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JL ill.
Inhuman Treatment of Union
Tcll)le rvii'f nrc wore vcstertl v to lo s-'n in
jjthii city, of the lino'irtant vu t-irles Kune.l ovi r
.1 iKi b iu vnui-n; wives, smut- ' irtr ueirs m -v n u
Ware been fU", Irom ei.iv to tluv eluriu ; wo -k
putt, in tho column ;f tbe iV.mV.'. . Hi :-e vi-
Icrjcts were the iirccm c of seveial Kliol ,-ili n
tf Died rnk. (O" Ntine of M ii r ; ner.u .1. V.
Marmaeluke, of Ui-.,uri, Uri,; lier Hen 'ml 'Vil
i torn L.( he!l, of Virginia, ( o oiif) I.' " Cr.in1 ill,
"f tbe 47th AikmiNKi Ini'itn'r, Colieeis W. r.
Sit rnnmns, of rl:uns is. ami WMIiiira I.. J-ifri ys.
of Missouri, .lohn WailJcll, a nc;.lic- of ije'i't.M
I). M. FtOft, formerly ot S:. Louis, a ttl S'lr-fon
( II. (smith are also. 01 tlio piny. Tlio-nnx of
he former we liavo not lear-.nil, anil Ibo lii'ler,
ocueritant, is not to be b" I it prisoner, 1 ut n
o lie f xplinnurti or tiermiitctl to ruturn South
soon from this city.
Tbo prisoners came clown the. Missmri riycr on
-he tteaiuer (.'ora at fur as Hermann,
iihey were transfcrrcil to the I'd im rajlronl. ami
frtacbctl riamum'i Hots 1 on Weitn-sil ar nitrri'.
They were 111 charge of the gillant Colon -1 V.
Cole, 2d Misnnuri l.ifjlit Artille.-y, who dispensed
with the services of a cnard. at the iirisincr
were on parole not to ait4 mnt to escspo from hi
1"ntody. Ilia order were to permit no one to
traverse with tbetu, and the or lers were rarrie.l
"ut wiih all duo particularity. T 1 1 e pris nicra,
iiowerer, wore nniler no uppriw've restraint,
.ntl lome allowed to ffo, at nil!, about the hotel
and tbe itreet in the vicinity.
1 Tliey observed the spirit of their parole ripidly
2bT avoiding callers and einestioners, an I kc-pinir
vost of the time within a r um in the uinwr story.
which had been assieni"! for their hcmthii xliv
tion, and where Colon 1 C ile ke;tt hii st ui 111.
Among ttio.o who called Uurni,: the torcnoon
were relatives of General Marmmfuko- an I of Mr.
Waddell, and one or two others, who
cslred to make inquiries or friends nn 1 relatives
who are seiviuic in Price's army. At a unarter
loast 3, tbe party, aeooiiipaiiied by Colonel '!,
toot- tne Alton and rcire 11 into Tor
Johnson's Island, v. bit li b is bona Jesujuiiietl as
heir place of itupiisuoiuent-
Ihi (.mem Mjtutor, exti 1, pii'tltiNe 1 nt I ort
'c itt, on the 27th tilt., his twin phve.l in our
'amis, and wo extract In most import tut iimtu-r.
ifce followinK, we am informed, is snhitmitiul y
Im.wmI kn t-w mir.rnrnlna ,I.a .1 .... I... 1......
uls Curtis and li'.jnt:
It is eiiouirh to know that from the time the
Kansas militia and the r cil ir noidiuii 1111 1 r
ortis ai d Blunt in the ccut.e und on tlio west.
nd 'lea."onton on the oast, nt W'enipoir, lir jl;u
li enctnj's riinks, iind diovo him soiitn, un to
f be pro em hour, there has bom nofal criuit; but
luavely ciiuurinx uiinlvilii.s, danger, mi 1 piiv.i-
iods, such as mii'T or tuim never ivt iro knew
inythlnff nbuut. with Kunrtan he.nil.4ni and en-
Murunce, they hiivo kept na in tlieir victorious
fjiurch until tiie Hniil glorious rcsul' wu ive im-
liekcd, and the invader driven iu confusion
rem our toil.
The Tictories won nonr tbo Tradlnff Ta nnil
bo Marmnron were complute, reault'ne in the
anturo ol (ier.erals Mann.nluke ami Cab jII, four
oiunels, any amount of other olliccrs and pri
vates -In all about two thon-and, inludiiic whit
fias captured veKte;riny logtllier Willi Huhtor
ine pieces ot artipcrr. J lie liuiulierol t rice s
roops Is oflinmted it ',7.0'JO. about lo.'MiO of
kbom were engaged, whilo onr forces cn?an;e.l
Hulnst them were not over doom. I he cavalry
harpe made when the Runs wero captured was
epitsmted by olllcers who were there us one of
lie most brilliant they ever saw, and w,is au itber
isiimoniul in favor of General l'b asontna's
upetior ability as a cava'iy officer. Our ollleors
peak in very lavorablo lerins of (ienoral Plea
onton, and bis oflicrs in connection with the
Hair, while they, iu turn, highly compliment our
fisniuis olticers who wero wiiti luem, fur the able
nd truly valuuhle Hssl"tancc renileied by thein.
ft the bend of the charge wore Katihorn, Colo,
'hillips, llenseen, and other & illar.t oiUe ir.s of
'lei'sonfon's eoiiimiuid , sidu by sido with Cloud,
rawford, flhilr, and other Kansas oiii-jers of
Lnrris' couimnud.
MoonliRbt was on the ritfht tl uilc of their wost
rn relninn, and with his little command did
fcdmirabli' service.
Hy order of tieneral Curtis, Phmontnn had
aken the advnnee tiiat d iy.ani tbe first battlo
as fought mostly by his troops j but the callaut
llnr.t, with bis usual cm ray, comi up with the
tmost rapidity, and Is iiow with Cur Is, McNeil,
nd the balance of our cn .i uin ! many miles
nuth. icattefing Price's army iu o-orv diroetion.
iews arrived to-day hu caim.-ed Pucj's
Orccral rieaonton, with his coiaraan 1, has
ten berc since TuexUv merit, bis bore' leini
o badly u ed up that t'n-jr could no' i.osjibly
dvimcu without rest. Xhey expected to ntovo
ut to-day.
Von the Miiiifur Ultra.
The treatment of prisoners in the h inds of
rici Hit n is io,m si iiic i by those who huve
pell as of tbo uiMSt bi uial i u.iracttr.
ibrco days ihey weie t.:r.s;il to march, on
not. over one liunon d noli s, and in the retroat
n i ho last diir. tLcr iiavlui over fortr miles.
P'bi-ir bhinke6 tihen froai them, couse.
uilillv thuv ImU iiotlii:, to cover lliem ut in ;lit,
i d C.urir;! all tb it t un -bet vocu thr e aui four
avs nil il i'' had to eat was t'vo small Mic-utu
ad u M.uii'l p.-c ul i hall pm iJ of bejf,
nd A' low to to stop to (ei o.iu d.'i ik of A'a'er
To crown t' elr .'nf mi.v, w'c. n th"e nu n were
eCy to lai n lion fa:i ie, I iss of sic-p, unj
turvaiion, onlern weir nsne l to snoot uo.
hose who i el I h- lii'ul. J'l h": orda'i e with that
rittr one ,-ia had alrii d jcu -how wlien our l f;, .
In view of those fu . we are not surprised that
be men nbo wee -a n:. I by our u -a, a id now
c rc, are eci tuitir!y i u;ju.-:is to th:ir faio. i r
t would 'hi ii .Inst ru'ali i'lO i 1 1 h ink' '.Ii jiii.
home ot tin. in'oi wea frH'.' a,ii! tn.-y were
Jmnirell s nun. If uv lviv any of these
inmunify wiuild djenui I t'u i tl.ty 0; Lu g im-
riMi'llt':"' 'ii' rm: ' lor oiv.
1 tie rnj'cr neo'ru ii'uir. .n;er's in it f, n pioees
I uriiliei y aud a oouia ;uou ami p-isonrs, iim r
ke battle, aero condn ti. l f cu t .j.:oit. ti vcu
.uiulrul ot tr.e pil-uiiOi -; bs.vesLn oii'acued War
ei.sbuii;, our infoi niaui. t.ivs, and will heiTinti
rrivo in hi. Louis to-day or to-tnoirow. l lm
-.boon muj l,k"wiier-.4t Ii cbis ' ty nine pieces
nereumiiiing piece la In l'i llm p s.c,iniol
'd Arkanma (Inioni ( a'rv, ( olonel John H
'helps, whou perinanoni st itn n is at SiiriinnelJ.
le thinks as many as two H.du-.iu'I prisoners
nd iliscrti rK were tukeu ut lml jp' n Jenee, 1,'ttlo
nine, anu ineusnio, tue uru uer part at the O-.i
.'rice destroyed bm inula tiainof tao iiunJic.l
jivseoDS at ibo hitter place, and when pursued
iia strnci riy onnoonrs isrigano m japer
ounty a day or two afterwards, ho destroyed
.itv nioie.
