The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, September 05, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 3, Image 3

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    (Evening clqvaj)h
MONDAY, f F.ri FMHI'.It ., 18-54.
IMains Editorials from the Sew Turk
Papers Tills Monilni;.
ATI..T ..
The fii'l cntiin.ii'!n u.t w 1- ly of the t'.ill ot
A tin l.i '.it (if tin- ill c i-hi il.;', nt nt a i ii'ti'ni
of 111 !! in? 'i fir.- , - s;i,iii'r !,y rht o.'
dcpntih ciffitmral S! e-: m in, tlii.-: nmuiini: pn'i
lislicd. It w.i sifi i n ii think mo v::i-:it tli !i
rtocl.K '1 tl. . fn'i-i'f In; j. i, s'ri,.i:i,,. d.-nenil
SliirniiiM ali:it!j"iul Vm rn-avr i ut of ni. line,
east a it J i itli of AiLntn, !,., nnj; .niy t;,.. cu.a
taboo. V ntnl it, a, i-marli, s wiili tin: Co ;i-',
ml with nil llio rest of lii tirrnv prvi:iitlv. ,j.n.
toll tipun I tic Mump, t.iilnin in-'nw its nirt ,-tuni
with the !.ivrnnp.u r n.l nt l-'.n-t I'.ilnt.
A Ki'Ih ! tin o ft .liini'iiiio, inltiM south i.f
Atlunia-.n l lip M.icim run. I, wu-l.v this tn mi -n vrn,
IMilatnl In in Mil- in. in nrmy utul.T Hon-, Hut
Ptill lielil thu city, unit iilihuncii sfr.-f -I v iu
trcimlieJ, win ntmrkrd ami il. ifil on Hi Ut
S,ptOTiili-i. with the luni.f ton nuns 17.. iirl
Bomm mill .it K.i.t vim) Uilloil ni'.l w .ii i.l. l.
I'l-on brrMiiiuji aware of S'lornmi's movc'iimit,
and of tlip illvi-inti of lib iirmy, mill tliu oiiiii
tion of his only liti of I'.iinmiini'.'iUiiwi, II ...J
blew lip hi tinuazini'S in AliitiH, ilp-trovtM tin.
rollli.i; stock ol't'ic nllwiiy, mul (lod In the niiilit
llmi'. Thus i thi viotory of (ii' Slnvmni evo'i
more tirilliunt. nn.l more ili.Hitroio t . tho .,.......-
lwj Itbnii picvitMiH il.'-p.itclu-s had Ic d'H t antidpnto'
lllood i at I lie sain!) moil, ent in m.. uver.'d uiit nf
sfliit last fortress, mid him s ii del trhmr-nt of !.
I army well nhrh iletrnyed l.v n si.lileii nnd muni
Jrfpstly ut.cxpivtpil titrrC k. I he uttermnst military
insrm-i- mi., lunen upon mm, ior lie h ttli per
mits liie army to lie riven, and riim-mil.
nrily aliamlnii" the point, tor the security of
wliiili be has ventured tlio h.-iz udoin ilisji-isi'l ti
of hit lord winch invited tho cll'ort of General
Thoiik'h lie mav have csrunoil nlih
fble (raguient of troops, it in evident tho c.iinpaiu
nn me .-imo mi- iui in nun. cnerraui s ne' '-
Mitv for rp.t Mii'.l ii..f I... !.... . i -
.J liortcr, he Is in mfe, ,osejsion of ihu p""jnt to
w whicii all the illorm of ihe p.imi.iiifm, on liotii
r"i n"i' "pen (iire.-ieo, nun ne lias now tho
rint to uo'ny, it he tli nks it advmal.lia. Coi-uin
it is mcie wiu he no slowne-i on the part of
General Mn-rtimn. where it Is pos-ihie to humvift.
As well tisiiny man heiiiHleiNt mils the supri'ini)
iniportnnce of complete iniiltiirv tms-i ssionof tl.u
central pillar of the Rebel ConlVderacy, and Hood
uue.noi exw'i,nor will Mieriitan perinlr, that the
Irults of tlii ciowuins triiinioli Khali h i..r. .....
eathetod. The boiit of the lielu.l i..,i,i..r thai i,.
would toM AtlHOtn (ill his nrtny wan niinlhllated
.vanibues in ouster nelore tlm superior itouenil
iblD of his ontioiicnt. an.l wltii Ii aj h ,.,n
ikiiOWB, pft'HPP, or will soon pass, all that Atlanta
Was meant to defend.
I i4omiiio.vai. m ititrii:it.
'ri tfr Titers,
Tlie coiiiuiiuiiUr of Fort Mortal aked for
tcrmg. "The only terms wo can m ike am
incimriitimial surreiu'cr," was the reply. Thin
"Jt-'aringut iu the suo of thu war leiteratos
lihe words of Grant in the ilrst. These words
iiauo the rule or tho wir. There l no dittorunt
olicy known In eidier army or navy. The
bampions of our Hag invariably refuse to
locept anything short of nn absolute yloldin to
t. Tbey will have the Rebel buiitinir Ioh ci-p.I
Ilattotfae earth beforo maltlui? ft single eoucos-
'ion. iney lira too jealous ol the authority anil
lipnlty (.t'the nation to chud'or, iu its name, with
letiunt t it'll n.
What the e old heroes do, tho Union party
leans to do. It, too, insi-ts upon an uncoadi
ional surrender to the national authority, as a
ireliminiuy to the consideration of any 'miiur
inestion. Precisely heie lies tho primo distinct
ion between the Union tmrtv and tlmt
fo It. The lloppeiliend'i aro tor treating with the
w...v wvx.tu, a ILU.HIt 1 L.UiriUl H OIU
hem any previous recognition of tho supremacy
.Ffha nl,l en,,.il...ii...l n '
t uv i .UIini.,HLIUI.MI U.ll CI II IIIUIII,
ro far (is thero is any recognition at all, as a
ondltion precedent to discussion, they are, in
act. tlie ones to make it. The Chiciiro platform
W a recognition tor tho nonce a reoguition
yvoad Aoc of Confederate independence, ami, if
nlly cniried out, would praetically end iu a re-
Ognltlon for all time. lr. curoiiillv avoids tlm
vord rt'wllimi, and every other implying t
lliere is any ulleuiancj due n i the men who
iro figlitlnn cur Government. It usks that "ini-
ncdiato cilurts bo ma le for a cessation of hos-
ilities, with a view to an ntfunat covontion o.'
Wll the States."
rutli eilorts would involve diplonmtic inter
oursc v ith the Jell'. Davis "iroveriimetit." Tin
n Itself is lectatiiizmgiliat it lias a caittiin civil
tutus, that "::o eminent has declared, avaiii
uid (gain, that it will listen to nothing so long ns
.hut it cuilB thu 'invaders." aie on lt soli. If
klthiiraw our armies, it is a recognition on our
.art tnnt llity uave boil invaded, mid that the
Confederate" soil is indeed independent soil. If
rresioeni ji:ivis snouui w.uvo tins point, and
istcn to the propositions of President McClellan
or an "uliimuto convention." (wo say 1'iesi
lent McCh llnn, for no other President cauUi so
amperwith thu national sovereignly), the Con
ederate Chief coirid take no action unon them
inder the Montgomery Constitution, by virtue
I wmcn mono ne uoids iiis iiiace. exuent by in-
lucing tho Confederate Congress to authori.e,
nrougu rniiiu action, auoiner sovereign eonven-
ion i t tue "Conlederutu htates, wnieli nlonc
ouIU determine whether thu Montgomery Con-
yitution should be abandoned, and whether they
oulrt t o into convention with the United States
lo construct a new constitution, that shall b." com
ion to both.
I That is the on'y posi-ible method for Hceoni-
illsbing what thu Chicago platform proposes,
nr Government could not more completely re
oSnizethe indent ndi uce of tho ''Confederacy,"
or the time, than by fnspending its military
t.ciion in onicr the Uonlcderate l'rcsi lent."
fhc ' Coriiress," and a soyeroiirn
'onyemion of the "('ool'ederatu Mtates" should
ome to their respective decisions uon the ipies
ion of "an ultimata convention" of all the
tntps. Tt wottlii l.i nr.i-ti.-al .1 .-1. n,t,L-la .., ..f
that thee iinthoiitles had discretion and atitliori-y
n the piemlses.
. Should an)' of thete decisions lo adverse, or
rnotild tbe States now composing tho "Confede
racy" refuse iu the end to aeeept the newcon-
.tiiution iiaoptca oy the "ultiionto couveution,
acre is no power on earth that would not m
tantantoitsly a knowledge their distinct u
ionality, on tho ground that our own action had
ilready estopped us from denying iu
Of course, there are many honest stinnorters of
tUCIellnn who think of no snch application of his
ilatform. lint it is because tlioy do nut think nt nil
I'hey ikksuine that peace on the basis of the Union
U1 come of itself, .-imply by our expressing a
eadlncss for It. Their Idea of an "iiltimutu c m--eulinn"
is simply such a convention as might
kiare ben suimnoned in former times, involving
lotuing out n' c institutional procedure,
('quiring nothing but tin sanction of tliree
ouiths of the States to niiiku the nmeiiduients
linding upon all, and leaving tho old Constitu
ion "the supreme law of the land," It the amend
ueuls should not receive that ratiticalion. This
lotiou is n their delusion.
The "ultimate convention." even If It ever could
e realized, of which there is not the slightest
likelihood iu the way contemplate .y the Chi-
go piattorm, wouia oe a conventimi of elates
(presenting two distinct nationalities; and tlie
uilurc to agree would leave both in the same
oudition as before the convention. Ilivlnz
I iveii up the old constitutional uuthorlty, so far
v s regards these i ontederau s, we should have no
ght to make fresh war upon them for still assert
Ag their independence, and would have no altcr-
lllllTQ Ull. iu yiviu IUUU1 LU.Ib iiioupc uuvueo.
