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TT7, T"1 TTT) A
Oliicial Despatch from Gen.
IlrAntit-Aamis Hist itii r in- Sotritwiir
Misbouii, i HiNdni li, . Noicinbi r 12. To
Major Gtnetnl I'lcason'on :-! have just returned
rem Ca-evil!c, nnd will forward my olllcial ro-
pori of Hit campaign in n few d.iys. No one Ins
tired a shot id ihc enemy Mure the battle of New-
tonlii, where the me.iiy gained great advantage
over 11 Ii ut ut hrst, l,ut my cotimi ind got tip in
ninetoiuni uie enemy's right, and the tide of
The enemy lost very largely iu men nnd
hoMes In Northern Arkansas, und the border.
My Idea was, and Is now, that when we got
tiim below Newtouia and the re tn of grain
mills and catue, we should not crowd him any
more, but rather make an elfirt to hold hint in
this land of starvation, as we would a g irrison
ut of supplhs, until his army broke tip and
divided. Deserters weio very numerous while
J'riec was in this section, hut I have seen none
that have leit him since ho was pushed otf
toward! his supplies.
My own view Is that all the elTbr:s of General
Curtis to drive the enemy and they h.ivo been
great and entitle him to credii have been to our
detriment and the enemy's advantage, for I
believe one-half of his army would have deserted
liorlhofthe Arkansas, had it not been for tho
feur of the pursuing foe, and the pursuit h is
Been cxnsive; but the enemy has sull'cred
badly, and all should be satiMicd, I Btippo-o. My
despatches from General Thayer indieato that the,
troops on the Arkansas w ill not attack 1'rieo.
John II. Saniiokv,
llrigadier-Gcncral Commanding.
Terriblo Condition of Southern
The Norfolk Old Dominion ut yesterday says :
"We had a long conversation with a deserter
from tho 12th Virginia Infantry, belonging to tho
4th Brigade nf Muhnnes Corps, vestonlav, by the
name ot McKarlancl. He has been In the Kebel
service ever t the l'Jth of April, l.stil, nnd h is
participated In all the important engagements of
tho war iu Virginia since that period. Uu is a
printer by trade, and was formerly employed ou
the 1'ctcrsburg Krprei.i. Jlo sues the Rebel
army is extremely despondent, and thinks tuoy
cannot hold out beyond tho present winter,
liut few of tho ollieers are conlideut of secur
ing the independence! of the Confederacy,
but aver that Grant can never take Rich
mond by direct assault. Ho thinks it is
possible, in case of the capture of tho South-dde
road, that Lee will be compelled to evacuate that
city,, ho pays, wus never in better hjiiltti,
and wears well. Mahone.'the l'liil. Kearney of
the Rebel army, is deserloed as being an ex
trimily small man, about rive feet high, and
weighing about one hundred pounds. The
mtiirtcnt in his old brigade, he sit-s, is very
favorable towards a ro-csiaDlisbmcnt of tho old
Union, and if it could bo submitted to ballot, ho
thinks the vote would stand live to one in
favor of peace and Union. The citizens are
Very despondent, having scarcely any hope of
ultimate success in establishing their Confede
racy. Kvciythleg is subordinate to the army,
nil the immense number of women and children
who are led at the expense of the city and the
Govt rimiciit have to wait until tins wants of tho
oldiirsare satisfied, and what is then leftover
is given to thi m. Society, he says, is in a droad
fnlly di moralized condition, end leeks with, rot
teni e,-s and coirupiiou. Jell. Davis is begin
ning to visibly show the elltets of the treiuun
ilous wear and tear upon him, und his health is
In a fulling conditio!!. Ho says thero are a
itrcut number of des.r crs from our side in
nnd around Richmond and Petersburg, and
that they arc mostly sulntttu cs and bounty
jnmteis, with a ptentv ol money. In accordance
with his late prnclumntioii, Jell. Davis gives them
employment, If thoy wish it, in the O ivcrnment
workshops, or if preferable, gives ihem free tr.un
iioriath.n to Mexico, Iielauil, Germany, or France.
Those who want to cross thu water are put on
board blockade-runners, and are sent out from
the ports of Wilmington or Charleston. A gre it
number of them, ho tayB, prefer JJermudu as the
point of destination. Mr. Mc Farlund thinks he
bus now had enough of it, und is p n'cctly w illing
to resii'n his military honors, and retire once
woie tu iue peaceful walks of life."
IIow Nlifrimtii'H Monitor Voted.
Tbo l.ouisvilo Jjumal says: "V'e have ro
ceivod tho following by mail from Kingston,
Georgia. General Sherman was unwilling to
lave tl cru forwarded by telegraph, for fear the
location of iho troo(,s would be pieiniitiirciy made
public und teach the Rebels:
21st Wisconsin
aim Michigan
tilth Ohio
lbili Ki Mucky
3i-t Ohio
Kith Ohio
9vd Ohio
17ih()hio ,
lOoth Ohio
21st Ohio
7llh Ohio
l.'li li Michigan ,
filth Ohio
3.J. I Olili
VM.h Ohio
Hth Oil o
Sibil Missouri
7'J.h i'eliu. (ikiaciiincni)
Ale t.'Ilnn. LIut In.
' i
'2 2
;i )2
21 Hi
21 I
2 VI
Lincoln's innjnr ty :;1 Vi
''J litfo votis are" otllei d ot iralmcts in the
1st mid ad Divi-ions i t the M h Or. is und thoy
rouipiisc ail the h ices were at rim r.ttui ou
the Uth, but where they were ou tile 10.ii it is
picniaiiuo to statu. The votes of tii-j v.ui ms
n-gliiiit ts show ihem to bo piho full, genmiilv,
lorthtic is a large jaie. Ci'.a,;e ia ea h of p. touh
uuiituililicd toexcicise the elective fruehle."
i:cti! of I'i li r ilw Hibi-1 iy null
Mnil-t'ix rler
George rctersmi, who w as tracked from Canada
to Alexandria, Va., by detectives, and urtested
lliere on the 11th instant as aRe.bel spy and mall
cariicr, made liis escape from the Old Cepltol
lni'on la.-t night, under the following eircutn
stuiice6 : The sentinels on posts Nos. 12 and 7
permitted l'cterson, under some excuso which Uo
oflertd, to go into a yard by a way and in viola
tion of the rules of the prison. Peiorson "having
dl.'piibcd himself, and bavin" . a r.ocded In pass
ing the sentinels ou the i..:ir.s uoc ve-naiucd,
leiwecn 0 and 7 o'clocl , routii IiU wvy into the
tmpk'j ees' lues .tcoui.
Here he is supposed o have found an iron
child, left in the loem by tho gas litters, w ith
lilch he broke open the duor of the mess-room,
which enabled him to cross tho passage to the
female department. Iu the passage-way he
plcktd tho Jotk and forced e II tho wooden braces,
which were eieemed sutheieut lo prevent escape.
This enabled l'etcrson to cuter the ttcre-toom of
Uie prison. When in this room he again sue
oeded in picking the lock and breaking tho bolt
of the eloor, by which means he e utered the front
oillce (second toom, li lot floor, in the southern
coition of the building). From this oillce Feter
en made Ins way into the street.
l'cterton is a rather intelligent man, about 21
years of age; about five feet seven und a half
inches h!(ih; weighs ubout 160 or lajpouuds;
tuttcl address; sound white teeth, aud has a
peculiarly positive utterance iu his couvcrsattou.
It uthiiiytun .Sfnr.
N'othlrjg could be more mugnilicent than tho
Vintage bus been this vear in -all Mill nf I'mnr,.
