The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, August 30, 1864, FIFTH EDITION, Image 1

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Governor Seymour's Opening
Iivw, ric, rtc, rtr., n, eiv., kc.
sfterlwl to Ttiaj tfrnluic IVIricriaiili.
tiik n;w t 1. 4,1 SOU.
Cniuaoo. Anguil3 . Tus) Committee on lUso
hiiKiis appoined iia a K ;b 0 .'inuii.too ierj
blllwr, CkairuMn i Tlldco I No Yorli), aud V il
leadipbam. Toey failed t agrej, but hive no
ceuie 10 aay open rupture, and UKijoar.ied
4 o'clock P. M., whej thejr will report t) i!ie
lieuugh is knoo to show ib-.t It will not a
war pUtlorm nor un oul-n l out pc. e on .' ih i
bat mlopted ; it la now q'iitiei wbothcr
Inert shall ne demand fjr aa urinific or a i
4 lor b Id tbe platform.
Antony the Vieo-Pre-idonw 1 Asa. Fistier, of
rii!u. 1v!d.. Among tin! iierot.-its,
la llu'chlavjn, Pennsylvania.
rVjmour look tbe chair a nid chcflriiw. In
opening he announced himself a in favor of the
ma oration ol ;be L'mou ud peace. Ho declared
thai tin re was not a uiuu uerebut what lovei to.c
Union and demanded wiJoiu.
I choigcd that persons of the Ropii'ill in
arty have driven Iheua oo until they have wolt
lilgb swept away the I'ui hi. Ho deinau led thai
tho OiUv ntion should show what they mean by
plau'orm, aud Dot trust t ur.y m in. Uo tar w
the entire b nine of all of our troubles on Liticoio
and the Administration.
He hat not mentioned tho Robe.l nor onr army,
t to speok of iia lout, and ennuier the
Couaequciit suffering. Tho high taaaos and tin
draft are declared to bo an o,iprissioa of Hi J peo
nl In satisl'v Keratins fif tha wirtv : hii
appeals to all to sink all las ies, and Achieve sue
ress Id gaining control of the Government agiln.
. Chicaoo, August 30. The Nat onal Domo
cratlc Oouvca'iou reassembled at 10 o'clock this
The atund in -e, both lnldc nnd ounMc of th
M'lKwain, was even greater thin tbnt of yes
terday. Immediately after tho Convcntiou waa c.iile.l
to order, and a prayer wn oll'erod by llnh
Wbitehouap, of IlllnoLi, Mr. Hnghwt, of IV'in
yhania, Clninnan of tbe C nunntieo on Or mi
amton, rep iriod ibut tho tjo-nmitleo h 1 1
u(i'ed npon H .ratio S vm our in
D Dt Pri anient of the Cunveu ion.
I h.) anuouiieeinent w ta grouted wilh ftppl luta,
and tho rprt uilop'ed ly u-olainn I n.
The fo'lowhiR i5i a ilit of th : oil', wr-i i-l.'i'to 1 hy
tte OouTeuliou by ucrlaina ion .
llorittn 8ey nivar, ot N'.-w V
Jnwph C!h of M Ihh.
i W. tu ilv:i, nt New IU.iihir'.
li. 1. Heacli, of M i-aohu-e:;i.
D. II. Haalh'i , of Venn nil.
liroi,te T) lor, ot C inn. -on-jt.
Allied Amboiiy, ot Kmie l-dtt'iil.
AiiOItw J. OtK !,( N v ,f .r ey.
i(ln.n J. lu Ki r.ol Ne Y j.h,
A ii I'liiir, l,ei nyivaunt. '
J. I' Kiiii olp. Ulno,
S. W Hi-on, Iniiiiina.
II I). J ekiou, Iln.i ii. S Ht-ty, .Mie-bUait.
John I'll, ij i, Miasoari.
l IV. li I. him, Mn, hi not .
Wm. Paiternon, Ioa.
J S B. try. Callliunl i.
C J. Hiiea it,
Willi..i M. Mill, iW-ej in.
J-aae D. Joi e-, Maryl .nd.
In John Merrit , Delaware.
fci cKK.rAMiiit One from each S'iV, In '.u 11 14
Jun.Pi D. Hidole, l)ol iw ire j I'uink M. U ih: nn
aon, l'i Bnyl idIij June! A. I.. M:(?niro
Waiyland ; J imea P. 1) irh mr, Itnt i 'ky ; it. It.
Eth. liiian, Ouio; and oiberi.
1 he ruin a id regulation of the l int N
Democratic Conrenmn were a Joptu.1.
HVheo iBit wm featorol, G iveroor Seytnonr
wan eneoried t-i tho chair and proojo lud to
rtlitrtsa the Conveution.
h) OK UoVl.UVOK Nt:viot It.
eovemor S yruour spoke im follows ; of tbe Coovmtion : I nmir-t fore-
caeie the resolution! and action of thU c dvuu-
tin, but I do sny that every member of it 1 ivue
tbe TJtiion, deelrea peace, and will uphold CJO'
(tituiioiiul freedom. While the resolution an I
action of this convention are of the ut:n tim
poi lance, there are reusona why tin U 'ni i 'ra'ic
party should be rjstvred to KiMur, and tticy are
great reaioBC .
The Deniocr.iix p.u ty w'U reilore tho Uiii"0
fcecaiisi; U longs for i rentontll in; it will nriuif
pcax e, becauw It lovca pence ; it will lirlng
Ulicny to our I u,d, berj j-o it love) IHi riy; it
will put down dospotl'iin, lo 'nu-ie ic hn!o the
inobki tyranny which no Y derm ic tho Amen
can people.
I'onr )tis a,') a convi'iitiou met io thii city,
when onr coiinliy was pi.ieefal, pto-peroii'', an I
united, lta uVUvnua did not mean t-i denriy
onr (loverntucnv, to ovorivho'm in n t'.h d. !;, or
lodreueh our land w.tii lilol;bui they nr.
auima.ed by inth r .ri'O and lau iliei-ni, and
bliiKiml by mi ij-'noi.'nco ol the spirit of onr Joa
iliutlan, tho cliarai tT of our people, uu I t'e.
couditiou of i ur land.
Tiny thoiitiit they nilit i-aieiy imliili;'', mid they cone'.uded to do no. Tuey
would not hteil the wnivin of our fathera, and
they did no: con-older thut meddling beg' t i trite.
Tl.oir pa-Hlnns ti.ivo brought out their u uttrui
icfultn. They wrr; impelled to apuru ai! mev
auios of c.-!ii.ioiuIm'. IStcp by mop, they have
marched ontorofulH from which at the oil it
they would Lave shrunk with horror l and even
now, when war 1m? desolated our !i,nd, has laid lta
heavy burlhuna npon labor, rnd)whon bankruptcy
nnd ruin overhang U4, they will not have the
t'nlon restored excoft upon rondl'lons unl.iiown
to our ( oiiM'tntion. They will not lot the shod
ding of blood ccB'-e even for a I title tlmo. to .-ei i
Christiun thutity or tho wiadoui of bUiti tnmti-!ii.
way tot woik out a m. tUo l to s.ive our country.
Nay, more tl an this they will tiot listen to a
propo-Hl lor eacj vhich does not oiler that
which this Government ba-s no ripht to nslc. Thin
Admiiii.-tiiittou c.inujt now huvu thU Union if it
It lias, by it j proclamations, by via Jictti o 1 ,'jii
lution, and by dinj.lays of hate and passion,
pluced obataclui in ita own pathway which it can
not overcome. It but hampered iw ov. n irced'iin
of action by uncamtltationaiilics.
It cunnot be -aid that the failure of ita policy
la due to thi want of tourago and devotion cn
the part of our Armies. Never iu the history ol
the world have koldler given up their livo mora
freely than have those of tho armies which
battled for the dag of oar Vulott in the S j'itliern
Tbe world pill hold that they La'.e" d al'.
(hat aruii.a can .do, and had viae atatcntuauiMp
eeured the fruits of their victories, to-day iher.
would hiive beta peace iu the land.
l!ut while our soldiers have duapurately iirug
gU 1 to carry our bauniri Bouth to the (Jul! of
Mexico, even now the Government doclatei In
ihe edict of aUeneml that rvbellioai diwjutcui
, i
loi- wiiiKcd '. v the h ir.'i of the croit
Tbe r i. ranteed the rV'iti ithe pplo V) tNir
anus h i .e I ;i tr i ini!' 1 un ler f'tot. up U the
rv I or Ji rs . .1 Ca'eiJ 1, '0 A 'r ivui Ks-rvi.
Mi'le i put ia hold c Mitr tat with nriiL-h lb rty
Thi A. r.ulon thus deiaraa to ;bi) world
ll at it baa no faith i i IDa ;.e ptc of the Ju'oi,
hii; phi 'e l it in p ,wir.
Ii ulio ft nii'a y urb an c H't tlutt 'hf, p p'e
live no luith In tho A iiuininr v ion, while i'kjo
n owcr, wi'lioiit r-'inois , n.i-i" '' j tli ;,'.!
mi d 'rt'iiii s nfi'Ur j'P'ipl-.': 'i- will not j e
P heir nn piH-i ' r p i' e cool T'ie
t tiion la Bi'W held 6uinlor y ni lauy
1 our roUti:.,! troublea r.nlj V r.''vfl to
pi oi etui araiti ame.-it, a iv Imjj ihe i "! t i ; i
a ra isr s In the Belli, our Union ennl l .j r-t e .
