The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, November 05, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Image 8

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    " BATfniUV. NOVVMBKR fi, im.
n n"-rllii r n, sli,rt-lh
Hrlirl Mtl'll rn irons If
l ll.
Ibc prop ii'ilm ticx:nl thr r .chat lT t
ttis Sl.'Vtft will not I'.ii; to nnvl mtu nj.m' !), p !
Iiod t fu" f r at wt o,i;i jii'lste H in .1 uly in re i-itn,-
in V'l"'"' 'nvnr. .mi n-e lienor ; will 'in I
fHTor l.l'tf"' lU.lJO'ltjr l) til.) IIC.XI C .Hifr.isj.
TM M"ii'B."i'irn -I, ,v J r.xaM'j lus jiio'jiititia
v "anl", it I '' linnt'Toiii."
Th. 'idikc'ii ,n j. the r rr Tintc-in of
j.jjp.' J if, tint It luroW. hi' iii it n i' '
fit I I In t''i! ins ' i: iuii oi si iwff. ; l i t it
li I" r. irv'ii' il liy tho em-niv n I t in v r! I ni
ii Ititlli' ition lli.T om r-soiirens im niua arc. ex .
hsti't.vJ; tint air su'ili. 11 :e, il,
lxnl, ' 'I '' r' r.nmiv tit' r .nira'.l.
Xlif ' 0 7'" !.( s no r 'ff T 1 t'l ' r im
let pllon ot' iii iri ei in ni os-nri iii v ; ". ti wiut i
mm ' nr'i : t mr t!io i-m. r'cnev ;" Iur wn..n
Ihr exti'incy i.risps the 'Irtiifx.- is ir: I to
nle:y k . 1 11"; -'',11-r1. u;o i, til j leil'.y
tlv ne-rl'ee ; evers, !M' i; m well .p. ttf iur
t Ua'CJ" tlnl beiim." Tlju 'rihim- h.ij . :
ti ;. .in-, (liiiii l.';th.'.U i " r r. I " In l ' ' i, i iv
J. t I J l llie ) h . , ;e. v mi... ; ,s .M'.li .t. n
,s.l'llt.'V u. li'mf.i- II i i . lie 1. 1, A... ii. ill
, U Milt tW'T . I' I'
3 X
.i' 'i :t "i" :m
'.'t'i! s . til M'
iv ill t'i :n l.i
.ii' . -hi. 1 ...
sVrH.. Vn !-
.'I IV I vi t I J-'
l.hlC ili 1 ul?
Mi i''.: in 'i ' am
"III '
ilPi.l I " 't Hi HiV tS
t .h nvl n l . ih i'l ' ,:
,p ti' l l I'""-' on iw eit l iv i i . ii.
i.ul ji't''i 'i'.ii i' '. I'i. i .'. :i t in
i Id. lit d Tl.l'lv itl-t 1 1 H) 'I ''l ! lnji.ii
iii,'Hil ivi't;. mol itt iinr .: lutr .
Trie Tri'iuve U not tmiililcil, Cho tho A i',
Witli ilitluulita dlKmt ihc ll i-D u trr the! war.
Wb.l'; o ai'O liy tin im a m ui').ii I to ia
'Aliem' H' drluKr," wowe n i mwjiil'y t'.ir
Tt.slnK rr0"l";c""' liHI''iiille'i. Krro rmnji
ie i uw atii'ii g in Vury Imko titunliiiri, an. I In
i e St iti', at ic ist L'luiii. tlioy .ue ;iorin ti i
to lTg.A"lv.,. nnlitiry coinp.t-iin tut I to in ilrilioJ,
and hn'e ii'ier t'tven trni!le i'idih tlioir .ic jui
aiitnu of n.i:i'.iiry Unowlf il-e.
LJAttcr tlio w.r ilio noc ui'ruoawill bv. sovcr.ic J ;
iTw prop, r W llieir guvei nmunt and control will
lw leqnireil ftrwitiljr, but not inure e tirin for
lb white man. As to any ont' iision of prmcnt
nxhanlion, we do not s. o that it is implied any
moie in the conaviiption of n. groeg than it
In ti t.xienelun ol the Consorn.t la v to I'tn'mi 'U
prom of lilty yoirn of ano. o fir from con
fcsfltiji; our exhaustion, It h the enniest
on iln puf of our ic ie tint to he exliaiiicj,
tier to ftivr np the content us lung aa there is a
Djiiri, wbi e or hl.u k, to hear arms.
InMeaJ of weaUansi, i; ii thj s'.rnngt asi;i
lame of nvinn; all our powornnd strength, fn
briaginl" ss-rvh o a quarter of a minion or'moii in
o c mf osion of e xlianitimi, no sum of we iku n.
To proolaim our ptirpoen to uUJ tlia nrliiiiy
itrt Djtb oi four millions uf Hlavc to thai, oi e,K it
mUlioni uf whites has, wo think, tai.ber the u,i-pvuinnL-e
uf power th in of weiikneis.
A to tho iIl'eetB of this proportion upon stib
t:i'cice, it sir uH be borne in minj tuut ihe pr )
in ,liin of fui pli is not our present Ji:Hc 1 1 ty ,
iM their tranniortmion n l distribution ; wo
have an uniwle sa.'ply of provisions for the whole
ton .try, If ltwug pr.ipi rly dVtrihii'cd. Njroes
O'.w donntuid in the tianaporlation of huppli 's,
Yvl licn in the army, they tnuy lie urn-d to
further thut Rreat mili:ary end n oll as to tiitlit.
Xh ohjccii iii that the negroes will give trouble
aTd become dangerous Is refuted b their ihuilo
ana nubori itiate b .'harior during this war, when
no many of the whites are from lioine, and wiiou
thn enemy h is been pressing our armies at all
point. NuTer hive thi'.iierues hecn more easily
Bianaxed.orcxhihiicd more uhnrdiiiau inor less
sympathy for the than Uurmg the yuars
bi tui wur.
The manv thousand who have sine off and are
rrwirith iho Y mkci . went beciuse they were
iett oraliie d by the Might of no many whites from
the Yankees, aa'l because tliey wcro d -eoived by
the pT.imi.-e and di ivun elf by tho military power
of the enemy. Ibis war b is n jt I id d to tea 'h
the negro the li-sscn that hfs interests and those
of bis matter arc idcntii at; that hi) only friend
it the rua.-Ur, nnJ that be cm tind no res itift
flait with the Yuiikees. Ttio mllerttij of thoso
that are with the enemy has heen tol 1 over and
talked over bv tho-e who have rein.iinuil, ami fie
Ions, tboub heavy upon the master, bus nol b.uu or thrown away uuuii the negroes.
It :e obj.'ctert by ime, to g've "freedom to
fbe FOhlier is to aeliiiole ))(C that freedom
Is a Iiood, and brtice that slavery is wrunr
the s'Miig arxunieht whi.h this war is ua iiin
the world, that slavery is the Uod-nppoiatod in
stitution for thu lu kTo. will he weakened and
rfud, It freedom is given us to j reward and
r:ce of military service that ii negroes are
e jutrcil for the army they thou d he uraite as
But it should be remembered that whether
friedom to the nepro be really a olesaiu or a
corn, that uusny negroes desiro it, and .113 Will
ing to take it even 11 om the Yaulio.-s. J n;uJ )i:i
is (iiv. n to the r.cgro so.dier, not Iwcsne wj
fce'lue that slavery is wr nt.', hut b.'cim i we
nmn fiff.'r to the negroes induoetijenW fo ti le'itv
wbicb be rngards as iirl if not gre.rer thin
llii-i men il by the enemy. Th'j Yukee 111 lives
Ihe ui'gro free at the Nnr;h.
We oiTer I1i.11 freoduni at Onr eories
pfirdeu;"A. U." helieves the ncjro ivould iltss.v!
from us to the Yankees, ai.d calls attenti 111 to
the fact that the neio dous not desert from the
Yaukt etoBi. Ibe r. a-oiis given tor this hv o.-r
tcrripuiiiii at uie cur rr .'land proper. The Yan
kee nivr.) at tiresent fmirs us more than be 00 ;i
the dnyg' Ts of tbl Yankee seivkc; hut, when
once be seen neitroes m oururiny and um er-st-iii'J
that tree ooin and a home in the Coni.-il !
I y in thn reward ot service in our army ; that
kme tie field of Uh r is ojien to hin, wnile it is
elo fd In itr: Ul it. d S ate, sv 'tclieve till', thu
tidis of ue.tfrtio'i would set si,ron.:ly li our f iv jr.
Hut "A. l(." says tlio m ijioe will not ti-'n',
TV rtil.' that at on? time we cntertiiine.1 t Im
Iktne o; imoii. A ma inuui-bed awe r d oilice-,
wntinn to us privately, ti,i in th.s suni. t ( .ve
win we e.mi t give ti e onh'ie th.) weiiit an ! in
fnerce of his name), iiuswe ed tins u i0?ii.'i.
