The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, December 02, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 2

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rrto. tmaKrrt PraCorr, or ; r
aiE, aaraafc. to OarrWr, anil stalled to nh-rtb-i
a X ma cur at Doiuta Paa ; Oh D-li ia
Aa fwri Oarra roa T Moirrna, Ineai lae-lj- !a adranea
fer tba aariod order..
AArarUaraaBta Inaarte al the naual r.iae. A wl
eat mada for ax tendon io,artkaa.
T ATrtlwn.
(rartaf a rt'at trvrrxa tlie nrr!.W f 1 1
vrfN Tai.aeK.ex. CfimtH-liir,,, na to to ta r.rn it an
ear'l hen.-, ere arotl rc.ini-.l that iit erl.-ero. -.1. :u
ve han.le.1 la a a arte, n at 10 nYl.Hk, it ao.ilii " . vrt
Ikaa aa tanariMa In all or our edit ln
The news of the brilliant iicocviii of Omntrnl
TnonAS At Krnnklln lift bt-oii more Limn
conflnriod. Tho glad tidings contained In
the Urst donpatch Riving the Information
have ilnce boen amply cnrtiflRcl by tint of
Crfnorol Scuor iei,i. At 4 o'rlork on WuJ
DMday aftornoon, tho encounter benvern tlie
force of Hood and Tiiom.vm r-omiiirno vl, tho
rwultof which was the on'lrr- of tin
enemy, tholr loss of liitvmn Ave ami ix
thousand In killed and wound. 'J. urnl one
tboueand taken prisoni-rn, our loss being about
one-tcmh of their loss In killed, aroundrd
acd captured. Tho uews over which we re
joice, therefore, Is mil hor equivocal nr
ambiguous. It Is clearly d.'lln.'d mid iin-Otive,
god we may congratulate ourselves, without
the possibility of having our joyturnol into
The victory at Franklin having hen com
pleted, General Thomas retired from that
town on Wednesday night, and th Fedi-ntl
fcrcee took position and formed In llne-of-!iat-Ue
three miles south of Nashville. The corps
fMnjor-Gencral A. J. Smith reached thera
last night. To Nashville, then, In momentary
expectation of a great baltle, all eyes are at
present turned. We have gained one ojroat
victory at Franklin. We are going to sain
another at Nashville, for ihe premises of thU
luilial triumph would neuiii to argue a Ijgictl
traui of triumplis.
All of this Indicates that General Hood.
although severely Injured In the recent ail'iir.
Is still impelled by the di'-qx-rntion of his
cause to take the olVcnshe with what must
certainly be a demoralized arny. The
threatening attitude, of his army at pre-ent
Indicates a Una of operations with an esjccial
view to turn Nashville on the left the move
ment wc alluded to yesterday. We cannot see
any prospect of success in such a movement,
Inasmuch, as Gen. Tiiom has the advantage
of striking EIoor In (lank and rear; and whilst
he (Thomas) is perfectly socure In both
flanks, as well as rear, the same, cannot be
affirmed of General IIooo, who, ind'ed, may
be said to hive no regular position, and seoru,
to be aggressive only to make good his oc ije.
Under tho present phase of affairs In that
region, we may look for a victory Ih a few
days equally as mignitlccnt as that at Frank
lin, and assuredly far more decisive in its
results. Our readers should remember, too,
Unit General 3. Smith has not yet t irown
In his "right hand," which has so otlea grown
weary In the carnival of death on toe b.ittle-
The latest from Georgia does not ive us
any full or precise accounts of General Sn
man. Tho Mayor of Augunta has issued an
exhortation to tho people of that plate, hi
which he exhorts them to be calm and self
relying. In the telegram which ho received
from General Braxton Braoo, November
22, the latter Informs him that he was to leave
Wilmington, N. C, on that date, with rein
forcements for Augusta. The order of Mijor-
Gencral Wadk IIami'Tok, of November 24,
to the commanding officer at Augusta, is likv
wise significant. By it all men ol M ijor
General IIami'Ton's command then In Georgia
were ordered to rendezvous forthwith at
Augusta, and those in South Carolina at
Columbia, and await further orders. The
Georgia papers are endeavoring to keep th;lr
readers In hojictul spirits. On Monday, No
vember 21, the Federals are reported to have
lea the line of the Georgia road and to have
gone directly to Eatonton, and up to last
Saturday the ojilnlon obtained that Sm;u-
M ah Intended to (kll upon Macon, and nol
press forward to the coast. Whilst we follow
the movements ol .Siikiimax with intense
Interest, we cannot hut hope that the results
he 1 to achieve v. Ill be similar victories with
that of General Thomas at Franklin.
We are glad to notice, however, in our news
ol this morning, a diversion In favor of General
iSlimMAN. TJie I'ort 1 loyal despatch states
that General Fo-ti.h had moved with hl
entire army, lie has moved in a wmutI
tllrw-tlon, and will probably advance to tie
mpiorl of General Siiukh an. It 1 lilvly
tlu.t uue of the first things that Ko.-iMtwill
do will be to cut the Charlt ston and Savannah
. Riilroad. Hut whatever may be the precise
chuinckr of his inaua'uvres, we may feel eer
tuin they will prove successiuL
Till "FLORID."
It Is now pretty surely ascertained that this
notorious pirate was sunk by ono of thoie
accidental collisions Incident to our rivers and
high seas. On the 10th ult., the transport
steamer Alliance during the night ran into the
Florida, bijuring nor seriously. The leak
occasioned by her contact with the Wachunctt
in Bahla Bay was thereby largely increased ;
and Bear-Admiral Porter, to prevent any
further mishaps to tbe prize, ordered her to
anchor off Newport News. But the leak, which
now averaged eight Inches per hour, wa too
touch for the steam-pumps, which were coo
Uy going, and which proved utterly lnado
quw to keep down tbe increasing gain of the
critical moment one of the stoam
pumpi out, and although the Irou-clad
Atlanta was .iguaied, and furnished men to
assist In balling, were ulmWe to check
the rapid Influx of watafj Md . d
all effort to keep her afloat unavailing, Actio"
Master Bakkr reluctantly rt.aiuloue.4 tho
Florida to her fate, the water at clwn of the
28th having reached her berth-deck. At tudt-
pAst seven o'clock In the morning sh went
down within a quarter of mile of the spot
where thf nolle old frigate Cumftsrfimd and
her heroic crew found their resting place.
There Is not the least evidence, that she w.
purposely sunken, as has been intimated re
peatedly by Journals In the Rebel Interest.
