The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, November 18, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 4, Image 4

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Xbe pirwnt month offers rirent facility to tiio
nronicler of fashions, as dwiilcl sump h:i
sow b0 S'vcn koth w ''jo form of rostrtmo' and
the mirll ,0 b "'P'.oycd.
fV remark, M tha winter season npiirouihps,
low much the bn-quci are returning into faror;
' and w may afirm now Hint roliea, wlmtovcr
Heir tiwno, will adapt tliem general y. It is truo
It will not be the el.inslc bniuv worn for tha lint
jtewycarf; on the contrary, the now basino it
j-jrrly one of fancy. Ihe habit, with s U:iro
tail, or tails turned tack; tho lontf l'is.iies of
tht teste lc cl.nssc, mid the ba.ju :s do cu.niuc,
wilh a broad band, are nil in vojrne.
The pnlotots and cniuu. s nru now drawn to
he wniBt hv a brond bawl, making tlntiii roi-m-blf
Hie blones. "No hupo all lailici of wsie will
prcie-t sgnicst tliti exrcdinly iitflv and un
eraccful at) It' though we mint admit th it,
Sowever tinlieoiiiiiiiK. no.v Uxuiuu is ruuilily
dlopted by nuYP'fy hers.
The niaicrinl fordresnes ha n"iirrie 1 a tnoro
Hmtre and heavier appearance. Wo may bid
illtn to gnuzoi and linein; p .plinn, tallet-H, anj
Kjw dclaiue have taken (heir plaeo.
Ihe n ivoltii a in ilk are very uplcmlid I'n'n
pailour talletaa and m-ins l'nr prund tiil'i"o Tno
wiiiie moire.", with broid tiiprs of tilt.-UH in
?anous de-lK"" and color, are remark
able for their cleparce.
Why do yonug, rich, and elegant l.uiies pref r
wealing dresses decidedly inoimiintf in their
appearance, anch a ljia,,-k or bia-k and Rrey
robe, trimmed wl-li .Ht, and enr-rln,; and!
to Batch I It innt be Allowed that tho sombre
coloreare betier for the complexion ; and bUck,
f-pici.illy, is very becoming to a, must every one.
Thli1, th' Ti, may be tiio true ruuso tor i'.i prefer
ence, and so good a ono tun? wo need seo't no
Now, the s'cel colored, ami grey pearl moiro
antique, "I'k ("ay Rross grains, and ijrey terry
Trivet are in demand ; and w ho is not yinssdiso J
of a black moire antique or a vi'.let tatr,-t.n ?
We mu6t describe so.rte of theso toilet in
order to give onr leaders au idea of tlioir general
rir"f, we mnst Insist npm the pi;nt, n imely, I
that the wc maintains its "Unilintf in buh'oh;
Ihe proof of which we sliill kivc in duvi mi-t
three cbitrminit robes, just completed, for one of
our most tushioniiblc ladies.
The nisi is a grey ui iro robe. Upon each
breadth are three broad liuted I'riils of black vel
vet, fixed with a bow, and ends trimmed with
guipure on each .-earn. Tho vest U in tiio firm of
the habit garde tiinuuise, iiauig very closely,
with facing of black vslve and gold buttons. A
most useful winter costume.
The second is of violet taifcl in. Tho bottom
f the skirt is trimmed with a plaited It mnce,
rlged with a black and violet velvet. Above
this n a biack Tclvot II ounce, with violet orna
ments in tacb plait. The Senoriu voio is ni the
Kmc material as the dress, edged with i ! 1. 1 i ii-T .
The sleeve is trimmed up the tca.ii to in a A
broad velvet baud, with a bueklo, is placed over
a tacked cambric guimpe, with a j ibot of Valen
ciennes lace.
The third robe is of green poult dc soin, with a
narrow flounce, edged with blaek velvet; iidovo
which is a greeque, compoed of L'tiibet fringe,
very dei p, and an ovna ncut of p issemjnterie,
with Lisscls in each opening. Tins robe is ac
companied by a black vest, trimmed withTliitj t
fringe and passementerie. The muslin giiuuno
is ornamented with narrow velvet, edJd
with white.
Velvet and cloth arc mukinu their appearance,
and it ia probable that velvet will, as year, lie
adopted for all descriptions of t ilci.s. .So long as
the temperature doci not compel us to envelop
nrseivea in winter clothing, pardessus of the
same malt rial as the dress, with vesica uad cor
ausres in all makes, will bo seen.
Evening dresses are made with nans and
Wquei formed of lace and silk. Embroidered
dresses will be very fashionuble this winter.
Satin, embroidered with iwbted silk or ohsnillo,
has a very good appearance.
A poult-Ue-soie robe, scalloped at the bottom
and edged with cheniilo. Au o.ik leaf is embroi
dered in each scallop. A row of the, same leaves
ii placed upon the front breudth, and continued
on the body a taille empire, with lilting sleeves.
A violet atin dress, with a broad embroidered
land over the hem. Then a rich wreath, mount
ing np each breadth, gradually becoming narrow
to ihe top. The postilion vosto has all the scams
We must not omit to mention some ball and
evening dtesaing we have boon permitted to
Evening dresses in light, clear ma'crlah are
trimmed with lace, both on bodv and sleeves.
AV'e have seen several rolies of cros grains, tali
tas and satin. The colors are rose, bluo, gold
colored, and l'arma violet, with beautiful bkt 'k
mce flounces, fcorties ot lace in thn I,.,,-,, ...
form, lined with colored tilk or satin, aro elegant
in the highest deirree.
A robeol pink tailetas. with two rows of rnrlilie.
on the bottom ekirt. (Second skirt of white spotted
tulle, trimmed round with pink ribbon aud line
white iik fiinte. Low bodv of niuk silk. lvt.,.
;ine berth of guipure; bows ou the shoulder of
ribbon and silver tassels. Tho coiilure wi b this
drees is a poulf of moss roses and whilo curled
feathers, falling on the neck.
Kobe of gold-colored moire. Tunis of Wack
lace in deep festoons. Sash of black la o lined
with taileus, the ends lloatin- behind, l'clciiuc
of Cbantilly lace.
A maiKC-colored moire, with splendid bouquets
cmbroUlered on each breadth each bouquet ap
pearing to be ti d by ribbon in bright sh.idos ; the
wuoie piouucid oy me skill of the weaver. I. port
each seam Is a double mountingof (Jhautilly l ice,
low body, with a liehu of luce covering slightly
Ihe shoulders, and crossed iu front. OoitJiiro
composed of (lowers to match tho bou juets on
the Orcss, with a barbe of 1 1 ick lace. A charm
ing robe of white greuadinc, with liuj stripe of
pink, over a pmk tail : las skirt, gracefully
trimmed with liuted flounces, surmounted with
chicorces piaced at intervals, und lorming deep
festoons. In each festoon is a btiuerllv bow of
pink ribtion. Low body, with frills a l'cnfant.
Sash of pink tatlltas, wi;h long ends fringed at
the bottom. The coiifuru is simple, being only
amall rosebuds placed here and tuero in the hai. .
A robe, suitable for a ball dress for a yo in
ludy, ia of white tarlatan, with six bouill nines at
the bottom of the skirt. A corselet, iu six divi
eions, of blue tailetas, trimmed w ith a narrow
chicorce.turnlng on tbc skirt over tho buoilhmues.
Ixiw-drawn body. Coiilure : wreath o lobelias,
with a full blown roue on the left side.
Bonnets next claim our aitention. Vita the
winter season feathers will appenr; but before
winter that is to say, before vehot bceones
genera in demand we have autumn, wiih the
tailetas capotes, which u:u all the fashion Dux,
and are ornamented with (lowers, for ex imp'c,
upon a brownish grey cujaito a color most in
vogue at present is placed a bunch ot largj
purple vtlvet llowcrs, with grapo, and oiuaiuuuts
of pear) beads.
A lilac silk capote mnv bo trimmed with a
wnath of violet henrt's-ease, mixed ith leaves
placed all round the trout, and under the,
lo lieu or a curtain.
Most bonnets now have, in place of a curtain, a
narrow lace frll1, bouifonnes. co itifs of ribbon
r wreaths of (lowers. A branch of flowers
plnced on the aide, end parilv veiha by luce or
Louillonnes, emprise the arrangement of ihcj
toquctt sti coiiinris.
llonnets become smaller ami smaller, so much
o that one is likely to exclaim : " Is it possible
tuey can tit any may a ueaa r uui wuen woin,
we are conctraiued to say they aro most graceful,
and becoming to the face.
A white velvet ia very elegant the crown
formed of afunchon, cut in three points. A borbe
of rich blonde ia tied iu a Hat bow ou the front,
and tha sides arc trimmed with a branch of white
suid pink acacias, and bright green foliage.
The inside is ruched with blonde. Two rows of
beads turn over the front, aud la?teu u bundle of
A white tulle bonnet, embroidered w ith while
beads. A bunch of flowers, composed of moss
roses, heath with beads ou the points, and daisies
covered with dew, lorms a pond upuu the trout.
A fmuller bunch of the same llowtrs is placed
behind instead of a curtain. These (lowers are
nixed with curled ribbon; the inside trimmed
to match. Strings of white tiiletas.
A black velvet bonnet; the front drawn, and
the crown of black tulle, spotted with tet beads.
An ornament of red velvet is placed on the crown,
lonuing a point, and joining the strings, which
are also of red velvet. A red (lower, with loug
frey pctuia, ornament tho left side. The inside
U dimmed with tulle.
A white satin drawn bonnet. Folds of terry
velvet, divided by tulle, form the crown ami
mall curtain. A fringe of forget-me-nots round
the edge, fastened at tha able nnder a bouquet of
os roe-uud. Roses and blond lusido. Ktriags
wbuaaauu ribboa.
lJT,iJ'lV1t'tolord ,,tin bonnet quilted, with
u point. An ostrich feather, encircled
JJ''1" "ds, trims the front. In place of
ao curtain is ayiot ot wMu. LtouJ ,aj bu'tk Uoe
rnrJnrlTi. JyyxetJtoar recently executed
for murder, baa been dug t br nermliudon nf
nwtttB. li wai already In an awful ttu of putre
faction. After the doctor tiava douawitliit it
mo be dcpoJU?J ia ihe uiutum of tg wa'of
Th Ncwn KTrfIil or Wn-blnfflon, S. V.
V Tu.irnttand fifct onr troop. ptou atpd thn
towo ol WMiifngtnn on WoOndtr tot. ant It wa
rofppird by tho vnemjr rliai on the ifttnn diy.
,Vo aflranre In any oihor direction In nM)nni'nHod
at prohcnt. Our tore. ti ll back lioni rivmouth to a
pftint on tha Itoanoko It1vr to watch the piicidt's
DioTomontB. lift f fh (rtft tli rate.
.A rati ml llirhmond.
TTioInni bt-UivT I.H-limoinl ami rct'T-biirT trr
quiVt mi ("tfn!nv. No mion wfitrh h ive r"fi--h"i
a- trr.m tlic North C"i;t:iin nn ;niriK n '.ittvc t tho
iiM'iif M.t ot a million ol men tiy I incut. v, ami
1btj Ma tn flit vu no doubt mi rrro'.woiu one.
Itiiiii Iho Volley.
Ceni-tnt f'Aiu v twin- in flill on nhh of n
ditcit r. ('tleiHl il "-mu ti. hh. iv' M uv'it -tuti
tl.kt M'Kini'A nrtnv m mtn m-hfil bol .N-w-
town MM heiiiii.wn. Mi;iiinri'n mid IUhiau'
( -! oi,- vi cuvhTv if 1 u k'-tJ (.t li Mi.n mi tint
loth. I lit wrrw n rnVdl and d-ivn vr:i mil -.
Uil.i (u o I, i; i ill i i.iioiT'-i" itu A it n in er o M'ir"
Un -n'H c-t . ii. ii j itti heiiuved i rv liinidsomi'lv, p:ir-Cu-f
;,ulv l.iMAX'H Iri'llll", IITidi r 1 lllt 1'A v,si;
aid Wmkmam'h. iiih't I ieii: 'limit- oloui-l lm.
ijan. Imiii iho nm" t-ui' l iivv i,i,'- v:lrv I i-
hit H tstekffl M( AIM. AMU ft In l.'.ul.', iU d ir-
ii i, hi ihe 1 roiit K' i'i ml, uit.l Kir. v it u:ro--
If.o nvvr.
