The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, November 10, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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frlc Tmai Haa-rt rrtOnrr. r Rinirrai f'avTi. Put
W. Mf '"arrtar, na" na.lt4 u HiiIph bn
IoUm ony !" Doiiam P a-imki Our Iiu
rwrr 0T r.vl"o Mo.TM.ln'I.H) la .1rtnee
TOtmwwiti (MrrtM al th mail nui. A ltrl
I rrMHBiBi.
nrtM aaii ta.a of Annnrmnn, rvmwii,n!r,t!ora
0imrm k ialemld far lartl .n uiii.t b. mft"i
fey 111.' tarn, and addT. of tha writer nt nr--"Aru) Mr
aal.', ,t k ir'arama par r.i, mml MUh. Wt
b inwiw v main irircwa ?a7ulIBi'iiil..Hii,-
To AtrrlHCr.
IhrhlM Tat lrrn in l Otrmi.llan f T.ia
frBlfrif Ta.a&HAr... rnnii.lfnfr a. to a., i.r.i,. ft! n
aarlf'lipaT. ' Oaii.ntly rniursl that adv-T'i-ein.,..;. alar
a. handedl i.vfi 10 flnri, if pn.ilMe. l" s. r
aa aaaarJaa all of ear cdiUna.
The question m often twkod, What bj Hie
Condition of the Soul.h wlnn the p.jw t
pball baro roftHsprtcd its nwuatomcl nw.iy?
"The Confiscation art will reil'iee tho Sun.
to bf-Rgary, and Ktarvatli.n will b' th only
palpable result 01 the rvitornUon fifth.? I ai: 1.'
Let us briefly elanre at th. future pruii.tH i
the South, " whon this cruel war is over."
Flint. The Confiscation net, w!iih- It d
liway with the vast plantations of t'n S vit'i
firn aristocrat, will anaro the poor man's but in
luid leave to the widow and orphan their sub-
iUnco. DAVW, Toomum, Whifam., Stk-
I-HKJIH, and aucH men, will bj rujjeed tj bs.j-
gary.but the masses, tho people, will be par-
doned. Wo well know the generosity ol our
rroaidont will prsservo irom punishment
Uie conscripted and the deluded. The rich,
the learned, tho powerful must boa-- the for.-e
t nation' vengeance. 1 liererore, while llig to
South will lose its "upper ten tliousaml," ilia
people will remain the same.
Secondly. Tho vast estates of thed-fe id
tiaitors wUl be cut up Into small plos of laid,
frhlch tlie pfor will possess. This w ill oe'urj I
ft more perfect cultivation, a more extend.1.! I
Crop, aud, consequently, u richer roturn. The
mailer In size oud the. greater lu number nr.- I
the Dirms of a country, the better will bu the I
Dflbrlngs to Ceres. I
Thirdly. The Yankoc ioldier who is to-day
fighting to subdue the Kcbels, will go and
tak up hl abode In the ''sunny South."
There will be a demand for men skilled in th: I
Incchanical arts, for carpenUirs, bricklayers I
ftnd masons. To meet this demand the Xort'i I
Will pour out her surplus pojiulatiua. The I
Kew Englander will take with him Iih wli-
and family, his skill h's eulerpriss, his leiirniug,
ftnd trausplaut them into the Southern Sta'es.
The result will be instantaneous. Free
schools will start up in the midst of benighted
regions; swamps will be diiiined anil planted
With tobacco and cottou. The Ireed slavui
will be hired to work the farms, aud will work
With double diligence when the reward of
labor is their own. A paradise of industry
Will ensue, where now are the vast uneulti-
Tatod plantations of the slaveholder. Freedom
Shall reign In all Ihe land, and joy smile 00.
every household.
Industry and activity will abound, and tho
Sound of willing labor be heard where now
only the sound of the lash or tho groin of
the down-trodden breaks the silence. Wo are
disbelievers in the horrors of punishment
inflicted by masters, as a general rule, for es-
pedlcDcy dictates a different course of action,
but who, even holding the most favorahlo
oninlon ol' slaverv. can comoare it to the
vtiiiuvu v siayci v, inu wuuiiai t i k j iuo
happino. which wlUflU all the South when
tit. i.ninn ia nu.t,..i 9 th... i. ,i
, j,. nuu,,.
Intelligence will bo ths order of this dy ;
i.:i-.i . .:it ... I
lr 1 J I
cenlitiserv.slavortf. and d.iiAir.
mm.- fciuTi u u fciKw 1
M mm wt m mi w rt-a m.r I
T.rin -Win hv! l.v ih,. Kurnn
river, united hv fh .. bop'h.1 nnil i.i.litical
baud we find the States of Tennessee and
Kentucky. I3oth have been Huhjccted to ths
blows of the iron heel of the God of War; both
have been overrun by traltorod3 bouts, and
both to-day enjoy Bufety under the fiug ol the
Union. Yet undi r the tame circumstances,
bow different have been their couwo of con.
duct! Tennessee, fully alive to the great Issues
at stake, having before her eyes the result of
the defeat of the Union party, proud of having
ber favorite eon axioctated with a man of
Whom history will be proud, has, by an almost
unanimous vote, chosen the electors who will
cast theirsuDraues for Lincoln and Liberty.
Kentucky, notwithstanding her cipi.Tien; )
of the last three years; notwithstanding the
blood ot her sons, which cries out of tho ground
for vengeance, has, by a largo majority,
cast her vote for the candid ites of the pro-
alavery faction. Like a whipped hound she
licks the hand of the master who beats her;
the leaves the vengeanco of bar slaughtered
sons to her slstor States ; and recreant to her
daty, forgetful of her honor, she obeys tho
Commands ol her slavelioldiug popjlathm,
and follows the path dictated by her musters.
Where is the great pride, the sense of honor,
the martial ralor which characterized the
State in the days of K'ioxic and Ills conpi-
triotsf Where is the soul ot Clay, her illus
trious eon, that It does not cry out and pro
test against such cringing dishonor us bus been
evinced by her on Tuesday lat ?
All thin degeneracy we must Impute to tho
demoralizing effect of the accursed iustituli ;i
of slavery. It U it that debases the niluil
corrupt the morals, and taints with dishonor
the most scrupulous. Let us thank (.ml tliat
the election in the loyal St ites n"eur's th
necessary twi-thirds. vot-: of ihe iirxi (.'u!i ,'r..
in lavor of wiping out lor ever tin1,
institution. Ko ji i r.s niaiid -i ing by i'n: C'op-
. peiheaiis mid i;yiiijnithi.ers v, i l ;r. lil ati.'ht t
snve the dcoim il f-vstein. 1 no whole !yitn
cru social li'bric will be overt jrue I, and by a
constitutional' uiu,oi'Uy the dark spot be wip.'d
for ever of! of our national escutcheon.
Then will a proper seiw of honor encepcl
tho low nn riil facility now evinced !y t"e
"chivalry," ami tlm spirit ol'civili.i'fion il 1 '.jly
hribito ttii mind of all ;!: x';.iii'.it.u. A i 1
with j.liauic will the.-e vciy meii e.onle is til.-ir
action in this election, aid m: irn over l'i.;
dj.ust.ious tll'ect pioduieil Is VM wi
views of honor.
; Ail honor to gallant Tcnues-ee ! She has
felt the invader's foot upon her neck, and now,
wln n It is once removed, It will never, with
her consent, bo uliucd tj regi.iu its funiK-r
. The spirit of the true Jaeks:i.luil Democracy
ta upon her, and hhe will not prove recreaut
1 to Uie truunt son of whom America cm boast.
The spirit of 01.1 Hickory m i-.t r. joiee ut the
honorable portion a umed by his native
t'' 110,1 f iU Juluwl.h t!ie lovalmenoi'
' y NUiiu rendering honor to u border
b at which drnot t,3I. t lMfl , ,f m
0, totlaM.rv aua bliiVJ'r,d
i Htuv&iy ura. -uui ..s
tiik if rv of Tir. mii n
It In certainly very much to the rr-lit of
the people of all political opinions and pirtia.
that the election of Tueday paa-e I over with
decree of quietness and pood cvril.r rarely
equalled, bikI.'ii.'VIT aurpossed, upon any pre
Tlons occasion of .1 like kind. Tlie fa 't l.df
Is universally a milrct ofratiiLitory ram irk,
and It 1m the more noticeable lor this re:n in
that the popular interext in the elc-ctl 111 1.4
known to be of a very liilrnm. eh ir.n i.T, 10
say nothins of nviny elrcum-tniices and lu'l t
ences wli'i-h wi re tilted to engender mor"
than usual bitterness of f.rliur b twecn par
tisans. All pood citizens have re"on torejulr 1 that
the contest progressed (o Its end wit'i al any
serlotis disturb anre of the p'iMic peace, or
violation of the public law In any pi ice ; an 1
It Is especially nt!ifvinif that fiwi w.n
iifeeted to apprehend, n id even pre. bete I, n 1
utiwi'rrantuble Interterenee with the I'lvlvn
and purity of the ballot, were signally ili-n;)-
1 ointi 1 in what they did not so in I h dr-il
as secretly wl"h. We think fict, tre.dy
justify the assertion that a fairer expr M4io:i of
the popular will than that which to !i pi ic at
the polls on the itli Instant, never oc-urre 1 la
the I'tiited States; aud since the res ilt jf I'e.l
votiiiK lias been reached in so pe a -e.ible, an 1
regular, and lawful a manner, it c'ri i'nly
should, and we d.vibt not that It will, I"
cheerfully m ipiics-e.l in by the w'anle ji.-;;d
the l.v;il Slates.
