The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, August 16, 1864, FIFTH EDITION, Image 1

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Many Prisoners, Gang, &c, Taken.
Tho Rebels Are Driven Down
tho Valley.
Etc, Etc., i:to., J2tc, j:to.
Wahiiinoton, Auirust l(t, 10-:W A. M.
Major-Oneral Dix, New York: The follow
ing official report of thi surrender of Fort.
Gaines, and the abandonment of Fort Powell,
dated August Otli, at New Orleans, ban Wo.
received from Major-Oenernl Canhy :
"Fort Gaines, with od commissioned ofll.'ors,
and 918 enlisted men, with its armament ol
20 guns intact, and proriciotw for twelve
months, has surrendered unconditionally.
"It was occupied by our force at 8 o'clock
yesterday morning.
Al'nrf 1 " II 1 . 1 .1 I . . .....!...,
q i ul. j uvh nun uuuuuoiicii, n.-s geuiitsitjei
escaping to Cedar Jomt. Its armament ot 18
guns is in condition for immediute service.
" AdmIral;Farragut will Immediately invent
Fort Morgan, leaving garrisons lit Forts
Oalneg and Powell. "
A telegram from Oeneral Siiktmii
command, dated Auauht 14, at Cedar Creek,
was received this morning. It states that ex
cept Mohkuy's and White' guerill w, there
la no enemy this side of the lllue Kidgc, that
Shf.hidan'h trains are all up, and hi." army In
line condition.
General Sheridan, in a despatch of the 1 lih
instant, n ports that the stories of plunder
taken from Maryland by the Rebels are all
humbugs. They have very little Just enough
to subsist upon and no more, most of which
has been taken from the Shenandoah valley.
In another depatch, dated the 12th of
August, he says: "General Early's train is
a very small one, not exceeding 250 wagont,
and the stories about accumulated plunder
from Maryland are untrue."
The Department has received an uuolHeial
report from Fortress Monroe that movements
were being made yesterday In front of Peters
burg, but owing to the telegraph line being
broken, no Information has been received from
The Department is without uny recent in
telligence from Atlanta.
The Rebel papers received here say nothing
about Mobile since the capture of Fort Gaines.
F.uwiv M. Stanton, Secretary of War.
"I,ovihvilj.J!, August 15. We learn from an
nicer of the 2d Indiana Cavalry that in tho late
raid MoCook started out with 2200 men, entirely
(dependent of Stoneinan, captured or destroyed
1100 wagons, over 3000 mules and horse?, a vast
mount of quartermaster und commissary stores,
destroyed the railroad and telegraph at r.iline'to
nd both sides of Love-joy' station, raptured 1000
prisoners, of which number 72 were commis-
al.i.iail naH.'pra ivioh,,lino- flAio.rnI Itnaa oti.l innjr
( ..v. .,
oi su jenncsseo crigaue.
Me Cook wns surrounded near Newman by
Wheeler, Roddy, Jackson, and an infantry divi
sion. He lost about 510 men, and fell luck
Capture of Three Steamers Loaded
With Government Cattle,
Imumxavolis, August 1.5. Tbe Rebels under
Colonel Johu.-on, estimated tJ be lodti Kronp, cap
tured three steamers near tsbnwnei town, Iditiois,
on Saturday night. The" steamers were loaded
with cattle, belonging to the Government, for the
use of the forces stationed along the Ohio river to
protect the border of Indiana. At the last ac
counts the Rebels were ferrying the cattle across
the Keutucky river. It is now supposed that
they will not attempt to cross to Indiana.
Caiho, August 15. About five hundred Rebel
cavalry, under Colonel Johnson, eroded the
Ohio liver Into Illlt ois at Saline bay, on Satur
day. The Mourners Kate Robinson, Jenny l r
,., Sitldiugah; Famine, Vrnuduii, and Clara
Hull were aground at that place and were cap
tuied, with a large utuouut of stock aboard. The
captured boats were compelled to pay sever
thousand dollars each to save theia from de
struction. Lot isvii.i.f, August 15. Passengers arriving
at New Albauy, Iud., say that Johnson, with a
body of Rebel cavalry, is threatening Henderson,
Kentucky. Our garrison there is composed
ihicfly of negro soldiers, who are under the pro
tection of our gunboat., which are ready to shell
the town In case the Rebel succeed in getting iu
Many of the inhabitants are ikciug north of
the Ohio river.
Captain J. H. Terry, for a long time an active
and efltcloiil member of the Quartcruiustcr ' De
partment here, has been appointed and assigned
to the ofllce of Quartermaster of this post.
Arrival of (he "llnuwn."
Ntw Vobk, August 10. The itoaiuor llama
bag arrived via Southampton. Her news is anticipated.
Basis of the Peace Negotiations
Nr.w York, August K The iteiwr Ci!i. of
Koliimnre arrived this morning t'rora Liverpool
on the 4th Instant.
Iter advices hare been ma nly an'iolpitcd bv
the steamer S'orth American.
The reported capture o: t!nnta eiuseil gre.
st lit'actii n in Ingland among tho friends of the
Vnlon, and tho Rebel loan declined 24 in couse
qiience. The London I'ium ys It appears likely
tho American (! ivernnien wi'l recognl.e th
new Oovermnent of Mev ieo Vforo ling I and does.
l'atliiment bad aiimurned.
At the tishmopg rs' riicii-t l ord Rf I a, id
lord I'nlmrr t iu both maintained that the oif
rd y and honor of l-'.ngl ind h id been npJ'.c' i u
its i llorts to secure peace in 1 'nmark.
The f Ihiwing It st ited t-j lie toe b w' of pivo
hctwien Ileum .rk and l'mia and Austria. cnhi rv, -h b eswig, .in I -dste: are :o I -j
ec'i d to the great German l'owern.
The Hand of Arro is to remain w ith Popinark ;
Abtn and tic Wands of tin N jrtn ea 1 1
a Ith tfch'cswitr.
)n nee "tint of the I).i-rh en-'arrj lr M,
a reetitic.itiou of tho 'ut!.nd frontier w'U
take piaee.
A lletlln depatch of the 2d says ' teM
ftrnni, dated Vienna, the 1st. st U 'h .t aa iti.ii.
tiee has e n concluded lor :hre.; iiiou!-, ti
minal lc on i wi eks' notice."
The I'l.Pcd States friule ucramenlo arrived
at Falmouth on the 2d insta'it.
omtiicrelttl Iiik Illein'O.
l.oNtwv, Aug'ist 4. t.'ou-.'ls e'used ;'.t '!.. ' 'J
for niniif y.
The Hunk of Kneluttd hm advanced its rate of
disrotiiit to H piT cent.
Amhiii in StocKs Illinois t u'ral K ii!r i 1
41 ii t'l per cent, di-comit ; Riilrnd to. I '.
I'.tFHi'oni, August .". t'ottnn saes for iho
w.rk H4,otK) iiaics, inelnHP e 'l.oo to speculators
and .wtH) to exporters. Tho ninrkol lull, with a
di el ne of j(" A I. on all ,! s ripiioas ; sales to d iy
.jtiOO i-t)r, i-icludin li)S) to Heieulators und
e.xporti r the inarki t cioxinu fiat, m the tollo v.
