The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, October 10, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 6, Image 6

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1k wSkdmm ii
Anting clcrjtapli
I Tin Mi rii i)ViK(i,( ini(inc.
I Iriifik I'm dylriK, comrn.le,
1 In- day l a rowing dm k,
And lint is run tha loll Vtink,
Nor vt Ihn nieaitT. lurk.
II mount be tie dlK'snt drum,
Ii onni'Ot rw the fi'Vj
Fit wliy nhoniil ilrmn cr bii'j
U' cilltnn mc from liffl?
I do not think I'm wnniifle'I;
I cannot fti I n i
Anl yet I'" Ti'Iimi, cnirvlo,
Nm i r to rte atfuiu.
Tin- lust that 1 re iicnl). r,
Wr rhariffil i:pin '.'m In-';
1 hn rcj a fontnl nf Victiiij,
Anil ti nt is hII I kiln's",
I 'Mnk are mhst livi ronqur-rril ;
Vur all U t u p lit I lru,ini: I
Tliai I nti in Liiralisi',
An m g lli' b i tt. it m "mi 1 ;
Anl ilu r il tint Tliiiirr: jf (1)1,
t law n lliMinrr wave.
Tin- B n l ill tir hi,. I S'rip.'J, my I;?.",
(.i'i r Victory aail tlio Urnv.i.
Am) ri'iw, I'm iiyinir, c nnr ni.t,
Ami 'hire ia Jnlm Itr.o.
A-siiimliii-? Ht the tlilili-n (; ,tu,
And liu'd fiti mi! a cr.iii 1
I do not hear ilm rKio'olink,
Kor t rt ilif drum ntul lite;
I only kn-iw t tin voicn nf ijoJ-
Is callim- rue from llfo.
ht ovonon Ai'oms'1 mi. a.
'Yon won't like Do rim " th M in
f Ihe Wund, when ta; truiu s'oiiuil ut llrtins
Wirk. "Why snonliln'l 1 like it ?" I returni-,1, In quirt
txpcmtal.iffnn. "As a rulo, I like oTiryplu c
hre I liave never been before, and f ir tw i d iy
t least am enchanted with a str.inifo city. So
from dteliliiiiR Ecrlin, it In prohVilo that I shall
hke It yery mufti hidred j not only as a city p.-r.
fcrtly new and atranire to me, hut as a pi ice con
taining a Tnlnililc collection o art tre isariw. and
nrooer, as the caudal of n grunt and puissant
" TUut may bo nil very true," p irsistcil the Man
ef the. World ; but 1 reassert that you won't
like Berlin. Cent ua trou."
"IIibt been in a (treat mtny cities to wtil!h
the fame tincoinplinientiiry objections mtirht be
urged, and which are emphatically ugly, dirty,
" Bull !" nuoth the Mun of the World ; " 'tis
ot prcifi'ly thnt, Theru are muny town i tio'h
Uly and ilir'j, but which me ni've,rtli"lcs pict'ir
tu-quo. Take Cnloftnr, fur iiisiaiicfi, t iku II, mi,
take Mii ern e. Yon can be ir with them for the
wke ot tbeir ca'hidr il, universi ms, old cinlfH,
and the like. Hut thir notlnnold In lluil'n.
Jl'i nil i " new hh n worklion-c, uml ti tiid'HiM.''
" 8t. IVtcrnliurg in a lie city," 1 do ib inly
bitori rwid
"Ah yes! Imt Iti irchitoetiinl nriirntleonre
lift"- it fioru the level of the eo'iim inpl ici!. II"
eldef, I'PTMwnevN and Its e:vili7.iiiMn urn only
Ii'Midiom a merw Co it of la"quer. Un'lei-nc'itU
Ihete In the (ite it romiiniic Hiilis'.rai'tnro of 'l:i
enl trirliHTixai. Ymi reinvin'iur what N m
aid 'Netnieh the Kti-Hian. and you will tin 1
the Trtnr.' The veneer of to dnv but. ttii uy
ivm i ete rdny' nvnnery, and perhaps ui-imn-iow'
dccadcnci' and cluiw
'lien ln c phi l npl'i il" trf,nn :
ii;iutu till e'en n-l le v)tin v.'
"I mnnt ncvi itlileet". tike the littnrty of oh.
eryinK," I went on, "that rop'irt B(w it hishly
of ll e eram'eiir and cp'end'T whi 'h ehsra".teriy,a
ho pntiiln hni'rl of ll -rlin ; and I h it tint
thiiri'Dffhf ire nf 'Un'ordnn I.iniloii' is.jiH iy e, m
lirteKd one of the llnent promenndex iii Kurnpn."
"I'nter den I.imti-n is jt 1 1 verv well " rh. M ,
of the World sild, cor IcH'y, 'iiftho'ieh not h ilf
to out otiome h t'lreadtiiir. j-or the rem, I -mii
you j' J of Berlin ; I am goimr on in K imgs'ierg.
Yi u won't like Berlin, I te'l yon. L's a lure."
And here lie lie another cigar his tenth, th it
mor. b g and relapsed in'o disdainful silenee.
The Mun of the Wi.rld did no; like to be contra
dicted. It oe nrred to me that tho Man vim w is cer
tainly tbe most amusing and origin il traveling
conissi Inn, save fie geui il J. w frmi l'oseu, I
er nn t with In tbe course of my v in lerin.'s
Iiad peihnps ome special and occult reason for
dltliSng t lie cap.tal of 1'russia. Indeed, in a
Beuntitof confidence, ho had reuinrk. d iiircady
tbut be ha I bieii "di u m nr d out ot h.i' f the eiti-'M
In Kuri pe ; alihou.'h lor wh it uiisdeeils, oliti-
cal, con. mil end, nr social, lie did not yoiiehs ilo !
toexplnin. !
It mT he that we h idwhnt nru c il ed ahroul I
dt tiimelra axic tu tMtue'' a conveniently am
biguous locution, whieh may mean that you
kave coi,fl ired to suVtitiite a I'.r a ui 1 1
arcliy ; fit, tire, you have tu inula itured
or pnt into circulation an illegil imitation ot tue
rnrri ncy of tbe country ; that you b iv i stolen
onivnoily'M spoons ; or that y iu have run aw iv
with your tu ighlmr'a wile lloivcver. 'tw is n'lt
my fialr. 1 be Mud of the World was very agree
able, vi rv en'crtHiBiug, and very noidu; and, us I
kail n Ver seen him licit ire. and there was no like
lihood, alter that day' journey, of mv ever sei-iui,'
bini again, it could not Hssibiy ma'tcr to me
whrilieuliew.isa politleiil cnnspiiat ornf the most
lua Hi d Uepablic.n or cotnmun'Bticten.teii! i s,
p-lices y,a commercial tray, lur, a cA-wi'ier
4'nduflrii a Jesuit priest, nr a Huasian prm o
travel log incognito. He might have m en any
one of iheae personages, or none of them, lie
poke all languages, and was us familiar wi ll
I'iccadilly as wnb 1'alermo, with I'inilico us with
tbe 1'incian Hill, with Berlin ua wi b Ilerni md
ey. And be waa tbe neatest band at turning up
natural at Van John (as I discovered to the
extent of twenty thsilcra lost bufuro wo reached
tiberfelii) that 1 ever bad the pleasure of meet
ing ilurii g a spring tdu ni on.
We were lunching a' the stition at Urunswl'-k
and C4ir.Ruli.llig Mmlrunk anil HtitterbrwU, when
tint convi rsation about Berlin fsili pace. We
went on, jolting and tumbling as it i the custom
of tbe tilow-coach Uerinamc trains to do, all the
ilemnon, ami a neat part ol the evening. Aoout
8 o'clock ihe Man of ibe World, who hud disc i-
yared a friend on the platform at some sta ion. j tu'eare ihe llerliners ; and 1 like nei'.ner ttieir
tbe name of which I lorget, bade me furewi) l.und ; c" nor tlie sinull thcieol'.
left me, repeating that 1 shouldn't like llerlin, and The result of an expedition, either on pleasure
offering, in ihe handsomest manner, to give mr, or on business, into the Inferior of this
Uie next lime ve nn t, my reveng e tor thu twen'y i lerous ciiiiital iuvariahlv is that you aro driven
ttialers I had lost to htm at Van Johu. Isippo-e Vii terdin Linden tor a mouthful of fresh, uir 1
bewenton H Kon asberg; but I never siw hi u i won't ocny that this famous walk may well lay
more, and have not yet had (iierhups t i mv g e. it , claim to lw considered one ol the h iudoiiie,i
fortoiie) mv "revenge tortile score of I'mssian J pnuneniiles in Humpe. It is, h .mover, neither
pieces ot which I tound invscll minus. Assured'.y ! so leiicthy m.r so pu tty as the nveniie leading
the Man of the Worlds skill at turning up nalu- i through the Champa Kl.-ees ut I'.iris fruiiihu
rals was uiaivelli.ns. l'.uce ne la Concorde t.. t ie Arc d I'Htudc : Ii it
Tbe Hotel de ltussle at Ber'ln (hard by the
bridce oeertlic eipree, culled tue Sciiioks It'll ke)
Is one of the most coinlor'aide ht)te lrieiiin North
ern Europe. Tbe landlord is (or w is when I
tued there first, several years u, .) a genilem m;
tbe waiters were of ra'ber a superior order t f
the K' liner genius, being hum ly sons of oiIi t
hotel keeiers serving nu upiiren'ieesbii), or "iui
provcrship," larfore they went in o business on
tbolr own account; ami, being young til n nl
means, old not make it the lir-t duiy in life io
swindle you. The Hotel da Kus-ie was mil U
frennenttd by the liriti-li tiueenV inossen vors,
who itrc, under uny circiiiusta ici s, about thu
plensantest, shrewdest, atlfl most c. uirteous tr m
tlcnien you can well full In with; knowing evi-iy.
thing it concerns a i hi. ens of the wm id to l.n j,
lcci untii g tbe anecdotL'S, un.l smoking tho
best e g. I -.
