The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, September 17, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 4, Image 4

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til CltJ UOt lfLLAU ri asmx: 0,1 r """ "
m nm rrT ma Two MuXTna.lnrarlaU) In aUvmc.
ferth' no inland.
A.rni.n.ii: hmiM at Ik ram, A lllwral
ftrrangi-niMt aia4a tot utniM innertioiia.
To 4errtMtBill.
W.' Boatr run r tam f Annii.rinivn Cmmonlr ttlnnl
Vmlfifr I. ir.i.ifc-fl or lawrtl in mil. I tw mlth-n i'.toil
ly tlir pimt and aUdia. ol tli. wrtti'r im! n.-ii'Arll) lor
ftiitilk-ntlnr. bat a anai-aiil.. for hl. axiil,. Ha
gaaiiot HBttrtAk t. raiura rvtctad itotnunintcAituiia.
T Arivatrtlarr.
Ofrmt Ml th. rt tnrrru la tha ClrmUlloti or Tim
BvjtHtmi Tm -hi'H. rotniK'llliiK in lo iro to irr-. at an
ariv lioar, e Brinly rmunM that aili'TU-irni i.t nmv
riandrrl In aa anon M III n'clm l, If pnailliit:, trn aii ura
ibaai a a Inaartioa In all of nmr cdtumia
Llt'Utenant-GeniTiil Uhant in on a vlfit to
General Sukiciia, for the purjxwp of direct
ing the latter relative to the execution of n
future plan of operut'iouc, and for observing
IT bat force may be neceary to Iniurn victory
in. the Shenandoah valley, and a rapid jmnulf
of E ABLET in case of his retreat.
Ghast will oon return to City Point and
the front before Petersburg. All of thi.i salii
fies us that the Lieutenant-General njipre
ciitcs the present ittiation, and that he 1
taj-Idly but surely organizing a great victory
Beyond this, there Is no war news of impor
tance to review to-day.
Tbii Is no common Htruggln for office. The
coming election will not merely decide, who
ball fill the Presidential chair during the nxt
four years ; It will not only decide whether the
policy of the Democratic party, or that of the
Republican, shall govern our national council,
but It will, in point of fact, decide whether we
re to hvre a policy at all; whether we shall
have nation at all; whether there shad ba In
the future a great Power called the United
State, or whether there shall be a Vnnt of
feeble confederacies, wrangling among them
elves and despUed by the world, until thair
Weakness shall become so general, that some
really great Power shall say, " Come, why
allow these brawlers to disturb the peace of
mankind any longer? Let im give them
the blusslngs of civilization and
Settled form of government, and estab
lish another monarchy, as we did in Mexico,
and so make room for another scion of som
royal or lmpeiial nice to sit upon a Westera
throne I". But you will "never submit, as did
: uie MexlcanBl You will fight to the last drop
ot blood and expend the last dollar In the de
fense of your rights and liberties I" Well then
if you are willing to fight to such extremity
for your liberty, as a petty power, how much
atronrer ought to be your determination to
fight now, now, that you have something to
fight for now, when everything assures you
that six months more of firm adherence to the
policy of the Administration will give you not
only peace, but a restored unity, and the posi
tion among the great nations of the earth to
which you are entitled ?
The question is plainly put: Will you sup
port Mr. Lincoln In bis endeavors to put
down the Southern Rebellion completely so
effectually that it shall never again lift Its
bead, and give us a united laud, free from
that source of all our woqs chattel attipery;
or will you Bupport General McClki.lan,
when you know that the real, if uot the osten
sible, object of his election is the recognition
of the Confederacy? Though General Mo
Clella.n'b letter of acceptance differs widely
In phraseology from the platform on which he
Was nominated, nevertheless, they both agreo
In recognizing the Confederacy ; the one as an
accomplished Cvct, the othei us a legal attempt
at revolution, to be met, not with the victo
rious armies of the Union, but by negotiations,
looking to the peaceful restoration of the
Union as It was, w'.th all the rights and privi
leges, so long arrogated by the slaveocra 'y,
restored and legalized.
The leaders In the work of framing the
Chicago platform are in favor of recognizing
the Rebellion; of entering Into negotiations
With Its authorities; and either forming a
Confederacy with them (of eourse, on their
own terms), or else of peacefully, that Is to
say, meanly and basely, acknowledging that
we have been wrong from the beginning, and
that they have the right to dismember our
country; to attack and possess our forts,
arsenals, and dock-yards; that we were
wrong to defend our Capital from attack ; and
that the United States of America is a thing
Of the past.
General McClkllan would, so he says, if
necessary, continue the war until the Union Is
restored, but with the comforting assurance to
the Rebels that In no case are they to be worse
Off than they were before the war. That they
nay f Ither fight on, or come into the Union
gain, as they please, but whenever they come
In of their own accord, we will restore all
their slaves, and put them exactly on the old
footing; and, if they don't like this, the Union
must be preserved they must be conquered;
but that they may be under no ununsine for
the result, he tells them that they shall be
restored to their original ntutim.
If they ranbot succeed in eMablishiug them
selves as an Independent slaveocracy, they
el nil always lie sure of getting buck to the old
place, uud sutler no lo" of wealth, power, or
Inf neiicc by the attempt. In short, that they
E ; kill and mulm Union soldiers us long us
t! ba e any hope ot complete success ; hut
v : . never they tired of that amusement,
wl will disband all our ''contemptible lau
kee" forces, receive them as our brothers, hunt
up their slaves, repair any little damage our
"cowardly fleets and aimies" have committed
in their "brutal attempts to coerce the chiv
alrous South," pay the expenses of the little
spree, and return to the good old times when
Southern members could bully Northern rep
resentatives into submission, or cane them mto
insensibility for expressing disapprobation of
their conduct. Now, U not this the burden of
the ong sung by the choir of sweet singers
who nominated M Clej.lan, and of the re
spoiibe so melodiously poured forth by that
nominee? That U iUfit wbttt lt ull amounta
to; and If you w,il think calmly, you will
a;;ree with u that It U so.
Wlwt a saving of Idle barklnj and waste of
i.ewspper power there would be, ir mi.n woui j
confine thtir writings U subject they under
stand I Often have we sighed over tins waste
lf moral force exhibited in growling diatribes
a the folly, and destructive tendency of
fa hlon. Now men, w hose Impudent didactics
thus Invade the sole and undisputed realm 4if
w m.'n, ought (as women gently rebuke) to
be B'haujed of themselves. Hare they not
I'nouph to engspe their reformatory Iniplra
tlon In such subjects as they belter under
stand, and which we all know stand in grester
need of caustic stricture?
To men belong habits, PxtnTags.nt enough,
demoralizing enough, foul-mouthed eno tgh,
to give them fair chance nnd wide field for
reformation. Hut this would bp notlnj the
mote In their own eye, and trending on thn
cor..s In their own shoes. Whereas, a il'inr? at
the habit of the other sex, like a red flag to
abull.MTves to divert attention from their"
own vicious propensities. Men are Ignorant
of the philosophy of fashion and tint moral
thereof. It is the prerogative of woman to
rule In that domain, where, as In ovprv de
partment properly belonging to them, thVir
iiisliiu t Is a better guide than the conceited
wisdom of meddling moralists, who wear
beards, and dye them after the faihion.
