the
in. .rr inf.TiMii.K ti b-i rt ,,t tl .( i:!.h:iii.ri. Iiconulu- an
a fount nf tii origin and prnr- of trie Fa r . a b -r 1 1
li'iiinf ti ilii'tn-nt lf i-artruroM : a t t't'iii'Mit of i:n:
ilniiH lal i-nil ; a (nil II t f a.l th Commit u-.-t., vtr. (r.
AHhtiwork li 'e-VntMl (.rlioanly f..r 'h nii,in!.iin
tl f vailoin t'ominltti-iix, and a llmitod tditl ti only tint
livii j. mini, tt t a htfti thoiiuhl he ft tn nlao It In
Wiaree f Air. JAUK8 K.hlMUN.n epecial atft-ut Tor Hf
tlcli vt r.
yonc wTfin dplrf ronlot wtU p'oaur on rr adUrofia
hi t No U H SIXTH U rei t, wind itory.
kr. hitnon will call urou tho no who miy Dot bo able to
conimnulnte r Itli bim.
N. Will bu ready for ntllvery en WEfDNEHP Y,
Slstiimt. li I?
A i0B
12-17-BI No. 3KI SIA-IlItET Ht.
Tho Largest and Ilati&soincst Asaort
ment in tie City.
All tH new and ntarolar-I Hfol-Knifllfh nr m'Tl"an
nnloi i. in tiiaiti or t-otant cnlf and iori.fco tn toinii
will tn foil ml at oureMablm' iiient. arrunn-'! 1 n;oiiil
tart, ruiiHiiix tho full is-rth oi our nl"r wrart' tln-y curt
l. it atlilv t-atiil"t'd Mint of t ti r Uni- U vl Ih lomml c-
lini.hl t' r uur ittall aoiw. ty t i bent binder, iu tlie
lllHH'f- uihL I'rti ycr- UooUh.
Tr tifind'omoit lot tvpr liiHor"i InMMs pounfrT
OXt-t'Kli Klli.K b tiiid hy ilw o v, !...n,l..ii ; i.k
Imh clillouii or ire A m K I' IC tH Ht-HO.iK , vx
i.inkiiii touiMi In far u and I. 'Mid m imiv a u: 1 nu n
'. t-r ol tlii' al-i Tf iu 1 1' t' tl t tu- ? t r :ay vlcti w
lLttt Jifir limpet iiuii hj 1oli of ci fcHantly-uiiuml iM'.kt.
A T(tt lami aeportinrnt of every hVm, Vlud, and -j" H
wti.i h we iiJ oitet at U'At-.K I'UUa.'i tuai mn nm.
In me t oiiiitrv, A (it-aiullul Ll-of, limdln (i iiirnili
Tiir morocco, we. I iU fur fit -'i. W huvo i.
cftvant kir.e Aihiiuja. u ounti il. in Wvt-1. withrirvuw
vi cud. iik.ui 1'ai tn, carvLd bj hail d, lu ttu bt-st utauuvr
Fnx.'lih and Amerloan Juvenile, ln ludlna alt tl.e n'
0!H i IHJ iaifcCOt UadjllUltlit tiil C hA9 jet UMwIlU 1
our jtrt in.
Home of the aborKoodi nro limited In ipiintitici. We
would adviae earl? purrhast'i to n-attre them. WeoittT,
aim), a imall lot of beautifully made l.EATIIKK I HMS1
and bracket, warranted Btr-Jiig and durahlo. lHte j are
utueUdijtf dotvI aud liaiiisciuC, m.idc by a sotdlvr n lii
It U Ot
DEI.OW KhlllTn.
L 15 U M fi .
Warranted to b superior to any sUiars aviado.
a imz ABHOKTucrr
or tui
F. Y II K ' H ,
u lii-H 9o-1 kiciutu aur.
) O O K S!
Tl O O K R ! !
Th ftttfiHon f th pahMe Ir i1tTl! in fh flnt
i-m.rtmvut v ntw ioj,u.Ar IiooKi an hand n4 Tor
rAi bj
ins riiMNur nut!.
A Inrrr anri wtll !. lnr of kaa.l-omlT brntart uii
flni. r..,... ol all ll.a lUniJartl of U.a Jaj, tlatlttntcl
?MM I'.'i'lttv.l TIIK Af-F"AriltK nor.iPAva.
Al.o.a taiiMY of ,luv. n,l... T..I . ll....ks. ls...s. I'lioM
tr,li., an.l hcrap An.uros, Dianai, Uitnai.
I'mt.r lK"k, Ac. , , ..
AisiM.iK.n liaiiil, Hirer teU of Uir P..rolirl1ilnt.f llama,
'I'lie i i li prls In the r.mntrv not In private hand,.
I'llll K t.'!..
ItriMly .,n th K.lh Inatanl,
a ) Heel nla't- Ma. e' llm Niateel V irdlnla. tintn)( I ha
oil. 111. .it Vs. new rli..,.H, Ao. Ao. Kent ! ui
inni. I'rli. l inyl enn.
'ii ,viiii-w it:hiivi:ii.
2 p, No. tf?' I'llKSNl'T direct.
. J. i.. ;ino.v
ni Mm lo rail H (nbl'i. at'mt', n rr'A nUrly to a
AMI I'll Alt Ml NO I I'ATl'ltil I'll ) I OUK Wll ,
lntl- luttodui'd I'J' tilmteir.
Arf plrt iirrt nMn P1l:li'n Inmflrr novHij-. rnm'n
ti .r- uii rm U an anj o;b i tirnf mad . Tip can
bi I'tulJ.tti ol.ij at
G IH 0 N'S
A1! rrion
in ii n.
art itiTln-d
alt aD'I fxamlnft iicd-
12 l.t t"t
Ihe M ill II'IHONH "f
JIltEWF.R i TILi;Sl'0N,
conbiktlnii of
Wlill'T.siTI'll I.II-TIONMiY,
wi.ii I si i h.h s,
Hii.makii n miiU.Hs,
Lh:tit A .SWANS AliirilMETIl'.Ao. A.,
Hill l.enal.or In- mrl'lli'il lo Hif Iradi- l.j
c;ji a it ii '.t- iiHii-ic:ii,
) H H.. vm CIIK-tNt'T Hlrrot.
ArpVtori'll Ni iv Ann rlc.ll I ! jclop.i .11,.
',,.l.:u!ia cf ult.iLirdal aii'l IlualncsB Ar,ccJitu,
1 troll.
r. l . tllon llc '.r.l. 11." rri:V VmtP,
V.shiiiLlon Irtitps vt orki liLe altk'tlB.
Cooptr n Novi-ls Illustrate.! .
.ilrkelm Vt (.rat llni.trnU-U.
limn r. fi t I'ltlit'd Hlal. a
Wi tli .1. ' IH-n.l J of ll-e IJnmn.
lli m, Ir. m Ittf Im-M Ido'f (.,r.-rv,
I.I) his ami M,a.lov ol N. w I'l.'lnrr dalleiir'.
Man In 1 1 is lot ill I ran.u, A(ti oi J.VUH. Alt'.
Vitv.Tl) Nov.'ls IlliistrilliU.
fS.lii,s-nn-,H Works.
I'l. sco.l . HorKs.
