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Sherman's Expedition.
Official Despatch from Socro
tary Stanton.
Clotiing Scenes of the Groat Oiuupai gn.
HiB Army in Line of Bottle Before
1 1 tbe City on Monday, Dec. 12.
Ma bthonq rebel pouce said
War DvrAHTHK.iT, Wahh ini. ion, December
i.l, 8 P. M. To Major-Generul Dlx, ,Mcv York :
(he Richmond papers of yesterday report Gene
ral Sherman at Iiioomingdale, fifteen mile from
r-avannab, on Saturday, Decemlscr 10. He U re-
H)rttd by this morning's Richmond papers, as
Iwill be teen by the following telegram from
fenerut Grant, to be In line of battle not flvo
,-iilcs from Savannah :
City Point, Va., December 13. Honorable
. M. Stanton, Secretary of Ti ar: Richmond
apcrt of to-day contain the following. The
llcbmond lHspnUh snys; '-Sherman is neir
.Afavannab, probably not htc miles distant. 11a
' f jaa not yet made an attack. It Is atill doubtful
Khether he will do so, or malie for tho coast
ontbeaat of the city. It is very certain bo lias
ot yet opened coinmtinlatioii itb thj coast,
brina-h hj niav iln bii rnrv Bium
ii "1 telegraphic dispatch from b. low Charlesto-i
tales that Sherman was in line ot oa'.tle (we will
J Urate force "
Another paper states: "Tairn bu b?':n no
irect communication with Savannah far tovcro.1
ays, bnt we apprehend the wires bate been cat
etwsen that plane rnd Charleston."
, U. S. Grant, Lient'iiiit-Cen
The severity of the weather bus prevontod any
nportant nioveiiviitj-by cither aide at Nashville.
Nothing of Importance la reported to-day from
e Armlet of tbe Potomac or of the Shonan-
ah. K. M. Stahtow, Secretory of War.
nportnui Reports Irstne Itlrttmnnd V
Great HatHe. l-nst Snttirrlrty OnrTroop
V in or luu and Mai-atiilng u Savanaab.
Wasiiiisoton, December 12. I hive justhowd
me newt from Shoruiau, wbieb I am informed
me direct from a loyal residont of RichnionJ.
ne statement! mado are of tho Highest Import-
ice, if true, aud I trannnlt then just as they
ere given to me, without alirnvnj or denying
eir authenticity, Should the Hi hmond pipers
to-day (which I shall receive to-iujrrow) bo
tloent with regard to Oeneral Sliormttn's movo
cnta, there will be additinal roasjns for crcdit-
g tbe eulijolntd report:
JThe party Bays that on Katnrlny, the 10th
Wunt, at an early honr, three grand corps of
iriiiuus army, emulated at ne.uriy twenty
ousand men, of tho three great, arms of ttio
rvtco, including n largo brig-...le. ot cavalry,
d succeeded in crossing the Ogceboe rivor,
low Bloomingdalo, mino tweivo miles from
vunnah, and massing between point and
Hair, tlio next station niliaeent on the linn of
Georgia Ccntr.1 Uoilioad; the left wing ex-
ncu 9 i;ih ma v-'inriciuil nav;innuu
ffilrtad, aud sever nil connci-.ija between
Mvaaniib and the Itcli.l forced at tbe bead of tbu
it, unless by wilt r, thus pin 'inn tbuin in itu
nent dander of ciipture. C'oiiimuniiiitiou had
n cneotea on the precmuig il.i.v wun roster,
o was attain rapidly adv.iui.iu:', 'i:Kju(iru!ia!iw.
e.tbe Kubcls rctreatinir from t' lirstronir doiI-
i fcouth of l-o a igo hriilpe, .rid evidently
rmeu ui uiiuiiil; utMntciT:9 mr '..icncu ootu in
nt and rear by superior forces.
bcrmaD, wiio wus in person on tbe held, round
itelf confronted by a Inrjru lor.'a of Cjnfeda-
a re'nlars, and ueorgia, l'lnrt i, and South
rolina militia, intrenched belnnd hasty, but
i coiibirucou carinwoi A. lae outile Oc?.in
ly in the day, and was contc.ited with great
y on both sides, a lurgo iKt uihiHcnt of the S
mih ."arrison, which is declared to nutnlier
live thoumnd veterans, incluili n two brigades
m le sarm.v, paiU'.'ip.wng. lowarja uo jn
mud churi;e wan illi cted by til l Union truops,
ltd carried some of the wors .a tbu enemy's
i u nd leit centre, threatening ..j cut hiin oil
iu tbe inlet and city.
his succens ere aly in -niiii 1 Sherman's
)";', fiuixued and travel w.n as they were,
i a kcik tmi nuMio-e n on r ia wuoie line
.hied up the Hebel lurm iti'iii, thich, at flint
l...ilv hitt mt Lnnth in ......t.l IA ..., i.
Hi ' 1 " VJUI.1IUU,
ill bai k to the immediate irinity of the
in tnercarot savannah, i. ar troops ad-
l ..Ud. tn l'..ll'..'. .1. 1.
(St a correspondliitf distiiiea alma; the upper
jl road. They were, however, so eOiamted by
li ui.irch uf i he previous ni h , ind tho day's
, i acmeni, iuai iiiruKr jiurhu1. van loioisiOk,
r 1 lieiilariy as the CenieOcratc u.i.kswure tound
I jo unexoecieuiy Hirong.
here bud been come tibtlnx on Friday aloni?
roao, uui niJieiy .jrelluiinary to
inlay's operation!., lha lo- in tbe latter
'h action was severe on bo'.b m les. amanntlna?
thnut two thousand live hundr id Union in all,
uciwtcu m rce aim lour iimuHiina llobeH,
v. ft wnoin were liuly one tbo inand two han
J prisoners, lucludiui; manv o.licers of rank,
irs, cannon, small arms of ul: Muds, wagons,
ftiixou were taken by our croons, tsimth.
ydtc, and Colili wero In c ouinaiid of lha
i I, whuse lossat lust h id lean tuanonrs, owing
ibe protection ol their fluid-works and the
cullies of the ground. JHut at :he close of the
inn ttu'V lilll ri'il trt'mi'n.lmi .U-
Wf wiift hlit v(l that I Ik. ruilr-'..