In the wiue districts there was a superabundance
of grape. The proprktors of vme ards were
otuully UB7.zltd to know what to do, their usual
upiily of casks havinu Ion
clri( although at work day and ulgat, were
Itttal uwtblv tv supply tby demayd.
nniii) edition
I'art of Sherman's Army Noar
Rebel Wail Over tho Miserable Con
dition of the Confederacy.
Nprrlnl to Tho Kvvnlnif Tclxrnprt.
WAsitiNirrov, November 18. Tim Rich
mond Whin of Wednesday says that (omcral
Micrntnn lias sent a pin t of his army towards
Solum, Alabama, Indicating n movement to
take the city of Mobile.
SlirrMim hiiiI Nliermnii tu bi ruihol.
Tim Whig urges the calling out of a special
force of seventy-five thousand men to put an
end to Oiencrnls! Sherman and Sheridan.
Mlsrrat.lo Conillllou t llio Nol.ltl.
It assai'g tho Rebel CongtesM as incoinpe
tent, Ac., nnd setfl up a dismal wail over their
A Xfw I.oim.
Rumors of a new loan are prevalent here.
Rebel paper claim that llreeklnrldije has
recently repulsed our forces at Hull's Gap,
Eust Tennessee,
Indications that Sherman has
Gone to Savannah.
Ntr liii to Ttie Ktriilnir Tclcitrnpli.
Wabimnutiiv, NovcuiImt IS. Tliere Is In
tense excitement here over the news from
General Sherman.
The latest news received here from the
South indicates he has gone to .Savannah, and
that he. will also take Mobile aud other cities,
perhnpB Charleston.
The Government Robbed of Ono
Million Dollars by Now York
. Brewers.
Rostov, November IS. Tliii U'ertherfMb
libr8 the following spcciul despatch :
W'asiiinoton, November 17. Tho rovenuo
ollicirs in tho Ninlli CoiiKtvsiional District of
NcwYoik have jut dicovcre 1 a fraud of tho
most Hluppndoiis kind, involving throe of tho
largest breweries in tho country. Tho proprietors
have been arrested, and tho breweries, with
nil their appurtenances, ns well as tho stock
on hi nd, l ave been sel.od. The abrogate value
of the property is not less than one million dol
lar?, all of which will bo confiscated If thu case is
imidc out ngninst the offenders, and half of the
proceeds of the property will go to tho pors ons
discovering the fraud. The par ics charged wi'h
fraud have been distilling for a long tituo without
a license, without makiuir auy r. turns, and with
out paving at.x of any kind.
Council of nr t l orlriN i Monroe The
FoitTBiiss Monuok, Novi'tii'icr 15. A council
of war is being held here; you may look for
something Stirling fliort'y. Ti Is no news
to-day, Tho I'lmiilu Is still in t:.o oiling.
Special EcpiiU'tus to ti -ulng Telograih., November IS,
Til.. Mavy.
Admiral Farragut Is ns"rt' l to-day to be
the ceminit man" forPc rcta y of the Navy.
Tl.r Trrasnry l :u liilnt.
The acceptance of tlio Tre . ury portfolio by
Robi 1 1 J. Vulker is said to be contingent npon u
talii.fiicle.ry tirrnngcuiiut of his own private
ellu is.
IV-! .141111.1.
SfiJ' r fleiicral Hanks remains still in Wash-
It may be considered cortain lhat Mr. l'esson-
e!tu will resign Ms Kecrelaryi-liip of the Treasury
to nturn to the Senate, to v. M :h ho holds his
culling nnd eleclion sine.
.iii inl l.rnnl N OiTirl it Ri'i.ort.
fieneral Ornnt Ims nut ye t viitten his olllclal
repeat i f the r.r:iml c unt aigu horn tho Kapidan
to the Jauies; and Las deti'inii-ied not to do so
until he- captures Petersburg an l Richmond, as,
niiil! that I- achieved, he wi'.! not have reached ol'.icetive, nor the eauipai-iu lis logical con-e!ti:-!on.
'i lie ffar !tice HVt il f o Men. Rutlor.
The physical prostration of .Secretary Stanton
rendering his withdrawal from tho W'm Oillce In
evitable, the President, acceding to a widespread
nnd strongly fortified desire, tendered the position
to GcnenilRiitler yesterday in poison. It is nn
derttood that the General, for tho present at least,
declined the honor, und left for more active Oueru
t : j j i a, ut the front.
ImliCHltoMMtltnt I'ohcb I'roposi I ions Will
t rnwuim iu ine Kfuri t uiels,
AVamiisotok, November 17. Tlicra is ever
ptobab.lity that within a short time Commis
noueis will be appointed by the President to pre
fent laopositlons of titmice to the Rebels at Uii ti.
niond. The pressure upon him to do so was
yiy strong beloie the election. Since then lie
has been convinced that tho adoption of this
policy will completely silence the Copperhead
lect'iin and gratify a larce majority of tha
The couieof tbo Adiniuibtiatiun I Ills ItAPii f. ir..
shadowed iu l'orney's editorials, in General but
ler' speech, and in various other ways. It re.
ceived additional importance from the fact that
Mr. Lincoln particularly complimented General
lmtier upon that portion of his kecch at tho
I'ifth Avenue Hotel, aud that he reiterated tii
peace sentiments in hit address to the Maryland
Mate Kepuulican Committee.
It is represented that the South bare recently
admitted that slaves already free are to remain
fice, and that for a continuance of war on their
purl, the South has indicated its readiness to
aloliih slavery. Thus, the great bone of conten
tion is removed, and Mr. Llucolu may now, with
propriety, present his programme of peace to the
Itched leaders. It is cousieiored great card ; and
coinuiUtionen for that purpose will undoubtedly
be appointed, if they have not already beea
selected, to proceed to Uichmond for this our.
Pose- X, T. UerM.
Th 9 Amy Reported to Have Loft
Atlanta on the 12th.
General Thomas' Army at Falaski,
NoTt:. A despatch was pub'i-hr 1 in a ( In
ciunati papi r of yesterday, living soam dcti:l
of the ilcpurtnre oftJencial Slit rm an'a colunim
fri-Jii Atlanta, on the '.nh or I2h, and their proii i
hle cotucniraiion at Auitmta, which tlio Hir
Department deems contraband, and vo tlnnvi'ore
refrain from publishing tho report.
Int. Iliicnii-e Iroui lli-bol Vonrci.
AVAMUMi roN, November 17--It h-huiond pautM
of Tuesday received here, furnish intelligence
from (Jeoritia up to tho Uth Inst. They state
that Sherman left Atlanta on the U li, ni iving
northward, though tbey doiii):le mean by that
eastward on a northerly line.
Urnrrnl Ilon.l'a vtovmnrtil-i. Slrcimlti.
anil I'o-Iiioli.
ml P. i ati h ) Iht e ii tnf.u: tii..'
N hiivii.ik, November l i. The Rebel army
Is still concentrated in. the viclnpv of Kl irencn.
One coi isS. 1). Lee's is upon this side of the
river; the remainder of tho army remain com.
naratlvely ipiiet on the Booth si le. Tho Kebdls
have a good pontoon bridge from one shore to the
other. Iho whole army is probably thirty thou
tnnd strong, embracing s Corps, 70 ; Che it-
ttitm'M I'firna .'.llllll. s;,.. v.,p, a l".,...a .,1 . i .. .t.
Taylors Corps, Ijooo ; and .Woo cavalry. Hood
has also seventy pieces of artillery.