When sho fame Into Hampton Roads she
leaked badly, and was In a most unseaworthy
condition. It is absurd to suppose that the
(iovernment connived at any design which
had lor Its object her destruction whl!o under
the national flag. Tho Government Is too
strong, too liberal, too wise, and too much re
so'ved on justice to wink at anything which
would Impeach that justice, or tarnish the
honor of the Republic. If it had determined,
alter a due investigation of the facts con
tacted with bcrcaiture, to return the I'lortin
to Hahln, It would have done so, without re
Korting to any dishonorable mode of gelling
rid of a vessel which has been a pest to tb
seas Hiid an enemy to our commerce.
VOI.l K1 I t.KIMi.
Tbe jileitsaiitest way of serving one's coun
try Is to volunteer. To the service then are '
brought health, spirit, hardihood, all rendered I
more eHlcienl in their unily by the free will 1
with whirh they are oriVrcd. But the enthu
siasm wltli which volunt"eriiig is begun
Inevitably dies out, in-a measure. As a city
we I. uve dene very much in this way, iilth:)h
tho degiee in which we are volunteering at
present does not seem to preclude the neces
sity of a draft. o better reason.-, no stronger
Inducements for volunteering ever existed j
llian those which rescnt theuiM Ives at preierit.
I ira 'ted or volunteer service, the bane and the
antidote, are bc'oie the people, who have only
to make their choice. Men arc needed to
clinch success.
MH Ill! K
tltW OF
The Richmond Sentinel, the ofllcial organ
of Jtl- i- i-itsox Dayih, publishes, with Its
edilorial sanction, an article on "Tim Great
Issue Our Relations to it," from "the accom
plished jen of a distinguished and popuUr
citizen of Virginia." Tbe " accomplished
pen" commences its labors by writing a col
umn ol clnji-trap of the first order one of
those excited elfusions to "Ure the Southern
beait." We do not projiose to review that
part of the production. Its character may bo
defined by quoting a few of those words which
are most pojmlar with the author "Inde
pendence," "Liberty," "Northern Despotism,"
and others of that genus. We will hasten
over the j.relimlnary prologue, and proceed
to glance at the argumentative portion of tho
article. Tho Importance which is attache 1 to
the sentiments it sets forth arise from the fact
that the endorsement by the oillcial organ of
the President is equivalent to an
exposition of the Government's views on the
subject of reconstruction.
SjH-aUing 'of tho causes which led ta the
secession of the Southern States, h"! assigns
five reasons, viz.:
" First. We fra-it cxilu-ioa tr:u the Teul
ti.riiH. in celonia ion and seltle'iient.
" It hi;s l.ei u rmh"d In a luw ol total and cttr
m I exciufieti.
" .Second. Wc r".tirr uMiiM hi .he I'i'triot
of C'olen bia.
"It h is luen ren' in a law for ah di'ion,
with iimocuuaie compiii.-atiou fis to all, with ns tc dome slan nolcli i.
"Third. Wo foi:l ultimate abolition in the
.State a.
" it has been " '; :l i. tho infamous prorla
ciatii n ot ti.c 1'resiiiii.t, i.ndtr law, for abolition
in tho c'.l-lo) ai" States."
It will bo not ced that all the ground ever
claimed by the advocates of Rebellion for
their secession consisted of antlctyaliid evils.
No events which bait occurred are jiresented
, ., .... , i ii t- . :
by these Southern Molochs as their sympa- (
thlzers In our midst have attempted-to excuso
their parricidal attack on the nation. They
ay, with the utmost coolness, that fears ara
sulllcient occasions for war. No overt act hai
lieen committed at which they could take
olletiHc, but It was possible that such might in
tlie future occur; theiefore they deluged th?
land with blood, and turned our happy coun
try into a desolate wilderness.
No further proof!" needed, and they declare
that the cause aud occasion of this Rebellion
is slavery. It Is the corner-stone. Four out
of five reasons for rebelling was human bond
They say that their anticipations were well
founded. Their fears have indeed proved cor
rect, but their fulfilment lias been caused by
the Rebellion In the South. Had it not been
for the civil war which the defenders of sla
very have waged against the constituted
authorities of ihe land, no Interference with
the domestic institution of slavery would have
occurred. However strongly the feelings of
humanity In the Northern heart caused It to op
pose slavery, yet the sense of obligation to law
would huve compelled the great mass of the
loyal people to allow the " peculiar institution''
to continue uninterrupted in iU course or bar
barity and tyranuy. But by their acts have
they caused the loss of their object. Freedom
is vindicated, and they " must lie iu the bed
they have made."
We call particular attention to ihc third
cause assigned, and its '.'ullilment. ''It In
IsH-n realized bj the Infamous iiroelamaliim
under ffiic lor aboliilou In the Misloval
States." The expression ''under law" is pecu
liar, and has a siunllleiiici'. it
oalilonflir riienoa fli-it tlilu nnal ml ;,f imp
wortliy r.xecutive is, not wtttiit.iietiu. flu
empnaiie ueiiiui vy .-vorin. ru sinpuiiii..TS,
. i I i i i . ,! i. l...(i, ,,i , i.
UV, ,, 1, ..g1 U , .III ... .', ..- .(1. .'lit ...
according to law. What must be iheensa
tionsol the Copper). cud. vilio b e been vvork
ing tor the South in bis invidious ni'itiiier, to
tlnd that his principals ieji;id:.ilc his i il'ort i,
and acknow ledge :is lt il tint whlefi lie h ts
so persistently al lucked a n urn usurp d ion
and unparalleled act of tyrunu., ','
The remaining rciisons need no liuihei'
comment. Our rein.irks in (lie preceding
apply to them. The weakness of the fifth is
too palpable for refutation, and rell cts no
credit to the "accomplished pen'' which
framed it.
'Fntiith. Wo , (,'' an effort to C'luall tlif!
white ami blaeii r' in alt.-iupt t ) ex i;e iimir
reciii'tt. "f Iihs been iv t., ' ill Illisep.lnitio,! ; in tho
eendhej of liluck tro -ps 1 1 siibjU rato us; in tuo
tinislincnl ol our on n slaves to li tir iiutntu..
"l'iltb. Wo f't iivil lU it Northern p nror w mid
become a fo.eiKn dominion to us, alien in it
sympathy and ilion,' in iis atitipa'.liy, and that
it would Kubjcct all our intcrcd's to its a t on, tin.
checked by praetical limitation and uii.U'J.I ii.l
by filtndship.
"It has been nli:e,l in this war!"
After long religious dissertation ou the
Northern church, he proceeds to review that
important subject of reconstruction. He sa ys :
" Can reconstruction destroy this element
of antagonism? Does such a union promise
unity, and peace and progress? Does it not
threaten, nay, Insure our utter destruction 9"
Having propounded these queries, the "accom
plished pen," like the giant who erected straw
men, stood them up, aud Uicn knock. id tiiom
down again, proceeds to reply to his own
questions, lu his own manner, which is any
thing but a truthful oue.
