The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, September 28, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 4, Image 4

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tf.i. -J.W
TrElXKDAY, fErrKMBKR 28, 18'.l.
O It
Atom the stubble, glooms the wind,
" Hlsti nail the lnt-il crow,
i; Tit" wt wl'h pulllcl preen ts lined,
Kog r"liitb6 river's how.
Mr hasrt In cold nnrl sml. I roosi:.
Yet tare nl for my woo.
,f- ne iinmiw ferv ire. ll re gone ,
Th rotes 1 L t Uera go.
OH ur i coming", froatT, hour,
, . , Tb snows of I'me will lull,
M jo'illavoec, dreamlike, no mi r
returns tor any cill.
0 lpin heart! tliy feetile ttr.tin
Bcnda up the hlo-id m sp,r.j,
Tt my poor iiticird autumn brain
tttef A'llumn everywhere.
Victoria .Wiiuiiu.
'The M'wrrrn omm y a'iiiblii.ittiii.'
At thli company ii to ii'rforru at Oniyr A.
Blrin't New Chennt Street Theatre a Moml iy
ait, it will be intonating for our reader to know
Vbat and who tin y ro guiutt W sot). Tui com
kluttkiB consUts of Mr. Vrreu, thu fiimnna
Boston actor. taQt onouf (he but eoniedniiuintlie
hitl er walks la tins country. Mm Jjauptilnsj
On, B. an ImnortnttOai m:'.rt t'.r:l ot n.el
lent pooda is a nu mbitv of tbe company. Miss.
LmiK MiittierU also oneof these starni wn
era only fay tout "ne i a inuirnior oi ,vir .ww
layer of the O t Chi sunt rUrc-t Theatre, an I a
linn of Mr. liiriiey Williams and Mil. W.J.
F.oreoea. Mr. Charles lior.-on in alio a m-miier
f bc company. '
Mm ia alrewlv s KreAt ftiviirite bore, havliii?
played Willi -Mi a t.lnarlutte. Tu.impsoii at tU-
Vainn'., last vear. Hayn. ember, tlni is the hut
Wiek of the " "f fi; and on next Monday
rv. uln- tin WarrnV Oumi'lv Cumbin ilum will
ive na little se.-.'pl ot' ii'iflfimia-ta and Mmi'l ml
old ecmell.'H. TliV will ail be put upon tho
ataae in lbs vorv liyi s-yle. We rnnot do hot
ter than ge O'trsjlba following irriticium from
tbe pen ot the nblti theatrical critic of tho Uttlti
niore Sundtiy T'Irijram:
Mr. Warw-n'i ret titatlnn lire ced.d htm tn this !!: b it
r..t as were tic.' ("ipeclalioiis t ,ruiJ m i.iui, tl i L v I. ta
eaKceedart ba wiumoaiim lua (,iliruuiic " lie tiai
at ya,-il in a aioai vril rwuuu ui elmiA ivt ,ttir.iu uia
wa.ah Jltun:t ant alliiiH 6ir iilt.-rnl ,piliili! Hi til t
a-or. and k lit Ix-oa i1iil ifiil e-vil In
al,fttliwliis tii4rvly a w.indt nul vrAtl Itv, a i,l '.iMravLntf
tL tmo aittelol ftniiHit. HI Hir I'e'r 1um.Ii' a
Bto4t kalbft 4MTful raaiica. and I exMUIto lllrHJ.utou
kn k (uilirbail aud ill..liUd all wtio wliii,.-l it. ' lr.
Yai Ii,k.' rtiaiitoter omut in an fnllr.tly diltoiant mauid,
W3 at-) lan'tervil with inal llrtlih. In rn, il won a bi
aifllcni ht In wlil clirUT ll ix,:i,!j fh.-rn all
wata m pan l. rue vrruj nJ iciuann Mii Jn.i
Cinun ip a moil acconip nl.ed ait briiliaul tKUcnii ana
br SI , tiltliii'im lier IV4CI'y. and hard Allium ui'l univtn:
atitoiaia a araat aanun. il.-r ntaoa ad a iili a-,;
Tl t, aid nh. 11U ovory vnt itio nl' villi ,tl
earawalnt ia and d'llMy lo na'uru bat arabond all iirain-'.
iii 'lady l,-a.l wan a ia r' avaiitmil aid t"ii .
ajerfriraianci'. ai.d iha tp.rit anl iiK ir wiih wrncn th
urn t d l.any liny Hp tnkt-r' it'il'J a r(.- t, r. Hit
ki;rolr ltamwpun' wri .iiall.v a ih enM'nl. and iho hai
alioa n dutli'g aor pfi toriuan -fa l tbe pail wv llit r'i"
la RUbMi with aamut of t b-Mheai nullity Mli Kmily
at In a iiinal acr mpll h" I iirtita, and In ili- pari
which lull to imr l it aha nhowcl lurir n .ln tba flnlnlt:t
a?tre than tha pt'rfVcl lud". ir. I'tinrlrR Brro-i Ir a
ytnnf irior who h di'Rtlli"d to oe:upy tin- nuhil 'iic'ia In
tbi'l' mplo if fn.i Ilia Mjlf Ii liiiin'iirii'ii
aad mnih anJ ave.ythina ho h doi-, riai Imtii w ill mi't
ariimlral.y rardi-ri-d. llu priliii la due Ut tlia ni. iii m i,
f tha rmiilar clnck canim lor Ilia manner In WJiluh
they ha aualat'iiM' ilia a R.' Rlio Itu tiy thrrr Rplrili-il
ae' IK thai i av trie and totia a ite-p niturrit In cr.tvI'14
Ihrotikh la dlnoient piaoa irlum lii itlv. A.I k ' nr. tun
aointiniRtlon Iihr ru'hiy d'-R.'rveil tn ftr'Mt u - ri a It hut
aat wltb, and it w.hi J ba inipnRRlbh tu aay mi- t,-. '
THErVTAIi: AUIIIt I ll'l. It L. F I It AT
i iiMTON,6ptoiiilic'r 26, 1 SG I .
i All il bui'le and coufu-lou hc.e. The prepara
tion" wlich for sorrn time p "t hnvo been mukini?
for tbe great Annunl Fair of thd I'oiiaylttaia
State Agricultural jelu y. ro near,y coaploted,
And tf'sul"are 'll,'vn lu h" umP'''w
arracgemeots and accommo.lntlons fr viaifirn
M wall atixk, which the Society has ever
tfflcttd. The ground' selected for the exhibition
aretbote of the Notthampton Uounty Agrictl
tural and Mu.hunlcal Kooioiy. They e'obrnce
Mine egli e't? acrea, all aabstitnttiilly funcud, and
aninlriibly Hduptfd to tin1 purpuien of a lure ex
hibition. Wl fiin this enclosure nra too Micdil.nif,
ena, Ac, fur cattiv, h naus, swine, and .f 'jcu:,
ana iLtte are lulltelentiy nuiiiitr.iua to meet tno
fcioat un-lve di loaDda of txuiiii ors.
At tha earirio cud of luu encioiure in the m tin
Mhibil'on ball, a iariw aud Tory h.intlsome tw i
iioty iIiuj Ofe, aurniuuui'jd by a lony cu:iul'.,
''oiu wbitn a hue vic.v jl the il. lilitlul acumry
Vv wlncu eu-inn ii riirroun'Ji'd ia oh aided,
r ahton i'aou' lb" jitni ti.m of toe L3biiU ami
Doiaware iiers, and, !? fur w ..tautn.n U coo-
A n.n h reif i-il. il na onu C'l thi n.oat
beautiful ItJiiBil towns of the Ktite.
In addition to tin larirn bnndinir, there are
ereceil, at appropriate poiuta, niainuui li tenta,
itt apart lor tbe exhibition of Iruiut, llowur,
ilbDis, abrubs, veeubliS, orniuwiual deiign,
e, lho Fru.t Dnpartment will ba und'jr tUd
apflul nllrintenllellle of thu mniubera or tnd
mil Orowera' Society of K tst-m, l'cnnsylviin,.
Tliia tact alone is a guur.u.toe tho diMU.iy in
this depurtniint wilt be aopertort and 1 leirn
from the members already in alteii.l ince, tb tt
their antic patiotiS In regatd to It wU be more
than Tea lued. , ,
l beHmtl Tent hoa already amuraed a very
tiannful npnearaiico, which by to-m jrrow will
txartatly improved, aa wagon luat alier vugou
I,... . (mA IllAnlal H(l llowera a; rive hnurly.
The Implement Department will alio be well
repreeenud. Prouituciu amoni tho noticeable
f..t,iroa will be Towler'a teldbrated Mie tin
l .ongh, which has been 0fiaicd sm'Cu.sfiilly
for aome jeara pa-t ia Jiiigl.ind. 1'hete are other
Biiveiliea in toe way oi liiipieuieuw uua uia-
cblner, of which mure ht rent ut .
Sick i arriving in lar:K numlieri, und tlu
display promiaea to b excellent. There will be
oeial hue herd ,,f c ittm. a id 'Oine of the beat
tbtep 8D1 gwine in tho ouutiy.
1'iie track is uplt-ndni one, and ttin pre-
jn uma oftered fur fie faa'cr. na.ja are very libe
ral, ihere ia no dount but that tue aports ot tuo
ting wi 1 lorm a maiked and vorv aiiraetivj rei
tnre of the l ar. Home of the bust horses in our
own State, As well as from New Jersey and Now
York have alremly nen entered, and Ilia Hit ot
competitors for the various prizes will be a long
LA'ri'ady the principal hotels aro well Dllel.
Tiices ire mouevtitc, ami lare go.d. 'S"''
I t,c run over the Nor b I'.'t'Dsvlva na, l o-
hi b Valli-i.iiiKl l'bl iiuelphia ini
a. once, I latea uf ure, and at Ire'piout liitcrvuls,
and at noeli low iat a itre.u m inv p.irv m-,
a..... .., ro,i im .rt. rs i'. tie c rtnnoilioiiB an l
eifd.a'it huteis of , Loihlebeui uud other town
. I . . aha a-rti I
Jlii, l'liiiaiiel'ibMi s a'-cii!r,-(.ly horn, aid wn
. ... ..... ,r in,iiiv m.iru. I'ueafC'iili r is
ouJtfil. Hie roc a sMnt u:id ex ling y pie i
tat.t it,c,Hiii thu l'0 ! ""' round iri;t v.-r,
modi-rau'. Yours, truly,
Au l.iitlonn-l Jll"i" l.lic
Jjhn Went iurili, tit t!f l.tte thi io m "tin
.letl'cr'on 1) ivis cut red ronum- ahnat tbe
funiiMvHrthatld.d. 1 b .v.) in. t bun ottfii .tu
i . . , u .. i lint Thtri, w.ih tkl
fien. (irant's Army.
Narrow Escape of Mr. Seward.
cen! to riiei r.vnliiir T-letrrplR.
