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Al tl.e Drown University centennial celcbra
Lion in ltovidcnce on Tuesday, ex-Secretary
(.banc we? called out and responded as follows ;
we quote the reort of the Trovidenee Jourml .
"Mr. TrcsiiU nt arl Gentlemen : I h.irdly fed
n it I hail a nelit to pe;ik In tlm assembly ; it it
a fettering of brctheren around tle (a-nlly
lir. Another reason why I onht not to make
npeeeh in, that I have none to make. It ia true
that for s vernl years I havo leeu niuking note s ;
but the spctch li not yet ready.
"I have seen Bcveral faces here which remind
me of the early scenes ot 1W11. In l-ctiruury of
that year I met a numb, r of patriotic Kho e
lalund incu in the city ol Washington, npon tiro
iuvituiiun of the (iovernor, and we put our
together to me if we could not contrive Home ImhIs
of peace. We were not as t'ortunute as peace
makers on;;ht to he. It niiRht huve been other
wise had those brethren of ours In the South
whom we expect to call brethren hereafter,
thoutih we now unfortunately are obliged to
term thun Koiicls been willing to listen to
sound reason.
"Hut I lememher one thin fctkl by tlic Rhode
Islander was they were overllowinir with devo
tion to tho I'nioii, as we all were, but their
patriotism struck mo as a little peculiar they
saiil the pcoplu In Khode Island wcro so patriotic
that no earthly helm ement could drive ttiein out
of the Union, so that it followed logically that
Itliocic Inland would he the last in it, and alio
would he oMigt d to pay the nntionil debt. It
added to the extreme aggravation of the case
they were able to pay It ; it would not have mat
tered so much If they hud not been able.
"Well, I think by the bl. sing of Ood this
Union will stand. There fs not a heart in all this
prcstnoj which docs not invoko from the Divine
lie Ing the perpetuity of this I'nlon. Differ bow
we may, we all agree in that ; and let me say to
my friends here in lthodc Island, as the Union Is
to stand, no matter what clouds may lower, the
lun w ill yit ibiue, and centennial anniversary
Iter centennial anniversary will como round,
long after the existence and permanence of this
X'n ion is established ; and allow me to say that of
course Khodo Island will not have to 'pay tliu
national debt; and let mo curnestlyadviHc
the same amount, or at least a .(uurter of it, be
paid over to brown Universitv.
"While you havo been here Indulging In mu
tual confidences, you have called for a stranger
from a foreign lund to guy to you sonic words us
to the sentiments that exist on the other side of
the water, and you bave called upon a of
Khode Island fur as a citizen of the I'uiou 1 a n
a citizen of Khode Island, to say a few words
expressive of American feeiing.
"I had the misfortune myself last fall to bo
somewhat quoted In Knglund as the author of
some expressions which were not altogether kind.
1 eald then that I thought our mother lingland
bad not been precisely just in her dealings with
ns n little less than magnanimous, a great deal
less tban kind, and that when the Alabama went
forth upon the ocenn, built in a liritisb p rt,
armed with British cannon, manned by Uiitish
'Freighted with enrsc. dark npnn the sea,"
1 could not help thinking, old Kngland, I should
like to get bold of your hair and give you a good
"And It Is never best to disiruiso your real sen
timent. We did receive tho 1'rinco of Wales
here; we received him with a gush of genuine,
earnest American feeling. Our hearts went forth
to him as the representative of a great branch of
the Anglc-Saxon family beyoud the water. Kvery
heart in America w as thinking ot tho time when
we should he a greut people, if not under one
government, and one great people, animated by
the same Ideas, and standing before the whole
world us tbe representative of constitutional lib
erty. "That is the way wo felt when this Rebellion
broke out, and w hen men in the madness ol their
devotion to slavery sought to pull down the pil
lars of the republic, and in return for that love
and gushing emotion, w hich went forth to the
beir of the Knglisli Crown, we find cold und
averted looks, unkind and ungenerous sentiments,
taunting us in tho hour of our calamity, pirates
sent forth upon the sea, how could we leel other
wise than hostile to England we did feel sj,
and we feel so yet.
" But we hope for better days. We hope the
time will come when Knglund will sea that she
consults neii her her true interests nor her true
honor in uiifruternul sentiments towards Auicric i.
And we rejoice that thero uro some men on the
other side ot the Atlantic who dare to speak ia
rebuke of iinfruternal sentiments.
"Among those, who havo tints spoken, those
upon whom we rely for returning amity and
sentiments of Cuistiiin ami fraternal love, is the
honored man who has spoken to-day. la your
name, in the name of my own fellow-ritiens ot
the great city beyond the Allenhenies, in tho
name of all tho loyul men of America, I thank
"Among the other names is the name of the
man to whose letter be referred, John liright. Ho
knows we hate war as much as he does; we do
not make war because wo love it, but because wo
love peace. Wo long for the return of peace. Wo
go Into the war because wo must, if we would
rescue this hope of mankind. Tho same senti
ments I have heard from their great colleague,
the great Kiebnrd Cobden, a trinity of mimes for
the honor of our country. Let them be assured
that we appreciate them.
"There is another class of men that we do ap
preciate, whose t.'ice has been heard in our favor,
uie jutncusnire workmen, who cannot be per
suaded into infidelity to freedom by tho aristoc
racy of England. (Jod bless tho workiugmeu of
ingianu :
"Let us hoie, then, that after this storm of war
than have blown over and our country stands
. once moie united, lcdccuitd, regenerated, in all
' tbe vigor of universal freedom, in all the streiutth
, of resuscitated energy, then we may havo a
, communing with the workingmen of l .ugland, or
their n pnsentatives, with, the intelligence and
worth which loves and honors freedom wherever
it is seen, unu mat w e may be united together in
I building a new great confederation of tho human
I race; when from all climes in some future day
' there shall meet and gather round some centre,
the tepi etentutives ol the parliament of men from
the confederation of the world, then while wc
number our own illustrious men in that parlia
ment, men who have founded and men who have
: savtd tbe republic, in that parliament of tho
' world, in that confederation of men, shall Bright,
lonuen, ai.u uoiuwin Mnitn be freshly rcuicuv
Imiatl ItricenerHO ol -Vortticrii Mkhou.
, The Masonic fraternity bave hitherto been of
I tbe opinion that the acts of vandalism practised
by tbe Federal soldiers in tho various Masonic
Lodges of Mississippi, were not tkc acts of Masons ;
I but of hired soldiers, incited by a desire of booty ;
F but we blush to record an instance which shows
that they have been mistaken. During the lust
vimi oi ruo enemy 10 rort uioson, tlicy visited
the Lodge room, stole the regalia and iowels.
and toie up and dest roved the records and papers
of Washington Lodgo Ko.3, and Clinton Chapter
No. 2.
They also destroyed the charter of suld Chan
ter, Issued by the Grand Chapter of the Cnited
States, Keptiinilier 18, 182(1, and signed by Do
Witt Clinton. And, as if to add insult to injury,
one of the party left on tbe altar acard. on which
was inscribed, "Thomas l'riee, W. M. of I'eoria
I mlitn V I t 1) Til:. . .. II
In tlm li-..1i,tl..t.ur ...1.... .1.. .1 . r
I . .. ..viiiiii.iuiiuij Kiiii nuciiiiio ciiunur OI
r a Lodge and its record had fallen into liritisb
uunus, they were promptly returned by a flag of
truce, under a guard of honor. How ditlerent
the conduct of W. M. l'riee, who, by bis action,
seems to bave elorllied In destroying the records
I and papers of an institution devoted to benevo
lence : Mobile Adtertiivr.
I Boston ot T of Tiir DiiAiT. A despatch was
reoelrcd at the State House yesterday announcing
Uliat the naval enlistments claimed by the city of
lioston, amounting to o'J21j, would be allowed
I y the authorities at Washington. This puts the
ay clear of a draft, and gives it a surplus. Hus
ton Journal, Sejitemlnrr 8,
I "
An African Hon in the Zoological Museum
ill Brussels was ao great a iiitlerer from a disease
in its feet, that a surgical operation recently
became necessary. This was douo by a vcteriu
. ary surgeon and five pupils, at some risk, and by
-the aid of mechanical contrivances. The lion bore
'he 0eration well, with now and then a roar
fwben it felt the knife; its general good behavior
F being attributed to the circumstance that a keeper
Lto whom the Hod is much attached sat near its
head and endeavored to calm It by tulkiug, evi-
iicuuy noi wiiuouh oucct.