Ha. aul Tnvlor Works.
Ilmni s Wi ri,s.
1 ,iri Hiu oi, WorV, flni. ctlltlon.
lla.lmu'a Worts- nv,,h.
AtJAMK-lK "fMONs" n.s.V n-om.
No. liil M HIXTII Hlrrel, si-roiul s orv.
' B.-A libcial (hscoiint mailt- uuitll ourt h.i-itii. 14 l." l(t
No. I.-O ClIKriNlir bTltl-fciT,
(lll.LOW HEVESTn.)
llua the TJoit ARHortraunt of
Oentlciafn's Furnishing Goods
In ll.r City, for Christmas Prearnti, ' h i
DHAWKItS, HUHrKNKEHS. Ac. l.'-l.',-t
11LOUU Hii
Oniinra and soldiers TlalttiiKlhe cltyon IVirlonchs, nsndlng
Aro Invited to the emcnilve
8A.NS0M KTUl Jtl'. A110VE PIXTO.
Mnd io order al lliiliii ter-t nnllcr, wlilrli fur rlrhtl.and
n.a. nlttr'iiie rh.llen. ro n.o. iiion. ii 1 nlli.-r H'.ii". In lli.'
rf.iiinrv.! IK H AJU'Kac I UHI Ml JK .Vtl.Klt
JOlO?-' M. JillNfrt'i'JKlIV,
11 SH-nm WALNl'TSTItEKT, UKl.OWTiJllll),
anl -If
JJAll IM:!?, DUKNluV fe CO.,
Ho. lb 8 lUllil) 8TKKKT, rtlUtdolonla.
fltocks and Tiam boiiuht and sold on Oomtnlmiion. TJn-
current Hark uus. Coin. Ate , bouitlit and sold. Hperlal
attrnllon paid to tlio puri-haao and sale of Oil Blocks,
Jiepoklls rccctvod, and Inurost ailoa-od, as per iwroa-
ment. 11-1 j -ilia
18 Ko. KO M. THIItl) H TU ET.
M1T1I Jtr. HAN ODIl'lf .
Bptcle. Stock ,Wt ut. rmaters' Vourhor. and Chocks, sno
all tloTertinent Hccurltlet llotitil and Sold, mbi
OoTornment Be.: irities of alllmue, ra.ftai. d w I (or
Bale. bu.ckt, buLda, aud Uotd Itoua'lit and bold ou Ciul
Collectlolu Promptly tJds. W-t
QfiriCOU X'-Olt Tllli
No. 114 S. THIRD bTEEET,
JN 1-3 V
TKa lubicrtbar. barlnf boaa tti saoo,rul Blddr far
BKAIUMU LOAM, ai prsparea looil.r H oo taToraoia
tanua to Ibalr aaatomere.lB larg or smaB aoaoaota. La
Bune-a of awuaHualioiu t Una, UOs. ao4 ksXIs,
koih ntrtstarad ana soupou.
Th lull rait oomair.ol oa th Irt f lorsaitoar asxl
and Is nayabJ la M. Mml-anaaally, oa lu 1st at Ma
sad vubr.
AS oltar UTmct a fcaa4 aad fcrsala,
aul lukHiaatioa ir oaMwalaf taiMtucaM. at aur
So. 114 I. TUIBO RTatKkTff,
u it rotM.
No. 40 H.
1l-3it Ira
:v iaiv. wuw itA.rv.
U. S. . 10-10".
rcilri mable any liuv after TlsM V I'.AIH, at the plcanure
of the OoTrumDl, and payable l OIiTT V KAltrJ a.'bf
Irititid ti t this Loan, ff iaia denom nutlon aa tb
Tho lntcrft on fx na fiODt paatla yearly; on all
thrrd- aomlaatlnni, half yearly. Tn 10 V) boml mre
tfaiMl March 1, In64. Tho yrarly Uiwraat lailtn lu
HiptmlHI and March 1 of oachyear; itUl 1st Moi.twu
br, ilia acorui d lnttreat from Ut of March i ro-iutrod U
b paid by punJiajf-n In 0"in or In mi;al cuRitacT, aUl
biw Ally p cent for irumluin, until furl bar notlra.
ANli b01.U.
JAY 000KE & 00.,
Bifc?r-t S. Ill 8. TIIIKII HI UK IT.
T!i ondcrhlnrd are now prfrarrd to fnrnhh tht aMi
Donds In lot to mil purdiuen. Ktch bvnd u of
dmou. ration of
The f'orpon, jia.vaMi-en tlie rt day of January an.l
July, at I'lilladc nliln National Bank, ri.llad.'tiilila. Tha
l'.nndi aro ilatril Jmiuury 1, anil aro Irco of Btato lax
Th whnl iiioiint autliorl.i il In ono million di'.lars. of
vhlrh a lari-c irfirilcn lias bei-n .Usrs."l of. Tlia
hlale ofllrlawar.' In-log frre fr.nn (let.t, Willi tho ox.'
of this loan, make, Ihe iLvobtinent ono ol lLa lafict and
mo.-t it. Birablc ,ccui ltlua now ohiaiuub.e.
rso. 117 sia.iikx:t st.
12 16 Ct
No. Q05 B. Wol'ir Etrftot, bclo-w Walinit,
Imltallon rirnndyand WlnoOnaka, nnd all Kinds of work
made of old and new itulT, always on baud or mud to
order. narand In hocahi'tils for shipping. All klndi of
trimmliiKa punctually attended lo. ll-'9
BPMrim A. aorTtaa, J
am lilh.l l r.bTiy. ?
BlaTUaN T. SnUUSK. 1 1a4-tf
1LLC0X &
! Machines.
! St.. Philada.
1 .,1 a--.. . .r
a hi W I N O M A O 11 I N Vi b.
4-e Nn. I'M IJUKHNUT Hcr.,..t.
ash utiiku. irm;t'urJi.. i,..-ii
tar be unr-plted at lnwpiit ea Ptleea with
IJuhllt H'A'I KH UK M Hl'K,
IUMI K llil.iK-t,
srui'k i. Kin. Kit a.
A full a-enr'ment of ,aiuile, n lian.l l r .urali . . i w
mUciirom. Kiiiii.lovui luuinw.dui'Mt.Uditu.noi J.orX
W, ll, I LX&X, ilaunluoturuig htatioiu r,
U'.O-Cw B.W.oiier rOLKTII and ItVCK .
siwii- r ol pr ini't'n hr-lnfU'r di'M-nhfil, i'.h: w nta
fi-fi-iiii tijitiii li e f.i Luwitikt C'a iio f"r l'.i. in.
aihl.t hind j.ieiui-t's). ill t,tj ibMo-.l atir iU fiitiu
itciu tliif 1 .it-, nu ma t.iut c a. oi' r- nl,
l.LWIH C. . A.!M1U , Aiit-rifv lor t'lintnant,
No H. M I II r-ct.
