The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, November 22, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 4

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    TVF9PAY, tfOVEMJlER 22, lMJt.
Sketch cf the Livos of its Troaiinnnt
TM Third Nnloii of tlie Tliirty-i.-ie-litli Con
gtvil commencrj on tlio first Monilur of next
month, and hlil fair to be tha must Important
ntl (Acting of ally ivhteh lias yrt assembled at
the National . Tlio two parties are nearly
sqnslly divided. The Peines-ratii- mem'x'm will
M itnpi Dilous cipj ts to Rh tlulr cuds, as at
the nrt Kurmbllrg of Congi rtn they will lie toa
small niinoti'.y to exert nimh lnil ionee. Wo
Ihrrefure Ih nk tliut a aluU h of ihc lives of th
leading mcn.bcM, whose names b-foi Ion;: will
lie familiar lo the ears of every one, m iv Lot
prove wiinttresliiiff.
If on. Vhn Icr S.ilfiv,
FpMkrr of th Hou-c, b ira in tlie oity nf
Jiew York on tho 2)d of Man-li, lst,! l. In e uiy
Kft be attended the public: s li. ula of that city,
and from them acinlred the fiimlamenuil cle
Dents of a good Jln'Iisti i'iIu a-ion. Like ttio
great Ben jam In Frankllu, and scores of other
men of more than nation tt reputation, ha w.n
bred practical primer. Ia iHltj he remove 1
from the mi iropilja, an 1 cnt to try Ms fortune
In the thm far-distant West. TT j fettled in In
diana, and as foon as he attained his maj ority,
commented ediiitig and p'lUiahin'' tlio South
Bend Register, which position he "till hol la.
la 18S0 he was elected meui'icr of tho Indian
Constitutional Convention. In ISIS, he wai
ttottn delegate to the National Wtiiir CunTen
tion, by which body Lo was honored with tbo
position of Its Secretary. In 1S12, he was a iin
elected delegate, and 111 od for a second time the
pott of National tsocrctary. In lsjl, he was
chosen representative to the National Legislature
from the Ninth Congressional Ifistriot. He was
re-elected In lSeW to the Thirty lifth, an.l in 1838 to
the Thirty-sixth Con-rres'e, during both of
vtLich he tilled the important po t of Cliairmiti
f the Committee on 1'ost Otliccsand Tost Roads.
In 1860 he was again chosen. Afier a giltant
fight ia lMV2,hewas rc-elcted to tlie Tulrty
IgMh Congress over Hon. David Turpie, cx
Dcmocratic United States Senator, by a'uat 2:) i
J r:ty. Wan nominated for Speaker by the
Republican caucus, and through personal popu
larity secured the support of ail the IS jrdor States
Tnion men, and won chosen by a handsome rote.
In last October ho was re-elected to the Thirty
ninth Congress by nearly two thousand tn ijoi-ity.
Mr. Colfax is now iu his forty -second year, and,
from the direction of the political wind, will pro
bably be re elected Speaker next session.
" Hoi. Uevorarn YViu.lifiiKrton JiiIIiiu,
f Indiana, was born in Centreville, Wayne
county, Indiana, May o, 1S17. He received, like
a large majority of onr public men, only a com
bob school education. After concluding which
Bt accepted the post of school-teacher, and eon.
tinned In that position for over three years. Ho
todi. d law and was admitted to the Indiana
in If 40, at the age of 23.
He was nominated and elected to the State
Legislature in 184.5, was chosen delegate to the
Bnffa.o Convention of 1818, and was the buuo
year elected to the National Congress, which
position he held from 181'J to 18 )1. In IS j he
was nominated by the ritmburg (Freo Soil) Con
tention for the post of Yicc-l'rosidcnt of tho
United States on tho lame ticket as Hon. John V,
Hale, United States Senator from New Hamp
shire. This was a regular Abo'itiou ticket,
and received In tho United States lo'',0
votes. Wa wonder if, on such a p'a form
to-day, Hale and Jul an would nit h iv a
slight increase cf mppurtcr. The first R 'pub-
bean Convention, meeting at rituuiu', elected
him its Vice-President.
Ia I860 be was elected a R-prcseuUtivc to C jq
greet from tho Fifth District of Indiana, serving
during that term as member of the Coniinit'cos
on Tnblic Lands and Fublic Expenditures. He
was in 1802 elected to the Thirty-eighth Congress,
and in October last by au luunensj majority was
chosen to the Thirty-ninth. He is over forty
seven years of age.
tieurrrt Rolierl C. Jrli runic ,
of Ohio, was born in Franklin, Warren cwn'y,
Ohio, on the 4th of October, He studied in
Miami College, from which he graduated in 13.7.
After having received his diploma In a ccepted
the occupation of tutor iu his Airna Mater, which
be he'd for nearly to jcars. At the a,'o of
twcLty be commenced the study of the law, and
In 1831 was cdmittcd to practise at the Ohio Gar,
and opened his law otlleo at Dayton, Ohio. 1 1 a
district elected him to be iu repress ututiro in the
Etate Legislature in 1840, ami his popularity
secured his re-election to th it position in 1812.
Ia 181') he commenced his career in Congress,
and wa contlnu.illy re-elected by his constituents
for eight yerg, until 1831.
Daring his continuance in the Ifou c he s.rvcJ
on all the more Important committee-', and
dating the Thirtieth Congress was appointed
Chairman of the Committee ou Koads and
Canals. On his retirement from Congress he
as tendered and a'eepted the post of United
Statrs While
huldmg tills iiupoitaut position he proved him
self as powerlul with the pen ai be has since
shown hiruse'f to be with the sword, and ac
quired no mean fame as a dlpl jiiiatisc. Mosto1
the South American treuu'es coutr i jied liy the
Government were uegot uted by him. In fa't,
President Fillmore ha 1 no e.iue to regret Ids ap
pointment. In ISM he returned to his native land, aid
from that time until the breaking out of the nr.;-
eut Rebellion h is b en largely eng ig d in tho
railroud business, in wuiJi he has proved hi mol.
an active man of bueiucts, and possessed of ma -h
When the Rebels rose in arms a:;.iin.t t;ie tiov
emment, Mr. Scheuek, reiniuiliul of tho trust
which in foimer years that Government had re
posed in him, protf red his services in such ca
pacity as was deslraMe. His oiler was ae ;pted
and a brigadier's commission was delivered hi:n.
In 1802 he was promoted to major-general, und
bis military career iu the Midd.e Department and
elsewhere are well known to our readers, being
still fresh In their minds. Iu lSi;2, at the October
election, he defeated Clement L. Vallandiha n
in the Third Ohio District as Repreneutativo to
Congress. Il has served Willi honesty and
fidelity as member and also as chairman of tho
most Important committee of the house, that ou
Military Affuirs. He has been, by a largely Iu
creased majority, re-elected to the Thirty-ninth
Congress. He is now in his lifiy-sixth year.
Hon. '1'ttaildeua Klvu,
the leader of the House of Representatives, was
bora in Caledonia county, Vermont, on the 4th
f April, 1793. He graduated at Dartmouth Col
lege In 1814, and removed the same year to I'enn
Jlvania, and there commenced his legal and
professional career by studying law and support-
himself by teaching in an academy at the
tune. In 1816 he was admitted to the liar of
uty,at the age of twenty-three. Iu
1833 he was elected to th tn i.r.....i, i..
t!tttleLegUiatnrC,lnawa, reiocte(, durlllgtue
two succellng Ue WM the futUer of
Connnon School .T.ten. thlg B and
sold his constituenu that h, reason for their
epposition to the plan was tUeit Ignorance.
R By bis strenuous euoru he sutceej,,,! CBB((
Ing tha Leglelature to pass the proper bill, tta w
bun should be flveu the praise for tha beaanu
which ajlse therefrom, la 1837 and la 1811 he
was attain cbonen legislator. Ia IMC he was
ela ted a memt'er of the Convention lo revise the
State CiiDstltnlion. Iu 18.18 ho was appolntod
Canal Commissioner, which cilice he tilled with
distinguished ability. In 1811 he removed from
his home In Ad ims county to I.wcaster, where
lie has flncn res di d. In ism he was chosen to
represent Lancaster connty In the National Legis
lature; ho was again elected to the TUirty secon
Alter a lnp-e of eight years of profe clonal suc-rc-",
Ms old roiistr.U' ncy it ii i sent him to t"!
tin n KcpiC-ci.t.Uive in S.iS, hin a lil ''I tiinc lie
has b en coniin ially re i 1 ec t d to ih it lionnr i'i e
po't. He ba-i never m i l j .my pr -'.ensions to
oia'oriiMl p iwer-, 'nit as n bu-iness mernleT oi'
lni,-nss . bns r.) c nl. Aft-r --vrviiKf on
iiliiiost ad tin ii.iport.iut, he was
uppoti ted in l.i2 to the m ist on.iro'is position, ol ( h.iir.i i of fio ( omi ni'- eon Ways and
Means. In this itu I'i in he proved himself
nil nbU !ln!.-ur. Most of the impo t m! i,i m-y
hills have come from bis pen. 11-' is the, oldev.
n.emtar of the Hon -e, i; in hi i 7 J I vei; an 1
is now una.iimoiif iy ulloweil t be iis le.ider. II ;
h i- l,e n elect d to the Thirly-nitith C in ;re s.
lfoi. .Ifltlll I.. llltWOll. of the Democratic vauc.i ', an I d m 1 ,re 1
by t lie New 'York Ttih'wr tote the mutest
in tuber on the Dct.ioer nie side," was tiorn in
I'liiontowu, Tin o'tceoiiiry , IVnu-y Ivani i, I e'iru
iii 7, l.sll, w:is i (Inc ited and r idiin'ud from
Wubliitoii Colleg-t, studied la v, and was ml
n.ittcd to the liar of his n iti-o county. Iu IM3
l'lit-iiUnt Folk appoliited l.'m Unit;vl S-ifcs I is
tiict Attorney for the Wes'.i in District of Fenn
sylvniiia. lie lias always had the deserved repu
tation of ability, and during his legil and Con-
pro.'slonal career h is done mil-li to a l l to lm
In l'iot) he was el. , ted to rcpn sen! bis vt.r.lco
oiicres-ioinil Di-tre t, coiuposcd of lu lii'l i,
njette, and Westmoreland, In tho .'12 I Congress.
lie was re-elected to the it-id Congress, and served
as Chairman of the Coinnil'.tee on Agriculture,
In 18i'.2 he was nt'ain elected to Congress, and
ii iter a rt inarkalilv bitter contest with Smith Fuller,
F.s.., he lias been re-elected to tho Thirty-ninth
Congribs. He holds the po-ition of I'll vu'inaii of
the Ihiiio. r.uic Congnssioiial emeus, and re-
leivul the votes of his colleagues for tho Speaker
ship. lion iteiiiifn r;. i rmoii.
ol New York, the Oovei nor elect of the Empire
Stute, was born in Carroll, Ch nitau pie county,
New York, received his education at Flcasa it
Hill, and graduated at the Fred ini Aea demy,
studied law and was admitted to the bar, but his
professional career was merely nouiiual, as he
dt voted oil his time to mercantile transactions.