The pilchard fisheries on the oasts of Corn
wall and Devon are iu full activity. These are
,'iext to the herring fisheries in imnortance and
'value. A single seine has once been known to
patch twelve hundred tons of these fish at a single
naul, or about four thousand two hundred imp.
heads. The tish are cured and sold as an article
. t) I food, the oil pressed from them iu packing is
.. u..uu, aim iuo rciuse irsu auu sail are soru
I It the farmers for manure. Una niuv hnv
ijtwnwa1)" fK6U l'iK'llra, ,or twvnty-live cents
llrvn-dt AiiTi n Aiimy o.- mi: 1'oron c, Sopt.
N, evening. Tho p-ist two days have been oini-
nou'ly quiet. Hours huve passed without a
single t.iin being beard.
Tbe enemy were reported massing on our left
with the Intention of attacking us If they found
the lines penetrable, but have evidently given up
the enterpri.c, which they would have found to
be a Costly one.
At t lie centre of the line the pickets have been
very frli nelly of lute, but within a day or two
stria orders have been given against intereour-c.
A battery on the Jerusalem roud opened on a
working party of tho Rebels this afternoon about
) o'clock, and quite nrs Interchange of iron com
pliment took place, but without much harm to
either party.
The enemy sent us a Whitwortli shot yester
day, weighing thirteen pounds, polished, and
steel pointed. It landed In rather close prox
imity to our quarters, ami had travelled a dis
tance of a mile and three quarters.
The Charleston Mm urij chronicles the loss of
the new blockade running steamer Mary Iluirn t,
whh h ran on an obstruction near Long Island on
Thursday week, proving a total loss. The otll :ers
and crew were saved.
SF.iTrMimnO, A. M. A number of contra
bands came into our lines lost night, from Ches
ter county. Th.'y report tbnt train arc running
on the Weldon railroad as far as Stony creek,
where the supplies arc loaded in wagons and
hauled to Petersburg via Dinwiddie Court House.
lletwceu five hundred and six hundred wagons
arc engaged constantly in this business. They
also suite that all the corn in that county Is being
pressed by Confederate officers, and fed to the
nnlmals, leaving tho farmers none for net
season, excepting just enough to justify them in
Baying that tlicy did not take all.
W. I). McOunoon.
NiMX'lal to The Fveiilnir Toli'jrmiih.
WAsiiisoiost, September 10. Advices from
the Shenandoah valley state thit a reconnoU
unec found the enemy in a strangely intrenched
General Wallace lias returned from the army
to Baltimore, to retain command of the Mh
Army Corps.
IMI'llltTkM Kt'MOIt.
There is a rumor on the street that General
Grunt has gained another great victory near Pe
tersburg, tint wc cannot trace it to any reliable
foundation, am! only give it for what It is worth
as a rumor. Ei. Ti.t.Eumru.
Rebels Attack Berwick City.
Steamer Chased by a Pirate.
Snv Yohk, September 10. Advices from
New Orleans to the 3d iiiitant havo been received
by tho arrival of the l'.ri nimi Slur.
It appears that our forces occupied Clin'on only
two days and two nights.
Tho Rebels had made a .1.-ministration on
Herwlck City, but accomplished nothing. They
arc reported to be preparing u formidable expedi
tion to attack lSrushcar city or somo other point.
General Hanks will como North probably on
the itcauier of tho loth.
The captured Rebel Si I hi it and rain
Trnnrssre attract much attention in front of New
Tho steamer Creole, on her last trip to New
Orleans, was chased by a pirate.
A letter from l-'ort Gaines, of tho 2d, states that
General Granger has not yet returned, from New
Orleans, and there will be no military operations
until be docs. In the meantime, preparations
for work ure going on.
Niillluu; of Mourner.
1 r.vv Yoiik, September 10. Tho steamer
Kdinhuryh and .Yne York sailed at noon for
Liverpool with HI 10,000 In specie.
Special Despatches to Kvrnlng Telegraph.
Washington, September 10.
The Treaty nltti i:'iiHlr.
The United States and the Republic of Ecuador
have exchanged the ratifications of tire Conven
tion for the mutuul adjustment of claims, which
are to be referred to a board of two Commis
sioners to be appointed by each country, with an
arbitrator in cases where they may disagree.
PortUKueae Fortu Trow n Open to Forels;n
lireiulHl all'sr.
The State Department has been oflleially In
formed of the promulgation of a Portuguese royal
decree, that from August 12 last until March
111, ISCo, the importations of foreign cereals,
whether iu grain or flour, is permitted in tho ports
of Lisbon and Oporto, and also by the Eastern
railway and the river Douro.
Tlifi cv I.OUH.
In the list of successful bidders for the new
seventy-five million loan, ns published In this
morning's pupers.the name of Messrs. C.H.Wright
& Co., ol l'lilladelpbia, who bid for $ iOO.OOO at
4 per cent, premium, Is incorrectlry printed as
Dwight & Co.
The openingof the bids was resumed to-day.
Reported Surrender of the City to
Admiral Farragut.
Withdrawal of tho Enemy to
tho Interior.
W'AsiiiNOTojf, September 9, 11-30 P. M. It Is
rumored here to-night that Mobile has fallen.
Tbe news is said to have been received from
ltebel deserters, who assert that Dog river ar
as pasted by the ent ire fleet of Admiral l'arragut,
and that, after a brief shelling, tho aity sur
rendered, the troops having withdrawn into the
interior. This statement may be correct.
It Is well known that Admiral Farrugut's ap
pliances for removing the obstructions in the
chanuel of Dog river bar were ample, and that
the torpedoes could be removed with the greatest
facility. Then the channel would be perfectly
cleared and an uninterrupted passage given the
licet close up to the city.
That Mobile has surrendered without a defense
Is scarcely probable, though by no means Impos
sible, as resistance would only Involve loss of life
and property, without twy adeiiuate advantage.
.V. 1. U orUi.
Split in the Democratic Party.
Another Candidate Callod For.
General McClellan's Letter.
'' V.V.r Vit Vllj .tul,(f.A I,, ll'ui'i . ;'.-T.V
toiMtt) "I tht ittuimil.
The columns of this paper bear witness that we
have labored to harmonize the Democratic party.
Whatever concession we could mako that did not
involve a sacrifice of the immutable principle to
which this journal Is dedicated, w e have granted.
Our most fervent desire was to sec consummated
the unity and concord of the Democracy in this
Presidential campaign. Itelicving that the life
of Kepiiblieanism depended upon this Issue, wo
mudo every etlort to conciliate the conflicting
sentiments that were arrayed in opposition to the
present Administration; for we believed that the
defeat ol Mr. Lincoln would rcnwve tho chief
obstacle to pcaco.
Itut, above all the claims of expediency, the
principle to which we uro Irrevocably 'hound
(was absolutely, and demands our li.ieluy
beyond nil other considerations. We have mi
lured and strengthened tho peace sentiment from
its genu. Wc have been fuithtiil to il throughout
the ordeal it has passed, an ordeal tint it could
not havo survivul if within its o u essence it had
not possessed the elements of eternal life, tho
truth that may be hidden but not destroyed.
To that principle that is the guide of our politi
cal action throughout this crisis, and that com
mands the journal we have devoted to its intcrcs-s,
we are linked by a bond t tint cunnot be loosened.
As wc b:oo.I by it steadfastly when to do so was
to coiitt persecution and to invite Mpprcssion, wc
shall surely not desert it now, in the day of its
strength, when, in fact, it rules tho political
The suffrages of tho peace men ore essential to
thetiiumph of the Democracy; but the peace
men cannot give their suiting, s In violation of
thiir principles. To bo true, therefore, to the
Democracy, we must insist that its principle be
horn stly represented in this canvass ami fairly
put at issue al the polls.
We welcomed, in the platform presented by
the Chicago Convention to he Democracy, the
proposiii.m for an immediate eesirt iin of hostili
ties and a Coiiventiun of all the Mates. To cease
lighting an. I to upKul to reason unu calm discus
sion ol the questions in dispute; tint is precisely
the plan of action that wo have udvoc.ited from
the comment ement of hostilities.
It is fair to Mipi.ose that the Sovereign States,
soUmnly ns-ciublcd in Convention, would exer
cise such judgment and conciliatory attributes as
are duo to the spirit of enlightenment mid Chris
tianity, and would use their best endeavors to
free our political system from us imperfections,
that it might accord, so tar us possible, with the
u.tercftts of all, and be i llcnsive to none.
