The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, September 30, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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" A htill UTKklllKlI VVWHI-41'F.K.
J 'i .rf-f.: in .-rM
fries) Tni r rtT OiTt, ur Riuiiti i ( st I'm
Wiw.tmrt Hill iilsuiTtW'i
M0lll4r!l el Misr nil,LK i'il asnViii Us, t .Lt.
Am Fir it Ci it mi r M'stii.. iovan'.jlri iilYem-.
jrtkeK4 rUr4. .(..,'
HimmnmiM I'imx t ui. iwul rata.. A llUeraj
tmvivicMnt taaata (or axttnauA tnriMii9.
" ' " '' T IDrrmiiAiiilriiK.
Wnf.trr It leui-uli-il to.' Iev, 'l.s idim tot ilk. o l siou
V ttir aod ad.1.. nl It. wrtfi-r . ..l h, s .rM f..r
.tiMk-atlon. hut mm a Ho M rl fr..!,,',.
eaio u ioruUa tr- return r (rid ''nnwuticnttMai.
I -.. t I- -, ! fit ii)ilwn., 1 i
OsrtaerM lr-jin ikin itrcnliftUM tf Tnm
(mini. T'i '.''rai.cijii.t'iiiaj. tv w pit,., at ,
earir rirwr, . rtrM't,i rrpiKM Urn ar-,-, r'lJnmt 1 t. mav
k.aeiiaerlta Boon ( ,,, wurll
thfta ee InMtrlfoB in al. nf .m .-an me.
Tlit: Ki niiiKiM m i-hf. in rv oi'
. t hie un r.n r.
U mny row n'.a'ipti&lily liojtil that tlip
wtt .rapully arswiiLf ,t It slum- , In I'm,
only nmnncr and on Uit only jbuts pa wlil.-.Si
It, ought ,to H coucUkWJ. r Ve me lik.-ly to
make peace .a iiwcemUy with, Hue Kilwilt,
eralrtk Uioy cannot, if they n-otikl, pwlpono
lohgt-r. Nd MAC bat that would be vlaahln,
titlier-to thfm or to ui. ''Th tmrjvo.i of thi
OoTPfwiftfitit Viould br to 'tii fill wp Rr th
tekrWng' bf 'Wlniwojii (h.d !H, IT rlhriy
Ironed, cffootwiifly'ipAk rtbftloii ' lito
llilllty W ttiU luii In 'rwlitcr,,' 'T.itt ou'Iit t
b jlho jnai civil 'lict hlf'( jiubtic,.
and It Will bo If the power of , tliM niiLljii
iupprwi o formitl'tUe insurrvciioA as ihni
of, tii SouUk in nortiaWaJJy sud pursevpr
Is&J pot llrth, and aownt to bo tutiroly
deqnate ta the emirgarr.y . r . , :
ot thai Itobflllob thuHt bo ooiiiiioreil by
anitAlftbat lHU'i hoped for, It aiimt br
quelled by virtue of the orivp piwpr of tlm
nation, If thi nation would vlndlpntAlta suthiv
rlt'y, hi ttipre)y ' avert 'recurvi-nee or tho
calamity. . Bijttcr far have a protracted anfl
expepalvc struggle onli-r t6 nnlnt.uln
t)u dignity and suprome away of iw t'udcral
Cottftttrttl,1 tlian by weakly tTnatliift and
odmproufiiting w'UU' treiwoa , at this time, en
courage 111 to repeat 1U folly and wlckuduu1
in the rbtur": ! " 1 :
Tliosei wbo uie an anolstirc and a Cuuvon-
tion 6f the States, to ronter about Ine terms of
paclncatlpil before the McU will rounds
thentaelveB' aubdued and brought under, by
comjmWort, profess to make aueh projollionH
fof the, ake of humanity , and , iJv!li.:tl!oii
And yet very. mail of scone and Uoiic.iuy
niust ee that any such concesokm to the R"
btUioo, at ,Ud precise nUge or trisU of It,
would be, in effrct, fabe lonh'firy to tholnur-
ienta tUetnselves, as well aV grons Infldt'lUj1
i nAliijustlce to .the national .ilmiaoter and
we)fc.-:"-:,;V '..! ;. ;
A Cither, In dealing with a frnctUms child
la sometimes obliged to be rrucl In order ti he
kind. Goverumcnta must pcclonully dcnl
with thelf refnwrtory aubjerta .n tlieamnu nwn-
ner, and upon the enme sal u wiry principle of
paternal benevolencv. If the child is not
properly ohaslistid, but hi allowed to get the
upper hand, it will certiuuly lose all rexpect
for parental authority ;',and If a rebellion, fro' u,
a foolish disposition to jumper with It on soiuo
lah hypoUiuHis of pity and clcinency U per
naitted to dictate the condition" on : which ' It
win lay flown its arms, the spirit of revolt and
revolution will be tompo.arlly conclliuUd, and
left liable to break out again on the first n.'vf
provocation or opportunity, i , ', , : , i,','.
The OoVciDBifBi, Indeed, has a double l'ity
to perfbnn ha the prosecution of this war. ; It
has first a duty to itself, whah Qomhtl la tlie
perfect vuidlcatiou of it power and nutliority,
Secondly, it owes a duty to those rulsuldjd
Bobelf, whom It will be the truest mercy Hud
benefaction,, to teach, not only the fearful
crime; bat. the amazing futility and insanity
of attempting to break np the whole1 fabric o
civil ordor by a wild and hind insurrection o
t comparatively few diwilIVcted Stale ami
people.,'. i ' i '.'.'..'..'
Thia. no doubt, Is a truth which Mr. Ji.r
FEKhom Datih and hla lollowftrw will be slow
to ,apprehend; and it may take notno Inrd
blows, ofWtt. tcpoated, to overcome their aad
obtuseneM 'ax respect their folly and vlnci-.
biilty. But the ' lesson ibust 1 lie tiiUj,'"1!
plte of. tho duluusa or the ohstiiuicy of the
pupiU; and when (.he work ' s once fairly
accontplishad, the rerult will be ln:ttcr tor
tnaater and ' scholar alike, than any possible
conhequiTices that could flow from failure.' In
thie view of the matter, then, let the wiir ra
on until the lvcU llion ta suljugatcd. .
! A. variety of -musical entcrtalnrn'.'iits ari
given in every considerable town during each
wrck of th(- year,aave when the strong suni-
mcr fcim U bluiina away with h'u ut.uuwl rai.