Tit'' to UK! Ot V. lllIC! )PV VI. AI Ilf W McN fly. o'Haf,
AO. i . tiHt' I or ill, ; n. 'J I.Jl una I. aiuio ma
Ml tl iTll Cllf-t fillf Of AliJ, rttl Hr-Ot, VO (( tMxlttn itt of
ii 1. 1 r Hinei, Mi e'tjohilt anl, c-nt iiiitio; i ivi fi int,
ul.U .j' tie Ul AlllO-r Nt KM-t. ( Irtiiu flU'.'!' foi inv niLf.
hitti.e m. hniiu. (.. I' .tuiiu ri-rin, l.ii i; No, :,. ljt
I mi ihut' it oi v drft-k dwi Uinii on n uth w.hi tl in m' a
lhII tilH M, aol lixri'iuivt nUl.' ol Imii".i.. utitut, Ji'ivjt
I roii t, 'jo ut'L t s.-)'. ( in) in f t t' ' tir f vine.
hdini' a Mini'. '. I. J i: in- 'I'vr in, I ; No 4. 1 )'. i'.nd
i hi i1 1 1 r l.rii'k tlw'Ml iu on ri'iiiihi'ast h.ila ai
'rt t itrJ w-t nhlf c( AtiUitl hiiict, VoiL'tl u.u
; ti t ' . ft in t l.r. H', tor i-awou.
pr.ii;i- v. Joliii T. J .i.i, f. P. Mc - ijiiibftr
Trim, i-h..; N. TiH. Lot uf rr-uiol tuid liri. X i U Un,
'U.ate on noi 'li. a -rl v C"iri r of Oini tl ii"iu! and
Moi t in n't t. rw.lici'iiili W. Til, lrt fi-ot o.i (jirurd ...;uuo,
s.' ti el dot p. t Utui y i 1' , tot ln.
haii. I- v name. (j. si ti-intor Term, lMl; N. 4.
I. i c l nr waUi nrrtliHCit nulo of tilrunt anne,
bLlni liiK at lul ft-ut mMiiliwt t from N"rrii tti"'t,
I-U titeeiiih W'm J, th nre norii.wfst (lacullt 1 wall M ut iu
nLrxt, t,o lt'tl 11 iM'dctj lu a iKillit, Uuili' i foot 6li
li.i Iiuk to a point, ttii'tiru nnNlifrti 40 fct-t 7i Invliu to
iSorni btrct t, tlu'i.n- Ktitiiloru-it almiK N"nin htrvist ') foul
tn Olrtrit ainui. lli en re ioulh wi'turly alotiu ( avti
lii. c K'l fwt I to place ot' bOs'iunilJ. Claim ')-; ' l r
pa ilia:. li)-ii-inl.t
Utlice,S. W.cormT WALNUT and HI Til Mtio-tii.
Pmumoki i'Hia. neet u.txjr 1J. lil.
HfaleJ Piot oaa III Lo recalvi-a at the nffii-e of tha
1 I'l.ti i t'oiiiniiiiiloiiar or liu nwavs until d o clock I . Al.,
I ud Monday, luih lnt. ; for tlit coiutruction of a Howroii
inn ute 'i hiiututo iinet, noiinwatu irom waiia-u
fetrtfct, to North itraut, til bo ot uriak, cirt uUr In Itiim,
HkD a niuntt ur. msinc, oi i i-ji ix inrnaa. r.ioie win
be an taiwtof cant Iron, at the nurthweit cornur oi Hx
tariith and Mortli itrta'a, ami ooe man hole; tha entire
ii'i'KUi to Be abont 'JJ0 fett. The u naer tan diiiK to I that
th ' 'ontrwetor ahall take billa pieparad aiianiai the pro
p:rty froiidiiK ni said 4wr, to the amount of laruntv
fH e teutK for rarh lloeul foot ot front on eai-b iltla of trie, In parniiMll tt arafur. All H.uVeri are lnvitj tu he
pn i) nt at th time and piafeor opablBktiheiatil propoNtU.
Kaeli proea) will lie acooui panted hy a carttHaaie that a
Hondnaitaen filed In the Law Iepai tment. mi direct ml
byOrdinaaieef MayW. If the lowest bidder shall
tiot e&fcute aooniraet witmo nve aavi auer the work la
award d he wilt ba dotted aa darllmnr. and will be IiaIJ
liable en hli boud for the ditfairtv bat wean hli btd aod
ll.a nsxt blither bid. Hpwlncaiimi may be had at the
1'cparlmaot of 8urreya, whicb will he KtrlftlT adhnrad to,
1119 mwaM Chief CotoaaleUa.'r tf HUwai.
l uia world -rauowuad Tobucoo la mauufauire4 from the
4s4 eeineattr ioonimenda Ulf to all Oeotlemea f
Laaurtoua Taale. m
flold Wbotefftle antl retaU at "
wtUXi fOCULAItriflAV stobs,
o.U I'lllCilH'T totrtiet,
HV4-te YwaU Mat tteafi
To mk as Anpr prtaun tn USD Tpirtmrt of
lllirhw ayp. hrldr, Hi wort, aii ('(tanning tho lliy, to
pay ftrflclotiC'ra Mr th yara Im) and
CrtWii 1 1 ha felet and Unamon On aril of th City
of rtuiadelphta do nrrtaln. 1 hat tlio mm of aixtpnu tbtin
Mnrt r hi hutdrrd ami forty-vin do Un and two cou
,t47 09 b and tN nam Ii hrrfhr appropriated tn tlio
j parimtot of llbhitnyii. etc., in pay uc(lcbcy bul fur
Ui ! IW 'J and IMmI, at foPova:
IitB. 1. To VUtdf-r A O ltnrkG, lor rortt
Barf'T ftrt calTrrt, onf htituln d doltarn.
Html Tn Tatrtrk M f.ntP. for liftdllng lton,lixty
two dollar a and farty-niua nta.
In ni.t ijdarl Ph. kicy. for rpalrlnf rntvrt on
Olrard avnti. abM Ah utieat, Intl. Huh'' ami. Ward,
l& hnnitrM ami tlft?-'! d'jllnrt nnd rlfhty riilt.
Item 4. In J T 'VoHn A i;n., lor (lilliiff In dirt on
fprma atnt, ltrn r orfcy-itouud aixi Aurty third
iirtfln, Mii'ty -lx dollitrn.
Iu in ft. Tn .r M., fortiflrntlnn", rmt hundred and
r 'a' t H bt dn'lfirn am! viny tita rcnta
It-in ft. To (teorire t.rahain, fnr pavinft lntriiri.n,
1 bin a cend and Pviin 1 ania avenui', tw hundn d
and ii I mi j' - two : nil nr ft anil thirty two wnti.
Id m 7 To Jiinipn Hiirr, for pavin? lu'i-rirtlnn of York
ai d lierh i.trftt. oik nnd hirlnnoa4 itrtf la, etc., lUty
clj iit doiJart and fo-tj -acn at tit h.
ItttnM. 'lo '1 hoiniiB 1 iillf.v, itn labor, tlirco tiutlnm and
(If. Utt'tB-
It in f. To William .Tarvld, for blaclnmlth work, four
to in I1 m d n Mty tht vt ma.
litni lo. Iu 8 L. Hiiiiiiy, for furnl'Mnif curb utakn,
tr . oi.i- hnt.tirtd and uifclij tiKbt iloUara ant Iort ha
n ntn.
It. mil. To A . Tonne, for prnd nvu'atloiii, two bun
l: il ii.l f t -I. nr tt I ark and urw tfn'i.