The Chicago l'latlorm promises with its
triumph mi immediate ce.-satiou ol 'hostilities, and
advocates a plan of reconciliation that every
peace man can conscientiously indorse. Wo a
eipted it, and with it, the candidates nominated
upon the platform.
iivt tir i-iwilitlalp anil the pUttform I'linnnf exist
omrt. The platform is the soul the candid ite
Is the body. The one may chuugo, decay, perish,
ti e other is immutable and eternal, for it is prin
ciple. The two are therefore inseparable In their
relative positions, for if tho man renounce the
principle, he ceased to be a candidate of the party
that nominated him.
George II. MeClellan was nominated upon a
platform that promises an immediate cessation
of hostilities and a Convention of all the St itcs.
hot he stand li tilt that pint form t r.y,' llv ro, 5
not. Itc hat rciioitncrtl the ptntj'orm in tin lettrr
arnptinif Me iiotnhintiitit. It is as if tho bride
groom should accept the bride's properly, but not
her person. A bond like that is null and void.
1 he pi ace party will not consent to havo the r
print i, le betrajed, and then do homage to tho
They demand all that iMiominutcd In tho bond,
fienciul MeClellan having rejected tho proposi
tion for a cessation of bostilitiesund a Convention
of all tho Ma'es, declined the Chicago nomination
and ttauds befoie the people self-nomiu und on a
platform of his own creation. The IVmhtih
most m tk a eamltdatc who wn,l. sttmd up'in the
platform, for tlo y cannot consistently support one
tcho is in cnliisiim teith the ('onrrntion that ten
dered him the nomination.
Il the platform accords not with the nominee's
convictions of the right, a duo respect for tho
opinions of the nsscmblago that nnnnimo'isli
adopted it requires that be should give buck tii
the Convention the standard of the Democracy.
The hemoeratic Mationut Contention is nut r
tnlrrd. It is ready to convene at tho call of its
Executive Committee, und, if General MeClellan
cunnot aliido by the resolutions through which
the principles of the party have been enunciated,
let flic Convention reassemble, and either remodel
llicir platform to suit their nominee, or nominate
a candidate tbut will suit the platform.
Lew In Chnh lleuonnrrs (lie 4 lilrnKO l'lut.
The Chicago Tribune of Wednesday makes the
following announcement :
'We learn from undoubted anthorlty that Hon.
Lewis Casa pronounces tbo Democratic platform
a most ignominious surrender to the Hebels, and
says that he cannot support it."
The Jol.t Market.
Ntw Yohk, September 10. Gold was emoted
this morning at 211, but since the Hoard has d
clitmd to 2-t.
I'ntlinn Wnr linucf.
Here Is nn account of an entertainment which
few readirs could havo witnessed : "1'he olliccrs
of tlic Twentieth Regiment l'unjaiih lulautry en
tertained their guests lust Saturday night with
tm exhibition of the sword dances of the warlike
tribes serving in the regiment. The performances
began with ihe war dance of the I'athaua. Tho
pipers and drummers, genuine Tallinn musicians,
supplied tho weiid and monotonous music, to
which the dancers kept time with their paces,
movements, and the brandishing of their tulwars.
'The dance was a series of studied uttitudes, timed
steps and advances, accompanied with various
drawing-cuts and rapid brandishing of the tulwar
overhead. The movements wero continued in a
circle around the group of musicians. The rapid
w hirlings of the tulwars, and the swift and telling
cuts which the dancers laid about them, naturally
rnsed a dread in the minds of the spectators that
the dancers would injure themselves or tucir
Hut nothing could exceed tho extraordinary
tact with which Ihe dancers, when they up
proaehed each other, guided their tulwars, with
out reducing the velocity or tbe variety of their
flourishes. T he I'mbaus were succeeded by tbe Mussclumns, whoso displuy was less
warlike, but more skilful. Two tall aud lithe men
engaged in single combat apparently, advancing
and retreating, aud w hirling their tulwars with
surprising rapidity over their heads and shoul
ders and under their ai ins, exhibiting niuch power
and pliability of wrist and shoulder. One of the
men subsequently performed a series of singular
und (.rotes. uo feats with the tulwar. Forming
an inch of his body with one hand aud one foot
on the eroond. and the faco unuermoht. and nro.
belling himself round in a ciiclo with the otucrT
loot, hu executed a variety of the most astonish,
ingly rapid flourishes with bis tulwar, to the
imminent risk of bis nose and eurs. Standing
erect on one foot, and closing his eves, he whirled
bis body round rapidly, and, while so engaged,
sheathed and unsheathed his tulwar in a vanoty
of i-osilions, before him, upon his forehead, upon
bis head, and behind his back. A number of
men then engaged in a round dance with tulwars,
similar to the dance of the Tnlhans. Tho next
performance was a more peaceful dauco, with
tbields, but without tulwars. The dancers hopped
and skipped around the pipers, keeping time
with tho music, aud noting the conclusion of
each bar by simultaneously stooping down and
striking their shields on tho ground. The Dogras
a less warlike tribe, inhabiting the territory oi
the Maharajah of Cashmere, concluded the exlii
bition with a fencing match with short sticks.
T he combatants had each two sticks, which they
used together, employing both bauds in perform
ing the same movements with both sticks. Keep,
ing time wilh tbe music, they executed with
great dexturity and precision a variety of blows
and guards, advances and retreats, and other
Enemy's Loss Ono Hundrod
and Fifty.
Wc received tlic following last evening from
Headquarters. It came from llaton Houge :
Missis-m i i, Niw Oui.kins, August L'7. I ho
following iUpnt h was received this evening:
Major-t icticra! llerron has just corne in from tiie
enliti. n. The breaking down of a bridge near
I'oit udson clc'uved the infantry column; but,
notwithstanding this, tho result 'was a siicccs'.
en. llerron inflicted a loss upon the enemy of
at least I V. besides destroying a large amount of
stores at and near Clinton, Louisiana. Our loss
Iu killed and woundedaliout thirty. .V. o. ',,i .,
Ctnovaii's New CiiKsNt r Sthfft TurTiir.
This htiti.rwaa writ flll.l n u.ual cvrnlrw, irltn a
ftil..iul' siitll.-nco, ami every ne .earned d-'tut.tisl
llli lit k-rnit ..cvm-lc. .n,l ..llowr, Alsd.tln ; thrniijli
!.. fvirmnl life wl.h Intertsl l,e,inilTi frnni (. h , j,.,
Iiiirtiur ihr pcrtonn.n.'i-, s lur- .yrmiill b.iu Ut of
V riuii.eU roses and ilnwerets was thrown iirwin tlic itiii',
u II II J Cjii tl .tJlrei'iitj t fit cut t Minn K'Hr (irrnioti , On
li.f t'a.'k ..f tV . .inl the fU wiifc : tMMiiflfnl und p.M tl
'f'-oil t've" w ai h riltt u. Itif author uihn n. nann, Inr
tl.e tan1' w ruiru -Ih.h it to liuvf t.i'ou thr
It'il'i. ... n -t no tnplr't"M lYmti the 111 t'ri. ii "mur
ui" ii the Mm ut a jtMiiik Ul) Ktlmlrtr of Mtn (icrm -u .
"In v ttin wmiM lorUoit I ixl and St a
'r thiir t atlcrtor in to t-mrt ;
Thr tnrtiir tlwcllo m frit n.I from nij
lh iu'rt r liven itu' in my heart. "
PlATS OT Tlir.RMOHRTRa To-dat. Six A. M.,
HI. Noon, 7ti. Oncl. M.'H. Wind, W. N. W.
Conflict Betwoen Blacks and Whites.
T W O 31 U IN H II O T .
Ijist evening, between eight and nine o'clock,
a riot occurred in South Camden, which, for the
time being, was of n most formidable character,
and which threatened to terminate In a serious
loss of life. The facts, as near as wo can ascer
tain, arc ns follows
At about a ipuirtcr after H o'clock a colored
woman who was engaged In selling lulled corn,
or "hot corn" as it is generally denomi
nated, was approached, at Third and .Spruce
slreets, by awhlto man, whose name we were
unable lo ascertain, who pur. lowed an ear or two
of tho edible, and alter taking a nibble of the
eoni, made tome remarks detrimental to tho
quality of the article, and furthermore evinced
bis displeasure by kicking over tlic bucket, scat
tering its contents upon the pavement. This,
us may be surmised, fearfully riled the c pia
niiiilty of Aunt Dinah, who Immediately struck
at the man, and thcu move. I oil' post hasie to ac
quaint her friends with tho outrage which hud
been perpetrated upon her.
