The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 06, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 8, Image 8

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( Cilitt'V.unl.)
Tltc porta of Norfo'F., I'Vrnatiilina, and I'ena
tola I avi firon ciicnii liy jiioelnniilti'in. It la
kop'd Unit fun -Jf.u otrrvlinntN will now conalilcr
whfUirr it In not enter and more profit ilit" to
IKwuhIit" ai vvoll im Jnst to tlie (nited
Mti, to re it to tin he iiml olier open
tort-, tliau it in to urnie ilirniiKh rumy
tiarnrtlsi a n.l tit v nt eost a eon'rutnitul trn-lo witli
other ros vJiirli aro clnseil, it nut by actual
mi itulT ocrii.;itinn, lit least ly u liwlul
ud ftfrtive liloi:ki'tle. I'"r m.Tiolf, I
bmc no 1 hi I it it tlio power and il'ity
Hi il e l n utivr, under the) law of miii'iim, to
rxr'tn'o crfnij . ot the huinun race troiu uu
a' lum -ad. the I uiie.l Man .
If I nrra alum '. t link th.'it th pro. r-'llnfi
III MUi h I wa a luck th Iltlll.OI ity ot 'li'.V Ol Olilllt
to le further t'V it, I tecummiviil tliut
provision tic inuilo lor i-iiivtiialiy prrTcntin
lire fn aluvc trailer from aeittiinu,' ilomielli)
and tmUKiiH lor their inclination m our
Jt it. poxMhlo tlmt if It wore a now and open
jnc:U'ti, tin1 maritime' p'lWeri, with the liiMita
iuj now enjoy, would not cnrctle tiio iriTllt'j;cn
.f mial tieilipcrent to the insurgents) of tbo
United States, institute as they are and always
have ku of shipi of and of jmrta
and lattiors. Dinlnyul emissaries liave linen
neither lens nniiluoui nor more eiiccmafal dur
ing thfl lii't vcar than they were lii forp that time
in their efforts iinrirr favor of that privilee, to
' tinbrnil our country in fonijrn war. Tho lolro
tod (Iderininntlun of the (lovtiiniants of the
muriiinie nil" to that design uro believed
tu te ua aincerc, and cannot be more ear, .cat than
rvfitlirlcii, tinfnrceen po'itloal (llllleiilfius
tare arisen, especially in llra.ilim and Briiinb,
r-rn, and on the "northern boundary of the
nitcrJ .State, wlneu hare reqiinel, and arc
likely to continue to require tho practice of con
aunl vigilance, and a just and conciliatory npir t
on the curt of llie Miiiteii well as of tho
nations concirned and their noverninciitH.
CcnimieHionrra have been appointed under the
treaty wilb. Great lliitiiln on tlio djiuiinunt of
the claims of the U'nlson'n Day and Pugot'a
Simnd Acricultnriil Companies, in Oregon, and
aie now proceeding to the execution of the trust
aaftig) ed to them.
In view of tho Insecurity of lifo and property
In the region adjacent to the Canadian border, by
wai-on of tecret assaults and depredations com
muted by inimical and desperate persons who
re harbored there, it has been thought proper to
Hive uutiic that after the expiration of six
months, the period (conditionally stipulated
on tlio exiting arrangement with Great
llritain, the United Slates mast hold tliemselvea
at lil trty to im rtate their nuval armament 11 pun
the, If they shall Imd that proeccdiiig ne
eesHiiry. The condition of the border will
El'crs.'.urily ei nie into consiilvrutioo in con
nection with the question of cou
ttnuiagor uiwdifyltig tbo rights of transit from
Canada through the I'mted States, as well as tlio
regulation of imposts which were temporarily
Chtabliabed by the Ueciprocity Treaty of Juno
1 desire, however, to be understood, while mak
ing this siatemcnt, that tho Colonial aulhoriiies
ot Canada aro not deemed to be intentionally
nnjufct or unfriendly towards tho United Suites,
but, on the contrary, there is every reason to ex
pect that, with the approval of the Imperial Gov
ernment, they will take the necessary measures
to prevent new incursions across the border.
The act passed at the last session for the en
couragement of emancipation has, so far as was
possible, 1b en put into operation. It seems to
need amendment, which will enable tbo officers
-of the Government to prevent the practice of
frauds ugainst tbo immigrants while on their
way, and on their arrival in tho ports, so as to
acute them here a frco choice of avocations and
pLaors of settlemeut.
A liberal disposition towards this great national
policy is manifested by most of tlio
Minus, and ought to be reciprocated on onr part
tiy giving the immigrants elluctive national pro
tect ion.
retard our (migrants as one of the principal
replenishing streams 'which are appointed by
I'rovfdence to repair tho ravages of internal war,
and its wasto of material strength and wealth.
All that is necessary is to secure tbo How of
that stream in its present fulness, and to that
end the Government must In every way make it
snanlfest that it neither needs nor designs to im
pose Involuntary military service op in those who
come from other lands to cast their lot in our
The report of tbo Secretary of the Navy pre
lents a ci mprebcuslve and satisfactory exhibit
Of the affairs of that Department and of the naval
service. It is a subject of congratulation and
laudable pride to our countrymen that a navy of
such vart proportions has hi en org inized in so
brief a period, and conducted with so much
tlticicney and success.
The general exhibit of the navy, including
vessels under construction, on the 1st of Deccin
l r, 1 Mt 14 , tbuws a total of 1.71 vcs-els, carrying
4fll0 gnns, and of .OlO.iiW) tons, being an actual
lncreac during tho year over nod above all losses,
liy shipwreck and battle, of H'-l vessels, 1(17 puns,
and 42,127 tons. Tho ti.tal nuiulairof mm at this
time iu the naval service, including officers, li
bout fil.tRK). . '
Tliiro have been captured by the navy during
the year 1121 vessels, and tbo whole number of
liaval captures iuce hostiliiies commenced is
137'J, of which 2ti7 are steamers. The gross pro
ceeds arising from tbo sale of condemned p'i.o
property thus reported amount to W.Wi.i.lO ,11.
A large amount ol such proceeds is still under
djnoicatlnn, and yet to be reported.