H.. siyk ; "l'o:t Curacr, tue omer d ly, fmx-.l
they would li;lit. The r.dsel each other over
the psnpei., to be shot us the" a peare 1 alMwe."
but li)hi t; Is not the only dmy eVmiiidi'd of
soldiers. In ihe Crir.i'inii over ' oau jnn.lred
tboanind wcit, cuilojed outride 01 t'.ie
The "Work l'arty Cjr,v ," ot iho British amir,
enip ij fd nil r j-id:., .aa over ten ihoiiiind. l'h'i
1. rois are n iLtcd, aa: amy us eoldi rs imt
la'n iri '11 d woikiaj men. : leil ve th,
oiem. iirt'a I'.iin m.o iit.,ie 1, taj:o.t an 1 111
uruc.vo, mi'j win r ue 11 ,ii.i cii. i nt -:
tiers. 1 lull uf lae ii--.. f 1a.1t w ll hsii i)
tkcm afu r iha war, they will b-: found useful vul
oruerljr 1 1 tune ot p.'i.'.. A ho'iic sj;a. 1 t:
trie utl'i'rs iti'l'i. i.ier'.s to lidulitv wni ti
srre.t'y ai disi'.i(r..i in ivinno s-d eunt
linthini. t'h'ir iitn 'innin slnu i ; vt
th'- Tre'lent au i 'Kni't.: I pv ;rm' .ijin 1 i; 1 11
: jiu
1 't.
Pioii.otion liy semnrnv u- l l)ra-iio hi . ::inn 111
tpl.iyd iiiit'i'i the ariuva' iire-i'u'. : 'Vi: to
tkey wl 1 never ha i-pp'j.-i vi t1 .riv of b
Tbe lnM ari l MJjI s. 1 li .-'y riva',. s e
Itesiot army si,ouu m; scieeti j tor c m,
nj xis uieu who will u. 1,1 thi ni ,'mes, u 1!
; 11 y
who win m vote all ttu-i? imiu to im;
ing mi d drilling th.-m, nn on!y iu
srhOol of the soilur, the S'jn -id,
tbe coiniiiiiy, hot who will ev l'aia to
BfiiiTS tin- ii-min of tholr duty u w. ll as
jetisru-hiiu inoii. eiii'.'nts ne' i''n nt'iii-.i
to (ideuty and eonmgi. 1.7 ui nr in kin io
with 4nuiit4, tb i"!i-ers rtn eciie the t. tr
tiii'im ot thenci?ro and luu o him 'o ua lerstaa
ths'., af or "he war, be wi.l r.niie. ted and nr
irete j hjr tbe n:to Kn, hd liio in '"Old Vir
We arc not prepared to say tlmt this nrv.nro is
tlenianfed ly our present exhaustion. We do
not iwilive it i". Uut the future mast bo pro-
viucu lor nno 11 must 00 nftnirent to cvftry in n
Bioie man tii.11 tue arum upon the population 1
tlic Confederate Blares wbleb this war bus made
niu.-t eventually exhuut-t ihote Stales uulcsj
fconu thing is dor.e to hij ply this t'
sources than t!ie while population. The con
acriptlon law cannot be extended to any ptenter
age, and its xci ntion, however improvt (1,
cannot find (ho men to supply Uie lo.-sts as fast
as the (iimpuigDs cieutc tUeni. 8hall we 1 ertnit
the enemy to une the negro; npaimit ue, ni bhall
we Lake use of tl.eiu for our dc ferae ?
Kvory mui bhould weiih well this o'tocilon,
td diheounect it altogether from tlio siin.'ctt of
alaveiy, euiaceipution, and MhtT riattet. ihe
negroes have their place in this light, tnd
whether their y'.ace lie fotml In o'jr ruiiljs or
tliose of the enemy will !c fr tho C'onli dcruto
Ccnirtss to decide. They aie already in tie
"liht, nd apainst us our own resotiree of met
are being turned Ufainut us. fc'Lall we sit idly
IX'11 "tttr'n8 uout eluvcy ami ca.auiipatiou,
iiie name ltUs from mutkcU iu neitro liunus
"ostiesroimj UEi
oaii ol hJ J::"18' Linl! Mil A now
troois." iu.'"., bundlll thousund ceiored
"Sl-aat canuot la n.n,..ui i.... .1..
Wtxiy, eonsoliosi Si,. .r...fur- . i'wrgisiiizs ,e
alelrotaad-cw1ll.lB.,.T;l,' WKS'iiae tbe
mi bhey are.ttiid there wiu L: ' ,w- """
UW uctfnxs, lior CoulwiraAeb"ti.,l,-ltUel' rmy
"WVn I first marred my wife . , ,
Jinsbaiid, -I Joved ber so much that 1 ,fund
sten her; and n'," Je addud, witnTs ih .m
wub to HWHU I Lad." "'. I
otut rvAW.
Durnld .VrKnr, i . . b.n written tlic follow ni;
litter to tlio l!""l"ti .tu'irrtiwr
f.t i:t'''r (! i-Wn.x Ut.t ( h'tiMf :
1. Diiti? in V mijmini in Filmland, lici'ore 'lie
eninineiircnirtit ol' thewir, 1 win pemii'tej t'j
h-i'l all llie Dock- Yiinls, nrnl nil tlio
).in,.'i ul I'fv ii" khiliuilJiriK i tnili-hiii"titH in
the kinvl in, mi'! f niiiiiiitiii utcil. In a i nnili'nsvil
lir:n, tin' ii rtu't 01' .. uuii fv it.vMt t.i tin; 'nn
tnrtrltif Hut rfiti iinl iifh-T yn-iirii. Till Irllor
i n.l i it A i1', ii"- 'r ii'iji fii ..'iisi ei v ,
mil' r :),. I. 'i .'. :ii .Vc , it "fO r -lri-..J
to I', tiv I H-.-i:f: in i' 'in 1 ni nt t'i in.
Kri ii. I r- I. m l I in i.-i'vili; I m V t uv; v ttt -y
l.i itllji m.s iil 'ji'l.u inn t'l l'. irn.i'i1 l!h! (Ln;li
3 ni .1- oi li t i jiu i c.
I . i ln' i,.i ti n ii: rh. i :r i! i"i' ir-i I ..i t in ii:li
ll : t .ii i ' w. in I i ,ii' i. i'-. tli i - i I im .lit h'j
ri , i 'I ', 1 i, . i, Iv.i r i ' Mr ii".' i N i y I) ,.
im i i. ni I i.ii.'iii"l '''Mm mi: ri i' '.i. i .S'Hiiii of
i'. i Hi .1-. ,Mv ,i . ;..'. tin' i.. ' .i! i ' r '.iv.' l
i'li ii.;ii'i J '" itinii' rail , .m l ; m' t'.,' ii
rr. ii Ii i Ii 'I. I i. ll il
Ii ! r i i i i'ir li is v ' i- i. ''f
B ! llMll III I'.t." I Hi.) IV I'l II).' II ,l"i t v. Ill' 'I 'I'll I
li.-Jl. I I a o ;i u I 'vi Ii HI i'lV
Linn 11
I. I ir.ioA-
Hi in th-1 oe'in,
1 11 c.i 'in I iVoni
h . 1 'VO.l ) Hij.
iiiii.t'j Kl'"i' tlio I'S'il.o .Mtli n v
'lit! i fir (i w 1 1 n.Tv.ii ri'iii' -.'s. I
l'i'i". i ivi n-Pi ''Ii ll IKItlil! A In" f'lr-'f
.1 of ,1.1V, !,ii.
,'. ill .1. 'h.
in I k '!' V til ll
ll we ii.'Mti li 10 lei i-m 1 ir.
1111 Mm rs our i. ) must V
I re'er to tin e iYms ti:
w hi 'i I i i'i; ol h j 1 , iiiiori,
I kii' v , no v hi. h v. o
l.iituli U 11 : i 11 . N ii nin;
l i'i.i, .1 ol 1 i j 1 st ,te In. in
mi :
.'I 1:1
is.i I.
) in. I
tl ,1.1 I.) -lion th., 1.
I writo uf lint hi :h
iu I ID t -,t ii 1 it.-,
is iii. 1 1I1 01 1 1 li-id
lny o 1 .1 1 'f :ii :v
ei' yit h oli. 1 vi -.-"ii
iii.r, viiui a, 1 my cue, 1 i.eie
tl in ' 11, e up to inv own 1 'i-a
I -il'V I 1 11 'loll
m h ni 1 ni 1 ed to i
II it I
liinld h uef't. in I' ir'y ii. 1'f w i.'i 11' ,n,'oii,,s
I. ad hilll jllilO d li their lil 'lllts'ici ri'iin I 'ill
by I'm ir r ciiis. 'I h-' sairu rn-ii I ).r .i-h ' to 1 i;i y
to a ri Vie w ol our i.awil aliair-, 1 1 11. ; n i-i: in e
rcsieil iiuiv n v. hi', b.11 ! . j.i.' .md is s.ili
limn . I.)' tin; Navy ! lllim nt.
