The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, July 22, 1864, FIFTH EDITION, Image 1

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41 i Town Said to be Occupied
, by General Sherman.
" 'f Niw Yon, Ju'y 22. An apparently well-an
fkmllcuUd rumor I current, tha' Allan a is
t eveseatrd bv the Re' el vnstcrila v. anil Is now
ercopird by the forces under M ijor-OencrAi
An official verliVntkm of tins ramor Is ta
lueatarlly expected.
Wm lal to The limine Tlnrrvh.
Washiwotow, July 22 The President hat ad
vices from General Sberuian, that Johnston ca u
at of hU fortifications ycrterday and attacked
klm, bat was repulsed, and Sherman's lln woro
advanced, lie is now closely Inverting Atlanta.
Out Guns Open on the
City and Its Army
of Defense.
, WAtniNOTON, July 22. Official Information
from General Sherman represents that every
thing It going on In manner highly satisfactory.
.All the day before yesterday our army was
engaged with Che enemy the enemy being driven
steadily on Into their intrcnchnients. Tho city
It In plain view of our troops, and our shells can
reach It.
f Five miles of the railroad between .AtlanU
and Decatur baa been destroyed, rendering the
road useless to the Rebels.
The Satwnal Republican bat furnished the
following, In advance of Its pnbliiiition :
"Ofllcial advices from General Sherman, re
ceived tbit morning, cover the operations dowa
to last night. Tbe work of Inventing the city is
foht going on.
"Thrre wat dome hard righting yesterday, fe
inlllrg in the repulse of the enemy In hit eirori,
to dislodge our troopt. Central Faltnor ad
vanced his line to a more advantageous position.
Onr loot during the day was small.
"General Sherman holds the railroad leading
from Atlanta to Richmond, to that Jobnstjn
cannot escape by that route to reinforce Lee, "
"Hit only means of leuving Atlan is by two
road leading South to Macon, and toutliweit
to Wett Point an4 Mobile.
"If Jobntton etcapet with bis army by eiih.T
of tbite latt-naucd route, he will be obliged to
move quickly.
' "It U coutldored a well settled propositi m in
nillitary circlet, that tbe Retx I ean better atrrd
to lo o Atlanta than Johtition'M army, if it in
not true that Lougtrett it alnudy In comiaiwl
BlHHlal KoHpnti btfi to Ktciiltu; Trlttsmpli.
WvtHl.tHTOM, July 22.
Ilonanl, llif forger;
f Effort are being made to rclcite ami give
Howard, the forger, a trial.
ano l tlir I'trnf Mtniut..
Ko r?emnpd hut been made for tbe. didiverv of
Pinimea, but the tiiuation of thlnca is tucli tha.
he will jirotialdy he drlivcred np. If not a du
niinid will be made.
"I t- inltlif lfbt.
The public dt'it of the Unite I Htu-nt, on fie
l(hb InHtunt, was one M'Mon fev-n hun Ire I an I
ninety-f ix mllli.m, two hundred .m l thre thou
eand, aixty-ix d., and nlnctv-funr cents,
againtt one bi lion, titvcn li lt) Ir.'d nn I ninrtv
juillion, ibirtj - li re tlion-atnl live hundred an I
mty-nliie lioiUra and tbiny-four rents on fe
12ih lntart, N lng i u Incivi-'of o .e mi li m,
kixty-iiine thotia .nd -even limnlrcd and uinety
teven Uil iir- and lt cent-.
Alt ttlll. tl'tlll H(SI'HI'V Wt4tllt4lt.
Annrlerbaa be n i Mil. d to day M the V',.
Olllce, bj S. cri tary S uutun, folil Idlng all pir
lona imploc(l in the Hurt a is irom om
nmnlca'ii g nry iiifnriiut iou wiiatcver rp.-ctin
the hiifciuchNol the Ilepar'ineiit to any p rs m i, ,A
on duty In om i,f tlm oiliei-s, with jut tb written
or terbul author. ty of the S, cro'ary. As r li.- War
Odlee hu never been a very frui'l'ul xourc.i' of
Inlormation, there are probably few whowi re
toureea iu that direeiion will be greatly curtailed
by tui oider.
M tuluiilper t'ouuNl(,rit.
The rin.or of the resignailon of Secretary
ti n hiiH )rought down upon the Presidunt innu
merulilc letters of Miration and rocomuien laiion
as to the propir ptraon to till the duties of tnC
War (Jtllce. Thi e C4ine from all aorta of pera us,
from Goveruora of Siaica downwards, and nomi
nate every coneiivuble candidate, f.iiii,u and
obtcure. Mr. Lincoln would probably be moro
Indebted to theae volunteer counselors if the re
ported reiircmcut of Mr. Stantou did not happ n
to be ntwa to him.
A I'rtH-iuim ItnMnl.
The notorious Cl-.trence lUndolpli Vounge, who
gained to uuonvia'du a reputation at paymaster
or purser of the Confederate war ateumor Ala
bama, bat been benrd from. Afux deser ing a
wife and family In Georgia previous to bit career
t a pirate, he has furthor Immortalized hlinmlf
by leaving a tecoud wife in Kngiand, to whom b
wh married, and la now on bit way out to tliu
Northern States.
Inatruetloim front tlm Treanurx Itepurl
uirut. Official instiuctlons, iu accordance with pro
vUiont of tbe reecnt law regulating trade in iu
turtectionary State, whhh have beeu in course
vt preparation since the adjournment of Con
great, will be issued from the Trconury 1). part
went in a few day.
Tlir (orrrrondrnr on lit fcuhfw -Tw
or Mr. tSrrlvy and the Rattnl
I nilaxni l- Tho Prkllnt"i Wtt "r
Whom II nay nrrn ' - rmnHilMWI
Irrrrlrn lo th- ( nnllrntlon of Aojr
I'roiKidltlouK IIIkIi llnlK'OH t tho
fcrlf'tViiimlti.tvct ' 'ounul''to' Tlt0
NrrHl Ion trlm utr.
Hi ifAio. July 21. The f 'J. c-.'T- "--An -.
tit nee iXflidnt it-elf :
lit. KANIIHIIS to MR. . ill !
iCiiiy ) l'rti. aa.l t. anl I. n '.l d.
('LIITN llilt'at-. N I M -IB 4 I-'.ltt, ( lltl'til
ft, July 12. l.stit. IV'i.r Sir I a:n nuthorl. M
to hj tht lloii. I'li tnent '' Cluy, of Al iiu i,
l"iolt -or JaiiHI 1'. Iloh oinb.', of Virgin! i, an I
Georae N. faulei, of l)is,", are r-ady and will,
li g to c.o nt oiu c to vhi'iKi m, ttnu r: npie c
anil uihiia bird prMivtioa bcinjr g v,.'n, e their by
!l e I'rcMil. ni nr S ei. urj ot M.u. 1 t iu r-i r
mihtion In lude the three hi::!?m aivj orv: other.