.nrbra t;r rntlu:i .
Tho irriiiv aio y'iii i iiiIi uv.rih ' to rotnjile'o the
rmiiond l.eMvei 11 iiu lit'su-f ami linr'nr I'env.
An i tl.riul ii"uileh rceei.oit nt tin- :ir l"n:ui
iin i;t v M iilnv.'fintcT tlint i ho eiH'iuv are jvri'nviNj;
the tutis i loin the Ai uiiri iuii to ihe W'im:liet r
l.iti'n.inl, uinl tl'at 'i ( .h h:i-! vv t tii.- -.-lnin
I.pv Il'ti'rojid Mi.-t-nv liji.t killed, v itnnj -.l
uii'l cii)tiii("l .vcr ix luimtied I their men und u,i
ttued uu t(,uul it ii ii. In r ol lintae.
TLo Nirlil Si'tiniH. ot tin- '.. h ttU.
A 1'iivnti' I. Mer, iiom n .thu.t .ol.Iit-r. nv :
tct iowft ot Id hriilnitji I'.il.rr ot tne in ,ht ui him -( I ,i
ii t.tno : " v mm!'- nn n- ii' move on the u 1
liH'riO) lillf lit O II' UOi't, at "11? I -'l,M;iA
Hi nt Mil a dt-'HcIinii lit iKuii tho -c-oi ii kimI Kili-h i
l.oiiea ri pniH ut-, i.l-ooi.e ti t tin ll.o l.lvnnu
bmnM. W o inov.'ti nifi w'!im.' y on ili' ;iiik"'C (nck'-i,
ti i.d ilo n tmiietl rupidiy t i tii- n,rht uii'l CAi-iur: J
t. oni an wo weiii irnin jjosi to p
Jli" tiir riff wrt cp riHiid, and relioveil a fmrir
ot tliiOfiMurrMfi t n mile. 1 ie Aiuh imi'iiH, vini
ci.ino up loliuid iih, pi nc broke the ier " m ii
were, tinned to tno leU. and will down tun V:m'iee
p rkot line iu tho oppos.te dirction. re.rvitif h
t uei lolly ut Ion if as thitt we hud roiiovr-d. Kverv.
tlitiikf ueied hko a ohariii. iNot a k"" wak Hred nn
iilher fide. Our tos oaiir out UntOi-d with the
noli fpoilM ot Iho Yniikoo, witli v hteli it nnetiH thMy
w ie nioht ahiiiultiiitly NiippPed ; nue!i ai tentn, bhin
kct, tiMlia-rubl.erfi, oveicttuU, Irvine-pain, c.iim,
ktMif vark, littvok-HHikft,
t-i-t. rriHH Maiio.nk utnl I'innkoan were both on our
;ncM'i line, nut eriiionnni" ttiontlnr. Jo inv own
i (tw.tUc wt- caplun d all oi threo hundred pii-
aLflMM'M nl fitiyiMin n Itoi Vnyrnm.
I lie county court u. Jtoel nvhani. Va.. lix n-err-
tariii tlf alter a emend run vans ol' the coua.y, the io.
wiiin n uitiirted nnon t.ioriti bv -he n. ecu.
r.iy uiki mi uurv chtu iiilan, hkhiiian:
J.( JJwo line lioiises l-nrned, : Hums
XTiitd, 4W; h!i turned, 111 ; 1u.icinu dtOrofd
niihf). IU.; IVunIioIp o. wheat desiiovetl. Hki
l nhrlK or corn de-iroved, M) (t ,o Tons of hav do-
ioy(d. t'i-t; Ciittloe: tiel oft, t7;l); Uoim carried
IV. IViVj; Mu p miried oft", 4' I) ; llo enned oil.; I neton h Inirned 0; 1- nrnace burned, 1.
IU uddilion to v. bicn, Miyrt h Kot kiimhaui ft- tfis
r, theio vus an iiuiueime u;nu int ol iariniiisf utni.-
hi m id evi ry re criptiou oVst roved, inany ol t ioin td"
jr l out vaiuo.Muh an Mr1 oitu k k'h roap'T, threHliinir
nel uu n; uJho, bou bo a lot iiirnitiiio, iu tnev .
'onus, plate, &c. Vc. I ho whole !. i hhii ihii.
ii iiini ui nit ,1-noi nittHH fll in UI Srit.iiKMh)'l. I n a if in i onieti- into nrncn. und ion hi b- i.
diu d, we tliink, aliout o. e-.liih, iu urdi-r to urinu it
to Iho Ciovorniiieiit Mt;ind;trd.
Ilu in- linii(n!4iii.
Ttie retortburir Ar'jf.i oi veJcrdiiT "itiiteR ilmt
three ui l.i'i. Uami'ims'h Hcouia p nt;tnted to tiio
vicinity ot Fort l'ov haUin, tho latter part ol liwt
wceK. cnpturoti Twentvix i unkioi. nun sit lv
reiicht oil tvveniy three m theiu, vvlioiu they de
vered at the t.t'iieni.'.-' le ad ounrior.i. I nro , oi th-i
piihonorr mriuiireii f. itM-ape auor capture tucoiit-qti-nce
ol tiio paucity oi tiie izn.n.i. ,'ouio lorn
fa uta aio uetivo in Ou.uJi 'a rear und l'ivu hnu a
ueul ol tioui lc
t.Tiit Triiiips'Hoe.
lEecent reporla bear oTidenco that militarv aiTdrs
in Ijit lenue-j liavo4Hiuued a inoro ctieontit at.
pect. Ooiiunu liti;t kim:juuk lias taken cuiumund
LerHoii, at icn lees u.o ret iir iiutrr. new recnt.iH
dally 'arriving, more rum Ui"C pduo n bointc uu-
toretu, DiKiuti in union ami nainiony.
I lie dirwdt r at ilornstowii wuh not an aortomi n- nt
flrat reported Just preceding the liuht the tn i.ii
body oi our troops ivero at Morristo wu, whiie Aiujor
C. U . La v's ( 1'vMdltli butinhon) cava ry wa eta
tioued at Hemi's .Siution. twelvo miles diftnt. It
(toeinn to have b on the dowru oi (iononil VAUdu as
to iu'1 buck to Husr-elviiie be i ore (tiviiii titliit,
vhere lie would have bad tonieutUa:itaifO In position.
I o this end, und a view ol coneeutraiiiix hiri
whole RtreiJL'th, M ajar La y'b command warf ordered
to llio lat or place, wliii h order was prouptiv
obeved. Hut the enemv. In vastly miperior lorce,
brouirht on the attack at Morrintowu. iienerul
Vaujhan, who ih one ot the "bravoat ot the brave."
did ivorvihiuv in his power to repel tho aoiaiilt.
iuk vnorisi wore iiiinvaiiiuj;. r rum unu cuiiMt lliB
tioopn were puuic-Ktrickcii, und retreated in much
(liKertUr towards JCuHtellvihe. 51 aj or Lay met our
rctrcutiiiK lorcoH at thit point, wltu the enemy in hot
pursuit, and within three hundred urtin ot our
waun trnm. no imuo oiaieiy ordered a cnarco
upon Die advancing coiuinii, to which his commind
iillitnlly n anoinleil, and Miccoeuod iu r-VMUif tiio
i ankei f Luck more than a halt mile, thereby tot
p i tho lem at, and ravunr Iho wi:uro i Irani. I hey
re nicn.y compinuenieu oy ine coiuuuiiiuiuk yt-u
erai. Ihe oiiFtmltieii in the hatluhuu weto two
wounded, none killed or innMiiiM
All About bheriimii.
'if m the Richmond Exxintvry Xov, 15.
No i.oubt lemainu but that the mihto-ry aulhori
tn h ol tho ci.einv item red to conceal Un; .New Vtk
puticrn ot the loth ii. slant, or thai tiio roiiHon ot the r
inten.ion lo do so was the statement cniiamcu
li t re ii ui 1-n khh a n'b inovciiiouts. In tho papertt ot
thel'iili, ttliirli ttiev liuvo peimitted to p.i'H, nt a
CltlOMl hllpp(rtr.i'U Ol dl-UDCt rjtuU'lliellt 111 UlO U"Ull
Huminarii h ot new s Hut Iho writer ot an ediiorml in
the Ittra tl has divulged tho whole Mlory in the con
cluuuiK paruruph ol a lone article, whh-h iirooahly
CHcuped t oir notice. According to this writer tho
tiHAM, and ia part ol" a coucotcd caiupaitrn, ba-d '
uu on1 piunnuiK cpOiCiiCrt ot liavis ui Jiucou, Au
(iii" Ui. fee.
in tbefO Hperclies, they maintain, the Conn-derato
J'lOMdi-ut gave autln-unu iuiormutiuu of the military
Muution; told where iho powder mills, tut., wero
mtnuttd; u hero the Ilrbel uriiuen werot'oiiiir; and
devi lei ed the tuct Jmt the country mhiIIi oi Atlanta
wum Oeleiisele. On their data Mi human ii mi
Cham have concerted their plauH. Mikuman is the
bword to bo pjitnued into tiio "victim," wnile IiHant
and i hum ah In Id it btill, and ' uw.iy KOeB Siikuman"
ou to Auuritu, anil t. ion to Charles, mi. mikuman.
inr.efu, bi;st uu iiicnnation to the "movah'e column
tie trett it and tailed wider mi 2,
wsippi, and
tailed becuiiKe ibeirreat incur wan at hud Who
will n Hiintfe biin iu tiooiKia and iho t arodu., U ho
tr.eM there, is but lor uu to My ; but it Ju likely uuoun'h j
that he w !l Und lioiiH iu bin imtn.
Hut hut it i hia story in Miuoly iiufnioP Intorna- !
Hon ot ninth..- clmru, tt I leHiln tu ih 1mm,'I1Ii.i
Mi ti- m an hu- not "muioiiod jor hurimiou," nr
even tor Au.'U'ln, but that he in c nccim ntin, tho '.
beet part ol Urn army at llndepori. Ijiouam ij !
c i.ainlv collectiij ' bii birce, at 1'ul.t-ki, m j'euu )
iH-e, and tl r ulea ot these .eneml uppcain to Uuh tt
one Mhali i lo i k lloonV advance w.n e tno ot ter 111-
k lloon'K advaiico w.n e Ino nt'inr in-
tii-ep b,H ret; eat . 1'h'r ib-nin ai eai
int it -minji, and hh promiHe ultraclivu cim nr.i ti I
di-iiuet siiEi;."AN unay Horn tnto urund piupeo n (
jt-udlo bun by iho U-ol New uik. li nu 1
ni ih iiuircmnx oo Au,"iita iroin At nut. -i it ui-ir
n au one, aint until we nit a. I ln;ir imu ti.e v. '
tioui ;
oiitberiiiurcc.4. that nuch an, i iut.iar i , vvi: i ail coniii.uc lo to luc.eou'oi.n aljoui lb.
!!.' cHaueoiiM Iiiitcma
from th hirhmui'd .Smi.rl, 1.
hAKki Y ok t 1 1 u " i . 1,1, a i" AHttK." Au official do
apa'ch,'d liOiit lYiHii.ijtrtou ynniu dir. uu
iioiii.cch Ihe saie arnv .il oi iho ( S. Hiium.-i ', ,.
to-mute in that port. 8ue wan en uneu by kcv ral '
I ni;i d State.- b.oeUider:, at niin mude port. 1
N n h'ti .lii,j.ioN. there i no contlnna-
lieu ill llie slorv w earn ) lo u. l inn I'.'ie .imr,
thai taMe'i LN hut eaned lot u iniihd'i inure ef men.
The paper vvhieu wo iiuve iteuivetl phww tiuil ;ho
retiori vus wuhuiit to imuat on.
( HAltI..:i.'roN, MtUTI! I AIIOI.IN A Six'O !! s''Orn
were Hu rl ut liiu eitv ou dLesilay idjji: and culi
tern on i'hlirdMv.
