The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, October 08, 1864, THIRD EDITION, Image 1

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latest Southern News
latest from the Shenandoah.
General Breckinridge- Claim?
a Victory.
MovciEtuts of Generals Hood and
IVpww from be Volley.
October 1. General Karly reports lb it n l of the
eurniv's cava ry has retired towards II irrim
burg, ond ibat tlicro in now no urtntr south of
Horth river. It.E. Lkh.
Earhftnfr of I'rlMinrn.
BichmoniI, Yirginia.Sept. 20. All officers and
men of me VicksOurg capture of July 4, I v. i,
WhO r,lfirrll fur tllllu ut ant, i.iphIa
--- --I -.- iuiu inuifj r-ai(n
the Mi!.-iM.ipn prior to September 1(1, IHO I, aro
hereby declared exchanged.
Ito. Ortu, Agent of F.x.tmnjo.
The) Latent Vr Nrm.
From fAff lit hmond t: jammer, October II.
From Petnsburg we li tre no tidings, except
the rumor Ibat Grant bait worked hard to f rtitv
binisiltat Kurt Mi H ie,und Is pushing In pick."'
a mile funticr in Ihe direction of the Soii'tHd
road. Ttils is but rumor; but It is nnd .uitcdiv
true ibat the boutliMde road Is tiin aim of all
Grant's present evolutions. He then will eudu.tvor
to run up ten or twenty thousand men In th it
way to th Danville road, and so aecomplfc h what
fcbcridau and Hunter laded to do.
A rumor was circulated ycsKrdity mtrnln,'
that the enemy weie advancing in this direction
on the Wiliaiusliurg road. It was ascertained
to le without fonnilntton.
The Yankte. nut occupy Fort Harrison, but
certain et glut cting jlans an- now in courso id
ext ent on which, It in be ic veil, will result in
tlii-lr disliilgiiiini tioiu the salient.
rsimnnim. Onocrl, 7 1'. M. The enemy
are hus) lortiijing their new position near Fort
Mi Hue.
Tbiy bavo shown no dispo-iiloii to advance
to-nn) nr to ussauit our works.
Ad vi) qui. t aloni! iho un- s to-day.
Persons from Gram's r.ur mv that ho hai
wiovtd everything and avervmin up f tno
breastworks, and ihe country behind his tin is
nncovs red.
i- iy bis lat move Grant, has pnincd one nifln
irmie In the direction of the Somhsido railroad
but is mill six miles Iroin it.
'Ihciiirniy's losses in Iho fight on Thursday,
riicuy, ami Suinreny are in boated at lour th m
eand. Ours was uot i,ne-filiu of these figures.
The tews fiom tho valley is important. Wo
bate auiheuiiu information that the enemy havo
bien driven thirty miles norm of Staunton. Our
tio po are in pursuit.
The lateM newa represents our cavalry as h iv
irg driven Ihe enemy's cavalry from llndgo
Wuter, eight miles south of tjurrisoubuig.
ribeiidiiii's n. a n army is iu the iiuiuediato
Beifchboibi od of Hiiiiisonhuri;.
The repulne of the euemy in li t,t Tonnossi e
bus Uen rapidly followed up by uu iuip.n u.n
buciiss In oulhweurn Virginia. A- a lata
hour on Moi.Oi.y night Geueial Kuinnur, w.u
con ii.ando all iho ' ri servo fumes" iu Viri il i,
reeeivid the following ti legrabic rep jrl frju
Drjpudn rGcneiul Kcho!:
Halimi i k. ni,li, r :i, lw;4.-To .Orm-ral Rom.
'ft wi'ip;.id itie ciifiav iKut.y laire yw .t-ril ,y, ari I
hlm rrtlri J u. o ." n- tvu, iaa iv.iu auj wa i'i.liu
ll our Dutm. in n : ititiiii 14 lln(iilti -DnniT.ii, iu I u s "I
Biftu.v other 'l'f.oro witi tu or llir--e rv. t,a u;s oi'
Hi'!'" triiiiH. hluli iv ba'tl cut ui. i'n nil tvi s sa.l
aetbli.a nun si-li'il MpieiulliUy. I In' nfmv H I'D'ca -vat
l ui kix lli.iiirtUU, u uviir m sit ca i il tt'tua tie. Ww
are in hoi pu( JuiiN KC.MI.S,
The forre thus palluntly rouieJ wis eo.u.
mandi d by General lluruiidfto, ami stirtod from
Mount Sterling, Keniiieny, ui)out tea days a i.
The iihjeut of iho expedition was to dustroy the
saltwoiks Iu Ab.ntihui county, and to plund. r
the people in thai neetion of Viritmi i. I he wh do
country will rejoice that this grand raid, led bv
one of the mom uuiultigatcd rasea.s in Lincoln's
aimy, has b. en brought to grief.
Aiioihcr i 111 :iui d puu b siatoii that the routed
eniujy hud gone iu thu uirecliou of tiuudy river,
pursued by our troops.
IUahwi -aktkhs. Ami of N.iktio hs Vikoikia. net. 4
IMM.-lluM. tsmttrury oi War: wnnral ilrsjKi .riilvn
reuiiru lhat ilia i t ay aruukad Baltt il.u uu tliu Jd mil .
anil rrcwvtd a biii.ily rir.ailm.
Tlit ren a t u.liiv ihv instil lu conriisfnii, upiia-eu'ly ia
Uis ulrinoiiiil lllly rlvir, Ifuvl k in ,.i .u ilitir
ard wui.uilfil in our I umiH. Uv : pal ming tliru All of
our ,rvMn Lsbavnu weU. It, Lhli.
Nooftlcial despatch relative to General N. H.
Fomn's niovi incuts un received at War Ucpni
mtnt JffcUrd.iy, but ii is evident Irmn the last
Jiewsroivid him that be is mill gom
bruVtly on aitti tl.c woi!: of !rcaklug up Sber
mati's (OUimunieations.
The lotjieluie ventured yesterday that For.
rest would uot atiack Uoustau in his intrenched
Ksition at Tulnrkl to bo dirrcct. I'l-teid
ciu-kinn the loit of a large portion of hiioai-
nianu at ruiuski, ne pushed on towanH lln;
Ni shvilie and Chattanooga railroad, which Cleno
ral Wbeeier uticmptcd to render unscrvlc,:ahle,
but did l ot. Gem ral Forrest, on leaving l'minki,
movid towards l'ayetuvillc, situaic all mi tweu.y
miles fioui Uecbenl. liu has proiial:y be.eii
joiLed by Oemral Wi limns wiili a canary fire.-,
and the uuiud coimuainis will doubtless destroy
the onl remaining line of railroad which coii
necis Nuthville with Chattunuoa.
Km-h f K. Il'llruj Oil.i, the Aeti.r.
tv-wi Vie Kuhmond Jtiipatri, Ortottri.
YtrUrdtiy iifteinoon It. D'Orsay Ogden.mant-
5i r of the Kii limond thca're, in compi'iiy wrai
ack llil.yard, un oUlcer in the same ci ;iili ,u
meiit, put into execuiicn a plan to use toe to the
Yai.kes. l'revioiis totl.e partureot tin) Fie Je
rii k.-burg train iroiu this city they bvto.ue m l is
f'niuid ucci'sN to the jnivate up u'tment of me
ud is' car, and wi rc not discovered till the irnu
arrived at llowlii g Green, in Caroliuo couutv,
where their bldiiir-phue was discovered 'o
tbeei nduetor, ar.d they were p!a' ed uirkr atust
but ml.seiiiici.tly Ku. Ggdeii jmiipej from tho
cars while they were Iu motion on their way
buck to Khibuiond, uud succeeded in making bis
etcaie. Hilly ai U was brought here, bowevnr
and bus been comuiilicd to Castle 'I'hun.icr.
lS'either of them bad assort8 to leave the ci:v.
Ogdcn, it will be remetnhered, recently failed'
in an Bj'plication ouder habeas corpus beforo
Judge llulyburtou for exemption from service
and was aligned for conscript duty ut Ua uii
Lee; but uever, since tho decisiou of tha iudgis
Las be performed service. His exit from tlio
Confederacy will excite no surprise to our citizens.
Tvli tcrnHjH to ltirliinouil Inrrs.
Gun-UN, Ou., October 4. rariies from fio
fnmt statu tbi't General Hood's army bold tlu
Htate road at Marielta. Merman's army appears
to bo completely cut off. iio lighting yet of any
coi sequence.
Gbikhn, October 4. All a. rounts agreo that
General Hood's army is well in the rear of
It is reported positively that we bold the rail
road between Vining and Marietta.
A brigade of Yankee cavalry c.iuio out to
Fuiiburu, on the West l'oint road, yesterday,
and attacked the command of General lvcrsuu,
who fell Lack, ufter leaving ono or two ki.lci
and wounded.
