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McClellan's Lcttor Dissected by
Dr. Wood.
The Miserable InbigniCcance of the
General in the Eyes of the Feacc-at-any-Price
CJenernl Mei Irllnn'n Hi-mrsl.
from th .V. 1. Ilniltl .Vein,
It Is a well-known fact too easily proven to
be denied even by the Worlil that tbo coniidcn
tlnl friends of General MeClcllan wire desirous,
and made every cflort to procure his nomination
without any platform nt all. I.oidin;r Peace
Democrats wero approached with that view, but
steadfastly lcfuscd toueiiiiiiSLC in the proposition.
Thiydidnot desire General McClcllnn's nomi
nation under any circumstances, but would not
licnr of It or support It w ithout prescribing some
landmarks to guide his policy lu ease of hi
In oihi r words, they were not willing to accept
his "record" as the embodiment of their princl
plei or as the guarantee of his fidelity to tlie
party nnd Us purposes. The Chicago platform
wan accordingly adopted to furnish sumo better
lecurity, and without it no honest man, who w is
prcHeut, will pretend that General McC'Icllun
could have received the nomination.
That plaiform, it is notorious, was regarded
with great dissatisfaction by his especial hiend
of the War Democracy in this city and in Aloanv,
and we havo intoriiiiitioti whu u we think justi
tics us in asserting that the editor of the ll,
Mr. Marble, then nt Chicuiio, did himself des
patch a telegram to this city, in which he de
scribed the platform as "against ns."
No one laiiiiliar wild thu customs nnd morals
Of the World ollicowill be surprised, alter this
statement, at the enthusiasm and positiveuess
with which the same joui nal has since declared
the platform to bo in accordance Willi
McClcllnn's views ami its own, and Willi the
dechirCyins of his letter of acceptance, or at the
ficrctJtiss with which Mr. Marble, has denounced
the iutcgrity of all w ho deny that it is and w is
meant to be a dedication of ihc Democratic party
to the brutal poicv of continued coercion ami war.
Hut our hiisinc-s is with General McClcilun.
nnd not w th bis luingi rs-on. As he had failed
to procure the nomination on the faith ot Ins
"reord," it was but a r asoiiuhlc calculation
Upon his fair dealing and indeed upon his
modesty to suppose th it he would, without
doubt, decline the nomination, or accept it with
ordinary deference to ho dissent of the party
from tuo policy which he was pleased to con
sider as embodied in his "public til'o."
Much, therefore, us we were astonished at
his distinct repudiation of the platform, in his
letter of acceptance, wo confess that we were
even less picparcd lor his extraordinary declara
tion that he was "happy to know" th it "the re
cord of his public lile was kept in view" when
the nomination was made. lie knew, perfectly
well, when ho made that declaration, and his
friends and counselors, who ore now fooling and
destroying him, knew equally well, that upon
his past lil'o only, and without pledges for the
future, be would never havo received the indorse
ment of the Convention, as we have already said.
lie knew, and they knew, that if bis record
was "kept in view" at all, it was as a thing to be
regretted in the pu-t and as a warning in the
future. Despito all this, however, he has hail
the boldness to plant himself upon it, nnd the
vanity and folly to show himself proud of it.
We Lave therefore a right to judge hiui from it,
and to test by it the legitimacy of his pretensions
now to represent the principles and policy of tho
Democratic paity.
Yesterday it was our painful duty to show,
from General McClulluu's letter of acceptance,
that he is pledged as delinitely as Mr. Dm coin,
to the prosecution of the war, "at all ha.:irds"
and to tho bitter end, for tho coercion of the
Mouthcm .states, and that he does not even pro
pose to oiler an nrmistico or open negotiations
until it is "clear," or at all events"prob.ible,"th it
the Confederates are "ready for peace on tho
basis of the Union."
He will not treat with them even to persuade
them into tuch readiness and disposition, liny
must be "ready," of their own accord, to return
to the Union, or he will make war on them till
they become so. Now, let us look at his "record '
to ascertain what war means, in his hands, ami
according to his pnnelplos :
1st. It means a rigorous conscription, as at
tested by his lotter to President Lincoln.
2d. It means the annihilation of St-.uo inde
pendence and the suppression of State govern
minis by military power, as evidenced by his
dealings witu 11. e legislature ot Maryland.
3d. It menus tho military arrest and imprison
mcntof citizens, without oath or warrant, in
b lutes where Judicial process is uninterrupted,
ana meir removal oeyonu tno jurisdiction 01 the
competent trioiinaiH, to De coulined In remote
fortresses, without accusation and without limit
of time, at the caprice of the Federal Kxecu
tire or his subordinates. To this, the removal
and imprisonment of the members ot the
Maryland Legislature and other cill.eiu of that
State, by General MeClcllan la the Tall of 1801
bear unquestionable witness.
4th. It means military interference with elec
tions, as shown by his correspondence with
General Hunks in regard to the : Maryland elec
tions of lbtil, to be lotind on paces thirty-two
and tutrty-ttirec ot the pamphlet ol ".secret Uor
Atb. It means the suppression of newspapers
and the arrest ot their editors and printers, as
shown in the case of the liiltimoie journals,
which were broken up eontemporuncoiislv with
his mpprcsbion ol the Legislature ot Maryland
Ctb. It means the entire subordination of the
army to the will of the Executive, whether exer
cited constitutionullv or in llagrant violation of
the Constitution, and the denial ot their radii to
canvass, much less 10 disobey, the orders of their
superior-, even though oheileii"e may involve
tbe wholesale overthrow of the most s.icrcd
rights of person, property, and citizenship.
For this, our authoii'y is ti e addie.-s of Gem1
rul MeClcllan to the Army of the 1'otoiu ic, alter
lue piomulg ition of iho President s hniinoina
tion Proclamation, nud clissilied us "General Or
der No. IliX"
Heading in all these acts and declarations
which tho "public life" of General McOIoll.iu
discloses to us either an utter ignorance of tho
laws and constitution of his couu'ry, o.- a truly
military and sovereign contempt tor them and
the rights which they enshrine, how can we
Low is it possible for any man to look tho Ame
rican nt oplc in the face and profess to believe
that Gem ml McC'Icllan stands, upon bia
"record," aa ex onent of the principles and lccl
iugi ol the Democratic party i
He is not only the champion of coercion by
war, which is a cardinal heresy from the Demo
cratic faith, but he is for war with all tbe abuses,
and violence, and usurpation which have already
made the existing struggle more dangerous to
tho liberties ot the North than to the indepen
dence of the South, lie is the representative of
military necessity, military jurisdiction, and
military subserviency. Ho is the enemy of free
discussion and tree thought. Ho is tho advoca'e
of armed intervention in the halls of legislation
and at the ballot-box.
This is his own history, not only told by him
self but recalled by his own lips for the admira
tion of his countrymen. If this be Democracy,
we Lave studied iu valu the principles of tlia'
party, to which, till now, we bad fondly looked
tor the salvation of the country from despot
ism, anarchy, bankruptcy, and perdition, lie it
what it may, it is uut our taith uud we will not
bow dowu to it.