Ihe VHiik.e.i ;,re mount in tr anew irun. rciort"'l I,.
be of tlie Aui ',' (w v,- ,le) ,u l in, ul liutlery
Warner. 'Ihey a!s , ci.nthitM huolv hauiiu a'u u
Ilit.oll lo I'ttlU'rieii loetfi und Wi-wmit. iu llie ll-ells n tiorted .
To BK Isoli.. IhcStito Jiillturv Works, loenteil nl
(ireenvilli', Mniih un.:ii,a. w ill Lo n,.d ut uue-iioii
ou iho lulh iasluut (tu-tluyj, by order ut Oovcruur
lioMi am .
KonoiitTM MouABHKS. riiia arlicln In spliine in
YOrkmle, Hoaih Curonnu, at three ilnliurs M-r iral
loli. In ( liailollii, AurtU ( ul.'iliiiu, il i eilinit lor
ten diilhtrs mt iiallou. Iu Uivtuiiond, it is lUirly
dollurs per iullou.
Wiiimnu iron I'kack. The A'buny (Oa.) Patriot,
under the sinilicautcuitloii ol '-w huiiiiK tor puncc,"
l'sks thus ol tho persons who lately ailuresirt a
l.tterio tlie Vice-l'r, sideiit aud to Smiuior John.
son, rciueftiii? them lu "teauu urate a peuno untve
uient at tlie houtli:" "If auy oi the inou wIiimd
names are' attai lied to the lolluwuifr letter have lakeo
auy pait iu the war, dirndl y or ludirooliy, wu du nut
kui.w it. Id luct. tliev are speeulutorH, and having
amusiM'd liii-u tortuii'.i., are willing to reliru with
their plunder. We ln-re sincerely that theae iuhu
uiuv be cniiHcripted a. id mtnle lu tasle of the privs.
tioiiri ot the war bctoreanysnipuiidertheiriidrire oa
taken for peuc... We want no advice iruui spucuia
tuis and sharpers abuut eac e."
IKiriuuliv wttna flurded the Vsnket.u the rnilitiry
prisons on I'uowi ay, ol enpres.siua' their nrolureaos
iHitwnen Ihe Norl hern candidates tur the I'reaiuunoy.
I be yot ot tha oth oera was :
Ijuc.i.k 276
Moi.'j.axLAi el
Among lue uon-ouuimii.ioiut oltleor and on
Tutes tin-Dmjnniy lor Mot was 1,'tt; linn
tilviiif Lim 'oi. a uiajonty vt eixht uu tlia whule
vote. IkiHi illt I'.eiiitter.
'iiie principal of tthe LalanJ Hevenue He
pnriiueut of Kngland Las just examined tvreuty
six samples of Uer, of which twenty were adul
terated. In fourteen of these sample be found
the prohibited article! called grains of paradise
grams which, however fit for Eden, are by law
unlit for beer. In one of the fourteen be found,
betides tha prohibited grains, portion of to
bacco ; in two others, coceulus ludieua was pro
tent in large and even dangerous quantities; Iwo
uunples contained capikuui; aud two others
protoauiphttte of irun.
,v foi.iii:it iti:iirri:o.
HrHnl l lli Kll nil ; 1 'l ur.lIl.
V VMii.MiroM, ruin r IS. (J i.irlrs Wil
li.ims, of tlic 3;ji 1.. im. nt ol' 11, i nl S'.v,.(
t'd'oi 'il Troops, wlio was Id hivclicii litimr ,.,
tlic OM C'uii:i,l i',rin t i i'iiv, i.,r ,'m;
Cil'-Kil l ian at ('in;) ( ii' y, n ;ir W.i li'r ;.
t 'ii, on ill,' 1 I'll of l.t .Vin-:ii' r,w;is r, sitcl
to c!ny I"r ,iiln,, Lincoln f.ronij w.'ok.
'11, c ( i.H'in n whs r,.ot to Wit i.oii i ycstenl.iy,
wliii li lii' rriTivcl with fut lit!li outwurd ni-rs
of i iiiol!oii. In coni-I.Yr.ition of tlui sli'ii t t.f'in
!;.. d tin' i.ri-..o.rr to 'jcj 41 for etcmiiy, fie
lUv. Dr. (iiirn. lt (I'oloro l) nn l Su;iiriiitcinlcnt
Wooil 0 ,'ilnl iipoti tin- I ri -iif ut tliii inoi Hint;, ti.
iiit rc.ik' In "Will fiiiTi Im IimII', uii'l in t witli tiio
Fuci-t-'S aliove slati'il.
The jTlnihcr niliiil's 1m1i,i; commUtcil tlic
Jted, but sajslb:it he did it while in a st w.j of
intoxii, and wLilr lie whs not awaro of
lie was doing.
The Hamilton, county Master wis up
to-daybtforc the military Cdin:uissinn, an 1 nftcr
tho Louring of testimony in cun'r.idintion of the
ti'dimory of the Government sront, Panlmi
Worslcy, who purchased tho (foods nt ivnter's,
the ciwc was ai'journcd for ono week.
iiton 'i.iir.i 1.
San '"hancim o, 'oveml ;r IS. fire in tho
business part of Mwysville to-day destroyed pro
pirty vulued at -.''0,0011.
The rainy season did not contiutie long enough
to nc of much hcnclit.
The s'.camer ( 'on it it nt ion lias arrivad here.
The treuburo shipincnn for the past few d.iyi
amount to over half a million in gold.
All departments of trade are dull.
Ai rived, ship Mnry (),, n troiu Now York.
1 roh l'oitr kih vi,. s. v.
ro w 1011K, November IS. The steamer
1'itlton, from Tort Uoyal on tho loth, has arrived
A licet of steamers, from rortresa Monroe, with
10,1,00 Kcuii jirisuners, to be exelmimed at
Savannnli, were nt Hilton Mend on the,
dying nt the rate of four und live dully.
Thu 7tli instant was duly celchruted at Tort
Iloyul as the uuiiivcrsiiry of tho c ipuireot
place by the Unionists. .
I IUI'I lil.tiSr., JAVAK'A.
Ni:w Yoiik, November IS. The sir nniHliin
Mvtitcumu, frdin KiDgston, Juinaie.i, on tho'Jlli
int , arrived at this port to-d,iy.
Mnrl'cls l.y 'llcyrnili.
ft 1 oiik, Aovvmbcr IS stocks arc lower.
riiiw.o nt,l It ek Im'iihI., le:i 1 , ; Ciii'ilcrlaiul t,,T"rr,',l
l; 1! M ,,K Onirnl. IS.' : Mli-lii.'An .".oiithvrii, ,o: Nv
l" k Cnlral, !', H'.i.irL-, .',; 1 1 . i , I n . i ItKor,
11; I'jinlnn l'"ii,,ul', : Mii,,,iiri il,, Ki In. '.'.j ', ;
I in,' JVar Orl.d. no . :.',; lr:,oU, 1 i Hi; lu 1 , ni;
.-', lilt ; coll; oil IH'.',.
Tlie Ili'lx'l ;e.i nil l'.;rly In Full
frimi Itin Vullfji 'I'l.ii tlin.ii.y llvtweiii
Usli-rM 1(111 suit SlriiMlinrK rile l uluu Itfli.'l I.i.HhtjH In tl.n Keoeiit 4'iivalry
Atrulr lore itlurflen. l.y 3tusl.yst Men,
Kip. KIP.
Novmiber lo. The ctiemy is tUll In consider. iiilu
force between Fisher's Hill and Strisburg, his
eavnliy hovering along our immediate f son t and
Hank. His strength, all to'.d, is estimated ut
about tw enty thousand men.
Our new position has been greatly strengthcnc l
by the erection of earthworks and rillj-pits, and
should l.urly attempt an oil, naive movement iu
force ho will find himself iu a trap.
Our losses iu the cavalry brush of Siturday
will amount to about ore bundled and seventy.
The tLcmy's loss iu killed, wouuded, anil pri
soneisis inoro than double that number. Over
one bundled and iilty piisoners alone were taken
The Kebcl (ieneral Lomux lost tcvenil of hii
Hull tlllieis killed and wounded. Tho body of
bis Acjutant-Ucncral, Lieutenant-Colonel Har
vey, tell into our llanos, rri-onors say that
(ieiierul Wiekhaui, eoiiiiiiindiuj: a liritdc iu
Lou. ax's JJiViion, was ncvercly wounded.
Ni'M'inber 111 The wily, persevering ICurly, sur
priMd and bullied l,y tho ccleriiyaiid Kkillulness
of On, end Sheridan's movement", is umlii Iu
lull retrt at towurds Staunton with his who e force,
and we have probably beard the last of him and
hih army in tho valley for the winter, ut least.
Dest nets w ho came iu lust un;lit suite that tho
Rebel force which uus eueaiuiied near Fisher's
Hill liiohe camp Sunday morning, leaving only
a slight picket force uioi; Cedar eieek, which
was wiiliiuuwn during Stiuduy ni;;lu.
'1 liesc ile-irteis s y it was fully believed
in the Itebel cump th .t oi e or two conn of Gene
ral Shtridnu's army lial bien sent out of tliu
valley to reiuloiee (ir.uit, and that tha: was
SI, eii, Inn's iCiMiii Tor talliriL. Ii,ifdc IVdi.i iT,',lr
I ctoi k. 1 he sniiits of the luiniy liebeis at oiicj
l:c(ian to rie at Ihe prospect ol an easy co:nticst
ot tur piovirion tram aud tlie coni;ilete over. brow
oi our army.
J;arly, in fact, promised his nrniy that thuy
slioiilU wintir iu W'iuchestir; hut, alas! lor
In hul l" ruleiilu.ions, instead ol" iiudini; the ai uy
ot bis em my depleted, tie loimd il siiouer than
ever, at,d as Hid of light. His cavlr re an
n issance, whicii came to t rlef, sa:inlied him that
1 it would be madness to risk anotli. r bailie, aui so
be inci UHUtaily skeduddJed.
In my despatch of icsier lay I sratcd tbut tlm
Ftrtui;tii of Karlv's ii.n e was u,,t:iuaied ui idi iut
lucuty thoUMind. It wuS prei'er. Ho liad not
It's than from twenry-IWe tiiousan l to tliutv
Ibousiind men of u.l iiriusol the survive. Several
thousand of Irs an il were miui'uicd .")us';ri,;.Hl
whom te In ped to unu ni b c.ipuired iii'isUtts'.
lie d ,1 not have mueb artillery.
In the cavalry skirmish ou S nurduv the Rebel
I.ii uu Iiuni-Coloncl i'ltoinr.R Murdiall, u grand
son ot'lhiet .lu-tiie Marsnall, as killed v.i'ihiu a
mile of his irsulem e. 1 lie Itekuu ulso lust
alunb!e ellicers m the all. dr.
1HSI.0YAI. rs.MAi.r.s sunt Tiiuornic
Tin; vnion
Unite n number of di.-loyal wn-nen from Win
chester passtd tlin ii'.'h tlie lines tins motuiug on
their way South. They ure ehorie.l with cinros
pouiimi; w ith the enemy by tlie utmerr uind
line. More of the disloyal vixens, it is said, ate
to he tent to the same destination.
A slight skirmish occurred yesterday, near
Luruy, between a ptuty of f.mcrul i'oweli's
cuvuli y and anuall force of Uebel cavalry, vrhn
were loruging lu the vicinity. The itebels wira
dtiveii in tho direction of Mount Jackson. He
wounded and captured several of the p.nly, with
out the loss of a ruau ou our side.
WiKniKHTKR, Va., November 10. This morn
ing a detachment of scveuleen men belonging to
the I7th l'rnnsylvauia t'avuliy, with despatch! i
to Colonel S. l'.d wards, commandant of the pest,
were attacked l.y one hundred and lift n V.
by's guerJIas at' the Intersection of the Mai. in,
buig and Charleston roads.
'J wo of the men were killed, tlu"" ' minted,
nr.d the balaBce captured. T wo 01 the hounded
have since d.ed. Thu guerillas ulso captuicu a
new sboy w ith a wngon loud ol iiewspupeis, which
they confiscated. Colonel J'.dwurds, who was
near the scene of tho occurrence at tho time,
immediately sent to Winchester lor a cavalry
Ijicc, whiih uS now iu pursuit oi the guerilias.
f AKTiHsm tio, November 17. On the loth,
Moseby's men, dressed iu Union clothiug, met
tome of the 'Id Regular Cavalry on the road, and
accosting them faiuiliurly with ''How are you,
boys " rode along w ith them a mile or two, when
having proiierly disposed themselves for the pur
pose, drew their pistols and shot ten of the party
in cold blood. Tuny fled during Iho consterna
tion which ensued, aud were not taken.
