The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, November 16, 1847, Image 4

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. 4."n. C'.v.
-. t -
Tbm r''. fut.lU&ed -every- T&elay, lf2
i Vff tvi3i,-f4jWa half-yearly in aJvance.-f--
rfnoCfdridCiio $ie jfear, $2,-SQiU invaria-'
Uy be chur ml.' ' ' ' i f ' ": ' V ! ' .
Ko sub'ription takVn for f ess than ix mcrfiths
nor can a , abseriliec. dicontijux r.le ai
- lhe tpifpo of ytbe ,Jitof,-til arrcarajcuare
- ;-paii..eiL V ; -,: z.r; n--'! j
ADTEmsE.fitjmi ifl nwrua , at.. $1 pej
" quare, rr thfe firtTihree insertion, anj'25
cent for ewy-ubftcquenl insertion: longer
ones in proportion. c "-' f-.-jj ... ;
" 7 J ' 1 ' ' J ' ' 1
United Slates Newspaper '.Jli
vcrlising an d :Si(Jjscriptid)i ?
IflOR English, ; GerRian-nJ French
Xi nanfrs.' At!vfrliimpi-r . inoerrol
papers sAiiyeruerne.!H inserted
to order in the; variofcs W?pers puV-
5islieil in the Unlteli StattB, al the eame
- Terms tuarare cnr.rgeu at the diOcrcnl
v- ----''' f i''t t J- T J
ii Merchnnts .Acrounlsani others coi
JectmJ -an J .prmnpily "lteJed ;rod JJiIall
lijsansofthe Unite J States. .i.iVj I
' Authorized , Newsptiper Agent, . Suoi
.Uiiililings, 'rtwrd arjd Doek yireeta. no-
posite Metchams. Exchange, f -or ;4-40
- or.n r ourth street is. - - -v -,v ?
" Printing Inks' of erery xJeacriplion,
' furnished o rtiitiliihera ist mantll'aciiirpr's
N. Warranted to give satisfVctibn
J Bonnets. r'J
, fjJTU.ORE.NCK Jlraids, Straw, Kudand
vdL 4tnd Velvet Bonnetvchcap at
ir iL - SOAPS, i -
fp.OILET, fancy; airt . common eon,
-ltr ca;e at the Drufr store of,-;
Stearina X'andles;
A DAMAN TINE Stearine Cand)es, a
.-i 4a.'-beanttiBi article, and eqtvd to
Sperm, on hand snd for sale at the Drug
Smre of .' . Wm. McCrf.ery.
JTi IAME' to the premises of the tub
f$Jr briber residing in Mil ford town
, -ship, sbout the 20th of last August, V .
; lied Steer, " . J
, 'uppo?eil to be 2 years old lant spring,
'no ear marks; the ovmer is requested To
xroine ftrarJ( prove property, pay char
ges, and lake him away, or he will be
deposed of aecording tolaw.
nov2-,47-3t -DANIEL BAKER.
npHE subscriber, thankful for' past
i JL- -favors, 'respectfully informs the
"e public generally .that he continues to car
jon the Stone cutting business, at his
.ty in Somerset, where he will always
4i"e? on hand and finish to order a varie
. . f of MARBLE and COMMON
4'.lof which will be sold at reasonable
' - Country produce taken in exchanjn
lot work at market prices. : :
t Mlarcli 2. 18-17 I v ' :
Th3 GemantownTelerrajiK
rupuiosnfsii:lil21ff,i5Svnf Hooter.' : -: ' - -: J ' , !
- . - , - . .r-ntamfy Scicspnper, .
IIS I rt..,. n - .
1 uersgneK" b7n Put''eJ bv th
. I
ne o hi - v wentv vears. at
; rh7a county; ,Tn' 1hi,al'
and now Tfije. miles of the
':" '""''Aros a degree of nopu?
; iaruyr,Snequ2lled,: perhaps, by any oilier
k weekly newspaper in Pennsylvania. '," i
' The Telegraph ts, strictly speaking, a
1 Family Newspaper," devoted to the in
terest and entertainment' of Families and
Country readers in "general."" It avoids
LPolitics-arid' Religion of a partizan'and
sectarian character, but assumes io speak
its sentiments fully upon all subjects
w herein the welfare of its Teadersr and
he comrauRity i3 iuvolvedi '- X
Jn aII -the features which should fnark
a r.ewspaper designed for General Read
ng, .and especially, as a Fireside Com
panion and Fiiefid,. the Germaxtows
Tiii.Es a. aph stjftds nilsurnassed." " The
Foreign Intelligence and Domestic news
of the day; the full details of the present
war; original articles on valuable subiecis:
poetry, tales, travels '. voyages, history;
weekly .reports of the produce and mo
ney. markets; jjoliViral news, &c, consti
tute important quafiuesTn 'this . paper;
while t!ie agricultural department, a
new and valuable Jeature. hrst introduc-
ed by he Editor cf this paper, is "of it-
velf worth the whole price of subscrip
tion.. . . , .' r- .-- i
The undersigned requests .the People
ri . couuiy u n oomereci no may
vit1i to tdke a newspaper out of their
l'wtv county,- in, "addition to their own
paper which should nlicoif be taken first
Xt try the Germ an town". Telegraph,
which will be found to be, in all reipects,
e.vnl- if not superior to any "the Cilv
Weekly. Papers.. rThe priceof sub?cnp-
"lion, too, is so low, as to place tt'wiihin
r k . "
the reach of every one, however limited j
j.i, to take the.paper for. at least,
-neye'af; he wiU then : be capable of
judging, of its merits. .