The "Irrepressible conflict," ridiculed in
V7,is to-day enun dated by the South herVf
' The two systems, seellonally separated, can
ot grow together; and In t 'uion thi growth of
one or the other must cesse. Hence, whlls
Uie Union continued, the South was dwarfed
by the side of its ginnt rival, and the progress
of the one made the utter ruin of the other."
Why, we ask, why should the South decrease
and the North increase? Mh- A m.)re
dellnhtful climate, richer soil, as ttv.o a soa
coast, and as broad and deep rivers as those
from which the North has coined her
unparalleled m e -ss. It Is N-eaue ol
th" weight of the incubus of slavery.
We lorn the .South, and desire to sen her
rKe to her piojicr height ; therefore wo tear
the night mare from her. and let her arise
renewed, regcnem'ed, and disenthralled.
twin sl-!cr with the free North.
lteeoiisluiction is dec lared iinjsssible, hut
the reasons for such a decision are reserved
for a future paper. Wlien the "accomplished
pen" again "spreads itself," we will call atten
tion to Its heavy production, and if Its fruits
aie of sulllcient imKrtance we will review
Ihcni; but as "Virginia's lavorlte son" dos
not ji(,sess any of the mental abilities of Jkk
I kiiso.n or M A onsoN, the force of the suc
ceeding portion of his review i.s bidden In the
J ir' clouds of futurity.
I VI I 1(1 V I 4J i f SI It Will. ll.H.
It may sometimes have occurred to the
mo-t ctrsgijing of strngplers that the a;loj
tion of peculiur measures miyht be necessary
to cure them ol their proclivities. If any sys
tem should be vloptcd by which bountv
jii,js.s could be rendered true to their vows,
wevcr severelv and uiiwelcnmely it mblit
tell njion honest men subject to draft, who
might find themselves at the front belorc they
knew it, it would at least teach these bounty-jumjH-rs
a lesson they would not easily forget.
Drafts are unavoidable, and quotas must be
filled, although there are more wa)i of filling
th' m than one.
T :u. 'I( t'tiriK IIock. Hy Mis. Mattij
M .hues, hew Voik : MiV.-i . lire wainy, No.
I' l.-oht stsict.
In tb.'s book Mis. ,1oc?i (liv its a itslly ueuil
litiic t c soliold ri inpsiiiou, containing vmIim!i!o
i c i; es (or inakiug bna ', pie", puJdins, re' slics,
ai.d m,i p, with l ri itiou for corkif g vtwt.
Ihblc s, caer.lriif fl uits, ,c, He. V( crei-alK-rei
li ii end ibis iinle hu 'k, wliich may he had
for a ti lie !rcm tlif luiblistiri.,.
l'.n'ftiilHf- e in the Romnu Stutc. isni ,iwiiig
luc re Akd mere fn qi.c nt. batuly a.Signorll Ispcj,
a neslthy csnd!" iiiaiii fiiet uerol Home, and .
Iriind of U.'.ribaldi in '.he days gono by. was
canglit by a bai ii of tbe is'cais and killed,
a.s a r en-ant to the ." iai : is. a s .ort dis
tin i e f 1 1 1 I'a't i'rin.i, alnio-1 i:i si tit ol '.ho clonic
1 vSl. l i i. i '..
n Mtiiu i.
ATHi ll'VoOHc rjlli'St -Ont'i-lst lnt.inl at
Ihc I h.ll'i Ii '.I tin- ll-.1v Tmntj brlli.- II.-V. I'hlllii-.
llr-iel.-, JMI.II. I A I MI'.KW u.; to 51 MCV li.,lliub
tel ol I I. C ii in . .1 lis , till (! Dili, lot.v.
I'l.A liK Wedli. on Wi.i1in-il;iv, "'l b ,
!J.n St. .Ii.lin's ( Imri'h. Siilo.n, ,s . .I..,.jln.. lt.o.
1 iii.tuas r. Ilnlwlip. Iir. II. CI. ' 1. l:!v. nf ' N.
.1., M ..1.1 11 I.. Ul.titcr 01 .lolin H. W on I, ol l.'lllll
iKTlsli.t t-oni , N. .1.
Ol 1
llAltC'I.AV n His ll ol '"winlii-r. KSVilK'.:. ro
llrt i.l II. p iito .IoImi IWii.liiv, In I lie 71IU o ir ol lior see.
II. rnlsloiw an I trliml-. nre rriin-i-ttullr no llisl to
nlo-nil In t tipi.-Ttil. en Siitiit.Uv, I no -1.1 lti-.taiit, nt 'I
o'clcck, illiln ll.e rcl-lpticc el' .1. I- Hiclwaniin. lior
nifiutcmli, tritliotil nn tlmi uulfcii. To iiruccs-ll lu Latilet
IlltlOiiS. fin the l-t In. (ant. Mr .lOSKfll IlKIUi.S,
Hr. . In tin. Will year of III. a ,c.
'1 hi- n-ia'o i -i nnil frh'inl. oi i hp Inmlly arp r. pe?tl'nllv
Invlti'il tUHtlenil liN I iincirtl, 1 r. in tin. I'-rfliciico ..t
Hon, Itnl.t'ii ltrlL-i;s( No. !MH s. Tentli sirnet, on Suturan
uil. nl 'JS u'i'
HOW l',N. In llerlln. VVr.rrpfor rnti'llv. Mil., on Hid
21 Mi ultimo, Lin l.KTON 110W I.N, Ks..,ln I In- iUfeal
ol Ins ii-'p.
HfTI.KIt. On Oiwliv rond. Wol 1'MIrApIiiIiIs, on the
1t ol lipisnitM'r. ol ciiiiiiinto'c. ii.vit.ANSK c. vv l.lnl,
yonni.(..t ilunulitpr nt' Or. H. W. ami Anno 11. llnllur.
Hel d ypni nnil fi menllis.
1- nncrsl uliha uru:v- altui imon, at 'i o hiook.
HICK -on the. i!:lti Mr.. HIAUIA, wli'e of
Henry Itp.-k. In tlic sstli year in liertiup.
Ihe rwlatlvi-s nna lilioiils oi tup mmlly. Ilia VUlliint
Anii.ciuti.fti No. s. Hint liuii'lilcrii ot Aiie-ll. a Sot-.c-ti.-s,
sn fl'l"'' I mi II v nn If 'I I" nlteiMl llio iiinorm, iro n hoi
iire.iicn n. kh Miii.m ktrci.t.nn suiuim-u.r
an tl'-...-'liiillv Invlt'.l t nttci'il Iho innornl. Iro n l.or
noon, at 4 oriock. in pruucci in the uuj ae.iow
It ciinter.v.
