The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, August 09, 1864, FOURTH EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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1 Mr Tiwi OaTe Tut Corr. r Ki.htik Oa
' Wtant.earo.i4r tort Carrier, ad Uf "u6"
' Ml ten faar ai Km. Douiu hi An"""' J""
.., IMrrr Cerr. erw Two Mo.T.lriu,,,lv,"c
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. MMttmm taefet al M a. f"4' Ubr11
eVtMnieaereVl aaaJe r eaeeaevil BJaertawa..
t rwr
' ' i-j-ki oAneoyinoo. rtnmmonlatltia
m!r m u.T.ZlM li moat Imi eulhi-n !
?f,S."'?Jj"""" "r-nni " rll, r
'..eranea lil. x-l r.i.h. W.
nimK'' I'" OommimleeUoaa.
.. i. t AelTirlieer.
ipti.rr ee imM bMmiM la the I'lrcul.tlon of Tin
fpv.MMi tm-oimih. cmrelline ue to gn lo pro., at n
.,iv .. w. nfvnllf r.iiet ihnt advert'-emmta m
fiMvri In ee a., u It A'eJrKB., II p..eelMe, to eei are
I II M fcwerUO nil of
' Th prpcipHt retrt of General Early 'h
torcoa up . the Shenndoh Yalley took every
OM by urprlM, Mid we ere lit a los to S'sliin
ftCMut ft It borond the ftct that the Rib si
Iwulft miy. br bin apprized In tome rain
BOr of th TMt preparations made to attack
Uvd poMrtbly destroy hla army. It will, no
doabtyb General SnwHrDAw's work to fit out
M expedition for. operations In the valley of
Virgtnla. 'A beary column moving In that
regloav could, be made very une'ul, In connec
tloa with the Jnoveoaent upon Petersburg an 1
Elciunwil! We are of the opinion that Gen
nl Maiw ha a ample army already, and
taat any loM can be made up to blm In a
akort time with troops from the new levies.
Ia this cam General Siixbidak can organ
ise aa army In a few days and be doing good
Work In the valley of Tlrglnla before the be
ginning of Hoplwnber. The subsistence of an
army abouV Lynchburg would not be so dif-
floult now as when Buhteb moved forward,
as this Is the, season; , for . Ingathering and
thrcitlig Uie wheat crop tn Virginia, and the
Cora barvest will begin In October. We
bollova U, woold bft feasible now, a bio, to sulze
-and use ' the Virginia and East Tonncimee
'Railroaddrawlng supplies for a provisional
army Of ordinary proportions from Knoxvllle
and .Chattanooga. Onc-e In Lynchburg or
Staunton, wo need have no fears of being
driven oat, v -
The advantages to be derived from such a
movitihent, under a great military genius for a
loader, amount to Important results, bearing
directly upon aud potently tending to a deci
sive conflict and final victory. ' It would be
the moans of dividing and weakening Lke'a
army by drawing off a portion of It from Itlch
mood and Petersburg, and would aluo secure
from' It It lall and winter supplies In a great
mcmsurot , Ii addition to this, It would pre
vent auy diversion In Ctvor of General IIooi
In Georgia, which General Lke might desire
to make. Tbiis much to-day, with our article
In yesterday's Tklbokaph, will show clearly
to any unprejudiced mind that our prospects
for fiual victory and peace were never morn
promising than at the present moment; but we
want men, aud the arguments of great orator
have (ailed to call them forth plentifully In
days that are gone.
. We must now look to our duties at home
bere In the North. We ought to ral.e men
a great many. IIow shall we do It ? A great
military genius says that a nation can only
rattie a second army from the people by two
i mplements of Influence blending In operation
they are money, and success In the field.
These results or features of a Government's
working only can manufacture or augment
public confidence. The former we have In
abundance; the latter we certainly have hud
In a very respectable number of liiMtanceo, and
if not as clearly defined and decisive as we
could wish, we certaiuly are not left
without a future of great promise In the
field. General Gkant has adopted great
military economy In prosecuting the war, and
bis demands upon us are as contracted a we
can desire. Tie has reduced the entire war
to two grand theatres one at Atlanta, the
other at lUchmond. Another act in the
drama of the Rebellion will close the door
At the former place, and then be will only
for additional supernumeraries ut t lie lat
ter point to give due effect to bU grand ile
mwement, the great cloning tableau of the
Ve have abundance of inateiial, A. Idend
Iimm bligestud, upou careful olwcrvailon,
Hint Micro are in tht city of I'liil.idrl
jiliia enough young men a iio c ilj lie purvii
from the. oily and from their relit'lvc mid
'frii'od, for a year, without serious detrini -nt
fo public or piivNUi Intt-re-iM, to form n
tij vision, aud in riiiliidelpliU, New Yirk,utul
l trool. Ij n, enough to form n hnn loiue uml
rf.'crlive army corj'x! W'c oiljrht, tlien, to
ia e thiil oui jn drv. uio proaijitly illlej by Vp.
''"'i.lier r. it iH quite probable, too, licit Ui
vir will n ( lui ur ie tliaii three months
The news that Admiral FAunAfiTT had
pasHed Forts Morgan and Guinex, and wilh
bombarding the city of Mobile, seems to have
been founded merely upon the knowledge of
tbe Admiral's CTOcllcnt preparation!) foi an
attack upon lliut place; but wo uro to
find, from au offlciul despatch of the itebul
General HJxushy II. JfAl'K v, that Admiral
rATiBAOUT's fleet Is actually before the, city,
HuHtK-dnith tt grand naval victory.
Our ovvrtuive arrnlea are now grouped luto
throe grand uiiUtary dhudons, viz.: The
Army of the rotouuic and Km contingent
under Mujor-Gcneral UBAdk; the Grand
Piwsion of the Mialjiinjil, lm:iudin3 the
' AituicS of the Ohio, Cumberland, Tcnuobioj,
JIissI"Hlipl, Mbsourl, of ArUnujiu, K-in-ias,
and the Gulf, under M)or-Gcn iul W. T;
Sui.uman; the Grand Mlddlu Military 1 'hi -sion,
comprii-ir.g the Departments and Armies
of Wuelilngton, Wepteru V'ii'gluio, the Sus
quehanna, and iliu Middle Di partincnt and
Bib Army Corps, under Alajor-GcueruJ
Tnii-iP H. SnrninAH. Tbe formation of
tbe latter division, and the assignment of so
srcomplinhed a commander to It, will be pro
ductive of the most gratifying results.
The great war news of the dsy Is so briefly ,
told In tbe official war gar.ette of Secretary
Stastoh, that we cannot do better than
give It to our renders bere :
Admiral Kurr Urn Metnrf,
To Ma(ir Ofnerl Pix, New York :
Vabhixiton, Ansnal 8, l I. M The f illnw-
Irjl am oni cfmeni of Ihe sncreioful opi-rstlons
nut Mobile spprnrs In the Klrhm mrt Smtinrl
of lhl moinlne, snrt is trmimHt-d ny OenernI
Kt Ti.t-.n In Ilie ITr.l'lent. Itcwtd, 7 1" M ,
Anpni-t 8, from b ad'iiisrter Mor-Oitneral
JU ri.t B, 3 I. M , Alf(iit H. IRfi4 :
III" K.sretleicv Ahiiamam I.ikioi.k, 1'reilde it.
Tl e followlns I- Ihe fllelBl r p rl takrn Irom
Ibf Kiehn'Oiid Xrnttnrl t Aiiuam 8.
(SlniU) II. r . Ill ii.vr, M j'-.r-ncncriii.
SloKii . Anenrtfi. H'il. J. A. ti.itw. 8e Te-
Isit of Vr : Ki Tei'lei n of ihe em my's
fi n'rtcen fhlp snri three Irnn-cladH, psnsert Fort
Mnrpin Ibin mi-mlng.
llio Itmmivh. a monitor, wss sunk nylon
The V eroiM w mrrei doren after a dcnerut en-
(api menl with li e n inv tleet.
Aiimnai iivciianan iosi a iif prisoner.
The Srlma was esptnrel, and the doitin was
hi Belied near the hospital.
1 he Moraan is Hale anu win try to run op to-
The enemy's flrel has spproaelied lbs cilv.
A tnonio r has licen rnirsirlntf f.irt l'iirel all
day. (Signed) 1). tl. Mai in. M jor-I'm.
r.iwi w. fTANTON, oicreiary oi var.
4Jf nrrnl Avrrlll'ii Urmt Tlrlory.