Itrrn I J T ilatnn t trth. lor b iicknimlh wirk, etc , two
I i.r i'ri m d h liu r'x dllit and fl i ! r n iftitii.
IU in I l, 'I o Kol t W ar l, lor blat kblinth work, ftc , nix
dol tp nt d ' !.f v fl o i en to.
It in 14. 1" .iriti.m I' l'al". for (tradf rtirnhi'ions,
nn.iv fl ' d- I nnd U Tt r ik I '
r.t ni I . lo K.i-1 V MfX. lor AimrbiKC, twenty Ibrt-c
lioj nrf an''. i t v tw m n niB.
In in it'.. 'luM tininili K-fr blf kmulth work, tiinc'y
H i n ilollnts at 0 tvknt M i'ii (fill.
Ii-in 17. 'In titnfn- (.rnt.jiiii, lor (:raTt.'l, irinty two
rV'inr nnd n't tivriini.
I i in In. iiiNiiilauliHili, bir jrrafl, iilnt'ty-tnur do
Ihi t.
Ih in I 'i. To J.ibn.n A Millt-r, for liullr k st' ii. ien
(bi ui tin! i ;,'t t rnttt.
Iu in .o. T a. -lobHiin, for pick, t'Vf. ate, Iwi n.y-
I ( lb )l:r ui.U T 1 1 ci Mi, ,i
lt in 1 . 1 o iHiani I- u H. fr blai kn.itti work, i leven
(Ifdlar aiitl Hr ni two rt ntt .
In in VJ. l o liioiiiiiH H.tifv. for vradt racnlatlMtin, one
1. u i. no and li f .-'l.trH ai d 'lity tuin t t'iit.
Ii. in '.' i. 'I ii S I'iiM", l r i.i aw 1, one hundred and
liti di l ai nt d Revt-tity IUf ( nin.
It. in :l. 1.) Ht n-'i. .v 8' m. iT ida. kMuith work, trnt-
Hll III ll IS M ll r- I VI ) llMHl ni".
(imVi 'I o .1 I'l-tv, t-.r tiUtkmillh work, nlntty-nlx
dfimr and loriy nt' t n ct i ti. -1
1 em k 'i 1 o Abm r Juli, lor Kravel.ouu liundrrd dol.
ltnii?7 To T . MrN'rhol, fr rri'avloir Inf.-rip. lion rf
C una nt oh n tonil an) i uatnot tl utreet, atiil oLIivr utretta,
t inlit -fix io lUr ami twetitj -one c iitf.
Iti in . Iil. it'i vv, lor i in un work, in tym tiou.ird
atxl rt'llty-lx eel i A.
In tn:' JoNnthau Iuili,fur Krvl. nve Hollars ami
tv f ntj fl. e nt?.
In in.'yi. To 1 1 'una li"ii T.ror trwv r-'rum'-iore, on
In iiiln l .md f nrtem i and jo v. n. et ta.
It m ol. lo W i 1 1 -i ,v liuv, lor Itii kh, flxtceit in-
t re
in ni W. lo v llMnm scuTiflri.roo, f-T Haul it el-Tip,
tti i r ' -n von fiolNrai nnd fi f i v roiitn.
Iiuii:i io,!. 'iw :an. t"i- rumiueie and nlici ltuirrowi,
i- tun nn 1 iiml lorty nv- i-iarn.
nin.ll. '1 o ,' ii mil A- Miller, rapAvlriu Intrrsf.'tlon of
)IpiiMk rii'I Tm ! r, at id Memp'iln ami Oii.iheiiuiid
Mr - a. 1 1 11-4-ti i ti ruiium huh mm-1 etii".
Item lop. M'1 irl.ol, n j i liiat i n rant niilo -f IH-nui
dlrM i, m tiih ot tilinra aM'ntio, tweuty iiiiio a-iliim una
tlfcl t cit.t i -t-nts.
Ilrill . l. 'iu I) MrMi hol, v,r liaullllK piivitlk Ito10,
t ho cl ? ii rt aiiil lift r nm.
Hem 'Ji. To Urorie, for irtm-l, twelve dot-
In in I'1. To wiiiitim Mcuieiuiy, lor tinuuni.' paving
If m- A t, TilnelT-to tlo ia'' anil niny-tHo t-.-iil.
I torn I o Jolin N in. nt. lor cinnti work, twenty -seven
dolluri- and ' lnn li e efnm.
inm -in in M. t nniiii.jnnm. tor rppavinir ini'T-rc-
tlojitt.tKo Jiuiitlrtd and twuntj-two dollar mid eighty
thu f ceiiti.
1 1 in ll. To m t'lmnii'giiniri, tor rcjiavimr tvo-m nntoor
H;n v sireei, lietwi-i'ii Kroi.l ant iSceund riiii-cth, lidei 0 dii-
lurN nnd oity-on'' rcnii
ti in t'at. I o i-.u vvai 1 it in-h lev, tor iiirnnnmy unn noniTV
rurtf-t' tie (oi market lot 00 t lirnrd avioiut', Uirev hundred
and te?ily-ctie du'lar" and tlnnv rent-.
lii in 4 .. lo KihvHid itiK'klay. tor fiiniiHtilt'K nil ittlnK
111b nil ru tt.e hndke aliuiniert at Arrimmwo ranal, une
In l.ilrt d ai d twem -. nr d-om r itml inlv i entn
lii-m -If. Jo LdH.iid Cm-hlev, fur HttL;sLoho in A''trnil
ml L.-iwori Aintii r ktrtit uud Tn titoti av nue, thirty -
fi f tlol'iv r and ten 0 nf
1 cm 1.1 Tti tl. A J. I'l-nan tor trnrnway tune mm in
Mon'eiev s!r ft, irom Nmeteinth lo I'wcnttfth ftrieta,
pioit'k' l'nti ihecilone, Ac, two hundred und torty-t'Ljht
I cm 4fi. To Joseph ('ollliifl, for tlufc'fdone, lift ecu dollar
and lorty tei tn.
I it'in -.7 To.teRne.M'hndon, rr liaytouc, ntty-ttiroo dol
lar's and mtv-nitie ecntn.
linn i 'in wi iiiun AiinniR. tor riiiier itonu ou urc en
lam and 1W ki r M teet. t Ini ty-U.rt e d diuri.
Meui in t c int er .v t o.. tr rrommr Kioiie. tnree Hun
dred Htitl twenty kix dollars ami t.tir contt.
Hem o. to 1 ointiiT m to 1 lor cros-ina; ana Kiiuer
tone, nlx huiidnd u -d ninety -one dollar and hi vi uly
Hem M . To .foot lift Uomiy, tor fionc in--iiiJrco,
tl rec lit.mJicd and lortj-ocven doiura and tiny
liein To Michael wartrnmi, lor iiuriy cantoans 01
f rai ic ft ti l 11 tlinl.irH.
rm .1. lo.ietio liver, for stnituwom. scvea (loiiarn
ami lui.nli-aiv m-iiIh.
Iuiili4. toj.iei'ii v. nerr. ior iinuu woik, bevenieeu
doliafH hiid nil-tlvo ceiitn.
i oin.'h. To oxoi titoiH ol naniei jtUMnney, ncrnanpn
for tlaitiionu and i-ut'lim the same ca Day b lauu, tlnrty-
twi. its.iNirN iti ul s.eveiit v-tl vr eetits.