Tbo Keiicl force amountoJ to 1,1.000 to 19,000
nen at tho Osage, a portion ot whom were not
omed. They left "Old Pup "by hundreds, nurt
nine into the l edetal lines, and declared thai
ley bad been conscripted in tho Rebel rimlis
crcc ro nve thousand stunus or small arms, lost
r thrown away by the retreating too, were seen
altiieo ovtr the country by lUe pursuing Union
i mv.
lho tavaliy i-Iivi-lon which so braivly won the
ctii n hud not more than live, thous '!1?, m-.m e.A
need. 1 bu men were so inteut uoon Durout
nd victory that they had no rations lor a period
I niiy-ti((iit Hours, iuu Liuou loss was tnrea
uudred und tilty to four hundred killed the
Itcl'tl loss tupposed to be still Kiuuler, but not
ecurately ascertained. Price passed wlilun live
lilrstf Fort Scott, but had neither leisure nor
I'Cliiiuiiou to muke a ruid upou that place.
Among onr captures were annul three hundred
nd tilty tieadot sheep and cuttle, that the Rebels
,ere driving til South, aud a cotisidurablo nuua
er of horsts.
One of the most promim nt of tho prisoners
alleged that Price's whole force, at thu time be
idvanecd Into aluscurl and Arkansas, numbered
en thousand men, and by tho time be took up bis
ctrtat southward, be bad received in recruits ten
thousand more.
Haruiaduke is described as having opposed the
iiovement into Missouri, on the irround that
liothitig eonld be accomplished that would all'cct
tbe linal result of tbe war. On the march down
itowaids Arkansas, he and Cabell were assigned
ho tbe duty of protection the rear, conslstiug of a
ititavy waguu usib woicn retarded their movt-
mtiiU, ana wuicu should have btea destroyed
before thry left the Misyuri river.
Tin rc were other imtied nientji in lh form of
il roves of c!t c horses, and -lo'pp.ttuit prove 1 to
be icrions obstacles to lbir inar' h. when tin)
'aek comnienecil, his division wns spmnl over
a line of hlte. o inlb s In lench, w th I'l iceiri l
tho ro-t ( f the arm y a eont i,!' ra'-li disauee iu
u ivanee ; so far tl at tho- u ndi'S l him no aid
wfa cver to rep. th b' .le.-il :ut.,ie(. His
dlviMim, lhrcl,iie. v 1 1 I' .n t by the V. . oa
rsvary, and cut on. l'i mught for firiy eynt
hours, but wh.lci .lir 'ci. ii.' a ..unter ibi'v'.', he
w is enptnred, ti .' I h r villi Oeneral L'it.,l, ,iul
their in i n ii' io ram.
lie thinks that lb.-, e or f hnn Iri'd f :!i ill
f II intii l-'.il. rai hnnil-'. Ano-h 'r c ii ;e of enn-In-
i m win so runny of Ins meii bc.u : ilr"-- .d i n
cuinui'til Te'lor il uniforms, .viii '!i novo i' J I 'lini
a d li'M elbe' r1'. at eri' per; i.N, f. om di-lin-pubins
the I'ni. n trco.s from bis own. Hi
rode on one oecili inn within tifty j urvls ot' a b.aly
nt the l. rini r, ordered them to ee .imi lirinv". and
U.d not (lis -ovfr '.hit tliey wi re not bis o.v;i m m
until he fon n I him-e f a prisoner in Hit ir lita I.
CiEcii. Sliernians Aray
Kcpuke of Rebah whila Attempting
to Cross the Tcunossees
Sherman Moves Ono Corps to
Opposo Hood.
Nahhvimv., November !. On the 3d Inst., the
Rebel army under Hood attempted to cr -s tne
TeniicHsea) river at the mouth of tho lllao Wator,
and wcro repulsed by the Kodcrul awny under
Ucneral Kherinan with considerable loss.
rho corrcsponJent of tho New York Tiiit't
gives the following account of tho last engage
ment ociwrcn Herman anil uooa :
Nasuvii.i h, N'ovcmlicr I. My last letter Con
cluded by givini? yon the information that niter
spirit) d skitinl-iiiiig lii twcen our a lviiiicc and
linod's rea,', wheruin tho latter lost some lour
hundred prisoners, lloo l t entire army made a
lin-ty retreat below Somerviilo, taking two ro ids
in the d, ret ton of Coosa river the enemy's new
base ol supplies. It wns thought by this that tne
Rebel coiiiimin.ler hud abandoned his srheine of
moving upon our rear, aud portions of our ar nv
rcctivi'd orders to take up th ir line of march lor
cliiferent positions upon the (ieorgia railroad.
Iti-c nis, However, that lloo l, mime li lt )lv
after procuring supplies, made a notthwesiurn
hieuk, and on the .dtu utiimo Ins advance lot 1
pi nttiaied Aluli una. ( il Ciieatbam. of this
city, commanding it corps, led the advanee, and
encamped on the morning of lb 27th ultimo, at
a joint About thirty tn-los west of tho Suite line.
The fnmo stay the bulk ol Stewart's nud Leu's
Corps arrived, a'.d tho whole lorco ro-utned its
line of march, pn.'sitig through Lebanon. Ala..
Hint rocht.
Not ithsfandin;; Uiod's situation m.17 seem at
least awkward, If not critical, really he may con-
mier iiimscu sure io long as no contents himself
in latitude fourh of tho 1'cnnussee. river. Of, tho question naturally suggests itself,
iv'hutgood will result (mm his tarrying'iu 4 region
of tleseit, with a base ut least ttliy mile's away i
Tho fact is, lie docs not mean to tarry long,
at.d us soon as be is again supplied (and this time
evoiythuig bo receives must bo wagoned from
Talladega), be will attempt something sharp and
rapid. This bo must do. It is o rt.iiuly nouarui
for me to say, what every ono will readily guess
ei pcihilly when our entire railroad and to '
giupbic con. nun. Iratlon is complete with ull
points aud with all po lions of our armies that
llootl's movement are known and vigi'antly
wsti licl, iii.'l ilui; liei nnm is rc.tily to strike if
the opportunity souglit tr.i-is.iir ;s.
Atttr in ally a wear's labor, tho Corifoderaey
has siieciedt d in repain.-ig all Ilio Missis.-ippi aud
Alan.mi.i iailro.e s; nl, in c.isjll iol slioibl
deem it expedient, ci her trim compulsion or
strategy, to retreat, a multiplicity of safe points
in Ins fear tiro prc-cntt d. I believe, however,
that it ho crosses the 'J ennedseo river, his army
is lost, unless hulnut made preparations loroeross
nt I liirence, in which chho ho would move into
TiibniniiiRO county, Mississippi, where another
butch of sunplics would reach at Corinth or
liitnzl, as the Mocilo and Omo railroad is in
running order from J.ii'into south.
JiU'. Davis promhed Prank that hii
corps, largely composed of Tciinesseeans, with
many Kciitucklsns and Northern Al.ibmnians,
should trcud sgiiin thu soil of Tennessee, aud it
may be pos-inle that a desncrato attiunin to)
capture cither lluotsvilie or Uecatur will bo in
dulged in. Hie niov. ni' iiis of I nam U. Harris
und General Koire.-t i.i tni'' ronnecltoii uresisoiti
uant, the oeiuils of which I witi jjivo yoa un i ir
the proper b ad.
Tbnt Hood's entire army Is south of, anl in
close, proxiinit) to, the Tcui.css.m river, is a f..ct
wi rtby id no louder prjtiac.tul coucualiiieut.
'Itnii Sheru hii is of the iniuutost ilatapi of
tte designs ati'l ili-pos:Un ol bis cutinin;; adver
Miry , mukt lie ria'.ur.illy . o'.juc-iucd. V'o aro all
on luctyio rice lor "soitietliing io turn up
(ler.eal Roussemi ree.'ueo n lengthy despit.'h
tins n on in.'.', whli'h is n e I ir;t tvotii II :o i vlili
limy lie ton.d it d as,tiilg I't-lliloiilty.
No piuiits north of the iVnii"'--eo river havo as
yt lee'i nt'acki a or '(' I' I" by any portion of
Hood's artny. i.:utj.;il )1iaij;;ei', I'ost-t' iiuuisu
iltr at ilcietur, teiegi ipus mat lLod bus his
enliie army ut a shoi i i'i iii'i e from the river,
and mills that lie is Icing abuudautly s lpliej
fo m 1 .ilia J. ga.
l!o also liaLirn'.s t:. intelligence, iloriv.'d
fiiuii gi n' leu i u ot k i'. aii loyalty ajd re'l ib'li'y,
Ilia' lie. ml lias hii army, cjn-istinj of about
llrily tiiomaml nun uiid loitylivo pji ce of
Rilill' ry, iu icadii i e to uio'it, and to it th i ou
pr. ss;oi. rOe wa.-, that In; v. ild cross tin riitr
upon p. .i loor.s at a point: i ailed lialnbrid :.'.
Altl.oii.h tbe sources of inloriuati ni aro tair.
Ihls i oil doe- not e on to a taen to ifs.;f' niin-Ii
in, ! i tie il I iu y j id ..i b tiie utter oisii jj nd
Willi which it was im". iv .1 i.t i,e.i..ii ircra
Iit.-.i i it u and otic i s w;;o h '.v.; at rived hero say
that i orisi i Iptiou oti'i rs aei .ininnny tlio urmy,
anu that the "grub g.i.ia " is dc. ."ded.y sweepim.