They aie reported at Fayctlevlllo this morning .
but this is doubted. 6
A prisoner tuken in that fight savs that no
tiuiu has arrived at Atlaula for six days.
Military men here beliee that Bteriinin'sariny
ill bo forced to abandon Ailanta, and cut its
wy out in a very few dHyi.
GniPFiN, September 30.-OcnoraI Hardee, at
wand of bis corps, ana wlU take coimauud of tho
Hiinr ia.n' f e nr' n. n,. rf, n,lrn
i; i.n. i l., uriy mi ai led t hi- f iff. for bm new
lieii' n 1 1 ra'ii'iiA.
A' r i i mlmg on.e Hny- l li the a-my, I'.e
"'lit II. vis unit t,, Mm ! ry. lie
p. t i to uai h Macon lo inorro v A. M., on hm
n mrn.
to r t rn i Ik In the fl u t po - bin spi-its, nni
th. c. no ry it y rp rtf:oovi mi from It before
ti e c o-e i I it.iv d i s.
he ELcuiTADr, or y LMmcToii.
lxilir i f Ki n. - miiiiii ut l rr-.Nt nf
l' liii'ili hiKiiiii.-. 4mi.iiii-I ir,,! t trs.. itrhil ii'r.-Ni.
Ft AO. n i r 'Mai vi nv." I!f i i hut. N C, Hep.
Umber ,1n. The 'ul.ow.uir extra-M fniin la e
V) i u. o h i u, slid F..yo u vi le. IN. C, u inp i,t(
ri f. irn gtn theriM iit In-s of lix kinle rii'iuors
ciipmn ii i.r d- rtn ytd by tho M .srlut le s nil' tin
p. rti t W iimir.gton, and l ithc inseiit string. 'n.'y
id Ihe lib ckmle id (tint port.ur.i pu'i'i-tl.-d for
ihr tatis'in lion of ilia . Hi ers an I mni rnn .l
nn this i.niooiis duty. A lit of liuv (si) n
s iuinirs i i.piuri d or di sinn c, in vi'.lati ..g the
Hnrkaiin of Wilmington, since A.j0'iist 1, Iwi iH
un m xed.
P. I I.fp, Acting It ..r-A Im'ril,
Conimst.iiing Norih At. ant:.- II cV(; ,s .ua lron.
IVi.m Iflf Wt.UitUQtnn .A.ll-Hl, .Srf.'. ,.r'J.
1 in. y b soini.lbiug short ot petit trots.m for
us to say it, but still wa will say it unit wo
aie not -o sine that 'ho 'i tW..e'xpeil il n w.ll
sj a arge oivlilitid. .Sho i-.-rt nilv ki.-k.ed up n
lus, bnt we rlotihtverT inin n w in-tlHT -tin .,
lino the militurv res. unis of iho Yaukco (I iv
inn i nt to any iinprrci.ihlo ex.i nt. It. u
ci rt.iin thn rlie has turned an nup a n iu it
id utti n inn Ujon thi- port, and may Ino cius-i
of brmgitig down up iu us liie inmii t.irc of tin
ankre navy. Tue hiucaadn here will be d uV.y
tih t, II at m cetta n.
Hie prl.e Heamer (l.ih'tn) now at the navy
vnnl in I'li Udclpnla, h a new and sbara-ouiii.
C.jde pmpclkr of 17.) tons h.irth 'ti, and h i
In iu lil.elid and appraised. Tno N ivy Diart
mtnt has Ixen informed of hera iprn-ed v.ilj. h was .j; i0,(HMl, and was ai ocpio I. Sun ii
ndiniiitb y adapted for ciuislug, and will donbu
s ffeuie many a prue. Co savs thu I'lnU hd.
I hi.i ln ,,'r,T. How 111 inv sii. b hare Itft C m
(ecliMti icrts ?
!. lAt Wtlminnfon Journal, s, j'.'XT.
The Mobilo Tribune of a I ilu d ite says : Thore.
Is not a word oi" nous Irom Del iw. 1'lic Hum is
inactive, and we boar nothing of the tnovean.-nt
f the troops. Fnirmrui, as wv judgo iro n tan
Yankee paiers, has goun to another station. It
is b( lined that h has be. ti or lertd t ) try his
prowess at Wilmiui;'on. I'ossnily. 'l'nere ii a
ihutidt ring hloekaito oil here n iw i that's pret'y
ceriuin, wnerher llio man v.i ti tho queer n.imu
Ins git anything toiiowitli it or not. All credit it
mainly to the real or Mippo-, d prcscuco of tho
Tullaitaut nd umlry o. h,.r mysieriJus sea
nioi mit". The Yankee papers' even lepott thj
f .oixda as nmoi.g tue vessels :h it hare couio la'o
this port.
toss oi the lynx.
I.iv-t right the tine blockade-running stoamor
l.ynx, heluugtt g to J. hti Fru.- r it Co , and com
ii. an did by Cap ain Hci l, c-ns-i d N.'W lulf. inn
and put to sea, bound to Itermud i, with a mir-go
c n s Ming ol over six hundred (odd) balos
ol ci tton, one Lull on Um i ii.i.enl account. Son
bad also JoO lWd in gold on Height for Govern
ment. Kin- nis i had s ine le v ca .senders. .I,i,t
afu r she got out -he wa- pursu d by tho block
ading squadron, by wbieii shn was couip etely
bm mud in. She wo-s s:ru. k i-ght lim-s, si ; at
nr 1 eiow Ihe wa'er line. Fnnl ng tint sli p in ,i
Milking conn itioii, the captmn 'icae'ied her live .ir
six ul ove Fort Fiu r. Tub crew and pis
ret gers esfai.rd with a por' cf their eilecM,
and the esi-tl whs biirneu to p ovi iu, it t'r nn fail
ing Into the binds oi iho enemy. The 'iM
beh.i.gii g to tho Government v.s mv.'d. The
enemy gotiso close as to tire a volh v of muskotry
Into the l.ifnx, by which ono of tho erj was
fruvi Die t'nyultn. le ( .V C.) C.n -s'ni'an, 8 inihtrV.
The lrs nf tho .1. . I'nn-f is n pre-ty sevoro
I'lew to our S ae. She his o.nm nuda seivieo
for our North Carolina s ildi. rs, and has p ld for
littie.f twenty times, 'j hero ni 'rc Clvde
huilt stcamciH, and North Caioliii.i hi. money to
In r cri illt in l'.uroi.e. We lii 'ii ve that the .S. ilu
uwnvd but nne third of the .1 P. l iiiiee.
lll.OCKAllK.HI NNLHH CAflClimi AN.) DlMfilOYKI)
Ol If WI1.1IIMI lu.N, N. C , HISOrt Allocs r I, !. ,.,
1IY HIB N. A. II. HltOAIlllDf, ACrtNll lllivil-
AUM1UAL . 1-. l.KK, i:.ivisii:4.iino: -
iViurM. Il't.mnk . .V :
Ks'e ..1'AplurLil uiii.iu
10 i.r ri4 ri.yro I
' ihi Ian i- -.liiisii is, .ii..... .
Jlinn I'S j llteii .s u.U.
It ' n irkn
lM Ii.iiM
..''.iil(ire I I
..l'AJ inn 1
..(1 .iiiiiru I
..i 'li. ir.M
..i'a ilurivl
..l i. ll i-l
..Cl.iturv I
..' '1KiIII? I
I'tlul.l. in lilr..i'il
lll7.Hbilli lie-.r-yi-a Ml AMU
Ileum liUH,r... ii l.iiii. i.u:iuliiio.
Vi tiuti is'ify.-d M n. ti.. ,
hi h r, hi 1 1 A Ji s.-lv l.'stio.ri.a lilL'VU un '
loin In l p!iiruil '1 1 1 s t sin .ttui.ijy
r us ana aiiuik....! iiut. rt'U I uu'il i
K E.Loa..
i'iiri-ii ll'r. liri.ta AI Uaw.iii's.i.ive I
Stoi I'uiui.r.'il i'i-Ia In Csiil.n-i-.l
rfciimieo i siiiuroa s.vr n , ij lulari'.l
C'ti I?;ip.uri..l I'lvivji ). I)',.,r y.a
Iho. lltiu:i,',ii d , . hi Hiioyi j 1:0.1 11 1'tpnm-I
Aiili.i.n-a Iir-irit.eil lt.11 .1 . I'laure.t
lit t d.fcu l).-tio td lalilrAla Cifiu el
Vfs'u .ynl l.n.aii Jaoiarel
l'"ie I", tin. vi .1 Klsai u uii irn l
li'O'li r'.l A. U V.i. iuii :.i,e. ireil
V 1I1! I'uvirl! De. ri.ied' Ki r 1 D.-vrayi-il
Null eld In-hli-utr.l II.11I - .r I i
Iff llr-uuie I ,,n !U:,ir
t'.lnllV ,
iisKirioiMi' piuiil Mawii tin ir
I'HuiiTitl, '.Hj; desirnyrd, 'H.
