The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, November 21, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 1

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latest from Sherman.
General Barry Seriously III.
General Thomas Watching tha
Bvft.vio, N : j Yi..k, Noremoer 2 Brist-silcr-Gencr
.1 I)i'rj, he.-ninn's chief of artillery,
arrived hero yeterjiy riously III. 1U l"fi
itneri4l Sherman at Kiug-'ou, Georgia, at ')
Vlork ou the morning of tbe U'th id-t.
General Ran y ays Sherman has ail tb
infantry, cavalry, an I .irtiit- ry ha wants. Ihe
icn had received eight mouths' p ay, and their
Outfit hm been especially adapted to a hard and
rapid winter campaign. The mm .1.'. of the tr ips
it un'rraallcd for efficiency mid vigor, uni G ine
rt! Sherman will cirry hi.) army triumph tut,
Uirongh '.lie work he has to do.
On Monday night la-t Huod's entire fire's,
M' ludlng F'orrest's cavalry, wero in the imme
diate neighborhood of Tuseunibia and Florence,
Alabama, watched by the troops under General
Thotuas, of strength as will render an in
vasion of Tennessee impossible, and even tlie
withdrawal of Hood for sorvi ..j elseihjre an
peration of extreme delicacy.
Kine Hundred Rebels Entar Atlanta
for Plunder and are Captured.
VJ- 1 RTII.T. TiT! A TI 1?T,firtV.finn
Cincinnati, November 21. The tia;:ttea
Nashville despatch says that military affairs are.
nehanged and comparatively quiet. Tito rain
continues and the roads are In bad condit on.
Hood and E .a.'.-eg ird aie still in the vicinity
Of Florence.
Nine hundred Ilebel prisoners arrived at Ntsh
vile on Saturday morning from Atlanta. T 'link
ing the pluce evacuated, they vnbed in to pillago
and plunder, and were captured.
The Rebel sympathizers at Nashville ore
jlcomy and disconsolate in consequence of the
( anticipated results of General Sherman's move-
Accessions to e u: army are arriving daiiy from
.fce North.
Tho Whereabouts of our Army.
lBt.. Etc, r.te., El Etc.,
The Cincinnati Cattle of Saturday has tee fol
lowing on
fSberiiinii'ii Advance niiil What It Menu)
I From private ad rices, both by letter au I tele
graph, we lia' U thai SUerin.iu m advuitiu fro 11
Atlanta toward the Savannah ri'er in tvo
Volumes. I be first sjt out, one ac mint sivs, nn
m the 7b, anoiiii-r tho 'Jib instant (pioh miy thu iss'.
tlati on tne mad to m i.on. Uu the l.i u or l itu
uiai.iiiu was .soveuvy nines m uavuuci, unvi ig
tvcryttiiug tielon-it, and desiM.vmn everytliinit
ImoioiI tliat otilil am tlie enemy, iti'l mutiny
to purenc ihia poiyt jthe oud. 'lue ot i :r c 1-
mn,we nt Jerstana, l';t uut tnreeor tur iiv
uer, nnd iinrtiinl) edly Imen lm to un to wit i
'he other at a niiuble pu n', l'ne army n st i .1
".ii rome accounts at 4".i)0O hdJ iu o ners u
64,000, a large initios' ln im; cavalry under Hit
Patrick. Tho largc.-t e-'iniaUi ii pro'. a ile, tnn
Urmy l.elng e-iaipo.ed :( f ur cjrps, and jely
Hheimati took with him ra'iom for m inv divs.
but excctefl to liii.l antplu privismnH in rti-i
n.ute. Lorn anil kwett no at es he will n il It
hmidance, and proiub'y dons.
buoh i. our jju.ion truni several so uve' ;
ut at :he sume timti i ohjuld lie r oileo o I Ii it
lOei.erul, nt the beii of a movable ar uf i i u:
ield, may act a crdin tn ein uiimano n, i i 1 lie
nay be lurned lium tbu cursu we iipjmo bru
nave taken by coitiujient evcnis, ot vtu.'h
ve n w no nn ) we unnursta el nun t
on his h thi.iiMh Gc rij a. to tn i.e 1 1.
u'b At ance. sr.i.ulMii, nt lie .utort, a i u v
tite ot tuppll s, if he i;ds o. e; but. If t"e
iiuniiy, a-, wu uppa", is sulll.lent t in a it til
H arniy, nitre it noabsiiuie ikcUoi aiy u.-w
Here It will be mini red, what opivislti n w.ll hu
tei.ui.ur, and wbul i hu onje t ? Tlure iil
ii am v n iront or him. and tin; ix orji t nil i.i i
mil be n'tcrly ir. tlieiet t iu o istructtn ii s prj
grerf. lli Oil Ik piweiless, Lec has n in n to
pn-, oiid it be I a l :t would t.ii;e a lir arm
ii ibDiir blui'iiiii. Lbe Held ii ib tre'iir n icn
loie him, juJ iho que ttun in, vnt e n Ii"
coiniili'h ) In iur o iiuion, ho can ec n ' i -i
ue un n tii p jitaiu re-nits nueledio the, war.
A'hi ii a coluiun ri achei cm d tr v
ll.eiually the only remaining rai rotd coininnui
'li u t eiwecn the estern and western paits uf
ht Co-.l.di mcy. When a column stiili r a;ti
lutusia, it destroys tne largest inau itiii mr,e
i O veot ot military muniunns in tne dumb.
to (iriutest, ana utmost; oniy powaer rainu-
ai lq.ry is there. When tberailr.iads to Augu .u
no In in avallnan to c naricsmn ate ue-trovu i,
tio lurtbcr prnctienble military ominuni
i.lietwein tho country cast of the Savannih
Mtofit. We shall have severed tho Con
General Mu'u.lior lino.
lIi"stUrem'se'BK,' Alioriv th.
ottlcor," but was!rd,AT atianta.
Iho lad bioiifcUt h i), giving an acconut f
iiuorters, wneni na i itroa.nduys that ou the Cik
the surprise of ml, but i-peithei;id, which gave
General Curtis asi:d the bs bcb.g reinforced,
to serve las leim oi -0.of live hundred
lie reply vns "e iibt inoir.U.r rec- utly.
imincdiatelv wr ite hi:n a l'urlo.ii
anil presented him with thu licrc, ' " "' .
nil wtbie ol the lieb.i ocneiai. ' Jotiei-boro
About four liundred poor faair' thouband
intend to emigrate to Mexico, an-'Y,' B,llM-tu
is takina up in tin Austrian cai'BR ,lie',11'n', .
tineiiMB b"'' 'H'lfK hut
tipeiiia. Atlanta to contest
B-Iiieretsfts ory allc. ,,lllt KllX mMtMf
laniily who, in the ets , ',.varkxIK ..
Uu i euobscot river, r w
nt hi,,,!, ,,.itiorinatlon received liv the
up on a suttee ; (. that Bl.ermau bad destroyed
in Cali'itta in nJ Atlantic Railroad from
-iii.i. ni ni iin. jona, the C'hu'taboochce bridge
a widow fnuil noveniect is dillicult to uuikr
sebool atuieis cxpluiued by unolliclal n ports
Mln.-iou. circulation oaiing yesieruay. ii
rune vtl'.'bs des ruction of railroad can be
'Jl thmiL'h it U'lll Hill .nxu a inniirflii.
rein - itv- w.rv. -
eporti bad it that Sherman, having burned
llW VQ Ult 160 Ua )'ufaav bo4 set yit
tor Va-rtn, '-.;i hr'e'iir.i;.'ng to thir-y-ti
ve :h' niiaiii in. n, ami that h. h vd on ye.s er.l y
r In d Jjqc boo, ttnty:o uiUci ij'ith of
At; uca.
tifri m n s v en to rn for.
If th.'re Is tt ith In th. so a -'mints, as wo
' (ii. ve i her is. W h. i'!-- ha- li toaiMr for.
1'. .lev. Iv.t npi n him to vni Ii Sti. nam and
k-.en ported n to b m iveinciits. Only four
dins iign !i. wpot'd him 'ni 'ving to. ir is
ItMllfepolt.'' N 'W it is f.l.l PO-lfS ll'tn
ii m: ig tow in!s i n, m a'lov.' sta .'d. We
feri in ... thr. it In." i 'or: " ; ,rr jlo
r it.-d ty i),!o . ..Kii .
t . uriiit in Witt, in us . in.