IiKC'AS.-On thpiMli ultimo, Mm. JAM'. M. DKCAN,
in the 4'.th y. nr oi her tu'n.
l Tlip ri-latfv.H ai d irli-iiMs o( tin tHtiilly ara refliiattully
' invited to Httl-nd tlip lliueml, Iron) lit r lalP r .-rite n o,
No. T3 H. Mnth hlrfi t.on s..iiir,lu.v uliui-uuon, lioc.-iu
, tn-r 'W, tit 2 oVIuclc.
IMINN. Iiprpnihn 1-t, lH I. MINSIK. ru'linipal
I tlnnifhUir of t.niT. tl uml Alururet Djuil, In lliolllh .vi-r
I ol Il.T Hill..
'I tip t,ioi.rat will tnkp nlapp Ironi ttif rf sldenrp of lipr
' our. iiij. .to. l!H'l Mopiit Vi-rnoti ftrcsct, ou Mini lay , Otli
, Itint'int. nt lu o'clock A. M.
I H.Mll.AN. On Hip morn inn or tha 1st Invtvit. attfr a
I 11111.1'rl.iK illnci. al liprlutp rc.i.tpiicp, u.-ar llnrr.iwsala.
ANNA II III. AN dnuslitPl ol the lutp ,loti i.i lla tan.
! 'I hp Itnipnil will tuk jilnrf-Irnm tlif ipi.Ipiicp ot Inr
sl-tpr. No Iswi ClMMiiit lroet, on Hrvenlu ila neivt,
ipipinl,pr3il. nt 1(1 A. 11.
Ilol .I.INllk.AI. on U.p :aith nit., 1BAWIU. 1101.-
1.1 i.sllr. U, ken ol Mary s. ami UK' lale I'liai li-v al. 11 . 1
l.nlica.t. In '.eelKtl .i t ot his ai;P
111 rt'liitiyaH nnil friends urp iniitPd to nttent tl a fiina
rni erv ii p., nt 1-vtc rcvidtn ce. Nil. I., h. 'I tilr.I vtrp -t,
l iiimlni, N. .1 . on t relay, in ci nil er -J, .11 l'i r Cock M.
lntn m. t t nt Trcton. N.f.,ftciii ttic Iioiihc of ,lni.bS.
AUi.ii., o.,.6 ktropt, on Suttit.luy, lKcmiibcr
ut 2 o c'"i k 1. .M.
riMI'Kll.-tin tl.p lllitn Milium. J Irs. KI.I.AIIKT1I. Iho
witp oCtiporite W. J'tnlt-r in Ihp liMli yi ur oi her n.p.
Tlip rol.ill ps mid I rli-mln ot tlip fmi.llv, Coll .cksink
Tpnl, II. HI !'.. lire rcHlipcllillly invite 1 to Altrlit llio
oini rul, lien It. r hilo ri'..ili-in:p, Sorr'v hioh-i, IipIi.w
(Iprniniitovvn tocntit.. ou Suinr.lav uitfrnouu, at 1
llKKS.-On tin U'lh nllliun. ltI.lll.CCV I1UK.S, r!lot
01 (ictiruP II. 'i'., in tl.c Hittll ..enrol )l-r ni;P.
'I lip Minprrfl will tni.p tiliii'p tion lir IstP tpnidptlce,
Nn. Win. l.nth i rc-1, on Snturoay, llccpiiilnir .Id, al i
o clock 1. ,'rl.
H 'l ilol tiil On W. dlii'vilny uicrnlng.
J.n, ;it I 'li.M.i't II. ii. nt fir iv-ii'l 't s. ,ti-in v ,
M. I.'i Ml;Tim.-r,,M .-. MAI;IV C. V Al MOI i acd
..-ai -
'I lie li!:.tivf r.f tl'f i,niiy r.l'P invlt..r! t her
fi n- ..I l' St I del v t'l.i'Uli, r'.ilH.:. iK.a, ou Sntor.l.iy,
OLcii.t ei ... at 1 o cn-cl. i'( .vl.
O't'tp iiitUHil ul D.q Hi Ik-ftM" t(1n-f.
f 'n Tti'ifr.i !i"
O'liCl. Mil
u-c, ivh .
.-ii arc. .rs v,,n (-(.I.Mcr-.. o- d..
r l-iiticr .tsiii:,' or are yo.i levit
i '-1' tr "
be in-w t C itn.i',,,- t,
tir l"Olc-aiii iu,.- b., ion nia.t all
apt . -r ...rni- oil. .'i- lower cr-lcr.
it not uin-vMr tiiroi '.-t. ii.i. , a-r. it i.-uiira
our lieu, i t Ill u-l", ct lift v cnt ., In ,.rdi r
a I'l l; av rc.i cil,l t a h., icu.iii!
I V" tl'l K-'K K Aid.
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J-'-' .1 W;.B"iili Hull, No. 7l!Cl.KSNt i' strcpt.
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AT U l 1 111 WAlUiKOOMS,
U e ri'fiiKcltttliy Invite our friend ftixt the juhl!e joMier
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We nave rec.-led tbe liigheat nrentlmui at all ttie jrntai
eihlhld ia ever held lu thin country. Inctudiiif the TrUc
Mccal al the Wo ld fair, Cryaiai I'alton, Kvr Vort, and
mm ennifc te'itiuioulalk frou the he itfttilsU iu tUU country
and K us opr.
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( l i rti iii .tf i ct , (,. ftKti - t l iti.j; nine, ai ' . t v T.'iev
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VAt llr T'J'K, IMI I'HI.l"! I.,
, IHllKIt Till'! SIMIIV,
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(ill, IM.I.Il I I11. VICIIV,
I I'll AM. 11
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AtllKI, niaul II IMI Al. FKKI-'.I TS),
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Arai-ni; ll,o nam t'-aut ml anil ttiirilu:ic 'lui .o.uv tlmt
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Mt'lH M II l.lllMI AMII.Y MM I.W I .
YA"ie:i l'A t V ltK l"l'l& vl.i lo prrsuiitad iu all lu grandeur
r.i Ni l it in miss i.i't iLi.r WKs ii.t:.
lit.NKI IT cil Sll-H l.l'Cll.l.r; Wl.sll;iiN.
'Ill I.S l b'll.iai I III M N,.. lii-iTinliir '.
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l lll Will HMJ1C),: (It, The 1.IIV f an Art .
