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rilll AD1 LPJ11A, FRIDAY, OCrrOHKR 7, 1SG4.
latest Rebel News.
Southern Account of tho B.ittle
of Chapin's Farm.
Despatch from General Loo.
Teflpatches from General Early.
Onr files of lllclimon I papers arc of the 3 1 ond
4th Inst. We hate received copies of the Sentinel.
Ditpateh, and I'xun iur, mowing taut oilier
papers, as well as the D'A-'y, arc publi.shsil In the
Rebel capital.
JetT. IXerl' fit Jlm-on.
from the Hiftimtrnd Aiiwii?r, Octofr.
The Charleston M-icurv says of I'resiilctit
I)av ' speech at Macon : We make no numncntt
npon thin speech, hut we mnnot retrain from c
prct'lng our profound reurt't that snt-h ainei:ti
eiulel hae wen ilellvereil Ly the Chii'f Magis
trate of the Confederate S'ates, for we cannot
Biake up our niin.ts that he delivered it. We
bop speedily to be ahlo to deny us uuthriitieity.
From PocrlMlrif.
Important events have come to pin mi tha
Other end of tbe long line'. While Orunt m
scutlinga column of twenty-five thousand on Fort
Harrison, he was making a similar movement to
tbe west of the Wcldou road. Then-, ton, he took
a small aclvan' cd outwork, and puttied forward
hit column. Hut hero, at Fort (iiliucr, he was
strenuously mot and neffitcd with yet heivicr
loss. Besides bis killed and wounded, which cn
be estimated only, Generals 11 ill uud Hampton
give tho otticiul inlorraation tbat they have
secured nine hundred prisoners, including live
colonels. Our loss wasvciy slight. The corps of
the enemy who made this dead fuilure was
of Bornsidc. (leniral I,ce furnishes the following
bulletin of ilio allair :
U DuOARTRRS AsaV iv N'oit I IIF.mN Vi IK.IStA, O.'t Vlr
1. H 4. Hin. J. M. H -tlfl'.n. He.-ri'l.irv ol' IVa": V .s'er
daves.allR Ui'tieTal tie h ittlo. ke,l .tlietiiifmy . inuiitrv,
w t hail hroken a rtte.n of tho line hoM by o. 11
trt 'tery on N) iUlrrvl Level, uui) dr,vt' tlierii 1,4, k.
11. nmal Itlil n'pniti tt,ai tliev weru tevi rely initialled,
tod f.iir huiMlre1 iris.n THCHpinroil.
dneral Ihiiiirt'in, oiMTitlinr n tlencrnl Hettr. rluli ,
'o droe tlie eieiny. :.iptnrliK Ovo tin: tin ol i'lirsanit
i hont fl.e h nitre! vrl.oitets, im-lintlng llv.- e'.l."el. mid
tklileen ottjor MllKCH. K. fc. 1.KI..
The fighting was renewed on Saturday, with
further success on our side ; b it up to ft la'c hour
last night no ctllcial report of tho result hud been
We regret to learn that Dr. John Font tin".
Medical Director of Hampton's Cavalry, Is amoi
the slnin. Dr. Fontaine was the son of Colonel
Fontaine, President of the Virginia Ceutr.ii Ilail
road Company
It is reported that the nntnbor of prisoners
captured Friday uud Saturday will exceed linen
bend red.
AsMltlonnl ItetnlN of thn I.nte 0tru-
tleinn It4'lirti iN'l.'r.iliiirK.
Jfr IU RU kmund NenHneL OH.
Passengers by last evening's train from l'eturs
tmrg say there was no lighting on tho Houihsiilo
We aie indebted to th Espreit for tho follow
particulars of tha operatlsti) Ixiiorc
Un Frii ay an cnttro corps of Infan'ry, well
supplied w ill) artillery, fell upon our works on
Mr. William Peebles' f .rm, "ipiirtvl Level roid,
a lude and a half west of the enemy's original
Ice, and by force of numbers succeedo.l, alier
a si arp engagement, in d sloduiug our troops.
fori Jdcit ic unci a poi tin of the. lino ol Ire i' t
works aujaucnt to it led into tbeir hands, wi li
ono plcie of aitillcty and a few pri.ouurs. A
bt ioi luil i was made, but the Yankees soon ad
vanced again, in the ilircetiou ol the llnyJton
Flank road. They swarmed over Rous sim it's,
ig.ainV, Itoswell's, and Jones' furms, but wuvs
sun k on tho lavtor by our forces, aud cbe ked
in their career. II it'le was here joined, and the
coiilident enemy, meeting more than bis niatcli
was forocd luiek lu iha direction of the c:ip:urcd
works, with tevcru luts in kilkd, wounded, and
Tbe cmiuy's dead and wounded fell into our
hands, U gulicr with no irly twelve hundred pri
soners, talun by our infantry and cavalry con
jointly, lu th s ta'tlc the Yankco loss is said to
have bet n vt ry hirjre, their dead and wounded
cSYtring the fields of their retreat.
Ou Suturduy, tho enemy's advance was c.uly
driven buck by our infantry, who, during tho
charge, captured about two hundred and lltiy
prisoners, and an aMiult was made Uon tho
lorllntxl posnion ou rcehiee luriu. it was, un
fortun tely, repulsed. Our loss, we ore glwl to
' say, w tntlii g.
lluriug the day Humpb n succeeded in gaining
a point ou the k it Hunk of the enemy, some seven
creipb' .miles In 111 ti.wn, which, being didcovertd,
a portion of bis command was attacked. This was
about 4 o'clock 1. A., mid tho discharges of
srillkr" and musketiy could be distinctly beard
lure. Our nn, being somewhat hotly pressed,
were compelled to rutiru slowly t but reinforce
nirnts coming up, they rtt-lorined, and lntura
drove; the cueuiy 10 tbeir works, rapturing two
hundred priHHitis, und otherwise kullicling
severe loss.
Buturduy closed with Ihc enemy lill in posses
sion of our lott works, but no lurtber advance,
and our troops in good spirits.
The iiumHer oi piisoutra captured on Friday
and Biturd.iy will amount iu the aggrtguutu
seventi en thousand.
. . llut llule w..s done on Sanday induing except
some btavy Hkirinndiing iy ihuop' mluntry
forces. Our t' oops tell back "from tbeccueot Satur
dsy's Ogbtdniii'g tlie niuht, and the enemy yeslur
day aftei nuou ud united hie i.nes some few bundled
yards. Uis plcki t.s, at oue time, occupied the
' bouses of Dr. liolssiau and Mr. Oscar i'egrsin,
no ml'e di-,t iiit litun Mr. Peebles' farm, bin
i were thclied out liy our artillery.
The situation Muiulay evening remained an
cliangeil, wiib this i xc. pii n.
The Yankees on Kumlny took a portion of our
picket 'ine near W. V.'. D.ivis' bou-c, tlirec-iUnr-teis
of a mile west of the Wehlou railroad, cap
turing twenty piihomrs. In the afternoon they
wtie driven tmck,aud our line ru-estahlisiied.
lntbnuatiou was lecuvul on MiniUy tint ou
Eaturda) iuf l,t a tmin ot artillery was ciooed on
the pontoon bndees from (he north to the south
tide of ibe Jaines. It is not believed that any
iulantry troop hi ve us yet tmeu recro.ssed.
Our looses during ibe lust three days' lighting
in tiiis vieiintr w i l not nci oil live hitndied from
all causo. It vai mh pi i.-it gly srnull. On th
other liimd, trie Yankio lots is to have
been lv?e I tit little les, if any, than live thou
tund, lucludii g pi IS: Lit.
A Bfli-ons; l'i'tcml s'ori'p nt slnnl llllt
iiikI t'rt llHi'rlNtin,
' rtoiu tli r.:fl:auli' t. ien.i.r, 'Mi'Aet t.
Attention Is et 11 ceiiccniiaUd on the hue no.a
Ch: Hiu's, but there is nothing of luoiueut tore
port. It is believed that Oiunt lius carried a por
tion of his troops buck to the Southside, bit a
strong force remains In the ne't'hborkuod of !S.g
nul Hill and F it llatriou. No lighting
oeciirxd since our lost issue. lioth are wormy-?,
'' and both throw occasional fhtlls oyer tlie w ri
ii.g p.aues. Tliu: wao the. canuouauiuj hc.u J in
the city yesterday.