I.iul eaplurtd sad de-
Gtni-ral Lee A";rcc to Exchana
Friaoners, Negroo:: and All.
HpcHal llftipatclirs lo ,,liii Telo-raph.
Was in; r, eon, October 8.
I'(-luiUK. of' l;ri-n''r.
General Lee pro.i isei loex "..nge nil priiiii m
tuken in front of ivtcrsbuv, n grocs Included.
1 tio Mnti'iiii'iit Aiiihii: n' le Hill.
Frank lllair, Sr., adltreses an important lcttor
to the hiMlitjetieer this inn i.i ig in roference to
I if interview with Geuciii M . iollnn ; heaisuuius
the entire rc-poiu-ihiliiy ..f t e tranmictlon. The
l'rcbhltnt nviihvrasM'iiti d nor dissented,
liiuersl Itutlci'M Inliialcrr Alii.
General Ilu r lately. Inid o 'easion t re vive
on hiB tt. If a voliinti er Ai l. Hearing this fact,
General Halluck addrcs-c I General H itler a
letter, In which ho quo cd I run a circular lrsuod
by General McCicllan, fo.i.iitiling tho appoiut-nii-nt
i f volunteer Aids, tin.) requested to bo in
Iciuud whether the (:.!. r in question wa
expected to be pull. (; 1,1 al llutlcr replied,
stating that he was 101 a .t are- that General
Mcf'lcJIun ecmn.andcj the miny; that ho was
viry sure tc did imt cumin nd his dep irtiiiint.
lie further added, ihat Hi ho was not a French
gentlemen, there wss 110 likelihood of his cm
bioiUng as with fnicigu nations; that he was
up; ointcd 011 Ms staff bceauso his services w.'.o
Yaltiable; and that he presumed tho United St ites
Goveinniunt Would liud funds euough to pay lii.n
'I be nj iiinmer-GruiTol.
rnymiuter-Gcuoral Andrews has been assigned
to duty as I'rciidctit of the Board of Examiner!
as to qualifications of paymasters, under thu lute
act of Congress, and Major Hi Ice will a -t a-i Pay
master-General during hid tomuuruiy ubseuc
Hum lie bureau.
Wreck of n Mcniu-Tuar.
Ciuvm anii, October 8. The stcm-tit? If' tn.
low V.1111 to pieces on tho railtoad pior lust uight.
rive of thu ctow were lost.
Mnilluar or Hlrauiers).
Ni:w Yohk, October 8. Tho steamers fi'y of
l.unmck; Villi of HaiUmiirf, Virginia, and 'fro.
;., lor liurope, and the Sierra A'ceni.i, for Nuw
Orleans, called to-day.
The rrlre of tJoltl.
New Yokk, Octobor 8. Gold was quote! this
iiioiniup at 21)0, and since the board at VH.
nnrhctai by lIs;rapb.
NrtwYokK October 8.-Flour has advanced
Kf' i .'.V.: ..lis 1.1 .VsObbls nt 7.60: i.As ai .,r uu,, i ,
'" "litKiiwla ufur Houlhirn. ..t osuhn-d
..0.-, null.. ui.nnforlAnt. Corn dneliurd 1c. will" ,i,7
;i..rki?-d.s,rk -Vd';:,.;':
aw Yohk, October. Stock. Market Is dull
riilt.jO si n Kock l.i. hi , i Cuiuhsruiid piflnroA
M ;jlll,,..l. l imral . 111', ; MIchlsM 8. ,il,.ru,,;l; n"
York Cilllral.llt', ; Itenoinir. Il!i, ; Uuilsuu lllror II..
(Imiloli iiiiiii, i:iSi ; tli.aaurl 6, 111 ; Kris UIV Ono
Vrm I'urliicsnii. KAl, Trosnurr 7 4-10, M; la lo Sj'
I Alcouiioua, tu;; ciUvufi,llw'v '
Highly iKiportant.
Enemy Eepuleed with Fearful
Fplnulid Charge of Eirnoy'y G.)rp;.
Our Forces Intrenchod Noir
that City.
Do; patches from Generals
and Birney.
i.-t-., j.;tc., loto., x:to., x:tti.
WAiiiNiiTOM, Octobers, 12 o'clock M.
To Major-Guncral John A. IHx, Xoiv York.
Tliia Di pnrtment has rccilvcd tln following
ropnt ts nf tlio onoiny'H ass-mlt yestordiy upon Ttutlor'a line, thoir BiibseniPiit rf
imlsc, nnd Oi'ticral Uinu-y's brilliant actio. 1.
driving the enemy to their Inner line, of lu
tienclimentrt nroiind Uiolimotiil:
Ukaiiqiiautkim Dni'AitrMnsr oi' Vut-
October 7, 1801. Ut.' ir.
S. Crant: At (M0 T. M., tlio oniitny.
linviiijt movnj Hi-Ids' and HiAo's l)ivi.siu:i
from the U-fl at CIiap.ti'n farm, aroun.l to o;ir
right, at D.trbytown ro.ul, ut,ta:'ioJ with
spirit Cieui-ral Kautz'a Cavalry in tlio In
trem limcntti, anil diove liiin h ick, wltli H-n ill
lom (i( men, but with t!io of bin art Ubiry.
Tho enemy btiin rcil very co:nl,l.! loss
In this attack.
The enemy tlum swept ilowa thu Intraali
n:oulB towards Uirny, who, having t'.irnw.i
latk his right, waited their asiault aui rj
puloctl It with heavy load ou the part of tUj
'1 lit! enemy In tho tnoantitnn uiltties I
tow urds Newmarliot, h:it won) mjt by 11 fjr.:e
at the Hif' tower at :i I. M.
I took tlio odoiiKivo, scuillns Birney wit'i
two iliviHiona up tlio Dcrljytowii road. Tn s
ciicir.y lia.s ri ttcatod as ho adv tir.v l, and liir
Lt y Ium reached and o -ciipie l tin! lulr m ;:!
nu tit.s which the enemy took l'ro;r ICiuL, uad
vero foit'lyiPR for Ihem-iolvoa.
Our low h;u been small, not one-eii!it!i of
the enemy. We have about oaj hundred
(Mgiied) B. F. BurLKit, M ijor-a,;n.
vr ViKdi.MA and NoitTH Cauouna, Octo
ber 7, 12'20 P. M.-lirl-adici'-GuiiiTal lliw
lingB: Tho following despatch liaa been
Oigticd) B. F., Mnjor-General.
Coitrs, 10'15 A. M. M;iJor-Genoral Butler:
1 havu repulsed U10 attack of tho cne ny ou
our right Hunk with great slaughter. The
tioops aeera to bo Fields' and Pickett's
I end you a batch of prisoners.
I am extending my right flank.
The enemy seem to bo iiitro.nching on thu
Darby road.
(higued) D. B. BuiNET, MaJ.-Gert
riKAPCirAitTKns VinoiMtA
a ni Noitru CAU01.I.VA, October 7, lO-'M V.
M. I.leuteimiit-Goneral U. S. Grant: Quue
rul Kerry lias regained General KauU's ol 1
posilioti and holds the enemy In tlio inner lino
of IntrcuclimeiiU around Iiicli'jiond.extuudin'i
from tho Darbytown road to connect with
VYeltzel on the left uear Fort Hamilton.
There lias been no movement ot Petersburg
to-day. Vo bare secured tlio best of this day's
Yt'oik. A thoutatid ut least of thu enemy,
killed ncd wounded, a hundred prUonors, and
a bloody repulse.
General Gregg, commanding Hoke's Divi
sion, la reportod by a lady who saw tho body
as killed.
(Signed) B. F. Biti.lii, Mal.-Ocn.
No despatches have laieu received from the
commands of Generals Sherman, Xioseeraus,
and Sheridi'.n later thau was reported in my
ti h grum of yesterday.
F.dvvin M. Stanton, Socreiary of War.
KWMrtcr KrirtN.
A''i. in.' lh'tl'a'rh fy J'ie Evening T-l-'jraili.
Wahiiinoton, October 8. The mil steamer
lirinat, fiom City Point, reports that early yo,.
tetdsy morning heavy and repeated cannonading
commenced on the north side of the Jamos river,
tid was going on at 10 o'clock yesterday morn
ing, when the i'jprcri left City Point but nothing
was knowu definitely there as to the causo of the
It was suppojed by oflioers ut City Point that
the firing was iu the vicinity of Dutch Gan. and
that tho Kebol gunboats had a hand in it, possi.
bly with the design or uttcmptlng to prevent the
completion of the canal. When the Kxprett
reached l'oitrc-is Monroe, however, it wai re
ported there that the Ilobels were- making an
attempt to flsnk our new pi.itiou on Chapin's
farm. What authority there wai for the report
the paiscngcra on tho Hxprtu could not learn.