On the next day some twenty-five of the 17th
Pennsylvania C'avu.'ry were attacked by sue hun
dred and buy of ftoseby's men, and two killed,
two wouuded, and the rest captured. They were
on their way from Harper's ferry to Wluthcbter.
-Atio Yutk llerald.
A M K 11 I C A N ,
fi K. ( ornrr Walnut m d Fourlli Blrctts,
tl l a IIOMKff)MrANV,.n,l ri (fl'i dlvhlnt .nMi.rtT.
V to. h ,1.' v ii n--;i. .1 l, i my I., Hire , mil i.m. 1-ait
ll V Hi' 1.0 .Al CCIIl.
l'liiMin, i .1. f,l At rii.viM n,
II," ,l'ii".l'n'l,,l, ll'i.i. . I ,,. 1, ai .on,
AH -n II , . r;. II . . h. II. "i .- u,
no T It fliiif, ft H , it ntl ,.
, rv.' N i " I, J-.i.n f lh.ii,,,
V UU. nil .1. l..iiol, l-,- H.oit'l.tir.',
f n uii'l W,.rX.
I P. VMM Il WHU.I. MM, frcMont.
OH I I. 'vi"ll, li,' IT' .1. lit.
.IOII.N U luHON, In,,. , a, I ,, .,,,
n i.-ii
jl;oie;ij kuthh, .hi.,
A N I)
imo is' ). n-i v. p'ond 8irri, riuuit'ii.
pniri nrna machink works.
l Ktl K,
So. .A S 1 i;.M .-.TUJlfcT,
' "f St i I I'M I A .
We are prcpaml to fill onU ig lo iiy extent fr-r o ir wU
p nr" p
yi iiint:hv roit ennov asd woom.m millh,
Ii rl. ihiiB nil ri ctiii iiniiroi -uicntu in CftiULnsf, Hihiiuihk,
ai.l Wrnvlnsf
Wi' ttr the att ntiun of ninnfactfircri to our axtrn
five w-uf ks.
1 11 AT,Fhtf. JKSKft A ROW
''is- iv a ri. Ohio. No. i ni'n r II .
rmr'iHl") nro ttulifd hv thn nnli-roivin-il uiui I Kl
). , N'ivi n in r 1"m, at l; ovimk ;..,j..r iiiiniaJiing
lliw Ik onrinei 1 1 tu n ml it vt) with :
I'rirkf 'I 11") - ;i. mv n ti.'I'inl.
IN t k'i (I Mi'- ti s rmv ilnTKl.iTil,
Huntu r '! nt Ulmki'ti nuy t'inJirO.
ll at ' orils . r 'mnirT,
Jo (niitiitiv,
Aril 4r7
Al'o. tor ti iiiMiH 'ini'i- il. livrr", i1''' nY.'M- to '.Ai.iiila. li
)n- folium i ii u iimti rut iir tntniii'iiK .
a iru'lt WtifMi'ii'i ei'nw un.l H. nrU f .
h.H I.iii. h Hin t nn; Uivad-No. f.Onii-l No.7'1.
W. M. do d- do No. lo.
Cotte n .spool li.ruad-While aii'l H!a No. '.! and
No :n.
Twnl Uk.
Ve-t ItiitiitfiN I'.iu !r, Himbh.
Ku-iKiidi r Hution i- Vif'.il.
Hliin Hi dn
IUm t do
It nt do W. 0 1.
Tt-nt lidr, do
iii' Ii Uiiij. Ilarr.cs't.
Wrilto Vnrltll".
V biitl a 1C i'-, 'i-lnih.
Miitf: it.n Iwiie-I he tV.Id.
I'.nlinK Tvx iiie Flax.
fi. in P if of tt' tftndrd .I'llfVmavboffcii ut th?0Hlc
1 ( Initiii K and F. itiiiK'o ui ilils city,
'i o In- d' 'ii reii fn o vi i Jiarn-iir ihe !'nlt-(l Stat-i in-Hm-tM
ti W'Hift eii'C In thin citj',lii j,""d nf w a kn'i,
v ltd Itw n Hint' nf the partv tPritihhu', tht- Kind and tunn
tlty t louUs iltinotly umikt'tl tu each artulu and
I'lirtn-H ' fTi rfny fiwidH mrt dKMrvtly Vato In th'lr hifa
tdo iU. n'y the) projioae lo furnili, tho tirict'.juid liiao
ot dtthety.
tiinilt , whfn it'hnilt'd, niut bt marktd and mini
tpfd to rot ri'Mwl"d with Vw pr'pnMa), mid the partit'i
lltt ri'lo in 1 1 n t itiLirimtM' lh:,i llir jimih ti 11 In-, In every
ri'-pttM ptjimi to Army Htrtiid.ird, oihar win: tho proposal
IS III nut he coMmIiT' tt.
A (.'iiaranti i. Mytifd iiytno rt'upoii'IhU' persons. mnt
! (ininini) :k !i hid. jriKirantivtn,: t'mf tin' tt i-Jr mil
mipl'iy tin- int fit". i' aiiitd ii him uimI r Mb propontl.
Ill-is will he Hi-cued n Knditv. Sovmuln'r J-, H it at
li i 'c nek M , al ID 1 4 otlioc, und btddt-is arc n qiivsia J to
bo pre moil
Ax.anU w ill tn niadf nn fi.iMirday, Novomli'T 'JO. Iflt.
H' iuls w ill lie rt -iuiritd mat th-- cxairatt w ill he i'aiilimllj
fnllMi. d.
'l loi rnn, rcinthi',- In ilrrpo-n1 Kill not ho notirnl.
IU:inK liirins oi I'roptiniU, t 't mi rat in, Mid I'.oiuIh may bo
otituo id at IliiA otlli f.
'I ht- r to if.txt any bM dccnutl nnn'ftsgnHldo la
rv$ rvd.
Kr t xe onrrlopt "Propoi.iN for (lu re Infcrt the a wue
ol the ui tu K- oilucd).'' hhj u-idit
i o'oM.d .Vll.f.l M V. St"'KI f ,
11-K. ;t ( hie! (junn rmiihlur, CiiKinimil I't-put.
ill I Ii K Pi.tiiK'iiMMI'.Mi.tiii' Hi I1-.ITPVV, )
H'A-IIIVf.T'iN. I. (,'., VlVfUliMT U. li.
H idrd Pri pi.Mi:s nn- lilitHt un'll tiio T'th Ititt.utli
O cl' t k M.,lt.r furnlhiilng tlie UuiUd Mu ion uuiHcii.j
ft'ini nt w 1th
'I Hltl f. IMMHtKI) (IfN ) ItAKItFI.H OF COltN M R L,
to lie oi li n i at tho do c rnmeut w an h''iio In r.
lowii, or ut tl i wlmi vcs or ml road depot In Wa-liuik;ton,
1. nt hiicli time n the (iovernrnunt mny direct, alter
flVC du ft' llOliei-.
'I Im; t orn Weal to be delivered in trootl sound (lour
t'firrelft cn li rontuhiliiK one hundred and ninmv-Mx (1'.
ptun'& to liei In hh yr-ilitid. anil nl h'od inoirliuntuhle
ijeallly, und will he Un ected iu-t bettro It Is ri celved.
1'ayini nl w 111 he made in audi luiid ui the (Joveriiiiietit
nia hive f r tli-hui si iiK iit.
Itiil-i to Urn nd.lre-.n'd to thn nnderdt'tied, at So. 2iJ (1
Itluut, tnuorbld "'1 To no 1st t'jr Cum Alt'1."
k i:. mtr.r.NF.
11 in ot Captu u and C. M. V.
" I'liii AOM i niA, Novemhi-r :t, 1 s: 4 .
Ki ali d i'ro'0'nli willhe netted at thl.t oMIen, until 12
0'i li . k M.i.n HA'I UHl'AY, Noemh r lit, I;,, lor to
mntd iito di-lviry, at the Tidied Mtkiten StoreUoiiL'(
JIa',o r sin et whuff , of I bo U JloinB a r teles, vz. r
.i(t' n) relink thouvy nuot,iu doublsj luvuluia fVrup-
I'lllj.' Vt,'-r.
(tl r. ) .irreU Kn (line.
! ti (live loiiidnd) y K),lot and Furniture, assorted)
b .i K
1 (one) n Oh t Tomposln? NUck.
'.' ifiitN iloi.ow 1,'imilrat it.
K (Mi hi i V (lour Tour !r?0).
I'M ( (tvventv - ii vo Imiulreai t.'aid It.mrdi.asrortad culora.
U iiluti ) font Itoider (for (-Jn.irto ('a d;.
1 (one) niinn Mnch ne and Klxtnros.
1 (. iiej .'.Uj,.ui.di font inliah ItuLea, with Spaces aud
ti (slxt ) Hk lti Imitation HnHlan Lfttlier,
lh ili'tty fijJiij Hk in Itlne r.n'liiii 1 mle Leather.
1 oi 'ii:i.ll.) Jat Blue 1'asie, for UiHinx Ink.
'J (int ) (it.) iioule l'.liie t'Aiiuino Ink (for ruling bud
1 ( ne) MltndiiK Mrthh,e and Lead Cutter (combined).
tix) KoiHH H iilU) lin,
t I on a Ni-ivfl i: i io.
'i it'.o) Ft.l't iKitih.e Ituio
Ah t i he i.bove de-erlht tl to bo rf ihe heat 'ii:ilf ty, and
P ih eet tr tin IrciH eihrn ot an inspector appointed ou the
jail oi ihe l ii e-iuiti fit.
ltlddt i-fl will etaie priue both In writing nnd figures, and
tr e uui', nit or uLiiutily ol each arlklo bid tor ulU time ot
tit h ij .
r am h'd mnttt ne Km"rB"'',d by two f"po".tila f or
(tniii, w (. h't'iatori k in nt he appended t the Kmirarr
ti e, i tut 'i 7' 'ii - f. nt- h -!", ;'od and umleii'iit B ."'Ui Ity
for II. e mil' unt Involved, by ibo I tilted St at en IH'.i1-t
Jndi-e, At'ninf or oi'oi i.-r, nr other public oilicur,oiber
W be the hid w 111 Hut be eoMHldered.
I lie rlLl-t d n-heivt il In l eiert all hUt deooi d toshlh,
ni d no hi.t in. m a ih Ir' eon'r.i'-'"r win tin re rrdveii.
Jly otU'.rol Colonel HtUMAN iiUitiH, Uiiot Uuaitor
marter, OK.OltOK U. OltME.
II H-'t Captain and A. g. hi.
lilLlT Q l AUTK R M A ST K H'8 Ot'L'tCE,
ln.l'HTiiK WAMIINi.MJf, (
AMit i. n.s. I. C. Juiiuai v 1. WU. i
Al' t! aiers In rdvviue. Lumber, l.eatbcr.Oiib'C
1 lit i ti.ri , CiirnH, and Naddlery. aro rei -sted to guild
to Dun i iili on the MoM'AV ui o.ieti week, sealed pro
I', .-..i er lit-t . m tbiplit 'itie,i.r the nnlc'es tin y are prepufod
lo lu-jinh to th s dt pot a- short notice, with the oriee of
i'.:"h ii ;.i kil In i-i. l m fi; nr , m Itmt, In ca-ie tbeexUeneiu-i
i r t!,t" M'i :t e rc-iiiiro i .Tin.- mili le or aruiie can bo ob
tt'.n ed v itl.ont tiu 1 .i , a t' e low l price,
li. u..i wi-lm - to ti li io t;ii i:ptt will be required to
fi inLh the tit piiiictinJIv eviry Mond.ty inornlnif.
l. ii. j;i I'KKlt,
l'ilt.iali'-r-Gfr.i ral tttidf!iiU't'iuirterin-ler,
11 1 In. put ut WuNinutoa .
-tl l'AUMKlis K!