'i'hat the numr-rous party which o;ooil
the reflection of Mr. Lino i.n, aa 1 expr.x 1
u'uch conliUence lu their p nv. r t preve 1. 11, 1
feel profoundly the utter f.iibire of all th dr '
eltorts la more than pr.ib U.le. is it 11 t'vy
were ueiuaiea 111 1 r u-aire mi l i iu;r4 .or a
chnn - e In tho atlonal! by 1111
honest sentiment of patriotism and dvo i m j
ine laws, iney win oe ir 111 ur uise nn.iiure
wiin uocorous resignation 10 meveraici 01
wie major. ly; aim insiean 01 maui-m- in any
unUtoming muuiliMtutions of dissatisf.ici.ioii j
wiin inai veruiei, nicy win not yi.1,1 a
loyal submission to It, but turn in with ml the
past and present friends of the (loverti'n:i:il,
and le nd them a hearty co-operation la th i
great and liuiitant work of suh.luiug the
I'ela lllon and re-establishing the Union.
Ties course would be both wis." an 1 dutiful
It would tend, above nil things, to prove that
the dillerences of views with regard to the
questions of edminisliative policy that have
heretofore divided the Itepubliciins and I).!.no-
crats were coiiscleneiously entertained by the
latter, and that their opposition to the m :a
sun's and recomineniliitious of the President
was not, in fact cr essentially, hostility to the
(ioverninent itself; aud it would, in ireover,
have a powerful Inlliienee In elfectin tliat
complete anil cordial union ol all persons in
the loyal States in support of the uatiosal
authority which has hitherto been so much
desired, ami which, if once really and
accomplished, would supply the only
Hon that has been and is as yet needed to
render the Government invincible against
reb dlion, and btcure it a speedy and thorough
triumph over the enemies or the nation,
And why should not the whole people lu tha
North abandon tdl further political dissensions
and conflict among themselves, mw that the
questions that have divided them during tho
last three years and a hall have bjen exhaust-
ively discussed in the press aud on the stump,
and positively decided at the polls by the vote
of an enormous majority of the citi.un, in all
the loyal States 1 The test has been applied,
end the result U an overwhelming popular 1
declaration In lavor of the Administration ana
i -
Its policy. Let thnt M.fllce every loyal m,,.,
L.kI 1,-lucfi him h.c.-forth to ttccordto tho
.... i
Government an unreserved iiud energetic
i ...
It was thw sentiment waicU tuo rr.MiaDt
iitlpr d miwt i' Inrmnitt tf In n hp fi iMr.n:Hft '
.... . . . ....
ulil.h ht Tii.-nln on I nrsilriv n 11 lit t'J a
- -" - J o
r.nrtr nf VontiHvltftiihir.9. whn railed at thy
l,'i. Hou.-e to aunoum-e to him his re-eluc-
tion. lie nuid :
"Wmii iirni I'r!!uu-C:tiz n: Kven before I
1 art been iiifoneeil bv vou Hint this compliment
" wa- pBiJ me I - l ti 1 citi.cnx of Puansy Ivauiu
" liinictl t me, I una lnterreil tliat you wore oi
inm portion ol my eonnti vmen wuo uiuin mill
the best interests of tbo iiasion arc to be sub-
" served hyttie support ofthe present Aifminiitm-
think ro emhiac all .he ratiloilsm nnd li.vii'.tv
" ol the country : but 1 do believe, and, 1 iraji,
" without perunnl intereft.tLat thuwolf.ireof iha
country Uoen rcpn. e lam sucn support ami eu- i
" ill m niel.t Is; nivn 1 l arne-tly bcllevo j
" the 'orsi nnencn of this uay's work, If it li- m
vo.i as-uine nun a9 now stems prohat.lit, will
" hi- to tlie lnstii:;! .tilvmitage, if not to tie) vry
" M.ha:l ii of the i-oui.t.y. i
t eniii.oc at tins hour suv wnst lias neen 'lie
result of 'tic eli ction ; but whatever It m ii' !u',
" I l.avc no desire lo modify Mil opinion : fiiat
" h'I t o have laboret! to-day i . liu'i ilf of tliu
" V nli in oriiurii'ation have wrought lor the bout '
" initicst ut ll.eir country uii l v'.in url l, not
' onli for the (irei-ent, but for nil future ar's. I
" .'in to (.od for tin" approval ut the
" pei pie ; but while detyily g. .lef .l for this mark
" oi tii. ir eotiitiltnc in me, it I ki.o iv my hi 'in
" mv is'ituile is fiee from mi-, tuiut of pjruiu it
" trlunipli I do not Impugn li e motive of nay .
"one opposed to inn. It ia n i pie .nure to ni' t
' ti'iiimpli over aiiv op? ; Icit I ifive tliauks to the
" A iniul.ty lor ltii cv denen ut tlie puop'e's r ;0
' lutu u to fiand by fr-.e gov rnuient and the
" riiitits i.i huiu nilty."
A Wnitll AUDI I' Jilt K.U il.lsH.
No man of sound senio and retlned t nto
can deny that the dully press is chartj.ulilo
with seme fjiave 1'i.dts. Consiilfrinn the cx-tiT-Ove
pial'ul'i! Itexerinit
ni.aiiiiv i ili-tli ii iii, i not in iutelleei.iiul
ability. In IiU'l; ton . In tliis eoiiulry,
piat'riilruly. w li :e il;.' pop.ilar mln I i. i.i a
larfe ni.-ii-ttr Jtt. . t-.-.l at .l eoiiliolle.l by the
pen p'i;itr, It. is not nlviy-i In woriUy
liM'.ili.. Tl:, ;v i.-. p.i tiyi.: uji m wli'i h a v.l
li'';e riti: i' ".. ill ..ot pr..n ie to utter his :i: il'.i. II.. . . .1. -la il III,, ilai'.'.
i ia l'e if oo iiil l iea' ' , ll '.'l i' oi ni' lllorni , or
law. or srie ;''e. or I'liliuetl phil.o'iy. or
li l ;:i'i.i. a-on ' 'ii.'Ii h ivib n. it venti'i-.
I'l nm.-c w il!i h.ii.iii iis-;ii-.' vo. V.-O
l:e Ml 0 is ianpKur "vital 'he ;v i..'1'.ll c'l.ll'.!
t )
of these d'.bjui:iitioin, must have been struck
with the gross l!;iii.r.:iiec, pert llijipanfy, nnd
wretelied sunei'lieiulily wiiicli they exhibit.
Here in the Unit si Stctes, where it fji im
the liter"! i'e of te in is .' and i':;.re'i. ni si l
tleiueeii'itl , a t .v,';' ovi'i' all I iie ' liefest a:i,
i"i t'ilii '..) u' ...;.'l' ty, t1 e ii.-,v4.,.i..i'i- nr.': '
Ollh' id he Pi: '. r I,' o i!:.-..' '.".n ol' liie v.-rj-hi;st
ta'. -nt, the ripe '. si h,'!:u- iii,i, an 1 t'l-i j
luhoit iiioi".'.l ti.eniuu til of th.; h ini. In not,
a lew iut'.iani'.'s, liowt vei , it reih u the crti'le I
couei'its, the blind jr 'jiidl- miiI tlie iup'ouipI I
Juilginents cf uniufor;iu d lii.1 liico.i;,i'lt'riitn I
s -riobh.'S. Tl.:.' is to be (h i lo.i'i as a I'-arfol i
evil. lut our ij o'lilo as cxc;p
t'onahlc in its n;oi:.l Ha in i:s intellect. lal char
acter. jMany matters are IVeely adniiltid
which are painfully o.'iWisivc to d,;ceucv, while
grave subjects are d;sci:s,;e.d with a coarseness
of phrnseolojry nnd f.'.-llnj which i;! oniiu "ntly
disKUbtin. aud pernicious.
Here blemishes of stylo, however, might bo
corrected, 11 men of more cultivation wore
employed on our newspapers. But how is it
posible to r dorm the pre s In those matters
which are only exceptionable to a severe
nioral or religious criticism? How Is It
poBtllle to array Us columns, ijlron0'ly aud
riior( iisly, Bf.viin-t una) interests vvhl"'!
flight to lie i"cuuntcistif pd and deaouneeJf
We are tuld that all species of milling,
horc-ri nn I, In shi rt, everything of til l
Mini, sbi b- sternly xebi'led fmai 'i
T." 'A' th" daily iicwxpnpi'r. Wo ad nit,
IV I;,, t.'-et !t would l better for tlm virtu
ki rt 1) i. i,iess of so le'y It' the pre woul 1
s a r ! no alii ir ein iuii ai-ement wli :t"ver to
ujii' tip of tlie sort. lbi1 we are d"ilin
" s practical qiicMloii now, and not wit 'i
I). ..r.m. I'tibl'shlii'' a lie . -;ia; T I4 n ina4
exjentlve b.isim ss. It ri"uire a I irne
ri vehiie froni cili iilat on and Hdrertidnir to
maintain a 1 I i - Joaru il In I li e d ly if il -ar
1 'Cr, cei'tly t( le;-i a j;hiii!', ri'i l corre ;i'i:ili ntf
wais lir lueehanical and lit. rary lahor.
It hnpi'Ci.s, iMilnrt'uia'ely for 111" nrirallty
of joun.idistn, t'.iat the, and even undv
riiii'ly virtuous jiortiou of (lie c inrii'i'iily doc.i
not atliiid tiny ci n-iderab'ie part of th it In
c miic on w hiid: 1be newspap.r lives. Tlie clu n
w hii b Is intolerant of theatres ai l tavern;,
and balls and opera', furnishes a very s:n ill
modicum of (hut substantial support upon
which the press depends. It Hiihsi.sH m ihily
on these whose IntcrcM it Is required, by IU
moral and icli;Mom readers, to oppoai. The
consequence is, that the publisher must ofl"n I
against good taste and sound morality In lu iny
thii)f;s, or suH'er Inevitable bankruptcy,
The truth is, that the secular presa Is not
so MistaiiK'd by those lio carp (it its licen
tiousness, as to allord to be pure anil bntncu
l.ito. It is lorcoil, by sheer necessity, to be
more or less exceptionable In certain respects,
t(, llu;(.r rv,.n u, vice, to Ha ter vulgar taste,
to (I, u.1-(i u,1W()itby objects, anil aid
izin!, 1 ..,, m-i s ami agencies, merely beoauso
it y tirwn aliiu,rt entirely upon such re-
sollri.(.H or it8 iiteii!inee. We re-ret this
;,,, r,.)y. Ve Viisll ,i,at t.,w w(ro ot,pr.
wil)0 We would be glad 'f It were po4sib!o to
,rakc a daily newspaper support itself inde
j.njcjy cf t.v(.ry lt,.n,.t antagonistic to
80l.i;ii irtuc imj happiness, lint there cau
hcnoeiidi press any where, until the moral
and religious classes resolve to support and
encourage it with something more solid and
reliable than pious leinoii-lrjuee and exhorta
tion. NllltMl r.Mlt.ll K;.IS1I Clll.ftitx.