Wasiiinhton, AiiRimt R. To Mor-Cleneral
Dix, New York :Mjo'-(ieneral Siimuoan him
Nen BMlL'nnl temiKirarilv to Ihe C'mmuml of
tin f rcs in the MlilU e Mditarv llivlnion, con-
ifiiimof the Ilepnitmcnts of Wrsninpton, the
aiiuiiic jiepnTtminr, ana me iipirtmeim oi me
8usiUi'fanna and Nonliwewt Virginia, lie trans
ndiii the (ndomliiK:
IIeaikh artkhh Mmni.r Mimtakt Division,
TIaih-kh's Fkbicy, AiikubI 8, 4-10 1. M. To
Msjur Omeral H. W. Hai.i.k:. Ch ef of Stuff
liriffsuicr-tii neral Krii.Kv rrpiTtstlmt asrom has
just arrived ai New Creek, and reports that Ueno-
ral am will onook the enemy near Moorheids
)pU'iday, anl altiicked him, rapturing all the
hrtllliry'imd fie bunilred priminers. Nothing
otllcial lia-uccn receiTtd from General Avhkili.
however. (Mpi'cii) . H Shhkiiiak,
Mjor-lrneral Commanding.
Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War.
For some years past tbe people of Canada
have been growing more and more Impatient
of their provincial condition, and desirous to
sever their connection with the Imperial Gov
ernment at London. That Government has
certainly earned the 111-will of the Canadians
by the very disproportionate amount of aid
and protection It has aflbrded them, as com
pared with the benefits and revenue it has de
rived from the colonists. Our civil war ap
pears to have given fresh stimulus to the Idea
of Canadian Independence, and admission of
all the provinces into our American Union.
The project, however, Is violently opposed
by tbe aristocratic class, who are politically
recognised as and denominated the conserva
tives; and they are, It Is said, greatly alarmed
just now by the Influence which the result of
our pending Presidential election may have
upon the question of separation from the
mother country and annexation to the United
States. There is every reason, we think, to
believe that the large and Influential ptvtlon
of the British people, as well as statesmen,
would not much regret the Independence of
the North American provinces, or offer much
opposition to It. It Is only a short time since
the London Spectator, an orean of the Libe
rals in England, spoke out very frankly and
boldly upon this subject.
It said that In either Mouse of Parliament
not five votes will be given against peaceful
secession, and not a voice raised for coercing
them the people of British North America
or fighting tbcm, or bribing them, or doing
unytbing else In connection with them, except
withdrawing the large fleet or small army now
paid fur their defense. That journal even ad
vises the Ministry to bring forward a law
"decreeing that liny British colony numbering
ii million of English-speaking inhabitants may,
ly a vote of its Parliament, ratified by an
appeal to the electors ad hoc, or by a two
tliird" majority, without such appeal, declare
ltsell free and independent."
1 his Is quite significant, und may posmbly
Indicate the happening, at no very distant
date, of the very contingency which the Min
istry are advbed to favor whenever It may
As rctpects the question of admitting the
provinces, or any of them, into the Unian, la
ruse tbey secv re their independence, it miy
le time enough to consider It when tho propo
sition is duly and formally submitted to our
There Is no certainty that the people of
Canada will seek such association with us
upon the dissolution of their political connec
tion with Great Britain. Indeed, the leading
papers tn Canada are now discussing tbe es
tablishment of a federal government by a
unicu of all the Provinces; and such a con
federation, If once formed, would, as a few
statistics will show, constitute the second
1"( wit on this western continent.
The Toronto Leader claims for the proposed
ft deration a territory embracing with that ol
Eritii-li North America, an area of 2,(lil:l,0"8
Ergllfh square miles. Tho two Canada
occupy an area estimated variously from 2.10,0(13
to yt(',(!00 square miles.
Tbe population ol ihe Provinces by the
census of 1SC.1 was: I'pper Canada. l,:i:ifl, ;
Low er Canada, 1,1 It ),'. 1 ; Nova .Seotia.:t;tO.H57 ;
New Brunswick, lioli.iMVj Priuce Edward
1 -la i. I, 80,rri2. The two Canada, according
to these Inures, contained 2,.'ii 15,755 people,
and the other three Provinces, M):l,45(l. It
thus appear-, that three- y.-ars ago the popula
ticn id the two Canada was nearly fnur-llftlis
of (bat of the whole live Provinces.
If we turn lo the llnancesnnd the commerce
ol ihe various Province, v.e flud that very
niuch rf the same proportions prevail. The
iie.j oils of the Canadas have for some years
avuagi-d about $i-jji:ti)t) a year. In Nova
Scotia the average has been about $7,500,000;
in New Brunswick, aliout $0,500,000; and In
Pi luce Edward Isluud, $1,100,1)00 in other
words, about l -1.000,000 against $42,000,000.
The exports of the Canada have tor some
time past averaged about f :;:!,oi0,( 00 a year.
The ncia;;e in Notu .Scotia b.n t een about
"?;?'', CO; in N'ew j'.riiiiswick,?-l.5i)o,0(W; and
in Prince Edward island, if 1,2.W,000 it litLla
over ill, .-,(.'0,1 ,oo in the three Maritime Pro
vinces, against ;U,000,0liG iu the Cuiiudas.
if w e take a'uin, lis a point of comparison,
tbe quantity of land under cultivation in tho
dilii rent Provinces, we reach a result very
idiuiliir to those shown by previous compari
son -. According to the ce nsus of ISill, I'pper
Canada had iJ.fiJIO acres under cultivation,
aiul Lower Canada 4,Wil,2:!5 acres; together
ll,F:j!i:S.'" acres. Ill the same year we find it
stated that Nova .Scotia had 1,07,7'J2 uciv
under cultivation, and that ill the sa ne year
New Brunswick had uuder till !;-'e t?J',l'W
I From the ubove stafi tles it will appear
ttmt tlia two CanaJas of themselves would
muku a btriig Guvvniueut, e vocally with
all the advautae they have lu urablo so!P
ui d (ouiuicreiul families.
This Confederation of the Provinces is re
garded, both In England and this country, as
the first step towards entire Independence of
the Home Government.
ohporai. n wiMta west w iinfii.n.
Tbe propriety of Infllct'og bodily psln as a
corrective of delinquencies and a spur to dili
gence has been frequently dlscuued. It ha
been shown that the same results were olten
produced by both methods; that with some
dispositions flogging had a demoralizing
effect, while to others it was indispensably
necessary. The corporeallsts produced cases
in which many now eminent men had been
literally goaded on the road to fame by the
ferule of the schoolmaster, and the suaslon
Ists a parallel array of Instances In which the
most Invincible natural obstinacy and consti
tutional sloth had been converted Into docility
and diligence by the unaided Influence of
moral power.
This Is rather an Important subject, and
we therefore take tho opportunity to express
ourselves, not as pedagogues, but at specula
tors upon the question. With reference, then,
to the ground taken by the disputants, we
consider both lo lie right so long as they
restrict themselves within reasonable limits.
To RjUempt the removal of brute obstinacy
without the employment of corresponding
force, Is as absurd as the attempt to move a
physical object without the exercise of physl
cal power. It waald be as absurd as to attire
a maniac in Mtflkwo lace, or to robe an Em
pro In garments of tow-cloth.
No one will deny that a leaky ship is easier
balled out by stout arms and capacious
buckets, than by any given number of prayers ;
while the case also will be remembered, in
illustration, of a good down-east deacon, who
attempted to haul a largo load of hickory with
a feeble yoke of steers and the assistance of
Divine Frovidence, yet who found himself ob
liged at last etcher to procure a stouter team
or else to diminish his load. If moral suasion
Is sufficient to Instill learning Into a perverse
and Idle boy, then the most hardened crimi
nals can be the subjects of thorough reform
through the ogency of religious lectures, and
therefore our present penal system should be
We have read largely upon the Influence of
moral suasion, and have investigated the data
of these educational morulists with mush at
tention ; yet if we were a school-teacher, wo
should about as soon think of running a loco
motive without fuel, or propelling a steamer
without paddles, as of teaching " the young
Idea how to shoot" without tbe timely aid and
judicious application of Bohwkll'b node
mecvm the birch. If parents did their duty
by their children at home, the practice of
corporeal punishment in schools would soon
fall Into disuse.
There are by far too many who, after send
ing their children to a seminary, felicitate
themselves upon having performed the extent
of their duty. In tho majority of instances
the children of such parents, finding that their
remissness at school is unrebuked or unknown
at home, would learn absolutely nothing, but
for the fear of punishment. Whereas, If their
studies acd progress were Inquired Into and
superintended by parents, tho teacher would
find his task for less onerous and painful, and
the rod be laid aside.
