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    i " I 1
nilLADELrillA, MONDAY, SKPL'KMMHt 12, 1804.
(' I
jore " Crushers " for McClellan.
em-., :., r.i., p.t.t e., r.i.
Hrnernl t4'lclln.n.
-m ihe Daily Niv .
Mr. Lincoln Is for war, 10 Is General McClellan.
It. Lincoln makes It a war of auiijnirathin. so
.oc (leneral McClellan. Mr. Lincoln maii'li
iron the plutform of bia party, en does not (ienc
1 McClellan. What is thorn, then, for men who
"J licve, as do the (treat mass of tlie Democracy
at the only way to aavo the country is to bo
lund in the reace I'litform, to choose betun
'lese candidates W hen two evils arc toils pro
, JBted.we prefer to itand aside uud choo-e neither.
, Onr Policy.
j rem tie Haiti Xetc:
flince our Nuttirday's Inane we have received
forts of Icttera from peace men, every one o
j'bich approves our courNe, and bids us Uod
freed. The feeling evinced ia one of iutenso
jidlgnation that a candidiite of a great party
, 'ter his contidcntiul friends working for hi
omlnatioii on a peace platform, should, iifio
ia nomination waa elYecteil. turn mmul anrl
i,jj )l lbstitute hii own crndo notions of O.ivern
I i . J aental policy as the platform of tho groat puny.
J 'hu h gave the Republic nil its greatness and
glory wnen govcrnna by its principles. Such
i these letters as we can find room for, and
vhich were written for publication, we give else
where In our paper of to day,
pcnerskl MrClellnn nntl the "Holly
f Mewih"
jWni tht Daily Xeiei.
I The Daily Sewt has cried oat without ceasing
f (jainrt ihe nnnatnrai war that now rages between
ae people of the North and their Southern bro
kers. Mob-passion and executive violence have
like fuilcd to make ns bow the knee to the Abo
rtion heresy of unenforced Union. Our interests,
.nd, as the event proved, our very existence as
t journal it t all at stako, we yet turned not to
he right or to the left in our protests against the
tmdness that undertakes to win "tho consent"
.'lecetsury to all free Government by acts of
Soody violence. I'ower, it is true, silenced ns
n a time, by clutching our throat in Us mailed
'.and. But its grasp withdrawn, we call the pub
ic to witness that wo maintained with all its
rriginnl earnestness our remonstrance against a
war in law outrageous, nnd in fact suicidal.
a, amis journal hiss uoi.ll nilu lilt unriclA villi).
1 'ton of the sections as n nuestion of straiuht-
forward duty. As a patricit, as a Christian,
a States lllghts Democrat, after tho strict
,st school of the Jctlersoniau Democracy, its
t-onscience demanded that it should leave
'lothinu nusaid in the interests of ncacc.
I 'ai hfulness to a simple sense of duty is, per
haps, not a Decoming sunjeet ot Kotrgrutiti-
saiiuu iii suv iuuulii ui u iitnu 01 uuuur , out
andcrall Ihe serions dangers which besot our
waj during the dark days of the reign of
u rn r, we may be pardoned for declaring that
inr silliercme, In these columns, to the principle
if peace, constitutes with us a retrospect which
ills our heart with honest pride. The historian
who, when the passions of the hour shall have
een forgot' en, shall write tho story of thoso evil
.citnes will, it is no unwoithy satisfaction to feci
assured, assign us a high place among the faith-
61 few who, throughout all the stormy passion
fend venul faithlessness of 1MGI, lH'i2, and ISC,;),
jruvo continued to maintain iu the press, "the
rill small voice" of tho public conscience.
I Our opposition to tho war has passed from a
ilecisiou of our head into a feeling of our heart.
,aciUiccs In it Lave strengthened our attachment
blt; and honors fairly won under its banners
Dave endeared It to our souls. Apart from its
yolU urxm our judgment, we are bound to it fur
luerniore as to a duty of self-respect. As no
Honest man can pleasure, the.convictions
t an overruling dictate of judgment, tho sense of
uty tnat lea us in opposition to the war keeps us
a it still, i'ouce is. under all those circumstances.
fnblar.oned uKn our sta .durd to-(lav ; anil we
.re again prepared to bear it aloft at tho oust of
tew losses in money and still more painful in,
perhaps, also friends.
The Democratic party las never mado its polltl
al contests a question of men. Neither has it
'ver inBiiltcd its members bv askini: tliem to sur
render their dillerenees of opinion to the dicta of
&n individual. Tim i?aiii.liliiro nf tie flioioix it
ias, fiora time to time, put before the people, not
i n uis mere personal reiailnns, but as tho embodi
jment of the principles, holding its supporters iu
lone community 01 political ooiict.
f lue aoctrnies puiceu in issue tuns Commanas
tho surrender of individual opinion as a necessity
1)f harmony : and unanimity in support of these
snrougn tueir cuosun renrescutativo, is tlic begin.
"1 ,1 .1. - I A i,
Illl nuu IIIO CPU ui uv UUllgiUlOUS oi ieiuo-
iratlc discipline, f As a Democrat, we feci ner
ifctly free to oipose any candidate standing" on
uy oiuer iiutiurui tuau mai miu uown autuori
i atively ty a convention of the party,
i The platform is the subject placed at issue in n
Criemocratic nomination, rather than the. man. To
f iretena that tho nmniuej is such in hit own per
son, even thougo he should repudiate every prin
ciple he lias been selected to represent, is an out
ttge upon common sense. To reject the platform
t therefore a practical rejection of the nomlua
l Ion. If the repudiaiion of it all make the candi
'tiute cease to lie the standard bearer of the party,
how can he be supposed to continue such after
ihe lias repudiated even a part i
j The Bute rights doctrine that demands every
nrue and faithful Democrat to raise his vol -e
'igainst a war for the subjugation of sovereign
Htates, isirccogni.ed, pruciuully, in the enunem
ftion of principles laid down by the Chicago Con-f.-ention
; but is, on the other band, directly rrpu
'dialed in Ueueritl MeClellun's avowal of his de
f.erroination, if elected, to compel the soverelgn
'ties of the South to submit to his will by force of
The man nominated to represent Its principles
-., therefore, no longer the nominee of theChicago
( Conveuiiou. Siaudiug, s hu docs, before the
.Country, to all intents and purposes an i'i'
jpendnit candidaio, be has, therefore, no claim on
.the support of the Democracy us such.
I General McClcllau's voice is for war. Princi-
ule, fteling, consistency, eery suggc-tion of ta
triotirin, rt.itenniiDhli, and selt respect fori)!. is
vis therefore from giving him our support, l'oar
I, ears more ot mcli bloodslud and destruction as
.ucn and foils nevir li f re wi iies-cd, having
'lietn made an Usue of bis electiou, wu feel bound
o resist It wub the most euei Ketie opp i.ition.
jGeorgo N. Sanders Again.
A Reply to the Auburn Speech of
Mr. Seward.
The following is an intercepted dispatch from
I George N. Sandiis to Mr. Sewurd :
I ,Sj.,ril t, ii'-1, l-i '. "V M.
I Clii tow IIoi kk, C. W., September 9-2 V. M
ITo the lion. W. il. tiewurd. fcecioWry ot State
K (Vintcd States. Sir : Your spach ut Auiu
1 i, i , 1. unit il i i in' Uhslirimeii IiiaI inn 1'iiiii inn to
y.:ivo much nslilcrution to my opinion. H
, therefore to be regretted, Iu view of Ihe tr.
I American interests ut Im.aid, that you should
have assumed a position w Inch precludes ull liopu
,ut negotiation Willi your ucnerunient, nut per
''.iniis when the Hcinocratic stoiui in November
i. sliull haie foundered the plattonn
and you at sea, that you will ri.-c to u higher up
; -vri elation of the miitiily iuteicsts involved, Hud
i Jhut you will tuiu your tliouglits M the givut
: Jactibat the easiest und happiest solution of the
'pioblini lies in the enlightened expansion and
nut iu the contracted, uarroiv rut. of sec'.ionul
. bates. Did the iilca never cuter your brain that
lit is possible to have ocean-bound confederated
..lepublics, uud that the founder Plight become
jt ihe heiid. Voiirobedleut bervaiit,
(ii.oiiiit: N. S anim us.
Missouri has jet 6010 uicu to furnish under
the last call for troops.
.' . Kli.ubi th H. Wuitteir, only sister of John
; O. Whittier, died at Amcsbury, Mas-acliusctts,
tin buiuruuy lust.
Kx Govetnor Augustus C. French, of Illi-
i.l.nil..o; .ii.nia .a I.
Tho Surprise Noar Petersburg.
NppclHl to The Evening Trlcg-rniili.