Our cavalry, General Ciotou's esiceialy, has
skirmishing every day with iho enemy's cavalrv,
mostly In the neighborhood of Shoal creek. The
roaus throughout tliut region or couutrv are in a
bad condition, on account of tho roeent ruins,
nnd wholly unsiiited to military operations, lhis
may for some time pi event anything very srious
taking place in this quarter, i'.csi is still
a question as to whether the Rebel demonstra
tions at l'loreucc, like that at .lohiisutiville, is not
a mere feint movement, and whether Hood and
lieanregard do not design establishing them
selves, il they can, at some point on the" Mits
sippi river.
Mieriimii'i rinveiiipnlM
Tho Indianapolis Journal of Tuesday last
says ;
V o had a conversation yestcrdav with a gen
tleman who had just arrived in this city direct
Irom Atlanta, having left there ou Friday, No
vcuilier (i.
Kvery arrangement, had been mule for a
gigantic movement in some direction. One corps
had already moved out of tlio city, and others
were to follow, but had not done so up to the
hour of his departure, in consequence of the ill
ness of (ii ueral Sherman.
Sherman exp-esscs tho utmost in lill'e :onee as
to Hood's movements, and savs Thomas has suf
ficient troops to attend to him aud prevent Ills
returning South.
'1 he oiliccrs and men of Sherman's armv wore
never in better spiiitsor more conlidentof suc
cess. They regard this as the great moveiiuut of
the war.
Most of our prisoners, heretofore confine 1 at
Andersonvllle, havo been removed to Augusta,
Hid as that place i directly in the line, Suerman
win prooaoiy tano it. l liey stand a good chance
lor a speedy release.
No private proparty In Atlanta had been
burned or destroyed, nor was it expected that it
would be.
From Athiiita to Augusta is 171 miles; from
Augusta to Charleston 2 miles; to Savinn ih
11(1 miles. Hut, as our contemporary remarks,
' tho country is not diillcult; no mountain ranges
lie in the way to inako transportation laborious;
stu b ns Rosecrans met In Tennessee in bis cam
paign iiRnint Chattanooga ; uo passes or deliha
p'esent easily defensible positions to an opposing
loreejtho wholo region, both in the south and
east, is ileh in food, und has heou untouched by
the war.
'Iho Chicago Journal s tys : "A furlouglvd
olilcer of Sherman's Stall' states that he has bj.m
orileicd, when his leave expires, to rej in his
command at Savannah. Hood Is said to bo on
tho line of the Chattanonga and At'imt i railroad.
Forrest has not joined him, but is a tin moving
towards Kentucky."
Tlio t'orco muter Kt.critiiin 3ffM rmy
:O,00O MroilK Kvltvl MllNll Oil Allilillit.
from the Chicago Tfilmne.
Sr. I.oi is, November M. A gentleman from
Sherman's headquarters, at Kingston, Ua., savs
that General Sherman is by this time soiiiu
distance on the war pith. His army consists of
1 Ith Coijn, General J, 11'. C. Davis.
Kith Corps, General Osterhaus.
17th Corps, General III. dr.
"Oth Corps, General Slocum.
These, with li.OOO under Kilpatriek, and a
brigade of artillerv. uiuke a total force of about
fio.bno men, splendidly equipped, and supplied
with every appliance of wur. All tho public
liUUilings.ucnots, iiiantltactoriej. In Atlanta
arc rendered worthless, und tho railroads north
and south of the city, and all surrounding defen
sive works destroyed. Thero is to be uo turning
buck, and nothing left behind of value to tho
em my.
fttr: ia! Dttpc'rli la The liming yW.'tre'H.
Haltimoiik, November 18 William Holland,
a Democratic State Senator, recently elected from.
Dorchester county, Maryland, has resigned his
e lllce. This requires a new election, und will
enable the I'nion men to elect u Union Sena'or,
which w ill make the Man1 land Scnahvlil delega
tion stand cqiial.iind with the Lieutenant-Governor
who prciddcs und has tho casting voto, will in iko
it one l uion majority.
The Court-Martini setting here has been again
reoiganizcd, wiih Major General Staid ut its head.
The cu'C of Iloileau, of the.2d Delaware Infantry,
for murderiiiK tho German Co., two days ago,
w ill come before this Court to morisnv.
l.xttnsiVe preparations are bring made hero to
give the soldiers u grand Thanksgiving dinner.
Handsome donations aru being made t mar Is it
Gold operators continue much inoi
have lost lunviiy.
amim;.w I.M.N.
AcAttr.MY of Mt sic Last night SlraiMla was
fiiven nnd enthusiastically received. It is ono of
Hiibelnninn's lino parts, where his pers m il
grace as well as his lino volco is displayed. His
talent as an actor is essentially comic rather than
tragic, aud ho aud Formes, as the two brigjnds,
delighted the house, being enthusiastically
encored. Formes, for whom an apology was
piinted, thought better of his soro throat, and
appeared as "Malvolio," enjoying tho fun he
nude himself and singing in his best style.
Mad'lle Cunissa is not a sympathetic artist her
voice is very thla and w iry, aud often out of tune.
Himmer sang the grand piece of the oponi, the
lust prayer, in the m ist impressive manner. Ho
is an artist of the highest order of art. Tw-uigat
I'iilrlia, with a maguiliccnt cast Johannsen.
Ileimanns, Himmer, Stcineeke. Fiihlio will be
the geuiol the season which bus been so brilliant.
Li en i.e AVusTBtty as Cahiixb. This evening
Miss Western will appear in that great character,
of the younger Dumas, which secured for him so
universal a fame as a sentimental novelist. A) a
love story of deep Interest tliere is perhaps no
novel that has been so widely read, while Us ap-
Learanec iu a dramatized form is equally as well
nown in this country as are many of Shake
speare's plays. Of the Anglicized editions of the
drama, that by Matilda Heron is considered the
most truthful to the original, aud the most inte
resting. This edition, by the permission of the
authoress, is produced to-night, on the occasion
of Miss Western's beuelit.
Chesnit S'i'BIET Thkatrb. Mrs. Bjwcrs
gives us her farew ell bene fit this evening, playing
the Lady of Lyont and I'aint Heart. We regret
to see so accomplished an actress leaving us, for
we know what we have, but kuaw not what we
may have.
Auoii StrkktTkeatrk. Mr. and Mrs. Barney
Williams takes a beueht at this luvatfe. i'urce
popular plev
An Extcnsivo riot and its
Their Troposcd Operations on
tho Taciilc Const.
Narrow Escape of the California and
Tacific Steamers.
We have been in possesion, for some time
pat, of highly Interesting and important informa
tion derived from Havana, in regard toa proposed
licbel plan for capturing American passenger
steamers upon tho I'acillc Ocean. Hitherto we
have refrained from giving the facts publicity,
le-t a pr mature announcement should tend to
defeat measures that had been taken to frustrate
the plot, and arrest the purties thereto. Now lhat
any danger of that sort is over, wo are at liberty
to show how narrowly we have escaped tho neces
sity of recording another fYiMiKi.te art' ar, only on
a larger scale, upon the waters of the Paeliie.
The details of tho plot In question were cvi
siiniinated at Havana some time since, under tlio
approval of S. It. Malloi v, iho Coined rate Siv
rc'ary ot the Navy. Ita'leader an 1 manager was
Thomas A. Hoirg, holding a commission in tint
ltebcl Nnvy as Mauler, who, with a party off run
sixteen to twenty men, Icti UHana lor I'anami,
'ew Grenada, tho last of September or early in
October, for the purpose of g t ing on b ianl the
1'anaina Railroad Company's lln steamer ti'it iV
ifiila, seizing her at sea, an I then using h -r as a
piiatc vessel to capture s eaiucrs of iho V iclile
Muil Steamship Company, plying bjtween
I'liiiaiua ami San Francisco.
