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-Philadelphia, Thursday, December is, 18ci.
Sherman's Expedition.
Rebels Groaning Over the Prospec
tive Fall of Savrvnn ihi
im, r.t., ric, --., mc, rin., emu
Uhrrmxn fit lllonniltitliilf - fh Rebel
PokIIIiiii itl NHtHiimh Itnliriilt o Hole).
JVm RxAi-iotK-l l'fHll. A, UtrrH.!,-, I
Thef ;imt we hear from 8hr. nun is that on
fsatnrria.) be wai ut bloomine'tale, on the Central
Oeotgia Jtuilroad, fllteen Uiics wont of Savan
nah. It vine not ab .i if certain whether il
U.' .11 In his hrriltTOn n . .. aft. I. !... 1 , .. - 1. 1..
r. - ........ ,-. ... m. .... rv i l'.' l. It J LV B Hlu
awry down to i 'j i. or null to f.iro-) a
l"' t ol tbe Savnunah iher, r r for l'or.
yiu vai.
Our prvdtl.n at Savannah is 1-rTIi-ult. as In
oviDg ilie iieccsi'y of protec.i.ig IhiiIi til city
And Si me tell mill a of I'm Savium ih uurl (tlm-lei
ton Railroad, which, leaving the city on the
wed, curvi s m the mm h and cros-es thu rivor
clglt inl'cs above, Sherman, -inca ha let" .
aSillcn, !i been felling tltn'-er i",'hiiid him and
oth rwitrp obstructing tin;, to protect his
rear from Ibe remorseless of Wnedcr.
who las httnud and hitug upoa hiiu ln.o a
Tim It, !'! MchlntT 0r ttif tiiproarh
tnar t riNit, Nt
AetatA Hithwvmd U',17, he-m!r li.
Tbc mil draw ui-tb. Tim advaniss of Slier,
man's, irmy wan rcpoilcd to In within twenty
miles of Savannah yesterdav afternoon. Too
Unlit or the po-s"-sinn of th" oiiv muy In p-,o-gresi
nit to-day. General iJeaui(,'ia ca.nm.tuili
Uic Jonli uir.Uo forces.
(Jrnrral Milinli'lpkN It i'llf.
im bah a rioiiT haii.t with wiikclhh.
AVp tkr ,Var. i n.lA an, . ,n'- r 6. '
ll..rdly a tl.iy has n.ssi'.l t!iat W'l color lin not
I, ttt(ii'.l some portion of Slurni.i.'s army, mi l
mi: i'Uwiiui Aljpau.riv UUR not u vvi.ippea OV hlfll
I a ottt ti ax I c bio nnvHr- mii t mjs. bold.s liirlu-
irR wh rover lie coilil limi hu i tii-my, n m-Js Ikvo
1h i'n oliktmcti (1, lultlt' tiutl ui)i rue , lr:vcn oil', tno
lieople for.'WHriiecl, pruvi ions in .t could not ''
icn.iiTed dtrocil, and evi rvinn r tUe d ne to
iml'&mi-B and tiiMinut the iuv'j.l. .j. Ia ihn y
Wheeler bin trtd red mo.-t vi. 1 torviio to lliu
tante, tor it Inn given us tun.- t
ttne a'ld l.ri'ifi up our nu n. Wf
lor Hj or in in, n..d, buiLh whvie b
'.nd a tot r ady an 1 a'jlc to ot
anil lirutni luinioiis.
On MimJiiy last, the 4th in'int,
'oni.ilete da-
iro now re ill v
Will, he! '.Till
vita bis h red
4 luttle was
louplit whii ti exceids in n iy tlrit h:is
e.huraitei -ami the cainpuimi, n id is thorofiro
worthy of fotne p.irti ulur mntioi;. T:o U'.h
Vaiikee Corps, unitid witU Ki prrirk'i emiru
cavahy fonn, made au at tuck o 1 tuvclur, and a
siTire laitie r.iged for se.n il li mis. At the
Diomrnt of the uwitiit Wheel. : 's I no was very
much extended, for the pnrpe of fnraiin'.;; hot
he fperdily liron'lit liis foreen t ther niid ro
ceived the nttaek of the cuemv v. it'i aviior that
inane them bt iger. Several lie -a wer-j tliuv
clriTtn back by our men In c.'n:nt'T charges null
ornninies from behind hrea-t t irtH.
l'lnally, Wheeler, Uudiui; hiiusi if idii-roundcd
by n grently superior tone, ipi ' and in etn I
ordT rcllr l and left the li. ld t 1 :h. 1 nemy. Tim
losfeii of the hitter were vci v h. n v and the bin .
Cmu t bare failed (rreu'ly to erippi-j them. We
rap-Ltrd a uumber of (.n- iiei, one a colonel,
who win taken in 11 b ird-to-hitvt i ;h!. We a' so
loM peverely in otliieis ard mni, but in no pro
portion wnn the enemy. A-flo.n ,.-ir kdlcd w:i
Ooloiii 1 (irave, who, 011 the or mm iu, Ads acting
as brigadier.
Of tbe present whereabouts o: Sliernn, it
mlftht grmify curiosity, but would do no itood to
penk. Krom Ins niovenirnts, we uhU'd th it ho
liiniftlf is not so sure of his and longi
tude, tudice. it to say that lm li 19 nntiyiliyi
Sard mnrehinp before him ere ho will bo a'de to
respond vi-ildy to the rockets of his friends oil
the coast, with a pood prosK.vl of buying to liyht
his way throiiKh the entire dio'au 0.
From tfu Auyut'a Coustilutivn ilitt, be ci'jr?,.
Owing to the state of the nlmo.-phere, tha de
tonation of cannon was di-'uu ny heard on
Sunday morniil iu tlio ilircetioii of Waynesboro.
Se have li in our fuwer 1.. V"o :cik a lirief, but
authentic, e.splanaiion ot tlu wurlike reso.
1'urMiart to instriu tions, 'Itn'ni Wlitelcr csn
ccntrated his euvalrv 1 ir e, in I . niidoigut 0:1
Suturiiay, fell upon . ..e rueur.'s 1 wuh a vim.
'Ike Yankee horsemen wile p.v innately il.iven
back upon their inl'aiitiy support. After har-s-ing
the infantry lor some lime, ' iieeUr reilrej
to hi" former posh ion.
