The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, November 19, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 8

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icotl'r ' 01: the PotOiinc.
tprrint ta tlio I'sr-tiliis- 1 rI -Kr t-.ili.
Wahimok n, November P.-r ,ries n.-Hrim
herefrom llfter.-tomi, V ..ryhind, stio t'ia. so no
i'viii it fet theie li st Moso-.y thcnild nuke 4
cVb fioM the river to burn !r le-crstown, as he
1 tt Ifclialt rCj tO ill) it, ill., I pi y ,.,rS wh" hav)
Mm inio "i,r li inds i, r -n it .v th i'l . is ;.,;
Itatf n ii of thi' Kebels to .'. so in n ( iii itio i f ,r
Ihc dVs'rnctl, n of tiu pio.iertv j , t;i0 y
This l.ur hat Inrr, jnotouj.-.! -,y ,'.,.,..
arvrt-ii nicjds ayo toltltf th" (' li t Iloise, v ii ti
U t-illiatlrd Ml tllrt Very h c .. of tlr!H. l. I , 1 is
Jh.cnveri d iu time,, tiprovn", A -uri in
eunfiSgratlon. Anns have bwn tiiruiiii i.l t. jii
ien. and oitup ml a hive bt-en furui 'd iu tj.'
county f.'T h"Uie protection.
It tip4rt to be tlio ilttK'rm'.'.d'.f-m ii the t'tii n
fit zen-i to (H'IcmI : to tn i Ives iroin gucriii i d.'.pr..
calkin", ni'l n number cf them have volnui ..' I
M'tu". Scouting par-ias are out day 1:1 1 ni.-'r..
Tie retreat tf l-.urly will doubtless cnfl
JJoseby to tick another (ii'M ol'0;ioruti m.
On Wednesday night a o .liision occurro 1 near
Toint Lookout, bui.wven the I'm in 1 tia .
torn, giintioitu of the P'tonm: Flotilla, wti-rebr
tie bow und apron of tiie latter -vorc kno . lie T o.T
ran -lug her to leak bdly. Py tho ttsi of p rn;i
N' was kcjt aioit until she uriivcl ul Sam
lnifcixs, where she wae benched.
The Fleet Collected Thoro.
Kf.w Yohk, Jioverubir 10. Tlio transport
faliurtiia, from Mobile Jlty, on till S'.l) instant,
las arrived. 8lio left in Modllo liny tho Uoiio 1
S'nen Ktemncrii Hartford, liii-lunmul, iip j-km,
Wanongahrla, Krnnrbtc, and Af twomet ; nil iko
B.onltort Clfirkuaafr, Manhultim, mid H'tnif hi.j .
Ltft kt Key West United Smten t-iimer ''. ui,
Lagamorc, Conrmaiiyh, )uiV, utid Miijinilui.
BpmilHl to The Kvenlnic Tcl'zrupli.
ViHmoTON, Noveiuhcr l'.i. It U now
thoufbt thittMr. resaemkn will pivo noli -o that
he will not Umc any more gold bon In, hut will
commit the sale of a new cununcy lo m to i-otio
bcnklrR bcuse. Tlie mcnitagc of the Sjon t.iry of
the Irtaroty will rontain 'ino very import
ct recommendation! respecting tbe pmc'i.ibiu,;
of cotton in tbe South.
General Alyiu c- GiUem'a First
Encmj's Force Tea Thousand M-an.
Etc., Etc., Kt'., K., Kl, Kir., Kir.
I.oiIsvillK, Nov. 19, 2-10 A. M. I-.t.'IIigi'nr
deemed Mliahle.bnt the cct:ncy of which can
not be deteimlned to-nbht, ey that to ry rc-
CfPtlytbeKebd General Breckinridge
tbcunaiid men, attacked 0nCrBl Oiiuv.n nfr
Boll's Gnp.and, after a Ceperate fight, the latter
vet dtfekted, with a loa of four hundred prii
oiets. The tumber killed and wounded is not
No fears of an invasion of Kentucky, as a em
it quenee of ilila icvtnc, are nppreliaudod, us tli'j
military uttorit:c aie fully prepared to meet
any advance of snch a f tree luto tlio hmte.
Brrekinritlge in not only iutuilrctnully K''eat,htit
he Irae an ihe uratet, and om iu.. t have
hrueu tbe art of war liv iutui. iim. I.iKc. V )'-ie.,
be ts ever able to ace 'iu:U om-ri d ie.u
iD.pofsible. In K mi Tennioe be ha- t n single
b:ow swept awa th.'pretiiJC.C wtn1 the. V.iui.eci
el.uiu an a rcat vie "'y. i be toll m iuK drip itch
i.riv. d hl ihn War Dcnaituieiit iUHttiilit I o. t h s
for itself, and haruly nceaa t'i brief jirefucj wo
If IA it
llEAimlMlTI III AllMY NolUHi:ll!llltMSll,
Kuimlr l i. Uoii.J.i'iies A.Jreddon .S iu' u v
i.l War:-. ennui ltl i.'V. 1 1. riduo reiirts Oil
tbe Light 01 tno l.iili bo turned Hull' i ip. wln-u
ti e iiemy atu n pieil to retieil. Ai) iut in
o'c.oik on the 1 1'b. with Vmifibu' an I l i- i
cniniuiil.dll, be stun k their coiuuu ana .: 1 I
feevcrul huudied piisoin rs, t n snuulsul eo.or
1 x iiiieof iiitilluv, with ea.sous u.i'l Ui.
eon-plcte, lilty lod.d w.i:;n with to.uin. u.m-
lulicts wuu lueuicai bu,, .vc,
K. I. 1-i:l..
SluIuI J;t-p:i(iin it fcttnIiiKTtlt!:r.'ij)li
WASiiiN'iriiK, N n'cm'.er '
Mirrinau'M Arm l'ri'rl lur l.u.i
A private in Kbermun's army, wri in.; ti a
friend, says that every man bud been unbilled
with two pairs of stuvi, mid lli-it tin: n -n -v'
l.iepnra'ions were for a sixty days', 'it
that none kucw ot the di'-'iiiutiou oi'tlie ai uy.
1 1mnkoKlv inn Hinui-r'. for M
Extensive preparations are lU'ikinH by v -.rions
pnrtics to supply (I nut' nrmVs with TU.uilfs
giviug dinners. Tec (Sovcrnor of Ns U i v-ulre
has au,hoiii.d the furnishing of the nee.ll H ip
plies to the eoldiu from ttiut State r-.u il ""
ItoNtriwIioii of n Rehrl riHrrj-.