Wasimnhto, ScpUtiiler 1 be nm 1
aleiinu r VnJ-rh!U, from f Ity Voint, reports that
early yesterday morning tber.j was aume llrlng
along our Inn a fronting ru'ersburg, but nut fu'ti
eli nt to indiratc nn engieiiicnt wn in pro
grcss. Tho laudti'iiU brought up tonty-tivc
deserlers, mostly unassign. d run' rits from
workshops at Ilichinotul.
Thoy ny that the recent nrler of the Conl'wl.:
rate iiithorities, tukitig frum th: Oovernmcut
shops mechanii-a hm tolore exempted, ban caused
a gent ml stampede ann'ng tbe workmen. A
large Oovtrnmont sta'.ihmont Pt Itii-hmond,
known as the '-Anderson Shop," has lost one
hundred and eighteen men within n we 'k, who
have run away with the Intention oi coming
Early ' defeat has ran sod gr?t dosvomlctiry
In K rhmond, und the R ib. ls th it Shnrhl an
will be uh:o to reach l.ynclilinrg, nti.l from that
point cripple tho Danvillo riud, thereby cfloc
tnnlly ruttirg otf their supplies.
1 he prospect of having to cvarunto 1V1 :hmouil
la freely talked of, and it is noted that teveral
Government workshops have already been closed
np, and the machinery tiken further South.
At Toint Lookout a nnmbcr of Rebel olticcra
were taken on boaid, who arc to he tr.iusierid i
to Nartbcm priaous.
Secretary Bewurd bas returned from bis visit
to the front. He reached City Point In company
with tho Ron. AV. K Wasbburne on Sunday
morning, and, accompanied by Oencrnls Orant,
Meade, and Warren, proceeded to the works in
Jiotit of Petersburg.
Tho evening was spent at 'General Orant'
modest tent headquarters, where the par'y dined.
On Monday morning tho party went tip the
Junics riicr nn the steamer Hnti more. General
Butler, General Onl, and General Iiirncy, on
Iltitlcr's steamer Uriyhmmd, Joined thetn on tho
way, and the two boats steamed up to within it
mile of Dutch Gap.
Here the party etu'iarTted in Hitler's aix
oared gig, as nfl'iiding a less co.isplctioua murk
for Kebcl tliells, aid proe led to tho mouth of
tlie canal uud inspected operations there.
Kiarcely hud they hit on their return, when tho
Rebels opened ftro on the working psrtios at the
canal, and were replied t by our guns on the
bluff. Some of the shells struck unpleasantly
near the distit guislicd party.
On tho way down the Janice river tho twj
boats were Ushcd together, and the parties dined
on bonrd tbe Urrylmitnd, and when bilow City
olnt the two boats separated, and the Paltini r
with Sicretary Seward und party, blurted fjr
When in the hay about 10 o'clock at night, the
crank-iin of the Unltiinorc broke, und thu vessel
was disab'ed. but by sending up rrl;cts and lirmn'
guns the attention of tho steamship ll'iivior
attracted, which took tho Dj,lt:morcv tosr, brirg
ing it up io Washington.
t ja !
v N i T z D s t a t r. s k i ; v v. s i; i:
mil TIlK AND WFKTt PJt -rTl JR,
Ko. 304 CDE3NDT TKEtT, rh;ialclphia.
VnM'l fctif' l'"-tn,kT it f . ...''l r,U ) m1 r"?.i'.l.
Topr""ffit V'5"iuf ni'i'd on V1 1 ii-fr jrn I lvi )
atvi n- arils).
A 11 r'lri hoi M b i I to
Oollect-or of First DiitrH,
14 Nf. .1114 "I!f'SJvi:T 'lrM,rt.Hi'1HihlA.
i:ai'iNIm,i:v i japc iij.vii.
nir. rt l
with tiji: Ttot s;'fxs,
JiY I'll. VON M )St)il ISKI-.U, .
Au'le r of h ri"irily p- I.I Juliet-1 w-irh.
(I.ce, .No. lv.' I Ntruai.
TO Tilt, I'l t'l.tC
n 1. with eorRd-ira,'. .tr -tlon tl(Rl lr. Vn
Moirh. l"lt.T ran a llml til. ii.:rr ha in.lood b.n
yif-ai li.a aui ! is N lit,' iiiori' (tratiiyinK .R I' Is .-nlpi'ly
owing to ih m.mot'jO'. t Its' as ti.i- .in.-nd in tha
ali.v. rna'an" "'i ni'' ii'i'-i--' '-' i". ,i.. .i.i.
iomare ronie v,tv Iniinr'aial cttti-l have, irxm a
a. i a.- i t" atw1 utatl tifl", 1 1".- 'i to pr-nnuM It. I i."lr
tf.iiinoimi'R, W'll'h a in the vorv hi, st t-Tim, can ha
tsaannid at Ins mi " N" I' li I K r- .a.
T i I III' Ml I I' 'At. I I1"!'I'.-S -S.
Hr. Voo TMovlilaR. r has liv his i' wirkR and t'i.
many dlfll'-illl cnaea he has' tie if 'rt uth Rif.' mi n-r
On ir im.ii, e. iruvd uttot b-' Ir sMo in peilurui m hIR pr.
t, sstol ip r.ip.i' Irv. For n"lii. ritiis nil.tita r'iurt.-'.;s:v
a' nt rim hj I'' nrnl ainrt ii.tilrfs ot h in ai1 tils w.-rki
lu thi'li llirilh a. s nrnsls. tl. returns iiiiq iuuni.s.
The npt arntiiR eoiRtri"-!, il hv rir. VOS Moscttis.
K t.K, for thu ir.-.ilnii- .t of ill. iCi 'Ve in il-l ilo- hAs hi i'li ny
tlir Ii ifl.ia t im Ifr ii I unit' i' III' a mid till hi eviuiil'ioil tt
pMiii' iirii' d Hi. i;', iiH'iiu at H!.''in lor th. oure of
lirAKVK.S.S, IIIKOAT MstASKl, t.VlAllUII and
'I huM' w ho Riitltr fV.'in any f tn. nia'.n.t as have now
tlir hrsi uml sMl'l., ineiins of 'ibtslntni.' a nit'.
All p.'rsi.iia nlm ' onsii t Dr. VnN Musi lllKrit tuny
rrly tha' Ii' HI a'' them a osndld oionl -n ol t ln-ir i n"1,
aiii) hat ho ia able io do for them. Oilier luJJ VV a I.M' I'
Ktnet. " -1
ai n'.w rtoelvliu.' their suim lies fresb from the fl-herles.
Tna aiiperlorlty ol lh"lr OIL loavury r"noi't, baa (ruined
P'T It a rci uution ami saio beyond any oibi'r fountt In Uia
ToDialn'aia It, tliey are dctennlnrit to supply an nrtlclo
tl at pia b. enllrely n-M.'.l on for frahn.sR aud purity.
riceU'Stliji"iiiil oii'io.surof iltdieal Ci'ileitvi. aa'l
Pitmit appJitstl ftr, Mj nev luTKutt'-n, ft DuuMi'B
rrtil.:c St .KiHistiiu j-;.(.,)t Tihvi Inhaler, for -l:niii-Ifnttliiif
Itnnm t xlilo (J-, and flvtnicuiiH tw't'lh
p.-. In Tftor.jr OKH.ii u.UUiti tu cat. 0 properly uaU
roll DI'.ArNKHS,
I oara.. .1 y. ... I.o " of lla'r, f'vi, Viil.vraain.tU oi
tie' l.h ', iieS' s of Oi h l-tn-ys, I (..iRCpai:,,!;,
I" I, l'i! , tna'nty, I'll.. Para ; IR,
Itish i f tlio d lo U,. Ilea.,,
t o w m i) si I'M? J rv ,
W Pi All uo-l f,
--y rllraf wl'kl. infi sir tn. hliin"
. ii''! .-Cr :iMii tty
ratt'i: .
lO'H' I ' RIO Af.' ll ff-;.".. PinifcM. lot.
Mo. )ii KOMI I ror-l . itf V.irk r.iol 4'
N", H rKMIII'tttciK K.,ure. !lo:. n.
1,.. 111V lillH IBTHTI TirTK. No. 1 MOriA
SSH-''' NINTH Btwt, e"ovo Market. H'H)tnra
raiiieailv enrid hy H. .. fcVltitpn",l'"S I'runilum patent
(I'-ailuaOrn Vresiura Trma. Sin I'rlor KIORilO H"lta,
E aitio Hiocllnm. Hupiortan, SUouhlar Uracaa, 8uipn-
aort' a. Cni'fl'... Ac.
Li'tlea attended by Mri. B.C. EVERETT. myii ly
iLJt II aaaaflifai H rt)i'-yiaaxFmi
Tlift SIiiIiiw t. lection.
GAittM.NKit, September '1 lie oil. ci ll jeturns
from 47ft t..wDS, clues, and plantations, or ueaiiy
the whole vote ot the atute, lojts up ns tcil iws :
t'1,1,1 ) , Repiiiiln nil b' ii"
ilwnrd, DcMOtrut .4b, 17b
Maioritv for Con ?y '.H'M'-i
I.a-t vi ar .lie vnt ; iu the sa oo s'.ooii .
Cimi , Itcfuibliciin '.'
llradbury, !) mocrat '
Majority for Con. 17,-,0
vntti on the conatiii.'ional inuuudiaeut lo
allow the sol Jieis ifivji.t in the i'.-id tu vo.e st iod
in tnvof ol its adoptiou, i.J, j'M; and ngaiau .t,
Markets ly IVI rrti.
Vtzw YotiK, RcptetubfT 5H. Elotir 2fKc2"r!.
hli'ti.r' ROI..H ol P'a'eal H IIK-l.t '20 ; Ofco, t.f.0 '2 .ip t-7.ri;
ootnein. luiSniUHO. Wheat, wi) 0.". aji.r of
1 1, i on 1,11. Ii A Mill r Ml. hlcan al 'i 01 hi vlH; wh ts Kl'H-
ti.'ckv. ; lli.'D llnrii nrni ; st'.'a iiiittn lo.lant. llotif c.ll.
Fork titu,: Ii 00 blila. sold at J efoyau IS' f ir Moaj.
m . ... ..Ii.... I.. khiikvAnll.
bi'ocki U tter. Chicago and Rock Island, 8, ;
rnnitii rlai.d. I rt'teri C Ii')-,. ; Illinois 1'rn' 1'! ; n hi. '.ill
sunn ii. 7.'i : Mi'A Vor c'e.itrut. II,1.; Itu.illiih', P.Sl
Ho,,, mi hlwr tl, i -i.e V ,'ar Crtilirat'-a, t ; Tru.iii-y
7 ;i lo. II) ' ; U -', 17 ; '-'Jil li'iupou.', Iv".1.' i O.o U'jjpiil'jrrd,
K7i4 , .otl. 'm js, IS',..
lr.At-.l'lo s l l I'OH
B K W I N O M A O II 1 N K B,
.?S No. 710 f.'rlf'NIIT Htraei,
K. t oni tt rxrrn.wri t tUKt1Ai.M:i in puity
o 1.1, r a'sd Potr, rlra'i'nen ..p. -iri, tor l-tir .tu-a and
H, hooia. tint l' tn'" 'o In .ui -tt; v" 1 adapwd lollic Parlor
and l.rab, 1.J-.UI. t oi sk oaly hy UKrrr.