The total expenditure of the Navy Department
of every description, including the cost of tlio im
mense squadrons that have been called into cx-i-te
nee, liom the ltb of March, 1H61, to the 1st of
November, lfti4, is yiln.ii 17,2(12 Jl.i. Your favor
consideration is iuvned to the various recom
uiendaticius of the ticete'ury of the Navy, espe
cially in regard to a Navy Yard and stiititblu
stttlili-hinent lor the construction of irou vessels,
und the machinery und armature for our ships,
to wlii- h relircnee has been made in my last
Ainual Message.
Your attention Is also invited to the view ex
pt.i. d In the riort in relation to tho legislation
of Congress at the last session In respect to
in cm inland waters. I cordially concur iu tlie
rctonimcnuation of t'ie Secretary as to the pro
priety of creating the uow tank of rear-admiral
in our naval service.
Your aitention is invited to the report of the
I oHinasu r General for a detailed a c uint of tlie
operaticiis and liuancial condition of tbo Post
tittlce Department. Tlie 'post il revenue for tho
year, emiing June :ioih, lstH, amounted to
frl2,N,2j;i '7K; und the expenditures to s12,
644,7nii 20; the excess of exucudituro over re
ceipts being -20i;,(,.Vi- t2.
Die views presented by the Vostma ter-Gene-ral
on the aubjeet of special grnnts l.y tho Gov
ernment in aid of the estiljlishmi-ut of new liues
of oitau niail sti'amsliih, and the policy he re-
oniij)ri.ilB for the dcvclunnient of Im ri asi-d enm-
snccial intcrcoin.-e with Biija"i tit aud neiglibor
it couti'ries, sh juid receive the careful cuusld
tsaUoti of Congri-sy.
It is of noteworthy Interest that the steady ex-pani-ion
of population, iinpiovcinciit. and govern
mental institutions over Ilia- new and unoccupied
portions of our country has scarcely been
chteLe, 1, much less impeded or dnnrnyed, by
onr preat civil war, which at thu first glance
would i-ecin to have absorbed almost the eutiie
in r;i" of the ration.
The organization and admission of the Stv.o of
Wevtua bas been completed in conformity with
luw.und thus onr excell'ntsvhtem is firmly estib
lulied iu tho tiiouutains which once seemed a
barren and uiiiniiahiuihle wasto between the
Atlantic Slates and those which have grown up
n the Pacific Ocean.
The ttrrl'ories of the I'nion are generally in
ondiiioa of prosperity and rapid growth. Idaho
ud m)Qta,na, by ruusoo of their great distance
and tl e interruption of ommnnlr, ition wit'i theni
bv Indian hostilities, have been only partially
orionlzed j but It Is nnderstond Hint these dilll
tulties sr about to disappear, which will permit
j1(,r (ivernments, like those ot the olliors, to go
'to "l"'1 "' lu" oi'Ta'lon-
j (,(1)(.1)r witn him thp ,,n0n ,nnt the pr0.
portion 'f no ncys required to meet tlieexpcnu s
ronsriniiTit upon mo war, uerive i iiom nxatlon,
should be still further luerc-vc l; mid caino-t'y
invite your attention to thfs pulijoct, to the end
that there may lo such ajdl'i in il lorri.slnt ton as
shall be required to meet the just expectations of
the So n t ny.
The tnil'lio iHM on fii 1 -t of .Tuly 1 ist, ns ftp.
pca'ri by tlie b oVs of the Treasury, amounted
to fine billim seven hutidrod and furly
Inlllioes six Imn bed and ninety thousand fuir
bur-ilrsil s'lnl e gbty-nlne dollars and foriy-nine
edits. 1'ii.bably, sl.o.iil thu war c inliaue, lor
si oil.cryi ar, tl ai amount wiil bo iiu reascd by
not liirlniiii live liuno:el millions.
Held as it Is, lor the mo'-t part, bv our own
pci'ple, it h i bccomi; a nib-it uitial" br in -Ii of
nnlii lull, tlmnc.h pnv.ile. prop.-.-iy. rorolnimu
reii-onn iho more nearly this propcr'y can bn
distributed among nil the people thu lictier. T.j
favor .-uch gciicml dist. ibutiou, great t iuda.'c
liicnti to bicoine o:iers m li-lit. perhips vi.h
ood tiled and without injuiy, be presented to
persons of limited menus.
M'nb this view 1 nn'gcHt whettier It m'irlit not
be both c(iriiK tent and expedient for Congress to
provide that a limited amount of some future)
i-ne of public n'curitics might bii held by any
"'" .fill" purchaser, exempt Irom taxatnin und
In m keiiirc for debt. I ud r such res ri tions
ai u llmf atinns as niiciht be uccesvary to guar I
against aliiisc of -o important a privilege. This
would enable every prudent person f set asido
a small annuity against a pos-iole day of want.
I'livileges like these would render the posses
sion of such securities, to the amount limited,
most desirable to every person of small means
who miht be able to fine enough for the pur
pose. The great advantage of citizens being credi
tors ss well as debtors, with relation to the pub
lic debt, is obvions. They readily perceivo that
they cannot be much oppressed by a debt which
they owe to themselves.
The public debt on the 1st day of July last,
nltliongh somewhat exceeding the estimate of the
(Secretary of the Treasury mudc to Congress at
the commencement of the last aes-ion, falls short
of the estimate of thatolllcer made in the pre
ceding December as to its probable amount at
Ihe beginning of this year by the sum of
i lls lact exhibits satisfactory condition and
conduct of the operations of Treasury, Tho
Rational Dunking system Is proving to bo accept
able to capitalists und to the people.
(lu tbe2.)lh day of November tivehundrcd and
eighty-four National Hanks bad been organized,
a considerable number of which were concussions
from Statu hunks. Changes from the State sys
tems to tho National systems are rapidly taking
place, und it is hoped that very soon there
will be in the i:nitcd States no banks
of issue rot authorized by Congrvss, and no
bank note circulation not secured by the Govern
ment. That the Government aud the peoplo
will derive great benefit from this cli.uigo in the
banking systems of the country can hardly bo
questioned. Tho national system will create a
reliable and permanent influence in support of
thu national credit, and protect the people against
losses in Ihe issue of paper money. Whether or
not any luitber legislation is advisable for the
suppression of Stutc bank issues, it will be lor
Congress to determine.
It seems quite cleur that the Treasury cannot
be satisfactorily conducted onloss thu Govern
ment can exercise a restraining power over tho
bank note circulation of the cuuntry.