I ' ..... ......... ..v.. I J J . V. w 11-
(er.iU'l at fsiu bead of tho inlet, umouiiting to
'lr thousand or five thousand meu, would be
(tared. The greatest consternation prevailed
pmrleston and at ltiobiuond, in which latter
we tbe news win studiously eou. oaltd from the
liliice, although tbu uiuitioii ut bead piarters
fttrf perceptiblo, and excited general com-
. Tbe news was expressed secretly through
if country west of tba Charleston railroad,
n the bend of the Inlet to a point
' lend Pocota'igo bridge, and thence tele
jihed, via t'burleitoii,. to tbe Rebel capital,
I lung the latter late on Sunday afternoon.
nee U m aia to uava oeeg conveyed by a
traMy agent to parties here. Of course It was
Impossible to nhtaln further particulars thin the
outline of the intelligence thus hastily e illec od.
lint a day or two must reveal all. Snillre it to
sav, thai tbe last word left hbcrinan close to th
coast, either a'de to form a junction with Koter
aud the tloef, or to afaek Savannah with pr"
pecta of succc."!'. Xetr I urh W orUi.
Pfivaniiih is the
lurg'tat, and was, previous to
the compli tion of ihn Davis ecesion, tha nuMt
itonrimg - minierciul city in the Huac ot (iuornin.
It is the r.ipnal of Chatham c.inntv, and was a
port of riistoms entry before the war. The city
was foundi'd by fietieral Oglothori in 17.12-3. It
is sitnaled on the right bank of the (savannah
river, eighteen miles from its month, and lies
ninety miles wet-outhwest from Charleston, S.
C, and one hundred and eighty miles east-south-eoft
of Milledwevillo. a. Its bearings are Inti.
tude ;)2 degrees 6 mlnntcs north, longitude HI
decrees H minutes west.
Tho city is Imllt In a sandy plain elevated
about forty feet above low-water mark. A
considerable extent of rice swamp ground lies iu
Its rear, tbe exhalations from which render the
town unhealthy at certain seasons of the year.
Tho stre. ts of Havannnh are wide, unpavedl an I
sumly, but laid ont WiU tuuijarity, and
well shaded with tri Twtsj m twenty-tour
public siiu.irrs, each of rnw(teraile extent, and
all closely nhflilcd with Piido of India trees.
iraa-y proiueniides run through the middle of
two oi tlic streets llroad and l!ay having ample
curriiige ways on either side.
A great number of tbe private dwellings in
S,ivnnn.;h arc bniltof brlek. Tho city contains a
now custom houi.o, bnilt in IN:i, a city exeh ngo,
Mato arsenal, theatre, ismrt bmise, artillery
armory, jail, and other public biiildimrs, of giad
sire ami very noat design and fmi.-h. Tho cus-om
house is one hundred and ten feet long and tifiy
two feet wide. It is built of granito, and is said
to have owl $ 173,000. There are fourteen Pro
totant and two or three Catholic churches in
Savannah, a Jewish synagogue, and a public
library, which contains between six and seven
thousand volumes.
tSavnnnah city is ornamented with n monument
erected in honor of the memory of (ieuoial
Cireene, ar.d another a very imposing structure
was going op in honor of Pulaski in the year
IMil. l'iila-M fell, as will be remembered, in ui
atiack on Savannah, then held by tho UritUh, in
October. 177!'.
Tbe city of Savannah Is the centre of a very ex
temlve srs'em of railroads, which contributed
vastly to its commercial importance and general
prosperity bei'oro the Initia ion or tbe K !bcl in
apiracy, but uluch have been ehieflv used lor mili
tary pnrposes by tho Southern leaders since the
commencement of the Kchcllion. Thirteen rail
rosils, direct or tributary, converged to Savannah
in 1MI1, and their united length measure ! one
thousand and titty-live miles.
The whole spacai be twee u ilie city and the o 'can
is cut up and intersected by rivers, creeks, cuts,
awnmp. mid opeuings.
Wail's cut is an ooeoiug from Port Rnval into
tbe Savannah river, with some eight f t depth
at high wMer. Tbts cat opens Into the Savann ih
river about six ml es above Fort Pulaski, and is
of conrso ont nf the raugn of Its guns.
On the Ueorgia k of the river there are two
openings, known as Wllmmrtcm creek and Frei
borne'a cut, cofincetiBg Warsaw sound with
Augnstino creek or river, and from tbonee with
Savannah river. Tbnie two openings run for
some distance through the niarth, ipiito near to
the main Tiver, say wlihin half a mile, aud this at
a point opposite Wall's cut, and about two miles
from it.
Kkidaway It a large Island lying parallel with
the main; it it aiiout twalvo union from the city,
nnd is connected wkb ( auin laud by bridges.
There i.s a heavy di-ungMttT Mter there.
thk AvAtrjaa aivmi
is tbe dividing lino between Ooorgia nnd South
Carolina. It is formed hy the Tugaloo and Klo
wee, two fmall streams which rise near the south
frontier of Morth Carolina, and unite on the boun
dary Ik tween Ainloisoii district, South Carolina,
and Franklin county, ( ieorgia.
Flowing in a general south-southeast dlre"tln,
it forms tho boundaries between those States
through the whole of its subsequent course, and
enters the Atlantic near 32 degrees north latitudo
and SI degrees west longitude, aud eighteen mllos
below Savannah city. The length of the rivor,
exclusive of branches, la estimated at four bun
dred and fifty miles.
The navigation is good from November till
June about e ght months in tho year. Lire
vest els ascend U Savannah, and steamboats of
one hundred and titty tons to Augusta, about
two hundred and thirty miles, nnd smaller bjats
one hundred and titty miles higher.