. II. A lo L'-MIA, Ut tbf 1' 1 I, IHfil.
Kreetily to ertioii 'I of the net
it the CoiiJinotiM eabb of l'eim
' eimtiittiK lliinn of the r.nn
'(trianoiiH for thn purpose of
of ttte t inted Mtaies," aoprovod
l. l-Krl, that tne Htoi-ki.oid. r-i
. .ulcs' Hank ol l'bllaaelplda bvu
biifii an Asf.r.uton; and thai
. d Ibo antboilty ol tho owjh-r
of tbu t apital stock to make tins
u-r by ti.u law a of the UnUod
W, hi HUTU S. JK Caiior.
'( tier y b rel;y j-lvrr
ot i
t li' :
i At.
M 1. i iittlh d l "VII i
liii".w i all b lo kfomi'
liii'.v.iiihi ti d.-i tne la u
l' e V'.'.i ili.y t: Ai""r-,
ol ti;.'' kr.-l .M i
th b iii o(t .- (o hi c i i
11 h 1 Ml ( ( l'l C I 1 t.
Ol i. ', .t III. II: tec i! Ii
C'1! ; '1 l 1 ( ti'.l ul ti .
ht'.!- I.
- 4N OTIC Y..
t'HII AOl I.I II1A, Oi tjlnrr 'J,
Koilcf is b T'-hy p've fanreeably to nei-Uonri ot the act
(-1 lot,ri.l AiAii'i.l.t oi itit t'ommonwealtb of iVna
h lv lima, eiililb d " u .cet enuldli-u linnl'ol the (jrunmn
Ke:illi, t beeotue A-4fc'jelaitoiii lor the purpose ot llauknof
lirc.t r 11 e Uw u oi thts Luilett cttaie," approved they'd
duy ol Aiiliuxt. A. I. l-'4, that tho Htoi:K holders ot the
lotiik ot .'onh(ni i.iljertiti i liuve tloa dav oied to heeoine
kUrl- an tiioc(:'.ioii, and Litt. it;- lnetoia have proc iit-d
tin- aiiil.oiiiy of the -v i,( r of iiii than two-tblrdi ot the
pital Mo, k (o iiotl-etlie ( t;itilb:MB tciutred thyle.PT by
Uu b- i ol io Uutii btalc-il.
m-'il-oi W. IiLbIMM'.K, (.'avtiur.
I'Mti Ai'fi liiiA, Oi p.bfr 2d, 11.
Wolirp U l.proby KiTrfirt. t-abiy lo Section oi uiead
of Aaeiiiblj of the ( 'oiiji.wn w o.iltb of I'et a
ilu.ii a, ei. titled "An act enabling h of tli.' ' na
iiioinxrtHn to hecome At'iciMtomt ir tiie liuipon-of
Jtnnkmu under tn law oi He I tiiUd Stites," approved
tiie V'-'d day ol Ai.iiiit. A. 1. J;ot, thai ti.t to, Khol l r. o(
lite t'trii Kxthane ii nk til P.n..U'lpl..a l ave tin, day
Vi.U'dtoh cou'c mull an A i-oeiKiion ; and that iti Ulrec
tor bate n(.i ti.i d tl.i' authorKy of thu ovr-npr of invr
ti on two-tninl. of tl tUmtai -it i'i. toiiiaketlif ceitneie
leyyired tbervloi by ilu iat. oi m I'n.ud "ta'tM.
J- t'. XoHiiKV.CailUer.
hXJ Ortoberl!, 1SG4.
A genera) mtefirv; of the (MiK-aho'deri of th a !tnnk
will be Ik-Id at U e l'.an).irK-i oue an MOsHAV, tha
itlst Any of uvfmUr uei, at IJ o'clock H- to
coi.aidtr aud decide thin ltank ahall ba
eonre an AaaoldtloN nir the but men of HanMntf.
ui.f'er the law of the United Stale; and whether it ihall
txercik the pawer wnfeir?d bytliaActot tlie LimuU
tuiaci O.mhutf.mtitled uAn Act et ablimj Uio bai.k ot
tblK Comtuonwf alih to become antoiUtfonn turbankmg
uider tkte law of the I'nited Wtate," approved lid An
tuat. M; aud Ut take auy fur t bar actiuu I4a4uiyb
ire'lkxUon for WrecUri will be held at the aame pLva
ou the aine dg.h'tfvi uiber 21,lntwtoii tliu houra of 10
"ailauai weetiuf of tha RtocWholdeu, onder tha
lUrter, IU be tud at lb knkn. Houic, uu TL'haj.
l.AV.ii.e Ut tfay ol iiuver, ttAKER(
I0-U rtta aetfl taaiiter.
Pmi Ai-Fi cm , Ta., Nov uiber Im. J'4.
fulfil rropoal wnl bf rfWird at th ntlhe naU) li
O rl'k M., on U'KMIMY, NoTember i.'. for tha
Inmi' (liatr d-M ry at tb 1'nit' d ttrni Htorhiiiae( Han
v er I tr i t I art. i-t tvr fnllowinir int ' le. via. :
V'K'O ( two ttio'innd) Waon Yon.'in- imi lrood.
All of (h )m.ti- fJ n-Tibfrd to Ih- of the h.nt (u il. y, and
-ntiiect to th Intprt-M n of an Indpedor uppotnttd on the
par of ttf t ;o criimant.
linirters will 1 ait pre, bftli In wrl'tn; and fimrei. and
thfarm ont nr qt.uutuy of imch artl le but tor, .ind iho
t ir.e ' t ih llvirv.
r a h b.d miixt t- i'f t hyt'vo n ninlbtf ter-poTi"-,
vx t,i e ini atufi inn a he (i,,i lTed to the " iiili'ft
ndc rii'W d to bv.-L I 'mil ii'tleiem rnritv for
th f mount Irvnlvd h the I n't tt Evil' s tlli.. ! .tu-U',' v. ni oihrtor, or other i-uhbo uil ct, other l9
the hid fvill ii. t h.' oi- ilr.rcd
I i f rii 1 1 ! r-T' d to rp.,t a'1 'M drm-'d ton
b't li and no bid (rum a di pt eoinractor w nl hi re-
llT'oVdcr of i ' ri-lKKHM VJ H ( bl"i" jn trior-
mi'tt r.
IM'.dltCK Tl. UltMi;,
It 1 ::t t tipMtii and A. U-
011-irK V,Vi)' (:of MlsAHY OL' S1H
m.i I KhrK. -o. v ;.i 'i ' :r'Tf
Wi-nr ....-., D. Novein1 T Id. W.I
H'rib ! piop n.iii, iii depth a-. I -I- iv tt Mon-li rd i '.')
T-i n l ;.i r.o I. p.. iin-ai. . Im -1 llav, win h- r (M i'i
til - i ll,. i Mil Voi d . No'.V l-M. -.t I ' o -o. H M
I'.nU ini si Im' it. i -uM nti i .t l.y an at)i of ,. , tan. r
f nnl tl p h.thh ha-out! on ti e In llmo'lii.-) ,inl !
n-ioiLMia'-Hn'' m dh v i.of th.iti t t ri'S-nn,1!!"
1 - ii-. vO.o-o -ohn y nmu ho .! n hv m- . ttl l,i!
r. ri nt 1 1 ft ;. fk of u.e iu an M I isti i- I oiilt, or ol
ti e I in u Sin es A 'tori.ey.
1 lo- l'a D.'i-t b- m nrely bd, nnd iVI!vrpl in
IVa-hini'ion or A .xandrti. ne.- of all etr' nne to tho
l p irn i nt, 1 1 n.av lie rtijii Ml, It will b.- rlr;.Hv m
Kt r , ,i pt i. .if It ) u , tel. and none bat ood no rJia-it
ab'f Hay w ill Uf n-coti (.
I rii' to hoMi h win. is in a? b- m id'- tnut a on. r rire -lii'o
ci ntriiri. and jm' tiotm iiai in huh mm)' to one n i,f
f iru, Miin to t pi f jvi-d on the (onir ic , -iiu d ny tlm
conir.i' o.r ard both ot ht .onrHnhn n.
Awanls r, i I no hn n a if to nv pi-nnwho I a-hpn-to'oi
tailed to hiMll bit roinra. 'n with (he i oo . ruia. nt,
Hi r v. i I ikii ot dlov ,il p L'li'- he i insider' J.
I hi' i ,y ht lo rci'-'i pro. u-airt u r'B r d by the Uov n
inf tit.
lo.'dr nnitt b. r-rcient at tho op!nmgof the h !.
rer-ti.(i ir n uu-.
'I h di llvujy or the May rriu-t co.nnume within (lit- eii
1 1- ) d i I ioin lli'1 e m cu ton ot t h" eoii'rart, ia,d he coia
p ! i hv the rid enth day o .lanimrv, 1-1
I j on the rnniplo'h.n ri t! e -nr4',1, tho lliv wdl be
i:ild ti i In nut h tnnd a the i;itiiiii 'i mi' ImnUh
It Ida mnt be eiijoreetl "i'roj Olaln for Hn , ' and b?
E. T I'.hTD'Ji a.
ltdHK Captain O. H, V.
t 111 ChS, M1INS. AM T'lNI.I
On l' v hi i nr C"MMI-m:t nr Hi'Hii-h v. k, I;ton. I. ' , MmvptiiIht I'i, l"'.l.
f ealtrl Propomis, in dupilt ate, aro invii. -i until the '.',ih
dft ol Noveinl e', at II o lo. k A.M,,lof Ml h . fallow,
lit, oil lb mi, OiiirkH, Sliini, lomfiirfiof adOovein
ieni Cattle latiHj.t.Ti d within the an-h-nt limitt.if the
1 ht c: o Co nuit.iH, lor to'ir luoinif titiai tliecoiuuieinx
iu nt oi the cmnia. t.
I he nhn v anii rn to Im fnller(ri1 by ti contrt' tor and
renin ed lioin tt e ii!'oiiH il et at hh li tb- tAltl-are
died at audi timet as u -ay be dedn'mued 'v tfie oillct r in
'Ir.e tir.nd" r oi C.iM Ir used nioi,thlv a'lrs from 15 m to
:tui. atol are nw kilbdat ham Itrbhe, ' dathoro. i o
v ilk M-i lit Camp, VaHhni'Oolt ,uol Ah'xanitrbu hnr o!he
p 'ure. tuny, on ur wbhin the pn-M-rltied luuita ttlp-n tlieio
anlrb a irtll Ik n otiircdto be colleen d.
'lb contractor ). all be liable (or all I li hldesj.t illovv.h'w',
liori n. chuck, f.nn, and lotniuc, ir on nil tin:
f lover n inert hfpi' cattle nlflu. hi'Ti d. nn 1- if fl'iti In ma t
nitl-.hicto by to ni'pear to tlt' Snii-iH'i n- In-nartineiit that
aU doe exertion, diiit-iicc, and can; Ji mailt; to obtain
aul artlcb-t.
l'a rn' iit will be ri i'iin d every l n da; a in Government
The bids wilt state the arrount per miim-il, lor the nrtt
cli h icitrrcd to, and bo accompanied ly the followin':
narfliiKe, cerilih ate, ailidaviti of ea h K'taiau or, aud
nth ot alb uihii'-e.
It auk foiin- can be obt.'i'nod hy the umler
a'kii il.
I'irOI'08 AI.8.
I, . of t! io R'nte fif , comity of -. oflVr,
per hud, for all lln'e-4. Tal'ow, Hoof-,, .irnj. Unit -M,
Shins, nnd I on 'io. ot al! i.ovi niiucm lie-! t. tie kbP-J
Il bin tho am hut hrnl'f) ot' (lie In - tn- t n i 'olunihia.
tbd a a Ml cnti (Ihe u'linrint o bo in womIh and
bj un h. -.uhn'i ' to nil tlic coiul t on n the a he riteem nt
hi i w itb ai pti.tivd.
r.r VTTAVT KK. '
We, tlie tinderwinf d. n iil i ts oi , In the connty
M .1,1,(1 m,tiv of , herehy iointly and "?!
i silly covej ant lib U-f! 1' nited aod itmriiiiee. In
cum! the ff.reiiob.g hid of eh Ul be a.epti d, ttiat
1 e will, w.tUi: fi. e tiftv alter tin a'n-pt nice ot said b.d.
rdt ii a coniiH'. t for the prompt ami l iltb ul exerntlon of thu
ihine.and that we villi bi-i ione hN surety on a bond, in
tl e mm of lit teen thoiiftand v'ol ant. lor tlm porforniaiu.-e ol
hit eontiact In coniorudiy wuh the tirmiof bin pf"pf il,
Rhd ibat ill cai.0 the wd Hhall fail to
Intel In'o a font ia t, under it c term of ti.o a IvurliHemcnt
dntcd No mbt-r HI. iSol, we nuara'dea to tuak - ood the
dltrerence btween the otTer nmd? hy tho said
- - -- in tlic toievona piopoMii and the nei b).vetrn-(tponr-IMe hidd- r, or tke pcr-iou to uhjm tho coa
tuict u, ay be an md' d.