But If any of our readers imagine that they
could sway threescore of pupils by Ihe un
aided law of love, we commend them to pene
trate the interior of this State and under
take the tuition of some district school. The
law of love may be very potent at home, but
as an aid to Hie acquisition of grammar, geo
graphy, and tbe rule of three, byjazyboyi,
or In tbe prevention of sturdy urchins from
biow-bentlng and imposing upon their feebler
schoolmates, thero is nothing half so effica
cious as a good, long, and supple hickory withe.
To confirm this still further, we point to the
navy, In which, although flogging has been
abolished, a series of physical tortures has
been substituted which is highly suggestive
of the coercive measures adopted by the
Spauish Inquisition. The disuse of thrashing
lazy boys is a humbug of the most gigantic
proportions no nitatuko about it.
The Pukss Clih or I'iiilai.iliiua. Pur
suant to adjournment this tody will meet on t -
moirow (Weiiue-cm ) afieruoou at 3) o'clock, in
, Select Couucil Cl aiiilHT. Imuort mt liusiuoti
will be ir nsacteil, ami editors, reporters, c r
re pon d i.t s , sod coii'ritiutur- to Ihe public press
ol this city are invited lo be present.
Mosul no Nets. Oft ratlin to make up a
net lor u ; iheie is i.n srl in ii; he bus several
kinits to oiler, at No. MUM Chesuut street.
Vk have li V t Ah tee l.oKCbt stock and best
assort incut of Cluitiiug la rhibidt!pbi.t, com
peting all dt-kiialile t.'yles of good, front
lutdiuiii price to m peril tie. Evciy one can lie
accursiely lilted at in cc from our stock, what
ever be tin- tire or pr pur inns, in garment e pial
in all luiteik to uik made lo lie u-iire, murh
lower ;jiit. i'or those who piefur, we have
a so a complete a-sorttnent of piece poods, which
will Ik muUe up to nu-aoure In a etyle surpassed
by IlOOB. llKNNKTT & Co.,
Tow l H Hall, No 518 Market street.
tin litn iuitnt. tiv lit
f.n.r-M' N . .Ut-hMc.hliii, Mr. M II. 1,1 AM t 'K1 U K
3IIHi Si. A 1(1 A W A 1.1.1 ?. all Ol tit riliHlllUWII, r.
Miict-.AA.l.Kl(U.1Vv Kev. (. I. (M, mt tho
iDiuirlrr'n rtrinU'iue, .u, Alt.yer wln-ii, Auiit tth,
M l Mr ACDIi i.lH)K to btl'. LAM
i I lil' luxh ot th city.
rM','IU-l.i!i"lo.v.(ii Ihe'Jd In-taut, bv Itev. J. II.
K 1 iii.r. , Air. t.l-.Jiti .1. h.Vtl lil to Mm AA'1'.L1
'1ON l.oih til 11 In illy,
M I IAM-1.NM!.-Au:mH t.tU l.v the llev. M. I.
Knrt ut the I urroniike ol he lAtt lllh Street SI. I .
I hiinii No. i:iCI 1 (iinilrr-t .Mr. 1AVI1 s, W Hi A N f
to Ait rfl.LlA KN MS, ull of thi city.
f'OlfSfsll.-.luly JtM, Mm. (,i:tM(;iAH A DAK Fit
(-It:. IMI, w ne it JatneM orul-li. und Urtiihter t( Kilth
Aiii.t i.uO .I'iM' li.iikmi iii-.l 17 . eiirtt i tuoiitlx .nl
V-OdtH. I V limiiit ton j utKTi jh .i-i' i .ijiy.J
All ii t imi sore loot-' ih hero.
l'hviihjii Vtcrv in Vftiii.
t.o.l rnlli .1 l.t-r I miic, lie lluiuht It b t
'I o 1 11M' her ol her 11.1I11,
fOPMSII. AntiHi H'li, JOHN EH ICS ON. IntHiit mm
01 tu nr, lima ltuker und JHutOnt 4 urui-th. neit 11 iuont!i
Hiitl s litis .
Eunt rnl to morrow, at ft o'cloi k, from the ruld hop of
))! ruu.Unther, .luM'ph simokiui. No. Ull H. hecoad
atrtit. lliiihiutoii piioei'Fi iittMax- copy. j
f luul a littht Jnhi'iiv oik.!,
lie Him our dully prhU,
We loved tiiin.iih, pcrhupi tug well,
For iomiii he rh'i't und .lied,
tiOWFN Inly aVth, lt, ut the Aiu-ur Hodtnl. Vh.,
ol 1 1 r'iiic tmiriliu it, iortM.ial 1.UWAU1 iitlWKN,
(oiiitin K, Twenty thiHl lii'imeiit I'fiui.vl v.uil a V'u
1 11U 11 -4, un id the l.tte Jolni uiitl ..Inrar. t Ij.ivv -ii.
11 reii iiili-i .Ho itiiern il hi H 00 iiulcry uyar Al:AiHi
urm Va.
'Ihe l.nH LJlve illltl th I-ur l h ifhttkon aw.iy,
J .li .--t'U bf tho llii. no ol tins L di! "
llt-J.'T-Uii the 7th Inbuilt, WIL'lWI, yn'tiiM'Nt
M II III lllllllltlh llll.l till' ill ta- Ji.M-jlh Mil! it, Ul'lt Jl Vl .m,
'I he n-lull vim und Ii-leud- ol the lainil s tint no 111 -
In-Mid lllC M'M ' SU4UI FitO i:il;tiut t 'oillpttn , um ru
p ir. l loll v 1 11 It ell, w i t h.iii t linth-r not to mi.oid he
(Uiti-rul , on Weilio-d o' n.orunu. tiiu i'nh lti-t aiil . ;tt D
o'el.K k , troin Hie rt -1'U iK'u ut ti's ui ither. No. hit K
T Mill utriTt. To proreed to the I'll ilfin L ti Tuple 'oiniH.-ry.
HoAN,-Oii the lit ti. stunt, at 1 Hy 1'olnt, Vn..t'
tyi l out li vi r iMuir.Kit il whil" in Hio Mi iiee oi liu
ft.uiiii'v, KIFLS U., bou ui' Iran cut and Anu U-j&u,
tii d h- eurK.
Imeirid ut fit, I'olnt feiiiehry.
r MI'I ll.-Mi the 7tli lintunt, JOHN HOE SMITH, In
tin- Vith yenr ol I.ih
Tho n uilsert und iiiciiJaot the family, aui. :h ieu
KlicliiU' Lmltie No, 'ill, l.o. i-f O. t ., ut t 'unnlcii, S. J.,
W re-pi cttuliv hi lr. d t.t ctlt .i t hN tni-i)il, I'n-ni t'o!
lii'!i'iit ol In t ttlo-r Iti-l'tw, I'.uckilt V.M. M. I , e..r
ut r ol 1- r ut und ttimii Ut', iju WuduvJay, ltUu
iilnlhlll, Hi H A. M.
sMl i 11- on tho 7th in
tunt, LUI'IHA L, 8M11 -J, In
the it (li v cur 01 I.t. r an-.
Jlerinrudn uml ih ut (ho luim! uro T-n etl'nllv In
vited Ui uiu ud her luiii rul. Hum iho ronih ii t UM i,ro.
th r. -No. ti-1.1 hui'ta.u airuut on .v tjduc -d-iy, at 4 I'. 1.
1 J:i m s it. -mi the tth uniuut, wlLMA.U JL
XI,' '1 i I If, in the ;'Mh y. ur ul im ,i .
'1 he rt utiMJrt unu li eii.u 01 ihe tunji y, Cairiden Lo le,
N.t. . M , ui-- a r ii- L.u' 1 .if.-.u No. j 1, I. u. ut
o. y , (''ui.'len t'ouiicii. No. 1 O. of I1. A. AI ., n v ln ih d
lj uiltK'l 'u- lili.i-'al lii'lii Hi ' Iful-li'itco ul hi IiIIIk-i",
iiu Hi t 4. in 11 r-l ( -"t on V i 11. hi. ull. r;i u at
i ' loia. lo pro'.vi'd to Lvtf.'ruiu C'viucury, C 11
Vi. W A li It A V 13 tV,
'f.mOH TO W. II. CAKH'..
Ho. 719 OUCSNUT Street.
M08yT;iTO NE1TI05.
; L K t T It I C 1 I Y ,
I.OOK ASH i.ivk: a WOIID to thi: WISK 18
ttrinf iknti
AU dl..l comlitloni. both acute sad chronic, when
there It vitality enoiifili k-ft lo rvart, art irniitiHwiU
cured, by waTiuili c, at Nr llrtO W AI.M T Hlrvcl, PMIa
ilflplila, and In cnc ' a tnlliire In moat oltluatr mAlaitlr l,
no cliamc It m.'le. KlrcUlral Inttltutlcn, ftut ll.hM
auont live )eara ag t7 Pn fi tior HOI.I.E8. Head IL
futlowlng: .