On tbe Savannah river the bod les of fide swamp
lands are extensive, and are ca tivatcd upwards
of twemy miles from tbe brackish marsh up tho
river. These lands are considered the most valu
able in tho State, on account of their growth of
rice. Many of tho rice plantations have a pic
turesque uppcuiauce.
Fort Jackson Is three miles below the city.
Warsaw, not far from Savannah, is reached by
nn Intiicaio iu trance, with ten feet of water on
the bar. The place has no connections nor im
portance, except its proximity to Savannah. I
Ossobuw Inlet, oil tho mouth of the 0,'ecUecl
river, has a depth of fourteen tuet on Ibe bar.
St. Catharino's channel has eight and a half
feet on tbe bar, and is not more than two hun-,
dred yards wide.
Sapelo Inlet hut from eighteen to twonly feet
of water.
These three channels lead to Sunbtiry and
othi r Insignificant places on tbe sounds, not con
nected by railroad or navieable rivers with tbe
inn rit r. Darien, on the Altamalia river, has a
(.ingle iultt, wi:h thirteen feet on the bar, called
Doboy lulet. Tbe place has no railroad or other connection with the inland towns.
EptcliJ Despatches to Evening Telegraph.
Wahrthotok, December 14.
Heavy Flrlua; Wear Itnleh liap.
Piisscngers by the mall-boat to-day report that
while on the James river yosterdoy morning, six
or"eii ht miles from Dutch Gap, they heard heavy
firing in tbe latter direction.
Harreu'i Expedition.
All of Warren's command are now safely back
to their quarters from their late expedition.
Moveiuenta or rtlit-ruitin.
Tho Kiebmoud papers of Monday report Sher
man to be moving on, and In close proximity to
Savannah. General Beauregard is iu command
of the defonset, assisted by General! Hardee,
Smith, and probably Taylor. A battle for the
possession of the city, they say, may be progress
ing to-day, and they express themselves coniident
of success. Oeneral Bragg was In Augusta at the
last accounta.
The Klilp Cannl Rill.
The House takes up the Ship Canal bill to-day.
It will probably be laid on the table.
Wayaaatl' Ifvanit.
The Ways and Meant Committee it In session
this morning, maturing Important measures for
the consideration of Congress.
The Dictator.
New Yohk, December 14. The iron clad
Dictator will sail to-day for Hampton Roads,
RinujosD rri:ns of jioxdav.
Important Expedition Against
Eebel View of Warren's Moveniout.
Hood lloqucsts Thomri3 to
Surrender Nashvillo.
I !-' I'll to The Kvenlnar Tl(rrnii.
Washinhtun, December 14. Rebel papers of
Monday lust received here, contain the fel!
Items of news :
Fdtllon AirnlnKt Mnl.ll.
"General Davidson, with flvo thousand cavalry
and twelve piecos of artille'y, h is moved from
Ilaton Kongo for a raid on Mobile" Tho Rebels
arc much alarmed ovor thit movement.
IlrNpalrhrss of Uenarnl l.e.
General claims, in hit oltl jinl despatehes.tto
bare driveu back General Warren In his reeont
Rebel Mine Maiinra.'f nr.
Two hundred and fifty pairsof shoes are turned
out dully at the Government Shoe Shop at M nt
gomery, Alabama.
Keron.iuUoitnre by ;cnr.l l.iitreet.
General Umgsfieet, on Friday last, m i le a
sncintful rcconnoissancc ou the D.irbytown
Urnrrnl Kllpntrlek Jntl to llitvei Been
hot I'lirui.Kh the) lleml.
The Tllcl mond Senlinrl states that prisoners
taken in tho fight at Walker's bridge, on Sunday
Inst, report that Gonerul Kilpatrlck was mortally
wounded, having been khot through tho head.
Humor from f nxtiTtlle.
There is a report here that General Hood has
completed tbe erection of his batteries around
Nushvllle, and has given Oeneral Thomas six
hours in which to surrender the city. It hat no
olllclul confirmation.
All Quiet About Petersburg.
Neelnl to The Kvcinlna; Trlerpli.
Wasutkoton, December 14. The mail steamer
ViaeA-, from City Point, rcpoits an unusual de
gree of quietude in front of Petersburg.
Since tho beginning of tho cold weather picket
tiling between the contending armies has nlmo.u
ceused, tho picii t guards being occupied iu en
deavoring to keep warm.
Naval Engagement on tlio
A Ilandsome Union Victory.
Kpi clul to The Kvonlns; Teleirrnpli.
Washinoton, December 11. Acting Uear
Admiral Lee, writing from Clarksvillo, Tenuos
lec, under date of December 8, informs the Navy
Department that Lieutenant-Commander Fit.'b
defeated and drove from the river tbe left wing
of Hood's army, on tho 4th Instant, with heavy
lost to the enemy, including several prominent
oiliccrt, and recaptured two transports from tho
enemy. Our loss was none in killed.
THE HT. A I. HAN'S RIlt-.K4.
Monthkai., December 14 The 6t. Albnn's
raiders left Ibo city immediately after hclng dis
charged. The authorities uro taking steps to ro
ancsl them.
The Canada' at Uooton.
Huston, Docemlier 14. The st jam ship Canathi
(rum Liverpool, via Halifax, arrived at this port
lit in nought. Her mail will reach Philadelphia
to-morrow morning.
Itepartnre or Meninerv.
Nnw Youk, Dccemlier 14. Tho steamers
( una, ibirarm and Caledonia sailed for F.ui'ope
Markt'la by I'eleKraph.
Ni:w Youk, December 14. Flour is nnlct; sales
of .SJ hhls l !C7Va 10 .Ml or Htsli-, 1 11 JMlnMl! for l)l,.,
nJ io:i,i I.. lor ei.ulli. rn. n.i u i,uim ; ali. umui'
pvriaut. lorn Jul), with trnsll !- ut llsu,l m. l'rk
Naw Yohk, Deceuilwr 14.-fitockt are dull-
ChlcAiHi SiidHork l.l.nd. 107; OinnlH-rland pr. r. rn d'
Ml; Illinois Outran lj'4 : h..iiinni.7.l', : I'.ii.i.'
slvaftiat'wl.l; kMilinn,!:!'.) Klver, u;ii
Culituu Cuuipsny, ::u; bis, Iniia.ajM,- On ri'Ir
t omn.ijti... 11; i, ; Ten-foro, s, lis; : flvo iwvuuvi.rnr
IsUriO, Jib', i I uuidih, lonl, 1 ;ouhiii u, jh.
llsr or WOl'NDED.