Very repeetlul v,
Gi...i.c X. Savoi.ii.
To Hon. Ilora -e Orecley.
nil. 0U n l i to I in: ( tut m -tosi;rw.
NlAO vka Fali , N. V , Jll y i;, l".t.
tlenn n. I am Informed that you arj duly
en dlti d from Kii bmond at tho beaurt of piopo
sitlont looking to the rnU'i',lhnii.t o;' p'a.n,
tin l you decile to vi-it Wa-ln uum in tile fuHll
incut ol jour i im-l iu, and that yon forth r il.
tire tliat Mr. tieorge N. Sandi rs sb ill a.-coin-pnry
ynu. It 'my information be. thus far mi i
i tint nt. I v corn et, I .mi author, r.i liy tb.' I'ro-i-ilent
of the I'nlted Stales to teud'ir you his sifo
."oniluct on the journey pni,' . , il, ..n 1 to ae.
company ou at the earlie t time lliai will ro
sgrMiible to you. !
I hate the honor to he, piitVmv 1
Yours, 1 1, lit .i i' it it't::Hv.
To Metfr". t'li'ini'Kt ('. C!iy, Jiejh 1 qhiii,S'"i,
J.'tniet 1'. Holemnbe, ClifJoo House, (J. W.
liKri.v or Mi-.- hs. i i. a v noi.. oKite.
CiinoN lloiMii, Nmuahv I ins, Juiv 1K,
1H04.--Slr; Ve h ive tie' honor 1 1 acanolodK'c
your favor of tbe .'7tli instant, which would havu
been ai.Rwried on yest, rday, tiir '.In- i' sen e
oi Mr. Ciiiy. The sab' cond.iet of the I'n tl lent
of tho l ulled Statea has I, .en tendered as, wo
regret to state, under sonic mis ipon-hcns' in of
facia. V e have not la-en ?credi.ed t him from
Kirhmond as tho !) nrers ot' pr ipo ; limiting
to the ettablisbment of p. .ie-!. v,- aro, how
ever, in the conti dentin! enipl. emenr of onr
Government, and mo cnlT - ly ' tamidar with
itt wishit and opiniont on tint tnbiect; and
we feel Mithuriretl t-i dt'i'ht-c tha1, if tiut nrum
stnnees lis"!i)M'l in this enrro 'p mdonco w.-re
coinniunicnted to Hi, bmuiiil, ! would be at
once it i vi -tied with the authority to wIik'Ii your
leitir njem; or other g'n!ien,en'ci.itlied with full
poweit would be immi'iliately feui to Washington
with a view of hii"tenin a 'tm-mnina'ion so much
to he desired, and term waling at the earliott pos-1-Me
moment tlieealuuiitie.s of itio ;mf, Wo run;s)rt
fnlly ask.tbroub vour Iniervo itio.i.a suit) conduct
to Wa-hltiBton, ond thence, by 'inv route which
may tic designntnl, through y-itir line- to Kich
ruond. We would l.o giads.',:,! if Mr. Geor;;e
Sunders w;it emhr.ieed in th s ptlvilcgj. Permit
us, In conclusion, to nrkno-.vV.lgo c ur ohlig-i-tlona
to you for the Interest you have lumiitesuid
in i he furtherance of our wishes, and to express
the hope that iu any event you v, ill aiToni us the
opportunity of tendering the t in peraou before
you leave the Fullt.
We remain, v.-ry rnnnM'tfully. Ac,
('. U.Ci.At, Jr.,
.'. 1 . 11olu)uiii:.
P. S. It It rrojverto st it: mat Mr. Thompson
it not bcre, and bus not been "laying with ut smeo
onr sojourn In Cnnaila.
iNTKKMATIONAt. IIoTl l,. SlOS.RA, N. V., Tilly
18, 1SC4. Gentlemen: Ihav.itlni honor to ac
knowledge tlie reeeiiit of vouiB of this date by
tbe hand of Mr. W. C. ".'cwett. Tho Mate, of
lactp therein presented beimr malerlaliy dilferent
from that which was unde-r-dood w exist bv tho
Pretidi nt when he intrust, d me. w th" title
conduct reqo rcd, It seems tomeoneveryaccjiint
advisnble lb at I should communicate with, him
by i-elegiaph and solicit fienh instructions, wbieU
I thidl at once proceed to do.
I boK) to be able to tra,, --nit the res, ill this
afternoon, and, at all even's 1 sh.ill do so at the
earliest moment. Yours trulv,
(Signed) lloiu-'g Gum.i tv.
To Messrt. Clement C. C'.-v tin d Jaiiiej i'. Hul
comb, Clifton Ilon-e, 0. v.".
TlJHIH Al KX iv i.kiio vi;vt.
Clifton Horse, Nuoaki I'u.i.m, July Im,
1C4. To Hon. II. Gre- l, y. Niagara Palis, .
Y. Jlr: 'We have the ho i irt i aelinowlu l::e
the receipt of your not j of ti:ii date, by tho bands
ot Colonel J-wett, and will await the farther an
swer wbi' h you propose to icnd to ns.
We are, very r-.tiajefully, ic.,
(Signed) C. t . Ci vy. Ja.,
JaHI . P Hul.COItllK.
Kktnt Mum mi. oiie.HLBY.
Intt.hnattomal. HoTl.l, Si ,OAH Fallh,
Nkw Yoiik, July 111, isi'l. (jeii'luiueti : At a
late hour htat evening (loo late for comuiuuiea
tion with yon,) I receiV'd a despatch iuiormiug
nie that lurtht-r iiialriieii m, le.'l NVaHii.uglon last
evening, which must re.i I) n. -, il there be no iu
temiption, at noon t i-mor ur should you de
cide to await their nn-ival, 1 feel coulidont that
they will enable me to .11. .-. .n- dunuiu ly your
note of yedcrd. y uioinin.:. It-, retting a delay
which I urn ture you will : aul as unaviilduble
ou my purl, I e in m, yours truly,
li o: M'B (iltHtil.MV.
To Hon. Messr-. C (; f'l.ij , dr.. and J. P. li l
combe, C'lliton lioii-i, .Si.,g 't.i, i'. v'.
lit Al'l. .So II t.,-1 -d VT.
Clifton JI.m -ik, Ni,iih:., I' Jaly lit,
I8ti4. Sir: C . on -I .'mat hi tried ut
your note of this da. -, in w. -h you tta'.e tha'
tunner iiitiriictioht Iroiu v .lnnton will rcieU
you by noon to-morrow, if I rjre oo no interrup
tion. One. or 'si ly ri:!i. n.' .- may be ouligctl
t leave the palls : -mil . b i .-lul retui ii lu time
to receive th' con.inii'.i.-,:...- tj hyoui
to-uiorrovi. W i- ri n am f o'v vo-irti ,
(Signed) J -. r. iio:,(;,,rtni:,
i IV, Jn.