Tin re whs an ulmirable fi'-.V fhutr at the
Kussic, expensive, but mvaiiahly provided v.i:h
Irish lish, at least, wlieu any kind of plM'ano
iiliinent was procu rablo the which is in Germany
an almost unheard of phenomenon. A i.eore of
Olbcers of the 1'russiuii Guards used ta drop in
ivery day to dinner; unJ of male Hug'ish travel
rs there whs generally a liberal sprinkling, but
English ladies were tew and far between. Tbe
ase may be ttltcrcd bv this time, and the British
Hater and 1'atci Camillas be permanently installed
at tbe litis sic. If sinli be the cane, I wonder
whether they have abandoned the sweet uud
i imple custom of l.rlnci'i in lighted wax-candles
With tbe coUlc, ut which candles all tbe male
guest at once proceeded to illumine their ci'.u j.
Now and again, at the ltussie, wheu a, stray
Knglii-h bad descended liire, I kavcmarj.ed
tlie mixture of terror, amazement, indivnutiun.
and despair witii vrbirti she Ki legaidedlUe
onslaught on the wax-Candies, und the oriiful
rush with w bicb she has gathorcd up her skirts
and kwept liotu the Contaminated Mji,e-tnal.
You cannot iudoctrimitj Ujo llritiib matron with
nutluu thnt smoking m her pfeseace is not au
di.abu thing. 'I be most devoted uud cuu
aiaBrfir W will somehow tu undcr
test Uist I only by U'-anc aud uudcr pro
aud tbe 'wm V" rur Btutna in Uor apailniBiits j
kind in smL the concession out ofjrouia
Ob, uxorious bri,kh'ln, 0' ' Pe-"
been extravagant 1Q Rivuig it fv""11 yoU hRV9
for l'atagu. Every c,K u,rT"Vl,,M,',,Ue
preaem-e of .be wi.e of yoTr.c, of ?
wmdow-curtalDs, shall cost you, m M'w
The KfirMy of the nnlc' i'e rfhtfe, how
ever, ntuhileil hy thn c'ai'ial refiunin!nt of
HiiilKh a'e, wa excf.tinK y plea-ant. The
IliiMi'i prlnei -, Hermaa (Irillnn.m, ami
r'rem h niMnhd I .(Ii oi l no' . ohji et io iMiokluir,
The nniiinrled Lull' were not Nupp m , a" ird
in if to the deliKh'tiil Co.iitriiMit! u .Rn. n hav.i
ny yolee at all in any m ,t er w'mie er. All
they W ilj i id ne-i.c m f no inuiiru
tlirfr njiiiniiia'N drA , rv, l"l P i-'iy, nlu-.ti ivhori
thry ivere .loken I , mi l eV, :a r; V m d 'i I
u-ci i 1 1, ,,u a-k ol f'lrthifii. Aftt '."'ll'iju
and eK.iri iho o w p.-rti i, u Hit .i cud pi ivlu4,
and i hen yoa i i' I j the oer.i, or 1 1 . i Ii 'rc, or
k'Oked in at ih-j M'llco,if II ms Ii hind the
K vtiiintfi', ii-of i r ". i ih p i'-mI y it -M n i'i
U wuh tiuii1 to reiite M r. 'if, 'it' v l t.v f j;,-H-de
cveitd Hi 111 ijtiil d t(re a 'Ik.
Iliad a rlimp uom .ilor,n of iO n, all
pla;''-!'1;," 'iiid cT'in nu willt It it;''h, q i ttm
ri'eoini i'o r. -ivi rln i iif! Hie !,., 'Il Vi" 1
;ike I ir iHt'Tr c roo u .iii I i-l1' Hint' a uf n miC.
iimI firwhi.-h I pd l onlvtn I h r-'i-s, 'ir iix
K ti ; 1 1 ' n . I'.iili'.h (:lie r 'i iiiai I, iv l bii.ii
mis. .', If t'n' ri'il "Hilled I'. i1 'I lnvi,)i h
irtlnl, a ilnv. Y in inhvit ini.'ne tin. 'n:h
Itiii luxnroui aeeintini'.ta ; n, l1i I VI rct'li"
hhine whir, itnd ii-! hi. 'iin utid eivd a't 'ii.l in ' ,
I .ii ua ha(.ry a the iUv wan iii-.u-, nn I x win
found re.i""ii to put down t n) M n o:' t u)
Vi.nd, when he n,.. t I .li iiii lu't lilt"
Ihrlin, aa an atinbilioiiH lilieller. IhH inittnt
in n l, ai (I very p.oaui diiv I hive ti :eu
ti e ea-e, had I never rlrrel I'.om til" II .lei
de Kuv'iej uml ihre a' wor-ei tti.tnt'i to no,
when on ft-tint i a ri ally co ,,f ,r; io:o i'oiei.;n
remvat, thin mat inc up murium I n it .
bin -e trom its pre. m f. d'iii"fj y mr slay In a
li.y tn wliiih on don't know unyti'ilv, n it
i jour AinH K.iJur. uml nn1, therel, ,-:, not
liki Iv to in; priM iiu d at court; tnu Ian of a
Weiiiterliifi ti'iiip'oiimeiit, and iooii i:r-i urcd ot
iniMioliliilv, however coniiortililo it ni if tie. I
tio iii.t fMiK- hh ttie p itieut e'l'ianrnry of a 'rl eid
ot imui , who, win n lie pa to a villain on the
Vulf-'a, wheie they wi io lam-iuH for trou',
ilei i. led that lie meant to 'tav th'Tn un"l all
the trout in the river were renht, and hn h 1 1
tii en them, or un'il the world crieked. w m
to Hi'ive ilium', ami nee what i' K 'iuiT on; mi l
ti'iheuli mi coudiiion at the Rusle iiii-ht hive
been h. Pen anally felieitoni as th it of a stall''. I ox,
I Hpii'ibly to ehHte, and fret at hav.n
in 'ih ii; to tfiiirnlilc at, and ho took up my scrip
nnd iny Mail and Ii. i; ui ti ru.n aliiu. iierlin.
An hour's eraniUiilu i m h d not been a.vo n
p islicd, h. ton: I admitted, in a rimly v.vuimu'i
m int of iii on enied illi,iaei on, tti it th" Mn
1. 1 the World w.i rmtit. 1 didn't like H rlin.
Noliodv dnen, I should iui i.;ino; not ev-n t'iu
llerlicers. 1 am sure the kinrf mi l loyal 1'mnlv
are tint albvtctl towards it; fur whenever tney
have a di cent cxeue they are oil' to i'ntida u or
The capital of the kingdom of l'rns 1 1 Is do'i'it
h'FS a Veiy luie and exieii n Iv imposing city,
ntid has nn e.tenslve anil eoustantiy mere tsnux
1 opula im. 1 inn not siatlHtic.ttty imnded. and
tLi n line won't tronblu jou wi h tik'ures to sho.v
b"W ninny huuilied tiioiisaudi under a million
the kbhI popn'iitlon may tie mnii e'e.i xn li-tn. U
Is Ihe dullent, dnifiiesl. hole Ihn niorlnl man ever
put Ina lis it into. 1' is a ciiy that haa neeu built
loordi r; Uml looks a. thoutrii it h id ou"n run up
by contract ; and that, no withstand nn iw no
net. has an appearnn -e or luv tni? run hopelessly
to seed, as thoi'fth there ha I been a Inlieiilty In
lindiiift nolveni tcnniitsf rail thofjr.ind uniislons.
In Ihe ueif;hlMirlioo l of the od palace there are
two or lliri o tortuous strecia of rusp cia de ani
(iuty, datinir. perli ips, from tho nil i lie of (he
M' vi Mci nih ccntuiy ; hut everywhere else Hie city
is hiid out in Htnc 8 of nuon'.iin; length mid de.
ploiable lerlaiifiilentv. Do you rem. ii'ier wh it
the inveterate jes'cr, Siiliey Nmeh, said on Ins
diMth-hi.'U? "i'liere'n an end to i veryi'ii,i," he
in ii rm ii 1 1 il , "except VYi in pole streei." (inner
sire-1 or Allmny street would, to mv mill I, b.i
mote i xprcssivc of never eie iin;, Mill heui on,;
briiks .in t uioilar; but the diaiii;- mt c mount
Mi. l'mil'i v-as, iereh inee, loo urisio.:r eie t
ki.ow wliete mieh I. uml tie. tlior-ui "til ares as ( ,o vd'H
htivet and Albnny tt eet were niiuated. Well,
cveiy street lu lluilin h ems aiiout four times the
IciiMliof WiuiHild street, uu Is not a tine no
cli an. The p.ivement laof a tin ihy, criunhlin,
yet ansular It ickuIh ity, as ihnuitU thu side,
wa kt, had been Biro wit Kith inn ruiini;led lltita
end kidney mtaucH in an ftdvancd st:e
of deeoin position ; a pllo-cne detri m le
li nfrii f! to an upas erlalncd epoe.l, but
roiuctive of unini.iKlu.ueu aiinmh to the
tei der tood. Thn Kiuiers are L'nsliinir witii
hwiii-roiling tii ii i it nn uu is ua-tiiiessi s. in wet
I w. ather evi i v rondwuv ia dead m-n of mini j tint,
&s a ru e, I pretcr the mo 8t purioit to the itosu;
cited out at h ast in Benin. I hcliev.j tha city
Is l.iiilt, in the midst nl n plain of sin I. At all
evi u s, wlicin ver l Is not pouring cats and dogs,
every strut Is u H.ihurn d. sen ot iin , hot, cho
ing dtisr, which powdira your clothes, which
gels uo-vn your ihroai, which cricks your h,h,
eeiriates vour iiiui-oiih nieiniir.ine, bakes voir
toiigi.c, itriU'ia your tm-il-, anl insiuiitte
itsi If into your curs, U'ifn.1 il-, oidoves. T iera is
no ihadn in Merlin, except Unter den I, mini.
