The evening telegraph. (Philadelphia [Pa.]) 1864-1918, July 14, 1864, FIFTH EDITION, Page 2, Image 2

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rcning Sclqjraphl
rrta Tw mm m Oort. of Twir.fl Caare raa
tHI, aaraMa M iM Carrier. Mi mallael ta anhanilhere
Met ttMOttT at u Doixam raa AaaOBll 0a l"-"
1 Vos Twa Moerma, tavarlaMj IB UnM Ibr IM pert"
i'tlWIiaMW kNtM M IM Ml reeae. m1
I nnfiwul antli rr iiiml t Ir
J Te) twrw anneal aa '
" w. oim MwidMort r"" 2r2!";
; ta iter,Va U",""''M
1 fobiMi ,. bat eeraataa rie "' Wecan
. iMiMajtoMignun raj" OommunleliMM.
T jaelawttewirej.
' ftwlrf nX faM aaeraaea fee III Olrrolectna dfTiri
kvBH,K4 rsLMiRAPH, anmprlitnt ue lo aa u itnb at ao
aarhr Mer. enraelii reiiei thai WurtlMinnnt niar
: fc kaH4 a u " elnca, K poeeltie, io eecare
iaeaa aa aaeertloa 1 all ef our edluoue.
A we predicted, tbe Rebel, la small force,
i land. Tbe Infantry column, which moved up
from Frcdorlck to Washington, has roiTo.sjd
- the Totomae river, and is now en route to join
Lxb at KIchmond with Its spoils and lll-got-
. ten gain of ail kinds. This raid bos been
the beat olannod and executed of nny the
Betels hare ever devised yet, and It h.n
, failed at all points.
' The damage dono to our various rallroa Ji
- Is very slight, and that done to tlio cltizuus
. was In many Instances deserved. It I true
Tre hare been Insulted In our capital, but the
' Hotels had to beat a ratbsr hasty rotroat
Without gaining any rcmarkablo advantage.
, Tboyaro gone, and may they ba purvaol
'with that vigor which was brought forward
among the people for defenso. If an army be
, sent after thein under a good general, they
will be destroyed,, and Quant will be assisted,
j- If they are left to go free, they will turn an 1
come up the Valley again, or go luto Ken-
tucky and make a raid,
Tlicy should be followed, and should not be
f allowed to join cither Li e at Kk'lr.nond, or
' MonaAN In tho Valley of Virginia. As for
'. Major IIaiihy GiLMOKE. we hopo that If he
Is ever taken he may be handed over to
- General Sherman, who Is tho only man who
knows how to deal with Rebels.
'. From General GnAfrr's Array we havo the
good news that all Is progressing favorably.
Th Wpliion Railroad, lunt repaired by the
t . . . . . . ,.
ti'iwiM- haa unn airiim instroveti uv our
. troops.
Reports from General Siibuman nro most
cheering. lie has probably taken Atalanta,
and destroyed Jounston's Rebel army. Ills
' campaign has been everywhere brilliant and
' AaccessfuL
General Fobtkb has been worrying tho
Bebels about Charleston considerably ol late.
He has gained small successes on John's and
- James' Inlands recently with very small losHes.
There is a report on the street that tho
pirate Florida has been captured, but we can
not trace It to any respectuble source.
THE "OTlll lt HEX."
Woman, If we regard her In a chlvalrlc
spirit, Is the crowulug beauty of our life, tier
' gentle influence, graceful accomplishments,
and singular capability of diffusing happiness,
- help us amazingly over the rugged road we
' are all traveling. So, if we are gentlemen,
; we give up our seau In tbe railway car, or
the pew to ber, with earnest pleasure. We
knock down her Insulter. We puff our
oOenslve cigar-smoke In a contrary direction,
unices she positively s-sseits that she delights
In tbe aroma of the solacing weed.
- We devote all our muscular energies and
our enperlor knowledge of men and things to
bcr delectation, glad enough to receive In
exchange her Biuile and gratitude. This Is as
' it should be. No matter how vehomontly
certain viragos contend that they are qu'te
capable of taking care of themselves, without
' uy dependence on tbe male species, they
cannot bluster all true men out of tho old
, faith in woman's weakness. We have an Idea
1 that If Flobuklk Kiqutinoalb should
- appear in one of those agitated assemblies of
lulamed lemales who are determined to
believe that they are wofully wronged, tho
trowaered and oratorical feminine would bo
afraid ol ber and shrink from her presence.
If you are a man with a true hoart, you
have often helped to celebrate 'Dear
Woman." You have such respect for her tliaU
vou wUh to see her so much better than
1 your peer telf that you can worship her,
" You wsnt ber to be good and useful, and
' ' very naturally ; for you know that you will
- be made a better and a worthier man by her
bright example. If a pure and sincere
'-' woman cannot fllure a man Into tho right
way, divines and moralizing philosophers
Bnay try in vain. But we are afraid that the
i young women of our great cities are not so
loehble as earnest men would with to see
tlicm. .
We will not take that Intensely utilitarian
view of the sex which condemns them as ut-
Uily wortlilits, because they cannot bako
bit ad or bioil a steak. This Is the over
bt arlng insolence of the "lord of creation,"
axd not tbe feeling of the true knight, who U
always willing to work bard enougU to ex
'. eropt bis Uidr from course labor. But, then,
rr.uht not our fair friends themselves admit
that they are hardly fitted for useful lives?
Are they not drummiug too much on the
piano, and dancing too many cotillions and
waltzes, and spending too much time with
tncdixlet) taid milliners?
Is there not plausll ility In the supposition
that they read too tnauy lackadaisical ro
mance, and pay too much attention to tliolr
' complexions, ami too little 'to their Intellects 1
Coquetry U very charming just now, while
their luces are unfiirrowed and their muvc-
menta tephyr-llke. The delicious music dis
coursed ftom pianos, or gushing from their
, rosy Euoutlia, will do very well this year, and
. next, Abd next. They nuiy fl0,,t through the
waits tbls summer and xt winter, and not
. tire themselves nor the lookwrt-on tbr several
succeesive seosous.
But what, after awhile, when they begin t
' encounter some of the roughness ol life'i j,wr.
' ney ; when Uielr little'flfures grow portly lvaa
thapelets ; when thefr fingers refuae to glida
over the keys with their old sprlghllinuM, and
dancing becomes laborious and pahifulf
Ttliea the brief day ol careless pleasure ha
, lied, will they have anything to lull back uoon
( tr-lc- will uaXo life not t burdwa t Do our
young ladies know Oiat there actually
quite a community of young men afraid to
get married t They are panting for matri
mony. They know It will be the very thing for
them. But they get only moderate salaries,
and wsnt good plain girl, who will be sulll
clenlly attractive to keep them away from
the club. And they can't And them. They
dare not risk a proposal to tho young women
they meet at the parties, adorned with finery
they could not pay lor, should they devoUj
their revenue for one whole year to that ex
clusive purpose. Their case Is a dad ouo.
We should like to see en Improvement In the
young Indies. If only for the sake of thesn unpleasantly-situated
young gentlemen. Shall
we ever meet a Floiikmcic Nioiitinoai.k at
the opera, or be Introduced to her at a seleet
party ?
.,, Ktc, Klc.1 i:tr Kle.,
TMa irornlng at 10 o'cln-k, the semi-annual
cnninirni-iinrniof the Hoys' t' High School,
fi2d term, took pliire at tho Academy of Munic.
As tibial 0ii n nil mch ocxasiona, a largu
andirncv, ptlnrlpully composed of ldlf, was in
atnucJnnce. The graduate, ra mbtri of tho
Fiirtll'y, Hoard of School 'Joirtrollert, Ci'V (Joun
cils, and Invited guests oeeiipled seau upon the
platform. The Uermsnla Or-hestra In ftt, and enlivened thu proceedings by souio
choii e felec Hons.
After prner, liy the Rev. Raniir C. Eddy, tho
following exeicisvs look place:
IiilroOucturjr A10roi U. lta'nci. Ei(i.
Hcronil Honor, Kronch Hnln h oty t:iiarU'R K. Kroch.
Ml H'
Tlilnl Honor, It itorli ai Ai t.
...I.owin '.Vain Sin th.
l.'lia ln K. Mills.
I.oiv'a Aha'tt'l.
.Ituliiti M. T. ni'TiJ.
Jaiuc.1 A. Co tnor.
J. Ma. in C "Id.
rK't!cat Addroaa
l'.rKt) at.d Arm-iit-an
Mi .
Ml. H
lietiiitllvnn Form of Q c
Honorary Adilreni.
IO:I' .
The fpinliiTS ncqnlt cd tupinselves with honr,
ai.u tl e cffotja wrro "p to tl.e usual mirk. Tie
i-icoi.U lioin r rnnch Silntntory, y Ctnrlc- I-'.
Kroi li, was exi llcnt, and e aim d c niilraiile
m tntitn n a coiiDt of tietn r I i n and B;i ik. n
D the p'rnicli Iniiinigi'. JiiOk' uh fro n ttic
hpeakft's ilelivory be it im thnililn i id Frcneh
m holar. Tho I ntroiluctorv li H.-n I. II. II rnc,
Kn. "us a well d luercd'd" it w-'i y wiiiu-a.