The Yankee.! arc strengthening Usttorr lUr
ri.on, tbe Coniedciatcs haviu;; stralbtcued liieir
Hues to as to Kuve ll.iueiy 11 urn -on entitely out
of their sy.-teiii of toililieatlout. It is the general
opinion that the Yankees are about to commence
Suiliuis opctaHous from tho blue whieli will
shortly ho pained by ti e completion of their
canal, and will endeavor to dig up to the city
from Unit direction.
There have been ropoits of lighting near Peters
burg on hui.duy evening i but we could get no
coMirination of the report either from the Win'
, Department or private sources. We believe that
theio bus been no4iiug done there or on the
Weldon toad either on buudiiy or Monday
lievontl the usual bhelling aud sharnsbootiuK.
The mciny now ileeluro sharpshootlng to bo
laibaeiib) that it ought to he stopjxJ. The
miKon is that our sharpshooters luivo latterly
t r surj assed their ow n Many cases of otlieei s
shot in i he eye" have disgui-u.d.tbcYaukcct with
wli..i v a. once Giatt'f luvoiito tuetius.
'Xhe YunkeCb lost live thousand killed, wounJeJ
ai d prisoners lu ti e lighting of the 3(lth and 1st
near Petersburg. Our lot was le. thau six
l und ted.
Knrly'e) Kotrmrnt.
from U.e liul.munU Atiimtl, OcliJm t.
Cienetal Karly has clicclted the advance of
8heiidan, auA forced him back down the valley,
lu the light at Waynesboto, Ueuvral Wickhaui's
iltt.'udt aa. d the rsjei ve lores under Colonel IS."
(). I.'e pintle the attack and n.nvd the enemy,
ripiuiiiiL' thirty prisoners and kiiitngand wjund a hirgc number.
The 1 liow Dg cVritih. In n Genera) Leo to
the Secretary of War was receive J on Saturday
l!r itvl ai. rei Ahmt nc N"i:i.ns Voi'.ivi, Oeto
Imt I. t".4 --!,, ra. Karly rre .its i,.it.Uf tne raeoiv 1
wv .Irv l s e r.:u ir,1 lesri. II u-f t.'ir, and mat
tli.'r it now ae .n my niui f N.:ta rtv.r.
it b l.rr..
Hiiirisonburg is twcnty-tivc jmlles north of
Sim nil n. i
tientrul I'arlyscnt the following despatch to
fieniral Col.stoi, commanding at Lynchburg,
from whi h it will be icen that the alvauceof
Slurl un has been tlleetually checked i
llrT.(vi .niri:".' i.mlfr r. Ih-i. tirigadter iln
r.t I It K f ti.u n II tli ol I fncMnirtf will lnm
out in ,1 it, l. . l il, )tv -ii, at ran I m n.'W
In ecu, II I. it lu ntst llir tic'li, r ol the riny's
H.AHI I, l, p. J. A- EAIil.Y, Lit itfiijult-t.'n-rai.
Frt Hi tfit Kii t'Mfh'l liaintntr, (Kt.i.
Vnr ot lv news is to the elF-ot that Early hold
the enen v steadily nt bay. 1 hey will neer foriM
ilrowu s Oap, and neither side can now elleel
niueh moie.
A cuvulry fotcc of the enemy, two regiments,
with i rthlerv, wi re at Ruskeii's Hill, lourieun
miles ln m (iotdonsvillc, and r ported advancing
ou Ootdonsvlilc.
(irnrrnl larresl's i4ratlAn.
from tfit li - hiiK nti K'.mtriinfr, ( f f-'r .1.
(iiticial N;roUon II. Forrct continues his
efliiiive opei at oi,s upon sheminn's commutiii a
t oiis. Yistcidnv mi rnit g a despa rU was re
ci ived st the War Lepartimnt from (ieneral
Taylor, trai.-niitiitg the following interesting
ti It grn hie uiii t liom tiem nil Forrest
Niab Ivu.Kl,, !4Vi!i pitior '.,T. Yst. rday
wr i n Inn i lour trt-ll. . IMee I I Ii limit.'., ana Oie fort
si I: 1 HhI.'', with slMiiit flllv pri r..Hitli..ut idp Ioms
ot a imbp. Vime rntlri'lv' I i,r r ilro..l fr-mi
IHTiiiiir lo Pnu-kl. with list lari, la.ironJ I'rKU't. whteh
mil ir.,iiiie l.t) d i)i In re.,jit. Iiii. ainrii'S'ti me.
droe itn ei.t niy ,nf!er eernllw nun rtll iUt. into lil.SJl'Ttl ion t at i liItl-M. wlirir l,rilvial U-tlshi tll IS'iilltiiirtilll
li V a ttesvT f,.ire well l,Tlfleil. Our ti'-ittiy was altout.
rue din arra otirili tl, 'I he enemy . lo.. wn. mm h
I e.vl, r. us iliey eoiiirntnl the sretnitt (or several luiles.
llii-iiiiiny ii C' nttntruliiiL lieavili h. anst n..
N. 11. lOltltF.ST.
The truck destroyed by (ieneral Forrest is a
poitionof tbe Cetiti'al Southern railroad, which
connects Nashville with the Memphis and
( Inn li stun railroad at Driutur, Alabama. From
Dtciitur to l'uhiski, Tenncsee, the distance is
shout buy liiihs. Klk IUdge U about filteen
miles north of Pulaski, and, according to the
Yankee uccoui t. wu evacuated atilay ligtit on tbe
n.oining of the 2tiih. Tho evacuation of the po-t
exp'ains the statement or (em ral rorrest that lie
elh ccd its citpture w ithout the loss of a man.
We presume that onlv a small porticn of bin
firrowns temtolvk Hid go, us he reports that
on the evening of the '27th, alter lighting tho
enrmy (the main hod) ) a. I tlar, he drove them
Into their fortiticntions at Pulaski. Pulaski is a
town of ftiinc twelve hundred Inhabitants and is
Hxiy-fi nr miles southward of Nashnllo. It is
ninr y in the Fame latiitiule with Dccrford, on
tbe Jiushvllle and Chattanooga railroad, and is
distant fiom tbat place about titty miles.
We mention this tact hi cause it Is more pro
I utile that (ieneral Forrest will proceed across
the country to that point fO us to cut tho remain
ing line ol nii rouil tiniimunieii ion between Sher
man anil Nashville, itiun risk an attack with
Ki'iisscnii in bis strongly fortitied position at
Fultitki. Ho may strike the railroad at a point
neater lSushville. U is already reHirted tha'. he
bus captured Shelbyville, Tenii. ; but of course
ibis le premature.
AolitiMi'iil of i ii riit neaureitaril.
i'rcl the IJrtnifitui Ksti Millar, th ti! r 1.
Wcweie informed yesterday at tho War De
partment that Lieutenant (i. T. Ueatire
gnrd lias tiein assigned to the command of the
two military departments known as tho "Depnrt
mir.tof Tetiiiessec uud Oi otgia," and the ' ))e
lintmeiit of Aiabiiinii, Mi-sissippi, and Fjast
l.oiiisiana." These two de artuients have beau
conimsnilcd rcept clivcly by Lleutcnant-Goncrnl
J. II. Hood and Major-General Richard Taylor.
The territory embraced in tho consolidated'incrts includes all of 'Jeorgin, except an
illicit) in the southeast portion of the State, the
wcMein portion i f Florida, mid the whole of Ala
lama, Fust Louisiana, ond Mississippi.
liiiiuugard will, of course, establish his hend
rinnrtt th Ht mrh place ns in his judgment will best
iei tire tcaily cnnimunicatiou with the troops with
in i lie lunitsoi his ciitnmiind, und It is understood,
we hi Mcvc, that while Genera'" Hood and Tay
lor w ill remain in command of their respective
aiiiiles, Ocncial lleauregaril, as tho department
ci miimiKtcr nnd ranking r nicer, will rep ur to anv
part ol Ins couiiuanil at will where his presence is
in cusaiy or ile-iiutilo. 'I ho following is an ex
tract Hum the iin pot tr.nt General Order:
"Geneiul Pcuuregiird is hereby assigned to tho
rin ii ni il of two military departments, and the
Hoops therein, known us (ho Department of Ten
r ecip n t ( 1 Oeoigiu, and the Department of Al.i, Mii-sihsippi, und East 1,'iiusiana."
riko Tiies to Crocs tha 03age.