T'r 18 V SKVBNItl Hirsel.
Alae. r ecmrtrte aRort' .ti.t i.t the i'ei'.oct Mi';o't,:on
ccn'iuai'ly on hand. aiil'J-.uo
il Ht
i l lor
1. ... a.- I.itt, U.O I
.., n J, tl. Da' is and in;: I, .blV. nidii't l"r bis. 11 j was u.euui
leiioer ar-e and plactd ut W.-t I'o.iiMind your
lather riuin) wcio iico upo " " tbllt r'BCIltd llilll ll'llll ob i.'l' n.
,k.i., the verv common ini-tikool j id,;in t ny
lila l.t ad rather than In heart, uud Hid not nci
the viper that was coilint! tin re, and whie.i wj
roncrt Into life to iiim us if poaamie to tleat'i.
AAhen bia school-boy days w era over Jell, wat
ent out Wit-out Weat here at the G veru
nitut'a expense and siamt a year or so aurvcy
Ing uronnd Calumet, lishing, and lounging, and
ebootini' grouse at tiovcrntucnt expense, imd
eating them biiu'ell. i Laughter.) He tleti
inurned into the Government ; bia wile being a
flaughterof General lay lor, who was supporn -1
by the Government; went to the Mexican war,
uud returned to become ficcietary of War, und
to vilily the gallant soldiery of Minois for their
fart upon the lield of lluena Vi-ti. Eur tins
Oovemor Disscll eallo I him out, but on this par
Uvular occasiuu Juil". didn't coino out.' (Gnat
Early birds catch tho worms i bheridan catches
1U Liuly biida.
tin thartie the Copperheads can't bring agaiust
ihe Govainuieusjjju',, cavalry charge.
Sported that bheridan ia dead. No
7i lu " j,lM bringing out a new play,
entitled "lotrl, Chaaenmga" (.Chastcutiigs).
r1AL,i?"1 f ,ne1r:"nt operations In the va'lcy
liL phu" u"ll'c"Karly bird" 1''60t
pherldan's comedies are no longer performed
on the bouthciu atage; they have ie'u oUtu ,0
bheridan a trageuuis. u "vv lu
The Cops can't complain that Sbortdan dues
rot prosecute the war ou truly peaceiul aud rolL
A'toua principles, wheu he Cuu produoe li tu.nn
AO the contrary.
"tsherldun Is trump," &i I Junes.
What kind ot tnimp," askei Brown
'Pdes r"
' "iSo, sir; cMi." '
W rcirriit to liuvc to uiiiioiiuce tho deutu
ot John B. M vkiih, uouior partner ot the Dry
Goodn Auctic n Ilousu of John II. Myiuis &
Co., formerly Mvkii & Ci.aoiiobn. The sad
event occurred alnjut V o'clock" this mormng,
at bin residence. Mr. il kiis has been ill. for
several week with diubctcs, ami bis tlculh
was not unexpected.
Hi'.nioi s Acciiien r. At 1 o'clo.'k t;iis a.'ter-
noon, while the isilnre l parade wis passing Fif h
aid l ho nut arccis, a utimber of the employees
a it) eti d around the fc. onl story windjw of
Itocl h 11 A Wilson's store. Two of lho men,
namid John Uuchriuger and Adam U rcssler, who
wire atandlt'g ou the edge of Hie window, lust
their lialun e, aid lell. iu lalimg. lany pissed
In i in: h the u u.n g, Oowi lo tint pnem.'nt
Ho. hiinii' i, ic-iOing at M h mid V.,.i a'reo'.-,
wis ! si vi r. Iy 1npir;.l n'nut the head 'hit his
uiairv i'ln".'! r-.l-l nn lul. I""i :r 'ce n it
C 'il H y l.uit. liulll the S ill TC's Were tlll.ill to
tt e h": l i'ai. lvt, -.'!. r l'.siiltd at No. .ril- t'. n
Tl.l l' Villi If'''. '."") 'ic'i.ys ;
Tin il. ih.iti'l I r is 'a 'Liti.T oil, a . 1 mir-elia.-i
is an- item imlio..' a n .lin ti-m "fa. .tit two a tun, othcnvlie i I . c y rciu-.o to uiuli.' any
i m.i Hii't,t.
'1 In bliipni li's are h. iw at-aln tV.U we!t. :tti,l
'1:0 crinsi ipii t ee that a larg.t number "I .r. ies
n noun nt.s'.lit a' New Ymk and Itostn'i, nnd tlio
stnofs lire an iiinlii.iliii-' ai the ililfer. nt slilpplug
w e tiniH rs'ftnii :nar n cnorat niti lai e iu,n
tion in the pi lee of waecs will lie reipilreal on th"
lirst 01 t'etober to meet tlie piesetu state ot me
trade, lho tiaile abroad will not increase their
btoi Us nt present lutes in the face ot a uueline.
It lias la en Mi'j.'esn d that if the price of coal
ai d wain s must recede, that tho pucos of trans-
ottaiion ought also to recede and bear their por
tion ot the reduction, 'lho high lales ch.ugej
l.v the tr,,n.Mimtin'! cninp ini.-s ciu preJi. mil
on the liii'h prices ut bicli sold at nuct'on
Ml New ork in July last, lln se sat. s auone.i a
He line nt the close' of August, and if continued
will no doubt show a lutthur dr.; ine ibis mti.tli.
'l o place our icginu in a competing position witii
the other n gions would seem to rjipure that tho
tnuisportin',' coiiij auiCi should share a portion of
the incline al,o.
i)V it JHiCliM'i,
jL'AKf ' Af rVI'.Kfi or
ai d aelJ lat
A'at.'.i.ritv-'iu-i oi"
V J ". N V. T I A N H M S Ort
TL T rnvJit fiJ F-3"i A--'rtrT.. r t) city, at da
Nn tin: t'h In o Wi ti a.
N i t l i.ik. in It," ' sri.
N- niillilik; il,1 ' '- H' ltrili i .nt: w!n 'lr: - r .
No pi ni iu' iin-ll'' uri tl iv'm ( 'r-r 1 1'.
I in- Aim Al'll . mi AI, Iisi,t) i:it i n r.'t. cv.ry
t'h. ttiHt iirui nii'l )iitrnm ni wiJlro.i'h, m.J ir.u'.-
H.tlll (If illfl'rl tl- fl lit".
Truth its iiii'it .'nul must Tr'v,l; trr r h
d wilt i fli nth c ms ,iu n ly u.:it h'ki- r I.Ltci' Rink
Into oh H nm.
In nil ih-! mi! " t) orf ii no'-Mini no coiniilf?l7 w !
lo) 1 ujt in ci roi a tlm ia -'tp, lori:.":, n;nl iiiutivi!ii p -v-iw
Willi tlifl intynl ,i ttiJ iner.iju. ini' tuutloii'M ints
'I bis md Htnt? of tntus-It the rr-ult f l'VirftB" ni-l
lii n iiit i- on t lt' i in tit tn.ii-e wliu put i-i A.t!it.iiiii.'r
health und iih-to the p'-opir. wtni'1 minor, I'm niijoiiiy
iKnon- lid.. Diiin the t Ht'?n alo tiii-r. All lhy fl:nl
1 1 ir fvl'it ih'' n nit 1 ipnyl''rt. nni tun nutw bu unli -
gtt.f't. flpltft (MM Hi'1 Mllii".
'I h- Ir r' nifil Oil') lUAkP fl 1 'l'lirHi - if tff ititlkf ' I-
ir I'lKI 4 si - 'I In y pr- l'ra hint. iiin nt, tO ') c li.iriim
t" thu k ui. with which to x ). ruii-'.'t on puir il.y vt---tin-ri,
who have luth, iili"r filnttr.iliy munttiliY,
to mult rko so' h -I'ltri ii-iliti-t t ' imnt.
JIf v ho i rt-itti it he l.imniii L)od hMt - spfftitp of It ai
a nitnliTv wh'ii.', in! il' rmii mtii' ii-1 a tin ! or I ml tvt.i
wmiT'l nitmipt lu tl'vlim ih i'-t"m Into " !ifit- ainl
trt ii ilni'o ti,ciil'"tll . WnJ .cml' iit t :ltfl (ai r
tiiihht) whola t v Jiichih j b' V.iu. A'A mi h i-r ui ic:i
Th treat i i tn tmi hunw n .ihiiin ot ihi i -k vfipti
ever 1'hiM tin- wi r l in noMiniK 1 i a vms' ii.iiiiupiI.
'I he Altf tnhiL con II 1 ia ii ot IN- (iftpM piiyt -.illy,
cli iiif jnmi,', ho itrts f ild 'iti tli"rto t)iioietli -y iKajni
U hml into It'ti, H rxcihtir with tmrsii'l of rU ne ui h v tit
bf-en lfii,'v"J ti rri'nH, who Ji.uo 4s- J luivi
untmifty i rnvt l bi-tnif i.t'nin-tl on.
llu sm- nr,'i'mHiiiuC", wiih niiiDv o itr which intsTht
nitoiilMiHil. nn jiu irrp-'HliMe HiJr.iiilim to ti- ii'ulo to
(It iu ;i nil "t evtrv lMitn w hi i littNlhc Itlc .lift h.'nild tit lln-iil-n.lts
Hiiri ihcirl"fJin' In lil hi'Kln.iiiiil 1m c ur 'miI.i -Ir
iifiMiltiKicrliii.' ..ifllcmor, whl'h itin pril l-nf in n if nilowi,i tn
know the imnienr firt'innot, I hmv uo'ler iti"tf en-' nn .aiicfi
tlm i 4'o. lo liHt' H i It.'1!' t'f O'T'mti'l.ii c wrv mi, ti h .-. 1 i j . 1 1
tn Turn Mt iIk-iii with 0 littit oi' hln i-linr.t"H f Nut th. y
limy know iIh 'inli.:.itl.ini, Ac.rVc. ; ill ift?-l nvcrv p'i.
tJ in si ou o 1 1- rump-'l p-l have ii hunk' up In n is mi,o
nt ml lim.i-R. It is o ri 1 thiou.ti thu ci. annul iliil tu'1
p'liillf i-an iivc .'u. m .ii iy it i-ua a it.-o fur w ). it i - laost
l'ur to Ii- iljc iiiuUn- ilth ; n'h'-i .vii- lilA m iy bu In tno
hnmiP of atiiftn moiu MUftiitliHt for a bljick-tiu'in tl.m a
pi 7 I' Mill
lu tt tt w iy Inhrrcat riiiaUflcnt. ins, wlitch ar? Iirilur l-
i:.b c to o ii M -.It'i tn. i-' iut lo b- il"t: t- 1 .t 1 1 In hi .'d.