Inir quotations for Middling. O-leans,
Moldh', :i-ild.j Upland, no. btock in mark t
Jt;,tH0 hales, inc. tiding l,.jM) Atnerlci.
Drtaitstutls dull, with a slight decline in ail
qualities Trovisiotis d ill, and tend!')-' do vu-wii'd-.and
quotations ti ireiy in uiiuiiied.
l.ttMmv. Aiiftiitt o. Coruols elo",-I at !o; t' r
nioni-y. The bullion in the Hank el' Knghm I n .s
decieased .f?H9,iss).
Illinois Central shares, 4 i per eont. discount :
Krie, 41 J.
I.omion, August "i. The' ! of the lin
late of discount to 8 per cent, his !cores-el II. e
There is no political n;ws o!'i"iporUu
More of tho Same Sort Afloat.
UonoN, August lti. Captain Foed, of tho brig
llillow, before reported captured by the TilUt
hanre, gived tile lolloping particulars ot his lutor
vit w with the pirate explain :
I was two hours and a half on board th-3
Tallahassee. She has one pivot gun, thro: f jr
ward guns, and one bra-s gun, of large eaiior.;,
ou the hiirricjino deck. She has also several
spate guns.
Her captain, John Wood, was quite five ail
itticonecriied iu bis talk with us, aud 3a..l he
could steam sixteen knots an hour, and had
crossed the British Channel (twonty-ono milet) )u
seventy-two liiiniitcs.
He would not light, ho said, uuli si c.iii.i.c'.!, d
to, and prcferrd to run, as bis vessel was so fast.
He also observed that, within ouu weok ho h id
desirojed over fifty vessels, and that within thirty
hours of my capture ho said he had dc troy 3d
sixteen sail namely, three ships, two hTpies,
and the rest herniapbrodue brii aud echo mers.
One of the ships was the trWa'.c, of New York,
captured the same day he took my vessel.
He added that h" would s ickon onr CO is'.ing
trade so that I'ncleAhe would bo glad t i in ike
Ho asked mo about the Nantucket light-bot,
and afterwards said, recurring t his designs,
that there were more atlout than tuc Florida and
T illahassee, meaning, of course., the Confederate
ships ol similar character to hi own, and L'uclo
Abe had better look out.
Captain Wood appeared very atlable and said
he was performing an tinplcisant duty.
The Talluiasme is an iron steamer of rnf li;h
build, schooner rigged, has no yards or topmasts,
and lost her mainmast in collision with hu
She is a very I'Mig uano vessel,, burns soft
coal, and has a'niost a hundred men oa boir.l,
who arc subject to the discipline and order of a
timn-of-war. All the otlieers are Southerner-,
and she had three or four negroes on board, w lio
did not appear very jolly.
i-i: i:
Sfrltil Itrtpati'h to The k'tTiitntf T-teyi'ttph,
WisiiisiiioN, August bi The Washington
f 'Iii It u( to-day bus a significant double-Icuied
. ader, on the road to lusting peace, which con
cludes as follows: "We would sec Mr. Lincoln
out of the tanvass, with till our attachment to Ids
person, tied our high sense of bis wortii, if by
such a surrender we r mid save the country from
the election of a representative t.f a dishonorable
pence on the bais of .-i parati ui. From tint
catastrophe w c must be saved at all hazards."
Ketiirn ol orreonlcnl from Nlier
ihhii Army.
Nashviiif, August l. .Several correspond
ents of different newspapers have arrived her
from below, as they anticipate no early move
ments of importance.
Promotion of iieuernl Aierttl.
Is Tin: Fir.ui, Va., August lfl. (ioacral
Avtrill has been made a Ma.ior-Ueaenl for
his gallant fight of Mooreficld and sucecibful
('ptratious during the lat month.
NlnklDK of m Steamer.
C'aiuo, August 1.3. The steamer Glatltufni:
from St. Louis for New Orleans, loaded with (iov
ernmcnt freight, struck a rock In the Mississippi
river, thirty miles nbove here, yesterday, and
sunk to the mala deck. She will doubtless be
The Ex-Mayor of Mruilil.
Caiho, August 15. The Memphis Uu'Jetm
ssys ex-Mayor I'arks has been relcaied from
prbon, having written a penitential letter to the
military authorities.
Ni.w Yoiik, August 10. Stocks are dull.
CI USRii sua Kock l.lund, ItIV: Cuiiit.i rlui.a imfrrr.U.
-,i illlliiMk, MKIuunn bnutlfrn,
, ; do. KUiiinlM'ct, 14-'. hex Central, : tli .J.
.'. l;i;i; Jli.U.i.nKiver, la;): Cuiii.,11 Uinunr. ati-p
irnllilu On. '1 : i loourl (,s ; hrif, 11,1',' ; One Vear L cr
tltlealt., ll'i l ivs Iwenlv Cuu.(ail. le'f'ri ; Io!j.-O'oil,
lm,lii lia-lurtl,lo;).1, : i'uuijii in, los1,; tiotd, -jm'.
Baltimore, August 10. Flour is dull. Wheat
aim; liks ill ,J Corn .! un. Itilf . mid Klillu vu.
Ihiiit ; )i Uuw dull. Vi l.lbk uriu sud lu. iouei . liiwiaits
SIS tjull-t.
Five Hundred Prisoners
and Seven Pieces of Ar
tillery Captured.
Our Troops Hold the Captured
Kpeclnl to The Metilnit Telrgritpti.
V isn l M. inv, 'r,'i;,t I''.
The say the mail-boat AW fron fity
Point n'ports that the iiwvem ;nt of lac 1 Corps
up the J iin-M rivfr on S it unlay ni-tht r.-i If. 1
in the routing of a It j'.ol r r.-.- at
Dutch "ap, and th captiin: of I've hundred pri
soners and eveu pieces of artillery.
Tho position 's'l upicd In the i neniy is m'h! 1 1
have been a strong one, and is now occupied by
onr trnips, wh are a'dc to hold it.
The AeyMirf took down from li-rmitd i ltnti
dred to I'oitrcRs Monroe over ono hiuilred
prisoners from this ii.'hi, forty of h) ii
claim to be deserters. There vrn but little hard
fUhting done, as 11 incoek ace nipli-hed his pur
pose hy a skilfully executed feiot, and a sur
prise. Consc.Ucntly our loss is snu'l, lieln
estiuiated iess than one hundr:d. rrc'oustotlui
movement up the river, the troips were p' iced
upon transports, and nined down st. nt ii msly
to below Harri-in's Landing, thus completely
deceiving th.; Kelt !, who ,v one ; sup e.i th.u
the iege of Petersburg .ind Itichiuond v. n b Ceg
I'nder eovernf the night th troops were urn "d
up rivir ug .in, and the result was a complete
surpri'-e of the enemy.
Onr trjops hue no giin'd, it is s.jl. a-,
important posit on with n t.;.. miles of l'rt
,r i iii:u . i. ...c m.