I lie 8uk r- wrre nil n itived with ont'iimi tl
applHusc, i inl many ol them were preaented wiih
imrdsnme IkiU'iii l.
'1 he fol owihk disiincllons and awardn of merit
wire con tirred .
M.lSTr.K Of AHTrt.
I.Ht of li" ai'm't t' tti" O.'ioff of M:nfrof Arta,
t't-inw tlttdi ai-.ol O.orimr lara oarif,oi ni
limn five m ara" ,initloir.
ThooiaK li.l'nnla'i n, I ran M. Coaa, P. f il'tl.
TlioniKaV lion, Wllllxni A ,, I 'a .l.-l S. Lmti,
ili'aui llarrKon l.aniTl. w iii-un a hhi hiii.whwiiuj.
lartln, IrnrUa V Mr Manui. !i"K W Mindil. Itil-a-. W
Mu-ehv. Miy'r ullerker. J-Ooi t'yiM'al, Cliarin. D.
at ruian. l.iililid't Vountf. William 1 Hiiuon I'uloJ, 17,
Llfto' thoi ailnilt'ed to lha lionrpaof KaohHorof Arta,
tiavtiiK ronii'l- t-(t ilia Knur a r' Coiru, wttn lua.r
raiik ami Ibeir Grailuatlnif Avi'ia.ra.
No. 1. Maton Child (Irailiintlng frag. OTW: 1 ''ia.
F Kroili. :!;. ' alia' K , (; 4. Livl V.iln
Hull h. MIBi 8. I larlea K M ll Wl:l; . Iloiny C ar
llr wn, K" 7. al ar Nortli.M.'O: H I,nra Aslim ut.
H7 o W. Hen 8 lta. Hf lis: In hlS mil) hith- I'.iwn
KMlBf7ii:ll Wni.'.r,arrl..HH7ii ll. ,U. I. C iio ir,
tc -i.8: l:t. Harv K lllni'i.iuan afiis, I I II T It 1 1-r,
Hf7f.; Ifi. Jo i pi II. ro'iliiion sl in: l't. W. K flarnwal'.
7'lil' l7.Wlion II. 1 b ri. 7K IH; IH I) ,id tloaib, Jr ,
7B IH; 1. Wm K. llontioy, 75 bit. Total, I'.l.
L'ilof thoBfl wolviiKf certl'lcati'a of havlog completod
l'ar lal l onraca. wnh tln lr Avarugna.
Turn's a.Mia.- David Hun t, avf 'a;r H H.
Tno Vi aua -.l"..ih t horn, !n s : 'lin "'.OaTin, DOS;
William K. Oi.tliftnio-. Ml; Kre.latlck l. I.aimniilirtiu.
(vl U. 1 on 0Mimu,B-'7 iMainual B. Ilnlloi k,; ivu. 'i: AHmti II. MrKinlJv.HI-l! Il'"a I.
Soli-ra.Kl-K: Al)tirvE. Irln. HI- t Kranlt lVill..irr,
7.'.-7 : 1 l.onia J fi vor. 7ffn l limn II. I.yla. 71 ; luhn
. Hlltntr. 74-0: Kobrrt M. liarvin, 7:1 6 ; llmi j . llwn,
l.!H;J.l.n 11. K.iann.til'ii llaury K. Vaudr.ft. t .
Total l.'irtlttcaH'a. 111.
Llatofttioaa wliotiave tna hiKbrs Grade Ava-aiiea of thn
wno'a nuiuoar oi uhium.
I. Thomaa W. An".. Hlr. C
9 H
11 A
. ..!
ll J
tlil 1
m a
in r
tn ti
'17 9
, ur-i
, 7-0
, '17 0
:S 9
, "iri-tl
ti t 'i
i. c K Mioamakir....
'A J. Maaop Oolld
4 H K JUiraua
II ,
11 ,
H ....
II ....
K ,
V.. ..
E ....
t'liaa. r. Kroc....
,lli. .K Mora ihy..
Iifld T. H'awa-t....
brni- H logman,
. a llurrla,
. aO ao A 1 alor
W Scott 8tloa...
19. Vi aliai K Kn...
K. A r 4mnkton
V m. 11. Ilaid'i v.
V'bt H raraiion.
Hum. h. Mima,
i. U 1 " a'laii.Jr.,
It I. wit, in, .ir..
dm C Ilo, por..
.Iid.n H. Piinii;"'..
i. Ilatr H. Iliit'tar,
W. John w. Willie ..
d ( a vin r. tuuip..
'l J. .t-pii 1 hoi to. ..
Aii'tin K litn..
y w-ltor onn ....
27 Ja-. C. I'aiicoatl..
1 ok In w a'll Mllllll,
i ,
m. tr.d'flci' A Hix,
Arthur w Itl'iima,
II t'liarlea K. Mllla.
r.. Bari v t:laj llrown,
'I hiodor, I ho llolu,
. . .tal H
...'i I
4. .la. "I- M. tor
II. r . Ilnrtu)an,
:Ht. K. M. 'lowiueod,
.lau.fa A. I ' ntior.
U ui A. linlibam.
Hat of tboie Dl.tlnunlti eit. tliey h iving attaluol Term
At' rai a lor en'-lnrwup over o
Wvl'lon A.-J Ma-Mi I hl'd, Term tveraite. SH-; Ohaa.
1 Kroir.Uh i j Vi . Hcoi Rtlti .,ti7 a: V am r K Keit.tii'di
tan'ea A. Com er, tr -o; Itali'h Ml b urne l owitcn l.ticl);
harle. K Ml If, '6 V; Harry I lay itrotto, ou; It una in
.I'aritik W0
lt.vii.ion ll II Kcruufcon. !!): Nalliiin A. 1 ay-
tor. IN U; Itlihunl.on I.. 'i lln. Jr.. !i
iioii c- i l.oinaa it . Aitrv, e;-: tt imam 11. uru-
I li ini li It neniainin r. iioutinnn, i'i,;"- n.
llnrlla Krteal tarrlliMtou. l'7 4 ; John 11. rllaul-
fe-.1'"'" . .
ill.lon F. tvl eater r.. a-rpare. !-;; t-ao-in ' -amp.
AS. Jn:a II,!iS'. u Ot.N II trrla, 'J'. ; low K
K.heod tto'i A''Ury r, irwill, IM I ; tl'OTi ll ouiiu:ey,
V : tltrid W.ll. llerkle",ai.lolill tv. .tilllrn,n.
1 ivl-li n John h AI l :-nny,: B l ; jtiim ... luwarn,
Iti l-; l.eniM'd f. II' 9 ier. f.'i .'.
Mi 1. 1. n i,.-I nylon t rem n rtlioeniaker. vox; m io i.
aiiii'ii.ti.-i o U -Herman u. Jiituo, mj; narry s. nop.
P'l- "".''.
It till .iln.HKUi'1" '
I.laiof Itioie I'aclnn-d Merit i ou, tl it havltu- a'.' n tl
'1 e; in A teilo B I ir eciiti arnoip. ot t -teen t nm .....
Illvii-.t a tt ailef N-.jtll, rtrui atar.oce, V'l t; Leivla
all! en.i'li. I'.l a. A.liutal. 'ili; tvn.on 11.
t In r . ' ; llenrt T. Hu Ier. "o t linney H. Ilt'i.-lua m.
I h a .JiitepN li. llooin.on. mn; uu r. 11101.011,10 i,
llllfin K te.t:e. .S7 A: David Iteiiilt.v. .Ir , 1) ll Htnry r. liori-l'iiann. W!l; Hrandon L.
keia.M ti; -.'BH el U ru.'ei'. Id-.,; Ilurrv iMnratl llr. ti
ll ad. if' : .!" n tlil-c ai I' per, !ai a; nd.-er I'.rti t, a - ;
r. llMirotl t ll.lolj.Ki 4 ; It- lljenl'll 11. I.iine. a- , ; iT'i 11a
II H'uula a t lonl. A.ll ir.."k d. Hob rt In or.
rati; J i'i,r'clt H. u..."tn !i;j.i,n.t ai .1-1 ;
ll'ii eilW. I n tin a; 7; Kruiik lUuicll, si 7 ; John Hue-
low Itul.t . K.' .