Wahjunoto!, September 12. On Saturday
morning at one o'clock. General Dc Kroaubread
Brigade of Ocncrnl Mott's Tivlsion, advanced
and captured the rifle-pits which the enemy had
thrown up opposite our lines on the Jerusalem
pike, and the movement was a complete surprise
and success, and re-ulte.I in the capture of the
rifle-pits, together with a Rebel lieutenant and
ninety man.
A portion of the 90th Pennsylvania advanced
too far, and a fow of them were captured. Our
men immediately thronged these rl lie-pits against
tho enemy, and they now form a part of our
lines. The Kcbols all day Saturday kept up a
constant artillery and musketry fire, which re
sulted In wounding and killing some twenty of
our men.
General Tatrlek, Trovost Marshal Gcnoral of
this army, was to-dny presented with a beautiful
sword, sash, and shoulder-straps by the enlisted
men of the 90th New York, whose original term
of enlistment has expired, and those not enlisted
arc going home. General Patrick mado a very
appropriate speech on Ihe Occasion.
Brigadier-General Kagan arrived at the front
yesterday, having almost entirely recovered from
the severe wound ho received on the 22d of June,
in front of Petersburg, having on that occasion
won for himself tho proraotiou lie so well de
served. Ho will have a command ia the.2J Corpi
Ninth Pennsylvania Cavalry
in Tennessee.
Pennsylvania Loses Only Ono
Favorite Son.
Cincinnati, Sept. 12. On the 6th inst.,a Rebel
force of 1300 men, under Colonel Dibrcll, was en
countered by tho 9th Pennsylvania Cavalry, near
Kcadyville, on Cripple Creek, (Teun.,) nnd alter
a sharp fight, with sabres exclusively, the Rebels
(led. Tho Nashvillo (Won says tho rcnnsylva
nluns lost only one killed, while they killed
twenty-six Rebels, and captured ono hundred
and sixteen prisoners. Tho Rebel force retreated
beyong Murfrcesboro, nud was endeavoring to
rench Wheeler.
Another Dospatch from Gen.
Gill em.
Cincinnati, September 12. The following ad
ditional despatch relative to the defeat of Morgan
was received by Governor Johnson :
"Bill's Gap, September 6. To Governor
Johnson : All of Morgan's papers fell into my
hands, and show his forces to have exceeded
1MU0. His dead exceed 7o. His command lied
in great confusion uftcr his death. 1 p irsticd
iheiu eight miles, but the chivalry use tho spurs
with more vigor than tho sabre. I will forward
all his papers. Alvin C Uilleu.
A Pirate Fitting Out at Wilmington,
North Carolina.
New Yoiik, Sept 12. The prl.e steamer Ki'c,
captured on tho Sin instant, while on a voyage
from "SVilinlngton to Nassau, with three hundred
and twenty bales of cotton, arrived this morning,
but sailed auin via Long Island Sound for
The pri.e steamer Grorgia arrived at Beaufort,
North Curolina, on tho Oih, rn route to Boston.
It was reported at Beaufort, on the 9th inst.,
that the Rebel steamer liilith was about to leave
Wilmington heavily urmed for a piratical crulso.
Olrlirnlloa of Recent Ylclnrie fit Meia
ihU Tisnalrr l JurlNillct Ion Urorral
Mcrrilllh ut H.liifnli.
Caiiio, September 11. The steamer City of
Alton brings Memphis advices of yesterday, and
New Orleans dutes of the Oth.
Memphis was to he illuminate 1 last night, in
honor of the .recent victories.
The post of Culro wus to be separated from
Western Kentucky District, and attached to the
District of Illinois, under General llolbeit E.
General Meredith has left for I'adueah,to take
command of the District of Western Kentucky.
'i hlids. of tobacco huvo urrived from l'aducab,
for New York.
movfmi: I N n- III O K illfc Rl 'jiskim
II.m.u a,N. S., September IU. The blockade
runner Old Dominion arrived hero on Saturday
ni(tht, and the City of 1'itmhnrg on Sunday
morning. They have ubout eighteen hundred
bales of cotton, destined for Kuglaml, nnd said
to be in payment of the interest on the ltebcl loan.
They left Wilmington lust Monday night, and
report thathc prirate Tullalimsre was to leave on
a piruticul ctuitc on Tuesday uiht. Two blo.'k
aile runners were ulso to Icuvo Wltmiugion on
Tuesday nit-lit. The .ilerandria, now called the
Mary, urrived lure on Sittiirilny lor repairs.
The follow big blocUadc runners arc ub j In
port :
Stiumirs Unit -Jluttii, Xi,rth lh-il'i (rciairinr;),
l'liiitiiiiti, Lady Shirley, Condor, uud tin! s'e.l'.ucl'
Asia, tender to tho licbul licet.
A', ial (, .;, a'- A to The Ht-enin-j Trti'Qraph.
rSu.TiMOiiF, September 12. Flags are (lying In
all directions to-day in honor of tho anniversary
of the Vuttlo of North Toiut. The "Old Defend
ers" Lavo gone to Towusontowu to take a com
memorative dinner.
Nathaniel Williams, the oldest lawyer of the
lSultiniore bur, died yesterday, in the eighty-third
yeur of his age. All of the Courts will pay him
the u&iiul respect.
Mr. Adiinii, a lurge pork merchant, ulso died
M. Clelluu stock Is falling at a heavy discount.
Nothing specially new from Grunt or Sheridan
has been received, hut ull reports ut hand are
very cheering. The liillux of new troops goiug
rXli llultli ol Iho Army.
n,.1 kic, :., v.w., r.ic, ki no.
Krlnl to Tim l'.puititr Tcli'Kritph.
Wash imi ion, Septi uibcr 12. The mall steamer
I'andrrbitt, from City 1'olut, reports no'hiag
new since Friday nltfht. Tho Rebel picket have
not been allowed to hold any communication
w ith our pickets since the fall of Atlanta.
The Yandrtbilt brotnht up Hfty-onc deserters
from Anderson's Division, which la in front of
Warren. They report their division to have
been cut up in the recent fighting.
The hospital steamer Srnf of liinr arrived
this morning with three hundred sick and
wounded. None of them arc dangerously sick,
and the hospitals in the Army of the I'otoui tc
nrc almost empty, the army being unusually
The State of .Wain laid at City Point for a
week before she got her loud. The hospital
steamer Baltic has been at Fortress Monroe, for a
long time, unloaded.
The United States steamer Ascutney, Captain
Mitchell, arrived this morning at the Washington
Navy Yard for repairs, sho baviinr been badly
loggedj during a wind storm tf Wilmlnfu.
There arc now about 7000 Relict prisoners con
fined at l'oint Lookout, 2000 of whom are iu the
Nnrkru. Ijr Trlcf rnph.
Nkw Yokk, Septemticr VI. Flour dull;oiX0
"Id : Ht.lf t'l .'iUiillO I.V OIJ.i. Ull 1 I; S..nlhrrn. II 0
D. Whi iit ilull. salrl uiiiinsiriiit. i urn dull ; il,"" tiuili.
.nlil : snit at till. Turk iltill ; Miss uikJiai.' d ut tij.u
4.' 7.V W limkT .In! I l l?'V
Hold In ilitt'ilt 1 1 T i .
Itis i-nu. nt Fluur, l,utnl bbln ; Wtidl SA.IKXI b.ntl.; Corn
irl,tsn butn.
Capture of the Anglo-Rebel Steamer
"AD. Vance."
Nnerlnl to The FwiiIiik Trl'u;rnili.
Wasimnoton, September 12. On Saturday
night, at " ID o'clock, Ihe Santiago Dc Cuba cap
tured the blockade runner A. D. I'unce, late ljrd
Clyde, as she was running out of Wilmington
harbor. The Inner had on bo:trd besides forty
bales of cotton, a large quantity of turpentine and
other stores. Sho is a llockudc runner, and will
prove a most serions lo'S to the Rebels.
rkfokif.i) m:vi"ii nit: rkkki,
GKMItll, lKI .
Caiiio, ScpUmbcr 11. It is reported at Little
Rock that the Rebel General Trice recentlv died
ut Arkudclphlu of dysentery.
tl'A V I'KKI
HII. I. A.
the ni :
Cincinnati, September 12. A despatch Irotn
Iiidlnnnpolis la tho llazr.tte announces the cap
ture there of Quiintrcll, the Missouri guerilla. lie
was rccof' on the ttreet by a refugee.
The Ntrnmer "Ainerlon" Ilcloiv.
Nkw Y'okk, September 12. The stetimer Ant
rim, from Mvcrpisjl via Southampton, with
dates to the 31st ult., is below.
A Splendid Cavalry AITair.
T.kktown, Virginia, September 10, 8 T.M. The
em my uttucked one brigade of General Averill's
Division this iiiorniug shortly after H o'clock, at
Darksville, on tho Winchester pike, south of Mar
tinsbiirr;, with Johnson's, McCausland's, and
Yuuglian's Urigadcs of cavalry, and Rhode's Di
vision of inlttutry, Lieutenant-General Early
conducting the attack in person.