A o ! 'bin uii t ri.l j ttfin". thou-and w mid '-uvt tn'Miro
lc iiii w lih'ii iiiiti-r' ii" ' r ',u. 1 1 in t'tl tii'on, tor. Ii" itatur-i
i'iiihtU in, tin r !) if viii' iti v fU.ui(' ;i.o i. as. in
or.'fei- to d t ' t nr llr-i ."n-sO ni' (:-ci it in r jut-Wc anl
lli-ti-n"p il luiiot iry io Inlnrlt faiiinny. W tn ,iliv
meal FnwtT jiiHiOmnrut'm 't,e imott a i t-e Inifri'M
b) all Wl.O Wulllvl b'j niKV.MHl ID tlll'lilli: .LII UJ'tdotO
r.ip.ihv i.; m.i jti!j v)i or .i'n.i. ; : a t-r i- n-i
rti.tni -l t y h v'i c in brit-a.-bcJ iv.tu carla .ity
but t! ' oin- I hftf " rl-iit.
'I hftcn 'TV I mi- with cun'ulsjiife titha worlj, th it It h
tVi'in.! h.f vMhiiirf ttKt rnr) ot'ii-b'tia'i no: .hird.' Hr
lint I huT! b mi iiihIiI"! I'K'cti ;t fie ..rut ?itiis"ML 'l.-i.--s.'.
II f cuit' U not. itP h a" i f"f.' ! r , br :l (I H ''. I
an ir - tl Ihw !ti i.-i n hi m .md uo'ly. iiifli.tia" An "t ti
l aul tt 1 n I .il w (i s wHcrlurf b miih' it:n oil f r. Tf ii
l.'lW -Oll-l". I O.tli -st'tll. t- CM -vtot,!... . l l.lO lt.Mllt
III fiv, rtiMi-o l.-iiii-, ii tl dt-e'iin; i- o',p.''i nr. M. i on
lunir' T'il writ 't iiiIoh n ilr.ut r khji it t i-: cnuult u'o.i
pirti ninll i'. it" hi ni!i. r fi rni nii'i it'ir l-i'-ih" ot ttifl
m "M in. ilii; fcdof tno 1-K tiic wlivlc m..clnij'. iy vi u.r Uuhiju
b t)y.
Id m ml' r, th'1 Pt-tnn.:h BM'l the T.'vo? a-o ntTiltur U
tlo wltb I be viihp oi (!! di'oo. Tin trtiutilU' oi ll.?te
nf an.lJr tbn i ajm1, tm ir. miliitjni to mi uaiUn--ly
w nh coji" n-'o I ll ' t't tri'! v rl(' t' nv M-'tii hvnt -ret
lnfi:orj in thoi- fly icmoj,, o, .',r i:.t!'I to tin worll
w t n II WU ' hi K.n(.'Niy A:.ntliib'' I tl" ("ui 'J . ft n I hO
tlisriivri) r., f.i-1'. in-' i' ul-iiiKt prt i.a -aiti ii-n ; oiit) I r
If t i,it. nin ii 1 1 ' m ,, jiiiiM"i-' ,r i'" " i:" 'I'h nMf.
in C"Mui L.l' n, jutti t r.ii" f: rG ijf tt.- n .
lin I u' m', i DVii:: tn eiy d'ltfU': llu: vrr i.-r'ai.e
tl ' flliliiMl Ol d; .
Till. : NSl'MI,ltr-'
;. 1'I'l'AL. HTOt 11 i
5C,C0C Shares at $10 lei Stare,
into.1 r'KST
IhSAt't UIlD,
Kr. Ml Marin: "irt'l
h .l-.i S. Nil-'! .'ill', S;rt
lllltl '. JO US,
JAMU I tMLM IS b" halites.
l-.liWADD K. J0SK.l, 5" O. Ar.ti ain.t.
IlKNIlY H. PAi;i.,Ko. Sis Wal,-.r.l reel.
1'. ! Cf AV rO.S', No. IWi N. rolM atrait.
IIIOMA" A. i.AlthKii, No. Hal I'l.flLUHI net.
OrriCE, No. 5i 6. SIXTH ETBrXT,
I ' TIIF. -lltKR1UMM:lK4.
t;ti.irf'rVI'l- l) H"M ItKllV BAKKAM) I I VKH,
lk pritt htuitie
tnvt All iim- of th MM MKsT MM MM
uiifty orptn. h a In- MM kt M MM MM
t oi!ic 4 r Uit IriK MM MM V M M
iM'up.i Itn ,f thi IllAililtr. MM MM MM II M
J,n mintt'ion of H a K 1- mm mmmm mm
r. Hiin n (ht H nlnr. MM MMMM MM
f ittr uif, Wi vei, iiim, mm mmmm mm
m n.itrtio a. unc uvii MM M vi m m mm
I j rtr..n n i in ti""t' MM MMMM MM
. nt I ip r Alni 'T MM MMMU VM
" ! rim In fti ra
nil tt f'd iisxif,iis) niftl
ru n li ,r'iti
11 l T'fT r -1 It. n b.yM
iVm tn1rul(ii IoiD. fi i1o-
't tV ( ni'i I "'ik ffinn oiM'i"io'irs
I . P). lobl'nU t ir.- 'I p r
t- . It In oi'ir.'-ii' .in ! t i riiiM-
In tt 'f.."i; p'irif.inif ,u 1
. iatinK t'i bl 'ol, trau'l'-c
to V in nil n m fti
c i " .orfy and Vi if ; Ii ; r
t (- voir tr(,m t'i-i -yai-Vtn allnr-
tj't " n'i i iiit ' .ui- w 1 1 it hit n
. ( 4' di.i'fd tliartA.
rnF.n ) K K i! I '
TION l iti'-iidtl n HT
Of ii-tni r th 'il.H"
K r.. Hl.llKOY. -i ilou'd
1 iKItl 111 a-sHIHHl' ' '" wl'i
thai uifdis-lna In nl (,f
O.imnrli , Met'i, I n -T
aibuP. or tilf. in tT ti
ftrt? kt'Ulii ai, 'i-'ttii'ilt. H'O' rfuOtnB Kit
raoliiif ht, c t ir.b ft, aid
pun, of th biirmrrf
and almotit nm ndnrib y ttn
tr at Ip itiTltn-'-T4 w if il
t.rty an ti. ctifj. 4u ji
in: IM
1(11 !
nn mi
lilt KM
M 11 ' HIT If llllllil
)ir: ii u
lit hii
JUI 1 1 II
CHFtfiKFft t.'I'HK.-An
iiilaiiii.ts' nim tfr hiifm.1
totrhtTa.Rtni nul t i-kn-.-.
W( cii.ii al Kiuit"nn, a- d
al) dipfntt w cuimd by Hlt
aoiiiiiicn, i -ti a Ia'"
lUWii'V I nn'fi ii ii
tnl-, rai! in it I, a k.
iHiiiiithf. ot 'l l"n, t'rfiioi
tur old A- f, Wi-ak NrvH.
Iilftlrillty I'f l titbtiiv.'-
Ti rmMii tfi Wni- itiiiitiH,
t Fitti" n-v "tt Hi fac, iaa
C'ounti" tnfp, I n ati ity . Con-
tinipiion. ami an itie tiirt'itii
u iiipiainta aiieVfO Uy d iotit
UHltom ti'tpi'.t. iM natnrv.
1T.KKI- t ' I 1
I i i i i;i:tt;'..H
v.wt'y r.
I I Kh.&
Y.V.V.V KV.:."
Uf tl"nooftttf lir.MO
K KtS IlKM HV mitl tlllK-
HtiM t. )-th
two IllCflll 111' Hi th lA'll'
iim all ImiTcpi r d
f Ii .i rir i aif rvn.oi''l, tn I
wi.-AkfiicI ' : 'i'"l- j
1 1 . ! I' T '. 1 1 HI Ull'i filtu
I '.r t. I iiartl.'ulari n'! 'inr
I iini'hh't ir.,m a iy Jno:
f'ot- In llu r,.u,i.ry, cr
Writ? u. I'lil wo vil nait
I'rof to dtiy atlrrp a
No. 110 7T.irkot f?t.rert
r . t . r.a. nti lt.
diiv (luisi is, i'jiv:c:anp,
in sun L s rnitfKKr.f t H",
I an fi ,1 at nurr.t, MUlmit't a n U ixnrimtslaf Imprrtt
ar,d IX'tiiealie Iinus, Fn :i ar Pan-nt ".11 Inr,,, Palnta,
t or I l til, W union, Pr,'., rhtt"'! V UI". A ' . a' aa U.W
pile. as r, inline tlrl-,.ua .i.ti rsn lie "old.
l im; K"sv.n i i t, oh.-i
For I ontr rtlorera, In ei,i vari..,, , a.-.rt ot "ie ti.'t .imrPI..
i n. til Betual lt il'an. M.,11' r I'm s.Rh, t'oOhew,
S rtk Aa:i, Aloin.inl or V itrl, l. a n-iiun, '."ni'iisrat, r.Rtraot
if Liitwoml. c, 1'nK HI 1. IIS' ii.s, dlnnjt oa l.aC, at
V w, -,l li"t ca-h prlret.
I I ItK MI'll'Kit Olt FAMILY UHF..
i.roun'l lor tair Rales, anil t. wlnr.h we ift.lla
Hi. a'tantlcn of ttinac in wint of r"l.iMo irt;,'I.R.
Alto. iMiltio, sr (( , .af'.r.4Jt, e., ' Mreat
Oril.iR hy malt, of cltv poRt, win tr ,.t with rroraft at
1 ntlon, or ipi i lal numntlon, will bs n.mlihtit tien r-
witKiii r & siniMhT,,
WriO'e.ale Oruu Waretiousa,
Jail -ly yo. II'1 MAIIKET str 'rt.absvc TruM.
h: oiiiioi'i.
I'li ip
im no
nn i i
lltl I'll
llll till
nn in
hkp-wimso Arn-.Niu i- to piiompilv.
Hioi:r. MUhLS m.ik and i tn L,Ei;i.
at'' Im
l.'inVfrU.'; abrvt- till' i. : mj r.y It at b'n f-rmd,to
cDAttlo foniitne'rv, Urjva and smaJl, by Iba akfrivat cf
IhfJr.yairly e-pniiil nre forcutl,to I .Ir oa ctl
lkoy. and to enppl t)im'iI w th tl a arib at eot.
Thf Lfatly hi.''ca fd p1r?i of al f r.n.oJiUof. lti Kit atef IrTt ftpo itlM tbro u-rilg . aboold b-ad f'ii
uiiifri to dcviio jt Ml avail ihcui'!.-! of avery pr ic la
Mf nifcthd of "riiunlnitur upm thoir'vn ccnat.miil,n.