In a few minutes there was a large gathering of
colored folks, one of whom perceiving tho fellow
who had made the attack, engaged hint in a
tight. 1 hen commenced the rumpus. The blacks
tumid out by scores men, women, aud chil
dren sonic four colored sailors, belonging totho
frigate J'riwetoii, who wcro in the vicinity at the
lime, hastened to tbe rescue of their brethren ;
anil as by this hour u number of white persons
had husteuid to the scene, the light became
Those "bloods" of Camden, who had been wit
nesses of the cricket mutch, which has been going
on lor some days past in Camden, supposing tho
light to be a free ono, also presented themselves
upon the ground, and some of them being pretty
well filled wilh the ardent, "went in," regardless
of consequences.
I'y this time a number of policemen arrived at
the fcene of conflict, llncks and paving stones
weie flying ill all directions, and towards !)
o'clock, a pistol or gunshot being hear. I, tho light
became quite intense in its character. A mimhor
of the blacks had barricaded themselves in their
l ouses, und from the loopholes of windows and
from tho roof-tops bricks descended iiuite plenti
fully. Information of tho extent of the riot being
romiyed to bis Honor the Mayor, Paul C. Iludd,
! to., that gentleman, together with the Marshal
of l'oiice, John W. Campbell, and a posso ot
policemen, instantly repaired to the neighbor
hood of T hird anu Spru. o stioets.
The Mayor, making his way through the dense
crowd, now augmented to some four hundred
persons, whites and blacks, demanded a cessation
of hostilities. His Honor also presented himself
at the door of one of the tenements from which
bricks were being thrown, and applied for admis
sion. This was at first refused; but the occu
pants, on being assured that no harm would ho
done ibein, opi ned the door, and some arrests
wero made. Other bouses were visited in like
manner by tbo police, aud several other arrests
were made.
Still the fight In the streets continued, being
"running" in its character, however, and confined
to the block between Second street and tho Dela
ware river. To make the matter still worse the
fire bell of the States Kngine, Cuiudon, com
menced to sound a general alarm, and this, of
course, served to increase the excitement. T he
nifjit was durk, and it was impossible for the
police to ascertain who were the ringleaders in tho
ailuir, or w ho were contributing tow ards prolong
ing it.
T'owurds 10 o'clock, however, tho Mayor,
assisted by the police, got tbe rioters at bay, and
the light was discontinued. Occasionally a brick
or paving stone would whi,7, over the beads of
the crowd, or tbo crash of a broken window pane
would rise above the tumult of the mob. lly li ilf
past 10 o'clock the last brick bad been "throw
ed" the crowd had been partially dispersed, and
the lictcrs were marched off to tbe station bouse.
Nine persons were arrested, two of whom, uro
whiles. One of tlic rioters Is A young mulatto
wr man named KlUabeth Mitchell. This woman
struck otlicer Charles Gilbert ovor tbe head with
a porter bottle, inllictlng quite an ugly looking
wound. Otlicer Win. 11. Hawkins was also badly
hurt about the head by a brick thrown by one of
Ihe rioters. The names of the rioters arrested
are as follows : Wm. Hamilton, James Simpson,
Joseph (iibbs, l'liilip Uibhs, John Williams,
llemy Oruy, John Laws, Kli.nbeth Mitchell,
Juckson l'rico (white), aud Kichard Fellows, a
White boy.
A young man by the name of Humphreys was
shot In tl.e wrist, and two negroes are also re
ported to have been wounded.
Tho negro, John Laws, when the police entered
one of the houses, jumped from the roof of one
bouse to that of another, occupied by a man
named Thomas. The transfer being accomplished
by a flight a la Uaret, through an open window,
lie was subsequently captured under a bed, lu
this house, whore lie bad secreted himself.
In one bouse an axe was found under the table,
on the first floor, iu a second a quantity of am
munition, while bricks and paving stones wero
discovered iu almost all the houses occupied by
the negroes.
The block of houses on Spruce street, between
Second and Third, are almost entirely occupied
by colored ihtsoiis. The occupants bear the re
putation of lieing very peaceable in their dispn.
silion, and it is supposed tbat nothing hut the
prevalent opinion among the blacks that a gene
ral attack was being made upon them, would have
occasioned such an exbibilion.
It is also slated (hut one of the colored sailors
of tho J'rineeton was the person who made tho
attack upon tho colored woman, and that lu the
confusion the whites were supposed to be the ag
gressors. Mayor lludd informed us this morniug
that at one time tbe riot assumed a most sei ious
character, and it was feared that great bloodshed
would ensue.
Much credit is due to the Mayor and bis offi
cers for the energy they displayed iu quelling the
riot. There is a rumor about that the last night's
proceedings will be re-enacted to-night, but
evcrv preparation baa been made by tho Mayor
and 'the Marshal of the 1'ollco to prevent such
an occurrence.
Tbo rioters will havo shearing this afternoon,
at two o'clock, at tho Mayor's oillce.
Tuakksoiviko. Thero will be special thanks
giving in all the churches to-morrow, in accord
ance with the recommendation of tbo President,
in acknowledgment of tbe Divine favor vouch
sabvd in Hie meut glorium yk'tvtiw.
roMTtPAi.. Both political parties will enter
th otnpaign with soldiirs' clubs. At the Na
tii nal Union Club House, a meeting of relumed
soldiers baa been held, and a committee of fire
appointed to secure Sansom Street 1111, for a
mass meeting of soldiers, on Monday evening.
Invitations to returned veterans havo been ex
tended. The Democrats propose also to organ!?
a club similar to the above. Colonel McCamlless
and s vend ottlcers of the i'irc Zouaves are con
nected with this organization.
T he Democracy of the Kighth Ward held a
meeting last night, at tho ball of the K iyst uie
Club, at which speeches wero made by Joslah
llamhdl, llichurd Vaux, General l'atterson, und
The Republican mass meeting in Independence
Square, this evening, promises to bo a splendid
success, anil it is thought will bo one of tliu m st
monster gatherings convened in this city for somo
CimTF.vnuN'sCot.LF.oK. We cunnot too highly
commend to young men preparing formercantlle or
professional life, the Colleac of 8. II. Critten
den Co., No. t'.'l" Chesnut street. At this insti
tution of Instruction a practical knowledge of
Ilook-kceplng in all Its brant lies, as practised by
the best accountants and business men, is to le
obtained in all its detuils. renmausliip is also
taught by one of the most competent of p nmen,
toge ker with commercial calculations, business
forms, commercial law, detecting counterfeit
nobs, ftc. The Messrs. Crittenden havo also
'Hilded the art of telegraphing to their long list of
studies, and this science is t night by a thoroughly
competent operator. Scholars will be received
ut uny time, and after the loth of September
evening sessions will be commenced.
rNnsi I, van i A Statk Ao KiccLTiBAL Society.
Active preparations for tho Fair of the State
Agricultural Society havo commenced, and con
tributors from the city should see to it in time
that ample space may bo allowed them to display
their articles to the best advantage. The Fair
will l.e held ut F.ustou during the last week in
September, and doubtless will be of the most
attractive description, us several contributions of
new inventions, such us the steum-plough, self
loading hay machine, Kc, will be interesting
features, while the great variety of manufactured
articles un.l improved machiuery in operation,
together witli the expected display of horses cele
brated for their speed, and the beauty ol the rural
sceneiy In proximity to the location, will add to
make it a perfect success.
The Deavtii-ii. Vf.htvam. l'.ugeno Jouin
offers the following letter from tho talented and
btuutifiil Mile. Vestvali, in support of the clllcal
of "L Knuill de I'uris:"
Ko. Us VVAMRLi Pi OK. New VimK. Mnv 2"i. 1M''.t.
.Mi lis. .Iiilt-s Juris ; Sir : 1 U'g tut hank you Inr your kin I-
lii'.M ill sPhitlMk' tut' It ptieksee itr your "Km, 111 sis- ran.. ' I
Inns siifii'rett so uiiieh iroui the vitrioii. write lotion., etc.,
v. I.k'li niv llii-nrnejil pniii'Kslnii iifiliws me lo us,., tli.t I
ccnsl.toi- II a perieel heiii-lat- I- n to niul u pn rr irat ou wlueti
(.ires the nc. es.isiy w lu rut.... lo tliu .kin, .ml le ives tlio
skin cooler .iii.l Muootlier than when It Int. liothlnrr on It.