Inl.ii.i.'t' - rl irtwetl S' 1 4 ; OIIvtO. IIH.'et.'i:! 1:
ft 1 i ai tl al wioau, rV I ; John A. eca Ian, t 0 .1;
u . Whlie. null; wtninni it ln l.r sen: H uh n. I
1, ,, . H . 4 . rietl.t'ck W. 1) V it Id Uui. I, U;
J teihl' llltt h. a.-. 4.
lliviinn n lonon.l Louuli In, trJ-4 : ll..1-! IVi 11 mi,
9-l ; Ir. rtt rlca II Well c, HI 4; Ml "Uu 11. Ncco, sri 7 ;
.toeepli K Hi.b'ii.'A'i; SineeiO I'.-a'". Jr. H,'4; Alet- 1
ani't-j M Tt.a bate, e :i 1 aner-oa l'.i:.o'l. &7 1 1 C!a tl ut
. 1'um-L bo H; .latnea I Murray , ml "I
lit' pit li t J'oopli I hoipt.. .14 J Wi! i4iii .1. a tieiincr,
til l; II I .i.rach, ' 11: II- race J H'.be.B. HI 1;
Fici eilck I' Lunkenhti'" lV I : Juiuo. Henry lorr.'ila;
V. eiit r II. Il.iys'il'ti; wtlnaui (.'. tt litem, ni a; Wllnnfn
11 lyie.!'l'4; Halunal 1.. ll.rrar, tn-2; I' arit. e, loini,
o ; ramilil I . II; El II Ttey, HI!). Kd .' W. I
O'alu al.-liW Henry I la) aiulth 'I0; .lol.ll A. limner,
a-i.; lloniaa.l. I'rvor, t4 S : WlUiaia E-'it li k, 81 1 i
BamvaiK Huili ck. M I : A Wilson K' tt-irt, H7'l ; Wurtli-
li'rion II. Ihomaf. Wi ll; ( harl a 1'. layl' i
eiinc, ta.e: 'iai. Vtoudbiiry, buj;
Id tkmii F. Aliel F Trice. HIPl i Vlllliiia A. Iliiihim,
If ni I'ei ry li. Lontaker. 81 4 : (,'t.a lea Park' r, ai ti i
l.i.r.e M Oritlian, 87li H.dwatd l.'hanlnl. Hr4;
kit-inniH. Illkhee SoOi AJ'eti II Mu.tln. Nl H ; Wlliltua
Mu tin W. 4;H FmmI' nuk Koihennci.Kil 1 ; Inidor Iaivui,
t. Joht i;. rnrker.H U; Julia H McKlnnif.aaO.
HP It n ) fud rick A it ex. Pi 'I ; .la'oea (V Pancoaal,
M" liar ea F. ( olaliaii, V li i Jacob Meier, W1Ji; Allreii
V. Ke IW; tira B. Hartlc't. vl i Char let 4. Johoea,
pt 'S: Mlroon liaiiiltii'f-r. mil; J.mea (J llarrlton. H-Jtl;
f'ha le, 1. barrott.rt ''I ; lieor.'c K. Ualbulucr,da"l i tleoro'0
Vt'. lliinl,W7 lii Ovaf'on t'arr a. 0.
liliblon H. Ailtiur V llliaint, Ml; Theodore fanneM,
'1: I fcjrloa II Invimera. Wlfi Jainat W. White. lels
IrliafZ xleeter, Jr , tai-Oi A aan.le' f ail B ml; Win.
II Kotera, Keli John -VI. Sham. Ma li WliinmK E -Btefn,
-a ; rnk Mn-h'tr, na-l: Anuelo T. Kraed-r,
hh-1- Vil'llaBi Kent, e6 a; KlwoodU n'eavar.W I ; Cliaa.
K. rt'liii, WOi J"bu W. Trllar, at; C.
June. Kl tt.
Total JdarltorP as, IIS.
The exenlBM eonelatleil by tl. delivery of
ihr vaUdii tory adUie'i 'V VV. Scott Ktil- a. i'tio
uiijrci waa w.ll hamlleu ty tne aoeaker. anu
lit paniua wonla 10 the atn Jcnu nod profcasor
i re imparted with tbat 'eeliug anil font) which
one only caa fret when U''B iieiaaiit nil ifoua
Bud aaeociiti aa bound tne pupil soil profca
aoia, wire Umt to be aswreU ortuti fur ever.
At t'HKATrHAi, Fathko. Yrsterday aftcr
rofin a man nam. d 1. Mchlen wi held In 9'"
ball on the clmrRO of Inutally whlpplnit lili little
step-son, a boy nbont twele j eara of aw. The
defendant rc-lde on Mellvnine street, ner Sixth,
and frro,nt nt eotnplalnts have heen made hy the
nelphlxirs Ixeau-e of the f nnonil barali trea'ment
of the little tel'ow hy his fa'her. Tho boy's ba-k
as senrted In a nninb' r of places from wounds
Inllicii d ly Mi'hten. On the nrcilon ret'errnd
to, tbs Iml, who works In MorrK Ttsr ft
Murri-' fomidrv, ruin- h ttne trnn h s lati ir and
ti ok off bis working shirt to pat on a cle in one.
In doitift ao lie dropped the caat-oir irarmntit n i
the I Hr, whereupon ttie amii-f-ither siid hi
should noi thinw bis i lothc nhoiit that w ty. Tne
bov made a remark, wtierenp in lie w,n wDipped
Hi out unmiri'liny on f.c Imre hac'4.
Local I1iikvitik. All the public schoila of
thla (lintrtct were lo-ed yesterday, tntern-ting
txerelvra weie had at some of them. .. .By her
will MatRatct lleckman l.Mtm ton leuca'.h'i all
In r property, teal and persnn il, frtho porp ias
of ciiui iitlnx young men lor the (1 'l inlnlsiry,
and lor lidlnn the (1 iSnel to tho heathen
Oi ore f rooks, twenty-three yoars of airo, foil
throiiKh a briilge on tho Norristown r.illroAd yca
tcnlay, while atteinitltiK to get non the ctrs,
and was fcrlnualy Injured about tho he id and
bark. .. .Hereafter ad vci-cla from K -v Wmt
will ro Into qiianntine '. tho Lan:tt; the
yel ow fevor pteva ling tit lh it plti'.'o. . . . , bov,
miined J.imes 1). U.iln-, aucd nil yeir, wu run
i vii hy an oitinitni" In Sluih stre-t ln'lo Ci'he
, rii e, I at rvcntuir, hiiI Inatantiy kl'lo'l . . M lior
i (inier I Couch's h' iiliii irters h ia h i ,t tern io
Mttly locinen at No. Walnut atreo Th
! brewers of this cpy have riied pr co of
ilmtiRlit nlc to ll a t rot, nn l t on t ' in r u'e to
$10. Ate uxed io command from $'.diol
per bnircl.
I A Nr.w I'hintinii rite.KS. Tlio followlnir U
i from the lant lusue of the American Brink Xota
Hi 'ortrr .
P, H"i ' M A I . H'nea o ir Inn lno. Ill'- ii.a ovlln'l'r pr i
' til w Iiail orit a I Mt t.a lti to uv Mem K 11 v X Jo..
I ol New Vora. hai b on r'va,l n.ol lot ii, and -n .
e- Itl.ui ol tli A'Acit-tttt h fit .V.r ll i r Ii4s b''6.1
rioi d tlioroot V n 7
I i lie tor oe.Mlt.n ofoiir w i-k r.iiroTi o, .iti r on our
part, in .r i'r 'o biiotilr oia dafn'tmi. wo li iv,i a ,n aild.-d
loour ostaiHlntiiLOiit Pti.-ri'liiK l -cliloe. : ll tor, ,V liy
wt.ic'i thn wi.nre wirk.i. '0.11 ou.'ioo, .irons-w ir,
aixl 01 olina iro I'll O'Tfirinoit n itio a fin ro.ou ii'oi -r uui'
luiiiH dia o miporvhion. u l with a ra,l li:y mi ipiir jii:!i-aol-li
any i-o-i-iiiiiortiry.
Ko'lowii.K the ilrsi-.'ia.a Hunk X it f.lta of Kn V irk
Cll Wt.ill .1 l J r 1 .'l MOVl.l,Wf l'Op,lIfC ivl h tin
lllli'ntoM .ho W,. . I , ilitl ll Ol I'll' IflMOl in (.lit- I'tt
Ht'oy'r dor pitr' a HI oinoot tor tliat ll I ttir on'y
itnnk Nuto ItoporOr Isioied wieil.v ill I'a Uiloli.liia, uml
Dio i It one I , tto It I onto
Tl.n Ami-runn la 4 -tr Krvntrr will tio tior.-a r It
am d on iho l-t s h, l.'iio. .n i v'l of a 11 moiuti H.-iiii-liionttiiv
or inont lv- ,u li nlo.a cm i rti:oi,a uio wuokly
C'l'ion hy pii.Mu. toe iiitie'vm'o ot ra'on.
KINSl.V Itll F.V.-.I ii a I'., lull, at No lim iani-or
B-rtf. K., h ,In i 1 1. v ll n, V li l.. M".
Itiltl'lir KIN.IbV and M.. M A It I it V llll.KV. b uu ol
ti in i ty.
MANSS(-S VATCIIKtt n t' o Vitli In .1. by .!.t-w
nooi VVMto I. MANKIND, ol "ol lm:a. la M
b. :Ati HN.r'',ol -a ciu. Now Jois.'j.
aiE ISIInN-iit'llVKl' 1 I' -Do ll 1 I'll of .t'lil 1411.
hyti. lt.v f. A foi.. i.v. M .HIAnI I I. Mi;tt..HJ.'
to Mis. tl l.l'.N II. Hi HK ll ' , uu ol Hoi ii:y.
(tHait.-On ttia llth intt.. nllor a hi1: and eitofnl
II iioh-. I f 1 1 ; - f "'I' i . aon of Sjntue. J aod fl. K, 'l.irb.'r, in
tho :.d oir of hla mf.