Tbeie lire lew enfrs, except Umer den leinlcii;
you n.u-t go ti in it r the Itinc-trccN tn linl itny
th i'fr toll ruble in tho way of u con'e tiion r', or
a 1 1 lfiiiinrV, or a hulvnd sic r's, oiag. tve-sh ip;
in met thu h'reucbtnati, wit i his u-u il t. ih nt tor
Vein ralir. ng, is nut no ipiarrel e I ivuu in jin It ig
down Unter den L nden is ' l.i It i' ie It-im."
i"1 woiai pari oi tue city ih, ui ne, its ouo,-.
Mv oiluctory nerves ate not ninrii line r stru
1 should tli ink, than those ol oilier people. I
have visited a good m-iny streets of thu world
on the Continent, and in Kugl.ind, i'Vinc ', and
Irehit.d redolent ol anything but su.;i H .vms.
There ure closes In Kdlnhur-rli ind Ola g i v Hi it
ate not precisely sre'ited like tun ta'i Hons
Arnby thu Bhbt. The Ala er Itio-in ai il un'iuig,
h 1 lie il the town it-ell is el. an, is not tpute as
nice to tbe nose as rinnigie tin mihUe. Constin
tinople lias Its slencues; so has Madrid ; an ti n
Genua; so has llethnal (lieen But il-nins
of Kitiiitaty Improvi men's, defend inn from
Ih rliu! It is not so much In the look of the
place. The bouses aro tall and severely
clu ieal. Tbe streets urn broad, ua well us
lung. There are plenty of open places. But, go
whitbcrsocver he will, the traveler is bauuted
and pursued by an inconceivable (until cxpe
rieni i d) musty, fu-tr, sour, sickly smell. I at
once confess it to ho lndescnh tine ; but you may
arrive nt a luint (literally u I'.tin', au i well uigli
a fait. ling) notion of its nature it you will imagine
an iimaigmn of old clothes and linen j ist coiuu
home fioin a careless wnstierwnm tn with no dry
ii g ground ; of stale caiih.ure-soup, and yes er
ilay's beer, iind the day before yesterday's to.
liac o; of Leather Lane lish-niai ket, uml a work
house duy-room; of a ragged s.'IuhiI, anil a
econd-ruto mews. I stipposo the II rliuers aro
fond of this d. adly perfume, and think it trhrivk.
Urh 7n. I know that they gro very nngrv if
i you u mue to it m any terms even reuiof ly up.
utuiicuing llie
une .iiiii inieiilurv. A com eitetl
' it sutp issi s thai worlil-renowned road m tb i la-t
i that it is p 'anted with stately and liroa l-fnllagei
l.nn-truslii lien nl stumpy siplars and etiolaieil
, a-h, and that It is bnrd- red by very s oh mild
' in nsiiins,veiy muny of them real pal ices, and not
i with menu lillie shups, Ivim.-ynt and ytr
I inM. Jslions indeed there ure l'pii-r den
; Linden, hut the-e are among tho best
, provided and most lasliloiiablo In Her In,
j end they aro . interspersed with to.ver
j log hotels, tho principal foreign enibassiei,
I tbe chill govi bunans, uud eiiurelie-,
thcutus, and museums in aliuu.iun ii. llisnia
: iiiticent equestrian mouiimetit to Frederick tue
Ureut Is the nn ipa1 attraction ut the southern
ixtrciLity of iha Linden, und the Arch of Tri
umph leaning to the Tbierg.iricn with KrjU'.s
pretty theatre ntid garden. not so pretty, how
ever, as Cremorne of the other. Then there is
tbe new Koyul l'ulacc, at one ot whose c iseiueuis,
1 am tnl. I, at present you may see the drill-si i
geunt King ol 1 rusula, digging und slaving, 111.0
a clerk at a counting-bouse desk, through retun.s
and parliamentary papers. When 1 tirst illei
tuider the Ltiiden, however, there w as no king to
be seen at tl.o palm e-winduwj. l'oor l'ro Jei.cic
William had gone cra-' V, und was in o'.mo piiu n
durante at C'hariotteulitirg, wbei.3 he tii;i!e 1
tbampugne when thev would let him piir,
poetic, dcinetitej Koi (Jliciiuot! aud siuablileil
with h:.s Keepers ana wuidied bit lace iu icriui
celli soup, und otherwise made a pit.'otis exhi
bition oi himself 1 . i one of (be Lord's auoiuti.'d,
a bis successor, William i, the drill-sergeant
nonateh, is M loud oi tcljiig his pjo;no Cut
he is.
Yes; I am five to auti.d al.iu that the nitisdutn
of pictures and liitul..d is very grand andvciv
iiulile. Kiss's " Ainuou " aud ilorr U niioliiis's
fit'i-coes o'its:de, any number ui' piintiiigs by
musters ancient and nndern, piand siloous,
painted ceiiings, gilded coi uices, Il Jte l c iluuim,
ychet drujienes all these ate very gt iiulloss and
superb, no doubt ; but, luercy on us' bow deipi
lately ae.ny one is ant to grow oi all this g'ml -book
sight sticius;. 'l ake one city, if you will
Berlin, Munich, Antwerp, Drctuon, i iutenee,
Itoint'.Mailn.l and saturate yotu'se-f wli Hsai t
tie.imc; but Ibis wandering from place w place,
and 1 1 oui gallery to gallery, this vtv-ourageiueut
ola heterogeneous jumble of n.nncj aud t.'H,
ti Lools andj styles, history and ietire, laudicipe
und et.ll liie, taa only lead to couiusiou au i d.'
liair, or, worse still, in a bemused and cancelled
igtioruuce, prone to make you believe that, bseauie
you have seen so niueb, you know everything,
when, in reality, you have not admired as much
ual knowledge an you would have duue by pur-
rhr-slng an n?ravn(r after t'orncllds, or k plai'er
cast nl the ' A maon,'' for a c iip e of stnlliM(s.
hit I took IJn er den Linden not In th le is(
a mhet'cal y, and luifffrt d nrnea Ii the lone trees
not t h ifim.obsear, hut a-a eosinophil in (en k
ni y. Tt.e pUee is well t n Mf!n. I'lin ntn'tit
reireh ritf shados ; there aie chairs and lnelie
wh i nii nisy lonnK i at . lnre j there ere unii
laiy l-ntiiis and pntad- s to amuse Jen. if von ara
find ol ma. i In I ili-pl y, or almim ihe I'ru -i nl
i rmi , whleh I do not. All tint 11- rlln has to
sin w in ibe wey i f Ii mty and fashion t vhieh is
;t't I' ueh, g-sidue-s kn-w, a ex -co in- fie
i hiirn li g I'rineesH I f leriek William of I' n sia,
onrt.ndrHrrrinifsii "nvaij .io e gmll.' r
den I.I nut n on tine a' cmft n.s. i ure w is,i
wasten i.ill.-irs of tun flnards, anl H Viy
btiif;' ( is and tronlngiiriletb, n and plutii. il a des
(Irdiinp, and hoys' seh -ols and nl. I ,' sen. nils,
anil love. m.ik iif? cniielen, nntl sentcr ons ehr-tlr-
n i,d hiut le(fi;ed, loin? l-i?i;'-l, n-:eiinj-t .llc-t
toe iiiiiii iloyv.
Cher to the open h in e Is ihe only shop in
Ih rim l ere lmi can tiuv smolmti u cigars, ami
he i ti y riitmtftn ,-. or cmitei tl ni ra, -vm-re von
Ceii fet vaoilla ices won't umbo you ill. Y in
had In st keep nicnillv uudi r the lime tr- es, for
o sure as you upprnaeb one ol the sllo-lncis
thnt ctoBs ilm Linden a' ilM'i' iin;;lm by m-ores,
j i nr Bose will i.e . tlrli letl by the o.t imir.;, r ist ,
Sick 1 smell eol;,ll,g . w inpitof in RV Tleiie.ill.llieiui?
frusiH Ironi tin rest of Hi rliu. If yon wl h u
piest rve uiitht if approaching a fivorahtc in-,
irissloutif ihe 1' otpital ua str.iUht t'
the Linden frnin yonr tio'el, and won llnT" ii itil
ii is lime to go liaek to tlm fu.'-tu tt'lwte, or Ui the
Op' in, er to K run's..
It' )oiiveniine irdo anv n'linr distii-tof fie
btige, i.ud, dusty, sour city, w th in uncivil,
s' rni In -I k il. en- eei ed Jiiif nla'i'iu, you will
incur a ronsulc ruble risk of being Ii ir-il to deatli.
I know I wn near'y , and that I won'dn't n i ha. k
to hfrlin 1 had a mouth of it ave under com
pulsion, or unless I wis. In loTii, or h I'ulsomely
paid lor it. on hiiv account. Unter den Linden is)
p.nid.e, hut that in all ; it is the one rich plu n in
a mo t n pulsiro uutl indigestible (iermau siiet
dumpl n;'.
And yet, I dare say, there Is "life In llerlin"
lite of the jovial, rollicking, merry go-round
i rtti r and there are people resident on the
Sin e who think Unit river far upcrinr to Hie
Thames, the tV.-Ino, or the Arno, ami the, cipltal
list II a hive of perpetual delights. I.e. the-q
keep tin lr fond opinion ; I don't envy them in
the h ast. I won il nooner have the II inlcvnrd
(It s Italiens or the shady sldo of I'all M ill, or the
suiinv side ol Kcgenl strict, any day, thau L nler
ileu Linden.