i; ; ,;terms; r -
-Tak;rg into" view the real vaTue of the
X 'per. vUe following lerms are lower than.
' vr r offered bv anv tr 1
"''r 1 i: o nV 1 v e ar. ''"'' ' S s o L t, .
"f comes 'in one c ub. I v. 5 fin
e club. IV. 5 00 ' ;
l?,ic r '..'' i . ,
-r w Monies in one club. v. in an
Knp ri ' 7 I AX ,
for 1. copies ii nner iih t fo rn u
VzT'a all cases the money must ac-T
ro.iinnnvMKe ordef. For everv r!,,!'r
'-u-scn'jers wlnoh
may be sent, the
4 " " t
iM-er W 1 I ;iw9n i.r j . 1
. , : , ti'cmiuiji im pome
uoo;i, fillexr' wiih uur(.ii,
I ..iiea. - I til Li PR. KRRi-
i t-
N exreltenll -assortment of ;
fresh. f)mr. Melinir
w I
Chemical, Escences; Perfume
ty, Paints, Desr Oil, Vafiibh,
&rv, &ev jot received "pnd f?!? : sale ri
the Druj Store of . . ,T '?
'"" - tint 'li n r- n :' v '
IV Al XJ V-Jl t C It X
Somerset. Cpunts's I
in and lor.the -county of Sonu
ersei, on thebilulayof bepiember, 18i7i
present .the jiuiioraUle',, ...Jeremiah? S.
Black President,' EmJ ti'eorge Chorpen
fuii associate Jutle "of tle same cptirt. ;
. ,Un raoUoii of Mf Uox the irourt coni
(inn Usc nqtnsjtion :antj rahi a rule on
Uhe heirs and legal renresentirrii'p f IV.
Jer.' ShireNhcd. V appear aY-an ad-
oururd . Orphans', Court 'lo he held at
oomersei tin Monday t!ie 22d day of
Noc-mber, A'. D. 1847, le accent, or re
Tij is eTofak"e; "llie, . t reiTT'cV lite uT ' saTiTiJe
Vgaied at; the -appraised price, ; w J
ttracis-fr.iin the ;KeroruV.of ,said
i-ourtV ct rtifieii thja " Cih'ifay" of JSepiem
bcr., A. D.'l 347.: V"T -u i
: ,1, . .r.WM,'U,t PICKING, t J
Somerset Vonntijyss. . i
MV:;A rr'an'a?!irnfd Orphans'
m , I Jv'rt. held at Sftmerset
i". "'? Air" the i-ounty of Sum
erect, on tne :lnh ,day -of; September. A
D. 1647, before ahc Honorable Jeremiah
b. rjaok President, -and Geo. Chornen-
jiing and John McCarty associate Judges
of die same court,"'-: : ". ' .
- Ob motion of." .Mr. CJeWart. "the'cn"ui
grum a rule on the widow, heirs and le-
salirr0refentatiyes of John'DL Reese,
dee'd, u appear at an adjourned Orphans
court to be- tield attsomerset in and for
said county Wri the 22U c'ay'of November
next, in t sliewaose if any;they
nare w ny tne of said deceased
lioalu not be. sold. - 1; . i ,i
, , xracts ironi the IfctrIs of said
court, eertified this thh day of Septem
her. 1847, WM. II. PICKING, i
Sept. 21. 1847. ? , . clerk. !
"Jo fKE is hereby given to all persons
i'f "concerned as legatees, creditors or
otherwise,', that the following accounts
have been hied and passed register in the
Register's ufnre16r:tho county of Som.
erset, and that the. same will be present-
ed to the Orphans conrt for confirmation
ami allowance on Monday, the 22 day
f. Ncv'emlxr next, m"jm aiourued Or
phans' court,' vix4j;;,;.:: ;;::r..
The account of Jacob Koontr, admtn-
istrator of Jacob Forney dee'd.'-
I iie account f Peter Levy, executor
of .Margaret Riffle, decd. .