Item iiti. '1 o Liceii Ai luvuiey, tor mim won, six iionura
m il I'iL'Inv-M'vt'ti cenlB.
Iti Tii f7 10 t. 1 nzeiiutTk. lor one an, nannies, aim
limi'lt. il,iri dollan.
Iu in i. To U. boon, for BUdib work, one dollar ana mrty
lum to executor- 01 i au Hinncy, ucccwe i, lor
(lukhii ne. i.vtv-lnt di. i. uta und liuv (.unt.
lidiiiiii lolliristopiit-r ltue , lor bintlli work, one Uol-
lr iint) Mfi M vdi c nt.
1 1; in til. To li beit r.ittiunn a Hon, tor piKosanu naun
two i'td iiis and li;y ax ei-nn
HeiuiiV J o Widiiim tail, tor imiiu wont, iixty-two dol-
Inre unit tWf lltV otititlltN.
Item (;i. 1 o (jiiari.n J jiK-i, tor, sinim went, two aoiiara
fine It'll ei lit1.
Itemtil. To wuiluin I5ockitiri,iorone keg 01 hpikcn, six
(.,. lo.ieie liver, tor mmtii wont, iwcivo noi un
m il tuiv-two eriilN
Inmtiii- loJoeih v, ror Hi'W ana 11.11111111; tno
nm v on Uu s lane, tilty one tloliar and kcveiily-Ilvu
ti ihb.
t iiiti;. To Kxccn'orfi of Panlfl McKinnc, ilccc" I, for
f'aihii ne inn I-ht d oil Cuoti lahe, itility-neven Uliais
and nut ttiitrt .
Hem tJ-s 1 0.1 nn m. r tuner, ior turn ware, e.cvcn uo:-
r. inn 1 leen eeNl.
l.tftn t.!t. To lliih Mathers, for amitli work, thirty-live
di 1 ark ittd tl.xiv twnri-nn,
I em 7i lo Joiintiidt a in r. or stone, etc., one hundred
ami luMy 01 1' doliurt and tuiif t tx -en.
Item tl. in f.MClnnn 01 naniui meiAinuey, ficeeninii.
for lini-Mniie in Duy lane, (it-rinantuwn, lor if elht dol
lar ami el. hi -seven etnas.
Item li. To fcxeuiltors ol j an lot Mc Kinney , Oeeeated,
fo Taj Hiolie on tr en and .lo'iinein Ktn eia, Oii'tiiiutowil,
lmtv un tlo a s anil si vt l tv-live cuma.
tttm mI. To Kno h t.rav, tr lumtier, twenty-four dol
lars and ineiiiy-Kix cenlK.
heniV4. T-t h'tiifH it ivt-r, tor spikon,fcnovci8,and ti
1 h if iv- tu o dotiai k nut) ninety eents.
Itf in 76 Tut h alien Wilt, lor umlth-work, four dollars
&j d t hl.iy t ents
l em ii. 'lo Jonathan White, for smith work, twenty
lliiee domirn ami 1 rty-i lue c n a.
It m 77. To (ifor,e V l.tjeeh, for amlth-woik, tw)nty.
m x 00 ; r. at'i! t 1111 v 11. c ni.
Item To I 1.11 ent'erv. tor piekit, shovels, etc., Ort j-
oi dt. iur ani nxty-i m- t erns.
I ftu '.:. To llioiurtt tfiiBmr, for smltu wark, euvot)
tl ..lar. .Uid er eeilltt
ItimH), To Fxieiitiirs of I'ttn'el M"KlnneT, deceiiie !.
lor ihu'hiono deliv. red tn 1 ii en treet and Wain 11 lane,
'1 t ntj -bt cond Ward, tnc'iity-two dollars una Iluy
ten .
Iti 111 Si. To Vxtcntnreof Itaitel MeK'niiey, d fnied,
fur fuvetlntr Ktoi.e oen eicu in om tane.ui ieniy-
n. . una Ward, thirty tivo tiollars and iyhty-iuur
taen .
.1 m fc?. To Kdward Huekley, fnr frTadla' nn the hr'tlKQ
ahinn iit, on 1 .liard aenuf, irom Ash t. Morrit etiouis,
ont-1, in- in d ar Hum one diian and iiitv e-nra .
Teii. hi. To I'l'ier K nil: Ii a to,, lor ktad njf I.ehf.'h
eiiue and itieas, oiie huiuUtd and six
aol in.
Item hi To lfaH A i'lhs, for lumher, i tr,, twenty sik
tin iwr- and inn-1 - t.e tM-n'e
IiitnkA I'u.l.rt K. Th-mms, forlunihtr, rte., elhtv
,MS.iliirr and tti it tv-tii it-ntai.
ren.Ki To .lifoli 1 tor painting IVv, th r Mil! rod
hr-1'i.e, low Imiti loldne, a d Krou trt'0t tu .dmi, ninely-
U 1 if d 1 nrij and sixiv two cents
1 ; 1 u sr. io u. 1 ol ard, tor lain r on Kulli brid
tluru - throe t'onnrs 11 oil evtIlTv live e'ii
1 em ?-H 'I o ij. rt e Me I r.tnr lime tin no-lied liri.ljr 011
Sim linl hlKtl lilf'V till" e il'ilNtta ail 1 S' l V till
1 U 'I " .lutnt h I 'in null, for ItlAlKU Wo.k oil blI K'0
ai l.t ;i 11 fin-et.tnt' d Mum.
llrm !'i. To '(er!en li.Mird fi.r tm I'allawl,
tbii I V three i:i.'iure Hot sev- ut - liv t t ntn
I tiu!'l. 10 Jmi.tR K. lulu, i t o., tor lumht-r, ttc
hlxiv nine ih 1 .11 f .md sv 1 11 t t u'..
l i ni 'ly 1. l..t.enLi.iy fur pikei4, twelve il dltr and
fill. lili'S.
lit in ! i. To it.' Kemt'e, fr toes,oil, etc., (wenty
ont i If-1 1 1 1 i.ii-l htvtiiteei errt.
It. 111 1. I o W t. Mm 'Me, lor bpiki'S, l;ails, eic.tifiy
nrfoMars nnd fl t t tf.
Iisiii!i. to Jiint-H W ut.eiifO'1 er, for coat ci I uied
f.lrti tl avenne blithe, tutlc dl-.trj and scnity ttx
11 i.t.
Id in '11:. To .Ic-i 1 1. I' WI, ht-i an i
1 11 11 tn; 1. 1 h, on M .li'O n HsUi one hu.
tl. Ill's HI ll IH Cl:t l.H I t 114
"f re; airing I r i 1
,drid uJ hixiy..
iui,i!'7 To'.ft r o' ! r, hr huiiiiiiif bruise on
I alii rt'bd. I ll e vi me con r.
I tm : "i o l.ii"t ii t ra; , t'ir utLcr, tweii'y-tiliie del
ias atiti twenty i"'ii.
lleuil!. To DK-ien J:hoaiU, for li'iubt r, eklittcti tl I-
l..ih fiid : ni w.