At tin; imnkiin; out ol the ll lii llion, the nitvv
of Hie I nit. il M i!i"i roll' l.'d of the tolio vtuit
sie.'itin rs, 11 mu ly : 'I he 1 Tea- Irl'Mtes MeiTi iue
:.h.oh, M.n: t.otii. Ito.ti.oko, and Colorado, ot
tiliont .!.') 0 tuns e.ieh ; 01 the I irge s 'r. w sloop
Maiirn, of l"v tons; of the lirt-class s t nv
'oois Kiihniond. liro iklyn, .San J u-in'o, II irt
loiil. IV nsasjla, and Lane is'er, of alunt J )oi) tons
oft' h ; ol the second -el. iss sloops ra:i.'e, tro jimis,
V j uiiiiiig, Mohieun, and Daeotnh, ol' ab in' 1 170
toim each ; of the Ihird class sloops N.vraausett
and Seminole, ot a'. out H it) tons each ; ol 'lie first
flats 1 adilie-vvbrcl sloops Su-iiiiielmnna and I'ot
haian, of ai out W tons, the Missismppl, of 10'ii
tot.s, and tLe Saratiae, ol 1 ll'i tons; nnj of small
I'liiliile-wbeel Mennn rs XI lnan, Sn;!inaw, and
illne, ol about 171 tons e.i' hi luakiinj u total of
i.o meiiiiicrs ami r.'.ioo ions. v'liiiini im da ot thoso vcsopls in smooth
wain, end lor a short time, were us i illo vs, in
kLots jii i hour, nmiiily : Niagara, 10 Uj Mt i-ri-niack,
AV'ahush, Minnesota, Jloanoko, and Colo
rado, (l; llrooklyn, 2; Kan Jacinto, 88; I (arc
lord and Li neaster, Do; Riehmond, 7'."i; Taw
nee, H; Irmjiiois, Wyoming, Mohican, and -o-lah,
11-7 ; Narriifransett and Seiiiluole, H; Sus
quehanna and l'owha'an, 11 ; Mistdssippi, b'7;
Sarannc, 9-2; Ssgiuaw, !i; Water Witjh, 11;
Michigan, HI-.'). Ihe I'ensacola proved 11 total
failure, anu the machinery had to be rcmoveil.
Isticli wns the slcam navy with wbi ih the Ad-mini-ir.itinn
bi gun the task of rigorously block
ading oOtU miles 1 1 tl c most ditlienlt eon-t in Ilio
woild, ugaiiist the fasten mid best .stdaiuors that
the isliops cf Kngland could produce, built exclu
sively lor speed mid blockade-running nt tlio par
tii ular localiiies; 111 addition to whieu tbe O'.-.'uns
ol the world wire to he kept fiee of tho steamers
callnt 1 oultuerute cruisers, hul wlneli wi re in
real ty J.nglinh pir.uus, being built in J'.nglanl,
niuippcd with Hi glish gnus, nnd manned by
ia plitli crews, whose pnrpos.1 was not to light
eiii eiin-ci's as war vessels, but to plunder our
tiiilin-4 inerchnnt shipe, and to keep out 01' the
paths ol our wur steamers. Willi the enormous
advantage of having all the ports of the world,
except those oi the country tin y protended to
belong to.opcnto them for coaling, repair, rutuije,
when closely pursued, and sale ol tee most valu
able and lesu bulky portion of their plunder; and
wilh the sympathy and active co-operation of tho
olliciiils ol iho-c ports ; and with the strong Incen
tive of Ihe free piuuder of a large, rich, and
di icnseless commerce, without 'ho slightest per
ianal din ger, even if captured, it is indeed mira
culous tl cy should have been u'.lo to do ns the
little ii.juiy I: cy Lave.
The 11. tans 111 the comnftnd of the Administra
tion lor building sic im navy to achieve tue
liercttliun tu.-U just indie ited were about two
dozm machine shops, great anil small, distributed
frtm Slalnc to Maryland, many of thein very
small and without tho tools, workmen, or skill
n iniite for the produedonol marine machinery.
Tho lirst-class shops did not exceed cli?ln in
I. umber, but the entire force of those sliopi
could not be commanded by the Navy JJop.nt
nietit for the coastiuedon of new ma:hineiy.
II, ..-. ii,n pTiormnns nuantitv o' vr i'AFi'
and lie iv 1 opstiiu iion to be made lor that service.
The War Department nlso drew iu-gely ou their
rr soul ccs for tiau-poit tua nets, while the loco
motive and tool maiiiuri ehops fonud it utterly
iiii .'Ss hie to ne t the d-niand npon them.
Ntitliir w:is 'here sullleient raw ra iterial in the
coLu'r.v icr the lariie aud sudocu deiu ind ; the
ccpoir, tin, and co il had to be mined aud llumlre a of steam ts, hundreds
nccii.olivi ,s, thoiis fail ol tools, tOUa of tdou-
nan Is ui tons ji met d, wire ciPud tit imtaa'lv,
ami tlii 'e was iioiiuuL' 111 haml to answer tac
all. War yeunn'is cann it he ': '.tilt ill a day.
J la x in in neid U'ixir c.iniiot be eomertc i into
killi d mechnuics in a dav ; the prices 01' ma
chine y ro'B in nieiisvly, the p iy oi the iiieehit lies
utiJ tie cost tt material re 1. bed a point fir a.sjve
what ihiy were woi ;h cueeot Iroin the i.iitii.ous
hum' ol the sinlcleiiiie't of the demand. I he 1
Jesuit was 1111 ni me poor mm rein ini'i purer
woifem.nshij with hich tne mich.aery wis
ni n e. Aiiykuiilol inaten il and the most un
skilled lah..r had to he tin u ht tuto use. an i all
lb s tone the I'liii.u lit of even that 1 lb ir w is eon-
1 ulu Ij d nornsbig by the a')..orp:ioii of ,nen
ii 10 ihc ur.lii. rv s rviee.
la this 1'i. iMio; en.erRi Iicv the llep irtment di 1
all tlmt c .aid poiHVy be "done, it pur ;h ised
cveiy li i'teh; n.. ute inter ihat c eld be lonvm -ted
into 11 lid knot 11 :r ves el o' a 'var cruiser, and
the 111 vy ht tins ino'r.ent c iiitamscv ry merehnt
stci-ir.e. ol ain fU.s or txcelUn-'e thu bits htt.x
built iu ibe e.ain.ry. U lcl at work every st"i n
engiiii! t'l- ii.rv if. the l.m I that eo lid prd ice
ni.'iin" iiiai t.hiery. It. cma'dereJ a I pi in.-, of
fi rial fur iirn oiin;; vei-vls, and iri-d innny. It
iii-tiibti d . u, rimeii's iii ni 1 Miiii-rv, in or 1,1 1';.;,'.
ui d 111 iitinor-pliitn ir. 1c rapidly covired "ie i
Midsi p. ami i H in Hilary water- witii an 1 11- j
leeii-'c itiiat d il'jei, in. my nii, lu.-ii n-i'r.j arm n i.l,
.11, J 'eh, 1 vi 'j'.i.!'.' vac i;.:l iil'mui tli-a w it rs.
hiire I
1 un sii.-n- i ii-; "Iciem to
hid liei; ;
it :;iYi s ll.
hielivi ,ijs.
!.c whole ij'eiioi- of ihe nintry
11. c ex'.lt.'Mve cviii'iiaud of i s ,.
11 . i e.1 'he .V.IiiUir cot with s-j.'ii a bio lt
si'ii.i: il.-i" ti-tiie world run r " itness- d hef.-r", n 1
has pi.n .ic diy tho r.elii'ius d:"-i n to
Hit m.i hi ihe Ie vviwhis :,ich sneeeed l i r ;n
1.I1 K the, I lo"k4de Ie an.; too so) ill to ; irry ea.' , .'S
'till' jiint to give aid ot anv couseiiicii''". I'he
Ite l'cis Lave not oeen 11 du t import van Or 1 ;s
lioiigh to un;ily th" 111 -.1 1 ! p n-i ).-- ' of t l 'T
iiilay. 'llieciaii mound ijje parrot' Wilmi ig
I'.p, wLii 1 i-. Hi. otii; ns at A'bi-ii block "Ie
1 111. nil c i- piaetieaMe, is peeiiliirly fivor ibn- tr
th: t .iii iin:, inn! is JineO iur mile, on ci' li -i le
lib I uttcries whn 11 proloet Ihe bloekudn-i 'minors,
iiiiUl.itii 0'ir criuseis .it a ui-iiinee. 1, ese riia
mr ate uoill vessels of light dntijlr, and cry
low ilea k s.
'ii 1 v an: painted ie id r lior, aid uppr oieh th-roa-t
iu tic Lichl. l-rjm the m 0111 iut it is y is
vo Ic te 1 iei,'.. rtl). in until Hey nai' h tne pr iter
tiou m the b itti ries is a liiee 01' m nu'es, not of
Lours, 1:1 ! thev uvetothn their oc : "final sn--i
i-s. Weae tlio f ireiinisln'i i s u;li that thev
1 1 m l nut rea- h tho port until niter a cliase of "u
l'-w hi ms, their ise.ij.ei would bo erv rsre.
Nearly ul! that have heen fluked in this inami .'r
at sea Litvc t.ien Caught j it is not the speed ot the
biia kiine-ruimerH, bin Ihe conditions of the block
aoin0' service, that gives them an occasional suc
cess. Their fittest and newest steamers, built
Tiiucipsl.'y for speed, have been captured by our
s!oi j..s in fair chuc, nnd the (.peed ot the vrmntid
rv'uuiuuii now Ki.oivn to Lao been grout'y ex
cco t!( d l y of the Krarsurpe.
Ti e liitvt'ssils tonktriieteil l.v the Detmrtnicnt
were 2'i srre w pniihoats of f.'H iocs each, with
Sf.tid of ten KloIh and a driii '.-ht ol nine feet,
'iiiey were intended especial !r ior bloeiuuing the
liioi.ihi- of 1!'C uniuler livers!