Jelf. Davie could not possibly tin J any easier or
heuDer road to reach what he has been so long
n -vaiin struggling for, than that which the Chi
4go Convemlon lias designated.
lint the loyal majority of the North do not In
end that this road shall ever be opened. ' The
.alb. of peace these Confederates must travel
egins at a dirt'ereut coint altoeether. it is Union
-round from the start. Tho very firt step Involves
uoiuirsioii, anu a complete submission, to the old
lUthoiity. Thus only can we have a cleer and
ore way to the adjustment of all the nuestlons
he war lias generated; and thus only can our
auuuuiny uo aepi secure ana inviolate.
The Xation, a Paris Journal nearly defunct.
is to be resuscitated by the application of three
Jiundrcd thousand i runes, under tlie editorial
fcmnagement of Leonie Dupont.
Bookbinding was well done In England nearly
i hundred yearn ago. The following is the des
iription ot a work recently sold by auction in
.endon, bearing data 1757 ; superb morocco, en
icbed with exouisite tooling, ioiuts, and beauti
ully tloreated borders Inside, lined with crimson
lx. conlailae.l in tiiroj-...,.A ...Itl. a....i. ln.l. .
jnp. ito. r o
Siiivlnt e llnrr.
AlniO-t e:i K" notis who have cared to louk for
tl e I allies of those wli.ii.iicr for their Instlu-'ti n
and nnitt'-i inept in ttiis .iv. have been e'pe. i.i iv
tttok with the ( taken Itmt tie
disgnsof thi rrcmh i.rtist, (.ii-tae Hore ; tint
mine few i f tl.t in may be mii piiseil to hear how
)diing a Inan he is, and the estrn ird narv .piaii
lit) i f oi, of jooil ouitllty that he basa're
gi t thtoreh. lie w:.s t ,.rn a' Mi a-b itir' on t!i' i I ,liu nary, l,i':;t. . t.vbcr was then a',
ijnt'itieer, of the Ih-pattM' tit of II is lllim.
In H .; the 1'u nili arm v gained some i f its ohm;
l ii.,i r.t vli tours in Al,: riii. Hie lakltig of Con
H Utitie In itio ihe innit rem ini :.etit.
lie itiii tnnt 'ini of the rh' Id a- n-t on ti-e bv
tl.e .K eoiirt" bo heard, nn t at live ; pars, f are
be ro.ptep.l a draw tie of the'tle, whic'i is
'mo to liuve been won. er' a 11 si id id. AtF.-hoo'
he apM ars to I. ive done liiin-cll credit in in -t
d. i.iitn.i ins, I ut to haw mule all l.- le ns
'iiliotdii'iite lodrawit'ir. In .Novrtti'i. r. 1st;, M,
Hore. (, i ii , w ho h.'d i e i to ' c i Stief . ni'iu r
"I ti c 1 ii partniert ot A n, l a I to la'.o to 1'atii
Ms i-loc-i i ti, i was pn-jinin,' for i lit- I'niv
li cbnic Si lit. o I. (i:i-ta'.e ..n u.lo ve.l to a ( .i'..
I r.v tin u . a::d this was tin- Ii i; pii -t in-, inert
the boy's i if ci- -le had won n r. a iy it the I H i.'
"d l.nirtf st.t'ii ii tit nitiM c mic i s ti i c. e
hi- en bill, n, and he n,t at om o io Phi .ippon,
the e ii:or of the ".lottriial poor rire.''
'lb'- skctclips he show-d at (.'ice arii-sted tlio
ii'tpt tirn ol l'liilippon, who .s indued to em.
ploy him, .ii spile of hi i -t:ciuc voutli; an I
i.veiiiiiiic the reluctance of h:s father t lit hli:i
Ipiive the eolh ye .-o miuti hv ''rniti an an e
ttietit nhirh n'siired hini Viotj fi aac.s a cur for
the supply ol illtistrat ons, nnd vet allnved Imu
t nie to contlmte his gei.cral Mtn'liv .t the Coll.' y
( I. i; Hi-own ace'irue v i'ioii i-f
fiat re sien.s lo hate sutll.-cil for his artistic e.Iu.
union; at low, .1 tunc ! interred trotu his
It, tent. originality that lie was le.t g.-.atlv in.
di bti-d to anvca-ual muster. Ilu ha.- bv'tliis
litnaniiitP attained to Ihe position of a tiia.tpr
li'lnNu. In a ii..ti. oi.f liltu l.v M. I.eniereii r de
Neuvirle, Iwll, it is stutcd that he had by that
time pit on, i d more thau sixtv thimsa:i I
' yncile-. f in. I r- .
C. Wuch-mtith ba- tMl'ten a sum'! book,
(idled "llns site dr.. , li.'nland mi uem n." in
which 'e .rove- theliiti ity of K.oluieruver's as
scttion that I lo- (.reck sol cir day l-id no'pos -iMe v. ith the hist, i.csl Hi lienic ra v, but
wire, ot e at;d all, of si.m r.iiic o. i ;!-i. 'ir'hs.nuth
partii iin.rly dwells mi the extraordinary simili
tude of the customs of the pres. nt Greeks at mar
riuups, births, and deaths ni'h those of tln-ir
rh.tsici. I atiiPstor--, be-iiics slumiug how ur-pii.-ltgly
alike Neo-Circ lc-nos, sagas, atid
tail) talcs aie to those of urn lent Greece, it iho
ii'Hiutues ..I time and circuit. sta n i s iu-e taken consideration.
t$T CHY HOIVIY, I f U it
- lMl..tri.-'Jitl.-r ut the city li'.iMit,
1 uuil ( ii"im!j.
!i"ii. .c. M41 sit i. iri'i'i.
l l til fiiiMlcr t it i! it r , flit1 r.,iiiui:sI..!i wl'l C -nt 'llio di
T-nvtlir r Hti SIV HI' KIM It lll'MHtKll 1nt.-
J-Alt." In nil ntTHll-crt iMUmI lii'c.ii t, uutti vf tliettliv
Utiftlitr UlllslthK till 'in:, tVW.Ot tlUV
Mn im Ohm fr.
' i' tor 'I Wu Y'Mr-s,
.'V f.-r Tiip- i- . .m. a- h.rceiirri.
It. P. klJl;, i'rcMiy:t.
"ill , Ht'trt tarj . m i-i:t
!ir itl M. M
tqpr tui; rN1)i;UM;XM, A COM-
init'ci'fti pi.lii t (H,y tin I'. I'uitv C.inv. 'i'i ii
o: m'. cimI V. j..r ii,e imi ri .sr vf rf niliin,' htr tlm
rh! .tl lii'tli ti 'lt Wnlils, i if Ii. ,..l-t..(1 ,. i'-JtUtt"
iImut. niin-a( l with (In- nit iwt. ti, c ,c tl-c sub --'.tl.'slt j
tMf 1f;i!nw ( Hi .. lift 'it t.tittc u ttli id- ii mi .iti '-;t-irt n rill
t'.f t -1 m 1 1 mi t a h nl iAHllItu Vn ,li t , r 'T'lit .
Ik tin U.:t 1 fii Tv' i ll .'itll Ot Sfillcl;.tiT u ill i-.iili"
n it- f eaMu--t mi! vi nm. i v.rlit! i , nn ! tli.- : . irmlti-.-Hii:-e:i
to tlie j,;iirii'ti-' ;ui'l p'lh'l. ..nti 1 t i . A tli i l.v
tin r u.ilut'iK v rti.U l i. ii. till.., iint .it II..- n-ffsai
tin Aii to t-i ot Iriili-ct nil n tk i' ;ti, I i -f-M !!tTi' l by ithr
r' tniiitrilt '('! C .uirnl'tft Ii tv. iiint .msi tuMi'
in mi-iTi.i r"Tiii)iiy Iiiiit.cti f in n'!'H nntrt rH nt lit
i t . d.kI ail n-cruiii. ol'lnii d w .11 In- .I,-.trlfmt.-l pr.i rat t
m i.ii:v Hit- nt.)-, iiinl, o'V.m.He, w ii bfiu-ti: most 1 .riMy
tlii.'-t t; at 'jp1 ntn-t d i' .im t
liv tinttcl ttlhl I'.'iitliiM .1 i-:lnrt ti.i r mini t It inc. ft'
r- tj ti. !i!c .iiio, utii.-r, tu i ii tn
HiItwihIW .ii.l ii.iio:'ioti-.
It'' tut :r Us r n-.,'iir. tt t' ?rci' fT:i- ill - (rutu th
t'nill on tl" Im ut An-iir, ,n fw i ni-..itul.
Kri'lti this IMilili lT in ti fn ti .l f I e V ( ini 0 Ihm:i
n I'ti hd s.'n U;tti ; nn.l hi Ii i-iuli.s a tU itv m i
t" t tititli d to. ft i iit in r-i'HB 4'tih- tlni; hi f!tf lid', v mmi iHo
(Itv, i.n vhn Uw imt Ih.-il cri .II'f l (.im; hIm, fr;, n tn'bfii t in tin im liotii riio st iti- h lurt'.', iml
not ciriiitt.l to wiij partiriiLr dcfrlct, ot wliira tl.a vilv
lmi- licr pi' nli ii.