John I ,n,h, 4th Pa
Put M 1 IXkc. Sill I s
M (lio.r, 71.1 e
N Voiniu. Slli rn
11 r Kudm, oh r
f) Jo ., Slh I'l
II Krllon, 4lh I
W h lcwrln.4lhl't
i Il ei an, 41I1 1'a
t Mi4.liristk,4lhla
i II. w. 1.1 N j
J luroc. UI N i
II 11 Mifriuuli. I.I K J
N M.Mlt,u,trJ 1'A
K olAu, 111 H i
W Onmble. 4(bP
Htl J H .rris, l.t N 1
L AIIIsiiii, 4th l'a
'r-irt J MeMlvl.lsiN i
1. Kinlili, UN J
W W p
J Maria. . N J
i I iHiiOUt l'a
own iwtiuiD, iist l'a
J Ward Am es
r Wi l.rl.ln.Stli Pa
J s.niin,4tiir
3 Htonrr. Id Pa
Hft J 1' llcrkbglUu;,: Pt
p.l ,.wr. nnu.m
ii liAniuAii.etii Pa
fit Janes RkiI.IiI K J 1st P lla:piii, 4ib Pa
II lo Arrival Yrwtft-rtay Slalntee by the
liHrtlnr.! tiolnsr to meet the Admiral
III I'rrsonsl Appearanee Wpeeehes,
on Hhlphnnrrt Ijinrtlntt at the Battery
At the lu.loin House Npeerl.e by
Admiral Inrrsiial, Cnplaln Ilraylon,
nil t'ollrrtnr llraper, i:e.
Ittar-Ailiniral David U. Farrngiit. the gallant
h' ro of New (Jrluans and Mobile, arrived hero
ye-tenlay at about half-past 3 o'clock. His liag
shlp, tho "dear old" Hartford, sailed from Fen
sacola on tbe 30th of Piovember. She had mode
rate weather and li.'bt head winds to hy West,
which port she made on the 4th of tills ino itli.
Sailing thence on tbe followln" dav, she sti:l
eseileneed line wenthor, until Thursday, the
Mb, when she encountered a gale-from the north
eat, which lasted two r"ys, the sea being so high
that be rolled her waist boats under her, thereby
losing one of them. On the 12i!l (Monday) sbj
anchored outside the Hook.
The following is a list of the olluvri of the
Jhutl'arH .
I.i-Aainlrii'- l,lil 11. lriKt.
1 aa'iia- I' Ui-mtUim
la.i t' nnrl-i!onmisn..r l.rwls A. Klniturlr.
bus i until, .1, Ciittciuleu v,i-nn, 11. II. Ty-on. .
Mim. J'. Ailam.i t.t Williata H. IVhiiuis a:i I
li. P. O InulCi'n; Acting Ma. era Ms. '1. uk! li.
A.r, V. 11 lliithjtai!. J. J. tiai'MI, .Isni's,
j 1 a 1 1 is liioAn: U" a. wain llalii-rt in. on: ilitnmr
.1 Ini rt. sii.-olii.; Art. ni; VolinueiT L!oanat.ini ..-nro
1'. I phum; Hurv..ti- 1'liillp I.An.ihilo; A. l.t it Hun.-, til
- Wlflnim roniniiais ; raj m i.ter Willintu r. M r.iilitli ;
( hl'f r BKlnecr 'ri:om:u WIlilAin.on; Pirsl A..lionut
kierlnrrr. It. 11. II Alrli. K. A. W nsnit ; stei- ,tul int-
i KiHcrs l.ssc le lirail, U. L. Pic.kiiKtoa : lliiol
slunt Ptailiieer .Ume, K. Hprlyhls; ri' -rr'arr lo
ralniu iimI.i ol .ii,.r..o vlr. M''K ai!i V ; A. Uiu 4Cuii:a
lo I onitt.llTKlTot M-ll;ulron- W llil.lil Hour a. ; l'ytu.:.T .
f'l.-rk-llonolo A. W'ikkI; I 'ai prater -II iram I,. lMon;
s.i niator 1 hen.iora f, llcioiti rtpuia of Marine.
LllHllM. ll.yWlMtl.
The iib-commlttec to whom h id lieon as
signed tho task of welcoming the ll i,-tt r l and
hi r commander proceeded to the foot of llioa 1
way, at 11 o'clock yesterday inorning, and
thence embarked on board Captain nstablo'a
revenue-cutter Jlran.r, which Collector Drapor
had kindly aiforded for the occasion. A"eompv
nying the Collector wore Messrs. Francis Skbldv,
Isaac Bell, Mr. Stuart, the A-Up Troaaitror,
and other prominent ciliieat. There w.vs con
siderable uncertainty as .o t(rtl4AAflu! '
fori!, but it was tke 'lined dwaasjlMeM 4kl' " 1
lecior Draper to mtiko tlio iriw, in orflor thv the
gallant conqueror of Fo.t M .w should be in 't
with welcome at the vc-y mou'li of our barb r,
or lieyond.
At halt-pint 1 o'clock, however, the nnxietv of
all on board was relieved liv the inte llj.-cnce ih it
the Hartford was In sn;bt, mid coming up the miter
bay. Itefore this, however, it had la-en ascor
tnmed from the liariuo .ln.fivi'iu.1, which wis
spoken ofl Stuicn le.and, that Ibo r't o.w is
on" the bar with Admiral Farragut on hoard. All
baste was now made to reach the Hull' ml,
nml when hut a s'lght interval remained b twocn
the two vts.-els, Admiral Farragut ami Can-ain
Drnyion ajipeared on their poop-docU aade-t-changed
friendly salutations with the party on
board Ihe cutu r. Tlie lutter came oil the star
t oitrd sl-!e of Ihe Msgshlp, at wi-os, mi..cnniast
flaunted the blue pennant of thu A limial.