Here in rhiladelphia we are furtuniite
enough to have- an extensive uml sjili'iltl
building devoted to music, t'uli-.-ia the time)
are unprecedentcdly tight and lugubrious, we
can go thither, and, scaled on soft velvet' snd
surrounded by all sort-s of beauties, e.ui II 'ten
to eweet aoiuids
' We can put on an exceedingly critical iroun
teiumce over sclentitlc, sublime, and uiii.ilel-
UKlbie compositions. We can jet griulu illy
forked ipto a fearful pitch of vxeltenr nt In
watching the prima doimu cros h!r arni-i
over ber cbcst.and raise lierself alol't, whili'
ihe eice'nte a brilliant flight of ln-t't, " W
can keep lime with our hundsund 1 'i t to -om
iniple, appreciable air. We esn lop nr-ii w,
in admiration of the extraordinary noi'j pi-o-dueed
by the s!ii?')i-s. C'oiwerN are of in-.-v
BHiit occurrence, if opera is wauling. We esn
listen to the same 'Indefinitely extended ti-il-llng
at 'tho rather attipui oll'ln to the
ante shrill high notes, and rumbling low notes,
nud Jarring loud notes. I'iuno-t'ortea are not,
aoeommon household apjsmdnges. In the
ahsence of either opera or concert, we can
lavish our muscular strength on those duliht
nil Instruments (of torture, how often!), and
indulge lu the moat approved modeju vocaliza
tion while seated at the same. Surely, there
is no lack of music gay, lively, romantic
eutuuental, abstract, thrilling, cheering. We
go Bhiglug or whistling, or humming Hpamodi
idly, about our week-day work.
' TT think It will be very generally acknow
feihiti ht Khea'Ute fjabbath day arrives,
there oaW be anwtlre chiuigo in the stylo
or ournmMc. 0n t h()ly (luy It muf)t occur
to every K-Ue' mUl4 ;tbat Ut
tmip .nut nrw prgir
to church w go u, rget the world. We
want to ahu ourselve, aiftty ftom
the dazzling, tlreaouw ma.,uervli.. Wa dusire
toratoe our thoughut abovn th hount, built
of atone, ; and the ; streets pava witu
brtcka, and to fix them on -purer, hrlguter
acene. ' Once In every aeveu day it ..iu
Xinsilile, nay, absolutely aucesuary, to breathe
. a untaiuL:d air,aud to atrlve to I made
letter aftd Jjajplvf CTcaiurej. - " ' -;
! !
lo v.e want Ui hiVtr tha same ol lru li of
the opcrs-hoU'C. conccit-roo'n, s 1 1 prl')r?
Arc we tickled when the orml.t nlily in'ro- 1
duces little ccms from Vi lli. i an 1 I) in-
,T ,, , ,, , ' 11
vf in, anil kossim, and, a i l
Ai iikii,'m!ic Furrow, into his volunU I -i a 1 1 I
symphonies? It fejolce us to heir.fn
nlo a male chorlotcr, or a fe.nile chi.-i-it -r,
dululng In an el.ilmn.fe solo lof.r,. servbi. :
drtogo away from the church to a llr"'r
icasure? .Surely none of th-ie th n ;i nr.-
rfKht. 'Why, the very birds Wfl to ui Vir- !
sffind Urn meaning nf tho solemn biuh of lln
ljli seil day of rest, and j4e not it rlu.irily i
( Isiltcronilv as on other 1 its, AV3 1 iv'i it
if the truth about a great of our in
, , . ! I
""cl tmisicT V
We i.'o to aouip'sunerh sine' irlry, s inip'u. I ,l,.,,l uj.. There are voluptao,., c ui J
mill rlirM'lJ III liir liiHiiioiriuii: i,w J. lU T,' m
Ijeavy iililing on ttie pr lyor-hwks and hywi
lH,ks. Kvirythmg Im ojcrec'ibly su?i Mtlve of
tlie ol things of lile. The elegant cjii'tre
nlionj having dropped In a id s;ent a few
rtinmeots In serious reflection on w'i it ea'i
dthiT (ilih on, unit win r.) it wis h u j'it, l
Mow titich It cost, a few uotes are so ml 1 1 nl
the Inige nind liiHtrtimeiit, anl for'hivit'i . a
Milenliilc nolo l labored through by oiip 0fl!i3
(I pralcrs nf God, or else tlie entire
iN ul flirccH unite in a diversified and sprightly
nuineia. iiniuuy crave worm are iruic i aai
il rkcil i out In preclsidy the same method wj
I live recently enjoyed ao burdy at thfl
, LCiidi lriy of Sfusk or Mjsleil Fund II ill.
Hclvfeen praycrg and sermon th-relscori-iailera'lie
, jsTformaiiee on Ihe org in. This Is
by no means of a sober and religion char.v- ,
tT. We defect u sratch from Tranio'n, or a
Hindu from the last new song. The ormlst
liccasionally indole's his playful fmcy, and
iluies Hliurp, qntck, eccentric houijiU Cru'n
the inai'hlue. When the nervlcos are cbn-
t hided, we go erushiim down the aisles, listisa
ig to jho gossip and chut of the worshippers,
i i bile ft om tlie. orgiin-loft thcru hn i:is tutrry
trains, In Jig or gtlop time. We d.inca home.
4,ulte fnlivencd,' nttiTly oblivious of sermon
ml milemuity. Sad this, hut inrtlcularly true,
j Intact, wcOnd people urging each olher
to po to a certain church, for "they luve such
lovely music their," or "Miss So-aud-so sings
ko sweei," or "Mr. Thnnip is aiich a tpUniH
tirgnnUit." The congregations of some of our
asliIonable chnri'hes never droiru of d 'votitin
while they sit enraptured by the delicious
rn'orts of the paid performers. This every
day music, now, In the house of God, is a
monstrosity, a wicrilcgej .Suroly, we get
enough of the melodies of the worl I In six
lays. I And although we be not memhers of
any religious association, we would Infinitely
preler to listen to simple, un id n-n id, old
fadiloned praise thnn to sulTor the infliction
of sedate arias and hypocritical jig.
We trust that every one whose eye fills on
this paragraph, and yyho h i not been assessed,
w ill cive immediate attention to this vital sub
ject. 'And we urge that no man will take it
for granted that his name is on (he Assessor's
list, l)(it that every loyal citizen will verify the
fact by a personal examination. We have
beard of several discs of the grosjest careless
ness in the registry of voters, not to call it by
a harsher na i.e, and the stake la too import
ant to lie left to hazard.
The Assessors sit from 3 o'clock this after
noon until V o'clock Ihis evening lu their re
spective wards. This is the last chance. Do
not neglect it.