To Iln. Hora'i (, -,. , ,., ,.t tho Interna
tional 11 1. 1.
rut i nii ' ' i ., ii rios. Tim; M ins r. . n :o ros, July IS.
To whom il i,ia, I. a. ny propoHition
it hich embraces -N r - .. -n 1,1' peaee, tlio in
t grity of th who l -in. , a ; i uban Inntnout
of slavery, and h . I -v and with an
uuth-irit) that eu i eo; r ti '..lies noiv at war
.-gaiiwt it-e I'm" il t . . o ) re eived and
i-nnsitliT d by Hi' h . irnmeut of the
I'uitid Stall -, .ie i - ! .y lii.eral terms,
ou subatniiii.d u I i . : ! point,-,, and the
laai'f r or be..r r ti. i i. .ve tai'e conduct
I oth uay s.
(Signed) ., -M I.iseoLN.
ll'OM MAJoll HIV ! . -.OU UOL'.OMII.
Mil j I' May tt.i t ". - tv Ai'ilrn wbe'be"
l'lo essin lloleoni1', in ! I; - r'.'in-'U a"s-,el insl
A'ilh him, ill sire lo sen i ' i." ingtoa by M
llav any nit" K In n-h-i ,j io the comai'in i t.
Hon Uiliviud to oi. ii t. !v iiiy; and, in
case, when he may iu bo favored wiiii
-uch llicssuges.
, ' THE IU:iI.Y.
Intkunahonal lloiiii., Wed. i' sdoy. Mr.
liolcouibe presents his compliments ti .Ma
jor Hay, and greatly regie t if bK reinru to
Wash union has been delayed liy unt e'roeita
ionofnu answer to the coirnvi !' a' e- :.vl.i- li
Mr. Holeoii'be reeeivisJ from hi 'i on i' rliy
to be del vercdto ilns Pic-ident of nie I n . 1
Mulct. Thai coinmunii at ion was a-v oif I h t'n
n .spoiist! to u letter of .Messrs. t'lay ' im-l i!
coinhe io Hon. 11. GtiH lny.aud eculie nan
an uiow r has la i n tiiiusiuitli-d.
Ci.iri .N llocaii, Niugau I'.iiis,,
Coiyol original letter held by me to d illver
to Hon. Horace Greeley, und which iltipliuiK- 1
now luinish the At-soeialed Prcas. ML'i.ed,
Wm. Cvuni.u. JL'Ai:ir.
. NiAO.tiiA Palls, Clifton Hoi si:. J i ly L'l.
To Hon. Horace Greeley: sir: Tho paper
handed to Mr, Holconibe on y.-sterd..y, in your
piem-nce, by Major Hay, A. A. (J., as an an-iwer
to the application in our note of tlie l:a iusl., is
couelnd in the following terms :
"i.xi:univB Mansion, Wamuvoiov, 1. C,
July 18, lh;4. To whom it may ounecru : Any
pri Kliion which einbracs a the re -titration of
pea, the iutc-nrity of the whole t niou, und tho
abitudoiinieiit of niavcry, and wlueli comes bv
und w ith an authority that can coulrol Mie arniii
now at war against the Cuitcd Mates, will be
received and considered by Uio Kaci utivo (iuvurn
nutitcf -the t'ulied Staiea, and will bo met by
liberal tcim, on other substantial and collatflial
iioiuts, und the bearer or bearer thereof thai!
Lave tale conduct both wavs.
The aprlicttlon to which we red r m ell. t d
hy j our imerothii I'ih in-ta it, In wtih-.h y u
Intoi in Mr. Jaob Tnumpton and otirsnlret ib t
i. iv Wfrc tuthirt d hy tho President of the
Uoit'd Matet to tender as hit ta'o eonlu't
ou tbe hypolbesit llmt wa wre " d .ly
ac-rfdiled fr m Iticbmond as beiro-s if
priFof,i"n looking to the osiib'lstimont
of p'Y," nnd I i Ired a viait to Waslil w
tcn In the fulfiim'nl of this misf.on.
This assTtinn, to winch we ihen a', nj
tilii i'o ctit re. ci d-ton. was a.s rp''d hy us ,ts
tlif ei idenre f an tun xee ted, h it mil' g" itlf i
I g Chang" :n the ii"li- y of tlm 1' tsuien', a
c tange which we ii I autioried to bipeuiu' t
teinuiulc in the eoM'-'ii-lon ot iw e inn ua ly
,'nn, bnnirahle and a I van' ig i ius 1 1 th N irth
nt J to t'ie "t.xitri. en icintr no eo iditlon 'iut 'h it
wc -buiiiJ tif "July avrrjt.fd from UfVaio'id
ns bean rs of p o,io.iont lo king to I bent itill-h-mrni
nt peace" I hut proff ring a l isis f-i- mu
fert nre as eonip'f hentivi ts wo c ahl d-'-slr- it
' tti;J t us tbat me l'i'esld"nt opwi a il "r
whirb h...! piev ou-ly tw-cn cl' aga(-t tlm
( utift derate Stall s for a full interchatit,'.) of ami
aetts, fne de(Uion of cotuil'-iiug opinion",
in d on'ianimett d t tl r t s to r-iinov.; all .-m-s-s
of C"Ltroery by Ito-riil neg it a'ion". W e, i t
dee l, cju d not claim tlio t encir. of a safe i-o.i-dd-t
which has be n extended t uslaae':-i-t
ii ti r we bad no right to assume, and ha 1 iut r
eip-ctrd o po-tett ; but thfl uniform dec or iti ais
of our I vcuiivR and t ongress, -i I their ihric.