Enron rnueuteut of totlon (allure lu
ltcccnt accounts from Smyrna confirm the
news that since the Turkish Government las
adopted the plan of distributing cotton-seed gra
tuitously to the planters the produce has in
creased considerably. Iu the year lsui) the cot
ton txpGrted from Smyrna amounted to only
12,000 bules, and was c-tltuateJ at 1)30,00'). Ia
1W3 it increased to UO.OOO bales, and the value
rose in a greater proportion. This year it is ex
pected tbut tho province of Anatolia alono will
iroduce 180 UI0 bales. The Turkish Governm. nt
Las thus pained enormously by the encourage
ment it has given to improvement iu agricul
ture. For example, the tithes ol M igneda, whicli
were fanned out Inst vuur for 71,000 Turki-h
pounds, pioilueo this "year 127,000; those of
Aidiu rented lust year at 1)0,000, found bidders
on the spot this year at 100,001) pou nils i and it is
expected that (he oilers at Constantinople will bo
till higher.
A Fleet r IIi Ik I Wiir t 1 Pwtmrliis:
to Prs j on llnr Coiiiiiii-rvc -IipcrtplliiH
ol Siim clxl l onli ilrr M Crnlser
l'r'iiriilloun of llm INavy lipiirliiii'iil
I nit. ! Mnii'x He vc-iiuo i'ifli to .'rul
liny unit Mailt. Ac.
1 n m n variety of muiecs we hear of priva
teers preparing to make a dash up ui our ship
pine;. Our Intel advices from Wilmington lead
ns to believe that it will not be runny days before
the m w privateers llmri, l.-Uil. and one or two
ther, including the T.dl-ilt ., will be out,
and at work on their mission of sinkintr, burning,
and destroying our unarmed merchantmen.
Already ono is reported to be on our northeast
ern coast. Wlu.t ves-cl .-he is, and where she
came from, has not yet been as. ertaimi'l.
A correspondent i f the Dos;,, n ,,, ,i, who
was on board tbo steamer Vim -.ut'j on h-r hist
ti lp from lloston to Halifax, gives tho following
particulars of her adventure with a vessel sup.
posed to be a new Rebel privateer :
1 have to communicate the important news of
a new Rebel privateer otr this co.i-t. She Is un
doubtedly one ot the newonc,not yet known bv
any nets, just rait from Wilmington. The ti le of
tbe ltav i t l'undy bad set in so strong as to cause
us to make Sea Island nearer th in usnal, and t
lb is fact we probably owe our es. ape. Fro n Se.i
Islam! we lava near cour-e to t ipo Slide,
mutin g inside l.iud rock. hen oil the hitler
place we uiscovcicd bat we supposed to be a
bamtie down for us, but it s-ion proved a
steamer, thom h not under steam, trying to hea l
us i ll; but from the fact before named. as we ha 1
tbe ii side track, we were not long iu getting in
side of the three leagues necessary for protection.
During tho elioi e she showed first tho English
ensign, next two others in ipiiek sueces-ion, which
we could not make out. She rhnsed us well into
land, and when it was obvious she had missed
In r prey she wheeled about dire tly in tho ruth
lie came. Mic was t irone-i igLfei, painieo loan
color, one smoke-stack, and a in. ilium size vessel.
Muco arriving here I havo further proof or
her being a privuti cr, as tho ll-'iiiudu ateaniet
arrived vesterday beforo us, and it was no
her, and thero is no English at
pnsent known to be ill that vicinity, to ithern
sympathizers: here claim that lour "I them
will soon tic nuoat upon tneir wora ot iiestnic-
tion. She bad evidently counted on getting
between us and tho shore, and thus hav
ing an oil shore chnso to her advantage, but
tbo positions were fortunately reversed, and wo
enpea. i tiiniK, in common w itn otners, mat
she will coal from somo American vessel coal
laden, hound Irom Cape llreton to lioston or
New York, which sho may capture, and then be
ready for extensive mischief. This is evidetitlv
lier lu st appearance, though she may have m ide
captures, the knowledge of which you may have
received ere this, l ne winn was mowing north
east at the time, and her iiumo uvres were sii -h
as no merchant vessel upon regular course would
have pursued."
1 ho Southern pnpers Intimate in a conn. tent
manner that the day is not f ir distant when our
merchants will meet with annoyance and loss at
tbo hands of these bold adventurers, wfm h they
claim can run out und into Wilmington at
uur niocKauing ves ou iirnini. m musi
bestir themselves ansmcep a bright look-out for
these craft, nnd in cuso Admiral le o should lot
them sbpont by him, tho Navy Depirtment has
proposed u special llyiui,' s piadron to pick
them up.
e lire unable at present to st ito wuai prepa
rations linve been made, but snilice it to say that
ncvor since tho war began ha- the depirtuient
shown so much foresight as it has in stationing a
number of vessels nt certain points lor
service. Tbe next time tbe Kc'iel ensign is found
at sea oil our coast, it will not have tho chance
to llv as impudently us on former occasions.
1 ho class ot vessels detailed tor tills apodal
fcrvico are not trail brry boats and chartered
craft, hut regular war vessels, oMIoored by regu
lar naval ollieers and manned by well armed
seamen. Among this number w o in iy mention
tbo I'amltrliilt, l'iitrtm,it. Ins.-n, and others.
Tbeso vessels are strung alon tho coast Irom
Maine to Virginia.
Tbe now collector, Mr. Simeon Draper, h w
issued orders to the Revenue Naval service t
have a siitiicictit number ot ves-cls constantly
cruising around the mas', to prevent tho depre
dations on American shipping by privateers,
which were so prevalent while his predecessor
was in ollii o. These vessels are to sail day and
night lit all points of the coa-t. The order has
given conliileuee to the merchants that they mac
safely engage in tho coasting, if uut the ocean
trade. Aire York World.
Special Dispatches to Evening Telegraph. ion, September H.
Draft In llcliiWHrc mill Mitrylnuil.
The draft Is ordered to take place iu Delaware
nnd Maryland on Mouday next.
Advices received to-day fraui tho army show
that our lines ere now win re llineock defeated
the enemy on Friday.
The Rebels seem to be feeling our lines slightly,
but have made no general utt.iek at any point.
Ex-Seorctury Chase and Senator Spra'tic ar
rived to-day.
Ordiiniire Ollic-cr.
Major Dyer entered upon duty a9 Chief of Ord
nance liureau to-day, in Ua-Q-.ay.
AwIkhcI to Hilly.
General Thomas V. Meagher has been ordered
to report fcr duly to General Sherman.
Five thousand two hundred and thirty-seven
acres were taken up under the Homestead law,
at Winnebago, Minnesota, durin.; the mouth of
August, lStll.
It Is found that desertions are facilitated by
toldiers lending dl-charge pa,ie; i (o other per
sons, and an order issued to-d r prohibits cloth
ing being served ts enlisted in u upon any dis
charged papers whatever.
Ilounly Order ItcclnillMl.
The order of the War Department allowing
men of three j ears' orc.tni itio i, w ho desire to
re-cnllst in the same regime its, a bounty of
102, has been rescinded.
The hospitals of this li. p irtincnt now contain
veiy few patients. Largo miio'icrs having re
joined their regiments within the last two w eeks,
the lust report made shows a vacancy of upwards
of six thousand beds.
Itroluiintlou of Ururral Jfnrtludnl.
General Maitiudalo arrived to-day, and ten
dered for the third time his resignation. The
luiasmus of Virginia has permanently affected
his health. lie avows hii dcteruiinatiou to go
home and fight Copperheads with his loumiuiu j
Speech from Hie lrr.llru(.
A Lincoln and Johnson Hag was suspended
across I'ennsylvuuia avenue this afternoon. The
parties afterwards visited President Lincoln, with
a tutnd. He rcfpotidcd to their call in brief,
pointed remarks, saying be did not feel called
upon to say much when they bad heard such
speeches from Mobile and Atlanta, aul tiuro
recently from Vermont and Maine.
The Nolilier' Vole.