Mir m in ' I, v tilink mri ' ih opposi' on
lie d i in t en., n'ate iii(in iH l' ire he n'.i be t ie
iortirn ati."is ot Mn'Miv I'll- - 'rks Iiotiol b-3
cm r ten. ti them, he ill find of "iot formnl-t'iie
i Imraeti r, snd .tb troops t'.a: liefnra that tin e
will ie. c 'llt'i ted in then., lin y run it gne h m a
vat ; n i ire ot trouble ilian Fiei vid -u ly counts
opiiii. 1 1 o'oi .'tits vi 1 b it'le to.' tin; r iren.'.iies
ks thi l'et. 'sbur.T mi Itia did last I me for tnr.ra
or the Hi humid militia did nt -lunnton river
LiiJie, later in lbe imnier, Mac in w.ll be saved.
iifc k n txi, n r mm ax's mix r iun ie. ?
In nioli'ifakini: this r xpedi'ion, Slserman is tj3
priii!-r.t a i"im io rely up jn su is,;ing bisar-aiv
untie country, and it beeo nes Interesting and
in, permit M enn-idi'r irul point he ea'culates
up ni in. iking his base oi'-iipiilie. His deuru '
tlon of the railroad northnvst of Atlanta proves
that he has nit loose nt the Oia'ta in ci base; he
mi.t then bo looking tj some poiut oa the
A;luiit e or the viulf.
e are disponed, for sev ral reasons, to bolicvc
thnt l'i n-aenla is the selccieil point. This is nn
hi of its greater proximity tha'i any other
lo-t to his present field of operations, tvit he m e
i is iis. ertalnid hat lor more than a nionlh very
largo supplies have been acciimn a'ed there. If
he mils to take M aeon at the fi. st d-h, ho will
probably run for l'enaco!a, and m iko It his niv
1 ac of operations. It Is not to he presumed th it
he curries niih bun supplies sutl'icient to enable
him to enter npon a siiye which shall oc jipy anv
coililerablo lenitih of lime.
We hae veiMired tbe opinion that henn in
had 1'en'ai oi l in view as a new b ise of supp ies,
hot i. is proper to say there are reasons why be
iin;:ht selc t some point on the Atl inti't as liaini;
ni ar-r at hand. Savannah, for instan:e, otl'trs
advuntagf s did its appm ich not Involve 'he eer
tainty ot a great deal of heavy lighting. We look
with i:i ense InUreet tj full and autbon'ie ne.vs
fioiu Georgia.
riKTiii;R Aii'ii T snriiMAV.
till .-ia informatinti was received yesterday that
Stnrnian hail destroyed the Atlanta and Nortb
wc dtern rullroad from Ar'auta towards Cbat'tt
ro. g.i for a considiniile distance, and the report
was in circnlation during the d ty that he had
burned Ath nuiand was marching towards M icon
with thirty-five thousand men.
The plan of operation on S i Tnum's utrt. at
we !"aru from the fine sourc end we suupi-e
eorn cily. is to leave Tliomaswi li such relnforco
meiits a have been sent him to iidpiiso IJjn ire-
gam, while Sherman with his own colnmj shall
n.ove south from Atlanta.
1 hi- is ;o c intideiitlv asserted. , nd is snnnorted
by o much oi clrcum-tance, ti. i; we accept the
piogi imme as a t: ne cnc. The ill t point ra irked
fur :.i tine bv tshcriHnu is Muco i, distant from
At'nMa ono hundred nnd threo miles. Macon
iiii t c I, arc inl'omn d that be is next to move
upon SaTnnuuh, one hundred id ninety m les
innii Macon, and npon Chariest m, one hundred
and tour miles further. I'm h iis August i, one
nuniircu ami Mxty tour miles troin Macon liv
rail, Is to lonn a point in the gmd tour, lla- ing
re-olved upon jiich a march, Sii-inan has c uu
mittid hlmse f to it t y tearing up the ra lr n-l
behind him a far back as to Aia'oona, and by
destroying tho brid;o over the Cuattahmchce a
singii.ur inumi'iiire, to be sure since bis peop'e
et Inline have heard nothing fron him, we trust
iney in vi r wi'i again.
Iti.s'.ne specula ion of soma that, instead of
it' inching upou Savmiuah a'id('i:n :les'on,Slierniau
will move fur Mon'eorucry an I Mobile. G)
which way he wid I eh is a long road before him.
i.nd it will be our ault if it bo not a rough one.
in iifnureuaru mrn ana pursue eaeriuan, or
will he prosecute his own eampalga J (Joe is
moving north, the other south ; His purposes are
ui ees-arily secret. Nor are we in possession of
inhumation for an opinion as to tho bet' policy.
It is to be hoped that the p'oide of tau States
thn ugh which Sherman proposes touvuchwll
ti i g t Ik n selves upon him wi'b a courage tb it
.-hall no them honor. There is a capital dnli r
ence bciwcen his situation and that of lluod. Ho
is In an enemy s country, wnile Hood is amum;
No sacrifice of Pion-rty, no activity of odiiosI-
lion, Binst be counted now or consider :d ex tes
tive. Tiardown bridge., block roads, remove or
oe-troy supplies, c jtotf toragers, tight at every
3.'S. If tihtr.iian should be able to accomplish
mch a journey as that he propo cs, foraging as
ne cots, it win ne i proot mat n ; was not nec i n-it-glj
lesisted. On the whole the sitiia'ion of
atlalrsKast and Sioiyli is cxirniiiely interesting,
and ioiportunt events hasten to : aeir tteooaipinu
mcut. neporls nt WiihIiIii toil,
Iit'orniation receive ! at Washington shows
pietty conclusively that Karly h is been roeiillcd
nh lii entile tree trom tne vn send to
N.vunaah by rail, am! .L it ai.o.i, ten t'l usaod
u oie have been duta. bed from l.oe's army and
miii tinuth, and that nn arniv of about tliir'y
ti ou and Is to bo improvued it ad tr KiVcll, to get
t itwccn Miorinun and tne .vimr'H eoait. lacy
l ie help iss to ward oil' auv In ,w from Macon,
Ai guns, Or Mobile, or T- 'I' umu' iatte poiut
hiticu AHuiita and the G iif.
Howell Colli) may muver i ) or fifteen thou
iind niidtin, hut tbt y ar.ius stru v before sber-
n. an. lbe U 'bels uie uo g no. tuiougli what
1'iDiisylvania bis tclt, wjeu iu orgitii.e.l and
rn" ii Kebel urmy w is luva iinij lier soil.
Gnat confident o is telt Iiere iu Sherman's
ni n ) to t ike cure of lilui-mf. and the only fear
if his Ci inpljte and early sue csi is from the
mp'oi i r exposures tn de by c..rtrtm newsp ipeis
if b- plans and bif.nti ins ,.et ro be left ou his
ixpiimiou. Hut tin: enemy l.sow not as yet
wbirj bo wnl bring iptini'ly, is he dws no.
Imui l imscli. il.s course .vili I'j determined by
ci vi lop'i g tacts as lie pro'-trcsiie-'.
It will lake tne i;eii is hi le .st ten Qiivs or two
wicks to uiovi lia lc to oa.uu nib or .V'lgttsta.
in d in lbe nn at.tliuu sli'inn u vdl Ii ivo an open
nun i. rune linn, it is to ne I, a tie bus already
upturi d cr ttt'ei ed I lnwnll ' i.'io's eight tliou
iind new tr-iOi's that ware li .t n'o htm when ho
in oi t Ironi A inula. Lot'1; s n ga have otten
M iviilhiin a good purp is oi the p ist, and he
ii. fv itnotber dri(t ou t!1 in nuv.
lie 4Iii ii1iik ol' iho Iu! n. I Me by tho
Allll ll t l. el. II",
S:. FiiAsci'ii,N.ivm.e:' i'.f. -0 llcinl advices
ot t.-tohti 'JM, Iroiu VoUii'iiiuia.i juhriu the report
1 1 t! e I'pci.ii'g ol tic; I'lia.oi - i ol Japan by the
til nd tli rr. The eir, i a tn -in ;v i .brief. The allies
io-t twelve kilbd aid fil'ti.. ii' wounded; the
.hi) anise 'rem two bundled o throe hundred
huh d and wi iin b d.