The Africa brings word thai the Ifcbel ship
Niivtlirrn llijhts had reached the port of Lon
don In rafety, having on board a valuable
cargo for the Knglish market. Off Deal she
passed the United .States frigate Niagara and
the stertin sloop-of-war Sacramento, which
wcro cruising In the neighborhood of that
port. Iiut the Southern Highta, ashamed of
tin' "Confederate flag," or elso doubting its
power to prevent her capture by some roving
Yankee gunboet, discarded Its use, and, In
stead, run up the English colors, and moved
on to her haven unharmed and unchallenged.
It may be in keeping and har.nony with tho
Southern idea ol honesty and courage, but to
a mind imbued with a true sense of honor,
this sailing under false colors la cowardly.
The Knirlish merchants to whom she is con
signed will probably see nothing dishonorable
in the. use to which tlie Rebels put their
national banner, but we. cannot believe that
the masses of the people of Great Britain will
look on It with anything like approval. When
the Southern liighta cast anchor, and it was
ascertained who aud what she was, it would
not have been out of tho way for the Knglish
Government to have ordered her at once to
tea again; or, better still, surrendered her to
the Niagara, or Sacramento.
If England Is in earnest and sincere In her
. . . ,
neutral profcH-iions let her make an example
ofono of theso Southern vcshcIs. LetlirK,vo
,Wstft..,l thnt thov cannot unn
her flag with impunity, nnd for th purpose
nl ffirn-lnif At. tin i II 1 fit . ft Hi Ultll Ilt'T tlfirl 4.
. je, - - r -
auiuiuhh tw
cl,ttiu tt tin. Aniiiiimi flmuulu nt. T.lvArnnnl
p,,,i"' w "
, . . 1
a" Limnon woum n.'ive a Roou em-.-v, u.iu
wt""" clturlln) "u i'"Iii'"' " X
l:uid winks at the use of her flag by the KeueU
, Mi:s. Wahni;ii' National Cilices. Tlie nin-
, Ma-on of tiic National Circus will cmninciicj
... ...... ... . ...... i. :
i ! evening on AValottt street, at o e Km h h,
"Pn which occhmi.u oirs. vruruur w... uuruuueo
The bnlhlingUs beeu n novated and Uaii.Uo.iuly
' Ml" 'P
it is one of the uiort coimoriaoio
phues of aiiiiii.cinent in l'liimdvlphiii.
PKHsomii. rirt:s.
from the lutes r.iihtiionri pnim.
tAt(l MA. lilOKUIl, OCTIIIKK '-"I MtiS
tnlarirnr.-t Jniut n, 1'lulail" iiilu, r i. Ne A'!i..iei- n..iire
ri-i.-nfil; lap.- y.i'.r loiill i l-i I ai'io.ii.l; li.- wrp.n-11
titlvU. it t'i'i. i ij i o mi-tvt-r. All w.'ll. Ol.ti ol' ur, .vi;l
Iti on ... Ki.or. tl p .n-.i I)1.' wirn to it - ; l ivt u ,ip, ti . wi.r
llirouMll lihttnuin l hii'l'iircr. witl ri-'itt.'-it ot .!i."..M
Cir ohlt'lf nlin.'. lo cojo. w 1 -rl. .V... t.lo.i,c.
copy. A SI IN 11 a.
I r- LVNO'Ilirini. Oi'T, ft T .NI.R' W
Ariuliutv. r Mn':: IP -j.iin, I iiIIuJ.IIliii, Pa : 1 ..ill
lli.n'. li m' u i.l. ii ni. l!... ..Ih f.l,-.i'iM.utii-"
li.fc.-l .l:un- Ni-I r.-ni P't I .nisi ma Ho. une'il. u ifliu. r
allot Jieiuan-, wis!; Bum . H.pi.llcj. 'Ma oei.t -a :; bo
I'.i.l J M. M.iOJS.'t.
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Satuiuay Ath-i'ii on. Oonn opioi at liOlvrturc al'i
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I IiIihIi'IiI,ih, Pa . lo Ml A.SMI. KI.I.1-, ol I'uni I n. I
III Y s,lil II.1 HANK. At St. LiHt.., i 'iiur.'li. :
I:, ii, i n W . li..'..tnv 11. nth PiHimit I,, ih.. I
IU v. i . ... ni .1. 1 -h I'll 1 . ItKKslHK to Kl.l.rM
il "I . Iil.'i of ;l.e In li- Jo.n V iPoauk, .M . !., ol I
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II. l t-;..- .Iioaila Hint., t II, 1. 11 .'. II. I HI. A
ill I la? ..:..! V .? ?' ! "it.' iif.
lii,, a., mi 'ia' in. lei- o: lli f. iii'lv aul P. a. rt I. ii. : , So ." . i. ' i.i 11. K.. I i ll.i.l' ir II "ii
l .I!;!''?, v " ! 11,1'i I'.T ..ViTI....,..' II.' II ... 'Ill ....V
i-r.' it a'.'i'l'ani' ii il l'i nit inl l a' in ..-;'il I"., ill li s
lal.- ri-fl. . i .No. '.HI N. 1'hiril ntr.ut. oil hrkuy tutur
no. ai, liai l.tii 111:11111. at 2 o'cluck.
Km liY.-im tin' 9tli limmiit nitiir a short lllti"s. III.-i
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. I, ol. al'l!dil, l.lll 111 : .lilt , III IJ oVI.-. r,
ii i i..-r iia.o'e.
.P.-' ti," ith Initiut, Mr. MVHV .
'. .', .'.la'ia Milt . r.
?.'. -. ai.ti.Tn . '?i n In, ; a lly l'i1?.?. t?li'i;'y
I. II.
i :
ail,. .
: i , , i . I . ,...,.. ,ln, 1 1 1 1 1 ... Mat, ul ;n . In, t.
al ii1. . I' ', - t in ihiHIi 1.1-1:111?, Mm. l.l.L. .N , !. a;
It ,.i. ' : ' . :. n , in I.."-1, l Ii )'.? r.
'1 a- nil..) . v. ii ini.l Hi. aii 1?. hi li..1 I a nil v if? r. iri ::i il1
li..' I. .1 t uiaai.l llu. laiifri. I, .mi Iti i I' : t i, n
In I' 1 1 1 1 ' ' i a..t I , M iln .arrt-t. .' I ' nu.v n n!i . ou I'll. 1.1 i.i 1. 1.
in,, ii nt 1 o'i a, tin tv ill out tin tlit r noli,:.).
ST A i ' I. V. -Hr.i'iti-iil v, on Hiin.lnv n.,rnt:r. , llii"il Ii i:i t
.VI ,-. i. I l.i I I a : i 1 . !. V , loi on tl t.l :,t,iu..r. Mm, if.
it - l. :.! . i i'tl a.'., iwiiil.' n a s lira ,. h,h a i ul' in ,m- 1
lo all., al tut p iiu i. ii, llui da?, in :l o'rl. .'k p.
I;, in I t I .l. ia .-. t it..'... No. jjs rl. N null h, L-i?ct.
M.I-'. 1 a - On 11.0 Bin ln.,1, Mr... 111.1 in. Hi' . L L '.' i N',
a,- ,1 (,,' ... .r.
' In' t- l it! "n and trior ils ,in,t thimi? ol' 1 -r son., ThaM-s n .'. t.i 1 I ' a .' I? -ia vni. hi" r, ma' tl . ii V in v ih-I t, ti
lt id tin) niii.i'ai. I'o'il tl'T iaio r. "ii.! i'li'-n No J :t
l iiiiitu a t fitrt a . on i ililay inijiniii. at Ho'i'ihj., .,i?ii
out tirili.T nail.'.'. 'Jo i!"ia?ial to i tiliii.lrji! t't'inoUry l
lni..' stT. l.-c nt Ml. Palrifi'H ('liurt'li.
l II -ON'. -Ill III I. Ilia. 1. 1. I'll., Oi'taliT mil, IHil,
III .sill W. li 11. .oN.hou ol Ji.,..,li'i'. lliulal' Mil y
V.' 1 1 -in:, ol i h'i 1 1: v. y i. .inm n ul l!'. I 'mi... I felaltj, fitf nl ?r
YiCer- II lit k lu tiift 'i.lti y-ar ul 111 af.
IMVil I l.i Ml.-Sud.lmly, on tin! Otli Iiut, t'U VltLKS
ZlSiMi l'i IN... -i.,if.:..loJjtnr..
'I I., n-l iiiv. h ii',,l 'nt'iiils ..I tin. tiimlly i.rn li.n '.' H,lM lo nit. ml I.:, Hni.Til. I, on, (,-, l.ito 1., lil .11 ...
No. ia.ij.te'1 li'c-t, oaiaal urilay uiitiniooil, at 1 u'cl .cc.
; -J NATIONAL ISA K llli' TKi; NfJItril-
' ,.,'a '. fiiiMnma'AU, Nov. 7, 1H.I.