) t.ivtn under nur handi arid seali, thle
day of-
Tbe rrnpm (dbillty of the emirfint'r tauit be shMvnby
t' e ellicta! ceit'iu nte i a f ,ifr-t '-!,' . In-trff Attf-H' y
or t hittti trttis Jintyr. 'llie coriillcate must bo lu the
briiowli'i; foiiu :
1 herehj certify tlmt from evidence entirely nalUfa'-tory
to me the ahove namcii 'uai nnioifl are uood and niiiu lent
ii fauretie tor double the amount tur which they otier to
ne hccumj .
To widt h each gu.irat tor mut make and append the
follow, iuu ;
"Stain Bf . county f , before me,
a In ami tor tho county and State aiorcald,
fersoiially appeared , one ol tho mi rot lea ou tho
l uarautfT id , v bo, Oi lmf duly nivum, di pon-a
in. 0 mim that lie Ii worth, ov r and ah e all juit dota
and llahibt.eN, tlic Mini ol thirty tho" -and d"!la; 9.
"hnijicribcd ami svorii bctoro mctbis - dtyof
Nft bios vlll be toniidercd unb -f niadeoul In oonf irnity
w nli tl nUoe lorm, nnd are Mcrompnoied by tbo toio
ffoinir j:iiariinti-e, icrtincHte, and ntlulavita.
Ad liidoem niiHit brv aid with their pio.msaN nn oath
ot Hllei.-hinci, 1111 s one niy be on fib- with tlm heir
w bo hhall open the bids, and 110 proposal- not tolly com
ply Ihk tb forPtoiiiij.' requir'-mouM, 11 h well In l.r-t r.i
in bani. w ill be eon-blercd or icsardtdni 11 proiiOnal wiibiu
the iiieaoln ot tbi- ndvettisem.-ut.
1 he col tmctor will he held in countable for the III tea,
Ta!)' W, iloi.ih, llorn. Chucks, Ju., one wiek after tho
b'KiiiiUf of the eoutritct.
inddci miiit bo present at tlie openlm: of the bld to
te-oond to IheT names, mid all hid, muit be end ru il
"I'rnpoAuli br pure. 1;. hIult Hides, 'lallo-.v, IIooi'h, II01114,
C buckH, Vc." and be directed to tlie uuderitiKrcd.
i iiKi.r.,
11 lrt 7t Lieutenant Colonel and 0. A.
ug, TVW.LFI H and t.lKAHIi Siiecti.
Fun MH-.1 1'iiiA, N'oembi r 1. It4.
Kra'cd 1'ropnfaln will lie received nt ibli Ofllci umil
AHhNbAV, the 2Nih in-t., for Mipplving the sckuyKiU
A 1 iuu with tin- follow Iriif articles :
6 A or ti-4 :-) I'lue K eme ) , army Ktandai d.
In'aiilry tiinit Cont, d livei leu to coinrn' tice In ten
da liom duto of aw hi d, army ktaiidatd.
i.lue lluntlnn ; dei i'lli'h to conuin uto lu tun dav 9 from
I'ani-I uwiird.urniy ht,iudnrd.
Color Hi-llh and siim:s, dclirl-s to eomiuen' 0 In ten
dah 1'ioni date of u ard, a mv -milliard.
Knii l'rav iH( de.ivtneB to commeiit'O day alfcr a.vard.
gatuplt 9 reipiiiotl.
Itiai k HUi sih. deliveries to commence day after oward.
Hamplen reip iri d.
4 4 Iipii j Itle.icli'-il Munlin, deliTeries to commcucu day
a tur uwaia. humph--" 'ciiiind.
7(" at)-n.cli lieftvy Nril.lnif, deliver leg to cinmucc day
alter award. Namples re.nmt d.
Urow 11 Holland, Jcin trici t j CJinmcnccda (.uter award.
Mnileri ieiim( d.
iJiirlt blue Thread. No. :J5, deliveries to coiQumnco day
atttr u-Aurd. Han. pU-s in uilr. d
3 4ei ti-4 I'ark blue Klaniiel, deliveries to coin 111 c 11c e in 10.
asn liom dt-te of a;(id, siiiny iaudard.
Ma lier Teiim. dellvei o to commence ill 10 days from
dote 01 award, army 'nnd nd.
h -iiipleh 01 M 'h artlc ei at are required to be army
stuctiard can be son at thi,- Htlice,
Kach bid in Lil be t;iiaran'i ed bv two reipo'islh'e per
Honn, vliese inaiur fount be appelideil to fhe 'imriii
tee, and i i-ttil'i il (o n beiiiL' i.'hi1 and Ml'li -icut riceti.ity
fur tlic iiuioimt involved, by Mime public ium t intti 01
the Culled H litis.
Hi' in tioui di uicltlrpcovlractors, nml tho-i tint 1! n it
fill V roh'fit' trUtt tin I't'ij I'I 1 1 uui-t of this ad VOrilbOlUCIlt,
w ill not be coiiM-'ercd.
i'.lunk fotuih for prop.tfint, rnihruciDL.' tliu tormiof the
Cnannnce r 'iilr. d on 1 10 li hid, can he bad on a:d cut I -n
i ihibidtme. und 1101 e 1 ih- ri wIik Ii do not muoraco thm
aaiaiiiee v. Ill hi con dder. d. n ir w ill auy 00 co'i-hl-lend
wliii h doen not ft'y cunj'ttiu to Uie re (iii'e
Ii. ml a tlnti hi M.i'i-d
'I ne bidt v ill iate the nmcber and ijiiantity of each klud
cf arilcjr pnt oned to bi- ii.-lli rd.
rri pouid must b eio oi M-d Pr -posals for Annv
Supplies," ataiiin: on the cn ci jpe the pani. ulai aitiilc
bid tor.
lit'.i:MA iitii.jn,
11-18 Ht Coloiu! ij. At. U.-pailiiint,
cvistkxck 01 rioi-:, uNin-;i) status
tO Aimv, Jso. VO S d 'TH Stn ct.
jH M il .0.1:1;, M n.. November 7,
Renled Trnposau, in diiplicme, ,v nl bn r.-.-iov ed it V. U
cilice until 12 M oii.saTi KDAV. NovemhiT IM, lull fir
Iuu. -thin); thu I'udcu Fiaie Iicianui.nt
K'l It TIKil NANI) (4U0) HEAD Ol IWV.r VKTTl E,
on tht I.oi i. ji IIm-m d ut the s.a;i' Ca'He 8caie at lUbi
more. brts ol (liDit) ne ihotiuid each every (10)
t'iiiii.; to 1 fj web-lied vithiii one and a bult' da, h alter
airinl, at the expuie oi the contrm tor. Tnev mnit
uvn'ce uhout ( l;,'.-i) .biitfen buildii d 1 .minds mois wei'.-titj
all lai.iiiK'l ortm ( Ims-Vom ih.iu.i.nrt md ufty pcuml ronn
wen-vt UnlU. much, Oxen, t'own, UeituiB. aud IbanU.M
tattle Will be rem ted.
A rt -durticnof ten (10) pounds will be mudn from the nf tuiti Metr acccptid under thin coiitiuet, pi -vlili
.t the hi. In nl itoet not a and in the pen. 9 two an 1 one
I 'di hour-- ben rc l.eb.g welf-bed, or ia iwt w titalied luiuit-tibiit-iy
alter rtinoval irom tbecarH.
i;lu; k r.iink lor prcpo-ali rau be had 011 application at
tlin olVce, c it I t-r In peison, by mail, or teleKi apli,
I'ropo'-alh by telegraph, or other iiret;, Informal
p:or-.Mi'i'wliJ not be eou-ldercd.
'I' he t oh eriii'.ent will claim tho rk:ht of wsltrlilm; any
one anlnal ae urate, It lia appcarstneu tiui.aiH It ru
Tui-'bt tho lainhiiuiu me'rtiotwd abuo; the ex.-o"-
ol wtiUi.g villi b paid by Uie parly t-rrluc Injftd.'
attnt. f
I bid. tn secine comMcration, umd contain a wrlt
tt : fct-.rtianue oi i1(i n .pi imij peieij, us lobuw.-. ;
We . ot the County of , Mute C , do hereby
p 'wra' t e tmit in (or ao) ahl ti fulfil a coT.tia- t lu
aic. r-ai iv witti the tt:ms of Idi (or Uielri proi tt"ii,
r d tJouid 1-U (or thtn) I'fopualli.-u bo accepted, be (or
C eyi i. ill at once enter Into a contract In aee rduuc
1'.' r'.vi;h, tnd wc are prepared to become his accuruiu,
th li'L K""J and nutbt ii i t boii.i, f, r fis Hi itnent.
T: e rcpoi.sJbi'jiy ut (ruaraiittra aunt be nhiwn b
the orl . :ai certitnateo theCK-Tkof Uie m-arcal Hutnot
U,uit.(ji (-1 Iii I i.iUJ Huica D.aUitl A.tUiUtfi , to Uu u
wit.h U.e bid.
lodm r- niuat be present to respond to tha'r hi Ii. and
pre) arrd to tttvv bouda a:td aiaa Uu contract baiora lettv
Un tba wdua.
1 ovirnit reierai lo lti(f the riht W reject auy
or all biut foii-iiit-ieu nim aaonabla.
raTmants to be ma io alter eadi delivery lit such fnnda
afc may be oa baud; if toua ou baud, to ba uad aa
fcoon m. rect4iid.
rr-).oi,n be endorsed distinctly "Proposala for
Itiel tattie.'atid aldromU lo Captain J. U. UiUutta, U.
B., ita.tJUKue, Murvbuid.
I' a bid lb in tiie natue of a Arm. their naraei and Uietr
port obita addieka auukl appear, ai tbey will nJt ba cva
s.trfd, iNi.h peraonorevamDemberof a ftrra ofTerltif a pre
poal limit aoenmpanr It wi .h au oath of allegiance to the
Lulled rtinitt Oovemaicnt.lX faw baa uot aUcady Ulad oaa
lu th.t oitiue.
AH l.'it not enmplyinfi it rii ity uiik th$ tirtiU fAil !
t4t$nciHri4 uiW tft ftju. UU.
U 10 Tl Caplala aud C- 0. d. A-
CAPITA 1 777 I i H )0.
vm larTiov piacK t2 :o rr.u rmaiii;.
itr.HBRVKi) ton wojikino capitat..
3, Tt. M'tHKKV.rr.vinrsr,
'1IJOM AH a. s nl r. Vi b-Pkmim.vt.
,) It V. CHFAHY. I ,1. W V WIKH TKS,
IJlollAS A. b:t I I', riMLIl' fhltUKK,
.Ith'N 1HIH K't.
PAMO'l. P. rKltlti:K. Ho. reiary and Treaiu rcr.
1 hi pf 'pf i i v h tannin to tl,i- i 'oinpany ejiiii ot ne
lloroir d and Kilt" A'Tri In t e ompli ot valuaid- Lo'-i I
.: I iik ni l.mid, -IniHten on Ho. nr cn e i wo ni'h i
tv m it rnou;ii, wl,.( u emp.ici lido ' n n h cn-.-k, V- n.:iik
I'm nt . r.
lh property bft hrn ' ctf d w ith a view to H v -Pi-fitile
1" rtu n . h v vy p- l iii-H eti rob d a). nr and mi ho' h
ft 1 1 i f -t t h reH over three himdrr.l tmi b. -a h'. b. t"i'.'ii' .
r In, (he larii- aiiionn ol I Ut or Hott in l,,in1, nlvi i i
ot 1'iior a'.vaiit.iLCi tor ilrllli j a la to numi . r of M
Y i Hi. At le.ivt Hue hnndrod v'eili c in ho hi ate l,n i
amplt- ro .ia b-r I .ink-, hi.nci, u 1 I a i i ik i.