'I he steamer svu A'on;, eh n torcd by Minis'er
l'ltijn to accompany thu be t to represent tiie
Vi ittd Mutes, did greut execirion with her 3ti
pi, under 1'iirrott gun. rSbe was uftcrwards sold
to the Jupanese Govemiucut tor 10S,uuo. Tiio
imii n.nny to the Americans is expected to reach
-jt o.coo.
'I he C'omtnlfsioners of the Allies were to meet
the Jupanese cflicialsat Kanagawaon October l't,
to aoju.t the amount of the indemnities to the
vail, us nations.
The poits are to be dismantled and tho fleet
will remain to see that the I-polu keeps his
1 ronise.
it is believed that the Jnpaneso Government
w ill hencelorth be able to keep the unruly nobles
in check.
General Gillem at Knoxvillo.
Louisville, November 20. General Giilcm it
safe at Knoxvlllu with bit coonnand.
In the attack on bit outposts, oar lost in killed,
wounded, and misting, did cot exceed fUUr bun
dled men.
Cot MliNO tub SoLbmis' Votb. The soldiers'
vote, to tux at counted this morning, gave Tresl
dt ut Lincoln a majority of 2003. The vote ttandt
Lincoln 4064 ', McClcUan 20C1. Tht vote on board
the Vnited Statet supply iVesjOM Donegal wot
The Criminals and their Crim';?.
Ho Kakes Five Hundrrd The .:-.nil
IZtf., Ktc, jato.. UtP ICto.
Wamiinoion, NociubT 21. Iiiora on ): .s
been received at the Treasury P'pirtui 'nt c'
recent operations on the part of Internal Hewn ie
Officers, which thows that they ,im wide .nva'tc.
not only to the Interests of the 0 v .lt.icst. ba'
also to their nun interes s. Tlir-e large I rceri' s.
with ad the pcrs-mad property, sikU at )):l'rs,
vats, horses, wagons, ' arrcls, beer on h nl, f :.,
have been se Led by one of the Ne v Vo"V: C Ie '
tors for infractions of the pl .in rci lireT. ats i t
the Internal Revenue law. The rnporty '. noa'i's
in all to more than a million of lo lars.
It appears these brewers were in '."ic Inioi: of
distilling Illicitly and se -retly the. or s cir
beer, ithout taking license as distillers, m ik ii-;
the nocessury tri-iuunthly returns rentir vl of
them by law as such, or paving faves on the
.spirits distilled. The operations were .vndii ;e 1
with snch caution that, aitlmngh the Iutercal
Hcvcntie law has been In op;rati n over to
years, they bad not been disco.eicl iinl:ln)v.
Summary proceedingt followed the di- ivcry,
and although the parties claimod th it they were
nnawaie of the provisi ms of tho i iw with rcg ird
to returns of distilled spirits under all cir -u n
stanees and payment of duty therein, t.'iey were
not allowed to reap any ndvan'.. 0'; fri. ii i.i s
th illo'V subterf'.'.go.
The incurred by the-e par s nr.
cuorinous. They are required, ui: Jor the law, ti
take uut li.enses as distillers, to give ''.s, to
make regular Irl-uionthly returus, and perforin
other Important acts. A penalty ot' Sve hundred
dollars atthches to a refusal or neglect to da any or
either of these actious; and the projierty of ar
tics who are detected il i-ttcmptin to ilef.-a l
the (ioveiumcn' by such acts a.s wcro cc.ii.ait'i 1
by these parties is all liable, upon proo:' of tlie
intent, to eonriVuion.
Ab the moiety of tho penalties goes to lb . in
foiruer, the f irtuaate man whi dis jv;ro I ttJ-e
stupendous Iran Is, and brought thorn : 'l.e
attention of the executli-o ottieer, b:s, in .til pro
bability, made himself kad:pan.lcu. far life. II s
share will amount to nearly sr0O,O'H.
We are glad to observe, in view ot't'ic strictures
lately made npon New York otli.-ia'.s 1 y ono of
our leading contemporaries, that this Silzui e w t
the result of patient pcrsevertace in t'ullo'viu!; t-.p
a slight trail in the ollice of one o:' the Ciiy Col
lectors, na juioido parties 1; ivit g h u! any h inj
in the affair.
New York is not the only city, it i -n
whire ingcuious and extensive frauds on the
Government are endeavored to be perpetrated
Oneot the lievenuc Inspectors of st l oirs lately
had occasion to suspect a leading linn of that city
of making false returjt of cigars uianufa :ture I
by them.
After a series of carefully conducted Investi
gation, the olllcer obtained such inosistibio
proofs of the linn's guilt, that they at once owno-J
up, threw their books open to his inspection
which, however, be had a right by law to de
mand aided him in ascertaining tho cxa;t
amount due the Government and the proper
return, paid the full tax, an! then b jgged to bo
ullowcd to pay the full annum', of penalty in-curr-td
by them, vi.. : sf'iOJu, without having
the ease go to court.
The i.nestion presenteJ a curious tilitwe )t the
lav. By its provisions, a r.i Met of the pennlties
Ohtained by prosecution pjss to the informer, and
the informer is ascertained by decree ot Court.
In this case, as there was no prose:ut! on, the in
former could not b3 legtlly us 'erttl"d, hut as
the Department was determined that the tiiank'.ess
but responsible and honorable ofrlec of the detfl.-.
tive should not go unrewarded, it decreed that
the compromise with th3 pantos should be based
upon the ground that they should pty ctirf-half
of tho sum to the inspector wh ) had tiled the in
formation resulting in the disi overy of the fund,
and the other half tD the Govortimeut. Thus it
will be seen that the Ilcpirtment intends to leai
notonly justly but generously witbiho-e to whise
energy and iiitelligene it hi indebted for valuable
The Government has thus far been to lenient
with those who have failed to comply v th t'.J
provisions of iho Stamp Act, aliotfi'ig picas of
"ignorance of the law" as aa excuse, un'il stuc
people have begun to fool that the 1 iw is nearly a
dead le'ter, and that ill paymouts they do make
in the w ay ol'sta upt are iu tiie nit are i f vo'un
tary contributions.
From the following Incident, whi 'h ti-ok place
in Louisville, our readers will see that tlie l iter
tii.l Hcvtnuo Otilctrs have not only the power bin
thativlll to enforce the law.
A person brought to the Colli) ir an t u stamped
receipt, asking whether It wat considered a legal
paper; he was informed tht It was n it, ind tiiat
the maker had incurcd a penalty, pr ibably ea-:-lc.-sly,
and he was advised to return with it to
him, with a request that it might be st niped. IIi
returned shortly afterwards, stating that the only
unswer ho had received was nbnso and threats
of violence. The Collector went immediately to
the otllce of the District Attorney and had the
n.nUr of the receipt cited before the United Sititos
Commissioner. When the law was read to the
defendant, he at tmce drew his pocket-book, paid
bis $200 Quo and went home, it Is hoped, a
wi.-er if a poorer man. Tho costs of the prose
cution were fcl- Tho remaining $19o were divi
ded between the Government and the informer.
Let others bew are !
Iti-Hlhn la tli Old Point If UHlse,
Foiituess MokIiob, Novemlier l'J. The fol
lowing are among the deatht in the hospitals at
Old l'oint since the last report: Dwight Wil
liams, 203d Tenniylvanlat John F. Sharp, 6otU
Pennsylvania; Toblat llrown, lflPth Pennsyl
vania ; Andrew J. IUfic, 6htli Pennsylvania;
ftamuel II. Christy, 18sth Pennsylvania; Charlea
M. Swift, 211th Pennsylvania ; Jacob A. Warnor,
20Ud Pennsylvania.
A severe northeast iiorm tet In to-day.
Harketa b y Tcletrnsph.
New Yoiik, November 21. Flour firm; aalet
bf ii barrrls i ')'ii.v,ij itn lor Bins; l0 Ujviis)u lor
lilito. sinl tmui'ii id tor Southern. Wumu dull; solua of
'd!At bu.liw. st an uilvftnet ol S csints. Corn ad kneed H
cenlt ; ii e ul l..usi nl f I'oft. ttedy. fork
1iHWbJii'I5. Larkuuil. WLlkydall.