'ill. Pi,, In. navo lliii. di.y di.Ur.d a di.i...nid of
K .'.I.N l't:t: i-KM'. loi tl.tyaid .u lu.uttis, paali.aoa
ll- . lot 1 1ml' ol
il lU t.l W til'M4i.llf, hUr.
c l .
1 Mi l, crvvK v
t '1 I K I hid ti K ) '
i htv cut 1 : s
I.i:mm 'I'll a is t:tHT
OK IMfoi.i'A I l is
hi. Tie cciwKtrr Ewc-i.
('( Uia.MY L WILI.ITTd.
1 I If. S.S'KVt.NTH Hir.
Mill. Wit. l.J'lll V.
1M,inii'ii'''iM, of
Oil A (J)', ! 'UliNl TH UK.
And I In only rclUliic oiA-di1 in Oil r-ejr.
Alo. I '
Hi, li.r.u.
ffjlu I.itliltnr. anil HMiaiw:, r'.tntr ndjr
I' l'i .iiOis 'lia
I'.i r, I nr, I hnnit lihrHMfH, 4'ntnrrli,
As'llj n, hii1 f.ll or 0111 AMPi'H'iti trrnt 1 with tlm
M,i uc:e,-j l.v I r . V'N M ,(! -m.i:, with t It tifwi
rnimtMi' ti 1 Bi j.iruliii. An Illi'm'fJ tioaieMii of tli
tsittiii , f:i s, .(inr Hltinblc tt mi "litft' , u a ! lit t
itli' ,in rtj'j.lji'rtth'li at ! i )' '. N'- l1-' Walnut .itioct.
.Tours l'lhliiK s- ,r- ''Vi nt fi hikI
M i;m T.
,n if- - h' ri.-it inir, K. V.. crticr R'-vtMith an;! M irl.a".
.1' SK" 'nthi. h. K ci--iicr fTv.ntli aui .tif krt.
J'M.h ( l-tl'i: k. )' entw rHt-v-'pifi ami Mmh 't.
,t . I'M' li'i'iMii;, S. K. rnrncr Mcvitntli Mini Marki't.
.ION I- H Chit 1 Jit;:, !. K. emi r enili ami MrH,
J11M .V I'l-.t! Ii.k. S I.. roriHT rvt'iitli a d M nK.-t.
,HtM-''I"t''tii!!, H K. f'Tner Kivnti hiiU Viarl.
JuN n luttiuu', M. K. cortM r Mrvcmli a'ul V.atht.
,(t km' f 'K'Mtinii, H. K. c rtit-r Mi veil Ii ami
f.s 1 tlm n- H. . c-.riii r S'-venth ami M xrk-t.
.'ONKh' (' cMilii. S. K. torni r Mev-Mitli and l:iWf,
JftNt.M 'ot'i'ii. . K oiriir .-fvi nih ami Market,
.HM.H t-thitik-, H. I '.. ci-T it Hfvt-itth ami Mi-kc
,U ij;S' rioll.h k, S ( orticr vriilh in1 M kft.
,!N Y i Intlilt-K. H. K. rornt r Hrvvinh r,l M-irkot.
JdM-iN li;ilt nt;, h. K, r-.m- r St vfnir an I .irtrkot.
JhSKH ( oil iri i . N. I'. iMim r Si'vi titli ami Maiki't.
.)(Nhh' ( I-.IMub, H. K c t nor Si-vcntli liixl MaiKcl.
Itftrjjrntiifl in Clolliliiir.
Itiiri. a:nt In ( li.tliln1,.
Hurt i ll k lit Clirthtit
bai.t ilk in ( J-'tr Iiik.
M OuANVii r,. fliom V OM Htmrt.
At tiKAN H I t' hi MK . U
At i:, li li M"ht 1' O il HI .mil.
A. tl.A. ll.i t Hli'hts' Ol.l Hl.Ultl.
Nit. nut ri.ftniir Klrrei,
N" Ml' fi'.-hol
u 1.1 lu Mint ir' I.
Nw. 1 t'la- nut street.
Wiiien mill I.ltiuorn lor li .lleliml Pur-
1 U1 jiurt vit.
81. or. y, ..nil
31.lilrs Win
A''.., 11 ni i.ld llranill..
li.r mMlcltiAl .urpifl.'f,
('..nninhtl; lu h.uul,t.y
Iavi h Itl-'SMtT.,
Aruli slid Tenlh airtoti.
Iluriilitr Alarm THe(frnili The I'nhlu
UK' in... i iiu.ij Ninn
III obl.lulMK Oh s 'I'tirv of iln. r.ili.
abl.' Unci.. Ion i.r thin city ami
VK'lultv. Il In uuerH'od bv elc-lrl-
l .Ik cliy.ilienimi'Si ml otli'T tci.'i.'i,aI.H
&t SiM-JlS i n o:o slr.' am noi viitisi v.srn
' Y iii'.w anil .lour i. kd uirn.or. i.
" ' Ik liitrnduce.! wphoiit d.Mai'iun Ilia
li,n.r it. .h leant. A l.' mu.t
li Irirnph (o yoar rr.m j h rai.not It. In nil y. nr'
ekptTKiit. in nfcw i ork it iihh nut lailcl il it in an on.
j-'-t to pr ilre' , uvjoiiil a il.'iilit, tie a hi lows and U sirs of
vuur lioutc, ticau be auiiu, tjnll mm ne.1 It.
Sir.CK A C0
J. K. OOlII.I,
B.'vcnlh and uiw.iiiu ntireuti.
The ItioV t will remain open t tlie Oflioe of ibe Cninpany
lo Oil up utmriitluru to Die sUcK.
CAPITAL $100,000,
With powor to Increase to tOGO.toO.
FIVE I'OI.LARfl pr share to kpatd upon BuhncHption,
l l.c-Cfimnr7 have pnrohDCd a tract of ground In the
first Ward of the tUy, ev.tpr.tHnK irom Point Mmiao road
to the river Utlawaru (lmtneUitt'ly to his CDimvcud by
railroad with Ibe uxtcunlc IKjxit, tlrnnr.da, and 1oi kB of
the l'cnr.svtvf i,ia UaJlroiad Company ), on account ot which
thi Cuir any kuTC already paid
I.caviiiK on'y $711-'.' now due, v!iku u the on1 luduht
cdiiiM.i ol tliu Couipiwiv.
4Ad.iUfoniii iitU, r'p'.toni are now required fur Wharvea,
LuoKn, ami other (tierul Iniprt'TcineuiH.
1 t-reonfc furwunllnu ul).t(.'iiitiini lor stork, or hiatal
tni-itU tln-iion, will pituiio uiiike tholr checks payuhte to
i hi- uitiir of
FI.Kl-HUrK n. llt'n.tlXI., .Ticasiirer.
S. liMKKY,
VOU 6AI.V..-A SAt'lil TICK TWO Ol' rilln Ii. nir - ao?i,i 1 1 . Pe l :r at
l f .... wii.iii?.!. A r.u-
t A p al ti.l. ir.1.1'- .vi. I I
II I i.i
i i.rii vou
Al I'., M. Vlli.Y y.r.w, AT
:-..? I. 1 1: no
M . . I II. il .o '1 11 .1
t J N I ilA S V. lii, I. IS
L::o,t;:.t.Iuni.h','. I Tc .
No. .' AHCII HTlILiI-jT.
a . t in r.c.
1 (i '.: '.:
i ii j X 1
, .:. ..r
.i-.N JIAIt.:
i ,
1 1 1, j.a. til l ': '. i ') N .'i; r;
J,',, l I' i il A I. ANI '
Ill I i A (1 AN 'I 'I UK i-.-t,
', m t .;t
,l i:ni
I..V lO.H,
P. pi.l!n 1 1' 1 1 ' i l. mill Tif.iltia Hall-'oad, lli'tvl.t...
ll.'i..... l,C ii..'lr..:..J. II. III'., ill ,i, l.ncKllrt ill.u.l, mill H
, vid
1. i, a, ,:m1, urnl Krif iliuii.ay.
1'nly :ku ..:nnw -s ntt...a.i I IiilaJ.'lphal ami HaTft'o.
No . aMIilil.v in I ?..' in.ail.
in; Mll.l.a OP 11K0A1) IIAl' il".!
HI ,yii:rr. nl PI. t I'll g Cars .a. ilif ill 1:1 oml nf 11 1 rin.'e.
lo .an Norlli. I.?a i' Pi. i '..a ia.t T'l.". A. t'.oni i i,
K. ii.iiii.,n ii.p.L of tl.r P'.i' i.l..lia:.l uinl I'r.'iiton IPnl
ro. al ; rt mik- al I 'tiunk a I 'Ii link In ' la" .1". n.l ' iarno. ' tr.
tta: ll. in van', I. a.-li .... a''. a, tliil l ...-fiTii It nlroll'l. an I
1.1 (it. a'. Jl.ud to itle k'.rlv Jta..i.a.? , ai'rr.ii.i,' ul Jiollalaut
i i.l A.M.
O'iiik Month. 1 a lie tho Kiln Itatlw-ny Ennrosi fnm
Jlnli.ilii ut 10 '-'.. P. At. ? tl..m.i: ut Uri .it i;Liii:l to Pit' Jl'il
v arc, Pai kHuanliu, and Wt..ini Jlaitroinl.nuint Mauimlta
Pliiii.k to llu- lli-l vldi-r.- Jlela.m,.! Uaiirnid i rut n, .U1. li
nc. tnr auh lo Plnlailelpliia. ni i i. Inn at H a t P. :d.
i'n.M ni.1. l,finh' nortli .iiu,. nl Dflawio Htatlon oa
tti. IjcJu.vnre, La h.. anna at.d We-ilt-ru Kailrou l. at PJ'iO
I' M.t in d liavtt liti.t? for .iii inn" at liri ai liond, wnra
tl.c lii.t rliaFK? Ii. rnadi' al H'ao p. M . Tno-a K 'ni-- booth
n ale ib Hr.l rlianaa at ureal hind, at nail AM, and
liuv.? lime l,,r lirt-uktafct teiniv lav.liiu lie ai.r.?, l.a-ka-wanua
and Wd.Uru Kajiroad iralu l Ume ut Jnnawar. at
1 111 P. M.