In 18 l.'l he was elected Supervisor of tho town of
Carroll. He was chosen to the complimentary
po-t ot Congressional Representative to lb:
Thlrtv-third and Thirty-tiith C'jngrc-ses, and
nvtd with ubility ou the Con; mi tee on l'riv.ite
Land Claims.
As a speaker he has no power, but his crty
1ms ness lite eminently titled him for the duties
of committee business. He wan re-elected to the
Thirty-sixth Cungress, and durini? this term
served as Chairman of the Coniniitt 10 on Invalid
Fin-loBS. In the Thivty-s venth Congress, to
which he was elected by an immense majority,
pioviii!; that his constituents properly appreci
ated his devotion to their interests, he served in
the capacity of Chairman of the C j.unittoj on
Claims. 11c was again elected to the Thirty
tlghth Congress. Hut his lab irs are appreciated
not only by his coii'titueuts, but by all his l';l!ow
citia ns of the Empire State.
Iho gubernatorial nominating Republican
Convention unanimously nominated him for the
Gub. rnntorial Chair. Altera most spirited con
test lie succeeded in defeating Hon. Horatio Scy
inour running several thousand ahead of tin
rest of bis ticket. His tine administrative ahilLies
will soon be placed In a higher sphere, an 1 all his
faculties seem especially adapted for the high
position of Executive ol a commonwealth.
Ilou. Milliniu l. liflley,
one of Philadelphia's favorite sons and a'llcsi
representatives, was born in this city iu the spri.r;
ot 1814. He received a good, so id English edu
cation, and commenced his bn-itiess career as
proof-reader in a printing establishment. Abm
dotiing this occupation, he bea no apprentice!
lor stven years to a jewelry olKco. After h wl 1
attained bis freedom he removed to Huston, a 1 1
for four yiara pursued his trade iu th it citv.
Duiii.g this time, however, he found time to dc
voto to literary matters, and by this means
ueiiuin d n moro finished c Juca ion. H. t trnlnj
to his native city, he commenced the study of
law, in 1811, at the age of twenty-seven. He
mis eiiortly afterwards elected Judge of tho
Court of Common Fleas of Philadelphia, in
which position be di-played gn at legal cm litioii.
In addhvon to many political speeches, a nuniTer
el big literary uddicssus have been published.
They display merit above mediocrity. lio was
elected Kej resentative to the Thiity-seventti Con-
puss from the Fourth Cougiessioual District of
I'tnn-ylviitila, serving on the Committees 01
Indian AH'uirs aud F.-ipemlitures oa Pub!;;
Auildings. After a sharp contest, he wis re
elected lo the Thirty-eighth Courvsa, As an
orator, be has no suierior lu the Keystone Suite.
Hu has been again chosen ltejucscntative to the
Thirty-ninth Congress.
Jinn. llri,r.v Ytiiit.'r DuvIh,
the most active friend and champion of Maryland
ficcdoui, was bom in Annapolis, 1SI7 j liegril
uated at II tinp len and S dney iJoilec, from
il.icb he holds his .liiloma. lis has a.'.iulroi
considerable icpiitalioii as an author, uu.l his
voik, published in 1.S3J, cn'iiled "The War of
Ormtiai UDd Ahi'ini:liii in trie N iiieteeiith (Je i
luiy " has p rent pretentions of lib rary ability. Ue
us e'ecti i! Iicue i nt it've to the i'hiri. -four b
CotiHiess, aud iiiii'ii it all of his public e n - .r b is
loiimd a great leputatini us au orator of m m.-aa
a In oty.
He was re-ele t. d to tbc T'hir'y-fif'h Congress,
Vilien he encd an m uaoerof ilia Co.n uiiiee ou
U'ajH anil Means. In liii he was elecced ro t iu
Thirty -m th Congress, serving on the. .-a ue co n
iii. I ir lim ing this term. In lSbii he is elect id
to the 1 lm t v -t iftlitJi Cungress, mid lias revived
the impoi tanl appointment of Chairnuo of the
Coii.nntteo ou Fon igu ite'ations. !! IS il ho
in en junction with li. I. il'ad", created met
cib n.i i,t in ihe poln icnl world b isuiiM a r.iani-fc-to
agnibst Mr. Lincoln. 11 ovever, no atier
nard.s mpporiid the uoiUiuoca of the JJiilioioro
Ci llllLll. II.
His s niiiions e:;e: tiotis in favor of liee.lo n
have at b nili l,ei n crooned w.tli sue -ess and
to-ib.y be leiakes bis place in the National I. -g-s-luiuri.
as a it. pr, seiitat ve of a lire Sine. His
O.i,siiion to Mr. Lincoln has immured hispopu
luiity.aiid bisrteeplion in onr Lincoln city w tj
le t bo wann ns that he received u lew years
since. He has beui re-elected to lue 1 liii ty-niutu
Hun. Siiiiiue-I S. Cos,
ofdhio, nas liorn In .anesville, in that Ktutn.
He received a colli giate education, and received
bis Uiph-uia from the ilrown l uiversity. tstudied
law, and wi.s admitted to the bar. Combined
with his professional legal career, be accepted the
po-ition of editor, which ho tilled nun anility. Iu
IKiO lie wus appointed Cnited States Secretary of
Legation to Ihe i'cru Lmbassy. In ls jti he was
eliceU from his native district to represent them
inCotigress. He was re-elected totho Thny-sixth
( oneres,and apjiointed to thcptist of Cliuirmanof
the Coniuiitite oil Revolutionary Claims, llais
one of tlie agents of the Smithsonian Institute,
which positiou is aUo held by Hon. Schuyler
As an author and traveler he has acquired con
siilnable reputiition. His work of foreign travels
entitled the "Hueksye Abroad," has Ikk-u read with
interest by our whole literary population. Afiasr
a sharp coutost he was re-elected to the Ttnrty.
eighth Congress by over two buudred majority.
He was aaiu a candidate in October last, but was
delcattd by the Hon. fcamuel Kiiellabergcr the
l iiion candidate. As a lecturer oo popular topics
he is deemed most able and lias fieiiiieiitly been
heard with pleasure by our citizens. His familiar
touhriijuct is "(Sunset, and has great local popu
larity. Hon. (Jeorice If. Pendleton,
of Cincinnati, was born in that city, July 25,
Ih'-'o. He studied law, and was admitted to tue
Ohio bar. In 165 be was elected bute Senator,
whlih position he filled with ability, and was re
elected the next year. In lbob he was ehosi-u
Hepressntative to Washington to the Tbirty-lifth
Congros, and waa ro elected to the three sue
cetduig Congresses. During the whole of bis
Congressional career he bold the post of member
of lbs Committee; on MdlUiry AH'mUnj. He bad
n'wiiys borne tbo reputation of fne Intellectual
acninri menu. He. was rs cloi ti:'! ti ttiii 1 hirtv
eiKhth Congress. The DmnnxTHlie Na'.ioiml tD.l
vei.ilon. iii etiugutCliic!, pl-n I hlin on noml
natlenfortbo postol V lee-Fre'lJont. Iho fu'e
of McClellim and Pendleion Is too recent to need
ron nieiit from us. Mr. Fondleoin Is a (r-n'le.uaa
and able lawTer, but Tiii t priti iplcs h '.vc
eiiiised his polit e il ruin.
Ifnn. I'rrnnttitn WoihI,
wbs born In riillsdelpbia in ISI2. He commenced
life, like infist ot our pub ic men, wiih no ir pnis-
pe. ts; in his ca-e Ins im-ciiioioii v is a e.r
11. r. Id hututilc p .-rio.i he im rt.-.l bi 11--lt
lo I'm ill ttie w. ral, and -oo.i -eur .1 th
I osi'ion ' f rli ik in a cou.rm-.! bouie. s.i v.".
alwiy - ntri r - 'i'.Is toieivr I h -1 1! t 1
I. c one o ihe .itti.rpii-.iui: me. ' ha. its mid slop
o.vicisin the Ion plie C t y . lie. s c'. i-eo 11
r. 1 r. sent N--v Yot i i i f h" I'w .i,v--eo eiili t' 01 in v0. In ISil he .s u-'e.., M ivor o,
tin' t i. ti ii, oli. (It 1,1s n on 1. is r 1H011 'h. re i
ii.ii. h d.sst n-iini 11s 10 w i.ioi r !. w is .ioie or
tan by. lie wis re eie ted, hn . -r, l lining u the
iTI1II.1l 1 II ' 1 1 1 1"' ce of 1 p. i! I ' ica I . ir a 11 1-tloln-.
1 1 I'' .2 he w:i c e.',-,i a 'a n I.) Coili'.e-s,
Wtl.ielle lll,-t -Mlisl.e,! Iii'lis.-ll bvleidoi ''IC
lUta'lis oi ton .ti iii i ii I-, r 1 1 hi. He 1 an tor re
cli 1 1 lou in N ivem '!, but ' n iliee.iie.l liy ttio
l le.e ion i t W A . II iniilC, I '.-c, , Hie I lion ea I-
ilni.ile. Whabver I oa.v be :ti.- opinion as to Ir.
W'onO's polities, none deny tils .I'niitY an ti t.
ctcct to tre Utiilly heir ot lum during th j
nolo m:-ioii.
Unit. Il inl' l AV-':-( r tieii-!i.:.s
(lie thing man of the I'e nv Dem .".i i : p rty.