'I ho rfOi'tioi, fcio irionda of th f im'Iv lira InvPo. to at
toi ,1 toe fi'ii-nit. wltlii .it t irih r n in-o, tnon N-i 1
S. r nir e.rdon Htioot. "tl I r d:iv oi .iii'ii, tiiu I oh, nt
U uVlo. a Io i pico.d io l.tiin-i ill I
mil lKV - Killed, InlT 'I, In Oie rill - pita ti 'f iro I' teri Va.,,lAMK 11 li) li-Y.of t io M m-vlt n
Anitliry, aon ut Jiunot aid Miry An. I lioidoy, a.;od 1:'
ll.ii. V OnTuioiday mnml'lK. lath tint , AI.KXSI)EU
E. HllllN.
11 ro atlvoa and frl-'ri a of the fimllr are ratpai: fully
I'o'ted to a'toi d til. I. norat, tiom tin? re-ldonr ol hia
ratr er, John Horn, No. 14 a. liniad aire a, au 1'riday, lita
inal.. at 1Hu'c1-h:i, A. M.
Ml lilt Y On lliomnrTit. Rof the 1'h lnt .at one Tclock,
MAHV VAiltl.i, el it ol the ld M I'liaal Morry.
'J ho n I- i.da oi ile .aiu y aia l'-vttod o diu-ii dt'ie r,ina
ral. without further n-.tlca, irniu Ina imnioiire. Mn :t.".-l.
hix h airtot.on H.itnrduy lunrnhiH at Hoi'lock. Norvlce
in Ht. Mary'a Cliuict'. loiurujotit at St. .Mictm-j'a.
Ml til On the l.tti tn-t , At A UT 1 1 A M U 'H. lU'ieht -r
ot t ,tirK- w a d Kninor tu io. ai.e 1 1 mou.liB aid a d i.
I In- te a Iven and ri' n't.H ,1 ttio 'ami v are roi,Kl Miuiir
lnvlt.d 'o noond tho f inoral, t'rnin itio roddmico of nor
pareii a. H K. c Tnei of Koiiitii und lli korsou atroeta, oa
Kridat aPorooiin at A o'clock.
I'l.B 'HKII - O i the ldth inat , V VI,F.n?E rilE4Sll,
ol'Otiwr tier RiielnKiaiiBnon, a.eil til vcara.
Ilia frl'lidaaid 'hi o of I e lainilv rro 'e-peclftilly In
vited to alp Bl Ilia f"lier 0. from hia la'S roslite'ion. Nt.
ii. M'ooi d aoent. on 4nndiy ultoriiuuu, tliu liih iiut,, ab 1
o'eliK-k, witti'iut tuMhcr nonce.
BIT MK KM.-.!"ly li. !. Mra. CAItOl.tVE HIT P
MKVeit wlloot C'titir a. Ulittno or and dttiuliior ot John
ait i:4il.iriiir i ips In too artih y- ar.
The iaiiiivon a' d fiieida of ilia fatn'lyare retpnetfittly
InvlttU to auenu tho inoerl, from tn-r lute roBidonce, llm
lonwin d Bweet. hotieii ftcvontio'iilh and fcl kii eooih
B'ti-tH. Ku eial o 'tike p-ace on K -iilty aliern on ac 4
o'clock without luitiicl uoiice. Tj proceed to UIcuit.khI
1 1I.I.KY. fin tl e lath Inat., Mre. KI.IZ tllKTII C. TIL
LKY. in the ttitli year ol tior ami.
In r ir end and r. laoon. aia reapectnilly Invited to at
tend tl e tuiit-ra'. frn.u he a-m-lii la'a roa'it'.'.ice, K N.
V til-cad, bti iirH t'lfro avenue, t'anleni N.J.iOaifri
day Bllel noon. Uie ISth iO-l . ut .1 o Clock.
To about liulf the market price, olTered by tho
In jiurcnt fully pmgregBing to 1U lull. peody,nJ Criuinph-
Hltt l-OllkllDiIUUtiun.
Tt. hsvai works of ih Com puny, near Trcmoiit, Scbujrl
klllnunty.are KAKLT CoMI'IaErKO, and will lupply
all hUAlfKllOI.l'MiH tvotn Octtiher t-exi, wl h tho bent
kii i ot oal at the afKi-Mb coar, vli :
Two Heavy Tona on Each Share Every Year
for Twenty-five Years.
The price of earti bhure In tlie p titvnt icrlm In $i 'tO,
puablf Imlf un null crlptlon anU l.alf on Auiust 21 no.t,
(i d in flu n. xt two sorka it will be anil i.V).
the 11 Alia KT MtH'lC of a heavy ton ( 2'2W lbs )
otUoHltti now U 2$
Xhu I hl.MK CUsT FlUt'K ol the iuidv at proHunt
ruUi. (Ju y) U:
For Dili iuk pn-pming royalty, itnd 'tiral
tiptiuri $1
1 ransporUlion ovor brin-ih rillioaJ OA
TritiiHiKiiiatiou over tuaiu railn aM to 1'hiU-
0 Ipbia 3 10
T.uiiM'orutiob troD. depot to y n J 10
Vurd txpen.e
C'atUuK Irou yail to ti irtiilil ji 'a lioimu..
lutai i out ol t-rof. tun di l.vti vd at me hjitie
In I'ttllitilcibiila
DliUrt-nc- bftwen lumkt-t pr'r aud cost prl;r.
Tina make, a .atititf uu tiro tuna lur otcUaharoof
M.oulil tho market prica ba hl'irr, tho aat'inyarillla
atill yrta1 fr. ar.d ahciilcl lha uiarkct prico Im lowjr, tUcu
tl.e e'l.t price tvlil tic prop-iriiona'cly Untir.
Hut thiB ia U"t ail. Tne t'fbi;'any tatiDi,' very larxe
Koikt, aud I.SK.tll AL'sri '.J.t; C'MI. Ur.lM, Kl I K
Bllli IN I.EMi i li. ttlll uiilii-uucti lu.ire cujl tlan 1.
aiiui'aliy riuircil lor tha ttiucali .ide.-a. All tlia ajrtii t.
cal vili t Bold ut tli. rutin mark. I rate, ami .tut. 1111:
fluir'lla will ba distributed atory aix motitiia tu CAtlt
liVilI.M8,auuiig tlie tttiarcliolil, f ; t'roiu ttlichlt 1.
rcUedciitly rjt-ctcd tticy taill rcalui .vit yur Itou 10
to tA per cent, ua tl.clr luvc.iutcnl-i, nfiur tliw llibt year, la
adumcn io ilia tutina on ilieir c ji.
Il.u Company poai-cao. tXi.l.USlVK MINIMI AMD
TIMUr.K Kltill la for ' of a ccutaiy (.'
til ,n of tba tiftt una rlchi-.l c 'al Ira', ta in S'jtiuyUlll
c uni) , the l.imuioca Vein, tim Iil4. k Ucihi
frituroaa, ijai.idJ, and omar Vein.. Tliuooulol t'10 tla.a
moth Vi.tu u tt hite Anb ; taat of tha utiier Wuib partly
tvbite Aah.paitly lied A.U.
WII.llAM 8('liMi;i.K, Fieildaat.
liP.NUr nCUMiKl K.
ALhKliT 11 JAKDtN.
Wil.MAM Ftiltl), H.'craury,
Tot farller inrormatlon, and for iharci (at $U -M, pay
oble ball ou aubacribUig and liali uu August V, aval)
app j at tba
For RFADIMI and vlclnliy, tha Hon. JiBP.r.'I 8.
HOVCU, Major of headlug, baa acocptad tha Suc u j of
tii ronipajj) , aficr baviuif peraoiuall vtaited ajtl exaat
lucd tba ailnae and BtTa.ra uf tne Company 'l ha cttieaa
ol kteadiDg and vicinity will apply tor la'orailia aa4
hareaat lie MalOa'H orcit avaulliiB-.
1 ha coat price of a gru.a lou of ftial at HNling, da
lirered at tba bona? of a Bnarvholdar, la at pruaout ralaa
DotoTerlt'tat, while tbe market price aioouati to ta ire
tbaa cauble tha Bum.
li. T A It A M W ,
No. 719 OEESKUT BtreeU
rrenrli ninrhliiaj
In anialt fancy barrala.
For aale by
lavM A IHoiiAnoa,
Am it anil Tasru Stn'ol.
1 li M 12
KVANH "V A. T M O N t-t
The "lYrepressille Conflict" Still Piogressing
To thf rfi.rtu 0 Pfittnrhfptii .