Kirri :ir iii'luii in.iilu to :ti i-riiihi t lie-se cr.-illtn. nji
ronin itir nl-o (xpect touhtHiii rt'omit.i i.oni vmuintis
Tc-i nllliti,,t liotn tit Mfinlorii htnn-t. iko, i cciidhmI hv
our lort-cH, iiml (n-in utlier ijimrtyr. 'I'.c-v.I'j not Ii-imh it
Imp' 8Mb e, tin re'oiv, ty pu prr cxcTtiuiiB, to fill Iho ciiv'a
Money In iipcrssnrv. and tun nnh hp o!nnln. iM Iho
voluntary MiliM-tiptinii ol ciMent..' Miu ii mjIm. -rip't io'ih
rnv lie nfnt to tlie mlilivroii ,s tn any im-iiT'en. til tr.e iroi.i
tiiittce, a- hfi.nv nl on, or to J.'ie lie.ul-iiuirti-rji of tlip l-oiu-lulttiifl,
No. S. lOtKTH Hit . el.
J A.MKS I, r,i:iKN.
No. .'.-7 iHHi':i Al'oy.
JAMKS II. oitN.;.
N . fi-.'i; ("IKS s IT ftrt-ct.
A Ii. Kit N tsC'Jrt.
No :.l ; i lKi" i' rt-n-pt.
.IOnHI A Hri.ltiNU.
No. Hi? I ll ia tl Htrnt.
vm i. i ihj'.i;.
. KAU (H St'ia'VI.KII.L.
N. It. Hli'lW'SK.
No Hi . MKT-I Ftfrrt.
JOHN V. H:.'IKt.
No :!! .-i, si l il '-tr.M-t.
' Mlnllt. II ireLi.ii... i.. :ji i ..: 1 i i
! J.'!1, No. I In toi.i , iii ti
of imp
fi'not A--liil.!vrfiln''.,M n:u ,'i;b
;it. I
Hit' ni't to whi' !t thvy r Pil''tteiii it., it
1. 1 tl.e r:t.inx oi ih'M oriii of !'.t.'-ii rt-m mux. t ,
i!ltdtiic "iVtmtyh nia St ne i imir.V" pi'u l Ud t-r III
.imI a- t, 1 f. I mi If li i iniii"tM,it.
J. An t. c liat poition of (lit. rorpn. 'hr' roviiint.njf
ililnnirv. t o .iiioln ll- ol v.w ah an.l i i-t I.Rfiertt"- if
u.'M arlilUn, kl.iill h n'fri'lted' u tn t it'l. 'i'h..-.o
t. '.Hiiontu, iiiilt'.n, itn.i t) il't rU'. It it Ititi'iittd. ih ill
hi- n tnpn-r .1 of ulnutfT'" , ti w It : o i (Meran Holilh r an I
r.i'alik' tinliw'l M'i-.oii-,lH'twe;i the rtts tt' clclitomi mil
rii.v,f;iliw nrrtrr.'THM- to iv-- hi... are it t .'.tihj.vt to
Or.ul ut,ir Hi- law of tin- I tut 1 Stutt.
It. 'I lnc tliim to bo nis. d.wi.l !' 'i'mmanli'i! by
CtnipMiiy wainTi el? ted In tlin men. ktnl who hiive h.-cu
in the enici.f the t'nUi.i Slate-, and been hoiiurtibJy
iiirhflr(-'il thereltt in.
'1 r Meid inl (.enttal nllkei'H will be ttl'pointe I by tll
l.ovL'inor And nu-Mereii into the Nfrid-p nf the .fate. Tin?
I'Ti i' uill bo iiu'd otny lor the A'-inn' of thf s-ute it
Mill. Millie tti m Iro. rn riotni.l t"jiiMM"'l. irtmd H'lh
siit'd, diitlo'lncd. mid im tl at pro v fU .1 'or bv law for
similar ircwipn m th Mervfif of tin liilid St ntn
t, rernoii i:mii!e(i h m-ivKu lur H-poi.jt.un it' comi
t'liny ottietrfc in thin forpN w III, en iif.pllntloii to thp Mtni-Iiiopt'ctor-Cieni-rni
nt II', r i . e a itlmrit y to re
cinit coini'iiiiit-i mid ho.i.iii!h. ttd, n iifit-rwai.ts fhi-tt.-d ai
Vi ill) 'tl 111 r Ulcer. IU he Minn: -liilir-il mir Mdl(lt;ly.
.'i. 'I be -aid rorpM ball In eiihte.l in thn s-r.'ic.i of thi
Ptu'e tor thre, nn (fits o-inT tli-t'-liiirel.nnd
be llfthlo t br eiilkd tbf Mn nf the Htat tt tiii-'i
litre a the 'suviTiior linty ib-eiu fill lr ei vicci wce-.-inn'.
A fiiiop of i:e::dfiiin b. otblUh(d at Hrrl
btiiK. in U r th rhafv-'i: of mpeMit liiilHary nnd iiiciIkmI
tV'-fTp, and tr.'iiiopnrti'fon ( r tr.H't'i ill rto will Im
loinlvhed to pior.n neriihlnt.' n aul- s uid H'tiia 1 of
I ot 'es I'llii ini'ii.iiii N phi .itm: to ('iloritl M H,
(nay, Hrtieburt.',( 'bint oj 'I raniMuiatioii aud Tideruph
J'.'ptir nu nl.
7. Kr.M.ld tlif rnjlniertu, 'tttsilroiii. find linfterVt, !
dAlly bi in inoi it.ett lor. iot be reriM't within lulriy
ciyn. it. dMb it tu. y will Miiprllod by draif.
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Iiy t rdi?r of A. O. CTRTI ,
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piny, ft. im a. koi u i n street
I'm i a i-Ki fin , i-piiiiiher 1, 1HH.
Ii lill Sn NdllCK.
Th tilob Oil foinpiinv h,tn t lit de.'Ured a dlvf
diiil oi iim pi-r cent, un the capital nt.rit. pur value ten
rtolbtr i.-r Kbiir", pavib'n on and after Hit I'th Imtitnt,
Hooks timed .n the l th, and ro- pent d on the 1 ith IniUnt.
Jly order oi the lioitd ot lilr- Uir.
hei? at Tre.m itor.
ComMiif, N. It; H. Kol'KTH Hrre-t. 1'hflide!
ptbi. Septt tuber 1, lMiii.-'ihf lioiiTit of Dtrcctorii liuvo
HiIh fiii deflrirod the third iiioii'lily d-vitb-nd or'ONK Vl'Al
4 T V'. nti Ho-capital kto.'k , pnvahie on Ho - itli (nsl.
lheTrmiT ItooKi vrMI be Uedanr the 4tb int.Aiid
'-.-l tn d on ti.e Mh. A. F. HA 111 SH,
'e-'-t : l'runidut.
ThotA who ii.fl.-r from thee ui.ilnd:nj btvfl now th.
v.-ry t.e.l finjirt unity ,.r Und nif r.-li.f. Tl.t tpparftoi.
r.,r..lrurlJ I,) nr. VON Mum li.lnucK I. un.loul.wJIy
Lt u.n.1 j.e: l-'Cllv eit.etivo wii.-nt v-r n.,l reft.-l.l.iil
Oic h-Ht ol' the ii.'A..i to which It i, miU
ratlniJr, wifli w.ili t.illul ruinofly. Tlm uiitlcAtltfU It
ii. iilc... uinua, So. i; WALNlir 8lrcl.
To Ih near. rr. T, .ii .Mo.cli.l.k r, Aiirlst, No. K.'7
t'lnii. ttital, oi'i'tnltil liioAl u.-c.siuMy nn my .irs,
r. siocii.k' liu- to I'.-ilccl hi'trmv. I but!. r.-il from wlmt tlit
(l.)kkllllu Ctlikll U Ll.lok. fll:iu ol' tin- arum f.i the ttr.
WILLIAM rilANK, lliulder,
........ . Hctldcii.-.-, No. 1.13 8. bccowl lrtt.
Plilldo!.hl, Au.-ust i, 1H04
Pun Ai.Ki.ruu, Jiih Jit.., Thlt It tn Mrlliy, tht
ft four yi'art I Him UonMil Willi tn oll,.lv ditclitrite,
ac.Tiiipauli awiilidusrii. il., I lima boi n treat..! br nu-liitr-.lia
pliysi.-lan. wilhont r.'. aivu-tf ui.y bit. (It. Suuit
m. utin avu I to Hr. Von MoacL-iskar, who hat
tcc.ii..litiL'il a ptrtt'.-t cur.
Of the Una of Shoouutur A llxltl, u.-r. tuinit.
No.lll . ilroad airctt.
rtivato rcsldemt, So. 731 Oiom airod.
KVr.--Hr.VOy MOBCIIIHKKr. can bt finmUpaon
11 of IlirlCvo. Tlia.SI Kl.lCAt, opam'.iolla U
rttlvrt BlUHi iklllullr iMaK.iucl.
Olilt, No. 10J7 WALNITT Blrtal,
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tt vxtauJiiad. tU'i'U
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vxv intact, 11 I)., I'roltitorof I ha tya tnd Ear, trtata
11 disvaira appcrtaijilnji to Uia atKive-naitiadnaiaber. wltk
ll.t Bltuoat 'I otimonudt frou Uit luuat rttUihlt
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Ho. 611 Fl a K 8iral. Artltl.lal Kytl Instrtod k llliout pain.
o eluifgcM maiia rr eiLamuittion. Oiltctbourt itouk ta
11 A.M., lot f. la. RiUIUlaiiM, W-Jia
jiitM-r i Ai.ii tiJ'iiNiPiKj;,
lX4t I .
WU I. lipl.N ON
KPT i Ml'! tt '.,
A ; PLI.MiID Mi). K m'
1'Ai.r. am) wiM'nu
i io; s. si ,
S Nun' i hio;;i:.if t.
J.'oi G17 ClicMii.t a:ul 014 Iivr.a S'tcp'.
I Ml oil' LiiS IMi ,klltl!t;i'.s OF
vSJLKF anp fancy dry goods,
VVI n tk (joons.