Itir. o.h TlrVetl o and IVoni TluiTalo Unnklrl,, Rnc'ita
t- r. Plnilfa. a., liuiKl.iini.ion, lir.-ut Ja.'ud,
Biranlni, Wllkuliarro, Imlawaru tt alor, 4c.
laiv U'tw?f.n PtalHi'i'lphta and Itullulo, 111.
Ak lor tkavt. via tlfliat in nd. , .., ,
A-lia Vl At U. GAlilliU, A. out.
N-v m 1 N(T TINflH AM ANI
(I is-l't J I,A(!I'.M,
K'! ill KT. i nif,
WIMlf'W SIlADKS, No. Ti l
i w mi , r i, KF.LTY,
(ARRlN3fON h 00.
(iah . . At iriii us . t
7 '. 1 I I ANO COVKUS,
WtlsSl T ! All'. I sr SKICK IN TIT. I ITT
ST It! hi .
W" ""'VH'
A It M
I'M' I
PI . iir in Hariri's M irs'lne for I)'
tsr. rtadv H i-
r C" II Mi v. rtt." ' F' ..Hi 11 -In ft 1.0 n lt"r
1 ' 'Vr-r.-'. II.'' n'l "t' r Inf 11 ftr. Wit kik (;m,i r.
!.( l.i ft ff'lUt; f- C ii.f li'i: t f Mi 1 vt Of p'V., t .eUiR
Mr.r.i iy (nrt. fIIv, hi I ( (' r f. i!(tn i, pik h aihl,
:. tt vs li ai,it Jit rii''irf(i,i!iiifvfr much tlicymaf
K'c' Mj In mi..' rf-lCft Mh h; ( l. I It'ilUr')
l I ' t 1 a . f - la- t-rrid 1 nd rl:1f'al au vu.
in'.1: i 'U. Mi'-ilon 1 rtirriii.
Thh 1 va : v."-t.
t. II Si I I r-l I lit fi.''l(J' ( II r a f ' 1
Tin Will I H Thh llMI'.m SiMI'.
VoiTtnic "f IiAI:rr.lf.-i AO INT. in c-ijii.eti' o I
lrlfo 1er Your
irAJCll:itS 51AGAZINK.
A heii V.lnir.eof I.a'iirr'i Ma 7lne fa cimm"uc..
Uic NcfxtHr lS'i.Oiber. Ju.l toatl.
fOO a'-r Your.
AlltliOl' of "H.ttiiy of Napt'li'on." "NaDolcon at 81.
LlLli-ua," "HI. to oi tho Kro.icli
ltevolutlon," .a.
Mir.ITAIlY Al)Vr,NTlJHl'i,
IlhibtraU'd with Foitraltl and t'.attla Bcanat, will bo
foil d la
NiirperS MiiRir.ine for Dwimbt-r,
Jl'HT ltlUDY.
A Now Volume of Ilarpor'i Macaxlnr Is coiumcncoil witb
the liecuuit'or Miiinbt-r.
-l OO A VKAll.
tt Aiirru rou dkckmukr1.!!
$TA t
Mo. 80S CIlfcSNm' SIKKKT.
i: it i c a n a c a D t a f or .music
l.l'.l'NAIII) UROVKR Director
7M.vy tmiiMAX orhUA com pax r.
THI'llBnAV KVKNINO, Nov. 1(1, IMil.
CM. Von Vlfbi-r'a (Iranil OiH?ra,
l.Klt ki:i:isi:ihjtzi
In Pour A'-ta.
Al.A'lllK M'IIi.jIAU K HtK.'fclllt'l
llrr uTi'altt j.yric Knsiitnilion.
,AccortUd lilm on ..I lil. i:rea'...4i rou.lltiuns.
llu ..-.'onil fliiiH'ari.K'e.
(I'll" K AH Ml. Kl'KIMiCKK
?-Ailll.L Mr. KKhlil.UH k HAKHI-iND.llli- f
Peaantfl. lluiitui'i., Ac.
K1IIDAV KVKNINO, Nov. 11 . 14641.
Only time, uioal ionltiMl.', ol llttidvv's oratid Opi'ro,
rifrtirrd ??ciit lu J'ur.iui.l, I'ariiuet Circle or
I an ony apv) to tue above plaotH l'tlu
Kmiiiiy l Irti" M
AlnliUltlieutro '2-1
liiiurn oiin at 7 oVloi'li. Ov. rlura al B o't'lock.
....ti. ii.av t"' w.airi'il liir nny n'.-lit at tlif Opt ra Hfaon,
at tlm Ai:AUl..MY Of Alt aic autl liolll.ll A lil'alO
Al NU1' hTKKUT 1 11 K ATKH.
IVMP.SMK fil.'lVtUJ .' a- 111. una. II I il t. ,1
IllilP. VK.i.Mcr: Or. Till: DAttlt DKP.D
I't'lli,- new I
W.'lll.'li 1
in a 1 1 l'i . i .' i?.?. :
VI lle'D.l I . A l '. 1 . 1 IDOIUAIW ADMlrtSI'lN.
'I lu la n-.- ti'.-;.. . iipl . uiiiiiiiii...i h
H'M.'UiAV and lUi.'KsiiAi;m, Novmu-
li . :i :i".l I .
Ii l il. ,.. , . ar t. .11 lii ii at o: MP., and Ml.-S tl i 'I 'II V.
Ni,m!.'!iwiu'. .n a-,.1. 1 i i c , Pi-,." I ra ; il .-, ..nil
i: o ll.i: I'l.i.l.iilA.S I I. II ; or, A I'ATIIEtt .-I
i.M.i NCP.
ill uii'MHi;.
IM1 ki:- I UU'VIlPli FIlOU MT T'l UTIK
M'.CONJ) ll ll'kii' il MUM. 11 A. I SKI WII.I.IA'.H,
TllltKK (il.'illliit.'is riKCK4.
THIS ( I.l P.N I NO, JNoVOIuOta' Pi, b it,
Colaliaaittin Wi'tl 11' Ina'iai'.f
AM. II M.l.i HV EVE.
1 o la fnlltAM'tl by iIip Pi oo ii h I'ar.. "l'
1. IV l-OU I.AlllKS.
'I ' li lu lt.c'l' Vt it', li. - liraoti ..I'
I' M,N'.;V T.IK P. AP'IT
I'tiHAV KVLN1-MJ. llli.NLiT HP .'!'. H il -I : ,'
.l.i. .A.MS.
K- . a : ro.l ,- i d .V 1 . It', .ftll. r.
X'F.W CUKSNCT Sl'll! l-:i' 1!
li L.r.oNA1 I' iidiilllii
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Vtiith :.i in rn .vns. i p P.o ir.n. W,,
W. if "HIS (I'aoi- :.i.) li .I.Si.N.I, N ,.u r I i,
f.,1 l!ll" ll'.St t.lll... 1.1 (!! ,! ::.:, ,1,, o Ol I'l.'.i lil S", I,
.li.wi-- .. .ma i 'I ::'.!., , a y i.rn., .Snaa, in i ta i.i. i ad 11 .
torii'lil Rola ,a?o..H,
'JiiJ. Jui'NASl..i:l' OF ST. .IHSTi OR, TUB .iErfl'-M
Or' y Miillli.
'i a r.-n. lil,l n ;th t, f ?r, i ol itoV A N , 1 f. . Y.
Iralay Knimu. iiliNiiKIT o:' MllS. 1). p. II )Vh!lH,
h-'i a mil .t n.air iw. CA .1 1 1. l.i-:.
iun..t Alt.,i.oo., Kl.l-.l KU I'll lil;Nli r'AMIf.Y
ilA fiNt.l-,iii;ii will be j riHtlKidTUK I'Oii TV II I It.'. BS
t'J. l'i. It TUP IHUI'.I THIN OK MUS. (Ml 411 I.l. S W lll-
-Ni'" IKiiniMlj ilia. JJAN Jtl. liJ,
1 tio W'll t,.i. i t,
'IJlLliliAV r.VI'.MNi;, Nov.mbir 10,1'UI,
OX WAIAPT, AlloVIi ElUlll'll.
1 ,e .MANAoKPINS li d. icri.iiiie,l.o mal.o llio .aillre
Winter Ktintii..ii rwttrkal.: lu i pi nirmn lil.iorj , ai
i' itii.lii.; r a i-rand btni'iui-l ol talfitit ui?ar c
c, Ued Jn Uupruiv..ioa In auv pnn ot'llie ivwi'ld,
H Tlrr V cents
h.c hi.I T u-r , t-oat.
1'rlvate li, xi,, from H to . n a. a
MAT1NI.I.B mi WblNKHl.tY and 8A I I KUAt At -1
1 UNIX .Ms, 1,1,1,1,, olii al -Pi oa ioi k.
l.v..niui. i erfuiuiuuca ooailuituiliik' at u o'clock. 8.-e dl
truiuuit, bin..
j a. t 1; m 'i-.
No. 7'" :ni'.sNtrr sruioir.
A 1.1, Hit A
nut r H'rvidN,
1 ,ow) '.Mr piiictiiH,
l 1 I) I. MAT I', T It I 0 F H
P H.- "M IA ' T HWNtTh M.1 ' ovfl. frit HH
r.1 IWck-U ro'iBf
No. 7.a Clll'tKUT KTUr 5.T.
II il,.rill)Cj. i. wld li.vln? a'.Uaill ,n '.o tlitlr
IMl'liOVMD Ci: 1 Ol' S1U11TS,
b '.!. 4 u.r.'.i" a ir kV'Vj Ii tlielr binlneM.