Atii-i idly n pn-io.i ii I ha! mw rfrw fie
j H tm ii.liiu iiid mii r mi ,i iiMit-r at v itti ui m the
urtKMt iitftucil t il-iii-Ittiu. Atiiiirtt tiiu WoiUI." und
HIM" l'U id Kvhiib
r ll i tiiit-f. v i.t-ii tirinl n-hff!. in l he flrnt t rry ,'p
f'H. .' KO lh L 1.4- nil ho Ills nthji'-ii, t' a titn;t, n-nl
inn i"il' a- rum ins tn'iul tinr. ilio ttrtt to cry ni'i,
ar d io t'l.tlin ilir p .p c 'Viniuiiliv.
lie fir-1 mo Im tit im nt ia Uui article Is lha wrlttT'i
virv mum h prt'Hiiai u
lh- hrmi i t1 m hi I'hi'a I" Ipit'a in-Tr't. a id o HtAnd
f)k,n! fl tie HO'ld ttnlif- WvtfWiiHy itiir.", I'l.ii
point ilittv'tiw btja-n rfiiiil 'ti hy ('-.nrH. I, i u- ,t nni)
1 t-H-t .t-r I'.v fltiipiy k.iiik Miai It i .v t ) a t w
tint I. II e Si n h' ii. 'i 1 h th- mi pa r ! t' th'n rt y
anil St in r ai.y f if .Maun n'l'iivr In hv I'nnr I fi
an iiit.) iim' -iiii'i M oi'oi uititMiai than any Mliir Uie
pr. il- i t ot tiitn Hmtc
T c n- xt p' lot io taf i otf rd ti th wrltfr'n ra'l on hia
l b H-1t thia Ir i tul I" a xhut tr tii Til. K M'l
ThlHiKAIH I'f .pn Mi IH., wiihh IthOW-, h ni itf !M
till r-nt n a t cuimt-n -nfr in ocrii-d .No If th
rad r will r w to H nrtk.p in fur. K - kni so Ti-.i i'i.ii r-.i
ot th 1AM, )t w til n id It ih rn Ma it utril -iimnv that
tl'PM' h) wi-re ut riinmi'ifi occin r'i n ml ri ait iht-y
werf kt i'wn to hurt.)ai h ; to d I now ih ill '"- w.
poll t'il out wen t fit' tlnv -Biwn tn burvUrn, and
lift! t ii tv I imly"! to (hv world.
Itt.t ll bvu o anil the r t r'n a hv lo iimvb nut th"no
fa In i i tfiapoe. II ml p a the P'tuclp e tli it I o p; y
oi Itimtit nuiat no wi It tt n, tiiOi.u it bi i.n-ry t
Iviiva ,tii "hainlrt " l'-prat? tn4- tf jniro d' .H-rt.
nunti. und li in evident t hw tiiieTi tutor no' Ukc to
fniiiO rtione Iran, tmwive', offer him fiwoiiini d n.
that't ii if th4 dl piitoi. ho hi uh wn In
p y wnv to nitl tht ihiitT. to lift- m 'i wnh hut 1 1 Ntt3c'aa.
1 do t ot hf-llt't hr mn hnd n i'UikI r in t ine oi 'ry thut
mmiij e-rn tliana lilio f r u I hit Mtor n; fit eTy (tro
lOfhlonnl tmrtiliir kn'f that II' Iia chd K''t a h Into a
MhIi o k liu l-i all riitlit ; und hiiIcbi tin w-l or cun
1 rn the linrjiliir how in drill tdild lion, which I vary
much doubt , ,ih tMMMiirit'"ii In k'ont).
Thf tie.vt point It vU I not'Ct In the vivy hdivp n,amtlnn
run b- ti e ht i. whether it in not fl -uio io drill nan m ill
mitt through Kil'tt-'it t hi. It'll Iron loor than tweuty ho.os
tlitouKit ih' oouini"n 'html Iron D r
reader will ak y illnlntrrpatrd Iron wnrkT
win 'h r Ut ran notoril rven t w ntv nma l roia thru iuh
rntt-alxitTi th to oue-iovht Inu n'n't't Iron mti ;heitHlr t'lti-i
to nrlll one bnii throu jh one-and-a hait 'o itro ln:uon aolM
chil d Iron and let huu antwr tha inioaM n.
Tr.a w xt potai whirb the writer allutfua aa thecfttiioof
Ulf LOIlfot Vtt'J Is
Thfet LIIIf'n HKiiit. a morn othera, cl'M at the Con.
oih Htii i) Hank, on Mr VV. a. HIu.imt, bmkar,
A'li lown. Htid n tht1 'Irra-uroi- of thn vi't-at VU 't. r
liaiir ad. hvfnt,TO the latter I mold hnoik tn'o hia o ink
and burglar proof aate In rtv nntiiro, ; ami to tlm two ir
icr.tiat tif coutd p't'k U.elr loch a, made by Bvana A
l a M'tj.ln tlva minute
.Noh I ui i hi o ivtnonf-IM arnt of tht cltf
(or 1 illlo a isaff.and I pronounce (ha above atatamenta
holute-v lale an mr It a(ip lta to in ao'f, aa I a n t
an air thiit I hav hnd any coiivnrviiifoti with ffl-hr of the
twoi alter part m on lha aoh;at of aarra at all,
and 1 have never muda any au'h atatemuota. ai
ar alli fjed, o the fnrnmr o" a y otitar p non
Hut I akr 'heftt l rw-ponslhil t? a" ti al that ia p'lhlnhed
In ' fiK Tki i-okai'H ot Ap'il Hi. lHtU.iw iictt c-in hn rx
atrhifd In mv pruned rlrctilar at tnylirp t. at anytlma,
a the artlctt wMh takpi fr im that.) mid I am urorrM to
flUKtetin iiaery noa'tluti thc-ra uiada lo the aadafa-.-tloa of
an iiititenfti d tHraon.
ihua 1 rrvivwrd the promlnrnt pnlnta In 'h(a arti
cle, a on tho wntar'a rraitona flr hia unrfaaona-la afark
npop 1 1 It en Ka e -ire found to he mi re. unto au. rni w th
out the al ffhieat founoatluii. 't he rciil rauae wfli be lound
In a thort rev enf the S tie ntatorr In h UdWnhia. It )
a fact well ttrderatood. that the writer h-ta rali' d a l".r
tune In thi Inn few yenr 'y in it Wok rtatet of the llh-fat
material, wtih tl e chmjwi'.t km'h. and In every way tfot up
In tie ihvtiix-at nmot'er. and filled mnlt ly with nd niny
(whkh cm i a nothlnK), o nv them the appoarafi-e of
weltiht and rolldily. ai d N at uehaaaoia taiae natea at
vtry hiffh prN , ninfc'iiK an eftiiavrixint protlt.
tt ia a 'ai't aiao well under tiMMl,ihi within h?laat 'tf-c
yoitr L II e a I htl ed Iron Ha'tj haa oven larireiy Inir 'd-i'-ed
In th a rltv ard Mnte tr in the aliiild" fCt hai 'ntelllKU'lt
men time ptn-rn d a ante thtt hnd one und a b lf to two
li chea llih ktiesaof ao Id Iron, beiiiu drl'l- pro il. wuh
a tho 0'ifh baridar pni t lock . lo a aat'4 that had one iK
t?nth to oiie-twfifih of an Itn-h thhtkneMi ol attest Iron,
wtUi bek.and not burxlar-pr t f at
all- etp- tally when the fonuui Coat oiil alout thu rauie
iirirt a Uiu latter.
How douctl.e writer atiempl to rm. dv thla difflcuU??
1 ot by unprovlnv hia own nafi- but hy an at'rtipt to d i
creolt I II i'a How doei redo ldr liu lirt pubin-ly
arnoui te that Ule a Site la neither itro n r
pioiY, at d rfrpubUfhoa an array of lalae atuem n a, tlrt
cuhiiahid h oilier a!e m.ira. which he kite r at the.
t nie ) id Iwen pahlh-ly inve to be t'ulae. He mid, he
ui vet ded to du a h.m wlmhud one of l.lli e' H iroa
hv fimlliir lultto reureenl.. lona, t- etehanate
Mile' Hafe for Kai Vntnon . by K'Vhiv fiem
a HHtf lio H'rdncHr -00 for. in rxoiiosH lor itmi
which coa' $l7.ri; a no altire about the lit of' -Inniirt'-v l-it,
uni told lie haa hjn nt tnuoh o hia iltne in the at: emut to
a lx '1i-tirt ti t Sni IniTiTT Hriti bv ni. 'wiMif . then by
UTttiiilntc hoieia thrmih UOiavInu dta-overed tha' ll hd
rot tl e u- im Iiaroiteatl ak'oiiio i.ora., no n-M vt itnuti
tt una ue IntiliiLftiiieiil iltvOll Kvnnn A Wtt 'in a A It) h mm
ral Lo. k, hut at that wua not p euted It wn no ro ; and
biH'iv. to d arte It 1 1 l-otk h ahoM a thai the coo hlnitti-m
oi tb'e Lock enn he picked up from the nutaide It' a hol-'enn
be vol thn UKh the d tor Id tho rlifWt place, a won te -fat
dlGofl'v. whluh haa iMien fullv answered Now, wh re
oriftaH thia ennieniptihie meanneaaf Wnj not cone
out f.lrly and aquan ly and htivo -vaiia A Vaao-t"a Stt'o
fiitjceu nicntJi'hie oi l.llliea.ana nivt mrra ttr.j ii-inu
oth aa U- tt elr lire an i th"l b irwlar nrooi ipiaiLli a. ai In
l a-iWn . hatlinvud to do o(l n . Tha ruajoti ! oiam
1 1 wntr knowa ilmt It will not do to p'aoe l-H
to 1-191 h ni nii in. b tlilcknat or h'icol iron
ak'tio'.t tl( to 'J Inch tni:knra of bard chilled m. to
iai d elitrlli'u or Uie burglar, and '"ihaia whit'a the
M. P. fl r.,KR, A-rent,
Ka.91 KnHth KKVKSl'll M.-wt
P. R. TYie nil hlti teat of Safea that wm ex -et-t -d to
enniK otT lant w cek la tmavoiiU'iiy fintioneil r a week or
to 'Ikw article In the a.tmUiy Dityairhot thm :)J o Juy
UI W au.aarwi in ni) neat.
ki.C. 8.. AfB UU
HtrrU v o.
titca A 10. 8
PI Nt)9.