The Committee, and others, on stoptilug on
libuid the Ihigshlii, were heartily greeted In' !i.t
coiiiinauder, when the whole patty proceeded
down into the principal cabin.
eoi.i. scroll nUM'itu's auhhsss.
The pany having taken scats, and preliminary
introductions being concluded, Collector Draper
aruie aud spoke as follows :
Annum, Faiibaiii t. It lajcom-.-smvple ismg
duty to inform yen, la H"ia;i of a commi'tcc
which we here represent, that arraii .'cineu's have
been nn. lie to ttmlcr to yi-a- a
worthy of your great soi vices to the country j and
in nrucr that I may perform my duty acceptably
to the gentlemen who commissioned' inc, 1 hnvo
to state ill 41 they are ready to give you a cordial
welcome on your arrival In the city. Tuoy
fully appreciate the honors which you havo
bestowed on the flag and the country,
wbiih yon have so often successfully do
fended. You justly hold a prominent plicD in
the allcctions of the city, which is pio-entiucntly
proud of your services. On your arrival yon
will lie received by a meeting of the loading citi
zens, who will be ready to congratulate you uA
your visit to the city, and to show th-ir apprc.-iv
tion of your ellorts in support of the nation. I'lio
Collect! r then read tho resolutions adopted at
the no cling iu tbu Astor House relative to the
Ailmirnl, ami closed by expressing the ptc nuro
be expei ienced ut being delegated wiili Inc other
members uf the Comini.tuc to cs uit the Admiral
to this city.
AliMtllAl, KAlUlAOl T'm llbl'LV.
The Admit al responded very briely In Iced.
He leh bound to return to the Committee bis niu
ccie thanks lor the manner in which uis services
weie spoken of by them, and believed the con
tici ration wus applicable to his co-inn ii.l. Ha
bud done no more than bis duty, and felt deeply
giatelul fur the tokens of appreciation be h.ij re
ceived. flOIKIJ 11' THK IIA1IIIOR.
The preliminary reception was now concluded
so far us ceremony was coiuorned, an J tho tla0'
ihip proccedtd on lur way up the harbor.
Siuch cuiiosily was iiiauifusted by momtiers of
Ihe conuniitcc with regard to tho vessel which
has become so famous during the war. Her docks
were thly enough, but her rigging aud spars bore
testimony, from thoir wcathcr-woni appearance,
to ihe scvcriiy of tho storm they have recently
withstood; while, turbans, an observant eye
might have dcic-ted Indications of sternt r strife
thau ibat of tbe elements tho freshly mended
buttle scare which paint could not wholly hide.
In persoLal upptarance, Admiral Farragut
would suggest to tho minds of the many Ihe
"Sir Ucnais Oaks" of Cooper's novel of the
"T0 Admirals." Hale, hearty, and of rather
fpnro but powerful mould, the hero of New Or
leans sud Mobile buy is apparently bctwocn tiny
and sixty years of ugo. He looks as if be dearly
lovid a joke, steps w ith tho springiness of a hoy,
and bis manner is so perfectly frunk and Unas
turning that it is no Homier be is beloved by hit
olllcersand men.
It was about 3 o'clock, when the revenno
cuttcr JBoaar.with Messrs. Moses Taylor, Sioaue,
and a few oilier gentlemen of thu Committee,
started a second lime from her dock at the It it
fery, tor Mrs. Admiral Farraitut's "dear old
Hartford," which, by this time, had coma to an
choiagc in tho harbor. She was toon reached,
and Admiral Farragut, accompanied hy
Captain Diuyton, the commander of the
Hartford, Collector Draper, General Van
Yliet, and several olhcers of ihe Bhip,
discentled to the deck of the llroiu, while
Ibe Hurlfurd saluted with a diseliiirgo of both
br adsi'les. The outer pushed oil', aud the party
df sceoded to ber cabin, where tho short interval
of the pA-sugu to tbo shore was occupied in a
si clal, etia'ty way, Ibe Admiral Appearing iu a
most excellent humor, but having little to say,
and apparently somewhat disconcerted at tho
number of eyes that were fastened upan bis face.
Put a few moments elapsed before
The sppearanco of the gallant Hartford in the
harbor bad not been generally made known, but,
nevertheless, quito a throng was collected at tho
dock, awaiting tbe arrival of the cutter, and
anxiously trying to caicb a glimpse of tbo Hero
of Mobile. Cheer after cboer arose an ho stepjied
on the pier, and before reaching trrra Jirnia tho
mob bad increased to hundreds, and tba
Admiral bail to run gauntlet of out
stretched, welcoming hands, which he geod
bon oredly shook to the best of his
ability, before reaching the coach which was in
wniting. In this be at length found refuge, ac
companied by Collector Draper, and drove
towari t the Cus'om House, followed bvpin omni
bus filled with Ibe remainder of the snite. The
crowd was soon left Ischind.and, probably, but
one of our i lilf cns knew that the simple hack,
which drove so rapidly up Broadway ami down
Wall street, conta ncil Ibe distinguished person
ages which it did, until be arrived.
Hcie another crowd, wild with enthnslasm,
was so quickly collected that it was with diinenlty
that the party, with tbeoldber in their midst,
andfollowui by a press of solid citizens, c ull
penetrate up stain to the Collector's room. This
was, however, at length reached, hut filled, almost
as soon, to suil'oeution with tho eager crowd, but
a small space being reserved for the Admiral,
Mcssis. Draper, Taylor, and a few others. Among
the notables present we noticed General John
Cochrane, General Wetmore, the Hon. Hiram
Walbriilge, Assistant Treasurer Stewart, and a
great many other.
Collector Draper called the meeting to ordor,
nnd intrs-diiied Moses Taylor, I'.sq., who said
that, in behalf ot tho citla-ns of New York, he
cordially welcomed Admiral Farragut to tho
nielroKils. lie believed that tho siib eoumit'.ci-,
who had firs' met tbe Admiral on board the
Huit ford, bad already explained the pro,-:ranim
which it bad been determined to pursue, which
left him little further to say.