The ItOjUois, Wyoiaing, and Mohican were
Text dnpiuated, the former twice, in the (ineia.i,
hitirmige, ivkcum-eit, and Tuscarora. The rea
son lor diipliiiitiiig them was the fact
thut 1.6 the p. lleriji. were still ii the
lias.Cs ol their original builders, the uiuchiuuy
could I c obtained much iiuii-Ker, uud l. me was
tlic ileiiict.t t f most imioriance.
TLote vessels vcre lo.lowed by the paddle
whcei giiiiboatJi Hnraiatia, Mahi. ka, f-ul ago,
Or.uioru. bonotnft, Concmnigh. Tioga. Gcuc te,
Miami, 1'aui Jones, 1'ort Loya, arid Cimarron,
twilvc in uumbtr, of ubout JsiO tons each, and
iiavii'g a uaxiiiiuin tjieed id eleven (ll) know
js-r botr. To these succeeded Iwcuty-soven
others 01 tbo caiuo tpe, but luiger and fastor,
bjing ol 971 tons burden, and Laving a iiikkI
nmai i-petd of 1 14 knots yei- hour. Their names
are the J mow, Ksfsacus, AVate.ri.-o, ratuKet,
lallupoosu, VSinooska, Muckiuaw, Khuturock,
lulhiLcsma, Tacony, loseo, Aeuwuni, 1'ontooi.uc,
Manasoit, Otceohi, Multabeaett, Chlekopee,
Awutney, Otwgo, Mi-tiieomet, Chenango, Lcua
1 ea, MeuUoia, Miugoc, Wyuluting, l'oatiac, and
Auolher seven of this class, but (till lurgt-r,
faster, and of iron, lime been lately added,
Baint'y, (he M'jiiU'pec, Ashuelot, Mustoou, bu
wannrn, Mianiokln, Mohon;'o, and ffonjeii-y, nit
of IO.1O tons eneh. Tlie i nndillu wheel rnnhi)-i'j"
b.ive the linht ilraugli' ol cl,:ht f ', and curry
inniiiiniis Im tcrlfs. Ihey wro built for Si' il
servi.e in tho narrow and tortuous channels of
the nhalhm sounds unit river emb m' li ires of
the Ni'tithe'n finds, l'or t'csi" lo.-alities, -vh.'i'o
tiitiiitg was iiiipoisiliie, It was m-eessi y they
should Ii ' dou'iie-li i.mi'I, or com' ti ''..' J wn'i
1'oLti 1 11. Is ahke, and Ilia' their 111 e looei y slio 1 d
be npially i II ad ipn d or , " ling 'or.vurd .r b:tck.
In the iiiitiiuiu 01 IS . I tnc lie i.irliu -nt c J n
11 1 11 id iln i 1; sii ;i' iou ni :en i.:.' 1 1 1 i- .s
Moi ji .iii.-a ir, in a',11'. Ill' ;om. 1 Ii
lire ill
1 1'
mili'loca, ,ii I, ,u iii'ia,
'1 In 1 111 lui-i,
u r 1 11 1 " 1 1 . 1 ,
.M' 111011,
Am. 01,1
I I v i.
II l:-t 1
I la ie
( li.iiinn
1 .11 111 1
sill, II. .1
a ioie f'.
M ,1
I'lul', (l'-.ii
a li, I !n 1 .1
Vi' 'I l.l i Minlt'
I ti an I III, :i,il
Jam 1 1.
1 ef
-I' '
.1 I '
n no", m 1 10 ;i
'o '.i, i f ;iooii 0,1,
t hv o i'i.. e ! irli
ton. i e, ..11 I ..y
1 1 1 i n'l.ll ui I .
1 Ii ' v -inio i 10 :
i ti in t I'!
r ho M -
I'l lil.J, of
; a I
01. 1 r 1
I .!' o
I mi
1 I ' inrl 1, ;
"r 1 In Hi.;
:ni . ', ' A n-
oii'llc, hi ll I iiiuii oi. o-.M,'. h mi'ls iiro
ml, ti. out a' '.:) -.on. , au l oili' ioci to have a
(1 ol Id M'.iN js r h oil". I'l.'V'V.II "r,' i 11.
''.f' 1 ( , he lull 11,; .1, a 1 1 ,'.,!i , , ,1
0 i e ih" I i.-li M an I ! o t I'.ran.l .ale 01 -i HI
e I.
li 11
I- '.
r l.iiiii ti v a; v I'o vcr.
1 la t- an- aio iti .i ,'r. 11 ln.i
.I ii ; t,y ih.
I I 'll K'.l I
j 1 1'-mi "ni. 1'M'i ly : r: "la s wi
s; 11 i-ii .'.'"0 t lis ia.'i id hi,, :
1 1 III"' 11 I 11' I I'll' r i'.h.i; H li,.'.t' .1 a 1
ti) I rl." . 1 1 lor 1 1 c in ci uioTS. 'I'll- y i i I oiiii h )
nnpit'd They -ire 11 mud th A i;i" on,
A 1 i; '1. ', ' Ol- ri i-ii', II iss ilo, J 1 1 -1 1 11 1, .1 v i, K
in. Hit ), hi u ylia, M orioi., M ono'io il, 1. M ,.
hli'ilu, i iiiirtt io, I'im-h' i'ia, l'".!o,. a ma, I'.,).
.i) ill :, Will n'o-i t, Ws' no ;:l, Villi 1111 ' , Cj,i.
too co1', itnl yieliiluin 11.
I111 llie-e ) i s-i Is a' e Imil liio; 'h'-re b r"e b"ivi
fi n ',i ni tne N;ps e. .sh '.Aiant, Nyae't, !'e pior,
M inline, Jiai.kii.-, Ya.iti', in 1 Sao, nil nri w
vi -cls ol -il'. I tons each. The tu idon ory i. iroia
tl.-c ill -.ii'i s 01 Vnr on - p.ii' ies !ui liliit ,' to 1; -on ;to
1 tl.e li iartiin ut. I lie llr .t Hire.;, h.iit,g the
ir 11 entV iiiiieliiiv rv, haw be n 1 lior nt r'aiv
tr a il, and cm maintain .1 cped 01' I k'lots.
'i I ere urc now nearly completed the wooden
lo 11 e'ad co.'-t sic:. mors Ton innnilii, Miaru mo
il oh, AgauiiTitii-iis, nn.l Mnia.liioek, ot Irli
tons, ilinwii g 12 fee' of wn'i r, and havia,: 1 vo
tuncis ca b, cnirviiig two lo-auh (.tins. The
Moiindnoek has been tried, nnd is foiin I capable
ul ncl.ii ving n ninxiiiium speed 01 11 knots.
Theie arc also in process of construction four
other iron cluds of ihe same type, but larger and
to be faster. 1 hey uie Kal.nuii,00, l'lissacomi
wt'v, Uuin-igatnond, aad isiiackumaxon, caeli of
.'i.'ISl tons.
'J he 1i partmcnt has alsoc n-triiete l 71 wooden
and iron-clad vcfels of tbe Moni.or lype, with
1111 avprcpntc tonmipn of 7N.1TO tons.
Tin re aie nmy iu tlio naiy iu activo service
.Vi.S stcumerH, with nnuggrcgiietoninigoof 408,ix)'J
tons, iij:nii,i.t ibe on.niu.d 2U sie iuiers and l i,U0
tons with the war commenced. Of this
nnmbir 20(1 steamers with an jgrcgate 01' 2 11,001)
tons have been buiit by the ilcpiirtment.
Ill I
o couniry, nnu with such limited menus.
nnd under such dillienlt cir.umstancea, h.ia tlicro
ever keen put allont, in the same time, such im
mense naval urinaria nts. In 110 nla;;o has there
been any Iniluro, but whenever the n ival forces
moved victory followed. The Kebcl co 1st has been
held with a grnsp of iron und nc irly hermetically
M'.ikd. The pirates ol the 1 ncmy have been fol
lowed iironnil the world, nnd captured whenever
they cotiid bo found, nnd the intcriml navigation
rnii ct uiiuand ol this n-t eoiin ry has been kept
njieii mid in ihe hands of the (Government.
11)0 navul iKil'.iliii i illi.n bus done nil wiiieh
any navm udtririi.-tiation could do in tsin li awar,
nnd it will sti I bine to I e relied 0:1 for 111 lin am
iii).' a large pott ion ol v. hat has I ecu conquered.
Lit anv one nsk ll the 1111 stion how the
routest would Bland with the navy withdrawn, if
he would understand im tifi ecsity uiid the valuo
oitlie 'irviiii It lms ri d.
In the lori'foiiig coininunic.'Uion I h ive slated
nothing hut tacts, fara vvhah cim easily be vcri.
tied by lcleienee 10 olliciul iti cum':iitJ, and which
1 deem justly due to our pre cnt Navy Jiepurt-mii-t,
in v. wot tho erroneous Ktuieinents put
forth by some writers who cvideutly know but
huh-when 01 ihey idlirm, or imeud to mislead
public opinion, i bold Hut in a timo like the
pu . ei t, we sin uld all unite to s'reiigihea rather
than to weaken the urnis ol 'Government. Cer
tain ly it c.nnot be said, with the aljove I'.ieN lie
l e us, that in the time of trial the N ivy Depart
ment hub been found wanting. Very respo tl'ully
yours, Donald M-Kav.