A i out! vvi-.l fiMl i: t" n'y b, n i I '0-' d.'V, l v MMn
foiirthot a Diiin ah'oe it. a.u, n vi oi, 1 I''Uc n.'
Il on the . mil t.'b.vv It.
I tif oil ofitalnd on thl- rr"'d N t r ,b':r,' r 1 1- i )d ,
wli.l i lo'ii jn i nipn.e mi" hundred p r ( nt. a'-oi
oi i il-. ami c n'on- mi it( tiuod.
'li.e ( oinpnuy e:in 1'iiiaiu a i.irp fvinMi bv pr'i s
w ihiri: to irk' u i I . re! rv Inr (fail ftno fourth to "ni
bt( i.t ihe o. t'r i- of e vp-t.-r to th "(' n eny Mi !;' n '-"'it
ii tt e revenue ifom th ir own e il - tijer b-iiik a laife-.-liwtU
iei J n( lurid lor but Ii pi t - poi--i.
Ii n iloi .io I to give tho c,.n ra-1 to dri I cvrra' weli
In the 1 1 t location at our. Tim title to the pi'-pvny 1.4
per(. -t ai d ft e of Im nmhrinire.
Huh 'clip' ion Ix.kS .tie lioW open at the oMh of
r l.ultKi; A I'O ,
n ir ut a n.v ;i shrill ;?n -t-ee.
C M'I 'FA I j i(),oo).
lOO.OOO KlutrcH lar Value,
A limited nurnlKr ol' Shares will ho SulU hy
ordrr of tlic Compfiny at 1 (X) per shani.
The fnWowInc Ii etrR ted IVora the Fhiladi lph a "In
quirer" of September 17, prior to the OTk'ar::.ri;iorj of
"On almost a l the ttrcaiailn ,T , n Cminty ti.e ,aid
hae already bi a lea-d ith a lew to rxplorA'ioni for
coal oil; and on onr, particular y, the JDunkard, the dc
e'0prnent have bti n of tin inoft aiiconra'ntt char'Ktrr.
The editor of t!ie Wayifbiirif (1'a ) Mcsinver,' fu iit
ferrinir to tl.a inbit' i, after a cartful personal in'poe'i',n
rf the region and the opcratioii.- tliai aro now Uklnif plnoe
there, any.
" 'We art bnnitly of op'nlmi that wh'-n capital and m
tfrpllrl hali hae enveloped tho Ian (In alonjt tba crek,
that locality will be found to compare, In tha extent of Its
Oil production, wbfc the Venango diitrlct, while In the
purity, irraMty, nnd value ol the oil. It Is acknowled d to
bo Ind flurtely Mipcrl-T. Onr ronvicllons on this e u K
are baed upon a tiial knowledge nnd obnervatlon of bo'.h
ri Kio"". nd of th- neokKiel t .1 mat ioim and mrf n o Indl
railonH. We arc (rrutlhed to leirn that we are not alone
In the.e fftvomhle inipi-esHlonu and aiitfurli".
"Scientific men and oxperljnccd nnd pracllcal Oil ,)
ralon ccncur in them, and are Inventing libera ly of their
own mennn, aud directing tho attention, of capitalists to
the prom 1 1 log character of tb hunbaid uutry. Already
teteial larc conipftiilei hive btvn organized iu I'lttabufK
and the Kant, which wilt noon commence operation! on an
eMtutlvc scale. In the meant ma, individual energy and
local enterprise ore dolnx mucli to develop that f-tvored
lociiltly. New dcrrb ki tprinh' up every few da i, and thi
procrfBot linVimf wrll pte on iu many lutta ncea without
InternipUon, nliht or day.' "
RooUd open for salo of STOCK at the C-jtinting
IIcuhc of
A. H. rEATOICU3 & CO.,
o. fil.'i MARKKT Street.
II. FK ASt'tH'T.
Lil-lj Hreiideut.
ri'.TIt JI KI M I'OM.'ANV.
CjpitrJ, $400,000-Par, S5 Per Share.
feviiscuiriioN rnicK, -.oo ikr shahk,
ron hji.l i'Aii stock and so t'l nniKii
Tic pr,r.ity of tl.lfl Cunipunj cnnsl.ts of the folir.wlng
l-'Kl-J KIMl'I.i;
Torriloty, iMmMve Icsietiold., I'KOI.U'CISU WLLI.I,
AVtlli. snliig down and nearly Dnlilied :
Ne 1, About ,rHl(lirty) A'-itm on f'lierrv Tree Unit In 1'EI
HIMI'l.fc, bote able Iniul Hllllc . ut to ' Ink Hf' l V KI.LS.
'I I,i 'I t ii ilnr.i ir rppoilc the Pull, -II fetrnU'irii Cni.4liy
llliiyes' harm) on oil ( reek, buud, d In purl by llie cU,
bral.d St,, i t unu, ..,'. Ar.
Nn v. I.i'iis.: perpeiiiiil (ii:i year.) on Wash.
Oil cr ck m-r.'s, all Hat, vory vuluablo, ;lowinn mid
pumping n .'lln :tll itrtuintl.
No. :i. "tt 11,1 Cal ' I lowing W. II, abonl V) burr, ll p.'r ,'riiii!o,'h rami. J bo coiiiimny ,,'vr..
llio WHOLE working Interest lu tblt. w.'ll, enijlne, tauks,
.. I.
No 4. "California Well, No. l.'on Oil Creek, down fino
l. et, all ready lo rt tiibe. 'iiilt ell baa lluwed l- bai ral.
No. 6. "California Well , No 2,' "en Oil Cret'k.ilown nearly
.',0.1 l.'.t.
No. II l.ea.e perpelnal (Ifi years) nn 'JM ai'iS-iOill'rcok,
all, .' nianiiiitf ibe i,l,,ve ncIN, witli liuoen-liorst
.-urine, lauka, den l kH, fliik'nie boil'i's, Ao.
No. 7. I. case .ien.eti.Al f li veatsl on '.'Jw arres Oil l'r'ek.
nil llat, and In ono well (low n IU. tool, ouuuarlur iuterent
(work ink' ' in Hill tvoil ai d learn.
ll I A I'I I A I..
ltool! s for ot'l,:tVAi. aubhCT'l'lioli are now open at our
oil ce tor a few ibi v only ; Min n closed, tbo stock to bo
plated on tile r.'kll'Ar llnilon mid I'lilla-lnlpr 1 1 Mtn'k
lioaldi. a a f.ihA .!! dlvbletnl-payltl r Oil. i'imii: , im;
I'niiu.l, wb.u II i. expected lb.'" abares will largely
advHii, e. All tultl er li.foiui tliotl. v till tnoipect'iM', e au
be obiai'.ed t the unilerM:i iied. '1'lie Hiuall capital of ttit
Cempany, tvllh the aelnal lark'e Inures!.,, liillsl luuke il a
itivorno at a leiure luveatmeul.
II. R. I.KF.i'lI,
J....H 1 iil iilir llulldliiiil, WAl.Nl'T below 1 111 UO,
rhl'a'lt'lpliii. A'eney.
Ko. W HF. ATtlt street. New VorkAien. y.
SI'l:.N( hl(, VILA A CO., Hanker.,
11-111 Ibilon Aeiu-y,
T Ili'X'llOXi: UM
th is i;nuiuisi(3nl:i
HAS I OH 8AI.K, and will pay otrllcular attention to tha
pure-base of all Die desirable and rrcuiar dividend -paying
(iKIIMANIA, lll.illU.VlE, and K I'.'K KIMiUCKtrt, of
hew V,.r.
No. jji'ine sncEi:r, .
10 Mm
JliO.IM.II s I'ur Vnlnc, P5.
Pii'-ldeii't-IOHN 11. ANUICUHON.
Thoma A. Scott,
. li. Kneass,
William 8. Krcemau,
Bobcrt 1. Kiiitf,
Jolin M. Kllcy,
C Laiic. Ie bllvcr,
Jamei R. Slayee,
T. 0. MeDowcU, narrl.bnrg,
J.'hnW.liall, do
Jolm Hrady, io
W. W. Wylle, Lancsuw.
W illiam u. Kbute, Colorado,
Secretary and I reiulire.-.
KOOH Ivo. 5.
Atitl.enlUtteJ apeeluieni have been procured aouto
oftbc C'enipany'a lodes, and lavo been assayed byfro
fe.aois liix.tb and Uarrett with tlic u.ost eiaUiyln results.
bub.iriplion Usti are now open at ti e oilice of the Coiu
pmy, and at tlie Treasurer a Olll.e (Internal Kevenue),
Ko. til t'HKN H T ttlrcet, I artueiD' aud Meeliaidoa' Hank
biulillni. To original tub.ciibera tfM (.cr share for a
liuiltod number ol shares.
Circulars, puuipJileU, or Information can be obtained al
tl,e oiRce ol Uie C'oinpauy, alter tlie 17th Inst. ll-W-Kra
tipou Ulaaiouds, Watches. Jen airy J'Uie,
Clothllui, Ac, at
CoraW 01 TlllilU and OAHK1I.L Ulr.ets,
ltelow Lombard.
Ac., a,r sale at
L'lfl nnn CAN BE made on a patent
vMl'sA fjy ' Medieiue. wliieh only wants adi-enislou
w. ell, as It la acknowledged by all who use It to be
In It eures.aud Ihe saost potent eer luaila. A person
who baa capital can join Ihe advertiser, or tne ree-li and
all Information will be Imparted for a nominal sum, so that
liouoo tea a ttaUt.d. Address "aiidluue," true
line. 11-4
A a
TTo. HO M: vKrt. p.rr-(t
C. T..KI.I..DT. r. . Sll,l.l.t.
niKCHIt FldKI KtKP-R8,
fin fnrt . nar.-i li,, in. mi i; , ..s,,rlm. nl..rrmpnrt't
'i(l I' i,;rat'o Iirn. v V ,lr I'.n.iit M. ill' mo,, I'alntu,
. WlMow ll., I':i., r:;,ll .n V !!,. .., at low
I'M. on d'Miln. rm-r'M, t -!' run bf si, Id.
one kiskati i. oh s
For('..i,lrll'in"rii, In fun rarl.'H. ai.d nf llif b.l (iu1lly
( frl.ll i.,l, H'l'.',l IM, Mn'l.l.r. I'iH A.h, Co.llH'M';
P..,!. A-h, Al...,i,.i!i llf,,i:,.rt.,.r,,tMrcl
of I '-. I. flil'VLHS ... Hlwujl onliia,t
K w. t n-'t rnh ,rtn
f!roi,n.lTnivfor nur m, Vi'i m wi,,rh IltIH
tlie ' li,li"n of U.n.c In aiit ,1 rr'i.if. aril, le,
M, JM'H,0,i,TMitI, MlsrARH,Ac.,o utra
Or.l. r. by mall, or rltr pmi, il m.M wi.h pmmptat
t'nll. n.or icediil qooL.tlci,, III bc nunlihrd liea rs-
VM,olcal Urilk' Vt'arahnuia,
ly So. ll'J MA II KIT Htri'ot.aUpT rmot.
y i jt w iv h
An rxi ;Ient iirovnntiva f-r that nuist illstrrsglna oouiiiUint
J) VHl'Krsi A.
Iii D.any rs-ci nf I' htnnV.VK It baa afTurdf l t. uly won
dcrtu ictt t.
IT I.S rt'KKLY veokt.vcm:.
Iirntlit ati) cin-mlsf,
11- b tl And for rale by DnikHK'i generally.