The enemy's cavalry was thoroughly beaten
and driven, in three successive charges hndcr an
artillery fire upon and through the infantry lines.
The Rebel infantry was then brought forward to
the attack, whereupon the brigude (Schoouma
ker's) retired, after having nearly expended thir
ammunition, slowly beforo the enemy's advance.
The Rebel Infantry being unable to reach the
Union cavalry, the enemy's mounted force was
again brought forward, but did not venture to
attack Scboonuiaker In Ihe new position which
be immediately assumed.
The action of the l.'nion cavalry was regarded
by experienced ollleers who witnessed it as being
one of the most gallant defensive battles of the
campaign. This noble cavalry again evinced Its
high discipline nndcr very trying circumstances-
From tho prisoners taken we get information of
the highest importance. The loss indicted upon
the enemy was greater than our own. Karly
thought to steul a march on Sheridan's lines, and
did not expect to he, as he was, checked iu the
outset of his operations by Averili's activity.
Much inlormatioii in regard lo the movements
of the day is withheld from the public for the
good of the military service
The following l'enusylvania and other ofllcers
have been placed under lire in Charleston, by
General Sain Jones :
I t J H Anlt.rm.n 'ii Art
la O I. Itrnwii, lol.t
I.I W II lirli-ki r, ,1.1 Cut
l.t Isnl.ih ('..tili jr, 11.1
Cnpt J T ( ImMuiit, 1UU
It I 1 ('ml. ran. 77 1 1 .
l.t 11 ron I u.. 71.'.
l.t .1 H Dcvli c. list
LI W I' l.ttl 1i1hi.ii. lulnt
1.1 W i tuition, U.lli
( am II II Hay, rs Hi
LI Kilter, 07tti
I.I .1 P l.e.lie, Isth CT
Ll .1 M'.r.-uw, lout
l apt 11 O Mi-suit. 1 till C'av
LI I, Mavt-r, I Jili Onv
1.1 H McNeil. Mill l iv
Hurcrun J M lMkii", 1 1 l
Hiuk-uii N II Ir-.tii-littin, ilsl
l'Mi'1 .1 K Mlutiiiuur. saU
1.1 Me.Mruu!, ;.ia
I it J 8 Mi lif.ll, 77lti
I.I M r lali.iutli
1.' r ni -re, cm
1.1 l.oliin 1( lortcsrue, lIsllAl l.t W O (Vim, ,r, 1 Ith ( nv
l urps (Jwpt K il I'uiiuj tmckur,
CsplW I. dray, rolt.vJIitf, ( nvalry
8, huvlklll luiinly I.I ( 1' pulls, l.'.l.t
LU I'll. Ii), .sliiiniciutiTii l.t W N l',iM.,n lliltli
F V. (lav, JliintKiil
(iiiitj i;iiii.i,;ii
l.t (i W (Iniril.'Sth
l.t I ho hi i.iin ill, 7 rrli
Ciim II w liiinliur, I.'iotli
Cnpl ) Hint, lull
l.t T K llun lierw.tuth
l.t-Col ClIIIIIII'l'llMUl, rl2J
I.I l llartii r. 7;ili
Lt .1 M.doviTh. 7:i'l
Ll M Kflluws, li'an
CLI ihll I, l'ih
(V.I ll,.il,.v.M
l.t I' lli illiv.UM
I t. I II il. lui. lolst
I upt A 11.-I .- . 11.M
I I 11 II lll.,l.,6:ill.
spt r a 1 1 oi,i .. . i . i;;ni
u;i J c ii, ui . ci,, n.M
1 t Vtlc Hi il i.i r. ..71 l
I I It I llninii4t.,n.lsil.Ca'
l.l C I' II, mI ,l,.ui. I (! 'Civ
A.i.a S It Iniiu, lisJ
t ii i . I V A R . I. Inn n. 77lh
( apt .1 K Uotilii.un. illili
Ll ll M Sm-ni-.-r. I'ltt.tiurK
Lt J u I''li
Cupt li.'u Shi'll, HSth
( Slit .1 K snruii'l,77tli
1.1 ho Sliav, I .ill
I I ,I,.i.,Ii Slutth, II7I1I
C ip1 sin flPleher small, 10 i
,1.1 (i W Mmpsull.iiiOi
Mil ur-lus Sltsil... V.I Civ
Ad uccit W 11 Ivnu, l'::l
( apt Ii W Uuiliii.lul.i
l.l 1 M. K.o. 1-ih
l apt Win 11 l'..l,,r,l. vi:U
I apt l'(i .Li, l-.,ll,-UI
fupi re WkMis' r-iiii
1 I ii It y-iv. r. Isil.
( I A J V'e,,k.,,;7ll
Ll II .r.y WlN'.n, isili I nv
l apt I'.triaulicr. 1-L' C'uV
l.t fif..rc llrei tine Set.
l.t .1 Metto, Mh
( Hi t Will 11 lull. Jill
l.t William I. liu. ltd. .'all
l.l Win ll..vk.i....'.ili
It J nil ll Knell , "Hi
it win J uiii,.'.tii
Li .1 11 siowart.riiiiadslphlt,
r.i, ah
l.l K i. Mlirao.ler, Tah
a iw u liu-r, ..tli
'Joi n Hacks, iilU
. ki.w jiitsr.v.
( aM O llmlv.JJ , .Capt II Omike, A A C, 1st S
I l A W lluldNin, J l.iiauilu
Lt ll l.umuili, -"Ii I' 8 C'ulW.t 11 CiuvEer, lt Cv
'liuupa l.t Julin Imvia.uii
l.t J l.ruJI' nl, IluUuki n Ll t K Ukluiia, Co 11, 34
Pkatii or a Clown in a Woukhocsb. An
Inquiry was held by Mr. Humphrey, at tho City
of London I'nlon house, Low, on Monday eve
ning, touching the deuth of William Winders,
aged 72 years. Henry Hay ward stated that the
lieccased was a clown under the celebrated Grl
lnaldi, and he bad frequently acted as Grimaldi's
deputy. W lieu he became too old to go ou the
st.ige he bccuine u mcsicuger, but for some liino
past he wus an inmate of the City of London
Vuion-bouse. He acted as niessengor between
the relieving ollicer iu the City uud the How
Union-house, tin Thursday week lie returned
to the house, staling that he hud a fall in the
street. John M utts said that on the previous
Thursday the deceased went to bed inking, us
was bis usual custom, in the morning he was
found dead iu ids bed. Mr. Cooper, surgeon,
I-1..V, .1 tt-t ! .'."', ft...,! ili. d f,.,,.!
More copper veins have been discovered in
Hyde Ta-k, Vermont.
The oldest person in the Slate of Vermont is
a black man in Foinfret, nutued Titer N'ason,
who was l orn about 1731.
In the library of Vienna there is a manuscript
on hntnan skin, beautifully executed in colored
figures, and supposed to be of Mexican or Fern
vian origin. There is another of theso curious
articles in the library of Dresden, containing a
fragmentaiy history of tho Incas of Ferti.
The trustees of the American Ilibie Society
contemplate more extended efforts for the bene
fit of the 120 millions of people speaking tho Ara
ble tongne. Of 90,l('i0 volumes granted for dis
tribution at the last monthly mocting,9 i,8J0 were
for the army, and VJOO for the freedmcn.
A steamer, thirty-three feot long, Is ut pre
sent plying on the Dead Sea for purposes of ex
ploration. It was built a. Toulon, and thero
taken lo pieces and carried from Jaffa to the Dead
Sea on the backs of camels. It is said that the
Arabs in the neighborhood regard the Utile
steamer as a demon, which has arisen from tho
bottom of the lake of Sodom.
England Is said to double its ivpulatloti In '."J
years; Austria In 1U8; Dadon in Ui; UavarU iti
129; Belgium in 1.5S ; Denmark Iu 5ti; Scotland iu
40; States of the l'opo In 7; France in 122;
Greece In U; Hanover in 122; Holland inhii;
Naples in 01 j Norway In A"; riedniont In KS;
Trussiu In 41 ; Saxony in 5S ; Sweden inU9; S it
land in 10K; Wurtomburg in Ui.
The revenue of Great Britain is S3l7,o01,OJO,
a large portion of which comes from beer an I
ardent spirits. The money value of the beer con
sumed in England and Wales alone is $;l J0,8 K),0 Ml,
making an annual average for men, women, and
children in England and Wales, of one dollar etch
for spitltsand $l'2.1 fur beer.
Andrews' Hawaiian Dictionary Is now in
coure of publication, a work of live or six hun
dred pages octavo, llev. Mr. Oeddie, from Nova
Scotia, is preparing a dictionary of tho language
of Wcstorn Polynesia, Including New Hebrides.