As farai the incro lnxnrlf ol" MA' are c n-riH'il. Hilt naaf
be a.i'oiiipHsln d hy nbtiiit uoi but m to It! t'K't i-itUp,
iouo nthfr rli tip.a nunt be mlled Into r 3 c . h i tl in.
la the IM of iir -f Hfirb i, fw aTfl-Ms held 4 hichrr
I-lm t! th.m coM.nud In reKftrtl tu tliii tho mutual j rtn-
iih it, fuilu.iAtely.bolh a,'ilkub! and ad 'itLi't.
A ton ot r.nftldt HviTed at yard :i riiiUlnl.d.: -
about $7. lM''.h'Ttd at tJi"' door It W.
The dill Tf:t la and jet tbe est U cauini' .4 r.a.y
TLe ixpUnntltjM 1h i irplo. Tr Cib'-r nm" bvO t.ii
profit, t ie nbber n.unt bae IiIp pr jiit, ud tn; r'
Biiibt have hi prwflt. Why Cirnot tens-.tntrd, ay tn-
tiiiUitf ti'f r. ulimhj yar tho mount 0 ' tbe.r eMKitJI-
tur?k fr oal, pohiciis ttiir cwn tt l'tr. and luavk;
tlet; tlir1 ir(.flt- t -r tin rn'O-vof-?
Couimmni' Mu;nal oal (.jmi-any cy(l;re an i.n-
oniftUy favorable opiwrtunlty fjr carrtaK thesr pnuciplea
into practi al optra'Jon. 7h0fjinr ny huh purcl-aittd an
o;d-f HtiibU'ihrd Cullivry, ah',in flv tni ei above tottB'Jil,f),
with U itn-fiittbui, br. Jikcr. miot.T'hoHneri,tlftckeinilth-
aht uu, Miw-mill, ;aru, ir.i. I anl ail tfil ctiulvmottft fT a
tiTiiiiu-hmif i.'.O.rOtnim of cool pf r annum, and Iiavlnn
rlp.h . for ii '!! M:art !o w ork, a.w a fns in h ho
tctl tluuc vtn in t-cbuylkiU ounty th .SkWtr. ore v.u.
tttwnf'it thick; M Mammoth tia,frona iwatity-flvo u
thirty I ft th ik ; ai d itt Haien Foot Vtln.
lho c dli- ry in now produflnn 11,9 tjm pr diyo. I
inalliy Wla.m Anil t oal, a mi a now (lore la a m-iit zovt-
plttcJ wlucia w ill iniTtaIm :apac ty to 6u) toin p.r dty.
KKI.hcJt E;fc.
KM .ft
r irrr.vvr
TtK H'flOU'l S KFJV-
V N ATI Mi KIIXMt; or,
b ifi 1 1 o oi l.i ! I'looartt
iri'in riitfta '"'1 .'.
IrHr.ta, ront. i n. 11 '( not hiii'
lIlJIIlloUl I' lb lU'lll Urll-
rh Jit h'lMf
lo tr it psj nit 01 nii)j'rn
dbt oo b 111 1 1 w V)i.
bi Mnifl-mi belli k an
fntlti iit w and amt rutt
111 b d f rnr'1, lir'"tn'4-
liof all uybt andwim-
Olit Iti'UlC.
1 V MUUUKhll
HH'.i KKI!
Itl.K Itfilt
h M It I.U.i
MIR .intKM-'.
khK .K
It It I. UI'H
J-.hl; KrtR
Till- ir.ttlii'inr la r. .ti(
Tssvriitbc avtrtict, nrnl ttir
on whkh ail an rel, a it
) I list b'l tlrO'd Ml onrpr:l(-
l):c fr Dittny ycar-i, und
wi li tti'iii-xvt'ts tftaie I, It
1,h 11 "t faio'd In ti iiiittlo
lntanri It enrattt yo -r
(B hv t't-un ti'tk'',n to
,-etlll Vb ttr tjfr tbt; IlK'at
flt-ihhorn ca1.
'I o tt"'B who hnvo trififd
with ilit'ir cop.' it uui.n 11111U
th, think Ibrm'clvijx b
yoiid ilia roach ot hI'mI
pnl.we wo'ilU "iv liK-t'' Mil
oT? tba rilKMOhKJi
('Ultra Will r"it'ir! (tll lo
haiih and l--r. i! :tl ' r
ai! "im .h 1o-tora 'utMjfH. d
I.I PJSfllS IIO..DKN 1'II.I.S F'lR 1 F:tAItS, 1
loMPItil. tn rnrreotinp. nvilitln.', s-:4 rerr.ivlnal all . 4
,.l'lnn-lo'i. in. i, i , w r r- i a ul ui"' as i Jr
uci.iasl'ul a- a pnven'lve.
Tli.-e r.lla are notlilnjt new. anl hiv h,.n ci'i! bT th
lie tor tor niani vear.. Is'lti In 1 r,iu. an l Sir., rir I, wits
nt.paralieieil am r'e"s lii eve'.-ati' ; ami lis la ifaerl Pjr
tiihiii titotn a'.it I. oil's I Im hnvr ii" 'd It era, t uuaa (lie
1'iiU -'- for ilie alle iittin "t 'iioie Ruirormg rroul I
am lire n.arllles v. Iino-v, r. as well ss "o pre, en' nt lu- A
ei i ae nt lan.llv where tn alt will n'H permit il. Fe.mlei A
p.-. n l,i, .tttiRteil, or tt-i.e t,iiTio.tiitf thom-elvn. .o are
eruit'ot t-fl hk 'Inti ii'ln th 'e p ip' In P a' '-oe.llllon.
a ite pmp, letor .R-sunie-, im e,..ih,n..b!il'y a'Vr trie at.,ve
a'Tn-nlooi , lli. lr lntl,lne.R w,,nll prevtnt anv . A
MlRi h ettn hi nllh.ot lenvl.e n l'nl are Tiled. .
1 nil ami exi'llclt o lei ti-i' n rnniiun-. in eii -n is.t.
Price 1. O' ris tsss.s r r Sold wlmleaiua and retail
by Hi. r, llowlna tiiir(.'ltR '
Plllett. WI to A Co , Nn. f,s V, Fnurtti R'.reel. V
Wlll'llt Hlilil.lll. No IPl M irket Rlreet
A Mar-hall, e rner nf Tlil l, .nth n'lil Murke' .'reeta
elal- r A hnillli, corner of se '"n I S'lil Uie.M: trteta.
is nit A I'D , No. 'J.M N H.oilHt Uriel.
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S. I', li, Irtrotir. I'umili n.
At letail to all ilrtiL'KlRls.
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llNK r Ol.LAH
To either a int. em hiiv.. the
I'll I. si hi a r t nsr tut s 1 1 si. i.t
ft. mall, to an piirt uf tie enj
- Im No. SI.", W . Till ItTV HI I
or ' ouutiy, fit af
iI'l rUrvet, If. Y. J
CCW-tcVltC 1'
t". Wtr', 0
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. , ..l 1
FIFT V. F. N T II W A 11 I .
HPlXIAt, Jtl bTIXit
ni Tin.:
Will lie l.etil 'HUM I N KNINU, ut tl u'cli k, at the u'J.ll
piH'-U. illJ.lliesi, ui llliuii!.u.
Jt "r"tfu""1 "").,,VvArtr. nnilOV.rteeret.ry,
A M 13 It A Jl 1 U XI H
nli..i:. itl!) Ul'TtU
CI.OCX t'.ia'I' AllLIhllMDNT,
r..cemer Hi.i Oflll Slot I iiKe.M T rttreeta, riulsal'l.
,;,.ki n a rnr. cat. nt
F.'V"A1 l.lNn TI1UM'Y-HAY t'l'li'KH,
A Tirt doiir.iu o a'twia t. r ;i!ur ioa. Umalt. Hanka,
Ciiiuill.- I-"' I'"'1 "-, ', . .. , ., ,, , va
4 .si., MIM I V I ' i-1 t 11 r 1 i ! - K ,'n.ll r I.N SI.
I Lu' Kf lit I M '-LU li.' 1 "1"J'.
)Kls lj CU vIl 't rlu-'i'.l -.1 01
11'M. A. (5
It ami ViM'lt - T,"ts, 'iua Hmuhi'iur, WaiJ.SR,
(...l.l,! I I .fin ... i.t '" !.-...
r ILL.
All liim'.I.e'.R ca l.lnle-1 ill. a'i"l :
T'lMftVt'iiU S.ap li now (ncrr-Vfn vrs In u
Ut K dt
One Eumlrcil Tl.-.-u.':d Faim!..'
Jn Pttmiiylvanla olne.
It ! mnde upon antlroly nrw principle, of pf-rfoetly
pure matcrlala, und always In thp iamo wy. Itdoei
away with the un-of a Y !.-. will wd-.h twl.-i
H. inurhclotbeH with two-thndti U-m lai.or tUau an oiLcr
Boan made ia tho V uittd S;te.
I'asitKluced aevrrat brali.lrs jap-niRl.rrs ti iuitf.eH
la apptanincc, and, by oib-rliiK Krvat mdUt eiutnU ti
mipiliulitUd di-aU-ra.put Ua-li KouTiniis artb'le on the Uikr
kot on tlie Jtial rcpnluHon at i,uli-cu by our DflU.i. e.
'J bom desiring topuicbwie our aop gliyuid ea-aiLiue
and g?e V t
la tUmpt.1 up.u i;VEHV rOl'Ni oft lift 8oP it t!uy
van hagi::t l LicSCONr,
n-Ia riiILAJELVlllA.
A 1 A!V IK lili: I.A?T 1 A1 ;
rr.on ih.i l.J'tor. lo-'rTi).
,li i icni. i. aMra. N;'.ncv sioau. o '
i. t t h r .si,.w ... )' .: -it t tl u 1 I '.
r :t ti i 'if. M v i u 1 t ! 'i ' I L J
r.itilit no I 'Mi I'. 1 1 1 1 r i'C i'li tl'ii.M !. 1,Oi:i'l ;i. in tv i tri;i'. ; v .a- Ml t?'u.i t. -'tn on - t i?t t Hun. h t
Atii.if, w .ts -r li' i vons ; i'io-ti rmiiij mi ei ' ii.h.
