The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, October 17, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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(grcmnti JTrlrgtaph
fwH f warn 1'AAfre fnitt, wRrcMTniCtvr I'm
ITmcH1 tkrife.eiid bcilled 10 filneilbera
at m te CRT t l" TP''. 1'Ar. ATM'H 1 OjfF. TI'iLI. 4K
mm ,l.rv(:.aT.e'i Ts kli.s' iMe.ln' in a.t aiic
AAtpV:rl roe-ad
M the Hint' rater.
A liberal
,at aaaAe tot enVll Ifteanmna.
,yi,MfAieal of Anoi imiii" C-. ;ip""-.f .i.,'.k
te-A;e- r fo lafa:. Ifll H-r h.m ri,,n kt n itl.rl- a'o.I
ftr ll" ' a. I1"11 rtrtrii i.r tfc. Ar.tiT-- f ii' . .'ifir'ls '..r
eaMlov)en, k''t a. ft trnftrftMpf tor M, ei.'l fn ih. we
a,iut wiler .aa. I retain r- .re'ed '".s
! AH Vfrllmrm.
0ptiy kf ake irreat If-rrrntf iK l'irn!.t'o:l if Tilr.
,iiinrt T"r ..aiii , oofeii-r'lliiif tin to no to lir..- at An
now, 1M ' rt I'nt llihl .dull' eui.'nls mi' v
fee hanitnA I as ,,i-if a. I'l o'i'l' : k. It p..,llilt', u in eure
k hitfoa in al-' of nor eriliii.u..
num m si'iimiia r.
Nothing but feme jtrt-at, urgent rii'citi-lty
tou'd bAve induced Mr. ,H.i ikhmo Dwis
io amis') Ills lata tour tlirniiirli the .South,
fcrimitilnjr flic people on tlic fiilcrt of the
rr. It l quite nppm-cnt thut thi recent
nnwHi of otir amis In Vlrjrlnlt, cori.i,
aad elwwhcro, bavo cflou-ly iliturlicil th
tuutl equanimity ot the hcud und rlilcf oflh
lUMllon) whilr Uie iitlcrnnrKM Into which h
btn been Ixitrnycd In tllrcHwn nt varlom
tilarM In the course of Mb excursion, nhow
oni'mUkaily lilx nulng fiiltli in the power
T the to-called Southern Conti'ilcrntc .S latin
to much longer maintain tliciniclvcg a;ilu-t
tb natlonnl authnrltle.
Th tiuth would ct'tn to be tint tho people
of the South are fast eoUliig tired of the
It has been to them a giant caltimlty.uiirelicvod
or mltlrated by a ninplc benefit or roifola-
lioo. They uo doubt fluttered thcmsclvo at
Me pfrlod with the Idea that the rU'iksIi; for
thAir kdopendence would bu a pliort though
t oTrire one., and that It would end In their
triumph. But In forniing those agreeable
an'irlpatlons, they certainly relied mora on
til Woo and apathy at the North thun on any
Mnlttv ability of their own to tight the. Ifebel
baa at to a aucceasful concluNlon. And Hiun
far tbeir calculations lu that respect ha vo been
reallied to a ronhlderablc extent, whilu the
Qorernment at YTanlilngton ban had to cou
ieod against the open tbc In It a front and the
aaora dangerjus, becnuno secret, cnerulca In
1U rear.
Theae condltiona, however, are rapidly
changing In our favor, and the Southern
paople begin to perceive and recognize the
(act. Within the last few months a great
Change baa come ovei the spirit of their dream.
Exhausted itrength and resources, and tho
4enpair of elcctive aid and miccor from any
quarter outside of Ihem-ielves, arc telling
fearfully on their patience; while alarming
ymptoms of a growing disposition to give up
the contest, and sue for the I'cU poi-sihle teruiM
f peac they can get, have forced Mr. Dayim
to make a last and desperate appeal to the
cl iTalry" not to denert lilin and his cause
In tlla dismal crisis of its fortunes. At
Augusta, he told the Georgians that " they
mi st leave awhile their wives nnd clilldivu
cast their gold to tho winds, and help to
drive back the Insolent foo from their
border." At Montgomery, the Mull ro
lorU Davis as saying:
" He voulJ not attempt to conceal the f tctthiit
M wf (the UtM) liavc c.vpirienceil great dis
" of Isle. The enemy have prussL'd our
" atiuieti bk li to the centre of Georgia, threa
":t:ed ti e t rden ol Al .Iwnio, und occupied
"'he Uajof Mobile; but the city still stands,
" und ftKiul, though every u-.ill und roof
" kliould fall to the jt round. He hud been disap
' fofnud in n J J bit cjlculntions in .Northern
Owrpia Afttr at-nillng lorward lo the urmvat
baiton all ihe rdnti rceim nt, hu cua'd collect
" fn m cvciy qusrf r, iiiclinlin the troop from
"Nortbtrn Min-iiil'il, lie had cottlidcnt y ex
" prried Mirci-il'id atlvmice throuph Tcuiicssee
" Dlo Ker.tud.-f. IIhiI be thotiKht that instead
"of liie forrd notemtnt our anuy wotitd
" htv n inert to A'lama, he would have left ItH
"0 4, lumeiited, ittid venLralilo friend, Ueuural
' I'tai, to hive assailed Kiikiiman upon his
" (tank by Ni.rih Aialana But he hail yielded
"m Ui idianf conrentrution, and the seipiel
" wu inTtbisg thau hul lie had been luduced
to hope."
Dut Oeorgla Is not likuly to be. doludud
Biach longer by such expostulations. The
ad experlenoea of nearly four years of strife.
moulting only In disuppoiutramit and disaster
are more powerful arguments than the vision
axy pTomuica of the ltebel leaders ; and unless
the tide oi war should turn, suddeuly nnd
miraculotisly, In their favor, we shall not be
much surpi laed to see the Georgian laying
down their arms and coiniuir back iufo the
Union under Sir. ot,x iirochimation ot
ITielr present disaffection must be great,
Indeed, to compel Dwis. to ujitku so earnest
an effort to prevent the ineuacud mutiny, lie
knows the slender thread on which the It ibel
Uon now bangs suspended ; und hu knows, loo,
bow fetal to all his hopes would bo the giving
Way of a single one of the Suites allied lu ibis
tuiendous conspiracy against the peace and
Unity of the nation. He knows that the with
dawal of any oue Male woi.ld bj .-pe.clily fol
limed by that of another and iinoi her, until
tliO guilty Confedera-y In tre:.-on wa- entirely
issolved, and Its fcntanlc undilli els left, ulone
and dfensclesti to their fate.
Nu wonder, then, that he L aw- I.U capital
id goes among tho people of the: S ,iJiv.:.,l
V oecblng them, In anxious, Imploring oiv
CnU,tO keep up their courage, pivpar-j for
6--li sacrifices, and resolutely Maud by him
lu th terrible nitiri)ii-.e In which lie and
C'.hur arch-contrivers of the I'.olielllon enndly
hivolved them and the whole ouili. J.i-p.T;i-
ti m now ui the solo rcuiiiining Insph iliou of
t f insuri. "nt caui-e, nod the very a, t: -i!-; of
) H'J Ki'.l O.N L)lri to Ills lili.ll.ell "d I'll-
L ers bbn'.v t'aat ho ha I 'M at! a- 'ir il
t . ucc ill ihe succe.- ni'the lieb. II, oo.