On Saturduy, when Davles' Brigade of Gregg's
Cavalry charged the Uebel position on the Vaughn
road, a little to the left of Warren'a position, a
Kebel General, laid to be named Wool, who ha 1
betu promoted fioiu a Colonelcy only two days
previous, was killed.
At the time of his doata bo wore a Colonel's
uniform, and when he fell from hii horse the
animal jumped the Hebcl breastwork aud run
Into our liucs. Late Illehmoad papers received
In the A m of the To oro ic coiirrm his da th.
O. octal Wattcti came up on the l-J-,rti 1 n a
i ort leeve nf abscni-c The hospital s earner
f'otit rfi.u', which left C:y l'o'til at II 1IJ A. M.,
an l,ou: a. il a hair lot r ihe HrjM. reports
that ire tann'vriad in 1 11 the north side of the rlvc w a y guing i n it l a time.
'Ihr C tmeeimtt hengs tip three hundred and
Ira iikALd wounded. Ahouttwo hundred of
ihe I. .tn r are stn t. her cases.
All Quiet in Front of rctcrsbur:;.
OcUilar 7. Kvirything quiet In of
l'rtirsburg. No fight ng h is taken place since
Saturday last, ith the exception of oc.:4-imil
rkirinihbitig betwetnour Civ.ilry and the llcV'l
scouting panics who proI around tho II inks of
Ihe army, ixpicting lo rind somo place weak
i nt ugh to warrant an attack. Hut they liivari
bly lind our men wide awake, and -cady to give
tl em a warm welcome.
TleiTignie of the mail train n.u off the Ir 1S1
last night at I'ark stailon, caused by the e irclnss.
m ss or somo of those In charge. No ono was
The weather is very fair, and favorable fir
military itiovemen's. Important events may be
rxpicted at any time.
Wahiiinoton, (), lob r 8. Passengers by the
mall bout to-day report that when they left City
l'oint, yesterday morning at 10 O'clock, huavy had been goinir 011 for four or live
hems in General Uut'er's Department, on the
Jsines river. The Ilobels made thu ;tack, taking
imi troops mine wlia t by surprise.
General Warren aud staff came to Washimttou
doinuai oi- 1 tii-: 11 it i n A.
'IIkl Dfmomo," at the Arch, bus made a
Sick rd hit. If a Uy deprnds rntl-rly on :i-n.-ry n I
ppolntra. tin, and 'lie te-enery and asp.,ltt,ineiif aru'all
i roiidrd tin-y arr al 1I1I1 tlK-atra, In ihi m i-it mntuiil
ci nt ii le. luiiii tin-, II. Aii'imr, .ml tho en ln- ouijiit
11. In- mil. It. . I. lift V"i..miii la . .,1 lor oiiiiitll. IIIIiiik
ilr tri-n.iiri .nd lliroinitiiir tin- Iviu.,., Mml'ilo
I- l i-cini iik .n tin. i i-i-e ih.ii In sov ot.iiT In w it -Ii
Pt rlia- nia.i-.iri'il esi e.tllnrf '11. in wlil,-h w. Mil
r.-lui iiiIn r .air u ,tli
At tiik Cuf.mnct tho Warreu eombin itlon
rtM-ilor-hli-il .11 'vho li.v m-.-n Ihrnl, ilrrtivl-u lu the
riiisi.ut ci..s iti thus not been lliero fr s nun tins.
Sir. Wai run han iiki u ti. of m.kiiiK tti ".iniiciiiu." la-
nllrctun.'ly sitHneil, Willie hi. humor Co t!it1 tli.
KroliniillllK-," wlthi.ilt .vrmr-'nitltur. He ! trnlr i ,1...
1 i Ml ul eoiui illun, "one .if ilm tad n tl'iitt." li. u ... .
Iiijt.t bu t.iiii-i lo tut-sa un .ulmil, Mr. Iluroa li.t iinu ii l.i
luuii'iio linn ; lint iiirtliniT U tia;i ovttil Ail. I eltnu.l
nice no time wt llrst -.w Inm, ho aoeiu., Inivhur, lH-tw.., n t.-ltiu, nit-v .ulns, vv net it w. It nhion Of it'll, ui'l n.lo.v al,iil. lie lis.
.ml Kit-tn l-iTh.i- al a IVAnlivrs. Ml.. Oilou I. uacjili:ui In
Inrrt-N, fua t.l vivai Uj , as, and lun. TitoMi'soN has been playing her usual
round of etiar cier. whh succt-M. T ils srueefu; and
rue i.!,, joiuii: a. In ... ttnh her tondotni-ss and pnli.n.
la uiles riifri-h nu r He-frt.m Hie aiere ityin-d .it In of
..mi. p'a.-Iuk. Air liern-, n-t IuivIim tl hi.ii in c.ialr.itt
Di i.di ii-in litis &i-,'euri-u in srt a' r advauug-H iu Ut-r ptaya
11 a la in 11 ot.. of the tf.eal Iruiit'ilUn.
All Hie alar fl-iutllll al tlie-lr rdiuecuva thciitros u,it
a eta.
PTAiaorTHuimoMKrEa To dat. Six A. M..
.irA. Noon, 9. One I'. M. 58. Wind, W. N. W.
Cine ol ibu giaiidest Ions in thosh ipn
of a political lorehligbt pro dsion, tint has
occurred at any lime in any p irt of the conmry,
will lake place in this city to nihc. In addition
to whit l'hiluiltilbi i will turn nut, dcleg itl-ius
Ir. iii I'ninih n, N..rrl-town, Grrin mlo vn, and tho
ojo i.inj; iMiin it-H win piMclpiio In the do-non-
iirotion. Hie 1. HCAilo Cainmik'u Cluh of G.i n
d n, numb, i nn ln husdn tl iii.iui'i. rs, will ais
jo n in ti e proci sst m. One of the (r'iii-o of tue
psraue win ne Iho anpenrauco of sooie three
th. ii-iinil snldii i s in lifie.
Willlniii II. Kern, Ks i., thn Chief M has
ap on teii t e loilowing Aids, aud ia-uoi tho fol
lowing omIps
Ait-- ol.iri-l W II Msnn. tttrtoii II. J.ntcs. Me.irU'
A.Th. rp, A.liuUMI II .s. emluck, I'D iuut,lit.:o 1 1 u-
l.r, Jn-r.h w. Ilul. ok. .Viilluin M..Uanl. Ii.n-y, 1 luiiiii.fN'n hoi iti.ldH, K.ln.111 il. rltler, Willie. n .1.
ll-nei, INieruil II. Auart-.s, Altjer-1) Kubor.e. ft.ilitirt il.
Iileitnary. neii.aa In 11. llrutvn. Heurv W. u.-.t. n. it.
Alt not.
Hi i ial Am-.- C.lnwl W. A 'Irav. A. K Kterinr, SI,
H- 1-idy. S'. T. W.l.uii. Washliutiiti KulJi. A. a. Slav.
.tor. ' '
I l e proeciilon will -oo.l-t of itven itran.l dlvlil-.ui.
8. me of the iinest banners and
ever set n ill a procession will be carried t ) night.
The turnout wdl bo one of the largest tint lias
ever tuken place in our city. Tnewhoie all iir will
terminate wi'b a magnificent display of lireworks
iu Indcpeiiilence S piare.
Tub Kxtha Anskssmknt. The ex'ra assss-
nieal this year is larger than it baa been for a
long lime. Tbc following was the asM-s in n: In
the several winds, to far as rould he asenrtaiaed
at the City Commissioner's oitlce this awning :
It at , l.
j:tra Attenntit.
Eitn Atuite l.
ti A
7 It
yi i
4 - Vi I
1.0 ;
4-11 1
nil I
7'J I
i(isj '
tut 1
Dkmcknton a DiHohOkKLY Hol'su. About 11
o'clock lust night Lieut, n ait Tat'en, wi h a posse
of police, made a don-cut Uion a bawdy house at
Tenth and Marb'e streets, l'etcr Kline, tho
iillig 'it proprietor, seven lil"n, a nl five women,
wi rc laken iu'o cusody. Thewhol- pirtywore
airaigued before Al ieriinn Jones this morning.
Kliue was lmlu iu $'t0(M I mil, to a. is ver nt emit,
ii. d the oiburs weiu held for a breach of iho
Chauuki) with Foiioeiiy. Uufore Alderman
Shoemaker, last evening, Samuel M ils a id Wil
liam lthoa les were charged .with forgery an 1
alien. p ed fraud. Il is alleged that they swindled
a soldier's wife of fi lOJ. They b id ihe money
tolling to her, but got a ru. fio n her, ant
then le t u -ill to over the lii'iiuy. They wcru
eon nut ed for trial by Al lermuu Shooiiiakur. in ihk Tlnth Waiiu. A largo an J
enthusiastic mc -tiug was held la, I night at the
Hall of tho Teu'h Ward Association, corner ot
liroad mid Hacn .streets. I'.lo unnt H)0.:hr8 woro
noide by ex-Governnr l'olluek, lion. Oharlei
O'Neill, IIoii. A. W, ltcnedict, William S. I'lcree,
l'.B , and other g.-utl.-nn-n. Tho nicetimr ad
joui ued with cheers for Lincoln, Johnson, aud
the whole ticket.