The rl(;lwif tVi ito" wiu'd ) fn i' i us I,
ihe f a icdre.a of homea anJ pe- ids r aiin
e-pe.-ti d, and an iinul'Pd ;u I niry v mid uiin
I'ml'il'ti-r tra Inwa of tbe land,
l et pot tho ruin of our c-xntrr he. cbsir 'J (o
ur toW r. I; Is not d ie to tbejr v i hlus or
ilielr f!iDMllim. Ii cons'ant o l eUl infir.' vi e
with them, I hu never lie ir I u'.l -re l one ni
n ei t of hatr- d tnwar.lp th' pe-p'e of tha s m b.
lieyon 1 all oiber men, tly vilan the Ues-i.oc
f pi aec. and the virtmi of more, of jjtUnesi,
it A phml'y, while thi h ) :y hoai do r. tcd
nn n eicv. or ebar;ty, or forgive u-sa.
Tbe bigotry of f.mitl' -Urn in.l tie ''n'.ryn.n if
p'onnu n have ma le bloody ps.cs of hi-t try i.i
lie ra-t th'eo yuara. It ii s older u.i.n
horn nnr Saviour hewtuved H i only cyo c'n-
iln-lon wlenlle hnna; unon th fmn l tli
Pharlaeca rrisrked llii 'irT'rinii ; it -v m ildier
tp who dlaeoNPred Hie d vinitv, wu"n he
he .inl Hlui pour forth nriypre for msrev an 1 fi r
'vi npfa for thp author of IUi wife: ir.
This Ai'mlnia'r.iiion cannot ire th t.'r.l n,
tint we C; i. Mr. LmumIh vIp'ts manv thin. 'a
hivvp thp I'ulon ; wi pit 'he L'nin iir of .ill.
Ho ihi'V a pr.K-limatlon wirth mire thin
reaep. A tnlDH lae blood oi our paop.j iu.,ro
prei iouo than the t,M nt Pre! Ii'it.
There arc no hindrance .!n o r p unify ti
utiion and peace. We om .u 1 uo c md.tioas for
he rciiiijraiion uf the Uui jr.. We ire
i'h no hiite", no piej id. :-js, no pis-ioo-i. W1
nihb for fraiernal rclationsli'p w.'.i the eopl ' of
the Sinih ; wcdeiunJ for them what r i .10 uu I
for oursolvej, t ml recognition o' tiu r.gbi" of .0:
We mean that .my Stveon jarnat' inl 'iiouer
shall lime with on an 1 the "aire lustre. In tu i
coming election men tiiti-t d'M iuwi'fi wlroli ui
tbo tvo parlies into wind, our p (.!) r.-,!ivi le I
tbi ywlllaet. Ifthcywish for L'aion, th ly ill
uctwith the party wliien vll! hold tho I'ui ) i
! 'aether.
They will aet wi -U thut party whi.'U d us n :w
and nlwaysdil love and riverene'e tins U arm.
If they wish for pen :e they w ill uct vitu th e
who fi' tight to tvert this, or who uo s -ik
io io Iwill aud h ir Deny a in -ig a A -:e-
tioiia ol i ur country.
It tLey eaie for their rights n 1 for the avrd
nca of tiic.r honn't, they will tct with mos-j who
huve a'Oorl up to resist irijiti.iry urr.yts, '. : ipofe
h'jil-lutioh, and the over u.-cw of ibo j idiei .iy.
II, upou tlii. other baud, tnoy u-.i willing Co cou
(Inue tho preaent poll -y of t.i.j i 'v-i'niiient add
eon Jiticu of utralr", Ii t 'h :tn act iv'th that "r iai
.ation which mail! the pr-is.-ut e udi'.i m o! oar
Uumaro many v'ood mn wl.o inny : ld
tocoiMahy their pini ios and pieju lie-, ua 1
our l.iiid awuruis ivit'i pi i.'e.;.,e.i, mho will hold
upon power with a d-a liy Kr '1 D it us i'.' us,
wj uru resolved tli it toe, ir:v vlik i hasimdn
tin l.ltory ot our c 'Ua'ry s!-:c5 it t;dsv:nt i
iiiwi 'i', m I ke nue nmunril and tjrriMii
d.i :i m , ilia 1 lie over. h o vn,
1'i.iir j .jib 3j( It had in hi. t'i ..pon this i n'.
In us im timi, liy our a:tion. it sn dl di: 'ur., It ai born. Wo des: 'e L'niou a id . .0,
..nd llm Adiniu htiaiion leoy tl s Union and ',
fir tl.iy di mind eouli'lj is nilcxv", prui
which they well kno-v p,olo i(j tho wir, aud
tlie war iiuduly priUiue l iMiomes d muion.
Wise stucsmen c.iu now bring tills vr ti
a ciVfC uion the urms aolemnly -t fortli ov thj
(iovcilinieiil at tbe outlet of ihe ocio-t. In '.ha
political conical in wui h v.e arc en((ug:d we do
notFek parMiB adviot igesj.
We are hauling for the rihM'.s of ihoio wlio !e
long to a 1 piliticul o-'aaiut! ns. Wo meaa by
these rikhui, thai froe tpeevh "hall n t bj i u
pcacbtd, ultbougb that :!clr. 'iia;- be used to
nonnce ua.
We Intend that the fish's of jnscleni-a shVl
b' pr- tecied, alihotiKh miitien viows of dr y
muy turn the temples of re ' jrwi iaH tlieures
for pnrtiran denuooiaiions. Wo mean h una
righti;tbo sucredness of th- l'i jsldej ahull be
rtepected by those ia authority, nj muter wh it
political views any be held by t ioso wh j ait be
neath their root-trees.
When tha Deiuoi-rn'lo parry sb.i'1 have gajned
power we ahall n vt be !, hv nire tnaciona
upon thefo aalijje'a. Wo xis riroorue muj'i,
because those wao arc uu . h.iri I wi U the
condnct of puhlie atf irs knere Su' li'tlea'iout tie
principli of our Uovcru n j it.
W e ivero unwilling t .r-.'ut 1 1 appinnnee of
faciliiiiii; h'ti. wl.M .vo ami! b ivi.
iahied power, that ;!ii shall violite
oDe principle of law nj ;nlo riiUt
of Ihe hu.nb'ea' mii in t .j laud, aim 1
be puiii-hed hy t!ie full ri.; ).
uia'.ti rs not whether ho ailn l'i
ehuir, or t il l an hiin.''! r oil'.
of tliD law. It
uad r Oo.-ira'.
Tic spe?' b of Jo.crii'.r Sej ..uur w.ui greeuid
with chei'ia.
Mr Outhrie, Clia'.rninn i f tha CTnrnit'a on
Itpsolu'ioiia, bta'cd t'lul the acvertl roiulu'.i i ia
"Pure d to ihe mil Co'nn:!'.!'" ycsturliy hid
b. eti lefi ncd to a uli-c - mmitt."?, a. id that therj
was noion to believe that tn- y voul I be rca ly
to toport thin afto'iioon, 'n I, furihermore, th it
there wits a f.'ir proa;, ct ol it.i harm nioua co.i
cliision, Aftcrfomcdel nte thcC .iirciilon took a rccsa
till I o'c'.oik.
uu: (iii4 a owi.mhov.
Special to Tlie litrnluar Teli'irrnpti.
Washington, Augui-t ol). Public interest U
roue .ntrnted on the Chicnso Ponventiou, and the
result oi ita dclitiorations ore anxiously nivii;tcd.
Ihe iioiniuiitiyu ot Otncrnl McClciliin ia cou
ceiicd by the ncctssloniatu Hod peace men hero,
wlio u "t lurc that he will satisfy ho must
be governed by bis patty, and will do their work
as i tlcctuHily ad Vallaudighain or Voorkics.
No news vi importance from military sottivea.
The Loudon Atlmurum give Tcuuyon a
"socl.dologer" for "Unoch Ardcn." It ai-ks, are
young Indies to be trained in a complaisant baliof
that it is Mther a poetical incident to have two
lusbands living at oue time ?
M. Ai.stidc llussou has Uttly died la Paris,
where be was bom in IS03. lie was a favorite
pupil of David of Anycrs, nud ta 18 J7 obtained a
first class ruedal for a group now ia the Palace
of tlie Luxembourg, representing the guardian
unfiel ollennj a re(cutiug siuuer to Uod. His
priucipal works, to be acen in Paris, aro the
Matues of Bally aud Voltaire, iu trout of the
Hotel de Ylile; "Summer and Autumn," coios
ul figures, on the Place de la Concorde ; the
statue of fct. licrnard, at the Church of the Made -lelae
; of Marguerite de Proveucc, ia the garden
of tbe Luxembourg ; aud of Clovla, at fcaiute
Surgeon-General Hammond in
tho Supreme Court.
r.ui:.i;;'i'f) Tour (iunlfil ij. lii'ty
Tboueaiid Do la rs.
al'lil Io Ttifi r.fri'iiina I'eli'ae ipti.