I) U K (i OUDK
UN 1VO 14 I M IC I 1 I
refund thf money, If dolrt.1, for ovory lot of Shlrlt
whlh tail In any ro.pcct.
lftd of N'e.v
V.Tk Mlln Minlln, and rnrr f!n Muoa
Only II M I' i.rl.v Jtl'IMJ.
Wil,!tnivllle .V!ll MimMn, an.t lli't f.firti n. K. ni.
Oi :y HT,0 I i al .rl-. tV.".U.
Gl.N 1 l.V.K V N S t L '11 N 1 S H I N O GOODS.
esMl'l-II ,c .IACOIIH,
mjl-Ow No. I'4 JO fllKSNUT Mtrtsl.
I ' l l'tt (.llr .-S.H V HTHtKT T
T!: ' of r.ADTK VI!"fINO Ttre
ITV. or ih-sii, ut I.kaVISi It " IVitor
!r; I'la. s."' or "t::".-- .i.u'.r.v,' is r-.wi.i;!y
lu.l'.e! io t.. al.ll.,.l s:..,K ot IV III IK
(""II1IS ';-.i!i!o l.,r rt'MM.'H
niilTJS HOllllid, 11.-.KNIMI WILiffK'tH,
An fxte:islve assiiriuicnt It olVrU In f.aea
ftcl V,'i.Tt.e,l F.!-.iii,-s anu, i, ( is,
IU n.lHrr.-lile'K. l.'oUarn, !v.s , Ini.U'll
and Is:..". I !.,!.!, Su.p.-it, tint h'vnn.l ; iu-
a AT rnlC!.-. !,( Ii Itl'.IW ilitlU
I'lJUSKVT I'. I'.i't. VAI.I'K.
Ii.i t'ntitC'l Lilian ctin.'irh; I-i-..i-s.
1() ptcii-a I'ullad, In ...a, tiiJdtilp.l
llu. k. ri. pi.i:iii:m.
ItNl ritKfu'r'.
Kaniiuct:r, Ho. o.;M AIM !i H'i-v
Aiovu Mi in tret,
WhoK-Jth'? :nd!l.
Ther:fiit fonip!its .-(.-f' of M;i ui , r.
rhi.ilrej;! llcop hkirt In II. i c;!y, In ci-T' r rT Tr i,
cln-t. w.1,1. jur n lo, iini h,;..t , tud .bDa...';
hi. c no 'i," .; in (j,t. tiuik. t.
S Jrtj Dikdtf w uidtr, ftitertd, and fi-n'rt d.
1 n - f i: ; and
-M'l.l.'-.t: ' . 1'i .t r
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Vf l-dU, (J f.. if , .ii--..
'I ( '
! r.r.t
1 ! 'lot::
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I : ei
Ait- :i H.r.
' I "r.
:i. Tn-irii
n . i.i -.. f 1 1 ll
piii.i:.- in., y in . r i -:n w i'U. Trv ir I i . . 11. u
in - I Hi Il:ai i' 1 , 1 T:t iiluiM-.t'l', "ji-d'.
KAsfiuj;;:', MVi:ri
t! it I?. naTitifaeiurt'd in iho i-1'...i , m r.nvf,t iirr.;-,c u-
i'h I If the li.tli i l im t n..ileri:l.
I'r.i.-.- e tit tn i i .ill b. ("re i.n .chasing 'l h-u htTt?.
I in I it'i-ni'i the Nun ii.r,
unl-ha K . .M : A'tf'U Str-et.
V Whitlow iiltadcfl, frlii iiiw Vol It. Anot'Oil ril1"!,
(a.l;.ll! Met.) Mjj.'Riflemit li; iift.sel.i, t wide, SI if i,
l f'.n nnd fl-7.'.; It;tat..n UriKnilt, (p.iiimd.)
S wui.-, .0, w( end cen i .-,: I mid li V at propor
t'nnait prh t ; Inipt rial t'.irp.'tri f 1 ;;7 to $l'ti pnr .ird:
Iiiwralu, ixoin .W cwnti tu Jl jj; Vencdan, Kiw, and
Ilr-mp, from tu 7" ci.ti p'jr vird ; M-itihiif, the
litri.i'tatfiiortiuejitevwofiwied in rbhudelphm. tiooa ;("J
b) 7.'i ee:df. a ) Kid. at tho Nesy Vtirk AiH'thoi Snleii lio-
pot, iluruurly Hi.tblow'i,) o. 17 w. HhONl Btrtjut,
itnd ticor ubove Walnut, opposite cvra K .cl'iiiiHtJ.
(M)YTS TKA S' A U J'i 11 0 U S h Ji X A
V blininjd in lbfO. Importer and lfler in
t Ino lea, Wluea. ..Ld Ll'iuon,
J bo4.'ij liavana Clkari,
Ct oaa tt BlarkwoU'a Pluklet and Saocet ulld 8-:uUti Aie ud i'urtt r,
(Janned Meats, FmlU, Roup,
Navy Jdeafcei put up with cure.
At Ho. 119 H. RKOONI Htwrt.
M-wiy jo ii la u. coi;srr.
I A 31 OKI) H.
rtrtoni havlni ni.ituond. or olli.-r Pr.'Mon Slone. lo
al.p'.iicof will do well by oulliiiif on
DliimonaUciilci'Hiind .Icwclori
No. HOJ C111CMNUT Hlroct,
W lio viii tlit liluli.nt ot. tl. price. tiilO lia
X2 M 11 A H 11
. E. BKCOND uid ClIKSM'T Htrtt, I'Ulad t.
AUKM.'T Hog Tit It l4f KliT
r.yrALizixo thiutv-iay clocks,
A ery df ilrtblt article f.,r Cburcbet, Doialt, Btnii,
Cctiuting.ltiin.u. 1'arUiM, c.
tlS-ly Clock Trlu.ujli)Ha of tvi-ry Uuaciipt m.
11 ami MINtllt Mr.-,t-, buy. llhimulids, Wtlcll.-a,
ioJd, Hllvcr, and I... an 1 1 kpIs. IN WANT 01' MOKGY
All l.ilslnrfl conf.dtntlal.
tula im
'ratroirzed hv the Unral FnmHv ot Kiv.lpiid nre int by
post for llll'.KK I01.I.AIiS. The. ara u oiom uniutiUi
ptiht.uu', uud uacii utial Tiuit t.uuker tnftu anv uiiior
'A itio.t Interftliig and -'lever (rtim."--TlmPi.
"Ailmli at'ly ad.tpicd for teachtii Mu'-Ial 1 im ." UltH
trut it L..!ti'jii v- b.
AddrtMiA. JUYCK, Xo. f-2 V. THIRTY-Bl.XT't Rtre-t,
tw York. a-ijo-liii
FM'.and all Untrhtion of elulmi nirulift Iho
1 nlted MtntM c;ov(irnmjnt adniaudnndeidl tvd. 1'KIK
M0 KV W liaTc a toil Uit of prize now payuMo, and
tint inwuvv eau le eotl? t d at once. Appty or writ: to
t,..(Ji:(.K ( KA.I A Illi'MllKK,
Army und Vavri'intin Ai-nti,
ftulT-ltx WALNt; 1 htroet.
F Jj A G H ,
Abort Choanal, rulUdelftU.
Pollllc CttaptlgB nubt iud out wllh Laottnu,
Btd(t, Baantn, anaFUm, at rtaaoaablt raut. )g-loj
. MAllKtT MUS.t,
No. 328
. . I.AItdl. hai.k of
'TK liRtNfl'K. V. IV r.o- MN..IIAlf, .Si) 1 I h
In upeu li-t -. siilttiln tl.r rttv an,! r. nrtrv r,.tnil lr..
On 'I a. -..In. M-.r-niiL-. st I ' , cliK-lt
U.INT i:i,.t,.si allK.
MVS. nne ainnrlia. nl uf ii rlnl oanlltv tab'.' i.m.
1 II. -T I
ti li.t
At. II V .1 tl'A N ll I Oil KT-WAItr. f I
AM. IU. I Ii r.O'.-S..i,
I Uf I.'"' 1(1 t lll.t, O 1 1. I ,,. ;. !. ftll.t I.I.. .
I I ; i riinil
niei . . t.ii... ; ,.,!) jn.l it. i .l li.,,. , ,
sine, la ti-,o-..
I ..... it
t'A.. (.11. I. A til'-III KM US AMI ten XH.
I llllli. Tl,,.. I, .i J.
O... I, K . . II, (, ,,,,!
is I;.l feinli . r-.
-i 1 s d io" ,1'nl :,n
ky w ii , la
V AM I I) TO Kl,vi'
' ' ' I' '0 la", ly. V
!.: .-. ,i. it. i
II Kl)
1. A M S I j; R
W A N T K U .
I It. ..I l.'l A,
W ,.,.:v
l I Of, t V l
I" 1 i I I. All;
ti- -. .it.rt in.,
nrr . .i , . t
I I-
w .
'"S. li (' , . ut.
' It.
.i. ti
1 1 1 Viitl I- . .11.
11. 1. cs.-i. i a:..iii:.
i "M-:
I Mv.
. ..i . . . ru . nr...
rr;. fi tip J, it
ti iny
-l.i..l t.
', I fi
IHl i.,.
ttlO llli.t
, 1.1,
ll in
, . ,1 n M.i-i.',
,n bt.iiL-iit io IK. .,itiii
k . rr..
t.V.Mlt V
If i' I.'.'. I
'! M. f.
tl, W.I.I.-
.ill..!,., li.
.-I . ..i...-.
i ! tn I
; till" 1 !! VS.