How n rlillosiher Lived.
In n rceer number of the CornhiH Jimnzim
we fnd tl.lsac mint of the piivato life of Kant:
"K .in i lived in a modest and retired hoii'c, In
ll fiiic' stiect hi hind the old palace, liveiy
no'g.w inter and suminer, the old soldier who
. is hiH servant caiiin into bis bedroom ut five
n iniili s lo live, in d said, 'It is time.' The
pld'oHipher lose instnitly, dressed with wonder
ful rai idity, and by live was seated in his brcik
fitst table, where he ilrutik one or two cups of
( a nothing more smoked a pipe, and collected
Id- ideas lor the work of the day. At seven ho
went out for his lectures, und on returning
nt W work till a quarter l one. l'recisely ut
the tpiarter bo dressed lor dinner, took a
glass of wine to Incite bis appetite, and
was ready for the guests whom he had invlied.
He tit'vi r dined a'oue, und ulways break
fasted alnne. liianer was the rime when he
liked to receive his liiendn. At bis breiiktalt he
whs so much ucciis oinetl to solitude that when
rmce a friend dmppt d tu sr. that hour und asked
to si arc his ineul, Kunt was cinb .rrasscd, ami
i lull d by asking his friend to Kit where be could
not see h 1 1 n, r n ing Hint f t more than half u cou
ntry I e h id in vi r seen a soul near him w hile he
dniiik Ins tea in the morning. But at dinner lio
4'niild tint bear lo be left to himself. Ho alw tvs
tniik cure to invito somn of his fi l imls before
hat d, Slid one day when none, of them could
ci me, he sent but servant Into thu street to
pit k lip the first passer-by und brim; hi in in
to diiii i r. ilo could not bear to tie kept wait
ing, l'nr this reason he, detested ceremony at
t able, ind his most lien euliln gust was the
one who took a dish wi'lioil' nlfeniig it to others,
so that Hie turn ot the ho-t came the more
quiiki). It niu-t lie reinem'w red that K nt had
iiitfn in. thing nil the luoruiinr. uul hail be.iii
working steadily. Dinner liu-ted two hours or
Ii. etc, ui, t! whs u veiy pleasant iiieil.the g'Ctt
nt nil hysiciun tulkiiig in a simple and popular
style on nil Mi'j'c s of the Uny, e-H:cially on
poiities, ot whicii ho wes n dilig nt reader. Him
passion lor ihem was -ueh tliailiosuiiieiiuies (lung
hinitelf niecr.y on Ihe newspapers in the ninrii
it g, which one would have thought n prolan i
tinn. Ki r Ins stuny was ii suiiciiiaiy , h icru I to
intellectiiiil latiors, mid nothing mundane was
t vi r In aid iu it,. N .t till the guests hud ipii ted
Hem iii slid entered the dining rnnii did IC iiit
u lux his phil' sohic giiiviiy. Ai'er tlitincr ho
took his n guliir wa k up an I down it small alley
of 1 mi s, which 8 c.illi.l the I'liiio-nplier's A II-y.
His walk wus annus soliiurv, except on rainy
uml ihri iiteniiig days, wh n his servant
lollowid Mm 'with an nmbielli, iin ler
Ids mm, and with a restless ami v gl ant
look, an exact Imuge of 1'rovideiice ' Kj ,t
intil two leesons fur ualking alone: hawinied
to tl iuk, in. i) be ilid not waul to open his iii iuib.
He iboiight llnit by breathing through his nose
the in would l.o iiiltniited gradually lo his lungs,
and that he had less risk ol inking cold. (In
euii ii g hiin.e he read the papers. In the evening
he iiuii e no cs lor lectures the tn xt dav, or Inr
his writings, rend and mi'ditu'ed on what be rea l,
winii g dowu nuy ideas that struck him. At ten
be went to bed; a quarter of nn h uir bcfoni
retiring lie suspended all occupations, mi I cleared
Ids mind of ull thoughts that might prevent biui
from sleeping His heel room wa, never tieatuii,
bs windows were always kept shut, summer and
wmti r, uml the light was as carefully excluded
as the u.r."
Lucille "iVestern is playing nt Pike's Opera
Huuse, t'iuiinnuli.
"Anything to pleiiso tho child," as the nurse
said when she let the liuby crawl out of the nur
eiy window.
'ure (ItiUl, tbe play by Tlr. Marston which
opt n d tho present season at Wallack's, is having
u succiss ut tho Theatre Royal, Brighton.
M. 1 '.in i.e de (Jiiardin is at work on a drama,
in three acts, to bo culled 1m Suiplice tl'une
t'rmmt H Is expected tint it will be brought
out ut the Vaudeville Theuire.
A new ojiera-housc, to seat three thousand
people, is' in course of erection at Baltimore. It
wdl be reudy for use next spring, and will bo
called tho "Concordia."
lime, the story taken from I'etrella's opera,
is a diatn i to he pro lin ed this week at tho Metro
politan Tbeiitie, Buifulo, with Charles l'upo iu
tbe principal part.
Mrs. Vrnnees E. Hoggins has lately di d of
apoplexy in L.ugluinl, uged sixty-three ye irs,
having l en an actress sinco her tweltih year.
Her line was "old women."
J. L. Toole is now, sinco the death of Fred
erick Knlmon, tho iniibt popular low comedian Iu
I.iigluiHl. He is soon io appear in a new pi iy
written for him by OxentorJ, uud called Strjilwn
There Is talk in Paris of cs'ubliMhiug a Bib
Heal theatre, w hero will be played onlvpiices
drnmntiaul trom the iu. -blunts of tbe Old Te-u-nient.
A French paper thinks that .Solomon and
his three bundled wives would furnish excellent
subjects fur light Vaudevilles.
Tbo following despatch went through by
telegraph a month or two since : "Charley and
Julia met ut 8 's, yesterday quarrelled und
putted forever met a'aiti this morula;, ami
purled to meet no moie met again this cienimr
BLd wcie maided."
A cockni y tourist met n Scottish lissie g ,ii)
Imrclool towurils Glasgow, "l.isiie," sa.l he,
"I should like to know if ull the people iu tkese
pin ts go barefoot "Fai t of em do, uud the r-.-t
ol 'cm mind their own business," wus the mllicr
tottlii'g ii ply.
Among tLo dramatic attraction!) lately nllered
to the Boston p0ilo are, still H'riOii Kim D r,
pliived at the Boston 'I beutre by H. L. IJtvenport,
J. W. Wallaik, Jr., and others; Pornh'in'ifi, ut
tbo Tremont ; and l'nul'3 It hirii.m tbe Mttsettni.
Mis. General Lander, who, before her mar
riage was bliss Juan M. Haveupuit,
rcturn.'iig 10 the stage. .Sine her htishand'.s
death iu the early part of t'r.i war, site Lnu been
nursing sick uldicis in our military huapituis.
tsucb a wi man, on her return to the stngc, should
bo reccivrii with ft more than ordinaty wjloome.
"I wi:-h you would tiot give mo such short
weight for my money," said aeusiotuertoagrorer,
who had an outstanding bill against him. "nd
I wish you wouldn't guo mo such a lou wait for
mine,'' replied tho grocer.
"Ab,"s,ii I Dr. II loniLiaug, tiieoting a put i tit,
"I need not ask you the cause of your being out
again; you billowed my pie ciiptions." "No, I
didn't, doctor. Il l hud, my iricuJi wauid have
ioiiowed me to the grave."
Old Muster Brown brought his fotule down,
bis face was augiy and rei. ''Now, Anthony
Clair, go seat you there, along with tbe girls, "ha
said. Then Anthony Clsir. with mortilie l air,
and his chin bent down on uisbroust, civpt slowly
awuy, and tat all day by the gl.l that loved him
A gentlcmku of great wealth received from
his uephuw, wbu was his leputo I heir, a iplendtd
pbeatiant, to eujuy which he invited his friuuds to
partake. The dinner was gay, but ut the dessert
one of the guests remarked that be had uottaitud
it (La dainty bird.
"Ah !"said he, "to tell the truth, I was fearful
ttiat UitjfUt be potsvuvd, coining from uy htu,"
r A"TI T.
lh "utter" nio-t pans of the ear:h aro aitn
petd to te the Jiirtb vvbero thoro aro mjst
-My lid," laid it lady to a boy firrym a
mail bug, "are yon Ihe mail boy ?" "Yoiidoosn't
thiiik I'm a boy, dis s jo, ina', a "
In one of the C"niW lately there was a long
and learned ili eusskm aa to whether a wl nei
boii'd he. allot d lo ' r tue qunstiori, " vVuat
did Mary nay i" I'hrea j idi'es gaw long and
C ala rate opinions in tun atlirmatlvii, and the
ttii s( on bung r prated, Ilia auovor .n, "N Jt a
Word "
One bmidr-'d and eleven tnflnibers of the
Vt ate So- iety have sln 'O las! April tli-rontl in A
iteming wall tin ir pisry-eooK on the ground
thnt they In lieved he dealt in warlike mores,
lieiHTcnf tlic ins -rii'tl. ill in hn-wln.or, "DahH
Suplilif d."
l-'iist young brother homo from I-'. 'on; ".
My A n h , yon are niir'u d ll fv,ptftri
Mow, wi.y will you la) fiartic-; ;.,ry ,..V k i-f,.ir.-i
i ter (iilushii ;,.. o'wiiit non ense, ha
can I tell, silly B0V p.. Kt yna,itf h'Olhur:
Wly, l'r,.iu0 you'll hu Aiiuni-uiu'cd (aui
inut.,u) lote Hire.''