Ild you ever know or suspect a lady of
wearing a dress or a flounce the les, on
account of any against fashion ?
That is the nuestion. If scoldlni eflVts
tiothiiif!, common sense says cease chiding.
There Is a laeaninr; In drp; a d -ep phil
osophy and an exalted morality. From thn
reation of man to this hour, It has been an
institution, ruling the mora! world with a
ower second to no other in its ameliorating
influences. Not even religion, which his
always been jealous of Its rivalry In abjorh
hig the thoughts of the world, can show a
tower so great; for Instinct leads mankind,
all with cheerful accord, to the one, while the
other demands continued and severe efforts of
loquence and enactment to keep up even a
lecent show of devotional submission.
"When I go to the theatre," a lady will tell
you, '"I am not particular about dress, because
the play absorbs people's attention. Hut
when I go to church, I put on the ribbons,
for people's eyes have leisure to scan my
dress." They have more than leisure. The
attention which flags under a prosy sermon or
u formal prayer, finds delightful relief In scru
tinizing and comparing each particular article
of dress; so that, while few can remember the
text, and yet fewer the points of the sermon,
we have yet to find a single lady of the con
gregation who cannot tell you exactly what
was w orn by each ami all of her acquaintances.
" I liko such a church," says a lady from
the country ; " thero Is so much to look at and
" to admire In the costly dresses, that one's
" mind is not filled with horrible thoughts
" about the bad placo, and how hard is the
" road to heaven, ami all that. It Is more
"pleasant to contemplate the fashions; It
" gives one so much to talk about, and there
" is none of that ugly luug-faceduess as one
" goes homo to enjoy the. Sunday dinner. For
" my part, I think I come from that church
" with the easiest conscience and most satis
" factory feelings I ever experience."
What money-hunting, polities, cigar smok
ing, banqueting, and " taking something,"
ure to men, fashieu is to women. It is
accounted a necessary relief from the cares
and dally tolls of domestic drudgery. Against
the many demoralizing pastimes of men,
women have but one, which the most churl
ish cynic will admit is comparatively innoceut
and iirmcasurably more decent. Surely
men who keep sneeriiig at the fashionable
extravagance of women, might forbear, and
turn their eloquence to the reformation of
their own more vicious hobbies, lint fashion
has its uses In the general economy of civili
II it be a desideratum that industry shall be
active, there must be a quick demand and
large consumption for the articles produced.
Were It not for fashion, three-fourths of our
looms and nine-tenths of the labor that gives
bread to womankind of our cities, would bo
withdrawn. It Is on this account, and In proof
of its providential ordination, that In exact
proportion as population becomes dense, means
; rctincd employment multiply ; and ai raw
text lc material increases in supply, machinery
multiplies to convert it into fabrics, and fashion
demands quarterly and monthly changes to
use up the great production. Mark how all
these work together, and are as links of one
chain, and one of which being sundered, the
whole would fall.
If we wish stimulation to manufacturing
industry, und full and profitable employment
to those whose daily bread depends upon it,
we should work kindly upon fashion, as an
institution that keeps up heultlil'ul distribu
tion of wealth, which else would make much
greuter distinction lietweeu the rich and the
poor. Compared with ancient times, tho
poor are not so far from the rich in the com
forts of life; und in proportion as fashion has
been active and supreme at any period of the
world's history, the estate of the poor has
been elevated, und the morality of the rich
has been improved, by the innocent elevation
it furnishes to the unemployed mind, which
else would seek diversion In puths that might
lend to greater evil.
A nuB abik r siiiiri'i.iii.
The delicious weather off he lust two weeks
has Infiihed uniiiual activity Into business.
Our fashionable thoroughfare are crowd "d
with an army of eager and devoted shoppers.
A ci'n,it;los tide of silk uud crinoline pusses
through Chesnut, Mild Arch, and Eighth, uud
Second streets, and amid Its rustle and whirl,
creatures of the luiile pcrsim-don flounder In
entangled bewilderment, while their ears hear
nothing but "such a love of a 'p,tttern" nnd
Mich s bargain." It b flu-Inn -vest of store
keepers. Never vn;ih there such a dr..liug
d'splny of goods in our 1.;isti uud n"Vcr
s money so iibiindmit.
Among the lii.--hloii.Tble utl'cet I'loin of the
present day, there i-i one tlm! ilc- 'rves tint
severest eoiidemniition. We iillnde to the cih
toin of rcsldeiitn of riiiladi'lpoia m.iUiiig their
piii'ehun'N In New Vorl, und Sjiendiug large
amounts in the simps of Broadway, tv!ien ties
itlenticul goods can be purchused in our own
city at a lower price.
We know Instances f families who derive
their Incomes from tho storekeepers and
tradesmen here, who mukt no socret of their
preference for shopping In larg cstabllbh
mcnts In New York, and even make frequent
visits to that city for tho purpose. Wo havo
no patience with such snobbery. Our dry
goods und fancy stores contain the choicest
goods and most elegant patterns that are Im
ported from abroad or manufactured at home.
Indeed, It Is safe to say that, us a higher
standard of taste prevuils here thau In New
York, it is natural that our merchants should
manliest more caie iu the selection of goods
for their thelves.
We have witnessed the ridiculous airs
assumed by ludies Just returned from an Eu
ropean tour, nhilo exhibiting their I'.u Witu
wardrobes for the envious admiration of their
less fortunate friends; and we have beheld the
luiuiitablu strut of some village coxcomb just
arrived at bis prairie home from a trip to New
York, a be displayed his g iudy raiment lo
the Jealous torture of lib sunburned fellows.
Il such vulgar assumption Is laughable, how
much more absurd and coutwuiptlUc is thut
purae-jirottfi vanity which boasts that there Is
nothing gooil enon;;h In I'hila.lelplra, and
carries Its possessor to another city notorious
for the guile and trickery of It merchant.
Why e can name a dozen slore b Hh on
and eft f 'hesnul street, from wliieh at rich
ami varied stocks can he selected as in any
store on l'.roadway, and which m ike up for
their I'ompai aliiely less bulk of merchandize,
by being constantly replenishes! from the
latest iniirtalion.4.
llerealer we trust that faihi'inable society,
or that true element of It which delights In
the elevation and advance nent of oar own
city, will frown down the weak-mind" I br 13
gurts who "spread themselves" with drfi
and bonnet, or coat anil from '',V Vnwk."
A I)W lllll It ll" TIIK l".lM H r.
The lre this morning forp.diadows an at
tempt of the Democrats In Select Ciri ieil to
take advantage of the resignations of M 'HM.
WKTiii:rtn.i,, Davis, and Mn.i. Kit from that
body, and to begin at onco a raid upon the
Itepubliesn minority by ousting M.'-nrs. anil IticniK upon Homr llltniy pre
text 01 other. No better evidence is required
of the revolutionary tendency of the o,ipoHl
tlon party to the Government. While profess
ing a loud-mouthed devotion for tho rights
of the people they are plotting to doprivo the
tax-payers of two wards of the city of their
representation In tho Select Chamber. Wo
w arn the accidental mijorUy thre, that their
machinations are known to the public, who
ill resent so dishonorable a trick If it bt
1 esorled to.