T'hs report of tlie Secretary of War, aud the
accompanying documents, will detail the cam
paigns of tho armies iu tho field since tho duto
of tho last annual message, und also the opera
tions of the sevcveral administrative bureaus
ot the "War Department during the past year. It
will also specify the measures cssensial for tho
national defense, and to keep up aud supply the
rtuuteite military force.
The tiuunciul all'airs of the Government hnve
been successfully administered during tlio lout
The legitlution of the last session of Congress
has benelicially ull'ccted the revenues, although
sullicient time has not yet elapsed to u.xperiuuco
the full effect of several of the provisions of the
acts of Congress imposing Increased taxation.
The receipts during the year from all sources,
upon the basis of warrants signod by tho Secre
tary of tho Treasury, including loans und the
balance in the Treasury on the 1st day
of July, lbitt, were $T,3Di,79G,Oo7'6'2, anil
the aggregate disbursements upon the
samo biihis wero $l,2!S,Uo0,10T 80, leaving a
balance in tbo treasury, as thownhy warrants, of
!$,.)6,0:j,J,9i.' 7:t. Deduct from these amounts tho
amount of the principal of the public debt re
deemed, und the amount of issues in substitution
therefor, and tho actual cash operations of the
treasury were Keeeipt", SSf)l,(7fi,GlG'o7. Dis
bursements jtHti.V-3 lib87 fi. which leaves a cash'
balance in the treasury of lS,til2,jjS 71.
Of i ho receipts there wero derived frotu cus
toms, SIO'2,3111,1.52-!)'1; from lands, ?f)S8,:!.n 21);
from direct taxes, l7j,GIM06 j from internal
revenue, lUHJU.loVlO; from miscellaneous
souiccs, $'17,oll,118 if); and from loans applied
to actual expenditures, including former balance,
There were disbursed for the civil service
$'27,W8 WJ Ki; for pensions and Indians,
.7.6l7,!M0-97; fr tho war department, f '),
7'.ll,8l2''J7 i for tho navy department, ff'3'1,7i t,-2H2-77;
for interest on tho public debt, is.VI.ii-r,-42W'!;
making an aggregate of jiio.iiil.O'-Hil,
and leaving a balance in the treasury of J'1S,S12,-S.8-71,
as before stated.
As intimately connected with and prormtiro
of this material growth of the nation, I a-k the
attention of Congress to the viduuble informadou
aud important recommendation relating to the
public lauds, Indian attairs, the Pacific Kallro nl,
and mineral discoveries contained in the report
of the Secretary of the Int. nor, which is here
with transmitted, and which report ulso em
braces the subjects of pntcuts, pensions, and other
topics of public interest pcrtuiuiug to this Dj
puiiini nt.
The quantity of public land disposed of during
the hvc quarters ending on the;!0ihof September
last was 1,221, a 12 acres, ot which l,:i:jh 01 1 acres
wero entered under the homestead law. Tho re
mainder wus located wiili military laud warrants,
agricultural bCiip certilied to States for railroads,
and sold for eusii. '1 lie cash received from sales
ami location fees was Sl,011), UU.
The income from tales during the fiscal year
Haling Jnnc .'10, 18(11. was $ii78MI7-21. ugainst
flati,077 i i received during tho preceding year.
The agprepit'e number of acres surveyed duriug
tue year has bciu rqual to the quantity disposed
of, and there is opeu 1 1 settlement about 133,000,
(JOO acres of surveyed limd.
The great emerpii-c or connecting the Atlantic
with the Pncilic states l,y ruilwavs and telegraph
lines has bei n entered upon w ith a vigor that
(lives assurance of success, notwlthstandiuir tho
embarrassments arising from the high prices of
liiuicioun mm miair. me routo of the nuin
line of the road 1ms been dclinitely loc itud
lor one honored miles westward from the
iimiai point in ntnnnauiiy, Nebraska, and a pre
brnlimiy location of ihe Pacific Hailroad of Cali
fornia, l a. bei n made from Sacramento eastward
to tLe Great llend irt the Sruckttivi.r in Nevada
Nuineious di-fovtricH of gold, silver, and cinna
bur mines buc been added to the many hereto
fore known in tlie country occupied by the sierra
Nevada and Kovliy Mountains, uud the siifj irdi
nalc ranges new teem with enterprising labor
which is ri' lily remunerative. '
It is belie vol that iho product of tho mines of
precious iiictuls iu that regiou bus during tua
vcai t rco. in o, ii uni exeeeueu, ? I w,oim,u JO.
it was iccoiniueudi d in mv las', annnal mes
sape that our ludian system be remodelled. Con
gress, at its lust session, acting upon the
recommendation, did provide forreorjanizinithu
svsteru in California, and it is believed that uuder
the present organi.ution the management of tlio
jnciians there will be uttended with reasonable
(Te bt iou' in the n-xt edition.)
General Canby Getting Bettor.
lliM til ll MlNslHipl.
Nv.w Yoiik, Deeemlier fi. A letter from New
Orleans, dated November 2il, received via the
Missis-ippi river, states that Geacral Canby i
rnpldiy recovering, and is now able to s'tend to
his otlicial business daily. General l llumnn is iu
chief command of all the forces at M r ; in i t.
. Nim's celebiat'd 2d Massachusetts ll.utcry
is now hlationed at Morgania.
l.ieutniiint A. D. Vulladc, of the Sl:h Vnite l
States Infan'iy, colored, of Xcv York, was killed
in mi nflalr of tlio outposts on the 2 !d. t
On the. 2.ith of November, A' ting-T.ientcnan
Thatcher, commanding tho gunboat t;, was
murdered by the Itehels while nshoro on an
hland below tho mouth of Kcl river, and his
body brutally mangled.
The Mississippi river had ri-en eighteen fee: at
torgau.iu in one week.
The report that Th.irlow Wee I was nTo
tiating for the juirchuse of tho Washington V.i
tional littJIiirnar is denied by the proprietor of
A Sam Cask. A case of some Interest was
hrard before Alderman White yesterday. A
young, beautiful girl, just entering the full prime
of womanhood, appeared against her own hus
band, charging him with bigamy. She was sup
ported by her father, a gentleman of respectable
standing aud extended influence in tho villago
whero he resides. The young girl's name is
Fanny Arfhur, and her homo is In Stockton, Now
Jersey. Abont a year since a stranger from New
Y ork came to tbo villago aud became acquainted
with the family of Mr. Arthur, ilia visits there
increased, l-'unny was a guileless country girl,
uuustd to the wiles und arts of city lite, and her
hi art was an easy conquest for the attentive
itranger. They were married. A fairer bridu
never wore the white veil of her bridal wreath
than the old man s daughter as she left bis side
lor the borne and heart ol the strangur.