Wi-iiim. ion, Aut'ii -t I'l. A p i-sciig. r in the
mail-boat from City Point, whl ;h arrived to day,
reports that a detachment of thy 'd Corp ou Sun
day swept round to Deep Run, and captured a
number of prisoners.
About eighty of them were yesterday landed
at Fortress Monroe. They are South C.irolini ins,
and bilung to Longstrcet's Corps. Their
anee indicates that they hiuc sull'. iod hard
Important New a Expected Soon
WisiiiM.ios, August Id. I.ii'ornutiou his
be. n received here of a great strategic movement
on the art of Oeneral Urant, which will, if su.;
ccfsful, change the whole uspei t ot the canip.ii;;u
in Virginlu.
At the time tho in iil-boat left City Point yes
terday morning the movement was progressing
favoialdy, and had a'ready nieX with great stio-ce-s,
and will compel Lee to evacuate either
Kicbinond or Petersburg, as it will be imposs'ble
for him to hold both, and must nltitu itely ao
conip'itdi the re luclio:i of Fort Da; Hi. g.
Operations are lu progress on both sides of the
river, although at the date of the last advices tho
principal oue had been on tho north bide, la
which tho who'o of ono of the principal corps
and parti of two others wcro engaged. Oreat
eoulldiuce is felt heie, by those who are in a
position to be well informed In regard to tho
facta, of complete success.
Ilriiarturtt of .-n.rtil lliirimfilc Hs.
IIIm ol sritnip kirn, flic llrnlrro mi
vl 13 l-r I'riinioiain of sir. iiuk.
DKrAtiTflii: or okntrai. nritvsini:.
Ninth Aiimv Coin's, Hi roim l'r.TKitHiu no,
August 11, A. M. (iciieial lluruside, accom
panied by several meml ers of his stall', t ok his
departure lust uight for City I'oiut, w huu o ho
starts ft r the North to-day ou leave of absence.
Tho coiiiiiiHiid of die corps has devolved upon
ii m ml Wilkox, of the -Id liivislou, who i.i sue
ccidtd there by Uenerul H.iriraiilt.
thi: ivi.r.n iiomamk.
Trivate Kick, the hero of the Tyler r im mcc,
made bis appearance in camp a ftw days hum.
lie n I that his luiiie is a niece, not a daughter,
ot ix-l'rcMccm Tyicr. Dur n tlie tran-it ol the
iiiiuy Iron, din C'luckahoiinny to the James, many
of our oltiecrs visited the Tyler inansiou, and i-.nv
the young lad) there, w hom they supposed, IVoin ni'me (Miss Tyler) to be the lute ( tiief al i.-ii-liute'sditiiL'hier.
Indeed, If I am not mist iivcu,
the sued ndiilive Introduced everai of our geuo
lals to her us such.
lie the facts us I bey may, it w:is the report her
when 1 wrote, that ihe solilier was married to a
daughter of 1'iecidiM Tiitr. Wch all duo
di-brim e then to a lsdv's Matt uient. Is Mis.
Tyler fully currct in the asrcniun that mv
account whs a "pure Invention r"
Chiiturll of I he romance I one the conelu
f ion or which leaves the happy pair In anything
but a hapjiy condition. After marriage they
made their ay up the James river to 11 iiuiidi
Hundred or City l'oint, where the bride remained
while the Liidegroom itarted for his rigimont to
engineer a furlough.
11 Is application was, I believe, backed hv Oeue
rul liutler. and came through the headquarter
ot (ier.eral l'otter, w ho returned it to the regi
n cut for a t-ltdr rr.cit of tiie in no's character as a
soldier. A'as ! for his blight dreams ot bliss, the
lontiinplatid bridal tour of thirty days to
Nii gara l alls here received a sudden quietus.
Private John Kick, for some reason, was con-.-it:md
to tlie tender mercies of the I'rovost liturd,
ai.d is iiow under airest.
Heport says some naughty things of hitn i but,
list 1 should give publicity to unfair charges, 1
retrain from stating tkem. IteportaUo hai it that
Mrs. Kick was at City Point at last accounts,
awaiting the return of her liege lord. I hope the
e vents ol chapter three may be more agreeable to
all paitics concerned.
Another lively mortar duel took place last
tveniug, and lasted uutii near midnight. As
usual, "uobody hurt."
Lieutenant-Colonel Tierce has boen assigned as
Chief Quartermaster of the Corjis, a position
which bus leen temporarily occupied by Captain
Mr. J. C. Y&uugman, a member of the 51st
l'tiiusyluuiu,and for nearly three years clerk in
the AdjuUiiit-Genciiirs Department of theUth
Corps, bas been appointed by the I'rcsideut
Assistant Adjutuut-licuerul ot Volunteers, w ith
the ruble ot captain. No promotion could be more
descried. Copiuin Youugmau bus received a
short leave of absence, w hen he will join the
torps for duty with one of the divisions orbii
gadis. .V. l'. JlerulJ.
Chow's Nwr, on tur Jamks IIivfk, August
12, 7 A. M. The gunboats oisoied a most h avy
tire on the enemy from this point aa ho ir si i. K.,
iird I am sorry the reason of the,rd"lns- sols
l oiitnilmnd to the public. 1 may, ho vever, a
that the enemy are developed in sutti lent for'
in cur initiic'liute from to fully warnnt the severe
shell, ng they Hr" rec eiving, and wh"n it- cause
shall t ach the public ear there will be no v oc.
sun (or an expenditure of adiuir.itioa on this
campnli'ii hy tho people.
Otherwise tliegeinral quiet throughout this
fctionhas not been inierrnptcd since my h
of esiertiay tiiornitig.
iiM itii. Ill villi's Hi; mm AitTr.ics, August
12. M A. M. The tiring contii ies, an t ll u ir
ibrerftl Hut'er and stjitf lme proce,.j,i ;o tne
scviie at Clow's Ne-t, ik'.u 'eot lo Kuteh (rap. It
is too late to supply further parti iilars.
aii tuts r iti r.i iiorrow.
Hi.' r llorioM, soi tii sins: Jetsi.s K'wii.
Virginia, .ugu-t 1 I, l.venieg. luere) is every
iii! .ration hi rc.ioo its th .t the cuemy heir the I niietl t.ntf forces stationed on the
n rib ''ank of t!i ; J i nes ut this p cut w iihm tho
en-unig iweiity t iur h urs. If my predi tion
prove true, ilie cm ny v'li u.we ampin v i.ion
to tei I the weight ol the poer of the 1 iote I
Mates, aud do il Jess lo w inco 'euent ;t.
Din Hoikim, August It, H . M. I lie ha 1
bus .i ih ,1 i,,r tlie possesion ot a po-itiou .'-seu-tial
to our tuithcr "is r ilious.
At alhint '.' o'cliK'k in tho afternoon one j;' the
ini'Mtors npciiett on the rains alter dioi ,iinr
down the riier, an 1 did sunie e "llen. fi;.
mi n
Point hi 1! h ks, V., It, 0 . M. .