A dictionary of the Fulich iu dialect, by Ameri
can missionaries, is nlso In course of preparation.
Tho s!avo trade in the interior of Africa Is
said by a recent explorer to bo currie ! on with
great vigor. This trade in Zanzibar Is three
times as largo as in Cuba. It is carried on to a
most destructive extent iu tho district of the
White Nile, where it Is calculated that tho cap
ture of every slave Involves the loss of four lives.
Captain Speke, tho African explorer, nlvo
cutes the planting of Christiau missions iu tho
kingdoms ot Ungoro, Uganda, and Karague,
which he denominates the koy to Africa, for
the double purpose of striking a death blow at
shivery in the interior of Africa, and of opuning
these beautiful and fertile territories at tho head
of the Nile to Christianity, cjnimerce, and civili-
Ptatb op Thkbhomuteh To cat. Six A. M.,
5.5. Noon,G3. Ono Y. M. C3. Wind, N. N. K.
Tin Ki'Incoval Convention. Wo have re
ceived the proceedings of the lust Convention of
the I'rotestant Episcopal Church of tho Diocese
of Pennsylvania, forming a handsomely printed
volume, from the press of Messrs. Kini & IUird.
The minutes of the Convention, and the temporal
and spiritual condition of tho Church, arc clearly
presented In its admirably arranged pages, which
arc made attractive to the eye by the exquisite
beauty of its typography.
The Episcopal Church of this diocese h is won
new reverence und ullcciion from all denomina
tions of Christians by tho bold and outspoken
stand taken by her clergy, with the vcneraMc uud
much loved ltishiip l'otter at their he id, at the
important crisis when tho misguided Dislnp Hop
kins trailed his sacerdotal rolies In the mire of the
political arena, and allowed his nume and calling
to l.e mingled amid the fumes and ribaldry of In.'
moms with the defense of tho sluvc-block. und iti
uttcndiint pollutions.
Is 1 nee that manly stand, wc are glad to loam
tlnit tho church has been strengthened uud 11
creuscd in inllue.ticc und numbers, hed las renew
ing the love and devotion of her members, who
for years were made unhappy by her refusal to
renounce In proper terms our national sii and
crime. We learn that clergymen and members
of the Convention can obtain copies of the renort
at the ortlce of John Clayton, Es ., No. 717 Wal
nut street.
Arsai it AJin IJattery Casls. This morning
Hugh McfSiravlch was held in 1000 bail by Al
derman Shoemaker, to answer the charge of com
mitting an assault and battery upon olll 'Or I'at
tirson last night ut road and Master
I.att night a party of colored men got into a
fight among themselves at Bixth and Lombard
streets, during which several pistols were dis
charged, and four of the rioters were arrested,
named Charles Cochran. Marshall (ireen, Willi 1111
NmallwiKxl, Alexander Kaylor. They were held
to niiswcr by Alderman Swift.
Peter Whin-man, of Nicetown, was commit'oil
by Alderman Houchcr to answer the charge of
bent 11 g his wife and Hire . toning to kill her, lie
is in Ihe habit of commuting such brave o as.
This morning at un early hour James Howell,
residing at Fawn and Jefferson streets, was
Hr tested, churged with maltreating Ins wife und
turning hir out of doors. Ho was huld to answer
by Alderman Duller.
Allkokd Skuiction Makbiaok in tut.
Cvntbal Station. Tho marriage ccremouy
between Edward W. alleged deserter,
and Miss Klien Flood, a girl between fifteen and
sixteen years of age, was performed by Alder
man Ileitler, at tho Ceutial btutiou on Saturday
afternoon. The parents of Mix) Fiood pressed
the marriuge on the alleged ground that II iwk
hud educed their daughter. After the twain hud
been mude one, the bridegroom was ban, led over
to the tender mercies of the l'rovost liuurd, by
whom he was taken to the bun ucks, to be tried
on the (liurce of dcserliug his regiment. To
etc petite inquisitive ga.c of those who had wit
nosed tho ceremony, tho disconsola'o bride
retired to the select apartment uf tho Central,
styled the Ungues' gallery, t hero to indulge thu
opening num. cuts of her honeymoon in tours.
ltoniiMiv. Four pel sous made their way Into
the Volunteer Refreshment Saloon yesterday
afternoon, while the Committee were eng ig d In
feeding a number of soldiers. They tojk advan
tage of the excitement to purloin a lot of ui at,
knives and t'crltK, (lislies, ve. Ono of them was
discovered, and this led to the arrest of three of
the thieves, who were arraigned Imlore Alderman
('alter. Tin y gave the names of John l'inui giii,
Michael llotlman, nud Murry Hodman, uud were
c inniittcd to answer.
Na tional T11 an k soi vi so. During yesterday
thanks were returned to the Almighty iu the dif
ferent churches throughout this city, in response
to the Tccrjiiinicndiitioii of l'resi, lent Lincoln, in
view cf the ncctit Union victoms. In soma of
the (bun lies approprltte discourses we e ulso
dclivcied. Lishop Wood, of the Cailnlif cliurcb,
recommei'dcd the people of his cliiii go to observe,
the day in un uppro.riaio manner.
Mi i;iiK(i A meeting o foill-cis an
nic.'i who have been liouocrbly .'ischa'm'd from
the service' w ill be held at S msom S rcct Hall
this evening, for the purpose of etlecting uu or
ganization to bo a component part of the Union
( umptiigu Club, whose object shall bo lo promote
tho election ol Abraham i.iucoiu una Anutew
Cnv Mortality. Tho wholo number of
deaths reported at the Board of Health oilico last
wick w s aJN. Of this number, 1H0 were males,
lis females j 81 liovs, 83 girls. The number of
soldiers wus lo. 'Hie largest number, OS, are re
ported from the Twenty-lourth VS aid.
Okiiman Fi.otival. The grand German Fes
tival given by the (krinau Society of lVnusyl.
vuniu, is coming olf to-day ut Engd & Woolf'a
tarin. Tb exeii-isea will be of a most entertain
ing character.
Salk or Coitos. V-y auction to-day 300 bales
(ex-transports IT. II. Lien, S. (1. Adami, burgo
No. 4(i, and brig Vrinee Albert,) sold by order of
the United (states Marshal ut sl'Jn to 171, cash.
Tin .11 rriMi. i,..,n,ic7 t!.e clfv l..sin,tv
Ahrivai. or Rich Ann WnrstiD Roi.niERS.
A short lima after midnight some nine hundred
nnd Hint ty -seven sick and wounded soldiers ar
rived at Hi ond and Prime streets, from the Bal
timore hospitals. They were Immediately pro
vided with accommodation at the Cltitcns' Vol
nntf er Hospital, and from thence were c mveved
to tli o hospitals st Gcrmantown, NiceMn n.Vtc.
Tho loll, 'wing is a li't of the sohlicrs belonging to
this State and New Jersey
S.uuiicl t'n-f il,:iih lvter V,illcv,c, tS'M'iv
Kisucm K'siv, 1 , lt I art I Aar .n llruwa. I. s7;h
irp .la Krli s, I., vuih Car Jul.n r wour. 'I. mill
Jul.n M krllrr. II, Si h
iJa.'iiu llurr nftluti. I, I lil
;( urp Win fins. K, .sit'i Cuv
'Sft II llilht in. I. I.'ih Civ
Allium llrii'h'o iro, JJ.I ('
Junu .loi ii.un, It, H.'il
1 1 tea Hi in n k . . titli
A.s S,r... l:, .'tl I'av
w in Mini, ii. cm
iMvul Huurrs, ll.s;ili
IlB'l I illXMlticlliU r. K.jilC Si oi's l"li'l, 1, ;th Civ
lUines Lilly, II. Joh
Ill-am I snier, (i, I7tri Cav
Hii phm Kind t. A.JTth
I w atrriioiin, A niheav
KU Maliiu.pi , I, ITU, ( av
lir.. snt-i ni.fn. r. I'.'thCav
,l;ll V Itruwii, K, .i.'rt Cftv
K Hi niifr. (I, I'Mli C'av
.1 M. Kfunv.a . .MVav
Jas Lansi v, K, 1 Pull
Ali-s s.tiiur, K, I'JIti Cnv
.1. hu II ailv, K,.".'il v
M I mklin, C, 47lh
Ju' ll V W K . ."Jd
Vt i,i incrnc. I, V M
II Hul.lrMurts, '. HMh
Mill II Hii.i,().s;ih
J Suutl.ol, k.C.ll'.ilti
Ski A M M ii ray, K..M1I1
Henry sprinif. ii. 'Ai Ii cav a. ainer, II, 17th Cav
K'lw Hi'lil.. SVil
ll I' Kuller. U.'J.'.I l a Civ
(Ii o 'l"i t'n, I), '.'ail
1)1. Im Krlti-r. (I, Mlh
CSas Ka, lor. (1. Until
liiiils.i,ll. r, L.Jil
Win l ull. I, ll.lllll
Crp 1; K itrtniimsr. ri.6liti
.luhn K('..k. M. i;ih .'v
KilnarilH Hluxt. nasuuvr,
K, Isth cav
A .1 llen.lrraun. K. iM Cav
A W iiviii r I. (ith
Andn-w ilrran. (1, t2ih Cir
Chailt a Crui, K.'llli 1 'av
Levi CI. ami. r. r, 1 !fi Cav
(I l' H. i.-an, II, I7ili Civ
H,n. r Tollman, K, Jolt
Juhii Ma rtrr. v.. I Hi cav
Si.rit Jh. a.l llruaiiuua.l', (7th
,la, ..b Kul.crt-. (1. Hint
.Ins H Kld-r, II. Ism Cav
m II inilarr, II s u
Wm mi Ivan. K . UmIi
Win II Siiiwinitkrr, k, 1 Nth
Oliver C C.iTiiptiell, I), U-tli
Hatiiuol O Wnl.b, K. l.l
ti p J I llobirta. K. l'Jt
i nrp S II .ver, I.SIIi "a Cav
Jn.'uh l White, K, .Mt1!