Rear-Adoiiral Mirling contmmilctes to ,ij3
Jiavy Department tlie particulars ot the destruc
tion of a vuluablo Rebel lisbcry on M ir.-h Isknd,
north of the Ocklokonee river, Hi riiia, by au ex
pedition from tbe steamer Start ami Str!jtf,vu the
morning of October
The fishery, w hich was a larpe ana vnfuul ! o-.n
to the Coiiftdtnicy, was entirely destroyed, ai,.J
aixteen ptisor.cis caif.'te J, wiiUot t uy :;.s ,,n
our side.
Ht4ire ty our ItlorkiulrrM.
The following laptures ire uporn-'l to th. i
partment :
Tbe KDglish icbfouer Lut y, wjii uq a borted
cvg, by the Vuited Statei schooner X ulnr l.
The crew all emu; eu to the thore iu miull boat i,
xcept one man, who was too dt'it'i to move or
7 anything,
the was from Eauic, and cleared tor Malunn
Acting Volunteer Lieutenant iScbtnidt, com
wanohig iho Vnlted BUtc steamer ViVa, report
the l-t.- of aa unknown schooner on October
7 f!W'"oetPd Wtheshere in imall
boats, and firtd l tut Uoouer. but the flame, were
coon extinguished.
A suutll sloop, no name, was caur OctoVor
iUb, by the aloop fW. au the eapturlDg
vessel are attached to the Ka Ouii UiocUdiug
Mhlpntral of Hprrlo.
Naw VoitK, November 19. Tbe siesmert City
of Ualttmon and i'ctmtyltama sailed fur Liver
pool at uoou to-day with jH, 150, 000 iu spuc.o,
IT.OM L4LTIY'JRE to-day.
&tfriit P. pn -h 'o H ,mii r.'.'f'.r.rtS.
There Is eon-i Ifrablo talk here about the com
ing i-ollry of tho (lovernuicTit. It is be
ll, vtd General llutler, whilst p tssing thrui'i
11 iltiinore. strongly in.i-n i'u-1 to some
pf rnonal friends thai nn otl .r w ml.l he m ul : it
the proper lime, not far .I'st uit, whl -h w ml.l
give the KehcN tlie List cli i ic of 1 iyin- dovi
their nrni" and c-ium h i. h, but th -v r i'i!il only
do this by nn inter n i . u ou i i". 011:101- ire is-i 1
ahli! course.
'I hP door will ti.. wi ' -'t ) t-.I f 1 !, lire
1 n'ei ms iiraliii it, in 1 'i;:-y li, o : t. IT t'uy
rein-.', t!e: r v!ll l.; wij-:l wit'i t-i; i.M
More vl.'or m,i .i our pj t 'I n it,
CVT h'l.H be"ll, U l I tl'l i' III ion IMUi'
uU tr.uu 1 L' 1 lei j ici i,. s;t r;ts oi r' l'ii
uie Ii'. T 1 1 1 v -tit- n f . -1 v ;.( o r, -vi !' "rt'io 1 ite ,.it. u. 1 in i,.r , , . 0 ,t
ui. li'ei,' h,h ,t-,t. -strip s ,
MrS )llii'il:-is (S s!:ll ill ;-.e.i .((., will 'h ' is s I! .1-1- "il 1 I ..v.ire.
I if I le ft I ll 111 i li'1 t llv t nolli.-r
.l-llllflll III l;,rl' tVCIIIellfH'l
sr'i-rl'lnii'H l itiiiit.-r 'I f'liieiil - I'lio
f l.llhl.tlll I'.lil.llH'l ul' our I it r .
'i t: T. Ol: -o l!s i ..- M ) - H.
Ill M'O- Mill. II- Ml'U.l..' 1-I.M-l -I P ll IN
Noll III' I I 1.1, ISol. t el I. : Ol til I li'-
t i .-) .i I .r.arl.v i'-e o. .ii" I .r ' - .al ,(-. ,(
iMjMinri! in lus .ruiy. ,,'ih r'.''.V u ,Vs
l),l .S Oil Ot I' IMlllJ , IIIOVO.. , i hl f.,y .. , , , v. !- I -l-eli.l l:,'-, I', i,iK:h .)-)i -n ih
i.i iu l.'i In 1'i a.i- on e i-i Ire. . 11:1 l--r i i
ei-.,i .il ni1.iln'iiii' ti.-.: . i General I-', .rl -bin.
i It".
Gn t' l..f of the Ue'v) lien th"r va one
'wViilc di i-ii-ii ot' eiv.iiv, l'.i--ner!) I". . I..'c's
i-a l tn lie yet eoiiil'. nut- i 'i K -- r, in I s u
s.Miti-iimi irounl-.i rcitini'ii's tint, 'nl I it "y
n ine troni the liennrtnienf m' Ni lthwiMtern Vir
sinoi (let.eial llr l.iuriilu'o s cotntiim l. Th i
Kebcl rav ilry on the left moved on tli-i itr.nla.l
rosil ;.n.l Hie miild o road. I'.urly's infantry force
Li pt Dpi! an. I li t! ot in- v ntev pme.
1 nmt t'ik llie Winrln'-icr uiii I'ront TI lyal
j ike, as In fore Mated. In this order tlia RuOflis
irosM.d Ci-d. r eni'.k njt'it, b'-ft, nd centre. It v
i ltit l oniax h id pot no to Ninov ih, on the
Trin.t Uoj il pilie; Inel gut well on toivurds the lleb. I civ.Ury ou tho Ko'iel
kit cipuilly wcil udvuiiecd.
.Ai.Lt niii i iiMiNi u to witch, iu r
l.ln H 1 Ml.