The party were all well armed, an 1 abundantly
supplied with ammunition concealed in thnir
bafimge. They were to take pissage in the
f.KiqVmflo lor inherent Central American ports,
mas not to excite suspicion. ll was to go on
board first, carrying his haggtgp, which was t
contain nothing suspicious. Ii' it was not
searched, lils followers were to convey on board
their trunks subsequently, with the arun and
ammunition concealed in them.
The. seizure of tlio ves el was not to bo at
tempted until sho had got to a p int u,i m tie
Central Aunriean coast, some two hundred ni'les
from l'anaiiia. where there was no danger of tail
ing in w ith any cralt that could give notice of
the change of command ot the H'uttrm tin, when
it had been effected. No s rious diillculty was
apprehended in taking possession of the (Suit,:
inula, as tier otneers were not likely to natii-ipa'n
nny danger, and were expected to bo found
entirely otf their guard and without tho nieaas
of r slstunce In their hands.
The (luiili inula carries two guns for her own
protection from aihatcers. Itelyi.ig up iti these
lor oil nslvc purposes, the pirates then proposed
to cruise for tho passenger and soecle-c urviiiL'
steamers of the California trade, until they h id
captured a' Uast one of thorn, with which, proba
bly, they would have 0 saved a trio across tho
I'acillc to l'.asi Indian waters, provided thuv
could obtain tho necessary c:ial by capture
of some of the collier constan'lv en
gaged in carrying steamer supplies of fuel to
Cential American ports, l'uiiauia, Aeaimlco. Sau
Juan del Sur, and San Francisco. tho
conspiiators hoped to follow up their success by
proceeding, in tho (initrwiln, to tho coast of
Northern California, and thero making a raid
aealnst Hen. llallndiy's line of steamers, bo
tv een Sau F'runcisco, Oregon, and Uriiisn Co
I ninl la.
Fortunately, the scheme was dl-ovred bv
some menus, und we presume information mu,t.
lave b en sent direct from Havana to t jo li;u
iiius, iu time to frustrate thu execution, as n i
hear on priva c iiuthoiitv from 1'anaini, that iho
part cs known to bu Implicated were all there an I
ut Aspinwall, as late as the I h of this month,
at il were known to the United States C instils at
both p'a es, to the Commanders of the l'an im i Cotnpoij's steamers, and to tho CniteJ
Slates Naval Connu Hitler in the port of I'anam i.
It fippetirs that the desperadoes arrived too la'e
for tho liuiiiemttta, a portion of them having gone
to Aspinwall, via St. Thomas. The (iit'ttem tla
sailed on tho &th of Ocober. Tho next Kaitam i
railroad steamer for Central American ports was
the Sulrtulur, to sail on tho iu.t ant, and it
was understood a'. 1'anama that the piratical
pin ty were to tako passage in her. If they did
so they were promptly arrested a'trr their urrival
on board, every ariaiiycment laving been made
for tint purpose.
Nothing can have prevented their cap'.uro, pro.
Inihlv, uulisstlic la I all til have leaked out at
1'anama that they were suspected ; in which event,
of course, they would not li t likely to place
themselves under the American (lag, whore ttieir
si l.uro would be free from international cm
buiras'inent. Master Hogg (sometimes c illo 1 Terton), wo
understand, is a native of iiakiiuoro, who b is
lived sometime IntNow Orleius. His chief ollicer
is a man named Ilradshaw, who claims to have
once been a commander of the Hiriliiln;
lidward J. Norvillo, a nativo of U iltiuiore,
but now of Mobile, is Hogg's Master; Wil
liam lllack, of New Orleans, is l'ursurj
Kdward Swain, of Near Orleans, Midshlpinin ;
Thomas Reynolds of New Or cans, Mis er's
Male; John II ddle (alias Smith), Is F.ngincer;
Timothy O'Grady and Uoorgo March, of New
York, aro Qilarlclina-teiB ; and among the crow
are Kobeit Lyons, and men oy tho name of lllg
gins, Stoddard, und Sullivan. Wo h ipo to hear,
by tho next arrival from thu Isthmus, that nil thu
above-named parties, ami iiimo whoso name, we
have not given, are safe on bond an American
cruiser ut 1'anama, unless, indeed, 'they arrive
herein charge of L'n'ted States o lleers, sitiiul
tancouslv wi;h the announcement of their cap
lure. .V. 1. Timet.
The I ii it l StntcM Ktcanier ".Midioir1 at
llnnos, November 18. The United States
steamer Siphon arrived here to day from the
blockading (loot o.T Wilmington. Kite touched at
Norfolk to land tiie prisoners taken on board tno
prize steamer A,in'e, which was captured by tho
II i( us and .V.toi.
The .Viy iouwas scuth?ie for repairs.
Tim lierllue In Gold.
Ni;w YoltK, November 18. Ujld has declined
to 21 li since tho board.
SlATE OT TltltltMOMK'IKR To-day. Six A. M.
r.0. Noon, 55. 1 I'. M. 53. Wind. N. W.
Ruciu n inc. This morning the Mayor issued
wuvrants for the payment of tho city bounty to
Ti men, of whom 3 enlisted for live years, 51) for
three years, 9 for two years, and 2 ftr ono year.
They were credited as follows : First Ward, 2;
Fourth Ward, 1 ; Fiflh Ward, 5; Sixth Ward, 1 j
Seventh Ward, 5 ; Ninth Ward, 2; Tenth Ward,
5; Fleventh Ward, 2 ; Twelfth Ward, 1 ; Thir
teenth Ward, 3 ; Fifteenth M aid, HI; Fighteeuth
Ward. 5 : Twentieth Ward, 3 ; Twenty-first Ward,
3; Twenty-second Ward, I); Twenty-third Ward,
Kl. Recruiting is now progressing liuely, about
three hundred men per week oeing ruusunea into
the service and credited to the wards of l'hiladel
nhia. It will be observed that some ot the wards
receive larger credit than others. This is owing
to the fact that those successful wards are oiler
ing a small premium of five and ten dollars,
while other wards are doing nothing at all, their
old draft committees being no longer in exist
ence. By a proper etlort I'hiladelphia could easily
secure enough men to fill her share of quota for
a call of a half million of meu, should ouo be
made. Why don't the wards go to work ) Meu
are easily obtained now, but as soon as a call is
made they will become scarce, and high boantles
will have to be paid. It is easier for tha wards to
pay a premium of Ave dollars now than wait
until a call is wade and pay fifty dollars, and
even then have trouble iu filling their quota.
Eohbsbt. A night or two since a store at No.
802 Green Street was entered and a few articles
HKU 18, 1S(4
What Ni-xt? On this rainy day, whn the
damp, bleak atmosphere hangs like a pall over
the populace, when thero Is a scarcity In city
new, and when even an advance in O'ohj or "ile,''
stock, or the solution of tho oft-repented question,
"Where Is Sherman going ?" fail to raise tho spirits
of the people, we do not know that we can pen a
more interesting paiagraph than th it relating to a
new Invention of some ingenious Yankee (of
cotiife), w hlch ili'sirves to ran with rotary
ehnriis ami selng inn bines. It is nothb g 111014
nor less, inli 1 to milium, than n I aln-tender, sill
to be In Its operation ns ecntl as a in alicr's Unce.
For a few npfiihs.of course, tho lati)will rake
its oblivious rati' in a 1 radio, l'lus is the Mrs!
lorm the inveutl 11 a. -true. Nnat the cradle
inn be changed at w ill Into a little eou h, d-
justeil at any angle, and when it (the bay) ih
able to sit up, the con h may be 111 ide a ch iir,
with a place for phivihliKS in front, while the
child can dance up and down, aided oy the verti
cal spring. W hi n the chi d is uhte to st, md, a
support, revolving in the centre, sustains it in its
cllorts to stop; and when it has learned to wtlk,
a hobby-horse attached, instead of a cra.l c,
a fiords hialthtiil exercise and amti-lng pa-tltne.