Wimunoton, Aiiait ,i ). Ye-t'-i-l 1 !' st r
Attorn' L'ai rinooB , uo-r I nt la he i . r 'hm
("o n: of llii Uiitric: up niii-t Will, u ti. II in
in jiid, l.itr "ue n ii 'j r .1 I'.i't d e . 's
Alloy, to r-'C hi r if l.i'.'K'O, Ills .in out a" eed
That t'ie iiivi'riiunt li-i he-n di'ruil d f iiy
hi" p ;i 'h e of M.n.kets l'i H W. A. s.. p'i is
nnd ,;.i,i Ifs fioin J.i iu Wyetn t H. ;.'. r-; '.j: y
i!nnisii I iloi'ars Imoih t'i'' .i.n.ii'il ia ile nrst
i af , an I lour h iiti lie 1 l hoi. on I ii. '.' c at; 1.
rnoM UAKuisimiKJ.
rI'li' Onlor of'Oi-ikiiliklloii.
spslal to Th tivrnhtK r-. t rit.
UauHihavitu, An,:usl 3 Tbe folio a,; v.- ler
i. jul laeutd :
llriiiu1 avthH" 1'knn-vi.v ivt M I'm,
II autKHt ao, August 30, lSijl. (touonl O.'I'H
No I. In Conforoiity with tho rr0V s'' as f to '
A -t of Asiemoly of tun 22 i and '''ill o'. A 'i just,
IS6I, and the acts to which they a " i; pio
uiviita, it Is ordered :
r.rt. Thut the raismn of r. eurpa o1 :i'; an
r KiLii-ol', 1 1 oaili d the I'.'ii i-y i : i ' . ite.
itiiaifi " vidid tor iu sail j-u, I'elJithw tb
i. ..... ih'i lirat portion of th it e i'is, throe
Mtinii.irs of InUutry, in s .piaiti-n i- of w' i ilry,
n.d t'nir h t.terica ol tie d Artillery , i.ia 1 b 'is.
1 1 until without delay.
Tni v r-gnii.-ni", s ,unjr' n, ainl it'iio !' is
in eiioio au.ili iki coiii"iF-''d of vol'tnt v;i ;, :o -v it,
ol 'derail soldiers an I of ali'o-o "Ii : I ."-niis.
iieiwe. ii tlie aes ol eiht 'i n an I lif.y, ,;i.iii tan
pici'-reneo to tt'Ose wn i are ii"i Miojee-t to diaif
uu ii r the laws oi the U i tcl St ova.
Tun o. 1 lie lore. a tuus to he ra ae l .vHl h i
eoiiii.ijn ieo by compani oilieeis, ele o l m tbe
ii.eD. ii.d m lohavc novum t'ie e vie of the lnc'Sil
fun, aui been ho .or .My dla lurked run ;
inn lit' ..I aun i;i,iii r,il mli -n will lie apKune 1 iy
the I lover uor, und inustnr'Ol Into t'ie sewl n if the
Mian-; the t. ree lil lie u-i' l only for We d 'fjiiSD
ot the Male. It wnl, wliie iu tho sorvi v, li
clo lie I, i iinp)H'd, aiiln d, sull is eil, dnn'ipiiueil,
and paei as pro hied for oy law lor .ro ips
in ih -crvlce of tlm Cmte I Slates.
Fourth. I ir-oU' iMU ililii d by serve") for tho
p'lMtii n ot e'i'ujmij iidleera in Him is-ii- .v. 11, on
.'ou to tho Ntatu Iospictor-Oei'.ural u;
HaiiiK'inr, reeeivo authority to roci'au c i.n
p.iniea ni'l Muaila, audit auerwards o e bid as
eiiiui any olliccr', will be c I .i:oo.d
inuiy. t ilm. The. -.rtlil corpa ahall bo enlisted in tho
si't'vico ol tbe State lor ibMe years, unless so.iaer
UiKiihaiKCd, ana ebull Im' lakhio to oo called In; i
the ai nice of tho Suite, at M'.'li luues ua tho
ioerm r iua di em their ervie 's nocesviry.
Six'.n. A camp of ren le.v ms w!il h-t esui'i. J at llatruiliurg, under tha charge, of coin
peleht ruiliiaty and meuieal otli ers, and trms
l or mioii lor troops tnme o will be fiimia iui to
ptr-ons reeruping iiiinpaui' a aud qU'ads of not
i. m ihm e atht men, ou appil atlou to I! ilivn-l
M. N. or), llaru-ourg, tli ef of tho fraasp-ir-tauou
and Teli grapu iiepuruuout.
SevtiuU Should the leiuu u.s, iii nlr ins.nn 1
l a'ten. ii, npi'1'i..lly herein provido i fo", not he
r, :r-i.ea aliliiu tmny nay -i, tue Jed .iafy will b j
. iiiifjln d ly urui't.
Si'b Hi ig I'lx r fieneril Lemticl Todd, S:vi
Ii u-etor U' :.rai, la eh ,r;t' 1 witn the ettf :uiin
i.i tins nid i, aud all the d a ilia uii'ie.r it.
Hy oidir ot A i. Ci'HTiH,
Jovprnor mid Ciniiuamler-ln Cnlef.
A. I.. K-nKi-i-L, Ailjii.iiuc-tj n. Peiiiisy'iuuiii.
sfi-1 ii or or.M'.iiii. hi itVHiin:.
OKKTlii: IUkiior, N. II., August ;i).
llmu-ide nriived laM night at this pi e tr o ut'ie
'.V hile Moii .tainii, on hla way to resume hiac uu
uiAfcd. Ilia airival apeedily becoming kno '.,
lurte Duiniier of ciiiacna and nel.thhon aia m
bli l, and Ilelknap'a Coniet B ind aoronaJd tho
General, who reaiocded aa fol owa. :
My iricDiis 1 am auro yon w.ll excise, n e
from making any extended remark on tbia o-:n-sIod,
t,e:ittae it in Dt my ha'iit :o silica
public as.-ainhlii a. I am reiuruiUif tVotu a brief
trip, during which I bavo purposely euj iyei
reeieatioD. It will not be a ui-s, however, for
tue to bay that I have tho fullest 'on!i le.iee. in the
ability of th- Government to crush out this
wieked Hehelllon.
I feel that the day la not far distant when
oVpoiidew y will totally dirapiHair, and the pe a
plu of the North will ace, aa we iu the tioIJ ae .',
that the cud ia at band. Only oue, united eil'jrt
ia needed to enable the UoTernmeut to ui07c still
more ijalekly. I refer to this, liee vjse I hue
lately wilius-ed ile-i-ondeiiey , and been aar
pnaed at it. I have heard more grumbling at the
Nonh ia three dnya, than I he ird in our wh ile
campaign from tbe to Pit'-raburg.
The people aeem to think oar arm es are wo ar
irg out wit.iont o rorrexponding exhausti in of
the i ncmy. This is a mistake. Our roseries la
the Held ate greater thin bit. Wo have threo
times bis home tint melicd, and cm
lo-e far more than the Sooth and sll'l broik
uown ihe Ucbcllioo., there is do rau-e fir dosp m lam'y.
Let every citizen do all in bis pi'v r, mid tho
ii iiult :a sure. It is not poMolo that :my cause
o founded in lui'iuity as the Keoeliios shoull
ncceed, but, independent of ri,'bt an I wro.i, I
am auw that we have the Htrenr'h nod wl I to
D UAL I VI l.l.lJI.. K.
V.Mli n Sra tks Di-.i:u vCo ur- .In l;:e Oil
wiiiudcr, Jury tnuls were lesunei ii this
Coiot this morning.
Dulled Slates vs. Kolicrt Cunningh im. Tho
ill ft nciunt In indicted unib r the Aet of C'lui'iv-s,
Muich 3, lHoli, charged with enticing a l ol u-cd
solil cr, tiutnod Sliailr.icb Newman, to desert
lromCaiup William 1'euu.
It nppcurcil from the evidence or owniun tnat
be find enlited nnd was sent to Camp Penn on
the 'Jlst of Mi.y. A tew days after, be und a
comrade left the tamp in the cvenlngto got home
v.hl.y. In the immediate neighborhood they
lnrtCuunliigli) m and nnotherriuu with a covered
vivnti. (Uinningliuui then penuiulesl liim to
dtkvit and po with him to t'amdcu, when he
would enlist liim, where ho would uot have to
lUvlflg consented, he got into Cunningham's
wnpon, v ho eovi red him over with straw or buy,
uud be wak driven to Camden. He was there
( i. lifted nuiUr tbe name of Charles Junes, and
sent to Trenton, v. here hla bounty of $100 was
falsi liim, nnd ho was returned to Ciimp Willluiu
'tnu, that being tbe reudcvotia for all colored
troops for Nee Jersey mid Petinsyh aula. TUu
was on the 1st of July.
1 iipatrick, Ciinninxbum'e cornpiinlon, bad been
previously bitcoU'sI by Colonel Warner, upou
the charge of having enticed Newman to desert,
and Newman having iu the meantime been re
turned to camp, appeared against him at the
bearing bofore the United States Commissioner.