Tl.nt evening (.'r-neral I' arly att.u i.ed ns front
his ei ntra ami h-H with his ivulry. No iloilht
this Id Ih i iiioven.ent v. s i-itemle I u a r.'i-)u-
Imisvi.l ec 1(1 i II..0I1O Opt r.lti-ilis ,,n till! I'ollo-vill:;
ilny. It It was luti -tilled :u sm li, Pairly'n men,
at.i r bavit-g run iu'o our "leiiil nulls," retro i'.el
to ihe r. ar fr.ha-'e, b.ivin i; it "miporour. Iin'or
iMitmn," tn wit : I lia' it ilio Yankees were not
n3 1 iinn 11 ns as lietoie, tin y certt'. u'y Ihod as
main liulle t.
i.vicentiy l-lo'y hil ii't n'licl niu.'li fiiiliti
the li poids ' c Iri'l i-'ciiml ul' tlie. Yankee
thing we, 1; n . , h.r that very nlrttit ho m.iiu
Ni ni 'l his po .li in, ninl I. roil , -lit over to
this vide ol" tli cm. k a'.l his artillery triiup, and
in fa. t itewhoh of lis uiiny. I In i-vn i-t ili-!i-!.id
Ins on n hi ad ti.ii-'ers '-lu i' 1 1 Newovn,
10 it n wry tie r' ilihtauee Iroin (.' Sh- ri
1 an'.
Whi'e this w is soin" on General heri.l.m h i l
re-olveil .11 n move of a cert i in As) th-:
111. tiling ol the U.h biokc iiedvitv imiuilesicd
itu'lf 111 tbe camps of the cavalry dubious. They
had r.nlcr-to n ove.
(ii ni ral I', well's DivVi .n, whl.-b was on tho
leli ot the cavalry line, was to move forward on
the 1 rout ltoyul mid Wii Chester like road t-ithu
jiim tion nl tin Ni wiovvii 111. d Whim I'o.t ro i l.
ti niral 31erif't was to move forward oti the val
iiy p;kf, ubile General (,'11-ter wns to tiiuve for In the 1' uiiiry on tho rU'lit of Ihe pike.
J ims thi re w as In bo il cavalry rcoou
ni'!"si'iiee mid ntrack.
l'i. well's Division mm-rd on .s ordered, and In
Bi''e wi h orders suh-ennf""'jy rec.iiVinl
iii:i-'iu ins coiiimnnu niNMit a mile bo i. I
Gpeihi n, riiiht anil "" "l the pike. Mo tu.. " I riotjeiii.o ui.iii r the namo of " Tlio Ameri
wniud tin re lor timber orders until 2 o'clook In : ,.., lion nnd Stei 1 Association." Tnis Assoei i
ho I'fiemonn At this time Colonel fi'ihcts' ,.'.. f;w brought into a live eon lition, and com
Hrij iiile, by General l'oaell s order, moved I.)-- I
w ir.l and louv.J the enemy mar Nincvah. A
hrl-k skirn.l -li ensued, dnri.ig which Gen.-ral
l'o ell lode forward alnl selected a good field to
rliiugv over in rear of the position then being
held I y Coloiii 1 Ti'inets.
Ihiwn,' done this, bo ordered r'olonel C irlmrt'n
llr.ifMde to-wa:d to ike i J; e of the groiiiij ho b id
seh ciid lor cii.infitig over, nrni 'mg in coiii'iius of
nii.uiror,s, i n.' tnin iiriioyiiii; mm -ilB ei(,
nn, ons one. j ion in-. -uiupiisi" .... nw. ... ,
i nil r oloin I'e
l'i r tiro, wnicll no di I
iiiiu in mii fnAimcr as to allow tlio o:Iht
1 ..r (Tarbai'i's) to "tune np in line n his le;t,
tr.alli g tl i: w hole line stretcu right and left ot"
the pli e or in- in road.
A n ir.i on i.imral e.ariy svnii sni acantun
I Mel' u-!.i d's Mull ine iv ni ' in.- killo I.
(' .lot el j; l. nil l, of t'iu s'. l A'l.'iua Ulobel)
Gasa.iv, wn- a'-o k.l i d.
Autoi n the i . i-oai rs are the following mimed
lliu ::- . l.ii u i lialit-Co oncl Jnuil A. Gilnu'l,
M.J i 1, i j i.ii 1'. An'.lu. t'a.n iln YV.lllaiu A.
1 i-i .a r. I iu . nui W. S l ardy, C,.t lin Uoaurt
G ai.l'ir-i l.ii nn u im O T. II oils, iml l.ieu eu
antf J.imc- A. llrriier. John ll-ank r-uiio, Willi. mi
A.Giii soik, ,1. It. Ad nn-, John r . ll iiden, 1..
K. .NRiimer, W. 11. W, Jr., J un :s W. Criv
f. rl. A . J. Wt.ite, A. Kiilcrumn. J. T. Or issedose,
W. 1'. Ail en, S. 11 Weir, nnd I;, u V ertgai.
Gn one ul the ilasiaken is the nioito "God
in nn th I e 1 irnot. A cava. rvm ill looiuig at, ,' ., ... .... , , . ..
ami n adu-g a.l.le.l, ' And iu.lp tbe Y.inle. s r Micndan with n suitable tlianksgiviug dinner
:o i..l e Ij.oik Hans." I he color bloitoi to liu ; is in un active state, uud rapijiy apiiroaching to
l lib i. V'.u u ( avalry ( Id b I). j warm. i mpa-noii. tin nee ,u,t of th ) imp issi.
'1 1 l:eli-1 .,i. i'tig-weit aguinal its 'o uprhi M i bi itv o! niino of our eitiz. r.i going to Hie ni u ko:s
t) e tollof.- rg r- niiv i ts :-l lib, 17' ii, 1 I li, 'i.t, j cr.'f r cnrii-g liul-ey-, b- el, .., tlio I.e.i-t in wid
'." ltd, '.'nili, I'o ti, Virgii ta ('uv-ilry ; 1-t M -.ri laud im, ie iloiiat'on- In inoi ey ol such ot uav of o ir
I 'aval iv : 11: ti unit li'-'d Virjtiii.t'mtry, uu.l . i In.ers v ho ilesne to cunni'iutt to the oh; :ot.
l.ur ltorse Arii leiy.
A ill tiH't-iiu-nt 1 1 1' .nell's Div.'.ion lining foi.
l w ci Hie enLin vtna point two miles 'cyou I
I-'-, nt lima', end failing l owriake thtoi, t!i)
dlvi-ii li leii'iied to caiiii.
In coi sc-in nee ot ihe utmv.1 inovein"nt, v.-'il.-h
wa- m a m...e im unex ii . red .,-.,, an-l not
p: rt'.n iir y I lep .n d lor '-4vn.ry
ui'ifilt, G. I eral 1'iivrll l'did to co-ipe-r i'o
l'b 1 vcn -t's lltvi-ioll, li.livill;' on Iln- v.lllev
p k ' J oi ti e . ou j-ist slice i, erritt, c uiW.
lint a .... Iii u; r 'I nnlil lo.vardseveii.iig.