The A(e has lately edified its readers with
several elaborate essays, proving satisfactorily
to their author, If to uobody else, that the re
election of Mr. Lincoln will plunge the coun
try into a gulf of Indebtedness and eventual
financial ruin.
Mow these leaders (lending the blind) might
have weight, were it not for the I're'iuent pub
lic expressions of one of the most sagacious
and influential men in the Dcinocrstlc party.
He aptly illustrates the result of MuClim.
I.An'h election, by asking "whether anybody
could suppose the invited assembled guests to
a feast to be so insane as to begin by throwing
the toothsome viands und sparkling decanters
from the windows. Do you imagine," con
tinues the bland inquisitor, with ominous
sniitck'iig of the lhs, "that when tho Demo
cratic party gets into power It will give up
the rich spoils 011 which the Kcpublicaus have
fattened for four years, while wo have starved
in the cold?"
There is no mistiiko about this language.
It is from the lips of a tried and trusted
Democrat, who will lie one of the chief orators
at the meeting to-night, and who aspires to a
place In's cabinet, if such a
piece of furniture shall ever be tinkered
together. It Is of a piece with the gentle
reply ol Marshal Kyndkhh to a pt-aco disciple
at Chicago : " 1) n your peace ; what we
want is contracts."
Now, if patriotism and loyalty are left out
of the calculation, it must appear to every
shrewd judge of human nature, that it will be
cheaper for the Republican party to finish the
job ol the Rebel. Ion, than to make room for a
raft of hungry hull-starved cormorants.
Commodore Vandkhiiii.t said a good
thing when be asked an applicant for the
vacancy of purser on one of his ships, "Have
you a gold watch?" "No." "Have you a
diamond breastpin?" "No." "Have you a
fast horse ?" "No." "Then you will not suit
me," replied the Commodore. "I And that
" every purser must have these articles, und I
" prefer to employ soineliody already provided
" to having you pay lor thorn out of my
" pocket."
Ill nSS-Mi Wtl.LlA.MS On tha lilh Inst., by tho
Ht-v. r. llu.i kuoil Mr. ':1AM I I 111; K.Vl tu
ANMK SIcW 1LL1AMH. Ilotli o. t:iliTtv.
HAI HKMAS HltlMON. On FIIMi-ilny, llitli Inst.,
at tlm hnune ol Hip unilt'" futliiT, by I'rli QiS cfr.iioiiv,
taai'ir J. L. IIAI.lir .M A N, el' Mfillii, In lnxare loam, ,
tu jOSI.I'lllNI'.H IlKINTOS.of llriwlor.l, L'lioiio."
county, ho canls.
I mod.
AIIIKHTSON.-On thr. lAth lint.. Mr. WII.l.tlM
ALllKKT'soN , In thr film yi ar ul hln nun.
1 1 Im rcla Ivva anil Irii-ml, anil tho .lauioa pHjrft Llhrn t
fniiiptin.v, urn riitn.'tiully Invito 1 tn acenT trie, t in rul,
Iron; liln litu roiiltlcncp, No. 40 Kli'hm .nil 4tn el, O'l M hi
ilay aitrrnoun, at 'i u'ul'X-k. iu prui'ec-d In llanovr alrirnt
Kl.LSf.KK. K lllil In Irunt ol" Pr-ti'm'inrii, on tin luib
iiiiit., wlilUit aJvancliiK llie nli-kut euAnl. Llijtinaht
l.l.iiIKi . W. KI.I.I,KI! Ciiiiipany r", N:ni.,-niiit:i
llmlniint fvnniiylvAiila Vi'toruu ulniiteura, i3
lie wan t duvoteil bnillier u anl Iimvi, mlIU-r,
ami nunc knew turn Inn o leva him. liuft nutlet! wal bo
Ivfii 01 lils Mineral.
MF.IIi'MHAI,.-Oii Tlmrmlay, ttculnnilrar IStli, W. L.
M Hil IN KIAI., In tlip 37th )iar nl hi- Km.
Him irli'i. ls are li.viti'il to alleml hln lmiirnl , Irmn hiii
lllte reHiill'lie Nil. tiilW N. H xli'ellth street, 0:1 Sillnlav
nit moiiti. mi oVIoi'k. Scrvlnpi ut the llbur.'liul tlm
Inli'rci imi r, at 0 b'cliick prei-lMPly.
VANDM-IIlt I' -on the IA1I1 lut.. at I oVInck A. M.,
Mr. Alt II All AM VANIlKtiKllT. Ill tin- 6'Mll ytarul liU
Ti o rulaflvra anil frlen.! uf lhi family arc ni icotf.illf
ln Hi U tn atienil hi iiifieiul. iriii i tiL, iiiti- r-'Miil -11 -a, N.
r.'Si llarlfii Hlrifl, ahuvi' I'arriKli itr.'it, ensiiu,,iv ait.T
nnou, litli iiirt. ai I oYiiH-k. Hiili,ut lurth r notice Tu
irt', eil In t.liTiwouil t etni'ti ry.
XJ anil ITT.WAT KttStnen.- l'lUiclilliKto-morruw.
; by !lelir lliVltiK, lit Itiv A. Mnd 7 M f. M
. "" " 1'i-aio niro Kb Vi.lorv. 111 t' 1 41 Kill II VLl.To.
I niorrow 1 i-iiiii. Iy llev. Ilf. JOsl.CIl V '1 IliiAl'SON, of
i Jiiwork selHtre. Ji
rv UNION M. K. cut iuui, Forurii
.MMF.S SK I.l. will pit urh in tl.i-u mini: ( l'il.o-kk
' i ii i. v. .loMEru caw. i.fc,. ti. i., in tiie fveu.ia. itr
i i Iu h uVNiOk. it"
.a. MII Kf Ii, KKiH I II H'l KKK.T, AH VK NO-
nit. iiiTvi.-f niuriiiiiK nihi evi'iimt. ai uunl tlmo.
Hti.. 1IIK Kl;V. 4.KO. W.
I ''ii,:r''(.uili.iiiii rltiinli,
tmin.T KIlillTH ami
t.lthKN.) will iftvnt It Siii.lmlh, Hi- A. M , J S I. M.
vi ni firit. i ii i 11 T I r.iil .1 M(i?i'M
rf.V r.rt I 1 . 1 . r II attil r 1 1 Itr IC I HlrHt4
lr Wll I. is Mill h Nut-iiMth H
.M.iul t I'.M.