J. E.
Ilevautb aud Cbeanui aueota.
B t, Whllnlrtu A .'.,
kauufai'tuiara tl' Vew and lirlicloue Coufactloua, Altaoud
iaaU)i Uboaoiate. Caraowla, Craanta Ia A'.'.dede
PaJ-ta, AkiiulBltul. tlaror. it.
floa.u-d Jo'daa A'aouocia. Ao.. Ae.
Mo. lili I'be.nut atmct. balow Kourta.
,1(1 i.v is.
Il eONXY Phlianaliih'a ltci..r:er trablli.1" 4
U l Khl.V, M-.Ml- MONTU1.V, A M) M'iMTULlf.
ILe uniy in ' cu'itaiul
The onlv tli'i conta'Bl'is n o full I'.l ol
A I ION At, II iKKt.
Twenty acTcn hew, Block Table
ataika", ic
Vr EKIV-Tl r. ! Iiullar..
Katl IVi UN "1 HI V Tan Dullura.
alON I lll.t tmc Durar
OUita .o. 10b o- 1U1I.D 8T".t , Tliim mar.
jt 8 K. t OIIKN, rubi'.hcr.
corua or Tax
Kew Tax Bill and Revenue Stamp Law,
i Ft aale Wbolcaele aad B.lall. al ll Principal liot fur
ti.e Bala vt lutrrnal atarauue ajtauipi,
Ho. m CUB8XUT,an4
Kn, Vfl Kirm 8lrcil. hllt
Fun AUiiJ- r 1 1 1
lo. lira) Otl4MUf avat.
IliM 37,
Of the llth Inatant,
a ttk Mi'T m i) ia n r. i'. hy
Ht it'a ttut Hie nnn-larc d t not drill a a d m "ro llian
ha I an Inch lli.ouKh.Hhsi .at. mint he to l
lai.caa the Urns a a did dull a nolo inrea-nttart" of ,n
Im I, dicp. h h wii. half aay .hrontfli ttie door. Thera
. eo rVxiht. Imd tticy not been di. urtie.i, tiioy wotill have
dillhd li all tho way tlirju.n tlio diir.and Itien rolitie 1
the hate.
AIhotii;ti I.lllio ftate. (lint l.'io fu thor yon fiot Into the
Pale the hari'T the Iron, t will nnderuko to drill Hie
lialntire thioiifh, and II I don t aucc.-ed In one ha'f hour'.
Illllo, I will tortcit one twtl'l.od lolirn ; or 1 will ilrttl m
inani hoU h at alii aieiBi'vhi.n in from one l:alf to two
honrn' line in iinv p'irt ot lha' Site, or any oilior Sato ha
haa In lire In P. ill itclulua. II I'd oi't ucci o.l 1 wIM'tMi
one tiiilidiad dollars.
T tucrnided eden'v In drl'llnfj t In o holes hi lM 8ai
Ht our it -ic Ih iwfin m ti i t en "!i w th olio drill, Widen
h riHily lo drill thin! more,
I'l't . I 1't.ili.llcll'Tiia. In ' "n'u iuctica n 1'ie c "lit 'l il
VlilC Hirf r'ccM," m.t''. I., p. lull .i . Illcl .V.c, 'iil " l III
i ri , m. il i . .' t Im f I, l't I" It"' Il ium dctil' ll .ll l it a i
i" .tt i' i.t.coi", an i p, i. .(i i,i i-vt; i-: 'iiii-;
Mill K-i I'K 'HHit l'l;'IKI( Atlll AI.K I" ftie tlw-
lii. inlc., I" i lit o cin i ". anil .l.t" ii'ia Hale
I N I I II I A' K i" -r barrel
!l:Alflir 1 HI. Tin. ii'tiaiTcl
til I I. IN'! A K.-r liirtcl
Hul II.lM) hi hair.l
.III lit
. I'l in
,. it) l)
lit i tcllu'ly,
Wll MAM (IAI I.,
.-Kt . C l.l IN t O.
I itr in III K I.AI Kit.
! r I I H .V ..KM ,
AMU i I T A c-n.,
I'll 1 1 .1 1 U'l'kK-l.
t II Kl S II V tVM tllT,
I II II tt tli ,
W . II rtMiTil .
I II. I llli, el W. till VV.
. Ai. It I,
Mrrt vtli.ICa,
riiiiBililiiliia. July 11. 1V.I.
Patriotic Citizsns of PhiladelpLh.
Tbf Oftlcria are all Men of Kiporicnce, and have prove J
Hi tlx CooajjeoD fttie Klcld of Uaitlv,
come r o it w a i : uf
The Enemy Threatens our Capital,
raoM vocu htokksi
Aud prove to theae Tmltora that ttioy ahall nut lu sec rata
our Hud wl.h iDifriiiiiily,
The (tuerKMicr ta pre. aim, and the march V the front
of a frw triv, dwoted patrlta,to co opera o with tho
tat luiu A i my of tne Poiouinc, will pulanouil forever to
tLe Lupta of the Bel hui dt'a.
Votu foiwatd, tlitn and obey the pntaaliiRci1! of your
ct tmti y. and tuktalb the pride und glory of our good old
. OIIICMiNUT Htiect,
City Bounty Fifty Dollars,
Ttic Military Coma It ee MKl'.r DAILY, and thn Mor
el an la tt t hl'aUulfhla are fcantdHy ao Uftud to unite wiia
iht-m for the puipoae of aeutilu tltta i.elinc-nt to ine Hold
at i nee.
MONEY IS KKKDKO at once, and the Moreha&tt of
riiliMtU-lprva atf tri enil rt-fpivateJ tu aenu their coutrt
butloua to lha uuOeia ued without dt-lay.
alAMr.8 H MAKTtS, Trnaaurar.
Of Cam it A iJurtlu Mo Maraet alrttet,
Of J. Woodaiae & Co., No lu7 K. front atreut,
Of Itoyd ft Hiroud, No. yj M. fuu. a atroet,
ii. p. ftMira.
Of H. r. A W. IV riuntli. So. .Mfit hucaimt -U? t
JyU ;;t nAhrt ui ik.t;,
A Ii 31 O It V
O O M P A N Y D,
Mtmhori of tho Company who pn.t clut d lu tho
and who dealru to Htrva ft r ONK HI'MKCt) IY4, firs
particulaily r ,uatiU to mt t At tho A.-mory
aa I'rompt lecruiuUK depenila lir.-atly npiia Ihalr action.
It WM W KcT , Ci.,tiii.
riiTT ec ll Alia Bouirrr.
lOO DAYS' S IJ It V I C I'l.
Yiiunf wi.lilrw to ia thin favorite CVtnpany arttl
fie li. Kiwi. opd ai the AH HOllY, If
1 to. Regiment in acocptod
ll Ihocfilcari. of (lilt It (tlmcnl I arriii-ori s art-i. e In It."
field, ai ri cl'ticnt anlutttiR In any nf the ComBnicB can
tin n l'li lh" ranalnty ia" halni c intl'Otcnt anJ can".
rl need nit. cvtf t" ci"i nianii it'm.
l.trvaiy ill' a lock a' tia ilanvar that threati'lll, t-a
Inipi.ria' cr of li- inp ai Hon, and tha ncattltynf
fctc r i.or arml' a lot a alutt ihni'.an l Je'i fini'ioto aniitl j
at one-, and atil in cru.iiitm lha Uoticl:oa. Itetnvnilxr our
Jj do hositJit", but Cdino fit onricl
Tone rvry tonn that nn : end fntnre irercratl na wlil
bli a joii tor the Mippoit )" iriv a tula hop tfMnt porlol
ol tin; war and tr our e uniry ht fv Jvii- it
a uixii3ii;rs rr
15AIV, M1N UK lOI.dlt. AT OSI'K I'tllt TDV't
f'Dt'.NTltV I Ann fur t' c ilclon ia of your ho'nntt l-irtil
yi riC'lt ct for tt n cmcracricy. A Rlisam onaht to ba
r- .an) wi hln TVt lY3. Cliott r and lleluw .rocoun
tli'A tt .11 m ml Icmi'.inic. Hue, and M jiltyouicry
alii ilo a., well. Vi lint i l I'hllauili'tila do?
I.ale Colotial l-.b licit mcnl PninayWtnla Itewaraca, wilt
c ninianil. and Hie lifl'.cim will be tlia gradual", of lha
military lloara at "a.h'ni'tin.
will be paid ra' tnan.
AK1 KMl'll.I. YOUIt N AMF.8.
il VK'1
ram in
iMMllil K, No 4k I til NK. Huee'. J ily U. IHit. v im. tcrcna ni w v c' iiavi- 4'Xii.rft .'--n
uw r.( hum lO'li rtnH m'tal ailvint'tg '1111 not dUt-m-,
mill hll- a(Kt'iiv tlieir i-o'infy t tu r'a evi ,om
an ph' (Tovloloti i- f ih'r fiimilla ihirlnt; thftr ahaettop.