K .-t 11'fton, October ?8, 1SC1.
The Vnris correspondent of t'ae London .s'.'ro,
under date of October 2, says :
This being the Jews' New Year's D.-.y of their
year .'.020, the usual distribution has taken pla :e,
atnrrg the higher classes, oi t.ckcts in colored
g. latn e, i n which good vvi-hes fur the comiu
v ar are inscribed in gold, i hes i mo lorwar led
b.v post, as curds are iu I'-iid"1..0.0 TuVuii 't he
gniiiesl coi ltisioii ensues ot tho p ut ofli c.asauy
lesident iu i'aris will ti ll you; one is lucky if
one's letters reach him two days bchindtimc dar
ing that wick ol excitement, Hnd woo torhe lu -
)isswiht whoon.itsro tend his card 10 every
individual of his a ;tiain auce, I10111 ilio i.iie ri:
i-s ;;n."ic to ilie man -utii i. un he niiyhive
e.M h.iiii e l a single bow din ing the pis' year.
The e. ho rat.on ot the Jc v.jsi Nj'v Year oiit
pies loity i i-ht hour-, but is 1 ot fatal to the purse,
us in the I n n. h J0U1 ile I'An. I he Uy for ev.
cLiiiigiiig pieferita among the I-uaehtci Is the
ainiieismy 01 tlio tiiuiii)!!! of Ms'iier and tite
tall of Moidecui. There are ho.iki.) Jewi in
yn-nce ; iiciniiiiug the'o.i ot the country
toll- fin ty millions, tJcru is one Jaw fir every
fi ur bundled I'rcnchnien. It U e irionuoie.ii.irK
lie Mm, Iu r ol thai piculiar raie w o liiv: of
h Iter y t ars tasi inaV l the vurl 1 ny th dr musical
gtuitis. Meverb ci, il niri, tl.11 i, M :n
ili Of )Ln, eieiiuioll, li iicv y, were all J ;s. as ii
I 0 lel.iiu' h, who-o p.o kliiig uud popuisr opera,
1 (ji;7.c tn.x .ifcis, iiuli.'av. s so iiuuh miist.ial
I (.cuius. We must uot ferret that lUjhui wm
J-.wi i.V yvt'i- inn,.
Vim'l I. ilVK hih Monky r Tn follow'ng
1 remm is me ot a settle I oi wl.ncssed i a
Mi-n- i(i.i liver ste ..mcr : I' here wn, as is
, in ua', s h.rr'e p..rty en raji d ut pi iv in the en iin
j viij In h 1 lay slnuu! oe i by simii,; pissioa
! 1"1 stionn i.rii k ; and a lb- pi; ,e up- a to the
1 gin. ul w.i.uer ol ihe po'it. The d sensMo.i v.-is
1 my Moleiit, ui.ii the iai.f;ua re u-ed ol tne strong-
e-t, ami 111 1:11 tiou.s ue, .; e.tcha'ig' d tnutivhe'i
I oi..-e on shore the iiiaiier Mutual im determi'ied
I by an appeal to roinetli n- h sid s wo als h.n
; 11 y an ninnc'ii-.' Iv lurir i 11, an, so ta'l tn it
I h. Inn c id Ly a had above his teiioo'-, aros , a 1 1
d:a 11 ,; Iiiiiiii I up to hs lull m lg.i c i.. ! nu'.i
"1'il l.aie I il'irij' this : ! ;ie' I o v it's ' ) ') " :"
I ai.d
1. Cii la- t:.b e -VI'. It !l
s list .a hi 1 v th v
rial e i: r. u i ; 1 . 1 . "rwirv e,
f laa !ni- h.s 11 volier ami Lis
ellensil in lms
1 nlie-HOll'.. ; let 'iS
who'll h'ivj ' ie
I pus O 11 111.' 1 11 1. Is H al n'e'
1 li ne. y. Jl. id lo edli s- to S '.y ha-V 'pUCS I'lC
: propii al sent, rid llie company.
l'. tnioiiiiiN ihv Sr. v. I he folloi.-i;;.; ,i i-
r'H'-r sli-iy Iin- heeii told tousii-.m in., m .st
' r'-li iiile no horitv. s . .-' ye '.'s r. in, a lli'is o1
1 ele'-.'y ii'-iu, oi "Old Pi.-s'is, M'.-'d, i"a i'i 1 yoi 1 1. tor l-.Urest.lig WIlliLV, v nil ni'.e .ii c i;
dreii, 111 v, ry f.ool en eiiiu-laiices. 'I lie n,
I wl'-' wni- ol 1. m,i. 11. turii.te ' I nn s'l'i th '".U d
up. n lo 110 .-lie eoiilO fir Im m,; ru- tiou ol'
1 th-.. hoi 1. 111 : c'ii-h's, lied ch ) e for ..e sole ru ol'
; exeriion a railf ad in coin eeti .11 wi h the cii i',
I and thru in e ' ol constru ;iou. 'Hi'.: r";i 1 an I
I (.pi'ke tn the i.avvie") 1 iii.jI yed up ,11 it at n.l c ei-
o-i'" . 1 1 1 ua". w lien nicy ' etc 11 .ti.-.i' ih-ar ne i s
& Ml aii-i iluv retued ir .111 their l.ihor, ami w m
aiway s ir-.ncd with t t imd regi'd It
Hie 11 M-li i o.d ivod-iiatt vol f -I! in s. (in; v.aiu
man 1.1 the .: 11, ", h e" ; v r. ti l iviii f.;n''J in
mi- ii s il.e mo-' leu. h'lb!'! of he I'" o ir-
li' nlailv iii ii av'.ri I 10 iino'ne and, v. c.h th 1
vitw, she sent liitn to ache d in tho iiek'hb r .
bono, i li'ir.'in:; her-elf n nil Lis board .'trij in on
ti ntij ; iut, uliir he had bun thfo sr-n.".
ti'nc, the uia.-ter hnne-tly ininrmcd let that, po
eibly owing to Lis ago. "and want of ijttiekucs,
tl ere was Utile Chance f Lis ever leaiinr.g much .
V pon this, the ludy drclmi-d that she tn rs"!f
would iitidertakc his itii-triielloii, and to this end
Mie had tin tr.nn every evening ut house to
tench him simple bianchcs of ctlucaiion. As
the lii'cs iu a good part of our suburbs, ucd is
well hnown liy her nsprcti bio m ij hbors, the
cm uniMMica of c'je man's rip'iliir' at.erdnni e
at the .hit:i; was toon noliccd, end lumovs got ti, :t Mrs. wus c.-iiicuiliig a uiivv",
with tl.e view of iiiiin y ing him. A
luiiy wilh whom sic wt.s noiUhiuleU lieuriug
these iini.leasi.nt reports, wr.i to her, iKpno..
ing he r Lii.ei thut it was rot true: but suppo-i-ipp
some reore priuie it ai d snitublo arran;;, went
than ibis for the improviment of Lrr ;,; Uvt.
tf on which Ihe c'i layman's widow w.n'e 1 ail:
tl.ui it vaseline true Hie was doing her ntmo-t
to ednciiU: and ii.Hruct .So-in.d-to (ot.nucg
the I avvy I, with what ultimate purpose li t
should not hfoop t: state, heeiny Hint that con
cemtd hcrfeif alone, Imt trusted that bis (lemul
will-being would be tl.rly iernrei?, acd (Ihe
lair waiter cititiuned) "the bad had bo manv
ni te.i os' iuiiiny orremoiuiiruiice fiom boi fiicnos
on Il.e subject thut she bad a circular reply
piiuted, o&e of which sLo bepged to crclosc."
And eneliK Cd, sure ciiuugh, was a printed paper
com bed in very tr.ucb the ssmo tangnagt as l lie
acoosiirmiiyiiig note, and it verul copies of which
have, il tis nud, got Into circulutloa amongst her
frleni a. Ve further hear that the other uavvles,
tLe li'llow-workmen ot the fortunule man, re
cenily waited upon theit preciptrtse, and whether
really dlsapprovieg of Iho course Uke-n by
Ler, or envious of their co-laborer, intlmuUdthut
tin y Lad no desire to receive any more of ber In
structions, ho tbe mailer stands, a cording to
our Informant, who Las Sen one of the printed
C'fculan aUYD sjiudtd U,ifftM Tiiim.
HtHvr.i or ns.
Whi'e the gastric juice has ft mild, bhind,
sweetish taste, It possesses thn power if digest
ing tho linrde.t f od thut ran be swallowed. It
bus no IrifliH'ni'c whuti vnr on the" rt the
living animal; but at tho moment of death, it
Is p. us liM .it tin 111 inay with Ihe power of tho
Mrcngi'd! n.'i.l.