I'.'.la Lf.ili. K,47lh
Krancia Klmads, K, 47f h
81 ll Ii, l.'Mi Car
tiu'iib Cllne, II, IMi Cuv
Hi tidi-ra.iii Hiuirl'i'l.l. K,7th
lllxen Mrllrldi", 11, 1t L A
.Arnua liinrrst, l, S7th
Silt .luhn Kriiesl, II, VH)
Orlando K .ws.M. Id Cav
Iri lrrUk Krll., K, Will
(l Puit.4a. Uih Car
.!.. Niiill. M.2.M Cav
ilifllnla luriiheiiiiiir, II. Mth '
.isi-uli Hawyi r, K, trin
W id. l.aiinllitiiT. II. Hid
Niulin v Hurray, 11. Did
( urp laaai-Mi Lulliii K..ICav 11 K lioilvherly, 11, 17th
in llopkm., K. Kill ( av .A II .Inhimtun, K, 7S.I
Mt plu 11 slnvitcr, II, 4'ah John (Jaiaeioa, A, I.Mh Cav
W iu k(llllil , C, "llh ltnlMrt Hi'l.-rs, lAt yt a, Art
llioa t'pen rt. K.liUt ';eoKnBtr.r.l,M(l.
lumclllli. MeCauley K.JilA Win Cii Irell, E.aUClv
linvtd lllddlclnn. L, ll'lhCar Namni'l C Khnjinin, (, ytti
.Inhn Mlslln. l' I nil
J, E.'.i.Mh
( h.irlra (irnor. B, 9Mh
A W.Hinper. A.IJSlli
,0 W aller. M. Will Cav
.Fniilehirl llpri-r-, (1, 47th
Wm I nhy.C, lath cav
Crp W il Unit, A (Hat
win 11 uy.Ta 1., in;d
Jul.n I Clmiasvr, 11, 17(li Cav Win l.liiil.av, M. HJ
Jnr.'b Ileal, A, 47th
It II M Bloi krr. M.lllli Car
A M oil, I, ,6th Car
Win Altitun. M, Mlh
Hubert Hoyea, E, tii'Ih
Ivter Stu!.!t, K, lstlii'av
Peter Hhi rmun. F, 47lh
Amlirnif Werner. 1. Mtb
Alfred (lall nrlier.c, filhCar
Samuel Browner, K, lOilh
Mm John M Tli una.. II, UJJ
(i"o W llii'try. 1, 1. 7th
W llOw., 6lih
lia.c Ixiwry, M. Ith Civ
(liv 11 Mnyiier. C, Isiil i:av
rr iiie Ith. i.iila, (', lVlh Car
Corp I' .1 Heiiilersi li I,, Isili Krc.l Itanrri'y, C'.llHth
11 r Lev. In. II. IF.lhCiv
J llarklilini r. A. H7lh
I'nrpllenrr lierlln. 11, Wlh
U n Klli.ler, ll. Hi Ih
A.frrd liiblil, M, .Mth
J .eph HWiirtf, It, :s;th
Ji n Hunan. M. Mlh
frank P.iuilehnreli, C. C.lnt
Corp Jan M. (ai t , i,i:tst
llvlirv lloriilm, k. 4 7 1 la
II K Van Naltln,l,, -?ihCar
.Lin Ittiller, K, Will Cav
Hut 1) ! Kliih iln. K. rti
Win Doyle, H.-M
W Ctt'chali, K,'.2d
riamnu Hrvan,ll. tthth
Jul.n A eiiersule, K, II Id
M lllllldi Barry, 11,7.1a
Hid hmial A Hnnet, isth C c I, nil, r, II. A. l.' h C ir
Nt! ( W A, lam., K, ."itliC It A Itninblo. H. I7lh Cav
Lphnutii llunkerl. I,s7ta Sat Henry l-'.piiev, 11, Mth
Ja. 1 Ith Cav Mos llrrn, P,6lit
John V ilonahuf , r. 47th il'nrp iluo ftewclt. II, itlt
Amlifw llnrk. K..47IU Jnhn It Hmllh, C. llih
lorn 1 hos Ixiwiy, K, 47lh 'J.din I, Smith, I, tli Cav
s'ers't MIlllelleiiH, K.SllCav laaae Wtwner.C, Nilli
Hi lib. n, (I. Isih Cav lUnry Klwrly, (1, Ulh Ci
Andrew ilurk. E, 47th John Spencer, M. I Ith ('av
Kami Wvnkoop, K,47lh lHanil lleiilli. K.4lliCar
ter lumlllisuii.u. leitu
Win l.e-h, K.H7Ui
Ji.u K nowldun. c, &I1I1
Imiao llt ddiiurr, A . ri31
H M It.'.adehailKh, I'. 47th
Capt A a llntlrr, I, W.I Car
K I lug lull, (I, isih Cav
.W .. i.l. k., i. l llhCav
'.Fns Thobom, Mth
W' Iteliv, I, P.'tn far
1 1. II n.e, II, Win Cav
ll W Croamir M, UiSCuv
J. nathan VounK,C,elit
.!, II 1. r K. I itn
IJ A Ruob. M. llih
L K Mckean. L, I".'.!
.la. Ilarnrs. I, IVtli Cav
J H llalluter. I), 47th
Kred lln.lhej.l, l, 47lh
Win J Shet, C.SS.h
B J Seult, At, a.l Arlllsry
Jsmea Koran. I. 9d Art
Henry Hupp, II. issih
J.iicph llannAn, 1, lssth
Hubert Nnblit. (', lssih
.Ii hn Noel, l,S7lh
J H Heel, n r. l lNth
Corp A lioran, l(hOav
Curp C C Joliniun, IHsih
Teter (.' Iry, I, Alb Cav
J Cai.ej. c. Stan
(1 N Luim cIi K,7illh
W C sineath. I, I J'h
Kdw Hnrke.K.'il.h Car
1J11 Mo. arrive, 11, l.'Ui
u E butiii-r.c, sva
.Taouti Harama. k,4th
M I. Jordan. II Cuv
C Pn iton. A llih
Si rs A Merrill, U. 3d
SerJuhii W'e.tuU, II.IOlli
Thulnai Kei.wn. K.'itst
li k 1 ei-d . II, UilCrtV
C Ketl ar.U.Sd Car
iclor Jaekaon, M, 'M Car
liiirrutt Hpear, K.lili
Mi l rv lialne, E, U th
II r Mb (1.1. n, K. 101 ll
Kred Willi! . K, 3d Car
1- red ohn, K, .Ed Cav
.Inn L Bruwn. I, b th
Jacob LameLler, L, Ud
Cbai Illiiihlmer,!', 1'ilh
J Saumlera. A. 10th
Thos Itnwk.. K. 10th
Lewln Hnyilar, A,lflih
Philip llurtla, Jr.iiih Car
8.TS lwia Si-hnable, ll, :1,1
'Corp w in II Hliiiii.on, II, .'Id
Henry M irrls.t J , ;l.l Cav
8aml M. I'Uiit ek. U.sdCav
( ,rp Aaron U tllauk, M,,'ld
iljrain Decker, l. 1'iln
Conrad llitrn.'v. M. JtdCav
KtiiH h llnsika'. II, J.I
s h Itntiur. k. 1'it'i
.slut liHwene I'ux, ll.ri.l Civ
l)ntiii-t Marion, fl, :i'l Cav
A K llenrv. A, l.'ilh
Al.l Alkln.K.I'ith
8st sihep li lewart, 1 1 . .W 'av
II LUarrliwn.A, llih
Attempt to Deseut i-uou the Usirm)
Sjateh Steam Kit "Bekmida" Tiir liKSKiin.ns
l'ntED at and Shot. About 9 o'clock on Satur
day night, Michael rurrcll, John Kane', und
James Kennedy, three sailors on board the United
states Btcumcr Bermuda, lying off the Navy Yard,
made an attempt to dcBort, which neatly cost
them their lives. They stole the row-boat attachod
to the vessel, lowered it Into the water and started
off. They wore noticed by the guard, who hailed
them, hut not paying any attentiou they wore
fired ut. Tho firing attracted tho attention of the
Iloccivin(ir Ships l'rinreton and M'yomiiuj. Tho
guards were summoned on deck, and about fifty
vollcvs bred into the bout. Tho threo men each
rc( tlied a wound one of them in the head, one
in the shoulder, and one in Ihe leg. The wounds,
although serious, will not provo latal. Notwith
standing that tho men were wounded, they still
continued to push for the shore, and would have
escaped, but (or thctiiucly arrival of Police-birge
No. 2, under otllccr Orimes, who put after the
boat, und succeeded in securing the three men
and landing them mfely on botrd the Hermuda.