Hi: IH UEl1 I'lLSE 1).
Gen. Mower in for a Skirmish.
Sr. Louis, October 6. Olo. LI advices say that
Tiicc's miiin Kcbtl army attempted to cross the
Oibec liver at Castle Hock to-ilay, but were pro
vented by a force of our troops stationed on the
oiro'ite side, between whom und the Rebels
fifhtirg bad occurred, but whii what result was
net known. The recent rains have swollen the
Otnge. snd Pries will prb'.i try to cross at
some point h'gher up.
Tho reports tint S'vcra' Luudred Rebels had
croe-cd the Mls-oiui riv.r into Montgomery
county sie unfounded. Gci ral Mower arrived
In good It in al Content Fo nt. His movements
will toon 1 e announced to the i ncniy by himself.
rr.GM ealtimok:; to-day.
'( ti Itiillln-.oie Elvi'llii' JffW 3fnrylnil
"'OtlMllI III '.
ffe, t,il f), re.7i (ii TI e 1. 1 'I I 1 1 trnr h.
liAi.iiMoiin, October 7. 1 he Judges of the
election for I'.al.Imore eilt luce dually settled the
ilh'jiutcil i esden of the mm anient of the elec
tive JianchU-, by to use two b.illot
l( xcs ct tach i recinct, at the Stuto and Munl
clptil election on the 12 Ii Inst. Politics nre
rt.Luiug very high between the two Union n.lty tonli st.u.l.s. Tin n is no doubt of the
new Ci nstltutlon la ing ado,i e,l.
l'ROM rUT ;
FlIlllhLfH Momiok, Delo.
Lunjue TtiUr, fiom Ya'i'in l
d.'.J. Hie exchanreil h:,;:.a''
lutitudcU4 ilei'iCJ'.s 1 ininet
r fl. Tbo Cliil'att
, arrived here to-
u August 20, in
, g'tuile31 degrees
10 minutes, with an iu bar ,ue steering
southeast, showing a white UirT, with "1113" In
the centre. Ou August Ml, in latitude 23 degrees
1) minutes, longitude 31 degrees 20 minutes, sho
spoke tbe Fnglish ship Con.-.ire, of Liverpool,
from Sunderland for Calcutta, 11 days out. Ou
Oetoler l.lstiteJe 30 degtees 20 minutes, spoke
the brig Aeues Uay, of Bangor, Maiue, from Phi
ladelphia for Port Royal, S. C, 8 days out.
Ihc Viiiorls eighty-live day from Valparaiso,
tuuud lo New Yotk.
Among the lists of deaths iu If.imptoa Hos
I iuil, time the Inst reooi t, sie the mimes of the
following Pe-rm.-ylvauluiis : 0. J. Carter, 56th
Pennsylvania; Josiah Keller, 3d Pennsylvania
Arlilk'iy j 1111 S. Raker, f.8th Pennsylvania.
Hie Vnitcd Mutes frigate Hotmail arrived and
unihoied at Hampton Rjada at 1 o'clock this
afternoon. i
Ihc II arrived this aftornoon.
Orders have been iisurd to-Jay prohibiting
civilians from pasmng up tho Jauios river from
this point.
The t ew liou clad Sahnjiae, from New York,
artiud here this afternoon. i
Hie sttauicr Meiwlmuiett armed fiom City
Point Ibis iifteiiioi n, but btlDg no news uf mo
n (tit fiom, tho army.
AirttHl Ituun Nrw Orlvnua.
Ni' Voiik, October 7. The steamer Kteitintr
,Vi , New Oilcans on tho 1st, arrived at
tkis i ott to-duy. (she brings no news.
I lue leatlou lu bold (luotMlioua,
Nl w Yol.K. October 7. 'old bus been un to
CCC'l lO tlay, and fell to lift. It ugain. rose to 201.
us. 1 1
of the
retpatch frcm General Thomas.
Kcvisseau, Washburno, and Granger
Fighting Him.
Operations Against Richmond
and Petersburg.
rtc. Etc., Etf., Itte., t'.t, Eir,
WAHiiiNdTON. OcUiber 7, 1VM A.-M.
Major-Genernl John A. LMx, New York: In
a recent despatch it u ue tuculioucd tliul (ienc
rnl isherman was taking measures to protect
his communications) from the Hcbel Town
operating against thein.
Despntches received luat night nlmiv tilts
fulfilment of this expectation.
Major-General George A. Thomas was sent
to Naehville to organi.e the troops in his ili
trie:t, and drive FotTi'st from our line's, while
the attention of General blii'rman was directed
to the movements of the miiiu Ilebcl nrmy in
the vicinity of Atlanta.
On the 4th of October the Rebels had cap
tured Big Shauty, but were followed up closely
by Sherman.
On the Gih a severe engagement was fought
by our forces, under General John K. Smith,
and the licbel forces under (kmeral French,
In which the RebeU were driven from tliu
Held with hi'avy loss, leaving their eleud nnd
wounded in our baud).
Dekpnlell from Urnernl Tlioiiiie.
Tho details are given In tho lollowlus; eles-
patch from (ieneral 1'homa.s :
NAbUVil-LE, October 0, 1 l'."W P. M. lion.
E.M.Stanton, Secretary of War: The fol
lowing telegram is Just received from Cliatta-
noofa :
General Smith, who left hero, yesterday
(oth Instant), telegraplw that tha enemy
retreated last evening from Alatoona, moving
in tlie direction of Dullas, leaving his dead,
and from four to six hundred wounded iu our
Our loss is about one hundred killed and
two hundred wounded.
The railroad bridge near Utnggold was
washed away yesterday.
(Signed) S. D. MooitK, A. A. (J.
Tho lleeaca bridge will bo repaired by to
morrow, and the trains will bo able to run as
lar as Alatooua, goiug via Cleveland ami
Kotblng further has been heard from Sher
man since my despatch of yesterday, but the
retreat of the enemy towards Dallas Indicates
he was close upon their rear ut Alatoona. Have
not heard from Generals llousveau or Wash'
bn me, but presume they uro pushing Forrest
as rapidly as the condition of tlie roads will
admit. We have had heavy and continuous
rains for the lust five days, rendering the roads
and streams impassable.
I have just received the following despatch
fiom General Grauger, elated Uuutavillc,
October 0, 10 P.M.:
Tbe courier reported drowned iu crossing
Klk river Ib In. lie lost the despatches while
crossing the river. lie reports that two Rebels
weii captured yesterday, who say that tliey
left Forrest at I-awrcnecburg the night boforo
crossing, going Soutlu General Morgan's ad
vauce w as skirmishing with the enemy this
uioi bin g on Shaw's creek, he being unublu to
CiOfs the creek on account of high water,
lie hopes to bo able to cross by to-inorniv
morning, when he will push thein still further
Tho Alabama railroad will be
from here to Pulaski In ono week.
(Signed) Guoihik II. Tuojiak, M.ij.-Gen
Another aud vtnofUclal despatch reports as
'"Telegraph repaired to Alatoona tivday.
Tho action yesterduy wns severe, French
attacking with his division 7000 strong, and
sutlcrlng heavily, and leaving has killed and
wounded In our hands to the number of 1000,
while we lost only lltX). Tho fight lasted six
hours altogether."
From Florence wo hear Uiat Morgan has
Forrest cornered, has captured his transpor
tation, and that gunboats preveul all retreat
airos.s- the Teuucsoee.
Sutif-fuctoiy repot Is of the operations in
progress before Richmond and Petersburg
have been received, but their details ara uot
at present proper for publication.
A de spatch from GenortU Stevenson reports
un ofliecr of General Sherlduu's stall' just
nirlved. General Sheridan was still at liar
lisonburg.J His supply trulus wero going ou
all right, occasionally interrupted by guerilla
parties, the only force on tho road. This olUccr
brought in the remains of Lieutenant John U.
Mulgs, of the Engineer Corps, and only sou a
Brevet Major-General Meigs, Quartermaster
General, who was killed by bushwhackers on
Monday last, while making a military survey
In tho death of this gallant oillcer tho
Department has occasion to deploro no ordi
nary loss. Last year ho graduated at tho
Military Academy, West Point, with tha high
est honors, at tho head of bis class, commis
sioned as a Lieutenant of Engineers, aud
Immediately sent Into the field.