At da light ou Sundav uiorni.iir, KiliMtrlck's
ciiviiliy.asiii-le.l by the 1 liti (,'..i ,s advaiiced upon
our cavalry. We were s alio . U 0 hind lenipo
rary brea-tworks and tirepared to meet tbe oaset.
livery charge of the useinv wu repulsed by tiie
and eounuir charges, l' lnally, d's j4irinir to carry
j 1 our wi ika by stonu, iioia iuis au.,nii( ihe.r r.isily
I I f miar lor iiumbirM, the Yankees envelopsd our
Haul s and made a retreat nei rs-a' y. This reti. e-
-ua a....nt....liul....l I A-....ll ' Tf . .,
t 1 1 ing relieved their rear of a trri ,lo lucubas, 1I10
HLktes iitiamionid anvfur iur di moustratiou
and continued their march.
Our vh between a.; v. vty 1: id cinhty mon.
The er.tun 's loss Is reporu 1 oirjiaily us "very
I.eaT. Among 11. e p.sya 1
11 our si lo, we
are pained to announce to
Colonel Oravi s, AetinK liii- il
.c. j wounding of
1 . One of tho
. hud t -h.iu 1
' was wounded,
e I with tie most
-i.leriug the dis-
VL Yankee ollin rs was c ,. tor .1 i.i
Jrr tneoimter. tmil Kiln i'.ri k 1.1
Our elli.-ers and u.111 led .1
lliktil gl'lshcd ("ll nlitrv. anil, . 0
parity of force, a' hi. .1 10. 1 .1 in
iMiint results in
n taidiiig tho inarch ol ibe li -1 ''i columns, anil
lilliiiK ihem witn a .vel.-ir .n.i 1. ,1 aiitirehension.
if At last urujuiit'., the huii i t : 0. 0 Wheeler had
collect, d Ins nu n anil was a am Imtkinz away
a at tbc reargiiaid.
V.'IE ARM V ill' T:m: JAM EN,
Ft lx ts Rftlrin(r t tie I'.-oiieh Ounbaat.
IIsakoi inrr.n.s Ahhy 01 rn is Jamie,
Kii'iimonii, Va., lieeemb r 1 1 t he Hebel troops
which yesterday derronstia e.l on our right wore,
this morning, all withdrawn, and our piciiul linos
lave been to-day coualderah'y a Ivinccd in that
The French punhont Ad which "arrived at
AiKeh's Iniiding a weik since, u iius still in the
river. Tno comuier 1 1 uec-i's of the l'ren h
liovtroni. lit, who were prr.;;ic.l to visit Kich-
D10111I, have ibis evenlii'; i ru 'J at these head
quarters, and 1 understand Hi it the .Idunn will
10-nn trow leave witu nuiu on i o .ru.
Dr. Livingstone, the celebr it d travoW who
explored Central Africa, is about returning to
Oenerul Sheridan was 0:1 -k a newsboy. That
sjrM when he learned to go to pros liirly. Ki.
Hon. lleuben E. I'cnton, ; ivernor elect of
V'ew York, has resigned hid se la the Culled
Pules House ol Reprosentatires.
Tbe Vouiihkerptian (N. Y.) U one of tho
latest victims to the inhumatiliy of piper dealers.
It baa stopped publication.
Mica llateraan baa met her wonted success at
Manchester, England, ller career Is aald W be a
Ioudu Of Ulaunu4.
Rebel Invasion of Kontucky.
Ger.cral8 Stoncnan and
in Tursuit of Breckinridge.
TII03MS TAIt!r. TI!' 01T;:slVi:
etc., fn-., !:.. V.W., 1.1c, Ki-., i:n-.
Lot'iav n.f.a, DcCPinVr 14 . T!ie U 'li d fioneta'
I yon, on entering llnpkin viilo on M 01 1 iv , 0:1
seripted ivery one he could find, r.ib'iri the
stores, ami burned what he.-ouU not einy rvav.
A conser'pted getitleins.11 sue ceded iu g. t in th
gunrd inebriated, and caeajied while tho U.'iel
soldiers were In quest of coal.
(ieticrnl McCook's a lvunec 8 1 ir l h id a skir
mish with General Lyon's rearguard a' Klkt n.
Generals Stonetnan and llurbride h wo ell'o ''ed
a jucetion at Boauesville, and mil elusily iAow
Tbe cavalry of General Tlioiua" army, wliieh
crcsscd a lew days since to the nor'h si lu of the
Cumberland river, was yesterday re-jro-s J to
the south side, v. lib the t ce;i:iouof a snli'ient
force to pursue and rout any It 'bel for ( 011 the
north side of the river. Th' dcl'- ii e- u 'l.e rail
road have been so stn nj hcae.l llial no dang r is
nppri bended.
News Direct from
Our Army Closing on Savannah.
curt fleet co-opnrtATinc
Grand Combined Attack to ba
Mado Upon tho City.
Cur Troops in Excellent Spirits.
titrf.. Jito.. J-t.'.. IUto.
TV AfsitiMiTON, DrcctubiT lo. Tho F1H0.T-
IiifT tflcyr:m was received from l'ortre'as llon
ico lust night :
ITi-lfrum in eiplter rccciveil at Vfis'.iuijtoa
at 10 I. M. December 14, IStU.
Mesjoilcli Irura Aituilral luli!rcil.
MiN-i:ie, December 11. To Hon. (Jtd.on
WelleH, Secretary of th" Navy: 1 hnvo just
rceoivU a comrauulcitiou l'roui SUeraua'd
lie is a fevf milci t orn fcavauaau, aua in
fine fpirita.
I eliull bring all my available i'orea iuto con
nection with the army.
A decpntch b) forwarded with this.
Very respectfully,
(Signed) J. A. Daiimiukx,
Kjar-Adicili a1.
A bearer of deoptttchiw from Dalil
gren arrived iu thin city to-d ty, with, tliii fol
lowing important despatch for the Secretary
of the Navy :
Ilikfinteli from Ail in Iris I lrhlgrrn.
ltovAL lUiiiioii, DeceinUer 12. Hon. in
Welles, Secretsirjjof the Huvj Sir: It Is my
imppinci-s to apprise the Department that Gene
ral Sherman, w ith his army, is near Savannah,
and that I am in communication with him. In
view of Ida probable arrival I had stationed seve
ral steamers ut dilfcrcnt points, und had come
down from Tullaiiuuey yesterday iu order to be
at baud.