Collector Draer said :
Admiral Farragut ami Mcmlwrs of the Com
mittee: Thus fur we havo lullilled tho duty
which has been assigned to us. The suii-c nn
mittee have met the Hartford, and found on board
her honored commander, Admiral Fan-jtruC
(chcersi, and his commander. We have per
formed thntduty on behalf nf tho Committee, with
leclinirs of pride and satisfaction ; and, as repre
senting a generous eommnni'v, have endeavored
tocxhihil the gratitude ol tho entire nation, as
expressed through the city, for the servicos nnd
gallantry of the noble Admiral who is now before
us. 1 shall say nothing more, Admiral Farra
gut, than to repeat what I have said to yon this
morning, that all our citir.cns, of every age a-ul
condition, receive ymi with oicn arms und heart
lelt gratitude.
Alliums ov aomhiai. niiiuni r.
The Admiral arose and responded us follows :
My friends, I can ouly reply to you us 1 did
In fore by saylnir that I receive these compliments
with great thankfulness and deep emotions. I
am entirely tnaccu-tom- d to in iko such nn ad
diessas f would desire to do upon this oe ".tsion;
but if 1 do not express what I ttiink of tho honor
you do me. trust mo I feel it tno.t deeply. I
don't think, however, that 1 particularly dosorre
anything Irom your bands. I ,ati iiior.iy say
that i have dune my duty to the bsCo; iiiy
I hnve been devoted fo the service of mv coun
try since I was eight years of n'c, and mv father
was devoted to it ucrore mo. 1 have not sp dally
ibserved ,theso demonstrations of your regard.
1 owe everything, perhaps, lo chance, and to the
praiseworthy exuriioua of my brother om:eis
serving with me. That I have been fortunate it
most true, and I am thankful, deeply thankful,
for it, for my country's sake. 1 return my
thanks to the Committee for tielr leioluiiens,
e-IH-cially for the one in regard to the creation of
nn additional rank. ( applause.) V. Y.
Stcih or TiibrmombtbbTo-dat. Six A.M.,
117. Noon, 30.J. 1 T. M., 40. Wind, W. S. W.
or Additional .att, v V.iylUh Tays.
Sw.b or Stocks and Fbal Kstatr. James
A. Freeman, Anctianccr, held his 17tli fall sale
to-day, at the Fxehango. Ho sold under dirac
tion of an ai t nf Congress,
One .lure, f ily llimk Slot It at sen i.. OOo.
co iio iu m..- 7-'. ai;."'.
I'l lo do $'.IS7!..M7 VI.
I la UrrcAntiki Llnrary, St
I t do d.) tS T.i.
Ihol tis.niit Btrcet wharl was letsnl bv onliri.f Ho
f'.imn l-tiiii . r 1 1 Wharve, and l.anil ni lor lliret ta,
at :wn a mo.
1 t llrulua urai I. llrl.I.shur-, tlno.
Iinel'lns, Mttilolk Atrt-t-t, below Ninth, t-'sl.
liwillirK, Aii.llii mrrci.a'iova W luir'in. I .-Oo.
lililnit No. 4. is Miriiiall atrwi, li fc.a ; by J1 eir, ticsi.
Iiwelims and lot hyM feet, Ko. 1-K It tee etc,
clear. toVti.
s-u-res anil dwelllnp, eorni-r of Hoeoinl an.l l-i-it ars -ts,
:r.t ferts Int'lit-s by MS fi--t h- Inclios.e i tr. Hu. sal.
haslrnlile propi rtv, tlaa'lliiK aud :t aerts ol birni, Ko.
boriMitili, eli'Mr tii.V.
- Also, a naiabtr of oilier properties.
A Plrasino Ini idhnt. A pleaiing lurid -nt
occurred during Captain Whitlow's vi -It to the
Commercial Room yesterday. Thernl!ant sti'lor
was accompanied by hit wife, who, of eourso,
shared tbe attentions shown to her husband. A
number ol ladies were introduced to them, anion ,'
whom was Mrs. Edmund A. Sunder.
Alter a short conversation both ladies dis
covered that they hud been sctioolniutes together,
bow many years ago It would bo impolite to say.
Of course they had a delicious chat together
about thu days of long ago, and both ladles were
delighted to renew so unexpectedly the associa
tions of theiryuuth.
DrsTKNT on a Gamhi.ino IIoi'sk. About 11
o'clock last night Lieutenant Henderson, of tho
llcserve Corps, made a descent upon art alleged
f tumbling bouse known as the ' Gulden Gate,"
in nit d on Maiket street, below F.ighlh. John
McKcown, the proprietor, und twentv-two others.
wi re taken into custody. They wero locked up
lor a beuring this morning.
Pi:it0NAi. Hon. Schuyler Colfax, the distin
guished Speaker of the House of Kopres.-ntaMrcs,
Is nudcr engagement to visit this city about tho
latter part of thu month and address onrci ujnl.
Ibis announcement will be read with pleasure.
Tim Navy Yaiiii Frai-ns. Several additional
unrests nf prtie churned with being inipllcited
in tbe Navy Yard frauds were made yesterday.
Orroa or Tut: Pvitsivo Tel I'll'. ini, )
Wadtie.dsy, Ue'.'tnubflr It.
The Market if quite firm this morning, with
largo transactions in Holding. At the books
cli so to-morrow, there it more fluttering to cioso
short transactions, and several parties have mado
largo cash purchases, In order to be ready for tlia
dividend. After to-morrow at .'I o'clock, the
stock w ill bo quoted dividend off, which ut 10 2 1
per share dividend, will make tbo quotation about
It is supposed by the built that tha dividtud
will be recovered in sixty days. In other words,
tbe stock will, at tha. tiiu Vie again selling at oS,
with tbe dividend paid to the holders. This was
more than true last year, for the stock rallied
above the loss of dividend price, and in five
weeks wat telling at 8(ui0 per cent higher than
the ruling price of January 1st. The general
market It linn, and tome of the oils are strong.