A cIm ofnuladlen prevalla lo a furfu'. extent In rotn
nuiDlilci, dooming inofloo jtohiIk, or tsilo neet, annually
lo tn early grae. Thuc dl.etwl are verj Imperltctlr
uiHlcnti-i'd. Their exU-mal mantfeataUona or amiitomt
are neiviiut dcoilllj, relaialloa, and great txbautUoo,
marai-uiut, or wuting and oUfeuiupUon of tb. tltnueaof
Ih whole hod), thortneta of broallilng, or too liurrl -4
hrcuthlng on acnd'ng a Mil or UIkIiI of ttalra, pal.ltatlon
ef Ihe heart, atthma, brnnchlth, and drjr, tore Ihxoat,
trnnlilliiK and xhaklng of the anna ana lower llmbe,
araraloa to aoclety, butlDeaa, and lo ttudr: aomellmea
dluiKKa ol the jcIJit, lo.a of memory, dltjlnan of
tho head, ituraigl. pain la varhiu pana of II
body, 1 aim In the back aud lower lmba, lumhago. dy
pi pala, con.tlpallon of Ihe bowela, dorangi d aecrtknt of
the kidn7, and manr other glaodt of the body, pro
ducing virulent In both males and fJmnlea; ULo
wl epllrpny, hyattrla, and dutennt forma or nervout
apahma. ow. then, ninety -n:ic- cau-t out or every hun
dred (fall tli abovo-named dlaca'C and a boat ofothen
not named, aa oonaumpilon of the lunga.oi ul Ueplnal
nvrvca, haw their orli to In the pcMc viacvra, bence the
autof aucceea by any of Uie old miMltcai iy.tenu of
Prolapaua Vti-n, Leucoirhaa, Amcuorrboea, and liya
menorrhrra. All the ahove diaaaaca and other tltorloe
oomptaJnta havo their of Igln lu a loat ol the vital power of
the body, brought on by Injurlea, exoeaaca, a duntary
bahlta, ieraunal abuaei, abrtlniin,end tbe uxe of powerful
mcdletnea. fikimeof the peculiar aymptoma are rtrantrintt
palna thiouah the b'p and back, weakneaa of the limba,
and extreme languor and debility- throughout Ihe entlra
ayalera. T lie etrecla produced from tlieae troubleeome
maladlca are almoal lauUliiiduvoua. Oonanmpilon, la
lpala, Keuralgla, l' Ot-alneia, Hlluduona, fKa,
and Insaul'y, and aven Idiocy, are not uncommon.
ho elleclual or reliable remedy haa ever been found for
theee alarming complainta till our late dlacovery In the uaa
of Klectrlclly In alrlct acoorda ce wllh the poaltlre and
nesailve polarlxaUon of the I'terlne Organa. We never
failed In curiiig all of the above dlaenaea , except In caae of
orvan c derangement, or aevere Injurlot of the porta.
Mre Fuilon, a lady of great expedience; and ability, will
have entire charge of treaung In the ladlea' department.
Consultation trvi.
Prof. I101.I.K8 tl bt. BROW.V,
auli- lot No. 1T2D W AI.NLT Suw-t, PliUadelplila.
fj1 II U O H E A T I" I 11 31
It K.nt in jr. like bli f real rrotoCn,
Ihe clil8u of Philadelphia and vicinity are purlieu-
lrl rfqufteUtorcd U.t folk-wlauDotctrouMr. 1ft: NUT
rini.AMM I'liiA.tTuly 26.1n4.
M.C Srrtlfr, Atrrnt for Milie u 'liillfl Iron -ait:
1 1 r Att Sik 'I l.e Nu. lot'hiiict Iron S tie I purehapo! of
j on !! IN ;t ai in v ofllcc, wtiicn wm buruH cniin lf
(Uit.tii u.i auun fttcturv n frinai nint last. Mv
l. ch. hihI pair's Htic luken .( ol the halt ot ioio ttia ine
. ra b- d il.r hull liu. tnt-n fro m attention was ud to
tht hit'f , nltiv tlin Ilia, tor home uttya.
Tlitto hh a thiet--try brick bulJdlnp, llnvjuit
M'Uth oi m v lualii wranoi.-iluii,nnrl aa tl.a n l"U at the time
ah fu n. the north, the Hre froia the WHffoii blmp wi
I'i'rcf1 ktroiitrly upn Uie oflc, and everything tru
butllaie tMirafd entiroly up. On oxttralnlritf the Hfe the
liilil a ii-und not iniuml In the h Kt, ami it h. a
C4at of paint and a little repaliiuf eaternall, li read and
lit ft-r u.-e.
I Cflurhierlully rtrotnmcnd LIT.MR BCIMf.I.ED IRON
fAr IL to all inu-rvati-d uh a tnokt thoroutrh Kfrt proof
U. ft. National Wftva WorkJ.
Tba ft'llowiiiL' fut-t In the aJiovi eortlUratu ure uartirti-
larli noil-cut. U':
I Urot. The diameter of the hutlding, its bclntf lK-aU'd
fjUri M.uih ol the main wuuon-bhup. with lu mtueiie
amount of tvmuii-ilMf mutt rial; aluo the fVet ilmt the
iOfl at ti e time his mruDK irom Hhj north, which tirced
an iliuiicme Hiuniiitt ol hen I npuu th.n IhiIUIjiik.
J hetoi d. i he hii'i that live tnitj wa the Ktuulloit tine ht
on, bud thn It wh h-tt In the tellar, atnoutr the ruin,
1 for tlah without t-Hre or ulteiition, u there was nothing
1 U'tl ii, u.
I Third. That tho Pafe y not ni-niun, wai-pt il, or twlnti d,
I tut In -Mil in order, aid tit for u.e, vtvu the look bving
lit uniiijurrd.
t D in woiutirlu) result, ot;tlter wl'h the rot. i lit of the
lute atlm pt ut iuht ery ol LI 11 It- Ohtlh d lien Halt mt tht
Vt ft jlliac,hla 'J ruht r und. Jiiht puoltnhitl, mmi 4 r ve
totl f Mitihfutiloh vt all 1 ai lit h lu'i rented l" sale, that
I-t'llt'h CM'l'd Inn Stf lit ail ihnt ut tlaitnet tor M,
ur ct'y m tl thon ttuhl tire and la r -prjif, lheAW.
irtn nan- initlxer, J h viil fcvMi,', a..t'rth.i 1 1 thecontrarj
rotvittXNiuliiig,'. VeiU. fioOceiue la on the tld. of
Tt ith,
V. ' 8MI,U, Acnt.
K. li.-Th ahi e dit'e now t m tifp-i, uml all par-
Itii'b liiten-.ttsi Hill uh use t .vuuilne It lur themhtH-t-n.
.M ( H II.FK, At:, i.t.
:f olS HKVl.Ni'H Btrnet.
It'lne1 IInnnn 4 iu;-
M 1 jihm. IaviA UinMitJH,
An u AM Tknth,
ha ,'UM f ci'lveU a new tmiirtitMoii of
Hai'ava Cimm,
of the or oh at l:anda
- V. U. W Lit man A (u ,
Mant tiHtintib ol Ne and le)ltliMi CometMioii., Vjutond
Tn-u:. Clioroial itiHineU, I i imt- La AI"d .W ,
I I'arii, riiiiaitir Havon-d.
KoHatvii joraan Airnoiu, ac ,
Su. -'iti C't.ehunt street, hlorr t onxtb.
0tf44'k Ai 'o, PtUIIO..
BTETK & 00. 8
j. e. oon.i).
Barenih aud Cheat ttxeett.
1111. . r : 1 r v I n r. in wlm-li tt h.n1 li-eu 1 inril, u l;iri,'i
M 'i. fist. 1 1, j.-.-t itiiu-, iiutikr.l .(Ii I uli'Ht lD li.h mi tli.i . ,M. . 1MI,0VI .,
dU- i.t N.i loll hr-IU Mtvt.
0 iC Ml' V
6 O"1"'1
.I up. 11 1 l.tiiiwida, Waicliut, Jewelry,
. CI t. I'"'. -.,.
.11 v 1 : s a t'O.-s
OLD El'r.K!.lMl:l I.OA! OFFICE,
Lvrnwr Tlltiui ami i v-i ill. :ie'-ta,
11 -iw Liiiibat't.