TtiirM-Hvtmilli Mrw J-ixfy Volunteer.
JOiADUl AltTKIU 'll.Nllt AKMV C'llllCH, A UM V
or nit J.tMis. in i on li J'n i:usni. hc, V i., Nri
Uirilu r '.'.j, Id'! I (Jer.i rai OrduiS No. tit.-Ine
.'."Tib fitw Jlrcy Voliiiin-ers, on the Z iininst.,
iUI Jiavc for fnn'oii. H.J.. r p irting to the
Nuidii.K rilcnrof n-cruiiing servlr of St its,
io t c nmsti rei out of fci v:cc at the vziilradon Of
rs ci,iij-tii tjt.
'I be Cnnimnnil:nK i anuot n irt
wfMi iMs Wpinunt of "one tinnilred ilnV4 men,"
itLcot i xpn Miing bis gratlti adnn anil's itiv'ic
ili.h wiili tiitir cumluct. I li.y lnvc cnlur, 4
ut iiae, MuiiuieiCil ihe ltuticl foe 'ike a ul
i-oli h is, iithI hnvc fiatiieil the ciccein of the vete-
rnns r.l Hob I'oips.
lie is ronf iIim t when they ret'irn to Now
.Urn y.aMa'e that ban Illinium il mi -o m il.lmrs
eh kuuitii y, Mint.HiicI Torrmrt, tliuy will coiitiutiD
lo iu.iiiiii tLu vi.U-rauH iiey have h it nt ilia tro it
iioinic vhut Sutrman udvincd, "tiUtiun ibis o it
tile men."
'1 lit. li r- CH neruI Coniinnniliiiit will he pteit.0 1
In im-M me commnnuinit ottloi-r nt this n-gi mnit
in n-oiTjunlziEt; It, to a d in ttio li uile of the
Uclii'llioii, in coiijui c I ui with ihis C .i ps.
Ike tJiiartcriiiati.-r' U,-iriaicul will furaidi
tilincportunon. liv a 'innimid of
Jliij T Gl Ui Till p II Hihnky.,
l.n. W. MKlt, Assiaiaut ArtjiiUiit-Gcuord!.
ICaiii y. A classical and patriotic rnrraspond-'
iDt Hiids us tlie I'ollnwlDg:- . ,,
Lit ihe Itchcls ting their MttiiKl Marly we
will sii g Jubiii'e."
fin Ihe fame inpie a onntcmpjrary hues, that
"ttai ir tlie year of Juhl V,."
Sri i'i(i.x (iiiiAiin's (iio. Mr. ,K, C. Ivnitfht
liun presented to tho city the git; loriuerly ciAncd
l,y Stephen OimrJ. Tho jtili w.tii a rep Oil, und
will bo phiecd on ttic fiinird Colleno property.
IniI!Kasj:o AcioMHonM'toy. Tho 1'onasyl-'
van in Knllroad Coinpuny havo pim hasml tho
,...i 1 . - f .1 . 1 1 r 1 'l
marLvt-bonse on TUlh atreat, below Nftrhei,
wbicli litiihllu will he used In ronoci'li ia wth
IhP llrnrilnt I'-i'Vcntli uTirt MMrLo, lim'n r
ine ocpiir ai : i.'ivi.nin una Murkci strerrs. iiinili.:
next iniiiuh the pimoneur it, pot will las trims-
lerred Ui tho lmiiiiy ioutlIi m J, lyheii oaannn.
jvr eai. illcairvlats8l.IKr,to me du,,oMc that,
SAtAEii.s Wairinia fir tho payment of the
salariee of School Tci i.biirs will hu U.-uod ai ful-
lows:-On Moudny.friin, the Iwoaty-Urth to the
SeTCiilein'h Section, lu.'liisivc ; on Tnesdav, from
th.: Si-aec,,th , to the Ntntii Stio,,, ln-hisfva. on
Wednesday, from the -.!;Vh to 111'-1- irst H'-etlon,'
Inclusive. 1 he warrants will bn withhe'd from
all acctlr.ns whm ,ti ir!erly rcp..rts aro no;
return'. 1 to the vin belDW tins Uist pri-imo.
Kit t a uttetlQ? last iiigbt tho fol-'
lowing tlelfi'l -.vis d2.'d In nsmlnntion hy tho
itl. ri of tho I-'iiCi Va il, ihi p.vivlcrH ticket
bTinK h''n wiihlrawi! in i;ouiuiiaue" with Hi
rcii'icut oi th 1 citi.ena oi ti iu w ird iri'esp0'!'.iv6
of ivirly : r'or Alil'iriiimi, A. Wilson llnnsn-f
and .lunii s Jti'i 'alien ; for c'onttuhlos, hi. 'hard II.
l aul nuU W ih.uui (Jliiui ; inr .-euool t n,
E. J. Konney, H. J n.iin Kldridgo, Collins. West,
John Casnin, and Ucorge Fried.
Imri;ahi,i) liot-NTV. An ordinance passed
C ity Councils yostenlny aiithorilng the payment
of a bounty of fc.OC', in addition io the t HX), to
r.l, h of oiicthonsind nien who nlmll enli-t and ho
credited to thn deiieient wardi in tho city. 1. was
dune on the npplh'Jt.on of 1'roiessor Naunders.
Tho ordiiiiince yet reiualns to ho rhncd ty tho
Mayor iieioro it will take e'tis .l.
AhSAiir and lltntUY cn a Woman. Two
brothers, named Mn:'.:n and Jaob Distu'l, were
arrested in Chujuut a I ill a nilit or two ime,
upon the eharreot cornmittiiiK an asua ilt and
h.;tterv upon tlie niico:' tl.u Icrjier. Tlie iieeiisvi
were drunk, and boat tho tioor wein.ui in a most
Mmnictul manner, ii.ey were held to auwi.r by
A Colored loan. r.-ineu Joseph itaeil.
committed this nioiu n,1 by Al krinau White, In
delimit of t"-'ia0 had, to answer aehar0eoi as-.uuls
and hattcy.
Ciikkp.t. The mutch h' tweon the fit. Ocorgo
Club, of New York, and tho America, of
this city, resulted in the snccess of the I'hilnite!
phians by the following svore .'
pirn-. AJO SUA. i I' r. ..a:,i;,.t.