N. hi i chi:sni:t s i uki.t.
It If 11 Mil 11 t . ur 't or- I rlt.w CoiitilM"tli.l I'
U U 1'
11 1 O 11
1HAL1KS l'OK Hba,
Cutlery, GolJ Fens, aud Pocket Eoolis,
COPllMt. I'al'.SSKl Ai l I'P.KSS HTANUK,
I'O&T Ol'l'iCK tCALKS,
Letter and Kote Pq:ers and Euve'opes
11 tl tlKlt
No. lt 8. Tlltl'l) STRIiF.T.
POA I. -'IT'S liAlt.V TltAlN-: PJtll.AlEl.rillA
TO riTiellilM.I.-il.M, MII.KS!
TeTtrkt Odtcc of the I'KNS'SVI.VAMA KfTTKAL
H MI.IiOAI I now Ici-utPii nt the New f ashi'iu.i'1' lM"t
il t)a ttnta.vt lliiliilLin and .Stii'em,
lim.AI'H.rhf A.
Km and utur MONhAV, OcLober 31, lmil, trains will
1( a v I'tiJ tli ia ai tt.lluuh:
HtiO A. M.
WAIL TKA1V, vi'li tb follow Itior connrrtlom : Ar
iie at , i :!.-. lit IN ItltsKCi ION y Oi K
M.. and ronnrrt w i'Ii Wrr.' i:hnMir Itailn al, ur-
HI Wi-m nentir A-M. Al IOW M Nvi 1 OW X
a. W ., c. iii'K tinK vwtli limn i t Wityt oiii!.r', mid
i etu'lihic tluTt 1 1 11) A M. At nH.CMUl.A lloit A. M .
it-nrt t lir ji YMtb urtliTn ( t-mial lUitroad. rtud n'.ioh
ii k- uik. at ii .'it) P. M . tiBii'-vi r Juiictinii .ui l. M,
liiiOvcr 4-1 P. M., and 4,t-tlbuir ti 15 V. U . Altto,
witl- train in Kt'iidiiiK aim t'o utuun Kuiiromi. iPAvin' at
2lii I. M. Arnvt nt H AtiKlMit li(, 120 V IH.CoiimviIiik
nlth Noruiei n Unit ml ti hipm North, thin Lt-ave iimiH
tiiik 1 1.1. A . ii ifive nt Mihlutt v l't2 t. M.. Mlltu'l it Of V l 1 M. Havtn 7-n I M frM-
8i i-r.t:ti lor hlDiiiii, lux ticsior, CaoandAliyu t, M tmaia
FhU", Ac , n a ?i Urn r i a 1 I'. M., mim Binlulo at ti l.i
A. SI,) (Piil'Jlr lor lanviii, Jtmrrt, l'.l(iiiihb'ir,
t'.i rwltli, lu-t'ca Uavcn, rh it r-. shinny, riyuioiiUi,Kiii'5ioii,
Wjoiuinv, rltttuit tuid hcninton, tifr the Lackuw inna
and lu.x m.'iiu- it.ili i at ,v-ri uuniii-rli.ti!.J At 1IAK
K(i. far i-ojiita H uth on Not th rn (Jen 'ml liMllu r. y,
la at 1 ;m r. m , urrtvc Yora -"ri7 r M . llitn ivtn-Juuc-
inii ,i .vr. m . .oyiT r. m.. a-ia u.-uynfMiri.'
.n. ai iiAJtniNiiut.u. lurpoi'iHint timi.;riami j ry,
ii'a 1 iif. a i 1 "i " 1 fi . ' .. . t ' . . " . ..! r
b ra i W, V. M . and lliunmtnwn fi 1'. l. M. At I VltONK
ti IV I. M. co.iiiei tii'K Hh It Hid Eaie Valley Trula,
ItnviiiKAt r. M , and nrrivttiK at lU-lldoute at !K-J
IV SI. At Al.liiONA 1 40 1. M , c nnetti. k with Itr.mcil
I ril 1 1 fir lioiiltiji; mitk retr!,ii)K l.i'iri' H IU 1 M. t
KLKM)N b'-fiti I'M., cnntirciifiK wlih Itritmh train fur
Elitm.btirK, ttin.iiw li e.- 10 I. M. At l'i ITSKljUii-
I Mi A M , and there ?t.i:b'jciliifiloruU points WtSrta
viat, and huutii.xttt.
1O0O A. M.
PAOI I AtTO.MMOI'ATlON, No 1, arrivliii; at TtvAi at
II uj A. M.
l-lO A. M.
KART I. INK connects at I.ANDHVIM.K '.'40 P. M,
wltli ttaln on lund:iu "' ioliiinbia Uatirond, arriving
at Mtlx II K 1. M,Khtnta tit,; 1. M., and Ifad
1 r 1 at 4 T. M. At II KliI.'i;L'l;(., With ail Ar oiiiiiii-tlt.iit-T'
'1 ruin ou Norther.) Ci-Dual Uullwa,tor Sniibu-y
atullnti (nlftf, rcuolunw N'm-iury tn D wi i1. M.
Ai hAIUflNl' I' i ttii r:un in Ciimtierlai 1 t'T
t nilihlf, artiTii'v. tdi'ic ai - I ' F. M. Arrive t 1'it J.otuit
1 mi A. Al , and ih. ic mnki; tiuso coimi ctiu tor ail
i-uru I'oltit.".
10; I. M.
PAUKKHUl ti AC DM VH) VI ION, arrivon nt Purlce
bnrg at j Jo I'. M., tiji,,i ut utn iun-d ate .-:ail.tua.
;it 1". 1I
HAl.'KISlU'Ut; AroM.M'tUATlOS. nirikon ronnoc
Ihiii at linwmu.itmi 11'. 4 -:i 1". M ., with tram on Wiiinei
hur Jtruiuh, iiuvi-t; at 4.10 1'. Al., mid arrwinii at
V, uvneMiMTV nt I M At mi.CMItlA, at fi'3't I.
M . witn Noit.'-in ( ICmlwiiy tor . otk, l vlnn
Vrlirtsill-7 1. M . and arrl-.ln,; at nrk ii)i M.
Anntt at Jluruiburfi at 7 4& 1. M.
1-Oil 1. M.
I MHH.ANT Aft OMVtl) VTI, f oiu No. l:J7 !Mk
MrtM-i, dnlv, eLpl h.-nday. AiTive at Murri.itmr,
ii 4.. A. M ; iViillln. ! IT A. M , Altoona. 3.') 1'. M ;
aud 1'lttKbtir, 1 1 in P. M . Tiie a an1 comiort.iblu, an 1
tininaiitn. or iauliu" ioiitj,' Wm will ttud the r .tJH
low, mid have ; liAi uu . lor which ehrkj uri Klvn.
lorwaided by the t-H'no irain. Kor ttirihor parth'tilum
apiiy 10 niam m 11 mi, iMiiiKrivi' .teui, iai j'i'a
Hli-4't, iirtWiOit li;iT tourw finu rmtnarK
cur ! attuhta u ihx tr.iin mi 1 ! travel.
lint clai
4DU 1. M.
at t :'i 1', il., a.i i n.u- to-. CoiMiubU ai b 1U1. M.
.i;io P. n.
rAOLIAt'C0.MMi'IATlON, Ko. 'J, rv.uh' raoll at i 3
r. m.
K I. M.
lMTTflltlIRO ANI) K It m KM'KKSH, with the "ol
lowiig culiDi' ituin:- Ariivt -lluril-Dilit,'. 1.' ill A. M ;
Mtinhu-y, ;raft A. M ; N.rtnumhi'i'uni, JI -ft a. M.;
allien, 4 it A. M ; w il.limsport, :') A. M ; l.ur Hhv.-ii,
t;..' A.M.; Lm'tTiiMii.lf li A. M ; M:uyi, ll I'.' A M . ;
fjiT. 1 ft'J tit ; and Kite, V.Wt. M. (At Uorry clou
coi bct'iloll in i.iAih v ita Oil i'ri en t(. K . I r i uiiaviho ai.d
Hhaiter''-, the iiistht tennl'itin i.f ih" llond, t u-u.-e by
Bta.o or I'r Oi Oily n.i I r.i;iMlii.l f 4i-tior f.r
li,ui ltui'tT. hi i.'rt. ir , lirrM.-k, lifn li iUv n.
hh.'khliiny, i'tnn'iilh. Kii'otn, Wodihi(i. I'liM m ab i
ncratiion. laki tht Lv-riaajtiiA and t.i mituif tram at
NortMiinberiand 1 I tifviern 1 r linlm, ho listt r,
C'anan InUua.Nitv.ira lilirt,i;te.. reitr1! Khntra Ht , !.,
aril liuMrt' nt l ifj I'.M. At H AKKlsm K.i, with Vorth
rni'iiiral Itiillwny, lor t-B N.m'.'i, 1-avlni; ut'J.".nA. M . ;
ui rl'. vt York, 4' Id A. M . ; llaunvvr .Jnnci nt, 4 I,A. M. ;
1"R 11. mover JniK'ii-n : A. M.; arrives Hviovcr,
li-noA.M ,mi(l lieitv-burir, 1,.," 1'. M. At II UN l N !i
H A. .M., v. nh ir mi .hi It road T'p, a-rlvl if
I )l..:l fl A. M , -Ml. ll.M, M , i'll.l
1 1 . .4. : u-.-e by ,. l,'i T U-iHoid. At 1' rt ; I;, V
In., .il l- (:., il'.i li.iiii on ! '1 K-l.-l .I';.'; li ul,
I-, , ;; , 'I 1OHP 8- .l K. M..i.-.'Ue He Ii t .U.'. II l' .
vt . .,1 !l. w;,rd. I1:"-!' 1'. M. l.'MVt T.-.iO Ml' .'Tili
I'.i V., h'l-i .n.f I U 1J..- il'-" 1 A M.