A distinguished officer, who arrived fratu
Grant's army yesterday, asserts that more tha.i
ever the soldiers are determined upou supporting
the Administration, and the talk of I'cace-Cop-
lieiheads Is moro than ever distasteful to thorn.
Soldiers in hospitals ore voting In spite of State
laws, and it is found that the shirks who sliatn
sickness vote for MeCIellan, while those disable J
by wounds vole for Lincoln.
The trial of Surgcou Iliggins, of Giesboro
cavalry camp for selling Government horej
fraudulently, which has created much excitetueut
in military circle's, is concluded. Judge Higgias
of Illinois, brother of accused, aud II in. Leonard
bwelt, are counsel for defense It was proved
that a sergeant sold the horses, and to screen
himself accused Surgeon Higgins of receiving
the nioucy. Decision uut yet rendered.
Rebels Demonstrative) on
Left Front.
Nr4'lnl to Tlip llvt'vilnic T'lf'K-rikli.
V, Sept. II. The mail -t. inner
.(..a l!i("'t from 1'ity r.'inr, report tlia'
" thing of importance was tranfpiring at the
Irotit w hen Mie h It yesterday morning.
Tin ic.nre fresh indications that the lt"bjls aro
in ass ing on our left, either for aggrcs-ive pur
poss ,,r with ti view to prevent any simiiir sur
pi in' to that they received on I'ridaj night. Sine
saiuid.iy tin ir outpo.-ts have been -tnaig y rin
f..rcc.l on our left front. Pefcrteis uy t'na' Lee's
.irm bus been lately strengthened by reinfoio.
no tit: fiotu arious points, and by a 1 u gc nu-n-biri
l icii'ci ipts, J oin g and obi, dr.ig-'e.l, iu
Grant Miys, from the cradle to the grave.
Tin .'c conscripts arc the poorest ligh'l-.ig tn it -lials
the (,'onfedi racy has yet had, and their
utile, rs lire compelled to keep a watchful eye on
them, n they will seize tho first opportunity to
Hill's Corps has received latge acecs-ijtis of
eons, ripts, which accounts lor the numerous
iksLitious of l.itc fioin this corps.
( i MX. (i HANTS ARM Y.
Important General Orders.
Washing ion, September 1 1. General (leant
has Issued an order sending all civilians within in front (f Petersburg, who refusiito
take the i ath of allegiance, through the lines of
the enemy.
lie also prohibit the sale of ( ro isions to tho-v
w ho refuse to lake the oath.
A Powerful Rcconnoissancc.
IIaiipcii'h 1'ekhy, September 1:1. A heavy
reeonnoissum e was sent out m ross the Ope nan
towards Winchester this morning, but up to the
depaitiire of the train nothing has been learned
of the result. Guerillas still infest tbo road lead
ing to the front. Schwartz, oftho 4th New
York Cuvaliy, was twice fired upon yesterday
while ou his way to the Ferry, but fortunately
escaped without injury.
Nr.w Yohk, September I I. Thest"amer Vn
unli anun has arrived w ith Liverpool dates of the
:llst ultimo.
I.omion, Atigustol. There is no political news
ol iniporlnuee.
The King of Italy has received tbo Jleicau
Ambi'SMUlor and exchanged frieudly wishes. C
LtM iiiooi., Aiiu'tist HI. Cotton sulci to-dny
oOUO bales, including 1 iil.l to speculators und ex
pel It rs. The mm kct closes dull.
ltKitibtulls inactive. Corn has a downward
tendon v.
rrov isions dull. I.ard firm.
I.omion, August HI. Consols rinsed nt Ssy
SHJ for money ; Illinois Central, 4l(n 45 discount j
V ric Kbilroad, 41( 12.
Sine Nkw Arrived from Philadelphia, ship
Ihirint, at Havre ; ships A irolo uud Suit I'tv'ro,
nt Liverpool, and ships cbimim and .lyioyot, at
Airltnl from Xfli ru Uenernl I'uloioe
tn llHlliinore.
Special Itcii!i h to Tw fit-cuing 7'ce7rn.A.
II.M.riMoiiK, September 14. Tho Government
slcanier Thomas Collim arrived here this morning
for repairs from Newbern, N. C.
General Palmer, commander of our forces in
North Carolina, was on board. Ho is going to
Trenton, on a leave of absence for a few days.
TLo Collim left Newbern on Sunday last. All
was ijuiet there, and the troops were iu good
health aud spirits.
Aliianv, N. Y'., Septotnbcr 1 1. The Demo
cratic State Convention met In tliiB city to day.
and was temporarily organized by tho election of
M. D. Chambliu as Chairman. There is a large
attendance of delcga'cs and others.
Arrlvnl of I'urolril I'ulon Solitlcrs.
D.m.iimoki., September 11. The llug-ol-truce
boat etc Yuri., with W0 paroled inon and Id
i.llicers.arrivedat Annapnlisthismorning. Among
ihcm arc a number of MaryUnders. Tho con
dition of the released prisoners is a iitt'e
Arrival of FrciKht Sleamer., September It. The freight steamer
Thames, fifteen days from London, arrivcJ here
this morning.
Mnrhelit by Tclearrnpti.
Xkw Yoiik, September 1 1. Flour adcanced 5
f. .Hf lit., hulttnor li..o hhl..l at S'siUa lo t.H- St.lfi
Slu-;.'..i 11. lur oli.u, snj SH l-i'-U lor Cloiltuei-li. Wltvat
M0MU-. M J.u Ji'.. wttli MlilliiKr Milt sitlua. far litlwin I'd
le. Pule! uf 4I.I.M) bust,eU ill Ml).' ' -' I '' I ltts .1-lU,
Turk tea.t; Kale, of lorn Mini, at SU'.6" la I'-r Mqis.
J sli aJr. V la.kv ill. II at 1 si.
Itet'ii f-Of Hour, PS.HAI bun.; WhJll, W,lfJIuli... j
e i. rn, -.v.'.u, September 14 Flour is nuict at
SI'.' !r exlrn oluo. Vt heat a. tlve atul una ; .iouttieni n-a,
M ;;mi.H); So llurn wlm. H-HhhTihi. Com dull at il h i
li.l'Klille. W hek) Jell al tfsr i. ,i 1 s, . Men. ITuviaiuin
s:e una, na itacou h.i. au aavaiieiusieniiuucr.
Io tor Mitry V. Wnlker.
Miss Doctor Mary E. Walker, who wns can
tured in trout of Chattanooga tome mouths ago,
ana taken to Richmond and coulined a) a pri
soner of war, aud who was recently exctiaugcd.
passed through Louisville the other day, rn route
for Sherman's front. Her object is to visit her
old brigade, Colonel llau. McCook'a, settle her
busiacss. obtain her trunk, aud bid adieu to the
army. Khe will ninko a tour through the States
ana lecture ou ucr experience uowa iu Uijtio
.V. )'. Tubune.
Mrs. Mury Coonrod, wife of William Coon
rod, of Ilig l'atch, Wiseoiibin, commuted suicide
on tho 2olh ultimo by cutting her throat with a
razor. She had becu slightly deruuged for some
lime previous, and latterly her anxiety in regard
to the draft aud the fear that her husband would
be drafted, added to her owu depression, led to
the commission of tho act.
A young Federal oillccr from Michigan has
bceu on Ore stulfs of eleven generals in this war,
has been in thirteen buttles, thirty-eight skir
mishes, and three sieges ; commanded a squadron
in two battles and fourteen skirmishes ; and has
be en in seven Rebel prisons. After the battle of
July In front of Atlanta, ho collected so many
Rebel arms irom the battle-field that it required
teventy-slx inulei and eleven large army wagons
to transport them to Marietta.