Claim EismsaEn. Tho claim niaJo to a por
tion of the cargo of the pri.e steamer ('ii!l
bus been dismissed. The claimant alleged that
he was a loyal citizen of Georgia; that he had
turned his Conlederate money into cottou, and
watched an opportunity to put it oa bjari the
Cliatliam which ran the blockade.
Anotuuu lUiLitMO AcciouNr. This mim
ing Patrick M-jrhuttan, of Company 11, 1 jJ.h
llegiment; rcnnsylvsnla Volunteers, was run
over by tlio Germantowu railroad cars at Turn
pike bridge, in the Tweuty -second Ward, aud had
both legs cut oil .
Aociiilnt at A Saw-mill. This morniug
about 10 o'clock, Frank Turner, eight years of
age, bad his right hand cut od in a taw-mill at
Fianklin street and Girard avenue. Ho was
taken to St. Joseph's Hospital. His parents
roiJo lu Hutchinson street, above Thompson.
A Union Msktino. A Union mealing will
be held this evening, at Skeppackivllle, Moat.
?oincry county, when Lieutenant Lemuel C.
leeves, aud 11. A. Ii. Williams, of this city, will
address the people on the ' iasuos of the day."
UackuiTiNO. This morning tho Mayor issuod
warrants for the payment of the city bounty to
folly -eight men.
Fatal Acciubnt. This morning a man named
John King was run over by a locomotive oa
Washington avenue and killed.
Fiuk The alarm of fire between II and 12
o'clock to-day, wai caused by.tLe burning of the
toof of a house iSo. 3li Vvrlt aviinue.
H' r. I.roNARn Mvnna This gentleman he
nt ar'y nr.l-bed a moM thorough ran.M f Ilia
Third fongrosloniil His ret. Since Ihe 0)U1
nieticenirnt nf the campaign ho b. deVerod rra
an average two np per day, Im'aI.Iis per-
lorn ing an atniitir.tnf lab-ir which en oily lie
r. slue. I In tl.ii-c lu, like hlmsi-l', ,,r.' isumm-lled
to iimkr their rin a rlo rlv nm e-tn I m-trn t.
'I l e i ail t lb tl- tar is v. rv and tu re
is tie doubt his fneinls t.f ma trnim ill n I
n -o'i i Ih.n. Mst evening Mr. Myers address d
two Istgo rnimi meetings, .me in the Slx't-einh
Want, the i ll er ul Ui-n.g Kim, in Hie Twen j
tilihWur.l. It., .p, ci h- am utnforiiily eti iric
tci ' by alil'itv a' d po.vcr. aad prove
bevtinrl caril his pciu iar mu s f.r the position
be t eks.
Ot Hn a ilit rest delivered on Thtirerlav cvmilng
iu the NlneteeBth Ward, a reporter In a cmitein-ptnur--
thus remarks: "Hon. Leonard Myers,
tl. r I nlon mioi'iii for Coii-.tims in tun inir.l
1 i-rrl, I. now t amo fnw,ir.l, and delivered a
i-eirh of sntpriAsing clmpien c ami b an y. II v
Iiiils p., I In tic, witty, argumentative, aud aareas
tie, it held the audleu'-e Apel.-li mud during I no
linur of iis tlclivcry. At intervals, notwi hsi Hid
ing li e ab-orhlng dc-lre nf rverv o io present to
catch each word that fell from t'lu lip. of the
tqeiiki r. the tee'lngs of Ihe audience were no- to
i oe leeirainril, aud tin y gave vent t them In tin
i nioAi enthusiastic ourtiiirma of anpla ise." Su. h
Is ibe estimate of the aldlltv of Mr. Mvers, a id
with (till cnnlidenee In Ibis honcty and integriiy
nf nipo the citiicns of Ins district uro do or
nnnrd to return bliu to Congress by un lucre ised
n Mjnrity.
Political. More political meeting! were held
In this city last night than on any previous creu
ing Aince the oning of the present campaign.
There were not only more meetings, but more of
the "big guns" were present, and attempted to
enlighten the people on Iho political Isnicj nf
the day. The main meetings held wero the
lollnwing ;
Dr. Win. F.'der delivered an oration on the
"Issues of the Day" at the Musical Fund II ill.
Hon. John Van llureu, of Now York, delivered
an address nt the Democratic Hcud.iuaruirs, on
Walnui urt rt.
At the Hull of the Union League, ad lresnns
were nia.'o tiy tho Hon. John W. Forucy aud Mr.
J..hi! Ilriggn, of New York.
The political deb no iM-twenn the Hon. William
I). Kelley and George Norihrop, Ksp, was
brought to a close lust night. I'hese diMcusii ins
have i xi lied mUUfC iuterest lu Hie Fourth Con
gn District.
In n gin d to ward meetings, they wore being
In Id lit -t night in almost cvety part of tho city.
To night nnd Monday night will be un aetivo
time uniting the politicians, who will know their
lute by 1'uoday next.
Mff.tino at Conshoiiookrn. A grand mass
mtctlt g was held at Cotishohocken last evening.
Thire was a torchlight parade, in which Colonel
F I hunker's Club participated. Colonel Pu'th was
Cliiel M.iishal. Speeches were undo ny iho
tiupiaiii nt iiaxier's ! ire .oiiavcs. M.issrt.
Wosl urg, Thoinas-on, Moran, Hun. G. W. Smith,
and irln is. There Is no dount of tho triumph nit
clit lion of George liullock to Congress, as hu will
reetiie thousands of Democratic votes.
Tiiv. Chuistian Commi-mom in tub Army of
tub Potomac Hev. Charles P. Lyford, ono of
iheogmtBof the Cbristl in Commission, no in
the Army of the Potomac, writes as follow 4 with
regard to the Commission's work In that army :
The work of tho United States Christian Cotn
rrtirrlon in the Armits of the Potomac ami .1 lues
wus never w extensive, systematic, and eillcient
us now. At City Point General llospit il, Hnr
nniila Humln d, Point of R icks, Deep Iturt -n,
and all the sia'ions and Held ho-p tails of Generals
Me.ide'sand lint ler's armies there is t well-orgta-iznl
co'ps of delegites, fully supplied wiib hos
pital hones and baid at work, luc fortilicutions,
rille-pitH, and mo-t a Ivanced hues aro d uly
vimIi d. i nd the wouuded and de-tituta cared for.
Ai City Pnint General 11 ispual Ihore is a most
prteoiis revival nf religion in progress, and
Mini pe as il uinv seem, all along our lines the
g'.rpil is preached, prayer ineet ngs are held,
li no souls are uu ly converted to God. I ho reli
gious imeiett never was better thaa iu this aetivo
AitnvTOP am Oi.n Tmi'.p. A well-known
fou nlo thief, whoso picture has a lorned tho
Hi-guts' Gallery for years, und who is known to
Ibe police as L iiie Primrose, was arrigned at Ihe
Central Station yesterday ou the charge) of lir
ctny. From the evidenoo wo loam that she was
employed in the house of Mr. Char es Stack
bou for the space of thrvo weeks, during
which time articles of cl itliing, silver spoms,
coin, de, were missed. Suspicion dually led
upon iho uccused, and sh'i wai laneu into
run. dy. llur Iiouno was searched, uu I a num
ber nt articles found there were as tho
propirly of Mr. Htucs house. Tho whole valuo
or n.c things stolen is es linatcd at three h in
drtd uol ais, Mr. 8 imeia. the tletccive, to-iiliod
Ihat I e had recovered some articles belonging u
a lunilly w.tb whom the defendant livod n short
time since. Ho would bo ready to h ivo the
parties re-ent at a fuinre hearing. The prisoner
.is quite a rc-peet tblc-looklng woman, appi
ri nt y iu the iniodle age of hie. She has pa-sed
a considi rab:e part of ber time in prison, and b ars
the reputation among the keepers ai oni of the
mi si uiiinorn pti-ouers ever coin Tutted to their
keeping. She was locked up in default of
I all.
Great Rkdi-ctiow in tub Phicek op
Dby Goons. We take ploasure in calling
tho nttcnilon of our lady readers to tha
advcrtltcmcnt of Kdwin Hull & Co., No. 2(1
South Second street, who have oneof the
btst iifsortnienls of Dry Goods In this city,
and who are now olfering their goods at very
low prices; as tbiy say they havu had the advan
tage of a continual ri-e during the progiess of ihe
war, they now propone giving; their customers
tho advantage of the full in prices.
Lai nciifs prom Champ A Son's SuipYard.