He performed meritorious and danger
ous service during the last year pa
the f( rtiflcatlons nt Ilaltlinoru, at Ilnrps rs
Firry, anil at Cumberland, aud was midis
Clilif Engineer In the Army of the Khenm-
(I'ltih. In Itii campaign" ho accompn.iioj
the army under rsigcl, Hunter, and tslieiidati.
ln,evcry position he gave proof of great pro
fessional sk'iII, personal ronragt1, and etevotod
ratriotlam. One of the youtigeat nnd brl'ib'st
ornaments of tho military profession, ho has
fallen an curly victim to murelerous KcUcl
General KosocraiiR reports that Ot'tu ral
EwlttR niiult! good his rvttvnt to Pwilln, losing;
only a few Btrapleis; and the killed ami
wounded by the wny were very few.
From the number of tlie wounded He Ik-Ih,
(ho enemy's leM will not fall much short of a
thousand hum tc combat.
FnwiN M. Stanton, Secretary of War.
Two-Tliiids of the Rebel Army Absent
Ttithout Leave.
Lre Tco 'Weak to Hold His Liues.
Wamiinoion, Oc"ibcr 0. The following
sprecli, mado by Jell'erson Davis at Macon, (j..,
Se pt. ruber 23, ISO I, is extracted from the columns
of the I'uitij Miti-mi 'I'thywjitt nnd ('unnlri-ati1 of
Se ptember 21 :
La III 1.8 AMI (il.MI.KMI N, FlllKMlH AM) FkI.-
low ci ui.Ns : It would have g'addenod my
heart to have met you in prosperity, instead f
adversity. Put fiieeds ure drawn together In
adversity. Tho son of a Georgian, who fought
through tho first Revolution, I wonlel bo untrue
to myself if 1 should foigct the Mate in her day
of peril.
What though mlsfoiliine 1ms befallen our arms
from Dce atur to Jonesboro, our cause is not lost.
Sherman cannot keep up his long line of com
munication and retrear. Sooner or later ho
must; nnd when that day comes tho fite that
befell ihc army of the l 'n iich empire hi Its retreat
from Moscow will he reacted. Our cavalry atd
our people will harass and destroy bis army u
did tho Cm. in ks that of Napoleon ; nnd the
Ynnkeo Genera1, like him, will escape with only
body guard.
How can this I e the most speedily etfeetcd ?
I'.y tho absentee a of Ho id's army returning to
tin ir pu ts ; ami will tiny not ? Can they sou itiu
furnished exiles; can they bear the call of their
sutliring country women and cbiielron uud not
eooie ? lly what Influences they are made to stay
sway It is not necessary to speak. If thore is ono
who wilt stay away at tins noitr no is un.vortuy
the inline ot ucorgiuu. lo tno women no
iilieal is necessary. They arc like the Spartan
n o l,. rs ol old. l know ot ono who lias lost an
lit r sons, e xcept one of eight years. Sho wrote
that she wanted iiij to reserve ti plaee for him lu
the ranks.
The vctiervblo (Ieneral rolk, to whom I read
the letter, km w that woman well, and Slid it was
ebsriieteiiHile ol her; but I will not weary you by
turnii ir uslile to relate thu vauons ineuiuntsot
civil g up tlio last ionlollie cause' oi our c mniry,
known to me. Wherever wo ge we find the he m ts
snd bunds uf our nohie women ciristcd. Tuoy
are mil wherever tho eyo may lull or tho step
urn. They have one du'y to perioral ; to buoy
up tl.o bearts of our puopiei. I know the elecp
displace lelt by (eorgiu i our army falling back pultcn to the Interior of the Hrato.
llut I was not ol those who con-uleroil Atlanta
lost when our army crossed tho Chstuhoocfiee.
Involved that n shouPl not, anil 1 tiicn pin a
ninn in cominanii who i anew wouiu siriao a
lining blow tor the city, ami many n YuuHee s
blood wns mudo to niiurish tho soil before tho
prtr.e was won. It does not become us to revert
lo uisiisi r. la-'l eue ueau uiei y i'io .:e.n. i,i;i, u.,
with out arm and one ell irt, endeavor to crush
Sherman. I am going lo tho army to confer
with our Generuls. lho end must
of our enemy. ,
It bus been said lllttl 1 ananiionea uonrgin lo
lier late. Shame upon such talsehnnd ! Where
coiilel the author have been when Walker, whou
Polk, snd when (ieneral Stephen u. l,eowas sent
to t-lsanrc! .Miscraoio mau: iiiu m,iu
who utte reel this was a seouiulrei. lie was not u
ninn to tnve our country. If I knew that u
(iei e rs 1 did not laitsessthe light epuiltues tocoin
uiund, would 1 not be wrong if he was not
rmiovci.". Why, when our army was falling
bock from Northern (ieoigia. i even neara inai i
bad se nt lirugg with pontoons to cross it to Cuiiu.
llut we must bo chai .table. The man w ho can
srci ulate ought to bo made to take up his musket.
When Ihc war Is over mm our luuepenueuce
wen and wo wl'l establish our in lepeudenee
who will bo onr aristocracy ? 1 hope the limping
soldier. To the young laeiies i wotuu say met
whi n ch!Mini( lietwicu an empty sleeve ana tno
in. in who had remained at homo aud grown rich,
alw nvs take the empty sleeve.
Lit the old mtu remain at nome ana niaieo
bread. Hut should they know of any young
man keeping away from the service, who csuii it
be mudc to no any other way, let them wriio to
the Fxecutive. i rend ull letters se:it me from tho
people; but have not the lime to reply to them.
You have not inany nteu between eighteen and
loriy-live lilt. Tho boys, (iod bless thj boys,
arc as rapidly ns they become old enough going
to li e held. The eiiy of Macon is tilled wills
stores, tick ami wounded. It must not be aban
doned wheu threatened; but when Ibe enemy
come, in-tedd ol calling upon liooJ's army for
defense, the old men unist light; nnd when tho
enemy is diiven heyontl Chattunoogi, they too
can join in the geuciil rcj'.icieg.
Your prisoners ure kept us a sort of l ankoe
capital. I have hc.ird that one of their (iennrals
s i, that their exe-hunge would defeat Sherman.
1 1 nve tried every means, conceded everything
to edi ct an exehuntre, but to no purpose. Hutler,
the be-ust, with whom the Commissioners of F.x
cbanec would bold inlerc mrso, had published
in tbe newspapers that if wo would consent
to tho excluiiiee of nojroes, all dillUulties
might be leuiovtd. This he reported as an
elb.rt of his to get him.-eif whitewashed
by holding lntercoiir-e with iieutiemeii.
Tt tin exchange could be cllec cd, 1 don't know
but that I Blight be induced 1 1 recognise llutler.
lint in tbe liit iio eve ry ell'ort will be given, ns bit
as OMible, to clhct the end. We want our sol
diers in tl.o field, and we want the rick und
wounded to return hon e. It is not proper for
nio to spc.-k of the nnmbcrof men in the field,
but this I will say. that two-thirds of our men
lire absent, some sick, some wounded, but most
of them absent without leave, iuo man wuo
repents and goes back to Lis commander volun
tarily appeals strongly to executive clemency.
Htlt Mlpl'O.'C UC staj s nts.ij uuiii wi'j iwmi lit
over, and his comrades retin a uouio, aim wnun
every n an s hi.-tory will M toiu. wnere win ue
thiefrt bliu-elf r It ts upon these reflections that
we rely to make men return to their eiuty, but after
cemferiing with onr (ieiii'inls ut heaJ'i'i.irteTs,
II tl.t tcbennv other remedy it shall bo appl cd.
1 love my Iricndu, and 1 foreive my enemi -s. 1
lmvo been ssked to fend reinforcements from
v !..!.. n (ienreia. In iritiiiiu tho disparity
ir, ,., is uist as anal us it is in Georgia.
Then 1 have bee n asked wuy the army sent to
ti e tbetiuudo.di Valley win not scut here. Itwa
because mi army of the enemy had pono. rated
that vullev to tha very gates ol 1.) nehburg, an 1
ti... ,,.i '. ,.,! sua sent to drive them back.