A substitute broker ia Concord, New Ilamn
sblre. tayt that be bos put two tiioustud uiea In
j Uig mi w KiTicf .
Cti cial Desjutch from Gcue:i;l Uunis.
H ' si, i, r n 1 1 i. Ahmi or .an. Piihio n, l'isr
Ai.kasiis, Novcciber H. via 1'ort eo't, Novjm
icr I.i. To (.' iiera! 1) i .ie- ' e li we j ist ,
'I I'lc. I the pars it of V.-i. c :-e r ir.l ir I
cro-n-.l ilu. Arkansi- rieer, nnder fire of onr
guns, lie letl hp itlier of his guns in 1 hi i i
carriage, wtiich, with other Ami and .; iinit ,,'s,
have fallen i ito r ur hands.
We are now rid of 2',,i100 nr "v,i s) h .1 'Mr., d
bu)iwha kers and halt starved vagali.iu Is, w 'm
I tope may ncTcr r"tnrn to ilitnii tho pea etu!
liihnbiUntH ni rtb of the A rliaiiNas rV"r. IT- i
ali. beyond curpostsof Payefreviilc, l o iSin
and Fort e-ibem. v.hi-'h .re r,i"i safe.
S. H. t n r-', M.t' 'r-i iener iV
KlH'dii) Ptspatthi's to Kvonlne TfUtrrnpb.
Wit!Ko i k, Novemlifr .M.
k'lrUet I, Inn Kriakeu.
Tii" steauie; M- ncuisitfr, fp ra Cite r j.iit,
reborn all (iiiic: when silo let", at .Ou'u't yes-te-r
lay moral'ig. Ii itlcr bal rcg lined jone siou
of the strip of picket liue tauen by the e.ieua on
Tnursday night, and ouv gnv.boata had ii.oved up
towards Dutch Gap, 1 1 it to be in readiness t
take .1 tiivid in 'ho tigbtii g siior.l.i the er.emy
again attempt any further otlVi.oivc dem n.s'M
t'on. Aswlrf rut to tlie osrtrll."
Tho V.i4i.' i.'rcatne up n p .n-e o: tli'? regniar
1'i.ul stiaiiiicr f'ovtikA', which ran into a t.'hoji er
on her downward trip. After gettitg. icar of tV
tchooncr, the (tm ai-den'ally ran ftjrotmd
near Maryland Point, when it wi,t dig :ovrcd that
three holes hud been knocked in'o her botto u
just above the water line, In ilt;- c.ilivicn -vitii
the s.hucner.
The steamer I. .'.'. .'.. no to ti c relief oi" tl:6
rVmncA, and t k k ot! iier ma, is and p.'S .'.ige.-s,
aid conveyed them to i ort.-ess Monro?, it wis
a 'or'.tinate circimntann' fust 'he . --i -rtn
lU'round; for at the time, her .r;ppiod eondi'l n
was nukutwn to h"r otl'e ers.
Had she proceeded e l licr w,vy she clouYltts
would have fone do Jrn sith all on b ard t'n re'.iy
causing great loss of lite, a sue ha ", a arg. nu n
bcr of pa-sengers ou board.
Ciigiliirs of ttlooknif c-KntiiierN.
The avy Department has raici-cd intu'int
t.or of the cAp'.'ire. of tite blc kid-.-rii'iners
fcbooner Aa .Vu,n.i, tnd fow s; ,s,r, ti e
forinrr on the 27tiiuiidth h.tter Oil theitsth u!t.,
while attempting to run into Vano l'a-,
They were iiden w'th ass.v-ted carcys, -ucli as
gunny hag, hoop iror, vc. Alsoo: thec ipturo
of the s.'hooners ..; and Johi l. ffa;ii. it, by
the Cuitrd States stea-ner Kirr 1fo)-J,i,i, while
atbrnpting to enter the port of VeU? o, with
assorted cargoes.
anc or l.lciiU'iisKI-l.ftvfrnnr Jm otis, f
Fevem! proniinent Kentucki in' arc here in
reference to the arrest cf Lieutenant! iovetiot'
Jaro1 s. Tliey will !! t sii ' eed in getting h in
rolcasid. The heads of departu.etits ,v 1 J I r :nm
iiend CoTgresj to increase the .il irics of cieriis
moderate iy.
Tta ieenl Cor lit.
Major-Generil lluinphrcy. it is s.,i 1, wil' q .
cred General Hincoc't in evtttii; mi oi the li
Crps, in the event of tint'lcr'e with
drawal from tho array. It is General II incek'n
a .'li to go Ntrtli to undergo medics,! trea'tr.cnt
of bis wound, and whi.'c re-tiperaiin.T to d 'vo'n
his energies to the re-enlisi nent an l o-gm!zt-tion
of a corps of vcitr ills whi' hav 'ten .it ic.lst
vo years' service.
The rnhlna-t.
It is stated that Secretaries Reward cud Welle
are at varian e again over tlie surror.dar of tho
Florida. Secretary Stanton is more tir'uusly in
disposed again. The announrenic'it of General
Dutli r's fneceeding Secretary Stanton has aroused
nil the representative fowl's of the conservatives,
an i fliey have been plying the President in sei
Fon and out of season, un'il it has became one of
the pleasantriea of the Cnpifol that Ger.itral
flanks has entirely eclipsed Mr., and
become himseif eliief licito- oi tho " Var V-i-poitment.
IIoimI anil Mieniinn.
In referenco to pvpula." anxieties oncerni "g
Il'i-id's Invasion of Kast Tcitn'tso", it may bo
stated that it Is not hermat's v .r.t to leave the
bars down behind him. Tiu lUdiinonJ 1(7.. o of
the ltilh publishes General f-her man s letter to
the Sanitary Commi-ion, ml con'S'turet fttnt
from that he is mare binf fir the relaassof t).e
Villon pritDncrs.
O'ni.AT Nauokai Ciiu t n. 1 his tceuiiig Tro.
feasor flutihiiison an ! his trailed d igs. Meet's.
G. II. Hutchinson and T. 11. Murray and Mr. W.
Ki ii cily, versatile clown, will riakc t'leir first
nppearauee. in addition to the very po.iul it troupe
ut'aitl-ti w'no have drawn so larcely norm puiil e
3tb ntion since the opening. J.i s.i;urdy even ug
i suiiii nee was so large that c -o tin. id itiors
hn l to be made on the stai'e for se. jra! hundred
iadirs and gentlemen.
St VII e'F TllLKMl Ml. imt To lAV S.x A. M ,
48. Noon. 40. 1 P. M. 4!. V.'ind, K.N. li.
Itif if liiNd. Tins mormng the Mayor issne l
warrants for the payment of the city bounty to ii, of whom 47 were enlisted for three years 'i
for two years, and 1 for one year. They were
credited to tho dillerent ward' as follows First
Ward 4; Fifth Ward .'i; Ninth Ward t; Tenth
Ward l'J ; Twelfth Ward 1; Fifteenth Ward 11;
I'ightfenth Ward 1 ; Twentieth Ward 1 ; Twenty,
first Ward 2 ; Tweuty-seeimd Ward 12 ; Twenty
third Ward fi ; Twenty-tilth Ward 1. During the
past wcik the stun of lo'i.-Ht) 0 j w as paid out for
bounties to volunteers.
Voluutcers are more plenty to-day than they
have been fcr a year past. Since the clo tiou
umie men enn be fi uud who are willing to enter
the Bimy than before. Recruits are plenty, and
uil that Is now needed Is for the several wards to
otler an inducement iu the shape of bounty, nnd
in this way may readily secure a tmlieieut num
ber of intu to meet unv calls that may iu future
be made upon them. "Some of the wards havo
already adopted this precautioa and, are meeting
with success. Nearly throe thousand men havo
been obtained and will be credited to any future
oull. Thie number it being daily augmented,
and if our cilieus by their eirorts will endeavor
to ttimulate the recruiting spirit which now to
itenerully prevails, our city will be far ahead of
all others ui the good work of filling the rankt of
our army.
REcoNtrBi'CTEii. The Mechanic!" Institute, a
literary association of Southwark, wot reorgan
ized on Saturday evening last by the election of
H. F.diuonds, President; Harry Gilden, Vice
President ; F. G. Fisher, Treasurer; and John W.