J 1 an .i lunt b f tsfii yni s -to u, w ' t rt-tl n n.i tnt a
rflfloll. , Ii.'-I ilu "H- li' . i '. s .niii o .1,1'j iii-u i iiii:-i
mo. con it jn'' fi'ii. 'on !' io T-f ;.in .i it. I Ati iv-i"
i ir! i ' Hi 'Ii" la-l stHp,'(.' fii'tfitut iM.olon. I w '.o (".I'ltii ,1
io iitad wliu Wik it. iir--s n Mi iihvpi-Mii iiisiveiv
vu oiif ' I. I' ti, ,ilu I Jsi t"il .I1114 to U.H t'tlOll. I
tell tn b (tcr, but rir li-.r Aovjttj 'oc 'pinin ibi
My fii-'iui; w:iniod mo to i:h ) up, t'i inh' It MotiM MP
ti o ;'it at 1 t n.o t'ir ri-.ii.fl n'HUOii v.fltk i. uy uoythioij
l ie t Hut m nn bv r- ii) I v-od Id dm if I uh! no' fin !
li-io't In tb 1'iie n v ; nm. ,it i-- wji th'- 1 1' tint I t cure
in t.1 e w. iild ifirliiif it Wo "Of. 1 1. u il tJi.v it w thi
t in nhiiloii wM' h a i) in -hiiu l ito hit "I' l" hl '.t wal
in1 ii ' i l'M t. i h Itif cnv'uiili-n kt'pt ini'io.tMnK my d
tpitBt- bi'iain to hi-nk nn. It waa ni. vvc'iin aftvi' I l an
to m i.l) tar i.n;u"'lm: 'if'" iro 1 ,-o ild .a inr Kri'iuUi to ri
Into l.ottoi. to Mra II 1 1. Hm -mi. ud tbrn 1 na l to
bjv.' 'I he pci'iiid Li. id I t it'll i 1 want wtilpMit
b.-tp, .ii U tiit-1 laird t .nf 1 biuitd my way wlib.Mit n.r ti.."
tl 'iitv. I tiou .n t:ic ii-'4 trt tti M''ia.iov-n.ii lis). -..i'i in
M.v und tho rc.uH ii on thin '.'7t 1 1' .lnl,' in ' i.vaIui aad
btrflitlii lb ftAi roltiriiiDv' t" I'1 )fU.i't.iU'd Ir.i'Ut.
Vy p.irit, yd n.df It 10'orcd lo un' ; 1 (.mi t(W M'.
Anl unit. 1- it.iirli m t-ono. y f.iiia,'!, un mr.on
iii'xp.urid itoie ihioAt cro lO'iH. I ih t p wtl' All mvlr
H f-tihtiiii' - lu nl anii'.'.t: i d, and I i-iu't ,iik dv
Hi At . 1 tilt (Muvidfl C oi '."d, I U1 1ir;uld U LllC H'O - if
IH M.H Ivrownt M.o i? Ui'm ei . itnd by It' n fr u. t'nt inoufh ! i!it ir.ivc :mJ rn-iio.?d to my
lun.lh and iiu-i i 1 know ia diM n-sott ero k.hh', .inl a
lent rjl riii iihit on li". t.'ik 'M dim f bt.t oxpt:v;l it will tulte
tint', to ite.ain ti.y 1 at i''.'ili aud trennii.
Jil MAUK MS1.L ( I lil'tOl' 1-KAFN'F,H OF 1 WHS-TV
N K lfrt' ST ANIH ML
l..l.ihiiA Niw. mi ii. wl' ' nin . do criMfy thfit I h;iv
In.-, n in d.ii: in in v '-'ii tor t"'iiy y ,a"-. ami f r
lU'HiM mx M- ir" niy rijin ir bus ln n t dn:il tlmt 1
rf.nifjni-t lit v mwi-i m n or pnbln- siuhImhk' ot any
tWiiMt I '''fiin not 1'iir 'nt' 'hm'oh in IIh it n,' v hi h.-1
tHiin - in il ecbur.Mi. 1 ti aia-i bfin ir b-d f n num.
ImT ot j vii i v- Mb a i r -oro tbro,it, n )bU! w,t n , .'d
t. (.Iv. i p hi j, ,-). ,i !. i,.or I I'f I i""' nijv, I
Lad i rt iit ir f bi in.-. ' -atl. 't'rrtbic n 'Im-i, biiosi ta
i ni. 1 1 , Mv b'-.i t ii li nuinb and wh a
m iu.' r ui o'li-t ii'i li' b ' to Ji:'.
i 1 1 -it d i v m in- in i' f.inld bo t'loiiflit or' 1 wont It
' nuii-i-: Im. i iii.w."itd lo I'l-'riiUM n- t woi;l 1
I b.vo i nil bi. r. .1,. ' ii ti -ni- Ai it t oni- i ttitn utii" I
I i.htnii c I Mib '.t.vMiM.apliy-W.l Dli.'veiv Mini
I iu,-,! I- . . , i ,. n'i i i ip, i r'. I oi h on t i' I. 'Him A. 1. 1 I'm
:! it-) b ji'-'i In p. rte. 'IF ri'nTo'oil,
V. ! .1") i'li V III. .M. 1 il-" : l't tt 1 1- 'llli a".
f My hi 'id 1-risj pi-r't.-ih ti in
ll i mi, v.i,;cb vau- no ili.i'M-ii-il, 1 nlirt-iy
n il my -oi 'o Hii'i'n. I wiiii I n't
i l - '.T. r 'hi' t imi -lit t h.ivo Tfi vivtiJ
.; : M "!.ipli-sli ll IK-. "Vt"y.
1 nc pr.i!iit net c ai of i uc ot ral .
ctiliery at tho d '.t c( to ror.ennKr ia :
It' ) ally, uiiQliik', br.'alti'iif. loadl-ig. -So,
Toll ..lid fihton H.'jdlo.; Rr --ad. . r ar. c ilium. -1 d.Ar
'I uf r- t.'il pn c iv th' e.i. J'ri is
,irod IroiiBA.d
3 M
7 A i
12 00
A fw tb.ia rettrr ui
ai t.rtt.
iLUt lil)Hi''lirriiiK"iri
I in iKiitni y.
A tiw dtiti") cure uip kjt
i iri l
t.1 (. Dni 1 1: r Ji I ot. iiitju-
lul p rr
lU llll (I I'll.
'I bin nitdlvtne riir-'cpn
to iimiil) ,i.vr ft'-a roi-iot
t.aiiii ti e poF ea-tnb
laun wi rn di-wn, aou tie-
puii I'd d'vU' oi atuMia.
I It limit'.
oro tt'io
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lit i
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'Pun tot-ill iiu bu n t.
tttd by t o mott iui
tirn'. ni'dcnl ni-n of tbe
d ,y. and by tfia pri1
niMino'd io bp one of ne
Rrt-itf-t mf' dl-o-overli'i!
ol ll.t: ftt-'tv
One i o tlv will cure i!np .
ral l'bii ty.
A tw ib it-g cure tl.s-ttrb's
in l't in i
One boiM rtiiM ia;p'a
tioi.i.rtb llrart.
A tw il.iMH i"aiare tlif.
ori-atih ot L't'ii-T.-'tMn
1 r jiu i'ic to t'-ri'i" I'tJ
tbi it'K r it t iu i ili
livt And I'uK vi,,. . f
, BLAl Tl.
If to tain admliiriai evrn ;
IftoCMltfr ll VHl'dlll Hi a.' IK;
If to Ite a hlo-Tiuny. lbMr,
'ad;itg, U) lain In an hior-RaAi rr I
I' to hie a hoit offr'oiidt.:
It' Tor vicn to mit e amvnoa ;
It with hivh-lorn b'oni in wed :
Il a Diar bio stone bt.i d-ad Wkai-b)
If io Itv thrien'i rr and r. n,
Wlnlilnkf il e ato loi.u av;tti ;
It to itvr a lite ol p'-ac ;
Il to dl" a:id jia to gr, a t HrXTTt I
It yon wth a life of ileaanre;
l' you valnp ihti world t r-i.itirR ;
It very t'onirtnt oti -onl
Take ni auviaie. and wish ali thrr.
Then, havinK Ht, alth. Walth. and Ueautj,
l ou ii ie pri-uare-i :firv r. uuiy.
iiy a cuTi'rni pirunai oi ur. w luiai' ai luitn ."w
ll... K. i HK MAitkl .i; 'd im., Abl -h tiio il i be read
by cm- or Rrttl by Htp-M' -r cfnallT. jnd at thi
lioilora oOicc, Ho. alti hi'ULfi bl' prke 16
c-iita. auvtf
1 1- ii. ,
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a' ! -t
.l. il i. 1 h il
U' ll.
I 1
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: I- i i l I
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ae" l'ts, H 1 1'
. B, AM) l.'l.s,
st TUB
IN i 1. L
U,, ni. tne laiutaul plan p-)i le t ."'7
T ? cainsuL,ci i'i ten Urns of t'Dfil par can Ruo.i'Vibe
tin 'liuri R of at.iek at 110 prr ihiire, and will he e.n:IUtd to
tiTiliiim of coal tit net ' osl for ilxtecn yoarB. Atpre-.eut
prlrea lie will iao atnut WO tha UrsI ear. 81, nii'l tin
prh a e-)l mareana, as la atrorujiy appn lier.ilc.1, tlie
a.iviii will te still trea cr.
Tlie prea. nt annual proJuctl ,n of ir.i col.i-.ryia M,'.)0
t jus only, or one ion per sliate of HtOaA; lint tlie tmuie Hate
Infusion ol fiesh rash eappal lo oil will lacrtsst- Pr pr j-
.luctia'n. bifnre ih eml of tne 3 ear, to tne r itaof l iP.tOO
tona. ThliwIU enable tlie eomnan)' to atlRtrlbuia In eish
ilivlal' mis the profits oil l'Vi-0 evlra ton, of a'o ll a:h
vei.r after tl.e nreeut,wMvb at dcmcii prices wlil be
ale.iit f ."i-l.tOn, or f 10 per share.
JVinv 11 ef' fi' 't vl"Jt''j ttta: thi 'ia,;. U i l nd. oth:
i',rt 'ffi ii ,ie. trtll r'uitf'iti fr t te fUu ifi .fao'ii f.e t'ltarl
ea, a,(n i.' j'o.-l . V. rv f. w tn'eiprlii'a ca i .(fa r a' ltial
lllallli.ini'.llt. It OOlllblUeS prOilllOtl',11 iVVl a'o.ialalliptloll,
aavlnp anal . ilii. Kvery in.uaeh.iMsr inal Dniincs ra n
In the e'liniiiiinlty 1 an pnrtli Inn'e in anil alio 1I1I avail hlio-
s..)t ajt lis aU.tir.'!F'.
The pnyinoii. 011 aca-nunt ' f Hie ataj.-k may be nisala a.
foliotvt -t 1 mar liiii'. ou iiiliscrlliin!,'; t'2 pur al..irs o.
bet l.lsui; r-' pe." share Ja". vemlier la lS"'i J li-r -:ui'.i
111,;. I-. tnr I, ls'14.