I hud not to wait mnny hours. This mornins
at 8 o'clock, the handdion arrived, with Ca italn
Duncan and two scouts, Sergeant Marion 1
Esserii k and George W. Uullhy, having the fol
lowing lines from General Howard.
llrhiialch from Ilnnnril.
IlBAlniAUTBUe DnrAUllC-'NT ok A it my op
Commander of the 1'oroes in the viciiiity of
Savannah, Georgia.
Sir We have met with perfect success thus
far. The troops are in very fine spirits aul
near by. Respectfully,
(Signed,) 0. 0. Howard,
Major-General Commanding
Iteawirt of ' Lain Dunran.
Captain Duncan states that our forces were in
contact with the HebeU a few miles outside of
ga.Yannali, Be lays Sherman's army Is not la
want of anything, rerlmps no event could gnu
gt eater satisfaction to the country than that which
1 announce, and I beg leave to congratulate tho
Vnited States Government on its oceurteiice.
It may frlinps lie exceeding my province, but
1 erniiot n frain from expressing the hopo that
ti e l'e urmenl will coiumetid Captain I'uneaii
m il bis eoni. anions to the honoratile Secretary
of War for some mark of approb.itlou for tluir
success Iu e-tablishing eoiuinunication between
General Sbeiman and the U et. It a.s au onter-
rie tl at n itilr. d b 'th -Kill and courage.
I bae tbe bum r to be, vir.- re-pectfu'ly, your
o' Tdw nt : in ant, 1. A. Dull oiikv,
(' tnii.anil'g South A'.l .nlie Idockadlng S pi Iro 1.
TI;n following extr n t from a letter rf G n
erttl Slu iiiinii, written belore lis ttlarte.) u;ini
Irs great lnutrli, nIiows not only thai he
rem lied the point ut w'ueli lie aim. id, bat tli t
ho in entn; lulled the dillieiilt,'; m) ir1
Im lvi or feiiileen d.i :i c.iiher t'l.lll ll!CK
peeti i! :
KisnsfoN, leorg!, tl T. M . N o'cnb1 a,
1 ' i. Ci.p'hin Itino.k, t'liiied J.tei '.1,
M..ntiil Cry :- la a few days I will lei ocT o: b:
Hutu, iinil In po to meel my old fuen l 1). I),
l'orti r araui. Will you te kind i n nii to unit '
Into and tell lif mi 1 1' loo's, out for in.' ul.o it
Chiistinns.t 0111 Ililio'i H a ! to Saa':n ih.
(si;.-i.e.l) V. T. Sin KM in, M ij. tic.:io:al.
NvWs Rsccivod vith S.ilutos
by the Whclo Flcjt.
That Slict turn eipturoj S.iv.tnn.1'1 be
fore tho. steamer wblelt br o.i.'hl tlm a'uv
ilefpiileh hail t.iir'v git out of the h iro r ol
I'ort Iioyal i,s probable, from i'u f.-t t'ltit tlij
mei.ener who reaelie.l lure this in irniti
says Unit wheti eo:uing ntit ui t'.n.' h i.-foor, -ivl
when too Into to eotntiiiinle.ite by r.l.'n iN. tli"
whole diet fired n F.tliite. I'pon lookiuj
towards the vt s.sels they were being doeopito.l
with llag.s, in honor ol' Home great victory.
The opinion tbttt prevailed 011 board tli3
Henmer wa", that mnee who left tho wlnif
news had remlicd the Admiral of the fall of
tin; fllH of f'rlsiuiit'ra of War.
War I'i l Af.Tvti.NT, ArJiTANr-Gi:'K'iit.'s
Oil hk, Wafiiinoion, Deeemlier 7, 1V1. 1.
llrigndicr-General Joseph Hays, t'nited ta'.es
Yolciiteer.s, and Colonel Stcphon M. We'd, Jr.,
.Villi Musvsi husetts Volunt crs, pil-otn rscf wa',
uiCKleittd by tho GuvciMuent of the l'u te.1
Stales as ti e (..Hirer to be placed on p.irole,u;.;i..e.
uhlc to the arrangement entered into by Liju'en-ant-Generul
Grant and C iiunilssl.i:ier
rccthc und db tribute to the I'uite I State, prison
ers of war stub articles of clothing and ot ti r
niee-saries herein uitntloned as may bj ivu" 1
by Ibe Government or contributed from other
sctin es. Should cither General Hays or C o!o::el
Weld be unable to perform the e duties, Colonel
Thomas II. Waller, .ritU Indiana Cavu.t r, an I
l.iiiiterant John A. Mans, 20-M Votimylva-ea
Voluiitcers, arc d :dgmited as 'heir ult'irn "os.
11. The Cubed States f.Kxui to its
ptisoners of ur in fan Soutsi the foilo ving a"ti
1 es : l iiifoim ba's, uuiforin caps, ua l irri
eoutc, tind'oriu j 'elet-, tiniiel s'nirH, ili Aneu,
looties, stockings, buinkets (woolen), bliu'-.c'.t
( 1 inn I, commissi ity stores. Tho f.'ieulsof the
1.' nltcd States prisoners of war eonllned In the
Smith are permitted to forward to them, by llr.'j
of truce boat or other uuthoii'.cd eluinnol, the
follow lug at tides : Cents, underclothes, cips,
suspenders, brushes, buttons, tewing cotton,
p. i Let knives, ike' eus, postage stamps, p'pea,
syrups, lard, bologna sausage, pcpicr, pants',
eor.k.s, shoes, looking glasses combs, tr.pc, pins
and needles, paper, lead pencils, tobace , sauT,
family soap, smoked b-ef, io n moil, mustard,
vsts, huts, hatidktrchiefs, towels, c'oILch,
brcoiiis, thread, scissors, envelopes, pauUnives,
cigars, crushed sugar, butter, beef tongues, nut
megs, tablo salt, salt fish, ylcl.les, dried fruit,
11. pies, cro.kery, rrnckers, sauces, lttnons,
mutches, glassware, clwi e, veCatiles, ants,
jeast powder, tiunare, meats and tidi in i nns.