Another bix months passed, ihu sunny days
of marriage life had been unbroken and uu
marred. The houevinoon lingered with tho
young conplo, aud the days slipped away merry
and gladHonie as brida! bells, when the dream of
the vonug I rule s Happiness was dissipated. Iter
husband bad always acted w ith apparent fairness
in ail his transactions with bcr family, lie had
given his name as Alexander Adams, und his t. s
timonials from tho city where he claimed the ac
quaintance of long years of residence, were un
doubted evidences of his 60ber, Industrious,
Dioial character. Hut now the young wife found
that the was not a wife, that her husband had
been mariied for years, und that his tirst wife and
tbric children were living in .New lork.
ihe girl went home to her lather, and the vil
lagers proposed to settlo the mailer, us far as the
reducer was concerned, by a short rope and a
shorter shrift. Adams anticipated their benevo
lent intentions to elcviue him in tho world, and
he left for this city. Justice followed him. A
warrant was issued for his arrest by JudHeCia-
sidy, of New, and Adams was arrested in
this city, lie refused to go to Jersey for trial,
and be was primarily arraigned before Alderman
White, until an application for a requisition to
remove him to New Jersey could be procured
from Governor I'm ker. Tho hearing was one of
singular sadness. Adams was committed to await
the action of fhc Isew Jersey authorities. of Alleged Bviiolahs. About day
break this morning, two individuals were taken
Into custody under rather suspicious circum
stances, upon tho charge of being professional
burglars. About 12 o'clock last night, as OtUccr
Campbell, of the Second Police District, was
standing at Fourth and Shippen streets, he ob
served twe men behaving in a strange manner.
One of them ttood near the curbstone, as if he
was watching, while the other was close to tho
house Bnd seemed to be lingering about tho lock
in the door. I be oiiicer walked towards the uiun,
when they started off.
me former summoned assistance, and traced
the steps of tho men to a lager beer saloon on
X it t ti sircet, opposite ucrnion. inu oncers
watched them from through the wiudow, and
saw one go up to the bar, uud tho other go out
into the yard. v ailing until tney came out, the
oiticcrs commenced to search ino suspected indi
viduals, with a view of ascertaining whether thoy
bad anything on their persons to confirm sus
.Not finding anvtinng, the men wero released
and started oil'. The ollicers next went into tho
lager beer saloon to ascertain what the men hud
been doing there. They went Info the yard, and
theic found a set of false keys tied np in a hand
kerchief, which one of tho thieves had deposited
utter ho found his steps were being dogged by
tho ollicers. Tbo keys were taken possession of
by the ollicers, who determined to set watch and
sec if the men would return for their property.
Accordingly, about 6 o'clock this morning, one
of tho men, together with a companion, made
bi" appearance at the, saloon. One ot theiu
went, into the yard, evidently to hunt the keys.
The ollicers then ai rested both. They gave the
numts of Joseph l.oekaid aud Joseph llenkle
miin, and wcie locked up for a timber investiga
tion. Tub Fkknsyi.vani a State Gi abdand thi
Diiai t. Hujor 11. 1. Dodge has received the fol
lowing ordtr from Provost Marshal-General Fry,
concerning the organization or the Pennsylvania
6tato Guard t
eai.'sOiii.k, Washington, D. C, Noveiulwr
2!, lnil. To Major it. I. Dodgo, 12tU United
States Infantry, Actiug Assistant l'rovo-l M ir-ahal-Cciicnil,
ilarrisburg, Pa. Major: The hec
retary of ar directs me to inform you that tho
l'residsnt ot the United Stutes has ordered as
lollows: Incase the Governor of Pennsylvania
thull orgini.c the Pennsylvania State Guard, and
put In service under State act for that purpose a
number not exceeding live thousand, it is ordered
that any member of said organization beiug
Crafted Into tho United States service be at once
furloughcd, .'o as to retain his place in said Statu
organization, not leieiviug pay of the t'uiled
Suites, out tne tune counting on his term unler
the draft. You mo Instructed to see that the
eiders of the President are strictly conformed to.
A Ni; Cni n. ii. At the corner of II road and
Oxford streets n nuw Presbyterian church is to
be erected. The lot was purchased by thu con
gregation of the Presbyterian church now located
InGiratd avenuo, west of Ilroad street. The lot
li one hundred feet front by two hundred and
twenty-live feet deep. Its cost was twenty-live
thousand dollars. Upon it the congregation aro
now commencing the erection of a church, for
which they have raised the sum of seventy-five
tbomand dollars. The congregation in question
are determined to erect a temple of worship that
ahull at once be an ornament to the neighborhood
aixl a laudanark to coming generations,
Thk I'iiaviis at run Navy Ytno and
Arsksai.. Colonel II. S. Olcott, Sped d Com
missioner of the War and Navy Departments,
who is at present In this city engaged in o
thorough Investigation of the frauds and lar
cenies, both at tho Navy Tard and Schuylkill
Aisenal, makes a special request that all good
ciiicns will conimnnic uto to him any fach rela
tive to frauds, embezzlements, or larcenies of
public properly, cither at the Navy Yard or
The public may rest ns ired that lie lias So'h
tbo power and tho tli-qt -d:io;t to c.o-if and
pnnbb the guilty, without retard to position or
influence. The mvcsty itions which he is in I'.iag
I n ve no political leas, but are -iiuplv tin: re-ul t nt
a scttU d polfi y of t Ii e Government. l'o ninu'ii-i-atioris
must he ae -letip 1'ne'd by the ml. I c.;-.s ol'
the wi i er, but whenever ilcsiied will bj coil
shti red confidential,
OitNi I.oiioe or A. Y. M.oi Pi sv-vi.v vsri v.