K. B.-I)IAM0MIi8,WAl'.'m.S, Ji;WELHV,C.rS3. tc,
H'H -a: i- 1 r
I-KM.inXA.'.LV LOW n.ICES. Jl4-loa
VV'tiuli.w Hli.i-t t'iin New Vma AiKt.on aajt'a,
la;V'"t wet.)- al .iv i.irkcnt IIiiimi.Ik, V iviji, ail
1 i 's f !-' muiI i-ri; ii rrii-ut'l., li-aim. J,J
wuic, Tn, no ani i'U c-nt i i-l, ll 4 mill 11 I nt ii.--ii-r-ti
nut,- i-rl ii , li.itii,ldl tur-ils. f 1 in lu 'l-i5 pur arl:
In.raln, In.m ;n t-iita lu HW.; Vt-iit-iiAii, IE.K, .inj
!1iii, Irom j;Sj tn lit ( iUm i . r )irt;, tli.
lar. 11.: Uii,.,rtD.Liit u -r ilrt ri d In l'!i Uili I) tii.i. Cumu ;i; -a'
t-i '."i ,-ints u j.mj. t the Nriv t-lt i.-tl.ii lull , Ilt.'
po', ( I. rim rly Muiikjw'a,) No. Ill S. Hl i uNl) dirtct,
1.1 t it- m abuve Vi'auiiil, u; iifciie tm hixluiiie-.
J1 .0 -
tllil.LvI iu 1.-00. liKTrt-r unit liurtltr 111
I n.. IVaa, Vk-mca, ul U .iiera,
Clioloe Havana CI, ,ir,
( iota a. lil.i- kw. U t rkklui aud Sauoei
Killbl and .Scotib Alt anil r -ru r.
CauuaJ ilnaia, Fruitt, Bjuf, 44.
Htkvf Ucaacb lii up with i'"n-,
iUtto.llt . HF.COSO Mlrrt.
laB 1 jv-mua u. cvioxr,
! IrM' Vi. In OMiij!-ll'rt1f.ln fond InWtKm. AS.
dim HOt SE, Hot t. I'o.t Ofllc. 'iV-t
Hi r. .o1naoi. Lljatf !!, liroim. Let
M'l. SeKet.
I. (luir
1 Ulf wlnduwi, sod dt-lliii. Nft, H. KI.I&-
Mil Slrwt. urn tl
II- um. larv and aniall. on terme lo ault i-iireliaiera
r atltli r. w: tout tiiitimoranc. for ca.b and cod
Irattc. I'wimre of. f'oiii liHi 1'-' eiock A. M .,
TIIOH M. I l.C'W MAN, No. VI H. I I'l Kill Stroet.
lb' rit irti .fti.Hc. mimic., mrnif i1rtna,
Al.MHHN, tU 1 UK W0aSFlt( HI, I AMI',
tntid. ir ti t- mwtliV w'lvt pre ruil-m. In ft
("tr If-1 l ur rtc1'r.rt mi-M!lp riltf Hh -nW-(iit
titftii-jMnfittiTwi fiistiin .ti't, tw,i ntroi f,
iiM-rt (ci(imi and proiK., bcaubiul vut r. nr-.d
ctrun it If
7 V M A R K A U L 1', K X H 1 11 1 T I O N,
Jl ton m v ovi: wt.i K
Ahfll hi IIK'T, AIIO K KINr. I'KFSTff.
"-s.;a I I! NOV I'M- tinned Hlatca ( ireua,
ad Mi.ara V IN am HI ltd a Co. H Mammrut
grel ccniti!o(-(i( v,ih he of.ene 1 1. the ruMIr, c-auceii(lu
UllSilMiU tUtVIMi Xu.utl ,
At'l c mining KVI'.ltv K K.MNli nnli: haivrtar l''lh
li -I., Ii miiio I'eroniianrcaor II. e alo-rinK.ii. of Tuee
l fi., We,itealRy lKh,TLtireJay llth. 1 rlilaj 1 itli . and ,1a l:im
Admhtlni - Acjlta AOcta. earl' f hlMren tut or.l. Af'
I' I'locfi rt'ii 'naii'-t- (oulmen'e al ',S o'c'o k; evening,
7-vo'(lMk. loo-ecK'n at hall I. mir earlier en ftaeh t-fa'li-n
Mi"iai n;e Mat!n'e Win..rtiy irornto--, rira
mm i-if; m ii t. cUY. lor ti e hei tht ol uellUMltKR.
lie uo et i iK.utus. tw m
r TZf O II C At' 13 IVt A. Ya
Of Ihr Caps May I lia, Ii iw.w making her regular trlpt la
CAPK MAT, leaving ARCH Street Wharf. e ery Tuetilay,
thuraday, and Saturday at nine oolocki returnliiK wlU
leave Cape May eiery Monday. Wedneeday and riiday
at haat-paat eight c'clorb. toueblng at M w t'aatle gntnf
and returning. Fart 2t0; carriaR hire Included.
Ihihlren half price) carriage hire lecludcd. Servant
1-K'i e.nlagv hire etra. freight at low ratea No
freight reoee ed ailer a o'ekek. tn all caao must be
))11-U iOSKPII A. 8TEWABT, Agnt.
Coal, Iron, and Lumber EegioriB
tilrlivi ample time lo vi-lt earh point of Inwat on Ilie
The Catawissa Eailroad Company
Having perfected arrangement with cnnncttr.v roarfit,
will lakue KX(niRBIOtf TICKETS Irom rolUdtipUe over
the fo lo Itie rovte
Ptilladt lpbla and Heading Knllroad To Kea.tinir. flrhurl
kUI Haven, Aahland, Mahann City, and Temaaa. Cat
wlaaft KaUroad lo Hummlt, McAuly Muunta uf Cata
wiaaa,Kupert(Ianvllle, Milton and Wliliamsport Ldiuh
and Mahanoj, and Beaver Meadow Kadroadu-To Ula k
Creek and Manch Chunk. Lehigh Verify Bulirjad - To
Allentown, and Bethlehem, and the North Pnivt)1vanJ
Klln ad to Phlladelplda.
t or variety and grandtur of sreoery. th$ route presenta
(Kallar tnducomenta to tourHti.
Thote wlahlrg to do to, may re Verne the route by obtain
ing ticket to .tart ovtr tl NorU, renuiy!vanla La 11 road,
Ticket can Le obtained at Uie Iepot8 of the Philadel
phia and Heading U all road, and Jtorth Pennayhanla P.aii
road Cvaanaioit and of
Traini Mtart frera Philadelphia and Hcadlinr Depot at 8-11
A. M. and 8'M P. M and from horth PtnniyUanlaltall
road Depot at 7 A. M. andVIA.amlO If. P.M. )n nttiihl?t
Invalida and Convalcaecat,
ln ald arid Convalcacc nta.
Will :1trd our Will find our W ill find cur
Cadiornla vTinra, California tV in,
California V'n9. (aliforuia Winea,
California Wlnea, CaJlfornla Wloes.
peculUrlv valuable iu all caaeac Ucgitorand ffrcatproa
tratlon of atrciifctli.
Ak A-k Ask Ask Ak
Aik Ask Ak Axk Aik
Ask A--k Ak Aek Ak
Iri.ML'lUau4( t'rilluuO, Jacks nf
(ol the ronnih anla I'nh orslty i,
Baring. lUrcrs, (mvei, HarUhorn
Bchmule, M'lUlftiiu, Hartla, 'eldlia.-da,
Wllnon. Ihidal, VtiiuL, t'nndey,
Nohle, Knotr, at ayland, Turner,
Ud other leading physlclau, whn. tl.ey thlukol tno modi
cinal vlnufeb of Calihrnla Wmtal Thrne pin tie moo re
acribe our Uaud$, aj-l a-ourt ui ol tho oeucats patienu
recvlvc from their uso (
lyVC-lm No. 4 P. VU TU iirert. ohov Ch.nut.
I r (looila, Sewitw Mai rhiln, r,
Xll.AOVt IKI'AU1 MhNI ul WAa'liNHTOh,
U.HI k I'l l-llll r leM'AliU.ICMArtTf.rM
H AsniNtnim, Auu-l fi, Iti1.
Wrttti n innKa'i w ill h nc Ivt-d ut hU ortid until
Initio uo'tvo, ti.r rtirtiUhine tl.t ioIowu-j artlrlfa fir
twt- ol loMrnlntiid u.t ii, wouu'ti, hihI (Mid.en in tal Je
l-i units timtiet, Ac), and otrtor tcrvlrrahle ItrMdn anl
Hl-i i o ior tri-o. wuii, i n. ui d children n wnur,
( Ii , ti ll. i,d Vih.J.mi II itl m, und chdh t :ip.
hi im v, L;ii'v,t ahuli mil, Cadv e, Hlaul t, anl other
v n ai t vo'ton j;0' dJ.