F'luzier, Secretary. A board of twelve manager
wo also elected, nnd from the enthusiasm mani
fested on Saturday evening, tho Mechanics' In
stitute bids fair to become all it ever was In its
palmiest days. , .
W ith a valuable library worth, at least 850CK),
and with tuib gontlcuieu at Key. Dr. Durborow,
Messrs. Merrick & Sons, and Morris, Tasker 4
Co. taking worm Interest in it, the Institute will
t an Uom to tht fitUcM ni Sonthwoia.
Tur. Ditsrii ov Ainmr tid
tuteiligeree of the death of Altsrrt Newsam, the
distinguished deaf and dumb artist, reached ns
yesterday. He ili d ou Sunday morning at 4
o' li" k,at the "Living Home," ne ir Wilmington,
Delaware, uf..r a lingering illness of several
years, resnl lng from an attack of paralysis. His
history was a ruiiarka'ilc onn, and in his pec uliar
line (lithography) he bad no superior in this coutte
try. It w ould ''C a te lions tak to enti neruto the
ir ny excellent drawings w hi h he has made:
S'.t'a.'e it, thai in Uic i..,ti, a world be is well
known for li s ms likenesses uf the dictin
gnishid nn mbi-rs of various c ii fts, vhirh, for
liuelpy to the, ori tlnals, and s o'erior finish, will
c nipare with anv pro lu tiots o; tlie kind on
fithi r side nt the A'lanti '. f"fj
To the tndlitl portrait gallery he hue nun.
biit. il some of the b-"t spc imeas to bJ f mti I iu
that elegant and enter; iinitn. cube ti m. In the
d ra m utic line, his portraits of dis'in'i shed his
trionists have ever been regarded wifi ndtuiri
tion for their acenra y and superior v'nish. As a
oi , Ut, In" bm been pron viii ed f.t ii less. At
the e stub! is bine nt of Mr. lijval he w h the pvln
cipal nrtist. l be superb product! ns of hu pened
iiUallid the finest of the Kreu h .art s s and the
la ter ure well known to h i e no siipeiior in tone
and artistic litiisb.
Several of bis mai'n'ti cent crav ni d ' livings and
lithcgiaphic prodiicilons now adorn ma hi'lsof
the Do. 'I 'ami Dumb Asylum at 'Ir' " irncrof Pine
and Ilroad s'rc.'ts, and are exhibite I wit l com-
i Iiii D.lablo pride tiy the m&nagei 4 o. tiiv ')euev
lent institu l n, as the work nf Al ien Ne vsa n,
, one of their e.iiliest and most 'lis'in.'aisho t tin id's.
Ills conduct In lite wasof tho most iiveni-oa liable
, and i xeniplary eh ua ter, mi l en l ired him to
j his numerous acquaintances an 1 every lover of
, the line arts. The eminence w inch ho "iuoo l
in tho liiiiogiiiphlc art will doulitless c infer upon
blm an linmortal ninio in its annals, and the
incidents of his life present an interesting
We le irn tl.a a com uiitee of his f ien is pnr
pee having tho body ictnoie.l t Hi s city, fsr
inti rmeut at 1. oircl Hill Cenc ory. Iho funeral
will take place on I'tiesilay al'teinoon, at i o'clock,
from lbe residence of John A. M -ell'sier, Ksij ,
Twenty fust street, below (i,hen it, and willb1
aitmi'ed by tho pupils of thu D af and Dumb In
stitution. The services will lie atiSt. Cletncoii's)
the I piseopal Church, corner of Twentieth and
Cln rry sireets, and will pr 'gem, no doubt, a Bad
and interesting scene. They will be .ondutted
by tie Itcv. M r. t biilaudc, of Now York, who
lias been telegraphed to for that purpose, and
every effort will be made ! render tho occasion,
one not only of diep soi un-. ty, but aa I n
press v tri'iiitc of respect to the memory of tho
Tn: VisiriM; Hosion Co m : i sev.-The
Commit tec from the City Uo.incil of boston, who
have been stopping in m.r city for tome days
past for the purpose of contracting for iron gir
ders to be used in the construct! )ii of the new
Municipal II ,11 now bmi ling in the ' hub of the
universe." will leave ns to-day for home.
The llo.stoiil tns ware eirert lined principally
by private parties, but were especially in charge
of our own city comic diucm, whoso attentions
w ill not be bug ittcn by t ic visitors. On Friday
the stnxrrters were escorted to Girard College,
and other Philadelphia iiisti utions. On Situr
dny they wero around Fairuiouut Park
ai d the Water Works. Yesterday several of the w, re pre-ent at the blessing of tho
human Catholic (' aib, dial.
A numtier of tho visit ng gentlemen are mem
bers of tne Grand Lodge I. O. of O. K., of Missa
chusetts, and on Saturday evening Past Grand
Musters A.l mis and 1'u 'ker, of Uoston, nietuners
of i lie City i ouncil of tb 't place, were iutrodui'cd
to Kt.terprisn I . dge, No. 201, of this city, al
Sixth and lluines streets, by M. VV. Past Grand
Muster J. Alexander Simpson and M. W. Tast
Grand Sire 11. I). Ni tholson, of this .State. A
number of interesting ad-lress"4 were made, and
the occ isi in was one dial will ne I ing remem
bered by the members of fhc Order present,
f A Whll-wohv Biiti.c-Fi.hi. In the month
of F'ebruory last Clement Tlngley, Esq.., of this
city, presented Knapp't renrtsylvan'a B ittery, of
which be was formerly an olllcer, with an ele
gant silk guidon. This fUgwas carried by the
battery on Sherman's celebrated march from
Chattanooga to Atlanta. At the presentation of
this Hag, the gallant boys of the battery pro
mised to return it only when It had been by the
storm of battle rendered unlit for use. The con
ditinn hus notv been fulfilled, and ibis morning
we have seen this relic of our glorious advance in
the Southwest. It is indeed tattered and torn,
and speaks more eloquently man w irds of the
brave deeds of !ts det'en lersj and how in the fire
most shuck of battle they met ihe foe. As hinupp's
llattery now journey with .Sherman on Bis graad
Souihward inarch, thoy may rest assured thi'.t
tbeir tattered riiI 'oii w'll rerua'n with us not only
us a rt nii mliruncer of the gallant service they
have pstformed, but as a welcome ntgury of
their comnlcto nLd llual triumph over ttp ir euo-
mlet. The battery now numbers two hundred
and fifteen men n for duty, and more re
cruits arriving, vie ho i
i ild call this a popular
Dkmi'atio! ov a Coi ti.f.E. To-morrow even
ing, at eight o'clock, tne new col I ego rooms of
Messrs. Bryant, Stratton. & Bannister, Assembly
Buildings, S. V. corner Che. nut and Tenth
stn els, w ill be dedicated. Ou the occasion an
addiess on "Commercial I'ducttio i" will ne de
livered ley the eminent merchant, Peter Co ipor,
liiq., of New York.
The rooms of Me-srs. Bryant, StraUon, &
Bantrster are located in the third story of the
As ru'dy Buildings, and are titled up in a
mtniier calculated to Insure the greatest care
a id i oniii rt of the student. The curse of study
parMied at tho institution of these gentlemen Is
so well kuown to the public that it it useless to
allude to it here. .SuiHce it to say, that under
the tuition of tkeric geutleman a :h rou jb kn.ov
b dge of those studies re unite i i mereati'ilo life
can beobiained in as tli .rt a nne and ut as cheap
rates as any similar establishment iu our city.
The attendance at the npe.iing t.vmorro will
no doubt bo rpiii- large. David Paul lirown,
Ii-ip, w ill preside.
The Puess . The establishment of the
Press Club in this city has been the means of
originating the pi -tion of similar associations in
other cities. The rptsburg firuaU-U; in spe iking
of the club, says .This assi' iition, nrg..uUed
during the summer, now Coiitiint about forty
iin inliers, including proprietors, edit )rs, -op lr
ters. correspondents, and contributors. The olipvt
is to promote social inter, ouist) among the m an
b ws of tin; profession, and to tecum an inter
change oi views upon the subject of j )urn absin.