A st it. d qiiarteily iMiniuuijie uiun of the f j raid
I. cnU'e of free and Accented Masons of the State
of Penn-ylvania was held last evening at fie
II. ill.on t hesnut str.-rt,uhen the fullowitigtivued
ollicers were elected ; llrother Lucius II. Scott,
Itight vVorshipful Grand Master, Df. D. C. SkT
ictt having declined a re-election ; Urjther John
L. Ooddnrd, It. V. 1). O. M. ; brother Kiehard
Yunx,K. W. ft. G. '.; llrother liobert A.
berioi', II W. J. G. V.; llrother Peter William
son, K. W.G.'I'.j llroibir W. II. Adams. It. V
G. S. Trustees of the Grand Lodce Comity
Fund llrother Joseph S. Ktley, William F.
Ithick, A. H . M.icphcrson, Jacob l.oiul, nsluer,
Geoigc Gi iscoui. Trtlstc s of tlie Giranl llqacsl
l'.rothir Samuel II. Perkins, James Hut li.u
son, David llnyd. David .lay lie, M. I).. George
T lu insen. Trustees of Masonic I. tan
William liudLcr, James Shields, William llargur,
AlcMiucei Kirkpatrick, John L'.Gilicr.
Kti lit m.Nti. This morning the Mayor i-stied
warrants for the city bounty to 2'l men, of whom
lfl were enlisted for three years, 2 for four years,
and .1 for two years. There wore credited to tho
Ninth Ward, 4; Twenly-fourih Ward, 3; Sixth
Wind, I ; T enth Ward, S; Fifteenth Ward, 2;
Twelfth Ward, 1; Fourth Wurd, 1.
Coi i kr Coinaok. The United Stales Mint in
this rily has coined within six months about
eighteen million of tho new copper ounts. Tho
Noveuilicr report of that institution states that
live million six hundred und ten thousand rents,
and tli i co million one hundred and forty-live,
thousand two-cent pieces were coined last mouth.
lieie do they go .'
Fiuk. This morning, shortly before 0 o'clock,
a slight fire occurred In the basement of a house
at No. 11U7 ltodman street.
Official, Vote ron PitrcsmK.vTiAi.
F.i.kctoiih in Pennsylvania. The otlicial vote lur
Presidential fclectors, tor tue State ot Pennsylvania,
wus announced yesterday. ' lie airerrgnie number
ol voles were live hundred and scvcntv-tivo thniisind
six liniKln-d and ninety-seven ifi72,iiUi"i. )i tue
hiiiiiIh i iMouroN Mr Michai L ( I'nion) rec.ave l two
hundrid anil ninetv-six tliousaud liiree hundred and
eit'lili -nine f'2lsi3SU), and I;. oil'. I, Johnson (Ii
niocntt) iwo hundied and seventy fx thoii'und
tiiiee hundred iil.d eiuht (27)1,3 IS). .Mr. Mr .MiriiAPt.'H
n njerilv is twenty thnuFiind und eiirhty-otie (Cil.OHl i.
1 his iiiclmle the soldiers' vote, Johnson run six
hundred airainst the rest ol his ticket, llie l.iuctors
have nil teen uotihed, and tlio counlie. are all iu.
A Yot'NO IiAOY I.osr. A young lady,
about lfl rears ot igc, named Anna K kli.ku, arrived
iu this city aimut one week arto, from I'litalan?, iu
company with a lady named Mrs. Dup.bin. She has
been sojourning with a ludy acquaintance named
J'.rs. IIowk, who resides somcwhoro in Ninth street,
In tide city. Yesterday afternoon, while out wa k
ing, she lust her way, and not knowing tho number
orlocatiouot Mrs. Hon-K's residence, has not sac
eeoded in finding her stopping place. She is bouig
I. inpiiiarllv cured tor ut No. lull Cherry struct,
where her irkuds cau tlnd her.
Another. Svcceshi tl Company. The Mingo
OIU'ouipAity has demonstrated the fcUcccki whicii slwnys
ailcnils incrny, lioncsty and In telll.'.-iieo. It hts been
urrunizril bv the elts:lloti ui' seutlemen uf the tlrst respect
ability at its officers, iukI licneath tliclr csrei'ul manae
nicnt it has to-day n receipt of upwards of ninety barrels, dulfars per day. It holds a one-tbuith
Interest In the UteJ Well on Cherry Itlin, whlrh yields
scfnty-ilvs bsrrrls, and also sixteea more frum its
Peino baker leases. It also owns a rami of nfneiy-cllit
(t'K) aires, rear tho widely celebrated Maple Shade Kami
and will commence borlns ih.irtly. It hui declared lt first
divliU-nd of two iter cent , and wl.l be, ere long, ons of the
ttircit aud richest companies enued Id tlie oU intoro3t.
IIo! llol You'be Quttiho Dalt), ArrYou?
Well, that Is a mislertiiDe, and act a crime; but lo re
main bld when so line an opportunity on en to rcsloro
your lialr, by a fsltlin.1 ni) lloend ute ol'iir. D, Jayue s
Jiair Tonic, is but hide sbort of crime. TUU valuable pre
!urut!oucci.'S tlie scalp to u new aod healtby a--tlin,
clc times It from scurf and dandrutT, prevents the hair frora
falling ott, cured tliuse erupiiru dlease!i which ouea
appear on the head, und la a majority of eaaei producei a
line UTonih oi ucw hair, n also gives llio hair a rich and
lieaudral appearance, unciuall.-il by anjtfam,' oftlieklud.
Frepared only ut N'o. '.'12 Cbenut street,
A Gheat Eei'i-tation. There has never been
any Invention niven to tbo world which In the same period
of lime to eileclually won itawuyluto universal favor ai
the "Horoiiee" Hewtns Machine, soid lu this city at N'o.
f.achesunt street. All who examine It aro delighted with
the nianie r In whleh It operates. It m.ikoi u lets than
fuurdirTerent stlielics, aud executes all kludi of I'umlly
sewtnu with net nest, durability, and dsspatcli. Kvcry
machine sold la warranted to give otiiUction, of Uu
money wul be rcturued to the purchaser.
Guanu Display op Winter Clothino.
(Irand Waplay of Winter Clotbtnj.
Orand l)lpltty of Whiter Clothing.
At Clus. Brosas A Co.',
At Ciui. Sro&us A Co.'s,
At Cuas. Htokkv & Cn.'a,
Umlsr the Coniluentul Hotel.
Under the clr nliuf aial Hotel.
I ruler the Coutlneutal Uotel.