Ih m no. lo tua- l.oaicr, for I'iiIUIhil' Uridine w.ilN, f-r
hi ttl.e t'li Tii-va K.n 1 1, hint uniteiml ..r tlu suuii', two
huiitlrt u anu mriy inn e uouars una nny cents.
Ju-ui l''K To liura .V Ti.orn, tor rupuirin,- I'uwdor Mill
l.ant -hrtdjfe. ten d'dlam and uiueiy-nlx i t-nti
liem lo.', To (Iioilu Kiairi. k, for niaKini: trunk
Mct-tuwn I line, Nttuti'i ntii and I'loa kiiu, ts, I.ok II -iiio
Lime, H 1 1 Lane, Vuiu street hi'Lio, one hundred
ih'.uisiihd ts lit v-fl v ceiitH,
Itiml'S. T'i Sainiitd MvyarMce, fur luuther, alxty-thrco
d"i urn hu 1 ' wen e ci nts
item 1 L '1 o iiohu N.'Wtler, for luruhtr, ete.,onuhiiadrei
and Imt -ore dt lata ul 111 tv celt's.
liem luo. To Janu-j it. Miller, ior gravel , tweuty
Item I'-.
To James M. 1UU, for spikes, lire dollars.
Iti m 1(.7. To Joseph P. Wir'iltnan, fr bulldlnu brnk-a
on Kisiii' Min Lain;, cue hundred and ninety dollars aud
nineiv mecetiis.
IteLiliH io K. Polbrd. for labor on I' ft lis liride,
iLi tv-uiree iioimrs ami sexentv live
Item 10'. To lind A Hrtinr.ei,ftir hardware, seventy-
nve tudiars unu t .iriy-two cents.
b lu m 11". T Joint CofT'te, lor watching brlda nt
iu-lawaro avenue, tilnvty-one d'diars ana hliy c mt 1,
Item 111. To Frederick ioutemer, Inr coil aud other
ai tu-It s. hlxtiH-n i.oilni n and Lhlriten cents.
Himll'if loCuhinstt Uobii, tor lumber, one hundred
and lour ito.iarB nud ei.ntceu es'nl
Item 1 I t lo v. It. ti -lutiii'ld, for f. nc.iiK Ilaydo k
itreet alum; tlie line uf l'ohut.k9iiili cic'ck, torty-acvoo
uiiir at d tmr y oi ee '
liem II. Tu Haves A fcllis, for lumber, ont hundred
and aiKlv -four di lUra and ditv nvac'iils.
Item Ho To lirujsiuln nupplue, fjr stout) fnrulihed
for ui true on hei shaw avenue nine doilais.
l eiu 110. lo famuel Itell, for ctfanmi and nsiairinjf
snudry hdtta, one bundled and Unity -one dollars and
siKiv-two cents.
It in 117. To rVillHtm (Irundloek, for robuildma' Inlets
nrd brauch CHleita,twuauudttd aud torty-iliroe aului:s
sum nu ey oei.u
lion HH.To William frunriliok. Ibr reoalrlniT sorer a
eulverU, mo., two liuudrsd aud tulrty-ulua dollars aud
twain v.ii s flKllll.
Item lli). To Ktlwsrd Itnckley, for repalrlnf culvert at
Oiraid avenue aud arammao eaual, eue hunttxeii and
lv t.lj aan, aiist tflU uttliLk.
ItiQi lw. To Jonathan Thomas, ft repairing culvert at
eeiuor ol ibitd ajidcaliowlua siraeU. UUil aoinaxatMiti
1 y t-auU.
lli tn V. I. Tf r-imnei l n, f..f rr-psiritiK sundry vHverl
lh v-tf doPar ane flitr aur rent.
lit tn J.'af. T" I .ester t ml, 'of repatrtnir rtth-rt o
Itterf lit tue road, f rty one dillai anl aevent
lure rei ts.
Ittml-t To ammH'eK. 'or r'pi'r'Ti' rrrrnfc tn tundT
re .rtf,etc, ore tiuLdnd ami thirty nine iMiai-i au
sentv t e rent".
l'm r.'4. In.ssmnel Well, frr repairing snn4ry etii7f.r
ett , ut e hundied and rlihly-inie sauars and Oft
two rem s.
iKmlV-r. To William (Irnntrtrrlt, for repalrlnn snndr
tnlTens, two bundled and tn d.ilars aud ninetj
tveii cpt a.
I em t.6. To DatiM lleMn. f.rreralrlnp enTvarta, Klnr
ttenthaid Moore streets, antl H nter bt Ivw Arch itrej
lty one (lntinrn end thlrt fire eents
Ii in 17. Ta Hainnel II. Oolilnt. for hul dint Culvert an
fund Mt n.aietial. on Arn at itreet, (ieraiantown, thre
hnnored and ohe doihirs ai d ntty centa.
Pern To s. I.vans, for lumber, twelve dcllari An
Ixiy sevt 11 cents.
Iti in l.'i. lo Henry Mather, for rebuilding lutet a
1 ti mi son nnd Mai l ad str ts. and at MMh snd Thomp
son stnets, OLe l.untlrrd and thirteen dcliaa and ai
ct i ts.
Inm !W. To N. Kvans, for tumtiar nt stimlry placer
ui.e iiunoreu ami n ri v-one do: ars nrt niteen eeuia.
In ml 1. T ,In Hnin, l.,r hsn'liiw stnet dirt, tw
ritiniin u and thirty-nine tiolmrs ami neventi -nve trenti.
I 1 in 1 I o A . lue it, li.r serapnt , ete . thlitv tlo Inrs.
Ittm i:JI T'l Whliam I arris, fr iiiiitt work, twelv
dii'inr- hi d thiit M l 'B
In m 1. I In ih r rtjt W.Leeeli, for smith work , one tl.Ua
anc in. Ive nts.
I'linL. lo I'e'er T anchan n, fT mlth work, twenty
ft ' r t,t !. r. and sev n ru e r:t.
It. mi fi. U.NoiiltyA I. aleey, fur smith work, twenty
fi pr tit.: 1 n si d mm 'y-tm c inn.
in m I i7. To K. J Matthevtln.r smith work, d dlar
ami ti tv ft ia.
It in 1 'I t 1 0 In were Matfc t romp an v, for dra'n pip
Lhty t'tilA oo'lnr art! tu-iitv el: ht eents
In in I- :". luM.hiinc, for panning tci uer signs, thre1
do! nrs,
lt in Ko. To W illl-m W. II nr tllii k. for ntlvertltinfit s.1
It m Iti. To W HHam At Fntn .t Co., for adrcrtlslH
M ? niei n 1 1 'liars anil tfitrteen ri nts
Hiu lrj. In ttuiiHiii M. Hwiiin A t;o , for adrorching mJ
nii.t- tli liaif antl tnei ty five i-t uis. mr
lnmU.i. T" William M s inn A Co , ft.r arl ertif lug
four ' odas ai d 1 in -n'ne renis.
In m Ml 'Jo I ilo a Lts m.ioi advert IsIhk, seven dollar Cah f nlf
it tu lt.j. To alorton M Michael, for advcrtislnic, i Um,
Iti in 11. Tn f Jlrshrenner Welh. for adTertljln.-
tv 1 1 ty i'llll t Loilnr- and nlio ty three c n s.