Tho in.ichlnc is a'so e ipable of being trail mint d
into a rursery chair for the table sand wuci not
in 11-e for babies, becomes a handsome o lotn in.
The onlv question is whether the ! 1I1! m will
tolerate any such innovation UK)ii their rights to
be tossiU and rocked bv misses an I ng
man. mas. Will they not soon discover the ba-e
substitution, and raise a grind nrntost a,'.iiust
such a mechanical expedient r We shall see.
A W011K or Mkhit. Messrs. T. I!. I'e erson
& Ilrotlur h ive pub ished to-day the most recent
prodi.ction of Mrs. llenty Wood, the Clurlotto
lironte of tivd.iy, under tho title of "Oswald
Cray." To proeuro this work, the publishers
have spared neither exertion nor expense. Over
three thousand dollars have been expended In
its prepara ion. It is only necessary to mention
the name ol the author to recommend the work
to our fiction-loving public. Toe above produc
tion is fiaught with dee-p Interest und admirably
delineated characters. Alter several years of
liter..ry labor, Mrs. Wood has procured a Well
ness and purity of s lo which can onlv bo
acquired by long practice. Severe literary labor
has piodiiicd a serio-as a'Urk of sickness, but
the rcputa'ion she his acquired is more than a
recompense lor her sullcilng. The present work
is equal in plot and superior In style, lo "F. 1st,
l.ynn. It is her cie" ,ferrt.. ,ya or
recommend it to our readers.
Hitnii'A nos or Tin: Uurvr Ca, of St.
Fi tkr an 11 Sr. l'Ai t.. The dudicitUu of tho
gnat work on which, for eighteen years, a carps
of werkmen has beon engaged, will tako place
on Sunday next. A full des ription of tho editico
Has published recently in Tin: I'.vcnivo Tni.u
okai ii. In another column will bo found the
older of tho c iituuttee of arrang monts relative
to entnineo into the Cathedral. It is both neces
sary and proper that s teh a system should be
adopted, on account of the great crowds that will
congregate mound the centre of attraction. To
those who are entitled to visi, the edilieo wo
wou'd aihi-e to re id with c irc the advertisement.
We give a synop-is of tho order. Tho holders oi
led and blue tickets w ill enter between nine and
ti n o lock at the gites ou Hummer street, below
F ightecntli. Tim holders of green ti-kcts at the
door at Nineteenth and Vine streets. Special
tickit holders enter at tho gate on Rice sir jet.
No carriages aro allowed in the space before tho
A l)A.Noi:not s Coi nti:ui rit. This morning
Hiram Darb y, a young man, twenty years of
age, an American by birth, w as arrestod at the
clothing store of Mr. John Soiborlieh, No. 313 N.
Sect ml street, oil the charge of passing a coun
terfeit Trcactiry bill, of tho denomination of
Darli'y had purchased a coat for sfl i, and tho bill
was ttt iicrcd in payment. Tho spurious charac
ter of the bill w is ascertained a few minutes
afterwards, and Hurley was arrested by Ollieers
Johnson and l.eihrick, and locked up in tlio
Station Ilouo, Third, below Oreen street. It is
alleged that the sumo fel ow attempted to pass a
similar bill on the keeper of a lager beer saloon,
in Vine street, noar Third, a few days since
The counterfeit is pronounced a li-lmgrap'i, of
a very faint culor.and hasevldently been touched
up. To those not n-od to tho appearance of the
iTiiuine, tho counterfeit Is a dangorons one.
Those who have had bills of thi description
namid passed upon them during the p est woe
had better call at the Station iloaso aud take a
look at Harlcy.
I'ohtai.. During the progro-s of tho war an
immense amount of mail matter has been ti ad
mitted through the I'hiladelphia l'ost Oill io to
soldiers in tho army. Complaint is made that in
a majority of eases tho packages arrive either hero
or at Washington with the wrappers destroyed or
the address so mutilated that the-y cannot b1) for
warded, and are, therefore, necessarily sen', to
the dead letti r oillce. If pars ins sending would
take the precaution to write on a card or slip of
paper the full name of tho ollicer or soldier fir
whom the package is intended, the number of
tho regiment and corps to which he Is attached,
as well ns the name and post oillce address of tho
person by whom it is sent, and fas'en the card or
slip thus addressed securely to the contents of
the package, inside the wrapper, it will iu all
cases insuie their sale delivery or their prompt
return to tho ow ner.
Vr in hie Ant.-rrnfcssor I.owo, the balloon
ist, is still making dally aud nightly asceml-ins
w hen Ihc weather is not stormy, from his balloon
(. rounds, Fifteenth and Coatos streets. Among
th. se who m de ascension yestcrdav, were the
following: William (iralf, James ii. Dixon,
Frank llcrrinptou, Wiltielni Ol.sen, Wiihahn
Ncilson, John Degcnk olv, Waldcmur Fischer,
A. Andersen, lVtcr Oilnet, John Stevens, No.
Ml'.) Arch street, Henry I.. Smith und wife, Mrs.
Curio I, Reuben Wickerhamjiud wife, J din Cer
son. ami Francis Deluivcn. Mow. II. Richards.
It. A. Walker, and U. Gilpin, in uie aicuusions on
Monday. Thco ascensions are bee. lining daily
more and more popular widi thopubile.
Tin; "Pass" Hi sinkhs. The dlll'jrent passenger
railway companies 01' this city have iu contempt 1
tlon Hie adoption of 11 pla.i which wilf prevent tho
use id "i'ico th liets" on tho roads otlur than by
the part es justly entitled to them. It Is proposed
that p r-ons who have a right to avail themselves
of this privilcgo thill, on applieotioa for such
tickets, forward their ei-rtr tie n'e'e, upon the
opposite side of which will he printod or engraved
the "puss." Of course, whe 1 such tickets are
picsinied to condor-tors, they have only to com
pare the picture with the person presenting tlio
pass, und the r'ght is at oneo established. Till
idea is a novel one, and would no d mlit aeeoin
plish the object desired-
Tun riiii ADixi'itiA Cmmi. It is con
templated by the Philadelphia Press Club to
make arrangements tor the delivery of a coarse
of lectures before the Club during tho winter
n ason. It Is propo-ed tor this purp ise to ob ain
the sen ice ol the (l.s ftigulshed literary men of
the country, paruoniatiy thoso connected with
the iiewipupwr press. Among those csually
ineiitiotud were the Hon.. Schuyler Colfax,
Speakiir-cyf iho House of Representatives, Hon.
lluraei Orcclc.v, Rev. Henry Ward Hoocher, Mr.
corge Francis Train, and llayard Taylor, Ks .
Fight 1!ktw i:i:s Two Fkmalus. Tuis morn
ing at an early hour a row occurred at a low
house, In Water street, above Dock, betwoea two
women. Ono of them seized a casc-knlfo aud
stabbed tho other, Mary Brown, in tho
temple, inflicting a severe cut. The party w ho
iiillh tiel the wound is known by no other nam,
than "Dolly," and succeeded iu making be.
escape. T ho wounded woman was tukeu to tho
hospital. Her Injuries arc aot dangerous.
The' Votk. This morning the sol
diers' vote, so far a counted, footed up as fol
lows :
Lincoln 301)7
Lincoln's muioilty 151 1
The lltsth Regiment polled 140 votes for Mr.