Voimir, tsli nicil, iimI uns. h ; possesses
ail ll.e leoiiiM i s lor success In tlie p iny wlio-e
cuii-c be has t'rpoiised. lie was tiorn In Kiiim liu
coumy, Indian. i, on ihe J'nh ol .s.'ptembe.-, 1 . .'S.
lie was iilucHted n'ld re,, tved li s dipiooi a tr im
the li ill ana AMury l'niver-iy in lM!i, C n.
mt'lieid to trod law, and was udin.ttei to th
ji.ilniiiii liar in IVi.. l'rvsi'Liu Hue i in m, in Is 36,
! ttir oiily si yen vcars' pi i tie.-, ap,ioini.-.
him I niic.l Stalls DiS'rut Attorney lor In Hani,
whn b Mice lie held for three vc us. In I M 3! he
uiuiir i ok the ih fi use ol John K. Cook, tlie .l.ihu
Drown llaipcr's Ferry rauhir, with wlitc suecess
i knoivn to cur icioh is. In lHii'l he w.n elie,;.'d
to the I hirt". Conirre-H, and Served with
a'lili'.v on the Cinnuiit'c; of Klei-tions. Hi wis
ir-i lecti d to the '1 liuty-cighth ih)ti!'re-s. 1) ariut
nil h.s Coiir ressiomil career lie di-played greit
natorical "powers, and bis "pee, hes, though
wrong in sentmitnt, are nrtiiiily able. As a
lecturer on geneial tonics bo holds unenviable
n potation. Alter a contc-t ol great bitterness,
be has been re-eecte l to tho Tuirty-niut a
Hon. Jiiiiiris ltrnotit
was born In Portland, Maine, on Nuvcmber 13,
1 H 1 1 1 . Whru oti ly eleven yeais old ho bacame
ehik In a merchant's store. His lias b;cnan
cventtul life. On a taiuin. Iho inioiu'd age of
sixteen be became a sehool-tcuehcr, and after
cot. tinning nt the tor sover il years, wh-oi
of age graduated at the Wat.eivilio College. Ha
has led a wandirii g life. His travels and o her
literary productions posje, groat merit. Hi
Utters, iltscriptive of his tour abroad, were
eiierriy read by the public. In Ih'l.i ho wis
elected to the Legislature of .Maine, and iu lsli
ceinunneid the puble -ii m of ttie New York
7nni 1-Jjj. ic.vy. nf ivhich he has since been both
editor and pr -pricier.
In 1817 lie bicamo n member of tho New York
Leeisl.iture, and in LSI!), and agiin in 18-31, was
electi il to the Nn'ioniil Coii. russ, icrvbii; on the
Committee on Fublic l ands. In Isii2hewis
ii i. am sent to the Thirty-ilghth (.'on 'tress, whcie
he ilis-inguisbed himself by a series of able
financial and opposition speeches, lie has m-cu
re-ciected ov r ttio Union c.ndid i , W E. Dodge,
Es.p, by a small majority. Mr. Dodge, however,
rol.tists. During the coining sus-iou we expect
toliuir bis voice on tin uvurUtte of about threa
two hjni' speeches per week.
111!.. MA A IK.
Jiniiis A. MeUmiallW7 .lobll It. lliiiiilcrsou.Ms'U
J iihn i iiniiiss' lh.;i 11. iiraix Urn V ii" H ii
CON.Shl TU ill. i M.W HAVIlMillilK
La'antte 8. Foster ,li I'linn l Clara
.Imiic- 1'ixiin ls'ili Annul II. i ntnii...
lieo. lieml U;(liliet.. -1',;,J ( !'' el -e'l
(lo elicl) 18'ii ( lo eavl)
Lmi nn Irunil uh. ...Is'.' William rt'r.gliit. ..
(To e.eed 1H.1 (lo elect; . ..
lluiry S. lonn lKii" Ira lla.ris
llais. A. Hi mill. ks. 16ia Ldrtiu I). Simian.
IOWA. I Dili. .
.Tanu. llurlnii Ittl Jnl.ll Shm-ma ,
Vs. J
IS, t
Jnines S . Cr,ini...lh71 lieii.liiniii Wade.
Hsinuel (:. 1 umeroj.l',7 .lames W. Ne-m iht.
IS 17
(lo e'.ecl
. 1BV t William,
Cnriett Iiiivih) .. . .
(lo elect)
1!. K. uler.
C. fuull.
I ..( M. Merrill. .
...1,7 A!"xntnler Ituiii ev..!'..!
. . . 171 ( lo o re) Hil
' I'KN ,H, l. A.N1A,
I'd-'ilr l uwau. js ,7
j bus. 1(. I'ui-a!et!!ls;.i
1 llilooi; ihi.ami.
neiii H tllittin rii .1 -no."-. . . .1 .ni'il il'iirylt Anlhon.,..lHil
( 1 .) Heel
buries t-uiui.e. If-1' Jacob ( iiilauier. ., . Is 17
('toe eet Is 1 1 .-so 01110 11 I not lse I
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il. veuh Jnhiisi,nt...li5.j Imni'l isa
Zaehariidi ('.l Tiiniiili', 11. Ilnv. . .1siI7
110 elect) ioil . lames It. ilsi.ibilk. . HMJ
l ln'uiiiidB, Kl; tl inner its, 9.
ikihsl of iii.:i'r.i-si..vrvnvij
fitlt. Anme. Put. Xutnr.
I 11. Mji.iiiloa ,'h l.
2. ll. II. Webster,' K.
11. ( liur oi IC. I'll- Ins, U.
4. I r .ueis I liuiua.s, tt.
6. l'.oiij. ii. il irrn, 1).
1. Juhu l-. entworih, K.
2. .1. K. .'m-ns,vurta,B it
H. K. L. Mas.i uruo, it.
4. A bait 1. . Haimus, K
0. r.taui C ingcr.oii, it.
(I. 1. 11. ton . l ook, It.
V. ll. 1-. il. ilromwell, It.
H. Slie'hy M. Cuiluill, ,(.
U. I.CIV.S VI Ko's, )
l'i. Alillliltiy I'.ionit in, I).
II. aui. n. AlaiBliiiil, 1J.
II Jehu lt.ik. i-, li.
J A. J. Kuyaemlull. It.
11. ( t large.) .suinucl W.
M.111, ton, K.
1. Win. 1',. Niblick, f) I '. neir, it.
li. Kill,. 11 .Hit, It.
4. Jo, in il. !ai'uhar. It.
1 .Inlin l.ymli, it.
2. Sli ncy 1 4-1 Iih ilk, R.
il .lunies I. Hum e K.
4 .1. In. II. Itiee , It.
r. 1. .. , .. ..k A ll
j 1. '1 holm n ll t. iu , It.
i. Dukes All es It.
I 8. Alexander l.ltice,K.
4. hkliiui-l I1001 er, it.
o' Joim 11. Al.e, It.
Ii' "'','1 W oi-eb, It.
7. h. I'.uutAe.i, U
H, .li.lin l. l.ul.lw o.,- K.
V. ll in It U u-h.iii,,,M:
lU. lieiny L. I limes," It
I. l,.e,It
2. .lu nu is. jioir 1.. a.
tj. 1'uraiH Iwixn-i , 11.
xxw YOIIK.
1. HKphen i abo,, Jl.
2, i u.os to it. imc, 1.
H. .Ins. tililiiplnuy, K.
4. Mi.ifini .Junes, l ,
fi. Ne sun I in bir, J.
b. li i.iy .I.lia.
7. .1. W. ( hauler, ll. 1
11. 1 .en. o , Jul, an
Kiien.-zer iinin ,ii, It.
.Ian is l..i o..f,"ll '.
u ii . A . liar Iok, It.
Win. builliird,' 1).
I II. o iiiliclu, i.
Jul. ii A hcici.uni. H.
1..1W. .N. Ill.l.beil, il
I Iims, l.uuuveui , 1.
Julili A.I.i.mvimI It .
i ,r umln Kei nw.,i, u ,
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li. it. .is liiml arl,
A. II. I i.ll li, K.
I. n-cue I uiii.i.ue, U I., ii.
J tmllius 1 . lluvis, v IV .
i li(-,l..U . i nlliei u ,,t
Jluicci .ilurrl.-, K.
(,. . luaehl.iss, l(. W mil, It.
I. ii v, , I liarl, It.
buit 'un Jluiu, 11,
.1. Jil liun iiliii y, l.
II. Hli Aern.uii, It.
MOV jia.Kl v.
.ti-hn I' . urr, R. .
M 1 1,1011 A iseiied, li.
I l.ui is ilj'leiivc.--, II.
A .IllCkSllll Itli-I-B, I.
1 . l. iv . V 00, llci 1 .
s. I,,,,l s. ti. oi,1 ii.
V. hroavl'-r 1 ', (.
In. Jo- nn il. 11 f, ,-., it.
II. llios. . n.illcv.l, li.
1. Il. llj. K ',-es.),. It.
2. I.U....1 P. Iia: ii.
il li , I. I . ,.:;, It.
1 Iv 111 Lwvren.'e, it,
fi. I-1101. 1 . 1.1 o und, 1 1.
1; 1..-I..-. ; V . ( ei.i., li.
7. t- and. Haei... na, re .
B. .1 on, - il. il.inij 1;.
f Is 14 pii I I n -k un 1, li.
HI. .I. llies ..I. A...I e, II.
II. Hem-,- S. liuild , It.
1. V III. 1". i n.' , i.
lit. I 'iiainihlla I) auau. K,
1 1. .Main.. Iv'e.k.-r, it.
I.',. !...!. A . 1 L.11 . li.
In. auiili A 11 n.'h on, It.
17. K 1 . V. K.-.,. ev.- li.
Ia. is iliis i'. mlll,u, .t.
1-.I. J:..-. A. a ,ie 11, -1:.
1. F. I . be 011.111, It.
M. liarlcs Id.s.m,' II.
ii J. vv . 1..111 iveur It.
1. 1 li.nuus W . jv-.-li'V, it.
6. b. I-.. I li.
ti. Jullll 1. DliggS" 11.
1, J ones r'. vl ilsnn," It.
2 Hinlin I'rle , li.
U. Wui. II. Aid-mil, It.
4 JihiuIi It. liriiiu. il, ,i.
5. John A. Kiissiiu,4, It.
0, A. W. lluubaid, ll.