I'm WotliiiKtoii I. i t, ii.i. t; Yt r blLKK
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Til A i Kl..
ll.H St.S l'A( Ki n TO TIIK Hour.
I t M.I i I HI J. li. CLAKKl .
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I'.i S.l I I (H .1. h ( I.AItKi:.
10-ftit-I.T (lis.iajri, lierdi.tier '.',
M LI.'YItlllii S. l IllLNLi.
ila.i lie Iioji. J. H. CI.AItKK
ItK'd JA' K SHKi rARD.
H! .i"n 1'iim'.,. .ml ,1 u t slii' ,1.8 CI.ABK.K. nu. I, nn ft v 1 lICPAY NllirJl.
A .Kl-.A r llll. I. Oh (VAII'KIIAV MC1UI .
1, Xltllll IKiN tiK WUUKS OK ART, iOR
m j ti' not r 1 1 ni tne
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(lie Al A,'.Ml Of KIM, AI:IS.
.Vi, F.vl'il.i'.K.n ol a 1 riviiti' Cili.L-tlou nl Wotkl of Art,
in i a'i,i,:ic, scu iriiure, v, aier , aiiu oin.-r liruwitii..
I'ti. av '' , A i-.. I. liow ..pen al tt.i- rtirinylvmii.
At .mt ily ul 1 li:e Ail. So. II,:;. CIlKrCM'T Htiaet, lp.tu
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I.:: b.i.ii.
A- iul ali n Jr; S.-n TI. kei. 50 cents,
W1!I.T MIIK OK lillAY a t'BI'.KY IlKU'OK.
an '..- I a,, ut iinui tie -Juth ut' !. c.lnliir ( ll.e
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It. I.OH BV,
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At Cor. of riFTEENTHand 00ATE3 Sts.
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AUmivnion.'.'o cent.. C'liU.lren. Id rnat..
Asret'iiuut iiimi i to f ,'i, iicjurdiin: to uititnde and time
u. . tll'lt'il. 11 i J
XI adi, irp',,e r.'.'titie. llic inoi!iuutn o. -Id
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No. I' :''. CIIKSXt'T Sue-.'t.
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(lurm.-rly Mm. DAN KH'1.1.
Ill additli'ti to the i,-reM T roiiw, tlie HMEHIVOOI)
FAMILY, Mr. BAM HTK KNKY, Atr.,l.aia, fl.i nio.n: ani
s.iuimi una, Mine kl.MI ami Mr.'IOal KINli, ItlUap
car Hi., wcuk lu yracel'nl 4nil darint; Acl.ol K,;iiesiri.ui
1,111. alt. nr.. li. II II IITflHI MMI I W an.l .full V II VINU
MAY will ill-play the Upon, of Atlai, and Mra. WAtllllCU
will liitrud'jre Uie latnou. Iiaiu-Iiik llur.a Ma fly. a paru-t-.
n ot anmiala. The new l .nloiuini. of llie I'ljl 1SI1
t'ONrjC'llll 1 s vi lli 1, pert'ormed. Theurcat child wonder.
"lliiK Ml'OI.I), Mm., (ll. MA, and tlia TAI.l.tOI
ltBCTHKH.S, have been enr-iiiad. and will .nortlv aiinanr.
iTv't'l remain tlie .auia. rir,t Tier, jt cunla; Nej.,a4
.'i-r, 3'. cenui. Frlv q( boxes, f I au.l i. aocoidiiik' to,imi
i.ii lo, a:k.n. bet y. ur ucaeta diu.UK IK day, Verioiui
aii.ei. Ionian ik a! Tv-
TI.UKOOKH, ooBiuiiiclincat.,'i o cio.k. 11-iS
IT 3 NKW 7-30 LOAN.
U. H, fiuluKilptinn receive, and Hi Kutat
wulaliad Hat ol all uliarnea, ty
19'M-iat Hv.lalJ'TiUMl .
HT.W Attl.r.A
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Ki.. 1l
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t. Ut irT a rtK'FI IM TIK OI'I
or Tur
ntT -rtll-f, Ah" l-.OIT-'H I'KTRII I V 09f ASt
vr.ll t,.- ,,n yv IiNKVA Y, I',, re-
U.S. Ll.lU'lI.TrcMBrc-r,
Nn. K r:QUIIAk. IIUIlll 'H
T'lll All. I., llll, 1 1- ;lllt-l I, l-Sit. 1 1 'J 1,1
t LI) I1HH O 1'
Y 1'- W i
Arci ci:rs'x it al
fr t p liniiti- i unlwr of htir ,r t t.n tA .t 41 t nr.
Th' Ib.i is ui i. c r fxjve i om, 41. v nc:iit ii m - u 'm
d1'-. 1 1.1 n . thf SiMinr I 1. m, t, ti- ( t uy
rivff. 1 i 1 i'.ki1ri. nn w iicl K tin wrli it-' ln -.i.y
tivc hrir els of uil A m-cond wr.i i l-u h-ui, in riil
Aii i'' v ; 1 in k iwnt vm If'iitf .r. i utk cm n. at.
l,iii tBdWi-il' ,i( ni)W .oir; ctov, (i WitlifcH ,li iv
fiO': miJ'.', frt'o:i th ekir-c t rt n In ire ftnpi. on
l Irn 1 ni-v-li tif iiir btno. j fL"iivn 1 H tn.
hard .'lit 01 viiir!' '.r pny a Civ i tl.
u . r' tiuti toc-lia i wi. foe a kw dp- otiU , m t
A. MAKSHALJi, lit,
Nj. ':l t n'AI.NUT HTKKF.T.
12-1 r.t
J cili Tl.: nlimhlr lUhmrT t.f Yni vim! It ' irmu
t'O'i ii v 01 ifiviiiK l a Ware tn pKiy in fhui- it hnn-.-
It-.l II tl I .talU. Jl Itt M!lPKTl'l (1 I Rllif I-i. Cr-, ,
V..f It-i Cm Iir fin fur jif'nlAr u-f cvt . iinIi I- it J. IW lot-
arc tJ 0 n.iiiie c t a tew of our jiruininnt "t l who hjv
lntn ti ' hi oi'i
I::. Itt-v. w in ! ntevent
I v . It. Viii Inrtj,
l ev rh hii'rt cwI,
1 K I rkc. F-i.,
ltfv PianVllr. Moort.
lie . W 1 littU II t i:. i'9,
tu-y TlirmisO Shful.oiil ,
.!! (J. I ri'"f(i,
A. ,1. 1'XCJttl, Kn ,
.thy t,tu i", I oi n ,
I' :s'nti Hut in!), f'.n ,
i-i to :m run- p I'.sn ,
t t itm iii. w.ti.r, ,
IS. M KeiMi, J.