Ilhkory HI i p.- ((or hhirtvi, It. J-tickin, unldachcd
JtltS In, HOC.'lt) r i,, ft a, Ultd lllir ttl'M 4
l'K.l (' t ot, tho k Mi d v. iiiti-; f hu o 1 Im ad. '
Hnt' Httk'eiid- Ittittoi.j ; hirve tuition lur tV.Ms,
uiii e rorrrioiu tii (, Vim, Ni't dh and otter
t uini; tna'CilHl.- hi d triioiiiinur.
Hum i-h- honhl ho m nt iviih ti h bU, at the exjiue of
theimrtv orv-di j ti-sine
Alt on h of alt aVlain i bI einil a'fmpunv earh lid.
f ii vt rbui irt.i m-iu tu v ul Ih t ntt-naiutd, but I'Vi-ryb'd,
tt nu ditu ii' lotii 1 th- Miinf;, m'iKt be ia t tiling.
Pok haN ill bi riia-'e (Vnni fine to time m (tie i-ikmI
rtM nitilt d. uiiCi'i roi.tnu't or otherwise, an li t
o tht- irvit i ion n rinre.
(4mhI -iniiily will Imi i (lilrti for the fAllhful fulHIraiat
ot an toii'riict mailr iindi r this mlv urtls moot.
rmiitiMtir. .sKnulil bi'oth tl and adtirrk d to the undr
l.ud, aid tadoiied, 'prii-oalii tor f UrnK luc Iry
t;ttr.' Ac. VHA8. H. (UtKl.SK,
1 1" -nu imot 'i.1rii1 nd ChU-f tjuurti rUaHU'r, 1. jm tnn nt
liitittim, an lot
I orka Ml l i C LK.VV, Practleul und ThitrwUcal
KiU'1ncor. Mitt l iin-U. Holler maker., la kstuilha and
I'ouiKH-rti, liMVinR ur mtiy ern lun'oln u'C6iu) opera
(I' ll, und been f m hikiTi- i rtifiHfd In bmidiiiK and rmlr
mn M.i Tint niui Itlv-cr , tilii and low preniirt, Iron
iJoiU'is, W ai-r Tanks, I'moelleri, &i Ac, roHpvctrnily
otlrr their iervlrcs to the pnhhe a Iwlnf fully prepared to
emitraot for KiiHlnt s ot'Ail Mien, Marine, Ulvr, and Hta
U nary ; ha inn s t ol patii rua of (luUrent ilz s, are ru
pareii to efi-ut(: ordi-ri vith iuh-k di'.imii-h. K.cry de
fi ription of iiiiftcrii-iniikinK' TH.len.t tin fnnirt'-tt -lotice.
H ii. h and low pn-hNure. r iiii,TuinilarlHndi,viiiiit(-r HoIuth,
ol t lie bt rfiiiMYlviiit.a Ipiii, i orlnm, oi oil
u' and kinihi; Iron und brns t'.iinici oi ull il .nfip
Horn ; Koil-turi.iner, all -Utr work eon-n--i'ted
v ith tim atovi hu .iii' ,
I taw ha and Kit ;k:, f r all work time at tUi
t t 1 1 ieni if fi ni f'!uio, a 'id (.f k tnt- '1.
I ho fc'ib'.crii" ra hu am; tn t. -lan' .u-K rviu f..- r
.;iir of L-ifts win re tln-y cm !1h oi ,,i rt nmiv v, tid art
tn,viud vllh .i.t; -ra. biotki, (aIU, ike., tic., Ior rm-UnK
t-ty aud Ut,U Vi.Jiliu).
.IOIIS f. LKVlr",
aC-f rEACIi and tAl-M.Jl Htrte!i.
Ve Me pr T.rtd ri oritui to any estmt for our wull
In'ti'dirir ill recnt in:prcvem:nti tn Caidtn, Siilniiinj,
jl! J Vi IV IliK-
Vviinitt ie attci.Uun of manu.acturara to oiuta
l 'it ' ALFIU':n JKNKB A BON.
AJO 1 KCh I X 1 0 N . N O INKKRiOH CO At
arn le. biML LL W. HKn, Mti ' VI' Mr. oi, no.,,, uoe,
. a-.t id, r.cUi t:ie fnnina I- Ail R VI IN, b, it
i-ui-siuimtd i ggitud ttUj.a lclU, Laje Aiut.fiO
per ton.
.'oitumrrn ihonld tnakt ILalr purtJaaioa at on-. pra-
1 a
titbit In Iiin rir and III aonn leao oit. do
roi i a aier aiirrirrnwt
wht itriAK Tnna wahh.
An ii U an aitklf (tat Imi Ihii lr tr ihoMt tr lat
ltiit. j ir, whl' I proMitt In worth looping a1r
Tven rtw "f) pr hot He.
Mm mfai-'iirrr nnd ImcMt- r,
i ' I'K. I ll Hir. iH.
I).ti NTr.n 3v,y 19, iHfif.- josF,rn
VOITKT, I h m di- r.rU, riTl'ti H'e.irn DtHiif
a"d Srn'.rhw m y kind r-l w mlr.i; pari, lor Lrt ,
i.cti'B, and tbilfti'ir I'Atent at'tar.ti, for tnohiK
imu fn-iti r e ti l..e trrhe.. N... 7 i K:f. Mtn..
Inn'i,, U. 'vh. Si Mil Wtrcf, phila Ulphla an,. ?ni
.slofi iid fi..i i'ir-aj :f t.c lire at ( niral fair
fr ti P (a ltnr (' n n"si-r.
Aii'Tt"s u ri; . iJri(N!.
Joi n Mr( all A o . uft , hcotUnd 'tm 00
tl'ari-H t nniTiun.-ii iri
S J ( hTi-t -p Inn
Admn vrtntr.i. I'"
8. ft. WiiilamH.n a i Vt) fxi
it I, In W W. I noi.n.i. M) in
It t. .!, .-of A C , '" tn
. 4M k i Co -'ib .fai
tUtrm C Nftolrw t
Tt nT(Hde A ltnd..-r ' '"
It J Ad.ini'. r, ( o . ("
N F '-rpl -kU; A ( '
T II. 1 ai fNi.r (hi
V m Nniai Hrir , ? M
V.V. l end el,, If 0
J. Vfi lb nt i
It A aVinilrli und V.. It. Hi'vi w. llftTTibiifaf .
,t- hp V brill) , HI i, itit 'fs'.h i I'
ll. Iti v, I" "ii
1' ,i Liiwioii, ' 1" r
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.loliw'Nev coaier, " T f0
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a. m m at I m i, mi'i . Ml h is. -II-. f a I fO
Clti 't-tifol Newton Haulhoii and vicinity, per
hpr , ol .l?nti I'uret h 187 W
rt pn ce-0i of Liilirn' rotun.ittee Table, LT
band ci Mi i.H . t.irtd, t bairman S.Oll TO
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J. V AKii, in aurr.
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folmw Infi arilciet. ith l ie vftluation of ti c ionuri,
ta i o; HliKt. wi.t i ti er c!d at ttrn Ltdl' laid or
i:ir",tpd to th? rffMA.uufit iKpurtmeut, aa per their
T tiMi ,i Mr. Clinton :
Hyfa'oiMfo rtrnfini: eonb, valued at ful
'n oi Mr. H. 0.Ovir
'hmm a. t i .c MX) ra)
Prim Ml Nulhe Hto;i
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I'rtm rlHena of Cm tovnishlo. U'JitlidoK
coiuitv :
I iHia ai iidrlea, butter, fru'L, Ac. .......
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bbl l-M'h'OCrt ,
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a. It. W iio-crd ytui-i rii'Vr
i.'h'iF f Inn Krini, I r I. Hour ,
A Hchk cit. I bbl. tb ir
Jor n h rind) , t lib', l!ou- Gi H
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lu oi- Hhanfc', hbU. t.t
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AiiQ'itti.s tu vi v, wtfhhtand,..,, .', It 00
Cioweb A I'liv J.oi. I I ay inf 10 CO
Join Ke(i-r t bbl Hw-r 7 0
Haiiitkl Art. ti. ' Mu. Hour 7 fro
Addlai'ii Imbne. 1 bbl. fl'Hir... 7 T .Muiih.lhM ftuiir 7 Mt
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,1t hn Kei i mi . I 1x drlid ciiern:" fn
I'n tn Char be h(-i;rf, I i Aiiki;i couniv :
John h. McKI, I bbl. floor 7 bo
Joi.n aStn-ifitr.K bh a. IK ur 15 bfl
A Krb tid.H l i- a llt ur 64 0
Htirklmrdl A llir.hy, iq. ur 7 M
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H i di 1 In x lanry rtlclr 72 -V
1 bo v :n", (V-. , iioor (d , A Hi
rrom Newton Mamiltoii Mifllin county :
.invi, l ine i .,ti, iiirt M.taiocl
ft. IL-Kter.l t-t! dour. I
Jr.M I'tirr II, v bl !.-. flour, W 0
J, Wl'hcniw, 1 hoi. flm-,
J. t. t uter. 1 ro.i lemhi'r.
r ii in ciue.j t-f i't'iicai.uon, Porr cctint ;
i c r k t i poiau ". ( u
1 boKfci anli a- 1 i Ur.ibt-.d ftml, Ac ( l M
r'r u citlei a f.f llHtnideu tt wihip, Cumler
h'Uu unmtv ;
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I-if m e Mht'eck.
c. 1 do,
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no. y ti bo il dt.