r. rented, and as oiten repuisc I, ifienips to ojs'ti
nccotiiitaoT'B. furnish a sutli ient pledgvi t i
astire us that this conciliatory manifes'a'i n oi
the part of the rn-.sidn'.t o 'the rni'ed Males
woultl he met by them lu at.'inirofe ;uil mag
nni iti'ity. We had, tlieri-forc, no besiia'ion in
de, larit K that If this t orr.'spunden- e was wn
ninnicatcd to t' e Presliletr of the c mfc let no
Suites, ho would promptly oni'irais the
tui by nrrirnted lor seek 'nit a pea eful solufon
of tint unhappy strife. We feel contidimt (hit
you must share our nrofotind re;;re' iha.t the
spirit which dictated the ftr.-tl step t ovards p
bad not continued to animate the counsels
of your President. Hid the represent a Ives of
the two Governments met to consider tlns.pies
tion, tho most momeuunis ever su'muttod to
b u man sta csinnnship, in a temper of bvomlng
moderation and e iuiiy, to lowed a-s iheir deli
rations would have bt en by tb-' pr ivem and
benediction of every p it riot and 'hrtstian on tho
habitable glo''c, who is tli' re o bold as to pro
nounce that the frightuil waste of in iivtdual
baiiint" and pub j.- pro-perity which is dally
sinldoniiu: the uuiversul heart, iniiit not b-ive,
teen tcnnlnnted ; or If the desolaiioii and
raintge ol war mtiat still be en lured througli
weary years of blood and sull'erinir, that then)
might uot at least have Veil lntu,.-,( in'oits eon
duel tonictbing more ot the tplritwh'ehioftoits:ind
partially tedcenis its hostilities, iii-iea lof the
safe conduct which wo sola ate I, and which yonr
first letter gave ns every reason to suppose
wou'd be ovti iide l fur the pai isiso of iiiitmt
ing a ma.o iutlon iu which 'nei her Government
would compromise, in tii'lut er Us dign ty,
a dOctimtnt has been pre--nfed wiii.'.h pr
vokct as much indicnatiou as .surprise. It heart
no Ic.i'oie of rcsemblmii c to that which was
originally otlered, and Is unlike any paper which
ever In lore emauat, d from the "constitutional
I'.xeeuilw of a ftou people. A 1 1,-osaed "to
whom It may concern," it pro.'ludot uego.iatlon,
and pre i rd-t's lti aihance tiio '.orm an I condi
tions ol" peace. It refiirns to the original policy
of "Mo bar iainiug, no negotiali ms, no truces with
llete's, "xeei't to bury their dead, until every
man shall have laid clown hi. anus, submitted to
the Government, und sued for mercy. " What
may be the explnnuiioiiot this Midden and entire
change in tbe i iewsofthe President, and this rude
withdrawal of a courteous overture for negotia
ticn nt the moment it was likely to he a -cepted,
of this emphatic roeall of words ot pcaao just
utter d, and fresh blasts of war to the Inttor end,
we leave for the speculation of those who
have the niesns or Inclination to penetrate tho
mysturiei of his Cabinet, or fathom tho ca
price of his imperial will. It it enough for in to
say that wc have no use whatever for the paper
which has Ik en placed In our hands. Wu could
ni t transmit it to the President of the Confede
rate Statea without olfering him an indignity,
tiitnouoring ourselves, aim incurring tue welt
merited scorn of our countrvmen.
Whilst an urdem desiro for iacc pervades tho
people of tho Confederate S atos, we rejoice to
believe that thero aro few, if any, among them,
who would purchase It at the expeuso of liberty,
honor, and aelf iespcct. If it cuit be securud only
by their submission to terms of cou meat, the
gent ration It yet unborn which will witness its
r stt in ion. II theio be iinv mi'iiary autocrat lu
the North w ho is entitled lo proffer the. conditions
oi this manitesto, there is none iu the South au
thoui d to cut' rmin them.
Th so w ho ron'iol onr armlet are tho tervantt
ol the people, not tbolr uiaaters ; and they have
iiu more ineiiuauou inuu buoy nave rigui to sun
vert the so institute -in of the sovereign States
to overthrow their cttublisbed t onstttutions, ami
tc 1 ait' r awav their priceless heritaire of self-
govt rniiioiit. Ibis correspondence will not.
howevi r, we trutt, prove wholly barren of good
It there Is any of the Confederate States
who has clung to a bopo that iwa'C was possible
with this Administration of the Federal Govern
ment, It will strip from his eyos tho last tilin of
such n delusion. Or, If there be any whine
hearts have grown faint under tho suffering and
ngony of this bloody struggle, it will inspire
ilieni with fresh energy to endure and brave
whatever nuiy yet be requisite to preserve to
themselves and their children ul that
gives dignity and vitlno to life, or hope
and Consolation to death. And if tuero benny
pa' riots or Chiistiai t iu yonr laud who shrink ap
palled ftom the Illimitable virtue of private miiery
ami pnMicca amity whith itn:tches before them,
we proy that In their bosom a resolution may be
quickened to recall tbe abused authority and vin
dicate the outiilged eivl i.ailon of their country.
For tho solicitude you have manifested to inau
gurate a movement which contemplates results
the most noblo and humane, wo return our sin
cere th aid f, and und truly,
vour obedient servants, .
CO. Cl AT, Jit..
J.IMFS P. liol.V'MUF..
THWHs TO foI'.Xl.I.L twit IT.
fill ION Hot.t , NlAt.MtA 1'AI.Lt, Jul V 2d,
IStil. Colonel . ('. Jewett, Cataract Hou-c,
Is'iagaia l ulls : Sir : Wc are in receipt of your
polo adtnonislilii; us of tho ilaparune of lion.
Horace Greeley from the i a Is ; that he regrets
Hie md termination of the in tuiory stops taken
for peace, in consequence oi tbe change, made by
the Picsldent to convey commissioners to
Washington for negotiations iineoudiiioiially ;
and that Mr. G rue. Icy will be plca-cd to
receive any a swer wo may h ive to luaku
through ) ou. We avail ourselves of tins oiler to
inclo-i-a letter to Mr. Grei ley, which you will
oblito us hy We cannot take have
of )Viu without expreln our th inks fur your
coiiiti-sy and kind unlets us the ititermed ary
through ulioiu our corietpouo"nco wiili Mr. fa-en eouducteii, and as-'irn;; you
that we are, very rcspc -ti'ully, your obediutit
tuvauis, c. ( . i I iv, In ,
J vui.. P. H a - iMi.c.
Snkskii'h V'ciuiT Vi:., July 20. 'I ho l'oivr
utibr Major (iei.eia! W rutin h. vopuroied l-lnrly
in il Ilrt thitiFiute fr. tn S asfjin aon to thes p ' .,
niuiiiiiies ikiimishiin! weh the r rear - u u-J.
l.h li proved to haw l,ci n kept tn city four II uirs
il. the rrur of tho Main bo ly for perjoscs of ob
terMiliun, it Invariably lied w'c n id' Wh'-n near
Pii ri ills villi-, -ijiiih iioie.s sou 'li of Snicker's G ip,
Puli'i 's (. avalry, 01 tienera! Crook's cnimu ui'l,
CMne upon their trains, and ruptured ek'lity-two
ci thiii Wiigotif, with but s.ight loss. Up al tlto
month of the Gup Le hud a more serious time,
nr. I lo-t ii low im n. f rook tin ti brought up his
em airy, and, piis-im; through the ( lap, reached
tl e b rr, whi' h was won,:! protect. 'd, to that
he 'tin Id U"t cioss
The nest il..y (.eiiij-,.1 Wiii'iit came njvwith
i' me ol his troops, and mxiii delta iuinc-d to at
t'M.t a t ro-.-in:.' Mini deutly at It at to develop
tlnir siren 'Hi, Ho did so, nil under cover of
uniikry Hie crossed over sevciaj re .'inn nts,
which tiiaiititiiied their ground manfully lor
Kane time; but, just as icinlorveuicnts were
al out to join thi m, tlft y caiuo ba k, the riht of
tho line bun,:' in some eoiilusiou.
it ia now near night, nud il renewal iif tho
ntti nipt could not be made until mo. nine;, t.e
lural NS' right then begun to intiuo uvru, to dividi
bis cm my a lune und bis utienti m, whim ha
could easily huve deatroyisl liim. Instead of aue
ciding in this, he found that Party had rocoivod
ut ws from l.ce which, togother with tho chnucea
ofbiiugthra-hed l y Wright, nuido him pack up
and leave iiidoiildc-qtiiekin the direction oi'Mrit
biiif;. Gen. nil Wright co'sed Iho river, und
Tiroiii'ded a lew miles towards Winchester, but
If inning tiolliing lo change his ntlnd as to the
iliioetion tho enemy had taken, ho counter
man lied lis forces, n obcdiBuec to orders.