My bri"f desp it. b of yesterd iy ecti ng f rc
sh .d iwe l the sjarp cotuest In t-vcn t ic li : ,)l
rains and our artillery l!mt opened as it wis
written, and the iiial. was le n in g.Min; me io
linn to vrrif) its tatcuicirs. I herewi u tnius iiit
a lull account of the eiijMiionien', n it ov.:rlook'tig,
by permission, the causes that imniiMj itely led
to p.
4 rtSII. Si ' II KM K.
For some time past vaior 'feneral bu'icr ins
ln'i ii coiiuing over a I rillmni si tioui ucrewi-.u
to mm' y the tut my and advance the I aioe. ;u
! rest in this rcjioii m iter:ally. Hisplio cm
templHtc'l nothing lev the n:str i ti n of .
c.imil at what has t n hiiherto knon is 11 it b
ia her iitter to be kn wu as lluiler's ti i. i,i
the face of the enemy, which, whe.i done, a l ) ,x.t
i moiig otin r n-ult-, by reason of is stu itimi,
in pel the Iteliels to e .iend th ur line of leleuso
a distance of lour iniiisili it is t say, ti e d s
taui e -aved to us by the JiL'..'lng of cti canal,
which is to be one hundred and forty y inls in
lenctb, is seven miles of water ourse t ithe .1 ones
rivi r. Souie four d lys mm e the prouer details
of men anil oill -ers were mile for tlr.s liniort
niit and h:var loiis work, and these in in were
encouraged In its perform nuo by etri lndii -c-piet
is, and placed under the general 'omuiand
of Major Ludlow, of the department stall'.
l he work procee ie.j Imnd-onielv for three
da: s, during t!.e la-t of which the enmy dis
co uri u onr oporations and made nisi iut prep i
tiliion to Cm u tiro, which thu result will sImw t
have been jn a lvantantous one for them, tho igb ow nobly and sti. e-ssfullv held his position,
still hoi, is it, anil n ill coiniii ii; to ho:d I; until his
ill pointed Work is u. . nuipl i-lu ii.
nir. Ai-io.ut.isici. or tub kuui-.i. hams.
At live o'eloek ye-tcrd iy morning two Ite'o'i
rains, belii ved to lie the tiiiiiia and tho ( ,, tiioiie.ll some think one of ih.'lil was the
l.aiiij ll-ris, iipfesred al Dutch Oap, iu the .1 lines
river, lhe James at this point funis a promon
tory, which is very narrow at ji- apux. Tno
shape ot this promontory is in tho form of a long
tongue, anil, verging to the noithwird and wes
waul iiiaki s another turn, which forim a point
sil iilar t the lint, e.i.r by liorlb.
lleuee iho river bends yet again, and forms a
tbitd nngle, running north vest. L'n L-r cover of
this ang o, completely and literallv sheltered
Itom our gut. hps, 1 iy the t vo Kebjl rams.
Thi .r po'iiion whs such us, taken in comt 'etlon
with iho llowlett. House bn'tery of the enemy,
to subject our forces to a severe en'llnding lire,
which v. ris borne throughout the day with nunly
fortitude by our men.
olu advataoi:h ok kositiom.
It was one of our ad-antagus of the day to iu.
ruijjuraic und keep up a cross lire, wbi nwd undo
to In ur most heavily upon the enemy, o ir anil
liry having excellent ratine of their batteries, in
i luding the famous Horvlett llouo biu'ery, from
which work our lire disinouuie J aud disabled a
it u early in the day, tin ill , sileric ng the bv
tery, ii well us the enemy's butteries situated iu
the bottoms.
The I'uion moiilcors and gunboa's, as before
stated, lay wholly quiet In their positions at
( tow's Net't. in tho .lames, not p irticip.iilng in
lhe uctii ii i.f I e morning iy reason of the puc i
linrity of the enemy's position, set for'.h above.
The successful construction of tuo canal, of
which tluro en u l,o no doubt, will, It is alleged,
enable our gunboa to wholly overcome tho for
midable oii-tructioiis iu the James river, and
possibly ultimately bo the means of their enirig
irig Koit Darling, aud otlier H. bol stron ly lorti
lii d plans adju nit lo Kiehmuu I, aud perhaps,
bi lore the end comes, iqieraie lirgelyin tho re
duction of the Retail capital itself.
These are owing anticipations; but neverthe
less they aie capable of reahia'iou tiy patient an 1
indulgent waiting for. Any one of these results,
added to tho necessity Imposed upon the enemv
it Ii miilienire M" line ot det'nse a dlsti'i'o of
lour miles, requiring several thousands of men
to man this prolongation of their lines, will ,'er
tuinly bo regardcil as adequate compensation for
the tunc, labor, and men bestowed upon the ae
coiiiplishiiit iit of tho undertaking.
The regrocs, who are largely engaged upon the
Work of constructing the canal, behaved well
under the continuous and galling lire of the diy,
never for an instant ilinciilng, but standing to
their work munfully and creditably. This fact
wa. a source of favorable comin;ut during the
day, and I uin (jlad to be able to record it.
In every view the substantial results of the day
remained to us at nightfall. There can be no
manner of doubt that wu administered a severe
lesson to the foe, and punished hiui stoutly for
his temerity in killed und wounded. The work
upon the cuuu! will ?.i on to completion, an I we
si, all iimi.t UHin all its completed ad vintages,
tneugh we shall not probibly realize them fuily
without tunhcr dispute of a similar character lo
that we have etiCif.nterod to day.
I'CllSON il.
Colonel John W. Shstl'er, Chief of Mijor-fien-eral
ltutltr's stall, left hy special steiincr for
Washli gt 'ti yesterday altertioon. Tho m ivo
jnents of this distinguished gentleinau, jut at
this moment, too, tin: espeeiady siguinc tut, wheu
ngardiil in with certain rumors
touching the political situation that havu far
more than ortiu.iiry foundation In fao.
Gemral MiCph y and st.lf reported at these
headquarters lust evening, returning from n
twenty dais' Icnve of a'i-iiice.
t-eriiTul (irtgir, of the cival.y, alsi hid an
intuview Willi (n'latAl Hutlor last oveiii.ig. Veie
Ytnh lit t o Id.
Kptt lul Ui-spitlt lu lo Ktcnlnt; TcltKrapU.
Wasiiinotov, August Id.
lleerlloiis trniu I lie laieaiy.
Deseiters are continually coning Into onr lines,
while others avail themselves of all opportunities
to clandestinely return to their homes.
Tort l'o'll KvaciiHitMl Knt Not lllown I
From seini oflleial itiformatlon receired here,
doubt is expressed in militojy circles us to the
truth nf the repent that Fort I'owell was blown
up. It I a.-5. tied that it was evacuated aud left
intact. .
Ken Fractional C urrency on IIiiikI.
The Trtasunr has now on hand of new Frac
tional Currency ,2,198,200'50.
A Iihuk lu Comninnil.
General Ledlle, commsndlng the 1st Division,
Oth Coi-ps, has left his command. General Julius
White succeeds him.
Mm or 'eut. t'oinponnd Interewt Nute.