Gallant Cavalry Affair Near
Brigadier and Sixteen Olllcora
Splendid Behavior of Troop?.
rerptck from General Sheridan, !
Kiim-IiiI In 'I Im l:i'iiliir 'ri'lar'1!''-
Washim.ton, September II. The following
despiiteh h.n just been received from ; ticril
Slieridu'l :
Ni'tu IH'.Kitvvtt.i.r, 7 T. M , Setifember 1 i.
This morning I sent (icm rul fletty's lb iion ol"
the I'.th Corps, witl. o bi tga les of env.ilry, to the
eros-iug of Summit l'olnt uud Winchester roads,
over Opeipiun creek; Uhode's, Unnseur's, Gor
don's, and Wharton's Divisions of the Ilebel urinv
wcrc found on the west bunk oftho creek.
At ti c mine tin.c (Ici.erul Wilson, with (ieiie
nil M okiiito-h's l.rlgudoof cavulry, dashed up
tho Wineluster pike, drove the llobel rivalry at
a run, and cinio in e.nii.ict with Kershaw's
Our cavalry charged nnd captured the S:h
South Ciirolma It, gliucnt, with sixteen ollieers
nd Hi men, und its bittle-llig, and Coloue
lleuiiigan, nitiiti Hiding a Cavalry Ilrigude, with
a h ss of only two men killed and two wounded. credit is due to ( letiei.ils Wilson end
Mackintosh of the lid New Jersey and J 1 Ohio
The charge was a gallant one.
A portion of the '2d Massachusetts Reserve
llrigadc made a charge on tho right of the line
and captured an otlluer and eleven men of Cor
don's luMsion of Infantry. Our lossln the reeon-
noisiinee is very light.
I'. II. KiiKiiniAN,
Statp or Tueuw jmktkr To-day. Six A. M.,
W. Nouu.6'.). Onel . M.C. Wind, W. by X.
UutNU Uil.Li.tiiu ToruxAMUNT. The players
and admirers of that scientific and beautiful
me, billiards, are on tip toe patiently waiting
for the commencement of the grand billiard
tournament whic h is shortly to tcke pl.i'C in this
city. This tournament Is for the ch.iuipiuti-hip
of the State of IVnnsvlvnnht, and will lu bel l at
Nansoiu Street Il.iil, commencing on the .Id of
October, and ending ou tho KHh instant.
The lirst prize consists ot a gold-mount- 'I cue.
valued at -rr'-oO; tbe second prize of a h mils one
set ot silver wure, valued at SP'0. The following
is a list ot the players who will compete lor thu : Victor l-.siepbe. Chris; bird, J. I'lii'ikett,
. t . Montgomery, K. 1. Kyall, h. 11. Melius.
J. l'r.lmer, anil 11. llewes.
All of tbo gentlemen, with ono exception, a S
riidndelphiuns, tlthcr proprietors of billiard
saloons or ugngid in them. Mr. 1'nliuer is an
iiiimti ur, and is the only genllein in among the
bu g n-t ot noted amateur plavers who naa
the nerve to enter Into the contest, i'revious
to annoiiucing tbo li.-t of competitors, invi
tatlons ueio cxtcn led to all the promi
nent players of the game throughout tho .'State,
but nono'of them outside the names announced
tccepted the challenge.
I hc game will consist of livo hundred points,
M..I tin ie ine to be twi n.y eight games. Every
shot is to be "fair," uud no "push" shots will bo
allowed; as will bo perceived from this fact, the
game Hill be eminently a scientilic one. It will
be played on one of l'belan's eaioin tables.
There is to be nil ulternoon aud evening ex
lillmn n each day. On the a'ternoon of the lirst
exbibiton, the lirst game will be pl.iycd between
Messrs. llewes and Montgomery; the second
game between Kstcphe mid liird. Iu the evening
the following w ill he the order of the play : l-'irst,
game, Palmer and Kyall; second game, I'luu
kctt and Melius.
'1 he order of tho play for the following days
has not yet been agri ed upon. All of the gentle
men mentioned in the list of players have bon
practising the game for some weeks pa-t on their
own bibles. They are all noted players, n me of
whom cannot make u run of one hundred
" points."
Among the eminent billiard players exoccted
to be present at the fame are Messrs. I'lrdan,
Cavanaugh, and Ooluthwuite, ot Now York.
Invitations have ubo been extended to other gun
lletiHii throughout tho dillerent cities of tbo
I'nion. The expenses of tbo tournament will
itniount to iiliout seven hundred dollars. Messrs.
Ksti pbo, Rvnll, and Montgomery are the colu
mn tee of urrungemenls.
Any of the playeis have u right to challenge
Ihc w inner ot the cue to play etery three months
If, at the expiration of three years, bcslull retain
po-i-cssi'.n of the cue, tbe houor of tire eha nplon
sbip is established. The tournament will M; a
grand one, as thousands of lovers of tbe art will,
no doubt, be attracted toiho city.
The MiiiDi-H of Captain Kt.i.ioir Trw
WocNus Inflicti ij os ins Pi-.usox. A des
patch from II. II. K. Klliott, dated this day at
Indianapolis, states that he is on his way home
with the body of his son, Captain IUrvcy Klliott,
who, it will bo remembered, was murdered
several weeks kincc on tho line of the Chicago,
Indianapolis, und l'eru ruilroad, not far fioin the
city oi ltidiunapolis.
His body was thrown out upon the track with
the evident purpose ot giv ing the impression that
It lisd Ijccn lun over. I'pon the body of Captain
r.lliottno less than ten stubs were discovered,
any one of which was sullieieut to cause death.
Resides rilling the pockets of ihc deceased, his
murderer or murderers left him almost without a
vestige of clothing.
('upturn Elliott was a brother of Captain Thos.
II. Klliott, an aid on (lencral Ueary's stall, whoso
wounding aud death before Atlanta, we recorded
sometime since. The body of Captain Klliott
will arrive in this city to morrow. Several United
Stutes Detectives are on tho track of the person
or perfous who committed this brutal murder,
and the arrest of a muu ou suspiclou has already
taken place.
Look Oct ron Him. A young man, about 2 j
years of age, bushy whiskers and moustache, is
on a "collecting tour" among our citizens, which
collections, it may be as well to state, arc applied
exclusively to bis own individual benefit. He
has been considerate enough to drop lu upon the
clergy during the course of his perambulations,
and with the unctuous tongue which he is repre
sented to possess, be has succeeded iu doing two
or three of the brethren lo the extent of a few
dollars or so. On Saturday morning last our
collector presented himself at the residence of a
miuister of the gospel, rosiding in the vicinity of
Broad and South streets, ite reprcsenteu luiu
...ii' an Ur. l.eis. a member of Dr. Wvlie's
church, and that he resided in the vicinity of
Ninth and Green streets. Ho was on a collecting
tour, aud desired some change for the person who
was about to par him a bill. At lirst tho Strang r
was regarded with some suspicion, but be seemed
to be perfectly familiar with a number of pastors,
and the most prominent members of Dr. Wylie's
congrcgution. The change was bauded him,
loch h i.roiuised to return iu half an hour. As
may be surmised, the rascal has not since mado
, his appcuranee.
l'liiiiKioipiiiit rs' i;xni.
Eilatory Districts to bo Drawn
Ry telegram from llarrisbuig, we are informed
that the draft in this city nnd Suite is tixed fjr
Monday next, the lih inst.