I'linlt.. lo Wiloaiu . lidrdii ii. t'-r advcrtiliK'. on'
ili'ilur nnd "My teniw,
In m 1 1 II' tnnaM A- M"rwit, for advertlslnc. thlrteei:
tV llttrs and ninety live et-nts
Item )i. To Mariin x liandall for stationery, two hm.
it nnil rt vt-iily Mx dollars at;d 1 e en t - tour 1 enis.
ltirtil -n lo wiiiinm t.iinn.s, iir wt.rk ut CiL lard
tltrt tl rre d Ha' s nnd s v'n'y flveents.
rem l l. In William .ntmivfir worK at Tty rAr;
tl lli three t'o'im. nnd sreny tle epnt-.
mm Vl. 10 wi ma ni ininiis, lor woik. at Llty yard
tl inj otolais and flit 1 1 nts.
Mm 1: 1. lo.ioiin nii'n. for cieauinr cess pooi, BixteoD'
odar and t ivlitv- u tir ft 11 ti.
hem 1 -I. Tu .litsiph iiarrion, for rent of Hnporlntcfl
ni's oit-i (t ii v Ita Iroad), levtuiy Ave dod irn.
Itm I'.V To W ill a"i tiiintil-, lor work at t'ltyyard.
thl' y-iwt d"llnrs antl nti eents
Ii. m l.rft. 1 .) I. M. 'lock, lui una ton of coal, oittht d-lUr
M it y live n'litx
Iu in 1'7. To Kluaheth Uaker, for rloanlne n.ill. Kranlt
font rad and Waiter street, ten di)Urs and sixty seu
Ittm I'f. To Andrew Mctinr, for Huperinteiulintr City
) aril, nine dollar.
lit m 1 .'. 111 1 . r . ii 111 v , 11 ir cm 1 mo niiu, ono iiunurt'
artl thtrttcn dollars.
em ltd To 1. It. Kershaw s to , lor lue, forty eovon
di Pan- und tt 11 cents.
Ittm i 1, Tu Jumea Ltuu, tor carnage Lire, seventy-n.
in 117. to Tiionma h. wtone, ior iccks ana Rev, sir-
tern dollars and three eents.
Item To I'atrkk Muuni, ror carnage hire, siy
dn lure.
linn IH, 10 Ufrrui- nrafinm, ir eurrtoue rt rni ro
Twci t-lhird and I'eiuiyivunia avenue, twenty -elfc-;A
did nr.
Hem It 0. To r. t. iiiny, tor carriage mre, thirty,
tlOllttlK. '
Item im. To jtnn ri. nirman. tir pavitt(r roiway:
rmirid pump. Unt o dol'ars andeii-hty seven cent. ,
-Item 107 . 10 iiitnos r. 11 an, ior suutu wora, nve ummri
ami fony l nr ids.
in in !. 1 o v . a. r.njrr, ior cRiriRrfe uire, one naa-
drtd (imt e'jrhty ehht dollars.
Inm It'll lo (ietirue i .raham. for urmiinK on I'enniyl-,
vaiia a t nut', ivi nt ot l hirt nt inu hi reel, tweuty se0i
!nr ;ind twenty t'o t ciih,
1'i-ni J".''. To J'diM r. Wood, for Mutto work, two doluri
and sixtv-liiurfinfs.
inmiil.To J. tie .li.tniFon. t'r tiaaistonn at iuts
1 aiiilhi. and tSwati 011 stieet, ftily six dollars and twenty
CttltH !
I tt lil 17V in ratrieK iarK.HT pavimr lnieraeenon 01
Crt!ur and Armli ri street h. aud oun-r plactm, titreo hua-
i!rtd and tliitiy eiKid di'hars ami seenty tnree cents.
in 111 IT:, 'jo .I iinns Kih-y, ior pavinK interm-ciion 01
Iluntiririon nnd Kiehmond streets, and othur nlitcoa,
evenly two cionnrs iiiin-iy evum.
inm 174. To S'iM'ur KeM6', iur npikta. ete.,nnj '
i.iulu !( 1 1 nr unit tit'iv-lvtf) cent.
Itfin li lodamcs ai'irrow, ior iiauunKNimio.iunj-uvi..
Item Ivn. TnHsmtiei aiciraree, ior inmoer, lony roqi
dollars aiul tevt nt v ct nts.
tern 177. lo Andrew .fi.nan, lr Hardware, nreivo 001-
tnr nrn lvtv two
ltiiniTH 1 o I. I . ftiorri", iowpo nt in .mr Bisniiiipr.'-
used at firidcshurK UtidKe, fourteen dollars and futiiij
o-nts. ...
Item 7H . To nini'n X uorii'.n, ior uranrnji iniersortioi
of M m phis and Homcmet streets, twcnty-etKUt dollar.
1 iic'Biiiy-i'iiitpi-iiif.
Item let), 'l o Jaalt S Hlirpuy. ior usviiik miBriwiimniti
Lhhiyrow btieet and ti.rata ftwuiic, unu (.tuai strccvi
i. ti tiiTi-e ii. 1111 in lino iwt niY t-t um
Item IM. I o ll. ciaii.v, ior iiouiius pstuiu "wue
1 vi'iitv ilnllRiB Hntl tltlv rents.
i'em tna 'lt i.nanci varnen, ior ruuHiiuiH jwhiii"
itnet. httwecn Nuith and 1 entu streets, Uirco ho nut 0
and ten t'tdtars and P en n nts.
item in. To wi inm inieiior, ior repmnnz rfeuersoi
stnet. teiwt en Hixih and Mandiall streets, one kuuUru1
and ilnitv - en oonarn a 'ti iiu.v innm
11 in si. Ti.('oiiiiiei'iVi o.,fir en 01-in u. tnrrwav, an
putter stone, six himt'rttl und strYeuty-one Uoliars a.
nineeents. ,
Item lho. lo r.uwaril rnomas, ior lauonng wurs, u
Uol.urs and twemy-tUe i ei.ts.
IhlillMi. lo riciioneio, ior repninnir in nil n
rUlitetiuh and frdhtut streets, lit iy-four dollars an
Uinri-ii.n.inn .... . ..... , . , - X
lnmlh7.To Bt iionent aro,ior ciuauink' inieicii
Bt ei ty three dollars aud nint'ieen 1 ents.
lit in in. innenonuiu mi " nni, mi ii-Kimig mmir
Slxtv-tvn tlollais sad einhty-mtie CfittM.
l.tmlMh To Lane f-eiiotieid, tor attoet Cleaning, ion y
two dolinrH und twenty -dve cell's. M
lit m li lt. To Hi-holleid and Nell, for cleaning InIetP
viitt . flvi dn tirs 111. 1 tvHii v-tlveeenrs.
Ittm I'll To James llouait. lor stAiiouery nirn'tnciv
II ihway Depurtmeiil, iiiut-ty-iour dollars aud sevunluvi
Item '.. To .John A. itrown mr staus on Minsfer avf
rue, Twenty-1 tntii uid, twenty six dollars und sl.vtj
l:cm H'3. To .latnes Vd i"H.ey tY bop, ior Rinier an
roM-mu stone, tlino hundnd and tlijriy three dollar am:
' . , a l. .. L. Lh...L',.ll
Itoau ard, oiiu hundred and tu w.ty -elglil dodais uurl.
ii ventj tie cents.