..Vll IN V. If A I' Hl.SK W j, UK A MAN
nit r t.od ow 1 lifttn Iti-v. .IiMIN ciiAMliKtt
i n iliUdiiTii in.ii.oinw ui 1 I-. .M. cl nr. , UltOAO
UJld A N.' Miri-l-,
ft M. I'AIT.'H I. K "citl lt H -To-.MOItlEOW,
UCJ. h. iuk ihf third uti. jv in . 1 10 ni-nfh tliU t.'lmrt'h
v nl t ojh it ini 1 1 j v 1 ui g rviu-r .n tNe e eninn ut n uiurwr
ht-lore ht o'l-lm-k
I'A I MIOTIC IiH. -oi ll-SK, AT r'cnTr
j 1'-f' M Al l- lo -H.or.-ow hv 11 v..l. H. Tll-IMI'-
1 NoS 11. , .11 Nw York. HiitnV.-t, ' I'euou llirouh
' iflorx ." Si-ai in-'-.
f a'J ' m 11,11 "VI.NANT. FILIIKKT
Mtrei't, ahove Nev.-nti'entli. IHvine service n
momiw (Sunday ), at luH A. M. uod i'i I. M. The
lt etor w III (1. V.) prem li ini'fiiinn and evemim.
f& h'f. I.K.IKNl'S I'JICKCa. lWtNHKf I
and CIIKItltY Mret u i hi-i t him-li will lo r -ojiened
lor I'lvhif m-rvice to nmrrow, Simdav, the h
lut. Hervice in tlio moiuiiitf at IV i In the aittruoouut
i o'cloek,
aPkV, W A . N K It Kit 1 : ii iNBriTTTK OF HCIKNt '".T.
SLVKNTKI NTH Bireet, alnjve Colmnhhi uv!
xi'ie. rnatMin.' ut thl Institution To-morrow (Sulihiuhi
Aittnioon. at 4 o'clock, by Jtev. K. U. hi Y DAM. faun
free. J 11 v ft nt ton jrcm-ml.
yt.t, It I N Ii A Y rtCHOoL.-THK MINION
' i' hrhoul, in SOl'TH Mre.-t. dfhiw iH.-v.Miteintli,
will !) fvi.n nt J on Mindiiy, 1h tli hint . ut j li ul.n ii ,
1'. -1. A nnuili.-r ot tetu tiiT-t hfinif nei-ded, thow wllliug
to a-'i-i are uitiiully im ited to uttt-u l.
ff- v 1 KNTHAL CONl.ltKCATIONAL rlU'liril.-kn-f)
1,.V alOKKI'll . THilMI'SllS, II. ), ol Nev
York, Hill iuturh at IDM I.HT II A I.!., tit-morrow at
iti i v. AI Aiulll I'. M. Huhicet of rveiilnv diM'oursf-.
i'ertce tiirouvb Victory. Tli" ure conlliiilv invitfd,
oiiie moini on the line ol Um '(icriii.iiunrt n" or
".North I'. ii 11 sj Ivuma" Wnilro,ttl, Iioiihi- miit huvcino
dTii niijirovf im nti. Itcnt not tve eed H -iki. Addre-,
-t.iluik' 1 nil purtiuulan.! auiuunt 01 hind, locution, .-.. lox
l-'i 0 IrJ .
Yr:Alts,at No Urok- r need uwer. Ad Ires s
" S A V , Hum mic. 1 1
NjSO w5HO WI5,h0 .h, tti(t
W.I' piy V.rl lionnty for thr-e davit only to a ffw
DJort! n n n.ti. Cli"i e t,ic tn emii 111 any c iinpMiiy or
It in cot Al'P' 1 tin "I iy to IS AI h IU rV, u' 11 11- Mar-ji.n ihc , '.oiU'-r HUOAl und rSi'l(lNl U V It -C.
;i'.vts. v -17 it
J IQ. W A Ij It A V 13 tS. J
m;'.tKrto to w. h. GAiau.,
So. 719 OHESirrjT Street. '
l4.t t W tp,Ml III. '
V A L I. S T ') C ft
( nfeiia ir a
KfttcSi Sat'r.s
lllr h Itnv.t'llK.
ritplini. In c''o,
I'lalll Slill ltrdTil Terry,
Trillin tml AT Wo, I llrna,
Krr-nrh Halin J Mini-,
Ki jtri.ti ai.J itcriuan IimiU
Frt'tir rt!ntt I sal lt:ia,
f ortiiot'fi and Hamlf ,
A'.ilfTor drrrl(;"..iii f.f ( I H1A;.N 1V1.M V'.ltl it H.
W J N II () W H II A I) i : H
Oi to n?r?tt ColHl aii'l r'torna
I. A O V, V i; UT A I N S
Ona-'Mtd I'-na UiAnth prr-tfrit cost ofTnipirtil'.lon.
WAl'KAVK.Vfl (mtr t.MtUVLS),
No. Tl CKKRNl' r VI I'.Hl.r.
Ir. iny lie's l'icrtirii,t - til wlin hmve
tlMMl llil atitti-Liiil M-vll .iii'i ' ir
llltl'NI I'll !S,
Vt IIOOl-IN'l t'l'l'.ll,
( Ol.dHS AND l.OI.Ill,
l"'N .UMl'l ION,
( llOHP,
or'any l'nliiinnarr (!'tm.Umt, Atteit tl tisi'filnPf . In
pri'Of or tills fact v atronlil thai" lor tl Irty ri ars
pait tho T.nrrctoront I111 hern hel'TO U. pntillc, anil U1.1t
a h aiicftwliiig 7'r aiMed to 111 pupularlty, ami en
li tmeitiho ceinaiij, until ::ew It li known anil approi Utr-il
In all iiiarliri of tho in ) !d, nod ailraittoil tn tie lh Ureal
lti-iueily of the Ann t'ir tlAm ot dirnici for which it
l rui'li lally ili'li;n' d.
KKOKitT COf'ill 1 AMI rol.DS.l'lui'rtil. I'aim, Ac.
air- ijnirliiy find tfli-ituallyi'lired liy It JliphiMClle, aootli
iuit, and enietriint power.
ASTHMA It alwaya cnrns. It ov'riniiiea the a?a,mwdic
fontriii tlun of the air veiie'li, and liy produoirijf fiee ox
liiK;ttallun at onca reniovoa all Uiinciiltlei of broalhlitf.
UltONIHIITlS readily yloldn ! tlio Kxiie lorant. fl mib
dilei tbo InlliintnAtlon which p.xIcmI Uirouh tlio wind
tnls'i, produce tree cpectoration, and miipronoa at onco
the cvuijh i,ud pain
I'ONMMn IUN.- r.irlhli Imliliuiifl and fatal diaoaie no
renie'ly on earth hat ncr been found 10 olTectual. It suh
duea the Inflammation, relleiea the aouuh and pain,
rt-inoviis Uie dinteulty of breathing, and prnducni an eaiy
exiiectoratlon, vlierehy all Iriitatlnu and ohitruc-tlrujtniit-ten
are reuioveiUTntii U10 Icitikh.
WHOOl'INii OilfOll I, promptiy relieved bylhli Kpec
tnrant. It ahorti nh the duration of U10 dlaeaieouO'tiair, and
greatly militate, the stitTiTiiH,' of U10 patient.
In all J-UI.MHN ARY ("O.MI'I.AIN rrtJiiCKOI I", I't.Eir
IIIMI , Ai'., II wl'l Imi found to he prompt, u iSeatant,
and rellnlile.
rrei areil only at No.tflv C'he'iniit street.
Trnbl In Ihe INtllilfnl Wlywrnn.
Ailutia iu Ui lM)iiiiMTf lc Ciifiii' tlmati-n nu lntiTnitl
irm. ft murh lor not hnvlni; a ri-ur itmierttiiMdiUtf oe-twt-cn
tho iti?b ciiiiwiTiiHil.ftodiK h tl i itlrn lt run iort
hy nriM- In the I onl hunim-m 01 W. S . Ahcr.