; l'V-I.SU
II T.-isn-u t s A
K' ' IS I sin! i . St.,
l. II nrrKi-tti,
1 1 ' In-1 '.inai-t, in a.tcr,
I'.l. 't ,)l Va-.liliigt..n.
Itrlrtilltr !. luial ni
v- i':ii-ji vt.,
ll. i :, i In i
r ., It run
A'.ini Ui.
lllUI Tctinisili'i'st,
OO AVlwtslM-rlu'Ut,
r.O 1 :i:i-Kiii 1 1 Im, aiut
-H .;nrrIaixo 'J'rlinmoi-si.
Tl-I . wl.l r.-,
r-it,--.!, .imt i
th-- l,'i.t,i'.t l.lto.1 of OoTtiuiiivnl .y
ill Otlrl. italic.!.
1 i-sn.on.itlMii lurnl.-ni'it by .ijij.tyin : al
WASIllKllTOy, l. u.
Cap'nitl, A. (J. M.
liaaatprixnstiT'i Arcnt.
l'OR Vl.l'.. DWKM.IXO NO.
A.:t-ll.I.L nt r.-.-t, al.,.. voni-.-.
i- ' ( ii ki i Kii.nns
N-- :' . .'r.VI'.N lit S:t,..-t
f-,-f I'Cl! S.M.K. s.-.(H1ihi tvilll'l II IN (1001)
i.-v I' i,..-.. lar.-rrtn.l Aii.i.ll. on t.-rni. to .,.ut nr..lis..rN.
' r s il, it wlirmit iiiLiinii.i am .-. for ru.h and y,oiI
If. i J,-. I ... 1 1," ... . from to t,i I'! o cl .i k A. M .,
nu.s. M. l l.CW.MAN. No. -Kl H. r lll'ltril
01 ItTI.AM) b.U MlKIiS' laTITl TK,
Tl:ii'ty-r.liitli ami Mavkt-t Streetn,
Ad-1: ess,
i'i I'KOI-Ks
suit k. i. sai'shkim, i. i).
No II N. Kl K KN l II Stin. t, ri',11 tin on tin.- .itli
r t rm ..l ..'ci m. All .I. n .iii!ii.itl.'is ml.
AM i S S. inKD.TKACH l''.U01''TIll:.
.n. . -.-li SI VTKLN 1 11 .SH .1..I, In low UpriM o.
un-.h2 lm
Pni'!1! in ;''!tl f-'v.
f r.-ihic if .iri .iiti,
I ; i in'.- i'-'.ii ( Mi
piiui. 1 he only
My now l-iT.-ntl ii, a rii.u'.t.-t Ko
s ,,.-i. V.1...I I..1, it.-r, r-.,r t li, iin-
ll.s. an, I i; . tr.i.-iiiiR I. , lii .. ltlu. lt
ttnit llu- .las ton m ir..jiTly and
I,. MI'N'VS,
. 711 Ki'.itTK bTKKKT.
ciiiKorooisr an'd
No. ' ;-s. skc. it siro 1,
et.i -ir. I. ihiis .,ih 1 .
I'"' .01 U .IS I t;i'rol (llMt nf
f ' .in- ri l : I :is ir. I' tor of
t N.I.N -roil !.:-. Ill larili'ili.
1 K. .1. DAVID:'
.1 ' r-.itii.i. i t' ti
v;:,t i-tr
l..'i IIP!
i i,.. i
,,i. . i
In d ui.'l tHfU'd ; i'.i. 1 it and
ol' 1. 1 l" ie
1..- . :i i ii -nl. No.
(.'.M l Hot jitoll o!.! I'.iiil i.l
IH Show -r and l.'ou-
an I mi
; it hst
it; i i j i...r d . 'I ( .o n li.i' i
IT- S pLni iiinl .ipor ll.ilf
r.r.v iti. n ol l.ivaiiUt, to wliom i
titvli .
woit'iv tlie eKc'iil
. ii'. i'tTn till! .Itteii-
anil ti
JOHN O. HA K Kit & CO.,
arc n. w ftols liu their Hii'iph.'s fi frotirihe ;lshorle-i.
TI e Btiperlority ui Uieir oil. in every r.vivoot, m Kuintd
for it a rvputuiL'U and mile hcj tnU uny ullur found tn tlie
lui.i ki't.
loiiuilntaln It, they an' determined tn ti:pdy an Article
thai Uia hi' enilirlv relied on for ire; tint:- aiul purity,
bet- :euni"iii I;- ol I'm ("nor ol .Mi dol CoIh'Kct. anil
1 u n n s. c o t x a a ;.
J I Thi". our popular, co.y, md trolt-kiioivn p hue of
Vl t',;!!' Mjl.illt.ll. ,t Ui" M. ).. IMhli,' nl HI 111 uud
A11N' i: turt-f if, ia (,.iliikc a inoi-t thrU in ii!i.ini-n( uuder
lliu niifi'ic and iinin.'iitiie ii(er l-lufi i t
Tho .'!mirl tpitrcp tii ithor tiitie, monc, nor attention
to tti'ppl lilt p.itroiin w ith thv chide nit Wijk't and Miriorri.
and i up trior Suolch uhd Old titoi-r. Ale on draught, wliieli
t-am.oi lib iiual. d in I'liJlailel-.liia.
Jet e. try 11 an lovft hia lOJinlr.' aud U fund nf a
gt.U Ctlhfc, ). he the a .id un n-tiu
1;i.crnisuiNfj iiori.i.-AMoN(iSL run
pnbhe lioti' tn and atom.-l I'htl floln. ttifr uri
lit..f to auipifl tl:t rw HiN 1 J N K. ' in iK 1C.4 I'll
bine', ahtiyi I'HKiMT; or. tin' dd nnd wi ll kuuwn
'I'lU llll s Hon I, iLii eori.ei u' Nl' Kfim'N ,aue
ai.d TOWN HUH' I.l NK Uoail. Air. i.HO'C.F. W. KOIll.
It I'i ijitit( r ii iKJiii, whl h ht ttidf 'd 4 . ift iiardiiitftt
tOi then tn lire PiMt.. ent. Tl;r I'l'.i ll: ol c t-r t llQK e4t
ul.l" eiiil blli'hlo will ho found a' rt '1 .tlit", ami, no n itti
ftawi.ii g too linu'4 are out vl lol'it, tt. lei wnl ba ii!le
low, A fpltiiiijd JtUiith vwry da.ioui 11 to li oclook.
ftii'O Jni
"I 1 OOry.R'S AT.K VAl l.TS, S. V., COKXKR
J 1 'I HUM) und IUKSM l' Mr-eu,
I'M'Jvl! I Nt KI aIKn J t.l.Ktii: ril OKKICK,
CLU l.I.AM'lliri, WINKS, i. I SM, WIlMKIl'Ji,
AM i'lHAMilK1, I N'.I.INH. IlilSlI,
hCO'i t U . A N 1 A N K l: It ' A N A L b.H
lT'a ceUtnlte . old ttfttid Iwniti : t-oi n rt'tnn t-d aiul
thT"'lily n riftei), with otie 01 the riiiit -loe,i ol Alo
and tho ce J.itjuorN in th flt, n.e 1 ro.irletor inefi" eli
1-ti bit; to ylvu hliu ft.ll, Coiilidellt u he It ot their Hp
priAuL an.'-'- ha
J. CSlviulNN, rroprlotor.
(Lobb Trrahly frnowii ai jiroiirtei.jf cf OY4TJ3
iiAV, f L ril uod I'l.'l.dNl X tf'.rtua.)
Parfka at'iinintMlated with Hoati, fibhuin Liuen, A1., Ae,
Liwa nu to Ue tivuke cr twbijty iuuiuti. K-il
J The fcuhiotiber, Ktnvtu fot ptul favora, tAiidert
tbauaa to U patruti ar.d the piibk' for the eneu-t eua
fom vlvan l-oni, and db lave to tav Unvt he la uuw upa
tot the ftt ast u, and rtudy 10 r-civa tx-rdwrs, oeriuaneut
and track-milt, oa Uia uioat tuoth-riiie tiui. Tha bar will
alua b sditpllad with U.a rnotct-at wm-i, lliori, and
ntiaia, aad auporwr old aie. The tabla wiU t Ml Wilfl
tle bi th umrhet atfordn.
lahintt biiaa and laekle alw ayi on hand. ....
All the oouforU of ft Uooie van aiwayi be found at tr
EVer',utei2per oi-k, (iKOWZ HKYVkY.
19 u Woprtetor.
O Ii U 31 11 I A IX O XJ H JB,
EDWARD DOYIiEi Propria to.
TeiBJi to wit tfce tiroe. M-tf
A lit A 1 11 V 1 1 J, M.J.t
iirPi t,T not'St 10 THE t'KAC.i.
ThU wed-kuonn hOA U iww cea for the re-ptlon of
liaihUig Deve:ftb.tir. .
auU In J. W00TTOV, PronrUtor.
Read the next column.
Have jrou Fliitnk'iit'C and Acld.'ty.-1
iCnad the next colnmn.
lltve yuu t'ostivoiu ps and Losf jf Appotllc?
ltond tho ne.t colunm.
ILive jou Oloom rind Ieprrtsloit flplrlti
Bend the next column.
Have Jou lHarrh i a with flrlphiij':
Jicttd tlm next column.
I)aoyou Fain hi all p&i ta of the ytU'ttt -'
Itead thP next colnmn.
Have yuu ChokhiKund Suffocation .'
Kead tho next enlumii,
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the Jleart
It1 a (I the next roliimn.
Have you Ooiigli. w ith Hilejru in 11 o-Throal.'
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Ilavo yon Dimness of Vision and Hcftd iche
Kcnd the next eoluinn. .
IU c jou all or any of the forcgoin -yiaptomB.'