At, tl: .. un ,: 1 L. niJ i ., i. i ,.ii ' iniiii!i'!il h
fl.i'ni li- ei .: A tiv, ii, . oui 11 1 i,l jdoli si tilt u1'
' lie 1 nc In l '- rallip l!n S. IJnoe a II i k -l,IC-.liSl
wis the resu'l of General M rru's ihovmii:,,'.
Ilcrii.-U' si v rn! i.i n n p-s to il-mu ilii rnctny,
I .lit lllw 1 s )i ,11 ml lilO ill' Or W" tl a llllO dc t,ive t
lore, r 1 1 ill. I. in i.wil. In Iii- -tii.l.i.ll ...
nl, li: Ih r.y killed ninl otiii.lnl. tj'.erd M.-r-
cm 40: u 11 1, in Mir. e on in. 1 -iof a n.ile of 1 ,cni ral
1- nro's Im ol j ij 11 it s. r-, -Mid al one lime f nm. ,i
iiortmn i-l K.'ii- b -w's IH M."i oiu-i-vd t i bin1.
In B' col .l.ii, ce vil'h orii rs Ii'mii eivd'y U :a ' j
iin.r'.ei -, 0 ,1 -i.-il M.-.-rif 1I1-. o'uiiiu.-! nre--ii''
,t.eii.cMy:,i,)r...l;r vdto, i
i i si i. u s i .i n i in- i ii i: Ai nviii
At'e v. II li".'.' tin tl :iii , oa ra! Ci -f.-r. w I t o:i
r.Miil in t.-.o ioi I - i .- or dej r nui, i r ,.i t , '
ti e li'.iit ' p:ke. ar, I liia Mid. II" Jil l, I
allot I. er l mo) id the ii lit in' i In graded ro i I, an I
ov.r luuiii lr- jS i.tli At iiin -o' -'o-'l.
in ihe .-. nil g Gen ral t'n-t. i s 'J I Hr.. (,.
ii iiiid l'l'ivviM on tha rial; tin., I ,-.
!;r '. 'ile di,' i in -ate," on t'i- tn nl' ! r ,i I.
Tl.e 'Jd li-n.: de in eon-: c!i.'.:,'i"l u i h the
el ill V la.-t, in I.e. I.V ll.rai-'l. T lis . lie I I.J.-
over tol nis, 1 1 1 r i u .vbiiTi li ne Geuer-d Ous
u r. in pi i i n, -.vtli the l it iM'e-a-ir, Uio. j,l up on
tl.e It-It on thi i'im led ro d. i!i -t-o lji-i.;o lej
(.'e.-tiig i.b'.ut . lally adviu'cl und on ti line
ts illi nob otliei. tbu M Iln tido chir'iil with
it is ii hole force, mi i di ove the Keiie!.- loroeer two
in Pis. At Ihi point th.' II-. Ik-Is Were reinforced
ly ti I riciulc kcj't until then in re-ntve. This
united ton e In luru charged r,i:r men. who wen
ci'iiieiittl to give way iKji'jrv the very iiju-riar
ti ll I- ( j:0" iJ t J till ! I.
(in ti e 'vlt i t the Hi e. Gei etui Cii-ter was de
, ' . i . . I -i.'.ii -.'I..I, '..i'.vfii' il.o tnciiic t'Jidv ta
(i el'.-.-.i! n' J !o.:v mi ! 7. .., ei it." la c-n
.-. .- ;.f . i I.i- 1- r.f tt i o in .m.i: -!io
.''..: I- t i i I.i i a. l !.i..i .1 - c I di .. Li-' ii. l t,
tlie Jul'clo v. rc uu.i..:iivd to .:l' e way 1..I1
lack Ioi. As tlu-J' iii.1 so tue o po-iti:.' in igtt'lf
loiiowtd ni', an J tiie w In In i.iuvc: ii-i.t irus ci'iie.'
ms s on i.s ti c two lirlfudes got iu 1 r.: on the
si nth siuc c f the crt.k.
llaviij. iwet-ty-si'tii prion as. sn.l did
all that ioi:id In- h i.( thut day". Custui s Division,
;: i;;J tin-1 tbtr (Jlvlnocs. rtti im d to amp. Iu
lU inovcnur.t this tvcion lost tbirty-I'ne
v-i cn.'K? i.i d a few killed.
Colonc! llull.oftue 2d New York Cavalry,
was among those killtd. Muji.r Yl',. nn.n, of the
the 1 Sth New Humpi-hivr, was woundi-d. Cuptaiu
tliCitlliiu, oi the -I'd voik, wus wouuuca
In the aim.
l AP.IT KtTKtaiS.
Tt l tuded tiiv geneial mrulry movemont of
the c.uv. Gtutiul l.uny uiciint ine wuited on Ihis
side of Cedar ereik in quietness during toe earlier
part ot the inoiniug ot tlie IJtn. llccciving, uur
ing tbe uioiniug iu ii.estion, Hitive tuforiuat on
tiiut our aiiuy had not been weakened, be com
mimed to ictieut about two o'clock that atter
ia n by first leniiing back bis trains and artillery
to i'lshtr's lUU. As tbe lluee respective cavalry
uliacka were luude he behoved a geneial cngage
ii .em uii(.lit follow during tbe night, and Uierc
toft gaio miters (or a quick movement in other
words, a rettfciit as lapidly a possible and he
n' nndon -d the Id-n of a:ti :k!-ig G vie 'ul S'j rl-
liRll W.lh sin-.l'SS.
111: 01 1 i n s iihi: 11's mi I..
The main pint of 'ieneral I-. irly's arrny g-t,
bark 10 l-'l tier's Mill aoout 10 o'clo :1 the saino
oi ji i o"i it tioi op i nr. 11 ru ivsr.
tin the tiioiiiOnf ic' I In- 1 I'd ins. riii (in-.,,
cavalry rim ons wcn nr. n moved lorwi il, nn 1
(oiiii.I 'In-eni niy I. i l .mirely ri"ier'-l to
l-'i-ia r's 1MI. r-)w..-'s )iei -j. in "went to Pro-it
nt it hour nn i ii'.-? e I-1- u.;' "i'i :i ; 'Inner .1
M. i ml -a n! !o r i '.nr.' n Hi S ;; fi - i.r, .rid
ilei,r:il fii.-.r vol on ti,o i.:e! lo i 1 1 i:i
a''0 it tin- si.nio ny.