Among the ca-iiiilties on tho ISth, at Island
foul, waro Culoiiol Wiislihurno, lltiiU Ohio,
wi undid ; Colonel Frost, 11th Virginia, wouuued
In the bowels, and utvnant-Coloncl Murray,
filb New York heavy artillery, sorving as infantry,
missing, und known to be severely wounded.
Tho whole lost was three hundred men. iho
enemy's lo.-s was live hundred, by their own
STcene of the Flank Mov.mcnt by which Atlanta Hns Been Successfully Out
Off From Augusta and Richmond.
Icclln iifrfio llebil nii'P in HiiKlainl4
o II i, pea ol' Krrtikiillltui-
.'i'(f July 6J CorrttniU nreif Unntpm- GuarJinn.
A friend, who it In confidential eruYlal commu
nication with both lidos tn tbe American civil
war, tpcakt of the dltlleulties of the, South as far
greater than are allowed to appear on tbcsnrfai-e.
In his opinion, notwithstanding all the gallantry
of Confederate roslstani.o, the Federal Govern
ment, so long us it can command a general like
Grunt to curry out tho policy of "man for Dian,"
and has ut itt buck the us yet unexhausted recroting
fields of Ireland and Germany, to say nothing of a
practically unlimited command of greenbacks,
ships, stores, wmi munitions of war, must pro
gress towards a conquest, which cuu only bo rc
tanlcd by all that Confederate determination and
skill can accomplish. I mention tbit, ns It Is the
opinion of one who enjoys, I belief e, almost un
equalled opportunities of coming to a sonndenn
clusion, ami wrote tymputhies are in mtvny
respects with the South, all tbe moro at he con
siders that slavery tho real '.". itacle lo KuglNh
good wishes for the Confederacy it pr u-tii a y
a an end, whatever may be tho issue of the pre
sent conflict.
Tlm Krnrtnrge err Hover.
AMl.HKAN ILlililS I.tKF.I.Y TO COMIX r IN 1 11 P.
i', D". I.'e Du'h'n Friumart'l SuufnaltJuly$.
The American war steamer h'imrnroe arrived
In 1 lover routlt ut six o'clock on Weiluosday
evining. It had been suited In tome of the
French papeYs that a successor to the Al iktn',1
would probably be In waiting oil Cherbonrg
wht n the Federal vossel left that port, and that
another naval engagement might take p, ace, in
vFhhb the South would huve an opportunity of
retrieving its lute defeat. No uew AkUiamn, how
ever, seouiB to have yet appeared ; but It isasti rted
thai a steamer, the Mao, which left Bordeaux
on the 2nd of June, is to take the place of tho
notorious privateer.
The Opinion Satlonalc assort! that tho Jnlln
here refemd to will soon reappear, fully armed
and manued, and with tbe Confederate ling fly
ing. Captain Scmmea, It is said, is too ill to take
command of her. This duty will consequently
di Volvo upon the First I.icutt nant of tho late
Ahiliama, whoso appointment is expected to ar
rive about the middle of the present month. If
Ihe tiatenientt of tho French papers are to be
relied on, there will soon be no lack in tho Chan
nel of war vc6solt belonging to the opposing
According to those statements, the Vlorida Is
alnatly there; the JVrfrfu, as wo have seen, Is
being got ready, and "the Snath it probably pre
paring a display of fresh forces;" while, on the
oilier hand, we learn that the Federal steamer
, Hitata left Antwerp on the 2d l:ituut, to cruise
in tho Channel, and that a now Federal steamer,
the AiMcilohimi, built upon the same model ,
the htnrauryr, and armed w ith heavy t'utis, la
ex in eti d.
The Paris J ' thinks that a far more "dra
matic CDitineinci.t IliU'i that iu which the 4.'.i
tuma perished" nuy uivurdsiRijr be looked for
lit UulliMllllt date.
Mil Vd )klilniiilnu of ii n I'iisiIIkIi !.
hy ! I i-ili'r.ilN.
1'. ni tin' .lt.''- OtU lt', Ji ll 7.
Mr. Anthony McCartan, of No. 61 llond street,
lu tliis town, 1 011-plains thut a son of his, who in
March went to Niv York, has b' CO kidnapped
l y ti e i.nthr lii' iiinstiiuces whi-h ie
tint nt picsitt clearly explained. The following
teligniliis, however", passed veslenlay between
Mr. AieCurtaii and Pail Uus-ell r
I I.OM ANTHONY Ml AltlAN, Ml. .'o I'ON II s l llil 1.1 ,
i i ri. cool , 'io I' a in lti ssi'i. I..
I I'MeJOll n'V M, J lllll Jll 1'. TOet. lis. Ill ! Ilfl K'Vt'i'.ll
Ian .'. .' i. l' 'a. U-r ii r. in- w ita r-liisir, Kati. U' .-'l, mill
I l,oV t 11 1 li.U il llif .eiei II.
11.1'W F.AJ1I 111 sl 10 AN1IIO.NV l.'l Al'-riN, NO
bit 1,11' STIlFl t, l.IM.Ill "Ol..
I'.-I.l 'IT l'l I 1 - I" , ,t ill v i!,ls.4.- II' jri.ll will C1"I l,w ns
fell :,iul ,, l.uleil ni aii-iii nl 'li Bonbllill-, lovi-ll.lir illi 4
h-pi i-lli d : eel I . -I- M'C 111 llv Hk'i Ol nlir 1"U. l.tlnl I-V01IS
i-l i.llhe lii'-liin ltd liy Ka"irit,ivs n Ml) In tin wlial lit,
I iu'" rlv i-nn in oli'lu r- l. -isu utiui aerv k".
Wt brlleve Mr. M'Curtan has procet led to
l.oi.d' n to confer w iih the aatboriliet.
'iiialiiml oiiilMiitiuunl 'ot eulloo
I viiylmily to 'lake ike Oitlli I'-im-4-l'l
li.insl.ilis. A e.