His evidence was conclusive, and the Comtnis
aioner held him in riwO bail for tnai.
Cuinilnhum, who up to this time Lad not
been arrostcsl, otlered himself us bail (or Pit.
patrick, when, being recognised, he was at onco
tukrn into custody aa ;jri -(- crimima with
Tiupatnci, and hold for trial. The latter haa
torleiled his bail and cannot be I ound, icav ing
C'uuuiucbam alone to pay tbe penalty of his vio
lation of law. The case is on triul.
Oilpln and J. K. Vulcutiue fur the I'alted
States ; John O'Byrne for the defence.
C'oi fcT or Qt'AUTr.a StaaioN Judire Ludlow.
Aaaault and battery cant of no special iutereirt
were on trial during Ihe morning.
From (irant's Army.
No Fighting Since Thursday.
arirll f Thp frpnlna rplParrwnri.
WaamoTow, Anca-t .10. The St.,r ya iho
mail atcauo f Ih itr, fr9m ( icy Point, rewni
all quiet ou tins Weld, in rillnml ait") tho fl-ht
at Kraai's Siaioe, on ruursday, ;ho exo p
timi of the uanal picket tlrlu.
On Sunday an a inikw ia mti I on Oir
pontoon hi kigo over the App- hi itioi , a: Ur i
way landing. Two bria lea uf c i or- I t.-o iis
and several ba teries were despaiche l t Hi it
pelnton thp "douhlp ooi 'k," but no Ko la iu .do
IhPlr appparan 'P.
The h. fut. brought up ti.a h and e;h N w
Jersey Hcgi'iicntp. Ihe r wrni of bitiag
There ia .t urect nn-ortof Itobel g ior llin da-',
on Ii"!a!iurg lit tiihl, b it ua ."a iruati am' too
report ban 'o eu received
Wismi'.Tos, A igusi 3.1. A letfr frin the
Army of the Potomac, dated Au i-t 28, even! ig,
a u it a (uu wa 8red fro n dy luht
to dsrk, and up to thin b irr, f) P. M , Ih'iro h i.-o
hci n viryfcv r'P' rs. Ii is t' o most oiki
day c have had f.r foir week".
Our Ion In Tfiiradny'a lii;hl la acerUi ned tl
he ahout 'Jik'l m-n in iheaggr'gKe and nine
g'nia tour of Urown's llbosle lslaid, fur of
Slei pi r a M iHsai-luiioils, uud ono of M k,,ijiit's
Ha't'iy m 'Light Artillery.
I'l l a(.iMnictit is ra olo by re i.-:a: th it !t ws
the lu?th IVnosyivan! a Votrran It iine .t,V. liiii
tter Infantry, iustna J of tho loo.h No Yark, ah
p'laeud Iu aoiue of tho nowaimpera, wai :h .10
t ir- d the htl!e-!l ig i.f tlio l;'.! Nor.h Ciro'iaa
in the fluht of the 1 'th I mt ant, and th' the pirtv
who niuilo tbo pr ro -i the color-' of thi
reifimi Ht, Prlva n II .lleniUlo, of Company C.
An toglish gooJeot in, K lwm Waiia o, a in
the Appoiiiutto las; uUnt i i 1 es ap :.l into our
line. Ho has reside I in Petersburg aiuoei:be
war hcgin, and represeuts ;ho pros,io .is of the
t'onfedera y ia bd'-o-uing iu ire gi my thi i
ever. Inn ln lera are reinlereJ desperi'e he-
came of tho miscarriage of their aeliemo I dia v
ficneral li' iioe, by iuvadl.i I'onusyl.'iu a.
Mr. W!l.i"o lost his wife and child iu Ponra.
Imrg, a abort time -itiee, they le'lni killed by the
ex;ilolon if one of our sIi-iIim, whu Ii enMred llio
liii'i'O were they W'Tc. T'lrno desertera a's i ;o'.
in last tiiht, and rep irt that they w rn pin 1 oil"
and discharged a ah irt time a,; ), from ' ilo.vl
'raw for Pa I'liion :(J rim. li Uaya Kc.mmi,
ami hilc on their way home -veri) apt ired wlib,
fpvenieen o bers, by Uoneral We lcr'a C'avilry,
nnd forced Into tho Kehol rinlts, nft- rwarda
roh'ied of all ihefr money and clotlil i.
They bivo no id'-a of wh t he- i.o of (he '.b r
neveutem men. They were acpara n I Ln h
hurir, whither Ihoy wcrp henuglu fr no too pl e
ot their eiip ure iu Irona. i'liey are vary l id i
Dant at the tre-mnetit iliey h ivo rc eived, aul ,ire
anxious to take itin on ill of ul egiu:a.
Siaib o THiiiiMOMtrraa To Pit. Six A. M ,
r iA. Noon, 7'i. Oue P. M., 7o. Wind, N. W. ,
Tub Mit: r.vav Tne :r .''s ,ry 0 nu
liii'tm (or reiiCitin,; c ilored Ir'nij'S, C ie nit
fin . t, have leoiied to 1 1 me this u-.:fal ail sk-eei-
fill institution a.-'-'r tlio tr' h of W yro u jr.
Tina) a hool haa ln":i entirely su ai .o I oy ino
I l-i u 1 1 iv of l'ie eh.Z"i.s oi l'nil ot-'lphi i, io I 'b )'
t 'l.iiu i lei', tH-ing "lion ol In. ids, am o n I. I '
n ! -c ihe M'hi.ol, atri r renderm,' aue'i v ilu i'ilo
nid t i the ( viriiinenr in ,irinu o' diloriil
lroOiS. Tnu ste l'i, f me : it 1 is oruiisl, ill
Imcti tit de: ire eh go of Cel. J din ti fj'
pan, lule ol the PuiinnI mi tloservoi. Klv)'i nnd tiv.i .t i.i. i's tiaii'i twin -on' ti
W.eibnietoii mr x mini iti iii, oi ivlioui io ir n ii
died uud liny a .1 h..M' pas-i d mic---iul!y iho
Mlliny lloiird, of whi h Mi.ior 'ieueral Si is
Cii-i) Is Piealdetit, fla folioa:
I . r Colonel- .1
Kir I.n'iiteiiaiit-Ooi.inels ... 7
Kor Minora It
)'or aptaiu UU
Por PiiM Lieu' nan'a Ul
l or SiCoud Lieuteuauia 11
Total IW
Pliv tt g a r-e :t"iu of O il; - st pr tt.,
w bile tin re wre nuv pn' c.mi;. bei re i.ia est ,u
lltihmi nt of thia school, whlcli his lieun open to
all c)uaca of aoiiety, aud whrh baa en b ed
tDuny a younr ma i iu'.nc rauka to elevuto bi u
sell ioa poa le u win Ii oihernno would Ui-C
Iw en rlosod to him. S ma of sooio of tbo mm,
promlmut men of li.o timcJ have jraluated
1 cm tLis aidiool.
National I'mon Nimivations. Tin folio i
Ing nominations were made last evening hy ihe
intnibcra of the Na imal I'nioa party :
I ON IM"". I I. ."I !':!
1. John M. Bnticr. 3. H m. Lt 'ini'J Vyors.
2. Hju. Charles O'Ncll. 1. Hon. Wm. 1) Icy.
sNr Ol.iAL.
TinnD Dial iiic i'. Isasc A. ?lie,)ard.
Wi'rt.r. "' '''-' .
1. Oe.irra W. Olietrrin. 10. s. s l'..,i mus.
2. Wm. It. Kudditnin II. F. I), s'o inor.
4. Adjourned until M m- U. L it - V. h I'.ih'n.
day, Mr. Waisun de- I I. 15 ids V. Ile ier.
riiriiug a renonilna'n 14. Kruu :is II ui.
1 William W. Watt. IS. Oo "go Do II iven.
fi, Janii'N rreelmrn. I i. E l.vard O I. e.
7. Thomaa C iehr iu. 17. N i nouiius ioii.
H. J. nies N Korn. is. No itioa.
'J 1
NoMiNAiioNn. At u meeting of tha d i lli'g tt.'M
til' the First Con'Tressiuu.U District of the Nad m il
l':iii.u purty, hold List evening Mr. J ihn M.
liutler w dceliire l the n miinee for tae party in
lie I us! Coie-ni-slouiil District.
I ho (Joni'p s-i nul I'ouve'ition of thn Se'oul
Di-tii'-t ii'ii'.iiiir.iiled lion. O'N.'il:, ot mo
Ninth ward, liy aeel un i ijn
Iho Convrn'ioii of the Sixth L iti lativo Dis
trict nominated James I'r.'ch am, ri i-, for iho
LigLslatuit for thi Dicric
lti.rni ria ior IliitM.v'a SHAiicsuiKirciie.
1 hi.- afternoon lo full companies, recruitc I la
SUiuntou for liirney's Sl.arpshootcra, arrived in
this city, und wero taken to Camp Cadwa'ador.