Y mi 111 und oits .ue are not t.iktu iut i ncc mat,
11 tne vutiiiis are tio.ig en nigh to sh oul uir
a liiiisUcl. As an i. i.;t, bo v.vcr, niiiiierous
ileieiiions nre recor.led. A oosrrlcr at Caption
Cli odwbi's, this moi ni'n', seemed to tell the truth
when lie sta'c.i that iinniy wi t li,'ht before
thy run away; but that if Hood tails to acton,.!;-Ii
bis pni pose, ami is forced io ret ire from
Atl.tns, Alabama, nu uvalan. io of deserters lw
lonuing to ibat se lion, und t Tennessee ami
Kentucky, will Iind their wy into tbo PeJoral
tint a. As to food uml clothing, deserters and
prisoners geiuially admit that they have a
rutin lency of both j and it is u curious fa.'t, as fai
ns 1 am concern) it, that nearly ull tho prisoner
that 1 buvo seen, uuiing three years of war in
this section, iiiTlvu within our lines substiititiuUy
cl"thc. I, uiid w ith half tilled huvcrs.icks.
Ot ti -mimes the Rt-b -1 soldiers ure ponr'y shod
und, by the way, oe, asionally, many of o ir
uu:ii rs i!i(.s iL. ir n .o uon .,n,...,-i
ii I'engcii cnis M e slniiio of boots au sliy;s.
h.'iw.' j t to hint a piiva'e toldier from the Jt-jbo!
uiiny who poostsot-a a very vivid re.oliecCi..u ot
a a muster. The llebJls in urius, nun inn
while, get u little uioiiey, in many instances of
sen ices rendertd in the turly history of the war,
I. ut the system of regularly, or irregularly made
pa) ui tuts to the Confederate soldiers, is an insti
lutii u which long ago ceased to exist.
A squad of dcseiters, with whom I eonversod
this morning, ull of whom belonged to Louisville,
and who deseited when Hood foil bock from
Resit, a, say that Frauk Cheatham assured his old
division, a few days Ik-I ore the movement upon
our n ar, that he should see them all paid oil' in
greenbacks in the city of Nashville before the 1st
ol December, and that on Christmas they should
wlui In Robertson county whisky. Prank has
bteu swimming In it for idinya roar so tho
Nathville people say,
Since my last our pickets have been attacked
and driven In near Decatur three times, and upon
tao occasions clever little tights were the conse
quence. There are various conjectures alioat in
military circles a lo who commands these attack
ing partien. It is generally believed that bo por
tion of Hood's army bas as yet made auy demon
stration In this particular direction.
Some report that Dick Taylor, with a force of
10,000 men and two batteries of artillery, is
Kovipg into Northern. Alabama, and t&M Lo is
already In supporting distanco f Howl, wiih
whom he is to e in bis coaimand. Il seems to oe
pretiv g -lit rally un li r-to l th it then) is a. f ire
of Ri lv s mi I i or creek, b it what ih tir s. rem; h
or inttiiti -n i. i o one n-.'ii.s to know.
In all probability the ntticks iion lo-attir
W) 40 nnn e by de'aebments (roui I'Onoral R Id 's
cnnitnai il. On Frilav niu'tit last, ibo tlrst attn. k
was n. ml. , whieh wis liin.l-onie y renul-e I by
C dtrel xlor;'an, coninoimllng a colored rcgnne. ,
Tho Heb Is rude into onr sklrm'sh line w th
d ivn sa' res, und wi h a veil dashed to vaM:
Our line if bit'le. Acor I ng to t'llnvl Mn--ga
's rej oit, tho regiment tired a vol into t ie
party, iinln tsin0- tiny of lioin, a tinr I ol hoin
w re Uiile.l.
Nn'.h-ng datinte l, however, the exits i ri".l
sui vn ors iii'ihed into ibetiaym ts o tiieiif.i.e
biaek -, who, atier a Imlf h nir's i'ks iinr, - i'-)-.
edc.t in repulsing inc ilc-pei ol , s. af er k d ling
ami on mi i ng some ei -:bty ol ibeiu, a id a;ilni-.'n
ion' hundred and lor y.
tV'oiH'l MO'iian w .s Again '.i 'c o.i S i.i I j
iimriiitu', ami main re u:cil the al'm king p ir ,
ai-el cipturtd a Ic-v prl-oueis.
l h.-, is iii both thrills, on th' !'. did side, , .'
p.oha ly reach three hundred in allied, w iiii n:d
and i nsoners. Our own loss ainn-nxim u -s a
Ii m ired in killed and wouinln l, in.iii loi I. u-t'-i.stit
V'ooilw-.riii amonir the I .r tier, an I I. i
teusuts llilli n and tS.uilsiiurr among t. e 1 i.ter
sevei -by.
t In Sa ut 1 iv, quiie a l.irr f ir.'O atuck.'l onr
pickets al n g the bne ot raiir.M.I I) iAe:n l)i
ca'ui- iind llnntsville. Onr ibitt.s were tir
tlnv. n in, and, in company with ihn infiivy
pii ki ts, ke,-t up a liVi Iv skirniisu with the 'iii"iny
un'll (irner al Uranger arrive ) wiiti a liri r l i o
infantry. Mo rapid and sh irp w is tne in ive n. n
)n the part of the general, that ho rout-d toe
whole force iu great diMirder, driong it in scat
tcred I'riffments a-ross C press creek.
Here ibe Rcmds wero reinforced w.t'i a regi
nunt of Inf oitry and a section of artiliorv ; ti lt
before they had time to attack us, tteunral llo'i
(ranger aclin moved upon thu party, driving
them in gic.tcr eoufu-ion than Is'tore, and .-!-tuilngover
a hundred prisoners, and two nieces
of artdlcry. Our loss was trilling comparer! w ith
thu enemy's, on account of tho celerity and suc
cess of our movements. I uu.lersta'id that w.'
lost a colonel, killed, but I c mid not learn Ins
mo KAsr tl!ni:ssi:k liHini.i N 1 vn ronv or nii.i.r.M.
Itninedintc'y after Iturhridge's def at a' S ilt
yille, ( ii neral (iilleui wa4 .nl visinl ol tbo heavy
n infon crnents sent Into T-nness r.', ami the
rhi'iigo of commanders, lie therefore tell lin k
from Oreenville t Hull's (l.i, w hu h latt rpln-r
is .'.ti miles from Kuoxville. At this place a por
tion i t bis forcts weie teiii Mirarily deiuelied, and
he g in tell bsck to Morri-t iwn, a pleasamiy
loealtd vi.l igo il miles troni Kno eville.
The Rebels followed him up elo-ely, an 1 eu
tleav)ired to iiiakodi'iuoiistr nious up in his tlauks.
The bink of the army n.nler Oeneral Va ughn,
consirtiiig of three brigades, he aseurUiinod to be
between lin-siwillo and Hull's (lap, and a1 so
ascertained tliat the p irty annoyin ; him ar M ir-
riNtonu was a sunill hngiile, comiiiiuleil by
Colonel Day.
On the '.nth, therefore, (leneral (iit'em ordo i d
bis wb)le foD-e to lull ba'k to ssmnllrown oberl
'lu'bott'i, ns a feint, tit the same tiiuu pl.u-ing
Colonets I'u'S n-'and Krowniow's rei'imeuts in a
po.-luou to deliver sonic srunntng blows in csso
thcincniy should lie so unwise us to hurriedly
That's Jnt w hat the. enemy did, an. 1 when within
half a mile of town. Parsons and limwnlow
turned lhcii-couiiir.iiu1s ubieii ami m ule a lurious
dash into the boweis of the R be I brig ole, driving
it in contusnm nine nines, Killing i.oionel II iv,
11. e commander, c ptuiing about forty pri-onnrs,
and killing and ivuiiiiding about thu s.iuio niiui
Imt, aiiioiig thein a brother of Colonel Day and a
After the disaster to Col mid I),y, Omorai
(iillem made a disposition of his forces In ami
arouud Moriistown, with the calculation of
making un attack upon two brigades under
Vsughn, which wero looted at Russollvllle, six
miles distant, respectively coinuiandod by
Colonels Ross and Duke.
Vaughn anticipated Oillein, for on tho mo n'n,'
ct tbo 'JK'li he drove lu our pickets anil drew up
In lino of bittlo about a half a mile of town.
About a half hour had expired, when (ieucr il
Otllcm moved ont his fovroj in lino of battle, with
his tlauks covered by t wo regiments with sahros.
As soon as tho lines met at a lighting ills' am-",
Gillcin gavo an order lo charge , when the centre
pouicd a dreadful volley into tlio R-ibel Hue, one
reelinent being armed wi'h tho Spencer ri lo, and
tho regiments armed with tho saoro daihc I Into
tho eiinlused enemy, amidst a volley of grape
from M ('lung's celebrated buttery.
The charge was so well p'nnne.l, and oxocutc l
with inch masterly gallantry, that before tho
guns wine tiled a largo portion of oor men wcro
nt the bicnclics of them, and. 111 un instant after,
the battery aid Its entir j complement of oltl crs
and men wero cnnturcd.
I!y this time tho whoio foreo wis rotreatlnij in
greet disorder, and Clencral (iil'eiu and his com
mend in close ptirsui'. During th cha-o thu
siilnc was used to gnat ndvuntige, an I the pur
suit was ki pt nu unt'l our forces passed far
beyond Russolvilln. Tho suinmiiig np of this
atl.iir gives it a tone iiiisin passid by any cava'ry
or inluntry light (luring the war.
The light ami pursuit lusted vigorously for
marly lour hours. Our cntlro loss was nine
killed arid twen y-ono wound -d, tbo lat or
Including two ollieers. Tho Rebel loss is sevou'y
killed aud two hundred wounded, all of whom
fell into our bauds. Wo captured three hiindrad
pre oners, Inclniling (.'olontl Ito,s, c oniinaii.ling
br'gsde, two Majors, six C iptaios, and Ihirtean
l.iiitci'nt. Wo also cap'urel tho celebrated'lung's battery, and cais-ons iinrlo'e, with
out injuring it or the horses ait.iehed to it Jn tho
Corierp-'ntteiift1 of the Vi ii -tnnati tirnniffinl.