III. All attielts for prisoners of war will bo
forwarded to Colonel John II. Muiford, As'eiit
for Exchange of l'lisotiers of War, ut l oiliebs
Mot.rue, Ya
11) order of the Scchi.tarv or Wait.
1'. I). TowhSi.Mi. Assisuut A.tjut.i'.t C ucr.i!.
tl. i lnrnt.ou of J ielinnto of I'rWuni 11 of
IV ur.
War DpraHTMKNT, Aon tant-Gsjnk'iw.'s
Oi FitR, Wahiiington, Diccmber fl, 1JI1. I. It
huving been ollicially reported that Mr. Ould,
l.cuel Commissioner of Kxcbauge, has declared,
without consulting with thu authorities of tho
United States, that all ilebel prisoners delivered
for exchange or parole by the United States U iv
eimncet up to November lo, IbA, ate ex
changed, it is
Ordered, That all I'e leral prinon. ri of wnrof
tbc army und of thu navy, and all civilians on
parole for exchange, op to NoVKiubcr 'I'i, ImOI,
be deelured exchanged, and thsy.urc, thus de
clared exchanged accordingly.
II. All paroled ollicers and enlisted men herein
declared exchanged, who aro In camp, will bo
Immediately forwarded by the commandants of
camps to their regiments and commands, will
be reported to the Commissary -Geuorul of Prison
ers accordingly. Those who are absent on lotve
w ill, on the expiration of their leave, repair forth
with to tho parole camps at Annapolis, M J., or
Columbus, Ohio.
liy order of tho ' Secretary op War. '
, J, Tuw.NsaND, Asiiietatit Adj.-Qcu.
Co-0rtlna; with Nhrrinnn.
IThion Hkah, 8. C., l'ecembi-r fi, 1S8I. O i
Siinasy lat the .'.'to Ohio Uegiment performi'd a
most gratifying fe it In the l'iv otaliiro direetioi.
1'ioei eding bv a secret route, under outers from
Gi re rai 1 o-ter, they came on a fort at l.'nur. li
bridge, i i the rear, ('iiptidn Goraud, of General
I oner's Ststf, with bis usual gallantry, was in
advsnce of the column, having only two nii'u
with him. 1 v n li in it over the parapet, s m forty
Itenels wotc tli-co-en d. Adopting an old ruse,
Cupta a Goraml t'irned abont, sang out, " Couie
on, I). s I" and the Kebels tied like sheep. Two
Jl-poiindi rs were ciptnre.l. die was brought
nny, but the otln ,, nio inted on a heiry e ir
r u.e, could not be removed convenient y. It
was dnniiiiri d as much as possible, an 1 1'10 eais
sot.s dtstioyed. Our to' es then returned.
itiiMMtMT in (".sural roTrrs.
On Tuesday monilni; Ibiv-adiir-General T i't r
moved from Iloyd's Nut K up toe llro.el au I l'llil
fli nv rivi rs to a poi n on a lon.r neck of I in 1
Istween the Coo-avv hat -hie and Tiliitianv nvor-,
.icioss will, b, lo ir 1111, is up, the Sivaniah ami
( I ur;i sion luiiioK i cros-i s. 11 inoie l up a
1010I Iroin the binding, di 11 iu4 a k ual1 f nco of
skiiinistiiis ti tore bun to an 1111 acid, jast
bviora a wagon road, leading from a bridge over
Ibe t oosnw hatebie river, 10 Masn's biid.-,
aero-s the Tilliloi ie. Heie the en inv mado a
si .nil, m il a si vere I'uht folloacd. l ucydr ire
th. enemy er.tiliia lv peross tlie :)d I, till a dense
ivood was re.iehed, an I there routed them, e ip
tining a buttle Ibi:;, and some prisoners.
The enemy lett a i their ilea I and s me woun lo 1
in c ur bands. Intrenehm .Mils wcro ut on 0
thrown up, and a picket line, and a line of skir
mishers li nm n ou. to the road, (nightly in a 1
v.iiu e ot our in 1 in lines. During the nigh' seve
ral slight collisions occurred between tho pi :k-ts,
ami early in tho morning tho ctienv.- m i l ) a
vigorous a sault on our lines. The enemy einio
hist upon our tight, forcng in our plc'..ets. They
wcro promptly repulsed by tho reserve. Tney attai bed tlio siiino po'ntnitun in gro i t
loiee, and were aitaiu prouip' ly rop iKo I. Net
tbey felt ourceii're, but weie driven baelt without
Iimovi ling i.ny thing. They then eatne in lor e,
on our lilt, and were routed with much loss.
TitL cot.ousn TUO, ICS
s lotair.. d the greater loss dnricf t'10 n't v l; on
Wedtusdav morning; ba' I tbink the killed an I
iviunued wnl not number uioro than thirty to
Tbe lists of e ihii. ilties In tho baltle of II in"y
Hill btvve been revised and r.duce.l to seven h-i.i-dieil
mid forty.
Tt Konly b-ilf a mile from th. Savan:;a'i nn t
Obarlestou It .ilroa I, and fiom our tr.ev no: only
tbe whistles of the locomotives, b it the nriiMin;,'
of the trams can be di-Iinetly beard
Ohl liOKV's I'l.AsiTATIOSr.
Further up the Tillilinny river, on th") r's'lit of
the rend upon which General l'otier marched. vo
l.ave taken possession of a Utiding atu:egor's
plui'tn'ioii, st.'t. h was evs'iated in il hurry wn.-u
our iro ps ndv.ineid. Er.m thence the supplies
me teiMurdcd lo the front.
muxav's ioikt.
A ( was landed ot M:ky's I'o'n',
Wi ilneso..y mo-idng, wlrch pro. iicil.'.l up th
oppi site shore l oin Gregory's planta ion, and
bitn n. bi'd ou a a int tl.ero I01 tao prou-etion of Hank.
,-.'o-oi'KKAVHN op run orxnovrs.
Vbe giiitliouts ids 1 eo-nner.ite for tho protee'lon
of our Hanks and iandiugs, nu.l tho Nivil ll;i
g'o'c, under Coiiitniinder l'lctjlc, are doin ciii
c.Liit service ou shore.
i;!r. roTriii,
nt ei c lime during the light of Tuesday, when hi
Ivign.le showed sotee sbtiis of fsl'trnu'. witli his
bai in one band and bis snbm in thu o'.'ier, rushed
to ti.e tront ot the p lint -bat was giviog u and il hie men, v. bo reiurned cam. ...iy into Uiu
I., l.t.
firMlllM. lKTCIl
f nt to tbe front f.oi.i boyd'ii Nc. l;, on We lit s.