Tho United States sloop-of-war Chattanooga 11
be launched on Thursday, tho 13th Inst., between
the hours of II and 12 o'clock A. M. Also a
tti aniship of 800 torn-', on Mug lay, the 10th Inst.,
nt 8 o'cl .ek A. M. The Uniied StiU-stra sport
1 V..Mn.. lU,..,..).a.l ... H'l I . ..
t ."'..W'l nnn muiiviivu t'U AUIir-UUy IIISI.
Wi:st Jekhf.y Links. Wo are re
quel-ted to rail the attention of Interested persons
to iii'pnitant changes which will take place In
the runciig armngement nf the trains on the
all' ve lines, coininencing with Monday next,
October 10, lHu.
A IIli.ic. A beautiful cane of oak, made from
the rufteia ol the house in which John Hancock
lived and 'icil, has been presented to the city by
0. II. Spurr, F.sq., of tho Boston City Govern
mint. It will be pl .c d iu Independence Hall.
Srsi'tftot s. A well-dressed man was arrested
iu one of the upper i'orles of the Girard House,
attt nip-ii g lo inter a roi in. At tho hearing he
plcadid liiuiiKcnuc.-s as an excuse. It was no go.
Patriotic Twenty-four men, residents of
tbo Twi-iity-fourih Wunl, have enlisted and, ut
tb In -Hui' o of iiiiiueiitial citiens, credited theiu
selves to wards still deli, ient in their quotas.
Piii.k The pnito Hag awarded by tho
Committee on Schoo's, Central Fair, has been
presi ned to tho Fifteenth Ward Girls' Grammar
HtiMn Ar.AiN. The Keystone riuttery, orgm.
i7tcd miller the call for one hundred days' men,
returned home yesleiday.
Coal. During the past week over 43,000 tons
of coal weie transported over the Philadelphia
and Heading railroad, and over 21,000 by tho
Schuylkill Navigation Company.
City Loans. All city loans maturid January
1, ISO.1), with interest, are uow being paid by tho
City ti reanuier.
Tim GunvEit & Uaeeb Sewing Ma
chine grands iiie-eminentty ahead of all
olhers In every quality etsential lo a first
class muchine. We do not offer the American
public any foreiyn teatlmonial as to Ut
merit, but the verdict of American me
chanics, and the practical needle-women of
the United States, who have at every Stale
Fair held during the past two yean awarded
the highest premium to the Graver & if alter
oner all comiietttoM, as the best in the world,
performing a more etene narieiu of plain
and ornamental work, with greater rapidity,
on a greater variety of material, than any
other, and with a etronjjer and more elastic
stitch, while for ease of management, sim
plicity, and durability the Graver & Baker it
Tariks thr Hint.
nr tub stan or tiivii hall.
K AT and lila mre, a farmrr .are.
Came, with put i'nr, earn and htieia.
To toi n, and thus ,e man of as.
SrmAe, as ihry role .Ion l An . re 't : -"A
icon, the ninny farts Impressed
lly my e iierl nee, I tike nate
that those potato., are liked oe.t
Yt hi. h have a ruuh and illn,-y cost."
Pure Nat, ' How very different, ttn-n,
M. nt nd must irom pontiles uel
For mo.i reiianl I. Mld to men
On whom he frlininett coats we sop.
I'm euro If. with reitrrt I wear
TH ci at theae ia'itt and s-ii-h a vel;
And ye' yo I've cash nnouuh to en ire
lo keep Jnui eon luui h heller driissad.
"That hullihns there, an .rand and tall,
(Ae irom drsr.ili.tion I .nun ..)
Unit he the famous Toner Hall,
L'enowned iar cliesn and liaa ls.)me ol'ithssl
The prod- nt sire pau-t-d on his wtyj
He. when he clnise, c iulit ta'ie a hint,
A tut Nat, new chid, soon lottA'-.l as a
As a briiilit gnl.l. piece Hum the Unit.
Vt c arc m Iiiiik Itrady-uia le t'lullilim. e. ial la evitry
respec , jrpe, , malrn t mni ttorkintniKj, t .nr
matle to order at i ro AO rrr rt it. toerr rirf. M e
can nt nnr one as well, or hetle , than he ean lie dtled to
on:r, wilhout tit lav or troiitile.
luwia Hall, No. .119 Markot sitsieL
iinsNan- a Co.
Wa iiav rrrelred the folio In flalterlnir e.ilslle fr on
our eelremed countrman. Mr. Aarsat:. Vt'Auo. show
pian, hlch we hasten to lav heftire o-ir mailerA:-
.Mh. A.TOn's I'avfrk. Nhw Yorh. 1
I'vtoaerotU, A, 1). 1 Ul J
Mr. Ci'Aiii.ks Ptoak ami Ko. i -1
to.k my N?n Into hand to Intlfiiht tho fullerln nlAtle to
you, iH-eui tl e: you air a man alter my owu hart, au.l o
rs l)a-ld inoak). 1 huv lila gralelv l.ik by y-ire trjalv
putrynttlc centliiiems as pnarlrai 1 In yard ilah-f Ma I
e.ltlt'r Ailvurti7.eiueiit.. aiipariAiioin lo yure wuu cla. i
fust pnee close.
The stall of our Country and new lraey okkiltivA mv
waken and eleepln moment. ; Job hod ttllui. hat ha
tr raped tilaselr will) a ovvHtenihol I
Neman wus a lier, hut ho doretl Into Jordan aui
oum out es good es mm I
Hem'nn hed tils haro ehlnniel and wnj wn.-k as
watered whisk cy t but It irrowd aaln And ho bJ.ted hU
W e hev bllee and air rotten with em, hut whero'i tuo
cninforlln oreetur shell t
We have tepru..y, but where the Jordan to Jump Into?
Our hare le short, aud thar's wharnur enemies hev sat
as, but wtier's tno Kestnratlve ta nialie It stow aila7
Job, and Neman aud Sauunin altoirsther wusat es bad
off es we Is.
We kin throw In t.arr.rriis whh the s ires, and ths due.
allekon ov urn, and then (ire eia M iu a lixi aad boat
I wish yoo wood send mo by mister Ada'no. extire.s a
blue welvet we kll wild wite sNita Into It, I want 11 t-io
wear wen I sneak atr pieces, too represent tho uulm
Jackt all my I'lece. now ulr patryottlek and I want uiv
wc.klt to be ov ihe .aim material.
fleam; send It on whh noamou ami dlsnntch and thn
bill rt'.eattsl. and I will sen I ail yuro d.ial-hed
tikita, aad menshuu tl.B wosklt in uiy pieco and rotur too
It at thai time
1 urea till d.-tn
AiiTKun Ward osiiulra
To riiADt.r.sSlTOAns and Ko.
eminent one price Uylors
Inside ofthe Kniiilneutle hotln, phlls del
Tub AcMR op Priii'Fi.tiiin. This is the uni
versal v.nll.t vivaa to the Florence Hi-uu Muehliie
w) eretr litlti'iliieed. Tliu rbieci Ions lierelol ii e t i iilh.-r
OlHI e s-l Hew Inn Ma-liini-s liate a.l lieen avui-e inn- In til.)
Fl rt'nee,eml everyLtslv Is doiMttcd wit'i 111 iieatllvtit
li.woik a. wel at the -Implit tty and ea-a of its n.iera
tioi s. Ii ut.k. no lens th.n fi-ir aepurAte and dt.tltiet
Atitthee, s I.. : Lock, kn.a, da.ib'e l.ieK. a- tl d-ulilii Knot,
t nt-li silteh sllse nn batti side, of the talirU. It alio na.
Ihr reve1 ..hie ti e I motion, ei a'lllnu the -.iterator lo la.ien
on the e-u. tir .rime or stay anv pa t o a .'tain weliiut
loppine the uiaelciie, tiy savlnx mtii-li nsnd la ar,
llemilc. II Da. a iititlor-u lei.tlon of lhrca-1. nnd dxs not
leqolie alteiatlen In cl.anu pg from ono rind nf work tu
at-otlier. 'I he acnt I r liie rotnnany. at No. uai) I'lirsuut
lieil. rnniirnve. cnuiparit'in wuu a I Olnr.. In.l- .-tl
wten tue.h e aniarlon Is nt.ilti, tti-i pr. I -reii.:e
goer In la. or of the Plo-enco Kvery ms-'hl.te wnr-aoted
lo give entire Srtllsfae: Ion or money returned. Naeharne
for In.'riieiion. wheihnr ou w-lnh lo oiireitm-e tir not
I' rt-ular. ami ssn.l- of w-rk tent by mall oa rscaiat of
.!.. iihi. M., eii.h....ii..h...
Cult nn bn's CLOTniNt).
it. vs mi t..
lto.' nvt roo,t..
The lane-l nnd he't assortDeii In t'le epv.