Meetings are helel twice a lii m li, aid at present
a tot its ol essays are beingdeltv.'red by the mem
bei s of the ohm, each gcntlouian diicusing some
topte eonnectesl wl'h tae profession. Wny can
not we have a simliur club here? The .nter
courn' arising from sueb an lussoci itinn would, wo
Jnu it not, prove a bene'i: t' tlie entire press fra
Cti.aksisii Titr F vlliviirsi Basins. The
work ol clcaiisi'jg the '-.asiut at Faniuouat is still
progressing, and it will be soma lays yet before
the task Is complotcd. The ope rat on, whic'a is an
lnieresting one, is witnessed by a large number of
persons. Nearly every load that it removed from
the bottom of the basin contains a large number
ot lish, some of which are of unusual sb.o. They
ure taken possession of by the workmen, and
those that have eaten of them testify that thu
flesh is much sweeter and puier than that of the
finny tribe generally. T his is no doubt owing to
the fact of their having been born aud bred in the
basin, tho waters of which have not been disturbed
for fourteen years, and which Is much purer than
our rivers.
The Si-ndat HrnALD. Thlt it the title of a
large, handsome, and well-conducted news aud
family paper, published by S. K. Cohen & Son,
No. 108 S. Third ttreet. This is the fifth news
paper of its kind published in Philadelphia, but
mere is room tor it, and we count not it win oe
successful. Philadelphia sustains nine daily
papers, and it it rca'onublo to suppose that two
thirds of this immense crowd of readers are
dcsirout of having thu news on Sunday at well
at upon other days.
I.NurtsT m a Homicide Cask. This after
noon Corouer Taylor will commence an investi
gation Into the manner of the death of Fraueis
Mellon, a shoemaker, who wut stabbed about a
week since at a bouse on F'itzwater ttruet, above
Eighth. The particulars of the allalr have already
Ikcu published in Tus Tki.iuumh. Mellon
died yesterday at the Hospital. The party who
inflicted the woand bus not yet been arrested.
C HeahinqWaivkb. Thit morning the election
ofheert of tbe Eighth Division of the Fourth
Ward, who were arrested upon a charge of fraud
nd misdemeanor In office, were arraigned before
Alderman Welding for a further hearing. Mr.
Brooks, counsel for the defendants, slated that
they would waive any further beating, and enter
bail for Uieir appearance at Court. Bail iu tho
turn of 60U wat tirdinly entered by each
Wos'N "Marf.ii!hs.' If women are not
able to gracefully enusr a paswnger railway car
they can "n arket," and that to perfection alto.
It bat been well said that -'tht nearest way to a
Dian't heart is through his stomach," and this
must account fir the predominance of tbe female
tex at our market. The ladies know tbe wouk
point of their "lords," aud do not full to avail
tbcmnlvcs of it; and if y n want to see "beauty
and booty" together just visit our market on
some lainy dav, such as we have hid for tho past
week. Nd "beauty an i 'he b a-t," alone, but
beauty and the market-basket. Woman tarnel
Into a business personage woman as a w ,rker
out of ilo'ts for an hour woman under ditllcul
ties woman as a cut i r woman ns a eh itl'erer
woman as a vegetable, poultry, nnd beefsteak
cornopseur in a word, woman as a philanthro
pist, getting food for the hungry, and making
hereif as useful as ornamental.
When thu weather is line, and tho wa'king dry,
woman's task as a marketer, in spite of the
crowd, baby wagons, and heavy m vrket-b iskets,
it not extremely unpleasant. But iu muddy,
sb rmy, and wintry . atticr comes "the tug of
war," and Heaven have mercy upon our woes
.and ilauehte rs. Kairt ovi rhe ni, mud under fo it,
umbrellas, hoops, b.itiy-wa.-ons, bedraggled
skirts, muddy dogs, men, women, children, all
mixed prombeiiou-ly together, present a scene o'
dampnes", eon In -ion, and misery imno.s Ire to be
described. Surely the "lords of e-rea lou," should
vote the wife who can " mariiet" in storm r
weather the most priceless of ail objects in this
mundane sphere.
The OlTU'lu! Votn nt the Oclolxw lilii tlou.
II Aiiiiism no, Nor ti. in. following Is the oin
eiul report ol the rote a! the State at the Otolier
election. It Includes the home and Soldiers' rate: -
Union im
Ihttirt. Pnion. letnocnif. mni'it. m.u'v.
1st 7.742 H.'irt .... ti.OX!
!fd 11,7117 7,2.10 4,477
.'111 11.4117 0.!i'2 1,4. '6
4ih lil.UHS 9,844 U.744 ....
Mh 1I.UI7 Vl.iW ii;s) ....
'.th 8 mil 1247 .... 8.1SJ
7tl 1P.KW 7,2itl 3,et77 ....
Stl f.,1171 12 07il .... 6 lOo
Wh 1I,H'4 7,i)44 4 4'i()
lot Ii HM',7 ll.l.M .... 4;r
fill 6'3 ltl.nlil .... fl.iKt
121 b lO.t'Ms, lO.ioll .... 615
lHlh 11,724 8,7i.'H 1,0.11 ....
1st' I. 11,11111 llara 7.27
1ith IO.avii 18,,ik2 .... 2,ttot)
blth 11.242 11,174 iW
17' I HISK 8 7lrt MO ....
lSIb 11 WW 1".KM R-,2 ....
Ilrtn ll.Ktt ,nu 1,717 ....
2PII 14,314 ln.triH a.ttH ....
21st lo.TtU) lo.Hriri .... li-
22il 11 BH 7,U 4.2l
13d ILK".! 8.1.4 8,7fiS
24th 11,727 10,112 1.61&
21 Ha7
Majority.... 13 CM
Fast Y'oith. J.irncs O'Brien, a lad, was
before Alderman ToLmd this morning, charged
with the larceny of a horse aud wagon from
Second street, above Callnwhlll. The lad, when
arrested, was amusing himself by driving about
town. He Is represented as a very fast youth.
Ho was commitcd to answer the charges pre
ferred against him.
Sits k. Tho brig A. C. T'li-omb, loaded with
coal, sprang a leak while lying at ono of the rail
road piers at Port lUehmond on Saturday night
last, and sunk. A steam pump will be placed on
board to-day. .ventse
To Pi'RCiiAtn CuoruiNO at Low Fbiciis, mako
a solei linn item our sto-K of Ki:apt.)i mk lUrmenii. Wo
aroieillnif goods quul in ny, jit, mijt-6 an I nm'erm
fruiH 'lit ti .'in 'tr cent, loiref tnnn i nwctiri(el lar tns
.aire B-eds ni. ile ti. oriir. Wehivoall sivle., st.., aad
lirifi's oi Ctol.'ilni; Men a, YmitU's, and Uovs. Alioaubs
suited wilnokt delay or tretitne.
Hksvktt A ro.,
Tower Rail, No, 61s Market street.
Chimirkn's Clothino. An elegint assort
ment at at. Shoemaker .ft Co "s. So 4 H . KUtuh stroet.
A SEntoi-8 Case of r. The
OovrrniTrnt, we see, hss been swhielod out of lo-iiotwo
hiu.dred Ihou.anl dollars ill the way of revenue and in
come tax, by lha New Yerk brewera. Uut bellies thtlr
beer they have biM-n trtain' for thcmselvca trouble, and
we hope Sreretary Yemt nden will maae them Aip aniutid,
tsachliitf them bette'r how to barret I ilr beer anl nfnre
orl their dues to their country, wriilo many brave and pa
triotic sous are br jujht ti their bitr to support the c aintry.