Although the quota of this ci'y has been re
duced some thousands by means of the cnlist
mei ts and credits for the men who have entered
the navy, still I'uInd, -ldiia is not yrt rxempt from
the dm ft. In a number of the wards of this city,
print exertion" luivo been mado from the tim
li e tact ol tho draft was lirst announced, to till
their ipiota, and ill Ibis laudable desiio some have
suc eeoed.
Others ure yet deficient, some fifty or one hun
dred nun, while a third class have ncglecte I to
institute evi u tbo initiatory moveiii'iit I'l the
nin'Ur the calling of award meeting. T.J all
such, who come under tbe latter head, we can
only call their attention to the gratifying fact th it
in accordance with recent orders received from
ashingb n, the dralt will flr-t bo commenced in
those districts whero the residents have been
least energetic iu cude.noring to raise recruits to
fill their quota.
I 1 liu object of this charitable provision is to
allow ii 1 1 poM-ililc time to other wards where
i Hurls Line In en ma. lo to olivi ne tho nece-sity
ol n draft by reciuiiing. Surely, at the low price,
ol ri emits not a single ward iu this city should
ptiinit ii droit lo take place among them. Some
ol the mosi pppnlnu of our wards havo suc
ceeded in reducing their quota to a few se re of
no n. and we can perceive no reason why I'lnlt
deiphui should not be entirely exempt. I here is
ir.ot ry crouch iu the h inds o' our citizens to
Mciite this object if Millicient zeal Is displayed
lo obtain it.
El I.CTION or F.XIllMll us or TDK. Vikf. Dr.-
i-t in v i n r. The election of Assistant Engineers
of the l ire Depai tmcnt took place last night at
the hall of the Board of l ire Directors. The fol
lowing Is the vote by companies :
i itisr iiisritii T.
l'or Tevrcnee M. Cuskcr Delaware, Vianklin,
Wa-lnngton, Wcceacoe, (loid Will, Uibornia,
Philadelphia Kngines.'andJMoyiituen-ing, Robert
Moiris, America, l'hiludi lplua and Warren lloso
Companies I'-'.
I'm Ueorge W. Stinsmnn Shillh r lime, Soutli
wutk Hose, Western llu-c, Schuylkill llo-e I.
l'i r Samuel II 1'rc.isc f ranklin Hose, Colum
bia Hose, Paine .'i.
Tor .lames M. Robci ts Oood Intent Koto,
Marion II se, Southwark Kuginc, C duuibii l-'.n-ninc,
1- iligeul l .ngine, 1'er-evcr.luec lloio.rii.cinx
Hose, Washington Knginp
l'or William J. Hazel Hop." Engine, Nlagir.i
11. se 'J.
l'or Robert 11. Warner Hope Hose 1.
l'or Joseph S. Robinson Empire llojk and
1, adder, l'uirmouul Kuginc, Humane Hose, Inde
pendence Engine, Ro-iatico Engine, Spring
den Engine, I'nited Sia cs Hose, Vigilant En
gii.e, Eriendship Engine, Otobe l-'.neine, Humane
Klieine, Rincgohl Hose, William I'eiill Hose 11.
l'or Ueorge Downey, Jr. Assistance Engine,
D'ligent Hose, Euiriuount lloso, I Will
ll se, Neptune Hose, Northern Liberty Engine,
W estern Engine, l.iiluvette Hose, Northern l.ib
iriy Hose, Spring Uardcn Hose, America Engine
l'or Ueorge Ilensler Pennsylvania II is,
Tivoll Hose, Uoo.l Intent Eugiue, Kcnsiugte'o'
llo-e iMccbame P.iigine J.
l or A. W. Wright Cohocksmk Hose, Hand-
In. Hand Engine, South l'enn Hose, Taylor Hose,
I lilted Hose, liiilepeiuieiice nose (j.
Tiiiun iiisriucr.
For James Adams Decatur Kngine, Excelsior
Hunk and l.sililer, Rescue Hook and Ladder,
Washington of Erunkfonl I.
l or v . Williams rranklin ol l rankford.
Liberty of Huluiesbtiig, Union of Rising Sun U.
Vji iiTii iiisTiiicr.
l'or Jacob Oonavcr Fellow-hip, Franklin of
Ocrmiintown, (jcriuuutowii H ; M in-ivil'ik
Engine, .Mount Airy J.ugine, Washington of
(ir-l Il.lllltown ii.
l or Ueorge I'ox Congress of Chesnut Hill.
tioi d intent of Roxborough 2.
fifth diki hict.
l'i r Hamilton Scoit King.icsdng Engine,
Monroe Eni in, I'nion lloso, West Philadel
phia Engine 1.
1 lie w est I'tiiiaiicipnia nose una Mantua noon
und Ladder Companies voted for a party not lu
Dktkction of a Roiihfk. Tho man, named
It Irl aril Mason, who was arrested some time
since on tho charge of robbing tho store of Mr.
Lewis lirown, Third und Crown streets, of sumo
sixty dollars in money and fourteen boxes of
cigars, was committed to answer by Alderman
IJeitler yesterday. The uceused was arrested by
Detective Tagg nt, the evidence against hitn being
a talise containing burglars' tools found in his
room, as also the tact that a week or so utter the
robbery ho bad sold a number of cigars to
woman name. I Mrs. Ann miner, living ou
Water street, above Dock. These cigars were
ideiililicd by Mr. lirown, us also were Ihc boxes
rontiiiiiiiif. them. The lire-proof from which the
money was taken was blown opcu.
A Hashsomk Amiiflance. Yesterday the
Good Will Engine Company housed a now am
bulunee. The sides ure painted a deep emerald,
and the velvet couches of the interior are of tho
Mime rich color. On tho sides are two beautiful
oil paintings, representing wounded soldiers on
the lie d ol battle. They are culled "lost" and
found," nud aiedc.serip'heof tbe latesot our gal
lant heroes, one of whom Is discovered by his
comn des in thu tangled underwood, where he
fell, and the inner lies dying in au obscure glen,
unknown und une oed for.
Sentfm i; of l'UKi'Oi Six of the four
teen pickpockets alleged to be from New York,
who were ehurged with the theft or a wat.h in a
railroad cur, were convicted, and three of thein
weie senti need to three years' imprisonment, and
the leniaiiiii.g 'lin e to two yeur' imprisonment.
The olio r eight were neia to nan ior lueir miuro
good bibavmr. it.tTic Ci.rn Mfftino. A mooting ol
the MeClcllan Old Guard, a sjldiers' ca upaign
club, held at the Continental Theatre, las even
ing, was quite largely attended. Sjccche wore
iniide by Colonel Jam l'age, John O'llyrne,
Rieluiid Vaux, nnd oihcrs. Another meeting
will be held ut llarr's hotel, to-morrow cvouing.
Diaih of as Unknown Max. A German,
aged about sixty yiars, was foiiud yesterday In
uu insensible condition at Oirard avenue aud
Leopold streets. He was conveyed to the Sevcn
tienth Ward .Station House, where he died this
Disoiiueulv Hoisf.. This morning Emma
Thomas was arruigucd before Alderman Massey,
upon the charge of keeping adisordurly house at
No. 1209 Carlton street. Three women, inmates
of the bouso, were also taken iuto custody, and
the whole party hold to answer.
VtriRiNAUv. A quarterly mooting of tho
Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association,
Dr. Jcnning, President, was held yesterday after
noon. The diseases to which arc subject,
w eie referred to at length, after which the meet
ing adjourned.