'i he .Smith bus rt lied upon throe (riv.'it
mainstuvs shivery, cotton, and tobacco. It
culculated to support Itself by slavery, to pro
cure foreign help by cotton, and to spread
discontent among the Northern masses by
withholding Its tobacco. In all these hopes it
has been difcuppoiuted. The war power of the
Government has deprived it of Its slaves
England goes to ludia to procure her cotton,
and Pennsylvania seems likely to succeed
Virginia us the leading tobacco-growing
Until within the last two years, the experi
tiient of Its cultivation In the Kejutoue State
td remained untried. The stoppage of tho
siud supply from the South induced a few
tewutllvtiuU farmers to try the experiment.
Tte risult has been eminently successful, and
tUe turtuunuj vcAsseiMors of tills year's crops
expert torque from two to threa hundred
dollars p r acre.
Pcniuy Waha, thus Biined anothr-r source
or wealtb. Not coutt with l,r vast mines of
coal and lion with hr uviug weiu ot M
issuing from lnesUAu.Uul. suWrauuw, km'
flowing direct from nature's crucltjle, she has
adopted Die growths or other cUnu, nd
(iomostlcsted for her use the lndt(j!noia pro
divtlotw of waruier tone.
Tin- anil of Ihigh lkiontwomiTy cotin
tiia, vul in 1"I ff jill thiwe cut of tin- Alio
phi'iiiwv. ia ik-'itllurly n'l-iiiti-d to tin? growth
til tcliaorr,, ntnl wr ilmiM ut Mint, iimltr th
riiri fill niirrtirw ol our ttKrlrtiltiir.illsU, thai
crop wl'l n'V'li 1 IiIrIi litn of twrfivtiiin, mnl
tl.Hl ' v 'II l "t '"I I toll.l' CO on.' of Ull' must
':i,!' Iinslitctitiii.s rf 'In i,y-tt.'irii
t) ki it 'i;'v I n nr.
We ef !l stutoil Inn recent ii-lnti per
llml In 1.1'ielon f.lmrc ar scores ot slreoU
uliiih ill r'joite 'n the stiiik p.itr iriy iiV,
tl h hrt't'-ners seeming lo 'Mat highway
iiitich as 'he) lo liighwayiniiii giving Ihoin
an nppoila.lon derived from soinu connitm
llluslrioiis ancestor, an .Tack Hheppar'l or
ll ck Tnrpin nnd only numbering t.'iem occv
sloiiitlly as the Hint, second, or third, Ac, in
ilisctnt from their prototype. Indeed, the
T'jrplns ami Sheppards fare lintler than
the slreels. Inasmuch as thtdr ancoitral
iiime Is alter all only an oitw, taken
lu their honorable emulation of the great
original possessor, and because, also, they
have I'jvn file baptismal cognomens besides;
while the streets are only gifted with one and I
the same r.atne, undistiiiKuishod by numbers,
letters, or other maiks of difference. John
street, lor iastance, in London seems ubiqui
tous ; and though n two thoroughfares with
this name are at ull alike, or bear even a
family resemblance, yet aro they all equally
Johns, and only Johns.
We are by no means free from this absurdity
of reetitlon in our street nomenclature, with
only this difference, that our mania seemi to
run In reproducing the memory of our de
parted great as fiequently as possible, by
placing their family appellations on our corners.
In our own city we have several Pknn streets,
courts, and " places ;" at least two Wahhihci
ton ditto, ditto; an equal number of Jkki'kh
hon, MoMtK,and streets; a couple
of CAW' streets, with courts, Ac, to
match ; two or three Ukoikjk ; an indefinite
number of Kkanki.itih; and any quantity of
tautological offerings at the shrines of lessor
personuges, Including the numerous families
uCSmltLa Jones, and Urown, fi'J libitum.
Now fliis patriotic nnd klnd-bearted way of
honoring our ancestors Is attended with con
siderable inconvenience, as well as liable to no
little ridicule from the sojourning stranger,
who may not share our reverence, and who
may well turn up his nose at tho Joneses and
Thompsons who are so indiscriminately
hnnded down to posterity upon the corner
walls of our highways. We approve highly of
this method of perpetuating the memory of
the Illustrious dead.. Let every city, town, and
village have a Washinotom street, a Jack
son street, a Ci.ay street, a Whiistkb street,
and. H there Ik- enough, let the whole host of
statesmen and warriors of our past find each
a monument In a thoroughfare, but let each
have but one apiece in any one community.
Let there be no "confusion of honors.
And finally, if the munflcenre, public spirit,
or other virtues of less widely known citizens,
such us the aforesaid Hrowns, Smiths, or
Joneses, shall render their fellow-townsmen
anxious to commemorute them by street-consecration,
whenever there bo more than one
duch "noble Roman" in the same town, let
them either add the first name or initials, as
"O. I). Smith street" or "Timothy Jones"
street ; or let them be numbered according to
seniority, as Brown street No. 1, No. 2, &c.
lienlly.we think that among the various propo
sitions for reform, there Is none more practi
cally easy, and at the same time of Indubitable
utility, than this of street nomenclature; and a
thorough revision of our system of names will
go a good way towards encouraging further
irjni rovements in our city.
flie fo'ldW.HS nr? btriUo on tbfr Atlcgheur rtriT
Hint irti-ctt ci i . k wr-r.s. hu.'ihwt
ruck u wtll iMt eek on tUe Uocnrnn una, ito
n t" .'U w J rutiklin. which yunuea iwo oan
tlieJ tiia foity hum-! fit tho tirst fartv-oiht
i ( ins pumi-inj;. H )i conMde'ea tfooo rur oaa
liui arc il iair 1.- per iy. John Lee hat aUo o'k
inimdaflowlntf U on ihe Mnrliu rarni,jui
mImap tiio Hoover, and netirtr opt wids the
Cm-I. ran farm, wh et, lio- OTcr lilty Darren
t'.lT OHV-
. . . A 1 t W... .ft.A-W n.AS a v..
if-h i J f.i osite ll.p Uoovor we.l, wolt h yiomi e
to bt a l-rnt ciR well. It hat not liNJfl t'et
5 t-t. In udd.tivn M thl, ir. ltunu", wu owns a
luiite on tnc ciuuii urm, nui umm i u v-
Iiti i ow the i-roj-erty ol the AxccNior Oil C'tn
,hv and vho tad ecn pumpiog but t'.nr
t-arieit- a dav at tbe di'i-tli of 4oS (eet. unk h
well to llie deftb cf 42 f-ct, ami tni k a reia
vKen jidrts ! rty burrcir in ,w,Tiy-n'u- umr.
Two eood well- have n'o u i'nicK on French
. fr . . i ...I. tin Alt I.A JB
tl:lU have If'n niROO w.min wu uip, im
tJuri arc Tr-pcts ol' a number more iu u hhmt
Rah C'oNVKMiiNci:". It is alt mad f
l;non that t!i" Ootlile Rich which iocrci Unlou
uvciju, tn the Ores' V ntrsl F.iir, w purclissed
I17 tbe rerun.-Wauls ltultr.a'l Cuinpaa fur
twenty tl oupuntl ti.! The srcli lm lie n
tskt'D to V 1 M 1 niiaui iini.i aim j.iix i nil him .
itieit, Vtwctn 'Ibtrliitli .1 Thirrv llrsr, nu t
I catiy litct'1 t p 'nr h it n'p us'- i"io'. a near;
rmi g sr rules it fnnii Murli' t street, und Ida
Dorttitrr. fir.nt . cl'-si-ff t.l;rely. T0 tries,
ert laid in tteim l.uildini', an I tin- tu irtnuk;
tie 'fuulnr ti si niiif.' tliri.Uf(li ate iiMiiiNla'iiin litis
Ii it Vi,t l ii:lutl"l).l i Ins-'j-aJ of isli scn li unit 'i he ticket i Hict wa r, n,r.i on 8 ui
tlni c.enii4', a'i'J leken West l'iiii'lelil'ia.