Cay morning.
CONIIIOL Ilk' Till: SAVANNAH II At 1.110 V I).
lly rapid and strati gic m vcnints from right
to left we have su reeded In obtaining a p isiuoii
tiom wiiich 0 eau command, as soon us oar
hi 1117 gnus go up, iwo bridges and somo mib'S of
the Satanmdi Uailroad, eteu if we do not u-i ai.iy
the lLad itH If.
l Al'lAIN WI'ITNl'.V j;l!,I,K0.
(01 day night Capt.iiu Alon.o H. S'I'.
rev, 01 ibe iith I'll nil Slut, s colored tru ips, wa
bidt'l 1 y a lire from one of our own pici.cH, of
tbe ..t"e ti X :w York. It is stand th it he lia.l ln
iiuv. Mi 1 lly got in ii.lvancu ot the pic.:;t, au.l
a as supposed to be .1 It I10I. II is woun I w is iu
the g'o ti, and resulted laUily on M nd iy m orn
11 a. Caption Whi ney was fonneriv a private in
a Verm nit recimuut, and passed Casey's Uo ird
as 11 (n,.liiiu. lie a .1 00111 Iwcuiy-six y o.ivj Old,
ai ii a lit e oil: er, whose tiriforlanato death ia
biiicb rcgatttd by lbs regiment.
1. ate itnti i. ti:ivs.
lnit'rlunl frnm Iitilslnsii.
t.l I' I -.H I. l.Atl) OP t tVR TIIOI SANO CAVALRY
ixto am; in tusiou op tiik ni aiii.
Osvka, December 1, DIG I. A Yankee raiding
fi res of at least five thousand cavalry, with tx o
pieus of artillery and ninety-six lo idod wagons,
the rest with pontoons, and commanded bv
(enrral Davbi-on, reached Tuuitipahue from
IhUon Hoege ht two o'clock yesterday morn di:.
Lust evening, atter burning ib conscript camps
und some outnuildiugs, gu't ng the stores, pd
I. cleg the Inhabitant.-, anil burning bridges, thov
I- P. iu the uiiectiou ut, Li., which is the
timet route to l ' url river. They carried wi.h
til in Captain idiurav, enrolling oilier, too po t
in.itn r, Wiili'Jii.s. the hotel k jopt r, ami all the
citiiXtis they could ohl.
SdiiiC of the pillaging was very brutal, there
t e.rg uo force nt oms to retard them in any way.
'll.iir destination is unl.uown. though tbey them
selves jiositivcly said it was Moliilo. Their horses
nppiiiicd innch jtide l. All is unc.rt.tiu coiijjc
tme 11s to their f urther movements.
R. jn 1 irrt mm ut Tun 4'imwnlr of
tl.c 'I' At v lurk Viivjtlrjr,
lo or Millivood. Vr.
Js'r.w Maiikkt, Deeemlier '.. Lieu'enant Iliy
lor, of the 12th Virginia Cavalry, attacked two
run panics d thu Hit Now York Cava'ry, near
Millwood, Clarke county, on the Ih iu t uu, ail
killed und cnpluied ioity of tho jurty auj toir.y
uibe horses.
Altruil Ketij liy Our O.lle.-ri at
1'iiiiv lit-. .V. 4. i;oieuel i&oMiier, ut Kvii
Icili, (tilled.
VvA .'! Richmond Vi.Jfrti-A, liffnhtr li.
Yeterdny morning the Yankee olll 'crs lithe
prbon at Danville made en attempt t overpower
t.,e gua'il. Tie y were tired on, an 1 Colonel II -
r, if Xew York, was lu,tamly killed, aud
o'heri. woundci'. This tribtenod the rust, uui
the attempt was given up. The sirur tle la.tjd
bul a tew ui.iiutca, and all was soon timet.
I ruui I'.iut TsunesHec.
1ALI.1N') HACK OP TIIK 1(1:111:1. U0M tlUAS's
from the Hriilol r.t'jhltr, Drctm'xrl.
Id conseUcne-e ot tho appearand of Federal
troops Lt Uean's station, presenting tho attitule
ot a flunk movement, our fores were induced to
fall buck sonic distance, havltnr imp jrtunt wagon
truins to prntoct., on Tuesday morning,
General Vaughn commenced an advance move
ment, being determined to find out the force in
front of him. We siiail not be surprised to hCAT
bii niruiug up close to Jiao.wUic.
JjT HIIOEMAnilH uo..
-a. s-. i
ii. HJf
Installation of Chief - Justico
Waphino row, Deeemlier lo. In tbe Supreme
Court of tho United States Jul! ice Wayne an
risiiced to the bar that the banking case from
New Yoik wonld lie called for argument imme
diately after tbo argument of tho case from the
Court of Claims, involving tho ipiestion of juris
diction, which is fixed for the first Tuesday of
January net.
Tbe Supreme Court Chamber was filled this
morning with ladies and ctillemcn to witness
the ceremony of Chief Justice Chsso tailing his
scut. At a few minutes past 11 o'c'o.k, the
Criir form illy announced the coining of the
J istiee-, who, as customary, appeared in tluir
rubes of ottlce.
Ju-tiecWn no wa'ked In front of his i in dates
end was followed by tho Chief Justice. Tin y
all sepaiatcd to tbtlr respective chairs au l re
mained standing, while tho Chiof Justice himself
read them the oath of olflec, a written copy of
whi. h bad been banded him by Ju-tico Wayne.
Mr. Middleton, the Clerk of the Caiirt, rcil
mid reroideil the commission.
All tho Justices being seated the Court pro
railed to business.
t'Krf t.i. i'i t-r.its.
ll.M TtMottt:, December lo. -August i papers of
the 7ib, received at tho .Iwiericut olll.'e, say that
Taauregiird arrived at Aijgusta ou the dtli.
The Cinatitutimi:ilit of the 7th says tho Ynn
kee prisoners report that Kilpvtrick was shot
through the head and morally wounded in t'ae
light on Sunday, at Waikor's llndgc.