7 N. Mnili htrtct. Ilf i n tiii.ic to c'itl. t l'it 4 a.Hi.i1
tJi fiMt ot il, at tit towoit iTicei, uini our;U'jtl kiuw
ttial Ut i Oiinu it.
lnreM I'ori.
1 Ot: M I I'll IN .', Vl B' filH H,
H.u ft; - . n I and.
IS tit lIO'HAItlM,
A rcla uutl it'iilti.
i;rnl 0 iiliitf f t'nll lotlilii(( TIiIh
tram1 Opnlnx "I' Full TlolhlnR Thin D.iy.
l run I JiminnK ot 1ml tlli'tlnmr I tils lti-,
ruil MiihiK of t uUDothlu Thi ly.
(rHntlOnpiitni; uf ull t'loMiin 1 hi nay,
iMnd p nine of Kmt CiiMliini, Tin hitr.
t.ianti ('(icikii ol' YaU ''tDtti nTtiiii lav.
iMiiitoocntiiKor I-A'l t'luUiitiK l l'i luy,
'taikI tFif'ttn o Full C'l luu-K Tf(t lur,
lrtti il ocniiitrof mi, C o lilou ThU l'ty.
I i l;li a co., KMi-titi a I'loUil'iaf Hoitno.
PKtiKY A CO , l-AU'nii'e ( I WiIdk Hoi..
n.HliY A CO, KvMiH.vof'lotlilitH Muriio,
I I Mi ' .V Co., Kxo-tuive ciutlilofx llnu,
1'KI.UY A Co , KMeimlvc OluitHnir llojtie.
I'l.I.KY tV CO.. I'.vtciniviiCloih im M iittie.
I'l liliY A CO., Kx.eiifclvc rimiilli H miss.
I'l l;HV A CO , KxtrnbiveCloihiiu Hon5,
I KKI;V A CO , Kt-1lvf Chi'litin;
M.ltKY A CO , Kxtrm.ivn OoiMnu II. use.
The larvivt h'i1 b.t U ck uf Clithiot( In the city.
Tin Ifcr't'rit an 1 bent mock of Cltiil f In Uif cl 7.
The liiriii'Mt 'bl Mora ' f ClotnlliK ill tl Citr.
1 hi- lUKfHt tnd tftt hta k of loth' cm in tlie ciiy.
The InrKt'it " b't stock of C-Uuiik in ih city.
Thf Uiyvht an J hel nttck ol Clothing in the cltjr.
1 he .Mireat an tt'tt ntoi-k of Clothinic in tna city.
The frKft and hmt ut of Cl-ittiiux In the ol r
'I he larucht and bo it tiuvk o' ClutlifuK In (he city,
lue Urycut and bctt atock of CMottiliiK ia the oitjr.
At pm-ea low for tin nuiea.
Atpfitea'o forthotlmfa.
At prlct a low for tha tluai.
At 9 tue.' low for thi' times.
Atprici' low fur tlm time.
At pri ltw foi Hihoh.
At pitKiow for the time
Ai j-rlren low for the tliuei.
Atprlcealitw for the timea,
Ai prlre low for tha timea.
K- w iityto trt;M.di and nt-w atylai ol (larmfiita.
New ft Ik ol'tioo'ri) and new ntjf 01 Ganuenta.
ISt w ai U'K 01 tioodt mid new si vie of (anneiita
New Bt ka oi'Ooods and new btyiea of (tmnts.
New Miy.i a oi'Uuoda and n w a U' of OariaeuU.
ho ) Ifh of Ooo'ln unl new ai ie of (iiU'ineiii.
New at j U 1 f OikmIk and new sty lea ol uaraionta.
New at.vlei 01 tloodf and new ntylea of (iarint'iitM.
New ht h i of ;of8 and new ty 1 ot Oarmentit.
New at vha ot (loodh aid new at vies of (iarnmnU.
I KliKY A; CO , Th rd HndCnehniitstrei U.
ri- KUY A CO., Third and Cliasnut atreeiM.
1'h.liHY A CO., Third and Cbosnut Htreets.
r-l' liliV & Co., Third and Choaimt directs.
I'KKkY A CO., Third anc Cheniiut mreeu,
I'l UK V A CO., Third ar.d Ciicanot streets.
rKltltY A Co., Third and Cliesuut ainwta.
I I Kl;Y A 10 , Third and CMi'Hinit atreots.
I'KlittY A CO., Third and f liuhiiut atrcieta.
I'KKKY A CO. , Tmrd and Clieanut )reeta.
N H.ltaiatceot Hummer Clothing 'JI.Dtf otl at very
low prices.
BMricnlnn In lullilutr.
rArkn4na in Ulhli tf.
llarKHina In i Moimn..',
Jirtrafit in IT tihin.
At (ii: vn ti.i.K Sam. VOM Stand.
At i;ks 11 1 . SniKKt' Old Htantl.
At tiitts'. 11 1 Hn.hM' old Fituud.
Nu. 'i'fi Oii Miut altfi
No t."N C- slllt -tit f
N11 hit t ht -nut ifet 1
No. Ui'.:iiit i!n el
AU Acute and Ctimulc Dlrati en cured l.y tueaai (i
diilcxtki lutodiuvauon ot KUciritity, at Uie
Ko. 1330 WALNUT eTKEET, FtUl.ulthl.v.
ritOK. c. n. BOLL b a
Will (Mtiu.mce,
0- TMurR4tlbd4,
A C4 urie of LeMurei ani foil lnitruciWn Ut p plying
t.iUvHiiuio, klaiittiiB, and otlier modiitoallonfl of Klc
irlciiy um a r tli hie thtraeiitlc aunt for tie cure of Acute
and Con iik Iiseaaei,
Ko. l.iO Walnut 8tret, Philudelpt U
Wtdi al mt n and other desli intf to attend the cturse
a t rti'i'ektiuti uukc appltca'lon early.
11 iinos!
m:'K a cos
1 UtCKKIt 11K0S
J. K. (lOIM.Il,
Buventb aud Lliaaaul krMita.
HhAl. MUTI IC K I. KsrAlfi.
l;Bl. I. STATIC. It Kit, fsTATK.
1 KM. H1ATK, ItKll KJMAfv
UF. rvr1K IIL-.I Kst ATK.
m w m no r v 1 1 a .! 11 ik jnir o 1 r ,
Mif moni ni.v 1: 1 1.0 H K ji;t our,
St V VON I HI.V (AT 1 1. Of 11. I; if T .IT,
W W MDNTHl.i ( M Al.o .i n J'isr CI' ' ,
NMV MOVIIIl.t f I M.nill K, JUsr 'II T,
I'll! IlKATI ITOI s HIS I Klltt' I I'lN.
roil fu; ai triors iu-ti;iiii 11
1 nit (i'ia , t noti 11 -1 1:1 lie 110 n,
I'll i.KAH ni.CS HIS 1 111 tu Tli iN,
roe (,i Trinii nisiiiii.i Tiny,
I I III l.h I 1. 11 Ot'S I '1ST KI 111 1 TUN
(' INTA'ITt '..i'llM) W.lltTII.