The (ti.iiit of the Ulra'Ctora Is t' p 11 ler tlm '"imi in., a
Vra .it plll'l) ' t ena III. II ll to atnllo lla ilJ.alillil,,a;R ;1'0 .oa a
lnti.e iniinl'i r 01 In lii I'lnslR : ilie ti.r.e, lli t.' i 1 teiini,l
ai era, nfierR lr,.iil apt anlRlor, to Idle lir, 1 .-uno'tn s of
! H, , k.jLi un il ihelstalny of U. mb-r nest h 0 . l.iii
ll e iniiiil. a'r 01 laburts ll.iu in.ij be Bubii.'l'.e a :y AUy yr. .u
to 1 lie buiiilreda
1 he Cailli .10 is HOW p-a-pareal to aleliatr to RlTi-
.enl n: fc al ei '''' per toil. Sua .'rii-llotli I .T Pui.teit ihitii-
tiet of" , hura-R ol a aK'k eun bo lilmte ill It. O'H- e. N '. i' ti.
HI T 11 Mn , el, in, al 01 Men for a 'al ob uliie I.
1:1:1 ort r ur 1:0 ji miti kk or m u-i jtinrits.
Clli MiKFF. PM I s!
e. iialt i ha if i
IJValK R-1,1 I Alint,
I. f,A I. 11 ret er.ns s.n,
( I-.KIAIN Ni sAlf..
1,1 ilm It'ti .1 ai ol in-
tTjCtluiis. ami the lainr-
RI,e. el 1 'llll lailty IB I' '
l.enrrtai'e ot the iimy
( 1,, y el re nroiinrii' .nn..
runiiiaiua i.i,'rs iur-
ipl v (run iiniinaiaiv, nr
it 11 ovlnr 1 be lriinianty
nr. KK
a p. kk
ti K KK
KK hrt
kl Alt
t Clc, 1'
IV (','
u tt:
I 'a:
t'l ' '.'
1:0 o:
TIIIH K.IVIH enrea Hys
ten. ileiiarui Inhii.iy, r"i:.
p taatia.n 01 tho :lerl, a'.al
llU.Kila ue. I', reialo eR ;i."li
ta I'oavr anil inu i',,-l-s",
and , a i.e. 111. re, , 10 n unit
tbe a ba . a of patio;, anal tho
ila hilit atej 111.11 ci Wo nan
la, fe I Vip ami s i nu.
tnra yanioK Ulial anl'-t .oils
1,'eoll ta, a'O'iri-il Ilm nut,
e.ery vein, tlie ti-rvea 11
t'eeome a'rout', anl th- ll e
nf iellte aill'l 1 :uor t" .e
aint'iatw the ei.'lav holy,
I 'll! niiia n,, in? con itlm o 1,
reta o ln o ni. I tiio 1, 111 ,'iy
a .1.1 anal lacneil tiiati'li.
ne. I
the.' I
-vllil (IT NUliUliiltaN ltAILUOAD
1 1 1,1 i ik:
iiii lai 1 1 rttiA to y.iitrtiRtiTr-tv rr.NSsyr-
VlMl, i tMtt.M AM' 4EMl NBIV lOttK,
lnntAi.11 ami Tlir. mkes.
II. I'lilj irlpnli'. anil Tieiifn. H Ill lat'ilere, and
liilaii ne llatliuaal. In la'a Jn:, Laua..inua, uml VVc.leru
h.ilr. ii'l. Krl" Kail wav.
1,1, h two rha. pe. 1,11 aa, on t'hl'al"!; hlaatnl ButTalo.
Hj , li.iiylni In 11 e nlnht.
:li: vll.K. If lll .lALMKl
at'ie, ,.,',.. in HI, ei ii g rais , n tin! ill ht etnl ertlw rr.tite.
lioni, N--ri li. 1. 1'ivi it7-l,'iA w., i-eio ir,e.
l. ...... ...,.. I,,,,., oi' Hi. I 1, i.,eeinhia utatl T'renton Kail-'
ri-jit ; ei nt vi t Mannnks 1 I unk lothi lira act UaOKacara '
of the l'el,.aie. I Mi-.V aaa aim a. Hill Wes em ha:lloail, and
a' (Mi' IP nil toih'. trie Ka.:.vnv, uriiv.n at nunuioa;
.....'un.,,,. T.k. It.. F.rla lfa'larnv KlDraRR Irma
lluftslaiat III v.'i P. al.i chanve at lire.t III nil tn ttin llaila- A
.. 1 ...,.... ........ ..,,,1 ,.'.. .1.011 it,,, runt iin.l x M innna s.
lunik I,. tLo lle.a i.' te n. a, at,-na ir,aal rain, wulch
nea ll rniii b tn I'htlRiltail'iiw arrn ma ai " ' 1 . .
I.lsel .a ra va"nK ii.,,,, a,,,.. -
tile llaslavalirr. Laa K.iWHIllia a nl W aJk, rn ItallnillJ. IU li 'l
,1., b d l.'IV llilll" K-r sil-oii'l ill alio. , :;i.i,
Ihe ll B' "I, l f' R nmee t 'l" I'. V I ni s ,01111 rava,a
n a-e ll" fli t.1 elaiiK' "l ureit l- nil at H ill A. II , S;l! 1
l,etlli,e If I.l auk tail liel.'l.' tn'.ioal lla'aav.ue. to'tk-
ni I jllal Wa'sUl'll liaiifual irilli i anuti a',iaw.ia .
t' I'.'M. ... .....,.. , ...k.f
I iT., I la-ra' a in ia a, 1 1 oio r.n.oii. , ,..a
t,r. Klniiia. I liaea. iiRa.i'i.a, II .n,i iiiinn.o. ureal Jieao
M ifciin n. ( I 1 eht-air', I'e iw.,re vV.a', r i i i ll, Ac.
tare ha tia a en I f. '.Ui!-. I, li :l aalll m.11410. Hi.
all ror t a'l' t via lari at II.' nt.
i-a.lm WM II. flATUell, Ana-it.
Ti..y cure t3nrij,rra.fl(
Ejrafc.lve, aud t' annul alea
f irnallon.
Thev eure l-een ra'. k
nets ciil '.,.; i
Thev enre jai.-votiR
Ppina" Ait.iloi.a Pains ;r.
liie Pa, k a d lower ,'sr.i
If Ilie Itoale. Il'.v',.-,R,
Fat Knc on biksl l-a.i i.
Pa in allnn ni ina lla-art,
LnwD'-sB of Hl'iri.f, IIvr e
r a, link Mi a las id. Hi 1 ii
nos", .ta-., ,' '. In a 'Oi.t.
li reinov.ii:ih, lfre,a srlly,
t i .- ranooa ai I i) -e, i.r. t
VI itil It all II e e:i., t; tba'
spm. - t.jiii it.
it i
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inii., So lail iTIKsNI I' h'.r.'.t, bolnw Sixth. 'IhiR
Pi'vinieiit will I'li oranleai .a Hltarpaiinoiera, ami will
ba-liinler ti e cailun ami nl Nainr ,1 0. Iln' "0, a mem
ber of Maliir-Uali'-aal linne.v Btan. who naa reiei.e'i
ai.ll'o'lt trim ll,e ana ouuiuiutiiii w
li, linlll a' iilgHtniiljoll. .....
lilulll-sT CAdll UL'VKltNMl NT, CITY, AND WAItlt
Pa'.rt tmmtiliattlv on the ihuriui 'i." of anf nrnn Into '1, a
cs.u.nt, at iioadijuarteia. o. iaj.. ClU-!" C L .Tuett.
Ileorja J. m. harrl.on, l ,...i.el Wethorlll,
lion Won,,, aiiuwaad, ' I). H. Wina-lneiii er,
, John w. Kianuau,
JuliliTkutmi r, (.. y B' h.a uer,
' laal'ii,., ,11 w. Arnold,
fca.ll;aiillu Uulloek, 'A111V4 AaOlpU, $ 17 li'l
N. i
lo Imp
lil;. , y.-'.'i
., i .Ilm: 1! ,1
hli.'l'll. II
l,rt ihe p ilent
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1,, , u.,.1 - 1 haa e been onltl- I'll", I ll, l.l- I iiti.t " lor
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Tl.e fall-In aid poor Ilia!
ait, i.'o i'Clilt.
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1 i . IVapi , Utilly klihllilt 'II" I .l.a.rfll. Uaa
tranit ot tin ir c-tn tut Investl. jtion :
V -t- 1 in- Colli IS ol Hood 'lUiilila t' na-1-i.ll.' , at'al much ol'
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,aI(-, .( Than-1 an Inovhanstiblo ipiiiutlty o'Voal In the lor ti e U i 111 of tho la.uo nlfruaf. In t.ic' we lira
in l.ia ,1. Vaill, lll'l' lltllioht lapaaltv lor mil. In.;, facial. UI,'
ti.o !,nhist ipiiuilily plopo.' il lo lake out nnaio'y lionl
Hi ., c -i ill- . n lil nn imi lesion Ivollla' be ln.nlOLpitl the
v.--I i.u o.i it of coal ca.iitaiui-,1 lu tilts trnct ol land.
'i ' ., I Hie lacilitioa tor miiiiuic mid minlot nre very
i ,' or,. n.,.,anrli.a nil II inachintry, i' ., ucci s.ary lor
e i ' a. 1 1 ' ol' i iklliimt T l.f mines bell., t!. "
Vil I" Ulial tha- lliiln lla". U "l tJ-i'lC
Tt.e iinv rl ,pe you Imvi so neim-nlly l.etifd sllii.leal to
K r a li v tniii-iior am, an.! Ii now In pimca of bolu,'
l'i-!ied,lllld l.lli ll 1 espCa't.d tube Ml Ml iCC.-Sllll Opi'lU
In n 'i-M Ji on. A portion of your Commit lee vnttod Otticr
l ( .a.a lla-, 111 Older toUil.ilQ ellthaii llt klloia Icli.oh'r proper
e-.iiii'iirlion. Tlie riniii ol this briincli of tba.r labor 1
tin v i'id not find unycjal tia t on talo or lea-c t'mt pro-
taiitid Ilm nime adviiiitiiKeh fur cur purjio.eB a this. K ima
win: imdcvail. , iil, o'licra w.iulil reiulic liuuteuae .utna of
nmiiiy to renoro llieir woiknu capacity, which, at Uia
lilsli price or iiis: Inl and labor, wotili piobably exceed
the cu .t ol Una, with tbe vnniiainiy of Hie full iiuvcu
i,y rollli.rv itmr In ( Onllli tl: roi ll'll, Oftitf pi'VntfieS,
I' may tint be Improper tn tt..t, tbe royalty or rent of
lb it i-olllciy li only about tvao tlnrds tbe coat ol nearly all
tlio collieries In the Bclm. 11.111 roaion, being cents
atalint 80 or !!' cinta.aud In tlie priaaeul leai.0 ot tba
i,i,.,ri.,i,I. ninv reach aa 1,1, l, ai f.0 to MO cents per ion
nbliit tho iroximliyof Iheie minaa to a market and the
mpcrbr fi.-intln for r-tuna; there greatly enhauaea ha
value oi l! l colliery.
tV-lf. S. Tillllt.
IVM. M. l lll. UK,
WM. A. ll"l. IS.