Tho w hole amount of three-year six per cent,
compound interest notes heretofore issued
amounts to forty-four million three hundred and
fifty-three thousand seven hundred and sixty
Mllltarr DUtrlet Alteration.
That put of Kentucky west of the Cumber
laud liver has been transferred to the Depart
ment or the Ohio. The State of Kentucky will
constitute the Military District of that Depart
ment. The I'aab llalanea.
The cash balance in the Treasury to-day is
eleven million sixty-Hires thousand one hundred
and two dollars and thirty-four cents.
Within Two Miles of Fort
Ha:. iimohb, August 10. lhe Am' pub
lishes tho following:
Uihi p Hi, August 11. Yesterdiy
the l hh insf., the 2d Corps , Han 'o 'k's) were
fobg on board transports at City Point all dav,
apparently for Washington, and started down the
riv r, the hands playing parly .
Of cotme the Rebels were watching from tho
tn re, and no doubt felt lnti-h Interest In tho
movement. The transports did certainly go down
the river for ten m'ks or moro, when, however,
they suddenly put about, and under cmer of
daikiiess returned, comlngnp by this point un I t
full sped ; pi p. M-i Bnl preceded up the
At lbs time the lOtii Corps, with tin ar
tillery of the 2d C irps, wre cr issing to the norti
side of the Junes -iver, and they were all hunl' d
up the liver, within twelve ai'lesof R: dim ind,
bi fire 3 oVIo 'k this morning.
This foice.with Ueneral I'os'er's, makes quite a
respe -table army. It is under. tol th it their
tlrst mo.e will bctodestror, If p wsihle, the Rebel
pontoon bridges above Fort Darling.
Thus fir all works well. Musketry firing was
lnurd In tho direction of this movement this
morning. If they succeed In cutting the pontoon
bri lies, Lee would lie unable to cross his army
to the tionh side of James river c;ept hy march,
lug by way of Minehoster, more than twenty
Foh-hi:ss Monhob, August 1. The ho-pital
steamer -ro, of New Jency, Captain Hancock,
arrived Ir mi Deep fi mom, ou James river, this
afternoon, with 100 men, who were wounded in
the light yesterday after landing on tho north
They belong to tho luth Army Corps, and tho
follow ing oilieers are amongst the number :
Captain W. F. Mspos, 24 h New York; Lieu
tenant Richard Pilkinion, ltiib l'n.s Lieut. (J. II
lln wn, Kith Conn.; rapt. Janus MeMinn, PW'.h
N.I.; Lieut. K. F.. F.iircb: Id, ( h U.S.te il'd)
tun-si rok e ; Lieut. J. S. Mansur.O h (col'd) ; Lieut
P. Mi David, 2d South Carolina, i llebcl prisoner);
Mi jor C. 1'. It ddwin, 11th M -me.; dpt. Win.
Saline, 11th -Maine; Corporal A. M. Pen ler. 1 leu
The Vera brought anay nil tbe wounded of
the ISth Army Corps, up io ,j o'tUok yesterday
ArtiMcry and musketry tiring has been kept up
nil day, end still continued when our informant
Our forces drove iu the Ilebcl pickets early on
Sunday mom Ing, and during tho day had suc
ceeded In carrying two lines of tho enemy's earth
worksthe otihsr one beltifi only about nine miles
from Richmond.
The loss In the 2d Army Corps has so fir been
very small.
Generals Grant and -Meade are cjuiman ling in
Tho mail boat Keyport has arrived from C ty
Point, and has on board ono hundred Rebel
prisoners, captured during the skirmishes of yes
terday, llesidcs tho earthworks captured by our
forces yesterday, we also captured ona battery
that bure npon our men working on the canal,
heretofore alluded to.
Congratulatory Order of
Secretary Welles for
His Gallant Services
at Mobile.
Wasiiinuto.n, Aogttst 16. Tho Secretary of
the N ivyi has addressed the following to Ad
miral Furragut :
Navy Dkkaktmknt, August 15, 1861. Sir:
Your deputch of the, .Oth instant, stating that
you had, on the morning of that day, entered
Mobile Bay, passing between Forts Morgan and
Gaines, und encountering aud overcoming the
Rebel flee t, 1 bud the satisfaction to reoeive this
Si me preliminary account of your opori'ions
had previou-ly reached us through Reb. 1
( hauiiels.
A';uiii it Is my pleasure und my duty to con
gratulate you and your bravo as-ociatei on an
aehieienient uncqualed lu our service
by any other c imiimuder, und only sur
patstd by that unparalleled mval triumph
of the squadron under )sur command in tbe
spring of 1SC2, when, proceeding up the Missis
slppi, jou passed Forts Jackson and St. Philip,
and overcoming nil obsUc'es, captured New
Orleans and restored unobstructed navigitlon
to the commercial emporium of the great central
valley of the Union.
Tie bay of Mobile w as not only fortified and
guarded by forts and batteries ou shore and by
submerge i obstructions, hut the Ri;b.'!s bad
also lolkctcd there a formidable fleet
ctmmnndcd by their highest naval oitlccr,
a former captain in the Union Navy, who,
false to the Government and the Union, hud de
serted bis country in the hour of peril, and
leveled Ids guns against the flus which It was
his duty to have defended.
The poFscssion of Mobile Ray, which you h.ivo
acquired, will close tbe illicit tratlic which has
been curried on by runulng the blockade in that
part of tiie Gulf, and gives point and valuo to the
suci cts jou have achieved. Great results iu war
aie seldom obtained without great risks, and It
was nut expected that tbe possession of the
harbor of Mobile would be secured without dis
aster. The less of the gallant Craven and his brave
con paniont with tho Tecunueh, a vessel that was
invulnerable to the guns of Fort Morgan, by a
concealed toiptdo, was a casualty which no
human foresight cou'd p event.
While tbe nation awards cheerful honors to the
living, she will ever bold iu grateful remem
brance tbe memory of the ga'.laut and lamonted
dead, who pciiled their lives for their country
apcl iprrt in hr cutis.
I To you and the brave offlcen aad tailors of
yoar squadron who participated la this great
achievement, the Department tendon It) thanks
and those of the Qoveruineut and country.
Very respectfully, Gxoboh Wkllb,
Becretary of the Navy.
Uear-Admiral David G. Faukaoit, Command-
log West Gulf Blockading Squadron, Mobile
rr.MYi.vtt i.cmM.tTrRK.
II IHH1H1II au, August 13.
Sfnatk. Mr. Chfimptifys moved to reconsider
tl vo e upon lhe lull allowing A-oci ell an f,,r
the purpose of banking under the Fulied dtatcs
law. Agreed to.
The bill was reconsidered and amended so as
to meet ibe v cws of the Governor, but re Ulring
snch banks, before making the chanire, to sar
render the specie certihcatcs which they received
from ti e State In l.l ij, and imposing on those
which i'o not furnish goM to meet their loans, a
tax ui on their surplus prolits.
Mr. Kinsey introduced an act, being a supple
ment to the act for the sale of tbe Slate Cm its,
approved April 'JM, l.S.i,H, authorizing un Increase
of taxi s.