Then reud the great curen of Dyspepsia performed by
AM) l'tsr. lltlX TAIt .X)HIIAL,
In tl..' lif-.t c. Innm.
ro r r.n. to head the i e rr c jlums..
"V' ! ti H 1 A .
lt. A eonitant .iIm t namtii
III thf pit Uf th.
'id. t latuh ni e nnd acidity.
"I. 'iitlvrnpi and lon 01 tprtlti.
4tli. lilooin end drprrlon of Bptrlti,
oth. Idarrh'va. with t ri Itig.
fih. Tuin In all pii of the nytlcia.
Tth. Connumpth-? iytnptotn and pnlpltatUnof the htxt
Hih. Coiu'li, with phhym In th tbront.
t'th. N nom ftfti olion and waul of pImp at night.
Unit, I. 01 of appetite and mnUlni,
1 1 ih. iMztnrt-f , 1I1 mi. 'nil of vision and lnii of ilgfit.
ivth. ll' jidaeJie an.l fuvrln.j In walkliiK, with gient
vrn net".
Out of loe thoniand nf raet cf dvspepija that have
nurd Dr. Wish .ut t.n .it American I'yp''(ta l'llli. not
one ni theri lian fai'tdof a m t T. t 01110. Wr v. airiitt a
curr In every 1 ma'tor if ( twenty ear" t;md
fnr. ly nil di ruwiits e r whrre, ami at Dr.
W I. 41 1 AIM H oilier, No. lit N. HKC'i.Mi street, I'lillft'el
ph:.i, 'a. All eviinimtioni ar.d lonvnltations fi-fi of
el are, Herd for a h ulr. rri'o ft par box. Sent by
aiai;, iree ei c'mTiif, on leetopt vi in-ttif y.
I'VH'KltlA, PVtil'KI SI 4.
TM U to errttf. it at I had l'-p. ptia in the nvir-it fnrm
fi r It m vr iri. I w;i tn.u. ,1 nv Mvmf the b i phr
P' h'H 111 An erh ft ; "tn nl tti?-ii A trr Pn'i ior 01 .Icf-ler-.'fi
Toll. k I'hthul-fphin, hut tlifr did me n.-nf1. I
rpwk miro' 1 ver in- iih. I ivoithl l.c laKon m( tinn-n with
droft.tflil p itt n III n,y i. rust .111(1 .'Olii M h n j.T. nt at It
tint I c-i'id n. Itherit. he. iht ntund.hut on id rove about
from one room to antln-r ; lay frh-n,!,i vxpecti it lo tea me
die, at thou- itj.j.. uied to K no n lief for tut. in thu hope
ci ndluon I itho e.l n .i if nn.Ur Dr. Wlihart'a Lroat
Uiotif . and Hci d ti ini'iiu in 1 ai di reeled.
'ihistlun lain ant it umti, ami tor roree wekllhtTo
been on 11.) feet, iml nnMrji hrttd from eitriy 111 m ii until
pievvii oVloi k ut tiikht. Dr. Wuhart, I lvt von tlm vr
Uhi ato lili a cuitt ini beurt. feuinii It toy duf v to d 1 so :
yi'ti in ay, met I wjnt you to poiilih it to Uie worid. that
ever) pn -. ii ui.erlnir I wio.mi- ha tha bemn'of
Iih- onr tnil, wnnileitiil rui.wloia Alt chk p.'r-ii. aio
ar lib' n v to ca 1 nnd rv ine, or w rite to iu. a I want lu
trndvr all tlie govd I can to auUirhm humaniiv.
Oterirei' nf Wanldn -ton Alauuiaetariutf Coini anr a
'tavii K Itoom. Gioi.ct tur, N. J
l Ml'l'-TNI A, DVWI'f A, DVTPI"T,
ThU 1 to i erttiv thiit tijitrini' Kfv. reli- (th a itl i
fallid iMHpepM.i. n 11)1 muoh lo". . t w t-iL-li f , iim nftntho.i
was tlii ft d-d to ishiirc Amerlritii Iiv-imimIji I'll..
as ll.e r medy. 1 !a io w (l Inn t lin e w oi'V inkt 11 rioven
I'i. Is, jinoi.idip to ihe directions, I imind mielf entirely
I 'iri'it, .ititl t.r two .',-K ..lin o mv h. alth i i.i.,t:v lm'.
provt-d, and I run nt W'tliMti fenr f p.-ttn or meo-neni-
I farm-Mly n eoieimn.1 iheiu ti all MtiL'arly
Mr. M. 11. TllitMI-RONM.
Ith hmomt itiyrt V.nip fl. lira i.,.i..i. lift...,,
Ir. 1.. U f WIM1AKT8 Ollke. Ho. 10 S. SKfuNl.
Stieet. rbiliidvlphia.
i.sri;rsiA: DvsrKVHiAl
I, Joliti, do crtlf that fnr fonr months paM I wm
attacked alih aetite dyspcpnla. I vai lo ieorely ha tolled
that I (on Id do uothlnu but what tt would nil inonitii
lre a-1 ml (Hatreds; my nervonn aystem wti perfeetly proi
trnted ; my whol- frmnn oon hecume weak and trembling.
with ft 1 outlined ret.-ie and diKxinosa in the head, fallowed
by ft parlpllatiou of the heart and pener! debllltvof the
whoh hody, Kyery kind of medicine admlnlnterod to mo
did no khh1, mill. I was advfued Io call on !r. Wlshart and
plncft mioir unih'r Ma lrrntmnt. 1 1 ii now about nine
weeks tlneo I connnenetd to tuc his l)TsiienBii I'llls and
line iree lar Cordial, and 1 do truthfully and faithfully
aay, that I tvm perfeetly cured of Dy-pepnla, ftnd all other
um-uMfs ananiK tnerefhim, and I can oat throe nood mo 1U
every .ley,Aiid fox I well In every repTt. I am 7,1 years
ol ae, nnd if It wm necenry, I feci I could and wnnld
hotildor my Kim Iu defend the city from I in anion by the
... n.. ,.1-i.i.m um-ruif wim j'yuncpsia at 1 was, vo
at libirty to call nnd ace me, for I lotd It my duty to do all
the yood I can for suderlng htimnnity.
joiiv i.Kxni,
No. 1.s;tl Poplar itrwet, I'hHade'phia.
Pr. Wtt-lIAHT'll Hrereamd Oftlce. So. 10 S. HWIONB
Street. l'hiiado'Lilila. r. am n. .a .
ti. ui frrent charge. I'.-ice. ftlm-rbux. t m-,i .'',
reeuif lofuiuiiey.
itYHPKpSU 1 JV8rKr"8IAl
Dr. Wlnhart I have hot-n a eountaiit iutlerer wWi rya
peioia for the last eighteen years, dnrliwhloli Hint lean
net aay that I aver eno ed a perfectly well day. There
were t hntu when the eyiuidoma were more ftffvnwated
than ut other, and then It aeomcd it would be a ro
llf to dlo. I had at all Uiimh an unp,rft,M)t foellntf In my
head, but latterly my aiitTerlngt; ao much Inerca-ied that I
became almost limit for buMnoaaof any kind; my a.lnd
w as conllnually tilled wllh ultamy thouuiiU and (brebod
lng, and If I atti mpted to 1 huuno tht ir cumni by roatiin
at once a actuation of Icycolinesa io eoiMieoiion with a
dead wvlifht, aa it ware, rested upon my bruin ; aIo, a
leellngof khkucai would oocurat the utoraiu h, and gro,.t
pnln 1o my eyed, accompanied with which wau the con
liniml liar nf hiding my rean. I alo exporfenced useat
lasftudc, debility, and nervousaeia, whh h made it dltlt
cult to w alk by dny or bleep at nig!it. J hoc una averse 1
tioeiuty, nnd deposed only to nei lntlon, nna-havlng tiled
tho hkill of a number of eminent physicians of vnrloct
si-ho)lst finally came to the condition thut,ftr thli dlacnM
at my prcscnl a;re (Ifl yearn), thoro was no cure In elst
tnee. ltut,tliroimh tho Iniertorcuca of Divine rrovlditiee
to whom I devoutly oiler my thanks, 1 at lat foumla sov
ereign retnudyln ytmr Iyspcpsl Pills and Tar CurditU
which M-cm to have eiTectii-Uy removed alaiost tho kU
trace of my long Ut of nftnu'utaa.nd bad fevllngi, uh1 iu
tin Ir pinto hcilili, plea&uro, and coutentuojit ara inj
oeiy day coui) anions. JAMKS H. 8AUNDKKH,
Mo. 4.Vi X. Second street, l'iiiJadelohl.i,
l-'ormu:.y ol VHiI.iir.v, X. J.
lr. AVISHAliT'tf Ollh e, No. 10 N. 8i;c04NlHlieit, Phi
I, Moses Tobin, of t.hcltenl..tin, Montjomrry county
Pa , have sntTt led fnr more Ihvi one )e,ir everythin hill
di nth It -df, from avful diseiMi, calh-d Ispei.sla. I
cm loved iu that lime (He of the Uioat emJiwnt physklana
in PhUailelpliia. 1 hey d'd all thoy could for ine v. lib m .11
clnrs and cii ping, but still I yxim un better. I then went
to the Peuntiyhanfa !Tnherlty In order Io plate wywlf tn
rcufh of the bent nn-iikal talents hi the country, Uit their
medicine's fulled to do mo any footl, and oi'tUmcs 1 wluhe!
fur death to n.-lievo mo of my auhorlng, but see ng Dr.