Auut Hunt.
rir'l ill'llnsl. 40 PMt li'i!K' "
b.'Ml Iiiiliikh 'fourwlvk- 'Hncjntl iiinit'cf ..-in
H 'ullj... I'l
T . . - Total l
T"l w;
irt0"") V""": Aiuerieaas will play a mutch
Lo?gW.d Oob',rf
?n.5l$lA1!-T. ?Y?.M.,i?? .TF1-.???.?1!3? rnn-ADET-rniA, fkidav, septkmijer so, isc
,ti, f.'mi. Hoi . -Th- .rHr.,n a cr-n
inf a Icnu of ffl,"'i,0'") In the cm lo n
bonl liixscf, Ac, s rep .ncd in C tin
c' ""r" '"""'")'. "nn l H "'lr A
aii.i miiik nt hi th, C . ptniir on b m . r in :-
wu ! awroiiilniior. ihe r'nil. K.-t- (i.i, 9 i.ui;
I'-itiib ' cm ion. lo,(( n; -,ii u n li s i, 1 1 p;
.,.,.,,. j.,o,-.:- i .,i,i, ti, i.,i ',.,,.
ft, i,, ti,n .'M.rmie.n to t,n- Ti ri 'i
". ""o.
Uiucjtl) t
lu um i i in vi m. n ii i hi r.ti p oil i in' pt t
y tadwar cuuoticl and iirnvri w ,ti 1 1 ,j
(ilv r,p(;lt. Nv.,,m. r ., ,,, , iKl, u.c
of ti'a kMiie read, iht r. in-, .re or I. . c . it . it
tinti, wb
Un .
wbicli li-ad- to ill,- in it iIiiik r .in in .c
hrt rti lt I ninriil 0 lin i f tin ilr
lsiph '' r" ' " 1 ,M-' '.i i.Ih.m ,r o m
Ji ll ,w car 1. 1 TM inclj n.,m un in r i W I ui
Mrm t It ihu . i i rr lunii lu, . i n 1. t
la m inivi Ihe ihi r uf i n i r 'wen t ifim' .i-ei '
'B i,,7h ,lu . r, ' f , h "e i.. .";., .. . t . 'r,
iilvci wliin titniliiK tec mfei -i eiiuu ,il I : .:hth
anil Wi,iiiut ih tn.nliii. Alit-oty .i ihi'iiki nt j
M' i inns tut I'M-i.Ih hm o rn re I. 'iV I . .i4'.' nut (
i,t iiniprf Im-i'i k in utile t rhci k iiiliH)v en ui. ti
II e 'er(l Of ttii lr lior-ts. ami tin- cii'i Iron
cnlli-un ti ,i Li- irl'iuti j iimio to "U 1 IB k
tl "ii I'Ml iiiaui'gt'iui lit.
Th 1,'nn 1-Hiii, While a ti'ij'nrif hi I w u
uufti r dee im iiii ul Pp'cit Council yesn r Uy, tlie
I mix-nits, an uti!, hu,L OiCk-Iihi lo tnunl the
i.o-l urn m ieuiil m Hi; iln.fy ImAHing de'it
oil lit; t,1ty, Whl h at III pisert nino, the argue,
rilrti'4'Vir furl) niillHiii.or'diliai. lu aaswrr
to kcL a i.b itip, Jllr. .N.ieMi read smtmnent
tinti.rul in Un- t'l'inr .HorV Ufflcc, tiiorini tun
tnr- ,i hhk anil whitmiii.s ata lUiiicd to
W- .a.'lii.Mi t, lo wliieh'iliere nre, umountiii (
io v 1.4 1 s,ijltl. Tin c nllM'tk nre lo ni In sum
iltf tuna. Cii.-li in Hili,.' fMiiil,V'oM rti An i slu.- n
fin- wmhf, i i'v h rvvs, uj'ia ,r , . r.tiius, d ,
'I'ttf hivih ii N17.77I 4 v ul i il rtdit not ro .rr.
en ti.i in ni,"rt nt atii kind !' tti i hiii a i
if funk lil.uve i:u n, Is to ie ailtlnt the v,m
of ti v nhiie li.:iutinK, poller ht.nioa, cb '
lioiifi unit tlnir irnimil-, en1'! c iUnrc ainl
lo's of pn uinl fmin h jcli no reven-iv is iierlve .
The rdtowing w.ll t xh.ljii the arrials of c int.
wise anil ,Hircin veshels at tliU jioit during tho
month of Jepti miK-r : ' ,,
' . Htlll'I'.S. '
fiiirw...'. r n.imi..u....
)loiU4f.,. v II n''li'".uirM...
. ID
lipi. ...,....'.
lift"...,. ,
.. II .SI'.O),!
.. ' S Bn-mniT.. ........
.. i.l hnr.psi . . J ..
.. Sill Unit 17111
i , i
l'enee overturifi from Uttvernor Hriian.
" 'Wahkinotos, fttptwiihcr 29. T(iu re is reason
to believe that Central Sherman has reci ivoii
overt u ids from O ivefnor llrowu anil Vire.l'resl
dent Stephens,' mkltiij towards the readinl-slon
oT Oi-orgta Into tho l uioo on ths fiisis of her
abaiidotiliig the war and s ceding from i ho Co i
ftdi racy, and siiboil'teil them to tr.o O urcrniuvnt
hare Jiff. P.tvhV pniiic lu Unco a U thought
to be fn rclircnce t this mutter. '
'I lit: Ft hkua niLi niii'iM iir ur,sr
Villi. Il t." '
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all ol llijicil.i ii , , . ,
KSOU UKS-VIUIK.-lo Trllillv M. K, Clilirp'i. by Ili'T.
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J.A.u:.-On V(UtifSfljtv, tin- 24th Iiihi.. MAItY "i
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WATKItWAK,Ni'fM IUirtlninwn, S. I ., on rt-rtem-lurriti,
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J ol No. 41 N. tl.l.VEN I II Hire. , coin n imp jth
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innnnt'i by lii.n - - ite-rU-iit-vd oi,iwrutor.
HrtM- NiM ISsiltULitU btl'AllATtLY,
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ContMliitiHt Wrwi, ntniifutU' imiui (471 tail Jtf) t.,
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IllMlO No. t; IT f 'UKsNI I' Htrirt.
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Sl l l.MOI I'l W. II. CAKKU,,
So. 713 (JHV&SHT Btrmi
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M I I'. lil.A 1 S.
f'rrri n.i'o,
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I'lmti , mi II. Men l l'rrr',
t .i li m l AI e o I Ik
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VlH III I'lll.l.l I Mi lll ,
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AV I s HO v m li A li I1H
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1 . AC ', (' II It'l' ' I N H
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bo lit) t 'llr.HM'r H ill I I.