This be not ouiy tuccesfully did, but, crossing
the Pot. mac, cinuc well nigh ittpliiiing Wasbiug-
tun itselt, aim ioieu i y y
his army to protect it. This the enemy denomi
If to. hlieiiimii's in inch into
Ceoixla Is a raid. Whut would prevent thoin
.w.w ii Ksilv was w thdt'awn Horn taking Lynch
1 TMiiiinir a coinnlete cordon of rutin
around Richmond ? I counselled with tbat great
and bruve soldier, Gonerul Leo, upou all those
points. My niina rounieu ueet iu wuuiu noiei
Ve'i.i, tiiia vl run succeed.
If erne half the men now ubsent without leave
..nt 1-etnrn to duly, wo can defeat the enemy.
te oi, n.,,1 imne 1 uiu iroinx to the frout. 1 inav
.... ,,. it, la hone, but 1 know there are men
there who lave looked death in tbe face too often
to di staind now. Let no one detond. Let no
one dl' trust, sod remember that tf genius is the
beau Idtal, hop W U rvoiuy
Stts of THSimowRTaa To kat. S'x V. M,
ti,'.. Nooa. 7s. Oni P. M. 7iJ. Wind, H'. N. W.
I'oi.t ricAt. last tveulig a largei aallen'-fl
B-seuibled at tho Hall of the Republican Invin
cibies, lo hear lion. Titian J. Coffer, Hon. Isoae
Hnlehurst, ami Hon. .lames A. Hr'ggs, of New
Y'otk. F.dward Shlppen, Ks.., nominated Frcelo
tick Fialcyas the prtsiding otlleer of the meeting.
The sfccclies were both able and patriot!.', and
received w iih much applati-e and en'.husi -m.
Last evi iiing the eliseiiwlon lietwten M.ssrs.
Willuun 1) ke lley and Ucnr'c W. Northrop was
i e nilnttcif in the hull, corner of I' h
nt.d Miirket s reels. West I'bi'adclpliia. Mr.
( harle- Keyfer acted as moelerauir, introdu ed
the f pi nke rs, and reserved order. II itli spiMkers
went ener pre ttv much Iho r.;tie STMiin.l as thv
occupied on former oeca-iotis. The meeting this
i veiling will be tho last of Ibe scries, and mil be
the most lutcrestini;.
A hplendid l ag was Hung to the breeds yester
day ulteiiicon at (iir.ird avenue and Kleveiith
str'ei t,in tho l w. nti. th Ward. '1 he patnoiic oveot
wns celtbra:i d lust evening by a m-s me itiug,
which, for size, was even larger than ibe gather
ing i n the tvfliilng previous at Higliteeuih and
(ineo siicels. The enthusiasm was uitenso. Aide
iiililrrsscs were delivered by lhomns M.Colen, in,
I- i.,'l Lonias J.Worrell,, Captain I. .1. Nenl,
Hev.W. S.llail, 11 i;.W. Davis, Colouel William
F. Stnull, and other".
The dimness held a large and enthusiast!.;
met ting, hisi eveniug, ut tbe Musical Fund Hall,
i n the occasion of a grand oration by Mit.ior
(iei.eriil Carl Sihnrr, who spoke in his native
liitiiu ge. The wildest enthusiasm was elicited
by t lie i finai k s of the pan n t ic oral. ir.
Another mi cling was h. Id last evening at tho
Unit of the Keystone Club, in Walnut stree',
ul ove Lichth. The Ss'akers of the occasion
were ex-(ioernor lllgivr, Hon. Andrew J.
hoelgers. and o hers. The Hull was well ti I lu. I .
snd ibe rciiuirks of the speakers wero received
w iih gn ut applause.
Tun Tax on Hiofs ami I.i;Tiirn. A recant
decision by the Internal Revenue Department
states that tanners in the country, who receivo
hides from merchants lu cities to bo tanned on
loniinl.'Si. n, are liable, under the act of June 3D,
ISM, to return all filch leather, and pay tho duty
thereon, w hen it h aves their tanneries and ceases
li bo nnilcr their custody or control. In such,
cases the vuloo Is to bo estimated at tho averae;.!
ed the niailct vu'ne at the tune when the s cino
bcc. nu s Ihible to cii'y. In an artl. lo like leather.
win re the prices cm rent give the value every day,
the ti uric r i nn have no practical U tllciiltv In estl
liuitii r lis value, nna ho is as competent to tlx
such value as il e inspector is. If tho merchant
is the owner of tliu lannciies, and hires his cm
plnvecs to do the turn ing, then he is tho m inu
tacttiri r, and w ill not he liable t j pay tbe tax
until he bos etlictcd sales, or rwinoveit it ror con
Mimiiiion or delivery to others than his agents.
In n mini to leuther manufactured nil r to
June 3i, the same rule will apply In determining
its linbiliiy to tho increased tax imposed by the
new law us ynu applied to ilctcrmino the iiiuount
roturnable to the assessor from month to mouth.
That is. nil leather received and inspected during
Hie n onth ot June is retainable at the. old rate
ol duty, while eny that wm on the way, and not
reeiivid, or that was in j our store uud not in
pee ted, must I e re turned and pay duty ace'ord
iiiK to the. mtes ot duty lixed by tno nu law.
if in any case the assessor re-quired the tanner
to make his icturns according to tbe inspector's
weights, aud from a tailuro to receive such
wciiilns, tho tanner was unable to make, returns
ol leather forwarded from his Hennery during tho
month of June, on orbelmv July ID, the increased
rates ot tux should not be assessed.
Tnu Knurr or Coi.oitnu Pkoplb to Ride is
tub Caiis. A circular letter from tho Colorod
People's Union League Association has been
pre enttd to tbo Directors of the Fifth and Sixth
Streets Passenger Railway Company. It is in
rcfe rtnee to allow Ing the colored people to ride In
in the curs tii e same as their white brethren. Tho
irTer tintis.iimoiigothir things, tho following:
' Respcciiible females with Colore I blood In ttieir
vims, yet scarcely peicepiibie, defying detection
ixnM by their assoeieiiou with family con
nections, visiting the ci'y and Camp William
l'enu to tco Ibelr hush uids, sons, or brothers,
tulisiid towards representing the eli .ens of I'ni
lailclphia by lining its quota, have bum suit
jecti d to ihc nm-t scaudolutia ircutuiciit. It has
been urged hi retoforu that the community y -u
sine would not loie rate colored persons in thei
cars; that colored persons comprised so small a
propoitlun of the city's population that it wis
ugalnst your inteicst to take uny steps tow.iiels
n toi m, i. ml u number of similar objections have
hem ntlctt d, of morour le-s iinporiaii M.
W e have treipieutly oceiipieel s. u's in the c un
til on cnnvi yaiici s w ith our w like i'hiladeiphtitiis
in New Yoik, Uoston, and else here, witn nit ob
jections being uiaiittcslcd on their part. If, there
lore, no disastrous results have oceurreel from
this exe rcised right elsewhere, why four it Iu this
city ? Is e-iviliy.ation In New York, uud in Pitts
burg, In our own state, so much more advanced
lilil, 111 true ii phim'. bu uiuv.ii i
thuu in the city of Philadelphia r"
Citv Couscii.e. Councils held a very short
session yesterday. Owing to the Erio excursion,
tin tc was a very slim attendance of members.
A petition for tho location of the Spring Garden
Hose Company as a steam forcing hose company
was received und referred.
A l id iiiukiug a further appropriation of
$S(i,0C0 to tbe (iusrdiiius of the l'oor was taken
up, and on a motion to postpone Mr. Armstrong
lulled utteutiou to the fact that the eJuurdiaiiS
bad ni t le. t il to answer a resolution of Inquiry
pasted by Councils. Mr. Armstrong said ho
uiideisloi d that the moitulity iu tho Almshouse
Ludluigelv increased. Jleuls i stated that be had
bcuid that In tbo children's department the
ehl drcn wore treated inhumanly.
Dr. Chler replied that he was a member ot tho
Committee on l'oor, but be had never heard of
mii h biu-ality. He moved for tha appointment
of a tpecial committee to Investigate ine matter.
This was agreed lo, und the appropriation bill
wns postponed.
Mr. lloilgson, iroin me commuree 10 veruy toe
cash acci.uiils of the City Treasurer, presented a
report, showing tho state of the books up to tho
1st jnstai t : i lly account, m,i " ui , trust
account, t l.i,lf.z til.