A supplement to the General Ilounty Law,
not applicable to l'liiludclpbia, was introduced
by Mr. Rellly.
Mr. Hm her an act relating to protests, notes,
and bids of exchange.
Messrs. hinsev. Stein, Worthington, and
1 leming presented petitions relative to the tsoiiuty
las in local disti ids.
Tbe Senate thru adjourned until the afternoon.
lloi'NK. The House met at Id A. M.
A bill orifanuiug fifteen regiments, to bo called
Sta'e Guard, was considered iu Committee of the
Wholo. The section providing for tho apjoint
meut of Suite otlieers to make enrolment at once
was taken up.
Mr. lNrsbotig moved to amend, by proceeding
from the Secretary of War, the national enrol
ment instead of making new ono hy State nitleers.
It was coniended that I here was no reason io b -licvo
that ihe Musbltigton authorities would
grant the request, but was tluatly amended so a.
to procure a national enrolment if possioln, au 1
if not. then to substitute a now classification aud
enrolment by oitlcials of IVnn-ylvunla.
Tbe following amendment was adopted, And
the Companies shall h ive dun right of electing
their own ol'leers, mid tho olllcers of thu compi
nies shall elect Ihe regimental oil! -er, and th
Mvior liencral, and llriga ller Genurais, out! all
regimental company odicers, shall be clticus of
the Commonwealth.
Ptatb or Tiu:hsiomi'.trh To dav. Six A. M.
"ti Noon.Hf.J. One 1'. M., X7. Wind, 8. 11. by s.
Ri ent'i UNO yon tub N'ivy Somimtiinu to
nr. I.ookhi AiTiR Oi e ' f tie -h'-irpest pru'.
tlci s we have heard of for s 'mo time, and one
which is against the very best Interest of tho
Government, is imw lndng crpetrated In this
city by naval recruiting oillci rs. Y. stj-rd iy live
young men prescn cd them -elves at boa Iqua ters
and desired to enter tho navy. The fattier of one
ot tho .vonmt mm accompanied them for the pur
pose of seeing justice done.
When they applied they were informed by one
of tho i ttlcials in charge that they woo d have to
place themselves in thu htods of a broker, as all
business was done through that class of indi
viduals. At the s uiue lime a broker who was
walling in tho ntllco was pointed out to them
He Informed the young men that If they desired
to enter the service he would givo tliLiu eah a
certain sum, just about one half what they were
entitle d to and whh h the Government a lows.
Of course they refused to submit to a su ivo of
this kind, and left utter having in vain endea
vored to deal directly with those whom tho Gov
ernment pays io attend to Ibis duty. Th s singu
lar proceeding was reported to tho Ciuef of
Police, and w ill at once bo brouir'it to the atten
tion ol the Navy Department.
should act in tins manner the reader mast
Ii was also brought to the attention of tho Dis
trict Attorney a few days siucc that It is lain ici
ble to have a man swum iuto thu navy an I cre
dited to Philadelphia, ns some of those having
charge if naval enlistments i-oem very muju
interested in J rsey. These are HM tcra 'hat
atlect the interest of our city, mid it is to ie hope, I
that the measures taken tonurds putting a stop
to such proceedings will prove effective.
Ni;w Military Oiioani.ations. Under the
lawgiving the Governor of Pennsylvania power to
orgunl.o ton new regiments as part of tbe qti )ta
of tho State, power was also gra.ited to him to
muster in conditionally otlieers to recruit for the
new regiments, with the rank of second nonten
ant and recruiting ollicer. These lioiitenints,
everul ofc whom havo been appointed for this
city, hove power to enlist aud administer tho
oath, which holds the recruit to service. After
being enlisted and sworn into tho -rvice, and
psssing tbe surgeon's examination, tho recruits
are clothed anil sent lo camp.
Hut, her. totorc, the recruits could not he mus.
ten d Into the I niu d States service un il tho com
pany had the minimum number of men (SO)
therefore could not lio credited for local bounty,
which was a great obstacle in getting recruits for
the new companies. II y a recent ordor from tho
War Department this lillll.'ulty is now obviated,
by which the recruits for now organiz itions c iu
be mustered in singly or by squ ids as soon as
they aie enlisted and p isseJ surgeon's examina
tion. If men prefer now organi. atlons to old
ones, there is now nothing to prevent them from
joining the same they will tie enlisted and mus
tered by the lieutenants appointed for i h it pur
pose, in the same manner thai other recruiting
otlieers enlist men for the old regiin-nu in tho
field. Of the ten new organizations, three arc
being rnised in this city.
Shootino AnAin. ltctwecn 11 and 12 o'clock
last night, a man by the name of Andrew Arthur,
about '26 years of nge, was shot in thu neighbor
hood of Kifih und Sbippcn streets. It seems be
had been with a party of rough characters in a
tavern corner of Filth and Rbdford streets, where
some liillie ulty arose, and alter coming out of the
tavern he shut, supposed by one Fiiink
Dillon, a ill,. meter wed known to the Police. Up
to 1 c'cliK:k this afternoon tin offender had not
been arrested. The 1'ijiir d man Is said 1 1 b : in
a very i ritieni condition, the bi 1 having ta'icu
e tfect in his stoma h.
Fast Dhivino. Fast driving is more strictly
prohibited i.t Fa 'minuet l'li'l; than it is lu our
public highways. Notwithstanding this fact,
however, the Park Police have occasion now und
then to overhaul cert tin parties who havo not the
fear ot the law la-foie them. Ye t rdiv, Joun
Shei rer und John Schiiterui in ma le their ap
li:ranco in the Park, und drove rapidly around
tho grounds. A child narrowly e-eaped scrums
ii jury, the bor-e pas-lag over tlie little one with
out touching her. Tho two men were arrested
and held to answer by Alderman Hutchinson.
IIioiiway KoiiniitY. This morning James
MeColgnn was lafore Alderman Plonkiugtou,
charged with highway robbery. It seems that
between H and 9 o'clock lu-t night he stopped a
lad about fourteen years of ugc ut F.ightli and
Vine streets ami inquired of him the time. The 1 ti
ter pulled out his viaicu.u hen Mef'uU m snatched
It and ran oil. He was pursue. 1 ana captured
and h iked tip a;l nielit. This moruiug he w s
sent to prison to await It's trial.
Hiiinvy's SiiAtti'siioin i rs. This morning re-
ei oiling stations were opened for the Ave cum
panics of Rirney's Slmrpshoo'ers to be raised in
this city. Five captains will take charge of the
recruiting In dith rei t parts of tho city, while
Colonel Moore will have his general headquarters
til No. ..'( Chesnut street. Leery rxortion will
be made lo till these live companies before the oth
of September.
Assavlt and Thia morning
Thomas Duffy was beforo Alderman Hunter,
charged with assaulting the Sergeant of the
Nineteenth Ward Police. It seems thut a free
light occurred, when the sergeant interfered and
attempted to arrest the ringleaders. Dairy, who
was one of the worst of the gang, struck the oitl
ccr and was consequently tulycu iuto custody and
committed lor trial.