Tho ( 'lirimirlr of the 7th says : " l'asseii'rers
by tho Savannah traiu on Monday afternoon
report all quiet iu the iielghhorhouJ ot l'oco
tu Igo."
Another report l lies that the enemy We-re
advancing tluir main column on the Co osa
wetcble. It was also reported that the enemy
cnpturcl two gins on Flit Spur creek, on
Sunday. Nothing deliuite, however, wus obtained.
f..r The I hilt 7.7,. A in Kt-nmi r-V';iiA.
TIIK tVS BY Ml UK WN Kl'llt'l'.
Thruugh the swamps, aid whore tho tussock
p'unt.s its tangled tn;',H of urass,
All 1 is hopes int. nse'y yearuiui for tho things
that weie to I e.
In his breu.-t some fiw despitibcs, d'dt'i : gallant
Cap'ain pass,
And iu a ranoo came sailing, tailing down tho
On the !Hb he left the army left it Just ivlthiu'.ivo
Of Savannah, where tho ruins Uo of hopoj that
once bent t ree ;
Where a Hag torbitu is drooping, wherj tho can
non s. truly smiles,
Swift ftom Sherman he catno sailing ia'.lltig
do'Autbe Ogechee.
Few, nnd brief, and brli ht, and burninj sparks
s'ruek sharply front the -oul
Spoke those lightningdinud desp itches, which,
wi liin his bos in, be,
MbvI: g face to f ace w ith Sherman spoken, Hilton
Head his goal,
liorc within Ids bosom, sailing, sailing dou
tbe Ogcchee.
"All our troops are in good nplrlts, ws hao won
success so far,
Keep a good look out for signals" su:U tha
little winds that we
Have received to fan our hopc3 with certain now
that nought will mar
That good nuas ihat l uncm broujht us, sail
ing doisn thu Ogechee.
For the latest soands that lingered with tin
iiiger-llsb nlng gain
And tlio tbiiuder eeim,,. AMudeiing o'er the
rniit es pedant bio, ' .
When tlie "I'bHudelph a," dipning II ig, exalt
nntly set sail.
Hade of moro than truth tho tidings borne ti .
from the Ogeeltcc. . i:. i..
riiiLADKi.i'ins, Doceui'ier lo, It il.
Tp.stino Gt ns 'KRi'iiitTF.ii K x plosion. -This
mortiltig a number of largo guni were toitcdat
tho llridosburg Arsenal. Tuo loud repjrts gavo
rumor to a disastrous explosion luvin t oneurr 'd
at a l.rge fucory in tlie npier section of tho city.
Another report was current that Dapont's
1'owder Mills, at Wilmington, had exploded
Tbe concussion was plainly felt In the city, and
alaimed muny of the mine timid, who no doubt
thought another pirate was coining up tho 1) la
vs are.
Limitations of Gobi at tho Philadelphia Gold
Fxchaiic, No. til S. Third s'reut, second svory :
A. M 2'17 111 A. M J3'
lu A. M 211'; 1'2 M '.'til
10 A. M :I7 1 V. lei tiil
11 A. M 2,iti
Btsrkfls by Tolic r.sptl.
Xi v York, Dccjm'Kir 1.5. Flour has an ad-vuilt-ins'
tendern y mi 1 1 he market Is flrni.r. rid. j "if l..'i(l
I t..s. f $ Hii.,Iu for miaoi; SU ' t ,r i'0, ail
til I" w i Snuilii rn. Wneat ilnneri sales nf 1 ism
lili'ln .1 Ht $1 In Tor Ite.l. Corn ileaev, tin' il'" at St l''a
i-ri. Perk tiuoi'ttiit ui f in, 4a ir.e," lur new. Lard buoyant
ui il" (.',. WtUsky llnu ut !!.
p'.lp -firiivan. ..tw1i r, ln-".s.t vV't-rk iiiiiti k Co.
I' im A'.itAHih . Hee'AM, iiio And uiftrket. ilo.
h Klin . I.'oll U. 11 iVAiii I) Ft. Mir!mn A- t'n.
l;ru- H i'. WH4,t, lluwUtoru, J-yrt, J . (1. k ).
H ir.'iipiirr.
p hr I.. .) II"-rttr, MrtHth. Lvnn. I.Uklxt'sn (V
hchr 11. C. t"Mi.-, Ariin, bmlnn, J. Hunlur, Jr., ii .'.
R!f flmMT Nixon, MiailiCvVii.4H ho 111 ir uu ItoKon, with
! u ll nry Wiiin'T A 4 'o. Kxp rifiicil h'-avj w-.jther,
I t ml wim iit'lli-d to liiy lo f r fji (y-t ydi iiutiri
NU-uiU'-ImP Atuu-U. liriUHli. ir'iu frw Y'XK f rlT)!t
J'i'Hit. ptii in, t'ti iU.ii.f lo ui'i'-tp wtrrv. for rcpt r.
Jxirtt r WK W. iatA on in tiint of cri iltli tiiHt,, wiiH-t
it ttf Hr sUvVrater, iarivil b iti luvwun. niid, Hi'tHrc
tflPK wnh inrt-) tiiKiiterH. dnti' on the f ilut of (.',' Ilt'il-t-'l-en.
y. l.t ri1 li lav mid) Tu-mrv ruornlfikr. w!ieti )ii
Mi f(i( oil by Mmr. Morrn A 'o , wreekfru Tna
rlnmniTH tlatia.'i'il werr tin r A. Himtli, fn IViHrti'il
I lUti U r lioitou. wi'Ji il: W. K. It irtUta,fru a New V trk
tur liulumoio, wnh bnrlf v : hik! m-lir , '(. (14 ,er,
Iioin Sirw Vtrk lor 'ltv Cohit, with nnni(ry non-a thu
u 1 I ot their Inwaprlm aru ht'tiU'i'iir, un I lite Ut sttfJ hut
rtiHiiiniani and t"t. nnd multic, mtier ctmtfaj tfia
Itu e nl th. m wi:l cone tr I'liiUilulphi for r itir. it
hn atfto rt por(r4l tlint a aolt jnt.r aahoi-e aoutb
o. I wl' k Inland.