.t ill i.i 1 A -1 ,i"i!li-' t:ir: v-ll'i tri.i'1
I..- 1 ii. hn -a. iMi-l ;ir-1. in,' Hi' re, I.' "o l'. M. ' I! I. Al i:4
V M.I i: 'I?1 llo.S, A. M , ion-K i ln,.; Alt'.
hr;m -u t .mi whu !i in, tia rf . ilii-, lo I . ,, m ,vu
I ".ir:. I ' -i". A. .1 1 II.h ir.iln ill"- .n' 1 1 ,r limrv
Vt, ii w til VV Ht I't niHvlWiiU K. K.,nr.'iu: ,tj tr,
II .0 A . M.J Arri.i- I'll i'.tui Hi at J"kI 1'. Al ., ,i,J
ci'Ui..i u r ail i"ii.H c-t.
iti-1. i. :i.
I'MlMUKI.riilA i:Vlt M, 6.o 0 iTy nt l.owu-
iu loi.n. 1. in- a;- r, l!in bi.u, Ujij .v.:i , .n. v
l"rt, ft iflin. I.. i-t'iwn, li' ihu-lm, Al;'-"in, 1 ;,tl
iMyjn, end t'oin m.iuh. At Jit N 1 IIS' -I'M iS , wi'ii Hro.ol
I j It. li., b-:iin. lit -ic rtt U) A. ::id imi,Ps :lt
fnitl.i'i A. M.,.Mt. JMi A. M , nnil tlu .i .'e
hy M.i.,c to H diord. At Al.l'('iA.a, U-lo A M., vh
iirt ii.-n In inii-ie with It H 'lli itt ehnr.-, ruachniif
th'MH at !)!' A. M., :uul t lie mo by tutc to Itcdiotd. Ai
r:iis ut l'ittLui;, ii 4U 1'. M., uu.un elu toiinei'tliin
wltji llir.Mi:h traliit on a!I th1 li v r --r rontls noni tti it
l.oint N..rth to Uiv l.aikas, Vt--t to Lhe Mi-h m jM-i and the
lisou,l rtwrs, uiul ttoutli aud houttiwtwt to uii poiuU
net uHiihle by railroad.
.f it, rim r n. num. itlo n, apply at ih'i rasbci,,''" Rt:iUoa,
corner vt liJIH'liK 1 11 und M A It 1 ' KT hl. .m, I'hilii.
JttUN k. VAM-ti-K, Jr., Jul lA.-.'Ut.
f C 0 M M O N W K A L T H BANK.
m pan M'fc' iua, Ort..b,r 17, Is-.t,
The anhniil election 'or IHre nr will ho held at the
lUl.kiJib don) on M(NJAV, the Wlht di-y it' November
U. t, between the hours of IU A, M. and 'JI. M.
Uhr annual wei'ting oi tlie tf nn'khol.iufi. will be held al
the Kankhwy-hoiue ua lltblAV,'oeinhi'r l,H.l,t
liioVlu, k A. M. U. C. iOl Nti,
IV m-wwi l tauicr.
rj, V NOTICK. (ill.Vll.LAN OIL COM
ytry of l'rmilan Tl." omrr of ihe Vm Ii now Wati-d al No. I"' n AI.NHT M.r.a .
If. KilTKR.
11 a.i H.r'.l.rjr and Ir-ii.illlf.
P i " ll.NNbYIVANIA li All.llt IAI) C'tlM-
Tri ... i ll; , liri'aT.VT. i
p.. a A ia I I in .. S .'. ?ril.f . t, lar.l (
Til- ll'atit of Iilinl...' oil ' tl'i - d- j it.. Ui.-.l a .i-io'-piii.i.i.J
.Ii. ii. ia' t. PiVl-. PMl IKS I rn thi I'anual
Hii.-ki, Ha-1 . in,, i ',' . i r ot Sam n.l and Htatc taxi?.,
pi . . t.l" .a, m d .!-' I' l-'t'i in '
p.-. . i . ii i i;,,ri ) I t . . i a It a of di. Mr Hi', r.i. h ha
in i. i l i .1 .. n a' II.. ! . ol " vi,.a,. No -tut
i 1 1 1 I I . f,n. 'IIII'JIAI 1 . I IKTII,
It '. tin T cun-r.
fVr t II Y lIM-AsrilMt'S Ol-TICK, NO--T
ii.r x. w I 1c Pa.. . la ' (' taa laH
I.. ... I., I a ! in ii , . lit r. 1IK.11. Hll.lvl,
II fll 1'ri-a airf.
Ali.MV. MAW, AM' :l llKH'S
U 't t: !. ,).., r.rt M Ml ll' I H f '!'-. Wt.alhl,
utiHti.'i'AH : m:i riduci d tirii
Vc IflMNill Hii'i. f. t I - iuL
ti toMAii.-ilo-N, .s.. it ritt nk ntttL
Til.; fi'HhPi r. .net tl..-
lit a , N(v mtifcar 4 ItM.
fit I .". inrf I. fill' IVIl, f .., fi , I
,in nil 4m tt'.t. r tliN ia e in i-
r ti, v ii i (.e. ii . i t l.i k 1
mh' Wiir. fi l:uk-lof rhi.pJ(-J
(i if . ii oitiy rj.J1" i -I,
tl" ( I It W li "' I li t.TI
M It b hi ti i ri ( ii a i.
.( 'I
i c i t.i., l id fcL.i nfif
I ,. tan
I m tl I,
' .",.1 I '
' A' f i i
tl and l ) did
In i.iiviini'G ca
.. I-Tll-
I or f ti-t . i
I , I t i i.,..
i . 'Ir IT i i ai
' -ll'irr
II ?
i.l: ! .'
' : ii It
I !",! ...
? a . aiar,.
lit Ml. I'r.'i l..n.
i, .,:ilN'IV I'.tic MAI.IM.N. WANTI'.D
K'o, in I'tutM Mriii-, t, l oi;i... aSi'-V'-d'e-l u.
ll a. pf i. -m ia .1, I,, s it ., ,. ji r .' Navy ? :,,
.La".! on uoa.d I i nal si. a... ul.ipi oi-war ou
.... j ...
'lr.'.. of i1r., I' "r VrKf.. - ii i .,-, hmi .. a it:ni ,n,' army
A I.l 'fl-p la . A i in if N 1 1 l..n i .itl upin rnliHtn.ent.
Maiii. r-".a I'n.- M, 1-i.T
.11 lurt'.r tl.l anta l. aop'T at Id Ifvtrn'llaf
ll end. a. o'lh.
I . 'ill H Iln. NT H.r..'l, h-hw burmv- dliati,
tct wwt. tlu li.'i.r. ,., .' ani o no ik
ani-tt V. atof and Hi i rmtinc. O" or.
il in-c;m:rj'i:0 okitok,
Nn. Bi CIlt.'-NCT srui-.KT.
I;...-iitfi wantid loi ihi. i.-ll.ratid Maior
Oi tn a al Mi' r.u.ui'ii cot .mat d.
Tl.. I .ni fxpirlrni nf tin- Ol!lrra, and tlie Iplindtd
r. pi, l.ii on i ...Hid 'iy ll c fith Pct:t".yl aula Cavitlr In Ifct
b. I ', r. ndir II I :i moM lb r Mia- tl.-i:imPt.t lor Veteran
ol Cit. a'iy , r Inlai try di .liina to re-en.b.1.
All. (I0 I UN M I.N T AM CITY 1.01'HViKS TAII).
10 ".7 Ul'
On1 cor. at d anldlm vt?,ln the city on ftirlonttn, ReedlraJ
rlWOM.r. AN'i MllltAIlY Bilirill'.N M,
Arc Invited t- tbi- exrf.iilve
S1ANI KACIl Kim ?S4TAllLl.1llHKNT(
BANfloM Htiiail. fiittli Btroel.
Mnitf- (oonii'i nt ib ph(-rtt ncitw. whlrh fnt rlnhniwt nrS ciici' c.l .tllciiit c raw uii ii. no oUcr houx-tti U.
rmintr p nih'iiin.- tl. M v I' t A HMtI N1 JKWKI.KIl
Wl lil Tl.K ntA( T1C.U. 8W0KU MAKKK. 1
tii.N fxistliiE Miner tin- fl l,i ol HAMUKl N.
) AV T" A- NfN. : trt.Hljy d'ofvid. t hl. will
Lr kittled b) tlie i tiiU rMKntxl, at No. 'J IMH.K rtin-i.
(1I..S i; Ij v ih.-i, iiurvivntK l'it.iX.
I hllfifJiillttU. H.iit. mtnrO, iStr4.
CO VAH KltltHtr. 1 Tio rinlrr(il(rTif. hT thli 4tf
fin:M,uf.o i itJi( r.tiip Uii ttr flifc tlnu of 1A VllCH Hliil-
Urittruk(j liu.n tn I'O K MitM-t,
rilAKi.F K !AVfRS,
rKlkK A. ItAVlK.
riiHadVlptiU, 0rU4r 1, IV, l.
U. fl. Ort'flcntM of TndM Jnt, QurtrBAittrt'
Vi itchtTA nnl t,li;k, tnd Civrnmci,t bocurltift tfti
Mliv, b iu'tit at U told. i ll-l lui
If i in t-H l'w('i nnd loAna on roTUtorslB nafot:aiil,
Htock Hii'i Ltuti bought nnd sold oo Coiaiuiuioo.
y l'.r'K'llKU, CounnlMtflon MTnhant and vV'hoh-Nile
1 ii in in i'rovialoiu and I'rudyet', hat iimocl.itod wuli h ta
In htb buolbeao hit mu HLMU CLAI ill Uii LU. lue
tjleof tbj liim vlll p
VAMlllNtiTON ItnClfKlt A 80V,
. M-i ai d Ur M. fitoNT ritroct.
I'htladclphla. Oct. ber i4. lM. 10-i4-lui
l TIIK M'n AM (MI.NTY K flMbAl I:,IH1A.
HAltllir.T ITUHON v. .lOILN L. Mi.80N.