DihnoNLBT Yovth. Michael Fulton, a lad
wii6 charged w 1th stealing one hundred dollars in
greenbacks from the coat pockot of his employer,
Mr. Ueorge llra.ier. He was commuted to
answ er the charge ut Court by Alderman Weld
ing. Imi'Iioved OiiDF.n or Ked Mes The Grca
Council of the United Slates of tho Improved
order of Red Men. will contiuuo its session in
this city for three or four days. A. J. Frauds, of
Kentucky, presides over the convention.
CiiAiaiAULE. The bulk of Mr. Hobort Orr's
totutc, recently deceased, is loft to the First lie
formed Presbyterian Congreg-ition of this citr.
for the use aud beneiit ot tho poor members of
said congregation.
Aiuhval anij Dfpabti'Rk. The 8th New
York Regiment, which arrived in this city last
evening, will leave for Trenton to-day. They
were cnteitiunad at the Kelreshmeut saloons
The CovithE To-day at V2 o'clock the entries
fcr the Point Bieezo Park fall trotting match will
be closed.
EF.CKriTiNa. This morning warrants were
diawn for tho payment of the city bounty lo
wiuety-t-ne men, live ot whom were siibsUmnw.
RioiiTHor Kui.wtv Tn.tvii.v.Ks. A ease of
some interest to railway trave'ers will probably
loon be brought Iji fore the courts of this fitato,
and upon Its decision every person who travels
on raihoads is more or less Interested. The facts
of the esse arc as follows : On Saturday last a
grntlminn In Philadelphia purcha'cd a ticket on
the Pennsylvania Railroad from that city to
Pittsburg, which, on Us lace, guaranteed him ono
seat. I'pon entering the cur all the seals were
occupied, and tho attention of the conductor was
calltd to Ibo fuel. The passenger, however, re
mvcil no Mitisl'aet:on, and wlim the conductor
came round to lift tbe ticket", tho puss-nair
nlused loaiiriender Ins on tbo ground that the
mpanv did not I si 1 til its pirtof tbo contract.
Tbe conductor demanded tbe ticket or threateoed
expul-ionof tho piis'enger Irom tho cars. The
pas-ei ger stuck lo his point, and when tbo train
rt in bed Downingtort ti tbe conductor led him out
of the car. No resi-tiine was made except a
verbal protest, and tho expressed determination
to test the nuitbr before tbn courts. Whether
ni it has been intitiit" d we have no" yet leirne.l.
Soiiti. Rffsion A large number of ladies
nnd gi rtlenien from the dillerent eburchos of this
city, met lust evening In the rooms of the Voting
Men's Christian Association, It being the occasion
of a reunion of the members and their families
and friends. Thecuning s entertainments were
cciuiuf nerd by nn address from the President of
tlie A'sim intio'n, Mr. I'. II. Simons. During the
evening the gue-ts were entertained with vocal
and instrumental tnasic, conundrums, and short
niMrts-cs by gentlemen pre-ent, among whom
were several cl rg iiicu. At a late hour lucent ro
company partook of refreshments provided lor
the oct asion. It was stated bv tlw President th it
a strenuous i tlort was being made by tho niein
lrs o revive uu interest in the. Temperance
cause, und Unit there wero good grounds lor be
lieving that the elloi ts bad not been in vain. It
was also stated that during the month of May
there would be u convention of the members of
the Christian A-sociiuion held in this city, com
posed of delegates from tho lliltish Provinces as
well ns from dillerent sections of the I'mon. The
nu cling nas one of much social and Intellectual
iiijoMiient, nnd was intended to be one of a
scries which will be held at intervals dining liu
lomiiig sea-ou.
Foil A l.ONll TIME l'lllt, VIO.LI'lll t II ts FF.l.T
tbe want of an i s'.ab ishni. nt where a lu lv could
go nnd ccure n complete nut lit. Formerly a
bride would have to depend on her friends to ud
vise what to get and where to get it. Now we
have In this city a first-class establishment,
where a rerson can have everything made at tho
shottest notice, iu the most elegant manner and
ut very reasonable nrlce". We recommend our
lady friends to go to the Wheeler ft Wilson s ilcs
room and examine Secimciis of their work. Wo
hate never seen an thing at all equal t . it, either
iu this country or I'.urope. 'I he Wheel, r Si
Wilson Company do ail kinds of family sewing,
quilling, lucking, c, ut then ollico. or are pro
riiicil to send out obli. ing and competent young
Indies to sew by the day or we. k, with i r without
inn. bines. Now is the time for tamilics to h ive
their 'Ctving attended to. We all know Hint the
Wheeler A- Wilson Sewing Machine does the
best work and is the most e c.uioinictil in the use
of cotton. Salesroom, 7dl Chesnut street, above
Ciiti.i.iv to a Hoitsi:. John Walls and E. F.
Sherry, both residing iu tho neighborhood of
American and Master streets, havo been hold in
tho sum of $0n, to answer the charge of cruel
treatment of a horse. The horse was lilted from
a Mr. Wright, Kif.h and Pop'ar streets, and when
retiiruid it is alleged that the animal was so tired
out with incessant driving us to be unlit for i in me
diate use.
Comfahipon Tin: oni.t Kair Tfst. No matter what
nuiy he sanl In f.ivor of tho various Hewing Mticlilnns In
use, tire rally proper mill certain way of ilocMlnir upon
tlit'lr relative merits Is hv actual comparison. Hits la tlio
test wlileti tlie "Flnrenep" (sold at No. Itl9 (.'besnut
street) Invites anil It Is a remarkable tiict that when
ever tins comparison la mails tiy pureliusora before o
IcetliiK, their preferenee luvariaMv noes In tavor of the
"Florence" stiictilne. tlioiish wo ouslit lianlly to call
tills remarkable, It is Himplv common sense. The Florence
Is a womlcrtul machine. Kvery ono soul tiy tlie aitent Is
warranted to irlve pertect satisfaction, or the niouey will
be rctunded alter throe months' trial.
"Insolation. " (tcorida. from Chattanooira t.j Marl
rtta, ubout one liuiutred ami fifty mile, Is totally swept
ol Us niBle Inhabitants. "In the nttll stamlfiiir cottai.'e4
near tbe oepots. selling plea and fruit aronml tlie car.
ouseetlio li'ini, luuk. yellow skliilieil women of the
p.wcr Chi..!- with I Ii.-Ir low -lieaUetl ehllilreii. hut never
mi iibte-bo.Hed mull. F. vi-rv ablc-hoilh-il mull wi-ura tlie
Federal alillorm ; every at.le-bi.ilie.l in'ro Is la (lie ser
vo e ol tin- army." Here how dillerent (lie seene I More
nlilr.l.otlied men out ot the aimy are Hbuielalll. Mini whe
ther In loillorm or civilian ilrcoi, nine eases out often
their clothes aro from the establishment of Cli.wag
MioKFs A Co.. under the (.'otit.uoutal.
I'llll-ORKN'S f 'I.OTIUNU.
Hoys' Suits, C'litldieu's Zephyr Ooods.
AIihmcn' lliossinakliiK, Hoys' Overcoats,
A splendid assortment.
No. 4 N. Khhth struct.
W'k call of it numerous readers' uttention to
the advenUemcnt of ttrlejit's sale of Niirsery Hto.'k. to
take place on Thursday next, at the Logan Nurifry, old
York Head. To parties tnuVdng Improvumeuta, Ibis isle
oin-rs rare opi'iirO'Dlties, aa Iho Nio-k ll cju-ldered to be
tlie Sliest in FtuiaOA'lpiuu, ana nieiua,on musi iaoraoic
lur irnsp anllng.