1. II. 11. 1 a, nn, it.
2 IMiaiuar C. hlnan, 11.
U. Aiiuu-u Cuub, It.
4 C. A. Kluriib-'O. I.
6. rhilelus .-sawyer. It.
(1. W. It. jleliiilua, ii.
1. Job 11 lloi'iiu, 1).
2. Henry J'. Ibuiv K.
8. iuiiliiss K. Noe I, ii.
4 hump. 11. Itoyd, It.
t. Jus. W. Met lurx, It.
li. Itob, I . Van lloru, it.
7. bciij. F. lAiau, li.
8. Julia K. 1m iijsiiiIii, It,
il. Ovu- W. Anileltfou, It.
1. 11.(1. VVorlliiiiL'loo, It.
1. I). C. Meltacr, It.
2. Wni. llighy, it.
8. Juhu lliilwell, 11.
6. lain i ll. V. ll rih.,i
hum', J. 1 u1.11.1ll, lb
I l.uriei, U'.Ne ll K.
Li in aid Myers. li .
iiliuin 1 k. l ey, It
ui 1 in K. 'i liuvii, U.
II. iluik ey Hun 1, l. 1
John M. broouiul., it. '
hi u'iu K.Ancuiia, 1' :
Ihuuui-us toUjvi.'i., li.
ilyer Mn.use,t 1.
l'lllllll JllllllHIUI. I.
lit ( Inn lea llenisoli 1.
IU. Ulysses Meicnr, it.
14. f.n.rie F. Miller, li.
1& A. J. iiluHsireuiier,l).
111. William It.houniz, li.
17. AL'111 A. lluikei, It.
15. Mi ph,ii K. Mil-, iii.K.
It. (.I111111 W . hiutieid,i:.
in. i ri.on 1 u ver. It.
11. Join L. Luwsuii,i 1).
i'J. J. K. ..ii.iiil.uail, It.
'i'A. 'ibuuius Wil taiiiri. It.
'il Oeo V. Lawruuce, It.
1. Juiiu A. N.cliiilsun, V.
wir vim. IMA.
EUcuU iluue lieuiiieaiis
1. Win. 1, It.
i. I point, liimuelly, It 1
1. Hiilnev t lurke. It.
1. J. II.D.Ueudei-sun, II.
Keiubncaiii, lai ix-mocrata, Hi,
iuiliruliw rv-4.leelul.
1 unleniid Ijr VI u.l.liM K. DonoK, Reptiblicaii.
tt iiiiteHti-d by Fihhku, lUipttb iuau.
Ill onteiieii bv Smith Ii'iti.lkh, ltepiibliuaii.
iCviiU-sled by liisvif I). WuiiLaa, Kopubll
tau. lie Klalrs ft to elect and the probable political
OiiUtpitiXiuu ot tbtir Uclegatioua, aro as loilow. :
Acp. Jmih.
New llampal ire i
lihuilb Isianei 3
Counee.leul 8 1
k-iltUivkr l
12 6
Hbou'd tbese eabiuales prove enrrocl tbe Ilnuo
will liu t, (I nu Keplib iraua ti 41 1 leiuocraUt. Ilia
prtH-nt llotiM) baa li ilejiilWlCUMi to VI
i w- I
1 ,. i i sti:, N. Y , November 22.-Ni.urly
all th. In ihlings in 'nis e iy were violently
-hnken to-1 ay by an i illusion.
A pat. h irom F bk.ll tat'i that the pow le.
toil- ti.x or s-x mill s back of Newburj li ive
1 1 . n liliovn up.
'o ;..i tie ila-s have yet bo."i receive J.
s;:i omi l i
Ni w ip sou, New Yo k, November 22. At 7
o', lm k this mornin? the packing house connected
v i'.'i smith X I'nnd's power mills, .1' miles west
i.l , New! nrg, was hiovn tip. Mr. Smith, a
workman, win) bad entered ti n building tKc
mii.ntes be ore the exnl-sion, va the only person
1 he 1 uilil ng c a.ta ii- 1 ah 'i. threfl
dir. 1 he '.ut-c "I the cxpl"
Ii .
. n.
I ruin l.t I ni ii (.
.:;. aiNi'iix.i; oi i i.m s n isv -ri.
F .,., tUe Hi ,ii,.iia .'n.'io'e, S iv.l l.
l's-sinn 'sou the tiain from rciincssee, who
arrived at II, idol on th- lib, s iy th M ijor
looic, of ( icru ral a icuan's e i r.iu i:id, h 1 1 g it
lithli d tl.e enemy ut M.irntun and e ip'tircl a
In. in of e;,rs. Idip led wl h e.iiiiniissa.'y stores, .vlii h
he ilis iojc I. II" al-o eapi li" I a w ai'.i i tr i 'i,
coin i -ting of nine w igons, and kill-jj thirteen and
catituieil a paity of the en"iny,
; neral lireeliiiiri.lge has issueu a prjclatn Ui-m
giiintitig complete pr iteetion to those E 1st le i-nis-reiius
who mav wish to Ii? 1 ivn tluir ii' ins
nu I b.-conie peaceable and ipret :ito. on.
ItU IC iiil.liir( r-s u( tin Aitur linns'
I iilliusliisiii lor Itic l.ti'iilieiirtii'
lliiln ou (he. City 4'iii-h lie
I -:n Atsin lor the I rilnt, f Ac.
' The complimentary serenade to Oovernur
Fen ton at the Astor House, on a'urday cvenl 11;
last, as before reported, was 11 mo-: lu:eres'.'.n
ai.d 1 nthusiastic atVair. Ono of the chief reasons
was that an unexpected, but at tiie same time
very pkti-aiit surprise, was iu s'.ore for tho friends
of Governor 1- cnton, who had assembled iu large
It soon became known in th"! hotel that Lion
tcnar.t-tU in nil (Irani had arrival In tho city and
taken up his quarters in thu Astor House. Great
anxiety was cNprcssed by all present to fee
the Oi -ntral-in-Cliief of Iho ArmieB of the 1'nited
States, und as the news sprcid fio.n lip to
lip the crowd ineiea-ed in proportion. The
n,uici:iincs indulged in all kinds of suppositions
and imaginative suggestions as to tho pur
pose of such a sudden visit from so distinguished
HLd I111) orin-it a pcrsoiiiijtc. (some th lurjht t'mt
bis pr ( nee in the city related to business with
Goieinor Ftnton ; but as this rea.-o-i did not ece.11
sa isfiictory, other visuacres .suggested that he
bad come 10 prepare the way tor n new dra'.t.
Nobody could come to a conclusion about it that
would fatisfy anjbody ilse.
The s lenade took p'aeo In the lnrgo dining
i-aloon of the hotel, wlneli was decorated In line
iv lo in l.onor of the occasion. At the Uirthur end
ot Ihe room Irom the entrance, and just in the
rmr of ihe reports rs'iuulcs, 11 dais was erected, ou
vtbieh two chairs were placed, lleforo the Gov
ernor elect made bis appearance, one of the Lieu
ti uuUt-Gi ucral s aids came lo u,e reporters, and
ttati d that it was ihcue ire of Uemral (ir.uit that
no mention should be made through the nows
pi icrs ol bis piesinee iu tke ciiy, for roisous of
lusiimi, To gratify a great number of gentle
men who bad expressed their Ucsiio to see tho
General, be would n.-enmpany tuo Governor
elect into the room nnd hear tlie music of til",
baid. The aid addid that If the press do-i ed to
mention that Guncm! Giant had ooen iu the city
tin v could do bo on 1 ucsuay (tins) morning;.
The n nien'iitativis of the vaiious morning
! papers published on Sunduy then promised to
I 1 11, 11 all allusions to tho matter, and this is the
least n why the public were not on Sauday
I moridtig (ji ciiali- i--,;i,mctl ot (ti0 f.lCt.
1 atioul 11 o'clock the band arrived and
marched into tho room playing the popular air,
"iiuliy Itoimu the Flag." lu a la minutes
! l'l-i.tou and G Graut entered and
pioecidid to ihe dais ulready meii'.ioncJ. Iho
wiuile e. iii any, which eoiiip!e;c'y tilled the ro nu,
ut tin e broke out into loud cheers for 0.- tut.
Thoewuie lepiaied over and over a0'.iiu. Tlio
il.iloi-iasui ias iuuniiise.
Men took ell tin ii nuts mid waved tiiem, cheer
ii g lusti.y. The ladies, of wnora tlioro Wsrj a
goidly number pre cm, were le-s d 'ni'insi.r.i'iv.',
but waved their bandkei liiels wub a good will.
Ihe Li. uteuaut General h.viug s b.JlSi.f
bisi.te the Governor elect. Gunera Si ekpn undo
spicih, ibc liiiuu ( Oiulsul which wc puhiishcd oa
Siiucuv mo iling.
Govern r Fenton followed, amid applause, .nnl
pl cged New York to be faithful 10 thu wuolu
coniiiry tmrii.g the war.
Loud calls were iben made for General Gran' ;
but he bid not st em disposed to speak. Tho
piopl-. however, shouted all tho more for bi n.
At lei. gtb be had a ipnet conference with son
ot the gentlemen pruxcut, when it was rosuived
thai Geueial Mckles should respond for him.
G. neral Sickli a dtu so brtell.. , aud ill his usual
clL-i liva stj le. .Subjoined is a report of bis ro
mnrks :
(ji.Mi.iHbS Lieu tenant-General Grant desires
me to tt auk i on lor tnis enthu-iastie welconni.
He must postione a future occasion the
ph us.iic of uiJdrcfidug you, icldiug, us he dies,
to a reset vv un posed by Ins olllcial responsibilities,
Ihe propriety of which von will appreciate. You
will 1, giee, 1 11111 sure, that if any nun cau ullord
to ie silent it is General Grant ; his deeds speak
lor Iniii deeds ni ne ci.11par.ut tuau the words of
at.y imnor. (Apiduiisi ).
1 he sovereign "then, being de-iroas of getting
u f oi J In, k ut 111'' chiel, propoicd that be sli nii.l
I rise. I Ins ttiu ouneriii iiiiineuia i iy uiu, ami
; bo '.vi d ihric or foi.r '.ices to all part of tha and -
ence. lleiiupoii there mre new cheers for Grant
- three tuns three, un I ttiieu mire.