In i o v I-1 1 1 i,, .Nov.'ni' er M. Tie h
la-: In a.l i .voi ti, ici,:, j, ,r, ,,, , ul- I,, ( . 1V,
ul or nesr Woo.!ioek.
Ii. ih.- a' s, :,,. ,,- u .,,,.-y -.i,,,- ,.,t i, H r .
er vi.ln sbmt VP -I'Vi u nn- .N .rt i, 't -nei il
I.-i ill eoniiii.ii,.s the I- rs i.l.i . ilrv I) vis i.i.
r.a.iiiel fi',i h i- .-. i' r-o i i-n-l i i.,..-1.,.
i".l e ), n i i 1 ' ' o'' 'h : ti ; .. ,;;-..ri i ,-.
"l- - i'.'l, I i . T-y .'U..I-II ' liv . i : ,- ,1
("in-H r
r m
"I I . Iti'lmv.?!- t- i li-i' . . (.' r v n I i I
,1. . .t l.v I'm J I C -,-) I),, i, A'l-
"Sf 1, ;
I li ii i ' i) i 1 1 1 n ' s c i pr 'irrt .
'J n firi-rum- (iti'i- 'ti.
't,l' hut ry , rC MJ Mr-".!,
Tv Mifi ih'.- nntt r), rtipt is-fM..
MMh.ft-lof r (:IV,Mr.- 1.
Wi Imii.Mi; ,,. ) K utiu i ,it irc .
!'! 0 of hT ip i i ill i nn- 11U ' ;nf iri j.
- ,'-t y -iui ri -irrt li'i y h 'ii -jm v tp n-f 1.
St n-tiv( hi M . w ' i i 1) :rii i- r n"irv: 1.
l'i n H oi nin'iuiHT.t'ii h trncs? o.i iiftj.i.
'I hlrf ( HI-'-fMii 1.T r- c I.
l.i'y w.unii-, itft rty
'iv' ."inini'iiniM'-i iiorroy.'il.
70 i,fta r'MHiN M' n'MMi'iTi.t m .1 'T iv.m!.
: I ') htanJ ot mii ill .Tins icit:. fl.
Ni vi Yghk, Niiv. niVr 1'. I ".ir ln4 n'!-
v it i i l :: . ; mi .1 1 1 M O tni ;i- i-
-in'.'. Ht II ... j..r bin. mi '. I r .r rn,
Ij- itt ".is n..Mi:t I '.'I. -fil"i nt in i i-u.
. i-t .1 U- mC (.'i.-tt ,-H H, 'U li.
Mi an t't.ik iiii'-ham d h ir ih-rn. W'hi-kv dull.
Ni:w Yon k Ntv,ni'r IS. -fltrtrKM ure h Vvr
Chicni'fi iiti) i. Imnna. l'i;!1, ; ''iiuih 'i l-.iiJ fTi-ff'riil,
17 i lilin'Mt l rir;i- I'.M ' : li lil nn h -n' rri, 7 ' . ; N-jvt
Y rk 4 -i.iigl, ' $ h'lii.wvumn i .vii, i-n': ).., tn. ,
I ( 'v : lilnlhti' Hi T, I l! ; 4 'nil n " , .i; Ml ilr, (ii,
f I ; Km Oni -wiir ( fflin-nt". !H.1,: 'Oi1 -iirv 7 'Hi,
Hi': lii l'r.!';; o-2K)h, C'Up. -tit, a,; i.nUl 'ilV ; flnC-5
tl.r l.i'iu ii 'JVK
ItAi.iiMcHr, Nov.'m-'T .. I'io'ir du l and
I:pv:ntes ni fim hi. h' !fil t.-r II n-.-rl, n'l-nr.
i flit mi H'l'f't .f,'i -0 w ii t!r ii ; -a'.i'. i ;mh iniii.l-i
(jT i i ms U it v. u ml t-r.ww a' l.f. W :nk v l--il ir f t 'i.
I'ttr a'hlitmJ 'iVy Intt-.lij''iuic .ire third p-Ji' I
Stati: op Tur.iiMoMcmnTo tiAV. Si:.- A.M.,
11. Noon, -17. ll'.M. W. Wind, N. by li.
Tin: I Hon Intiiiksts ok this l"vi i nn Sr i rHs.
It will lw remembered that on the l!).'l of
Gcti brr nn Imjiortnnt mci tingof the rvlroid iron
iiiiii.ul:ictiire:s of the I'nit -d .'Sia'os was h -ld iu
this c ty. F.t which vilu dilu st.'i'.isii -s wjro pro
si ntcil, showing, aiming o'lier thin rs, t'mt. tho
i siimatcil cajiii :ty of r ulroad Iron mills of t!iis
iciai rj tor In. I i ipiu s the stinrifml animal '.'.in
Himiptiou of s.ieli iron. Tin: meeting nUocjn-l-di
n il the pl..ii of uniting tho iron interests of tho
ei untiy, and nilj urn id to meet on the liith of
this month, in ll:u ine mtiiiH inK al' ''0"l p"-iiin-i
rs to eo-o eian- in an i If. in 1 1 enli ;ht u tlio
Govrrt incut U im the IcL'isla'iou needed to pro
tu t nt ail tunes the great iron inresoj of tho S:atrs.
Ti e iiii ciinir convened at tlio anriointed tlino at
Ihe Hoard of Truth Homus. Th re was a 1 irg..
iitleiidiincc of tl c bou men of t':c c uiiitry, parti
cuLoly those of Wo-turn 1'ennsvlvanii
Alter Ihe raJing of several re-iorts fr):n coin
unttees, oi e of which cm bodied a memorial to
Grngrcss, the meeting pricecdcd to reviue the old
American li"ti Assoeia', which, thourh not
t nt in ly cc.iu in orgunir. ition, has yet been wn illy
i' active for ;( or ee;l.t yars. It wi resolved to
,MJ.,., 0I the T'Os' aetue nnd coneoriw
! ... . 'dt l.i.lj l..i ... i.-.-....., .
in tl.e iron uiii-i "-.- w m.,i n-Hjui, it.
more sati-factory eoiiiU-ion iu ref-rciee to tho
le'.tkiin ni ot i u r borne pd b'T tiiiin ever, a id wo
shall look n itu inteie-l tor tlm result ol' thoir
Goons .'slonr.ij N VAnr,s Tho failowifl !';
iritorvHlItig iieeinious have Ijoeii m 4i by tho
Ciunnii' Sii ni r of Internal llevenuo
DsviiSiit: Voiir favor of tho l'-'.li iusUnt Is
at h.iim in reply to ot the I I b.
rrriu sour lo tcr, nnd me printed instrue'.ions
liu-to.-ed, I unders'iind that "ivaiebouso re 'ein's"
for .noils in yuid are suhjoet to stamp duy of
J.'l el Ids ITIl b.
r,ia-e inform If I nm curroet in inyutiJtr
tti'mting of your letter.
u nni.v.