To Pt noiiASi! Clotuin at Low Pmcas, mako
a si'lerte nirom rnr sunk ol Kenr-MAiK lUraiunts. W e
aiestlanx oatul In ttyU, fit, mi.'.e an 1 taaeiit,
Hvm ib If .A i, r tint, fcitrdr I linti II now for tue
ami- g.wls ma.le to order. W e have all stviea, le. atnl
pni cM,f(oll.liiK M.m', Voiilh'i.unU Uoii'. All can be
lined wnuoui delay of trouble.
Bmstrr A Co.,
Tower Hall, No, mo Market aiieet.
Covi'Liiiuntary. My hair is now restorod to
In jouilitul color, I hays not a iirsy hair Ictt. I am aaili
d.dUiattliupreparadon la nut 6r, but acta on tlie
ecr.'iiem. My hair ctasea to fat, oalch It crtainly au
dvaiauge lo me, who mi In darnier of becomfas bald.
Ti l, Ii, the Icntloiony of many who have Mia. H. A.
Allen a World i llklrlieatoierand -ylobalaaraaui.orlliilr
i'rlrg. Kvery urLn'glsi tulla tiiem.
IIoastei) Almonds, Chocolate, and Cream Cara
mel, tupnrlor iiuaaty and Havora, manuiaeturo.t by E. O.
Whltinnil A I o , So. jlK b.'snul atrcsit,
Ceouois Stkck Sc Co.'n Pianos and Maso ,Si
li'MKH. Ove-.SiOol mil of II. nae In- (Idi.iss.
PIAM1 atrumcnts bavc hi en aold bv Mr. CAIilvnr
oi:'l KS. luod tla'ieiuaitd is coua.aully iihimns
t'lAVO ll erea.llig. CAIIINI'.r
r.iliTl.Sl. JToi eaie only by nK 11S4
eitso j r i.oin.n, cuimsi'
Mlk'lltS.i SevoiltU sod CIr'siiui Href la. KjltiiASsj.
Do Yop Know Dean has removed to No. 413
t'keanut atittei y lie elk Tobacco, t'luars, Plpee, Ac., flltv
per cent, leas than any oihor man la tlila city. Remember
ueaa. Ho. 4111 Cheanut atreut.
Rakb and Mxoi isitk Confbctions for the
Uolldsye, now rwly at K. O. Whiunan A Co., Mo. H8
ChcMiut street,
PiioiooitAPiis of natural styles, accurate like
ueuea, anal eauulaltely II. I. Belmor's Oaberj,
Ko. Ut Arch atreet. (lo early, aad avoid lbs crowd,
trmeinber die Uayi are abort.
Dr. Jnyne'a f aprrxetrnwl. All ntio hrtsei
uaed Uda atai.dard jdrlribe fer
I'lll'MCIIlMH, ri.P.t'UIfY,
WlltiOriNIi C'lftllt, CROCP,
or any fnlinonary Comi'lslnt, sliest I'a naaMn-a. In
proof ot lta litct, we would ainte iiikCJ for thirty yrare
post tv F pf. lorsia baa loa n latere the public, and ih tt
a. li ii nrecilmir y. sr has aildf il to It at p.pulsiity, ana e -t
n..f illlle ilenimid, until now II la known and apiir'-' iiit' ii
In nil Miiartera ot ti e world, and adraltNd to l-s llie Unal
It. to. oy of the A ut ; I. at i Is aa ol' .tan iia. a f.-r ti l.r.t, it
It f ai .. tally Ccfl;n. d.
UK I NT ft. I ll AM' OI I.M.I'lu.rttlc ralr.a.Af
an i0l. kly nnil I fl' tnally i urtd t'J 1th ll.. li.-rli, 8y. :l
ln. and espvetoraut poai er.
ATnM II aIwsm enras. Tt oarcn'.l tlif lAm".l(
roiitra. it. n of ll.e nir a.s.'bi, and by proline. m he'iev-pe.-toTat.
ii at otire r. uiovoi ail diiiirulura of broaiuaig.
IIKOM IMUS readily yielda tctl.eHxpei loriuit. Itaub
dio a Uie liillHiniuailou v,hicli exti-iuls tliroiik'b the v,iad
lubes, pr.iilti' ea tree i xpi cU laUon, anal aupprtasea at vuce
the iunb and paui.
l'fNsrMI-TlON.- forthia Inaldicii" ar.d fatal dla. .nuo
remady on earlli hua cut bn-n found m eitei lual. It auti
ilttea Die IlillHtnlnallon, r.'IU'vei th.' .asa and pain,
ri n "Ma tlir dlibcilty of breathtny, and prodnrea an easv
i xi e. loratlon, hen-by ail Irrltntuik' and o auu. ting aiat
tirs are r movedlrom Uie lungs.
Vi llilOI'INC, C'iC'lllla promptly relieved l.y mil Kapcc
tolnnl. It eliorUnr the duration of Uie dli.caae one-ball, and
grentlr uUtl(.alra die aiilTrrliiv'a or Uie patient.
IMSY, Ae., It will be found to be prompt,, ili aiuut,
and ri-lliible.
I'ri pared only b lir I).Jnne A Son, N'o. 1 1? Chesnu
atrei-t, mid aolil by lrufvlti uerally.
( lioiro Old IJovvrnuieot
Java Coivaa,
K.iasi kl Frssh
h bsr Ifiinsiwl,
Davis A Hi. iriliea,
Auca aud
Ilnrirlnr Alnriil Tc-la itrmph Th lntTT
a are Intoriuad that 1 have anercflitotl
In obtAlnlutr the agency of thia vain-
a " r able Inveielon lor this illy and
I I t vicinity. It ia operated by etectrt-a.Ci.-fi.1
cUy.ihosime as all other te!eraphs
ef;rf " -JT "Sj only llie w irea are not visible Kai h
.1?.TT and door la an O.erator. It
1 1 la Introduced H I. bout delai'lng the
houae ill Uie feaat. A burular must
teleiiraph to yonr room ; he rannnt avoid It. In aix year
-it'iieoac in isew lo-k It has not IAIIS.1. iritis an ob
ject lo protect, bcaobd a dontit, tl:e windewa and doors of
your huiue, it cau be dona. Call ai d aee It.