'I he m i. -niulo then w. ni ou in the u-ual w iy.
Ce11r.1l irant set lor some tliue listening to the
In un 1 tut airs phiyed by ihe baud. Near hid eh lir
sniod a Mr him . looi, ,ng boy, apparently full of
lilc and Inn, and -aliwiiL intccii years of uge, uu lcr
M 01 1 to be the son of Geuer.ll Giant. The
j out km, r s. cnc'd litebly delighted at the honors
wi n b iv 1 re I1111; bis father. aftor
(ii i.enii r-ir.l.lis' s,,c. c, responding for General
Gl'iii-, tl.e 1 einciiUi.i 1 ieticral uiose and retired.
1 he only visit ttie ieneral made on tSuudiy
was to the luinilv ol Colonel W. S. Uillyer, one
ol Ins old stall. ts 'Mi after taking bis seal iuoiid
id the 1'eurlU uveiiue 1 in s u lady got in who wis
uiieiec tii obtain a -u' The General immediately
inse Mo! ;;,ii 1 cr hi-, vhilu a allaat New s:it Bto'idlv ii. theirs.
A Hi l.tlLltiall y csi ,
tnkl i:ie ciin. ui t .r ' : l! a he.ix, itr
ri.ii icl.reil it "vci.v :
till, I 11 1'l nleo tin: :-t ilc:
.i. who knew
1 wis aboard. The latter
v very facetious, In fact,
od," "a magniiiceut sell,"
nent to others.
Anotlnr ciitlcin at
HI. Illl" ; iai'1 be lilc' .
Iii.ll veil, iiinl lb '
re't-inblaM'.: betAi eo
Grant us ln.tvf c ii'
bum ini. dei-v isli !
iii tbe ear ironmi need It
'ieiieial (iraut iaiiuia'.e.y
'ure was about as nincu
ibis person" and (
nry Ward Beecber and a
Willie at the resilience of Colonel llillyer, it
bfeaino hnown that the hieutcnaiit-tleiiural of
the Annies of the I'niled .States was there, and
unite n ihiotig of neiijhborinK citizens paid their
re.-iec;s iu peison. lie returned to tho Astor
House in a elot,e iiin-iiij-'O at half past '2 o'clock.
AIM' lU'iiotiiing bis precious Irebtht, tho jolly
ilr.vcr bis IriiUiis the following toast:
"Here's lo meself, jlcnui. Counelly, the bicuo-t
muuin Auiull.y but one; I've driven tuo l.iou
ti unnt-tieneral of the I'ni'ed Slates, aud its more
tlmn lliibbv ever did."
The l.ieuteuaiit-Geiural, wc lrarn, also made a
visit to Liiutttiimt-Cieutrnl Winficld tscoit. Hi)
wus a'coiiipuiilcd by att
lil t. Tbe toLieutn:an!-(iciieral8ol the United
Mates uriales had a short but must intercs'ing
cunfmrcc. V btn (ieneral Grant was about to
tal.t liis departure, General Scott aroso, took a
cijiy of bit auti.bioeiaiiby, which baa just bten
published, and wroio on tbe lly-leat :
l ioui the oldest to tho ablest General in the
W(,rld. WiNFihLO Neon.
This hepresented to Liciitenant-Goneial Grant.
Ko coniiucrit is needed on mcb u coinpliiiicnt.
Ytsterday morning General Grant breakfasted
in a quiet manlier with Colonel llillyer, at his in l'iltteuth street. Aficr breakfait the
Colonel had a carrinse in readiness to take the
General to tbe Astor House.
Tbe I.ieutenaut-Geuoial, however, refused to
ride, aud walktd all tbe way to tbe Astor House,
and we do not think ho wus recotfuited by any
pei son ou the way. , . .
Tbe present is tbe first visit General Grant has
made to New York city sinco bo passed through
here rn route boiue from California, ten years
uto, after be bad resumed bis commission as
lieutenant ill the 4th lulautrv.
Tbe Lieutenant General left for 1'hilailelpbla
at two o'clock yostcrduy attciuoon. .V. r. ihrM.
FutTun Statps DisTRiCt fiii iir Judge Cad
WRlader. Al I). Dike v. Bbenn, llansmnn tm
Co. An action lo reeover on a promissory note,
ltefore reiiorted. Varrtiet for defendant.
District Court Judge Sharswood. John
fii gan nnd C'luirles Msec, cxe utors of James
Mnrhy, deceased, vs. Oeorge T. Illspbam, d
niiint tiiilor of Juscph Tucker, deeeK"d. A . i.
fa. Mir. mortgsge. No defense. Verdi t for
pliiinilll for jfi.ltil .11.
,li s,ph It. lliiek vs. Amanda Coleman '. a).
An aition of i je. tmen:. Verdft for plamtitf.
All xiu del It l'li'iro rl. ol. vs Charles s. hi k.
A ii-iimii d is-ne to trst the validity ol a i'l linent
ci i. luted I y lb niv S Inniilt to Charles oui -k,
lee ih ll'lldilllt On II I ll.
1.. li It Curtis Co.. vs. Vvre und Lindell.
A n at lion to r-'enver on book ce.ouit fir ireods
m d und delivered, lb b use, thaf detend int sold
tl u Mime i barai "r of foods to ot icr p une-, not-
I'hst indiiig their as-ur ni.'O t i def.oi l inn thaf.
tin y could i in e nought cbenoer. Verdi 't tor
plaint Ills si'MH -'0,
l eiir lli.rris vs. Simnel W. Mo ri--. An a.-tion
on a H-reiKii jnd"uient. Ni itulen-e. crdc
lor plaimill ? 7s-
Ivklcv W. rt'-ari.s vs. sumo. S.:nie cftise of
nc'ion. No de'en-e. Vi 'ill i tor p1 loititt c, 711.
I iiln at d A. 1 'nitivi djvs. shp e. A 'lion 011 tor i :n
i 11 . 1 i.-ii 111, No delense. Verdict lor plamtitf
I '11.
Ci, in 01 Common Ft i:s-IuiIlc Lu ll m
The Court was ea,g gi d th.s 111 .r.nog wuh the
v seen,. neons euiiient ii-t.
Cm in 111 Common I'l cam Judge Allison.
Wiih. 11 vs. Ilaidin. Atiigmd i-sne, to tot the
v.d diiy of the will of William Hardin, deceased.
I'.. i,ie're '.rted. '.' he evidence iu "rs c .se closed
on i.oth -ines e-teid ay. II. 11. lirews'er, 1. :.,
tin n inhire-M il tin' court, and jury, in tavor of tn
validity of the wid. Tins inorni eg Henry M.
I'e, ki rt, En., w.n speaking on the other 1,1.10.
A DisniuKii Suor Dtm. Ibis niornin
Corotnr Taylor comrncneid an iti'iue-t iu the
ease of William Cavanaugii, aged thirty rive
yiars, sin enlltrd soldier, who was -hot la-t
nb'bt while n'H lnptiiig to de-i i t. The doc used,
1 1 ti a 'quad of oilier soldiers from Camp Ca 1
wa aeer, v.8- mil, und. r a guard, to liio I'enn
silvania hailtoad 1), pot, 'I liirtu lb nnd Market
Btr el ', having been ordi red West. While march
ing along the streets, throe of the number broke
in u run, nmoi k tin in Cavntiaiich. Ihe guard
leliaim d Iroiii tiring at tbc deserters for fear of
shooting sunn asstr-by. Cnvan lUgb, al ter an
(M itiug eliiise, was r.ij t ureii ; the other two
milking tlu lr escape, 1'pon aniving at the depot,
the dec. asid wab lied bis chance ami again broke
and ran. ibis time the guard were ordered to
lite. A ball from one of the muskets took ell act
ubovc ihe hip, passing completely through Ihe
body, and causing almost in-taut death. The,
hoity nn" removed to the Twenty-fourth Ward
Stniiun House, while the soldiers went on thoir
DiioniiKiiiY Hoi sr. About 10 o'clock last
night the police made a descent on a difoi derly
home, known as tho "Marlinvillc," located 011
l'oilit House load, First Waul, and took Into cus
tody six piTsor.s, tlnee males ami tbreo females,
Susan Hall, the ullrgcd proprietress, was among
Ibc 1 .umber. The house is a n-sort for low char
acters, and-it Is alleged tljat young girls are bar
ton d lure. The w hole parly were luken before
Alilermnn l.ut. this nn ruing and held to answer,
F.xri.ssiiK Tiiikvini;. This morning four
t oys, whose ages range from f urteen to sixteen
years, were arraigned before Alderman l.ut.
upon tl.e charge of breaking Into and robbing
lie tht ears on the Ilnltimoie Railroad. Tins
-yntim ot thieving has become ipiiiu extensive of
lute 1 11 all 0111 raiiioads, and is generally indulged
in by sin ill boys. Koccuily one of the cars at
Ilroad and Ft line streels was broken iii'o and a
lot of eiotliing belongii.g to sume auuthern
iciiigces wus stolen.
lli iisTi;ii. The water main on Twcuiy-scc ond
ilrect, betwe n Wood and Vine, burstcd this, caii'ing nn exc iva'ion of earth along
the line nf the I'nasenger railway to an extent of
lome twi Ive feet.
Hit iriNO ins Mt i.i:s. George Renner, a mule
driver, was arrests d ut Juniper and M uket streets
j cstenli.y, for cruelty. He had ehnrge of a freight
i ar, nnd wus cngageu in showing his brutality
upon tbc dumb annuals placid under his care,
lie was held to answer by Alderman Jones.
Sai.b op Rem. instate, Stocks, Frc. Tho
following teal estate, e'e., were sold at auction
to-dny, at the Flliladt'.phia Kxchange, by M.
Tbfinias A Sons :
iKsi lire Anijydaluld Minim Co.. of Utt.Lan, par
tel. :k.
b 7 sl.are s Peiiitm .ilk Nntl. nal Bsnk. tH"'j.
s nlmies r rsnv lm 1 Ire Inniriince I u., I'.ce.
I u si arts li-liumi? MuHi-l lii-urune,. c'u.. i.l.
1 ,i,.!. I'diiit an i r Park ah Mi.alinn. t-t .a.