1 line feUows, with their deer, irj to dtttra id It. A lull of
"true blue," from l barlcs Stukee A Co 's. nador the Con
ifi cauf, ihould decorate one, aaj a init of half-aad-balf
uch ai ihev wear at Sinn-binf, the other. '
Interes TIM el to Hoisbkeei'ERI. We find it
to benfiifnal vaine that a tewiug machlns should bars
a nnltorin and iidf-reyuUting ten. Ion of ttiread,! an I
hnul4 make ie great a variety of stltehei aa poislbls. We
auo Icirn that an tiiSlriimcnt having the rei-eeiWieeei-
ptciefi,enabUi:f the operator to fatten fie ends of tlie
earns, nnd have wi rit ran either to the right or left,
without tiirnhig the rubric. Is of very iraet advantage!
ami the lauie may be .aid of a niai-litne whaeh multei
every ultch complete In itielf, diat li nolsuleie la its ope
ration!, and nut Uab.e to sH sulof order; that is free
fromob:ecttens of iprlniri.coE wbeeli, and cime. and 9
comtructed as not to oil the ureal of trie operator! that
eombuies la ail itltches the grcates' amount of strength,
elaiUclty, and beauty; that pirfonu bata trie heaviest
and Haul work with equal laelllty, withiut cbanue of
tension, break ot'tbread.or akiptng iiitcbes; and thai,
wltliaJ, lews the most raieilly, aad r ins witb greatest
ea.e and li so efniite ttiat U can be easily
nnderstood The ' Florence" bis aU these Important
atuibubi, and Is d.cldedy the bet niauhlne made. The
rhUatklphla Akency Is at N'o. isto t'httvmt street. g
Ladies Fcrb. An e'egant assottmont at
t'harka Oakford t Son , font neural II tel.
Choice Carameip.
f'hoeo'ate,, r'ocoan'it, and
Fi.a.b c'srinell .Maiiiifaetnre'd by
erii'Mi s S. Win rM eM,
No. bitO Maiaet etiost.
Who Minds a Cold It seems a small afTdr,
and lu 'onstviucnco Is usually allowed to have in ia
way, and t how frequ'ntlyane'liH'ted cold ends In Brua-e-iiitUcr
Coniumptlon! Why not tuko a cold In tlrnn, then,
and by using at once Dr. li. Jayae'i Kxpectiraat, wbicti
f(.r thirty ye-ure btn benn a Hlaiiilard rem-idy for ad Oouuhi
and Celdi. avoid tnoie drca-leil a!ieiL.itios'.' I'rei'lreil
oulj a.S. Hi .hetiikt smrU
GKoiu.r. Stuck iV Co.'s Tlnn as. and M eson id
Hamlin I'aMual Orcani. to be had only at J. R. ii acid's,
Neventh au-1 rtioiitut itiecis.
Oesti.i men's lists. All tl.o l.vest styles at
e'hailce iia:nrd a Hun'i, i imiiO' otal Uoul.
Vanilla KasTin alhomih,
Of lare ii'.a!ii. Maiiuiat'ired ny
Hi ia ai.s t'. Wan ,a.
I.ebiES Ann Cn:Litv.M'8 Uais. Letest ttjTe
at iiarl s O .laoril It -S m's, I 'miilucmui 11 iul
J- i' up In Neat Bokes,
H'l.ialiie l'r seats.
Sti.iiikn f. Wiurj.K,
JSJ a. 1J10 Market meet.
Prp.e i' sseiis may rely upon getting the best
Fan at s Ca-iaoidi: sioii a,e:oailiibiilAl fi'itel.
PiiorooiiAi'its, naiihal STYLES, artistic exo-, lite-Ilk. ill expreialun anil mil irlntf. li If,
Hi liner i leiirvlyptis, lite sle I'hotosraplis la oil colers,
and Curte'l de Vlaite-, No b.'4 Areli nl-eut.
LliUAL. Irsi l
United States DistmcT Coi rt Judgo Cad
waiHder. Tho November sessions of this court,
fur jury trials, began this morning. The grand
and petit jurois summoned were in uttendance. Rogers, Lso,., was appointed foreman of
the grand jury.
L'niikd States Circuit CoprtI Judge
Cudwalader. Alba B. Duke, of It bode Island,
vs. Sl.enk, Bunsman, Carpenter & Co., of Lan
caster. This case by agreement it tried before a
jury drawn from the District Court. It is an
action to ncovor on a promissory note. The note
was given in consideration of alterations to the
boilers appertaining to defendants' manufactory.
The dcieuse is failure of consideration in thie,
that the alterations and lHiprovomeiitt In ques.
Hon were of tueh a charoclor as to reader tbe
use of the machinery dillicult and nearly imprac
ticable. Un trial. Bullitt and Dickson for plaintiff-
J. B. Go wen for defendant.
District Court Judge bharswood. Atdrich
vt Thomason. Before rejrwd. Verdict fur
Samuel Barrett vt.Thomat JeOriel. Aa action
of trespass to recover damages lor the alleged
destruction of ihrubberr, gross, Ac, by defend
ant's cattle, which entered plaintitTs premises by
breaking over the fence. On trial.
District Cocbt Judge Stroud. Oeorge W.
Can ft Co. vs. C. 0. Vankirk & Co. An action
to recover on a contract of tale ot certain ma
chinery. Defense, that tbe uiochiuery was de
fective and not iu good working order. On trial.
Cocst or Common Pleas Judges Allison aud
Ludlow. The testion of thlt morulug was occn
pied in the bearing of appeals trow tlie Uegisier
vt WUJs.
Ormi or Tits KvmmNi rar.eniuni, (
Monejay, jTosrmaber tl. - 4 '
The Stock Market continues rather doll, bnt
teady, thli morning.
Government bonds are firmly held, with sale
of new fl-'JOs at 103fr7dOI; IfMH ,t !',J; and new
7 30s at Wi; fit of 1MI are quoed at 110(7?111
and old V20t at m(n 101, coapout otT; new City
Cs are selling at 102.
In Railroad shares there Is more doing, and
prices are rather better, with tales of Reading at
fH, I'Uyer 30 days, and 681 regular way. Th
demand bas been very active, both In New York
and this market, the stock In tht former city
being In demand at esj cash. Pennsylvania
Railroad at 66; Northern Central at 5.(rii7
Camden and Amboy at 152, an advance of Jt
Norristown at 00; and Miaehdi at 60; 45 wot bid)
for Little Schuylkill; 30 for North Pennsylvania,
41 for Elmira pr. ferred ; 10J for C itawissa com
mon,.)''! for preferred ; 65 for Philadelphia an
Baltimore ; and 30J fur Philadelphia and Erie
City Passenger Railway shares are wlthontany
material change, with sales of Second and Third
nt "0; 34 was bid for Spruce and Pine; 23 fof
Thirteenth and Fifteenth; 65 for West Philadel
phia; 1.5 for Arch Street; and 23 for Oreen ano!
Coates ; 5fi wat asked for Fifth and Sixth ; 48 for
Chrsnut and Walnut; and 28 for Girard College.
Coal Oil shares are rather dull, but prices art)
steady. Oil Creek sold at 8l(o.!, an advance) of
i ; Mineral Oil at 2 94-100; Dalzell at 9j, an ad
vance of 1; McCIintock at SJ(q6; McKlheny at
6; Hyde Farm at 6; and Noble and Delamatec
at 8J.
Bank shares continue very firm, with talet of
Girard at 4!'i(V50, which It a slight advance; 17S
was bid for North America; l,1!)j for Philadel
phia; 70 for Commercial; 304 for Mechanics';
80 for Konsington ; 102 for Western ; 30J for
Manufncturert' and Mechanic'; 58 for City I 40
for Consolidation ; 47 for Commonwealth ; and
65 for Oermantown.
There is very little doing In Canal there-.
Sustiucbunna sold at 1 li, an advance of 1 ; 33 was
Did tor Schuylkill Navigation fcommon, 39J for
preferred;".') for Lehigh Navigation; 130 foe
Morrit Canal preferred; and 3iil for Delaware)
The Gold Market it active thlt morning,' but
prices have declined 3 per cent, tltice Saturday
evening; opening at 219J ; advanced and told at
2'-'U at 11 o'clock; 2224 at H4i fell off and tola
at 21!4 at 12 ; 218 at 124, P. M. Market steady.
There is no change to notiee ia the Money
Market, and the demand it limited. Loans oa
call are freely offered at 6 per cent per annum;
prime paper it tcarce aud quoted at 7(Vt!9 pereent.
A despatch from Washington lays: Th
story has been repeated over and over again that
Mr. Fessendeu hat been telling gold to bring
down the premium. There is not oue word of
trull in the story, though it has acquired a cer
tain respectability by its age. When Mr. Feasen
den attempts to keep down the premium on coin.
It will fie by the adoption of pnWic measures.