At tbo uftcrnoon session of the Philadelphia
Poptu-t Association yesterday resolutions ou the
state of the country w ere introdtieed. They ex
pressed unswerving loyalty to tho Government
and their eoniiuciiie in me pirpeuniy oi mo
Union, and H eir steady adherence to the l.onstl-
tuliou and the laws. One resolution reads us
'1 hut In the Constitntiona'iy cieeteu rresi'ienv
of the l"iiltcd Sti.ies we reeouie the representa
tive ol I nion, Liberty, und l'cac t, and we cannot
tail to pray tl.ut the (iovernincm may ou sus
tiin.ed until the supremacy of the Constitution
shall be estublislied, ond the flag of tho Union
shall wave in peucetul triumph over every inch
ot soil now polluted by war.
llow it lixiii i). The prize flfht at l-.dgo lull,
lucu'ioiied In our cdinon of yesterday, con
tinued lor two hours and twenty minuUs. Nei
ther of tho parties, wo nudeistind, wero very
much hurt, a matter ol great disappointment to
moH of those pnsent. Alter the terniinulinn ol
this light, two bullies from Philadelphia entered
ibe .it n. I'Ui before tho light could be elo-ed, tho
crowd bioko tp in u row. It Is a pity that tho
police do not i.riett these men oeiore going io vuu
light, for thi-y generally pass the night in Phila
delphia, uud make uo secret ol their lulentioti.
Tin: Woiik of a i lar. Durlnif the pa-i year
the receipts of the business and benevolent ao-
pnrtnietits ol the Baptist Publi- ation society were
iHiri.47:i 77, one-filth more than duriug any pro-
vions yem ; 528,000 copies ot books ana tracts
and l.'-i'JJ.tiOO l'omi7 lienjieti wore issued; tl
Sunday tehools leceived grants of libraries,
li.blcs, o.c.; 1-f niinistcrsreceivedcueico libraries;
3s ieimeuu have been supidicd with books and
ti sets ; nearly 7000 volumes huve been given to
the Uniid States Christian (Jouimiiou ; and
3,150 volumes and 102,231 papes of tracts huve
been elisiiibuted giulu;tou-ly uiuong the destitute
by the colporteurs on tho lield.
Pi.iis.onal. General Grunt's great female spy,
JIIsk Major Putilluc Cushmsu, will arrive in our
city to morrow, and, nt tho request of many of
cur citizens, will take an early opportunity to
narrate her wonderful experiences, dressed in
her uniform. Mr. John T. Donnelly, Jr., of this
city (loinierly Treasurer of the Walnut Sireot
Thtatie). has been selected to perfect the ueces-
siiry unangements, and will publish the gallant
Major Buuouncemeui next wee is.
Tub liiniABii Tov hn am kmt. Tho billiard
mutch for the championship of Pennsylvania,
wblfh is now being phty ed lu uusom Stieet Hall,
is exc itimr much attention anions: billiard n avert,
Most of the games have been closely contested,
eviiieinir ureal skill in the players. The contest
for tbe championship was narrowed dewn yester
day to Messrs. ittcpne aud N'clius.
Tun Ihuki unpfnt Movrmwr tN TtntTisrs
Wash. Tbo Democrats of the Tenth Ward have
made a secret bargain to support Mr. Samuel J.
Creswcll for Common dtunci1, In return for votes
for General Reilly for Congress. This is au
attimptto defeat Hon. Charles O'Nflll ror Con
gress, and should be frowned upon by every
Id publican.
It is sharged that Mr. Creswell has used hla In
fluence, In Councils to throw the municipal
patronsgc Into the hands of the DomoriVB. He
voted in favor of Democrats in the (las W ork, in
the Uuardmns of the Poor,and in tho Glrard Col-
leiri-. and thu trenirndo'.is lever of their uishurse-
nii tils are now being used against tho Govern
Richard Vaux owes his election as Director of
Oiiurd College to Mr. CresweU's dellnnce or
raity obiiHtions. 1 bo Republicans of the ward
lisvn then fore demanded a change, and have
nominated Mr F.dwin Mnebcftc, a ceniletnan of
Indi nii'iiblc encgy, and ueTotrd heart ana soul
lo ihc cause ol thu Uovtrmncnt.
Fi.t.criiti itv as Ari'MED to the Hc-kan
Ffami:. A very interesting lecture on electricity,
its uses, etc , as applied to tbe human systeta,
was delivered at the F.loctrical Institution of
Piof.ftors Holies A Brotvn, at No. 1220 Walnut
street. 'Ibis institution was established five years
lincc for the express purpose of (renting p iticnts
slllieted with uny complaint, by meant of elec
iricity. ty Invitu'ion, last evening, a very able
lecture whs delivered by Professor Holler to a
largo nnd highly appreciative audience. Tho
lecturer i xnliiineel Bt lencth the mode of treat
ment ihrottrh the poweritil agency of electricity
and whv it should bo fnoro ellectlve than tbe
treuimi nt resorted to by ordinary physicians. Its
t Heels upon the human frame are miraculous, and
in nil eases where vitality enough is Islt to react,
a speedy cure, it It claimed, can be effected. Th
reason given lor tbo repealed failure of tbe old
medical systems of practice, is that the diseases
have their orion in ibe pelvic viscera, and enn
liot lie reached under such treatment. Kloctrielcy,
when applied to sue h cases, would work aston
ishing results.
'1 he lecture last evening was must able iiideeel,
and contained ninny murostiiig cxplsuaiions in
regnid to electricity, with which the mind of
every one should be thoroughly coguuaaL
A MixFii-t p Case. Mrs. Murphy, the pro
pitctress of a nhltky mill at C alien and Cross
alleys, preferred churges beforo Alderman Mc
Cabcn, ) ctterday, against a negro named Thomas
Nixon. A few days time a numlier of persons
were in the houso of Mrs. Murphy, and under
the influence cf liquisr they grew riotous. They
lelt tbe house quarreling, leaving Nixon and
a colored ladv. named Mrs. Bradley, behind.
Tbo barkeeper of the house, Wm. Hunter.entered
the bur-loom as soon as ino party icu, unci airs.
Bradley nnd Mis. Murphy bccuine Involved in a
quarrel. This was unpleasant, and II miter inter
fered and put Mrs. ilradicy out. inixoii tnen
b. came involved. The complainants ul'eged that
Nixon biuit Hunter rjaiiiy. ino uoicneiants
Biserled that after Mrs. Bradley left, the door of
the hou-e was closed, nnd bath of tho complain
ants fell npon Nlxun.who was beaten with a
wbl'ky bottle nnd severely bruised. Tills wa
turning the tables. Nixon was held to answer,
and a counter suit w ill doiibtloss be brought
against Mrs Murphy nnd Hunter. We defy any
oue to fully understand the above suit.
Dn. Elih.k To-Nioiit.- It U auuounccd that,
by the invitation of tho Republican Iuviuciblcs,
Dr. William Elder will address tho public this
evening ut the Musical Fund Hall. Dr. El. lor is
ono of tho most original and entertaining of the
popular orators of our time, and wo can promise
his audience an intelle. tuiil feast seasoned with
humor and crowned with an earnest and uniliueli
ing loyalty. Doctor Elder has devoted much
lime to tbe study of our vast aud comprehensive
financial svsti m, and his biief aud terse allusions
to the smooth scat alter tho storm are exhaustive
essays on tho ability of onr peoplo to pay the
national debt with comparative ease. Ho has a
happy way of reliovipg tho lUvuils of finance
Item lis usual dry and musty churacter, and of
friimlng the figurets of arithmetic in figures of
speech to the mingled delight und Instruction ol
ail tuut near nun.
Kill. Tills morning, John Burns, a desperate
character, well known to the police, was lieforo
Aldtitnun Jones upon tho charge of attempting
to commit a felony and atsunlt and buttery, with
Intent to kill. It teems that he visited a houso
of rather low repute on Market strcef, bImivo
Ninth. He encountered one of the young Ldlos,
and a: tempted to force from her '7i which sho
bud icereted in her stocking. She resisted, and
durh g ihc strugglo he tore her clothing and boat
her In a most cowardly manner, cutting her face
and head In several places. He was committed
in delttult of $1000 bad to answer at Court.