YVlh). art's advcttlflcmeut in th V hi lad l.1 phi a Bulletin, 1 do
triii(ncd to try om e more, but with little faith. I called
on lr. YVlslmrt, and told him U' I could have died I would
Hot have troubled hlin, and Uicm related my suftrliiKa
to hlui. Tho Jr. airuird mo ll he failed to cure me of
Dyspepsia, It would be tho first case lu-two years, so 1 put
myaelt undnr his ttcalments and ulthouf'i 1 had boon for
tnonlhs vomiting nearly evvrvthlii I ate, my stomach
swollen with wind, and filled with pain beyond description,
1 bouuht ft box of his Dyspepsia Villi, I Uhcd thinn u di
rected, and tn ten dayti I 0011 Id ant as hoarir a meal as any
person In the Htatc of l'cnnn.lvunta,aiid In thirty days wai
a well man. I Invite any person suffering as I was to cull
and see me, and I will relate my suffering and the great
enre I received. I would say t all (jyhjicpUcs, every whore,
that Dr. Wlshart Is, I bolieve, tlie only person on the earth
tliat can cure Dyspeosla with any degree of certainty.
Cheltenham, Moutgomury Co., l'ft
a positive i viik ran dyspepaia.
No. H4H OIJ VM 8:reet, t
Pbilad. ipJ.i. Janaary :rJi. ItxiX
Dr. Wishart-Rir: It la with mueh pleasure that I am
sow able to Inform yon that, by the Mo ol' your great
Anu'iitan!aPilh,l have boon entirely cured of
thai uio-tt dUtienHhnr complaint, liyitpepita. I had beos)
grievously afrllctcd for the la it twenty-eibt yeari.and for
ten yeais of that lime have not been froed from Its pain
one week at a time. I have had It In Its worst form, and
have dragged on a nrist mlterablo existence tu pain day
and nlKht. Every kind of food that I aie flUed me with
wind and pain, It mattered not bow IU ht, or how sutall the
quantity. A coiitiuuud belching was sure to follow. I had
uoappctlto for any kind of meats w hate-, er, and my dis
tress wai so great for uviiral inontiis before I heard of
your Pills. Unit I lr 'Uentl w sUed for death. I had taken
everything that I had heard of lor DyspeptU, without re
ceiving any benutU; but on your Pilli being recommended
in me by one w ho had boon cured by them, I concluded t
give them trial, although I had no faith in them. To my
utter asiuiifHiiiuenr, I found my unit gutting better betoie I
bad taken oiic-lourth 01 a box, and, after taking half a liox
I out a vt tl mnntamt ran ent affffiini tri-fi, and emoy a
hearty meal three times a day, without inconvonlencs from
a uy thing I eat or drink. If )m think proper, you are at
liberty to make this public aud rHer tome. I will cheer
fully give all dchlrnble lufoimatlon to any one who may call
on toe. Y'ouis, respectfully, JOHS H, liAltCoCK.
Forssle at Dr. YV1HIIAKT K M- dhal Depot, Ko. U) y.
KKt O.N D hireei, phlholeli hla. Pa . 0111 dollar per
bji.. baut by mail, ttuo 01 charK, on receipt of price.
I, B.Minirl n. Haven, hfto been a great auifen' n ith
chronic Uyepep-la uud lurtawuiutiou of tlio kidneys for
three jears. 1 Lhiploycd tlu e or four of tho in tit eauuenr.
pi 3lcians uf Philadelphia, aiaj of Buillugtou county,
Kcw Jersey. 1 Ley did ull lor mo they could, but all to no
purpose. I was constantly tilled with awlul pain and dls-tu-sit,
and v II h must a it bilcldnxoi wind aud mohi ac.d
My tonuiie w an eovcred with n wiiite coating ol m ir 111
li ui 1 1 tt cracked iu laoo furi-ows, and wai di a Ifully urn'
uii ! 1 ott linns wUlml tor dvath Iu relit-vc uu of my mnrur
Ifs.ior 1 hud hMi all hij uoi evor bt ing woil aaln. I
ti ae it a subn el .f prnyer to tiu l tint I.o ,ouid tiircct
me to some pl yHlelan or mtdU'lne tht ui uld cure ni-. I
'' to'd to rend an adverllst ment 01 Dr. Wisluirt'i, in the
Pliiladi lohl.i "i.udKer," ol a great cum mndu upon Mr. John
p.Hhct.k, of No. IOja Dii.e Mitct. l'luUdelplmi, bv-the
tnat Amerleaii lyspo la PUN. I went to thu I.ietor s
(iftite, and phut d iuveli under his tie itment, and told him
II ho lulled to euro me, It Mould bo the hint en-irt I euld
Uiake. II hat bet-n six wcttks simw 1 eoiiiun uoed the ue
of his medicine, and I am now a well mail, fiuo fro 0 all
pain and (ll-tro, and can eat three heart ine tin a da v
wllh comlort nnd 10 1 pur ectlv well. D'. WUbart. 1 warit
ou Io publMi my uae. a J want every p-ior dynpeplio,
Hilleriliif fis I Vas. to call 011 10a. .ml I ill t ll ilmm 01
the great cure I have received from your I nv a In bin mu.U
CiiSf. HASH'Eh l. HiVKSf,
rner of Yen an to and T.amhert stieett, nenr Mlefiinond
street, lermerly Iroiu Wi-tghtsDwu, ilurilugk-n oouuly,
Xt'W Jetsey.
Dr. W1NUART 8 Omse. No. 10 X. MOOHD ftreet.
The above are a low among the thousands wtuVa tills
grtat remedy has savad from au unUuisly grave. We
havs hundruda of k iters iVompbysioians and driflsla In
aUparlaoftheoouatry, saying that thay never proscribed
or sold a mcdii ine which gave such universal satisfaction.
J)r. Wis' art's Pine Tree Tar Cordial and Dyspepsia Pills
are aold by iumw'sta everywhere. sJ
Ahl KHMA 81 K It-OtNKflXL'S Ol'tlCE,
'K".iiiiti.mi rr-rr. Aninit HI, 1AM.
,.'OKHK: IIOKNKKI I .MOItdKHI I I jii tt t'r anu t.'aralrf twirlc Wll
lie piinha.fii nl . "I.BllOIW Ht.POT, .'0On mtra.t, li
IMJTOlll.H 1.IWS4,
lli.Tvs lll ht iirllrt.'Ml r" fapttln t. . MwrrMoort,
A. ). M , ami h. tuiiiMiM tn lli, utiml llavwiimrot
llisrrtlori lKl.rp twttiii iiT.i1ri.
I'll.-.' til ( av.lrr llnrs.-s, $176 rtfli.
Trlrt nt ArtHN-ry II. .rs. , .Istielrli.
Ft. uii-iil rill bf'uift'it lur lit (i; mil ftiorr.
Vniitiwi f ir.l tlvliioii, 1
rti. is. "vi) Oiitrlcrnitmer-Ut-ni rtl t l)(Bc.
i ) no r o sals v 6 ul u m b fr.
J'iiM. H"ptntrf.rJ, ika,,
Ni alfil ) r. Ill r.Naivl al tli. omr. nt t.
iii'd.i.l.i,..,', N mi Kl II A ll 1 1 Mr.fl, UIHU Twalu,
hh n.n. (..rtlit Imnit.llilr ilnilrorr tl Hatrrlr.
J . . A. i.iii.ri.l Ito-jUMI, Witt I'nilldrlpalt, of tht fol
io., li. liiml.i-r, vl i
".ll1. ''minii "liltc Pin ItutrJi, 1 Inch.
;,?''" "n"' Un. IL.ird..
.. ! ,..". ' "tinwl Itiini... to I f no4 ontlllr; tn h.
II i '.' nl ,-,.! "r.'""- ' tn tvpolritcsl foe
ll i. b.lisn-,, a. il w mailt.
f,,,'i i'".7'!;k, -': 'l es.s-p, In bitnt ..rm,
. imr. . .Ml '"""'"'" " ""i"' !.' mtrnle..d l.roo.
T i 'V; utl, ,7"w" " "" "' ' " rr-p.m.11.1.:
pari',," ' Oi0"' A-,'1'"0'.4t',.'. !.-
Captain and A.Msi.nt
-1 51
to '';:ltyr
f.'; A rsi:.
V IIKIIK.A!", Tl f r.trl,t Cnnrt nf tt,0 ITnll,. Rttln. In
l.iil lr ll.c l lli.irwt.if l-..iiii,,irini..r"rtiiV an"
iliilj .m, oa-ln.i: mi a I.M'I. m.-.l In iha n.nif tli. fliiltnd
I I aw. c,r A n,,'.r, . In.ll, dr.Tr. d all perv.niTn 'i. l whi
ha... or pr.-..nil In l.nvo.anr rlutit, tlitt, nr intrrt.1 la
Iif...- Iwn title. ..t t-ottoii. ivn r vi.t unktk.wii
ciip.i.rnl l.v Dip l nlt. d -siatrs n.r "R. r. "UyiJt
.i...-l ol --ir of tin l-nilail Hlat.i, .ml limugln Unto
tins .orl prr tht said slcamrr "K. R, Oiirl.-," to I..
iiu it. i-i'. il. and I'tlh ii in iiiilmnrnt. at Bie ttm and
I'la... 1111.1. tn rut. n. und In tin' ,..-t InTtnllnr
lln... i. ... rv.t.ilrli t ). Yon art, tlio,.-ioro, rhaned tnil
inrllron nlnrd and l, Mini mil nislt not, hot
till . i.iiIiiMih.b ihr.n prtstntr lu at Itast ln.ittlii.
dm f uw .. i.eit prliilml and Inilillshtd In till cltr
i t 1 f-lla.ti-ll.lila. nnd In tho ....i.'.,
domomali aiidrlir.i.r rain.. In Ini moul.lii d tnd oltt.