At1. tia.Lk i.t' Itsvt West l'l.ila lcl.hli. Arr.itii. -n.trishii.c
tictn time? atitn tbe Mi'ktl t roct Hailwki I. n.p .ny t i ruu GiiiMni .'.'
nra in in Aim ki. t tucl fruit t-ltcct. W-st
I'tnli ( ll.h:a, cotnnii lis iritr (.1 l.elore 'he
dt 1 :n r:ir- f l 1 acl. Unit. Sunu iy.i suniiJ' nl I .' rli T'i." tl fnici kial't-i mil
Mi 'tut firtt:, 10 'oui.ct. rvith tte "!" srul In
1'. M. ru,.i .'.
liini- 11 Him Iji.inkini. A s.i.l c ii) ..f
Oi.t'l' I. r.i 1 t!. I'ti.-K '1 ii tt ni.' i.irt e
1 1. 1 . .! 'i tin. itliiii't 11 ri i lit- C. r.'ticr ii Sjttu-
. . A n nu''. 111 r me v iptr li w n. ( .un-l il.-it I l-y
t i:uii 11 Maty iil,u:.'ii i" H' tic it li , 'ii.
r:'lin ii i ' .1 I' ll'I'i rl.''-. I'll'! t i .Mil'. M'U lli'l
t,! i.pfi if iliiiif luit it ht-ky Antl tin-i: ir i ijjf
tl.ut sL'' uthen i iretit tin Kuttcis. il. r tti
1'iiira'ii'v tur u tM.'U I'ft-t wits u icitiniMii''e cc
tuic, t:.U iiiiU terrii.le, ami tcstifyttiK to the fat il
contietucnceHuf iuloxicatiun. She lubuliiied the
locality of hixth and Ucdlbrd streets, where cases
ot exiieiue poverty uud wretchedness, caused
mostly Ii v I'xress in ililnliliiK infjxtCiitiag bevr
ut'i 9, arc ot cumiii'm occurrence.
UiiAiii or A 1 hi!.aiu:li'iiia Juvunamst.
Colonel John 1'. Sanderson, formerly connected
with the newspaper preaB of this city, died re
cinily in fie. Louis, Missouri. He was a native
ot Litnimiii comity, nnd for one term hold a seat
In the .State .Senate. In lH'il he was appointed
by General Cameron Chief Clerk lu the War le-
pi.rttni lit, nnu sunruy niter wus i-uiiiunssii,iii-si
Ll utenniit Colonel lu'the n-itulur army. Iu 1m;3
lie was a) pointed J'rovont Marshul-deneral of tho
Mifsouri Llstili't, with the rank of Colonel. Hu
was an ii'i'o political writer, and In 18 io occupied
ttte position of Chairniau of the American Klute
Cen ral Committee.
Kixrwtimi. This morninc the mayor Issued
wairants for the j ajniiut of the city bounty to
twenty-six men. The deficient wurds are all
paying ?1'W) bounty, which, together with the
City und (Jovcrnmeut bounties, utukvs the sung
Utile sum of ;.30.
Swell A decline or three cents in sugar ii
noted since last week. A further de.line will
evitl.ntly tuke place. It Is stated that there U
enough sugar bonded in FhiladelphU to supply
this city fur the next two ycurs.
Binday Oinkiko. William Why and WU
luiiu Mi Curdy were both arrested in the Twenty
thUd Ward ysatcrilay for gunning. They wore
Aned by Alderman lloluies. The practice of
guutlny sunn in thk locauty U to he broken up-
O' a I'eiiMC S inr l ow, 11 sny, ritiMuf
the Vslrm prc-'nt a mote pirlu-f. i i apin-aranni
M the ejeef astranfir ibM I'l-lla :tj hla do.s
wbrn vh wad fiom ("oirtnoiiut IUnn. The regu
larity so r tllrtilid tiy fotcv'tncrs ttdd. in t- iyiu
mrlry. Its trid, rutitiln? to Hie four r iriiina
pt nta of the tini -, r finli'e, s Trnlo;.t; kith
mi l'. ( d alien tiMi ," wiiilt the gneii verdure
of ils Ht!rt 1 i cllt v s tin t d utn ot 't- red !ir irk
lvOt"H It is (till pill po-S to SH lik ll our f lihi.e
oiitmres, unil to i Kniinac into 'hi ir risi ut r ot.ili
tlon and pr(?iiiii- use.
lo roB.nuiiir Ihe Ihi(c I plcn tno ground
01 oer ciiy, il e I'h' h, ' hut mill. tin- eio-t x
tciiuve Slid ino-t I c:i tn 1 1 n ly situated ih' tin', ta
tH'iih tke p ei t tlriit .
lltvtous lo l' purchase by ci'v tt-e locality
no Mil n n a tin I nrlt tiiisW', e t to thi 'i 'On -l
leu en till1, si d iH" the ri stttetifc i f one ol our
wtnlihitai mnl inn-l icsi. rtcd cilleii. Tho
an in n Is bisuiilally rilu itcd l r n .;ioic n ort.
h a cri(litif-' t(ir nit rt thati thn lnu' tlm of a nle
aking thfl Si hu; H i I river, and hi.hly situs i d,
llif pn si nt i from it cniluai i a mi! i nly the
i tt r, I tn aoo tin wonts a Ih'lestt the cm n
trj. In fact, just Midi a landscape us thei yoof
tl e business-Horn cltien, a1 h ux t'h the iriRro
Of btti ks, atitl tillnl wtth the tiitstol the strtt,
would Invo to dmcll upon. 1 Hiring the u m no r
months a tire military hnnd i. in alleudHiice
evrrj a'tci noon, ami idtrottr-es sweet sira ni for
the c.iteriBit ini nt ol ad ho may wtb to uttcnd.
T'hst ho'h the I'atk ai d it- urronntlinfs arodiilv
api itM'iated by oi r rilmens Is attested by the
crowns tba imily rlock u re-t hoiicaihttic9bads
of lis br.iiichicff trees.
l,0ftt Niusre, sititsted at Kuhtcen'h and Vine
Straus, dsn In en n iKleicd hi-tuilc or the holding
then it ol the (r at 0 rttnil I'sir. Wbea the his
U rv ot this Rebellion ihidl ne wrltti n, asoriated
ih the tlorioiis monument of patriotism,
coupled nitb VUlshmp, Atlanta, and Mobile,
i Mill fimi the name of I. pno 8 irc. V'ici
were proof of the ioiaity of our inliitiry ; it it
t. -t Diinj io tb.- patriiiiimu of our rmc popu
iMii n. Pctore Iii pan S 0ie became a public
p e-isorc pround, it n i.ieJ as the l'otter's 1'iold ,
and'j ol our risoets will remember, nt the
t.tneof the planting of lbs prca: Mg. staff, the
FO'hmt n tsnie upon a human skull, sad relic of
Ih" fornnr use id that benuliful loi ality.