Riscni-mNo. This morning warrants for the
payment of the city bounty to thlrty-Ovo men
were insued by the Mayor; The political excite
ment seems to have dampened tho enlistment
fever, und but few ret ru its are secured, it will
not do to stop now, when our quota Is so nearly
luil. A few dues more of eneiKctic exertions
w 1,1 accompli, h all that is detited. Sm.e most of
tbe wards have tilled 'ibclr quotas, there is loss
on,Di tition. and the labors of tho committees In
the wards still de flcicnt arc to that extent light
ened. All that is needed now IS u real and doter
nuned clfoit to fill tbe quotas in the different
Ft KKKAL or Thomas Cam i'Iiki.l. Yesterday
morning the funeral of Thomus Campbell, Esq.,
a well-known citizen of the Seveutceutb Ward,
took cbice from bis late residence, corner of
Srennrl knd Thomnson streets. A lirire number
of the friends of the deceased attended bis fune
ral, which was tlie largest ever known in tno
aliovn ward. Tbe bodv was taken into St.
Michael's church, where red uiout services wore
held. The intermcut took place at the Cathedral
Pbiladbliiiia Navy. Yako. Tho following
vessels are in course of consti action at the Phils
de'nhla Navy Yard tSethammij. Shai kumttion,
Suatara, Antirtamt Vuehmataha, and Tonaicnniia.
1 be lollowing wero undergoing repairs : Huron,
Ciiipttra, l imit 1 11a, Sasmcu-i, Masuuliusttti, (,
It. L uijler, and l.ikan.
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ri'M V ru 'rt' rtnt. iotn r titan 11 imw ChrK"l lof ttie
nine gtmin niaitti to n'lli-r. W hv a I tvieitt, Uw.
irU t ul C otlmitf Mii'i, Yuuih m. atiitl Bwjs . All u
lilted wiU.outUtlnjr ur
Br SN r TT A Co.,
Towr Hill, No. uif iUiiketl atittut.
ThbToILOP A.OKH HAIiB A Kkchkatiow AND
4 )'i..m Bit. V ht rfilrct i'i"n ths ut td.l havnc
wmuvlit uptii t ttw thi ul ctii tttlmimii. ihruuwii Mcui. by
Il lsal ft .li tir.o nil ui ol thu MWille. led jmt j
fte.ure auu pntl in pointing I lie million to the Uj-eiicen
ri jisdv proils J in tu riurt uce rit-Hiug .Mi hme, notd at
ho. ti.O tifMiut irt, t'W bavriiiii. Kery one i
th4kM cKhiMt J inacMiifi ! ui i,lcd with 'Mtitniurn
hii. wtr." a mott altibie ai mtdKf ty tit;li tue
work ti tell d rf iiit. wit'ioui tlie It-a-t t rt or trouble to
tlte t' . All iUh mtcMMfi ar olil witi a K'ivrvo
t lo iv entire tiia4-ii"i. r ine n'ny It- rMurnol;
to tl'Bt 'clifrM mvc.r tlnlr mmy In ih l'hr-Bta
without a paitlrU of iik. IVrwon- n w vJKitMi tti eitv
il on d not utiiil at tU Ublltnueul muA tolectiuf
u tbat-liUie.
Fitkndiu Fi'FfiMr.NR of rbotograplii maile at
h HciiHtr (inllviy, No. i.'4 An li ctitv-t. Ui sizo
l'hut-'niapiifc lu wil cwavMtt ,luiyiiv, and Cartel 4a
Ullv. ou cully.
Thk On. Fever. "We do not wonder that our
mi ull hit. n- 1,im fiiiiliii" raniiitiiit on the RiilHcot of "Oils "
Tin. nr.' at uAnv if w kiih ii t tu it t'lia-ir-y. TUt naxt
llfht Ilillitt IO rttllllf 111 IB HI MU llSkt-
Coal nt tin" popular a r tl ot W. w Aiivr, nd.vk r. nmui
Irtct. ou tviU tuvo luuncy and get Uu b -at artlcla.
Uniini.. "Auffustws" !iad just put on anew
mill tii in Ctiarh Hmkn 4 Co. umW ha Cuntlucutal.
whi n lit- ahkeJ "inaiic' wnai nt' imoukih oi ur
"l ike a bowl of punch," talo 1
li. iw liki'tha't"1
Uot a ;oo Ui It," said Ike.
rnrartnpii this mobniho.
P. hr w n.TlioinM. W llisuiurt, l oitreti Uouro., S. 0.
il H). Iifiiplli-r.
Rcl'r W. II. lii wltt.norsv, Wiort,0. B Ksrfiwt.
Pclir T Itordm, W riiihtlinrion, million, w. Huumr.Jr,
H. hr T I'otinr, kae-ksil, lilouimsicr, Tylw Co.
brlr E. Woolttsi, Murlli, Uiiltwm Cllr, Cotalu.
RtP.Diihl. Wrsl.'ra M.lro.lll., . '".m Fjrtrf"
Mouror. with 4M) tick d wound t..lS.M; " '"'
Htalea Mi-dlrsl Du-.ctor. Ort luisow. c'ly. ttw tills
?l,ll"o "hTi.from l.lvt.r, S
Oil lkl i y..tsr.l.- nu n. .i. r'"Si B.lh trtlh let
lliis rorrwtor, Wluio. If.d (rout BUl, wlio let
,0Brts huV". '"". otyi hoc Tpa By, In bal.
,:XJJ.-."VwLu'.Vj'd.). front Bo.tou.ia bU.t t.
u ..- mi M l.sM.
. I., Taylor, t days from f ortrtti Moaroo,
,Vk""B.w.s.., Touts. dy.froai K.w York. with
"aohr Mou'w'.. Last, t elsyt front Botton, In bulUit to
ci'cr"j. Slmmta, B.uki, tdtttroia Btkim,ln htllut
sw-ur at. Suilth, Itiiltr, i dayt from Boiloa, Ut k jjl)t to
Owes or T nvr-mre Tnimn, I
rntucs, ooteksr I.
The new bull movement In stocks is btghtiins
to develop Itseir, and, In New Y .rk especially,
shows great strength. Thousands of shore
change hands hourly, and to large are the treat
actions on the street, beyond the printed sale,'
tbat we hear of one bear opemtor who sold 10,009
shares of Erie alone, seller thirty days. Frosa
this some idea may bo formed of the character
and strength of the fight now going on between
the bulls and bears for the snprem icy. We think
that the "heaviest artillery" is on the side of tha
bulls, who deserve success for tbeir manliness in
coming forward with large means to pre rent
panic at this crisis. Of eoerse there are many
persons who would be glad to see a financial
crisis just now, that the Government might be)
embarrassed ; but the vast body of the people)
would be the sufferers. , ,
Lost evening, at the Flfh Avenue Board, (hsf
market was very stormy. Illinois Central sold np
to 1 18, a rise of & per rent. ; Erie at 94. a rise of 2
per cent. ; Eesdlng, 1231-or 61 J, -and the whole)
list was firm at advancing prices. Gold was)
higher, selling at 97. It ts stated, in welUn
fotinrd circles, that the rise in gold, )ust ow4 lsl
based npon Saturday's demand for European
shipment. It Is stated that some of the Geraa&a
bankers who bought onr cV20s when gold was
selling at 275, are now reselling them here, wUk
gold at l'.)o. This would be a very nice financial
stroke for Mciuhecr, and we have nodoabtthat
to tha remittances of tho proceeds of the tale)
of these 5-20s we aro Indebted for the present
Hurry in gold. After thil speculation, we shall
no doubt have large European ordort for one
Government securities, whenever gold again
crosses 200 ; for parties abroad can make a very
handsome operation by shipping crn here, Sell'
ing it at the high figure, buying Government
securities with the proceeds, and when Oar vic
torious armies again kno.k down the price oC
gold, they can sell out ft-20s and take their cobs
home again. A very nice littlo gamble, which
even John Bull will be having a linger In shortly I
turly as he is towards as, he loves Jonathan'
money. ,
The market before board opened rampant, Willi
lurge tales of Reading at U2.1, the New Yorker
the buyers in this market. The demand for thiol
security grows as the price advances, and tha
public begin to send in tbclr orders to the com
mission houses ; but as yet the princljnl demanel
is by the large party in the stock who take' the
cash certificates quite freely. o
In New York before board the street w is very
much excited, snd in Brie and the New York
shares Ihc demand was very heavy for the cash
stock. The shorts arc luking ths alarm, and th
weaker brothers are trying to cover their con
tracts as rapidly as possible, la the face of the)
ruin which begins to stare them In the (ace. , A
a large amount of ' Sccesh" mo icy ts supposed to)
have been employed In the effort to break djwa
prices, we hope the punishment will bo severe.