Lincoln and ti'J lor McClellun. Company II, 57th
Regiment, 2M for Lincoln and 6 for McClellan.
Rkkovkd. This morning the transparencies
of the Soldiers' Campaign Club, in front of the
Commonwealth llullding, Chesuut street, above
Sixth, were removed. T hese transparencies were
the ti nest and handsomest displayed in auy part
of the city, aud were the last remaining relics of
the lute Presidential contest.
KucouNMED. The man who died from Injuries
received by falling off one of the cars on the
Junction railroad, as stated yesterday, was recog.
ni. ed as Charles Coltun, a son of Charles Coiton,
Sr., corner of litoad and Waluut streets.
Rut HNiNU to Tutia RiOiuuNTs. The fur
lougbed soldier In our city are fast disappear
ing, aud leaviug for their regiment. In a few
days more, very few olttcers or privates will he
seen promenading our thoroughfares.
Anothlb 6ts.ah Finn Enoinb. The Shiftier
Hose Company was located by City Councils as
steam (Art engine company.
r nut t:v in cK.rti Y riTT.-AVM. Davis,
I 11 Alias 1.. Davis, una 1 habi kk II waiid, woio
riestc.l in this city a Ion dari slnoi by Dotoctivo
( aiii.ik ami nlT.eer Croiit. upon the chargo of rob
lery. Thev are allei'ed In havo loreo I an entrnnro
Into the store 01 Mr Stkpiikx II. Mathh, i No.
Wt Monti'oiiipry strii't, in Jeriey l lty, on tlio nigtit
ollhrtth Inst., by lorcm open the s'm i n at tlio
back window. The artic es stolen consi. tod of flag
uth ry and hosiery, ifid a small nninutit of money,
llic ilctrndunts hud a hearing lefno AMermitu
ri I', nf the ( entral station, en W ednesday
Bltei noon, suit were cniiuni'h d, with ttie rxco,tion
ol CtiAiti.i h I.. Davih. who emered bed lor a far
mer 1 ' c.tciilav altrrnoon He nil'ii l to make
ins ni tie: rniict este. nit v , 11 ud Ins but wis tor lei le I.
'I lie Recii-f,f w ere mresteil at the CoiOm! f.0.
I "ti l, 1 n H siki l sire , whe c tliey I inrile.l. Ihcr
rnonis veresenretnal iiiiil article rccovms I, w Incll
Weie iiielilitleil l,v Mr. MAsrKasas his prop vty.
I in the 1 er-on ot one ol Iho Octc infant w as ,011ml
a cmnilrrloit ton l.lll, which hud lx-n slot,. 11
111 111 the uionev ilriuver 111 tile store 111 wllfl'Il the
lohl erv Wll- oolnmitleit.
tn. Davih anil How-Ann were sent to prison to
nnsaer the elinrro at court.
Siimi riilMi i:-.-tn.Mi Cnitttitrri'iN. The,
111 .pardonable irreaulaiity with which the ri iuse
nrliesul the cliy are rellcctrd ut the nrn-ent tone ii
veiy tiiinoyiuir to hous, ke"K'rs. lloxos, barie s.and
other leccptucles lor nstiiM aro sot out oil tho sldn
11 alts mi tla days doiiiuatcd by the Inspeolor lor
llir visits o( the a.-h-raris, but instead or their con
touls liemif carted away promptly at the appointed
l ine, (In v is inuin tor ilava ou the pavement before
Kins; removed bv tbo curls, It. Indeed, th.iv am nut
stolon l.y nrow ling yairahonds In tin ni nUma. Tlio
icur ol this latter annoyance Is the causa ol still mors
Inhoi to liousckcporn, who, to prevent it. are kept
busy lui'Kiim Iu their barrels, and out ,-ain, uutil
tlio boon 01 hnrinir thotr ahos 10111 ived is asc irrtoit
them. ( oiiiii aliits aro irocpient y malo ol tlii an
10) liir lirefru'aritv, and also of iho slovouly miiiiuer
in which tho work is done, when it Is dono, that tney
always succeed In ilopo itinir a portion ol thmr asli,M
in tho carl, ami tlio rout onihoadowalk and ou tlio
clotlm and In the ovos ot passur. poilosirians Iu
shun, as It is now nmiia -e I, tno colleotlii ol ashes
hythorilv carts Is a posltlvo nuisance, aud should
I e leinvUiod at ouco.
To riRCHAii: CilOtuino ATLowTuicaa, make
a K lortlon Ifnio oar .lock of Ksaoy-m ihk (Unnents. Wo
atflv.llliiir sooila oatiiil in itvl. fit. makemnl ,aVot.
frowltt la i'T fnl. toe, r limn Ii new rtidrir.! I'.irtae
kanio H.00R niae 10 o dor, vtoluvaall stv let, .!,., aral
i n. , ot (tioihne- -Men , Youtli a, ana Uovs'. All oan Uo
nulled wiUluulUulay or U'uulila.
MevNKTT .tr Co.,
Tower Hall, No. ,',1S Markat alrdut.
Vanhm.ikm. Tho Washington Star says:
I'onons 01 both asxos have tmoii itullly of c hpUw aloeai
Iroiu tlio window curtain., sola, lunnto and chair cotum
at Die l'roslilent'a hntiso. They oven ro k I'ar as t eull
tti ppili.i( lr rattio walls, and it.U tha bracken inan
Ilia nhidowa. and tassels from tho curlaini. This prac
tloo Is indiiiKcd la to loeuro roilcs ol visit to tlia I'roiMrn
Ual mansion. Tiirue 1 idles of high pesiUon have bon
cmiJit In tho act within a lew da.vti, one of wtuau fainted.
I'nelo Abo hat to woar llio tat of tho dre.ii coat ho
bonsl t nl'Cliiirlo. Hlokei ,t( 'o ler llio (.'ontlaentnl, Uit
uiiiimr. In hli pockets to keep (lie kidlt) from cthiplaK
thcin otT.
C1111 dihn's Cr.oTntvo. An elegant assort
ment at M. Bliocniakir & Co ' No. 4 X. tlsatli (root.
C'iiok h Caiiami:i.s.
CliocilAto, Vanilla, roooaiuit, and
I'uaeh Caramels Maiiuraetnrod by
BrKeui.s F. Witinnv,
Ha. l'.'H) Mai Aat alroat.
A Woni) to tub Wish. The celebrated Klo
riia o Hewliiit Macldn'-a aro now In use in our llrst ramlliaa
orriiltadc'nbta. and thoy are Jin tly reyanled ai -hiaiae-liolo
iroam roa." Hundreds of partios rave foand It
econnniy to soil thotr ina'bhn of oihor make ut lull price.,
and i von lean, and purchaio tlio Florence. Every 111 ictUne
sold at No. 6 4! Che. nut atroot, t'hiladelphfa, l warrimtcid
lo irlvo aiiilaraetlon or Hie urinoy roiurnod So ch irs-u fir
UulriR lion either al the olllc or at the residence of tue
purchaser, circulars and faiaplea of setting- sent ou
raiclpl of atanip.
Who Minds a Cold It seems a small affair,
and In consequence Is uaually allows to havo Its own
way, and yet how freiro-ntlyaiiejlcctedcoulauiU InBr.m
ehlili or Consumpilon t Why not take a cold In tlmT, Uin,
and by using at once Dr. D. Jayne'i expectorant, which
for thirty jrcara has been a standard reniody for all Coughs
and tolda, avoid those dreadful alternatives? Propared
only ut No '2I2 Cliesnut street.
Vaniixa Roasted Almonii,
Of rare i)iiailty. Manui'uelurod oy
8riciMi..s t'. WuiTaey.