Tbey will not bo hidden from the financial world,
lie is deliberating upon measures calculated to
strengthen the Government securities, aud lo
increase the value of the legal-tender currency,
but thut fur, since the war began, the Govern
ment has not put one dollar of coin opan the)
market. The recent panic among the gold specu
lators produces a very good feeling in the Trea
sury Department, but It It accounted for princi
pally by tlie military situation. To those persona
who are aware of what is going on at this momeat
in tbe prosecution of the war. it is not tururislnir
that gold trembles. Instead of tbe campaign
being ended, there bas not been a time fur six
nioniha when the Rebel Confederacy wat In to '
much danger of defeat at different point in itj
extended liue as at this moment.
l'lUbADELrillA STOt'K'
itrportnl by Clarkson A Co., Broker., No. UI . Thlfd.1t.
UuruttK n ISKIIH.
IKXirb Prune
isll.b do
4i si .a Oil Creek......
tkicish do..,..
lsunb do
4HHI h do
vnci ib do
I''h do
2.sf,h du
sl sl) St. MidMlnj...
lisslfh. do
41.1 sh do
oil h do
turn sh do
1011 all CVlillaenUl ...
2 u ih do Me,
UTS) sb Curl n Oil
i .
" Vi
psiin on....
inuan do
v'.n au Esoeialor OU..
ISO .k da .........
IIWii do
4 'i I SIOU ah Walnut lalijt.
.!;. in.) nn So. .......
ns, J'Oan El lloresio...
:t'i l SI lb do
. Si ! h Tarrllome.tead
lOU sh Hon J lug B
SB 1 KIhChurry Jtmi.... ti A
First no sun.
two C 5-30S,
ui A . no ab Phtt. on . iy
$.'isi oo luc'
4UIIIB MoC luitoca..., o i
llllib MeElheny Oil.. 8
AO -h Hvde Karim....
Ilia's N.Ceulral .... M
Xlau . to....1M... t7 '
i b do a
lOllihRaeq. Canal.... 14) :
i .UCam a Aia....liJ ,
4ih do IftiVf -
I'D ab Uasue lalaaut.. J
27 lb Henna KM K
41 ah Nor rlelowa R. tl
1U) in Krautm K..C.SS a-IS
3 an atlnehlll CO ,
.'sti N'ooie A Uni... s'st
lih Krnid. II. K...e.SS'Jl '
Sah.'dA ild KH-... 70 ,
:) d 'Ms,:
tVsl V 8 7-iH)a....ueiw Uli'i
t .ioo r. a. HMD is
ti oncily e. new ...,Hc i
ti i Iteud. t).ls 41. ..l'Ci
11 ib l.j-.rd Bank... 4i)(
11 1 lb oo Ml I
4il sti rullcn (',. ;'
!' il, sir. M.iiint 4
lUllsh Oil l reek 8VX1
AOsb do a'4
1(' sh do 8'i!
2i 0sb do b.10 S'.l
lmlsh i) s ', I
HI' Hhalhieral Oil.... 9SII
llMOall IiaizeU Oil.... U1.
Quotations of Gold at the Philadelphia Gold
exchange, No. 34 S. Third street, second story :
Mi A. M 21P 12 M 2194 .
11 A. M 2211 1 P. M 218
Market dull.
De Haven & Buo.. No. 20 S. Third ttreet.
quote as follows
tn.trna. a.iM.
. 218 2J0 ,
. 20S
. 203 ..
American Gold ,
American Silver, 4't and i'
Dunes and 11 all Uimea....
Spanish Quarter! ....
203 . .. i,
4 die. J die.
1-10" par.
I'enn. currency
New York Exchange
Quotations of tho principal Cool and Coal Oil
Itockt at 1 o'clock to-day :
a ni An. , dm
3 1
1 -
r niton
or.-aule OP
Hig MoiiiuainCoal .-oV.
N V.A V d.i'
iV I raaiauii Oil
14 Howe kujj Oil.. ..
4 Irviua Oil BS
li fope farm OU... 1
1 I iiiiiamore 1
1 UaueliOi. ...s .,
1. s ..
11 lleeena Oil
M 1) ru-te.a 1)(
in N.ibleAlisdajiia'er.s
lli1,' ihbliHjil s ..
.. is lory larm. ...... l'(
e, Hruner s ..
2 remueum Cenu-e. tH
2 eiaben .. 4'si
lice Island s ..
ti', Allenheuy Ulver.. CS'
1 Curlln s ..
Ure. n Ml eii ai...i ..
S . i am. lutaie 2
Mesa Cieek M
i-i uer I lam Coal,. V
CllnioiiCoal ',
lluiler enal lu
IiImiii. nil Coal
.li,ii.a-i.r- lrou...l'il4'
I'enn Mining 20
l 'rtnaoelliiit
K.) tmiv 7anc. .. I1.
r k 'tf.inr OU s ..
Urn lain. i'i
('..Lain '.ami s ..
1- erreU
Oil Creek I ..
Mutile shi.1i- Oil.. 31
Yl. i 'arc it em ,,l ..
fi.iii'.-.lvau,al'et . 1
l ain Oil 1 I
Mln. ral Oil i ..
K'yslnnr Oil Jl
Vtnalicti oil
I a, Inn I elroleum.. '-"4
Ilea. on nil I
Kentca Oi1 4
s', rails oil Creek .
3ei Hull Croea...,
yi OeriHiiua......
S Corn t'lauier ..
4 line'iis
J '14 Ri ;. OU
2', ri.rr Kane
, il .: r.rm..,.
llvde Vtr in ...
1, St. M i'Ii,i Ins....
5 SS aliiUl island.
' 4-,
, 1A
Monday, November 21. The market continues
dull, owing to the large supply and lbe wet weather
About isue head arrived iind pirtlr sold thli week at letfl
lfi.c. for extra; iaeL5c. f'r fair to good; ou4jic. '
pound for oommon, ai to iiualiiy.
1 he fvUowiug are toe pirilculars of Ihe salei :
17S Martin, Fullerton M Co., We.terii. tf.etax.
isl ti. 8 . .Mtl'lli. a. Cheater o.nuity, liyo6.
4S .1. 8. idonirlilgo. Ohio. Ueet.1.
40 H.Cbaiii.raiiylaiiia luti 14.
24 J it .1. Chain, eenu)4vaula. l'a;14.
(SI Mooney at 81,'dtli, Waleru,l'et4 itls..
1(10 r. Ilaiboway.cbeiterou., auu HuaierB.lJ'aiaj,.
ii K.Ke-oit.Ci viler county aud Maryland, liiiea.
V2 Jones kisDIeae,, 1JM l i.
40 A. Kennedy, Cnmur county, l-''S.
44 Werrlk a lln.ilier.Chi'atoreiuniy,Wl.
ll Joaeh JleKlllen, We.lcrn, l-so lilt. .
Hi ga Tbe temanU Ii heller, but prlcea are without any
maun la! clianiio. Aboul 4'sl tioan)ei rived, and Sold at list
auieieut yard! at IVoui tlbml' t1"5 1 "" n,t-
hl ep The inarket ia very dull, aud prioes are lower.
Aboul ;sio head arrived ane aotd at S to Sc. y lb. areas,
M(toVa'ciiuPnue scarce aod hJuh. aboat 100 head sols at
as luitu fur Bprtnuera, and 8J6 up to H0 per bead for cow
auu caU, as to guellty.
Brig Anterello, HeoU, 'alaioutk,C c. Van Horn,
llrig TitauLa, Meph.ui, Ikemiiort. II. Adauae.
rleibr 11. W. tamut. riowarda, llueton, (Jaiilaia.
bchr r. Maiuti, Buaiav, Bu.una, Uaaitiaui.
aBKTVEO TUlS If OKtrnia.
TeanafiofSl .Ij.l.n U la- li'ii. .. e S.rt
rouitLs.iokoI.Mil.,kUbaiiMlva l ulled SuUsie sjuarww
maeitr. lorreoans."
Oelir KeUieTarbox.Vlonella.sjIS.y. "".a. '"""i,, l ,
Mar, wlih logwood teD.ti. Wotatu A " e-
. Heuder A Co. . - wliM .
Win kdwta KMd.Goodapeesl, t f "
Bsc ie to C'roweU a CuUtiia. . trom Psll Blvt. .
hclir U S, i.riilati,evJarasfi"'
lu ballast to eaeiaie. mmM. ,rl mm SAttsKM lutatt .
eV bi r-awle M ai un, testes. t' "
It Wl kv taSTls-AW - " ''