Tin f" Is dnst on ti.e sea md iauil in the valley
nn.l '1. t'i ino'i'i'.' til t 'Ui'i U 1 1 as', a: 'a ays and
iviyvl. ic. Tl: ; a:iiios).'i ri is lull 01 i' It
I'liicnai'i toe uoi-ooie. iitnw-'un, an 1 v.sits '.he
i!i.i'it t :.l .l.ii'ii-t iv vci fd i'ic e a-'o. No
,!ovr ' .ni dial it e it ; no dr i ver .a so
eCM I as to 1 1-.' ;i.l i.s 'iieiie '.
l.vciy lo. alo of ."iiol -Is.hf
r e ; e hi. Ii 1 i-i not iiluule , I
tin 10 t'i" t'p'ln
aii-e ih ro is a
ii.-iure i.ieis
'1 mil c. ol tho iii -miles . mini
mm I vi n.ptv no; It- ' .' Is r ' il i.v. r Ih
iitiiler tho cy' lid, waie'i
sui-t lei 01' the c . eh 1 at
Mil'.' 1 II ko.g, : lid : 'slltl'l 1 vi'ivnti.n 01 nils'
ni.n. 'Ills ii'pi d, si well alaaleil to I'lifve
l'-eli, la" mine ..c-.idiiy, whi m, under co'ial.t
el'l liiii' l II l , !) 1 "l:e s SO'le. hie, I ,1.1, to he . ".lil-
ii Iii tin -ki :, 11ml 'V"iil.- ro; a"-v rh" I'Vlid-i.
mi ie il inil I'm alo:"' 'Ic i d e -I oi th 'in '.heio ero
litt c oil I- 11 1. 11 hn t' 111 , nli t.i oiertoeir
in.i.i'e iiioitnp A- a- ji' wio'is 10 the li pi'i is
t 1 ! -s.t; Ii r ! ' 'in ' Hie eyc'ril's vashed ci 111,
a I1': ! ''' v..rM-!i is I'l'iMrMoiis lo e.-ater.
'1 1.1 hie oh hi li h aves the lunrfs h is OC 't) so
p. t c 1 1 ilncO. d o. iis Iil'eo'n ni'.' iir.i.s i-ti. s,
11 a; lo 11 '.ir -ail.': il 111 iiii-..'d w.iii ot'ie.r nir, the
II on irii it 1 e. . t cs I '-inn the ni'i'i'.h, would e vi ;o
imil.. Oi .t" ile iih l y Milloe it 011 ; while, ii it
leoc'-i 0 ale ut 11-, .1 more or less liestru 'live m
liiii nee o. r heal:'i v.ijul J In: oc aisi ined. llul 11
is ol a nature 1.1 111 u -h lighier lino tiie
con 11,011 air, that il:u luomeii', it esi:ai's the lips
I, nil in h, ri 1: it ase nds to higher icg ous, lib ove
the Imii'hn.p poln:, there to be ree: lied,
find -ciit hm k ,'igniii, ri ile:u wuh purity
lit d life. How rapidly It ns'-i-ii'ls is beaiiultilly
t il it ed 10, y finiiiy liiutni'ig.
lint frill ard de.ully 11- Die expired nil' Is,
I mine w i- ly iu all 'u r works nnd
v i.y s In. us ii to pood a 'count in the passu.'!
thioiiph the organs oi voice, and makes it tho
whstarrt love, the soft wnrus of Hlteciiou, the
tender tones of nun. ,111 sympathy, tlio sweit
sti.alns of ravishing music, and the persiius.vo
ehi'uen e of the tinidicd or itor.
It n well-iiuidc iniir be extended on the ground,
bis niHis at light angles with his lioily, a circle,
making the navel thu m nirc, w ill ju-t take in the
Lead, the linger coVs and the. feet. Tho uistunze
(roiu "ti c to toe" is precisely the same as that be
lli ie n the lips of thu tin; ers wheu the arms are
ixtrude.l. The hnu'tli of the nody is j nt six
times that of the loot; while tho dist-.nee from
the edge oi tho hair on the fori he.nd to the end of
the rl'iii is one-tenth of llie whole st itui'O.
Of tho sixty-two primary ilemenla knovn in
nature, oi ly eighteen uru loiind in the human
body, nnd of these meen urc metillle. Iron is
found hi the blood, phosphorus In the bruin;
limestone in the bile; lime in tbe bones ; dust and
tishCB in nil. Not only these eigiiteeu ll 11 111 an
eh u ciiW, but the whole sinly-two, of which the
ni.iurto is uiiide, have their csseuti il basil in thu
four s ihhta'.iceh oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen,
III d c.n bon reprerei'li.g Hi 1: more tatuidar names
ol lire, water, saltpetre and eh.ueoil. And such
is man, ti c lonl ol Hie each u sparli of lire a
drop ol water a grain of gunpowder un atom
of char, cnl !
Hut looking nt Mm in cuotbrr direction, thoso
clcrneuls shadow forth llie higher qualiias of a
liiviticr nature, or ol nn immortal existence. In
that spark Is the c ilor.e which "peaks of irrepres
sible activity ; in that drop is the water whl.ili
rpcal.B ol purity ; In ll.u grain is the force by
Ml. ich lie subdues nil thinns to himself makes
the w ice ereutioii the supplier of his wants, and
the icrvitor of his plensuii.s ; while in that at un
ol chart!' -ul theie is a diamond, which speaks at
ore-' of light aud purity of indestrueiii'lo nnd
l fsictU ?h proie: s. 'I hill 0 is nothing which out
shim s it; it is purer than the de.v-drop. "Moih
aid rust" corrtut it not; nor do ordinary lircs
destiny it; while it cnts its way alike through
b afs and adamant, und liar lest steel. In that
light wo see an eternal progre.sni.n towards
rooiii-cience ; in that purity, the good of divine
I atmc ; in that i-.elcstiueiloiilty, an immortal ex-ii-t
nee ; in that progr-Si, steady nseen'-'ion
towuros the homo and bosom of God. S. ieitti?
'Ilio l.anyer nml IH" llnetur.
()ccr.sion.illy, very rnreiy, it umst bo owned
the witness is, besides being a nittu of soieuso, a
man of the wor. d one who joins to the reii'iue
ments of the want ull the quick and re ady
w lt cd Lict ot society. I remeiulicr Such a case.
TLe l uiii tcrwas i n cuniiuuii man ; ho washighly
and variously pil ed; bad a keen wit and com
iniiTidinp clc'iueiiie. It his task, on the
ocras.oii I tc cr to, to obtain from tbe uiedica!
w iilcsS the ao mission I Imt the uihstaniv: to which
the j.oisoiiing was aiirihu ed was one freely iiae j
, ... tie". ........ .... ., I tsvthtltf'kF
ciai s, anel oeeasi, nally iu uoses Hint verge
on being excessive. ' Now, 1) ic'or A., you
l.iivi; tod us Hint 'tijchiiiiie is to be found
in tho phariiiiieopiinu, an .elinissiou that goes
to (how that the f.ieuliy are not at'iuil,
to use ihe vulpnr i liistiatiou, to play with
ei'gc tools, 'ion hive nlsu said that you have
inlii'lneii red ii in your ounpra;' kv. Will yon
be kind enough lo i'llorin us in dose's?"
"I lie doie wniml be ile eriini'.eil by the nvtire of
the ilhie , iho objeet soiigli' to be o it.iined, mid
the 1 is uhur oil' must. ,nc, s of Ihe I'ldivi lual pa.
tiei.t." "oini , conic, doctor, I am not trying to
J oiielioil you for 101 iniiee I opinion. I want
gn einb'iea. AVonld y oi give a gr.on of this
liii iiicii e 1" "I ini?'hr, I would r itner give an
rv lith, or a eixtb, or a lotiitti of a grain." "Hut
11 l ave actually given as much as a grain ?"
"I lielirviI have." "Now, woiil.1 you give two,
or are tin re cares iu which you would pivo
tl.rie gra ns ? For instance, would you vcii'ara
10 ailu iid-tcr llitce giuius to one of tun gontle
liiLii '1 the jury " "1 opine 110'.." "M'gbt there
lot be a i"i; in wliicb you won 1 1 give nis Ip j'Oud. r us many lis three grains ?" "1
thoiiiusiy no'; ceilanly not." "W'ou'd you
give n ethiee 1 rains ." Al this tins d ictor sierued
h ightly C' nlnsc i.t n 1 unwilling to rejily ;aud ihe
lawyer, ae iptmp ihe hesitation us eon fusion from
1 en g pi-.i cd, fo lo.ied np bis suppo c I a lvan by reieatin.( the oiie tion. "I 11111 ilo'ibt.t'ul
rn the point. It is p.slblj that I might," was
thori'ily, after a long pan 0. "Goo 1 heavens,
sir! v b it do you mean i Yon tol I us Hi it
under 110 eircortst oics would you a lmiuister us
much us three gr.iii.s to ou" of the gtiu'lenioa of
tlii: jhiy, nor to Ids I.oiilsuip on the b-ineh, and
jet you i.ow av j'v that ivi nre ae'.uiilly ujecr
taiu win her y ou would uot clvetbis tlose to wn
iixpluin this, sir, if yon cm." "The netijiiof
stiycl.!iii.e i'i but Imjicr.ertly known," said thn
On "or, v 11I1 pr. at eoniposuio. "It would he 1
valuable cm ,-ib I'.i.m t me .ie d s -ionee 10 de.i r
D.iin: ii ; and we a 111 imiii iu chemistry thai
a s, ui! 1 .ri 1 tn" ehM ti t'..'7o'; 1. Til It's
11 y 11 1 m.i. g. ' In ibis case U 11 as not the .aivyer
v.iiotiiumpi cd.
Tilt 1 it KIT TO lie Sroh'PN ,t 111. TiMRS.