.'i. sl Ani iiiriiril f ire .aiinv l'.i.. Pr '.' ..',.
i:Ur'.- J.oitai.nle Jalasry, J.IU ttji bj Ju,u: j, lsigi,
t . 1 -
i1 a s) oi,,- l l,me u lill. l.uiubcraiid Minei al Cniil,. .ny,
Vol itny.i c ill 1 . I'S . S'.'S,
I s,Hre I'nlll.lH lltfal Unlet l o., SIC.
lis ,1 tties A.ocurA .Minion C. ni.ny of'ltcliii.'aTi, ?'l.
It' si Hlfi It.-soltile jauuTiK l',.a.udnv ol llieiiu-au. ht t .
1 v o-ht T) I'.i'-K ilweliuo, u. '.-' M J..ICS st., i, to
111,,... H,i' In let ibve:. in;. IS t-t.lft st. .V.
'I hrii.-n,rv r, .No. I il'i Ircl) r re, t, $1 l.'',, 'l.
Ti.i.S st' iv ilxel li k. Ph. Ml H. st-venlli lln-et, lliJ
1 In, eot'iry Jwi-lliin, Xd 1 1:, N 8iMe. ntli itr-ct, l s,S I.
71 leo lu.i y Jwollins, Nn. 1 17 N tsl, c,it'i k r . t,f I s",0.
1 i-itc- niuyilwHiiiiK. o. IW N. Nit-cnii, irsiHiS.
'Iiir.e ktuiy aweliiutf, Vo. l'l X. SixKeiiui strtet,
l.utnry Aiel mill pr-Tnriy, run, il -t,eet, IiL' f'r..nt
Ml. et si il I lei Tcaiiluw u Kesd.uo tud.
V. Bi'-stuly reiiiteniSs, No. li d H. T i.irleeulli tn.ot
til ...II.
'I lirei'-slery itweilliie, li mill., l-Il street, fti'rsl.
'1 1 ne-sii.ry aw el liny,,d..lili iiruet, nor ih of Wane,
lb 'I'.
lliiei tirii-k nii.l two I'raiue Dn i-lllncH. Tiu.-il sir-."!, be
tw en 1'iittti't mil lirneu streets, ..doe, t u j, le.'iiu, $ sjj
suit fs u.
I . i el lireun.l, 1w ,-tity flfcenil V,itJ, I'ua.
t stt.ahlt 1 roti rty. Twe,:ly ic-itsl .til, t It, O,
Kce. 713 snd 715 H.
Ilave'jnst rareled f,t,i,i the Aoctiutl Sties of la ,t ve-k in
Kaw V mk n lars'r lot nf Dr-'sB li-olu, Ol'.Ol-, .I'.J I'asil
muni, an 1 wbl nal lliom al love- frier i tiun Ihey La,.?
Iniii eifaie.1 any ran tills semoa.
KI1) I'lU.M II .ilI..lltM)t-.-s.
ititii im.aii) loi'uirs.
it K ii n.Aii) ( i.ui iis.
ft-I HI. M It ll KI ..N-SI CLOTH'S.
h-4 I Ntil.IKH IIKIIIMIICS, tf,-4, " irllisi'.-,0.
ci km;i.i-sii if:aiOi:ti,s i-r,, uoi-t',yi.
D.i iii Gooitt. all sra.ks iiS ..ilaits, a: .is laiv t r;, cs as
miv in il.e c!t .
hand:ome SILK3.
1C1I!R ANTlQl T's,
(. (lliPKl) I Al l' l-.l A,
l'Oll. I)K FOIKS,
H.AIN A N 1 J l liA lU U SIi.KS.
at nearly ai Ii vv j.r con when iliere w is iv
l.'dti I'lttiikt-t sii.twih. to u 8-at a; a In u .1 i'.' U-i -
AU rr're.':. from S7 tj $13,
as Jfisv as tl ey wer sole 1 1-1 .vjiil.i-.
It a s It. n . er, 'r, i,.,,, I ni,,,, u -.v-r.
(.TM. H ll lir-. n r'llee l! il. li id Ol 1-1.'. M',1
liltaieili l.ill.-, U.ll.,1 l'!t,l,.l,.i! ..lie.,.' l'i. s ,o -Il.tfl.
I l.f
j. mi- i m t run I e bum! In tin i itv. rrl c-. 1 v.
J Jl'Nll
r.1", AUC1I LSTllKKT.
The tbove rt re-lfnlly In form till patronn. and tlie pub
lic In (.'t-neials that he has uow opeiud at the aboe atore
an unuitntU of
Ir.dies,' and Children's Fancy Furs,
V l lth, ft r variety and iinallty, cannot Is suimii. d tr
uny t ot ii- in tl e t'liLel Slates. lHiiit; Ihe minu'actiirtr
in' nil I. Is t'trs, and havini; imported all hit etock when
(,-clawai much lower than at tlie preseat rates, be can
cl er Hani to 1. Is putrons at tlie mo.t reaianiiLlt- prices.
Al l, t I'ltH made to onler, and repairing done In tl.e
le i maimer and latest Mjki.
Importer and Manufacturer
Xo, air abco btiiext
.- tor l.arns Nut Coal.
1U a Tra
lar Btove and Heater Coal,
a r
M.V1H atreai :,!),
n. aanii'iea at Hraacn (ltnee.
11 1 lu
kUIU auS ItritlBU 0AHIK.
rhilntif'li'blit. Novfmhcr, Ih, 1HI.
nndnUn 4 p aniliorltd to n limit it) nuibr
fir h Arc of .in o i (.'nr.jurn wl. f jji'.j':r rutiniT n
O M't'fli, Vi-nan(.-o cr'iniy, rnujlvnt nn-l in t clivM
tr. lo ol f value to Miij i,K'n tJir z-i' 1 He vrti.n
di . ) t and proflU' itv" . 1, it nu ifi4 tj- Binrtnt;, svc-ira
tn tt, rt.o k;,4,)ilsii h viltn l oi Th:ti ptrcent. pr
Mi nih. aiiu th' ( h on.ftn; ilnj. Mi ion
to t) prJii'-irK li-y h wt all - t In'w t la
IUi.n c n lu iLi rrs-d. ) ... - ' i' fl-i l ipriifni, am.1
i.cral nf tiim nearly mm ilH"l. 1 hcra i to m ,lo f.-r
an .nal iuinhr n wrth nuon tt- .'nf p i-r'j'.
lh. Ctmipiiiy own, al i. o if '. p 1
prop, rty in iiltii r. y l o' hr. M'tr-i, u: 1 ivMri
tl ) tf Bil k-UK r;tl r 1. tr ti i h tvii.i,' b ' a
fr vici'd t" r i'i' p .rni
Huch .in iit'irini'liy o' Mat' Trv 'i' 'w r , a ,. k
r:.; If. s' CU i I- ii'l fr .in .j n.i I iuj-llou oi" lis pi-.i
iti. rn ft', ml.
1 . r lurt'.fr 1
. 1). Hi INi.OTH, r hir.i.i'
. .r ,.i te "- f i i. ' t . 'to
s r. m.
Jl It-
O. H. IH'Nll M.
i (,M l' xil.M.
W'c :ire -rr,iir,l tn I'.r-esti e,v -r ( oi at i-ios v: I ii 11
tl.e t,.,ki thf y r iilrv, at
it .
. i
lii.-t ipiAl Iv. All 11,le' , ',l,i.,n,:.
AtKM.-ri.A K 'Kill I 'I .A I I S ul
I.l I Hi H m veil Hi dn 11.
I I'AN-f KK III), Ik
.mnKits oi' i ii A.ssKt'.i;.
HTIU'K l.l'.H'lt It .
s n ii ii i.r i n il n i sci.J.
p i i.i s r i ti crpintAt, si'., k.
I'.lli.k) its' I KfTV I l-IM I.Ii
a ' iii r or h m.i n
lUVItulMI H'J.'K.
MO "I t W ,
Il,fti r,s',k Manuf i, lu tiff and SUt..,il.-a
11. IS ll .. I .' I'llKINt'T Sir. t
M M 1 A I iT7 V ,000.
Ill IV JUolAM) Mi Allies 01' KACil.
Hk' ii Kirrio.s yhi:: v:.v) Ptit siivkr.
J V. t--rhK H , Pr.i.tii nt.
J ll V. P11V'.I)Y. J. W VUIIO! TKiX,
iii MA a fiot'i r, i Mihit l i;uhi:k,
,., iy HO'.Vi.K.
f-AMl M. P. I KIt.ii 1., s-. rt vrj hth) Trc imirnr.
1 iT'T'-! iwin' Ui l!i . ompi n oimiiii of Ons
11'iiion .1 nn. I Kut' A r-s in (V i i n c. ol v.iUirt'tt1 Lntrt-
AMU (Hi Liintl, ititutf on Hm. i t rcei, jftont two unl-'i
rr 111 it hmu' h, fin t. cmpiu's nfi I rfUtii ertek, Yen
t"-i.iin , 'a
'I i.t . "'ity hf fifn il "lti l vlrw to (ft viln
iilil U fiill. ii ii'iMii i"s i)ii rvitnJe.i ai- naf .i J on :i
hkh t t ih" i-f 'i-k " '-r tin-' 'l'liFlif.T 'u'i, w hirh. t-ii'tn'r
it ii t) a liirv uni'iiii. : m' Hit or llM't.m linl. tilvfs I
Mi nUti- ai! .Pii.u c- for lril! " .- lr,- imrnhcr . ('il
WciIh. Ai Ip i t in.- HiPirlrfd WhH .-iti I n-tt(i
yliij'l" r. in Tmiui, fimirir-.i me ', miJ Div.-ili'ut.
A .Ki'll vr c i in: v l iu, el- iT (i '. Itliilt H.-
tciiiiliut ii iniii) i.i.) l: aia i, at urn I nwd j. rti.l u:in .
Vi'llh OH (lie T'-'k l -l'tu it.