AIIIE-' 1'AM'V I'"Ult.
N-.. IH AIUMI STIll'.K I',
ar uis olii HTAiu.iiiiiHn stokii,
My aMhrimtnt of FA VCt FUltS f ir LH.Ile. anil ('hll Urn
li a w com lp t, emkracln :
i:inita,l'M Ilia name aud ay ,.bar,
J O II N h' A It K I H A.
No. 718 An li Bus-t,
AboTo H rant i,
its lUt I ITV. li-an-lm
S. E. Cor. THI RD and CHESNDT Su.,
Under V. S. Telegraph Office.
611) MCA.MHI.g,
' i. ltiiow.N srour.
TMs nli'lirati'rt nd.tRnl bavira t,-.i'ii rnova'od a'id
thoroni.'t.l-rnrtiiid wlh oni-of th ll'ii'U nt .ika of lo,
uiilctionci i.i,,Q aa In ttia oirv.ttc pmnrlator Invitci tiio
pnbl o to tivr tiuaaial, toulldint aa aelanf Uinr ao
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,' RhlH 'trill fill. ol l.l jtn', Uflitll'llUllV, Mtj-jtrt llilit
( Ml fik'& JU att s ttJ( up-i. .
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tii-n i Tiipunj iMin Aim r ritf , Hoi, muvr 1 1, 1;,.
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I ui-.H' i ii'i ct u new liuiii nii(l. iri"(I ii y rt-,Mi' ts om
! lilt, i ni.lil iii tin1 l-i of 'n-nl, m-i, tvlin nil1 nt arm
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! lKr."''ai' ,, 1 It i' in. iji tl n iui t -t c tr t(
; H ITU-' IR-i. I mi Km- k n 1Hii,V S 1 1 ilii'l fliiui' iixi
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1 il 0 ii.i.iTl.i iib it ; nn 11 ; or n 1 tr i"-nt, ir nnr-
tin rt fif r ihv It -li t rtt tlin, Ht lilt nt iicr opit tt
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! , , . , J va j- A. It i" 'i m-,
! A rh nnd I'i'ii'h.
, tniet--t Ni airt lien, mii Cnnfcotionii, Aluioad
l'at,4'UfHlatai Chiuuiii. t;riuti!i itt tMiMJtuUo
f aril, OXi.iriIrl flnr-a
ISt. U 4Jhuut af.riubiuir L'oarth.
tllK 4 lots
imiufs '
ii:cKiiii uitos
j. T.. OntJl.l),
R'-vnlll and obi'stitit sirei-la.
1 11 ' .1 ,
V 11 I c 12 C IT 11 it 1; N T
1 .'.
i ' ro-MOiUiow
' WiUcoula.n a fol' II. tolallll,
j Tl.air Cupltat Xto?k. .t s 1 1, 1-ilcea, A . li"
! qeossTye caricatubes':'"" "
liOUi.HAFlIi:il liY. AS aitTinr AI'FLICrBU WITH
1'OIITltJAI. HTKAUISMI'H. to li.e vhwa 1,1 too, I'i. lira. Ni Vi( uii-
Sl.liltly "ill li With b' ttl l t'S.
Wi.ob, I a i, a in ,.r 0 e
UNADULTliltATBI) tJUiilii:
Let hiu vrrlurr licints cn a Ini'li' ia."1 O'h rt Mli d
n.r !tif Tasila at two il..yB' notice.
Full, bail It
X. JI. HTKI'IIUNW, Atti'llt.
Nc. ioO ClIUHMCT Siii t, H.:uaeUl..a.
1 1auiu.1l Kiul ienia 01 LINi l LS anil M' IXEI.LAM.In
Oil: ova.i. lor tin or ciuH. ti no-'-'i
TT n N K V 7-30
J , l, Mnliir,IU aa rstflvaU,
anil the Nc-tea
ruiiiial,iUliv(il an U,a,i,'t, eji
Itankf r,
Ho. 18S.1II1K1, auiat.
i i iNo tome waiik ai'OMs.Mo. an
8. LlollJii ijirnt, l)li Wuhiiii.
II-J7 lit"
s I 1; I I 1
tSi-n Stylio.
ni k t 1 1. -. i VTILTY
n i 1 01 111. h, CAHRlNH'Oti 00.
at no
MAM I AC , I'l Mts ' (llf'Si t M eill.f T.
riANo cov;.i;s,
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I Al'l "111 III 'rMtlll'lH A n
H- Ml. Ii'l fl i,,.,, I ,.
Mil. I.INi. HI rl'l, com VI
' " , '"l's V I.I.Wts AlllMS
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1 I""1 iS I . a r 1 IC I
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Cri . I'-n- o u i.i h 0 , ,r ,,(
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Sir 1 1 -,,! l'lii:i I.l WIN in MS V ... ... Wis, t -Italaia
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U M (, A I, 1 I. N II II A I. I,
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Wmn no intUt l. 1,1 mnl rrf iiu l trip,,ir,i .ro
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I'' ill, i-l , tlr last vfifk o MhiiSIMS ir,MN,
oii'l i'lv tut' In-t w rli ..f Hip Hi; tiK UK; OU, A
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lilt i"i h'K lti- in ok I iMlitie tiiiitr, 1 r .liu; till I tteaiTO
1 k' tlj wilt our ni'i-t Hifi llcr fiial Kti.t H lito il c-l ?.i'im.
'I I'o m-i tor niani i' will colir iidii Hid a il'iw tut vir
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too open at 7. ('otoTiiP'irp .tiartt r h' fori 8 o r) trk.
Hit t.iHi.d family M:i tinr, H1IIH1IMV AfTF.K
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HI- II I,; tilt A 1 lltl.h f r if, will tr pfrronued.
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1 u-tivrc ol ll. ir r 1st,
No. Ifrv;, t'ir.SMi;r T Itl.KT,
In addition Io Hie ,N IICK Art t oli.t -1, n ot llio Ardrav.
Annn'MMf t' itiih : -pt-on'l u ftft. -Vi rattm !' ll lm
1 tor tl.c l liampioti-h'p .f 'In- H'ntP f (Viiiiivlvatti
will nun rr nt naV- IM H I It V,t T 1 1 1. 1 ,. i,n ll I N -I
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If, IS. 4.
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I. a h (titiilO if Io t'c .'.Hi !' mti. Car -mi.