Tin re lire ten companies being raised for this
te'lmi rt, five of which are to be recruited in Phi
iMOeluhiu. and no credited in the drait, and the
other five In the Western partof the Statu. Those
being raised outside of Iho city are meeting with
the griateai succo-a, and will be fui ia a week or
two, nhiie Philadelphia thus far bus only fur.
wished two full lOiiipiink'S and three nkeloion
Tiih Sixth WAr.n MRt rrNO. Wo caunot too
strongly i:rf tipoa the clti.cus of tlio
Ward, w hose names ate eurolUd us liablo to
dm ft, of the essential importance of attending
the meeting to-night nt National Guards' Hall,
where ways and ii.eans will bo adopted for the
avoidance of the draft. In addition ta the other
eminent speakers announced in the advertise
ment, ex-Govcmor Pollock this morning con
sented to lie present and addioss the meeting.
Let there be a thorough atteudauco trout every
precinct of the Ward.
Fon tub Sot'Tn Atcantic Block Auisa
SiU'Aiinow. The United States side-wheel sup.
ply steamer Ikniegal, Lieutenant Wm. King
West, commanding, wdll leave the Navv Yard
for the South Atlantic Tilockad'ng Squadron, on
Saturday next, lid proximo, at U K. M. All let
ters, nacl.nges, &c, intended for tlie officers and
men, will be forwarded if left ou board on or
lielbrc l riduy at 6 P. M, The Donegal takes the
plai-c of the steamer hfrtnachuiett$, th Utter
detained for overhauling and repair.
Dni'AttTi rk. The Seu Iromidet dropped down
the river at dood to-day aud is now taking In
powder, previous to her departure, at the Powder
Paid Oct. During the past week Mr. Dumm,
the City Treasurer, paid oat over SO ,000 In
Unintita to voluutctrn.
DhiCkwi on Dis.mii:iii.v Dinck IIo' sms
Asm at or Firrv-RKvm Pkh-oms. T ia n iru
ina I Hie Fox, S itii'.icl Simons, Jolin Hit tram,
andWm. Siin uia woic arraigned before A d Tmna
Ibltlcr upon '.ho ch'irg of keeping and in a nt lin
ing four low dun dug and di-oiJer y drlni'Og
bouaea, in Ialingtia lane, near Camp CI
I hue p a 'en are one atory ahan ie1, an 1
a'e ihp reaort of the most depntvi d w hpii.
I). 1'i ftig 'iih'S place on tw i evoii ft of a h
wick and i v-'ry al' em am. H ryc.hnoiM w ossy
iiiiail d ut at tha l r, and t'lreeof tha k)I Ii a
i-t C tup Ciiowiail r 1 d fr mi 'ho . llec ot I .e
li'iuor wiek. The.e de ia wen beam o f
n n- h iinnoyancp nn I troniile to the otl ers n
charge of Camp Cadwalu-ler, who w re uaaMoi.i
ki ep ihe aoldiera fiom ire U 'ntliig ih in.
I he Winn n would bovpr ironn I e im, ; in 1 1 x)
tbe sol 'In to di ert, and, ' iKIiik thmu to ihor
iu n ! i, there t th- i.i a-nplneJ wuh the pins "i
i us li , nor, nnd lbm nllc lh "r p .pin s. l' i"
Lu i.c i iireame uneiiuuraii.", an I iec ir l.nrly,
n e, n p'aint of the oilieers, his hi t m
M lor is'iml a warnnt for the arre-t of (he
totl tors anil ah f eind In t-n pi ee. I'.io
wanait wi.s i fill In the tiande of Sergomt
tan-non oi ihe l'wt nty-tirat Ward I'-'ll '0.
I.M t veiiiim aiKiut H o'cl ick, he, in cnnpiny
idi ei ver.'l utlleera fiOiu Camp Ci U j'sI t, ret
a nut two compiDiea oi mi diem, aunouud d the
li us mi l took Into cimtivlv tbo lour pr nirietora
and other er'Hina fourteen of wbm
wi re Km,, lis. At tbo lime of ui des enti n
whole party were en the danco H air, wtiie i is i
kind oi a atock evueern between tlie fo.irpro.
The plana wpi ao nne'y executed Ihii not a
rit, lie purtp'tpapt esivi(H'd. Itw paflv wet)
p,ue il in no ui.e file, surrou nl-d hy p 'lni an I
soldiers, and marciicd to Camp Cidvlador.
Here ihiy weie koot under g iar.1 until luid'iu'ht.
Winn Ihcy wpreugaiuf rmod lU'ilin a i l nnr. tied
down KiJge raid to Nin.h. and d iwn Niiitlllo
Cieniiu', iheiieu to the Ceoiril St I'lon, where
liny who locked up until the hearing tuts
Uion it g.
1 be men and women together, aa th -y were
maicurd through the miuno of the street, eirr
loumivd by amili'ary guar J, create t coasidora'ilu
p.xeiuraient, initwlihauiading ibe Uieaoas of me
hour. I l ia morning ull hands were arraigned
In fore Pn ice Mnti-inite Dottier for a hearing.
Seigeant Ciimrnni te-titiitd that the ehtra: it
of the pla.'ra was of ihe worat kiud, be ni tho
resort of the oioat deprave I durtug night and
in y. All ort ol obseeno expressions were in tie
0i ot, and the groaaesi crimes ludulKed in.
One of the defeudanta bare stated tnai ne w ia
rot a proprietor, aa had been charged. Uo only
owceil the shanty, and waa about iu or lor to sco
thai it waa noi d molished.
The sergeant funhcr stated that two dona were
knnivn aa tho M iCh linn or Cad uti ler li iiise ;
one aa 'he Soidn rs' H ippy li juae; uud aaa.Uer
as tbo Metamora House.
l)i er Wui e a'ao tenifled aa to the had eh -rao
er i f Iho pla ea. The women are c ut anliy
inioxicab'd.anit oulv last week he found a worn m
on tlie lot m a bi a-tly atate of intoxicatio a. He
coi.v yed her to the ata ion Ii mio, wuuro alio I'nuvu'aioiia caused ny tho pnsoaoiia
llipn r hich she bad liceu dr uking. Ho also
I iu ii. i mint! er In tho sauiu eou II 10a a'laut threo
w i k n w.
l.ltntenaiit Theo. Snyder, oue of Ilia o:ll;ers ul
Cniiii Caiiwalader, tesiil'm I that fights wira of
freiuent oeeu rence, and thai d w kept
up ui. til two und tnr"e o'el s'k In tho m inimg.
The women got drunk and Induee t ie soldiers to
decu. Wiltiin the last tvo week a lUio moil
have died Iroin the elfe. ts of U'j'ior o'ouiuod
t' ere
C'ip'iiln Kilward Y.. Newhprry, nla ) one of iho
nlll'M rs of iho camp, icsl II d to the fict that
lb ao very women were the cause of oust-im
d Motl' n in sump.
The femaiea who wprp, arreted gavp, the nnniiH
of Minv Ann Mc.Minui, K im K iorr, Miry
Smith, C'laia Hopkins, Ma y Moor ', K ite D ie n
po:t, Sirah J hiiNoti, An in Mulvey, Sinn
Slier-, Jane Tomlin, Eiaii. tli Nelso i, BiUen
llainl ton, II ami ib Murr iv , und Kmru i Hiakle.
Th, y w se nil l OiMiilito I to priaon. thu malea who wero arretted in ir;
than oi.e-half were aoldiera belomrliig ti C np
C-.i'w'.l idi r. Th. ao w ru roturnoi ttit me
cusii dy of 'ho mill nry auih irliies, Thorn worn
al-o several aoltllr.ra wno h id no pisaon an I ire
In T'ded over to tho Pruirn.t Marsli il. Tan
civiliai a were coin inn t .1 to prison,
St'n.i iNo Cahs.-AII travelers will hail wl'h
d laibt the downing of lb it era when sl- eping
Ciirs shall be Introduced ou all our railro ids, fro n
one extent ot tbe ouutry to tho o her. f ie a I ip
tii n of such a svtem would save travelers in I 'h
lo-s of time and annoyance in stippli; oi r nlglit,
while on a j iurncy. Wo see tb it the No.v 1 :r.o.
Cmiriil Hiiilr nid have pla ed a nuui ier of no v
sleeping cara upon Ha route. Those ears ' rn'iri e
sevual uew fui'ure', mM:ig Iboui the in isc .s r
fcit aud elegant now In use. Taey are lO in nino
fi rt wide and ten feet hiitb from tholloi li ho
ronf. Ttie cra are divided int alio rsniuir.
H i nts, six feet long, containing four seats wnn
not used for altrpmg. The b n ka of the an t'a aro
luiied down at mu lit, tilling the api'-e but vo
tbe two acuta, thus) lormlng a "priug iu utr. sa
wide enough fur two persona. Tbo oed ia l ien
uiadv up, forailmr as coiulortuii'.o a r-nng pu -e
a ran lie m cured m a ho el. Above tins are tw i
sliigle berth". The eurtnlna aro of tlio rlnest
(lainoak, giving e h her h all dedratile p-lvi-y.
l i t ip are ulo imvotal slan rooms In oi b cir,
wl ii'b aecoiniii .(In'e two persona, and are en
closed ith finely polished map e, witn a
a idn g dour. K' h oonparmi nt ia turui-iid
wi b a tool lug giosa, and eneh cur with it in irid
top wash ttnid. Thu pain ing and gildiag has
been none with ft view of in . king ibfl ci'a trio
baiidaomiat In u-e. Taey are vouiila ei oy
means of an apparatua pi iced on iho ro if,
through which a cunent of air paaaea down pioa
placed between tne inner and outer ana iliiing of
the Kldea, aud distributed through the com fi irt
ineiita hy menna of ma I rpgiatera. Toe dust ia
aspiriiti-d trom the nir hv moans of amtll tan s
ti led with water, over winch tne air passes. The
cars are beaieo by a patent process, by means of
wh'rb h"t air paaaea through Hues along he
sides, wlib nuiall regtaters In each comoar-roonr,
so that th" occupauta of each can regulate the
tempi rtituie to suit themselves.