Hritr Ivtrana, Hai'suny,6 diytt trm MoUiit, in ballast t
J K lrttvr t'o
N.l r..' Morrln, Artit,:t tlivi frJOl Jlauitua B a3,
In halUKt to W. Ilnntttr, Jr., A t!.
henr IC. VauK, I'ovn J, ft day. fromPurt Eoal, In lntlla.t
kViir Julia I'owall, Johnion.8 dayi fro to rirUaail, with
nd" tn captain.
K.hrd. W. llvi.ion.Hhaw,& dayi from l'ott Biral, in
bnlU-t to taptuln.
k hrl atawaii.twak,llicki,fl(Uyi from Vlitatburaii.wlih
I oiiv toi aptain.
KmIit I'. A. Handera, TowiiMnd, i dayi from (jtOD Ioltt
Q biiU.. t U. A AUatUlt
QIl I TT je; n jy E IX
Be. 7 CffKHVirr ttrfl-. nrr 0evak,
KUt4UVst1 llrWsTIHVKLfftf IHA.
T(cts Mao prvparM 9ot tha Onaailttc 11mm jM
ftNl IJ't.
TsKonb ind rtol lrttfrtV tm
to an tic WrrM, aa praeui bj Um iMft MooantAftti
aad auiuaea bmh.
fiilB ua rrmUu, la tAh4 bf on rf th maal loij
B4i C of pmrnM,
Own arvitai i aimlatlon, 3omiaarel,l Law, Deiaetlit
founlnK MaUa, A.
kt HfunA, anl a Vkf, Uuht by ft ton.aspe1tvu(
RtutlrrvM foatniflf Mparl, ml r4arad a4 m
Un. Tio(t - afiw hptiTibr i.
i afainfciMa rontaW m u amm ot 4J I a.aditftta, larm
f , fifv-rtiafcrd itratJa on app ir
II l'lkarntl H H 1 Ml t M H ttrf A CO.
pjini ipftl ot.
the tifti.fftr book'sH. A TV Rl,OtTC.fl.
n.n.le to-dny curry trl:
thu stock ba liccn in pretty free is ' il um m i
M chMi, for dellvc.y aud inTeshiVe'.!"" '" w ,UU
ufterDOon the stock will be ipioted dlviden'l,cy,',
and will probably rango at aoitt 69.
In Oil shans of the better class there was a
fair diniaiid, the price of petroleum oil tie rug
higher. Those companies that have pro.liie.iug
wills will have n rich harvest In ISM.
Vuder rrrtuors of the capture of Savannah, by
Sherman, gold bus fallen from 2.17 to 21 IJ, and
is heavy.
(iovernmcnt b mds are umn aciivc, and prices
me rutin r better, i'h sa cs of ,1 2 is to notiee at
10' j( li 'l, an silvan o; J ; Id 4 I. at 101 ; new
7 ."Us at !'!; and t'.s of 1SS1 at lift, toupons
attached ; nnd KoJ coupons olT, nn advance of I ;
rcnnsvlv.inia .Is arc selling at 9 !J.
Kailroad shares are very dull, and rather
lower. Camden and Am hoy Kailroad sold at
1"'U, which is a slight decline; 67 was bid for
I'ctins lvat.ia ltnilroad; (IS for Reading; 1J for
Little Schuylkill; oS for Fhiladelj hla and (for
iniint. n; .'iS for M;nehill; 2 ':(forNoith reun
s) Ivai ia; soA for latbigh Valley ; 11 for Catawissa
common, H7i for Catawissa jircfurred ; and 27 for
l'hil.idelphla and F.ric.
In City Fiisscnger Railroad shares there is very
little doing, but prices aro rather better. Kldgo
Avenue sold at 12; 18 was bid for An h Street;
s was n-ked for Second and Tnird ; 63 for Fifth
and Sixth; 1711 for Tenth and Kieventh 35 for
Siriicound l'ine; 4S for Che.nut and Walnut;
12 lor Race and Yine ; 25 for Oieeu and Coatos ;
nud -li for Oirard College.
Dunk shares are rather firmer, but there is
little or nothing doing In the way of sales. 161
was 1 id Or North Aiucric.t; .58 for Cjinmercial ;
3;;.' lor Mechanics'; 118 for Sotithwark; .) for
Kelultigton ; fll for (llrard ; 111.5 for Western;
.12 for M inufacttirora' and Mitchaules' ; 6t) for
City ; 4ll for Consolidation ; and 5') for Comtnon
weabh. Canal sbaros ere without any material change,
with sales of Schuylkill Navigation common, nl
.'I3J, preferred do. at .1ti"(V; -til, an advance of 1 ; and
Delaware Division at .'1(11; 73 was bid for Lehigh
Navigation ; HI for Morris Canal common, 125
for preferred ; nnd 1 1, for Susquehanna Canal.
Coal Oil shares are rather more a tivo, but
prices are unsettled. Organic sold ut lj ; Dalell
at 0 ; St. Nicholas at IJ ; Caldwell at 5J( ; Story
Fai iu at 211 ; l'raler ut 4 ; Irwin at 10 ; and Wal
nut Island 2 ; Pj was bid for Noble and Djla
matci ; 1 tor ltoek Oil ; lis) for Maple Shade ; 3 for
1'erry ; and SI for l)en,tuoro.
The demand for Money continues Dniited, at
about former rates. on cull aro freely
offered at 5 Ji (1 per cent, per annum ; prim.) inc
canlilc paper is scar. u, and disenanted at 7('7i
per cent, per annum.
Gold is Hither dull and iin'ettlcd this morning, '
opening ai2H7; fell otf und sold at ill at VI
o'clock rallied and sold at 217 ut 10; doclined
and sold at 2Ji ut llj; 2ioat I2;and2t5J at
1 D. M.
Tko Taek Petroleum Company has ibvlired a
dividend of two per cent, out of tho profits of tho
Company feir the month of November, payable
to rhl'iulelplila stockholders at the 0(11 :e of
Messrs. Tack A llrothcr, No. 132 Walnut street.
Pllll.AHM.rlllA KTOCK KX .'lIANliH 8AI.H, D0. U.
Ut eiurlesl bjr Cisrk.ou A Co., tlrokui, Ns. lit H. TlOrd IH.
IlltrOUIt HOARDS. SHU h rims TM.
lull li I'll Cid'Ji snil I il nil K"sillits H.i
CUtro ' U.blO ui 4 I MltO Uo
IIK.ST nOAlit).