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liu tirhi,. . ii-l -rijeo V, II 111 1m-. K.. I fl-ioku I. II. tV,
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iSfMiion 1 It artu (.iirt'd hrali, JtV
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It T. KVal.l.. .1 W M)T MKItV, unl VH T'lK
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kliitle to out, -r nl ti .linrtesi iio.ic4.,wIiImi for rtc'tnosa and
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Ci.ilv of lii' 'I I'lill, Waiil, iMiitiatlil wh tna nouil
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lulu, oaru. ..ll.v eolicll ; oil, in whom iva-oi.t; inuillilonre,
to allow your liaina to Iim u,it na ua lii.lo.,innf aMinl .
Otite for tluit ullii v. U !lnvli. tn.t your 'iiilhful illichnrife.
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obedient -I'naiil'.,
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TllO.MAS J. I'Ol t'S,
william 11. junks.
William ii,
i& V It -sll ALL II V II ItiHI K,
II. KCANK 'I 'A V Lull,
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Ii. IVKil-l Ut I'll VNnl Ktt,
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'Ion 'i, in!, l'.',on. a-- 1. IVtia, l:..b.-rt H. Ji.l.nsoii, a'l
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am 10 brcoinn tin' unit io-mi-nt i-iimii'i.iLa tor U,u
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r. i-eivt'd K.iolna, out, aa it iloti, in.: naraes 1 ao uianv of
my Irl.-nda a:ot .11,1,-111 aiUcK-Htei 01' ILe NAIion,il I'tiion
rurty, anil vvitlili.e conii.l,-nc 1 it nri-ln,l, ill
rlied fr-,ni n.y foriui r oltl. co'iriu, I i-ordl.illy ac- i,t
tt.e ii,-iiiina'.i 11, aim will, 11' tldi-'e-l, i inii-nvor to intiiy .-oriild'-ii- e liy sn lion.-.t a'id utthtul lUst-harKi'ot' ll.a
diiln a tt,rolt ta ihe beat 01 my iiidiontiit nnd atllity.
ltllLVlll 'I lli.l. ft ,l.'.'ll, In ,l
tx' of rrniisjlva'ila.
A laraa Kill cumin, n.-a
Oi-'IOBKH 5, IHf.l.
Tlie Inlrcdiirti.ry I et-iure will Le l(iv'id at o'i twa
in n,t cvii,ii,f 0 thai day, at toe uaual Lvomru-lloow
lo the
M.-Uuls. rua.
r All ilia tent '4itU,l,4k'Wo(tr&U
Vrw itvlen con-
w. i ii. Lett,
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in altf n.iMiaiaftVliTAtfuV ' 1 MM u aiaif'sl 'l
l III 'Nt T I I.ACI'.S,
No. .JI I
( I'reV 1 ' 1 ,,1,
SI KM'! !
t. K-Ai-J :,'ir A ll-a- J V " 1 1
- t.
t'?.r DAM, 0F THE UNI"N LEvriUEl,
Cltl'-M'T .-1 I. II f A 1 1 0 V I-', TWf.l.Vfll.
I' n lii'ton of tin t I.AI.UI;,
: s t-i.r ? t 1 tv frm If
N Ti i- (, 01- iiu: n.Y(
AT e O I L"! K
1 1 I - I, ;. . ', O.I'i rt t, Attll ll. ' I .It
JCr IDE UIl'DBLTCAM invinujelej
i ' r, i i.A ii
I r.R rill. I'M . I N r f A . v As,. A N II I'llt'l'i -t
; 1 ,1 HCA'I lt.N
f I lo I .r jr?i.,i ltl Ui, ( jiu;..n,
kiii" it I:iiia . I v i Nino, pi-,i'-ri'Y5 lsfi.
li -i.'lia 'io io in, d ( - in,.rifu Iiavo i iiieni4 tsal
lifi tti- a- r -. ci - r l' ik,
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A Ii l'. nn i l
I,.., pi. 't - I,, ,. s ,
I . 1.'. il I VI i lll'l,
.1. i i IV. ., , ,
II L. Wnpi:lT,
t i l r,f, wiiisn n
V I" I In t I pi.,
Will HM1 s IV .re,
K.a k iv.-,i.
J .io, .a l i ' m id,
f ,1m in I: ( . ..(.,,
iOV li t.oU ll.
'I let .1,1'r ATfon .al. lr hi- .rirrt.
C41 fillMI-: INMAN It'tMIK,
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W:l.i.l.',M L rnx.jlt.. Hur -unir. It
HALL til' Till
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The MdtVt : : c-i w'al j In Itrd to attond. ll
i i r.XL'T P riin.i.
f mi aim i. pin a. Hcptmbi r tfi, iH'.i.
Al a ppriit !i ft iiu o; tl h. rectors of tho lnon
ftMi rt of I ln.f. - )I.ia la Ul liit. tlit , the dinili ( .lO'lS
I.. MI.Vk, I -m , a l-4 ' fic-ldc nt of ti.t I.t'ii iif.WAk
nit out ct-d h ti.t Cli ir, itt d.f.n tin tion o' Ilf ncr Itlnn"y,
lr ., the ti Ho tv la r -sol itlonf smm nouhly
irci-o've I, ti o Ilr.clo. of tlie 1 rooH Ir itiieof
fid aidi Iplla lit- if 1( iir'ii'd witii bincno sorrow tl.o ( l
of ,t('HN P. M,l;l!, a Vlff fithllrnt or tli., nnd who, Itom li fout'dHiliii , U''k an ra-mMt
bi.d IM cnil c on if P'OHioi'im fta pron crit .
lii-bi lvcd. Th: . in Mr. MSI.IM the rountry ha loit a
u.ocl loyal nnl o.i'l.iul t lu.r-i. l c rrmm nit v a n.t n'er
it the piirtu. (i tc;rily, aid li.p j cm a fil.od of wi m
lieurt aiid oj t -n Mod, hI -hi' nir nor.r u iii loni.' In1
ci i-t Mm! i;i tin t in w-u li lie died rv-HM lt d, l,i'i..fcd,
Hnd i.'.irf j-'eii.
f--rdvtd 'I In. t the M-cclor of U I iilon I.i au'ic, ou
In hi. II ol 1 S Illl l.l'.flH. U'MlM' lO tilt t Tf'.VIMj lAint'V ol'
Mr. ft. . KKi tin ii inoit kii.crc iiii'tnl.j a id c -od -U nco.
It. r-(ji I'd, 'I i a the fon rct lotion! l-p pitl.l-.n d
ii. lif iihlii j, ii . i ' oi ti i i ii-.