Tl I' AH'IlV Ill l'AIITMI Nr, Gi l 11:1. OF 1'. rKHN SI,
1'I.VI N IM ', W slllNIITON, Seiltelll'ier '.'.t, lS'il.
Ml : I lep'y lo y.uir K-tlcr of tho 1'tth lusti'U,
l.m ynui und. r-taielina of inv I. for of :ho l.'i ii
In-taut is ci.rii o . vi.., mat v ueh .n c r ".oip's f ir
film's sinred ill jsrd s are sonjee' to a si ruji duty
of 25 centp. Vcrv reiipe tl'nlly,
iSIi eo) K. A., l).p, (7nn.
TllANKSIilVlMI DlNMiH V 111 S lll'.It ID AN's
Ai.v.v. The pan lnajgurntcd bv the L'-,io'i
1 i .,,.,. ,, ' furnishing tbe gallant army of Oe:io.
; Mi my win ne io-civca oy .nr. u. it. vvinpoi.-, at
' i I.r Ij-iciu lion e, or Vr. i ove I' 1..' v s. a: th j
S .idle. ' Hon e, in I weinie h street. W.i call
' uiicnti.n 10 flic ailvrrti-iiient in .iiottier,olu;ii'i.
I j, u,,sh VoriM). J.ui'S Loftm, who was
i , ., , .--o . i . . ,
"l",n U'liarge .,1 liter '1 voting In tho
Tw. n'i -f. tin li u.-il. not being : if s (lout tin re .1,
J bed a lurher hearing iioio All. Tiuao Milie.'
! :,I,d ..s I Oil. II i' M..I lor tl i II.
i ..--zr--- ....... -
.... COM Ml. HOI A I, I'.DrO IT1N AN'')
. W .., i,i . ,., , ,U.. ,; , r . Kit en o-.; t.
; l-i.."i N-v lil..n -...11 kniova (iiieioit .ru ..' inA
j In- I' I ;e 1 ,.11'l'". .li y. ..ii ...1 .r . a il. v in', vr il
, ; KVnuli'V-.NVjV'r.sM.',
. n k-i i t n. . ,. .mi i ...c . ,',-t.i ., , t
! i.i ' ii-nil nl O-.' ice . I'.e n w l 'nil...-, I li I m,. Siil.;.--. .
1 ''..I Il i i. .il. r .1 ...-n'l n. 1 1' I Is lull
. -- - -
III, fi -S , Me. ..11 il 1
'"IM.MilK'l.' iTlili 1
U . t -I M !' N Y
e, tin, 01'
: 1, ,n,r I ' ni., .11 , , n. .ir;n
o, 1 la ',-rsi, a- 1 , .-1 a
I'M; Mil 1 I 3 is (:' liul.l.ttiM,
H, .Jul Hi. 11
l AIt YAI I'll l r.N POLLAIf,
lre .ai in., .ul ti a. t ot tcitit"i' of
I I. HT 1M .vldlMi (Mi I IMV-'.'IVi. .'.i .il.N,
.-'' it . 1 1 I. .t.l 1 t: -ai Mv:i., IiO'im'- i a . ua
1.11,1 i. lat . J .1,: lli.rin.0 lultl tno Mar 'ills'- a' ' 1 ' .1 .j:'. ,11
.r; ( ne T'.,r 1 . . I'. l u: iv.i.a.
s.ty(l.I T 'W b'sr .N.h !l t rr'-i! it if tn- ro.
mi. . 'l,,s.W3i:!'.IS l'i.i'.0T,T-i)aiiT--r,iinil IIIJIMIN
Kll, I.V, 3a li't.'.iy.
The wt'.'e f tiei. w.u d ii nail if i:iin. w aso.tiit
csi'l'i! pa'.il in, and tlie wiirk or Jco il'ipt'it tlie aeii.rtr ti
telii,- is-.tiL-ib proteci ted
Ai niHiir pniua have ciuoutiilej ilia
With tl.e
to t'tta Umt tlrt above named Corsoiat oat art two
tmatlv tltCrtnl and (loUiiC' eoucerni, at reipectl capital,
property, knd ij(attavij, it
h ' i e . am J I I
Arrival of .a Distinguished RefogeOi
Seventy llounty-Jumpers SDut
to the Front.
file,, l'.ti., l;i.
i :t i
Kl.r.lnl in hi, lo'iliz Tel' i r lell.
Wamiimh :-,N nci',',. r !'..- Mrs Vunln T it
1 r. niie 1 1 i n- a . .11 ling i:in'i..i.i -te S i.os
1 1- .is'oi.r, w I o s'l've'd' I it rn :..'mg his w .y ' i
Niii'olk, r S-. tt thr.i'i l h' . J ys-.Td .y on rn ."
way to jo'li ht I lit. s 1 ind. M's. liutlor m l ie two
at i n pis toe-. i" 1'ro.ii Uich iii'iiiti, ta-.' I'.r.t :ia:e
he was r.ijiliiH"! and isk ol b n k, 'in; '.he ii i! y
nn cie.ic.1 in making ln-r w .iv lo P nut I ) ikon',
end was brini'ih' up to ihis tity yt.c.-duy iu I-'ittuiti'.