No. C11ESSL T Buoit.
waSfW- weorae Nlerk A Co.'s . jr"1. i
orav-n A 111 !S K I' Oltl A N t. '..,,
kM i. 0v-r of 'MB ,,f "" nn F.8,1.
i.i l v.i Inatrumenti have been aold by O'lilANH.
,.t) atantlv Increaalrs. .OKtANS.
IUMI L.....I. i..i." CAIIIHKT
"'AMI j E fKiTjLr) CAlll.NKr
rutirtS geyeuth aud Cheanut atrccta. .OuaAJIS.
The riioirp. PEATS of the Academy to be had at the
llonll Stand, t outlneutal J totel. 1. ft
JOHN 11. GOUtJII, JilHt-i ,
Tlieiewlll r.ethe only Lectures by Mr. Oou-h In tola
city diirinv the acaaon.
lieketa ier each lecture, y.t oenta, lUaervad apati. SO
fentfl Ihe aula of tiekcts will kexln at AlarUen a, Ho. Sad
l.eanal atrei-t, on haiunlay morning, at 1 o cioea. Tliey
vl 1 aiao bo aold at the JUall on the evening of eaoh Loo
tuie. IX'ori open at 7 o'eTock. Teeluro at 8 o'clock.
Aa the demand for tickets will ooubileaa be ureal, early
appUcauoa wul bo lucc.aary to aee ore aeata.
Leaaee and Manatee JOHN T. FOItD.
1 Abo, ot Ihe llolllday fttret-t 1 lieatro, Italtlmore: Ford e
H' Tl.ealre, Wal.lngaou i aud Uio Alexaudna, Vlrjnnia,
'I hi'alrf.)
Biak-eUanagcr JOUS B. WRUUIT
TWO KulllTt) (INI T. PONIT1VP.1.V.
UKl'l MIIEit bib andstli,
F. UW1.S I K K fc a T
will aiiala'n hi
I. K A It ,
fn Sl.akopearc'a auMlme traKedy of that name.
1 'li ar J. MeOafloaah
ke ol Knit W. II. IU.hmIu
Juike ol Albany W. h okul
InikuoMiloueester C. rt'a wleh
Fein, und H C. Ualxm
I'Oiaril Ma, lame I'otilat
C rtii'lia aliaa Alice urar
Jilt. FollftK.vr
Jo pen., nuance oa WliOM-oliAV or hAll'UDAT
h. .'iili' a.
tobaki-ipcaie'a crlobtated Trni;rdyof
la in aetlve
Tot, liox br.. ei,ior tbe isle ofieetired plaeei, now oaa
tetwt.'ii ilie hour, of Ii nnil 4a o'clock.
Ailiiuei Ion. So and 2pi centa.
a.cined Hcala liOeeeu additional.
li u.eBE.NPi it oi ilia
An Fxlilbltloii ol u Private Obtclloo of Work! of Art,
In l aiiitinga, hcuipture, Wa'er t 'olar, aud oiner llrawlBe,
KtiKinaln;a, ,Ve., la now opeu at the Poanaylvaitla
Academy ol Hue Aria. No. I Hi,', t'llllHNl'T Street, from
A M. lo 10 P. M.,aur tin bcucflt of u Cbruuiaa Uoia-niii-u.ii.
AifmUloii a.', centa; Tlckela SO centa. U-Xt-l 1
Dlreotroa Uia. CIIAULtS WARNS!
Ormirly Mra. HAS KICK).
The lartteat con, nary in the wo-ld. A atar enfiaeeraeat
havlnir lutu nadewita the iinmcuaa KICtllal Treupe,
theae iTcat artialawill appear tlua evculiif and every
etaultik- diiriim the week. YouUA MCOL.J, an aerial
p.ufiruier on die LXrbelle Penleuae. or KlylnK Trapea,
la rct'iir.lrd bv all irltlra aa llie child aaonder. The
TAI.l llltnl III HU. and W. BO( HHI.l.H, the areal
MMi.kloukey, with lli rr N ICOLO, colialllnie the Troupe,
RIKtl. (i. IIA'ICllKI.OII. M.aara. MUltKAY and HUT.
CIIIMaOM, 1'tiAK. H.ilcllWUOD and Family, will aJai
appear In man) boautllul kcenee. The Trained loi;a wlH
alsoappear. Clown, Mr. 8AM. Hl'ICKNKV, Jr. Cema
early, and let atata at U-UU Couimenee at 7'40.
XOoNH, coapraeneliiK ati. o'clock.
acuta. 1'iivat lo.xei, fiaad I
AlltlM.siON. rmi liar, on eeau; neeeid nor, It
ih.hh lua auu Ivcauea.
1,1 1-laKl.a. AMI ,IA.VAt.l.R,
TI FXIIV F.VI1MMI, nisH F.'ltlF.n A,
Mil. II I I I'l 'I'll II "I. Al V,
I ii i-i hit ok 'in i; m.;am,
'I tl K MM' til ' '11,10 . A ,
1 11 II II IT III,' 1 i. attain,
Til K II IT !' Til K se.
A (. I.OIt PU S M l.
A I.I OK KM si M H'Lal.
(. I.UI. !'. ( ( ( lS.
A t l.lilillll ft t K's-a.
Oneef l.r. I.AK..I.-I AI i ll IStm.t ever aam
1,'nl w it, to .be wana f ii Is 1 1 entte n.sruin,e i last ev ea
tr k to it . , a- tl,, ,r ,,h i, n ,,i in n B.nicl.anil I baealj-
1 1" I SI I tat., ll.'ll e 'I 11 I ,1.,-V It, .II". a
.11 "I'l PHillVV:
li ""IK r ii v ,
Oj.-l.. ItHOW.a,.
M "Mil lllt'lltNi
.HM I 1 l,l Hi,
JI."-'K ll.sOUM
!t. rifi.;
hi i.iKte in.- n i i(inv.
Itl-.I.IKI- Ol." I.I I K MIVV,
HI- l.ll'.l-' 111' I.I I aa, NOW .
II K.I.I I K I.I l K .l'. .
H I I I K.K Ml,' i n K Ml .
I- tr I.II..K I'K l,l ( 14 Miw.
It KM I K OK 1,1 c 14 4iv .