Government bond are firmly held at about
former rates, witbsalet of (la of 1HH1 at 10;' J, con
pons off, and 10-40s at 101J- 10H was bid for
6-20i; and 11H1 for old 7'30s. Pennsylvania is
are telling at 04 ; and new City Gt at
Kailroad shares, continue rather qnlct, with tha !
exception of Reading, which It mora active, and
prlcr a are rather bottor, with salos at 6ft,1 CrASt, t
Camden and A no toy Railroad ut lal ; PcnrMryU
vania Kallroad at fi"(VtiT, an advance of 4 i North .
Pennsylvania at 2 ; and Catawissa common at
1C ; 4 1 J was bid for I.lttle Schuylkill j 68 for Phi
bull Iphia and Grrmantown ; AS for Mlnehlll j 37J
for Cabiwtssa prcft m d ; nnd 21 for Philadelphia
and Uric.
City Passenger Railroad shares tontinne very
t'.ull, aud we hear of no sales. 4fl was bid for
Tenth und I .leventb ; and 16 for Arch street; tW(
was a-ked fcr Second and Third ; 00 for Fifth
and Sixth; 3o for Sprnce and Pine i 12 for Race
and Vine ; and 2.0 for Green and Coatee.
In llauk shares there it no material change to
notice. Farmers' and Mechanics' told at 00 (oM
stock!; 1 NO wut bid for North America; Vo5 for
Philadelphia; .1:14 for Mechanics'; 61 for G Irani;
100 for Western ; 32 for Manufacturers' and Me
chanics' ; .18 for City ; IS for Commonwealth ; and
b?J for Union.
Canal shares arc rather more active, with sales
of Schuylkill Navigation common nt ,TIJ(iiM,
an advance of ; preforrcd do. at 30J 1 and Sus
quehanna Canal at 1 IJ, which Is a slight decline 1
"h was bid for Lehigh Navigation.
There ts more doing In Coal OU shares, but
prices are Irregular. Mineral Oil sol i at 2.
Mi'Clintock at r4 ; Densmore at 4 ; Com Planter
at 7 ; St. Nicbolat at 4J ; Brings at 5 ; Tarr Farm
at 3; Seneca at 7; and McKllicny at ,12; 3i Witt
bid for Maplo Shade; !) for Dalzell; 10 lor Irwin;
and 10 for Noble nnd Dclamater.
Go'd continues very dull, but pricct are steady,
opening at 23IC, advanced and told at 211 at 11
o'clock, felt off iu,d sold ut 235 at 12, ami 235 at 1
run.ADEi.riu a BTOOK txcnAKor. sai.ei.dbo.h.
Eeporied bi Clart.nn Co., Rrekars. Ko. lil t. Tblrd 54.
ncroRK no.vntia.
SO" all VTi'nnt Isbtntl. IS' lie h lilbl-ard. ,., 9 a-' W J,1' ictiiih no 1,5 'ie
j-o,l. l-hlla 0iu..ul. 4 aii ,i, Oreanle, IV
1 ' W.K.litia (as.-1 J i Mlaaial Oil 'I Mi
-oe.h st. aidiou,... 41.
nituT aoAr.D.
t'sror n. At!H,-. ison,h i-r,i. r , (S,
scsor.S HI-4ISI lol'j ;r,h .1. bUI'-.H'!
iil-a. ci, w ar loaii.,li'4 lie .a tl- s-3j
t ore ilo....5 1-4 l.lil nr Mnt.,,. If)
i-000 Cll.i s, new.. H-m1 2'i ill Knutnrkv IU..In't
KAsiah II. li Tuuliu.leu 1 h N laKTilea ... an
.I'.ll Ainu nil a-t't lOn ,ii lllit Mom,, j,'
-.'hi h MiX lliiUKk ... i'i 0VI h ftrh. M.cora... .TO;
fii-'i no ba .'1, ato.h do'2
lis) ,h Den. mora sc. an.
"I'sri Co iM i Hoe. s-i Rnaii. Canal... I'?
' nali Cera Plant .... T '.'0 li Ki-adim R aC
PllariHt.Mt'ilolnil,.tiA 4'
l.'i.hCama Aui.tM.I.'il V
-it .i. ii. i. ,
IIS si ao ,0 4 It
'.'i.'sh'nrlifi.. A I
Tisl ah Tarr Farm.. bo t I
ton .li Ruiaea oil J i
l'-l" d" 96 ;'.'
l h do Kji,
!? 0 ah North l'a yt
luiab MeLihriiynil . r.'c'
Uuoiations of Gobi at tho riiiiiioim.,. n.o.i
. i - mi.,,.,-. ii.. . j.
Exchange, No. 31 S. Third street, second storv
"1 A. M 2:;4-5 12 M ....235
11 A. M i U I V. Id ....235
Market dull and steady.
HAiti-itn, Di -IIM-Y& Co., No.55 S. Third street,
quote us follows ;
, , , , Aiming, fit I, hi?.
American Gold o.'i.,i J'
American Silver, A's and j's 222 2''4
Dimes and Half Dimes 214 "is
Penn. Currency 4 clit). 4-10 dlt.
Now 101k ilxchange 1-3" 1-rO "
Quotations of tha principal Coal .and Coal Oil
atockt at 1 o'clock ttday :
rnlton Coal 7 a 'riatika'sl . -
BisIeouiiialiiCoal s .. :,K Dnnkrd '.'r.xavOU H 2 IU li' lllnjo ..:.. i'i
(Irm-n Wl. Coal... . 4 4.',' l-'tilonrerrutaaai..iJ-l(l!l-.-il
.. Hiii;a Oil I .. 7
T. I'i "rrauso on , .. 11
.'. 1 I KronHfiidll I i iv
' 1 ', 1 dime a vta.ijf Oil. . 'i
" 1" 4, 'nmoro kJ
111 Ik. 1. all. ,11 II ..
nnw rreek 7.
K.v.l er I lain Coal.. '.