'I I iti oil orr.iiti"'! in thi rp'"l. it t)i l ibrlrtMn . Ml,
wlii. -it .1 in pri.e on- Im.itlrcd jor i-i'iii. 'JO'.d
oil or iil uiu it uiom' in 'N'tuuml.
lt. I'ninp.nn cun tr a-n h i rv nne hy par'l 'i
n ihliinif to -stiilv "w 'l". r'.MTM. r rr-nn nn.'.fniirri i 'ni"
tisit ni iiio ul ot''p"iii' to i!i-ti nii.uiiy in l.'ii.'n-lft.
i i'l) r ri'rim. fr. in th ir .v:i wt-llh, tlu-pj U-iut: a itt. V'j
Hiiitn.ii'i'.'y ti Im i it i' r 'to', i p'M ni's.
li ii.Iim rn . tnfv.' :hi ut i t t- IH'1 iovithI vrH
in tl. b-t ) don .vi 'i n'.' i Tii" tiUo to the pr-iinir-.y U
j prlfcr ai il 1.' "1 ini'lliiil''t'.
Hulii.ii)iiii Ji.oka ai ii iw i
.11 .it ttie .-ittl.-e ot'
ri:miM: ro ,
S. Tlllltl) Sire.
CVl'ITAI. 00,00.),
100,000 fc?iarcB-lS5 l'iii Value,
TtiP rt'M.iw!ntr K f.itri tnl uom the Plula-l'lii i
tlttln-r' of Hi-pMnlKr 17, W4, prior lo tho ortfftui-u:H'ii of
tkl'I NKAKI) OIL t.-o vltWNY : -
"On alum ,l ailth-- (trormi In ilns-a CVintyt'ie la
linve already lieil with a vl'wto oxpIor.vijn the
rufll oil; ainl on nrif, particular y, th Utinhard'i, tho d
vc oinni'iitii tittv te d oi'lli' tnoit an-jonru'InK rtiariiiVT.
Iheftlllorof the Waiyii'-hbnri; (Pa ) 'Mt Hst'inMi,' in m
frrriBK tha anivct, a ;ar fill pirnomil inii vi jn
of Oie region atul Uic oj la'.luns Uia. .rc now tukiiii pl.t :u
tlu'rr, snva:
" -We an- Wevly cn'.vioi. 'h m. '.aoiiai -nu v
Dint l'K-.ihly will h? found io om, .4t !, in t!i oxtunt ot us
Oil prodii 'ilon, with tl.e Vi-ruu-to distriot, while in the
purity, iT-'ivfty, ai.d valm- of t ;e ia acknowledK'M o
he tnilt ilnttely Mir"rl'T. Our chux i.-tioiis on thia an V '
are h i-e! upon ie:ui. Know Ivdp and ob-crvati m of b 'h
niiioun. nnd of fh-' jTokix-i -n,! inrinrtttoiiH and nirt i- ludi-
cnt'oin. ve are xritn',o i n mat e uvt oiunw
In tht"n tavoiahle linitreeions aud aiuiirl".
Hcl. niific men and en'rii;mfd and pracli O 1
r.itnra concur In tii m, and .ire Inviting lirmra ly of their
own nuani, and dire tinp tho ttt'iilon of capital ut ro
tlu-promi-lng chardrtiT of the niink.ird cU'itry. A Ira'l
c ral IotkC oompanic hive b-:ni oiani.ed In PitturK
and tbe Kat, whloh will oon ooinnieuoe opiTatiom on ai.
f xtcndvo ica'iO. li. the ui aui'me, individual energy and
Ioch eut( iprlfe are doiiih' niu:ii to devl'p ihut fivorcd
locality. Xew- derricks eprlng up every ft w day, and t ,e
piotefNof ilnkiiist wt-ili on in maay luntuiict'i witliOut
Interruption, nlnht or day,' "
I.ookd open lor ulo of STOCK ut tbc Count. n:
lltJIlfiC uf
A. E. rKAUOKCDS & 00.,
No. d:i MAKKKT Street.
A. II. KliiKCIMJI'sl,
WILLIAM II. IlOOn, 8(-c. 11 li l.'b Prssi."iit.
C'ipital, 1400,000-Par, S15 Per Share,
f-uii-snurrioN nucK, 2v0 rv.n siiAnK,
01t 1U1.L l'AlO 8 tO K A-st) JiO I'l-KTllKB
Tl.e pr-,j,ei1y rf tl.l . Ceo.i..vr,v convl-ts of tbc foi.ev. Inj
Terr ito y, .M't.fclve ltah!d-,
VtliH ytuiiK cow a and Ut'rlj' ih
Nt I Ab.,11' ,'snftnyl A' res ,,n Olierry Tiec Ititii in l'KK
HMI'fL.l.oiia'.n land lUllK-eiittusnl KILIY IViil.l.s.
'I li,s l,ni:,,rv is t . l i.i i. ell I'eti- uii U nii.. ny
tllnt-s lain, i iinoili new, belt, .tied 111 pari by Itie e, le
I raud Sl . t ariii. sle. Ale.
No 'I Li a-e pt.ielual . Ill' tears) on Wah. M Clllil.H-li
illl i i, ... - at, u . . ,,11 ii, t. -,t.,y t al.iable, ilo .v ni-,- and
,uu p lit- vt, lis ,,l ur .mil
j-,., a. vv na i'mi' i !o Lis- M el, aisiui 'to barr.-l. p.-r
tliiv. taM'sli. 1,. ' 1 inn. Un" t'nm(,niy imn
lie l lil'I.t V,u.a,lii, ilt.ele-t in ItiiJ vtell,el.6lll.:, ia:,ks.
tl' r. I,
No 4. ''ali:',,r.a sell, Vo . 1,' on I 111 I'rei-f . tltns n 'Km
I. el, all rta.lj lo r-.-lniic Tliti vt ell Ims liovved 1-sj lioni i
I" r ci, v
V.. b. "t'aiaeriila Wetl.Ko "en nil -rc.'K,'liiwii neui-ly
.M e le l.
i.o. ti I.onse p-sri-etuit (till lean) on aeiosOll' reef.
till l,.il, e i), unlink li e nl, ,se -A, lis, -tMlti till, i'11-li..rie
ell In,.. I'ti'lb cl'-ril, iis, etli III.' b tl-es, .c-j.
N.,. V I ta-e eeri.t IimI t'l'i vein si .in '.'.'. aeres Oil fr
n' I i ,'t. feaitl III o,:.- is e.i d... n .on led, ouc s.iarler iiitorsst
i vv ..t I, i in in ml. we, 1 a. .1 1. a.sit. lltULiSa.M- sli.vl.-KH l l-'-tf If V KI) 1'tilt tVi.lili
IMi " AIM f l
ll. i.-r to i- is. i sni.-t t.i; :..n are n..w op. n at onr
t l-ee l I li-s ,- I ..niv ; Vsl.eii llio slotls lo be
I-i; c-,-,i on llie re.-ii'tir Ites'oa an I I'!. II eicijit ii s.., i.
Lea. e.s as a . - v i i i,it il -l,i.-i nl -1 nv in r i in. r'lt'.l.i . is,,
lillMVl, lsl.ll il is esp, -,: I tile't-a Will It,!',.,.-)
d ai ii-. All inrti e.' Inf nn illou, pi', . , a i
In-, leaiet ,1 of Hie l.! lied 1'1'e Blimll e ipi-al of Illl.
1 enii'Miy, wl.ti lilt- a 'eal la-ve lllle,, hiu.t'' ll a
Uvul ae ai H II'IU'.i llive.linellt.
II. S. LKK.'tl, I ori.alial' IlnlldiUKS, WAI.NI T below I IHKI),
I'lillailt lpnirt A-tiii-y,
IKONAIll) at MANI.I.l,
K.8 llFAVrit .Slleel, New- York Aa-vln-y.
HI'LMLLh, Y IL A dc I'O., Ilaukeis,
11 Ki Iloslou Auency.
HAS I OK SALE, and will pay particular attention to the
fiirdiaie of all the detirabls aad regular dividend-paying
ilcfLUKNY, -ycCLlNIOCKVILLE.orrtilladelplila, and
UUiMAKlA, aiiillUAlE, and KMCKEKUUCblCB, of
kew Voik.
Vo. US PIlsE STKELT, Boo6.
lCM-lm JNawYork.
,vt' veseber S, lKn4. Tho fauiphlrt I.awa lor llie U.t
aeeiton cau be aad al ILIi uilics, J1EN ItV HUM SI,
Ll 4 Cay sr.
I f)ll W. s-l ll . ,V. MlJVM
1 n ti t I
1 Jv.t. lT 1 J) lAlt A?
TNK1.V liNA.
J 'A IN IN iHf. HKKA4T. nnr
Prrpar- d by
JOB!? "W. f IMC3, Jr., Clipmist,
. 1- . V 1 si 1'iiMi IMi M li;
r a'-r.Ki:r
1 ,r
L- m. n- ... : sad -p.r. l"K .s 11 1 latiulm
It H (I W H
't i , r." , !.! . r. - ti st 1 1 , ' a -o-c-iini; .. -mipUtnt
nvsi'F.rsi .
i,- . I i s- ! i-i. t ne Ii Ii ,,!e I liuir
it.iC.i r- 1. 1.
I M l' Mil 11 ONI V IIY
1 !U, I ir.illCK I'.UOWN,
1 rn.k-:il ai.4 uilst,
'. r. O r. I 1' 1 II AMi I MltSNt r fiTS.,
An-' r r s iic piii'-vln'i r- nrs'.i?.
-J. iaa 4, M. I , Pr' . .- r i t trm l,v and I w,
t f i-At" 'ill iH"-t- 1 i tttil'ili lO tr.s i,..v! uifiilw w I'll .
1, .. .,.i...t n -, .-. Vif-tm ma:- tunti h m m rithtd
.. ii oi-sj i i th-' - itv run t n hi tuit'-". No. All PINK
hu tt. T'iM' l 'sti I'sv-'iiMv invitt-il ( i- -ymnny
V'-L t':. 1 i li-' hut m ft' itic u hi.i iirutlis.'. 10 tf
H V. A L 1 11, II L A L T U, AXD
Bt a i ri".
If to tMi nTTl-Inc r :
i to MHi.r In v it . ill 1ulw(
ll Ui Or tl f.NfKllllTlif f. '1MT.
I nt'ilf, (ln in a:i hrtii; Hk WTTl
I- to ha re ft nodi r i"; irritln ;
Ii 'T Ife to in.. e .'m i ;
II with h' .b-h-.m h r
li a n.Httiie tnr h n irad V,ai ti!