Gold has advanced 8(10 per cent since ' last
evening, opening at 198; advanced and soUfat
l'J9 ut 11 o'clock i 204 at 12 ; and 20,5 at 124, with
considerable speculative activity. ' j . '
pmTjkDELrrru stock etchanok sulm, och r.
BsporMd by (Sarktoa A Co., Brokars, Ke. 131 8. Tatrt 8 It
BEKOltK BOARDS ru.... Tsi,b wo h M-jElheuinynu.
titlth lli.MdUia K.... 01
300 ab , do M
lcllnti tin S.'Vi
-.w.h do Hi
I'Klth . elo... tilf.Vt
Vin do slto (II
ski ili du e tri'it
V.-Sl ill di li'J'a
xisi sli elo...moa
l.ih do b6
Uiu id Mo'Jtinuxk....
UN) nh Lxusu ira . bid
Ikhh So.....
asiin nibiwrd
2011 ah Coin I'ltotor...
Ml tu dn inon
3U0 ta - do
tun nil Dao-eU OU .Hi "V
: is. h Oo blO S'.-l
Hie. in I'nU.n lt... tii, i
Ml sh bull Creek S.V
riHM -"OAKn.
I ,
:.!ott. a. t. t inr,m
l.'O so TVnsmora . .tSO
Ks.n Kusliui St..
iu i el do In I U
10 th ao.,.,.liJ0 sis
tu i or r. lo-in m,1.
ftisn oo..,
N O 111 ' do..,
S'lscie. li v lit, over iu. ;
s;imiL-iiv St. now.
ikOtU do bio 1,1
t.esi do mix
Tun 11 S.. ...... Ut fil Is
lull th Sell NaT pf..b5 .lo.-J
tlHvUMcn. .Nt.Ot sv. ..
ylnsi Mas. Can. bill ... IK)
f .ili'X) I'.ini. A A St'ftl 101)
.4m lliei n (; I'd, f.VllO
iu mi 1.1'iusuc; m it., ii
o tn t;tia ant.,
lOikl sana KM..,
tilth do ,
' !l(0 th N. V. M...W I4i
7. mi
7W so t ulioa c;estl.... 1
le tii Lciauh Vine.. 7S
WI ta 1,.,1'lei IMI.... I'-",
inu h do i-j;
11.. I si, I'h nil Ci... I
41 Oth MiCUliloc..M Sa
InOsh Klmlr ot. M
1A th Cauuw 17
xmthi'hiUAKrio.... avfj
too ill Lh gUZia 60
New Yokk, October 7. Stocks better. Chi-
caso and ltoek Iilsnd. ll.'l: CuniDrriand Preferred. SNVi
Illinois I rmral.. 11SS -, Illlnolt Cential txmill. IU1 Mlctd
utn rajiiifiern1!! H t Vew York Gcmnu.UO; eenntylvsnia,
Coil. Till Kndlns. I'.'S; llltir. du; MUtourl St.
B-Jj Erin. UiS l On ;ar e'er insntel, s; Trmrj
7 3-P , lie ; ti-iot, couiwm, 1U,.'4 ; Ki-iiierua et, lot.
Quotations of the principal Cool and Coal Ull
stocks at 1 O'clock to-day : '
ilia Am. ma .
Tntlon Cost.
7t NariKi Oft IS
e. oreulo Oil....... Jb.
Bis Mountain Cotl. I V
K.Y Mid. Coal.
Own lit. Coal.... 4
I'arlsiiidal. V
How Crrnk W
t tssl.r Iiam Coal.
('Union Coal
lluller Coal ICi.'a
aniMrlraii Kaulln..
11V Kru.kllnOU
S lllowti KSUfOd.. ..'
3 Irvuu Oil
1 VIMtMiiwra......... W
1 il'tJUOJ. !i
I V.-t.l-," t'i
J k III. ,
14 Ti e- IMaaMisr.liy liS
I'enn Mining.. .U Is
is jsioij rna
k 'Hruntr
Connecticut .....
keyslore Zlno,.
UIU lank
III! Creek
IV fttniltuia Genu.
3V 4
c 1 3-1
lT. se. ii,,..e l.i.ud.
7, aniwiienj uirfr..
S.'l Coma
4.S I'biU OllCrcek..
4 V
. JV 3 H1
. i ? i -ue
Huple Khade OU..
UiK.'linlo'k Oil....
17 nun e.Tes..,
etc.' eiermiriiA
Vaiiiitvlvanla i'.u.
H iC'tmi Filacer S '
l'eiry Oil 4
Mineral Oil V
KuatoDe Oil 1
t'rlon I'elroleum.. H.S
lie-acon Oil
f.p 1 aim Oil
I1- llr.utt d.t
1i Keck OK 4S
i ,Trr Iutu........ J
1 niolw l'
tt liprKooiHKBy... .. i
jheu. OU Co IH
V. Rflll ITT. k Co..
No. 18 8. Third strae.
report tho following nuotHtlons for foretign tx
chunge, per steamer City of Halt iuwrt, from New)
loodon, Sfidirt' slrht.liWi)13: London. Jdayi.JH
I'arls.lluilnvt auiht. 'I io.Jf. IliSj i Pajl.I'la)H
Si. UtiJI. 'l Antwerp, SO Says' nut. Jr. C; llr
1, an. Sudan' aishl, l.eto.US: Ilamlmrs. M 4al lst
SNIHl Coloirw,, Berlin. CM dnya' ais'kl. Il"4
diUlii An.aierdaiu, I'rautAirl, B 4aya' aitkt. itu.laa.
MartM llrui.
The condition of the banks ortbe three prin
cipal commercial citi. s of the Union is exuib'ted
In the following table, which shows theuggrvg
of their lust weekly stau menw:
I nam. flrwei. CtrciitaCn. Parvii's.
V V.O-t l...tlSJ.iK,T li C7 I t:tl 4 H7H-.S 14.-..81i
l-hlla IVI. ... 41 i;i swilsjci j..;im St.tU.llsl
bo.u,n,0.t.8.. 6S.:Mj1,J. bjj.ji 1.VH7..I1S at.iBi;
Totatt VM SCO KU7 n.l.Ki.aWi I7,UW,I'1S 4 s.1S)
Iat wok.... M,t b ji:ita 11. 9 HIM ..
1 ecre'iiBc lu lt.tns "' ' ' i
lecreastln locle ' '
literiat. in e imiiaonn tc-Iii
Urcteate in ilefoilti l,vr.niil
The following are the receipts of Floor snr
Grain at this port daring the past week :
Flonr, blnV W
Uhcat, bushels J?'?
Corn, do 11,000
Oats, do S.oiKJ
The following are the receipts of Coal Oil at
this port during the past week ;
Crnde. hhls
Beliued. bhls ,i
Coal loanayc of the Reading Railroad ;
Ton Wm
For the present week t t?Ali
Same week last yeur 7J.01J
And a duy's liituutluous to add, soy low
Decrease 30,444
Cool tonuagsof the Schuylkill Naylgatioa
Company:- To,,,.
For the nrcscnt week
fc'aiue week last year
Decrease 13.U75
The cause of the failing off of the tonnage la
owing to the wages ot the men being reduced;
hence tome of them are ou a " strike.'' .
Quotations or Quid at the Philadelphia Gold
Exchange, No. Si 8. Third street, seeoud story i
91 A. M 198 12 M.....,.,....3o
11 A. M VJ'J I V. M 2014
Market strong. '
Mass Mektimo in turn Tsutb
niass meeting of tbe citlaent or
Ward will be held this erening, at iiiw
Hall of the Union Assochttioii, taot
and lUtoe streets, l)ittiuKui.ha "f"'
he present. Arrungeuienis wili "tr,
a g?andden,on.tradon at 'Xoe of tiZ
nii;ht. Let there be a ari attnuoiuiDe 01
ciuttut ol the word. , ,'j
SJO bisi
,.. Sl'X
... ii2