Hie i' vi i.ti bounty-mtn pert wli i d :'.rt 'd and
went our to the enemy, hut ,vh jwoic roe -iptiirod
in Kentucky by our forces, uu.l iviu n rued line
Hiiral days ugo, were to-day seat in Irons to
(o rii nil l'air! a; City Point, M a. tit trial by
court nn rtiii'. Thi y were tin 1 r eh itgo of I.Tm
tmai t Gcoige YV. Tipton and a dut ichui :nt o."
men of the ll.glment Veteran ll-serve
Major Tnbeit M. Littler, Assistant
Mai Iml of the M ii. ir. Distiict of Wushington,
wiib hi iuli.ii'o i rd :n ilcorgcto vn, hai been re
lieved by Cap ain t'.i i on M. Cro.s, of tho
Veteran Jte-trvo '-"',i-. ni'l ord.-rci to August i,
Me., i here lo 'lie duties of Ass i tatit Pro
vest M:;r-luil-Gnicriil, Gliiei Mustcrin 1 and DiJ
luirsirg Glllecr, und SuiicrinteniliMit of Volunteer
Kccn.itii.fc' Service tor the State of M line.
Eclcls Bcfute to Exi haLge Papers.
S,ri lnl lo Tlir Kvi'iilMie 'I'rlPirrnijih.
YVvhiiim.ton, Novembi r 1!. Advices 'r m 'h"
Army of tlie Potoinao s'at-j that tho P. .belt ye
Itrdoy tefu-ed to i-xohaiigc p Ibis Is oou
ilili rid po.-itivo proof that Sherman bj success
fully neci'inplishing his niovemi'iit southward.
T he Hi bels never have fluiniressed news uufa
voiable to us.
1-7.;- KV. DH. Kill K, OK IIOSTON. WILL
a prc-iii li In I Imtoj Htrtiil I'msSitiirlau lilni ti,
TJ-'KIIl Mie-I, lielow .Nprues, I iioii'irr.ov al loVII,
J' U.
(I Villi Ml PirFKRLNT esVEJFCl'S.
HTK 10x1 t.
ovi::t coo vauigcs fjiuiirr.".
l'l.AIN AND COl.dUKI),
IVMUNtsK 8I0CK, Al l. -7.E ANH STYLE",
i:isiis' Kvitini'Mi
ulnul l'ramcsi
H.HOvcitl T'Ttvineis,
;ut rruiuoAi
Piihmo I'oi'lonts,
All Poo: S'.ilil Lst-8 thanEetrtil Price!
Al.mMvm AI.I1UMS!!
Oi i r r. " h'v- .a' I'ni t ' : f" lib AMan:., many oi Uiein
l.S Iliit.l.X Mill' In nairltl. holtlinij fiuJS
i i to -tro HKJTUiiioa,
r l t c n EE's
1 1 K.t l' HTMItl-o
1 ;,1 't X. hil CIH'.HNVT hTTRKT.
It a JIA.ICJ21t.V-J
H f. W I N ii MAO H I N K 8,
G'.i .':o Ti'' '."rtlilSNTJT Fltront.
1 111 I SlIiLV ! AlANlTACTritlNu Mef l.iti
(0i,'0ito Uie M'-mtili' Hall.
Ti.ti Maoi.h.e I i'.t trlnuph of ri rff-Ua" In wui
Hi. imi. s, e oii'lin.'-- oa vrii't anl va'uaalo tatt-rovj-uianli
in! smsi-iii aoy ili.oi S.aoliiiie. .
liavios neuter O.iM ot fun Yt iiuhL, it if tinpiiatl
CS.ll nulselfiis li.:a' .
The imhllc are l.-ivhr d 10 liita Macliluf at tusir
Agency, e ;.'lil llHfMIX rttrset. .,.. Ui...
rloluiei, Wivit anJ W ld-in lurulilmil wl'h Hai.blDtt
onavrnntj. lalifSU-.-mt. t') r itiilblia
Entire block of Btovei.
bilVeu s oas coKstoAtiKa UTOver).
Ttcia .upeiiorMovei. are well ktiowni we are selHnj
lhiaii,M rliw.ulnialiiiloeturere pi-ioe.. Alio aitf-ST
intra iUVto, wocr etat.lov,ar Uiaa ctsjuiar
"k,,M McKNIOlIT'S.
U-U-Mt riiltEKTU AKl JUfUttT HTMEKri,
j i;lmihjli)'h
V-.r Nun RMi-ni1..a '-r ef rrlna, 1rrHUk,a, or Itic.rttkn of ti-t BUiidcr r m.tni,
il..ili i'milrfll lfnn,t, Attmr. in IAS HtsJ'r,
C '' iri..'. ti'irtl er fi. -.1 .JuO f , i-.'if. in.l all TV..'S.i-s
Ct L.. Pn.t I. r n -Ini.-rl.S'l'l I'li-l 'lf tt S'lJililft.
1 1 1 1 1 ,M IJOI.IJ f-.
F-r VI 'tliii....,, Arlilnir from F.itnlit U J'lnrel-'f.B. Tss
f - nnliiunoti ITf i u J wilh IH-'.nii H', jtnttt Msmri
It,. s:,i ot mi llrin in nn spt'i- r, a tl mTiprratc ihf ui -ri in.
ldth llliiVIHiLD't r.XIHAl'T UIMIIIIJ Invsritlly
il'in. If no Iri slnii-iit Ir iuNDlltril lo, Couiumi tku nr
ln-sr,.t.v D.r tuiniii.
J1KI.M lHlil H
In Al?lriii p,-rultr to"siiAi Kf," li ay any
ott.or pri'i-jriiiioii, as lo riitmonts, or KtBtlon. lrrso
larttivs; PsinlolDuss, or (Suppression of Comomiuy Kvso
uitlor.i; l-'Wratfil, or trhrn. :a fttat of the Itlsnife ;
t STicliurrtio a, anil all tumplulDia Incident to tha u.
wtii.tlier a Trios liai.lts t aUslpauon, lupradonoles,
or In the iticllr.-j er clumve of b'e.
mTtnovrju rosk wash
V-ill rsilKtllj entaraiiDaw Irora Uio ijltara DUeaias of
t'..ili'niiar Orsaiia aruli.Kfrom llabltsuf D.aalpaUou, a(
li'.tle eij-eriis, tin's r r.t tsosivc in iiii-1, itiilaceastrniiiJli-a
or txrvtur; couipiutu-'j aaperaedlns taesa tia jdeaarinJ ami
no;, in, 1 i1riii, Ctj'auo anil Altrcuty, In aUtaaaa
l.i-il'; JlKl.MllOI.U H
Iu a'l lines,. 01 tlie L'llnary OrsAiia, whrtharaaisttntlji
"Attk' or rVint.V'i-ofii rA-derer taut o'liiaari'ir,
a, id no vio'li-r t hull hng UarMmg. It II plMUaut io
ta. to and a.ior. "I'miii iliate" tn arilca, and Mora
sirs 11 tttieiilns than anjol trtei'ie,urat,on.of tiiukor trait.