Sfftial lhnalch t ThcKtcninn fefvrar.
Pai.timoiii:, July 22. The Maryland Constl
tiit'oiial Convention yesu rday pa-,sed a resolution
rc ,uis:iii9 that nil adnlis within the Stale be ro
i;uhcd to toko the oath of allegiance, jiud recom
n end that Hebel sympatliizcrs in our State lie
Kquiied to pay nil duuiages incurred by the
r cent invasion.
The lute peace proposition 6on-sition causes
Fomet.ok here, but nothing serious will result
from it. It tmi'lls too much of Copporheadisiu
and partisan trickery. The Washington i'hroni
cU gives no in.poinincc to the movement.
Vuioh.sts hero want nothing but an uucoiidi
tlonii! suldugatiou of ull liuiUirs and enemies of
Ilie G'ovcniii.ent.
Fiivoiable reports come In of further Union
sin cCftes tieiu- Winchester and that region.
Mr. Iuke Tutuam, of Warsaw, Wyoming
county, who is seventy-four years of ugc, hood
i no and a half acres of corn. in twelve hours on
friday hist, and did the work well.
v. K'Whx
m . .. .,- - - - - - - - - - I,, , , . , , , , . , ,
Mrlpt Dlaclpllnti Auiontr the RrbelH
Tlielr DlHrcblnar Ordi-ra During tbe
Ijito Ralit.
Tbe following manuscript general ordort issued
hy the Rebel General Ransom to tbe officers and
soldiers of his command, when they commenced
their recent great raid into Maryland, bare been
captured or picked up by some of tbe Union
troops ;
Gl.NEltAL OnilKltt, No. 1 UaADstUARTHn,
Cavalky Division, Vallfy Dibtkict, June 28,
i 18ti4. The toliowing directions for the march of
this command will berourter be strictly ob
served :
lit tore the march begins on each moruln,'. th
I roln of each company witl lie called afier m iaat-
ing, auu uie aojuiam 01 coca regiment wm aee.i
a list of the names of all deserters.
Ileforo ol-u.ounting at camp In tb') evening th
rolls will agaiu lie called, and the brig-id ; coin
niamlers will report to those t ie
number of men absent at ea 'h roll call.
The hahliui I orderoif march will be In column
ol "fours," but &X narrow roads by "twos." i'h'i
distance la twei n the head of one brigade and th
nor of another will he two hundred yar I-.
When artillery and ambulances a '.company tho
btlgutles, those assigned to each brigade will fol
low immediately iu the tear of their brigades.
Iiurlug the march the brigades in rear will regu
late their movements by those in front.
Regular halts will he made during the march,
ai.d will leavo tbe column,
except at tin h halls, oolcss by the written ens
sent of the brigade command' r, and such permis
sion will uot bv granted unless for iuiporutat
lli igadc, regimental, and company command
ers will pt" frequently from front to rear of
their lesncdvo commands 10 see tbat tho column
is at all times weil c'os.d up. Brigades will
alien, ale lu the march daily. A rearguard will
bo phc id tiehind each brigade, and no person,
exfi 't ttufl officers or couriers, will be permitted
to lull behind such guard.
All the wagons of this division will march to
gcthir, under directiou of the dlviaioa quarter
master. '1 ho quartermasters of the command will con
stantly arccinpiiuy their respective trilni. Oua
mini, ili-miiunted when practicable, will go witb
ciii li w a c,i 11 to assist the driver. Ho will remain
with the wa.'.ou. No other parties will he per
mitted with the train, except when .1 guard sU ill
be iicee-sury. The qu iriirmostcrs wid be boll
ie-piiiisil le "that nooihurs accoiiipaiif the w.igoud.
No other wngous or conveyances man those al
low etl fn in uimy headquarters will bo allowed.
Upon n aching camp, officers and men must
r in. on In tbilr cumps, and commanders will
e-iHblisli i roper catiip guards.
1 mi, . cilinl. ly upon fixing the beadqiiarlers of
the I tigadc, the comiuandcrs wdl report their
li eallty to division In a Iquanvrt.
'1 be utmost ordi r and poifect qule1 will hj
j'i'i si rvetl upon iho march au I in camp. I'no
siiiy piiietiec of w hoojui.g and hallooing is st ri Hy
n i biiitli n.
lb "(ruction of the fences and crops of the
f,ii im rs is strictly prohibited, und sin ii ouir wos
w III be p ut . r ir-in the pay of the olil vrs of
the ci ii in ni, tl in aiest w litre such deprodatijtis
11, Hy be ei.luini ted,
l.uate-i c.-ie luii-t be taken of a nmuni'ao i.
Ni t a i aitridge mu-lbo mid u'lnocos-unly. Au
in, pint , nt campaign is c inniienccd, and npjii its
nsiilts itipiud 11,010 tbau wocanestnn ite.
Ihe Mujor-Gi mini eouimaiiding asks and oi
pints fiviii evciy limn of h s I'oiniiiaii I a heir y
ui 'I irbt i-i I ii I ci inpli net" with ord ;rs, assmi ig a 1
tVu liny slnill iii'piinil il. jo, iho f ill fruits of
v halt vi r tin n h.lKiia all I pr v t'.ioua iu iv oht. n i,
liv con, li. it iil of ItiNsoit.
AS'ui'i r K. Martin, As isiant Adjubtnt-Ouuer il.
Prig.-Gt n. Ned Mi Ciiusln.d, eotn'dg brigade.
N. 1 i luif-b, Assi-tiint Adjutant lieueral.
t.l.M.llAl. OI.HF.l4S, no. 2.
Hi Aim AinniH Cavai hy Divihion, Juno 28,
jsi 1 TI,C tollowing act of Congress, a.iprnvoJ
June I, lst,4. is published for the iuforiuatiou of
this idiniiisnd :
'il.e (oiifertss of tlm Confederate States o
Aiinrii a do 1 that the commanding genera
1 1 1 liv nni y lu the field shall have the power t
, id i i the dismounting of any non-coiuunssioiied
nllhiror 1 tlieirs, sohlier or soldiers In thecav
a ly unite of his Ci iniiuiud, and to placo hun or.
1J11 in 111 li e iiifniifry, who shall misbehave befor
the im 11, v, or shad" lie guilty of wasting, spolia
ii g,or apptoprmtii g to his use any private pro
liny or oi'ii g any violence 10 any citUeu.
Sec. 2. 1 hat the" horsi:s la lougmg to persons S i
(o-iio iiiittd, and which they mav huve in the
m itf, uii.y be taken for the use of the army,
mill the appraised value thereof shall be paid t
ti e ow ner.
Ibis will lie ni'd at least three times at U19
head i f tat k company In the command.
Py eomniinid of Major-Geuerul Uansom.
Welter K. Martin, A. A. G.