Kr in 1 . 1., ln n.1,
rrxcoJoa. L tttvej, oi.t latiybbui, Mcdd at
Udles' tabl Lb", (n)
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lii-ii. 'IHK f'M lli fc)lTiftl hCKKF.RKRJ-AV
Apival to the i'eohlf ol 1'IiI1ni'iiImii. -ie low
t'HI tut : (nr HMhM-ct 1 w I, lily ; our word, thereinto,
Hliull bo hut tow. A h1 nh oi lte-'i-l rultlum havo kIvu
t! e P' aft tui ml ( "tinttiul tow u (t (MintolaerrUurK to Miti
t.irvli. 1 ho Ion- -i und lmv,fst poM not tlm towo Hps
lu -hce. tr l iU Hotiir urn without shelter iojd or
itiiu.iiit, t pt to h Hi the me tiug Lund of eii.iniy
liniiicra. TI.e.v ou.jirisp all elaso. nsen a id c-jn litloni,
ir:iio ti e riMidtMh r Hod i.ramhni.tbor down to the help-let-
babe, 'ii.e.i i five lost tht'ir all. They have n t even
ii eh i n'.t' of uiii'Hf nt 'J ho er to tin lor help, ovej to
mm, w ho xtlli rtH tine In the lu, ot plenty. Tiieyareoir
hOivbhoni, m iiri'ntiiei n, friend; many of theji oar
brethren in the b a a oi tlu lios.ioi. Their loi thi'y
owe to their tk v tlon to run- eotunioQ couutrf. Titer
uk ii to ih tor i h in ubm th', ii we were Li their
eouditlon and thn.v in ojr. would eh erULy d i tor J.
Iroi'K- oi 1 ho 'Iii,iIiiii ! ne h..vo j-e.a uur eit to the
yellow liver hHtiwitu at NorfoU, who nuve led by the
iti'zt n ut the "'v'l oi Ihe n'e 1 Hi have aent bread by
the i nrt-o to lrcbiud 1 every cojntiy aud eiim.i h.ire
our 1 1 neiaetloiii t 4n ten. And nhail we not open ojr
heart and lnit; !.- moat w hlely to riullttrem ut ojrowu
Loom tl e ai.rro mr'eki n iifople ot Ch iinbardiar-'i'
IbvAe rtn,ile i.i-i d ie:iil'-i)inde n' lor iiialo and
Ifiuait-i Dririien;.' tor t arnipntti. whU li thuy win rhe n-r.i-ic
mtike up ; liii-. .in.i, hutH, ca;i, bonaeU. boil-d'lu-'
. and every tirtitie ot wenr ior adtiilM and elul Iron,
r.ert'banti. apan- theinrti' li out ol yojr utore. H op
ktHiM ra, do ye the Mime. llo.Lt- -kaewrn, purl ye wilh a
'ort'iu td oui surjiius nanlrolu".
A Ienlbrv ha Wen ooeni'd at the Cnlon Itennvo
1"iit l.ooniH, Sv. lib rtiut lit H. Hr VK.NTH rttrvet. wliriio
ali c-oniriintioii ul I received, NO.f ir'iin tuouo lur
iv. nut to tin- a i'ri m.
A oiie my lie riMrd' d to K. 11. HO'lKK, Kuq., No.
3 J it'f( Htreel.
1 euow Citiiei.t! 'l i-sm' ) mo-it urgent I What ye do,
tlo fiti cfciy i
I.i t. W, Hull T,
li.r . A. .1. Hie 1 1
JVipa. licor, e II. Kiuarl.
fl.r.. J. I (;ii.iiln i.i.
iri, I ij. 4. tin- 1 ,1111.
iMra. .1. li. Jlt-yi.
ii i.. I rami l tinilit-r...
Iti. OoLa VV 1'. in i ,
Slw. K. I. Waimanakor,
. 5ir. W. M l.-fh.
lltra. U illiaiii Niull,
atn. V. s. Slu.'kluli,
Mr. .1. II. .Mi- uiliivi.
.Mr.. Jami.,
Mia A. anil Al. fta-'er.
; lii. I.nji.a K. 'lflh-irn,
OoiMiiiiitriif .iu .rifieiil-uc..
Pk-tj. TIIK : I'OMMIT'IKK ON rilOTOliltAl'lls OK
alrf.i tliet.rmr luiliiil lair ackm-v tiHlc a.iii u-ltirn
tin naa li-r ill iu.i i"ii- ct rtii'ti'crniili.. I tiiMurdiiliio .U-
turi.ii. arn ci ii i f-ivr ii i t tiiiiii a i luiinw i
IrtHi'k llutvkun l l't
'.(.ufMi-li, vaiucil ut. .
, 5,'
. ill 1 . 4
. liA'.NI
. Di'iO
. Sll-Jil
. Im-.iii
. H J IK)
. .HtlJ
. f,-'-,ll
. rt uu
. iW-'U
. IUiiD
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. a oo
. Il'ltt
. linn
. Hi 1.0
. HU-iN)
v ijiiicroth v I
.1. A Ct'lM'i..
.1" ...
M'lim-a ( rewmir, '1".
li. t l.eiioni' tin.
M-iAllllcr A Hi, cli'-r. do.
V i li. t.briuon.
V. I . M, yer,
l:. NiHll,
A. tu mult- ai I j.,
J. JVilTHll,
1 . 1.. lieu k-v
.1. W. Hum,
M. H. llahi limn
I . i. li.. 1 1 r.
L. Looliiuan,
&!. Looi iti,
lilykirald df Co..
h hiai'kn.uu, '!',
li I.n J.!1,U(J, do
.1 il, n t '. 1 .niM m . i!i,
mi w
inur An Hii'iir. ii--iiil-.- ri.ol the- tJuiuiuUii-e, plux
tc.ur-i tin-., vi-iui u
H KI 0
.1. t . I.vui r. I li
-i.iiul o., plioli ui-u;lo., lalili-d lit
2,1 iU
! 1-1,1)
Jl lid
:m I, i
.'I i n
1 , 1,1
Ni 1-on'lVrlulit orS. d'
1. II. .KiliiiMiii - i , i'l (i t, t'u-i Hi.
CuiiKi-fMtldii of li'U- He', t:rr
W I do.
Jim. A. Rnl-erla, Kennet Siimire,
1, nil"! Iviiuia, (to.
M r. Hliri-cT, sun rruni-iii -o. dn.
Ku-iti ru ka I'" , N"w Vurk, do.
Xi-ri'mi Iii.iM.. lltlllliili'l,,. (to.
V. III. Itiilter .V I o. I'tlllil., lilliitowrillllllO Allllllll.
.M.,ri.Hii.V lli-.iliiHi- earn t-nv. KipiTi
J. II. Hni inoli-i. lluti'bi'iiiiio iiin'r, iilu.4 uuil
HUH ,-
11. Hi i lilli, , lnilti'UI
(1 s i c, l i-:--- inii'f"Ut
. i-. li.l'-cn". I tiut'i'l'l'-i'. AI.1i.ii , idliuni:'
Ml ,--i ti hi.i ', ..'.i-rc'-' "l-i- liiilrmuLii und :lui-.,
'- l.u-i I r. i- uml I"--,, A' .. ii'
.1. I'. v; r I1"., l ilr.-iti' .liver mid i-lllnrldr until
,'. luinli-ii. iiiLiiil" .liver...
A. t ,niiin. i l"l' ui'-Uiilu
.Ii.i.u 1 iii-i' ii.ilii"t -t..' .il. l"i- i,k lur.--.
(.iii-ti c iitiiimtcd tiy ua-iiili'.-ni oi Uie C'ouiiiinii.y,,
Jul.vl IM-I.
i-r.f- (illJtK Ol' TIIK l' Nil IN I'Kl'ltO.