C Ai.i. Anoi'TTiiE"EiiAiL de Pauis." The skin
cramcl culled "F.inall de Paris" will otf.ctua'ly
remove all ton and dlsi oloratlnns of the skin,
wlnther fiom the suu or from sea air, and ia
then fore invaluable for re-brlng the vital.ty and
henltl.iufsa of tho skin, impaired hy disease, by
exposure, or by rapid changes of touip- ratur ;.
The "riuuJ do Paris" is tho ouiy genuine
enameling preparation Introduced into tho
Dinted Siatia. Kuaenc Jouio, No. 11 Tcitii
-in ei, lalow Cheai.ut, ia tho ouly a;out for
I l.ninil do Par s 111 this city.
Im lirAHK or Wao i. A meeting of jonrney-
meii luilors was held at Nation il Guards' II ul,
yes.irilav. with a view of ohoilnlng an Increaae of
wnp s. Itc-oluti'iiis wi re a lop'cd and com ntt-
leea apiKHIilcil, WHO wilt repin ia a mi'iwiii
lii-.Tcnn or a rtpniMKST. The 8Zd Peun'yl-
vunia v oiuniet rs, i oiouei j. . u w"i, u c
tiictid to return from tbe aent of war on Iho Kb.
proximo, l'repar.itions are belns trwdo ta give
thnu n hmiilsoiiie reception.
IIahd Bcds. While at the wutciing-pluccs
sleeping on mLserable bard beds, let It remind
von to pet your old runttiesscs done over in town,
at W. Ueuty Pattea's, No. 1IW Chosuul street.
Tvisi av, AugttPt 30. The stock of Qucr
liuou Park is very much reduced, and No. I is
ia demuud at S'ol it'' ton.
The lirst sale of new Cloverseed was ellectcd
tin's moniirgat $14 4K61 lbs. Timothy sells ia
a small way sit S6 25feo'i0. A ule of FlftKiced
to the extont of 150 bushcU was cdectcd at & 10
ii' bushel.
Flour has been in Umhe4 re iucst, and only a
few hundred ban-oU euld at 912 for extra aud
b!2 50 for extra family. There Is little or no de
uiand for bhipplug. Sale) for the supply of tho
trade are effected at ) eatcrday's figures. Ia llye
Flour and Corn Meal no sales have corat uader
our notice.
There ii very little, Wheat offering, and the
market is dull. We notice sales of 1200 bush, good
old Pennsylvania red at $2 D02-55 ; new ditto at
2C(n'2'7l i and white at F.-80(?3. ltye is in
demand at 91'8jnrl'fS7. Corn is not much in
quired after. Sales of yellow, in a small way,
are renotted nt 81-73: and 4000 bush, mined
Western at Sl'71. hew Out art worth 88c., aud
Id $1. Barley Malt remains as laat quoted.
Whlrky Is In limited request, with tales of
renusylvauU and Ohio bbla. at 1 bSa UN)
O'Vict or Tua KvannMi Tii Hrs,l
tarsiiaf , AaaaH de.
Tie fstnek Market la raiherquiet iota uiuming,
tint g'H d fi uiltii a ar stead . In Governmnut
bo da there la Iea doing, an I prices are rather
lower. 6 '.0 io d at llOifWill, ndr-J,of 111,
at 119 ; '3sj are quoted at HO.
Therp la not much doing In Rallroal aharee,
tint pcea are without any mft'erial ehtuga.
Ueaiin g sold at titij t Pennpyivania, 74f j Little
HchuylHlll 47; C'tii-n Preferra I, 41 j ( Mil e
blll, rJ-JJ ; a' d N rib Penny Ivatii Kaiir uadnoa la
at inii; 4H waa hid f r Lo g I -hind, oi for I'
dclphia nB'l Lrie, .VI for North I'enns) lvai)l,ad
22 for Csstnwissa coumim; uew' fare selling
at I' 6.
Coal OH i-harts, are dull an 1 prices aeo rfW'i'r
lowir, with aalca of Mineial Oil to n ;i c t '.'1 :
DaUell at ll i ; M Cllnioc at 7 ; and Perry at 6.
City Pae3gir lUiilroada aro d ill at ahout
fornu r rutea. V) wa hid far T -nth and Klevoulti ;
AS lor Chesnut and Walnut; iiJ for Arab; aal 31
f r Oieen and C ntoa.
Dank Share are firm, but there La Utile or
Dothlng iloina ; lo.) waa bid for North Am ine i;
130 for Pl.llndelpbia; 6I for Farmera' and Mo
chanlcs'; id for Commercial ; Hi for M ochauk-a'j
2H for Manufacurers' aad Mc hani.-a", a id 3v)
far Coruni' owealth.
There I- no change to no'.i- In the'Vlmey
market. Loins aro plentv on call at 6 por c-jat.
per annum ; beat paper at front 7(r9 per cont.
There ia more doing in G il l, and have
again declined, opening at 2 ; fell off a ad sol 1
at 233 at 11 o'elook; '23 at 12, and 2.33.) at
121 o'cloe.
A despatch from Washington, this morning,
say : The subscriptions to tne new loan, aa ro
portid at Ihe Treasury leptrtment yeaterdiy,
ntnounts'd to 8W5 001, and to the 10-40 l.ian
to $413,000. The anba-rlptiona to the now 7 3)
loan to date amount to 9-ri,!76,600.
The National Rank Note Company Is now fur
nishing g3,0o0,oO0 daily of bonds for the coiner
aioti of tlio 7'30's duo in AunuslandO -tolwr, lM.
TltKPBOroar.n(BllM Al lalAM to ocu Oovhiin
mkmt ok Oik TuoraAND Milliosi Doi lakb
A New York journal Bays: It waa de
sired by Si eri tury Fraaeiielen that Ihe propo-ml
received lnui Hamburg tor a loan of oue mon
uml millions tbonld be kept quiet for a cum' ;
tint as it has, tiotiviihstanding, lieen ma le pu die,
both lure mid In New York, there is no impro
priety In stating the facta. The terms up in wbicb
It ia proposed to make tbia loan are considered
very advaiituses ns, aud it may he stated that they
meet with much favor from the Government. I c im
proposed thut thu loan shall he for suvonty-tivo
jeiiia at an Intere-t ot throe perount. The pnv
iiientM aro to be made twenty per cent in coin,
ten per rent, in L'n.te.l States currency, un I
sivrmy pur Pent, in oiitftandlne ohliitationa of
ti e I'ldtcd S'ates. It ia proposed to d spose of
tbe whole nniount amonit the people of tbu con
tinent ot Kurope, ou the piinci.ila of pro 'a i mil
louus.ihe ptinelpal to ist reimbursed to th " h ildora
ntirii'g the last lor i-tivo j Ban of i be term, inoiial
semi utiuuiil iu-ilineuls, IheG ivernmeiii p tying
the cmreiit interest, premi'ima, and prin Iptl,
hicb would reiinirfl but tiity nil1 lions mt ami nil
dnrit.g the term of the loau oventy-tivo yours.
It Iims not et been decided wheihur tnls loan
sbal. lie acce.u d. it w, II, of conrso, roqalre an
act of Cotigrcsa to complete tbe ma't-r, aa
itaeniy-yiuta honds tire the longest that eau
bo issued ui dir exlstiug nets'. I'ner) wid he
mi dllliculty Iu ohulning the n'ces'ary legis
lation sbould thu loan bo occp'-ud, nod
ita uli ct upon ihe finances of tho oxtntry
will he nn I'C'liutely a iparent, m It will at onxi
cic'itp denial, d lor Government se 'iirltlej vliich
will nibanee their vulue, and enable thu Troi
sui lo aisposc of a suilicieui amount, upon a I
vatiiHCf u-n rm", hi supply Its ueoessi ios. Ir.
w.ll also witliiinw from eir, 'illation a hundred
ii.ll Iti me nt Breenhaeks, whl.iU will, of eourso,
iliniin'ah the ollfereneo in value between car-
leney and mo d. It uviv b" reg irdo t ua na 'rly a
eeitain'y that the proposition will be aceerel.
U ia I r.iifvi ii i bat it will result in an early return
to cpci ie pHymeuLs.
ttsnurliiu o. Ura-mi -t v., llruAars. M. Ul 4. TUtrd Ml
ur.roite. iiuvK.ih
:-l)li II i Tan Wi Vs. I(al
k Itrursir .' I W
in i ib
... as
bl."i i '.il
.... J's
17 11 1 Uo t
Jl n i. lisnsni'ire -in ., IIS
I'OsS K4M I'M a..Ol'l 1,','
voisii it'i iiio a--,
l -li Horn Plantar... 4 'l
,n -li Da tail Oil .... I.'S
Mi ill On bi l.''
frfm s'i CoatWie'iul Oil I'-l
la) sli I'trrv oil ir
ti ii an a I
vi si i h Msti,hanl ..