The itinre It, at Hie present time, in a much
ii'jiitt d condition, ftom the i ft'ects id the imnieu-1
builnings that have so lately covered its grany
surface; hot lene;ith the cartful nurture of its
Super'nundt nt, we dniibt not tkut It will be, by
next spring, in a condition to justify the popular
pii.illi'illonk for Ibts p!'sbnt rusort. With the
oecr snd the fowls will leturti our clti?em and
tl eir families, and tbe place once more become a
pi: jflieuou fur chiluau aud a nsliux spot for
Ii.urpeiidence Sipture 'J a spot too dear t tlm
rnind as veil an the heart of even AiiiciUul to
nceo any sketch of iu history. Tiadli'oa still
Ei ims ortthe place wh' re the observatory erecti d
I rankiin ntaid, from which the Heel irutiou
Of lndt was read to the people. We c m
otiij protisi as'.dn t the wiuirln d condition in
whicu this (acrid sMit is at the presrnt
time. We know tot to whom tbe blume
be OLi, but we do know that it is a Uia
grsee to tbe lionnr of oi.reliy to have that square,
to which moat stuMion sht uld tic ptld, left in
the coni itlon of a public common, with the prass
trodden down and Ihe wains covered with tiicka
and leave, w hit h would be aisra -eful to any
fnrniir's field. Now is the time 10 remedy the
evil; let ihe ground be ploughed up and frruss
replanted, aud by tho crsiilntf spring tho sijiiare
wotiiu rtecnio tne ot lutout Hrpearaure wnicn u
has, up to tbe present time, alwnys preserved.
The Hoard of Guardians of the Poor, iu their
late report on the deaths in tba CI ildren's l)e
partniint of the Almsht u'-e, have furnished a
nx st Iniportaut arpiimint in favor of the erection
ofaraltahlo building Inwhl'h the foundlings
and tomelcHS children of our city could be pro
perty provided for. TLc statistics show that from
Jtui7, lH61,(o June, IBM, the number of found
lings sent to our Almshouse was upwards of
I'm), and if thin nunilar 11N d'ed, being upwards
of four-fifths of the whole number enured ;.u
the tKKks of that institution. Our (lity Councils
in lHuJ prnuti'd tbe Hoard of Ouardians autho
rity lo i net a building espccisllv for the recep
tion of ili schitsof unfortunates, and an appro
priHtion was mails tc Haras il fraying the ex
penses of its trection. In accordance with tho
rcipsnce, the Hoard procieoed to receive plana
for soch a bui'ding, and selected one, the itl
niaud rt st of which was, at that time, iff KI.OOO.
Tbc icniatisof thu bou e wcic'd in lit
iii'clion, so lar us tuocuring the stone and Blad
ing tbe sliecie concerned, ltut before the
bailtlinat was in an advanced state, suflljient for
tbe employment ot skilful the great
I acviiiici of pricis rendeied an exira appropria-
tion, neaily equal to the oriitmil, mcessary.
i iSucb an appicpi'ialiou haa not yet been pre
' cured, and tnretlic matter has rented. Theitn-
pur at'CC of si.rb n insli ution cannot be over
estimated, and the. attention of Councils is uiu t
cari.cstl:f lailcl totht matter.
Cajntal, 3lt(K'0-00, divided Into lOrt.OX) sharcii
at $ 0M-r li Hi)berlptbtn prloe. $1' 0 per shtre
I hln CV'iiiiai. y own q ftot thfl inoit valuiblA U1 ani
I lMti in ii-" Kan.vlia Vllef. lni' liurkt Ko Riifl
; ( an.iitirli'a Hiiq hri th of JiuH orebk, and wllhm fv
I DiHois of the rlvr.
! Oq Il'.ne e:V Itan ootaMiy owom? well, whit h it now
, piiu tn; twr.t linrM-U of oil tr dy. T1it w'H il
1 only It.iPA hundred and twenty-steven ftd lMp. Tli
HurC rlt. l i d it ! now prrpaitQg to bc-ie to Uie dii h jf
Itit otti- r wo. I aurrounliiig a, wliloh erf producing tram
oi.r hur.tlfd io one hui.4ied end fclti ttkrrela of oil ptr
d. , wheu wc n ttt'lillcd wocau pr tducc a like io mot
( -ti'jilier well m llorve Nock, now lortd two
huitilno : tl lkt fl. fiftt witu about iluil) feni of U
In 'he weil. The laud on which this well it liMaUbd In oa
poiita! lotto Tht Hull Orwl Cnuipinyown a mw
tliliU lnit iKti, ( ui ctBtj.aiiy hvr llinb lUitceuf two-thlrdi.
At t BDiihttli'- run thu (nuipai.y itmiu In lt a trct o
thh-U.r' ftcri , cci aide i9 1 by uei'ii.iitt mill iniolni;
eiuftrM'; the hint ull tettl:i-(m ihe Hi. to. The great
TaV well, lluwtnjc bntired b,rH, Jj't'. thin
Jtoukh of i.iiiuri lpil.'M ar now i.' ta at the ''uji y'
Oilit , r.tou. ho yt.Mvn. lnn i t.xi.liai'r
A )o iloi ituol'or .1' il:ir.s oil.t will tt hold.
JulIN 1, KltOilhU, Trraurir.
1 1 ui Hie "1 itul tiiii I 'ilb Post" of H"j)loiut.ct J, W't.
"(hi hi in u it - 'I l.a 'Wtiu. lu.x ItiU'l. Rpii.'or' aty,:
Vt'f It.n win A-rif.-il .''i,riUy t'rul
rt' A.aiit isuiii ilnii on MtinS y Uiu llnrt'iii tl t'.mi.'Ai;
mi' k a wi h mi llui-.u Nis.'h.ln iIiai c .unlj , Mti. ten will
j l. J a tl. ..I -aim' '.'nu-l, ' I nil fnr aay l', an- l. irt
vt.- ti uisiit -.ii tin- hi.fiit In it I. vicinity, aiM ike oil !avtr
I. jin urii.ti I., a I. ihi. ealeut."
j mirrimi
-wm..liT.-t... in. U.b i.t at m. Mattlitis'
, , ,..,,. ,,v ,.,,rt ,. ...,,NZ , ,. ,..v.
; .ir. il linitnn ri' to .iiim.I IIINK A., OAiittUtrr ol ilia
lull- fiiiii:ii'l t riuht, oi nil. illy.
! I I l.l.t X llll -Ml ltllll I.I. On tlie 1311, Inst , t.
tl lv. llulHirt l-iliiil.l". Air. Mill I'LL IL liil
to Alb.., AliMi Mill llll. 1., t.otk 01 till I'ltv.
1'OWMAN'.-' n t'.a lAili Instniil., at tlie re.M n, o of
I lie Ihti oioni'l Li n isini.i liu'w. Lor ull vrii4ii,
Ii In u MAliY l.nVt .'ii.N i..f.l lit ymn.
II r liitiiily m .il irlunls nre ini li, tl to ntteud hor
hitu-rrl, on l iici-iiHt in..riiiui,' ueAl, at ll o'llo 'k.
I. nl Kill. V. tin MittiMlnv niiiniliii . the 1,'nh lint. .of
.1 plulii' In I:AI Itli'.i. yi'iini.e-t tlf.iiiiliti-r ol lluiijAiiiin
II unit Hue 1-' t.uAiii'.v. hi eu ti yi ur.
1 urn rut ut lu u'riiii k on l uania.v iiitn-til.ic, tne lsth
in i .,1. ll.e r. H.ilrii' e ut lu-r (inri-nls, Mh.iIu'ii.i atr. i-t
ami T i.nsh.u I.uip ri-ail l.eriu.'iiiii.wn. c rnui.s will
l.'Uiellll' lu.ll. ' Ol '.I'l' , IHIIlllrttln'r, "Jr. JuL.OS ,'ll'l.l,
.i. 1 s I l.. .tn-et. at h o'i lu.'.
t I I 1.. Mill, lm tin 1 Hi li .1 , I VIil A t'.Mlll Vltll,
w il. oi A. ,ini i el ti.'.iil, In i lie i.l.l .,l luu uo.
ln,e l ollt-i- nfil be ii. v. ti oi tin- liiui',
I I 1 I'l 1 -On the I Hi fust., lu tlie fill jouroihla
k-e, lir W.. I'l l'l'l- 1!.