! la) It dl Oftil. K. I.oKi;ir, Secrrtarr,
X-' lt Wi t H,
I A illi.i Al. 1 1 L1 , I'l I I.A I M T. iM I , 8eijttllllit'r .to, 1 Ml,
I'lEDr.ltS -o .'.
I VI i Cloli vi.i a -uui '!c at ihcir Iii-udiiiirti r on
pA'I I Ml'AV Al l t liNOl'N, tK 'o! .- 1, at . I .ck or -iin...
tor tit i-nri i mi it .oily io LfAHi.i. fa , i
i iitiK In ti ' ( I'liioii t i m ji n to lie litid tticrc on that
tiiiili v.
I). '" r i'i c ofciirtd of the 1 rpa.iinr, Hi the
Hall, to liny atiJ io iu-i row. f rice nf M-lu.-h wi t ho o ic
do Ihi and t l. 1 1 1 n nt (j I rt(') lor the a1 iihIo-i.
111. 1 he . q in unit "ill to ii ad for dfinhu vm 111 IH
(t ritii. ) l. i Nl N ,iit tl.c tl A I. la, l err Ui ine n io th mu
tin in inn i In mil 1 1 t-in.
1 . 'I he h Hi" i .iuird .i't;t!rniAn are afmoiiited ier-
tl'flllOIlt Alti to Ml li'Ol M.H;.lill; -
.IitWN H V n;it,
, W. S M St
n h. wu I K,
.1 ' 1 1 N' l iVKR.
fHMll.fh J fi.LIH,
.ii.nm; t k t.ri i i'.
' iiiiim d fit t.tii'iiM ft ro t ixtli l p r-
I JMrli1h ol tins Ciiih :
(.I.OKt.K 'I HUM VN .h:.
' v t irH'i'Mt'inn f 111 In timii r the r -'ii-
H ('oiiio'iimlt r, will m-e jih it
t th' tnno otiitcd.
.'. order cl
( II KUl.V d W AMI TH.
t hiol MuTii'l1,
Ami :). I--niahont
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V. 1 li' I omt
lOMI (I f'f tin t' '
Uit.v uio iu llm
rif to nn: ri.on.K ok tuk kikt'i
WaKI1.- I i il.iw-tliizfiir : A luoctiiiK ol ihi-ritJ-
71-1. t of the Wh' . Mtiiioiit dia'ini ti"ii t purl , lno liivii t
the lollowli g H' 1 t !. . inch in now (in fcCiitfd for your kui'
tru w Ith the ' ihi'ih'iit ht lit" tt.rtt you v ll f nd it ovory
w tty worthy ot .. our -oppot t . Jt han hi on t h'cted irrcip.'c -tiva
id' pa ly. A .d !( Iv w ith nu yv to iltio.'i.t a d pi.-thd -
CAtlOON, nnd th
nuo I h rt K-rrdi'd in niiv hfUM
h purttit.ui tick. r.
all in TrUaidohr!
pti'Mi', uml v in :
I uln.ldHtfi lL"0 I;
imi jt with Ui:i'
utwl ihonii'tduv It
have t urned lor
tt oi iiiiriri il ui a dchc ot 11111 ot
'-it-,t tilt; t-hl' loll u! Iiiormtl. Iiicoiii-
t u. :i lo othcp.i of ti.iitor uml tr-jit Tim
. : 1 1 d a oil poren i ohiC'tlt n. 'a-iti
roth nd ll tt modes f I'lioiu? loin---.-:,
ft und rt'liiilof Th'-. ch irac ur ttuv
ilnni ctvt'is lu thi-ir pn-viou-i
Ihh, and wu (Vol
in ihttl nhiihl ihcy he lorn rt-i tvl h
nn eicotion ut thii inuf) to tin- poK.ti-nh lr wloch l cy I.hmi
iii-en iiiniH'J, iiu u unrct niiiing imoju np.iii tia ciu
zotitt nl rhe f llti- .Vat d.
, Wo appful to -, n'i, tlico, uii-n of Ihu flfto Wnnl, lt lay
ftr-idrtoi ttii on- :t 1 p iriimu prciiil'tluti io tarn-Mho
ciioli c of jiir h - id o'hci th ih tm t-ini.ri,ini I a;rcehi--inoiiioiihly
lo ral v l l ooci'thrt tichct jf..o: IU"n lo o tli ',
Mhouhl ilim t'ftor. 'e iin.'t:oMiil f nuttt tit'rci-.o a povpr
lut Inline nre liui 1 -tin r m tt undnr al panh-a of the 1 c-i-h-aliynl
oxcrcltiiii:.- unrt) 1 irctiiuvppctioii 111 tnikimr th-lr
lot-ill ijorDtna ic:-. In cticlmn n uu rr..' iffilij uk
yiiiir isiutiut., 1 iiuw-t -to nil. tor tlie nuijoli. d inie; jj--u t
rm Ukct.
Ity ivrdirol llu lLd m udent I' xcculi.c Ctmtult' e.
it. I. KIMi, t'ii im -rijiiu,
IM:.: l.Nnf NT WAR 1 1 'iXi'Khl.
JAMMS M ilAllP. N,
A. W ll.hDN Ili;
1 M'.M I A Mi l H.
It. II. P.Vl' I. .
.i iimili liiHi'
8. TfRTiv P 1 .1 t:i in ; 1;, lurutic y. if.
ri'LLINS, lor two yvara.
Iv. .1. KKSNr T, i
.lulls t 'AM -Hi N, Ilf. for three team.
JUt. J. li. AN'.NKV, S It
' t AUilLUH' AM jlKt'HAM S iJVK.
I'm i a ok. 1 111 1. Nt 'Jtemti'T 2V. lol.