I'.sO Kiiaisinr nil...
'ti 'i -h Mm l ariu...
'i'lsi sn tlo c
HO-h ao
IIS II ill 11.1111 IS. II .I'M
iii'a ii tod
hi o iaI'iti u Oil...
lislah Oj bU 7','
MitMT DO sio
tlltOU S. ".
ioi -a PuiLeo OmO. ... ioi;
i n sn Si II0 l iV
sl -h Ulnar! on
l"ltl Ul
fu ill Haiu'll nil.... IH,
an Mo aiMtook .... I
Ol ih il 'I 7
IKI Ml Parry
1 l) sn do UJ
lOUIDSV-tl oi.... 4oi
Misn Llllla Hall K.. l
lnoshi'auw. uf. HV
JO an II. A H Top... HI
'.'I sli A SIo Ha.. 61 1,
10 ah Panna K K.... 11V
Ui ih Rch. Mav o-mb. J
till u
I a
l-SIH, Ill
Oi 'I'd!
en tin'.,, ua ia!'. i,'2s;
oo I' '-l',
In 1 1 ,
It i r 'l;!
IA 0
f.'ioi Pann en'ie,"l I
f.-lOi.lll over I
S7mi On nil i
tl'i'.iaiOtv iia, ivsw ....pat j
SHISiAllian.Cii.'a.... .so
tin; ISe'i Nv. lis p.1. .. sii
t ' W llianrh b.l.. .1111
tliao S I a. Is I(M
euao '.rtll l-a it ... aN'
-uiess ur ftlKlrl IW NEW TOKK.
Bi-iHirtsO Or Cuu-ki m Co., Sronn, No. Ul st. Third HI,
in Ca't. Btcotvi OaU
rnlird Hta'es ea, 1M1 . Int off.
Ileiu'lnii hal r.M.1
Nw V-rk Orniral IUIlT"J,.
she Kallmarl
Hnnon Kalrroad
.its hid
.. StV bid uid
..nsisj bH
..I'M, bid
.. a.'i;H bid
..l'lt't Md
t'Dind Slates 4-Jisi
Ouotutlona i f G id at the Philadelphia Gold
F.xci'ai ge,No.31 S Thud sinet, secoud story:
4 A. M Zolj 12 M int
11 A. M 233 1 P. M 133
Market weak und uclivo.
Jav Co ike A Co. uuote Government Securi
ties, &c, to uoou to-day, as tollows :
IT. S. 6s, 1S81 108
V. H. 7 3-10 Notes Ill
Ci it; lira tea of ludi btediiesa, new... t
liiiar ernia-iei'a Vouchers H'l
.i-20 Honda 1'XiJ
New 7 3 10 notes ready for delivery, to August
9 incluivo.
OiioiR'Inn? of fho principal Coal Mid Coal Oil
Mocks ut 1 o'clock to-day :
SiJ .nt. Ai l
riiltr.u Ciinl..
1' Si Kevslioie Oil..
llV llfi'iiitaiii I'ual. a
k,U Mi J.t . ...V,
s , ''ntu-iiiai IS'
-.':) I lO.iii IVlrali'liUl.. IISj
i. ' MamsM ml 1'
t ' ; ur..iki oil 1
I Vi KrankUn OJ
4lrr.-n Mi. ('' ai...
S I a'Im le'ale ....
Naw l?riek
Ketsifcr laui Cual
. r
. I s'
, U
I Irvm.' O-l I'f it
'l'i Pnie Kami Oil.... t ' ..
.. ln.ileril.ial I '.)
ti Ksaiiins iimi.... V :' SI
.. I'l-nsmore ., It1:
II liAii-IHlU II a
ft .XI e I liitsm, y a a
ft H'Mwrlft Oil 9 S
I'., tl in-tcxl i 3
., li iiiirA livlaamtar. .. li.V
e' 1'irroli.uji laauura. a' I
l: Ki-lfrt S. 3-s
7 II, .e l.tniO i ,
I' vrls.urnil I';
oi. Hir tana l'i
Ainei li nii K .1. ll.i .
lviai V1i.Ii a
lilruril Am, Ins'....
Fitiu vlutiri
I I lla. , ,1 II , -I. in. .,
M a ml .11 Mnitliil
tar,iiitli- Miulnu a
Alss. . I run V
li.l l'rik '
llai'is OH.. 17
M.I'I.D'r.l till
I tniiiM Ivaulii I'at. .
I'siry Oil
ILniriu Oil
tlnrkels ttj 1 clrarrmpb.
BAi.nMoni;, Attrrust 30. Flour dull; Howard
ali-eet siiiarnne, tll:l. Wheat very dull and haavyi iu'W
H'.ull.oni red, 170. Wl-lte Corn steady; yellow dull at
tl'M. Wlilsl.v dull and uonilaialal l wii4l ol. Uiucene.
uiiit tlvo ai.d aroopiiia.
Ni w Youk, August no Flour has declined
Sl,,:i,', hale of 7li Wila. at WVvtW ' fir Htata.tlt rs)
t i,-.' 7'. r.,r Oiilo, Ids ae in 14 lor Houtliern. Wbnal ili-,'laii'd
i.aie; rules ill uuisirlaiit. Corn Is lc. lower, Willi tew
anil-., lu-it doll. I't.rk lieaiy uad ailoUar lower; attia at
5, ,.s s7i " -a f,,r M"--n. laird dull. Wluaky dull.
lleci -ipta ol HcHir UKAi bias. Wheat IS,U0U bulb. .1
Pl r J. biui-niun, Hanks, Salt'ai,l:ajitiiiii.
a. i.r Sili ii klnsiu'ti l -.-ny, Uoalou, VI a Mix
Il lit.
Scl.r barah Woes'.er, Lard, Portland, W. l(uatr, Jr.
aRRtVEn Tali M1RN1K0).
' teaml li Sorinao, hours Ironi Boston, arioa
nula and uassenavrs to H. Vllnsor. I' orl llowliay
ll,s,k i.i WoUa, Iroia laverav!, ooiuuaj up ui
'TiriaWm. Allsn (Br.), Stubbs, M days from Bljek
River, J a., wilL loowoad and ooBKto l. CJ;
liri liandat, b, I'n-sy, w daa (roaa ew ortm, ui
iliyJoaTpU0. U,. tr.- Oaoraetowa, D.
Cisc?.rT"rl.WTaMP ForbM. Kooaxae. ta MM t.
'r.r'ti'oiiaKk, Ban. a.. 4 days fross Itoatoa, with tea
to lsiariir.isi ..r M N.
lark, Willi aadsa to W.M. IIahd SC
oattolal lsaaavlaar Ut (Miolwy l'Uasrs
62.42,32,14,36,(iu,10,4OT73,&4,2H,, 15,21,61, IS
ICsTk (tuaa 41 AafliM M, Wbt.
103, 7o, 4.1, 3D, 22, F, 21, oo, 14, Hi, 64, 14, 17.
Cutaian aaat 1 adjawila
I. E. iuaova Cj
Wf ornithine our enfrtr-ta from the Richmond
pnpera of tbo 2fllh Instant: '
aost or uknp.kai. fixxEO'ai wot'wonn.
A ion of General Finngn was w.iuadod, la
Ihe batl'e of Sunday before PotPrahtirg.
Till BATTLKfl narOHK riTiriHHl'Rri.
There have been three abort but ak wp conteai
on the line of the Weld id laliroat alnoetbn
riiemy advanced their line lo that dlree lrxi o.l
Thur day la-t. Tbiy took place rcsooc Ively on
Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. I j theae tare
batiks a tWrabaig paper eatimM IM eMray't
ha, Ine.luulng prisoners, at not less than eigat
tl.oasaiid, pro'iably more.
Vp lo yesterday tha eneroy maintained their
enure I Dts ou aud r a ion ranroil. aa 1 wore
sun et.gsgi d in Unifying and ereo he mug iDouT
pvsitiou, thowiiig uo dispoaitioa to depart.
The 2d Ma yiaud lalaa.ry a id foirful inroals
un de Unu na uiu r roil in too haa es of tae
is b uud It' h In-tant t ir tue pusno-sion of tai
Wiluou lailroad, uear PevrsOaig. ran ktilu I,
wounotd, ana unaaiug up nuliiy out of A '
u.ine Uiau two hundred. Will M y Ian Jura
iu tlie South antler tbia " M irylainl" Llue."