'1 lir rtliiliiiA mnl Irn nils ol tin- ilt-eeusi-tl ;ire hit ire J lu
attt'tiil tin' liini'riil, his lAte ri-.''eti. , at c:ii'Si ut
III. nil M'i'iIiii ...:iiv In. rulntr, Otitot.ur lutli. UI 11 o'tluuk.
i'u jiroori'il 'o l.uiirt'l iltll.
jrgT- UtNION IiliAtU'li 1IA1.L,
A rand rally cf Cliictia tn ru.inil's'.st ttit'lr attU'-l.tnont
Aiul fiijiport ui tho UonatitbtloD aa.t l.uwi or' our f lorlo'.n
Union will tuka pbico
Lot all who can atti'tid.
JOM.1'11 SHllTKN, KS'l.,
Of Uradloril couuty,
-A- IttAliV TO-MUllltlW MOIt.VI.N'O.
It No. HOS Cllttl.NL'T BTKEr.r.
X the City unit County of I'tillAili-lphlA.
rt il of JAMK.rt liltAII AM, iliraAsril. V li An 1. lor
ai'oiiitid by tli Court to aii'1,1, .tuna, aiul adiu.t the hi
ciuiiti.f rii.Atit.'IH l.KAIIAU Aituiiui.liut r of JAM1--I
tlliAHAAl, iji'1'..'neil, will mwiil ilia t.urtif s In Intarmt At
tlir tl Mti. rll. U. .11.0,00 I KI HAY, Ko.nuil.iir , Is 4, at 4
1'. Al. 110 17 aoUit DAVID W. BKLLCHU, Auditor.
V l.-sca.a urolsl WUntWM.r.y,
or aal.: l j
A. II l
t n i. rnR vr
i : l i k n
H 1 O O It
IilOesH THAN !- I '
r iy. 'i"r: aiios
SlIJ K.BHSOa I W. B Caxevi..
So. 713 (JH!3!IUT 3tt
COUETNEI fit WILLI1T3. 14 n.iil M H. Hfc.Vl.NTHH.
tni ovwlj rnklf n s iiitasur
Alto, Itia'tw nun VniaHnt ol Hsliil, tntntl
mil, r4. l nKl.iti
Perry A '., t lothlDic, Tbiril Ad
h 'num.
1 t ItltV a f'O .Ciollilwt. Tlnrl sii CbMnut
1KI:I(V CO. t.;li.ilns. 1 ninl aii-i Cftrsni.t.
K I It V AI'O.l itn In;, 1 Irit 'in Csc ,i,ut.
I l SJiY A 1 O , ( lull' iiiq,1 'in 1 CI r,iit
t'l lll.v A ( o . f'li,l.,itii. Third Anal
T,i .-'i: v a t' i , ois'tia. i sitif An-', eiietnui.
t l I; I. V A (.0 , 1'ti.ill lu.Tmril At i I h' lent
I'S.lilV A 1 ('..lleller,, 1 hl'd Ai.4 ttlMl,
rt'.Uhlf A CO .ft iillill.K, Thlril Biirt ( k utiilt.
I'l liY A ( o ,t Irtt' ii.K,'' lure And Cli 'innl.
risiitv A co ,i i' t',ii , i ii i.i ai I (;iiiut.
i'l K It ' '!.. l",Tl.ei1 And 'lifsnilt.
I I M(Y A CO ,t'loll'liii, 'lrilril Anil t b".nul.
t'l It It Y A I O .1 ioOiiiii., Tl 1 J ni'it ''lishul.
I'l Hit'.' & 11 ,( ' Tl.uil win! lit oiut
l'l 1:1:1' A en , CUili li.ft T r lot at if Cli snnt.
I KHIt r A I O , I'lOii" k. 1'l Al il I 'l.A-l 'II.
I'SltUT I O ,t 'Mills. TSinl lid f l snnl.
1'Fl.UY ji ( O , '!'.t t.l i it, 1 U' rn auU ' I.Ai.i'it.
rnrftlf ft 4'
Man '.11. n ( lortifng.
Itn ptt.H in f'ltiitt g
Rata l ntlnl Iiil .
AtVH 'l.rNriaAlt4' I Mr Htt.1'1.
I ) t: .( v 1 1 i. n hiiMhi' ( M(J tti t.
At Jilt. Sr. niU t Ht' d.
V. htm tt(t,
a ft if t hrnu( rt
No 'H 'M hf.ii.uv .n -rt
Hd Uovrnrnrnt
And nil the in "i
Oounitlv mii hnnd tf
1V1 ltt"tlArtsj
1? Ii E C
LiOK AaNT mve;
simi'iiaisi t
AU JieeaAcd ooriliUoni, both acutt a-'d ch?oot, where
th.Mi U vitality n-iir n leO. t react, are permaneciilf wa.rar.tee, at N liJOW Al NUI Htraei, Phtfa-
tic ijiiiU. aad In c ot a failure 'n uioet e4iUnata naiadlcf,
n t chant la auade. Klet irloal loa'lttiMeH, eetahuahetf
h ul flvs eri a.o by I'roOuyr HOLLtLi. Ua4 the
fallowing :
A data Of maUJIea prevalii it a frfnl evtAnt In aom-
tnjoltlee, docoiloi; MO.onu jiuih, of t,tli aeaea, aaiivally
tu en early grave. Hieie dteaa-a are vry iiaeerfroily
tmd''riilojtl. ThHr ekttfruai manlteatatona at aiajttoron
reD'rvuui d'Uillty, rekuatloa, ainl grat eahaueitoa,
nia'Btinma.or wanting and awuumptUMt of the tUauneof
the whole body, ahwtneNa of breathing, r too hurrh-4
Ueathlng on ai oei'ug a of Might of ataire, paUadtta
of the hart, ant-ma, bruiiohlUa, and a dry, a tf throat,
frinhMng anl i-haling of the rmi and hrwor lltnl-i,
etiiUiu tt B.MSiity. bii"lrpaa, aixi to etyjv : avunilime
tlluineA.1 vf th yeb(.ltt, lnsa of i.'siim-y, dicclneua al
the L" tt, 1 i uiai(jia paia In rafoui war a ef the
k j, palni in tht baok and lower Umia, liiinhaxn, dyi
ijvia, cnhMpaii-'n of tha hoi'U, derai ged mMjreUisiia of
tho hldiH'Vb, in J maay o'hor glanle at the h-d, pr
d'irti -vlnittnt ,lla a" Inhotk luaMa and f.ialet ; Uke-
nM 'piliay, ti)a'iria. and dll!cr-ot fmrtna of nervona
apavfua. Now.ihon, nlnM; iiki' raif otit it every hun
drad of ail the alsjve nanted dianaea, and a b'ta. of other 4
not nnmed, a counimpu n of the lun,.-. 01 of Uteaj luai
ii 'i-vja, likvr th 'tr orU in ht tiupilvl: Msrera, hence Uie i'jocoi ti' an jf tl. old UK'i?el yiUaiH 01
Mhrahkh or Kr-MU.ri
Vreiapaua I'to-i, Lourwrfciiria. Atut-noirh aa, and 1;
BiUiorr).(.a All tie above inaaaat-a ana oxen Umrtnl
(ftt'uaiaintfi havr Un-lr or. 1 ton lu a 1 at 01 the vMal powr ot
1 'Jin t "Jv hrnUilit en b? Imur.ea. exoesate. a dnntarv
J hilitta. pernnnal abua a, atni"n,anJ toe imp of p warfiu
Hffi. Ikiiiuu tLe pvooiur inun are ui tv(a(i)sT
and radii, emltnitii M the Hioua,
J aj limor
and dt bilily ihronchuut the oailre
Av ilari,. Ilia AtleclA nri'iicr ' fr.m Uiaa Iroill. ..!
aiAlAdle. Are AlniOAl mo iiiimIiihiua. OiMiiiitiip:!n, !..-
pt'l .IA. UialHl. I'AlaO.IA. II"AIII.I, ttllUdliail., ana.