Hour, Oa., October .10. The promise male
Hood's ui my by J- tf. Davis readers it uccr-s try
tint tin lr " eet ahould again pros tho solid'
Teirnes.-ee." 'I'o I'onip-iss ibis import int pejal
nci.i ss.ity Hood, no donb', is endeavo ing to cross.
V e "nave giHid rvidouce that he has all th.ue of
his eoips wi'li In tho mtanlime the inilit a
Ol (ieorgla, their sor.'.'hum gathered, uro lining
rtinars lolled to drive the 2 I'h (torps iro n Atlanta,
probably by a grand Hanking movement, for
whi 'h militia are admirably culcul.i'cil.
Now Sherniau is averse to permit 11 o I to havo
the pl.umbig of his tall campaign, and so day
In Ii re ye-1. rd ly he broko up camp west of Ho ne,
and while the took up Iho line of inarch (or
Cbatt iiiorga rho headed -o'lihw iril for
A'hu .ta, win ro they will arrive Nov. uioer I or
Sherman thcref. ie ignori the exlstem!'! of
Hood's army, lo tbe extent of live heavy cje is,
which, we ir.ay bo sure, will Dot bu idle. Tho
4 ' It 1 lorp-, 1 lincial .Stanley, ill bo In iV-i'.ur,
Alul amu, by iho tiuin this reu. b"S y ui. It pro
reciis on loot, via I.ntinctte and HumvIIIo to
Cl att.inoi .i, where trains lor Dee it ir a vntit.
Tl opayiuasters have rea bed Ail i it i an l will
pay the trooj s tin re txiforc they flinbark m any
luilher movenn nt. Tho late pursuit has e in
i nc. d Mierimm that ho can ni ne ugrottdi -tamo
into tho enemy's territory ami suo.i-t
mainly on foraging.
llond, li.irrc.iitcr. will fight troops nn ler eo-n-ninml
of (ieneral Thuiims ( who is still ut N i ti
villi'l. if he lights at all, utidiheio cm ho u i.lnu
coniforting to the enemy in tho staium -nt that he
will Und an army of Cuited States soldiers ti
prevenl him treading the soil of t) a
reckless extent.
-i(it In Tht Ev'hin(j Tttfjrarih.
BimiMoiti:, November 7. All public, interest
is now absorbed iu the election which comes otr
to-nioriow. liotU parties aro active. Uevordy
Johnson is out lu a published opinion, advising
all eppenents to vote ut every h izard, nudtUrctt
cuing the, iutlgcs wliU suits and Imprisoniuent if
tbcy overate,: y, hatt'Vcr ho think their duty. bu opinions me uitiuon: reliable
tln-.n tboio of many of the judgi s.
The Southern sympathizers uro aetlvo (u ti'y
im; to mnrslml their forces to poll a heavy vote.
The judfc'cs have determined to take good care of
all such. The ttist-oaih Is to be adininlbtcreU to
every voter, rcgcrdlcss of party, aud also the
other oath requiring answers to such questions
as may be propounded. Those who cunnot show
a clear record will surely bo rejuctcd.
General Wallace and tbe cavalry will take care
of Individuals who show their bands or attempt
to create trouble.
You can put Maryland down nra for "Lincoln
by ten to fifteen thousand majority." 1- reedom
oever goes backward. Many liberated slaves
from lb oouutie are coming here getting em
ployment. Its New lark r.lxlloa.
A 2-ii any, November T. Governor Seymour
baa issued a writ of election by proclamation, aj
provided in the Constitution of theUnitesl States,
for the election of a representative in the Thirty
eighth Congress, for tbe First District, in place of
Henry Q. Btebblni, resigned. Tb election will
be mid on luttdff, ISoTvmber
IIo is ssif-ncd to Cotumtaud tho
Military of tho Stato,
His rrnpeiratious to Suppress All
Disloyal Outbroaks.
Tie Instructions of Superintendent
PCcnnedy to tho Metropolitan
Tolico Foreo.
1! rvi.iirAiiTi.iis, Crrv or Xnw York, Novem
ber", sil. In ola'dienco to the orders of tno
rre-iilent, and hy the assignment of M lior-iiene.
ral Dixy coinnianibiig D-pirtmeiit of the Kast,
Miiir-n. m ral ilutler assumes c iinin in I of tbe
troops Knlving and ahsvit to arrive, detailed for
duty iu the Mate of New York, to meet existing
To xirrvoi misapprehension ; to soothe the fours
of tbe weak and timid; lo the nervousness
ot the ill advised; to silence all false rumors
circulated by bad men for wicked purposes,
and to contradict, on -e for all, false etatu
mi nts adapted to injure tbe liovorntuetit in tho
resH ct and couhdeuco of the pooplo. tho Com
manding (Jcni-ril Lakes occasion to declare that
In o s have been detailed for duty in this district
si tilcienl to preserve tho peace ot the Uol ed
S'a'cs, to protect public. pro'rtv, to prevent and
punish inclusions into our borders, and to in-uro
calm and quiet.
If il were nut within tbo information of tho
OoM-rnmi nt that raids, like in quality and o jet
to lint made at St. Albans, were in contcmpl i
ion, there could have Iweti no nce.vs.-ity f r pre
ihiitionary preparations.
The ('( mmaiKliug tieneral h is been p iiii.'d to
see publications by some not too well-informed
per-ons, that the presence of tho troops of the
I'nitid Mates might, by possibility, have an
tiled upon the tree cxercf-e of the duty of vuting
at ti e in suing cneuon. rsotiiing could bo lur
ther Irom the tiulb. The soldiers of the United
Sta'cs are specially to see 10 it that there is no
Interference with the election, unless tho civil
authorities are overcome wi;h toreo by hid inon.
I ho armies of the I'uiled .-suites are "ministers
f good, and not of evil." They are safeguard
i f constitutional liberty, which is freedom to do
light, and not wrong. They can be a terror to
t-vil-doeis only, aud those who fear them are
aei ii-cd by Iia ir own consciences, according to
il o inspiration of his own judgment freely. He
will Ie protected iu that right by iho whole
power ol the (Joveiumeiit if it shall become
At the polls it Is not possible exactly to separ no
t ie illegal from the legal vote "tho t ires from
t ie wheat" but il is pos-oblc to delect and punish
t o fraudulent voter niter tho election is ovor.
F. autluient voting in election of United Sr.n, h
oil cer- is an olli nso against Iho peace and dignity
id the Unfed .states. Kvery man knows whether
be is a iluly quahtiod voter, and ho who votais,
not being duly qualified, does a grievous wrong
against light and knowlodgo.
Specially is Irniidiilent voting a tic idly sin and
a heinous criine, deserving eo.idujn punish. iiuul
in thee who, having rebelliously seceded from
und repudiated their allegiance to this Oovorn-m-nt
when at their homes in tho South, no v
having lied here f.r an asylum, abuse tho hospi
til ty of the State and clemency of the f torero
mi nt by Interfering in tlio election of our rulers.
Such men pile rebellion upon treason, lire ii
of lull Ii upon p.-rjury, and forfeit the amnesty
accorded them. It will not bo well for them to
to do. Hy command of
Mi'jor-Oenoral IIrnjamin V. Hi' n.i'.n.
Ciptain A. 1-. I'ulley, Acting AjsC AJjt. elon.
Niirrlult'U)leS. li.nu1.yH Inisti iiftlmis)
lo I Utt 1-oilee.
Ol S'lOlt )ll' Til ti Ml l'KllINTKNUKXT OS' I'ol.llE,
No. lull Mi i.iikkrv SnisiKT, Ni.w Vohk, October
tin, lbiit Ry thu Iii suction of act eutiilod "An
a t lo amend an act entitled an net to establish a
Metroi olil.iu l'oiiie district, aud to provide for
the (.ovi rim, Hit thereof," p issed April Id, 180,",
ia-sid April 10, 1HW, passed April Jo, lsbl, i; Is
p. oi ded,
That it h ill not bo lawful for any persin ti
I II or di-j.o'e of any intoxicating liquors upon
sny day ol public election, within the said M i'r
lsolitan l'olice distrn-t, undor a penalty of lif .y
dollars tor each olleusc ; to be sued for and re
cover) d in tho name of tho Treasurer of the
Metropolitan l'ollcc, for tho beueUt of tho polio
The jo b section further provides that
It shall be tho duty of the police force, or nny
uii uiIh r thereof, to prevent any booth or box, or
structure for the distribution of tickets, at any
election to I e erected or maintained wittiin ono
tiuoiited and hityfeetol any polling place within
the cities aioii said, aud to summarily remove
itny such booth, box, or structure, or close aud
pn v. in tbo uso thuruof.
The f. rty -third section further declares that
It shall I e u misdemeanor, punishable by im
pnsi anient in the county lail, or in the ci y anl
canity ol N w York in thu penitentiary, not less
than ono year, nor exceeding two yo irs, for by a
line, not 1--s than two bund red and fifty doll irs,
f r any p. rson, without justi.'ia'no or exeu-ablj
cause, to ii e or to incite any other person to nso
pi rsoiuil violence upon nny e'ee-or on any elec
tion day in the Metiopoii au I'olii") dlstrl.-t, or
upon any ineiiibcr of the p ilieo force thereof,
when in the ltch lrge of liisdttv; or fir any
number ot the police forco to Wilfully neglect
making any ariest for any oll' use aga nstthe law
of tins State, or ordinmces in for -e in the said
iii ti let ; or lor uny person not a member of tho
police force to falsely represent himself as bein
such member with a fraudulent design upou
I ersons or properly.