Etaiuuno A ffair. Michael Sullivan was
arrested yesterday upon the charge of having
stabbed another man on Sunday last, at
Eighteenth and Pennsylvania avenne. The two
men got iuto a squabble, when Sullivan cut his
opponent, lio was held to uau uy Alderman
Kkchuitiso. This morning the city bounty
wa? paid to 37 men, 20 of whom received $250,
und 11 frtOO.
Va have bt ria the Largest stock and best
assortment of Clothing la 1'hiladelphla, com
prising all desirable styles of goods, from
medium price to superfine. Every one can be
accurately fitted at ouco uoiu our iwct, wuai
ever be bis site or proportions, hi garments e-pml
in all respects to w oik uiado to measure, at mm It
lower prices. For those who prefer, we have
also a complete assortment of piece goods, which
will be made up to measure iu a stylo surpassed
by none. Bknnutt A Co.,
Towm II Ll, No. OlS Market street.
Dn. Cokitoy, No. 1547 Vine street.
Fi i'NiTt ttt fi.ti-s, linens aud stripes, In. sre.t
variety. Slips cut to pcifection, at W. Hew.
Fatten', No. 1104 (Jheuut sueet.
Oiriii or The lrramw TaLvisirw, 1
Tumssj, ihm H. , ,
The Money .Market cootloqes ay, bol IM
demand is limited loam are plenty en bill, at
fi(6 per cent, per annum ; best paper ie eelliagal
V("S percent. ...
The subscriptions tto tha new 7-30 ivo, ad re
ported to tbe Treasury Department fur the last
three dsys, amount to ,o,O19.OO0, Including
J 1, 22H.SOO yesterday.
According to tbe ruling of tbe In'erual Revton
llnrcau, r-al e-tae age us wfc3 have taken otit
lic nsc as commercial brokers under the old h
arc not subject to rfasseMmerit uador tbe e.
law. .
There is m ire activity Ir. th P'.tyy Mifcct thits,
morning than we have aoiiedroMt,.a.'tia.e rsiift,
aud prices ar better. .
Government securities are In duaitjil, Wi'lj. '
sales or .V2f1, at lOnJpi" 109, which Is arnd
vut iv, and Cs of iswi, at lOR), whioh is alsobef or'
In R.'f.road shares thsr Is more doing at M
ndvuDce, with Sales of Reading, at 689i)
1'etinsylvania, at?4; North Peensylranla atXj
(; l'hiladelpila and Frie,; 86; Cltawtssa
pn foired, H ; common, 201; and M ne Hill, flij,
Canal abate are firmer, with sales of S.kayK
kill Navigation at 41 for preferred, and 31 for
ctmiinon. . j
H, tie is a good demand for Coii eharr.s,
und pi ices have again ad .aa .ed, with 1 .rgc s.s
this moinlng at 7 for M Iibcnoy; U for Dins
more, oj lor Perry ; 5 for McCI'amrk ; tr.d 3 for
Mineral Oil. ' '
Dunk shnret continue firm; IS) bid fji
North Anurica: 133 for Philadalphto; 69 for
Farmers' and Mechanics'; tVl for Comioercwl j
und HO for Glrard. ,; ' (
In City Passenger Hsilrjads llere I very litti
doing, and the rates are without nay. material
change. , ,
lu Gold Ibera is vory I . tlie 4e log, bad I'.o matsy
ket coiiituues dull, opening at i.;7, foil ,.tru4
sold at 2'1 at U o'eliek, 2', at l.iiud..1 4
half past 12. ..."
I'Htl.AUKI.Pltl VTOOK PT.!llAX" B VLTA. A' O.'Vi?
BionJ sy Clarksnn Oo., Iimtws. Nr r.1 9, Tutr4 (
c pa
U M'.'.TInt..o. .10
6lh J "SI?
J. ..
s Ii K.a.lltiK K. K. M'.
I'O sh Un ,' t
lio sh ilo b .11 io i
li ll all da o
Jin h Mlnern nil ! ! ,'t t
van .h Km; -ri 11
1 llsh ! Ma .1 I
i. sh Nor h l' It.IsS) or, j
I'rti ,n i,t X'1.
.V0.ll lis 'll O I .... ,
soi sh tuc, ti p.'t,...s :)'
lisi.h bio Si
Iis.i h 'irn ei'iitV"".. 5
a r. i
iim raiecuiro..,, a-.
tissh .'.) ... .., c J',
si sr. v, u. . ... m
i ui- ss i... . .. ji
Ji'0. liar i .lit... tr) aV
I'.l.h llill,,n,. T
S-OsS-Ormal. O'i
le sli I 'no in r. .
5o)0' v.-t n Dll.
4iuh 'lo :is
TI M? B0SR3.
.vf o tr. . et. si
luun t.ifl. 1. .'.. ss1
lml J las-,
$ii;mi u. .m. i .sip into.
Sim .' lo'.
SlOII .1.1 WO
$ tsO da r-sj. n7
S- h isl do rrg.liw
$ i ini Sump Clin. bi... si
iisish .lnl )'
I O sl 1o UK 'i
list sh it . - '-i
d ) h M ns iili ".1. . 3
-0tlO:i;HiiiiOl..., 1
tum ih M Tliitoc...., i'
lsi.llfs-r .... .... &l
nsa.h ii.itMl .'kK,
a,i tii,-ni-iinv. isM.
n.isU slot, o V !!..)
t'ih .i irf
& .h 8h. Naf ecia. 31
'.ou.ti sea. S. is'. b)J 41V
l.sna 4a . Sli
167 .1 in a..,,. 74 ,
47 sh Minshlll Si.l
Jislsh full. A Kii .c ,' ,
h do ban ;i
s) sh e'nr it Yukiui Si
fl.iii Si.s, can i, rip., i.i",
t. p. it. in ii a-
Sl'l'l Jo :.l"tl, :
SlisllO A It 8, ftl..lll7
is K.lml a It. 7... ..11 1.1, 1
-(il a.i f,s HI '
1. ,hM !.. R. ..o v,.
'.Siwn d' H:1',
II 0 sh 'lo M M I
I sh Meeh lUak.... VJN i
5sh .lo '.Hl;
.' ,h N.l iv- 1 U,
S'S.n lulienC.isl.... fi','
.100 sh ntninorc Oil.. It
mi h .to 0
.sustiilr .Moanl s
S.'.sli W v. m.iic ( I., KN
awi 'i i')k oil a;
Bepoitsd bjr Clarktaa Co., Bruttrs. STs. til s). Ts,M MJ
nrMCill, Hi.t Call.
iniien nrs'siss. fofi.inrorr IWJ4 sia
Ko,k Inland luilmad oat
tat , talM
Itra.llus Kallroml SNV IU
Illinois Central K.ulroad bki
listens fl
Nsw Vrk Ontrsl Uallroad Iris, n't
Krl Ill bit
ll.rVul K,illrod PUt'4 b'.!
(li. 1 o.
VnU. d Sum -20s tin 't bid
klsrst Kirn,
Jav Co.ikk .t Co. qu'its O'Vsrrjatot Sv
li ,ail
. ; i i .