If o IU thrwui-rr1 aiifl tfn,
rm)iin: ii a Iouk
It to nf a litr oi I'-rtc;
If to di and ki to (? ta.'f -UtkLTn
If yr n 'ih a life or plffinrj ;
It uu vaiur Mph f'H!d " irnimrra;
. f oinfoit yo would .w,
TU u.y fch lee, si ad winta ait ihre.
Thn, halnsi Rfai'n, Wealth. and flanty.
Tmu li l i 'Harel fr wveiy duty.
1 . . ; i .'rtivil o: It, ft I I.I.I a M VOl'Sr.-fi Nw
It. - v. llir, MAHKiAOi: til.lDK. whu:h KOuItt t6 Tfttd
b fvi on- S-rll by l;..ol M"M k im-allv, and at Ui
j ' i-i.r a cnne, i Di nutf. mitiur.ii jint m
ci nta.
O HAMAltlTAN'8 11 UK.
SAMAIll TAN M ci in;.
HA VI A KI I AN l l i.l;.
fl.l MAM l AN H I I I.K.
M .IMS 8 I'I'KK.
VAMAIIir.lN'S) I'lllB. as h i i: ui;.
hamahii an h i i k,
K M A l.'l 1' INS I lib.
Tp'Ot ii.ris an.l lulu tor li..a..rih'e.i. Alet,
Htrktaiv. Ac. Ct.r.a In all caa.-s ill tvvu to au
I rist ! ii l emlts l, mill.
Ill Oil' A CO., Sole Acnt.
HAM Mil I AN st l l It K.
HaMAHI I AS -l 11 UK.
f-SMVItllAN M I -It KB.
AM tll.r - N l I'l'liK.
H A l A It I Ta M s (" Hi:.
sAMAIilTAN 1 criin.
is vi Aitl l'A S t l HI-'..
S.1VI Altl I AN S I CKf..
.-- niiiial vi entoie-s, l ii.n.irrl;, . ii. i ; lm, ,l ,
Feeti Ir.i ..iilalni AiJ'lUi.aiul vmU cms lu Iruul two
us. ttin h. I'rle sjj
II is hIsii c.-rtairt tn rf storr tono ninl povor Ut tliowwt
are ,i. Inliiaoal by ex. c-i or uuy oilier ean-o, an.1 ft
rsi.T" all lo lull vlt'or o-y.iitli. win ii llio rib. an ml
n ut, oat Lite injection. Iu llieiu case-., one I'Ul UiriiSlitus
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(isiul Ij mallj
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SAWAHII AN ('bill-;.
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A c-rt ' in enri-f r it: lerms of v.-neieiil liLeasiia Used
in tlie Kino,"aii Hosiiliati, aad llto anuiua tUroiigtlout
laii-'l' and Aius-ne.
I ns pr pai tlieii lias na ennui as an of this
f'.rtu ol lisease. anil streins'li'-iiB ti.r eonsiitiiil,nt Kencralt.
II will cure alt H n.v, H.i v,'a. 'I'eiler., r any
eni'iUoiii, nv) uiaoor fiaiiu nliat cauu or buvv laj auatl T.lcc tl per W; lie.
C. rHICK ItOSIR. rrop-letoi ".
S .1" A;-i t. HYOIT I'O.
n.,' .iijenia, lilniT a Co.
( "it: Agents, IiYiiTT L'O.
So. 23SN, SI, ION I) Si met.
(ient tuaiiv adilrest. aiiao-tiiih aia
I ' I p lo liu. ierl .IfeOiuh M iiav -ti i n hiilnlniitaa I b
l'esin,s, A.'it' iiuijm) t, r,s, .v.-, lor me euro ol
lalliimot ihV..u.l anil iei.eia. t-Di liy, fflnoli uimiu
e..ii rrive lullli'-ovs, ll" nol il.jui l ilts, ho.-.onr l.r.
l.'o.e a iatlem, li.,v reen usl k men atsiir,btlei Thef
I'lirn ins flcitleii I Ills, aial :ly i.l) am aps-rloct
,-uiel.j- tlie ne cf onlv a few b-sea. Lor llieHeoin
iMiinu ,'ne Ik x b svorih a hnn.l ril Atil' tnloal sitl,p triers.
Irl. e.'si ' pii.s i.T bit bus AfsU.e, 1 o'l'T A (l,. Jfo.
I.ii S. sHONii n.ieet. 10 l-tuilielia
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i an nr. m i n i) o :
JtLV,lt l-Al'St ia i-t ui.:
VO niXNt.i! Of 1)1 K I' 1K.JI lltt.llt
CAN IIC l SKI) wmiOLl' DKl'KiJTlOii I
ril-' Mateor l-'emale.
t.nt t y uiaU lo any addioaa.
C. PRIi'R HOslR,
Hex jii'i; P'.it oni.-o.
S, I Al el-, UYOI T At I 'O..
U' I in!.- lot Ko. 2fl2 H. SKOtlNP Htreet.
fiiisinKLiNK. I
am. i nin-1 tiiu lor ail Nortliein autt Eastern cities and
.iwln I--t . su Una et ery
'1 1'L-si.AY ,
VM StTfRntV,
f.ont the Conpaov a ivlnirf. nr.-1 atntvc Kitee sli, et, and
Nf, Yoiiv, I.out I'u-r 11, JNoltlt Kiver, on aatue days, at
I' M .
I or I'O'liih', wiileli will be received dully, haiKlled In tha
mo-', ran i n i,,u.iiit r, a' tl ilell. urc-ti vsitU too Kteale.l del !i, a: la:r r tl s, ai. Iy 10
i -lfl lm No. - 0 Mil h VA iiarves.
4ft?t 'fcAM "Wl.l.ULY TO LlVKtt-
nV'lirl:'i9to pfs.l I o it i-ltl 1 1 1: et i.itit-t listen n, Cork Harbor.
-I i . ,.-j,,. own so-iniieri ol tde l.bnrio,il, New York,
and l'li,,i..t..),id Kieuioiltip 4 oumaiiy aro Inuindod ts
laa i l.ill'iw :
(1IX ul LiililiON. ialurdy, K ivember W,
J'.I'N I. -an. i.l .i. li. ieiiilii-ra.
LIU ' 111 Illl. K ., in, lat . Ilt et-lillser M an ic-ooctiiiii saiuiday, ca o,.on, front Flor Na
t r A l-V -! "t J Kr"l - A ' 1 K PaVABI.II IS Ct'KilKJfOT.
!'n -i t'.-.i, n tlen iO Sieiisie .10
ii st I' lo L noon 17,1 ul tsiieru je t ) l.iiinloa... as-ud
Mrst t'i,i. u to I'.trii.. LSI Ml rtt, i ia.-. lu Paris !. in
i list (-., in to Hani ir fe-l-si-il 6le. r. ye lo U.iinbirn, 7l.tAI
li-. oi. -n. ul.-o i.iiw'trde.l lo llrmaeu, lUi
teriljin, Antw tr). ..., at equally low rates.
I .ir,- ir. in i.n,.i.,K. or yaecii.towii: Flrit CaWn, i
J I.", i, ITo, e.'i'l hi.rave fioin Liveipool a;,d v'tieuits ,
i, vi:i,v . l b. i.e w ho v, i.h to send lor Uaur liluas oaa s
h:, II, , . I. I.. . rMt, a. p
itn nn luiciiuuUon api ly al Ihe Company's nftices. 1'
,101. S I). DAI.K, Aeein, K
Ko. Ill WAJ.NI. 1 ttlioel, 1'uliaJclphla.
af(f frS. BOSTON ANT rillLADEI.rillA
3a Ttir itf Rlvamsliin lone, sailing from each port oa
Is.. 1 1 Uii.TVH. Rom Crst whan alioie I'INE hlreol.LMIe
delpiiia. m.d Long YA hitrf, Iloslou, From nnt wharf
above IMNK Htreei.on Hatuidav, Nov ember ti. ItsH.
T lie- 'tei.lnlltili ii HUMAN, I'.aker, will kail roni 1'hladol
phln ti.r lloiion, on Satnrilay. Novc-nibc-r 'ill. at 10 A. At.,
ami the iteitiurhlp H.WON, Mntttiewa. troai llo.tou k)f
f ooi' t.B laioe ouy, at ( l . ai. . j
llitie new ana .ui.siaituai so aiiisi.ips lorra a retftuar 1 1
lire, t,aiblig fioin each port puiH niullj id Halnrtiaya.
IniuiHiH-ia eirectid al one-aalt Uic oruiatuu(Uia.gtdom
Sale vessels. I
I reli 1. 1 taken at fair ratea. fi
hii.peii are nnne.ic-d U) send 6'Jp Becelpts and Bills 1
I.adaiL' weih ttielr eo.idii. ;
lor 1 lMhl or LaM0 (having fna aeeoramodntlons) j
api.lylo IU-.MIY WINSi.K i:o., J
jat-lf Mo.Soih. LlLlAWAhJS Aeanao. ll
TITl'Sill AV "
.V-s, . ,
MtMihs. Moven. n.
1 ,e llrllnh aliln I'HII AI.EI VIII A. Captain 0.
r. rooi,i
v 1 sail lor the aboie port ou the llli Sioveatuer.
(iteeiage Siilu turieni y.
juoMAS mcnARnso, co.,
10-2S Ko. lul WALK V T Sueot,
"a-st"1 uift.r lanes, na Uelawar aiUt- 1
1,. .i.i.n t aual. 1 he sieamera of these lines are loaviut;
dally al 1 o clock ai ., ana o oevo a. w -a
above Walnut street. . . ... I
'or freifbt, svtiicai win bo taken M aoeomraodattiw .
Uriueapia toWllXlAat St. BAAiUJ A 00.. Aio. iX? , '
L)tLAltK Aiauue (
A V vcineneo of soldien aud others vlilllna "ituip 1I I
charge." near Mining Mill, a lal Biinaay piisaanu'-r 1
liam wil run he-ween I'laladelphia and I'tievulxvllle uiell
fnrlher aotl.-e. eonnuenclng Hunday, Moveinber 14. l)Sii
leavlug fhiiad'-lphia alS A. M and 1'Un f. M., and rot urn
lug rroio i-iiuiiiIaviIMi at lu,aua il-.ICiP. M..aioppiut
at all taiiom. O. A Jilt iil.LH, I
Jl-li Lil Oeuerul luperfuteaduit. i