1 II F. 'Ve hi I..1WIN1I AI HIKNCR
iiimirnivi.tiiii ai ma. vb
1 11 K OVr.iil l 'iwisu Al'iill.1 K
t'.af .ifi n,i,i, ,i to do tribute to tbis tiruud iirama, con
p. ii d as ii waa of
I'll.M I V ASK I asMI'lv,
M I III Alt.
I.NIIll MAhlll' 1 '.' Illl. Ill ,M' .1 1 KM , I S'
INI III SI A -It II' IS' 1 II Ma AH 'I Hi a. I I 'N
A : tlie , l. cant lii who ii ii wa. p,a I'ct'are t i.a fai
lle, it bus been proem . it nt at)
ntui Nm; ni'TMT,
IM l I.N sK Ol I t. VI ,
lj,..iir.S'n "i ii.AV,
rt I TH
M W ASD 111 At t H IT. HI r.VF.RV,
M.av ASH I'.r M Tin I, SUA SHIIV,
M.W AMI liLAl'ill I L KMlUi,
('ORRICT ivll l . HI I V iVMIUKOna;,
cm ItHI T AMI l .iSI'I V WAHKIIilltK,
I olll.'l.'.'T AMI I'O.-II.V W ,.111111 li'.H,
Maimlactiiie.1 ortrliuii'y for rhia piece und'ir the itnma.
dine aai of
Mn.N l'. ( KM! T.T,
IHON llill'CH'AI I.T,
Whan flrat p-ndnei.l at Walliirk I Theatre . XewTork.wlta
teelal ud'llti'ilt. bv Mr. It'CKKICand A.alataiita;
Hl'l.e Mill! ASI) HI'IKI I Kl .MIHIO
sri.HSIilll ASH He 1 1; I I III Ml I0
Iteudered by uu (it lii.K and the ureheatrtt
By Joseph Hiahan ai d I liouia. Ilia ktnirui
PltlU'HU I II H ASH Al . I.HSOltlKsl,
lie John Horsey ami As-latsuta, and aa
F( I LI KST MSI l;llll,'TI"N OF CHAItACl 'Kll.
HVl l.i.l KST l.lis I Kllll l His- OF I'll UAll I'fcK.S
lu toe I a-t Ha-'tie ot tbla i.rimd fapc taeic, uia
Sl.iKMiSIl (.1 im; RKIIAIf,
1 hi
i. HANI) I'lUKill". Of TIIK llllllll.ANfll Hsl
1. HANI) I llalliii; OF '1 11 K llliilll.A V'SMS
F.mplovH to nelKe rnniilet
o Kit ion phi:h.ins
OVF.i; Kill I'UIi'iSrt
OV11K 1(10 I'HIHO.SS
U on Hie Pt n'-:r. at tin a. one tune, lotialni? a taleaa of
audi IhrnliiiK end i-owerriil ei . ci as to al mi. p enn.p tlie
1 In eer ain a fi.u r alnuieiit will conclude with tlie verjl
Intereath'g lirama of
ItulH ItT MACAfliK,
In which Mr. wuer Lennox, Mr. ,1. r. Ward, and Com
pany mil apiaar.
MXTKK.MH lil!SI FAMILY M a.11 N K f,
of the extTHordlnarv enf iikcuicui of tV.o charming, able
and verautde voiit'u artri as,
who will appear
In a new, thrllllnir. and beautiful Piav, In a Fralotfua aaj
four Acts, by .1. W. Wallai-I,,.lr . enlllled
O.mea.the llelaeir Main I.t'l II.I.C WF.STFRtf
Geiuea, a t. rnuie-TiUer l.l'CILL WE t'tltJ
In rebenraal, "CI.CILI.K; Or. Loveand Uaie,"
Ilea Ollice open from una. curuun riaoa at lxi.
TI1IH (Mo ilav) t. KMNli, Deecmocr 5,
i:VKUI'a)HY'c FIllKM).
Ma.lor lie Iloota j. a. CLAltKB
'locoucllide Willi lloiiefeaillt'a llratna,
inc. niuijun eii i-a,.
Aoiniatna J. A CLARKE
TLEMIAY, Hit: I lekl.l-ilf.LtAVK MAN,
IlK.St.l 11' OF J. li. HI.AKktL.
WEli.SllhUAY. December 7,
AT .1', P. M.,
ut riiK
Resale. liAWtl-SKIt, JAItVIH, CI0H, l'LAdEUANN.
and HCllali..
F.'i. kateof '6 t.ekela, kood utaU lln-ea 110
Package ol .'rfitioela, a-ood at all fine it$
For fine at the alualc More ol J K. noqld i-l 'A 41
QU1IIHT llXMliCiTi:!.
Thla admirable ricture, iho Kreateit production of the)
paiutar WHAT, la now on eilnbitioa at the
Mo. luiOCHESNCT Street, tO
Totrtber with the entire collection of the Inititntloa.
AdrnlHanca, TWEKTY-F1VE CENTS. 11-li Jul
At Cor. of rirTEENTSand 00ATE8 Sts.
The waO.r being flne. thoio wfihlnfr 0 MnilAt
Jtould br on tiand eitrtj. 'i h city lltjbtuU b prestnu
ft Uiutl tubiiuie ept iK .
AdtuiHbion. vt ci-ntB. flil'dren. 15 rmntf.
Artiilon from ti to ft., aoevrdiuy to aititnUe and (trof
occupicU ill
--iy fiml Ci-uiiiiu-I( n, ( tmiiuunnetUli Uuiidiuu,
1'mi am:t.)'Iii,, Iremlr 5,1461.
"utlt r ! 1iokv l-Iv, n tiiat the Ituunty o:torol Uy thd
City nt Plii.utle.pliht v lU not be j-nla foe it ti y p-crnli mui
lertd H.tu i i,c inmo of Ut L mud btatta uilr Muudut
le t iuti?r .', lint.
lp to aid Iiu Iiidlng ttaf iliy (hun'T will b paid at
Iicn infrre lur rtiruiti niuaLaiutt Intu the Rt K'Har Army
and hv, f li ti-fit , X I'.kliiO. i'ruB(dint.
Socui.d Naliuuai hankoi ('hi.tidetiiliia,
nA!fKKiKP, l)i rviuiier 5, 1&4.
T.oHnt and ili oimtc $ '7:i,ii..r:ni
l ulltd tltaUa toaiik 4-.O0U IH)
m t W34!8
Wptrlf 9
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line iruui liiinkt VfT.KH ( 4U
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