Tim police ol the M -tropolltin l'jlieo disriot
nre specmly required to seo that tho above pro
Visions of law mo carried into etlect.
John A. Kunnkih, Superintendent,
riubf. (. i-riiiiirut I riiiisiir(si Itilriissil.
CiNi-iNSSii, Nove.mlser 7. T'he I'nmm -rrht!'t
.l.bii.-o-.Mllo, Tcnnt- see, correspondent
en nt sic. -mho us loaded with ' iovorumont st ire
were burned there to prevent thein fio nliilititf
Into the hands ul tho Rebels.
I'iri- In iv ItriiitMwIels.
Sr. Jonv, N. IL, November Tho (;!.'' and
Itnixiili prin'lng olli.'es were destroyed by liro
yc ttrdiiy moining.
Iroofis fur ltutlirM I'roilslousl Army.
Ni.w Youk, November 7. live transports
loaded with troops arrived here this morula.
U-ii'ral Frtrly K iorleil at STow VtaiUol.
11 m .iiMoim, November 7. The announoomont
that Oeneriil Snctidan is falling back to Winches
tcr Is without fuunilution. Sheridan's army was
never in a more tavuiawo position, or iu ociicr
JiitUlirg trim.
Mnrliclo ly Teli'trah.
Ni wYohk, November 7 ri"Uf H linn, with
, .. ia, ,,.,i, at i.,ilhll ni f,', i n- n-ate; Hi) n -'
I , r in iine tl !.-l-r' l"i' SK,i.tii.Tii. w-hi'at tlrai : ab;s
i , .,-. on. t: an adi ancslle. i ..( in ''"''
i.i fis. net' nnn J'eri- 'I'"''. ' tll'-Lt'W- Luia -i; vjl'.c VMlk Sad.
Ni-w Youk. November y-trk are lower;
Cl.leslS'0 Slid Mima. IfO'i'l ',""',"''''lrs?, ''uinan
M'i lllllielM JVnirsl. lSl 'to hoials. I.lll Mielllsaa
6ui tle-ni, 7 ; : New nrk lleolrsi. lie.', ! t'eimsj I; "''',.w. i "iT1;!,, -I,,!.0.s"u'.u,j
KsiiT. :nK : KrHi, PsV,' ! ono- Year IVirllllealM. 1 10 '.
fil';r .,'espelil. 101 ; C..p.s. ll-fl, ( (juMl opsiusl at
2S l", ttll Ui ll. swO rose at'sin to
ii ..,.. v,.vemiiAr 7. Flour heavy, with
SdlliVli rteuo'entfi W-e.u.rll fstrs. U-e'.", Whsaf
ami, will price, frtes'iilar. Wlil-ky dull, l 7sl 7s
lutfoe nrunual s'lvaurlnt i mo. iJu.
A brow-beating counsel asked a wltnosa
how far he bad been from a certain place. "Just
four yards two feet and tlx inches, wat tbe
reuly. "How camo you to be so exact, my
friend ?" "llecause I expesrtod some fool or other
would wk me tbe question, so I measured it.
Cowflimhit to AuF.mcAH Pwra CowHTg.
Sir H. Collier, the Solleitor-Oeneral of hngland,
baa been addressing his constituents at Plymouth,
and iu tho course of bis speech he adverted In
favorable tonus to the decision! of the American
rriw; Court. He aid the American Judge had
paid the greatest respect to the decisions of tbe
lJritih Court, and to those of their own, end.
upon the whole, their judgment had been well
considered, and given wi delre 10 do J'oe.
Tbi rcmaik was greeted with luud applauiw.
Tho Position of Genorala
Sherman and Hood.
I.ortsvit t i , N ivemb'T ti. Scraps of relinble
infommtion from below eonli mo to Indl 'a'e th it
Sherman's position is pertY.-tly s ntlsuetury to
himself and all who uniler-dnnd it. Tint Sher
man is equally satisfied with Hood's position a id
the developments now progressing w ill n'totii-li
and delight, tho country, beyond this antioiiiKO
u. tut what we have Is contraband.
The Viiiurnl contains an nceount of tho
evacuation of Jobu-ouviilt', yesterday, by the
l' commandant, who is nlso reported to
have dcs'rnycd ail tho trail -ports ami gunboats,
to preicnt their filling into tho hands of a reiu
foiccd enemy. Tho particulars lire meagre, and conlll' ting.
Ni.w Y'oiik, Novcmlier 7. The steamer . .Vrty
biings Havana dues of tho 2d.
Advices from Mexico say that General Dob
Lido was told bo was at liberty to return to his
country, but that hid property was suhioct fo tho
determination of Maximilian. No news hnj
been itcilved from Santo Domingo. Large num
bers of sick soldiers, however, eirue from there.
The blocksdc-runner Flora arrived from Nassau,
Octobir '-."J.
The llabama 11,-raUl of the Wth roports tho
arrival of tho liKuiee o. 2, from Wilmington,
and also that the steamers J'lorie and 1. .'. I'nj
got nsbore out-ido of Charleston.
The H'iin and Y'iih'sm.1'1 left that port on the
2P'.b, but have not born heard from. The l.wij
Ai ntifivnif and I'ii.iuo had arrived.
Tbo Nassau papers arc debating the idea of
Nsau being declared a free port, only cxa-tlng
nn Import ilu'y of 1 J per cent, on all goods.
Tlnrlnn lMflllr-iift.
New Yoiik, November ".The burk !lhil,
from Newport, reports having supplied the whal
ing barque Pioneer, on tho 2J Inst., with provi
sions, anil that the Plainer reported having been
boarded tho samo dav by the captain of tho brig
,1iit. si, from C.ipc de Verde for lloston, leaky,
mid short of provisions. Tho wreck of the
schooner Wtjiur was picked up olf Sandy Hoik,
on Saturday, abandoned, and was towed to this
pntt by a pilot-boat.
st- from t'Hlir.krnlit nml AiiMtrisliit.
San VtiANrisco, November 5. The monitor
f 'nuiifiicA will be launched on the liith Inst.
Dales from Australia to Aunust 22 rcpresont
that tbe colonies are much excited, on account of
the determination of the homo government to
continue the sending of convict there.
A n I'm km kit si.
0 uir at National Cihcth Mrs. Chides War
ner will open the grout National Circus, on Wal
nut stiect, above Klguth, on Thursday evening.
The building Is undergoing many handsome im
provements. Mrs. Warner has woe tho applanso
ol the people of l'hiladelphia, and from bcr wall
known e nergy we have no doubt at to her suc
cess in conducting so great an establishment as
tie National Circus.
Htatk or TiiirhMOMiiTMR To-day. Nix A.M.,
54. Noon, HI. Ono P. M., 67. Wind, S. W.
Political. A grand Union demonstration
wns held in Independence Kquuro on Saturday
night. Tlicro weio three stands erected for thi
occniion, which were all surrounded by members
of tho different ward organizations, who had
marched to tbe Kqnure, lu largo numbers, carrying
with them lanterns aud banners having appro
priate inscriptions.
As they passed throngh the illfferont itreets
fireworks were discharged into the opoti air,
illuminating the scene and rendering the occasion
one of nnusuiil grandeur. Some of llm wards
had wagons with them containing largo lanterns
w ith amusing aud characteristic inscriptions, with
sma I cannon, which were discharged at in ervals.
A number of buildings were also illuminated.
Sumo of the wards turned out in large numbers.
Auk ng thoso most prominent wero tho Four
ttcnih, Fifteenth, and Twentieth Words, who
appealed In very largo numbers. At tho close of
tl e met ting thcie was a liuc display of tiroworks.
Among the sjs ukers were the Hon. Charles
O'Neill, lion. M. Russell Thayer, Hon. John P.
Value, llon.Chaili stiibbons, Samuel il. Perkins,
David Paul JJrowu, John 1'rico Wo.hcrill, und
'1 he last grand rally of the Campaign Club la
the Twenty-fourth Ward will take place to-night
st tbo licuuqil irters of tho Lincoln an I Johanna
e nniinicn i mo, .siaraei s'reci, bikivo minr
third. J. W. C. O'Brien, D. P. Bouthworth, J. W.
lurrell, and Lieutenant L. C. Reeves will daliver
a-ldretses. Kvery eiticn who can be spared fio n
his p eclnet should attend.
The I'ni' n ladies of the fourth Precinct of tho
l-'lftei titlt Ward rain d A beautiful I! ig on Situr
duy afternoon, in Parrl'h street, bolmv Sixteentn,
wi b the mimes of ibe Union candidates tor Presi
dent und Vice-President inscribed lucroou. A
lino baud of nitisio enlivened tho event. The
romarks made on the occasion wero highly
approptiate, and tho enthusiasm was iutcuso.
Another, and the last of a s -rics of mass meet
ings, held by the Oerman l.'n ou Ciub of tti'S
i iii , c imootf on S iirday night, at Mochaulci'
II ill. Mr. 1'. W. Thomas was tad" I to thoch air.
licne-al Carl S -.hui. delivered a stirring ud.lro-s
on Iho momentous ipcs'lons of tho day, aud
reviewed the merits of tho two parlies now con
tendhig for the supremacy of the Ciovcrauieii;.