All 1 lll.AIII' V. Af.a t Vfll 1.IK.C.V . ATH Mill linCtl AUI'lQ.
r- i oliAeliiAlor n''lAlli' ifiinH'iy AAs ovar k.un fs.unj fer
UiiAe AlA' Diit.t: eoiiii-Ulli'A HI' our I Ate r.lar-ovorjr in Itie uia
ot KlfHStrloit r Hi .trice accera c. vitn 'n a.ihiva ar.
TiCLHllsa o..JArAnlliin of IhA l.'lerll.e Oran. We nf'KA"
fnit In curiiiAt allot tlio aoiiva iltr.a.'s, .ot.t In cam of
onsn r n.'iiit.iit. or aev.r ikmiiIm. ot tl.a pada
Ai t., a 1aiI i'l sreAi cxia i.nua and Aiantjr.wLU
tive pi.tltv rhArge of trrAtms ui '-lie lAd:t.' aopAruiiMkt.
I'tOf. C. II. HOU.KH I acturer.
w , f. Mhesltl, M. D.. H. W. Kxkwlik,
tu . n
A ill ess aM IfllT, to IT W. il. IIIIOWN, No. UlS
llU,l, bti jei.l Mixlt'.iflila. l i-M
8 1 1 E i CO
H AM I.I 8
L A.,'Nt.T
Oi'll sS.
J. S. fiOt'1,11
ii!ti and L'beiaui .arsAi..
ale l.t, at liVtMl i-TKur ai-
sii. . 10-
A ( Aiiu.-iiKi.riiku . co, riuii'Kir.
J '1UKA IIK Cl'.MUll. 1 SI Hot, sv .1,11
on tu itotitfii. in ii'K-Nll' hli.ll.TIi:'
i .! v lit: si i ai. ros r uri i'-K. i mii. i, a.
: A 1 tiiii. : s, o.i ii.t ...i, in Cl tin' I'.u Hi- pri-.ii. to it-. Ir mi-
u 'ir.i.n Intnl.. ai:u I-ii'iiQ., ti.i :r ' n.inks
IL-..I '1.. i Ti i'. i. ..I. l ii.ii'. ;:i. r .ii-ij l.i Ntnv,f ,1 ; au4
pi. In e lo A..J 1 1 1, r Lis i A't'kt t,.i a A'U nu. r'M nifil.
si. n i it- f-.' ?re. -Ai'.r t' to.. 'I I' a fl ti'ifil inrt
Al.l )-r UO 'A,. 'I Ol li. .ttl.. i ,-ij.SOl ri, I All", I i.i tu.l
vim t.' i ' I!
ri in-: t i.mim; t. mi'ak..,
I ?. ll".i s, I' Vlil l..e.,S. - .,s, Hl.i.M.I,
.i Mu.bA, ri al I.MS
J-tsrt. t.iLs, .
."."I !'." ( ,i. i m .t ,.n
,si-i ii e i ut A- i t i, : I .
I'm . s Hilt ' J .'.al .'.. I y'.il.'Sl ii.rniH', an l
:i.K prli s at
W. Til I. Kit M,
l'J lr-lt Ko. ?q ts. KOt It l ll Xtreet.
ution lliAinntiils, Watcliui, Jcwiilrs .i'lato,
.'lull.lnu. An-., Ht
t'oriiir ot 'JiilHD and (JAHKlLli Siro' ts,
Hi'low Loiub'ird .
l:i;VA'itK.?iil.V LOWPItlCKS. aeHJm
S.E.Cor. THIRD and CHISUT Sts.,
L'lulcr l'. S. Telegraph 0:V:co.
em m;amii'.8,
Tl.'! M-ltliratf 4 old atand havlrg baB rcoOTatutl an4
tlioroi.(:l.!yri lwd, with one of tliaflnoal alocka of Aloa
anl ciiolca Lhiuora lu UK clt, the proprietor Invltei Uie
rut.Ui to ite huacll, cobfldeat aa kelaof Uielr ap
pioval. -ao ftiiw Ua
tUhl tVIUI'
x.aiii;h ainj mimi:h.
r fl.-fij v- rt- ioim o a.Ii
5 I'll I'AI" AS'I
nymo'ia i s,iis,4
(()! t CAltY,
to'' Kl1 AS AC A Dl' Mi Or Ml. .SIC
Hr.COM l.ltlMl CONtUtT,
Tlfl'f i!is Mulls''!!'''" il O'S
sifw 'HK jl.wri.i.tts' A 'sjci atio.
SiOMiaV I:' 4,0(tliw I.
ll ii.".. l Ar'nln aic f auAest, u:ntr
nrif" s'li'i it
K'U f
Mr AHOI.I II l.iR'.l v.l.l.,
Mtiil 'Al I'irArtcf.
TK 'iP.Irt 11. iroliit' lic f iw fill fr -r-j 1 U -'09,
re 1 ; 1 an ai tiic il -p t, t m.f " 1 ntti(.
10 17-M f nri.i, Arii.hiy.
1118. aTOHN DUl.W'S NF.W AUUIi ST.
rUMAJlrL' i t'i.f.;
Htinc1.da TMTiirt. AWhy Mttl 1
'llliltl Ulkk or fTtft.I.
TI M.l. HKIK Or ML, M.ili"IO
ItKI l.KMOSli'
Whh rew' aVencrr. New New Maot,if.T,
iiM ti ' '1 Al.l
In wMcl, lit1 will iln-
llt(r UK TIIK hTAR." and "lii:A K MAIU'O,'
Ujx t Ti r opr. tntai in to 3.
V.M1VAM, Ttl. I. Df.JiWi'-.,
y. K,; V KTf.HT.
I,KONAUl '.hOVtlt v WILLIAM V, slN;sLt-
a end lVlana',ra
Phl 1 1 y I KHV V KK
OK THI'- VAKI1I N CorU.l'V ''MlvMN Ul'lH,
TJll- ( KVKVM..fM...rer K. 1ti.
1 he peifuitiiaiic v In ion enti mu th? line old Oi-fuedy.
inr. iiriu ai Lin,
iKwiatr ranflhtaa Mr, Wm. WtTTn
niek jmwin .tr i tii. ita'Ton
( Ir.fllv Hontnpan Vla .10 t'rtn
J-ai- I'uberly. Miaa fc.miiy Ja-iaer
l .io a tiole to t-n' iucci wi a
f-I ItlUMAKl '.lt V CO.,
Nj. 1 N. EIGHTH 8TH.1'.KT.
ril LAJIKI.flllA.
Wa ronK-o'futtf tu-. lta t ;lal atunU U or t'.srAot
Oemprttlnit l;0b', OlltlS', IsrANT', ail Mlssucs1
( loililn !n erer? rlety, In ;h Uleat .tiei, aailoi a-ioe-
r'or wo ktuAaAtitn.
HpM.Al alusllnlAl4 UMISSX8' DUKSSM AKt Ilil.
Tha aulilic ara isvttM to call ami aAainlua.
fT-tViiaiSs 1 H. KHiyn ATaKKT.