Iiapiiied wub the 'dood of the liard aal
Hi Klein, Una link it wttu si auoeatral ch ita
to the "Hue' of ibe Hevo uuou of ti 100 t
away In the bottle smoke of tnl grmiar aul
gnaur levuluiMin, become txtiuct aud leavj toe
old rsuitc wubuut a picture in tne v oi near tue
H .along of the guna, or will they no: rather sicp
Into tl't) plaoa ol their fallen broi'aei', nl at up
and pie-s on Ihe ctduo.n The Liue Una a ndf
seliit ved a it-putailon for gallantry and dgbtiug
U lines second to no org iniia i.m in me arai v,
nun wuiih.t i f the "old Lino," of wUi. O this If
tin h oixl Ues. i udant and lineal ollspnng. Ita
n.nipuny rai.ks must be rilled up witn freak
Diatetmi troai tue pareai State, or tbe Marf loni
Line w ul tease to exist Ir jiu nivie pauciiy of
Kkvua. ; . 4
It will 1 seen by a speclil otder published
rlntwtere, tnat all Matyiaudura re-iding or ao
journitig iu K cbmond, have ho. n du.-lared eligi
ble m at-ive iu Uia 'Zd Kegimeul Kumira Kofoe
ot Virginia, tuiiilojed tor local deieo-. .Cap-t-ilu
J. McCnainaii, Company N,ot this regi
ment, ha received tbe n-qiiiai authortiy, aul
wbl proceed at to eurol d aao i-uito nia
couipany. The requirenieuis ot Una urdur do not
apply io those M t.yiaudera enroll I airetdyin
otbtr uiill.ary organisations for lo:! doiaasu.
We clip the following from tbe Atlanta HiytciiZ,
of ADgUbi22t o m
ln in ATLiaiA.
Tbo roiniiierce ot Atlunut ia j is, now prlu :l
pul:) conlieeu to tho wa.ermelou a id apple irwle,
uno tbe arrival of each tram causes many trana
nriHina lor a abort 8iuee of lime tueresttiur. We
quote melons as ranging ar any i"ic fro.u ttvo to
Iwenty-rJvo dollars apieoe, ae tordiugf t-i Ilia
auxH ty oi toe puichaaer, uod very interior applet
in nit) dollnra a bushel. We may a Id, teao, that
full erowu men are principally cnga"d Vi.inai
trade, !'.. boys Dearly ail bavlng buea frig at'"
cueu on. : .
aii i no nospiiais ann store? onis.
Hue ot rood between At an' ami West Pttnjr.
have beeu remoiud. Luis ia a who pe-u..i f
aa ihe operations of the uneojy on turn ilnocuu
now jsi-sl' ly Interfere wub military opcr.iv
hire, and tbe troops uuretotora uesvnvry" ti
guard It cuu be u.-ed to more auvautageuoioivuerej
ACLllllMAt. rxI'l.OslON Or A 8IICLI.. , '
A shell that hud bet a carried Int j the Kxprosa
otliec yesienlay t xidoded w hdu balng caruiusaly
liiinoied I y u oeitro. Alihoui'li tbo fragiuutiui
flew iu every direc ion tbo Ooy himself waa tho
only Si tleiet, receiving aevcro w muds iu luroa
plate-. Tue eacilim of tho Mni'hMi of toe rwfl :o,
and othcra who wore prosout, w in truly remark
able. okhhii.ix onAxr's vicroHiEa. "
The K.suMitirr editorially holds th tC "ths oa-tKbll-biiit
in of tj -aui'a forces ou tun ilatt ot' tha
Wtldou railroad may ou oa-i terol us e m
tiu. nun, n ol that u.iilorut lu rve n -ul hy tne left
Hank whicu helippnased ou lusuriny iiumodiamly
liner cross. ug thu Kapidan.uud out of wuica it can
Im more nt part uiau luo iu ion c ta st y I ) u uer
oi Im. d rtnliil v li w is highly und ssir i ilo 1 1 per
mit the enemy m ad i ana) bis lett lng scroiiMiat
ruiiinud m d thu w.igon road lying we tol it;
l oihii g coiiiil huve suited us iiettor than to
knp bim for ail ibe rt main ler of inia su umor
sue icru g In tlie uiiwuoii'soiue ruMiou wiijiu
he nn-. Yet it is not very pi ou Hi tha Im
posing movement upon the rutins I S-n:Il'j
li.tti, or hurts us, to any preat extent. lie li.
Miopia tlm hue of road, both tua r ul and
wat uu mails; but this I- no", lies! glug or lil
irstinK IVteisbtirg, The enemy h to now a
li in h It nger line io dcluud, aud in ordor to
o eiiy the rmi road in 10.01 uo uis lial iiaitu
floii ait serious enterprises mi the nirt'ihink of
tbe James. Ho will probtblv trouole us no
moru in tbo direction of Docp Ujiuiiu and
Cbult'.n'a (aim ; and our forcAis can of c larso na
apatcd In ibe g. eater numheitns to w oca u I eaa
trout him iu bia sre-eni uosiiloa. li m iy oo aap
poaed that his advauco to the westward givotl
tilui gre .i r laeilities to send out raiding parties
to the S. ui aside aud D uville railroads. Hat if
be ran turn his aiuionou more coseif iaih.t
direction, so can we. I a short, this la a couriun
a Ion of Oiant'a ineviui'ile re vo lot I u aroaii'l
KieLmot il, under thu influence of his eoo'ripoial
and centriiugal for.ta; and in iy end lu oruiglng
bim routal to the Itapidaj again, always liy tbo
left flank."
xhmkl aot ucks or ai rri.T.
Bpeakiug of L'uiou railroad raid, tbo Si-Htim-I
In the raid of May, twenty-three b-ldgos
among tbiiu that ovor New river, eigh.eeona
dreo let t long, aud sixty feel UigU tlard-d.
Although the timber with whicu tills nrldgo wd
re pa bed was, at tho time of ita duauuiiuoa,
growirg in Ibe woods, tbu matarlals ward pra
vuled nnd the work executed in iiiuaieeu dva.
When, in the uiiddieof June. Hunfr made bia
raid, bo Hitured bituiwll tua Uo bad duus) too
woik ou tbia road tlloctunly. Tua work of
di'siructiou,' sum tho liittarer, 'whs thoroughly
orgiiniiied. llrigadea tore up the track, me
chanics, (letsUiud aud provided toil
for tbe put pose, piled, bum', and destr iyej
Ibe and rai:Aitb as tuoca ayate n
na had beou iroploycd m Hi e lustraotion of
the load. I'hty du-UJu d every li Igu fro u
Lyuchhiirg to Seleui, a distanop of sf .ty niioa,
at d rendered it neeesaarv Ui rvpli'H fmo htn-ea
thousand to twenty thonsund cro a-tioa. Thi)
rails had lain he., led. b ut, uud t.vistod, and
were atrniphlened aud replied. The tua mr for
these bi ulcus nnd crosk-tios. an well a for wol
ahtdi, uud water tanks, un I ottmr neooasary
atruitun a, wus giowing iu the woods when tbo
rind occurred The cueiny had destr ye l four
thousand liutal feet of biiduiug. O i of I'leso
bridges whs mui'lv eight buudied feet 1 .i.j a id
alsiy feet hi,'h. The whole of tbcs.t repura, ex
cept the ptiticipil budge, was liuuibvd in ainuu) a
ouya, sua ti.e roua was in runmag orue-r iro n
I yiiclii'tiig to Urisiol within less t'lan aix y daya
trom the day ol ita dcatni 'tlm "
"We make tliLs quotation, ut only to aho
what energy aud ciitvip, i-i em do, but to prove
thut ourcoiniuiiiiie ition with th South, by mo aua
of the Danville ruilroad, cannot bo destroyed a
long us raiding pai-tioa aro thu ouly dooouJcnua)
for destioyiug it. Ferniaucnt occupation la ibe
ouly thing that can ettect It, and we hardly think
that possible just at this time. Even sbould tho
High bridge ou the Southside railroad be de
stroyed, a temporary road could be made around
tbe tinck, or the Danville railroad could be
reached fiom the Southside by a road from Farin
villeto Keyaville. Much anxiety has been felt
with regard to tbe exl-teuee of railroad Iron in
bullicient quantltiei to repair these roads a they
me brokeu tip ; but it need no longer be telt.
Steps have already been taken at Lynchburg for
rr-rolling old railroad iron, and no doubt similar
arr.ingomtut will be made here and elsewhere.
In abort time, railroad iron may be ruadu
abundant, at leuat for all the purpose of war.
"For uioat of the facts here stated we sa- in
debted to the article in tbe Hnquirer, supposed to)
bavc been written hv an eminent citizen of Vlr-
f;mla, long distinguished by bit thorough know,
edgo of Iho resources of the Slate and his teal ia
the cause of internal Improvement. We bail tho
opinion that our railroad caunot bo long kept
out of use by meant of raids, as tlie more im
portaut, because we believe it Is tap
ported, If lt was not originally inspired, by
men of tlie largest experience aud the bigbeut
practical ability. That Is the only element in the
question of (J rant's present position which Bead
ive ut the slightest uneasiness. If he canaua)
liable the Danville railroad ao as effectually to
cut Uk oil from the South if be cannot cut ut of
torn the South even by disabling th Danville
railroad effectually and if he cannot starve out
Our army, even though be thouidcutotfoojeout,"
tuuuication with the South. then we Mvdj
nothing tcrlout to apprehend from Ida late move.
tviMl. ItUket hiii out of the low MW"J
turAppomatuK,ftnd placet tha l it j'We''. That it ""ii'iohadi
. e :