His pi e'eh, one of tho ublcst, us the froUoul
upplanse roved, deserves to be preserved, as o io
1 1 the best documents which this campaign Inn
brought forth. Tho iindiciice Immense, and
hundreds bud to leave, uot being; ablu to y.i in ai
m.ssiou. The ONK-irrNWiKD-ANn-NiNitTKKNTit Krmi
mknt. Thcllbthllegitucnt Ptniisylviinia Volun
tsOis, raised by Colonel I'.llmiikcr, djm com
manded by Colonel tiidoon Chirk, urrived In tlio
city on Saturday, having been ordered to tho
Noitlie-rn frontier. The regiment has participated
iu 601110 twenty battles, us a part of tbo .'id liri
gade of tho 1st Division, fith Army Corps. Tho
regiment wants about 10 men to fill its ranks.
This number will be at ouce recruited.
A CASEOi-aAiiiionxo. A man entered Gray's
rcstuurunt, lu Sixth eueot, above Walnut, on
Putun'oy uigbt.and alter gurroting tho bartender,
stole his pocket-book. Ho was arrested and
committed U unswor. His excuse for taking
tho pocket-bank- wus thut thu burtondor had
refused to give lilm thuiiiiO for a tiveuty-tive cout
Dukss r.vKAnt. A dress parade of tho veteran
regiments of the Mil Corps, recently ordered to
this city, will take place ut Cump Cudwalader this
aftci noon at 3 e'clock. Colonol Bassott, who has
el. urge of the brigade, will be In command. Tho
regiments composing tho brigade are tho 93d,
101th, lioth.and 138th Pennsylvania Volunteers.
A ItioTOti Female. During tho ?assuge of
tho Second Ward Union Club at Second and
Stunlty streets, on Saturday night, a female named
Ann Ntul amused herself by throwiug bricks,
and inciting to riot. The police etoppod her
amusement by a tale escort to the Station Uouse.
Alderman Lntz sent her to prison.
Citt Moutality. Tho whole number of
deaths reports-d at the office of the Board of
Health last week wot 300. Of tills nnmber, 223
were of the United btatea ; CO, foreign ; unknown,
17 1 from the Almshouse, 10: people of color, 21 1
from the country, 2. The dcsulu and InUirmenu
of soldiers were 47.
Payment of Citt Bonrni. Thli morning
the Mayor Issued warrant for the payment of
the city bounty to eight men. During last ween
the sum of $1W'j3 oO was disbursed by the
Commission having charge of tbe bounty luud.
Tint Citn'Nt T Ptrket liRinon. The work on
the mw Chemut ttrcct bridge Is prog csnlng
more tapldly nt tbo present thsn for nms txno
pas'. The delay In Its completion ha been
caused by tho iroti-woik not being Toady, tho
contractors having Iwcn waiting to place It In
position since July last. Another of Ihe nrlucipil of tli c ilehi'y in completing the bridito in a
shoit- r pi id d, was tho eiillie'ultv, almost Insur
mountable, of providing vessels for the transpor
tation of mati rials, in consequence of the largo
number taken up fur the (tovcrntiiont s rviee.
Mo-t of tho stone for tho nbu'meiits, fx -., was
brought Irom Maine, and the w ant of vessels and
tbo Inch r..tis of freights havo tended materially
to i inbarrass the coiitrac ors. Tho bill no
pending la'foro Councils, having pa-seel one
loam Ii, pro ides an appropriate u to pay tho c n
Iihi tois lor the In n work, being an amount du 1
ihrniln inhil'lon to tbo sum heretofore u.iprc.
Tieied. Tlio sirncnro will be both ornamental
al ii sub-taut al when oniplcte.
Sitooriso Arrant A young mi'l ntmcd
( I nrlis W. Walker was nrrestcd nt Thirteenth,
and Ca'louhill streets, oil Sa'urd iy nl-'ht, upon
iliciluirre of being drunk. When tho omcer
s.-. d bold ol him ho drew a pistol, and the
wni i. n was discharged. Ho was hold in sySM
laid by A'J,rmnu l'i mliinton, to answer t ie
charge of attempting to shoot the oillcer, aud for
cii'iyit'g concealed deadly wc.i,oin.
Muiing a distill li.tni c at a Is ger boer saloon at
Sixth mid Cl esnut streets, on S iturdity night, a
young man named lleorgo C. Co'llns ivss sh "t.
Jacob hetcbuin, ono of Ihe purticipint in the
tow, was arrested, and held for a further hearing.
M vunw. George Koss, who was arrested
and locked up by Officer Sitnler on Satur
day afternoon, bit a companion throu gh the nose
in a cell at Fifth and Chesnut streets. When
arrested lie bit tho Index finger of tho officer's
right baud, and drew a rovolver. The accused il
n despeiute fellow. It is said that ho was one of
the crew of tho pirate Sumter, and deserted and
gave valuable information to our Government,
lie w at recaptured and sentenced to bo hung by
the pirate Stuiuics, but again managed to ctloct
his escape.
Fast Yov-th. A lad of about seventeen inra
mers was arraigned before Alderman Swift, this
morning, charged with tho larceny of a horse and
wagon. A gentleman left the property In chargo
of the Imy, who was somewhat iutoxi at.-d at the
time. He jumped Into the vehicle und drove otf,
at the same time indulging In sundry other drioks.
When arrested he was beastly drunk, and win
unconscious of what bo was doiug. Ue was com
mitted to answer.
Coi ntbvman HonuitD. This morning Maria
St. Clair and -Mary Ann Smith were before Alder
man Jones, upon the charge of robbing a country
man of fifty dollars, Tbo verdant Individual was
enticed into a low den kept lu College avenue,
w here his fair fr ends soon managed to relievo
him of what few valuables he pos-essod. They
weie committed for a further hearing.
An Oi.n Thief in I.i mho. Edward Pcndletrm,
alius Dutcliy Long, is tho name of an old thief
who has just been out of prison a week or two.
(bi Saturday night bo was again caught foul. Ho
picked some man's pocket of a watch. Ho was
committed for trial by Recorder l-'.nca.
To Pl'KCIlAIKCkOTlllNOATLoW rillCFS, mk0
s s.'ltrtten frem r nr stork ol Kkaiit-mspr lUrinents. Wo
sir slllns sor.its e.iiuil In .tyls. .I', nrnlY stiJ iacs'.'c.if,
frvtn '.'. le .'.Ii .re etnt. tnuee llisri Is nns charge i r..r t'oi
same g.iMls innite to aoler. We tisvs all stylus,, and
l.rtre. nt C,oi!a--M.'n's, Youth s, anil Huis'. All oatl be
suliotl wlu.ui.i0eUj or trciulita.
DrSN-Krr A Co.,
Tower Ball, No. MH Market street
I.aiiikh' Fins. An elegant assortment at
CLoxles Osk.'orO A Hon-s.Ountineiitsl Itatel.
Ill ii K4, ftosTniiirru! ItorKC. th stout.
Mister Moans A C'oiiuianv.wuu price eloto mnkors:
I srruv In your cltty on sattenl.iv tutu puiinctiivalLy 4
hours after time, and the knachmen formed an arhnr of
whips foi ine walk undor, at the waif, and mo perllte
urssofscd prontistton tz astonusho n. I spose more nor
20 av era asked me ir I wanted 2 rids. As 1 alius ride
wrn 1 dont no ware I'm goin y , I perlltply roiused their
ciislntercsied luvliashan. On my way op otiosnut strcat
past yute stonr f saw sevoral soots for suljers, hire
Has of that fiend. frorlUar. abollshon ape. I.lnklu. In yarn
winders. On (llsnosln of my wearld lunn ou a huh slut
In the barorsire rum of sed tavern, 1 rote oft the totlurlu
poiue, which I dedlkate to ya i-
On JSerin a Sovt in JMoaJte4 Winder utuUr (As fiat
tinenlnh Bloo-koled monsterl thow (olst sttli,
Armi d with thy rtlle and sharp-ptntcd liavouet,
Vl'liose peeked end with Sutherln biud is wet,
I halt I tool snd mlnyun nv me Kortb I
Put od a lilniuiekrat tbciu cote and psuts,
fat In tils band a sun with neeked eend,
I't.en toot a flfe and be's a Llnkla teeud.
Who thirsts lor blud of dlmmekratle salats.
Aseiuster anacheral, by Nltfseiisia batcbett,
f housaoels and moar ol Olmekrats youv'e ilano
w boo 1 never rally i tbe poles sgalu.
To vote as wuns tliey Old, a tlkkit all uiL-kratchrd,
Avnnntt yoiowork our party Is andooln.
To us your kote av bloo moucs jest bloo raotn.
yures with sko;ii, A. V.
I. Arms Asti Ciiii.iinm's Hats. Latest Btyle
at cnarlet Oaktoid A aoii's, t'onUnenlal Hotel.
McCalu m A- Co. have two 1 ir.o and commo
dious tic res tor l tie sale and dlsplsyol Pjeir iHiaiitllnl new
and uiiifiuc tiesiKuf ol C'a'tioiinss. Tbeir wlole.,ai" du
iiMilu.eni Is sltiiateil just aliovo rbllh, on rhesant ttn-at.
So rsili and Pieir retail store, Ni.ohl lir.esnut strwu
Ts ov soake .1 an iu.luccuicnt er ulllcs und llaukf to pa
tr.iiiliai ihtul.