I -nf s ml o tiHtr it exclusively. llli thanks. I m, respect
lully jours, KKI.ICITA UK VfcslVAl.I.
Jules Jured's ''Email de I'aris" is not a piint,
not a powder, not an ointment, but a most deli
cious preparation, that gives both the complexion
and texture of polished ivory to tlic skin. Kiigimo
Jouin, No. Ill Tenth street, below Chesnut, is
she only ugcut in tho city for "L'F.muil de I'uris."
Tim Union I.kaovf. Reoimi-.nt. Authority
has been given to Captain Samuel Wrigloy and
Lieutenant Charles Fru.or to recruit an addi
tional coin pan v of men to be attached to tho
In ion league Regiment, which Is now near com
p'ction. T he old naval rcnde.vou j of tho city, at
No. 2.1M S. Third street, is to be turned into a
recruiting station. This station was formerly
under tho command of Captain Wrigloy unil
Lieutenant, who were appointed by tlio
city authorities to re tii It nuvul volunteers for the
purpose of filling our quota.
A r I.nixiF.itur.ADN. A boisterous meeting was
held at Oermantown, Inst evening, in relntion to
the nomination of Mr. William F. Smith to the
In a series of resolutions, exceptions wero
taken to tho course of three delegatus who ha I
been instructed to vote against Mr. Nmitb, but
who ultimately voted for him.
Resolutions were offered to lay the matter be
fore nn F.xecutivc Committee, when the meeting
was adjourned in consequence ot there being a
disposition evinced to raiBO u row.
Or it Dim ski ic Makki:ts The supply of fruit
and vegetables was quite good this morning, and
prices ranged about the same as last week. Ap
ples, 2o(n .')7e. per half peck ; butter, i!i)(j 71c. per
pound; cantclopes, oOoi "He. per bu-kot j celery,
per bunch, . He. ; corn, per dozen, 20(WiV. ;
eggs, '-'H" :!-c. per dozen j onions, 7 3c. per half
peck ; peaches, 2"i(nMc. per half peck ; pears, 2ilc.
(. SsT per hull peck j pickles, l( l-r per basket;
potutoiB, oti(":(7c. per half peck; sweet potatoes,
H'O loc. per half peck; poultry, ii(:i0e. per
pound ; tomatoes, ltloi l,)e. per half peck ; water
melons, lo(" 7.ic. each.
A Drsi nitATK This morning F.d
wurd Leonard was arraigned before Alderman
I'unciiust, charged with committing a violent
assault and battery upon ollleer Carter, of tho
ninth police district. Leonard was on horseback
and uinuscd himself by riding along tho side
walk. Tho day previous be drove bis horse in
several hotelB in the Fifteenth Ward. When tho
otlicer remonstrated, Leonard turned on him and
beat him in such a manner as to unlit him for
duty. The accused was committed in default of
1(,00 buil, to answer.
LiNi oLK and Johnson Meetiho at Mrr.i.iCA
Him, Nf.w Jkukkt. Tbo largest night meeting
ever held at Mullica Hill took place last night.
Speeches were mado by Hon. J. M. Scovel, of
Camden, and Lieutenant Lemuel C. Keevcs, of
I'hiiudclpbia. This township has tilled its quota
under the lust call, and will till it quota for Lin
coln and Johnson In November.
Assistant Kxoinf.ers of the Firk Dkfart
mi nt. Monday nlchtwill be an interesting time
to Ibe members of the Firo Department. Tbe As
sistant Engineers of the Firo Department will
thm be elected. Tbe voting wiil be done by
companies. The nominations have already ap-
r cured in our columns. Who will win remains to
e seen.
AititiVAL or Sick and WorN!r.n. Tho United
States transport steamer lie Malay, Captain Samp
son, from City Point, Virginia, arrived yesterday
altcrnoon with one hundred and forty-five sick
and wounded colored soldiers. Their were all
tukinto tbo Summit House Hospital, which is
exclusively used for colored soldiers.
F.iiRATA. Iu our paragraph yesterday refer
ring to the organization of colored troops by the
Supervisory Committee, we should have stated
that the 127th Hegiment United States Colored
Troops is the ninth regiment raised under tho
auspices of tills Committee. Authority is shortly
expected to raise another regiment.
Dkath or A TKMtQHAru OiT.nATon. Mr.
Joseph Wilson, one of the operators on the Police
und Firo Alarm Telegraph, died last night of
hemorrhage of the lungs. The deceased was
formerly in the armv, and was a faithful aud eiU
chut ollldul.
Collision. During the alarm of fire last night
the steam engine of the Delaware Fire Company
came in contact with a wagon in Kighth street.
The tongue of the steamer was broken and the
wagon damaged.
Exemi'T. Fcrsonswho puld 300commutatlon
to clear them from the draft are exempted for
three years. The mutter bos been variously
decided, but now it is decided otllcially as above
Nomination. Jamos A. Freeman has been
nominated by tho National Union Tarty as a
candidate for Select Council, iu the place of
John l'riee Wetuerell, 9th Ward, resigned.
Mrs. M. O. Biiown's " Metaphysical Dis
covery," kills the root of every disease. Frlco
.3. No. 410 Arch street. See advertisement in
another column.
Aoaik Postponed. . Tho hearing in tho caso
of John W. Dubrcc, charged with fraud at the
Arsenal, has been continued until Tuesday next.
Naval. The United States gunboat Yantie
has sailed from tho Navy Yard to jolu ono of the
blockading fleets. This vessel is a new one.
ItEciti iTiNO. This morniug tho city bounty
was paid to seventy-two ruou, four of whom wore
Wo would call tho attention or otir readers to
tl.e costluuntli.n of tale of the balsuoa of fine Oil Faint
Inn, lo te hold st the sales rooms of B. Scott, Jr., Mo. en
Clietaut street, this tains, at H o'clock, precisely, bine
the have been arrsnired for exhibition the room haa beeu
II n, li. i d, ana all s a H uUuk tli.l In. Hum
In examining theui ha. been well .prut. The balaut.oom
prlsc. works by some of Ihe muet eminent anl.t. ol Hie
country, among hlch we nolle l'aul Ruler, Jl. n.u.e,
Bsliiit.ri, and others. Uo and SASiuiat tUvia, aud IIMrk
Jvui (teio(us ymluui lu tal. .
"Nioofhs ix tub CAna."
Mr. Killtori-A arnwlnt evil ln on'rliy Is the Tirlon.
l empia inaile by marer. o rule in nut bands nt horse
cra- Lat evening animcer woman, with a bun lle or
clothes la hrr arm.. sslioiii.r or a'iw ish it I d d
not learn tl mean the clothe. hal tbr inqiaiene) in ask
our conductor, who, by Ihe way, la ayoune, man of the
haiKilronlr iie,and inenn. a ereat deal mote man be
s.i.vs, f .h-' could rltte on ttie trtnttorm, a. .t.e was nnihln
lo cr fry ttie "wash" anr further. III. prompt replj w is,
"No r la". rps nllowe l on the care of thla Unci" .nd ibn
very bell .truck Ith a eleame. a. and the Terr
.tartetl with an alacrity tbntiiave nninl.taliuble em iUa.1
to the wort's ot Ihe oisler, a. be sail, ot Ihe Pre. I but
and lllrrebirs of thr line. In un.tther cnae II win a nlirtter
bov who wna 'he gewieg evil ta. be bad at. nut a loot
and a half vet to .row), .jtnn on the front s'fl . a
boa an ter hi. arm ami a live c-nt portrait ot tire father
ol h a country tn hi. flnirrr.. where an O'ltutored driver
bad sltrcu the pcrmlbin, not knowlint thai the evil,"
Willi hi. pan el, was the cause of thi. cru -l war.
and who wa. that III. seat was
t.-o blub tor Ilia ia:thoni:h but ono step from ttie
ground), .at quite couliottd. until the conductor ol the
crowded car dcputUrd a nhitn gentleman prmai-ng.-r.