Atmut kirsw llniinna.
Tturfirr't Mtnaxmr, for October, hnsa i iah-rrist-irgft'ticlcon
the m inuf ictura of triw bont.nta
aud hats. Straw bonne.' and hs's wcro ori'n
ally made In Italy. The Italian, or as they no
ei niinonly called, the "Lcehorn" hu's, are made
of eh nder straws from a np-'eics of heirdcl
win at, which is grown cvprcssty f )r the hat
manufacturer. The, making of these h its gives
etnplni iiietit to large numbers of thn Italian
peasantry. The Italian hat was introduced into
I'.nglsnd a little more than A hundred yo irs ago.
Th.s 1nt consisted of an enormous circle of straw,
wi ll a central skull cup of the same material.
The inconvenience of sneli a hat was iti a
measure obvianil by fastening down the si tes,
und thus forming the so-called "Gipsy-nn'."
"Varioua unsuccessful a'tempts wero male to
n ocifv the ugliness of this form of hat, bet uu
tndlcul change took place until about tho year
17!HI, when the hinder part of (hn brim proving
troulilestuiie, smne wnmrti ol ta-hion iu n tit of
sphen rut it oil. Tbus a second advance towards
the iiuiC.irn bonnets was mail. Alter this
ii u in i riuiB new shape of bonnets or h its heeau
to appear. Fiom all tlie-o eiiiiu tes the Icgtii
maie iKinnet euliie out ti iiimphanl, uud notitli
st iiitiing its ptou.'un characiei', the variations in
li.e aid st upe, has ret, ntied the t.uue cs-cutial
cbi nu n risties ever since."
Ihe first straw bom et manufactured in (his
coin. try was in IT'.W, by Miss B tsey Meicalf, of
l'rin id. nee, Hhoce iKiatiil, now Mrs. Ilikcrof
I ) ill Bin , Mi l. She saw un imported Iliins'ii'ilu
bonnei in ft sbop in 1'rnv.d., uud like her
s Hlers of tbe pn sent day (for where is thu woman
thai is nut urn acted b a pietty lion net ?) earnestly
longing tor xnc like It, shu itlti mptcd uu uuiiu
tuili. "taking some oat stubnle Ironi a held
where hi r fa ber's laborers had been reaping, she
split the struws w ith her thumb nuils and ma la
her (list aticmpt ut plaiting. Alter several fail
ures she aueci e'letl in imituiing the hraid of tbe
admiied uifiir iu the shop, and madu herself a
b" rbo was tln u but twelve years of age.
Oli I Mrs. Betsey linker, under whit u load of
oblig tioi s lias your youthful ingenuity placed
our wives and sti rs !
"A facsimile of Mrs. Baker's first bonnet is
preset v. d in Hie r suns of the Rhode Island
Hocii ty lor tho Kncoiiriigcmeiit of Domestic In
dustry. Wi can readily fancy the excitement that bonnet
made among the mends of Betsey Mete, ill's
Ian, l y; the eagerness with which mothers and
litiiplit, rs handled this straws, in striving to
imi un hi r plaiting.
Iheurtwas rapidly developed Miss Metealf
was f-i i. emus and learned her Inends und they,
in llit .r turn, ii.striich .1 their friends, and soon
strnw braiding bci umc tho "crochet-work of tho
day ;" to much o tin. some pious souls began to
sie in it a great ivil. as It. pimlered to the
Tunny ol the women. In lHJoa Dr. .Stanley wroln
un" lot the Mnnnfui tiiionl -Straw Ilouneta,"
in winch he mi l a I kimis of evil r. sit is at the
door ot straw braids. But, notwithstanding his
Ikons 10 the contrary, tho niuiiiilueture of braids
uno bin nits rapidly increased, until now largo
establishments exi-t for their muiiiilactiirii
n ostly eonlined, however, to Sont.he istern Mas
lai hu'eits, avide liotu two Iu Connecticut, uud
two or three in N't w Yink city.
A i'i a n towns lu Southeastern AltisRnchtisotts
rely upon the bonnet factories for their principal
nn si sof'sni port. Twelve thousand persons nro
in pii yi d t y them, mid they send nwtiv unnually
t ear e ght liiinioiis of Imuncis and hats. The
Union Straw Works, which wero estaiilisbed by
tint Mes-rs. G. & C. Carpenter, in 1SVI, at Fox
lion ugh, M issachu-ens, sre thu largest of tbo
kind lu this country or Kurop". Tho value of
its goods nunua ly m iiiulacimcd is ten minion
dollars. The plai'ing a id sieving is mostly d me
by families in their own homes, while the ure
paiuiiou of tbe straw and ihe liuishing up of tho
I linnets und huts is done ut thu lactones.
'I lie ItusNlini I'.iiipirri-Ollieliil NtilisHe.
The Central Commltten of St ifistic at the
Ministry of the Interior nt H'. Petersburg has
publi bed a dcscriitlou of tbo Uussian Kuipiro,
from which the following figures are taken. Tho
ixtn t of tbo different parts of tho ompiro is
rated in square miles:
"Siberia, 2G7 7'-4 ; Caucasus and TruiiseancasiiH,
6.rX,0; Grand Duchy of Finland, 6870 j kingdom
of Poland, 2257; Hnropean Ittissln, 87,120. In
thi'so lust numbeis are not include 1 thu parte of
the Government of Perm ami of Orenburg, situ
ated hi yonil the Oural ; however, they contain the
(invert meet of Stavropol and the lands inhaiiitcd
by thu Cm-neks of the Black Sea. According
to tin' census of lMiS, the total population
eni'm ts to 74 271 ,-.'0-1 iniliviilniils, whereof
::(! 8 4,1 HO are men, and :i7,'177,l2'i are women.
The density of the population differs very much
in ibe uilleient pans of the empire. The average
is : In Po'nnd, 21 ID inhabitants to the s pmro
mile ; in F.uropeun Ku-Ria, (1S7 ; in the Caucasus,
6112; in Siberia, 15. It the den-l'y of the opu
lution of K ti rope an Itus- la be cimshleretl, its maxi
mum will be found round Kiell' mil Mjscovv, the
two scats of ancient Hiissiati i ivili.ation, und it
dim iiislies according us tho concentric .one with
draws fiom these Iwn towns. I'hus, the G overn
ment of Moscow contains ,'l,i0(l inhabitants per
mile; the Governments of Podoli i.Tonlu, Lotirsk,
Kit If, and Poltuna more than 21V IU inh ibimnts per
luiie; Is, a popuiutlon just us dense as tbut of
the north ot Genu . my and of the Slavonian coun
ti n sol' Austria. The Governments which are more
d'stinr fiom the two centres, such us Penza, Tain
liofl, H nnn, Jaro'lay, Kulonga, Noronege,Tatier
li'kotl, and Khurlmll, have an average of from
lohU to 2d0U iiilibbiianls. At a still greater dis
tance the averugo is from l.loi) to lOOtl; for in
stance, in the government of Twer, Vadimir
Nijtd, Novgorod, Kasnn, Smolensko, Polhyula,
Livonia, ai d Coi.r'a .d. Tho Gnvcrnmeuts of
Vistaca, Vi'otnk, Minsk. Kherson, and Taurida,
wline the ltiis-inii populntion is mn rtnix. d with
foreign elemetit Finns, Liilimmitins, and Tar
lurs buve uu aver ge number of inhabitants
vur ing from Uleo to ii'M. Lastly, tuo d- creii e
finds its lasi limits in the Governments snua eilut
the i-Mieiiiilies. Astrakan bus only l.!l) inhabit
rmts lor every sipinie mile, and Archatigel only
211 inliiil.ltaiils. la Siberia the population varies
trom IO 1 1 b-7 iuh ibitan's por mile, it is concen
treted in the loeall ie liuiCeiing on the great
postal n ail. In the Caucasus the population is
vi iy flense, Inn ;i!so Tcry vari dile. 1 bus, whilst
the district of i'ei bcnt contains 2titS inhabitants
Inr iu.1 , that oi -'Stavropol has only uUd."
All Auk rlemi Iflen l'niiisiluu(el.
A London paper says : "The private and com
mercial postage stamp system of America ia
gradually being introduced here. A short time
since n company of rnrrlors started lu Loudon fur
the purpose of convey lug smul! parcels fiom one
end of the metropolis to the other nt the extra
ordinarily low price of ouo penny per package.
A spruce conveyance, i;h a driver und conduc
tor, stopped at your door, leccived tho parol,
nn J theu canii J the same to its ih situation for
tho coin mentioned, 'ihe company do;s not
lake money, as much time is lost in giving
change suino people never having any other coin
than a sovereign to pay far the binalle-t olij'jet,
but they issue stumps, Value one penny, and tucso
cs n l e leudily u'l.xed at sny time, and th'j d -!ay
alli.u'eil to (litis prevented.
"The btumps ure very similar to the '!'!xpivs'
stump of New York uud Plulitiiulplini. (some of
our Liuidiiii lallwuyx now inopo ic to iisiie slumps
for the coin oi mice of hinall paii.nges aloug their
lilies, I rem stutioii lo -tutioii, (l,ia value to i.o
deici mined by distance. '1 hits, lioui any one
htutton to aiifiiher within a length of bfty miles,
2d.; Olio hundred miles, Id.; ouo hundred uud
tifiy Diilcs, id , or some such division. 'Ihe
Caleduniuu railway bus already comtucuced the
issue ol liirthiug slumps lo pay for tho truusiuis
Bion of newspu-'is along its loiito. Tho stauipi
ure perforated und gummed lil.e our ordinary
postage stamps, uio sold in sheets containing
a dozen. Ike stump bears the luipiess, 'Caledo
n an liuilway, No. . For one newspaper only.