"A Rti rcii in Timb Savks Ninu." This is a
good iimitu at all .iuies, lull It ape'ics lln spm-lal l.iriss lu
jnircliaslns srv Ins m.uhn. s. Fur tills reas ei liny tho
lerei oe, ' sold as No. b.k) llliosnilt utrnet, I'lllladolpliU,
Id preterene.' I.i unv othi-r. ft is Ihi tiest st-ivla( iiiseiium
In the woild, and ts so prunonne.'d by liunilissds
.l 111" most iiriuillient litmlll..s In tne rlty, H 0 II ov
I ave Ll ein lu ue. Kvery insehliie sold Is warrs iUsI to
Slvesjtisrac I..II.OI 11. t' llions-y wlllberelulidlMl. Suinerous
fiimilles. Iii various parllniii -it Ilie e,,nntry, sfier Irylini
Bjini.y oibr niaeleaH. asve deci'led Ibat too"!- loreac" Is
bt'e.iu cwlai arisoa, uia ursi isiuny uia nau iu ine norm,
Zi i'iiYit Goons. A new display can bo seen at
tl"- si. K i-on.rr ol . reh oil.t stioesifj nlreeii ; toir 'I'irr with
a tint- ass, libieitl ul HO.illea soods.suitabU lor Ule suai.01.
Tiir Shkiiman On. Company will deliver ta
th'ir al'si.-ritju ul ili-k on sad after the l Atx
o( .s.ivt n.lif r.
'I t frc t.aly reiiani a f-w IlionsanJ shares ol' llns vatu
slilo . 'oinpsitv, tii.'yr.ivo l.nir wells la op r.ltt'i , and
tilt- U-t "11 it- p,-...tlli .a Uieni, anl It Is vury vjltiali e
l-.r ritlimtl Tneir uiltce is Nn. .'i.'l W.ilntit
uet-u rite stiitit i iiioii price ts now only ti tei per sltaru.
Pi rch ashin may rely upon potting the host
l-'tuti atCtnales UakiuidA Hon I. Continental UoteL
Tub Vauyino Tkmpkuatche op tub Season
Is racidiy pnaluccit colas, couh, and pulmmary ati'so
llel.s of all kinds. Ferions wl'.h weak lunes should bow
be especially careful ; aud what muy seem trilling coiishs
and colds ouvht to havo hamediale attention. The care
leMt Indttuiecce which waits for ''aculU lo go as it catas '
in niany cases lenultt hi laying tlte tss-ls of consa tuition.
For such utifcrl of one's Itsaltti Itn-r U ni excuse, as Dr.
Ii. J aitie i tkpectoraat i-aa be r.s lily jirjcurod, and Is
the standard remtniy lor at! coughs, cuids. Aui puini .aary
ait'trtious, lu loan estAlilislu-d re,mtattoii betus a snu-an-itre
of its ctiiraea'. Prepared only at So. Kij Chesuut
Gr.NTttrMi N's Hats. All the latest stylei nt
Charles Oaklurd A bou s,C'ontlanial JlotoL
To-Moitnow will end the most exciting political
cuuipa'Kii uf'llte ai't-. The result is M't.lovvu as a certainty
ty tvi-lytnily, of irse. Noitilns could lie more certain,
however, Irian llial lite best place In IbuU'K'Iplila to buy
tiie heal slid cheapest Cual is at W. W. Allen, Nu. VJ1 S,
iulti street,
riiOToanAriia of all stylo executed at D. F.
Keimer's elitllury. N.. CM Areli sfrtut. Superior Ill'o-fiJie
iliitiKi'ui'lis In oil e'.l.irsi beauUnil stylos ivuiytypct, aud
su;.erb callus dt vi.lwn
DisniiesT Cot'iiT Judge Stroud James DtitT
vs. Wlllisin li. Dotlson and John B. Adler. Au
action of replovin, arising out of a question as to
tho rent of the livery stubles on Prune street, be
tween Fourth and Fifth streett. The plaintiff
(l)utl) claims that ho is the owner of tbe property
by purchase at Sheriff's sale, aud therefore not
responsible for the reut sought to be recovered.
"litsTiiicT Cct-RT Judge Hare. Robert A.
I-rottyniun vt. W. J. Crans, executor of Jacob
Albright, deceased. Verdict for plaintiff, 617 dd.
Wni. A. Simpton v. J. 4 Is. W oodcoct
Verdict for defendunt.
Wm?H. Kern to use, Vc, v. Chat.T. Cornell,
ndtoasseet damaget as to Wm. & Jat. Bon
ttead. Verdict for plaintiff, m. ......
laivan a, Adamt vs. Johnl. llaal. Verdict for
P o'oei'rge Wunder and wife to nee of .aid wife
ti Joseph Cerniichael. An action to recover
damages for the cutting down Uy defendant of
certain thade tree on plainUiTe property.
J Coikt'of Qi at BEtsfOKi Judge Thomp
lom Thomas Boyd wat UU morning convicted
of bigamy. Hit first wife he married In Ireland,
twenty-nine years age, and hU eocond U thU
city last February. Unfortunately for him they
are both l Ull living, end confiuiiVed kim la court
Orrict or Tn KvainM Tatsaaans, . .
Monday. Dorember J.
The 'tock Market it ratlior dull thli mornintf,
with the exception of Coal Oil shares, which are?
more aelivo, and prlcct bctWr. M iple fihale sold
at 44, sn advnnre or 4; Egbert at t - MoSlhertT,
rj('fii McClintock, (1(; r.'iiladol',hia and Oil
Creek 2 j Rock Oil at 41 ; and ill at 0j.
(lovoinnient lamtls aro flrruor, with talot of
.V'-Msto notice at 101 J, coupons otf; and 10-40$
nt '.114 ; Cs of lr-Kl are quoted a'. KM-. r 107.
PeiinsyvBiiia fls are selling at O'tJ.' New City
Cs 1C2, nn 1 old do. at Ob,.
ltallroad shares continue dull but sta1y. Ttovl
Ing folilint V,;r, Pcnnsvlvanl Kvlroad at
(IS1, n slight tlevlinej nnd Camden and Aniboy at
l id, an advance of 4; 4"4 was bid for Little
Srhiiylkill;CO forMinehill; 30 for North Penn
sylvania; M for l.chlgh Valley) fti f ir Klmlrn
pri fcricd; ll.'i for Philadelphia and Erie, aud 48
tor l.ot g I-lnnd.
City Passenger Railroad sharet continue dull.
Cif'i was bid for Second and Third; 34 tot
tsprnco and Piue; 111 for Cbesniit end Walnut;
(it for West Philadelphia; 10 for Arch street!
'29 for Green and Coutcs; and 2'-J for Qlrartt
Canal shares are Inactive, and pricct aro rather
lower, with sales of Schuylkill Navigation
common at 32, which is decline; 7f was bid fot
Lehigh Nin Igatlon ; Po for Morris Canal common.
and 14) for Sus-qaehaana Canal.
Ia Bank shares there It more doing, with sole
of Farmers' and Mechanics' at 139; Commercial
at iu ; and Girard at 49 ; Ui was bid for Phila lol
pbia;nid 2bj for Manufacturers' and Mechanic'.
The Money Market continues easy. Loans oa
cull are freely itfcrcd at 6 OJ 7 per cent, per
annum ; prime paper It scarce, and quoted at 83 J
per cent.
Gold has declinod 3 f cent, since Saturday .
evening. The market continues dull; opening
at 24.1; fell otr, and (old nt 210. at 10 o'clock;
advanced and told at 241 1 a'. 11 ; 214 at 12; de
clined and told at 24114 at 124 P. M.
Beporud by Clarkson A Oct., Brokers, He. in 8. Thir4 It- '
l"n stiContlnental.... 1 sist it slsneea Ott.. ri'V
rib do 'i'i Inuaa HelrOentre..., V
ai h d J S"0 ilt Kevin Oil.... 3s
is Osh nrmier V i ti th it bin
lsiOsh Ksbert OU t'. .sun sb kxeele'r OH .. l'i
410 sh do A,, ltsi th Heading B..... tsjj
1. 0 si, dt 5', lOlsh ...t sssj
Its' sti Kl linrailo
J0 III Mcltlltil ck..
M4sh I'l.ll. ,oll Ck. 1 1 - Itt
Sen sh iilnis east
lisi sh Story Farm. ...
lr.m.l, Oreat Ma.lil ..
POih Stb. a uut'rk.
Sissb do..
is)h tin.,
lte.b do..
.. '.
.11 III
7M) tbS S-SOs HU'
ftu sh HcRlhen Oft . t'i
$i.Mll On v. lot j
Kl ilo c.ltll','
itio r. si. lti-so m't-
f ;isi r.H 7 ;io..itcw.c . in I
flltS 0 I'enna 6l u. IM'I
tli. tortiy . new ....prj i
lisisb do bu) s-i
M all EgVrt lU .... i!4
lislsh do at k;l
ssi sh do bid &;
101 ah Head. K. It.... tS
sh do tail
t'lissie-tiviisoiMr ;o ... Itos,
1st .a da kit sti
in iti do bio i.4 '
g sit rtir .t men ilk. .1 nt
B sh I'onitnercialllk .'si
tsh t J Hunk... i'l l'enn M n ..hoo ji
j m du.. b.i M -
lmnh do o.s;n4'
liSlsh 8 vlaraCoal,. I0'
lets) sh Hd- Farm.... e
1 ill sou. Dav coin. Jlfi
yti ah do st
HSI n "manle Oil.... ','
I no sb IlitUell UU '.,
SIO sli Reck Oil 4'il
l.roiili I'h A Oil Ck... t I
'.nosh Mra'ilnttiek...o (
ttsl si, Huple HI f. 44 I
KOlh do sll) tl I
.m ah Cam Atn....l l
s Ata....l.SI
i KK t
t m'l
lint R....
oil ah I'enna 1
20 ah ao..