IIIMAl H ..l Willi' II.
iM'AISs ..illiitl " OUT II
( on I ain S (.( ii wniiril.
lON'AINS L ''.'! w 'Ki ll
C N I ilN S ,') llil II
ITilt I -l-i - N 't, n ul.n,i, ti ,'iin 'in-i IE''il
I ' I i' iiimi lutii f ijp.tir.) ir llifi stlie 11' " '.11NI lillt'l
let in, ( ti,ififiiM jti . I i-ut. Alii a n I'm hui.Jnil i.ll
'a "! l-ni'il, I" I I I, III ('Ml' i.l hMplll-". I -urn -il iilr
p.... .l,m ail le lin.l. I.K."l:i.K (' Mil I.l H
It.-al l-.iinh' llr l ir
Nl. I ! ,S SI I II sir-ill.
"in'li -Wnntil In now if H hwr-llhu. Hum
I I' to M-l. It, tj, Rtn p lora'ltv. Uiat will hi 'lit At
tiur ir h" a 'o iif'ini 1 ii"nli mil
11. ai f..t il" Itr k T,
Mo. I .l N SI X ril STfi-1.
liwtHi'g tn Visit IrO'tH 8uare; fifteen rvmui.
l !Tt' $ t .
Kit i t tn'ir mnrv Ielllr tr n Irm street, we, t of fT
rmtoi.ili; traible tip te li rt Morv I'nee $l".C V
Very el t u.i tMt.r.htotv hrowa tr-nt Iiwcllir.on
Vn e fcir. . t. fttt 01 Kmtifi-r-niii. I'rle- tl 1.11
p at t r r-ijna'tt r lwe:imtc. No ihi" .summer i(reA ;
lot .'iiul inn dmi; ;h I -ot inQ nr III liM-i to rh nt; fttreot.
Irnetll.Mt) 1 hrec-ctfity all throiik'h.
Nen lurft H 'llinry. No 1 Kiice street, flfn-en ronni ;
lt Ti I 1' II. I Hce f WKi.
Hrs(rile liweiiinir. lotir-fitArv, on Arch street, woit if
1 W nlv-ll'ft ; fit 'phi routni. I'rTe $'
1 '11. n e rii-iididiy Imut tor n-orv ii'Hlni;i on Kiltiert
atri t't, enut ol N iPet'-eMh I'nce O'f eeh.
M((nlrert fotir--t.r trown ione Iroiil I'wcllln? on
Spiuct- street wfl ttt "ovoti'eenth. (V t;fi,0 0,
Nrat I -wpJIIiih 11 tho nonh side ''linn i' atri(, eat of
HKKenth ; lol W hy l' feet deet I'rtre 1 ii
Niilpiiditi doiihie ttont hw.-l no; on VVtut Oiinut t-ircd;
i itMi en riKiins. I'r'ce t iu,0o4i.
Neat olrte nrd liwelhnif on prnee street, weilof Tenth ;
lol ;n Uy K". f.-et di ep. I'nc s.'W.
Mi irntfltent f"i?r .-tr hr -w 11 ftono front twelinic on
tirib Hummer rtrt t. wi--t ot SiUevnUi ; lot i t uj 1.11
et ?t WmtPT ht-pet. I'll e !.
FOH MA I K - Three of thm cry t-le-ant and dealralil
fh'e yrd lusidiiniffi on M 'inl Vprnou .trer', mt ot
Moiiiieth; Ift vi ltll feet deep IT ire ftTHiD e.isli.
In inpdihtf poae on.
IOt HALF. - To nent well bti'lt dwclMnti on W iMacp
hp,at. ai mr Iwenileih; lots 3i liyH'fcot to a htrv-et
Price Porit-enlnti Moon.
I lenldt' 1. a en;ai nnii'to r I others. IncsT'd In Wait I'liB
d' liHUn, '1 icktt nn il(oertnuii o n, C' i-niit II !l, c.
'.MiHf.l, C Mil, I Kit,
Pracl o I Ileal E -a'p eentand Ur-.r,
I 'l N . HIATfl Htret.
g& Full SAf.K Oil KXrHANfiK. M AffNl
TJE. Ilcent ( ounir Hi-at and Kitrm if ill acre, er pi.
in-icll et- . In ii evt rv !. t po tion ol Itin k-. cuuiv,
font and a t-nli mi leu tioin Urtrnj. I'rl. e, tlv,' 1 o
hi pt iior llrst ehiM I- a tn ! fri u re. enr-irn imi rive
m 'tii.'. eii . only ten iinlf from this e tv,oa I'eiiiivivaum
c Rtlrft .d Trtc t .inn.
Neat ! uniifeitt and Ih ucre. i.tih four ai a half
no'ei, --ni Vnri.Pt street brlni,e, en the ier rad.
Prt.e.l-fiinper Ml 1.1, Kit,
No. IM N. SI nl .-iir-ot.
f F011 BAI.K. A NKAT, LAUM'i
Li-I Mm at Iii)' lane tu' 011. Oprmantown : contslns
t-eive rfon.t. live, on tlrt fl or; HtnMc. e arT -hottae. )
put t a dr, etc I.ot 14 J ftet front, hy :im ee dpi p to a
triet. Prlpe.llO,!'. Mil.l.KB,
No. I'4 N. ril XTH HtreeU
Xua fUrmin on, on tlie rullniad. Lariro Iot. with
h" i(i. to cti B"pt Willi r't'ltf&d Htruum 'f water nm
hronch Uie rn-ndses. steam enu ne, j.haftln, und nil
e fnple . I.argo thaddlni;, itc. roMiestlon b) en. Price.
$lit,fOcHiar. Mil.l.KK,
No.lAI M BIX I'll Hueut.
, ltweiiitiff. No.'iici ' ne sir , tw 've rnm ; lol It
feel It.ehea bylJMfcet, toasferl. IM ets oti; fmtae
d:nU) pohNeKiiCtl. MtM.KK,
No. LVI NjrtJi SIXTH Htruet.
ji del tr A - H.ent lwe)l rnc No. ir.W N. Kithth s'reet,
lt-itioiml'h l.tiilt, twelve rooms: I C In hy U, to a street,
l ilfx 0))clOAri oo) $luahhn.Minlre4 Mil.l.KK,
Ho. IM N.HIX1J1 Sir.t.
lilll lwi IMr Kt 0. IM N. Meventh atreet; lot In bv !:( t vino.
hwelltPK, n. !w;i Walla e atrwt; lot 20 ty W. I'rlce
linnielite pimonnlon.
Knjrlbij Htore and dwelling, Ko. IM N.flixth
tr-et; lot nearly lHifepi dij to a street. iTIce St.W.
lldoh Iniudrvdi of o;oiTrof rtlei.
t.TOKOK C Mil.l.KK,
No. 1.4 K tMXTII rttreet
ill splendid l.ot nt a iaorit)ee j-ohltivolr
N 1"! N.HIMU HlreeU
V ST riULADF.LrillA LOTS for salk
CllFA.-(Hie Wrhy Inn Iwd, aiH per foot.
One inn hy Km het, a 1 1 per hmt.
One l?M,y llKi lurl, ut $1 per lout.
All corner lot. Hut little money required.