.. rsass
urltlts, c.,to
as n lo- da . at foUoWi :
o.a. e. iski
11. 8. 7 I'J .N .tos
rriill.'H's nl liia, ',t J-jn.., c
efiiHrteruisiter's V.iuirs...,
ft-i llonili
il. S. liulli Co., No. lli 8.
H i
ten )
is l
!4 V H I
.i:-o 7t,l .
leJH Ji01
Third iUhi, ruiorl Ikt ol4
InwiiiK .piotarioni for I'ortign sehaau ft
Ai irti, irom llaston ,
1 oml.rn. Al days' siohl. S;7i..07S: I. in 1 .n, U)i
Ic'sn; Paris. Ml' slMbt, l leiiwiif. "oif , rAii.,SdAM.'
'.'I. na1, i V in wen., no -lays' sihf. 01 ; Mt tai i. sybr
slvl.t, '.lis.i'.ol; llaoibiirg, so Ji.v' llvlil, SO l'clOi':4;
l.e.(.Mr, lO'i lia. mi .lav sin. , isv; a"i.r'lai i. riMnte .
loo. in any.' tt'.lt HJa)llst: i'pi:I'i. ) darj, 10U
klalkfl U lu. .
tjiioiations of tho pria ipa' O.-al.-sn l C"l OU
stocks at 1 o'clock to-day t ' '
Fulton Cost
Bin Moiiiiisni Col. SX
Ji. V a Mid.r .al.. ..
llrecii Sl'.O tl
N ( a boar slti .... 2
New Creek 1
Keeotr liam Cost.
'Union I'oal 7.
Anierlriin kaolin.. i
I'enn ftlli'lrm
(llrard Miiilnir
Ktnu .Mn Inv.
I'blla. and lionioa. ..
roline-cilcut i
Alsace Iron 1 '
Oil I'rerk K
Mapir Shade Oil..l .
MeCllnn.rk O'I.... 6V
in 4 I ,rrj w:i J
Ha Uaitra. Oil... i 9
V:'-. Ke'itme Oil l i 'J
ss vb3voou i r. l i
4 a. awi rut: :luta. y.
1'. orutoilc Oil....... IU
l s rsiikiiii j'i,
IV nnct r.dirOl.. 1 '
3 Irrins Oil t
) Pipe farm Oil.... ..
4 llmlnr '.'-! IS
14 K) t:ns Zibo.,.. 3
3 ;iln.lnor ...Ill
1 naieiioii..., b
9 Uillrnnnr T'
7 ,Koorn il a, ..
IS Il'm-K.-I V
,'', HueissatMauMMr. ...
1 1
The following are the receipts of Coil Oil al'
this port to-day Crude, 420 bo's.; Refined, 6W.
bbls. i
Tho following oouparatlvc state-Dent sbosrti.
the average condition of the leading items cf the '
Philadelphia Banks for tbe past and pTv"i
woik : .... -. .
IlltWVk. Tim WrL.
ChpIi1 $l:l,'2fl7.s,o 'a.llO.'.wi Ioom.m t-t,W
I.onnl a' I. -MIS J f'1,111 In-rcaae ilCUia,
KlKS.111 II, IS, I .11,7 J.'S.i.ll'l UilKtrtM 4-
Li-sallciidi-r.... l'J,s;s..i:i4 USsiartj icrt 101 va a;,.'ii,4; o: x.''' 74 li rt i. k "ii
Clreuisll -li IMlJti V,'iUsv I's rsa-t lesain
1 he be UK averages tne p ist weeK el ) uo. v i. y
muti'iially from those of the pree-adl lg week. 4
Tbe New York fferoW thi morning says . .
Tho Duancial transai'tiaus at the Pub-Trso ry!
in ibis city during the past week a e exhlbite4 a!
me annexed lame :
r.'m oi.
. .( -i. ill ono
. . 2 )1, )
.. 34 i.0 10
... 227,010
.. 2ii!.000
.. 24-5,000"
r,V a-M.-2.IH,V.W
t, 12: oi.
i 024, .J -
1.319 9)0
4,00-1 711
Total .... $ 1 ,480,000
Week previous WJ,i.00
t Id.fiOti.OH sju.i; j.l,;
Id UU.Hii) 10,2) :i,j:
TO' "I as from cu-H-us'
it win no seen m i: to-
la-t week exceeded those of the prtvioui w.-eitj
s;i,otiO. ihe balutce ia tie bails or ta-j
Assi-inut Treasiin-r ou stiturdaf S t'lJi" .0 " I,
which is tbe lowest amo-nil eft in the XaV rt. - i
sury vaults since the caiiimciicenietil : too pni-
sent year.
The value of the imports, other fun -Irr ri - ii
and specie, et this port durlug the week eudafig i
August 11 was 2,020,040.
The Weekly Averages of tbe old Banks of th ;
City of New Yoik, on Ka'urday. August 13, 18t'i4,
present, in tho aggregate, the following change 1
fiom the previous exhibit of August 6 : - !
liecrease in Loans fl80,2(i3
Decrease in Specie 79,209'
Decrease InCirculatlon 104,921
Increase in undrawn Deposits 2,04 7,201 ;
Including the Clearing-house operations of the
week, which show the Inter-exchanges between
tbe Banks, and including also the buh-TroasorT i
bslauce at the close of the week, tbe following is
the general comparison with the previous exhibit,
and also with Ihe movement this tiiua laat sew- j
son :
An. 11,18 Ainr. 11, 1SC4. A .. WX.
Cunltal tUMul ,iK4) -i'J,U'J7,7-.' a,Vn,T!H t
Lean 17'"l-"i,l7l . is.'. ,(17 4, ill ls.,V.l,bvi7
ttpecle 3i s71,!l:l -il,lsa,;il0 ' xU-aota
Cliriilalli.n .'. 111:1,177 4, 4 17, b-si , - 4.b,7';4
(Iri as l)iMiit....k-i.77i,HI6 I2l,f,l-'0 ' StH.llo.4il
KM-liaroiea 4a,S'J,S:i4 0V.7ai,tisl ,
Itsslrawn lVi.ii.Mi.tHI lbv.shi.til4,rii,.S3 1
lucub-Trrshury.. M,:i;,-'asl . Ui.vU.oll l'J)W,l. j
The last weekly returns of the banks of j
i roviocncc, iv. i., compare wuu me sutHiuieai ui
, July 30 as follows: '
l July no.
'v 4l(.l. nnl
AhVU'tO. ' I
6,044,i '
: 4,08,-
. ii47,hsj-,
Circulation. .........
Otit r-In I rw lukva of lb Stielbr 1
Lolltry of tteulnctv
I laws an aujii.s. . -- . - si w
, 00, 51, 24, 47. 7, 77, 37. JH, 3 1, W 1?, j
KsTsa I'LaMMs-Aavasl l'-. . -i .7,
;,7S,71,61,31, 41, U, 77, 70, 0o, 4 , , s ,
Ausii'tll, If'.. . .., ijj
Cirealan tut k tAI