.uielllns of v.esk rum and strong tol.acco, to push hl n
off. 1 be posh bet ame a kick before II reached the evil,
an.! II, evil cn-eitiently landt d In Ihe middle of th
.ireot. 'I he conductor In reply to the remonstrance of
a partsenger. said It ought to be Into the middle ot "next
Week.' 1 be lid of the bog that flew off bad oo II a pic
ture of t'HAitl.r.n Cronus A; t'o.'a one price ('lothtug
store, under the nnttnrntal Hotel. I merely nienllo.i
thin ao tbat any pany receiving a anil of clothe, yonter
day from that hou.e, aoinewbiil eollcd, may know It was
on log to "free soifer" being In Ihe way of the I're.l
drnt and iMrrrtor. of oar lino. Tbe remedy, Mr. K lltor,
I .uene.1 la, to have two or three oat. fitted up to carry
the l'rc.ldmt and IMrrctor.. and let the remainder be lor
mi'trtiitttr yntiengtrs ontf w hether their akin la white
or black . or their hair .trainht or curlv , lor In our car the
.vniptithy wa. e. holly on tbe .1.1c ot the evil, and not on
tbe elite of tbe rre.ident and llrect"ri of tho line."
Respectfully, f'AaSEgtiKS.
Wf. Takf. l'LHAst nr. is tiik
readera ol Tits Tl LriUMi-n that the (trover tk Raker Hew
ing V-laehlpe Company, ever mindful of ttie want, and com
fort of tl.elr Irumcroua patrons. In their constantly Increas.
Ing business, Imve added to their already spacious moms
another room, especially lor In.tructloH. In the uie of their
justly iclt'tual.'d Sewing Machine.. It Is IHlc.l up la llicir
u.unl elegant .trie, while obliging and attcntba young
ladle, ate elwrtys in attvndaut r to teach thoe wlio wish to
learn. It I. now .cvcral yrnr. .luce this Company adopted
the plan of tee. blng to use their Hewlnrr Machine, all ho
appb , whether Ihev wish lo purchase or not, ati.l ul.nor
netitlliig to the resilience of puicliasei. to gliu Instruction
Wheotver II I. ilesllt.l
1 he workluit ol ihe above plan ha. been very in -cei.ful,
o uiurb so wc ht lieve u Int. hen adopted lo some
extent hv others. An we si i re evaliilruug Hit' newly. luted
up Instruction Itooiu. an. I t-uw u Ith ivluit ease those w ho
were Items itiuuht learned to use this Machine, ve weie
no lenser .nrpilsedal Hit Qolislaut demand for lho"ilrover
li lli.kei Machine, ant!,tieullv Ihe grv.ulv Increas.
Irur Loshiess ot this estuhllsltmt nl. We nrwe upnn nil tho
readers ol Tiik Tt i.M.rtACii lo call al tl.e i.nloo of kltissr.
Orover .V. linker. No. Toorbe-nnl street, Wterier llitii troth
to ytircl'iine or out. and evamlne these Mac hluca, and the
beuutiliil specimens ol w oi k pc rturnicd by them.
Now that urn I'AMii.ii.s havf., for tub
iiiokI pait, returned to the city, we would ndvl.e our lady
friends to bear In mind that the Wheeler A Wilson Com
pany do all maimer ot tewing la tbe mt elegant itylc at
reatonulile prices. Tbcy alio send out obliging and com
pett nt young l.illt-s, wilh or v. itluuit machines, by the day
or week. Tho moil useful anil economical article in cvery
fumlly ia a Sen lug Machine, and us know the Wheeler ,t
Wilton to be (lie bust, mott simple, and cheapest Sewing
Machine In Ihe norid. Kvery niao.ilue warrautotl, anil
the money returned If not entirely satisfactory. Kifty
thowand of Uieac .oelcbrated Hewing Machine, are sold
every ien fifty thousand are In u.e In Philadelphia. In
alrucllon given at the residences of the purchasers, tioto
the Wheeler A Wilson Aveney, No, 7114 I'hcsnut street,
nbove (seventh, Philadelphia, and examine these wonder
ful inachliiea. Head for circular and spec liueii of work.
The Moiiki, Amiiahsahoiu
st t1if. baku of towka hall.
Like 'Tilde Abe." I like.
When Millie atorle. ' Htrike
Me 11. uselul, the same to relate
And I bavu one in view
1 hut I. perrecllv truo.
Ihe moial hereof is urst-rutc.
1 bete wa. a nohtc gout
As amhaasador sent.
From Knglund to l.oul. die,
And ll.e r rcnchincu. 01 ouure,
Put their oiitlcs In force.
'TIU all ovor ihe strungcr was scatiDed.
Ttrn aeourtlernl note,
To bis country irlen.U wrote t
"Lord l'ortland'. a wondertul poor;
Ho discreet ami polite
Acta with dlunlt.v'a welr:ht
Yet bow aweel with tbe lauleit oh ilenrt
And lie's alwa y. ao dreaH'd
A. to show to the he.t
Adv.tnnive bl. elegant person."
Much prni.e I. in y""i power,
II ou'll go to that Tower
That I huve .0 olt made verso on!
VTe have a largo nrrd varied assortment of nothing,
Men'a und Hoys', ail lied to tbe present and upproachlug
aeaiton. to which wo nre making large dally a. bullous,
hvory 1 no may depend upon being euiled truia our
stuck wll bout delay 01 trouble.
Towyn lUr.f.,
No. 51S Market Htrcct
llg.t.Ngrr A Co.
Kconomy in HoisFKEEi'iNO. Tho recent
cool eveniliKN and uutrnhigs havo set prudent house
keepers thinking about their stoics and heater., and bow
to manage tbem to the best advantage. Iniorne nicii.uro,
wo apprehend that the present unprecedented high prlco
of fuel 111 work a revolution In this department during
the coming season. Many persons, f r example, In order
to economize fuel, will employ cook jforcs Instead of
ramjet, aud tbr tho name reason parlor mid chamber
stoves will take the place nf the more expensive
beaters. To perilous Intending to make any cliaugea of
this kind, we wish lo say that a huudsorua percentage
can be saved and prompt atie'itlnn received by calling at
what we bitva long since deiioinltiAted " the Hlove Head
quarter, to fluUdflptila" the celeuratrd eslahlLhlDeul of
Mr. .lamea Hpcar. No., llli; and Ills Market aireet. lu
catling at hi. well .rocket! wareroout.. yesterday, to seo
v. hat the season had developed, ie loiind hlrn prepared to immediate notice, his renowned AiiiMriiatf '00k
Stove., which we uiibesltNtiuuly prououtioellie be.t Cook
ing Utove In ibe world. T'hl. atbie, a. some ot our readera
are already aware, Is ttocollslrut-led a. to consume the gas irt.m Ihe fuel v. hcu the taller In l.ulted, which has
the el.ect til producing a much hotter atoie, with leia fuel
tl uu any uther stove In use. In addition tuthlsudvunlage,
it haa a alevo and ash-pan attached loll, by Mhieh u.
ashen ure IhorouUtly .illed beioru their removal from the
stove, thereby saving Ihe iii.hiitiit coal which paa.ea
through ihe dre-gratc. t or economy In fuel, cleanliness,
and nuperlorily tor baklna und cooking purpose., tbla
stove is certainly irithotit tit rttial.
T l.e .ame high nrai.e for their superiority may be lastly
aw aided to Mr. H pear's splendid Ami-dust I'urior Mtoi es,
which, for economy, cleanliness, and beamy, aro uot only
unrivul.ed, tut taituut Ite excelled. They aru mantilae
tured from Ihe best iuiportri Itusala rilieet Tron, ami,
what In not a little singular, while almo.l everything el.u
litnke und three time, lormer prices, are .old by Mr.
Spear at the nuiallincreaselu prices of only ahotit flftv per
ceul. 1J I. only enabled to sell at theae low figure, by
the fact othi. having nnrchuscsl lit. Block of uriteriala In
atlianee of tho ll.e. Nevertheless, our readera must not
xpect moderate rales to last very long, aud they
hut, thcrelore, better send llicir orduisto lis. atpi-ar nt
their earliest convenience.