U.illrrrnal ..
Iilaiaend Coal
Pi nti Mltanir 17
Ki i stone .inc. .. 1 1 f
Kit i-l.lor Oil l'i,:l
Ilia Tank 'J
.. !MeKlli-nr!.'",".'.'i' .. nr
1 , It.iuerta OU llf j'
1 ', Olmstead -i 'it
... J'SI
- ' w - UHIWU.W ..U II
a iiiuuar.l a .. tl'J
I Isiiory If aria j-m jd
Oil Creek...
Iiruner iv ij-
Hupirj Sihaile Oil. llfl 4(1 I'atreltiuni Cantra. 3V
llul'J1nt.-k oil
b3 (i1. K.l-llKr, 41?
Peniist ivanla 1'at.
Hoee Island v
ny 1111 .;, 4 , Alb-.lioBjr Ulvar.. .. I
Mineral Oil.. ....a .. '1 t'nrUn J3s.' M'2
Ki-t store Oil I'i L", I'KllaAOIICroak.. HJ 1J
1'l.iln. A Tidanut.s .. 4 ! Hull t.'ronk t$ :U
l-rt seem city 'I t Otnannla 1 1 l-l(
rarry fill.
Wiir.oii ,..
n a'orn Plaulcr a 7
lo-veiine 2'
l.reat W eitvrn... . 2
Alias ,
Hhet uriri
I'lMaT Kconomv... I
a'.; iiriittts e .. s
ItiK'k Oil J. 4ir
I 11 arr 1- ann , .. oj J
llinlm Kjna 1 - iif
1 Bi Uuj I Oil Creak. IH 'in
The Doeember statement of the bonks of Wla
consin compare with tlio returns of the previous
month ut foilowt ;
. ... N"vrmlier. Ilav-amlwrl.
Circulation of bankt f.-.',5j2,7) SJ.tiO.Sol
Circulation of liauks wind
ing up mX,G 8-1.748
Total circulation -,1112 130 .y!,Q.)l,37t
V. S. aud State securities. . 2,11 1.8S0 2 Oil 4J
Treasury notes on band... 17S i;'il 'i02 !)ns
r-et-B 11,811 10,7ti-J
(tOWI'I I,. On tliaevt-nlnnor Ilia 1.1th in.t., JUr.JOUW
V- iwi'.i.llnai,eHa,li.T,.aroflil. ae. '""
Collie mill ba given of tbe funeral.
Wkhskbiiat, December 14. Cloverseed it in
limited deniaml at tlJiio'4 Ml 'If IA lh. Yliaro la little or
na demand for Timothy In the aineuce of saM, wo iuot
al IITfiV- riax,is d I, ..t'let at tu ' IU-'i f nnalitd.
Xo. 1 yiicrclti-on llnrk I, tail lltl.'o In mired aftur. Ho
antes ol any manl:ul tiara been reftarled aiuca our Lost
Ihe Hour Mmkrt la liiaullve, witb bat vary Hula dolnt
iu tlio way of sale,. Toe loclctuuuey of Ilia wooUiar
ciiimd a aliia alttiiiJansu at tlio t'nra l-.seban4ati1iau.orn-Iiir,
aiiileonse'inenily tin- d in and f ir all rad ia waa of an
eimuHr limited character. Tha rxaort daiiim I Is ttKht .
The retailers and bakers aro piireliaalni; apariofly at tVom
'i'"i to tin lor auirilna. up to ij- j Mr e.tra lainUyaud
fumy brand,, as to quality. Prices for Ityo flour ajtS
t'eniolc.t! are wholly notalHitl.
Ttiarr Is a limited ili inaiitl for Wh'-at at al-oit fonuar
raioa. 1 neui la but llitie oriione oitarl-i.,-. I'aii'i.vlvaiua
rod .rll, 111 rinab lot. al .' i.j :abu,liil Keutuok v wi-re ib-posed ofoa ler-in. k pi Rw- rana-i
fn 111 tl'7'.' .ol'Ta. Corn Is lit laodurtiia reinst, with Mains
of old vellcw at Al .ss unit now at aciu. I,
ni-HiJ.i Imie 1 1 tlal., out tliara I, a goutl tiamand At Vic.
llatlev und Mull no .ales to reparl.
W lai-ky lia iraiitoird : list liarrcls Oh'o sl,l at -7l;
I'tnii-ilvaiaa I. ti ll.', aud drnJi.e tl nil.
Nl p romiueror. lloiitollo. I'nn.acola, t'siuia'i.fc Vitrei, 1,14,
ll."i - R.ri a Iam 1,1,, J im-.. M I',.,. tVort, iua i.t,t:a
l-.ris Mnmafliig, liavl,, K Wr Puss, 11. K. sitctsoa A t io.
Hill, I ridoiila. Walls, Mautiisas. Joan Masoa A Co.
lint Nt iduiio, ItiiKstill, lloaion. top. nit
(b io- J il. Au.llil, Davis, il l, 11, -oiil-,i;l.lweJI A ( J.
hear DrviPa. i.ilts New OtS", i. P. Wricbt at Suna t
bebl It. B. Llo.u,, Cattle, relli Av Co.
Rb.'proniiuen.r. llonielli'i o dua traui Hew lu
lail loCartuan ,t Mi-iv'iarit.
hrui Ui, cola w ee. Ureeuksif, 9 days fron Kay Waal, la
liallai-ttod K. llazlcy A t o.
UrlK I'.uiua, AeSJt-y, i liajal'roui New Ua.laird,ln b.ttla.t
to J. K. Baiko A l o.
Hrbr Win 8. U ud, Fr. 4 days from Nsw Vork, lu bit
lait to Mnnl.'J-,ou A tilovi.r.
Bibi Kola, baiiibnrif, ti days froui Maw Vork, with lades
to l',1 x t'oiliiia.
Beliri'Uvi'aiirlda,Cal.or,froin CllyPolut, lo batlait la
Hear Abula. Kulgtjt, frout r'vrtrasi liourot, la ballast aa
TwaUs Co.
' af - .