Ill 111 V. I ' jailM P i ihioi Jin 11. nin-i-i . n -.M.m, nc uuu-i
dred ai d eddy fild duliarH and eent.-A cents. 4
1 1 c 1 1 lo Wil inm Kinlettcr, repairing Mi til n strcptd
bt'tfMin M. liter andJit'eiHuu bin vts. tour nunurcu uits
Itfiu ll7. To Lane Btmoitciii, sireei cieaniuH, seveu utt
vt nue hi d oriy-tlr-t s-r et, one hut. died and
diiHi.rh III ll nI' -no centh. y
It in 1!,M. To fohn iV"lin par-rou niieenin nnn Bi"ven
-1 nth V'ardb lor ln-cetubir, 1-m 'A llmty ke en dol are anv 1
ri ft rem". , f
lieuiiO. To.Tiunes w. uriu. toois. ve . twelve tioutrst
Item '.'"I 'Io Sin tu A At M y. Innih, r, one I. u mind aruj
llltei ri dehots si.d si-veniy-nno i iMtx '
l!iiu.'oJ. Willi. . m L. Jlai Rir, aiuu.iill orerpati ciiiv
lit ene, ten d liar,. , '1
And warrants lor ihe same snail nu nrawu ny iriei nu
11 ni's loner of liiyhwajs, In a cun-auee witn fjntn..i
ordinances, . J
A I.r A M 'I'.ll .1. IIAKi r K. ,
I'rebJdenioi ;'ouiuiou Council, j
Attest ,
Ain.ifAM Stkwaiit,
Ar-biMant i 1 ik oi Commnn Oonn?IL
J.V dKS I.. NR,
l're-'dent of Select t'tiancd..
Approved tMs fctirttentli dav 01 Ut-eemher, Anm Dc
mil l one iltOtiauti t tiii ininureu auusixo-iour v.v 1 j
Mayor ol I'iiUatii lphia. J
Cn.F.KK B UrllCK, t'tiMitUN en t ?n ili
l I'rilt AiH.i.i iiu, I'tceiii'ier 'i. W'4.
In nurMinncc 01 tne rvsuiuuo., uie npiwwiuti
bill, un iut a
( 11 H I N 1 1 1 K i l.AU iui, iMintM iiu n r.att,
Is iier. I.t p'dishi-d, in acoTdauce witn the act oi Assuta i
b y, h.r puodc liiloitnaUvn. t .
t w . r . n .i 1 nv, i
Clerk of t 'utumon Couc.'J'. i
AN OttmNANi K i
iti ll ll S 'iK Y TIIK YKM: Wil,
AM Tlir I'M -4 VhAiM. J
Rett'Onl. The r-ulen und C.uii'Uou Councils of tne OH 1
of I'ln -oielt hia dn ..rtiioii
1 . ul Hit Jiinift;! t r 1 1 1 (Ti-i 1 ' ma rie ami re is rernriT m -
O oiUiU U'bonow nn tti.1 cie.itt of 1 1 15 ciiy.lroui lime tf
time. Mi;ii bhii 1 ot mooe.v an tray he ne eisarv f- r
pa nn td ol 1.0t h i-rii-.eiieie- hm i:ow txls , -r whuoi nmji
txih-t on the nr .t da) in Jsuu ny, I .', lu Ihe apiropr a-
tloiiS t 1 lilt- bf eial t'l pailineuU id the ell V H 1V1 lUUieiitl
tor the y ar eluhtf en l.iu.di u st-n sixiy-mttr, or tor pmi
1 1 J Jeai. IM l eX(t'tiiioi 111 ins ntn inn him 11 ui
ni'du ns tl hundred imuts-aud doiiais, f'rwhtih niln
i . t, not to exc 1 d tl.e ru e 01 -ox jut ceumui per .tinning be r:i!tl i-alf ve.irlv en tV'1 Hr-i days of Jiuiujj-y1
d .1' tht; ct:'cu of tlie t.'ty I reat
'ire prtniipl of Said loan sn-ill te pvule and pale
at t ie t-x itM.iOn ut thiri.. t' Loin ihj oa u ul nt
ii:e. anu n -t oet"re v 11 .nan ino vhm-u( 01 n o n'w
tl en of ; ai.d t'.t. cfitlfi Mfi-t tfn r "T, tn tre UMi;Uionuoi
tl.u certifle..tea tf City Loan, it. ah ue Usmd In suea
ame.untK us tbe Under may re'i'dm, but uul lor any t1:
lioiiiti pari vi "lie uiiiiun-u un.i.ti.i, " , it'i'iu". u
an ountb 01 'he hundrt ! 01 one t!u.uend d-llars; and d
shall he exprosbed iu said e-.trtiMraies that tho said loar
theivln lueiitioued, and t!:c Hilcrtst tlmrool, ftTit a'ail
free irum all taxes. 1
hccilou J. Vi he 1 ever any man suau db mano Dy vinni!
then ot. Hit re snail bu hy force of mis ordinance aisnuaU)
ai-propri ited out tf the lnotiue of the cororate esiat'ii
utid Hum the sum raised u taxatu, a i'.in sumclcuin
pity the luiereit on said ( ertiiieies i and tlie turtiiur uu
01 thitc-ii nths or tLe per i-eniutu ou tno p n
value o! stnh ceitiflcaies o Usued shall be appr
firisit'J quarterly out oi said inu- m) and taxes to a .iik
i.g lund, which fund, and its aceuiuuiatioiii, are h-rehj
tspceittliy pledged iur u. n dt.uipu.u aud payiiiwuloi ut
ttrtifltaies. 1
Kr.siii.nins '
To pnhlUb S I'an ltiii to pav Ieflclene1ei.
lieiolved. I hat Uie ( ' erk ne aoth ir.xru b publish In tw
dbl' uewepapersof this eiiy, uaiiv. tor four weeks, tin
run aiicti prencmca ui ouiuioti uoiui.u oa tiiuhu-
In e mht r 1, iw.-t, onuueu r,
"An Oidlnanca crefttmii a liOan 10 payuurraui ueucit: uois
of the year Wi. and pii-vioua years."
Anriflu nul l ri.Tk. at tlie stand mnetlmi of OoiinelU
alTer the expiration of lour weeks the rtrst day ot si
pul'ht'ation, shall piusent to this CounoU one ol'efti'tio
said newhpat era for ovary day In wuloiitiie sama sfteJ
liavsbvebiuaUe. w
IIOrK WIKK.fron CM(orula Vim yaida. a.ual to
fc?tjKTKWi Kk, ttom Osiifrrn1 Vineyards, now used
. WestTlbed by our le-nka lUn sleUus.
AMUKl.ICA WIKK.ftousCaUtjcalaViQeyAris.akajtfMS
MiC6? L WOTB. from CallAjrala Tinayards, ou'
bia t eMIdian e, i,
HHrMUT w I Mt. fruoi Califvnila Ylneyftrds, of pecsgWJ
vaiua t rainaioa to K hsaltb. i
I ijkAl-E lKAMliV,frea aiiCurolaTIasyards.twal,;
I tnval'tis with tba uen4cll laaults.
i.AI ifwsui wnn, us oitv i , jiti, is f wiw iy