It is but just to state, that the River and 11 arbor
Police, under the command of Lieutenant Kdgar,
have stopped more naval desertions at this port,
than the authorities themselves.
1'alkk lit -non. Wc are requested to state that
the sick and wounded negro troops which arrived
In the city from the front a few days since, wore
expeditiously ci nveyesT In the ambulances of the
fin men to the Summit House, to which they
were assigned by the Medical Director, Dr. Ken
dcidlne. This sta'ciuent is made because of
rumors circulated in the city that the Firemen
refused the use of their ambulunces fir the
puriOse referred to, and that the colored troops
were kept In waiting some time before they were
removed to the hospitals. Uu ull occasions our
firemen have been prompt and cnergeticln meet
ing the demands made upon them by our sick
ami wounded soldiers, and in no case has a dis
tinction been made lieciu-eof the color of those
soldieis dependent upon their humane a .is.
ViLLAi.Not s. On Saturday night, after the
clofoof the grand ratification meeting at Inde
jiendt nce square, and again on last night, a party
of roughs from tho lower )nion of the city, and
styling themselves the " Ilucam Vistus," made an
attack 11 non the sick and wounded soldiers ut the
C tizens' Volunteer Hospital, liroad and Prime,
by throwing porter bottles into the hospital, and
a so by applying obscene epithets to the soldiers
quartered there. The rascals ma le their escape
on bo'h occasions beforo any arrests could be
Sthi ck iiy I.k.htkiso. During tho heavy
storm on Saturday nlht, the house of Mr. John
11. Myers, rear the eiirht milcstono on the Uidge
roud, wus struck wilh llciitnlng and seriously
damaged. Tho streak pmeil tinoiigu a oeu where u ludy was sleeping. She escaped
Goon Aiti:titm. Nine hundred pounds of
latef were consumed In two meals at tho Cili.ens'
Volunteer Hospital, liroad and 1'iiine streets, by
nine hundred und thirty-seven sick and wo inil'd
soldiers, who urrived at the hospital from the U il
tiiiiore ho pituls, last evening.
DiiowNKti. A ghl named Clara 1-Tsher, aged
twelve )t-ars, fell into the canal nt MauayunU on
Saturday, and was diowued. She is supposed to
lutvo been stooping ovor the bank while washing
hir hands. The body was recovered. Her parents
reside ut Twentieth nnd Chesnut streets.
ViiEAKB or the Linin.viJJO. During the
storm of ycsteiduy morning, Chandler's Church,
ill the Lighteenth Wurd.wus struck by lightning,
and one side shuttered from top to base.
AssK.neo to Duty. Major Win. McMicliael,
Assistant Adjutant-General of Volunteers, has
been assigned to duty at this post as Chief of
btull of Major-Ucnerul Cudwalader.
l'.NCiNi.taa onuii Fiuu DHfAHTMENT. The
election for Assistant Engineers of the Fire De
port men t will take place to-night. The result
will be made known to-morrow night.
Accident ntou Fiuk-Abm. Kllas II. Junes,
1.3 years of age, was admitted into the hospital
yesterday, having received an injury to his thumb
from the premature discharge of a pistol.
An tiiFNT Owen Hughes, cf tho Twenty-
Tim Vkiom Mir.Tim in Istni !-i.NnnNc
National t'nion UntlnYatlon meeting held In In
dependence Square on Saturday evening, was
Indeed a demonstration worthy of a loyal people.
The Committee Issued the call only four days
before the demonstration, and, considering the
short notice, the ouipoiuiiig of the loyal people
may be considered a spontaneous response to the
call of the country.
There woa no lime lo prepare the arrangements
for a grand procession, 110 time to arrange new
banner with sulking mottoes, Indicating the
spirit-silirlug scene. In which we live; conse
quently Ihe old Wide-Awake torches of 18 ill were
bri nglit in'o requisition, and banners or trans
parencies that had feen service on many o,-ca-hi
ns were in the line. The ward processions
came singly, and, with few exceptions, entered
the Square tbrousb the south gateway, until the
enclosure would hold no more. Tho first asso
ciation that appeared on the ground was that of
the Twenty-fourth Ward, ll was 9 o'clock when
this procession entered the Square.
At this ptriod the dillercnt Ward associations
were on the near approach to the grand centre of
demonstration, and, timid the blazing of pyrin
suns, rockets, Itoman candles, and cheers of
thousands, the mighty eddying (lowing on of
Ihe great human lido, with banners and music,
soon tilled Ihe square to overtiowing. The scene
at this time was grand beyond description. Red,
white, and blue tires shot up through the stutelr
111111 in the square, and Hags and handkerchiefs
were waved from the windows of surrounding
dwellings. Everybody sec Died to be in Ihe most
excellent hnmor.
From the general expression that fell from the
lips of many in all parts of the mooting, every
Tiody must liave been surprised at the vast extent
of the number. Fnthuslasm is what tells In a
popular meeting. The present demonstration stir
patscd in this essential any that ever preceded it.
Two stands were erected from widen speeches
wore delivered by Hon. Simon Cameron, Hon.
John Cessna, Hon. Charles O'Neill, Hon. Leonard
Myers, Hon. James M. Seovcl, Prof. E. W. Dun
bar, Itenjamln H. llrewster, Ksq., A. II. Sloami
ker, Ksq., John K. Sutter, Ksq., Thomas Fitz
gerald, Lemuel C. Reeves, and others.
Abrival op Ornccns inon Charleston
Hahiior. The steamship Crescent, Captain
Latham, reached this city yesterday, from
Charleston Harbor, having left that place on tho
8th of September. The following passengers
were on board : Ilrieadier-General H blniel
linnig; Surgeon W. S. llrower, .Vth Massachu
setts Volunteers; Captain F. K. Smith, Aid-de-Caiiip;
Captain C.E.Tucker, Mth Massachusetts
Volunteers ; Lieutenant K. W. Hehaurl'iir, Ald-de-Cuuip
; Captain iL W. King, il.trbur Master, Port
A New Military Band. We learn with
plea. an 1 hat our enterprising and well-known miislcinni,
Mark 11 nailer and brother, are about establiahinira (Irand
Mlhtar Hand, of tlia It rat onp.eliy -none but tha very beat
uiuslciana being accepted. This la In 01 aformtty wltb the
iiumvruiu reiiueita of many ot our promtiieut oltlaus.
The undertaking In one requiring a oualdcrablc outlay fur
different essential purposes, lucli as uniforms, both dre.a
uud futlue, leheiial ro. m. drina corps, A-o., 10 ineot
which It has been nifrgeited that A aertea of (Ir.ind
Coneerta be glvan, lor which aiibacripilon nartlUcalea
will be Issued, enllUIng adtiniilon fta an eiiilvalent l'..r
tie amount aulneribed. rite, plan la a good one, and will,
110 doubt ittci eed. The concert glvan will be or tne'A
hi. 1 orSer, the performers, both vocal and Instrument),
being the ereme tie la ti-tmt ot our musical r'ur
tl ermore, sneh a t nd la much desired Iu rhlladetphla,
nil the one II, Mesirs. Ilaasler propoiolo e.tabll.b will
in t only be a necessary organlratlou. but one rrcjitable
toUie autarpriae and liberal publlo spirit of our city.
Wa scg by the foreign paper Uiat a Dooior Paul Bert
haa been gialllng unlmala, tliat Is to say, he has been
putting a eblckeu's Ull to grow on a dog, and a cat's
paw on a monkey's leg. Dut we hare some monkeys
here that are ma le a "catVpa w" or, without tin. pain
01 graliuig, and some puppies that show the -'wuite
lewder" as naturally as II It grew there. Nut even a
suit of clothing from Ciiarlks MToaea A Co.'s Mone
Jiricv," uuder tho Ceutluuutal, will disguise such obarao
ers. Persons in Want of PiioTOORArita should
visit B. Y. lielmnr'i (iallery.Nu. mi Arch street. Ills
llfe-ile PhntoKraphi hi oil Culurs, Ivorytypea, anil cartel
du viiite are uiieipialed.