M. hhuim.hkhACii.,So.1 N. KI:-htL .iret.
Tub Hfri'I.t on Tuf.sday skit is looked for.
waul lo with intern. 'n erest aU over the lu id. Ti.e
lite blt.n or he people 111 .iou'if o-ts he .ill rliihl, a .d tv h--evf
r Hi ir de It -or msy ho, tre t'Aitt will rtnn On u-iii.i.e. AVer, No HM N Ninth street, will ttoiiinue It) :s:l
tlie beat coal in Philadelphia at the lowett prlewa.
Wiihn you da-ire Pictures, pi' II. F.
Pe'nier i. No ?l AiVh sir. et. H't'e s'e I'h no :r i ilu
It. on e"lort,Cartek tie ViAlte, and Ivorytypei, aru of liud
Window RiiAni:s P itbn's Window Shale,
Curtain, and Up.'u.lttery Mlorti. No. I I'W Ciietuiit streul.
Economy should be practised by everybody in
all things. One d.d'ar Bvpended now In nur-ha-ing a
bott'eof JatneB Fxpeciursnt b) ttioeo Irouh'ed whh a
1 Kt eouh or hoiirteaett, or s ire throit, may tav-e the
espente of a doetor't hill. A neeleuted ooiish often ends
In eoti.umpiloa. A sllaht InilamaaUon of tas ltnior ot
tiiB wind lutiet. the .ympLima of whk-h are tors th'Oat
and a pain In ths nroait.wlll nm load, thriunh want of
atlintloa, lo bronrhillt. A dajr'B delay may entail m inths
oftuflirlng. Ltt the aniieted t-j at once Jayne't Exasc
lerant. 11 la a s'andara remeriv, and I s curative powers
Iiavb been d by thousands of peraons who have
recovsri'd their health by Its n.e The Expeotorant and
all of I )r JayneAMor't Knnlly Medlclnet are prepared
only at No. ail Ches'.uut ttre-t
Rknkwp.d ma A oa. The most wonderful
result, are produced hy the use of Mrs, S. A. .Vice's
World's I'air kt-stoittr at.d ylohu'tsmum, or Hair llr-'ts-liu.
They never tall to rettore. invlgora e, and lieAiuliy
the hair ; youth renewed. No mure groy hairt, Tnehalr
Is retiored "ii bad tpott. It ituparit a nost eellgatl'.ii
frasrauc. You can procure tneui ai any Driujsl.t's.
Mrb. M. O. II now. i's " M -tiiphvsical Dis-
cnveiy," kill. IhB roof of avs y Prl-ie $a. No.
410 Arch e-reet. Sue advoiti.euieulla another coluuia.
Batcroay, October 8. Cotton is very dull this
moralug; held at IPW.ul 85,cah.
Cloveneed ranges from ti to $10-5(1 1 r.l lh.,Plax.oed
frum $3 to $310, and 1 imnthj from S&-a0 to $tt per bu.h.
' About IS hhda. No. I Quercitron sale al f4 pat tan.
The Klotir Market Is si dull a. ever, with an extremely
lim ltd Injury, both for export and home consumption.
Hale, of loco obis Ohio extra family oa terau secret,
and fioo bids, extra at $11' p -r hui. The .aim Itr the tup
pi of It.a tradt ran.e froui $.)-tio fur iiierrluB up ti II.'
for common and fancy lots. 1 here U veiy Utile Kye
Flour here.Mnd II It niunlual at $1 &Cii.SJ.
In Corn Meal, aothlng d.ilngtofll quotations. .
There la mora demand for Whett, and part of the .1.
chac rtcntded yesterday has been recovered ; tales of !l 4)
both, prims Hmithera red at $'2 1.' V I'O.h., and a tmalt
I'd of Vihl'e at f 4'" I 4'.. Itvc It dull and oll'erel at
$1 -wi. Cum l rattier u.itelllrd ; sa'.et or4is;u b'lsh. nntel
Wesletn ai $1 ii: I'.O ou.h. yeli-iwat SI-i:i.oiil it
wus otleicU ul tliti .-1...0 al t' 'In; and r.-si Nusli w nte on
teriot net tnai!it pnb.lo. tin's have de.-lla -1 an 1 aru otlored
at ase. 'f lililll.
In l.ritTlet un.l Provl.l.ins II. e tales are nnhnicir'aiit.
Ihe dtuintiil nil tin h i.t-it a. id M null.: IU....I e.. I. .......
1... bi:eii i-AlreincI) liialli-.l, ami prices ol tl.e la-ia-r aro
iliilinn Imp, i.e. I in Sec'.enitier -iul litids. .-slock uu
hae.l 1st lll-tael i;;.i ,1,1-.
W to! ha. aj.-inn ilecilin-il .S'i.iil. TA p-iitnd We havo tv
-le a i-t.n h.ii.lii-i- of li.e itMi-tivilv anil
wl.lch eli.ra.-itr.el 111- ninrkei at me el.isn ui our lual, ui-d prl. es liavo i u ed -'rv irr.: juU r.
11 1. 1.1. it e il II mii.I ,, 1, t-. dr...e I..,- . il ..I...... tvi.i..
barrels ai l-7s, and ! Hruiiue at $1-7:,.
CI.EARFI) THIH liotonnn
lttig John Chri.tal, liarnei.NaKua.Johu Mat m A Co.
i i'" "mssn, i-iuniocA, reutAola, r.. A. a.iuder A CO.
Hcl r C M Carver, Treat, Kaaripurt, J. K. Hatley A Co.
H.-hr Saratoiia, I'liikham, Koaburv, I.. Audenrled Ai Uu.
Mchr M. A. Kleh, Hardy, llost.ui, I'wcllt A Co.
Mclir ksieu, Uo,e, lioatou, bluiilckoa A (ilovor.
ficlir I'riAB, M.yo, II davs lloui St. tiiephens, with laths
and lull to K. A H..udtr A Co.
cap a'tn0' h'"k' w,l"'H d ',oia 'tockpart, with mist to
rn-hr H-iphls Ann, Smith, C days from Bostoa, la ballast
to ruptuitl.
Si iir N. T. Chart re, S.iuadcrs, 5 days from Lan.iTiIle
w llh atone to oaiitain. '
to'eiiiueiii1'' lill,'lM' ,lrowut 3 da' roin Orient, la ballast
Hi l,i -Naiad Quoen. Iianlslt, 4 cays from Norwioh, In
ballntt lu cautaia.
SiclirW. o. Aunore, fackkrJ, 6 days from Urlttol. lu
ballast to caulaln. '
Hcl.r M. Hand, llrook.,4 dtysfrotu balltst
RelirBetcne, Kelly, 4 Says from Provideaoe, with mdsa
to Crowell A Collins.
Sthr Clara Jan., Owen, 10 Uy from CalAlt, with hlul
ber to eaiilain.
n -ur r.ieanur t. racemire, 1 days from New York. In
baila.t to e..tia.
Sichr A . linker, Wehhor, 10 days from Gardiner, with
Onlte to K. A. Kotider A Co.
Hcnr Al.,uuai, Wall., i days fttm rort Biyal, la ballait
tw ' ' , , . I U ,
HieamerJ. H. BoeVwell.Kilwardt.'Jt hours frota New
York, with aids to W. M. ILlrd A Co.
Nieamer AitUir.i tie, Hhroi. .litre, luuri from Sow York,
wuh ud.e lo W. It. U.iid i Co.
Rtparttdfor Tnt Kvtning TttegrapH.
Mr. PrkPHKHs-Sehr I'rlte, M.vo -7.-D.0ar) laths Ua.klll
A lialilui Isoobae. herrlus E. A. Soudur m Co.
AI.KXANtiKH. On tlx morning of Ihe 8th fnlt., M lUY
J., wileol John Alexander, In Ibe bid year at her .,
l)ue uotlvs ol the luuoial a Ul ksi a tu.
Orrica op Tu. r,tr.nea Tnaaiipa, t
Sliurd.y, OeAAMMf f
Tbe rfTorti of the bears, assi-ied and eNnfryrt'l
t y the 's. cesh" eapiulists of New York, lo break
town the price of rail war shart a, and erttate a p in tit
In the m-rket, have ful ed. ThecapllilisM of he)
bejel North have eome to the reaene, and roati J
the ntmy as Shi ridan did their allies Id the Held
l.oiitr, fo t, an.1 dragoona. It Is, as Mr. Cmm)
bM"a war of exchequer ae well as of arms,"
nd the battle logos hot and high In Wall street.
Never Uror have each rjeterml.ied for. met If,
Ibat flnsnclM are.a. But the enemy have bocf
ihii,ked,nd his eolumns are acattnrlng.
1 s the N. Y. Krenia, p0,t Frift Oct. 7 :-
it.V? .fl"nci1 strength of ihi. eft0 r aa 1
- rp d recuperative Mer have ree,. .'.Igi,!
Illustrati-in during the lam tw0 Uas7f"
o-si s bit id nt to the ts-cent pank,, the firm ..