Wk invite tho attention of our readers to the
larce Iiluuk Hooka manufactured by ftfoas A Co., for tho
new naUoita! bauka and railroad cdmpeniea; thoy can be
M-cniilUdup In tbo windiwa of their store on Chosnnt
a root; they are most durable and massive, and for beauty
of wo'kmanahlp uustiraaied. Tbo dill'creat oil companies
will tlnd It to their advantage tooUI on Moss A Co. before
01 tiering their hooks for the New Vcar.
Choice and Fahhionaulk CoNrKCTioss,
Put up In Neat Boxen,
Bailable for rroscata.
Hti'piibn F. Whitman,
Ho. I.'IO Market slreot.
For Evkhy Home Wheeler & Wilson's
lltuhcat Premium Lock-atltch Hewhik Machines arathe
tinipli'Ht, cheaiiest, and best. Tboy are lUliter and easier
to ope-ate, simpler to learn, iiuicter in ac Ion, and less
liuhlo to get out ol order than any other Rowing- Machine.
They uao less than half tho cotton of most other ma ;hlnos,
and do much heller and iluer work indocd, no liutaiu
ti alimony contd bo slronser (lain that wldch hai beoa
ace riled to the Wlierlcrt Wilson gewiu- Midline for
anperlorlty over all others for family uso, and for general
ir.AiiotucturtHK purposes.
To .bow 1I10 iinuieuso and srowluf iioputarlty of tha
Vi'becli r A: Wilson .seisins Mat.hiue, we would state thet
fifty ihonsund of Ibemwill have beon maniilacttirc'l this
3 ear, and nearly six thousand have been sold in fhlUdol
plilaalone. Instructions glvea at the roaldenceof pur
eliAMrs. Kvery maclene wirrauted. and the money
rcinrii.'il II not eatiroli ory. Wo a-tv:so ah 10 so
lo the eleraut anil sraouia of Wheeler it W1I101, No.7ol
I'licsnnt aireet, aeri soe these won lentil m.urlilaea la
op rtl.n emr trends out of uvu hiioulU send lor a
eireiilur and specimens ol work.
I'i.koant styles of finely oxecu'ed photv
graphs are made at II. K. lteimer'11, K i. 6-1! arch stro.'t
Lrp-slze l'hotoKTuphs In oil colors, lvoryiyie, and etartes
de Visile. Beesecuuvna.
Omc or Tna KvtiiKO TKt.anaAtu,
Friday, November Is. i
The Ktock Market, us we have noticed for seve
ral days past, continues dull and unsettled, with
the exception of Government lo ins, which aro
firmly held. 5-20s sold at ln"K'i 'lillj, coupons
oft, nn advance of J ; and 10 4 )s at 97 ; 1 10 was
bid for Cs of 18M, which is a slight decline.
Ituilroad shares continue dull, with sales of
Heading to notice at C7(r;"4, a decline of 4;
1'eniisylvania Kaitroad at ti.34 ; Cam Ion and Aiu
boyutlol; Little Schuylkill at 1)4; Minchillat
ti, a decline of 4; North Pennsylvania Railroad
at 303, and North Pennsylvania Railroad bonds
at 11)0; M4 was bid for Philadelphia and Our
niantown; 80 for Lehigh Valloy; 51 for F.lmira
preferred; 38 for Cntawlssa preferred, a decline
ofj; 01 for Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Bal
timore ; and 31 for Philadelphia and
City Passenger Railroad shares are without
any material change. Spruce and Tiuo sold at
IHjil nndGreonand Coatcs at 28; 094 was bid
forSecond and Third; 23 for Thirteenth and
Fifteenth; 65 for West Philadelphia; 14 for
Arch slreot; 10 for IUce and Vatic; aud i! for
Giraru College.
tCeal Oil shares are Inactive, but prices are
rutl'cr better. Maple Shade soll at 3d, an ad
vance of 1 ; Oil Creek at 74, nn advance of I ;
living ut 9 ; and Dal.ell at 9( 91.
Cuuul shares continue very dull, and rather
lower. 32j was bid for Schuylkill Navigatlou
common, 38 for Schuylkill Navigation preferred,
a decline of j ; 75 for Lehigh Navigation ; 99
for Morris Canal common ; 1J j for busiiuohsuna
Canal, a decline of i; and 3(4 for Delaware
Bank shares are firmly held, and prices are
rather betterwith sales of Mechanics' at 304 ; and
Farmers and Mechanics' old stock at 70 ; 173 was
hid for North America, an advance of 1 j 70 for
Northern Liberties; 85 for K.eruiugtcn ; 49 for
Glrard ; 384 for Manufacturers' and Mechanics' j
8 for Bank of Commerce; 56 for City ; 40 for
Consolidation, and for Union an advance
of .
Gold is excited this morning, and prices kavt
declined 8 per cent, since last evening, opeainf
at 220i 1 fell off and. sola at ?17 atll 0'elvA.k j
21 "J at 12; 213 at 12J; and 212 at 1 P. M. Mrk
Money confinues plenty at about former rates.
Loans on call aro freely ofTcred at 6(r;7 per ent.
persnnumi prime paper 1 scarce and quoted at
7 f 9 per cent.
We Invito attention to the advertisement In
another colnmn of the prospectus of the Russell
Farm Oil Ci mpany. Tho territory of this Cam- '
pany consists of the absolute ownership of one
hundred and fifty acres of valuable lubricating
oil land, located in tho heart of the best oil region
IntheHute. The n .ardi.f Directors Is composed
of gentlemen of the highest character for busl,
ncss Integrity and financial and practical expe
rience. The Comp my have wisely determined M
bring their cxten-ive territory into productlv
development at the earliest period. To this end,
In addition to their own wells, which will b
rapidly prosecuted to completion, with the ampla
sum of twenty-twe thousand dollar working
capital reserved In the treasury, a large revenu
will bo received from the royalties of other well,
applications for which are already numerous)
Thsro is sulllclent area for over a hundred well,
abundant space for engine-houses, tanks, and
dwellings. While of course his Impossible to
predict with certainty that a golden harvest will
be 'reaped for any new "oil enterprise," yet there) .
arc few, if any, wb li b have been placed before the
public with so many claims to pablic cmfldenoe-,
both In respect to tho dimeter and ability of it
managers, and the indications for oil of the noes
valuable nature npon the property owned by th
Company. The subscription book have been
opened at the banking house of Ferree & Co
No. 33 S. Third street.
Reported by Clarkson Co . Itrok. r. sn. 111 h Tsi.a j.
K1KST B0s.HU. "
leWIC 8 5-20S liuw. leu -b DaliaU Oil ....
IfliiO da
wlah do !)V
HO ah U.vple 8b... , bo 30
4'W h do .10
li ah Hiwi. Canal..,. WW
laahCam Ans. ... 11
lis .b l-enna Ktt ;i
l.S) th Lit Hen K 4ii
I sh Mlnehlll so
irniah North Pa K.... auV
s sh spruoe I'lae. jUV
10 sb Unea Ooatea M '
we. a. in to ...
f U'dCArA inortRa...ln71
;.' isi Head'nn bda 70..1iri
r 1 n. n. ,,m 1.1 m . j
i.n ,orni i' at-np.. ss
S.11W N I'a. 11. .Ko
fttishfnr .Mecltk.. 70
2 sh Meeh Hank.... n;
.11 r inion 1 oai..,. It,
ItXlstilrwia Oil 0
Quotations of Gold at the Philadelphia Gold
F.xrbamre, No. 34 8. Third street, seeona story :
11 A; . M.".....::::ai7i i p.m:::::;:::::iu4
Market active and exciting.