Vend. i . Jin e T, 14, No. UH.
Hv A'",H;nr api'lnM to rvport distribution of theftmd
Iro need Ky ti oh.tniV b.ih um er thenhi-ve writ ot" all
that certain lot o .1tim. pn iind, with tho thie-ttory
hilck menbUHt e tin ioii er ted, hiluato on ihe N. K. cor
ner ol fourth and Whiiton utroi'te, ; Hie e.ty of rnil.idel
thin ; cniitaii.inK In liout on Wliarton lta.t in le u and
i-tecdliiK In li-n-tth tir d pth norit.watd along i-oiirth
ktteet aiid bitwern parilbd linen at rht aPL-les to Wdar
iGiiKturt Ik f-t t :nn Ink to .111 ai'cy 'i tei-t i in die wide.
I If noli Rt'Hrttwnnl fiom ml Fourth tnit.wl.l attend to
n. i-niu ot bin Hi-roiiuuitni on SH MA'. tho Jut of
Nm4.IlllllT bt 4 I'M . at hit ort're. Nik li rt.rtlXI'U
1 Ht i ret. I'l.iln.U'lDl.U. uh.'n ami where a 1 nar ! irrwr-
"ird nitiNi ii(.-.t'Ut ti lr clalmn, or llioy wlli be debarred
110111 cuiiuiii: in oa nam num.
H-fi.lui E. H.JTHOUP, Auditor.
V fiui.Ai'i j.t'HiA, Oelu(er .H, 16.
In nfcortianro vi:h a reao niioi: adopted by li.e Com mo
Ctti'ix-il of thrCiiv nf'tt.op Tnurnilay, thei?U
duy of Uctobur, lu'. the atm ei 'ill, entlUi-U
TO TAKK 108 ic.SStuN r fli K NOliTilKUN LIRKB-
TlKi (2 .H VSIJKKS, AN1 TO CiCl.Ai K A lAA4
1 II KHKKi -It.'
f htitl . DublUhL'd for nubile iuJurniatloi).
Clerk ot Oiiiiuou CouuciL
To take ro"easlon nf the Noiilo rn l.ibertiei Gas Wort,
and to L'ri'Utt' load then lor.
tb crf ti 1. Th- M-lei't au1 Ci :ninon Coituells of the rity
ol t lolrtde ) I In du ordain r Th it tre Tn-ntet id the fhlU
lt Iplna tiioi VV orks, aif heu'hv HUth"ri.-d to te ponne-
I Kioiinl tne Worki'jf ihe iSonlu tn Librtieft tian W ort,
ko h,ori ni u-r the itrit tl iy of July, ln'F,a r.m bo; lu
j accord uu wt'h ihe teruiM of au Act Pro. iJ April 1,
Win. r. J.. -'tt j
bcctiou J Ihn1 for the purpose of eimblliiK ti e Trut
tfi i ol ii!e l'liiUuelphia lia i Wo kK to take DojioHalon of
thf lini Work-million d hy ihe ttrnt m otion hereof, tuo
Mav r 01 the elty In heiehy a'ltu irh.ed to borrow on the
c redit ol tbu city, ut u ratt of inter at 1 ot cxrepditur six
pvv cent- per annuui, mich hiitut ot money ai the Truiie!
111'iy ro.Ulr. wi vvvfUm lour hi n 'rid thou nan i dU;irit
and w liho-1 ruutih in ibe jm uteut 01' Hay uioney thrmlor;
theOny ln ajjuror U ht-retiy dheciul on it e rt' iiii.Uton of
the 'I roitt ea lo !.iu cet tli'cati't vl the o.m of lh City of
l'hilnd l hia In ut-n ainoiiniN a id lo buU parties u they
oh ml dtaiiate O'lt ex.f rdlng ad tuni.
rt.iiu loan to be Uhel lot lite eoiivi-fnlon of the fctunk of the
N'mthern Lttwnlen (ia Work, ami the princlpn tbrof
to ne p.taoie at me epiraiioii 01 nin eayoaai irom tuo
d.itn (,i u. h romtriii ti. and not b soo, w ithout the con-
kei t oi thi hohlera tln-reoi. Ihe ctrtlih-aitie 01 naid loan
Html I bu 111 thw uhuui lonii lu whuh c)rtni'tet hero'olore
hit if t I 1 UltiPil mi tlm 1 1 . . uUi' kiO nl mill! lrii,M nnil
1 tuii bf tian.titTablt-at iho oidee ot toe i.'hy Treanifer.
HtciionJ. i hat the f.d-i I riint en ihail et rpart out or
lhn prouta 01 aid Utt Wuri"i,th hota of tw,de nor
c utuiii per Mimi'Mi on ih auo uiit t-cr rowed by virtue nf
th i onhu.nue, ror thi pitrpo nf payiiik' the interest
thereon, und f r r linfinriinif the prtncipiil tbenef.
w in n the ume hall Lh j-..y;ihh-; and on or
belor' the thirty tUt d iy or lie-enlor and the
tu tit'lh dav ol June in tvry year, umil the
nni'1 loan in ro.titiiii' I, the fum ot ix per CKiitum on
Iiu.- tin unt .d laid loan Mirth h' piid by the nahl Ttulet
t" ihe City Tieuiuio-, who sh -ll Hldy throe pr ot'titnni
thi'it-o to the pn meut ol tho hiiTatou mil 1 loan ath
hHine nuiy lad due, and to no otitr pntpon", and the re-lUitliiiiK-
(hive per ceutniM vhail be pui,t over by tho taiJ
Tri"ifnri-r 10 (he CoaiiuiiHf..i"rit of tho Siukum I und, wnu
Hliail Invc-tt tlf arne nod Hi a'c.oiitii it ion it li. lb- .oatut to
II.k mid ilai Workn.or lu .my other lotion of tin City of
l hiiadelpuiii, an a iluHiiK fund, which U bri''y aoecni
iMll) pledged to the rcp ty iiu-ht of loan ; and nny mir-
pJni n maiiilng ut'ti r the (..lym-n oi sa.d htiu, 'hill be
nppllvd lo the I 0I11111I--.I011-.H 01 tne Hiiiinjj h itii itow irdi
ii.c eiiiiLiuirt(,nu"Lf of tie oh-r loans to the t.iui
WorkH. II nny, oiLvT-visc of the luuJeJ debt oi tho City of
Bet-Muii -1. lTi0T3 t.iklti? posBSbion of th works, plpBH,
Ac. under ati honty of ihls orulnaui e, it ufm.I
he the uuiy ol ihuTruneeA 01' tlie dan .Vork To tnake a de
talUil rrpoi-a 10 (oii!.c li d' uit iiroporiy, r;il and jer-on,il.
mi (oiifiyi d, and its na -i h 1 vaaio ; ar.d tue buid irn-.
toej rhailbave, w hti r'--iier tti 8 iid worAH, plot's, Ac, iho
fi'ioe p'W .' i.' d di'ihoi.iy-hi a'i reM': l- iiiov noiv
h. .vor hi-ri'ftiti-r m.i, "t ive. wub re-,)eL-t toti.ouorn
air. n.iy t nni'ii d t" Ur ir i-.i v.
rt. .ii '. I ! n-.i 1 in-'.-' 1. f (-v.i'' hii-r t'i Trut 6.1 ..f
the i Ml.Adtli hm VV' r!.- r.i i-An-yu 1 tho u: oig trut
.n;,iii:.l -o ti "n by 1,1 l ;liii h ' ' '. 1. i.'j, i,-j 1 lo i.i
cit i-:i-, t Mi n 1. hn- a.-, n .il i -p r ,0 l'i t':- T t e ni i:ui-i-ii
iin.'tni r il.y .1)1- . u r, '1 li-i nor i.i. un ' ji ih ir tf-.u,
nuij io ii., 1 1 the in. ri' i.-in.; o ,ir if i iu i '' i iu ior a--1!
ht, th :i'd 'I jumI'- are he -hy , 'itiMi-i,,.1 anil
i. tjiifid to to ri'.'!ili.' the prit" l ( il n i I t i if .il
jm dio;.a 01' it iii-iniint,luro a 01.1s i'ik ii tiiiic to t i tn ho
ht-crt Jhiuv t'H ".u l l-rV '1 "f 1 lo b--I i. u' li Ml Mm
Ward-, of 1 :o rny .KippJed by tne o,a Voik ui:J;r the
toiitr d of the 1 1 .i-te H
S.t ii n&. A'.tiiiii,r m nv ot'.er ordinance
to Line ordin.mci; m her. l y r. J. I
1(1 rtOI t TMiN,
rtttt'nfe' the t'lork 01 C-lh 1 mf on: cd to Tabth a Loin W
Mil. V
Jleno'.vf, Tbat the Clerk of Comnv n Counetl bo ant' o- (
il.idto putln-nmtwo dally iK-wv.ipvrn, da'iy, 1 r ..ur
wetka, the ordinance ui-Mi-ntel to C-'jntuon Council at a ,"i
fi.iitJ tnee'iin; tht ri.'i. held ou llio 2na ilayof Oi t.jt.. r, " J
I. stii, entitled "An i'rdlimii' to hike pnmiefdoti of tho t
N.-nhfrn l.iticriU-M tio- Works, and t ureiite a loan th. in- ,
f,.r;" uinl the niild t' ei k at tho intated ineettinr of Cn-nnila
next afu-r the eapiriilon ot four we. kn (rotn the naid puo-
II. uth u Bhtt.ll preeut toC'-unt iN oui'otoach of utid m wh-
1 pi-r lor every (my iu wmcn me iHnu unu' o m
i lul 01 Iron f ! 10 .' ', In a .uru ami lucrum
lai-im-i... Aililiai.i' M. al llint'lll' i'. 11-4
i'it Walnut. ,T l.oi ll.l.ur An il, or Cuyeuul alraut.
AaOtwt "I nilntUU Uuulu,' Btilil, vitiaa, lu