N. Fltzhugli, A. A. G.
fVi-wi Hit IU hni'mJ P.ruminer.
It leust not be forgotten that in all the ac
counts ol the procti dings near S'asbington, there
Is noihlug from t ur side. We have not botrd
the whole story, perhups. We do not even know
wbitbei the "invasion" Is yet done, although
the New Yoik pupers so represent it. Most of
what they do report appears to have the mirk
of tinlh, tnd It must bo confessed that our "in
vasion," just at this moment, looks like one of
the most paltry affairs ot the war.
Washington wus uot taken. Baltimore was not
tskeu. 1 he Ynuket'ixed population of Martins
bmg has embraced thoir townsman, Hunter,
gain. Not a bridge of the road between Wash
ington and Baltimern was bu.uod. The road
Itsi-b was unbroken. What bat been done then?
What has yet been obt lined by tnese opportuni
ties l.ynchbnrg and Washington the lino of
which Providence has not vouchsafed since tbe
first yeur of the war? One house has been
burned ; two thousand head of cattle brought off;
Major-General Tyler und Major-General Frank
lin were taken prisoneia, and both permitcd to
Mitjor-Ocncral Breckinridge hat Improved tho
Strcosion 10 display his tine leellngs at Blair's old
onse. These are nearly all tho resn.ts to lie
gathered from such accounts at wo bopo, and
pruv, and trutt, that the story still is left half
told." The fade of tbe great chance of l-vnch-burg
was bad enough, but it would be indeed
haid if this invasion of a country emptied of
treopt should accomplish only the burning of a
bouse to cool tbe embers of John L"tc'ior's
Tbe Marlon (Mist ) Clarion gives a brief mili
tary biography of tbis oificer, recently aiipointed
Lieutenant General. He Is a native of South
Caiobna and a grudtiate of West Polht, where be
was honored with diploma In 1854. II w it a
cluaen a'e of Generals J. K. B. Stuart, J. II. Vllll
pigi'O, W. D. Pender, and Iloraoa Randall.
Alter leaving West Point, he eutered the regu
lar service at Second Lleuteut of the Artillery,
and wat subsequently promo' cd to First Lkviten
slit of the I't Regiment of Regulars. Hliortly
after his native State left tbe old Union, Ganer il
lice re-itnied bis position in the service of the
United Suites, and repaired to South Carolln,
where he entered the army of that Stale as Cap
tain, early In March, 18til.
Ho served witb Beauregard In the taking of
Fort Sumter, and after the strife was fully in
augurated and a hostile army on the soil of tbe
Old Dominion, be repaired to Virginia with a
hstti ry of light artillery, and there, witb iho legion
ol Hansom, figured conspicuously an 1 honorably
in many of the sanguinary engagements. He was
soon promoted to tho rank of Major, next Lieut.
Colouel and tbea Colonel. Ho commanded a
battery on the Potomac for some time; was
in the battle of Seven Pines and the seven
dues' light around Richmond ; was next aitpruud
to 'duty as Colonel of ihe 4th Virginia Cavalry,
and subti queutly to a Datrcro of artillery, that
gained distinction in the tecoud battle of Man is.
tut nud at Sharp-burg. When a commander was
needed for the defenses of Vicksb.irg in the f ill
of lbfi2, President Davis tent him to defend tha
stronghold of Mississippi, having conferred upon
the rank of Brigadier-General,
He commanded at tbe battle of Chickasaw
Bayou, above Vieksburg, where. In DoC'-iuber,
18(32, he whipped Sherman ami Morgan Siu th,
who brought a largo force against his heroic
little band. A' the buttle of Baker's Creek be
commanded a brigade of Georgians, and during
the siege ot Vieksburg held that portion of
Su ven-on's line so furiously assaulted ou t'ie
1 Ut Ii and 22d of May.
Arrival ol n Nteinn.-r.
Nkw Yokk, July 22. The ateauier Atlanta,
from Havre on the 7th Instant, bus arrived. fsin
passed an American niau-of-wur eniliug off the
1.1 res.
Arrlvill !' 14 KeainK'ut-
Nkw Yohk, July 22. Tbe 17th M issaehusotts
Ktgiiuciit airivi'd this morning from Newborn.
Market l,y leleariiili.
Nkw Yokk, July 22. Flour quiet; tiles of
1 1. k., enro ls a a .'"KVI so fir s sun m iinl .' fir
t 'lei , an, I SI'.' Ifi'1,1.1 -'a IO' Kiiiheril. iViihu: ami I : ir i
4ie n, in will, mi infit i.'l sale.. l,ea au,: F -r . II a
at !' t.iite I1,, l.urd lu.ul ' al ia-4i:i ! Wn'sky ilea l.'
41 il'4 it,t.l ,','..
St-K-kt dull. Chlfigoantl R,i"k Island, Ids;
liniiel. rinrul, l.'t: i 'itiiiiifrl.ti'l prlt'irsil, siS; II la ,i,
l t'al tiHiitls. 1. 7; tlietiuiiii M ,mli ii. ; Se.v i-ir-i
tenlriil. ill'.; ViehifMii rt.iiitlm'ii miaranlt'Cil, Wslf;
li, i.ii, ii. in.", : lluil-uu Illver, i i.V; t' '" 1" . i ca- ii -
luna Klitl Tul'd", 1-S'O, ; lino V, I'l-nifte lie., "s;
Fivtvl ivoiiiisfl, Ouiqiona, Int.1 ; Cujpon a, li.".; Kk'i.-It-rt-tl,
02. Noon, 72. Wind.NNW.
' Commknchmknt. On tho occasion of the
twinty-seveiith annual couimcncemeiit of the
Franklin Marshall College, to be celebrated ut
Lancaster next Wednesday, the address before
the Alumni will lie delivered by Hon. John
Cessna, ot Bedtord, Pa. The Pennsylvania Rail
road bus tno racuuy oi iu iuucgu w
itsuoree return tickets lo visitors attending tliu
Commencement, provided they have paid local
luie over their road to Lancaster.
Attention, Twf.ntikth Rixumcnt, P. V.
Cami' CAiiwALADKa, July 'il, 18 H. All mou
iibscut on furloughs will report thouiselvei in
cump to-morrow roornlnsj ut 8 o'clock, as the
ri giment hat received marching orders, aul will
bie..k camp at B-3U o'elocJt.
A street parade will be made over tho follow
ing route;
Dow n Ridge avenue to Nineteenth street, down
Nineteenth to Green, down Green to Broad, dovn
Broud to SprliiK Garden, down Spring Utn en to
Twelfth, down Twelfth to Chenmt, down Cltoa
nut to tho Custom House, where tho regimen'
will lie reviewed by the Bounty r una CommU-
bil"y order of B. Tuom ai,
Colonel Coininainliug.