Oarii.'r was on a visit to il'iiriey, when movs
cine that ;: .o.iii iiiy of j.l'iyrs nere goio to
p norm a- ii rniiu: h un. l.'.rd I.v t' ienn said to
1 in Is, "I1, iv near you'-re in the lie'gh
I11 1 1.0 il, and . ll 1 i; you in vi ire an a Idrt Ss to
I'o I I in he'.!. im audi nee. "siuiitiose, then,
liio 1 1 il l
cl,. v.i'.iioui tno Ionst hositut'ou, "I
I. gill til'! 1 .
.-ri . ul ' a, e r. 'ir '
' fl'.'O'.
. h.o . I.-.' I :i i- I.. InUK
a..) iris to reel--'
I ' e. j.. t hi I ", li p, "i von be ber'nthiH,
llu nil. I
Hie hl'll-C
i-.s ile j 1. 1 ei s oil' ihe sl ip- iiivl pu l
doe. n " '".My lord," saJ Onrlck,
" vL. i- the
In !! .' to 'll-;
lle'i :''
ii i; o1' a -s nldn -s if it. lines not coine
i''.'i:l'.". and b'jsoms of the nudi-
! i'i .a ii-.
v- t. Mi Ci'.inoi.i sus. 1". (tinlly
1 e ,'i liy nini ary m ght be, .lie
, I i. . i . d nln-.iys t lit. t its sliapo
l-t' ii! to the: duties, onlin iry or
I.-, 0 :
; r. "a n
h. ur I
lio- k I T
liii'l li:"'
ex'iii' n'iinn c, 1. 1 ihe wea-er. Smntury and com
im t .I'll , o i.voa'.i t.t nnd elegant, ii.ipht this
M' I : be nt 6.1 Iliiics r.nd sfabonr ; but, just hi we
si'iii'liiiKS Fee a simple l.t'iiuoi-t freun honest
inlnstry to rliariiy proving n iicvei'-ctuliiig soui eo
of ridni us litigation, so lies this garm nt, bluine
lefs in its ( lifdnid Huiocptluti, proved from pune
latioii u nidus iu which fashion bus hutchct her
l'l-noi! of (iidlcss al'Minlities, ninilcss lollies, and
n.eanii iiles.s oujaiei . 1- or the mutations of this
i.rtitli of dus lite enolcss, us tbv are aimless.
The mode ( f to day will be obsolete to-monow
to be levived, it ui-y bo on the daynftcr;
or tie crotchets if a hundred jeius n;;o will
be H.inci:iitcd w ilLOL'. motive or cause. There
is i.o, uo tc. uri'.v, no pat'.M:, no rest
i"gi.Iacc; bienute till rbnu'io i.s dir.atcd by
I'.ishiDu, und fiihl(.n disdains aud d Moanus
ull t'bligiu.'oce to rule, luw, ,r pi-iatii lei- of
beauty, uli'ite, octnoiny, cjiafort, or coiuLi'm
sense." It bus "but one aim, oi.e oloeit, one tiisire
l.ovcl.V. .... 'i ne vices of this giiinitnt
icii cr iiiicntory the virtues of the nthi-rs, and
i.iig'i.stt lii-fh v.ios ii. tbi ui- It is to Uiis evil of
1 i.g, liiuvv.auil bull )' th.rts, llonaced tier 1kv
t ' r, that v"c owe our prunju iullu liou ol onno
lirio. l or it is blmpiy Iii.pos.-ible for a lady to
w a V. ubout nt ml and lave Hie use tl Lor humis,
without some machine to assist lu holding up
ber nl.hts; i-nd here the propagation of evil by
evil Lei ii-. XLe ma.-s ol'sklit necessitates crino
line; ciiiiollne necessitates additional petticoats
tor warmth uud deocucy; ui.d these are bound
round that part of Ihe bidy which most reiuiros
to be hft uin iicumbered and frea. And all for
be left uiituouinbertd and free, anu a j ior
Uut? That youurf aud old, nugaiuJy and elo
iiit, may look aud move ullkc may look aud
oie like nothim feminine, like nothing Imiuan,
vi.fe- niev UOlliiLt; ICUIiuius, . ' s. .-
iikc netting eudoweJ wim nic r-
ral mo'ion mny pose the ibspe und size of a
ba cot L.aiid tho luolion of a J.itk-iu-llie-b'ieeu.
lion. John A. Hinphum (finon) delivered
forty r-pec- hes during tho la c Ohio c-tnviue.
A pro'onnd dealer In statistics "Only W'y
flve persons "lit of one thousand marry ; of this
sixty-live, thrro are divorced, eight run aa",
fiuitt. i n live like cats nnd dogs, thirty are Indif
leic t, nnd Inn are h ip.iy. Mi-cr ible worid !''
Til pi st to M11. I.ivf 01 n Dr. II. W. lie.
Inns, T'rrdili'iil of the Unilfl Males Sviaiu y
i'.t mmls'lnii, when about to return to his home
fii.m C'uhioiiiia.w.i made the besnrof . pro-en'.
-I pfnt l.r.i'i'v niol value from a f" ci'ien.' of
1! . t. te 10 T'lii le d Line iln. To" p'cs nt in
.p'l'tlon 0 a gold b x, bau'. Cir e im n s long
.11 r 01 c ain! a Lull im lies wide. vi the lid of
Hi tux is n 1 hie o' tn;i", c n I en-
l!ri ly of -ol 1 'iiol, hiilv u.!'lif.l; in 'a"
in lie ) lie- .':in toe ihe ii" 11 r- ' A. I. " 10 Iv
ci" tin ''. 1 1 0,1. n nif the lms a 11 11 01 r f no
pulnr v lie'iiMlnl K'.l len irysils e re s. ( 1, Im
ta . rrd 111 hole lelv;:. I'llis 11101,0c 11 1 I v un oh.'
ft' "'I t " ji .-- I iu the ha:i'h- ol the ) re xt. ir.
by llr ih l u'v. on Tiiursday list.
I'l ' l I I ' . . 1 I'l- a l Ol , I' I.-. I he "lo lilHTS . 1 tl C
I 11 v l,ii r." iiieiii'i.: beiwt. 11 Ha -.nn uo ic 1
;i rl'. Ik 1 n l'"r-ri:-s M n.r ie, hav. n ii; d -.i)
u I ll : pi ' lal i'i. oil S a. d a l .i:i. al a' oils lor ' i i
111 ji"toh.i .' ," ..-.riey al :. ' cn.1' 1. 1 1- .' oleo.
'I In t c ol' c s hie i eg 11 1 ' 1." t 1 .ni ci 1.1s to
1 1, the
. iiuil all the i.apo tii .
,.; ie,. a, 1 I n i.'o.e .1.,
1 ill ,'.: ,') .11 11 Hi i 'il ti.'i
.1 r.'ill II' I .'. el . Ilo I
tl.e tl.l. it'll.--I HI ol' ell
the miiv of ihe T it
lloC'.C.l ni .U III
un in
h 1 n.
i 1
il 1 1 t'l. ' n 1 I'd
ov ir lie o -I
'.'I'l.'ljll 1' ll' '.' to
III ie. ."h'S itll-
I..I.I J I ill
M-ii in
Ri il llO'O
1 11. v. met
f C h 1.
L.i. le'iin i ,a Ie un ler the - i;'C v s.. n
I A. II. 'l al.! n i, the im: I t .'iMn
sni 1 in' PC- nl ui the I'o-; ll'li.'e Pep rln'.ill.l, 0.1
only W ill 1. . D i n .nt li ne ' iloU il.
A Siom 1 ic is r II i.Mi 1 r wee V c I ir i r
neii ,u-l inio il, senl h.ene by ihe l.xnrr 1
(.'. n'li.riy '. ,' 0, or 1 .-' O a ni in i n tl.
avui'i .'e. The ) l.y rieeive.i by a priva'e ior
hi. thin, n tiiomba' -eivi n was slSi. an I
cut, iu Hot Iiol lo be ilidii.!"'l .111 aveia ) of
about ;. SO lor exti.l el .thine, worn out in oxoos.
Rocliitigi'e duty, the amount of various ht'ls ot urtiiH nnd equipments, nnd sutler's biUs,
viiiyilip from Sf'lU to each, l ids ri'iiiitul'l :
(nine Iroui men, manv of e'l'.i hiv.:
Is en ibiitiu's. wh oti 1 Nor' horn to'
( ) taunt, mi l ruli ulo as wor'hl' ss, im, 'o
v 1I1 nt, iii.d iiiuii 1" to li lie cue of Hn'm-'lv-s.
They liave proved Ihat they cin !'','!.:. Th y are
now piuvii g that Ihey run mnnige tneir own H'l'iirs. lloi'on 7Vii".i.-M;ar.