I Tub Titi cm I'll of Mechanism. The "Flo
rence' Sewing Machine, sold at No S.10 C'heiaut street,
his earned an enrlable repaaU'a by Its intrinsic eacel
lenre. Knr alt ktiidi of family lewlng it has no superior
In th world, and Its rang ol operation Is greater than any
etl.rr machine in use. lt Is also (he must easily Apora'e f,
ar d erery machine sold Is warranteayii give per rn't sails
faction, or Ihe money will be rufundi'to the purchaser
Dh. Hoiikrthon'h Nf.bvocs Cordial; on,
Nature's flrand Itcatorer. The great remedy for all Nerv
ous Oniplaliits. debllllv. pm.tratlon. lownesa nf apirita
Ac. I'liccH. Kor sale b lly.ut 1VC0., No. i t! N. Hiiouid
Coi iit or Qt'AitTrn Sf.shionh. Judge Ludlow.
Dr. Wulters was tried this morning on a charge
ol B'siiull and battery, preferred by Mr. F.iseu
boru. The charge of assault and battery consisted
iu a collision between the carriages of the prose
cuior und defendant, on the lid of July, by which
that of tho foinicr was broken down, causing tho
horse to run away. No serious injury was sus
tained by uny of the occupants, one of whom was
a lady, and it appearing from tbo evidence that
the collision was the result of accident, the jury
rendered a verdict of not guilty.
Isaac Fox was then placed on trial nnder an
indictment charging the keeping of a disorderly
house on Islington lane, near Camp Cadwalader.
The evidence was quite conllictiug as to there
being such disorder there as to disturb the neigh
bors. - The landlord of the ground upon which
Ihe shanty stands testified that he had rented the
ground to Mr. F'ox to erect a stand for the sale of
watermelons, Ac, and not for the sale of liquor
to vulgar men and women, such as he was doing,
to the gnat scandal of the families In the vicinity.
The case wus not concluded when our report
Monday, September Vi. The markets to-day
are much unsettled, owing to the sudden and
violent fluctuations in gold.
Quercitron Hark is Inactive, aud prices ramulti
as previously quoted.
In Seeds there is but little doing. Small sales
of Clover at (H.lfn XH j' 61 lbs. A sale of 300
bush. Timothy Is reported at (i-50 per bush.
Flaxseed is scarce, and is freely taken at $3-70.
There is no change to note in the Provision
The Flour Market Is very flat; the ouly sales
made are to tho trade, aud these are of tho most
meagre description, at a range of $11 for low
grade superfine up to 13 25 for fancy lots. At
these figures the stock is firmly held. Rye Flour
may be quoted at 10 i'(a 10 "0. Corn Meal is
inactive, and prices nominal.
Wheat Is dull, and prices have a downward
tendency ; about W0 bushels new red sold at
$2vii2-60. Kya is held at l-8.i l-i)0 for
Southern aud Pennsylvania. There is very little
doing Iu Corn ; 2ISKI bnshels of yellow sold at
.KM; white at ijfl'TO, and Western mixed at
jj.1'72. There was a sale of 1000 bushels new Oats
ut MM cents. Noihing doing in Hurley or Malt.
Whisky dull ; we quote nominal ut $1 -8 ( l-HS
for refilled uud Ohio bbls.
PlIII.AllFIiPlllA 4 AI I I F. M ltKKr.
Monivav, September 12. The Cattle market is
nitlier dull, luit prices ate without any material
change. Kxtru iiitility are selling ut from loa
17e., fair to good at 1 1( l.-ic, aad common at
from lti( l:lc. j' lb, ns to (uality. The receipts
contlniic' lurite, reaching abiiut 20W bead, l il)
head sold to "go to Ualtiuiore, at flora 7feS (JJ lb
gross for heavy.
The following are the particulars of the s ilos :
1 1 Jora-ph Mel illen, Chester county, 1 1; 17.
li ti 1'. ll.uhoway, Western and Chester cotiuty,
1 Hi.
17 Jones McClebC, Western and Clios'.cr county,
I1.11 Owen Smith, Western, l.ifW 10-.
17") J. J. Martin it Co., Western and Chaster
county, l ')(" 17.
lu"i l lliiiun it Co., Chester county, 11:13.
1"! dust. Slianiticrir. Western. 10m Hi.
Pi 1) llranson, Clu ster couuty, l'-V' "4
CO 11. W. Derncll, Chester couuty, l'K" U-i-22
A. Konnedy, Chester county, 12;'! 1 1
.'lO 11. larliUe,ton, Chester county, H.-i 10.
l i K. Cloud, I'he-tor couply, 10('l IJ. ,
CI Homes ii Kimble, Chester couuty, 11,. (MiJ.
53 11. C. llaldwin, Chester county, U,o 10.
31 W. McCall, Cluster county, l,.i in.'.
120 n. Hood, Chester couuty, nHb,.
'.8 H. Chain, l'enu., Ui,u IU.
fchoci The maikot u linuerand price have
adtauced ; about b .00 head arrived and sold this
week at from C4t 7c. for cotniimu to fair, and H.ii
hie. per pound, gross, for good to extra quality.
Cows Theic is nochunge to notice; sales reach
about 125 head at prices running from 91 (" to
lor Springers, aud jjUilOi per head, for cow aud
calf, as to quality.
Hogs About 2100 heaJ arrived and sold at the
rloi,., vards this week ; the market is very
Miiuaaal r a ani.a..,
Omn or Tut Hvgxnro Tr.itnt, I
M snday, Heplember li. (
Gold has declined S per cent, since Saturday
evening, and the market is weik, opening at 215,
fell off and told at 2 22 at 11 o'clock, 213 at 12,
and '2Kli at 12.
The Stock Market Is dull this morning, and
prices are rather lower. Government bonds art
selling at 10.1J for 8-20, con pons off, and 110J,
coupona on; and 1081 for 6a of 1881 j 7 30s re
quoted at 110.
R nl' road shares are dull, and the sales are
limited. Reading sold at 6.X6 j, which is a de
cline ; Pennsylvania Railroad at 734, a declfn of
4; Minehlll at 64, and Cain win preferred at
40rj; liiSeJwasbid for Camden and Amboy j 4fJ
for Little Schuylkill ; 3I( for North Pennsylva
nia 1 10 for Catawigta, common t 48 lot Long
Island ; and 34 for Philadelphia and Erie. ,
New City f.s are selling at 10CJ. '
City Pasnenger Railway shares continue dull,
witli sales of Girard College to notice at 37 1 79
w as bid for Second and Third, and 65 tot Ches
nut and Walnut.
Bank stocks are firm, but there is Tory little
doing; 1.31 was bid for Philadelphia, (36 for Com
mercial, 40 for Fenn Township, and 7 for
In Canal shares there Is little or nothing doing;
3!i was bid for Schuylkill Navigation preferred,
30 for common, and 138 for Morris Canal pro
There Is less activity In Coal Oil stock, and
prices are not so firm, with sales of Irvln to
notice at 73; Noble and Dclamcter at 15;
Perry 6(rfC ; Densmoro 15; and Daltell 11J. ,
The Money Market Is without change. ' Loans
on call are offered at 67 per cent, per annnm ;
best paper Is selling at 8C9 percent. ; 1
Reported by Clarkaoa Co., Broksn, X. Ill S. TUlr
ion th Readlni K. K 0 .'
SKI sh HaHOroek..
.... H
)u.. i
VIS) in UO U.MJ VI71,
l.l an DauiaofcoreOU.1
l:i lb do ,
;kk ib do (A .
l.-Oih do s l
Km ib McCUuiocka..e I
Inn sh dn 7
tcliiliKr-yitoueZlno.e II
ll ID Flu TanS.... t'i
ltmo an Comments ... ff
evin iraisei, lU a. .. jf
Mil in milliard M
see ia Miller ou.
7nnu. . 11 sh Waih On..,,, m
S.SSSI do cup. instil
-.sK'll do KWVi
-n)V. n.o-xh ..rett iir
f.'iasi do..ixiup orr.iiuv
SlisO do'
fluo do c I Id c. .