Tub NiNETBt.vTii CKNTt itv Tub Aqb of
PRotutPhii ami iNVhSTiox . Wo are lost la amazement
when we look around us and contemplate the numerous
ItivcotioiiB and Improvements that have beea made lu
labor- saving muchlucry vt Ithln the last lew years. To
enumerate 11 e wonder, that have beca acuomplfabed la
tills direction would, Indeed, bo a herculeaa task. Uould
our furefadiers leave tl.elr peaceful graves, and the
scenes of thla "mundane sphere," they would certainly
think they bad made a mistake, and had gottan Into
the wrong world, so changed U the aspect of thlnga
since tbcy bado it adieu, lmaglue their .urptlae at
seeing the eurth hooped with Iron bands, and thou
sanda of mighty, nevcr-tlrlug Iron-boraes, with long
trains of human freight, coursing In every direction, at
what would .cent to them a break -neck a)ieed t And what
would he their a.ronlahnicut ut learmiiK thai their deat-end-ant.
are doing buslues. by lightning, arid are holding con
vene vl b each others thousand assy between Ihe
rising and Ihe aetling of the sun! T'hlnk, too, of the tte
linhl of lho.e w ho were "tiller of theaoil'oo beholding
ti e work ol tbe farm rendered eani and expedition, by
machinery, whilst their children are perl.. ruling Ibe larger
portion ol Uietr household duties by tbe aaiuo mighty
agent t
Honor and rhanki, then, to the noble men who hare be
tltiealhetl to u. and poBterlty such Inestimable bleaslnga,
and rendered lalKM a plea. ure rulhcr than a drudgerv.
I,t t "Hlephea.on and hi. aleum eus'lue," "r'ulton and his
ateaiuboul, ' "Morte and bis telegraph," "MeCornilek ami
hi. reaper.'1 ''Uootlyeiir and hi. rubber goods," "Hue and
hi. press," and ull the inventor, and im uiiiioiib ttliet bave
cotiirlhuled so vastly to the comfort and prosperity of the
nation. 01 tl e earlh, ever be bel.1 iu gritlem! remembrance.
To them siedue uaiverial tbauk. 1 Andlotiho "gem lor
tcx"-llie lair daugULi a of America, espocially unite lu
cvpii-Bliig il.elr gratitude to one who, anxloui it euituicl
paie them from ton.taut toil, aud ailord tbera opportunity
fur heaithlul recreation and Improvement,
struggled with poierl.t through many weary utontb. 111 the
pursuit ot hia cherished obits t- let them ever remember
l'.llit. Howe, Jr., and l.i. wonderful Scwitu Mai blue.
01 all modern luientioiis none haveproied more Im-
riortaiit than tbe Mew ing Maehiue, aud none, w e believe,
isi c bet u mole aiisct pilule to utii.roi ciueut. for yeura
atier us Introduction, though constant!) .ub.ccted to Im
provement lit the bands of skilful artisai.a, It retained cer
tain cm. tu.lnrpeitcct Icutlile. that uuiltted It lor general
adaptation, bin time aud talent hive triumphed, aed to
tho "I liTeiico hewing Machine Company,' ut r'toreuce,
Masaaebti.rtta, belongs the Lonor of producing the lirtt
pertret Hetnuii Aueftme a machine that as far excel. Its aa a chronometer dues the old womlttn
clock, or an Krle railroad locomotive doea a Oone.toga ox
cart ! Indeed, sogrcitt la our fallh ln the"r'i.oiu..N't x" that,
were rue enterprising luauuiacmrctsuj invoke us loran iu
acrlptlon for Ite "ooat 01 anus," we shoidd dectate"tUe
Arms ot Wt'ccron" the mm! upprttpriale.
Hundred, ol Uie ''Ft.oMfc.xcE" are now lu practical opera
tion In Philadelphia and vicinity, aud If tbrous-i of people,
buay clerks, and rows of cate. awaiting transport
at all Indicative of pro.perlty.theu must tiie "rt.oKMsex"
Company be ou the high road le fortune, for their Icb
r. oni dally pretent one ot the moat acui e, buaiuMa-uke
scene. In our city. L , ,
lu eonclueioii, we would ad lea all lkoe who feel an
Interest in Uie "wouder. ol tbe nineteenth ceuturjr to
visit Ihe "H.ence ' .alc.ioom., al o. tsol c'he.iiut .treet,
and extuulne what way Juitiy be termed taa parfeellva of
Beta Ing klaehlne..
No.Mdont Hi'.odont,
r;,.t"eSiew. , l.i;l"2
Hwrllns a Antliroila, HelUiujrB AuibroBU,
(oar s llttlr Ke.loier,
ph.lon a Night lllomlej CcreuB,
and every variety of Oouuedt a, Hair Dyei, Hair Reitorers,
K.iracU, die, lor sale at luwtatl piicea, by the .Ingle
bocuoria ouauaUvi. i;tt et Co., ku, if ji k, Htuvi
Orricg o Tu rrTii Tvr.wniAni,
He. unlay, aepieeaber 1. I
Tl C 5b ck Market It dull and heavy this moiJJ-
Ing, exerpt for Ct al Oil shares, which aro mt rJ
active, and on the advance j Dal 7. ell sold at U
and Irving Oil at 71- Government bonds srtt
Arm, and there is mors doing ; u-'20j sold at 11 1J
with coupons, and 101 coupons otT; 6s of 1R81 si Id
at l08i(uH9, which is an advance; -33 art)
quoted at 110.
Oold har declined 8fi.9 per cent, since yester
day morning, owing in a great measure to th
success of the new loan, and an Increased confi
dence in the Administration, opening at 230; fell
off and sold at 228 at 11 o'clock ; 227 at 12, and
2-Ci at 124.
Secretary Fcsaenden eommeneed at noon yes
terday thi opening of scaled offers for bonds of
tho Vi.Itcd Mates to the amount of about thlrty
ono and a-l alf milll. n, being the unaccepted
oilers under tho notice of proposals for the loan
dated July last. Atnonn the most prominent
bidders who severally offered for various surns
at different times, and the higher rates of pre
mium, were tbo following
Mrst Nutiotal Hank, Toruand, Me., 11,000 t from t to)
4 ,v. cren.tiim.
K. T. Ilulier. llurtfttrd. Conn , S4U (Wtl at 4 1-100 prem.
first Nallotiul hunk, Hiina'o. S.i.isiiigi 4 igitot grvvB
licni.min llnntingtion, T'reaaurer, Norwlcli, Conn..
tlMi.issi at 1'O.i 10 4 In premium.
Mrst National Bank, Hartford, Ct., $175,000 at Olo
Tratie.n.on-. Pattk, N. T .OVi.fWiat 4 01 to 4 rW prem.
atimpsnn, r'tank a Co.. N. Y . SI IC.iNAl at 4 to 4 ttOprera.
Hunk of ommerce, N. Y., SltW.oisO at 4 premlsm.
t'olmite A Hodmen, N. Y., Se.lss), at 4 01 premium.
Klr.t National Hank, New York, ? t.iHr.uoi), at 4'ttl prem.
Mi rend National Hank. Ho.tnn, Sl.''OllOO, at 4'OS prem.
First S'utlonsl Itana, Herat ttae, 11 il.tssi, a'. 4'tll prem.
Vi leslow. I anler Co . Now lork, 2nO,OU0, at 4 0J
prem.. Sino.tMKi. at 4's prem.
Ihinl N.H.. mil Hank, N Y ., t Wi.onfi, at 4-H.1 pram.
Yerinllye it Co . N . V.. e I ,St . kut. nt t tvl prem.
Nrw 101k Widow a' ant! Orphans lleuellt Life InfliraacO
Ctmtpany, f -too oun, at 4 tx: prem.
Ninth Nat 0111I Hank. Ne York, S-Vin,rmn, ,tt 4fi3 prenu
W . N. llniitn.ili.n.l a-Mcr Mr-t National Hank. Wash
lm.1011. hnl tor SI."si,H. 1. the latter at t'0.1 prenuiun, ami
tl.e former for a les. amount; also, tll,W0, at S, ami
Oils'). 1Mb at 4 premium.,i'lcwBCo.,tl,Oti,0ii0, at 400, and 0(8,000
at 4 premium,
First National Mark. Philadelphia. kid for a lane amount
for rariotia partk-a, ftom S to a premium, and tut itseuT
l.(ti.lini. at 4KI litem.
Mewart litus., PMI.delpbla. at the .ame rats.
Ilrexel A Co., Philadelphia, t;uo,lMi. same rale.
K.W.Clark Co .Philadelphia. ho:i ., and for ths
rhllatlelt.bta KavliiKB fund Kociely, S'Jt.l.OnO, at 4 OT prem.
C, li.Wrli.iii A l o .Phlhidelphla.tvxi.nun,attpretii.itm .
Juy Cooke A Co.,Vi'a.blmtton, Si,Uill,'ttl0al4vVl.and tbe
aaruf f..r A t o.. Philadelphia. tMl,0ui) tV,.