A Day's Kiemi'ts ion Ami si'mknt. TLo
tiliir.ipb inlorms .Mr. I,ion ird ijrovcr, the
din nor of the tir. nd O'erman Opera and th
manager of'.res in Wa-hmpioii and 1'hil i
liilplna, ll ;'t bis red ipts a, thevaiiius pli es
111 tier lil (Unction re iclied, yesterday, the on jr
irous npgn g.uc ol luiie thou-. 111 1 one uumlr.-d
tn d liliy dollius in a single day. hi Wasli.mooi'.,
ut bis til' lilie, ei.'hl li 11 : 1 1 1 reel ivul lil'iv ; in l'lliiu
1 1 hii, nt the (Jhiioiut sire, 1 the itre, ma io.;e
mid evening, eleven Lnndieil and tii'iy dollars ;
mles in rhii!idcl bin for bis opira couiiiany at
tbo Aciuleniy ol Ma-ie, tceiily-cight hiiiidreJ
dollars; in rrovulcuccOraud ii, rnum Oa :r 1 last
night, Mxti'tn hundred nnd lilty dollars ; Orand
Ol cin Matinee here yi aterday. niiirb'cn hun lrC'l,
nt.d mles for the concert to hightover seven hun
iliid dollais. Of this the 1 iovcrum 'nt
will reci ive, through revenue and income tax,
nmrlyone thousand dollars. A pro'ly go id Oine
lit fur Ihe war fund. Huston Stttirrinn tymhtn
t Invite, (Mvjir.l'X
vVittii.v H111111.N On one oeca-ion he ( lo'in
Maxncll) was closely piusu-d by some soldiers
ill Hilinliuii li, and, running down a narrow e'ose,
Im kn;'nge in a "1 hange-bomc," when; he begt:ed
llie lamllady lo hide him. 'ihe only avail ab e
place ol'coiieeiilinciit was a lame new meal chest,
lasti iic l with n p ollock, in which lie bad u.i' diy
eiiMoiiei d himself, nnd heard the key nmk 1 all
Monro, when the house was tilled aid sttr
roitt ded bv his pursuers, who loudly exclaimed
linn ihey were cci'iiin he wns there. "Seek tne
boos nnd )e will," r-pliid tho girlewil'.i ; ''it's ui
sue miukle ii3 '1! ke. p ye lung." The soldiers
did ro, uud without success, and ties', de
niniulcd biUor; on si iing down to dis;as
which, suits being scarce, one of them
jumped upon tho meal store, aul all ex
pressing their wonder at where the wlih;
rould have got lo; when the man on tne
bnirel suddenly excln.ined, "Trey hide ony ite;
may be he's in Ibis very List; guduwite, pie's '.ho
key till we sec !" Tbe remark was anything but
pleasant to John Maxwell, who overheard all ;
I ut Ihc unit! ou's nerves tortunatcly did not fail
ber. With great, and without a rao
n .out's delay, she tiling open ihe room door, ami.
curliug her lip in scorn, s'.e reave I over the land
ing: "l.asio, rin awa tae tbe gude man for tlio
key o' the girnel, till we see gi.i a Whig can lie
in meal. Bud no gie a hnost wi't." Tho rule sn
ccederl tho soldiers laughed. and, asking no more
nl out him, went off without waiting for the return
of the landlord; und John Maxwell, who had
sueec-stiiilv struggled against any tickling sensa
tions in his throat, came safely out, mi l 01 ol
his e'c iiieto Ireland. 'ic ,l' n"' "
bu Sir Amlrn 4ij w.
If i;V. IlKNiiY 8. WHIIfi,
riup'ii.iiin lio Un'-dil ti;ui-;t .Irmv, r '.: n ly u r:irn r
in I: li.i.itl 01 ilio Kt.'tJii, nilt ''iv: thr Umt mriU0 ft
til t'm Hc'Hkiii, ut
r'riNl'Jf AL RlKTtli iDflT EPHCOI'Au C'ilJili; I,
V ihc Sti ft-t, TJuftc,ntii,
Sirv'':os ti (.jdimji.Cf t 74 u' t icV, A CvI'i-IcIk i V t
tha ClirtbUan I'unm.lnrii.r. vviu i. tak'ti 1:
w- Hurr Tb t rfpti in to i,.m -tin ,y M n'Ki'i
Bn I Y'-tnij,' 'vltU n pi-raTiM hi inii Cliiir.u Tij-iii . ri i-v
Af.crnt - ii. fcuvice t ; u'jiock, i
n 1,1.1 n i mu iti-x iov. i
IIVAT I H .1 1 1 ll will jirt-aM. HiM..,.'i n im,- V ,.. u ,;r
1, il 7 c'.vitt. Kut." .t I Ie fl i ":i f i v
ir brut co'lict, .iTitl fit' Oity tt' v..uili.i. wi.t .n it) . V
-jb. urnnivo, MSII.IIMII AM' (OAT
IV"-J- l-nwliilig ll'S 1111:1 l.'S hy Ill'v. A. nMSHilir Ca
crauii'iil al J. Allinvitil.
t.ltKIlN lltLI. I1AUY KKVIINTlll.N'l ll AM;
rill halt. I'ri'ui'iilnw le-iini in".' fit 14 unit 7.
J.veuiu suhirtt. "i lie Heu.i'laol nl Utterly I'i. iw el."
.-;.;.. in.scii'i.r.s of en his r, w n'ni" s
wr ui'ove Wuiluee. I'.'eiieli'iis lu ui'iri'.i.v. in i 'l A.
snillV I". M., liy l ll.u ll. .M 1'I.LIN i, oi K vitiiok.v.
fijlo- CIIHIST IlKKKNIollJ AliAIVnl' Mli: AT.
kJ1 tnclet it I.ih riverine ealumni inii'-i, bv ll -v.
J('ltV CKAtiJIIlHK. tu-inui-row , in a' 1". Al. , 'in ,u
nut Mill Annul.'. -K. e. II. H . Ilili'i' M N, liy
rc'ii'ri-l Hill r. H"M A ,li eo irsti oil Atinlti'luil ll ol tl")
IV l.'l'i il, tii-liicik'riiw, IS P. il. hlmiiyrs w.'leo '.".
i ,e . WKST AHCil HTI1I UT l'H'.sll , . .,(i. -,
V ( liar, li Hi v. It. I.. S I A n I ON, l). j., I ,oi""i. r
In lisrvllli' 'I lieiile-leiil Neinliuiry, K.v. . )v ill ao.t:h la
Uii' ( l.nrili lo ev Linrinaii, nl 10 ' oMo k.
i"a,s WAIiX'KH nil V. INSt'ir TK ill-' tICIF.N ')
CIIOI'Mllll Avi n li- m t sm i:n tl' in st.
I'leac n.e lu ur .rr iw altfiiiu.i'i, at S1- o'ei i.-k : v 1,'ev.
I'KASK L. H01.ll.M. kalniieu. Kslt atil H, tiiel ut
2 u'elee'U.
Si I 1)1 VI Ii N li.'l ll'iOsl'. N i. -.'J. i.F.1 1 II. I-I
I''n- re-., ll.ill a ncml ill sv."s.n in:' i.ur e.n ritiy
ii.el I raiiiuiav. Iw 'i. II. -iitkox. at i:i.i..i:mi t
iti.iWioj'i Hli-i'i'ts Sriie .-ii li aiteriiuijii, a u'e:."'k. At
It..':: A. M. ( nineiiiiil'.'n eri.'.e.
v. Tlti: I'ltl IINT "N Vi IDS If. I ItiS! ."-
..' Kernien im llils suU'eel Mill lie a":i' ic '1 in urn
r"W I vi nlm , in the I irst II mu n-r I lou-.-li, jilt ' : I) an-l
AI.CM Miei-tH, al fill' -.i.l-1 V c'eluilii, lit" ItiC I'U'loi,
llie 111 v. II. It. UO.U.DMAN.
i-v... CKS'lltir. I 0 VI . It Ml ; .VI 10'.' A I. I'll'llill,
COM I Ii i II I I.l, ll v. K. p. lll I'M. A "ill "I
llie I'! rlsl'ii'i I inn ml . -I..II, wl II jif-ii li ill lu1-, A. l. ti ni
III" I (. r. Hi v. fliWA lil) II AW I, :, will iirev'll ut i'i
i'. Ai , no llie 1'utiii'llc l.uly eil ihe flout.
rl -xt-. IMIlN M K. CliriU'H, I'Oi Kill H'lKHl-.r,
i-n.V ti.l.o,' An li - -.i:',',alli. N'i .-it. :. r li. II. -v.
i I.A s K I I N VOnm: li. l. -nil i ri-i'eli iu Mi.ruaii'
l In .. . I, ek, ,i. U,v. W'il.l.l.i:! .MA.' UK in llie
I.Vl l.ilu Ui ; li i l. e'k.
.-r: i llfs-l' lll'I'ilItMI'll lll'TCIK lirni 'l.C 1R-
net MAI. Sill mui slitl s. .A ItDI.N So -eis,
l.'.-V. J. II. SI'VllAM. I'.lsli.-. ill I'r. -eh III It". '. Ine-l
A. "I. jiu. t ei cl'.ek 1'. al. hlilyc.'t ler the- e-v ellility,
"l at, iul.tatl."
it r. v.i i tt i an io i sTv i i.i.iti rrAT-, itv sit.
v einl 1'e' tei-in.irr'iw. Iimi hi los imp ili.r s-r-nil)'',
lis lel!ens!-:i 1'. M.. 'i'l 1 1 IT! ICS I li Ulel III
HAIli) Avi iiuo, on "The Ituek uimti v. Iiteti the rlinreli
tsi.l.t ." mid I'! I'. M , lit npor lli.u-e, lll.HVI I N'i 11 si ,
hheve (Unbuilt, OU "(luurtslilll." Colil-Ctieilltt, All lllvil'.'ll.
A-'' null 1; UA U V IS IMi Ulllml-l. Miililiet of He v.
Mr. liAl.iu .'i I 'is I m nine l i'i'tiiie, ' Tlui klml ol i;vl
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