To l,o calied lor by consignee at the Station on
tbo Caledonian itailwuy to which it is ad
dietsid.W A ceitniii lady hiipnenlng to express a wish,
in the presence of her son, a bev Uve vears old,
that she bad something to read thai.' she had never
read before, tbe boy exclaimed, "lakvyem Bible,
njotkir!" Pretty sharp, that.
apeiii; ,tet 1 1, Quarlermiilf rl V ictiri sad tirlj,anif
IS mti-rnmeil "KiirHiN BoarM snd a H. nihil
ho. 30 S. I n I Bl) 6 Til BE t,
HIT and aau.
(OLD, ftlMKJt, K3 KVliMHST SRCl'itlTIBfl.
uri f-ttT iUP aoi.o Ot (OMiailON. 13 M
QX-.AXHil-sHV O'O.,
Vo. 121 8. TIIIKD STTlEIfT,
Ocvrrnmf ( Brtllrf of all tvioie PnrrfiaM anil air
Hahr austli, UtiBa, and llola nonyfll ual Mold cu t'oio
OtiilsciiMi Pronvinly yiul. ss5 U
U. S. 10-4(f.
jay coo it ia A CO.,
OFTER rOH fist.ft TIIR
nr.ARiKn rrvR fkh tknt. tNTKKRsr in vnisJ,
rd'i rtisss any lime srtsr TKN VKABs. at the t Irunra
of ibe Ooveramtnt, and partil lOltrr VKvltS alter
tumi rOt'l'OH AND ItKUIHTkBED BOND-! ar
Isnsed forthla Loan, of saint) osnora nmlon as the -'i jus.
The Intwrat m MH and (,00s payable yea-ly; an all
otlis-r li i,, half jtarly Tha 10 Ml bonds are
dutrd March 1, 1SSI. The half Jta-lr loujre.l lalllnii Uu
fsi-ptnubor 1 and March 1 of each year ; until lat Heiit-ira-
bar. the acorucU Interval rroao lnl of March la raauired tu
be amid by pnivfiaterN In aunt or In i.anaL ccubnct, add
sns flit) per csiit. avr prt-inliira, unlil fun har nutsre.
AU fiOI J.
JAY COOKE & 00.,
aliW-tf No. lit H. TIII1U) STIllB'.T,
1llll-iT NATTONAIj iiA.rvis..
This Hank Ii jut parwl u isKelve the nllniaary
f.f Two per auit., en aeeunut of this I.oaa, required by tha
advertif tuenl of lb secretary of tha Troasurv, dated
Octobir 1, IttCf, and lo ktme receipts la dtiplicata thcrufur.
This flank will bo rrprcienied a( Iha opcDlng of lbs hide
on Uic Kih inat., by ona o( Its oillivcra, ami anyone deitr
lag tu participate in the gcncra bid of Ui Bsak eau do so
wnlioul chairc. Funiwr Infuruatlon will ts slvanon
l l'tkatkin at Hie Hank.
Alorton iVToMieliiiel, Jr.,
VAK1IIKU. 103-lOt
Q O 1, O JL, I, C O IL. X.
aul-tf M. UO . THIRD 8THHS.
Jll-W U. H. LOAN.
Hfft rrfug to (lie advcrtltemeatof tha Baorataryof 11. a
Trcaisry for
rnorosALs for the
NEW U. S. 5-20 LOAN,
Wa will Include In oar kid for tlie same thoac of any lartlci
w Uhlaj Ij laaaa aip,lcatl.a for any pari Uieraol,
lufei matlkB apply to
JAY COOKE k 00.,
Ko. 1 14 8. TUIKll RTllEBr,
10 4 9i rblUdelphla.
gTocritw A iv i) i-j:e i7itiTi n--s
' Ho. 0 8. TIIIKD KTR'.F.T.
IL fs T O C K B
liUlllllT ANU RilI.D
ii utoaoit j. norn,
vt-fm Ko.l8 8.TUIRUBir.-art.
I "Y lions Dlini.otiiti, Walcliiii. Jowalr-r .rial,
(5 iSCkilbhig, An., al
J .iosk8 k oo a F.STAIIMlilJKI I.OAV Ori lfF,,
CVjln 01 'llllUll and OAHKI1.L Htroatl,
liv-iiiw Luinhard.
fit I., i-ir salt- al
KKMA11KAUI.Y l.OWrRIUKR. seft-aa
oi lairopenu Kkuku, lainllii-ii, Imtuia, or p ililiu
i 1 1 a t it nl lull n . Jli twenty dilleteul ales. Alan, Plillu
doliilna llunut-s. Hut -air FuriiaeeK. Hunubli
llvatiira, l.owd.iwri fjratua, llri ljiianl htave, nAt, H, Hlers,
hti-wliiile 1'ialutf. Itr'iilers, ( '..okins Stovisi, Ac, al wtiulu
,tlv and lululi,hy Uu- uiatllitaetiii,-rs,
I'll.tsK, StlAI'.PK TnoMROof,
9 Stl-fniw-Cm ho. HI)' N. hKHOMD Sheet.
t -!en slIjTS hi ir iirtfaiia, llaiiuauiiitaii, auj Molu
I fdll deiiis.ut
10 7-Jlll NO. 11111 t'ULMN'U f .Slic .t.
llua world-rcuotNiiid 'I'-.tiui o'i la maiuiUuturail froul the
Aud earnestly rocoinmriuii losit ta all anutletuea a
huxuriinu Tsito.
Sold wtiolcilti' and retail at
o.lll CURsNliT htriet,
I t-Cui oppiiitte atatc ll iiiss.
CAlPr.MTBB 1WD RtnxDn.
Mi). Ill l.'llxllt gTRRRT.
A larta hro of kaildu-n hbbX'iIcs ot all branch e
alvrara oa hand. api -wataalaa
fiX rtauBit'4 CoUne- YrU s. $4.
PT I 'V J '3 1 W T A T W
7-30 LOAN.
lerlttfotti will M rwl4 tot Conpon TrMimi j ffnin),
M thr ywir from Anirnit IA, iw.l. witn int
mat) lntirfiii M h fu nl ivcti ftiul ttm-umh pr
9AHt fr sim, principal tod Lntrct boU to M pud I
lAOTfUl tTHJtltJ.
ThMDoitfl will Da onvtrtrbl ftt U option of th
kiMrr at taiiirilr mtr ' Pr otiit. iM bvunriM tvin-l.
fjbl iot ItM Uio At nor imr than twenty yvrt
frvt ihtxr ih .irr.innt tntj eti. TWj will
b ipffii4 In den.m.tMttmit nf WO. f UKI. "-''. !'))), and
aMt, .ad aH nibicr.rttm ntut if t tlif dwtUart or
malltvla of Wli dollar.
Ai th ta draw (at trait frma A newt. IS, Braoa
asa-itf dMMiifi Mtvcnmit to that dita mmH pay a
latatmt avaiutd frarn dM vf Mlal da: of dotio.tu
It j a IVatiokal Haviwr.ii nn, offrrliia a higher rata
of tnlrtt lhaa aay oUirr, and lAa r Mrunfy. Auy
tavtriKi bank which payt Ha drpMlUirt In United Hut
Motaa comldm Uiai it ta partiuf In the txttt clrcniathtff
Biailtam f tba Atumiry, and k enmnmt aay In a'lTihinv
tattrt, for Itt own aiiain arv aatr,r tn livftrniiu-nt tour
Uaa i la tt or bouda payabla IB iiiiveruuient papar.
fi-20 OOLD BOND.
In addition to Ilia vrj UbaraJ tntaraat on thv not ft Air
lit ft yrart, trtta prltikita vf a HTtvilon li itow wnJi
alHat thra par cent jar annani.fnr Ua oanvnt rmi- for
8-f.J Hi "i'd ia tuA thaa nint pr tent. ; retmum. und
Ih lnr Uic war thr prcnlum on til prr oiiL (Inlicd rttawc
Hltjckc wat ovar twenty prr oattt. It wlU be taa'ti Uiat the
aatuai profit on this loan, as Uta pruecnt market
not laac Uiau ftta per cnl. par aiinnmi.
Hit alde from aJI tha adTantafra we bare en m orated,
A epeclal Act of Coiifiruei eximpt alt bumU am Trmury
nottsfm Ucai taxation. On tha a vur axe, trUa UKirop
tion ta worth about two f,er cot. prr aitiinm. acrordiiif to
tha rata of taxation In variolic para ot tbe country.
It la beUTel that no aacnrlUce tTor so grait Indura
menu to tondura aa Uone Ucurd by tho (Kvtnunint. In
ali otLw form of lndi-btvdiiesc, ttia faith or ability of
private partifa, or cttick conipanlfa-or ipauie couitoiml
ticc, only, ta pledged Inr pamant. wiiiiu tha wiioie pro
perty of tc country tc baiu to cecura (l dUol-arye of nil
the oblUiatJona of Uie fulled tttau.