Ii arpl dip f- thi ('(nniui'tfe iv wiltbe p it mto the
afrlr aa nubatltutua, aLd will rot elve on lliu uay uf m.ia-
hix iirMiM;n ani Kit-TV ioi.lkh CASH,
11 a(niitii ti trtf rMHiiny oncren ny me i..ivernnp(H.
Vett'raiia.the AniBHy i(Hk ao uu 10 upnom iter 118
ainM M till l(t .mi vu ll' tf if H blltt tl
Ai'ply ul Uie ui tnu tumuui aw irom iw a. n. w a
' 1ANIF1, RTK'NMKT7.. Chalrroan.
J. (t. im-h'N'i.AUt KN, Treaaurur.
J. I i latK HAltK,
lnHN llnMrSON.
:!.' flt ! KMO C. 1.KA.
l'pK nioin -Ciin-alo ItMfttJtr It.Hvlir-I, of the old .
Jh Htftirvett. Hi yiar-t atrvtco, prp-ea to
hH Kl IT A coMt. NY tc lninel.aM and active !
f .vlte Ufa I laurtcn are t N 4ju 1.111 tKi 1
rKt. and in l uui of in tp m-lfiie M.411. liie i j
Mn tl lMilU('phl4 ' iou'.I MirtturHifH thu pfitrictle I
ncvt nn-nt. lu-n-e o ih" nn'ii in hia can uui iiie
acvaniUK oiex' eni-ncad 011 o.'ia. jyl-l-it
of 11 ni'lcn. Niw,lcia"y.
1 ibi'n iim' Ai'plv attliertiy t'lcrk'i Olllce, to.
41 ttliKMAL Siroet. jyll-iK'
TO '"prilSTITUTES 8!50 nOONTV.
Oina CIH.f' V11L. HI a-TITUTK till. M IT rac,
No 4i'J I'KI.'NK ttre-t, Ju 1 . lait.
a tills tnmti.lttcc ia nnw prfparail to rocalve Volun
tcraHlinare n l liaae to military dutv. it wilt tava
tne na luuilcri tl in a. ubtitu en, anil w III pay ttie'U on the
Bau.c 1mV liic nl aix bundled anil U.'Xy ili.l aia lu caatt.
wiiliui't ilec'ct.' n lor coruiiiia.ion "r bruRPraK-'.
In 11,1, llilnn ti-tun. miti.liltiiu. arc eutltiu 10 raen'y.
Ave liullara'Uii ciniiunl liuuuty, anu one injiilli. aj
Talict .av. ....
tfir ii.rtl.or Pii'tlcu'Brii, app'y nt ma uince ui tna tuia-
muti-a, tiutet In . al., 'J I'. M.
liai i' IHtrtrtiic' t'liiiiiuaii. I .lohn riiomp.or(
.11 Kii.tckaricn, in aa r, ui. iai pi i reuroae.
J.I. Cart liar. , I Hciir., C. Ua. jJ'J;'
MKttt Th CMy
hfK 41V MU 'NK 8ini'. "S.tbaMlotti."-
lt un- ut two liUiMictl and i1n dllaawill he paid lu
ta o wh re enMt tl tUtii oi i hiiaa. lunia,, iq auv ane
ol Le driiit.i'ii thnv yratra' auti.Litu ea ii"t Uahl to
drHlt, aiio prop vretitt i ivn upon uie qooia m inwir
dl-tiu Ik.
If Hilrena not tHirollrd Dot in a'mamut a. xue'e
ibyamed nh oUtixvvr.ui'd on a nioytr evlionce ot tna
bi-ni. cnditrd ir t ml im in ih 'miinty.
I 111' opporilllll It Mlll titiruftl or c v niu mu
'i-af. vt. Ii ilo on ftiTliiK vxtfiUMtione for tnuiuaolvoa, and
aalttli'W ti.e clt to liil 1 a quota. Jyd
riial Dutilii. I n.
Tmilaoi iryiA, JuiH) 28,
Thn nampa f niraona ruio uu I i or froru tnie Hia-
trlot will to r atncknn fiom the llta ol tnrol
ment. ojih i "t 'h 11 ta are oKn :or iHiMx lnpcun,
anu tivll onlt'iT- niu all ciuxvna m m i ni iu ai, i:u
I'omt cut rro't te hf liat atnd ft" ant:h Wilormatlon aa
oiny aid In tin o m-i-in'ii and r vi I it tnttrnot Ativ
im raon ei rout n nut) u 'tn:' im-i-iio i'iti "'"in'm
to hae bla ' auf ku o41 thu itat if lii'.-an ii'ow a-Uit-f
ayorily tnai he la imt prout-riy nr llatl.on am ount of'tiiif.
A otiiiiLllauct iih thy foroliu autfceftloiialaprirnobUy
jtvH-tr captain unu rrivtai jiatraiiau
Iwanuf -4w, t t ant-d ai d eacitluK lift by aea aud
land , Uiri M.nJreu atle-THMlivJ tut-u, to (H d iriiiwe
diatita of a n'ldHT at 'Ur uvy Va d, tad tihovd
I'ntitro Htattta al 'p- d-war on fiftun atailona.
Hfltttr WiIlllKU.'W'.OD IDalll ItlB aiUIJ. A nil-Jl-au laj
a f oin'orit" loo l lie liaiine i.-o'pa ia uie
!mppa curpi in tne w-vuo. rn m-
Tna. Mn ai. rurMia-t arii i tr. -nu i .
(or al ihvr li ' 'im.iilii a(oi dally at lha U.-rridtmt
KfBdVivfina, No 'A h. KHOf-T t rtet. belo lauruue, bo
twawu the boora ui .Hue .utd Lhne o rl .ck.
J AMr.H ItS In,
Captain aiid Kcoi umtu eilu1!
puELOUons-ru PLOUGH 8.
Offlcart aud aoldifn vlai'ing iba ctton furlough, noodiag
H W O It DW,
NANXfrAcruuuso Kfji vBUtJimitn
BAN 4 Oat Htruet, Abort Sixth.
pkeskntatTon swords
Made o onltr at the aborteat ut.tlca. which tor nehneaa and liiiallenue oouipcULltm. no oUir houae in tht
cnumry rombiulun the M ANl'KACTCUlNti JBKLBB
Oil cloths ov evkry variety,
luanmaUtued ui:4 ffr aah bv
Ji8 Ini K 6trei, I'uliad,
JjjJl J t) nnoaraM'ivd bavma leaad tue KKNHIXO
Tuti HCKKW lit.cK, Imkm to Inioru hi fr.aiKla and the
pairdie ol ibe innik Hi at he la piprd Ui Inertia it4
(at t'ilW Ui actnuiaHi' ttioae having veteia to be rtld
or ret' ta. ia beliifi pratucai ahip carp outer avnd
ctik.rr will nivt- peraouaJ atuiuilou l all vtNi.aiatnwW4
io 1 1 fot rcpain.
Cm r Avnu. MMp Carpenter ajad Uaobinattt
havaitv v ala io rt-pOr, ae aoi;catd UcnLL .
bM.i ih ai c) for tha ntleof Wattrtedta rm
Wtia.uctVii,, f.B,'orCo( prPiautt tot it Pr"'t
tu ti of vt.i4 1 bottt.m. far thla otiy, 1 prepares m
furniati Uteaaiuewa larofabta trn;. uurT.
KnanKt" HoaVw 1,f
ukll-tt talawtf iMuut. Lttfvl SeetU
' A N 1 1. I) , AN K N (I 1 N li K It
1 Apilj a ,i .1Wt'll.irr -rel Jeliif
ry if A M S T 1'. fl s" W A N T K D.
("Hicr t.iT.iKiRKMtareu'a Orrfs,
ffl.llltr.iot iNiflT.
lV.l'l'M.ll. ll l,.liv '. IT4.
Wealed, at once. TlmRV. H"MIIKIi TK iM4l'.ll,
eai li laialieot drhl .K weti alnla line, and m inaMtnc
Bit mi. 'i am..
Top'.tliwio) are eompil'n to aei-for-n lh"dity. the
l-at rn ,.i,oi win i,o fliir y il"l ai. i h o e rann'i iter
da'i mihI ho.pi hi urtvl oiia, IncmdlnK Hie boa medical
aliei d moo ii lo ti tie
Aiptlo t'l.itil'. -l . II TOMfK'NI A. Q.M..IT.
a A o- 'nei oi rW.N I V .HK'.'iNI anu li Hireeta, Wath
IliKU'li. 1. ('.
11 II. nircR-Ka. ,
ltrli.'aJIr-0'ncral and Chiei in.i i-nuatier,
jylt-pt 1 n,p m o. wadiiuvtoa.
J) Waned.
t'HIKP f'tAItTPnM.HTKR'a Orc,
VAa l.xoTOe. 1 'Kt'tiT
VatHiruN, l. ! . .lit if 4, IH4.
Waned nt opw. n wra tn lnre-nine it ttepnir Hhoet
Oia eriiintei 1 n en . of rt'Hh n.-um, Une
Ilip'O'i n f it- h q,i 'K M 1 1 IH and Ouo Hundred
(itttl tOt it WHKr.i.W (;., M,
i h paj p.-r notrth h ill i itoiUra (i50. I h one
fn.ti ( Hia-. rtiy, corner 1 weoty-aeooad nd U ir'Ha, I
Tft ahlm.'ion, l 0..