A I'Mienl mofllltiK 01 th.- st i. ki.oid-ri ol the h irm-ra'
at.ii .Mtcli.ini.'t liniiK I' L 1 1 o .ji;na .11 hp lie il ft Ho ir
JtanlMtiK Hi.iiBi on TlU'!!el. . the -Joih d.. vi iiciohm
next, ut 11 o'vloek A M., tho ; .ir.niooi tnklt.; oi'o
cou-hlcratlon. and lecldli- on tli-' iin'itl.i uln-ther or
n t tht nhl llmik '-L.iil l'kom ..n Vx-n' i v(h a U.r. :trr nu
oi tr e bu;iKa;a f llannin,' i.n cm- t . Law a 01 ;f Lioiiid
iSi.tti, .iiolof extTt-Isi:!),' thn ptirti .i con,. n.l hy i'o- A.
it' the (ojo'rl AHB'-ifh'y ol 1 'oiounmu c utl, , etituhti
"An Act Klit.l-ifm.tii0 )U iks of U i Ooiiioi. rv.;;tilU to
I tiinie Aitu 1'iiitins for t-to i iri-e of IUh,.in- 1110,1 r
th Ui of tho Dnfti'd stitua." ai-pro .ed tUe 'J.'.i day of
A tit. u at. Ihot ; a:.d f tlc u li act it il i:i 1 ' anl Uirrtt k
nie'-.v I'" net;'B'-'rj 1111 rl i'roiiei
liy onli r ul iu Loara ol Hif 'tori.
ti-'.ti ii'fO V. lU'HlirON. Jr., tfiyl.Ur.
liaiinud CtU.i'iu.y, hv, 7J 8. lULItTU
f HIT Mt.l Mil , fr: flllhT lt.L
TO AVOID UETr N i JO.N.-'ib hold, n ol tho Cuui oun
01 tt.! b t'"iiip;.ii v, dm- iiu Ihe lt I itiMiuo, nru teMum d to
Ivuva Hi cm at thil oillcc a or hftoro tin 'tothliHt.iilt vh a
ici'll'te will tc Kini,aud chc-k will in; fiuui lor de
livery 01: (he lit lu aiuii', lu t.ivhatLe At ta.d rerripte.
H. LhAl'e'UUH.
0 2J7t TrfiHurfc.
I'ltiA.mepiemaier VH. A i.m IuI Meeting of tfc" t' k
Imldcri will hv held at the Hankiiiw Ho ie, on l in
HAY. the .Uth of October, at 11 ovi, vh A. M., to .J"
lh expedu acy 01 oouverting the Hunk iI,lu -;!. '
imuiwu, aKreablytO uu act o ouKr ''V
June ii. iHfH, and luka m h tbr eettou at cei-
' V-iVtoi w vKThul cttu.
'J III', 'I NM ! M 1 .KM'
CXI'I'I At, H7l)(:lti
C0,CC0 SlmreR At Y?t K'jm'
$500 000,
Vlil silo T.T,
I AMr-'.-S LY.NII. I
i in st ni;t:,
.ltM Al I KISl l-.KI ! 10 K.
S. . 1 ' I M l, 'Ml '
HI- I I f VI. I .
.11 II UN tl. ST N
: o.H '' .N. Sinn, I'l.U h not
Mil n ion",
I A SI I rl 1.1 Nil, No !: N hi tl HI et.
"I'WAHIl f .lfNr, N" I I Ar. 'i fctro.-t
III'.M.'Y K. fM'L.No IIU Wal-i'll lrMt
P r CI. 1 TON, Vo. IV. N J- rd iticet.
THOMAS ft l.'U;M.l, N i. I S I'll, ii.ul .t wit
crnoE, Nn. 34 s. Bixrn btrect,
"l.t OM ST'KV.
l'itAtt tihove litli a roniMtif ha lt lit-md
enntdc mme, laryo nnd t.mnl1,hy ta anreiato taf
lln ir i jrly t xii-ndl ura ltrccal, 'O own tielr nn
j and to iii d) ilioin trhun n tli the arMcli at Qoit
'Iiu urra'Iy incra rd prkei of a 1 e mu.oil-ile, jr ILfei
Hie pn1''f ittcrifise f lit tbroutcnlng. ahouh lead !-
iiniit'fi to itfvi-.p ar.i all thriiiNcI ej of a very aTtylct
tt.i me'h'dof e n ihIt i"k up in tlii'ir own C)iiaii!nptlna).
A lar a tt.e lut- )aitrion of ItO are r ncm.ed, talt maf
lj atxiMi.iti-hi'rt by Hhithipncc; hut da to Ut ntcmaaiiMfe
aomc other iri fi. tv im t-t bw clled Into re ,ulitl m.
in tin1 Jit of net cnai few iirlu-lvs hold a hi Khar
I-taco ih.tii coal, n nc in rcjanlto Dili tho mvfuat jrn- JT
i .'( i . fi rlli tint I-1 . hotli aoolir'ialil mid Hili niiAti-. .
too ot toai dclt tiird at are vitrdin flula loinhltv ',
tl-Oii' 7 In il cud ut the consumer n door it rokta iu
1 ho riiilrn its taid yd tho d cartiny ia ol
'0 rents.
1 ht iiidi.iintion i aimprc. Tho rnllier mtut hvra bit
jitoill, the j I'Iksi hae hi proht, aud tte tettUW
imi..l huve ti m prollt. rVI.y cannot cmiautucra, by o tat,
hinnir, fur a klnu'lc year tho amount of their Cxpenil
tnr.'fi for (nai, im.-o.chh0'. ilttlr own Co ltory t ani mtvko
Ut '-e throe irc lit tor thoimiclvcsV
lln- Conr-timorB' Mutiml ('onl Company off. ra aa hb
ut:ail fuvo atl o'ii'rtiniii f r currt lux theic prim-iplea
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Ihej-n-Hifit nunual production of tre col lery ie &0.iJnO
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Tfii O'lupuuy in now pinpared to deliver roaJ lo aub
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Ivr of haros of b.ocK can bo made at lb oftlctt. No. 4.
hi Tli Hii tet, ami order for coat 00: nine L
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-Tincd, with our iitinct capacity lor inlulmy, exceidlug
the l.iruf fit ttmiitity pr..jOMctl to take out annttil! from
tliia r.'lllvry. only an iiiiprciotuu would ho made upon thft
Vbfet amount of coal ciiiiaii: d in ih truot tf land.
y'l.ti ll.a fu.'Uititra tor :u.d market ai vt ry
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momy to reitore lhir work.Ptf CAP city, wnk ti. t u
hiiih prt.e of mtUt.kl..ud tabor, wculd prober xoeii (
the coM of this, wlrh the uiun tatHty of
IM- colliery kck in u-mfhU' wW1' i''nns.
I:ui.yiio:Hiiiproper to wyaity or rent of ,
tMa- coiuery only about tw-thiru th. coat of nearly all
the colluirl. im the .uyikill region, being K, oente
uiinit 00 or W eftl.' the pre.cnt ka.001 th
4Hrrdlndai yn Wi-W fts 60 l eOoenta per tf.,
wLUit proxUuHy of lh ie nUiiai to a market and to
uupexr fA-Ulilfi ft rt'' ktrc nbo.
,afoetiUJi tcJiury.
WM. 8. TOUR,
TV'M. il. LI'J.KR,
K. M. J.0KL8,
rtiiiAiii)riAii fiuit lMcoi. V U la