Tjp to trie lth of Pei lijulifir, tho antnTlptloui to
loan aneuatcd to over
PiTBafHiTTKiwi wnxfBri Rkcriv id by the TfoAwrrer of
the United flraten, at WaniilnKton, the eovural AdaiatJiiit
Trvaiurarc ana UtclKBuivd itviiotitarteis, and by the
FiitHT national uanr ok finiMHKiii'iiiA, pam
fttOM HATIONAL HANK OK til I LAOKLli 1 1 A, l.,
llllhl) -WATItiBAL KAN. Of rilll-AlH.I.CHI A, KA.,
By ail -National iiauM whlib are dopueUanaa ut purato
motey ; and tf-ii-1 2 J
Throuffhont tha.oountry will tfva farther tnformtlnn and
WAbJllftiT01.,0uL0bs)l l,trV4.
fUUd ttr rt will be racalved at thta Dcpartiumit, uwlt-t
tho acl of CuiicrcM ipprovrd Jnn 30, IHiJI, untl tho mon
of rHlDAY.the 14Ui Uctantor fx.ndr, of the Uii.tid Htntec
(o Uio Aoiount of forty mtllluoc (40,iX)0,rui)) of dolhirc. Tho
bomli otTered will Ih at an laterentof lix (A) per csntiiin,
pajahle ir ini-anntmllr In coin, on the flrntdto iof May and
S'nmtcr, aud will be redeemable at Oto plamiro of Uio
ioTinimfit aAor fire (A) yearn, ard payiiblo- la
twenty (nj) yrare from Kovemher 1, ltM. Kach otTnr
m or t-o ft.r flfty or oma multiple of fifty dollars, and
Mit-tatc tl.a mm, Including premln n, ;:Tor!d forrarh
hrDdrwl ilollArc, or fr fifty wl.en the otlur U for no mure
Uan fitly. Two percent, of the principal, oxxliullnrj pro
mi am of tha who la amount bid fur by each bidder, tntrnS ho
drpoilud goarantee for payment of tibiTlpOiinc, If
accepted, with the Treasurer of the United Htatos, at
W ant In ton . or with Uie Aiclitant Traaturor, a; Xvw
York, Hoc ton, Philadelphia, or 8t. LouU,or w Uh tlni .lail
nated dipoiltory at II ull I more, IMttchurtr, C'ln.'.unaU,
IxulaUle, t'h caKO, Dvtrolt,or Ituifulo, or with any K.
tlonal DepoiiU Hunk which may cnucent U trnjot tha
hue in ef a wltiiont cliariro;fcrwl.tclidoiioiltcUjjilluata ear
tiAcatf will be Inued to the deiiosU4n by ttio oill. cr or
Bank r real v in g tbera, tha orllnale of w hkh muit be for
wardtd wltb Uio offvra to thli daunt. All dfpocltc ihotiJJ
be made In time for Ui Ofrtiflcati'j with the offers to
reach Waftbliikton not later Lbau tho taorulu of OotUer
14, ac Afureiald. No oiler not accompanied by lie proper
Ceitltlcate ol lxpoklt wlJ.baooniidered. the Coupon and
heuifctrm Poiidfj Ultied under ihU prnpnial will be of t0
d-ntninaUca ol fifty dollar, one hundtud dollara, Ua
bnndrisl di)llari, and one thouannd dol arc. Ki-tflctcrcd
It on d of Ave thousand dollar and tea thousand doikt't
w ill ht' leaned tf repaired.
All ofltr received will be opened on Friday, Octobor U.
The awards will be made by tha riOfretary to ll.e hlnhett
ferers, and nolkec of acceptance or drrlinatlon will be
Uumtiluittly givtn to the recpecilve oiVerca. Is acetic o(
acceptance, bonils of tho dace rip tl on aud deiiiiilnaiUn
pieferif d ill be sent to the -ubucillxirs at the Cult of the
prpirtta nt on final payment ef Inctalmenti.
The diiucltuf two per e.-nt. will be re'k nid In tho
lant liutalUHOt paid by cucieciliU OiTcrors, and will bv.
Immediately returned to thuaewboke oilers utayiwt bo
accepted. Iho amount M aitaeptod odurs lutiat be do
pontttd v-1th ilo TrttaMuror.otnceror Hank au'.Iwr.xud to
act uiuli r this notice, on ad Woe ot au;iipt-4iiic of oil era a t
ful!ow s :
Oue-Iialt oil tho 'Mix of, ami the balance (in
cluding Ih. premium aud original two por coot. Jtipy iK)
on tlie 311 oi Ootobor. Thu Itundc whl haar liHaie-ilCr )w
Kovoiuher 1. Intciost ou dupcwltc iYjuj that dto lo
Hovcmutr 1 will be Uy the QuYoniuitMiUnojin, Oao
ball of tha Hi at lnctwlmont, or twenty (lrt p ucnt. of (hi
accepted offer, nuiy bts palJ, wltb accruttd Int "rasl t0 t -bcrlt,
In ty nitod Utatea "CeiliiKatoi of Iudibtodnoc .'
bnt such leiUlkad'c will bl aci d !u part 1J tnout of tbo
first Initalmu! njly,
Ofleit uudr thi uolice suouU be eml tsod "OiTcr fur
Loan," and addrtaai'd to Uit Actrutary of tiiA Treaaury,
Tin? right to due hue all ofTo. uot oonsldored tvlvantiitfooutt
to tbe Government Is resorvad by tho Secretary.
(Hl?ued) W. P. FKSSKNDKN,
10 4 lOt Saoretary of th Treasury.
tO rHiibaciiptltius racWved, aui tha
furDialiodiiaoo. ail chaigas, by
OKOm.L" J. BOT!,
ABX-tca . o.wi.imKitat.
i'h 1 1 m r mi i, fa . ocfohAf a4 tw,
H rtlrrt Prrpntfl'S Will !' rrr y, .1 nf (t N , ftr nn'
c Vlor k M Mi 'M . "r I , Ml i iif n.f 1"i
tUic (l- t -ry nt tt I ' jitf 1 r-t i 'I ri- 11 ue, H m-im-i'i
1 1 : i rf . i.f ti n rol: arti U, viz :
I ra i .fiuniii nuufT.
1 Mit, r- ti if f,
n'ltn, wrom ht.
nn-. w rtu '!it.
i ii't't wioiuh',
.'i 1
. T h ho
n n
I'M l I."
II' '1 il'.
-n it I-
Mm." HMI-
Mem ('"lit,, ( I' " lb,
Vi ij u rt l-u flh
lumber, hftit Hi;!'!' v
S'tiAf' edia-ci
fwti ffrt I ' i - lech, jii elt;f tl, m-a jrn.j j, if
biinli'T. h it ly
fh r 1 1 S lufh n-it cilne 1, cc"'ir whit m
her li--it iu i ty
.V ' 'Mn h, not edc.!,. n. wj,lteoak him
be-i finmiiy.
V." 0 tn l ."'lLOot c aipi.nnrd white 1
bcr hft i) rj v.
?:.o (ifrn : in hn. I e-ii- ,eo-H d whUe oak I
bi. I a t 'irsiliv.
irvr:-.:(;.,:;i,.,i;v,','h' n,t . whuaoah .
,V i , h,n,,t Tgei. crirniMwhlta OnU '
) f ltt ijiiHhu
tf?-i 'tiAii'r.
vr.," i I.... 1 1 .
b-i 'in;itv.
.1 , iiia-'-e lure I, e i-oned ach lun
h, i-im; rilgfd, uM Ash Inn
In it
tln h, vfiam-etlKed, cc.ionrd ath lun
V' ".o,.'
i3-fnh, l-i'ire !(. d. faonrd ash lao
. fUtHI
( y.',' IX ( . f 4-ln- b, '
ten nm lliy
'Jtt i n 1 1 (i 1 1 inch
hp si f;l,' i' V.
ii fim . n i inch i
t--t Ml It
l i.irf rd,.rd, ens .nrd oh Int
a.t cdKMl, fi- nr-. hirk-.rylB'
it f ne. mned hickory Ir.n
j:,t Hi ! t I ' j - LIS. h, llut fllf,:,
be nnojii' .
eaas.nod hicko. lui;
: Inn- V't by S, Irnn, tfff.
1,. tot 1 Nt l, irm, tir.. '
t itn i.'fi hy t l.i. i -.ii, nro.
n Cmiis 1- loiii d ir-'ii.
tn i rip 1 4 riifnl Irnn.
U tnn p'liml lnn.
in tin 7 I'i rnin d iron
1' Ion Ih sipim Nmm"rH lion,
in luind i s N .''i !). ' ir.'n.
i' huniHr-i So W h-f in .
lc.t .-n p iint v tiife lend. Lew I' pure.
.' iiiii U rp-vr Tnrncv rmltf.
AH l Id" -"ivf d-ncnl'Cil to b nf tho het r.n.tllv
uhicMot e hii -cii n of an iusccLor up'ivHn'.vd o
nttrt t the ()-.vcriinn i t
ItMilpra wil c atr p lc. b-th In wrMr.g snd tfur
Ilir en i. nnt or iu -ntitv .if ueh mti Iclr r,,i for.
y a 1 bill must kiiiiriinlr'l fn two r'spnnsth'e
nm KhuiK aiifi tnr. inimt ln rtri 'n4ifltitii uimr
anrl ierililr.1 tn uh hi-tn.F ("! mid 'itn.-'nt ni'f!iri'
tb- itnoant Ii vmHi-.J. h th I n tnl tit'" !ttrlct J
Attrrn-v. tn Con. error, nr other f.uhlio otl'cer, othei
tlie hid will not b-
T1 e Tiirl t I-. r r'il to re o-t A'l bbls decsne
htvti and no bid frum a dctaiiitiuf contrac tor will l
c ied.
It oidiTof '.ibnel Herman llk'KS. ttftrtennastor '
paittuetits. L . ti. A.
10 10-t;t C'upuitn and A. VI
'M INNATl.t.hlo, tlt'rUr7, ,v
Pr.ipocli ure Invf'ed tiy Ihf m .It-riatin-il u nil 'I H
IAY , t.'hT V", k.i. hi -. o'chu k ,M.. f.T liirnisli 0
)i-P trlhiPi.t t'V onfrn'!) with : f
W'OUwr N I.LaNKKI s. Army Kia"dard. i
Al', tT th1 fmin- l'nte d'"lprv nl : '
HT .Mil. K I- KOI Krt, Army Ntnmlaitl.