7.1 a't'd'i ,l i r,V,eo,U,l, ,0 """"ni-m ?tvr:
. " "d h " rellroad .locks, is esOibl a ltd)
ben vfval of tha rLe la priced U
the Ptia k F.xcbsnge. .piii.ojei
This is the whole story. The North, with !.'
fources unimpaired and courage andiralglah!,
I rings Its cnpltal and men boldly to the fc-ortt,
nnd the staggorlng blows now admlnVsirre-t
l oth ficlde arc forcing; the draiti-cry from lit)
Kcbils, as is fully shown In Jed. Davit' " ,'ajii
i-pcrch nnd dying confession " at Macon, Georgia,
itett rduy published. ' i
The excitement in the Stock: M irket yestVrroUf
nfiirnoon exceeded anything we havo witoesjxl
for a longtime. Ths Reading shares opens I at
62, here and nt fi.'i in New York, ami at 2 o'e.'ooH
the price;was COiJ the bubs having lot the market
down, when the bears eame in. In both rark&,
as free tellers of stock. At 4 o'clock the etOsikt
was selling ng ;ln at 01, with an e.igor doinand.
l ins is a very pretty fight as it stands, aad
perhaps never before wero parties so detarmlnntt.
The capital Invested In the strife is enorn iu(
nnu the battle waxes fiercer ech day. Il is s
well-contested combat, in which all the skeU.ef
theantgonl-ts Is taxed to the Btiermosl. nasi
nil sorts of strategy la employed In the g loiow
The public look on lu amazement. auLa
bewildered with the rapid change. Oa)
old gentleman, who bad long been on 'Chang
as an operator, said Yesterday that " Ik
was enough to BetaAny body crazy." Indeed, any
one uot accustomed to the scones of ynstanta
might MipiHisn that "madne.s really rules :k
hour." Ilut there is method In It for all that lanA
onr readers will s e, as the contest goes on, lUofc
the real strength is ou the side ol the bulls, who)
have all the patriotic capitalists on their nl.le.
Alter Ihe election is over the grand fight will be)
fought, and we shall have a rise that will av -na
il "tho oldest Inhabitant" of th Stock Itl-
chunge, and settle forever tho efforts of ik4
Bccesh to create panic aud confusion in our No Jv
em markets. . a - '
The market opened nnsett'ed, the lew Y rk
bears fiec sellers, marking thu slock down lot ait
mai ket to 694 1 at noon the market rallied, aad
the t'ock was In demand at 6 J, with
rally. In New York the great movement will
commence after Tuesday next, whoa the election)
excitement is over. ,
Government bond) continue very quiet. WtJ
quote o-VOs at lOlJfVi'lOlJ, coupons off, aud 6s ot
laSl at IfWfnllOoj. , , ,4
Itailroad shares aro less aetivo, with sa'ew of
Heading railroad at59J,fJ0j Catiwisna proferreil
at ,17; Northern Ccuiral at 61 j and Phllalelptaisj
and Friri at 'il ; was hid for Ciiindoa and A at.
boyjfii-j firFennvlvsiiIi;44 fir Little 8ch-yt,
kill; iS fir Min. hill; 17 for Catawissa common)
and 4ii for long Island. . ...
Coal Oil shares a-o.dull aad lower. MaCMtas.
tuck sold at tij ; Dcnmore at Sifgaj ; D.iIaoII 4
8i; and McElhcny al 6. .
City Pa-sen i;rr Kallioad stocks continue vorr
dull, nt.d we hear of no sales.
In Ma.nk then s there Is littlo oi' nothing doisur.
ICS wus bid for North America; t3fl for Ptailiael-
phla;()7 for Commercial; 20 for Mechanics'; tl
for Girard; 7 f-r Weotcru; 28 for Miiaifa.
lurers'urid Mechanics'; aud slOjjj for Oooiaiafl.
wealth. r
In Gold there Is more activity this moraintfa
but prices have dccllucd 3(j$-t per cent, staco last
evening; opening at 2-13, advanced and sold at .
204 at 11 o'clock; fell ou and sold at 2)IJ
at 12 ; and 190 at 12-1. The rise during tan laat
few days was ascrilied to unfavorable news front
the Army of the Potomac, turned oat to bsj
mere rumor. : . !
Reported by Clarktoa A Oo., Broker. N. ut 8. Tblitl Na
KM th ihiion W W .h MeBlhanv OU ftis
msith H.leil Dil.blO lt)l Vno.h I'n , 11,1 Ok I'S
liUshltevMiMuck.... S,. eah iasitvuii.. '' .J
810. h do tHll S HO sb Story Kuxu, 13
luisk oo ltd n,v liu.h iMuaiaors .. 'J
Sionn I'enna ts tie
afoKltMar..,kt flat
sisb do c a
IS S's W Oniral .... M
701.0 llalall -Ml... assl
lo.U LehlshOa St., fa .
Ilkl.hCaiaiv prr.... ,a
lti.hehiufne..;. 'u
e.h Heaillns a...kA nt
Ise ah 4o c LBtat
tfUek h ReitAI
us) an do.a, v1S
leiAiih (ki...r.riltj Sir
iSAi .a do.,.. oa
Sun 0 city se, new.... Iul
f.'isoi In over 70. its
$!'. Heeding bd. lrj
M ik N .ole Del ... 1:1
Juf th Phil, iuu Ck . ii
litllh M.'lli.l..i:k.... SV
lot' th Ltentruore h'i
I' D ill do bSO S't
aiai ta ao.... ss
H l th
mm .a
lot. tb
do . sit
. .h) sh
..bad S
Quotations of Gold at the Philadelphia 0 alcT
Exchange, No. 3 1 S. Third street, second storw m
PfS A. M 203 12 M ) ii
11 A. M 204 I P. M I-,
Market weak.
Da IIavfw ft Bito., No. 20 S. Third -!r :oC
...... , . -
quote as follows ;
American Gold
American Silver, A't and 4's
. l'-7
lHi : I
Aiiuirs nnu nan u l lues
Spiiunh (Juariers
I'cnn. Currcncv ,
i ,
IdiM ',,
New York Kxchanga
..1-10 "
Quotations of the principal Coal and D -stocks
at 1 o'clock to-uay :
Out Mt.'
Fulton Coal 7
7 V. Franklin frfl ,
lll llouuiaii) Coal. liA
i.Y A M;
llrrsai Ml. Coal.... 4'j
N I'artoliilale .... S
Hew t.'iiek 7.
teocer liam Coal.
Ctiiiton Coal
lii.Uer t oal l'J
Atiiertetili Rauhn.. ..
t'enii Milling. ......171,
Kehlulie 7.1110.,.. 2.',
It', How. i Eddy Oil.
14J, Irvin, Oil
tl Pep Farm OH...
ft I mu mure
1 liaiA.uod. .......
I McK.lneny
I Ho',,-.t OU
14 Omstead
'2S; Miti-iKliuei.,
lh's llililiaid
: ,
tuta I
' fl
; . j 1
tUnd '
J KSi Miory t'arta
S keels or OU
Hlg 1 ullk
i i . nrunnr.
l'A 1 1 H FglMirt
2'. ll.Me l.Und
Oil Creek
II Alle.heuv ltlver
4a Curun
17 l'hila A Oil Creek
I'S Hull Creek ,
8 illeriuanla
Maple hheile Oil.. II
, lXist'i
MeCilntiK-k Oil.... 61,
Penntylvania I'st..
l'errv Oil..
4 Si 4'i Coru I'lautw....
J, 2. Hr.gss
1 1 Itnck Oil
, .. t, ITarr r aru.
Mineral Oil
Keystone Oil
t'l.ton Petroleum,
lleacwn DU......
Heneca Oil
Oriiauis OU
, 5
. Nj
. 4
' ik
i- s , tllooe..
t'ntiur P.oonoai
'bell. OU Co..,
The following are the receipt of Flour and
Grain at this port to-day -.Flour, 2800 bbls.k
Wbeat, 7400 bushels; Com, 3J00 bushels : Oats.
4300 bushels. ,
A despatch from Washington this morning",
says : The subscriptions lo the new 7-30 lo nns
as reported at the Treasury Department for l'J
last two days, amounts to l,18s,0uo.
The New Orleaut Pioayw ot October
says :
"The receipts and tales of cottou for the woelC
have kept the Exchange Market under a goodt
supply of bills, which has caused a large deellusj
since the opeolng of the week, as reviewed froint
day to day in this colum. The Produce Market
has also received accessions which have reducer,
in some degree, Prices Irom last week. There is)
an abunihiuce of niouey or available facilities U
move all produce coming to our markets. t's
rtincy is lu ample supply for ooiumercial uses.
"Speculation aad monopolizing haverecelrett
their quietus for the present ; and what Ikil trAdst
is going ou is governed by the rule, ot sut.pi si
and demand. There will be light suppbo osl
cotton received from day to da from tno coast-'
aud places within the military lin; " iu
article stiU commamls high yrlcsn, Uiough lessj
thau last month, thore will I ,amtj
money la generai circles of buaiues.