PiioiooitAFiis Natural, life-like pictures, pro
duced iu lino style, at 11. F. lioiiuer's Halle y, No.i.-l
Arch ntn el. M'e sl.o rholoxrailis In Oil colors, Ivory
typos, and Carte de Vlnltes.
eulcs oftho Bladder. Kidney, Crave), llropsy, iic, Ac.
ilcluibokl'a Extractor luiehu lor Kervoiu and Uoblll
tilled stiefrers.
llclmtmd'H Kxtroot or lllirfill tnr Mil ol Hfltnory, ixst
of Power. Illailie- ol VihI-ii, iJlltleilltr ol llrestlitft-.',
Weak Ncrvei.aud t iiheral LaBsilude ol tae muiciuar
He uilsild i Kxtraet of luiehu Is pleaunt In In lasts and
odor, ami lo meU.ate In astioli. Frice Si per b..tne, or k
bottlei for live dollari, deloere,! to any a-ldreis. Liepot,
No. Ie4 8 leutu ktroel, Fiiilaueipiiia.
Eon Corona, Coi.ns,, axo am.
rei.MosAltr ArricrTloss, iJr. II. Juyne'i Knpe?tor4iit it
Hie itanilird remedy, at all times life aid reliable. Pre
pared only at No. IMieMiut street.
Dm. R.ohf.iuhon'8 Nfhvois Coai)iAL;ou,
Nature's flrund Healorer. The grout remedy for all N.-rv-
oil Complob ts, dehlllty, pr.mi rtl in. o lle of spirit!
Ac. Irlcctl. r ur urn u) & i u.t n" . i n . "uu
Coi iiT 01 Qi Judge I.tidlow.
About one week agofotirtccu Sew York thieves
and bounty jumpers emigrated to this city. I'heir
unities are, John u linen, tviinam ammciin, ta
wiird Kussell, Jolm Me Ja 11 11, Edward llorrUon,
Kdwnnl Rilev, John Sullivan, (Joorgo Oi'I'oey,
Michael Craven, lien. nson, Lawrence u lirieu,
Joseph Murphy, nnd William Uroughter. Arriv
ing ut the depot, at Kensington, in the evening,
they took passage down in tho Sixth street cars.
Among tne passengers ny 111.11 conveyaujo was
man named lJciwilcr.and lieiug unable to resist
the instincts of their profession, they rubbed hltn
of bis watch lie gave rniortnuuon 01 111s loss at
the Central Station, when ollieers at once went in
search of the thieves. Threo of the pirties w ere
nrrested at the Commercial Hotel, Sixth streut
above Chtsiiiit, and Mr. lletwller's watch was
found between the mattresses of their bed.
The remainder ot the p irtvlcre arrested at
Earle's Saloon, lith aud Chestnut, where they had
gone to get their supper.
The old adage is that "Justice Is slow hut
sure. In the case ot tho men whoso history is
ubove given it proved to be swift. They were au
placed on trial yesterday. Of the fourtccn
captured six were convicted, John O'Urion,
Win. Mulllgau,Edward Russell, John McCnnn,
Edward Harrison, and Edward Riley, and were
sentenced ; the lirst three named to au imprison
no nt of three years in the Eastern Penitentiary,
nnd the last three to the same imprisonment in
the County Prison.
The remainder of the fourteen, charged as
accessories, wero acquitted, but were required by
Judge l.udlowto enter into bonds in $1000 to be
ot good behavior for one year; aud not being
able to enter security iu such au amount, the
parties were of course committed.
IUrt)ue Arena. Wililauia, I'niaaeula, J. t. 1IIi'4Cj.
Itar.iiie Wlnslow, Yoike, do. do
ll, hr alary Kl'leree, Ml. e. Newhiirrport, do. Claim, linker, Boston, tlaunnetl, Vau IJaiea
i.-lir Laeon, lluVer, llonlon,
Bebr Micilil 1-oui.e, Mmllh. Port R.aln. A. w.rt.
f.l.r Sew Zealand, roi.ll.aui. I .w, "n
Hehr Kaeliel Jane, ltoaia. Nornlch, I.. A 1 .l.uried C.
bctt 1'carl, lirown, lloiiou. Ir HdJll. RSlSal
Brlu Cuba (III ), llolme.. JO dlj a tiuia WlaJlor, K S.,
..''uJioitViiell-"!'-. day. tro. Aleaaalila,
TwoBr.'"'.'?., Weal, I day from ludiaa Hlvtr, with
arain to Jaiuea llariail.
Nelir T. I". al. r olley. Uurhoroinh
n..i with ifruin to Jaiaaat Itarrall.
,1 diy fr ria Ca ulen.
Htaauiui Isiinia, raaii, 4uours tcuia slew York, wltli
au las 10 W. M. Uaird A Co.
narque Ella White, Harney, Iron Balllmjri.oHu.J'
laud MUrday at uwu, al sue hot.
Oificr or Thr Fvrwrwn Tt r Taint,
Wet ne-day, Hepremoai 14.
Cold Is more a-tlvc this morning, and prlv4
have declined ; opening ut 22 , fell off and sohl
stri-l at 11 o'clock, at 12 o'clock, 223) a
124 o'clock.
The Mock Market con'.inues dull, bat pric st
are steady. Government bonds are qniet, withl
sales of 5.7.0b at lo.'li, coupons off, and 730a a(
IH'4. tls of 1H81 are quolcd at 107J107!.
Kailmad shares are quiet, and there is Tcr
little doing. Reading sold at 6-5, which If ad
ndvsuce. Little Schuylkill at 4(11, Citawiss
Preferred at 40K lOJ.and Philadelphia and F.rlU
at .HC'i.fli; 1.17 was bid for Camden and Amboy,
7:J for Pennsylvania, 62 for Minchlll, 34 fot
North rcnnsjlvanla, 'JO for Catawlssa Commons
and IS for Long Island.
City lis, new, sold at 106 and Pennsylvania
.is ut ns.
Oil stocks are rather dull, but prices htve am
upward tendency, with sales of DaUell to noticd
at II T(" 12, which is a slight advance; McOlin
tock at 7, which is bolter; Noble and Delemn
ter Id, a slight advance ; Rock Oil 6; Egbert
Djhand.Mcllhonny at RJ.
t iiiuil shares arc dull, and there is little ot
nothing doing. 314 was bid for Seal. Nar. foe
common ; for preferred 3f4 ; 20 for Susquehanna
Cunal bonds ; and 138 for Morris Canal preferred.
rank shares continue firm, with sales oC
Parmcrs" A fechatilcs' at 63; Manufacturers' Ac
Mechanics', 274 nd Consolidation at 35. 161
was bid for North America, 132 for Phlladolphid,
rM for Commercial, 10 for Pcnrl Township, and
1(1 for Corn Exchange.
In City Passenger Railroad shares there is Tory
little doing, and prices are without change. Thir
teenth and Fifteenth sold at 30; 70 was offered
for Second and Third; 3SJ for Spruce and P.nct
and 70 for West Philadelphia.
The Money Market has been more stringent
for several days past; loans on call are oil ircd at
('.( 7 per cent, per annum ; best paper is sel Ing at
fiom S('i 1'2 per cent.
A despatch from Washington this miming
says : "One-third of the bonds of the recent
loan were delivered yesterday, and Immediate)
deliveries will continue to be made as fast as taJ
certificates shall be presented for that parp 1.
The Secretary of the Treasury has directed thsj
entire amount realized from this loan shall ba
paid to the army. Warrants were Issued jester
day for money to pay the troops in the Nor.h-
west, Missouri, and Iowa.