No. l-'-l N. SIXTH A reel.
iliVK Hpleodidl) hull! hwollh.u', o. Hl.r N. Tenth
hh pt ; twnlv e room; kt 17 ' lift, to a ntreet. rrice
.ti-'. M1LLKK,
No. IM V. 81 XTH Ntreet.
lilii en dfiitlroiiB of bi tiiff aecoinmoduted In the pur- of Keul Katatc either lor liiveainiunt or oocunancy,
ni l i;ht not full to f a'l on me at once, It thev with to save
tin t and I run hie. Niur t...Mjn,0isi worth of Keal Kitate
to M'h 1 1 iroin, ull to he tnirid on niy register, and Iu a
ntont). 1 alah'ifue jimt out, iu d irrutmtuiiHlv
I'MMli.b, n.
I'ra' tieal Ileal K-itate Aifptit and Kro'ur.
No. 1-4 M.BI.XTI1 Mu-pt.
Lelas Nnn neur 1
wuiiiKlown; acres; tlrst!L?
tiuM linprovemenlM. T
) l d. iTh .-trJ,
-Sh'tuili ent Country
ho bole iilacu uiui be aeeu to ho
pat and Farm of H aeres. half
irile fiooi the iiutniw
side. An examination
eipierint(-. Furnltiuu
at Trenton, on the I'emtvlvatim
in nei pitiaarv in order to ue'uule tu
and UiuiIiik uteuuli, eroii. Ac.
Ko. l.VI N.SlXlh sireul.
JjL N. 14 N, Htxth stre-'t, ten room-. Ltd ne irly lirtl
U " t deep tu a lurtwuy. i'rke $ii-'m. luiiiitciulo jiointM
SH'ii, t Jvur,
FOK HALF Klftfant id vard lell:n(r on the eust
Fide of l iuiikllii, aiiove street. J. jtllO ful dcuu.
Net ItweUlntf, Vn. 711 Rrowu itrvet. Lot lH b8v,
twt he room. I'rup $ ino.
h l. ndtd new On . lllnj.', Ko. 1J Ui . Sixth tilreet;
ten liire rtKims . Lot Jo by in. Fru c ti-ifO,
.epilenl will Imi Ut lare dwellinif. So, l'ilt) Mount
Vprnon urept. Lot JO by 100 H tt. Twelve rooma. f rite
fM'O. JJon enijdy.
Nput ivelliD, r-apiitleerl. No, lOW Mrlltn'e atroct.
Twelve rooms. tiao by w ieet. irice '.I0U. Immediate
Nut side yard dnelliuK, No. 40 K. Twelfth slrect. hoi
Jl n et front. 1'ihe tuiWi.
Jie-ideH nillliuti uf didiurs worth more of alt script loin
ot' iifoncriy.
Aln j l'0 dwrllintrf on hand, of which Immediate po
stfecion tan be had, or ur son. St ucroii obulduil
tu cull on me 1I1 m,
1 ut this out hr lututt refererce. AKo ca'l for calaioue.
(.h.itlti.K t. MILLKK,
Pra;Uuu4 Kstutv Oi raior,
No. 14 S. AlXTli auoot.
V ill: lTVLTft sr if VJ
3 w 1 a 8
I- A () K N ,
niii hi ri.tiH
HI Hi t;T
WINDOW MtMi:s , in.,, t :j !i
s w 001. inn, OAEEINGTON
.r tin & Co.
B naaufarlnrprii. III SMIT Nritl l. r.
rv-.. -Ti 1 ri.No co VKits,
iOA f'lTV.
Hint.t.T. 1 AT LOW TRICES.
run iii'ftr Tiiiiim.
u .1 r.iWlf.U'1 Ii,
iMK t'MNI'l IATKI. O-ntulnin rlht LimJted and
1 f ; elfhi new and orliltml receipts for Ctoklnj, and irfi.
purlrtfi all klnrN 01 paury, ptMdlnK. omslets, J llfon, m lata,
nnpvplPi AT.,toai"ihrr w:ir vuluuhle Inf rtuatlon to all
Imnf k- epers. I rlee $1.
TIIK IF.VyTEr 1I(K Rr St. (Ui.h,H T'.- KH.
Ore o! the he.t Mtirn al novel et or pruiifd. I'rhe If
in i-t ; or $1 11. 1 imt.
Il; tl e antror of "Wild Vi'-tern Krenes." Frlce fl .ti) in
paper; or tJ in c.o'b.
Hi sof.A 1 it, author ol " It. at. it 1." TrUe $i 'i In pnpor
or it lu cloth.
tHK PltMiK OF. I.lFi:. I'.yJVNK I.ait tj-jit. l'rhe
I M) In pu) ei ; or f.' in t otii.
TIIK tOWAitl'. Ity IUa.ur Mi:ti 'iiu. l-:4 in paoer;
or in tiotb.
lo e ery btipin t mun. Ir cent.
THM It It IT) AI. KV1C. It Mu-.. Sv inn oimi. Inauper
or In cloth
fKLF-MAcit I M F. Ily thn author .f lMurrJaiel Matt
land." J 11 pn.e, fl W); or in olo Ii f i.
TIIK WOMAN IN 1WACK ftv the authj.r .if '-Man iu
tiiey " In api r bl '0; or In olotb $2.
FAMILY T'liUiK. H the auth-.r f " $-r,n m
p4pr; or $2 in c Hh.
cVnl free of(wmtap tn r- rHpt -U rwatl prio-.
Ai?-1teftt with irdert,
So. 30 'IDHSKUT BThKBT, rhilaitflpUa. l-a.
Bt-iiJ fbrCatiliiiiiii" aad Caiiva.ari Orotiliir.
All Mm HEW IiOtMiS nrc fur aali- aU"ETl:tSON H. It
No .111) f!HK.N T. No. ."im tMIKSNuT Stru t
No.atO ( K.1NMT. Ni 3lli l:lj,rltlT Ntri-l-l
nlAtir r . Ildl H. .MA(.K,ln. tliuuaandt ol Kuiui of
o'e l.rltc- and Car.
ml I'onaof Kn i-Ioih-h.
rLes City and Country (Storekeepers at f-ttr pr'iea.
t ninienal 1'i tii nl Uo!ortulity.
Vaiti e t a Hlim1 t' 11. M-pertur qua Ity.
Min-ee I'sb 1 xrn imp pei.s l'c t niiauty.
Ink a.wavi on nun .
AGKE, No. .'S10 CHKSNUT Sl'lilSKT,
fviis ctnvvn v miu mi) si iair prices. it
.1 i 1 h- beautitid Mde VeUvul-, who, durlmr ner per
fnrn anrc here, futleied viohnt erui iion. and bunilns of
ti e hkui, in ni d h 'em 10. coimtir., tirn-K her ie lin ii', audtrbv," u tueeitUac 01 Itie ttnul de 1'aru.
Ko. 113 Wathu.v I'i acr. " w Yokk. Mar M. IsRI
Mi 'tn aiules Jattd: Mr: I bu to thank you fr your
I ii.d!ifa in scnuhift me a pckKe of jour Kinull de I'arm.
I l ave mtlind o much 'n ui the various white lotion h,
Ac, which tn tl eatrical pr'fesfion blUc inn to Use. thut
I conslrtraa perfect te eiut il m tu rind a pronarulion
wbhhfdves the iipctutbur whitenesit to thh skin, and
ieitve tlie akin cooer and Mnoothor than when It hts
muhinu on It. I intend to uoe It eciiulvly, WUh thanks.