J. B. RoNirv, Fir at LiciiWnaut aud Adjjtiul.
r Or) it r OF tmk AttociATco Taaae, New Yomtj
July S2. The Wettcrn Union' Teiegntpa Csim
janysro In communication with Atlanta, Ot.
to-day, messages from that pi ice of this data
l aving been traniiuittcd over their wires. .. ,
No olllc!a! announcement of the capture or oc
cupation of Atlanta has been received at this o.'B r
op to this honr 4 O'clock. i I '
sFssrvsAVVfVVvayiSjVSAVMSWwi, 'I t i. V J
Lormvil LF., Jnty 22. The Naabvlile (won 06
ycsterdiiy says tbat on Monday morning Decatur,!
Gtorgis, was occupied hy our forces, thus tutting)
of! all Rebel communication with Sjoyb Caro-;
linn, by wuy of Maron. , , , ( t
Deserlirs and stragglers have been comluc;.
It, to our lines in great numbers since wo crossed
the Chattahoochee. They represent tbat al hip '.
i f saving Atlanta has disappeared. 1
fSiri Inl lo 1 Ii llveuing- Telparr ph. ' -
Wasbihoton, July 2l.'
Cherman has torn up some five miles-of tbe
railroad between Atlanta and Docatnr, and on ;
one portion of bis lines hold a position oar-
looking Atlanta, and from which it can be skeiled t
ifnetessary. ' I
There wat considcrablu fighting going on on.
Wedneedny ns well at yesterday, resulting ad-!
vnntageously. Everything is progressing mrnS '
favorable to ut, according to all reports from thu
quarter. Tfe tterday General Palmer aalvanMi 5
bis line to a more advantageous position. : ' s-
Our loss during tho day wat small. According 1
to report the Rebels have been industriously for.
tilying Atlanta, first, by an extensive line of ride-.
pits nine miles in length, covering an interior
Hue of fortifications protected by abattls, and. in.
tcrlaced with an inner series of rifle-pita. . - - j
Ihe position of the city it, bowever, not favor.
ab ,e for defense, and it is evident tbat Ihe Rebels'
d not count upon being able to hold it long hy
the alii of Its defensive works. " j
nit: a 1 Itlll.A WAR iv missisyjbi. '
Sr. Josi rn't, July 21. The guerillas turned'
buck from Livingston last night, and occupied 1
Caldwell county. After being joined by another (
hand from the West, the combined brae, nam- :
luring tome live hundred men, marched on
Plattsburg, in Clinton county, where the sur-
rcutlcr of tho garrison, consisting of two eom--,
panics of militia, was demanded in the n-l-OO of
the Confederate States army. " ....
Captain Turner, commanding the post, xifuiel
tn surrender, aud told his med to escipo. A light
ensued, In w hich Turner was killed. Mist of his1 '
men who escaped havo arrived here.
General Fisk's appeal is being promptly re- 1
tponded to, and tho men are .being sent Inta th j '
field at once. One thousand men, under Goner! '
Ben. Loau, will soon be here from Andrew
tiptnal ij dlcA to the Eeenlug Teltijraph.
Kill for Klonr.
WAeuiNOToH-, July 22. YestorUy as li
o'clock M., bids were oponed by CajKala C.
Greene, C. S. V. for furnishing the Suutisuirisj
DejiartmeDt with flour. All the bids reneiai
were for No. 2 flour, and the num'i jr of b ir.-d.s
accepted was 2i5,OoO. The following ii a li.( of
the bids and bidders:
A. Rots, Ray & Brother, O.orgotiwn, 2ij
barrels ut $ 1 3-2.5 per barrel. Accepted.
George W. Meart, 1500 barrels at $13 4S p r
barrel; 100O barrels at tjfllt iU; 100-J birre at
91368; 1500 barrels, n:copted, at $i3 48.
Thos. II. Donohue, 2000 barrels at 11 41 far
barrel; ll.'id barrels at Sll-l'i; 9s) barrels at
13 05; 1287 bunels at i-fl-HO; 2J tjArrois ai
The two last bids were accepted.
John A. Green, looO barrels a: $1171;
bunclsut fcl.'l 8'; llkX) barrels at -f.i.S'i,
in .1
l arn Is at $1:1 87, und I'KD barrtrls at $ .3 ..
Ki'lxii-li'il llallln til l-'ciiui-rf.
No coii li rin at ion of the reporte .i light ,L L ' s
bmg bus been received. If 11 ilg'i. hi! ti . u
place yesterday t I,eeburg, wbleli is lu t!r-i :
p.trtnuntof Washington, it w in tl il iubtlt
known ut Geiiernl Auger s le AvI ;u .rtrs bs - 1
time, but iio iiitoninitiou of the ft' b .s r,
NhviiI t'siiilnr.-H, '
The Navy Depurtiucnt has received la...
lion of the capture, off M isq iit Iai.t, o 1
Sloop Sarah Mary, of Nassau, S. P., ou tHo 1 , .,
of the 26th of June. SI10,'0 of n.uj
bales of cotton. Tho sloop has since sunk, beiisg
unseaworthy. Her cargo was saved.
Also the captare, by the United States stoam-jr
I.udutia, of tho sloop Jo;i, of Nassau, while at
lemptirgtorun out of Sapelo, on tho lilth IntU
Her turgo consisted of seventeen bales of cotton
aud time boxes o. tobacco. ra
- - I'lro nt ItoKlon.
BnsioN, Jul 22.-A flre this morning, at the
comer ot Cau-eay und Morrimau streets, de
stroyed Kc anting i Co.'s planing and saw mill,
the l-'iiiou S aich Faetuiy, and three or four
dwellings. The lost is uot known.
Quotations nf ii"ld at th Phlltdeluhl Oold Exohaaf
So. 4 . Tlmd tlrwit, aaoood itory :
! A.M. -i-"1. 1-' M ,..S i
U A. 41 to.-; ir.M
Market wuak.
. s);i
VXf A I'ublic Matin, a ul Iho C'iiUcns of tba Want will
Ii Mil at lilt Ke.huul 11., use. I IIA ll.S auil TWICM'IF. 1 U
Sine.s.ou tSA'l'l KtY lll.iilKU, IU Kid Ins lain at
s n rlm k, lo appoint lielevtli-s in 111 C'tiiiniy Convanllssa
iu ihe Inait. li.v'J-Jii W.M.UAN.N,
Cl-airuiun oi prevteut uauilua to uvvlu iha iirart.
HU Inl llraw inne t Uie Kbelby CoUt
ltlyot ksVUlUti-J. ,,. 44114.
s Ci.itS4--sJalV . ' f,
37, 70, 2, 47, II, 73, 2i , W.-uV Jl. '2, 31. L
.')4, in, 2, lid, 71, 31, -b, li. 22, .1, 24, oi.
Ctrculai.ttbaJurvta'as, t - '
Ovl.aW. . ' i '