p. r. uiplarllv. all rarsons in iiinirral who liar., or pretcni
In lm. r, anr rislil, tllln, ,,r ln:rrt In th. laid llirr
i ."L "' "I'l'r ah. lloD..r.hl
JOHN UAIHVALAIiKIt, th. .Imlgo of tli. aald v.urt.
al itu' In. i-i.t t'diiii nnn in tlm cur of rniit, on tho mtiitl. tn day aflfir ot thM
pr.a-uls.ll It ho a court .lar, or olio on Hit nom court day
l.-llowlnti. b.-t.n ihr m.ital hour, of hi'trlnx caii,.-t
l.rn ami Her. lo tl .ir. or tlkms in dut t.nn of Uw.
a nt.mitb.o end lawrul na.-u... If any tho.
whr tlio .aid litiy-lwo li.ilti ol c Hlon .liouid not ba
)ron,.i,i,rcd to In lon., at tht time of ilia c loiuro ol th
iino, tollitmemlri. f tho I nltod stato.. and, a. good,
ot Ihoirrnoraioi or nihtrwlav, llnhla tnd tntiiart I. n.
d. n iintioii.lo boi.l Qiltfd tnd '.iul. iiin.d ai od tna
Inwnii print; tnd lunh.-r to do nnd n-ctlvr In tlii.
tis liali n. tu jn.llur tlialt tpptrttln. And that yon dnl
liiliinair.nrr.iiii. to ho Intlin.led, nnto all p..rtnn tlhra.
nl. u.i. orally U' rfhom hr tut tmiur of those ntv.onu
ItlaaNn Inllmat.dl.thal trihry thill not tpprtr tl thollmw
ai.U p!. nln.o Luoniioni-d, or thill nptmar and inall oxit
tlinw t n aioiuilil.. and lawin' i nu- tn tin-contrary than
saiilln.lrl. tl oun diita tnti-nd tnd wiu pmcood tnadin-ill.-aUDH
on tho inid ennture, and may prono-VK. tliat
the inld fllly-two of i-utton did bel.iua, at
Iho tlmo of iho rapturo nf tho iiihi. to tht i
mitt nf tho United Htntoa of Amorlra. tnd at noodt of
th.-lr wnotnloa, or utlior.vli.-, Ilulilo tud lunjort to tonllaea
Hon tnd r nidrmiiill. n. tn bo nlhiditeil and oond.ninoa
Uwllil prlto. thoabstneo, or rathtir cnnlnm ai-r, of tlio nor
lun. an ultra and animated in any wist iiotritli.tanilau.
and jou duly c.rllfy to tin said HHIrli t Coirtwhut
you shall do In tlio prrml.n., t.rth.r wtih ttinio prt.rntt.
W illust thi- llonoratiln JOHN OAUlVALAIIKIt, Jmli.
of II. r said Court ut rhlladelphla, Una trcond day of
Irptrnihor, A. Ii. Iwt, tud In the otiflity-uinUt vtac of
Uit Iti'h'p.'llilt-nL-eol tlio laid l.'nlt.d St.itnt.
ir.i-at O. R. rox. Clerk District Cnari.
Or l'KNSNVI. AMA, Hi' r.
TOTHI-: .IIAliSIIALor TlI,t.AIiiK.S ItlHIlillSC 01
W1IK.UK AH, Tho Witrli t Court nf Hit United fttatot la
tnd l..r th. Kastorn lilstrl.-t ot reun.ylrauia, ruinUt
and dury pnweiMlliiiroii t Lihtl. died In the uatnt of In.
Vnl.rd "rates ol Amt-rl.A, htih deenn-d tli oertont la
toner:.) who ha.-e or protend In ht.e.Hny rllit. Hue. or
Hiterrst b. the ittmuer I.U.IAN, wtttrenf D. A. Mtrtliu -nuMi-r
hrrtarhlr, tpptrrl, and luriiilnro, anl Um toodt.
ssnrrn, nn.l tiicr. handiie lt.tii on Iwiaid ihera..!, captures!
by ihe Vni&rd Mtalra Mteamora He.-tly.biiru ' and "Key.
none Ntiite,"Te.N.'ti-oi wnrtd- the I'nlted Hlttet, reapwv
tlvely untttr rommand of l.truti-nant. K. H. l-tinaon and
fierce Crosby, to be monlshed, cltvd, tuld ctllest ta
.itd.-ment, tt the time and 0 place uadorwrlatsj,
im.1 In th rffert horrtrter e.ipre-ised, (jn.tlce to
reiiulrlnr). on re Ihi-reloro clinrs-od tad ttrlcllr
etlolned nnd rommiBibd, that you omit not, but
that by PK-Hishliiff these present. In at lent two
of the dly n.-w-p.iii-ni u-lnti.t and pol.luliod In
tin oily uf Phllaileltliii, nn.1 In tlie ,-. luMH-flrt-r,
run do mnnl.h tud rite, or otuso to lie annlslieol
tnd oll.ul. perrt-intmily, til iiorsnni tn g-ouortl run have,
or pri-lrud Have, liny riunr. title, or Interest Ut
the inid itemntr LILIANS', her tneklo, tppnrol, tnd fur.
tiltnru trd itie imrshi, wnres, tnd merclitudlse laden oa ini'icet, ni annrar Dtioro ine llonorsliie Jiltit CAII.
VV'AJ.AOKU, th. Judveor the laid ( lonrl, at the Dl.trlot
Conrt ll.s. in. In Uie city nf I'lnluilelphla. on the twenlletli
day .ntor pirOlK'ttinn ot Ihesi- pre.i:il-, II II ho court day.
or tlie on llio netl etwri d.v mitiwlng. Iitwtf a th. utual
hours .if tiearUiu t-.uso., tben tud there to aht.w. or
allme, tn dte t'oim or law, . retsonable tnd lawful .x
riit. II anr 'bey lusre, why the laid atuamtr LILIAN,
lii-r laekl'j, apparel, nail fitrnltnr. und aha goods, wtret.
and uit-rihaitdiie laden on bonrd thereof, aliouM not bo
prnuftiilias.l t.i in-lonir, tt tho time of tlio capture of tha
.ttiue, to iheeiM'inieeof the United Htaie., and ti irood.
ol llu-lr eiicmie. .MMherwlie,ln.i'le aud lul.ject to con
deniratlon, to lie adittdi:.'d and cnndeiuuod ai tt,M,l nit
liswltii piUot; and further In do and receive In tht.
lirhiilt ti lo justice Hhall uiijierttln. And thtt you .Inly
bit male, or etuse lo Imj Intluinleii, unto all panon. tf..rc.
rtld, cenernliy (to whom bv tlie ten-.r of these prva-ut.
It in also uitltnttcd), linn If ihuy shtll nit npiiear at lhi
time tint nlace alsi. t-uieiitiou.-d, or A jju-tr aud .nail loot
show a rra-oiiBlile and iawful cim.e tn thi L-niitrnry, then llsfrli-t Ci.urt .1 th Intend and .vill pi-'ood to adiu-li-i-aitnn
on the saiilciiplure.and mav proiiuuiicettiut the ..1
eti-amer Ll I.IAN, tnr kie. iippari-l, aud lurultiiro, auit
llir moi'iir. wares, and nu-rclian.Jlso laden nn kour.l then..
..1.01.1 b. li'iiu. at the tune ot' tho cptiire nf t he same, tm
the eneitics ol the I nlted Mtntci nf Ami-tit-a. and tt froU
oi tn. ir eiu-mies, or otherwise, liuhte aud nuhnnit to con. ami ciiinleiuuaiinn, ti. be tiljiii'iied and con.
.leiuM'd o. lawlul prue, tli. aluon.-e or rather cuutnrMW
ni the icimio so tit d and iutiiurtled in tuyHlso a.,.
wlthkUntlluK. nnd Hat you dnlyeerlliy tn tlie tnldlilt.
trin ( iiiiri nhat you ibtudo la iho, together
Sslih these prr.eutl.
Witness tl.e llonnnl lo JiiHN' rAIWALIK.R. Jurlira
f the tuM Court, at I'hlludeluhia. this first day U rtop
Uinhir, A. li, lstt.iind In tl.e e'Kiit v-nlntli yeti of tUa
llulepoiidi'uceot tlit taut t. nltod Kt .toi.
ti i- it tl. It. l ux, Clork uf District (sonri.
Writ of halt by tli. Hon. John Cwlvralader,
Jutllte of the District Court of the I'nlt.-d, In and
lor llieKa.terii of l'enltsylvaiiit, In Admiralty, ta
Urn .lir.ctt-d, v. Ill he hold ut I'ul.lic Sale, to the tauieiil and
best hlih h r, for cuili, nt Mil IIKNKU S TOIt ij. Ha. Ut
N. KKoKT Htreet, on M.iMDAV, K. ptrniher lil,
13o clo. li It., atmut tki btlui ol Cotton, hoiiiit carfoeaof
I'nlted Htatos .Miu.haJli, ll.ol remit,
rhill.l.lphla, Au-u.t JO, Imil. auJl lit
Writ oi Snlc, by the Hon. John Cadwaladi-r, Judxa
nl II i ll-lrlit Court ol the I'nlted Mlat.., In and ft.rtha
l:ai.trin J.lstrlet of Pennsylvania. In Admiralty, to ma
directed, will bes.ild nt put. lie Mle tu tte hli;hit too.
bril bidder, for ol.n. nt MICIfKNKIt'8 oT.IKE.Kn. 141 N.
Jl.iiM Mlrc t. on MONJIAV, Nei.KuiWr It. loll, tl tw
o'clock M.,certtln .lt.-n to wit tliraw to fnu- hnndr.4
poiimis, now vr lately iad.n ou b.trd la. brur PltlMUh.
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One Hundred Tlionsand Familifg
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il. t OKKMAN, No. sM Ji. SIXTH Strut.
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