.if hn Kit'ft, r.fn.,
A. J ill) "knur, i'tiq.,
i. V, Mt 'Hiimi n. Kt t.,
Co 1 mcl Will'iim it Inonifcs,
iMinrlt-i U Mulih.Mi, Km.,
U ili lam V t'lLiliiiiimi. Lvi .
t."tir 1'. T;a, Kfci ,
Ii.m It h t .H'U i s. i'fc'i ,
I. .1 I -1 Of Til . ,
t ,1. .'..r. Kim..
A'.'MMnUr l uilcrtcn, Ei i
J' ln Hut na. r 1 ,
,!(iin KhMhi. , l'',h'i ,
,1 tt'tarTliiinron.
Tin n 1 it A. h'Ol', Esq.,
.toh?i L 1 n?hj .
I'hiaileb Mut al ifi Mi
a 1 m 1 v.m- ii.'iiiHnuia laieiH.
Tl't f'vf UiVl'hir. Iii nov in sivt. ii lure volutin!,
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au.l 1 1 fit i itwl ':ti, Ht t( f Akt ucv t-r tti 1 a t ii hiiti .-iirttt,
iNo ",i ( b.X 111 Mrut-t, ni)iAf Cti --niit, -.itc n ory
. JAMKS K. Mll'tS, A3rit.
A i.l ri.iif-oNs iM)i;ini;i to ou xkv
n k- dim, tijfvn JOMKl'H Mt-Ml'l.l.lN, Jon'Rifd,
y II 1. u nhv ir or ;'Kt;it Uie mi rue to tl.e una'r.'L'L--a
U.iu'. r. HIJ.LIAM tll.V IN(tf
N.i. 7"'! I-INK Hinet.
(vol.()K (. I V ASH,
3.' 2--rt . il a.1.Cl fctrtct.
ill-, COl'AUTNLKSllir KNTK1UU) 1M0
I', the .-ut -. 1 ilMTB on i'.e 1-1 of S. vern'...r. li;l, un,1 r
I r tl-m 01 I.A 'H 1 A MIEI.' heii liv ,l;s,olvc I
' muttu.1 1,1111-Ul. I., Ii. LA'il.T.
B. V. Mllbl'AK I H
ri'li.vt.r t-i'iA. Iiocvinbi-r 'J.lbi'.l. 1 in
.JJJ Ii ,11 .tn- ami fur .u.e b
JUII.1 1. IIAII.I. ,T I'd,.
ho. Ill N. 1 I.HM' Kiiri-t.
12 2-lu.
Above alxtn t,aet,
Whileiaia n1 Eetatl.
The mist (yunpletra.aii.-iai-nii.f Ladle r, Klfiiea,l ana1
Chtl.'.ren . lluo r-ktrte In the ciiy, lit every ri-.m-ot l:i-t-ciavb,
a,l,..-ii lor slyie, finish, auidtnllty, aad oueapufrnf,, no filial ll tin niairrt
hk'rt, uiade t.) oidei.altaied, and reoalretl.
fat-iy wm.t. nofKtrn.
tINTOV I.EAfi L'K IIOUSl. . No. l'JIfi
tfcLSMi 1' ntp.'ai. K 1 . IHC' 4.
Tl,e .-lated Air i:al Mtclmg it tl i- t.niotiL' auoe ot I'litU
dt'lii'iB will u,. t'tUl atl'liNCl UT liAl.l.,011 M'IMIAI .
Diri'tiiti-'r !'. al Hc'clock H. M.
r. Ii-ki'ii , adtnlitini.' tnrmhere only, run In- had on uptitlca
tloti lo .Mr. Cii im .'it 11. W tpili, A.fil-tailt St i-ri-tat v.
i'.' 'J I.t l.r.lllitlK II. IIOKKI-., Hnrret.iry.
ViOrlKs, Novctnl el ! . Im.I.
Pr'pn-a'. will 1,0 re- en e.l nt tt i. clfttee unHI no,.,, of
II e 1st or .lanuari lit xt, Tor the -ale ti. tt.i' '1 ld:ie a ut Ilia
VIM ,u i.a vv ,.ri... of t,,i k iu tl e
Houi'twark an 1 Moviiineitir. (la, vv orL..
(,1,'n ante -n do
atuna, uhk Ao
Ai d ICIrt oionit do
'J u t - u td a-, ui' c.-'.'i..-n'.i :ct ti.e .ntkii.s fund. ' iid
wili.iam ii:sm:i.i.
121i-!m c.t"er.
rSrT- Oil, fit Ut-CKIITIONS. H O O KS
cliv d a! tcaj. i'.-.. rve int mil, open lor a lew
duv.. lo en'er i ,m... on :t. art, ire-, or ap;-ly to
1,1 M AN fl. VI II .IIKS3V,
f Ol'kTIl and VA A'M I Ktree...
dr. V. It'lKHA,
11 t 1,1 Mo. 317 WALMI T Htreel.
aV-Sj" WanHINi -ink Cm, II. C , (
Noveiiihi-i v:i, Init. v
NOTICE "rTe.liftl olflcirl Of Hot let. than t.ule.n'
irrvlc. . wl.r liav, hi'on hon'.rai'lv dlnchhred and Ot. ire
lo re. en o nepoli, invent. a SUKUKOSH ' Aflil vr as t
llhcliOMs in ido I nited Htatt. Ariuycarni uiwU-ina:
organized al YYa-hiimon. are iiivltoJ t.. Inward tl.elr
aploiiat'oni., teHiiuionlnlv, ami LViueuca of aervlce, to
tuu Button, without di'iay.
J, W. rl Art VI'S,
l'i 1 OlAthaUt huriieou-CiciH ml.
tl-a MIj1i.II OIL tOMl'AMY, No. Oil WALNUT
Hire, t, 11 ooin t. i.'ci. itl.v, Docniilier 1, lsi',1.
Tl.e liaard or lilrpctor. of this ( 'oinpnn h.ive t ii. Unv
dot-lured a lllvldend ot T WO (-.') per cent, on tlie capital
.took, paiHlite at their olticfl ou end utter tho lull, iniium,
In e ut Hiale tunes.
'I lie hooka vv 111 ba rinsed for trau.t'er an Hit Stli Inatunt
at 1 1". M uml he oiieue.l ou lite iniii.
)'.'-l nt I'. W VWLI BANK, Secretary.
rmi.ADKi.riiu and hkadin'o
Hi:roadConviaiiy.ill:.-..,T.'lM. 101 Ul'll Hireet.
I'll! l vfi-.i .'"I i. Novo j'Hir til). i,4.