Keporud by Clark-en Co., Kronen, Xe. Ill 8. Third St,
BF.roitu no a una.
:u sh I'll A oil Ck... I't too eli rpper Ecn.3d l!j
bi l 'J
:siq nh 1I0 .
lillsh Mel llmoek
..l,li Noble A Del toil I'.',
a ill do.
HA)iri do.
IMi li Kea.lms 11. K 0 l-l;
lun sa uo os
J l U.H.5-50eoiioit pu'i 2"x ih Rok Oil.
SulO do r.-ir. l(i't
S.11 U I S 7 lliii a.ii.liH
t son U. r.S S"i ..rev line,
f.uu ilo c..up.llllJi
Slisirtty Hi. new ...III; j
e-.vsskn. Nv.tli sa... Ul'ii
) in Noble A IM.
l.sisn iJi.iisni.rre.,.1.1 14
asi a Kcadiua II. ,..t
i.'si ill Ksiurt 01 1
4M)nHcn her of...c r.)
rss) ah I'nion rol i 1
no ih Mcllhennv . .00 s
Inn N l'a. r. lull
;$ . I'enna b SH
Sll Ol lo c .up lul
I sli Fur A Mee llk.c l
all Msilill Mccll.
4 sb f'onaol. Hank.. tg
'A'6 sh Newl'reek .... I'r
sai sh Haiell Ull .... 11
'.Iiih do IIS
I I in bit acta K ss
loii h Oaiaw. Df....J I toi
liu ah do s-IO PMC
ti I'hIU AKne.... 14
14)tb do b.10 l
loO ih I till Al-'ith 3D
ill Mlnoh.ll
;n.4i t.11 at tew ii '
Nnw Yohk, (September 14. Stocks are be'ter.
tiileaito and Keck lilaml, 1ISIH ; I'umberland preferred.
Si ' ; II liiolhl'eiuriil, IJi ' , i kl'ehlxan H.iiiinorn, Sli Newr
York Central. IT-V, lleadiiut. 1): Hudson Ulver. lls'e
I anion Co., liu', ; Kne, li-r ; Treasury 7'HO, IM,V: Ten
roriy,i, !rO, : Klva-'l'iventr Coiiiiotii lie1,'; Coupoa tiSa
1071a iiioid, '-'ii 1 and iluce Hoard, ail.
Cluotiitious of Gold at the Philadelphia O ild
Exchaiigc.No.Sl 8. Third street, second story
HA A. M 12 M
11 A. M 2'M 1 P. M 2A
Market excited.
1)f. Havkn & Huo., No. 20 S. Third street,
nuoto as follows :
American Cold 2l
Aincriciiu Silver, 's and Ps 204
Utmesnnd Half Dimes 200
Spanish Quarters J!I5
Penii. Currency dis.
isew lorn Jtixcnunge 1-10 "
Quotations of the principal Coal and Coal Oil
Stocks ut 1 o'clock to-day :
Hot .1.1. Bit
Hull Creek
' orn I'lKiiu-r...
. 4t
6 Mineral Oil...
IIIB Tank i
l'i Keystone Oil
II.'. Venango oil
o 1'nlon retroleam..
liovk OU 4 It
roitnn Coal si.
His Mountain Coal. 7.'
(ireen Ml. Coal.... ti
N I a'tHuiCalu .... !ci
New Crrek IS
rYssier liaui Coal. 1
Clinton Ce I1.
American Kaolin..
lvnn SlllltllK
Illrard MUiIiik
Krna Mining 1.1
I'litla. and lloatou. 'J
.tlnndaii fllliiiiic...
Alaoiuette Milling. 2
Connecticut .......
Aliwe iron 1
Oil Creek S'l
Maple Mil.le Oil.. 17 ',' Oil.... S .
V'i lieacon ou..
7', Heneta Oil...
iirvaule Oil
ll IraiiklluOU
IS' llowe'i KddyOII..
1 Irvlns OU
I't t Farm Oil...
.'Da llutler Coal
!l Keystone ZlAO...
o luensmore....
IS OalellOll
,. I&lollhenny
4 Koberta OU
ir.msuiaa Z'
1 .Kuble IJelanietar.l'S
f I'.inseum Centre. 4t
6', llihbard ?
17S 'ory Karat ay
r lUrunar Is.
Felinslaula l'et-
d I
The following are the receipts of Flour aaol
Grain at this port to-day: Hour, 1.100 b'Jl.
Wheat, H'uO bushels; Corn, 2o00 bushels ; 04t,
4000 bushels.
The New York Herald tills morning says :
"There will be a light commercial demand for
gold for some months to come; for our imports,
are diminishing, and are likely to remain at a low
ebb, compared with the returns of the past yer.
for no short period to come, while the expjrts of
I nited fjtates bonds to Europe will no dou'jt
Increase, and dispense with an equivalent amount
of exchange. The tendency of gold will, there
fore, bo downwnrd, but not, perhaps, till after this
week In any considerable degree; for the gold msjs.
ket bus been a little oversold, and the purchases 04
account of the short sales may be sorUcient 10
maintain it for a few diys at nearly the present
quotations. Tbe decline of the last few d its,
follow ing upon that of the previous fortnight, Q it
luid a tendency to make hoarders of coinUisgoigqi
It ; and ihe more instances of this kind that ue.-ue
the more quickly is gold in its relation to tlij
currency likely to assume a healthy tone."
The following is a statement of coal trt;t
ported on the Delaware and Hudson Canal :
tor lAe s-nvMlji 'or IA4
ttpi IU lNt. M I -a.
netaa-are and Hudson Canal Co 77 .'lot 'i
I'eiiLaybaniac'oal Co.... ISsj7 liiS.oif
ToUltolia ,4V' Sli K
For the same period last year :
Fr Uu Miari.
iJ.-laware and lhid.ou Canal Co W.774
reiuolsanta L'oalCu trl.Stri
Total tons i
to 4
oil ir.S
Wsunesbat, Repteniber 14. No sales of QtietV'
citron Bark have come under our notice.
Cotton is dull, and sells in a small way at $1-S9
There is a firm feeling In tho rrovisloa market,
and sales of Mess Pork to the extent of 200(1
barrels are reported at 12. We quota ham. at
20(n 254c.; sides at 23c.; shoulders at 2122e.
and Lard at 2tic.
The Hour Market Is quiet, owing to the un
settled rates of Gold and Sterling Exchange, and
the sales have been mostly confined to the. suppl j
of tbe home trade. No demand for shipment.'
Sales to the trade at $10-75H bbl. for super
line, 11-25(2 .11-40 for extras; $1212-50 foe
extra family, aud fancy brands at higher figures',
liye Hour is scarce, and sella at 9Q 'irlO-50t
In Corn Meal no transaction havo coma under;
our immediate notice.
The demand for Wheut is rattier light, as artf
also the teceipts, but prices are well maintained.
We notice sales of prima Pennsylvania red at
$2-00, with sales of 2000 bushels. No sales oC
white have been reported. We quota at $i-75(3
2-bS. Eye sells In a small way at If 13. Tfcertj
Is very Utile Corn here, aud It moots with stead
demand at 1-73 for yellow, and at 1-72(41
for mixed Western. Oats are steady al 0c. fot
new, and i5c. for old. A sale of KW0 h"
Uarley Malt was made al 2 30 (' busUel.
WhUy Is dull at l-8i'l-'W f'l'f1,Pe"7,,TJn,
nd Ohio barrels. iieiUWd WS
.... 4
. .. tli
.. 1
. 14 19
. 2 I't
.US lii
.11 J ll 7i
. i