B--.V- i,,,,,, i' mmiiy. So. 117 H. I i il' It I'll Stro-t.
l'l,i; Iti, rd ol I'lioi it i . ii.i.o "lii- il.l ilv lai a lo irt i
in u l t iil.i l' iiJ 't T .vi i r::K I'KN'l", on the i j.iIi.iI
M" 'i.l ., ' ' ' '' I' Il I"
j .- I'lii.isi'i Li-."k. will 1m: cioieil on till r.'.li, l-'.ih, und
Itib'imt. A. i'. IAI-.IM'..
,i,.(..,,l lr.-.i-iuvi.
w uj i "ini'.iiiy.
run in, - i ii l. iii.t 1, 1-.:.
A'livol'lh'' Hildr. of i,e fim it l'i'.'-"."r
ICtujw ;i) I 'i nit- .ii V i- ill lie lit-ld ii! the oillio "' llic Com
i-e.iv,"i, -.V. ..i'i-l l. ..t lu ci"e A. Al.
Ill luiii. Oi IU liunl ui I'IulIO...
w ii. M Mut r,
.,-,'''! hci-ri.'1'iry.
a, -l !., i'. oii-ia .i id uie fcyo una e-r, lr.u.a
111 itlM .lil.. l. I til ill 11 IK lull J. JV1 II. III.. d Ll'liwllW-.a
.oi.ii-.. ". ii u.l'i u. id i .imi, c..o l v.H at Ida o.ito.
t'a. '11 I'- . .- t'.:o i. Anil.- ii i j OJ lu-'Mltd i. II '-.ul, , i'
hui'..', ..uiJa.. I. .r can"'""'"," oill...' ouur '
UAH-, a Uli' M- '"lfliSUi
i ttai tut
Suffering People of ChamberBbut
Al a roevtii.K of itiona held at th B ard ot Trt
t.imf,oii TitAkday. Ihe .td Int. ,io adup: maturet'
tba refcfot tbe andnrinit btdo of tit aoaWtbtirf
indrral.Btd w eie aplut-d a e n.m lta lo appa le
(MlMna of rhMadelt'fila fnr Ibiir Ki-nfnui aid to 4
ipratl dialn trd comimin':v
W -rt than lf-0 f th'. pifv'-" our tffn fftate, a U
majority "f Iheiti wimr. ai.dfb) ilren, are tncla, 4
mar j (-1 tlx m t nlr . wl i Oui een itomnrh aachak
of tb-tiilRit. iialrwanl nre prrMif and thy rfqi
luimrejitaie ii llM. Wt mtt nirr tl t aimp-e ntab taeii I
that wm i-f DTf .rj to mrnkPti the a.'ve t;m(aihT
Hrtid iimpily our K'-n rou ( vn-rtbuibni-i to Uk Tri
aunr, HbMt M A. IT.KK fsn , I 0 K "t rt wb 4
or, If tnor&ronenbnt, b either cl the undertime; ma
bori l tl t t 'Bimlttte.
The mnev aiT ft. a er la I a tbua rnntrii.nias.1 ial I
p4r4d by fuikfontutlitrc with promptueiia In bt haod- I
an 'h rrlab.p ar.d dhrrtt tntlinien of r,hanheriHurt ' -d
nrhnmr h r-i disp'aitlivn t.f ou betitvoient vt 1
IrbHitioa. A it
(il.OItl.K II, H'lTART. i
M-VIMl A ftlHr It,
w havih,
4. J. I KKXK.I,.
.1 U1 () JA k!,
I-.(M (.KAT.
Pin i mki rniA, Anijuif I, m
H I X T It
in n or me reEmntNT s call
Th ' M'litar C-imiuitN e ef the Union Leaiiuc have mat
Araneiieol, wlib
rI'llrl IVmiHyOanln Ileirvt U
ana olili . Iher Jillcera of that Vet.-mn Corpi, to rre ull a j
Iten'mef.t for on. ear'e aer'lce, und.r (la. aualrea of Mk '
W Invlu-olllcia dkiroiia ul laalne
tiiiiMvi-apmlca'ioa In Colonel 3ICKKL. at hlahuiliuar
(eia, t
Ft wid be nreTort to make thU organization In all
rt fepecti a wrti u.i ejjr of Uu Pfftt.aylvanla U?aerve
h 'meri'a
C Ity munty
ind'ed Malta lvunt .
ray frron jear
.. 106
Urikirg a cah total of (f r one ear) $VJt
a -I.t kin- ...A ..,l.a.latHU ... I. W -4 kalhallMllai IV
Matna Uovei'im-- u
l. mill Talll hS tllf Amrt m J.IiB .Via fPAAldJ &na4 a1taai '
(o camp ahiEfly or In tquad.
CIti sh liable todi alt.aud d.'aii'oni either of volunteer- .
ini; or ol t'rocuriufi kubrtiltitca, will find In thi a Kejrloteafc
ev iv Induceni-'iil to enter tl e Net vice.
1...l. r.t at. I..,,... alllnlu arak f
CnMvlaH; remiet-J to tend thi m u tola Keglment.
The attintlon or Ward Cvmmi'tees la pnrtb wlarlr called. 1
to thli oraiilration.
J. 11. FRY, Chairman,
o-tit. r ,t.,ii , iim, v i Tin.,
I. 1 ur I'll null . (.hail.'. llllltu,
Kll'-lblle Mallarr, M. Tl., H.-nry tl. L- a.
.hiiiK-i, I. !lni;li'irii, f Jani.i II. or e.
ilnr.cp lli i, Jii-rtUi K. I'.ibiaa,
Mott-nM.McW, M. II. Iifowne,
J.I (Mark II re. ' I li.l, 0 . tl . Sinl 11 .
( wirH I'rosnian, I ? a lvr. M. II ,
Hn.ll lowlh. I Wm M T,,
i.i i ii Ii iiiu cr, i .1 t I'll,
Auilic-n ivi,nu,-, I c. j . Mnoeu.n. aut lit
VoluntMrh lo All a t'wnatiii iimta
Kor i'avalr.. lol'alllrr. ArU lry.
ot Sharpshooter.
I C.llattlo !. Itllltli Street. .wt
Q So. NH HI I ltl 8 re l Ai en, V.-liiian, a nil O n.ra
Vl b.nd ht'H-Ti rilTEl WANTKn.l , i.oin Uie 'ilvhaat
ai. prim, M lie i aid No al-en tici-d apply who ceii'.4 '
'ui " -li htti,lai"r evldriic M alknae. We arlUmualac
Doi.e ofliir. uiuat fuMil.h an honorable di.eliarite. 1
The aooi- ol' buoatitutea furBi.hoa for aoy oart
of l'iiiiN,tvaaia.
aus-ui ULMA.H, all rail KI.L OO.
fa view .f the eall 01 the Prv!lenl fur hutlr4
tbouaafxl men, we inipje to raie a
lUKIVE MW.nrilia.
'l4t:e f tbe Pcnut) Irani Rcitervei,)
H. v.a- uted ;o tilvt. tut ;aiaiaud.
AH I'titcvr "wtiinu m Uk.- pai t in thi ur. am alien aia
le-.u u Xx .all a
ai.fl tf No. II Ml W ALI.ACR 6TI:I KT. w
for the l iiiu il Stii'ua M.irinu CurpH, aM -bd.rJ mwii
t to reitoiin the ilutmi oi a htnuiir ut tir ruvy .uria,
J-ainl on boar it I nihil Htuie .liii-H-nf-wtir uu foreign
Jii-tter i'uiiit'Ciiutbii than V. urn.y.
'I Mlti K 11 MU,Kr loI.I.lfrt OOVF'lVMF.NP
Hoi)M ; iiNo, ALL TUii LO.AL H'Jt NI1KS atd
Uj'. II lllt-tlMfllt.
,l iili.i-1 rtv.'ive I'rie .Mmioy.
l ur ill ini'.L.-i iiiini..i:b-a vly At tha lUvruil'og
hv. AW W. KltONT Rtn i' km B,ni.) Street,
btiwttu tbvbvurt vl i uud ii u cla k.
C. 1. M f'A WI.KY,
(u tf Major and KixruiUug uilicur.
Oitiiaia ax.d aoidli-ra irUiUnf iln city on rarlouihi.needisf
HANSOM BUeel, above Blilk.
Mad. lo order at the abort at notice, which forrlchneae and
niaKiilllocnca ctiallenK onmpotlttoa, no oilier house In tha
Country eouiUliIng the MANUKA' Tt'lilNH JEWK1.LB
Willi llii. I'UAUIlC'Ab W Will llffi", M