MViiiKNi) Mjrii!::.
1 lie Ti ui:.ier KooVa oi liil- c 'on.p iny w 11 be c'ov.1 n:i
'I : in -Jtiy. lie.:eml-er 1"., and r ij ened on Tim -.fhij , Jjiiu
tl, V l' I -.. ..
A .livl'i ' nd of K I FT F.K.N PHI! Cl'ST. on th ('million
unit I'n-teiTc.l Stock, cleur ol' -Satinnal and bt.te taxes, ha.
h.-eii dc'Iare I, pavatle in Comui'in rt-.ocli,.)ii t'.elt.ioi'
lie.'.'mli'r net, on ail stiwk ilanilinif on l'' book, oi ihe
C.'inpany at tha clove oi hu.iue.. on ihe loth proximo.
Hto klio'oei whose n .uie- are refeivlrro.l ou th..- Mew
York ItiKika wili be paid ai the aruirr. Loan and Trust
CxlOpUD f.
1-tlo B. HRAD1 OKU, TreAsiirw.
VV vUBl CoBUiUrli n. No. 7 li'lLDHMI't II 8 II ALL.
I IIII'ALY Nlren, rhllaJ. Ipiua. He eno.le.l Va-.eritut,
wtio did not receive any Ward Homily, are eallin d In a
C'ny lloDiny cn T wentr-live Dollar., 't he Ootiiin.aaioiieia
apixiinled to eaiaina elaiuia for lha a'i-,a bo.iul.v ef
taenty-llva dollai. willuieel OB M0NIAlfS, WaMll,
liAYK, ana inrvAYM. tr o'clock P. M.,t 1 i.oi.H-
fcHITBH HALL, 1.II1KAHV Mtre't. )'or.olia antlUkd IO
tula llouuly ara re-iu.uu to apoiy at tint Oir,ot.
. u u VI I 11 .,'.
I'Al'L I.HI-I I. 'OKO. VY. 81MUX8.
tliYvT UKLULE, I il--lat
,'Jo 8, 1 lllklll Hl.eet.
N.iv.-nihur I.t. ll-l.
PuiL.iiki e'niA,
1 ....... 1 r t D...I.I... r.t
the Ilea, on Oil I'ora-
ran will l.e held at ilieornce of tlie
lAY, lJei-ember 6, ato'cioek I. M
irauftaetinu lU.Uieak utKaa.ary to
toi.ip.iiiy. JOliS C
Crinipany, on Mii
., for tlia parpoao or
Ilia Interest of Ilia
. MviCLirionic.
A. X' i ; H T .
W000 4 CARV,
LOWUrtT l-llIOEi.
a r
tri ) IIKPAIK P It I 0 K I
p ft - ;i.i v j :
&r:-l fil
lift. 7:' CM-.flt,JT RTBMIT.
OU'ltK OI' Till'.
Mimai i.itui ft(i t''iui"n.',
I' . iaJ .(.Ha, H
T f.-lhiwitij; ejtm-nt nt ol thf iv'i-Lft of h. O'tnptu'
i ini"i'if o in i or ! nn ny wmii a pro i-.i n t-r iu ' a tr
t r nptnni'j I'-tvivntt tum N v. ) it, la.''., to (lot ii.L, lifrk.-
m M--I-.- ) ) I:li..l KUkf iM T l
On i lif.- ili-ns I,W,ih! U
W.n m
iT-m'-imt '.n VAi.cji. nut tn.irkcl
ofl, -v. i, laj iM..f It
rt"n ' ii j ii'Vk'ii vi ai rind u-im vttnwr I, Hit
t'Oo.)(r I, I m.I
on .:'ri ! aii J J ulr..d K ..?" 7-
(Ml l !f iilirk J Jl,aV. 7-'
rvw,fi w
iini'i ' i in. !itt 'fliuc r:,Qi--,i;- ,.iVv, 4, W
A, ir:nt aid l"la -.I Nil "..t.tia't HM,?!! H
Fin. I.D-.r 't.' HJi S
l.ctiHif i iMitiums i.i i 41
)( t hir.i r, I'.'.iIH -fl
A - 'ii j Charn.-. W
A li ViT 1 1! T (, t-U Ai', i it) Jul
lixo1 - -1 t ' ,1ia i i '1 . i.d I'ri'-
iitn.ui'., I i l l stMi j c II T
I qi.'luM, .la.tfir, U ii!, A
I . no
! i: a :, . v .f io an. ivlI it m v ! f,c UatM om
llVC" i A-ill l-I'i'if".
AMbL iS ' 1' TtiK CO PAN V.
Nuvcinlit 1, ; I.
. -j k U:. ill 1 .n I tvu i ll ( 'l! l.i.An,
l- i....
Ill, MM nn. i riatt: Mi m I'oiit. Lono,
7 fin t iJ Stiitti-i A.k I'ti (nt. I.OiU,
:n.jit n
Tt.iiW 99
12JXJ0 M
Ufi n) Mr.!- i.l rc:if.l.KiiiA( f,t ioc
nt. 1 tin-
Mm H'av of l''i.i.h;.ivit:ilii, hi-. I --r c.vux,
'. I'V' -0 ( .IV -H aPML.taClpill t, MaV V f '(.(.
llty)V- im. . J;:':i:. itf.NI M .rt.i),,
Sk i'.-t t -t umw
,'. 1 i.iN;f unifi I irt.tiil.'J-l M -f '.ii;,
M ri-lt'lllt Ulllll'a w
i 'Hiiiir.nv, Kiid hit rct
Kii. ittfOvl t U.e Cny ( I'IiJia-
ult i.
('''-j 1't t in"v Sf'X'k r. iii. IvAhU
II.illi ' ml rnii' '
(.(Vi! I Hi..irt'i fiu. k Korth Pfiu..-
:-.(.',i K.itlr.Kl ('.ni'inn
fniOli Vx i otl )r?u't- I'custiy ItrtJfl-
t i t .il Inili li'f ilncii
,.y tw) .St ts of 1 cnnftjspo Kivo Ti-t Cent,
l'i 7-.' l.'Bii.i rn Pond i-imtfiA'jc,
m.i.tiy f Lciirt .t ,, ,
liil.i rcPolMiM' lif Inrtiirnno' int.le,
iiklB.'.iM". di.e t Air.'n' ie, I romlumi
in RlftrniA I'oiic leit, A rent (Ml In
tiTf.H, at id ctnui dtbt dud iM
( ftlll-LlillX
S :tti ni a Ht.nk (itMnilr lusuraiu-tt
nil otr.. r (' liipun cn, "HeJ iW
I tiniaicJ Vnitn
4 on iifxiHli with H.H.