It i DtaiHer t.oneral antl thi' (;a ir ermaa er,
Jjl Ht liepartioeni of rt' a n ".
FOR FAlaK. .?'0,00) WORTU IS OOOT)
iiii an1 am It. in ttrma to aolt uunti
a .inra. 11
d K .d-
..p Kill. Im lirn'lfa Ilea. r,a( rn eWlll
tiatd''. In'J' ir n. rim IO 1 1 .1 rloel . a .
llUm. M l',1AN No ft1 f .
KttttliTIl MML
tt.lMKV .si'.Al Kill SAI.c, A
.nli iitid coiitiut ItM"!-" ce. l t a l ji - i rn
Ti-t-ccc ecu in. ii c in kriiiiiiti. an a n.i a n m
Kai.t-i-ti rt'iiiura, ami adw linnif clranl ina- ni-.n of H.rard
Tatloi. It Willi '1 at arcat -a mo- Ijy e 't' '".
fa, li ad aim t Ml r ji.h I it, iti tilt - Pll ' 'nntiV r'ro. Andy
to I II I AIM r II. nr W tt. k 'IIIF.I.I. F,1,
II. '-ei! Pa., or .l.i ft m lll'Kt , lla-i o'lu- . Il.ra
4 nm:ai, i:xrcnsif)N ok tiik YiMrvn
j Vi C'lirtllin A.-ixliltn to AlotN.IO oi rr,
Fl lh Y .i"'t I... I '-! fid,'' '-. c.n tic (ir loir -.1
at A-lini..! . Kva. 711 ''lia.iint .trc . nt Hia t"f
I' A-.O'-'B' O" I iHar-llnll t:ni' mil r f . a "1 al lait
t. Iii o i ni- niTi.lii "f t Mi-mil la'ttioat cava
VU a attn I wharf at ci.a-a A l prwaS.-lr. lyl'i
r .
7, lIM.llill 1 f U U 1'. .vU u 1V.5 t'y .1
RIVKIt SO II V X 1. K 1 LI,.
The Ktarnli-Bt (llVK.Ral. IIOUKKH, fanta'ii MktU
Kl.l .lciiv i. 'l lil'-iil.t men I -r .a. Icl.t ik'n II l jut.,
!,.ni i lllli. l)cni. on t tutnuo. tho raha ami tV.a
hkl. i'. ivl -t
VO ll Ihl'l KiN.-NO
i a u -1 r. t,. o it.. i , i, w th"
ii t a in '..-nor
to f 1:1. tt , IiKS.n, HKIM li sir. ct. tli-'i-a Ittc-,
p.n rn. i-i :l it m i "Ire f.At.1 P. l:IN. hM an
piinn unncl. Y.9i. ami Htovc .lzc.$ll: Nut.i:.!
pa lot'.
rrp-Mnor' at."' in n-"l Itifir piirch.'..nB at one, pce
vlnu. to aiH-tt" r ailv.iiica il4-;lia
r'VAl.II)t AN!) OS V Al.KSUI'.N i'S, IN
I yaijt.. at.d O-int let miia.
11. I 'll -Is
aii'l 1 'iivu'cmn ii'a,
,1 1 ti I 'ttV U'v.: nt .
f a. ok;. y
FunaiP-tn tl uf fINlti.
terimi hiul o (vnhti,
1 fiujt v tti I" '. o ll-'aita.
Wilj Uiiiloui
tv 'nin. Cit if.irnia vV(a,
U il1-". ( nl.loima W'ln---',
Wite . 'a ,i..rn' W'O- it,
jrr ui : ! v.ii' j 'P in a.l nA of lutt uir aaJ urii proa-
tfaiku jt'ipiiftft
Ask A k Atk A A At.
A-k Ah. A-k. At a at
A-M A-I A-K A-k ic.'
lTn. iK t'l U.n -I, ' bhr 1. S.ti.i"l .Itw kon,
(o U.p l'fii uv. it 1 i tnlv(!rlif )
Hh(iU. iuir,.i. iir-Mi, llnnttU'rae
f ct.ibo le, V 1 ma, lUrtiey, Na'iln.trd,
WhMn, 'in. -a., nnl. K.a,uy,
K n 11 r, land,
and O'her lenlnt- 0 y 1 tuna. hni the t' Ink of the tnetTi
r i,k tr n-.' f I'uln rial- TI'ati nt'ii loiurii tm
acrttw wiir nifriMln. wnrt naviui us of the uvneflu oaUantj
rtctlve liMUi Uiuir unc!
jt'JI-lm No. 41 H. Kit 1 ll atft. almve t-'hieaut.
1'n laiolli'H. Jul -V I,
fn an o-daoc with n n ao'iiflnh a tup e l lvtt t) ni nn
( oi ik ll "i i l-i- Ity . t I I I iid iphiii, on nirsday, the JOin.
dav t i Juih , ImJI. ti e uiui' xrii if 11, r milled
A Olti'lNAX-'K
IO Al TI'Ol lY. AN AlH.lil tNM. LOW TO VF.FT
Till-: KMlM.s 1CHKNT TO IIIK '-aj-'KSSK
(iK TIH'.C.'IV. AN ' HMlil 11 hit IMIttl'O Ki4."
Is lu r by Liihilbl:t-d ir public Infurmiitlo'i.
wm. r,sai.,
CK'ik Oi'C'diinioii UoiilU.
1't hKrt
Heoin n 1 The Hltct and CoTomon C'mnrMarf thtlty
of Ihil.dHpliia do urdam, 'I h it ihc Mayor la hery an
thor Et-d io lx rtow it i.o ikh t liit ii par, mi f or.nili of
tht mi p i am n. audi u ti' mo iuv ai may te ie pun d
b tl e ( tr 'l r amrt-r, f-ira Urn ihne to tir.ivtdu ftr
tl.e id hi uuie ra from the cl y w I'tnl idn pa a lu
tne ae-vli- r 1 1' a Uidl-d lit-t'a anlt'rt ied l a i i ii
rliy, tud i'.ci'4tlh-ir in lhf wlitde tlie a-un of tl e hundred
liiiii-BHi d tl t ni. fnr hi tli liitt-rp t not xi pit Lao ra
ol aj p6' com . i cr Atinutn ahall lie ortld h-ilt' yenn n
tlir i tn dah of January and July, at tne oiltoo ol tne - Ity
Trv4Miier .
1 1n- j iIikImiI ui tif aa'd loan ahi'l ho piyah'e andptld
at tl e Ion of thtri y ai in m the d tie of I te aatn
and i ot I ait re Itlmut 'hi ct acot "1 holilem tritraoi. ad
c rMiic.t tht-n-f r, in tlif unoitl lorm id uo i aari dcat-
of Cit litiai a. ahali be in n d oeli khohi. aa tto lendera
iua i 'iiiin-, ho ind !r an Ir tt ti' i al pa t of . or If
in. utrid. In am uu a of tl.e hntidfd i-i me tno taand
tlol lira, and It una I he etirf"Mt m al 1 certiflff'ii ihaA
tie und I-uh the In mci no ed and Uw lutortisl trvaf
at'' i'l ft hi f e fnuii all tuxa.
H-1 oi 'i HiiiiiiTr a oi w a ahall a mad i rtna
lWtt f tli-re liai b, b h roj if tla or li ia-ioo. aanu
aliv aproprla't o niit d th Income of the cor -ra ao .
and I ni if t mi in aia d by (xt oti. a u n auitV't nt to
pay fhf tnti rtif on tnid re 'ltli Mtea miiJ the rnrtnr aiim
oi iliie -tt nilta of "tie ,r tN-tituia on iht ia- vain of each
oer Iniau-a, Mr laufd, h4li im) u rwp-la'i-d '.uarvJoiy tul
oi It v income and tax-a to a ainkuiu fund, vnl-'h und,
and ita accuiiMihitlono. are btoir eapel ly pludated for
the redemption and paynn oi of aid owrtUIca aa.
tl N A N K.
ld'solvod, That the Cter or C mimon Council be anthor
Ut io pi.hiUh in atlly n-oaitri. tn ttna el'v, dally
fur ft"tr et ka. tl ordiiuitaawprta- Udto omro n (Jo'in
rtt, at k Htat( mwiInK thereof, teld on the cay of
Juiie. tM-t. ni itlud
'Ao Ord'ii.uie 'n Atitrorim on Aild'imil tin to nt(ot
th expt-oai r. imldtnt to Hit de enc ot toe City, and M
othrr pur ova,"
And the aafd Vrt at tha a'a'Ad meeting of
Comu'i'i afior the upliainn ol (oar wieka tTooi tha
Hrt day ' s,d ptd.l ton. aall preaon to thia
Con nc 1 o of earl; .ald nrwapanera for avarr In
athlch tl'e aume ai nil have htyin iu de fytf
J PlilLAOtl.l'HIaV, Ju-y A, IHtii.
In accord iinre with a reotu ion utiMp't'd o uid Ltuuiun
. roi.iit llof tht Cltvof I'liPu-'elptila on Thuraduy, UieJ-Jtai
day of June. lHt 4, 'the tnnc.-d fl . einliJfd
"AN nttniNAN- K
TO AtlllOhl.K A I.aN l-'OK SCHOOL rUR-
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Item To ri-itLtmret' the t:n Treaaurjf, lor appropn'X
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