200 sh RsaJIns
Quotations of Gold at tbe Philadelphia Quid ,
Exchange, No. 31 8. Third street, second story :
M A. M 243 12 M 2414
11 A. M 241- IP. M
Market very dull. '
Quotations of the principal Coal end Cotd Oil -ttockt
at 1 o'clock to-day:
Bid Ak. JH4 Jst..
rnlton Onsl sw S'. neaoon Oil 1 9
lbs Itountatn Coal.
' .aenesa on . sis
Y.AM Id. 't,al..l'2
Uracil ML Ooal..,. ft
N.llarbcnriale J
New Oreek 1
i'der,lain Coal. .
litaniond Coal.... r.0
Hwataia s ..
14 'i niKanle on a .. Ji
t KranSUnOil , 1 '
il lllosres K4J0I1.. .. 1 '
iv irvaig un . 7.1
1 i Pane Farm Oil.
I lleiiainore.
lu ' HuKUteny ..s
Aiiierit'Rn Ksolin.
Kevstoue Ine.. .
a i ittifM-rxs vu. .......
il IDImsleatl t ..
'; k;
, 'i'i ',lltbbrtl s ..
JHeelalorOU s ..
Ills Titnk 1
(tnntlnelital ......s ..
i .. ly,, story rarsa....... ..
3'i llruner ftf
J'( I Patroienia Centre, tjsj
J 'i . Kk-ltert s ..
.i'AUosheny Hfver.. .. I
41 (tnrun 9
4" Phila OII Oissat.s .. '
3 Hull Hrek
4.'i llernjania IV
tt ', Corn Planter T ha
2 i Hook OH ...
i. Tsrr Farm
3 '. Holt. Oil Co. 11
Oil Creek A
Alanle K hail. i Oil s ..
ASrl.'IIDtork Oil..,s ..
retiltavlvauia Tel.. 1
Perry Oil II
Mineral Oil
K.-vaione OU -.'li
VenanseOII ..
Lnlou 1'etroioum.. y
niiMiFrrui trde report
Monday, Novcmbor 7.The inclcmont condf-'
tit nuf tewi&thcr liai mottl lafpt'odctS buiaefthl
mo nnn g, . .
Then lb not mnrh export demand for Flour, bni h ildflrv
art- Aim In t)ilr demand! ; Mica of 1000 bbla. Broad Btroet
tiiU extra on tt'rmv toe-rot; biuuII iitei to the h )0Q
uun.crn at t lO'i.'-rti 10 M for snperflnw, $t07.'ii)ll top
utrni, tlV'Adi V2 00 fur extra f-.DiUy.aDd at LUMtwflur
tor fuitry !(. Thttre It vrrj Uttlc lire Kiour offerliiK, aiI
It rouiniantU fvtyi't 25. In Corn Mvdl there li n-jthlug
Tin re hai 1vn more activity In Whett. bnt at fOme 4
rlirffroni Salnnlas tt (ItfOr-n. H .(. of I'Onl OnMb-lt at
i .V V btmht-l tVr fair tVetfcm: $i M for prim io; 12 &4
li r fidtMh'Tii tfo. : Jf"for id't; $-mi ftr cluioa
Krntiiokjr white Smml talfls ot kw at l'7tdl J. Corn
In fcC:tr r ; find fl)ow tin ilvttrrl to l'7.r, Odti re ta
vo nnjocet, ki l 4tH4(tniu huNUtsla llaware .d at
In B.rl, y and Miilt n traiisii4'titi.
'I In re if Vfiy llttte H. nvity in 1'a'nU, hat prim ar
fltp.idv. Hmntl VhIs ot'dry Whit I, art a. Wc., and in uil
ai ip'ir. l(4'U l.fna anu luitnaro tt.i aiio.
1 rtii in orv l'ttitj liuiLg In flatter. A ftargo of Sift
in'il at ' IA) t ton.
1 otat arc in molraf' rwid'1. and prlrns ar tft'lT.
Viln e Ail'- rl ur d I'rin-lt Itt .w, n.t tt t ; M.Tc.fe t il"l5
(ol unl wi.itc !ii.tiiL-lu at a '.'vu i -'u 4tioL etMresBt
j'oitip fll at I 7"-'kl f . aa 'n it I" y .
vtiislT t dmi. t-mll jAisal' I'vuo-ijrlvaiiia ao I O itO
Lbl. ut 1 7.1" 1-78
riMLAmxriiiA irt i.n m vkuet.
MownjiY, Novemlier 7. Uocf C.itilt) c-mtinmss
tlullat abuiit fjriiwr ratt-i. Extra Wnatorn a J PenniI
vnU siicri are f.lin at 1 ; j I J 1 4 ; , thj fronolce(
lti!t'li.'ic.forf.itrtoi,ooti; and uoinii hi at frots 9"i.2s.l
outd, m to tjuall.jr Aoaut 'ivJO titJ arrive 1 anil pmJy
old at ttio above ra'fi.
iru 1.4'ad Mnriin Kn lor t C , W. irn. Ubl.
ho ' Kfnin-.iv . Wits'.rn, l-i-
" II. i'iiain, rtnimylvAma. it-t uv'1 n-r m,
IHi M J.rV J. 'hllll,P( lirisViVinM 4 -!- hTOfl.
xi .1. StM.iiurido. We hu ru, U .l-i'.,.
l.'i' " Ke MrKillfM. r0"k cut If, W-'ittfru, 6iyj7 nT-,
lu ' t, Siinrui-cru ;Vt.rr.:t;".i.(,
)'.'' " I. Hal'idWrtV, Clu's art. iilld V"1ts'T1,lT'''rl'I,
4.t " J- n,:i Mit'iKMf, riu".flrc and W. teia,l;'.4
li 0 ( i rixty ,V Hni;i er. W'tHirn, Lfc-yl.
l.iO ' M. I Hindu , Wcm t-rn. Vn, i.
!i4 " (ivcn Hinitli. Wi'tifrn, I .Irt'fl-?.
1(K .l uin i M. 1 lil"n. Wrxtcrn, 1. -it.ft.
1 IK ' r. Ut i-'ii en. Wsifrn. I i'i (i.i','.
ki )i. ('. Huitivrin, 'fi?t-r 'oniitvr. 1 -i.f-l.,
hhp hrf In kh4 da'iu mi), und prlsX wijtl tu.n itiiWtfil,
AL. ut iO huad arriwU and aoUl frjui 7 Ot'i-. vJ
pi. lllllt.
(owi continue nctf, and priri hare advinre f.
flptimera arotselliw at t.V0, etml cow uj calf ml
uji lu i 'tti'i r 4M.1. a to-f.ia'i'y. , i b
Hon.- Alx ui aiMiiitmd TivHd.aii'l aold at trynlt-xg
li tli l(r' ntU ..Urfcot rtuU, and pnctji ratbi-loikf
fii-rr it. vanillins n, Bini'ii. H'j .t. i) Htetsnn t Co.
S.-'.r . A. 1 nilie, J.'nt-a. Itealon, !:. A. tinnier A Co.
buiir II. Diackaiaii, Uand, .Norfolk, 1ler St Co.
flsnine Vltien. 1 lir j, I M lallaa. at tUys from Mlra
itiiane, v ttli leswotitl to 'Itioinas M'artaon A Moos. IVOi
nit., at MaTitseaHo, J. li 11 Inmcaa, oaitisu, a uatlve o(t'hl
lade.iliia, ttl. it and vm buried. II, 31,7 P. Nt., neur
a l.tme Hie beitrmi.' KsiW , alnt.d for It, and I'ound a Teaaef,
apiiHttuilv Aiiierleuii, of ism tuna, on lire trout stem to
stein; aara all none and ftoallUK about i laid as near a
tin- lire ntnild iiount till undnliilil, lu, inns' to pick up some
ot'ilie e-rew, tmt saw nonei when we leit the veasel erae
burl'i'd lo i lie- wittrr'a etlse.aitd muatsnon Itavesoaodnwiu
llarnue Slice-dwell, Iflxtni.S dnva I'rotn lloaloll. In ballastj
to K oi kuiail A Co. M lllat., Iut. 40 SO, Inn . tW tU, WU
boartlfsl Itv a boat front tlte It. bel jirlvateer Cnlckauiauxs,
on board of w hu Ii L'apialu lilaon was ordered with ins
'a en, aud hatlnu ou paaaeusers. a lady audi
el, ild, waa bonded f,,r tlb.UUl 111 stild, and a. In wed to pre
ctst-d ui'lstr laklns tin board Captain Thutnusou and IV'iur
eitiers, Utecrew oftbeai-ar Oiler Koek.whleb was cap
luted a lew days previous, aud has alucst beeu reuorlotl ,
fallen In with, acnttled, and abandoned; tbe utter aW-lc
waa from HantorforlieorKelown.witltaoarsocMTpolalutiM.
Caiaasa lilaon aas he lt-aitied on board that the sehf
Uoodapoed, beiore reinirted, was tsaArojod by Ihe CbickaV I
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baiQiie Wia. Van Kama, trans, 14 days (TOD) Temps'
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