t.t),cn tiiini, -tubjoct ti
Uti Jay- all $100 lVH ftrt
C Ail til tiulllt, !,' I
.1: it m ttWi r & T V
l.rjtO y,
Tim iii.iphu -.vmlfr 1V4 Th Bortl of Dm
t.'it 1 tve tiiu (tt iU-tutrii a ( ft h Wvliii'Hil ol TK s ptr
Cij:t..i th' ai.-tal st.Kk.ftutl nl irct'nt i-iteiMVoo
tl.e tc r!p oi tl.. ( oiiipmiv, pH.valilo ( u anl aftor Ui
I.t ui litvcul-tr iiiuMoio, fto iSnUyidi antl Jiut
t.Ot t H ,
I :f y 1 vf auo 'tt'.aroJ a S;r.'j I-lviilend )f l'iRTT
pp. cm! '-r. tl-e t arncl (.rt niliim! tiK tfie Tear n ilitf' (
tt liff ill. lv 4, Cfi Lin-nit ft! wlmli will be i-iu4 to Xkm
jmr.lfs ."i.ti! ! 1 1 1 tlif n.-ia e. on ..i i tt- r tUo lut of Ooooia
b'T prttxtuio, (tt'f or NKtlci'ial nnil .niu tavci.
1 hrtv hiiv crlf itJ. rliftt tho acri c-frtlflrttei oi
pro id s ni tiie fvjuijm'i'. ir thu year lH-J l rc Jet-med in
t in, it4i c idtt'-i' ,i tr' o a'(.ii!.,iiv, i,n ami ittf r Hi Nt
l't(.emli.'r pn.Imo, ali lntciet-t tit ere on O tea.e on UiaV
c riflcate ft p-rflm lsnei! r W Tt- !. Aat
Inroi:t)iati ii, no t't-uiht uti' btH is unlft claiMM
wlth.n tit ;-eara ntttr tli dtc.arnUoa af Uil (iivtd'yW
vhciiHf It l er.tiouce."
Thomas P. IIapJ,
Jtat iavii,
Ltiiiian I A. nd. r,
'1 i.t- prim 1'ai mh-j.
John K 1'riin is, 1 .
ll. fiiV ; Inli- 't, Jr ,
.iH-min 0. Haml,
Y I.IIu'ji t- 1 ulw((,
.1 , ii 11. Hi tti,
liT, i.a 0 u:t,
H'.i.V Vr -'u.
Brimu-M I. Si
.1 r. "mUu,
. H?i.rv siuaji
Wllnam tl VI. mil
I.lwe.rj Jtarlintou.
, II. Joiu'a Urotike.
incob K Juri's,
.idtnt.'. It MrKarlanal,
iii thu ft I. ttvri',
-Nn in er McJIvaine,
John 1. ht-in.ila.l'lttihuni,
A. 11. lu-.g r. d
H bait biiium,
Tlnn;AS O. n tVD. PreHldaiit.
.li'HN t. llAY'ls, Vict-r-re.ileat.
: v T.r--u'R, Secr''tnr.v. 11 tl-lut
l'Mij vdim'MIA, Hitv ;tnbr 1,1944.
,vll I
F ' iu k u.i nu A HI. I HI lil. m
Tl.a Wiiai viiunKT ni thl conit ai v a e nutlftM
tuitier Vet lutt'Mi ot tli ltt d ot Itufct r thv are.
tiuo .o mhH'-r be to the tock ul the Company it auuxuif
o li.Ti l'l.K CKSi. on tlivlr rt'it?ctivt ui;ereai, aa
ah.n I- a their bokK of the '2l IntLaiit.
t it' 1. h.iifhoMer en ired to a fuctl'ial part of a nhtr,
niKifrthe tt-rui oi the lU-toiiitinn, thall have Uipr!i
it ue ot aubaiciibiiitf toe a full atiara on th payiueul of OAg
tl..l art.
lhi htdk will tiMMiied at tle par valne o' flftrdof
la:a p.r Aecnied ii tertt at HIV IKK C-KdiT. wW
- charirtl irtun the lit until payment I mad.
Tl ttL jiiki fi duibrnption and ptr.nut will be,
on VOlAY,Jie 7th in(ant, and will cloae on tha Im$
of rfi.eiiit.wr nt t, aiiei vtl.icn no lutUor sahiujIpttiMM
Yt Al b i'( ii1d umKr the rt'inliition. s
ll-lt-'.l I T h(M AT! 1JRTH lr , ur-ar.
TRhASri'BI'.'S 1I l ABTHkNT, f
Pin. Ai.M.rm . Not ti iiber t, tiA
T ie n ar.i ni inrci uir nave tn; aay utciaraa a iei
a inuat diwd.iut oi MVK fKi; ( t.M. on it.o t apauil
Bu k o th? ( i :ni .ic, ilcnr of atiua. uud Btaia tuai
livable cn and sftn li-th Uint.
rn r.i ut a iiiirnev i, r oulltelioii of dividend eanbo ha
O'i, MtllCitii u at (lit utlite ol t!,e ( nmpiny. N i0 ft
Utlvl aiutl. lUOlAS 1. HKTII,
11 4 1m Tieaiuror.
I A1
tmKSri or nils tovitiu
lll.AIiWl AUTLKt,
ItitiAIi ANLi fil-UlS-i l.A K1IF N MTltKBI 1
Ni.vt nih.T7H Hi 4
T.'.t K0Al:i OF KVKOl.Mr.NT nftlie FOI.KTd (!(K-
1iOH(ONaI lUHllill'T ((oinpnilnii the fourtewtUk
Fiitt-emti, TenUoU), Ttventy-nut, and Twenty-lui-a
V artN) hereby lve nolle that they aro now na-rel lu
r.'vfslnK und i-urnctinu the J arc Intent l.lvta of each A tl
WHiVa In their lUtirl-'t, anttfei tint labor they invito Mie co
up ration and umi-ttanre ol all unoA lHUi-iii. br bIvIwk
ueti Imoimutlon in their poaeasliiUUk may aid lu tlie uvlf-
raciion ana revisinn inoreoi. t
Any p rmiii may app-'fti before the lizard, and have an f
name htih-ki n imm the It-it. h he can iliow. lu tha hatUfiuA-
tk otif tit Hoard, Hint the )tou named l nut properly
enroiit'ii on at'eouiit ol
1st. Aiienat,'.
2d. Nun r'iileuee.
4ih. I'eriUiiiunt phyl ! il tt tbi iv t-f i: eh a deret al
to rttuier th' pcisoii notiir.i jp r muu't iur enrottoeo
untr Hie law and rrit'ilitmn-.
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