1 nm, respectful. , youri,
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IKmall de Fari is not a paint, not a powdtr, net o
(.inttnent.hut a rnont delh ious preparation, which, by Iti
healthful ai-dpurlfjliij- ete t, brings forth fh shoosi, color,
and beau'y, pivliiK bth the ouiplexioa and texture of
puli bed Ivory lo tl e akin like tha' of aa Infant.
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Hent by ttrat lo t for to eenta, b, Mcirs. Ft w1 LiSK A
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Autiuwof lhcenlly pibH-h- d work
OH'ICK, No. 10 J7 WALNUTBtt,
t.d by Hr. VON Mo.SCti.ISKKU, I ir (he cure mt
AHTIlftlA, lnded a r.r-nt mllcal trhimnh, Ntlde
can be given in print oflis complications, hut I wonileY
fully rartiil powers of applicability, and Its eiHcicy la per
fectly eradicating the alove named dlsea-iOi.ut o noes peak
to the understanding of avery one w ho witnesses Us ap
plication. Ita combinatlona are bmed on true medloai
science, attaekios the very icat ot the disease, and accom
plltl Iuk a cure when all otlier mean have failed . ft haf
been protuunced by hlnh medical authority AndalenUtlo
men generally the most powerful, Inoffensive, and an reel
Kod'cal a Kent for reach in the dlteaite ever broiujht before
the world, and a true triumph and advance In medical
tctenee. Dr. VON MOHCh'l iKKIt moat earnestly d aire
that meilk-ui men Kliuthd wUnesa Ita opra:lons and teat
the medical prluoMei whhh conatitute Ita value. To
IMTHona who sutler from the above main die he with perfeot
artiurauce states that they have no w the best and anroei
ineuni of a eure.
Dlt. VON M0SCH7JHKEIt, welt aware how often UiO
crcdullt of the public ia Imposed upon bj the dlipla 04
so-called testimonials, which are either altoethsr
fact! ir ud or jilvcn by Irrctpons.blc inilvidualji. feels It hU
duty to slate that he never publhdicv the cerufloate of
cure pet formed by him, the genuineness of which msy net
instantly bo verified by a call at bis oihcc, or tlio reliabllllr
of which Is not itiiitranticd beyond a shadow of doubt
from the well-known character of his authority.
The Alitor ofthe ThiM.uu il, In the follow Inf editorial
Lotlce In h i yesterday's Issue, maW mention of Doctor
Von Moscblskcr'a residence In New Orleans. lr. Tot
Mochi'sWcr bega,Uierefnre, to quote at the end of tho
ex tract or the Tn.Kii:.vni' notice of htniielf, a part of an
elaborate editorial which lasued lo the Hew Orleans
'icflfune previous to his leaving that ctty.
A Smu tl I'm an ian. We have re framed from add
ig our tribute to the hlt'bprofoaluei and per onel cha
racter of lr Vuii MoschaNker, of No. llTJI Walnut street,
with the knowledge that a thouhtl4S and absurd preju
dice prevails lu the public mind with rogard to newspapor
encomiums upon a physician, no matter bow aucoeisful
he may be In the treatment of those clsssea ofdtseaso
which are called fiprinltif from tb onpeclal study re
quired for their cure, by reason of the complication and
intricacy of the organi they ainatl.
Ir. Yen Monchr.lsker has devoted his entire life to th9
practice of discuses of Uie eye, ear, and nervous si stent.
He arrived In tbts country with a first class European
reputation, having gruduated and practised tn aevarai o
the latest clilen on the coiilmont. He setUd In 'New
Orleans, w here be speedily obtained a laive aud I no rat Ire
practice auion the ttrat ram'liea, not onlr of the Cresoeal
City. bu of the Houthwestera Htaes.
We met Doctor Von Moachziskor at the National capital
four vtani iru and wtre personally ooKnlant oft numier
of remarkable cine that he effected of eases which hai
batlletl tiio skill of leal Ing ph VHiclunn of that city and else
where, lie enjoyed the confidence and esteem or the
lore l n mi ids tern, severul of then befog among his
patients. He Drought before the Medical burean of tho
(i overtime n t a number of valuable laUggestlouit oa the eete
Idishment of our niagnlftcent boapiuil s stum, which havo
been adopted over the entire land, to the amelioration and
relief ol our gallant aoldivrs su flaring from wounds and
Kluce his ipfcidpO'-oliere he bat been highly saooeasinl la
the ireaimeut of a noober of dltricult cases, tho teati
uioniali of w hkh hv ha at his office, as he la unwilling to
pubUh them, out of motives of delicate regard for their
aulhoia. Do baa written and published a treatise upon
'lhe tar.'' which tws met with a large demand among tho
prole "iou, anl we b arn that It will shortly be followed by
un elaboiale and exhaustive treatise upon diseases of "tao
I'e h alio the Im etit r of un apparatus for convey! ij
remedial ancum Into tho in t prior ducti and passages of tho
eye and ear, whirh l pronounced hy scleuUflc aud tupdica
uun ah destined lo work a revolution in the manner of
curing dist aie In those organ , This apparatus can hardly
be described In the limits of a newspaper paragraph, and
should be seen to be appreciated.
Its novel and iugeniwus elTeet are dally witnxted bp
numbers of physicians aud medical students and gentle
men iniurubted In scicntitlc subjocti, and It Is universally
approved as an luvaluab:o addition to the list of benign
mechanical for the decrease of biimau nf
ferlug and the rtstorfttlon of the afflicted to health.
From ,'Ac.Vtir VrUant rivuyu'U.
Jir. Von Mosehlker has now made for hiiuteif u rppu
Utliu In NowOrleani which will ahide, with those who
have been hi S tttd by its operation, as lon ui memory
mala, and widen will ilnd wide recognition lu the commit
nity wheuevpr his nnuic shall bu mentioned. The organ to
(he spcildl treatment of w hich he has d voted himself, il
Die nmt precious man has ; and that must, of itself, make)
his profession a came of great interest for the public. ThO
merely uudcrtuking to treat ditcaeuf the eyo and ear
would uot be suthcient, however, to gain fur a man a posi
tion of credit. Ho far from It, the llllmltablu importance)
01' the or.i.m would make it the more duhVult for aiythh(c
but theUitestublishedtuleiit.ekperltnco, and success to
give a fp nernl conviction of tho ability of the practitioner i
aud ai this has been triumphantly effected by It. Von
Mosc)ilkr, he Is entitled to tho fullest appreciation ai a
d.uh iucoiuplhhed 01 uhst und nirht.
Wehsve nt ourselves hd opportunity of witm i'-lii
many ff the operations .-f Ir. Von Mo-.-h -I ker; but we
have spcb the rtcilts tf some or their., tnvc h' ardaud
nail ti e t' siiin" of ott.prs, und we IV..1 pirf'tly jiiall
tied in fcp UKiiif ot bliu a- wi hx e -- Wu, aud 111 uiact
my ati nt'ou to hli iUliu to puh'.ic 1 ouiijtjucf w herevoi
he ma y be' located.