-,. ISAACS. M. It . Pn.fcin.r nf tbe Kya nd Fr,
tirnt all dll Amn aj'ji rln tiiTu; 10 hftitinvr- moDitM-M wltb
ti.v ntiiii'-t nin i-t ss. Te-tlm nnln trnm tht muHt rltaile
"I'lri'i ll Ibe tltv run tie f li Al Ills olllei', Nn .'ill I'lNK
Htnet. The. Meib til I- m nit v nro inviti-il to afcompanr
t' cli aat'efa a- be bas no ie rt-ts in hia practice. 10-Si
i;or coiT(;ns and coi.ns, t'se mau-
1 HMAIJ.'H IM.KK 1 KKK T A It liltnp.H. F.xrelient.
C"on eiiiciil ior U.e p"0k. t 8bl by the druKKlnts. 11 J iiu
f V 'I bin eTH'tiiitM'oumitt(' c1 n f'tual t'ir beanttfy.
trp , whiieiittip, ami prver vinir i! c cimpielm H la pre-t-H
i t-tt limn pun- bur w x. In ii. e tin extraordinary uaHll
tbfbr jirest-rviriK tbe skin, tmit. tun It I't, fair, raooiti,
ti'Kl trAiinpart iit. It n tiiott nm.iblng after BbuviiiK.ciiroa
rhapiieil huiubs and lip-, r wkuti ( luipIcH, blotches, tan,
fnraifft, or .unburn, ami iiiip8rtn a anrv tint t tne
la' . n rk, anil arms. I'rli e .it , sml ;." e-nis. HUNT
A ( )., i,o.iJH H.HLVCN'l It anao.41
mreet. 10 8 3m
jj. t1 ! 1 1 . A 1 1 1. I . I M I A RTTHiJl?.nV
SC?D It A N ' lAt , K IW ViVrr.. Nn. 14 Nnrtk
NINTH Htrott. "tnr- Mitrltet. RiAtoru
rndu-Hlly cured by B V. KVFKK TT'H I'reniinm ratnnt
ilrad unfit ik I'tTHsnra Trun. Hmiorbir Klastic Berta,
Litic HtnchtriKi. Huiportrs. Ebouidor Braooa, Bumo
aHirl s. CYtnche-., So.
La Jlen atfeni'fd by afra B.C. FVKRKTT. tarV-lv
IftoaIn a'Tnrl'-'t'K tien :
It to ruin. iiivi.l uiin aiiiUh (
Jf t- be a bliioiiiiiic i.i.tir,
fading, dylK lu nn b'mr Bpctt1
If tn tiAve a no at ot frit-o.1i-;
It i t vice to m.i tt ami fi-W;
It with hiub bi rn b iMid :o werl ;
11 a niarbtti stune wlirn d. ad V'aAivml
If lo live. threesc'To ar.d '-n,
W jtbliiK ii'e a lorn; uvtiln;
If to live a bie ol' nwsikt';
If to die and no to (r u.'o IlRAim t
If yon wish a life nf pleasures ;
If you value tliU wor d trtiaitrcaf
It'flvcry conitort yon would si.e.
Take uiy adv:itj, nnd wib ait ikret.
Then, having Flrnlth, Wealth, and Ueautf,
Tuu li ba prvparptt for wvry duty.
By a cnful perusal ot Ir.wll,ljAM VoirvtVH New
I'.iA, J UK IfAltldAiiK OI. IHK, whirh ibould ba read
by evev ore Bo'd by ItnnRnelle-rs j: re-anv. nd at thn
lux tor a ortlce. So. lltt 81'bUCIt HTKEbrj price
cfiita. aue-if
dk. nrrosoo'8 noLDEs pills tor fkmalks,
Inlaltlble In rnrrectlnK, reulaiinc, and romnvino; aU
4fbstruLiltn iron i whatt vt r CHiiH-,.and aiwa a
uCtt-aMul a preventive.
Thec Pllli arr nothing new. and bare been atari by tha
Hector tot many enr, both In I' rume and America whn
i) iTiurutU lJ biicrt bJi In every rase j and belt argud by
Dmi.y tritnai d Imilcs who Imve ua d them, to BMKO xm
lulu public tor tbe allm int ton of those iitnVnng frnm
an lrrr: iiiarhirs Mrbtittvt-r, a u II n tn prt-vunt aa ln
cnaxv ol tHtinly tu-re beuiti will not cnult It. Teimilua
pivullMrl hitimled, or tl oce Fithiioi-inK tln iunelves so, aro
cnutTOi i d tiiiiiiht iihIiiv tb'"-ci pi -ib wldli- in tbut oondltloiv,
aw it. iTo)ulL-ior aMiiiie-i no nin.ns(biHty atb-r tin- alwv
ailnionltioi., itbnii.-b tbrlr i.nlilm?K would revit any
nun bid to btriiltb,otbruthe tnu I'uls aru rvomiuoniiedv
1- nil ami e illicit d'U'it'or uci'oiiipiiii ihk eat-li Lmk.
rrict$llot six bui I -r -'. hoid vliuiutio aud retail
by tbM U Mow in i: riiv;l-ts :
I. limit. vi iti- -:o., No. M V. fourth street.
iu bt A Hnidall, No il'- Mhi .. t nun
A Murnhftll, c rin r of I libt umb unit Market stretf.
f'nlir .t Smith, cornor of Stvoiiil a-.d t.iuen jUnuta.
Iott it TO.. io. S Htcnnd sir-vt.
Jiibnon, llrllon ny A Cow den, ai.d
H. (). In luiotir. t'auitli'ii.
Al If uil by all drubtflata.
Ladles, by sending
To eitbtr niuent, can have thy
I'U.1.8 HI NT t (i.MKIIir.NTI AT.LT.
1W mot), to auy part of tte city or country ffea te.
S. I. iKHVB,
0 T2 2m Vn. 2 15 W. Till UIY ttl X 1 11 Street, N. T.
arfAIii TOasmrcAriAiNs and owners, c
(S.ev- Tbo undiTnlnt'd havt h l-iood tbe KKNHIWtJ
lt.N etCKKW In K'K, bHS to Inioriu hit frloudaand the
f at ron b ot tbe l-rk, (I h. tie Im prvpurul wita Increased
lilts to accomi.ii'dnia tbone hnv.ii vt-Hsets to If rained
or nishlreii. and bi-liu a pnvitN'al ship-carpenter and v
-au!Kvr, villi ne pfrotiaJ aiienuon to ail vwsseia en
trusted to btm ir rrpauft.
Captains or Agi nts, Ship t'Ary-intnrs, and Macbluiatf
ha viio; vxmrli to repair, a t' S'j.i lit d to cnl.
HaUnr the acency tor tbe suit of " Wetu ritedta' Pahtnt ;
Mt'tnll'4-1 'ouiHTt)iilon," or t'opper I'aini, for Uie presirva
tioii of vc 'huIs' bottom, for tin cuy,l aui pruparwl
furu ib ttbe aatue on fttvijrabiw it rti.s. (
J'UK H. ff A WSfTTT,
Ko'nif 'tc.n rtcrew Dork.
Mhll-tf Delaware avuvue.alAv lare-l street, t
l!Ar)INa KAILUOAI). l'Olt THK COX- ,
1 i iib iH c ot' no up is iin.J otlur vtstiiiiK "Camp t)is
i b npt-. ' m-ar MmIhk Mid.n pti'ml nun tay pntavniftT
ti tam will run tit wei ii l'iildt-l,i In uiid PIiu iiiil vll c until .
fonbir I'oii. i-. i-ofiiiiK ii'-irk' Mnnbi, NoTHiuiHir lit, led, '
b io Ihk i'bl'iidi lpliia nt s A. M P. M ., and return
Im; tVoin Piiu-iiiAvilie at 10 A. M. unu :i .to P. M., sioppiujj t
i'OJl NKW VOHlv.
M W PitKli.ll l" I, INK
it'U NhW o;K,
utnl c..iint tii.K for il Noiii.c:u ui Ea-.ttrn cities and
Oil- at' it, stiUlu oiiy
11 KUA1 , .
Till U8IAV,
fr in t!n- Conn jiiin ' wt iut", t'r t ii'Mivc-Kut o htrci't, and
i-iv )oik, tp in i'i. r 11, .Nt itb lii.t-r, ou auue ibtya, ai
.i i. M.
I ur i.eivm, wnn n w m- rweivrd diUly, band'ed in tbe
nn i.' fn't fiil ii.jiiiUT, io d ib in . n il u uh Li. a uruultiHt dta- ',
paUb, at lair r.U up; iv o . 1
II 10 'Un So. -.'.u m.i -u w i.arve. ,
ii aisJ!j''-'t-i il ttiiu-bini nt (iif nii wii1 Cork Harbor,
i .m v know n Mi-Hint ! oi I ho l.i-ctpool. N.- Turk,
and I'btutb Jp:,ia ba-s-uusbip (.uipatiy are luuottod M
Halt A. !it'..H n - ,
CI IV OY It VI.TIMOKK. S.ituntav. Kovembi'r 19.
l'I'Y HI-' L 1 N 1 KN , baturdd , Nut aiubur 'M J
1 I S A.FattirdHy, Hf crnilM r i. " '
And own succtuiii b.uuiUa, At noon, trvot Pier t
44 N rtb kl-r. t
It AT I. H O' rASSAfJF PAY 4.111. K IN ClIItllKKCY.
Kllt Ciibitl J'X' OU Ktwr-e ,...' fC
I- iret Ciibiii to l.cndo.) 170 (t) SH-ei ao to I.otidou... W-Kf .
1 Irht Cttbm to I ai's.. 1:" WI aSut'ia-,1- to I'ans Hii'ii,
buv tiL'Kti'' beit. t iiie rut'a.
or luilber micnuniiuu apply at tbe Company'a otTlcea
Ko. IIIJVALMO; Slreet,Phi.ttdt-UdiIa. I
i liUMU AIi 1 illbADhbl'lilA
B,u ,,l, I l. i. a.u .l..rr . M ....... a. I
it kii AYS.fU'iufli-flttiart ul-jvc 1'lNK Mrve'.Pbila-
dt Jpliia. tud l.i y. Y hitrC, ib-ton. drt nUarC
atltiiv 11 K Hti i-i-t. on Slurdii . Nov -inbitr ';. Ifv.i.
Tne uti-ant r M'Ki'AS will' sit'l Uiu Phil tdi-Lihla oft 'l
Katiird.iy, Not t-iuiitr M. at In o i jotk A. al.. and smatust' 1 1
bA is v iu nt .i hi) ir ti.' prt it u ,
Tbi-ie new and sLbstautJal sUHm4nin form a re(fular(
lti e. satlriijK froui inoh imt pum inallr on Kttturdavs. B
lnaiiinnt.i.a eii6t,;d at uuc-baliu.t: jftiuuiuiu tiiiaigedt I
aIc a l st-bU. 1
1 n li l.u taken at fair rates. 1
Bt-ippersarereuesii'Uloavud Blip Xcctlptl and WM i
Iaadln with ibeir looii. I
wot l la aul or raasax tnnvrns; mvrvuMmwnwikm a
arrl l
tO ntlaMU WtNM'tt UU., II
N0.H,2 ti. 1H:I.AVAHE Aveuu.
iZIiKovouiler K.. ...,4 ' V
1 i.ti JUltlt-Il SLIP 1 'IllI.A.l'sT-I.1 " ni'im.i 4TWt I
Wi 1 sati lor tbe above pil en Uie lUi Aiovi-iubur.
bttiai.e ti iu currei.
h't. 1U1 WALNUT Btrcut. A
J C,it?' Bwtftsur L ues, 1a llawar an
b.,ti.aui anal. '1 he sleaiuurs ot tlm.a hoes are leavl. I
d.ilv si IV clock M.. aud ocmca f. al.. Irom tSU4lM. iralnui airert. t .,
rur .rTir. w,n. wm vm iwh on .moisnjti;i.
Ieri,i(.a,,l. to WILlXiK at. bXUCU A tt., .. UiX
1 Hot csi'in toUtttuiT Kiw-ijo Btr k u M.uiiiura. 74.(i .
l'lthM'tii-ih nl--o fuiwwud to Havre, lireuieii Hot-l j
tcftbnn, Antwerp, Ac. , at e-iuaH b.wrntos, ' 1
Fores in ui l.t i-i pool or tiii'eiistovn : Pint Oabiitt a '1
H.'l', fl7y, $ilo. b.tvraj-'e from l : t rpjnl and iuuens- ,
town, 70. i hMje wi.o , uh to scad fur Utuir liieuda ca