S.sssiPa. (is, w In re lnst
9V((si do coup. pal 1
f ioorenna ta w'
1-KJiIilll.r Mount...,; 1
Ksl sh Irsvln Oil T'i
liUab Noble Del... l'.lZ
!Sl sli I-erry OU
t'Oih do Is) e4
a"i in ireiiitiQon . .. .. 10
more ia .
all oil. MO ItV
lux B...IUI-1 $
-AVth ualzeU 1
J-t ah
lisisn Kea.lltur 1 uo vi
lsn do........'aVt m
t.ioucitv r 101
I.KM'lty ea. Dew....U'.
l.sisil'lnilii i;s iw' lid
$(IM0 Aeli. r.Ss'8tl... V2
tnssiC 4 Ada tli ln7S
flissif A (is, 75 ...luHSi
IIS ib Kentucky Ilk. .11(1
ISO sh New Creek IV
lid ib do bMfJi'i
11 ah Mlnehltl 4
loo in Calawlasapf.. f'i
id ib PTownihllk.. 40
Jl ib NorTlllown U. eA
In sh Cam a. Am....l.v"
teabUl 80b K.i
Reported by Clarksoa 41 Co., Brokers, We, in 8. TJib-1 8S.
nrii iid, aeconei vau
United gutea As, lm, bit oft.
Kendlns lUllruld
Illinois Centra! Railroad
New York Central Railroad..
Wi bit Kw taaea
. ee bid ivt uuea
. .. bid l'XVaalea
. .. bid MJ( iM(ieei
VJit bid VM salae Railroad
Ilndsou Railroad
Culled BUKa th....
lOitfbld lurVsalea
...ii.'oia . 119 saiee
...R4 Sid . .. sale
...llnV bid mVaalM
....Heavy. Ileavv.
Quotntlons of Gold at the Philadelphia Gold
F.xchange,No. 31 8. Third street, second story :
H A. M 2'25 ,12 M 219
11 A. M 222 I 1 P. M 2131
Cb IIavfn ft Buo., No. 20 8. Third street,
Quote as follows ;
21S 1
1 I
American Gold 214.
American Silver, A's and i's. ..,
Dimes and Half Dimes 190
nines iw ,a
Spanleh Quarters ,
l'enn. Currency 3-10 dia. 1-4 dii
Mew York Exchange M0 " par.
1 Jay Cooke & Co. quote Government Becuti-.
ties, (tc, to noon to-day, as follows :
Mutrlnt. BeJHmeji
V. 8. 0, 1S81 108 . , 109
V. S. 7 3-10 Notes 110J - 111J
Certificates of Indebtednesa, new... 93 .' ; (H .
Quartennanter's Vouchers.. 02 93 .
(.old a'lout 212 .
A-20 llondi 1104 1114
Qnotatlons of tho principal Coal and Coal Oil'
stocks at I o'clock to-day : . 1
Hid at. Sii
Fulton Cool 11 in ionraalo on..... IV
lliu louiitain dial. 7.1,
74 I raiikllti Ull
8:1 lloes KddjrOU.. lv
H'i Irving Oil (i:
X.Y fcMi.t. l'ol..'J-2
Oreen Ml. Coal,
N. Carbondale
New Creek
Feeder Pain Cool.
CUuton Coal ,
American Kaolin..
Ten 11 Mining ,
Mmidan Mlnllnc. .
Maroiiette alining,
Alsace Iron
(ill Creek
rois ram uu...
l' llutler i'Atti
ID .
I1 Keystone 7.lno..,.
1 44
IS 1 llenainore.
3 '4 llalelioll
K llollhenny
S RobairU OU ,
MU 1$
4 (Hlnstead
il N,
I'etroleum Centre. A'i
Uii lluse Island... I
71, HUUiard 51$
aluple Miade Oil. .17
AlcClintnck Oil.... 7
Fennaylvania 1'eC ..
Terry Oil f.
Mineral Oil 3',
Keslonu Oil 1
Veneneo Oil 1
I'nlun TeUMlenm.. SH
lleacon oil
Heneta Oil
6 llruner IV
li'ordn tif
V 1 miu tx ull creek. I
I11 Hull Creuk 4V
9 Cora i'lanter 4 V
1 S His .Tank t'i
A, .11...
The New York Timet this morning says :
"The trade of the past week was but mode
rately active in fotclun and domestic tuerchan
diae from store. The import entriee of the
former is nearly four millions in value, but we
notice that the bulk of the fresh dry goods entries
passed into bonded warehouse. The fluctuation
in gold and violent decline near the close of the
week unsettled the Corn Exchange, besides add
ing to the tainencss of the general merchandise
trade, liut the export clearances of produce art)
nevertheless kept up on a liberal scale." ;
The Chicago Tribune thus foreshadows the
stringency in money, and decline in prices of
produce :
"The money market continues close, bat at
prcKi lit all lcgitimaie calls are met by bankers a&
the regular rate. Our leading banking-houses,
however, anticipate a severe stringency in tha
murket, as soon as the packing season shall com
mence, which will be iu a few weeks. A close
invest iKHtion shows that from 7,000,000 Ut
frt( w,oti0 are now invented on speculation la
w bixky in this city, scarcely any of which wilt,
l e available for other uses bofure the first or mid
die of 1-eliruary, about the time packing season
clweH. There in also a large amount invested iu
the same manner in wool, which will be unavail
able fur Ihe uses of packers. The combined
amounts will hardly lull short of 9 lO.OJO.O Hi
thus withdrawn from use when most needed. In
what way this vacuum is to be tilled is what now
puzzles business circles."
llrln Nl.rela, fl'.o, ( aidelias,.!. barley A Oo, '
h. l.r J. Mnrlili. llnnlli K, ll,,-l, 11, II . W. 1 ullur.
bclir deuriie I ales, Nlekiraou, t'rovldunoo. Waunaiuaeker
A Mitxlulil.
8chr isuruh. llenon. New Hi dlbrd, ttUklston,(lraelT a Nk
Hi lir e. A. Ilaiiiiaunil, I'aine, l;u,l jii, It. Sswisi ikl-'
Helir I aura I'mle, I'rlde, llurl.ados, 0. 0. Van Horn. -' '
ti hr L. W. liver, 8uriiuer, I'uilliiaiii Crtui on. 4
Hfennier Sinn, sun, Ininmiig, Ncii Vork, W. F. Plyde.
b li timer Uue, Va aireu, do. eo., ,".J
' AURIVF.n TH"lirMORn!IW. . '
nils VrVrtc (1 ildeii.), Muiiiii. h. '.'s dayata-onj Bordc-aui:,.
With md.-e to A. Mepiiant A Co.
Iiiik Hunter (lir ), If iiilknor, 17 dayi from aeol,
Willi tlati unit plasii-r to C. C. 'an llnni.
linn liien (i, a. I(l.ljl.lira,6 das inau Fortreas 1 Monroe,,
In ballasl to J K. I'.ula .t Co. on the nl!it uf Ihe ,.lb,
vhne ul aii. h. r at llclaware lreaka(er, dragarid ,ar.
ai.i'.ursunl drif ed Into a a.-liooncr (!. l. c. llnis-lu,.
ti. r(,hail stern iiuarl. r-rll and lual Itoee.
bcirw. s. I.,.uJ,rj, M da uvia uwe ilaor. with.
CUal tO 11. Illllld. ... e. a.- -w n
(t. hrJ. IV . 1 Shaw, 14 days St. John, N. B.,
Kill, lumber a (lalvln.
Hel.r llnliruek, I'arls, 13 dy iram Ullllboro.H. I.,wtth
i.l.isiirl" J- !'
Mi hr Marr Kiel, her, Traoey.S day from Eaitport, wnk
indue I" I ro lls at Co. , , ,
M lir .Man Kiandish, ltioli, 4 days ftora Waalilnston, 1 '
tialiat In culitaiu.
HchrCora S,eiice,I day rrora Drandywlne, DeI.,wHh
ItourloK.M. l ea- , , , f
Kclir R. II. Wakcr, kuh!ht,4 daye (run (laorgotown, D. ,
C, In l allaal lo '1 wclla 4 Co.
S, l,r M K. 111,'kmau, MekerM-n, 1 days froffl Lewi's;
iel. .Willi wee. ked aoods lo Y. Wrlithl 4 Hun.
tin Hiia-r 11. 'I on em e, t'laiialck.-l liOuriLroiuHewYeaiisi
with mil.e lo W. IV Clyde.
learner Hone, Warreu, M liouri from KW larks Wll '.
ni.lseto W.I-.C'bae. ,
; '. 1 V ''
Bi'.buvr. , ,
A Huh' barque. '"'..,.
Uriri. Nu.,oo,Tuiii(t,CuJia,uano;lwrlrl Jenf
'uuu. - . "1 4
' W l'M( !( A vn. ,
Hrl II. CHatk-v, testa. I, via c.iVfl. " ,
1.1,1a. wai snoken Matiirdar e( oaicrf lal 1 '' ,Z..u, J
ami siin.lied tib by the lru.oort ,aU, at Uui porl.
M r?r? !Ztx .k. wet.1
lloanaaDk Hrla '"",,'",.. uU IU0 do lardlilea 1(8 da
Bul.e A Blelil.aid a Co
1 16 eaak. JOl eaao. bruy r...u - r,..