' S O V nr.. HI III! ll.'suti IV.Iwell....
,hl 4
.. IMS
.. 6
f...ltl ilo ..ll....lisi . '.". u
u.. u, b
ll".'l ilo ICH....10 "
i.:,ie U is -'s I'v'f
l. li eo rt' lm i
U.S. I . H. 11,-4". I"ll;
Sl.'isi el" li!'..
si. I., r a "mos iow i'i',
I, u n Peam f.s t-.l. .
.Mlsn i irKanl.- Oil.... e.t
'.insh liaueU UU.... j
llsi.h d.. bikl
'.1st hh Kt Nlehi'lil. ... S'u'l
St) Bli llielu NM'IIUV.e Si I
MO kl 11, ino a
Mm uri Htmy Sn.... 44
tssi ti Min 4
lti.) n Irwi.i Oil Il)
211 in W n it Inland. S','
i -it huh. Limi.., le,
Ifmsh ....pll. an,
iisj aa do ito
ItlO.ti o .41
1U ,11 H.'l 1)1 V t 40
6 iriUaia a Am ,..1',
Quoti'tions of the principal Coal and Coal Oil
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day :
rulten Col
UlK MOUtllAlllC'iAl
Uree-n Ml. Oa...
N . ( srlionalo.....
New Crfk
leeel.r Dam Coal.
Clinton Coal
Untler Coal
Jiltuiioiul Coal....
I rmniimuii t i -
t.'.j Howe K.J.ljOll.. ll
12 Irvliu; Oil ..
I i
, r.iH, rim oil...
Den. more hi.
Ill Halell. Ill a ..
1 1 MoKLneoy ol
1 llohort. OU
II lOlinstoail J ti ,
III iNeblctUolaiuatw . Hsf 10'J
IU lllr, ..I.I4J 4
I 1 Story Pib y 44 S1,
, llnnicr l fJI
1 ' t'ffimifciiui Canua. o.u 4
IV'ioi Mliiini;
( aims'llciit
kiv niutie Inc.. .. 1 si
s ii eisior Oil i n''
1'. K.nlwrt 4 4
Hull unk ti t IS)1. H"i l.laoil.
('ononenial isl S ji'iirtln.
.IJ( 1.1
I .rrsil 1
elnlOll C'roeA..
1..' li
Oil C'tfek
Maple Khsue Oil. .17
Met'llntra-k Oil.... f'1,'
Pellli.ylvarilal'.t . 'i
ferry Oil 3.
Sllntral Oli ,
Keystone OH D.'
1 1 1 HI
I'orn Pltnter.
t.';iK.Mk Oil
'-". fun l ai'm
4 ', 1 1 'oh.
I HI s. h set nil (trMk 1
i ' Wsliiat ..
Phils. U 'I lileollt.S .
Ciiicent city 1
hi 4 Plilor-ol'i 9
'i'i Ht. N'eholuj ..
I I'lnllliis 4
.Vi Ttirx rl'imostttd.. ..
raid-veil ..
S lleilo Par m At,'
J'i hrni 1 :
J i'ow'ri'-k 2 ,
ll4 I'lierrv ll'l'l Pie-J
V Hfofi I'l-ntre ..
4 finn'oirv.
1 Alleid.eny A r..1e't W
Me"... Il Dh'irrjr IS
7 It I'h'ioni
I.1.' Itnrnlus apuiiK
VVhuoii 'I
lrv lice
IllMt We'tern... . 'i
liimMleB Isl.lnl
I'oiikurrl 1'.'
I'niikiird l.'iifk Oil 1 '
At info ..
Ve'llAiuioOtl V
toiloD Pf Uouai..M I'i
Kenit. Oil 0'4' on t ..
Mr. FeSiuudcn has Issued the following cir
cular :
"Tint asi'hy Dr.i'AKTMi'NT, Deeem'ier M, ISiil.
"-Htr: I iclimi.' to .vilj alt) lorliui- I, sum of ImwhI., the
inti iFslo' Mlileh Is imvsliU in coin, uraiirni'llierliien-a.
i.f ni'iT eirc'...;l jii, I .-k your nci; .(tendsa UI Ui.
iMnn il.rfeti-i.ilii notes now ,itirrsl 10 ilia piiMic. 111.
I rllio.U that llie-o nines pre .oat Mile am.'-),
selecli .hou a ri'Colua)e,il U'"l to all -sue) li.vs
-11..11.V 10 Invent. Hi. liii"est oil rprl t. at
pr. .. nl rules 01 ulti" I'overiiiin nt .ernrilloi mi 11
s lo rnnUT them a ir-B-llv, " I tnslr aouvort In I y
Into fold brarins Ihoi.i. ple. trieiu ail aljnioul
value. II I. ooln"v',r'' "'at psil'le siiouia aa.U'-
lainJ (lie a.lvit.s'i ail.irdie lv itils eit-,. or soqu-s-tle.
to lii.uro .'''S ln .ailleleit nstlv a-nollnu ti
nn ntlie cur-rut denmed. uix.u 11,0 Tre tii-y. 1 11
teiirlD lo nailoniu bank, and ollit-r. audi irliy tno'itilu
.iilo-i-jiplioos' ""1 l,H' e"er of IllM) al eotliiniisl.,. 4.r
.eie-i.-v. iKTierwrd. It wai expeetod thai trio n'lunJ
bank., ''"tss'lsll.v ronneel.-a as llieir are Willi tua llov
ei 1 m"t. and prorltinir by Ilia' connaetsoi. wminl Save
tn-t u itiiiinlated to .u.-ti eeril ni a. would In.ore aus
oe... Irssrsilto .ay iliat tho result, lln.i tar Inc. a. it
beeu lattsl'ict iry. Ilcfort remrtliig 10 other an I"., I
lli.rslore atf.iD atipal to tlie National Hauki ia ll.ari.iMt
tli.' ttn y will uueloitake t'd. iini.t nis'...arv wo-k with a
.lilht and euernv wlileh will deuionilrate that Ilie rea.'.;
liled fl.eael aiiciiu ol tli. O-'vermuent may at all Obms l.e
relifdou lor ad..jiia'e .Kurllou. to procure tl-a tasau. m
eesiary lolu aalty waaia. W. t. EM,
"Buavm-Trvf Uislitaiur.'