I"R I'Rf.nlliliiM'",
or u.i.iNwti
f "iR riCh-l'UKAlKBMT,
AMlir.V J()1INS(.N,
k'l'tlON W ktlCHAKt.. ri'lA4Ali'liU.
:. I l, ,;i-ar Uuanty.
r.itort r. xios, 11. viioa w. HaIa,
u. Aiorr.s..'. CoA'.a,
ll'-ery r.Hnim,
ai tl'inm II Kern,
f.rtuli H. J .
( :...!. . H a . u.,
I t .rt I . ,
f ll.lMll I Ai'IO ',
.1, I ll A ll.l 'IA' il,
Itirl srO 11 t'.. n V,
I i - AH' Itn l'i Ai,
t I :',. 1 . '..AO.
II. t lirita H Miirtnar,
15. John WUtir.
M l'A'ld McConAQfhF,
jr. I'll, s wahU,
14. I. iao riAfiAon,
I'l Jol n ratlua,
v). K.muil S. I'l.k.
!. K.s.i.rl KlrAA,
? .'..I B P.,
:)!3 r.bfii.'per ktcJanVtil,
2A 4 tum H . aiAUCtlACI,
Yy , oi ii. S i" CchtaI Committee.
'or ti I nt'eit etAt.-. Vjruie Co: jis, a'ili-l'ilie.l m
io penonii tlio iluiles ol a M.lUiur At our Navy Yarda,
and on board tulu-d HUta aiupa-of-war oa loreuia
1 erm of aeniee , Tour Year..
ltt'tti'r comricnautkm than the Armv.
A I.I, TIIK LOCAL ItOONTlKS iAld Dpon eullitment,
AlAtiiiu. riiri'lve rrtie klonov.
or Ail lurUiot lutoriuailoB AU'ly at tba KucrulUcf
Hu .sll fl. FKONT Btrent, kelow Bpruoe Street,
Detwcea ILehoiura ol V ana a o ctocu.
c. o. MiCAwr.rjY.
aari-tf Malor and K -riiliiiiaj oorcer.
Oltlcerii and inljitri vlilting the city on furleairl'i, nedlng
Are Invited te the extt-tiilve
8AN80M Street, above Slatii Btroat.
IfadatAOrdftrat the aibortrit nolle, which r rlchncti and
litauDiiicriK-ti cIiHiWntitt outoit)tition. 110 o'btr bonis In Ida
oouiurv rnmi'inuttf lli . M'rAUI U III Nil fjen Tal.rAia
J MOITI.T, MfYi- tie PariH, Froni-h H(oma ITliisf
ana m-ourtiiK fn any alud of waivtiriK Marcl, lor Liuiee,
benta, ami LUnien. I'ataiit ahryaraiua tor nuai I1U14
iianti Ir in one to flva ImJ.ei. Ko. iM RAt li Miroou
liranab ato. nu H. AiMTll hireet. I'blUulolptiiA. auw-,
umm j.
vr r--. : i
Mo. 713
New Nlrlma.
W1NTK)W 811
N l . t sl J
R K W 0 0
A T Ttl I
KU-. i ClirSsT'lT 8TRK.T.
nx covkiw,
' ' isr STIIIK IS T1R C'lTI .
at i.ow raicwu.
ft. 7 . :i
trSfrgH, vis) hULM
li;- lWN'iY-IC)DKTtt wAED.
lu.n "it I :f.tti r ! t.i iv, r.KM.uwin II
i in !; ' i '-.ll isaau . ncAit, ni iLT'ii in
I r.i ,,, . i ., r ( rmsslaa ''" b. i -o'r iisan.iny
- M fs 1 T r-" t. ' s Tsirti -isirn, nu s rviie
l.fu mi-l A. tSuianct I'Ulle Ai. 'rnil.
I ll A K 1 . K S li.TIIFIS.
V It': .n, PrikKrut lns.iiu CouniV.
s . rt--j ;
II A 1.1.. OI' 'Villi
' fll !
ti ini- n ri ist or i sn ci i s.
liCN. U.I.IAM D. M'.I.l.l'V,
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blrna will lie I J at Uia HmWIutt ll.uf,OQ TllUK-
I'AV. U.i 'jt ih i; ( c wt,r, at 11 o X A. M.. to ti-oirt on
uifi ( kij1n nc ! "(jToruiie tlm Hank Into a National
Aav:kOCaitoo. atr. tm an aut of ConKraai appro. eJ
Jtm A lfa4, hi '. ittv a uoh othr pction a maj bo neon-
ai v. Kv urau cl uo tiuard oi inri-aior.
tJt V. T. KKH.K.!f, l,aIHtT
tsr STOCK tiOT Drns',
aV IAl; v ;.i! AJIl MKC'M INK H IVIC.
1 liiI.AA-' i-iiia, Ho utuir . IV A.
A Bftifra. rae' ri ci tit Mtockhc Ulnra ul tha Ka-inera'
at il .MtohaiiKt' I :iv o' PMlaaoiphla wll' bt he d at tioLr
luukion. ll'MH-f .". ' hi ' UN I jA Y . tlieVhk day of I'Ctotter
n 11 o'cl' ?'- - M , ltriha pinvoa or irIok lnU
tiiin!lviat.oii. ai u i'cniik' 011 Uiu iiiii-Dnon nnemur or
not tit intl hanl ' i! Ircomfan Aii" 1 itlon toriarr-lrtK
on tte tiilacta f i'.amviog under lha Lawi oi tae tiimavl
Ht ta. and nt a."- !in"- ttn 00 ra D'-of'-rrati hy ti.e Act
I oi tha takv-iit-ra! . " 1 (iiTor t'ommon a ih, enrltiwd
'An A "t r.'ir'jir ; ihe uhai. or u ia sUoni'ri"Hciti,oj(j
iMcrna Asot in' j.i f'-r tho Furr"a ot lUiUtaJ untdr
UieLana-'! tr- t '! aopruvud tL i.'ii Jay f
Aiiuati. IMA: aiu ij take autii vcuou m rfc'fu tuofa.o aa
90-fii O
0.1 o w l:l HllTOH, Jr., Cashier.
9rZrf THK riiUaAUl.I4'lUA. II A IN K,.
-Ey t-iiii.Aii-:i.i'niA, Hfjitemi'.!r ifn,
A Cf no ral niPPtiii-- ot tin- Stockholdir-i ol the rhll;iJil-
ihia Hunk ullltif hdJ attltolr ItuiiKuu linusc, on 1 jii liti
JAY, tt 0 'Jith dav ot iictotii-r nuxt, at 10 o'clock A. M., i r
jmrtosi of InKiiif into couniileriltion unl d 11 hllii: tlie
ilut'Mltiii hi-iher th enid linuk BiuiU biuouie an Asot la-
ttOU lor furry 1HM on Uiu uumnni tn uuiiniiiK uiiiatir luu
hiwa or tin- I aiii'il Mntti'a, and of exiTi it-lni.' tho porter
I'uiiterii'il hy too a:l 01 l(io i.eio'rjii Asm-tnoiy 01 niiv troiii
monweulth, t'litilled ' An actaauMnitf the Itauki of tlili
Cioiio'UMriitii tu income aisociationt ior tno iur-
rokc 01 tmiiaiiiK niiaisr tue kiwh 01 inv i miru'-t,--rti
provfid tlm -'.M day 01' Atuuit, 1H04, und to tuka
Hii ti ft iu u lu rtiy.ird liitrcto u uiu bo liccijsary uud
Hv onlrrol the Uuardot DirMtors.