Ati'i tbe fol 'm tntaT m iierlnl ! 1 rlmmincs, lo V-
to i-pinph'! which can h' s-i n at f lit- o'tb :
l l.t K 1 LA N V LL Ll ilN,., for HucaOntta;
(,'A.SVAS I APlUNti, l-.r.l i- UU.
U WW WN MI'ULKH (hunt), for flacK Cont .
Liutnu ;
)1 l-.lioW.V MUSMN (heavy), for .Tackt
Lin ni ;
MtLY 1 LANNT.L.or Hornet Mnlntr f- r Jacket.
Nitiiptrv nn.y Uf seen ut tbe O lhe of Cbth(ns
K iuipake In this city.
bf ili"ti reil inn nf etiaric at tho ignited Statr,
speciinu Waiot (mac In iMk city, tn 'n'd new psc
w itti the iiHmc ol th' p it l turn I bin 4, tlx' kind and
tit) of kOods illtinetlp ni.iiacd uu each article
pHl hHl-e
1'uitnn nfcrlng K'i'd xxmnt d'tfnctly ctato In tbei.
the iiiuM j they pr-jpc-SL' to funiith, tUo tiri o,(uil
ot uiiry. A r
httiiipii s, w hen tibnilt'e!, must be markociand A
t Sfi il 1(1 COI refill ill! I Mil ll tilt' nrnlHIIal ami 1'iM liU
tli rc!o 111 i t giiuniht t; lh-it tlie f nods obsll In, in 't J
rc-i'cct eniu-il tn Armv KtiiinljnL utliorwis th n a !r
w til not he c'lMsiihTi il
A KiMirHntcf, ii(iK'U by two roipotmltt'd persons, 1
Bo ('lummy Cli li h.d. 1 iiurntiii'i'tiM t ut thi- b ddor
Htipnly the itrtrb s nwnnh .1 ( irni und r bis pro pom
limn will i.e npi'iiiMl n 'ihurMlnv, Oct bcr vl , b
2 a r ock K. al , at this ftloe, und tnddfrs aro iej.jt.B '
be prt sciit.
Aiviriii, will bo niB'lp on l'ridiy Orfnbor 21, Ufil,
Hoin'n w ul be rcipuiod Uml the coniritct .U be Uill
Te.lei ran.s riOatlng tn I'rnpna'i win not be noticed.
liiunK forms ot fx-poaum, Couuucui, suui Uondi ui 1
ol'tuii i d ut iliii nfli.
'I he r i,bt 10 ! cut any b'd dt'cmcd unrcasorja
n-nrrvi il.
Kf(l rce cntilopo "Fr'po,'ftis for -- t"
a.liln - t"oIonl U II.LIAM W.McM.M
li;-JU-7t f'bief tjiidi rniaio , ijiia-lnuatl Lei
OF F I C Y Till K F d V A 11 r K It M A S I
!Nt'ir.NATI,tbl . S-plt nilM' Stll, 1
rropoMiln nre Invhci tn the uii'li'rK :n -4 tinUI 'V
I) , Oc I tx'r IH, (Kill nt Vtu ci m;K t. M ,Iur thu IllllIK
llcilvciy o tills Lcparinifiit of
otnrh KeathiTs rr Ma , urn y st.tndcrd-
lint I i' ai her HocketH,
tntit'K Kirr-aiH,
ioMd Caniiun f't Mac,
'r'Bx-.r Hu'iics ror Hits,
llLj I CM III? I! 4f H,
i iiinanv t lann c. assorted.
Cl.cMuns Ar-illtiy s. iiriny Nta,nUt d
Ifo Jrprl 00
yatlonnl t'dors. 1ni.tiur , Oij
It. 'iil'iK-mc. i'olors, l-
I.IHCOU), do
In int. .Hi'crei, hi'tx, no
Hau'i.h s i which nnv bo teen at tie Office of Cie'
iinl-fpi pak' lu Li's iliy.
To hi d livi fod tie of charL'P, it the IT H. Inu'
Wa'i:nirii In tlila civ, fn giodn- p nK -fi, w(
imu cot thn pun Hirniht ing. tin; t'lid und ia t
yiHiiin, illNilncliy nun kc . 011 c;icli cptcit a nl piit''n
I urllcs i ttcrhty oO'lH mils' oMmcly mate l i th'-lr
tte iiusntiiy ihty pmpo 0 to furuiih, t..e price, ami
lime . t drllvoy. '
H.111 D e-i. vhen siihrnffted, nniit be trsrked and n
ber"l to correcpnTid with 'be "ntyo!!1 ; nnd tfio i
thereto mum jruaninteis ti at Itm oi'hall be In t
rt up ci eicai 10 army btatidurd, otherwise the pn j
w III nu b coOfidcrcd
A tuermiti:". Miym d bv tveo r -in ul hla persons,
acconipiniy each bid, susriint!' inrf tlilt tbe bldriii
81 pp)y th. ai teles iivtsr cd tn him mb-r h's protionn
1ml h v ill In op nt n on 'I nmdi.y, c"ifi r hi lKti,
o'clot k I'. M., ivt this oillce, uml bUtlcrc aire rcviueai
be jncirnt.
A wards wlif bo md on WwdnesdHT. O -iAlnr If. 1 '
ItenrJs will required that the contract wbtba fattt
fnlhll d.
1 cjciurns rolatlnK tn propoith will not bj nott;cd.
IM'ink ftirm ol propon;iit contrtiots. uud hi iiJh in-,
ohtnineil a this orlii-v.
Ibe riKht lu rejtct any bid docmsd onreasonah
I'.udirse envcloie "Propof aU for - and addr
Oiiou-! Wll 1.1AM W. M- Kid
10 4-lut Chlet giiurturiuus'er. Line nnsu Ut'i
V t'lN Ihnati, Ohbi, Septetnlwr 4 I
rroprsas are Invited hy the undcrtiiciied um 11 TIO
IA V ,0 lobar l.i, 'io uiock T. At., fur the iuim
deitveiy to tlil" 1'cpartiiiCiit ot :
h't t" K I Ni HArutv Numtard.
M.LH 1 I'A NH Army H uiMlmd.
bmtVKI.H Arin jtitui iuid.
jilt IMS. compile Army rtiailaid.
I t'tiLKH, with fxtru ino'ith-i bc error Ptsndur 1
M'aLL 'IKNTH, r..inni'U Army ntaudard (IL
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jn aim w tieiiir 01 .-iit n 9 linen;
IIOtl'ITAL'l LSTH-Armv Mu'iiUnl.
V l(HTKl H a NH K Arm R'anriurd.
hump u ol wliiah uiay he cecu at tho Ortlee of CW
and L!U)puf-.'e In this city.
To be lli.i-rrt fieoof churue at the II H Ifmp
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Hniuplei, when submitted, nvist he marked and f
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accotiipnny uneii b d, it imr-i'iH iuik' that tuo bidder
hiipl' tie urtcltit itwurtlrd to li.ui ut der h propo ,
Itols will b.-open-d on I'ninsuuv. b i-ifor I t. iMrti
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b pi cent
Aw Midi- w(M b nisde 111 K rirtai , October M, 14.
HomU will La required that the comrct will be f
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hMtorse envel -po "rrop.icals for ,
folonel WILLI M W. M. KIM
V2H -lit t'hic. suar.i-riuuxu r Cincinuuti Oci
V tiMisNAii, Ohio, Hi pieinbor ii, 1
1'mp.iMla nit' Invited by tti iiit.lernni'il. mn II
IlAi.Oii. Ltr ;. Ini.I. at'i, 1. At., for the li
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licit Ki .1 LA It 1 UUWhhl.M, of uny color except
hint or grey.
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h.unpics, beii subiuitteil. iiiutt be marked uud
b"ie to i-onemi'ii J vsitii tn pioposnl : aud then
1 ti eieto mi. st Kntruntee that 1 1 1 uoodn shall b lu 1
jvi. ct t, e ,i"il to '.iultlc,otu-iriio the proposal wi
be e' luutecii,
i'ui.N nil bd jteie.l on M.Hiilttv. October 17, li
o'ck'ck 1. M, ut thif ullicd, aud bidders aio roiitsi
be 1 rtM'iit.
Awuitih w ill be made on Tutt.vlay, Octotier H, li;L
'1 e.c-'iiiim relutji. ti Lroo-UiA Vi ill liul bu n diced.
i: a:-k l irtuc cf J'r ipukuli tu;iy b3 obtained at
'lot r-tiht to ii)cet any bid deemed uareaitouub
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I.ndu'su f uve! ic "PivpOjals fjr an
i-W-ln i-'f.u'i (jiurtermi.tur Lluciiiuau 1 1
1 0(1 ..,I:iii.t 1'ivUH'H,
W sui 1 roK City, Octotr 1,
Tli ilf ifc'4 1 ( ( iii m l 1 I III )USM ! ! 1
Hordes siiitiibhi Aiii l-ifv uud Cuvulre Crvlc
he purchased ut MIl.biiOKO It&rof, luoputi marks) s I....- I
Hotm-s wjlt be'd.dlvcred lo C aftin Lowry M
A. (i. M .and be suhjeoted to the usual uuiisr
ItiipeMinii bU re bi'lur urecUcd.
l iu itul Cnvaliy .iirfses,l.'f
I'lioo ol Artillery lt.u .,, w' ai:ii.
I'a vmi nt w IU be made I V IV
Colon J Mod Olvlsloii
Quartermastor-Uvnural a on
10 :i3l
ll fUlLAl'l 1 f HI A.Osptcrn I'ool, from Liverpoii
i.ow toady to ilittclisiue at HMith Hl'ett Witirf (
eitjime- will please send tlieir pei wits on huard. All 4
rm panunitd iu loriy lit liuuih hIU i ctnt to im,
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