Central llnnk. New York, Sll.i tuo at 4.
I hejp., Untive A t o., .'.',.-oo at i irJ.
1'ltlston ll'a Rank, $IMlnrroin4'Mln I'DA. 1
Com Kxi-hange Hunk, New York, f-llo.0.lia 4'Oi to 4'A'r.
I armi ra' and Mechanle.' Hank. Pbiladulpbia, OleeMk)
from 4 t" o1..
Reported by Clarkaon Oj Co., Broken, He. 131 B. ThrrO stg
BBFOKR bo Anna.
ino.h Noble .r lit I... 1 1
It'll sh Hull Crock 4'i
lVOsh do b
lltsi.h McCllnttM;k..bV 7'.'
l.H sli Irwin oil 1
It fish I'M llillCk... -2',
liatsh lieu-more., blO I414
no ah Corn Planter... til
vnti.h Heading It. B o UU'.'
.e ti'.W
UK) h
mil nil
list sh
... bl.v m-2
... rw t;t
....txio litis;
e Mil: Uo 14 V
$l;K0U. H. 8.,Hl....c..oi- ...hOr. Mount. do lto
finmU. H. a-aoe ....ciHK
;,',tO do reg. list I
tit-) do.. coup otl.tii4
fussl do list
Oi t. Peitn coup, rs,... inl 1
SlnuAC'ty Ha. new....liifl
0 1U All.Kh.Co da.... 7.1's
itn do 7'
.i .) flit., can. ns .... Jt I
SJ4U lie! Mutual acrlp. K-1'.U
SI.S4I l a. II .M m h... .113 ,
Olff-0 Phil. 4 K.rletla ..111
sl N Pa. tie lis) 1
loo ah lint Mo int.. b K)
rsst sn irtvni int. ..orai i'i
4.ish liaUel! OU .... 11 V
P sn do al) II '? KU2
1'O.h do go.e:,','4
lienh do .-"'
47 ah 8rh Nav pf.... .eft
1 eh M.irrt. Cn pf ..1
S4 lliCsm m..,.l JI
Ash Henna KB 71 'f
tM fell Nornstown R.. Itf
irOU Bti N. Central ..bS s
4 ah Mecb llauk....
Yohk, !3cptember 10. Chicago and Island, lieo.: CtimrMsrlantt Preferred, dtx ll.i-
nola Ccnirtil, p.s; Michigan ctoutbern, 8Jl. ; do, goar
anleei!. 14ft; New Y'ork Central, 12tf: Penu'a Coif,
!l.'it Keiitling. litM,; llod-on Klver.lllt; Canton Oo., .11;
Krle, in? I me-ycar Certificate., Vt; Treaaury 7'JOe, 1W;
J en Puniea, 117 ; CouKn Us, Int.. .
Quotatlom of tbo principal Coal and Coal Oil
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day :
Aril dt.i Kid Alt.
Pulton Coal.
in otvanla Oil
Ti Franklin OH
li Howe's 4u Oil,
O'i Irving Oil
ill. Posa Farm Oil..
lllg Mountain Coal. 7
Ilreen Ml. Coal.... B
N. Carhondale .... 8
New Creek 1
Feeder Dam Coal. I
Clinton Coal 1,';
American Kaohn.. ..
I'ciin Mliilnir 8
NT niidati Mlttlnc
Maniuetle Mining. ..
Alsace Iron I
Hi! Creek A'f
Maple Shade Oil. .17
Mi'Clintntk oil.,,. 7',
4 1 'oa
7-8 7
1'. miller Coal
I Keystone i&tne.... 9V
1 ' !en.mnre ...,14
111! liauelltltl 1C
!0a Molhiennv BW
6 Kow rta Oil
4ii Olnistead 0
1 N..hle.kl)e!ameter.l.'
3 44
o-i i-erroieurn centre, e
Island ii
74 lllhhard 1 at!
1 rlrorv Farm 4
reininyivania ret..
Jrry Oil
, 6, Hruner l!f
, -J7i Hull Creek 5
. 1 Curlln V
Wintrni Oil... .
Key.. not U....
I'nlon re'niiVum
Ittacon on
Hiuiv.a Oii ,
i i i una rtt tm eTeea.
y-l) S'tii Corn Planter ,
I'i Ills .Tank
We would direct attention to the advertise
ment of Government securities offered by Jay
Cooke & Co. They are limited in amount, and
undoubtedly a dirge share of the surplus offer
intra for the loan of 1881 will bo speedily invested
in them at increased premiums. .
Tbe eniitul Btoek of the Second National
Hank at Kruiikford has been increased 100,000,
now amounting in all to $2.10,000, and the saare
has been otllcially approved by the Comptroller of
the Currency.
The following is tbo amount of coal transported
ou the Philadelphia und Iteudinc; Kail road during
week ending Thursday, September 8, lto4:
Jons. Off
From Port Carbon ' 24,0(12 03
From I'ottaville , 1,879 II
From .Schuylkill Haven .... 26,139 05
Fnun Aubuin " 4,(113 08
From Fort Clinton 10,2W 14
From liarrubiuir and Dauphin - . ' 6T Ott
Total Anthracite Coal for week
Bituminous coal from Huniuburg
and Uauphiu for week ....
Total of all kinds for week .
7,219 13
TS.677 IS
3,272,968 11
Total 2,84t),tfl OT
To same time last year . . . 2,2)12,159 IS
The followinc is tbe amount of Coal transported
over tbe Schuylkill Canal for the week ending
Tbumlay, Sept. 8, 1801 :
TtynS Oct.
From Port Carbon 8,749 OS
From I'ottaville 1,608 00
From Schuylkill Haven 18,899 00
From Port Clinton 1,8(14 00
Total for week . . .
Previously this year .
To same time last year
. 80,578 05
. 606,627 IS
fsurkfta by Teloatrmpla.
Haiti more, September 30. Wheat has de
cltnine tendency, caused by the decline lu gold. Cum flroa
for while, which Is scarce; vellow heavy. Flour very
dull at a decline of I'sc Whisky dull arid nominal at
SI h. pri.Tl.ior. Head! ; IMaj bbls Mesa Pork Ufcca by
tbe dovernnieut at 047 6-T.
New Yohk, Kept. 10. Flour Is dull. Sales of
KMi Mils l J ,'s,vlo f forHt.te, U n.'sielJ'SO torllblo,
and llw 14 lot rloulbern. W heat declined XoAc. Hales
unimportant. Cnrn unsettled! 1H,UU0 bushel, suld at
Sl'f.l' Heel dull. Pork .inlet.
IteeelpiB or Hour, MUti bbla. ; Wheat, 40,00 bushel. ; Corn,
OU.tMi baabela.
a i
Srl.r R.I. 8. null. hleiut.S days trom Mew York, with
Ball lo A. Kerr A II. o.
Hchr Adrian, Kverett, 8 days from Rockland, with md.0
to !.. A Isouder At Co.
Hchr ttitrah Marv. Morrls.l day from Dover, Del., with,
grain to Jtiuie. H. trait.
Hchr Mnutita, Maxon ,1 day from Frederics, Del , wlta
wheat to Janies liarratu
TvTli'W GAMU OF cAnr.
(Patronlied hr the Royal famllrof EtigUnd). are sent be
.,tf. TliltliK IMJ1.I.AK.S. fbeyare a aao.t atuusiaa;
,..nme,aud isatok MucaJ Time uuicker thau aujr oikuc
""a"!!!.! Intere.llagand clever fame." Times.
"Admirably adapted for teaching Musical Time." Ulel-
'ddrV-'riToVci:, Ko. 6i W. THIBTV-BIXTH Itreet,
Xew York. auao-lna
I. E.eeruer BKCOKD aad CUKSHUT Sireetj, rkuai'O.
A very dealranle article f. Ckurunes. Uvtela, Banks.
OonnUiig-litieae. Parlor., arc.
UlS'lll H H AIKU) AND WAkhAI I aliAi
)ell-ly ttlock Trluuuluea of every SeeurtgUoa.
II Carpenter aud HuUder, has removed tie sk.s lrvt
Ko W Htrawberrir slrvs4 lo Ko, -in CASTt.a So)i,ad
lolulng Uie ead Port Oltlee Unlldiu. lore
laclUiiaa Rsr eaiTTlug on tbe buju. eAieuairtiti a TT"
lvt,'ilTalt ii ta(iwa4Jv4Wsjs. '