TLour SLilei Ins bom HrokcH Jorn or Zeiiole CvniiWu.
loan, procure itit id ..trily at once .
Tho reader aaut is? awara thut, tiewtier allsLi autyba
the atlai-k of 'he almva dlaeAaei, It la cortalo to afloct Alt
ytnTj yVinf.' i, JUtiiin! Pi. veri, W.i.w,,'. o, uij hil rjt
krity. fHVI(TANS,Pl,l'.ASe K0TITK.
Ii ceon j-lil f Ji.tcl.v, Cu'iets, dtti JuMytr !it rlt!,M
ltctod wltb treat care aal prapartl ta vacuo by li t.
UJl.MU0LO,Dr'ja'b-Lt aujotiemlit of ilalota feari' ox
pstleuctlntUitcltyof Pallnli-lnlila, anl tow pretorKtl
by Uie mmteniliieut of tie faculty, anl bare baea ad
toittel to DM la thi fulled Hiatal Ann, and art aUt ta
vary general aie U Slate Uoapl'aU au puMlt Saaitary
loatHtUtint throauoat Uit bul. Modicluet dtUriresI
ltnrarMmi,joialt4li7eipaiHdirtUu. Dirtot
tHOflBOLO a Orataal Caemltal Waiehan,
Mo. 6lt Broaawar. Kew Tork,
Ot naijuiouia utdicat i)pt,
Ha 104 I Ttnta trttt, rhlUdtlpbia.
Btwart at tawiUrfeltf . Aak fur OCLUBOLB'S.aiU
Offlotcrea frota Te'tJock A.M. lot p. tat.
aMtSv Dr'.iU ntrrwtitrt.
I le-Ulat la
U.ONAKI) on 1VI R.
A l'i. , V I' SI I' M I
llri-.-tr I
o.t. rx ritv tAttt.wKi.t. my or nri-tn
111 ID oAll'lllllV) AT I I. UNO. IN. Nov li'M iMlt
i.hisii K A in v I ; i.i, m n s r.r 1
l.uur i l'" i .r .1, l .i,.i, In u.-f :l. I
ni si, i n i l'i. ; '
p, o- fini-n nt t, t,l i-..lii..-iirr- nt J -i'.-I ,r'i
;.i u.i.'l. n I.i all imr:. -.1 n. Imi-.... on . u ,iur. I
1IIIN itll IIIHVi I ViN'tMI. Vi.v. Mill. i
il M. I l;l:HII. ('A7M Sli) .T.
s,.uiin.r I r-nrrt.. ii i i W liin- huon fi i.i rriie '
A rinr .m el s'. "l'i . 1 v uncjiii-I o l -irtviel 'I.
1 1 i T II in I ihn.-il. n.iv 1 1;., , ,i il -I i, i . tn-.
'II... nr.. snil'f. "-..I n. '. ..f lin'i in-.v 0,,er., ' I
M I It I.I I.I. K.
Wllhlh.l I
i.i a vii r in. v t.r i tin ui; i mi m i '.ni: :-'i m.
I.m en M .-. I oiin.:. i n I
,iri ll. Mel. .Kill AN . A It (..;: ;
An I r. el r. I IN I, II I . I
V'1,,,1.1 -nn r i.t i"l.l'l'i. I iviisi
In, in M Mn; Mll.1' Zl M MI.IHI l N
I rl,.. Mr. lll.lNltl. .1 sr:.INI'..- ; I
i ii i, Mail. 1. 1 1: ::t .: ,
lie IV r.MH, .'I.'. '
Ir I,. iin.!nii ti .. in ir i..-n i.i,, 1 1 ni I
i.i-i I i.i II. ii -. i.i i: i. v. .'-. - '
lint. I i.T Mr. ' it IN. :l, MM ' 't
I I I I I, '. V :,' K l'i, I I.I III.
A I ii I ....!. .H'll N Hal , I'll ,
"N s M ,t'l. II 1 .11 ' 1 1 -l'i 1 N N 1 1 S'
1 V , . lie I .iKiil. -A .'I'll ;
i ,,. .ti1 .. . '.
: ii . ii in I., iii-.a . I 'ti. re.-1 sr n '" i- " i-1 '-
IM oli Mm., mill in tl, A . ., I. e. . .
'i, i 'i. ui i l .t Hi.- t I iv el (.'unit i . '-n oi '1 i -1
III. . ', i o - t- , r, . - I i - . ,- I I. 'i rt,' r " -Oil a l'i
un inrl imlni iiPi ui.ii!i li .s .r. l. il li i" s. u .. .11 in
IM itdOi I. .Ids
evi l my in- ir.-.n
I . ,i . M
.t i-j i . i i i'i.
I'. ,ilnu . r .. 1 . I
.ii-. . , n i i. i i j
IA..e I II .i: '.I s. 1 1 1 " . i
H t I li lire, W mi ll l"ll. UH.1
1 I.. .:r- I
Mr I ..r,l l'n.1. , r-i
It . I,, .. rn:, ' i t ai ' I
ni neiO' .iriii rl: .
I !( - l W r K a s.
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li ir K'iu l n I' .ni,
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day and sa.-ln.St. I n. Ili lltetui. lor wlndoxa with two
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"Vi'ii-ir " ""i.lit.OSVr Bant.
L. T. MATHliWS & CO,,
T T. M IT I 'll'ivs,
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CAPITA 1 1 STOCK, 11,000,000
U0O,ii00 MnirrH Trtr ViilJie, fU.
l'rKKl. m-JGHN It. ANDK11SOM.
Thomas A. Pcolt,
s. ll. kiii iira,
WIUiaDi ti. Kreticsn,
Bclirri 1'. Kihk,
Ji.lui Jrt. Kili y,
I lmili's tin filiver.
Jaiuea It. Slairee,
T 0. M .TisiMell, Ilsirltbllrf.
Jnlm W. Hall, dt
John llrail , do
Vi . w . Wyhe, Liuea.ter.
W ii tin -lo li. iSbute, Colorado.
IJ. 1'. ISO U J llYrOUTU.
Secr-ttAr? tvnd Tretif nrof.
CrriOE. No. 423 WALNUT bTSEET,
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