10 1:1 1. A K. H . t'OVE 1YR, r ,iiir.
vmcntLwAi.wrRti. ,
pjiii..ibi.riiA. Mi HU'Uihr'Jrt, lw;4.
I IVlIiKKD. The Jtuant of KiivTor!! h-ivo title iUy
dt .i irtMl ailivl.l. nrt of TWO I'KST. on ttm i-ptt.a
lo-k oi thu ( oii:o:iny, payatlj to hlocWHoUii in ou uii4
utter October 'afo. '1 ho Tiaihtier iiooaa viH bc.clotcdiiuuii
Oi loM r 3 to Octoher A,
10 J uiwi at 1!. T. BUTIEII, Bix.rdAry.
aV3t t'loKobl'utd iHrlaiuiiterPvtrokuiiit'ompiiyh'ne
titlit tiay d tlMt math monthly divhlWid of TKM
1'llK CFNT. from Ihe rarnl:Ka tl Htiti'iiihi'r, iiayablo,
in-cof Mine la,onUc Juio iununt Hooka clot-' l .th uud
i-a-ouen atiht. liK.1IH1.ti W. Ill NIKK,
Xlob-i I'J.lCt. 10-i:i nt) Hccroiary.
ciolhlni-r tmroidied. Hoould.-rrltrupi, WreatHn,
Ac., Iufctia uuDkUi.awd,at arid4Kitaprirt.
A Lit,
Merohaiu Taik.r,
l.o. 10 KIUTII SUoal, aiv u Chc.uut.
ftlt WAlrift rr lsonit, IW Ar h, 9T I h"Ai ItfHA
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rtuiAtolpblA, SptMIMT as. 1M.
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111ltS, f'T lllS UAniAISlun tl A IP'SSrAl ilAaUAf AltSl
llri.korA, tluinMi. Al fa. tf- ' K
rsiitd. v.'s. O'hitifr 1, 11.
tl. a (YrttanAtrA of d't.l' itli Al , OneSIMMl rf
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rs.iy h .unl t .1 ,oi. ill.'M
I'. i . I-ai r unit InA- IS fnllAO'lAM AI -Al.
M rfk. Anu I... i.B I...... . ,n.i n'i I' .'ni'i u
f tlM-ri.'i.o lit
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S It. K ? ,
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K li i' l-x I i r.
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T .J. .Vfi'iceil, ilairlibit(f.
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I. 1'. irioiri 1 i WO Kill,
isfr rHiry a itl TreAiurer.
ornoi; No. 423 walnut btbiet
noon iso. rt.
A-!l.fiit!.'(iI NSl'rjni (" b pntntA 'rm oia
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hi, r iti.'ii l.4ti n-Jl t-e oi'n ,! ou AruiM&lf
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tlu- uiti - 01 IN'' Donif 4ny, afTcr thy lTth tnU 10 It-la
ii- Oi f, N' 111. H.b.tV I NTH titrtni, up i.i9. U U
M MI'aM. '( nriv C. 'ci'nrr)I Irnin th f Oftkta4
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al liic I'laiiwtfikTrfit' S,
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AVI if, (j !.,! vi.l U dr. Urnd tiiHtiaiiv on l o rttk, m
tt.l probiibihtr, of dt l itt MIX 1MM.1 Wi PTtt Ml ARB,
ho ins utiar th" tint rar Htchiidrri will ant omif gai
liiiir Ci il f.-r ic Uitnt) . but wtii ilso pi-i''l.y rxxtit a
niaill dl irtiMi on tliu Htora. The ltf mm Hf tla pm
mi t lov ruii ir intfi-n u. 1 tie ti do4iart ic
iihiiri fi nuw u ' t tii' who ferm ot tlit
l ite ptvuuit rap'lt!i- ot tJte M;n It ft j0 turn put
ne t"0 r s,tuu-4 'i hu will ttonn h mTe4)4 to lt,ttikf
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liKftHV t. PAUL, So 4I ftaJoti, attwi,
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'I IiArt 1AK-.F,I'. Nci Hl Chfi iut U"M.
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wll-kii'-wn anJ li'Kli'y raipwrta-ila tiaiari, all OP
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mwnlty roinl .(t dNHl t- vn! tliomaiNat of it aiva
trK"a A laie tiiiinliar of lh aiv einlroM amotj aatf
koUort MoKnta,
K. T. Pierre.
tn C. l a h r,
ltt. A. M Jtiiy,
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alhrim hrti,
ASiahaoi rttfwn,
Ohaih 1 M. at mm.
K T ( rfoii,
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J n. h-h nut'or,
A .MUtr l.r ftMBI.
T. 1. DilM,
Ji mi h-. Tatlor,
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V. M, AvMlei,
lia'K,." w. hi i n,
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1-M.rj.e I. Kfi.A,
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A. V. 5iUM Jir,
Captain J. af . Tral',
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t.oneral Wlldaui r. OmeU,
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'A.' Wool,
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11. I. Hat. .'Will,
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J'lit.lfM ,)uti.l)ill,
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Hafurb'Oj 17,
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'tHimaaS Bb(e maker,
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l.pi.rovd Ju'y 4, lisiil, " To auti.oi i:c tt. Art retat ti ui tht
.l.t. . tfi. ot'iii' Iui- ih (duration of .Vui fl Contlructort
mij ,S.'(u;n KniiiHtrrt, and for othrr purpows," appll
catloua will bo roci'lved by tin, Nav llei rlniuul tor Uia
ai't'oiiilnii'iit otCudi t lUitflne.ra.
'Ihe at'i'lk'utlon la lo be u,lri'ieil to the Ri-cretaryor
tlio Nuvy.aiid iu bo mudo hv the i uudldntn or by nyy
prrsnii tor him, and hie mime will he plu-i'd on tl.o
r,::isi'r. Thu ri'aintry of a haiui', however, lve no
a-iniiruni', ot' an tiiipnlntniorit, and ne pi'fli'rt'nuij will bar
aivon lu the tli'tii.u toprlorlty ol uppUriiilon.
Tlio niinibi r or i:,i,li't Kiniiu'r-r. In llaiitrd ny law to
fifty. Tlie I'Hiidlilitte must be iiikIit eilits'ii year, ol a;o,
and bla iiii.lii'Utl'ii iiiinit bo ui'diiiiiuiiiid hy .titi.ractoi-y
L'liiliMici'i.r moral I'mrart.'r, lui'stiaui. al atititinle, mill of
his hHitniJ l"en i-niployi..! at least two years lu the aetual
labrleatluti ol teru uiaelilnery. Iliiii riirelvinn an up
pointuieut, he luuit p.isa a meiluul examination ol Ins fitness, ami an ncAil.'iulc exainlna'-lon of hte
menial iiuahilratlulia. He IU then bo admitted to Hi Af-uileuiy in tho elus, of Cadet Kuwhu'ere, aud
ailordeil esery ineuim ol' iicoulriniT k .eicnilllc and pra;-tli-al
kiiowkilge ot the prliiLit.l.', vf mectianl. s lieci nBlsry
for d tiliai!ii. tlic duties ol Htiain tiltiincer lu tks
Tlie'eoiirs,efetnflwin eonsjirlai Iwo ai-adenite year.
Allcud"ti wl.o (mutual.- w,U la Imuii .liaialy 'arraiitea
;n Assistant r nuni'in in th Xuvy. 'lie pay of k Cadit
la ( per Annum. ... -
While at tl.a Academy the Cn.lela wl'l ba aramlned.
from time to tune. ac. ordm,! to the leKnbillnus pre i:rll.eil
by the Navy Department ; and ll fou iil d. tl. ''"' at JM
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cniinued In tho Aiiul.myor uavul s7Jl,J 2
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