E. M. JOS I S,
riillAbtuulA,Aull,tlO,lsbl. V-2ailm
f ewpaned of Rililp vae
flll.le .aliaet-.tK") eonlum
ll tl 'i r d.let rl o to a y
eolisl'linli li, hoaa i a .T I ell
eate.llel. Iill.C'Inil b' ln to
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I aa. vah'.-li. w n oroi'
u.ed. fitv never nil 'o do.
Tb-s m.J be milely n.ed
at uiiy ai e ii'itl iii a-i p.' !
e.rel 'tilurmn tie )l.'a (Alt
la,.l'l.. dill l' Wll'l ' tl"
in f i'n Tiinine oi ihelrae-
II n wo" d "--ail b'y
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v l.Klil I I t-K
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n. tl.e liit.1" nal' " '
int ia . ii y n '" '"' "'"
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ihalr , unit '. ""'
nun c l a I"" " r o ."' a. i-
i,a, a) a ' al I i piol.lli- oi
l.nia i r . no- I " " "" ' '
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tunc a,l i.a-ial.
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N N ."- N N sr
piloeai m ihe I inrnk
All itlelnea :i erolea) llsm
ill, i a Ho' ,. nr il li.i'tta'R
I' r i rhaoiik-e Inieo ion
tT-J a li-i'tl..,.ir H Im, i.. I'm
ft i. I tier k " I'llla', f
t ll'.tlo. Or it bal't l R la-r f .1
llr aV'.tnlii . K'lkir, f.J
h"til". in- il s m .s r..- f
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ti a t ox, or 'i i- isc t. i- e .
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i.i:i.l.i.Ei!.i:l aj
1 Hilt
r 1 . N N S Y 1 . V A N 1 A RAILUOAD.
ilAI't II l lll .NK.UA.I.KTON, WH.KIiiSlla,KRk;, W11--
1 lAiatll'slll. v.
F.M.I, A 11.1 V ral.r.S, r.ra , -, .
rn ,.,i.f,.e . eenn mo. -r Mi IMI, Paaaeafsar
Jriiina "III leave Ibe NKW I ai V r. I IllBII llruel. above
Tli.mpiou, 1 bilaalclpliia, oany (Biinuava .xcmiacu;, .a
UAi"l"i A M. fxpr.i"R) for lletlilelieni, Allentown,
Mauih IT link, WTill .liairai. t il liliilii'airt.
Al S .!' A, .at I Aa C0li, I I Jr i ..a i.-a.. u.
At It) lo A M. t Aicaiinnioiia ion) for lo-i Wasbliifton.
At 'j if. I". kl ( Aeenllilllniiailon ) for fl l.i l.ltnaaf .1.
At il 1.1 P. In IKvpra r.) l.,r llelhleni m, IC .aum, AC,
I In. nam tea. I.e. F...I' li al 10 . M.. and inatea claae
comma 1 1- ll va.lli lit ' .ler-e) e.ilralnr Slew jrh.
AH1-, P W. ( Mall) for l.aiyliata nil
At -1 n'i P. M ( Accon itiodmioti) for Uelhteh-.'m, AUeil
toa ai-d MriicIi rtiui.k.
6 1P M (Ai aioniu.oilaailo .) Is. Lana lata.
Ill" M. I A. coinii.a d ni'iu) lor tort Waslnn.'tdiL
1 liionili 1 b'ki-t . nn -I be nr.i,Mir. .l at lha Ticket Otrlre,
Tlltlinmiat, or UKUKs Ut.a-t. in nrd.r to
i.av.ll h he,,, ai tliii A 11 ,li l; ..leio, ind li P M.
In, llVl.w,.et.i:OA il P. M. , and a ) F M.
I ii-.i de i i.-l" A M
lorl ttaihnmtouai io-.ji a M.endlP.M.
Ihlladeipbla for lo-ibl. In oi at n .. M.
I Im ad. ia for Inn a-lO" tl Jf il I M.
llnlleslown far I'b'la, ell.hla ai l-ii l A.H
.. .. , , no. ..l.-n.l i.i al 4 I'. M.
lnln..l, s lu H. Bp.l as will call f t .-
bsiie in toe alepa.t. Uldera may be I.r. a. Ko. -ilal
aa. ,11,1,1. hlnet Bi.LI8CLAgg.As.nt!
1C,.i l'llll-AUKI I 1I1A AND IfJl'l
lSh-1. l.lalt HAlLll'JAtl. lO'l i. "C
'1'Vna ur.-fal Poe tiiiae-i.-s thu Nnrih-'rn and Nnr'hweat
e.a.inti, ,i Pennay viiula in ni Cltv nl trie on Lake Krl..
, ha. ba . I. I. "l il b, U.e I F N la is 1 I.V AMA IIAILBOAI)
t'likil-ANt . ai d under liiinr au.pu.a la Bolus rapidly
w I!.."' ...V'.'.""; In'r'iod s",.'ht biitln.,. free
IlarrV'iiri" to 1 ni'n nun . ' ''' Inllekl.oll Ilia K.a.tere. Divl
alo.,. lini'l .-al.C bgld tal l-.i.u ',. Uld.-a),..0 Ui Aealaun
lv. ; ( ,,.,. ivusiif i niLAUsti'iiia.
Wr'Hr lnle ae i?,',,.' S
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,r,i, l.elav a a -,iia.l-l.i.ia ami l.i.cla llal
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lor It'ior nat on r, SO' oiiiw ;a-se,.ar Im. sr. avviy at 1 . ornel Ol Kl liv. N 1 11 ami M SHKa.1 a.'eai
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t". 'k,i ,7.. V. ,n .i. i tX IKA Hi and AIAbVAET ,
ITc I'bi H'srlni-tfi
J i.V. );, - im oh. l.rie
a. 11. liri... A.ei.t, v. K. C. K., tl .UlmT.,
Ceinral 1 reliTlt A. ena. I'nilud'lll'ua.
I K vis 1,. In. I IT.
0. jral Tick ' l-eiit, lTina,llnhis
.InsKITl l IMt'H,
leanta' Vtunanr. Wl.'liaaiatia
1 I 1.1 I I i.l I E
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J llll ITT I F
ti.l.ltl 1-l.l.ii
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We ten 1 ill the I TIi:i:0
Kl.l'i MI-HI TNK-l l.v l-.s-pr,--H
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ITIla, tbi se an- aellt ba mini,
li-a'e oll'o.Ua,"-). oil rec. lie nl
nrla o, tn llliV part at' the ea l
iiail VAOrnt, s'-a-lira-ly p.i-ki'.l,
In sll, li a manner il. a' tin
tine ihriiinli whobo bands
tl,e mill pnab uo'.llil klloav
i ; . i-oiiiinns.
l.naiia-R or (rentU'tnon can
a biies. ns in peif.-ci rond
ai, m e. and i' ill In all
l H-ea ir.llilal.v Ullsvaer tin-ir
1, hits, and I'la u olir onlnloti
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( IM S nn- mi.iI b.v all iiitci- k- ill! ikjifis in me a " -1
aai in l.d. home unprin ah -a'era, I nvveaa-r. try
lo ael' wnrtbla-.a cou.painnil.
In place nf tl i -c tboae
va biali Iha.v cull fit at a
ciii'np pi ne, ii nil make Ui- re
inoiiiy by Ri lbin lioni tttey
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Ml llll IM'.M. As voiiva't o
voAl lienllh- avc, tin' liaullli
id' ynnr .ittspi'lim-do imi be
deceived Iy tucli nni'liii"
dlled alnikiats. Ak lor
ThlsK MITiRTlSliS, and
'I'Xnis'.mltesi.l.'ir ti. will .:,"-e wtlte P,t Ortles,
f on nn , tstaie. ai al uauis of wilier,, uud iutlo;. poRt-
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ni,d. will ..-lid ibem to ynu by Ks,,roa. I ar a. ad
dussieyua sboiil'l alaie the di.ease and symptmna. i-l d.
Ii llpiiril.lihiiallilaaaaidto Ibelrca.ea. We ImalaUdl.
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Cliaea Ol a l-nronic niaaaii. ... o t.llle
l'atieiiial,vli,fc-ata.listanee B.-id imi l;i"'"' J'"" ,!
nf tl.a-l, Inal. iblv Iii in. Va e ln e tii-a'.-d Rilci e.R
lull, paiii'i.l. ill all portions nl thai a la maid ul '''; ..,,
V. a wi-hlo .end Jvery reader of papa ourtni"
'"r.Ctl'iti'"'!';! order, to I.r W. U. itCBWlN it
tl... Nn l.lllKl.T". Hire. I, !.". .Y'Tb.vTT At CO..
hold wh. h-.-aie and M'laii by i
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ano' "pbVu.iii li'.l ia huaui.l.ip Company aia IntandeJ tol
kal " lollows: . ...
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cny OF l; A I ,T isti i It I "sat unlay . Oct..iH r a.
Aodea,Tar'M,c;o:atn; o0. 6 en risr So
'"I'surVAssAiiK. pay aui. f. im ruitRnwr.
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r in. -s train'IP""' ' C'neen.n.w n Ht st Ca I n,l
SI It '.m '.'l.i tsleeia.c lioni Liv.-rpaart u'el i.'ij' na- I
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Ko. Ill YVA1.S t T Htrei'l, ITiilaaleipnia.
.j.JL nteani.l'ln l ine, .atlliis irom mien a... ,
' . i - i - .1 , i' v .. Mnu .run
Kail ta 1 l.v I n. iikiii ui-i . , no " -- ...
m i..,, a. aid I.01.K Wlialf. Itoatim. Imm nra.
.' a. l-l F Htll-; t. nn S.Atiliaav,lliinii.r 1 .
T;lteLl!!, j 'V "id A. At.
phni in r llni.1011. Mi raiitii'ilay. ';;"' iiio.tou lot!
and lho Hinn.slilp HAV.L,.-,, aliitii.wa. rr- , ,
phil-i'clpl.'a. no .nine day, ai t 1 . " iPi form a renttla;!
iin.l niav .iiu,. ..-....-- - . NHtiiaj-i,
line, ta'li.'l." fn m each p..n pumi ujuui(iiiali-jt'4 Oi.
1 ,,. 1,1 ,., , , a a ilaiclcd at 011V-,'
aali- vi .sa'l-. . .
tadma wilh tbeii I MS' ..j.j fn, aeeoramodatton.)
I,,r 1'is" ," TlKMlV WTNhiiK A CO.,
pl'ly'y N0.0OJ b. liKl.AWAhlt Avauua.
r5.irT?nd Lima, ala llelawara and
Ti'iT. 1 1 iiil. The .le.imei. i'f these tinea aro laavlns
uiiila ut 1- a 1 cl'k at ., and i 11 clock 1'. M., from llibsd pi
"i'or Tieikl.t', "which will be tsVen nn aeeommo.tatln
ttiun.appli to W ll.I.l.Ul il. HAIKU ak CO-.-Nd.
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