Db Uavhk & Bao., No. 20 8. Third street
quote as follows 1 ,
American Oold ....'"b)"''
American Silver, A'a and i's 200
Dimes and Half Dimes M.5
Spanish (Jtianors , ()5
I'enn. Currency , (ut.
New Vork Kxchanje 1-10
Quotations of the principal Coal and Coal Oil
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day ;
Pulton Coal 1
BiH At. Mi
HiK Mountain Coal, ft
N. V. Mid. Coal. .13
1 i (inraalo Of...
S rrankllii OU..
14 .Howe s Kddj OU.. ..
a ! Irving OU ..
3 Po.. farm Oil... 1
tireen Mi. Coal.
IS. t'arbciidale,...
Kew Creek
Feeder Dam Coal.
Clinton Coal
lmtier ('.oil
lilHitiond Coal....
I'etiu Mining
Connecticut ......
Keystone ZlDO.. .
lllg Tank
4 i'vii.iuore.isa,ats. o
-iis iiaiaeuou
I1, McKlhany Jf
14 lUooerta Oil
il"l ;0:msted t
in SobleAiieUtaiatar. n
s lllibbard , a
? ntorr run a
2'i Hruner t
IV Petroleum Centra. .1
a' Ksbert ,
S.'a llogo Island
9 Allegheny Klvor.
Oil Creek.
Maple .Shade Oil. a m
17 (.iiruu a ..
3 Pmia.t-oil Crook.. 1-81
O's' Hull Creek 4',
,1 Oer.uanla I Vj
4 Corn Planter 7'
llrlfsa H'(
Si Rock Oil 4t
V otie rarm I
5', Mvdo Far ul
1 '4 Tarr tiomeatead..
1 I
Mcl'llnlmk Oil...
Pennsylvania Pat .
Perry Oil
Mineral Oil
Keyalone Oil ,
Veuanso (HI ,
t'nlon I'etroleuia.,
Ueacon Oil ,
Beinxa Oil
The following are tha rnoeinta nf f!nl nil at
this port during the past week ;
Crude, bbls 2S70)
Rellncd, bbls SriOO
Tho following are trie receipt of Flour and
drain at this port during the past week :
Flour, bbls 14,500
AVlicat, bushels 7800
C(m " 2(, 8(H)
" 30,100
Tho following aro the I
Meal for thu week ending November 17:
nair Diureis siincrutie... 11
uurrti superune
" line
" micdlings
" Rye Flour. .......
" Corn Meal...;..,.
" condemned
t. 67
340 '
The condition of the banks of the three prin
cipal commercial cities of tho Union is exhibited
in the following table, which shows the aggregate
of their lust weekly statements, compaed with
tho returns of the previous week :
,. .. ... '-'' wie. Ciirula-i. Dupasiit.
tf.'n "T '' "U'J0 W4" M 3,7a.',iftl5a1is,iiaHfs
I'lilla., Niiv.14.. 4'.lHi,S;S X 7l'v:U !I,4U Mi 37,W'
Uobtuu,i.OT.H. SU,4t.IW7 4,71U,MI) .OI7,i7 i.,0a,4i8
. ToUla tna 717.874 SO.nn.tW IftTstWI fls7lM9
I.aat week.... .'ho,uu;.;27 kO,7e:,irjlil,asl,iM0 aMatajsT
liiciouao In loans , "io y47
lucreaie In specie 'uoo'DI
i cerease in clrcicutioD ISiVte
l.ecRa.o hi deposits . 4J7 4
The plate of the new flfty-cont fractional
currency are ncurly ready for printing. Tha
notes will be of the s tme width as those now iu
circulation but nearly twice as long. The new
live-cent notes will bu of the same size as the old
ones, while the tens and tweu'y hvos will bs
of graduated length bctwoen the highest r.nd
lowett denominations. It ia probable that a
thice-ecnt note will be issued for the greater
facility of making change.
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue ha
decided thatpursous who sell Schiedam Schnapps
are re-miied, in addition to other licenses they
may have, to alo take out licenses ae dealers la
liipiors, wholtsale and retail, accordiug to the
manner and amount of their annual sales.
It has been determined 10 appoint the agents of
the Treustuy Department authorized under th
law regulating trado with the seceded States.
'1 heir powers and duties have not yet boon de
fined, 'lbesc aro to be a matter of agreement
between the Trcauiy Department aud' military
i-iiii.aiu miii iKiisK Kcroar.
Fuiiiay, November 18 Coiton Is held at l-3d
Pas, but we hear ofno safes.
io iiiles of llurk bave baea reiiorted. We quota at ft ID
V ton.
Tie Flour Market atlll continues excessively dull, sod.
prices are drooping. The runner decUus la tlM premium
on Uoklaud milling Exchange has o.ieratod untaooratily
on the luarket, aud bolk buyers aud seilcra are apart la
ttelrvlcwa. 'I'ho sates lor export are moderate, amounting;
to about a-.iHi barrel! e.Mru lainlly and faney, part at la)
18 V barre-l, and Uie reiaalaUujt lotto barrela oa terms not
made public. Fur the supply of the home ooneumers the
ales aio ouly in a suiaU way, aud within the above raue
of prices.
The dulneas whl( h lias charactorUed the Wheat Market
for some time past atlll contmuoa, b'lt a decline of Ac. t
hnsli. somewhat lmprovea the demaud aaJea ot 8U0O uusb.
Western red at l; and Hoaiaern at ! iS; In the
absence of aalea, we uuote white at ti 7h(a2 HO. Hye Bella vesterduy's nsurea. Corn U quiet and dull 1
amali saiea of veUow at $1 su. Oata ate lii stood reiuoal
and ,M hush. Boutheru sold at 0c.
Whisky The deaiaud Is Hunted; sales of 900 bbls .
t-enuaylvanta and Okie at 91 7tsdl 7H; aud iirudtfo. at 91 76
Markets by Telescraph.
Nr-w YoBH, Notember 18. Flour has de
clined insane. : sales ot VOO0 Jjbls. at 9tiuU oft for
8iate.(,iu-tlullMllorOlilo, and l(i-lei7l.- for gouthorn.
Vt heat ha dtclined 'iia3e. ; sales of 10,000 buahela at si-Si
(a 2Ai' lor amber Michigan, C'orn unsettled; :ki,000 bush,
sold at 91'71'V'i 1 SU. Hoof steady, fork heavy; aisle a of
l'-'i-u bl U at tol) itsu.40 tor uicas. Lard dull at atui.'ag.
Whisky dull.
liALTiMoER, November 18. Flour dull and
neleettd; Howard tstreet superflae 911. Wheat da
oliiiliiR. with a heavy market! Moulliern white SlsOt
Kentucky. Sa-7.1. C'orn flriu. with a scarce suunt., n.
white, Sl-7.i. I '74. llroeeriee are very dull, aud the Drsuaa
nominal. V, uukj duU at 9fl for Waalaiu.
Barque Victoria (Ur.), chrlsiuut, rort au frlne. Thotaa
Vi attson dr bona.
Barque M. U ilavea, Haven, Cap Hartlea, J. B. Baskiy
Biuque Dresden, Faoerna, New Orleans, Workmaa C
Barque O.t.. Waltby, Uray, do. do.
fseur A,, at. I.M, Taylor, itamiiton Koadj, OauitAla.
WilpOnward.CUag,iiay s (rout e I"' "
to C uieia Itnlaht. ,0. ibAm
hchr atagnolia. Oanaaa,l s ftem" w
to ( rowfil ( .an ns. . M TaetnM ktoa- W. Locke. HuutUW."
roe, in ball.. 1 to caoiaiu. itml frva hi feet,
wtu taOs W If. at. b"
i t i aa