'Jhe account of John A. Wilt, admin
istrator of Adam Wilt, dee'd. . , - ,
The account of Otho S. Mtclell. act
ing executor of Lewis Mitchell, dee'd.:
; I he account of, John HutTtnan and
William Rushebarger, iidraioistrators of
Jacob IlifiTinan, dee'd. . v. - '
, -The account of DanierStahl. admin
istrator of Christina Fox: dee'd '
Hie afpount of; Frederick : Hoover,
viuardian ol WilttamnM ff?ja
l lie account in t.awsiu iune iau-
rainUtratbr of Samuel Cougheuliour, do
ceased.'. ": r . , . ,
i'I')ie account of JeobPeH?r6on, ad
ministrator of Ruel Peterson, dee'd. i
a-Tbe account of Bamuel Gaumer," ad
ministrator vf Samtiel Witt; dec'dl ' v' :
. wm: n: picking,:
Octobpr i,' 1847.
ft! Somerset 'county, Vu - , , (
TU E undersigned will seli me, fol
lowing described property, rir:
... JSo.'lr.A Jarm lying in Alilford town
ship." forks of Cox's creek aiid :Casile
man'd river: containing; ' -
2 72 J Ac res'; -;--"!
and allovance,Vv'iih: a' house and tarn
thereon, nd an excellent running foun
tain jtd water t the door; about 130 acres
are cleared, (and 60 or 70 acres- more
fan be e'eared, of the best quality of
land.) a good portion 'is in meado
low and
r the la!ance first "rate timber land;
to any in tlie- iwnship; also
An Or chard
of chou-e ; truil-, oh the : premises.;. The
land 1 of the best in -MiWbrd township;
has an abundance of , !iiesi'one andVoal
thereon , adj oioi ng lands of Si m on' 1 1 an
4 Z1' Jacob Miller, Ludwirk Sannerand
others.- ..The contemtdated Baltimore
and Ohio ;. Rail Road .route from Cum
berland to Pittsburg p;ises through this
tract. i-- ' - .'-
'V.,.:iio.;2. AParia .',
lying in Jefferson" township, at the font
of Laurel Pill, bn the Somerset and.Mt.
Pleasant turnptke - toad, containing 282
"acres and 'allowance, on which are erect
ed iwo dwelling "houses; a large barn,
',w;ignn-maker, shop, : Blacksmlih shop,
oats . house, iSic. The one house has
been s occupied as a Uern for..' many
years, and has a running jountain-of wa
ter at the door; about 80 or 90 acres of
this uract are cleaned, of which about 30
acres are x meadow, and as much -more
mu5 idue, anu is stiuaic imme.uiaie
If.west of. Laurel hill creek;, adjoining
ianns oi Jacob tlerk, Henry liakervand
o-.nerp; ttus conlu be made one of the best
I -rtfrttn. r :-.t i
Abb sl HI II I c COu lliy . -
r . , .. . . 3 .
J , ' is. determined to sell
T . ' . - .- - . - -
the above tracts lows Idierefore would
advise person ,-desiroui.or purchasing
ti examine 4hem,-AI "A'"Sanntr,-of
Souferet, has been1 appointed agent for
ei the sate .vfth8e lands,' to whon : appli
jg . cation' can be made," or to " ' ''- ,
. . f JUtiri UEutiA KT,
-t4 t
T tlve barret or gailon.'a lot oT prime
Cliap Watches and Jevrelry.
FULL" Je'weJIed Ghf : '
Levers for XCwalrfBh
iea.jacoD. iaiiomns,
N6 24& Market stteet,
Jhas -ocnstantiy on hand
a large assortment of
Gold aud Silver --Watches at the Julio w
jii low.'prjces1 i J .-x.-.-. j . .
.111 JeAv eUed Gold" Level s, $ i 0 :00
';i :;' SaverL'V 'r '2ft'C0
GofJ Lcpines,. faille vetl '66
.."Sil ver I ;e pi nes , s a ; ; ; T 1 3 0 Q
Silver Qnarue'rs, 10 00
With a targe-assortment of Fine Jewel
tery. such as ear ring? J finger rings breast
pins, braceletsvsoJi'Jind silver pencrJsj
gold chains; - &. c. ' -HasValsoon hatid a'
cwmpfeie-Wsortme'nt" of :"une(teA?aten
a n a A a t n W a t c h - g 1 a s s e s , - A 1 a i n S i n m g
Verges, .Dials and W attds'of-'every 'des-i
cnptiorti and in Tacf, a f complete assort-f
aieet xtf.'Aya.chmakeris4!. ools and. Watch
aterials. tb w hieh 4e -would .callthea.t
tention of the, country, trade in general.
.... C7Those wish i ng any thfng in the. a
bove J-ine, would -Juid it Jo their advan
tage to call .and examine his. stock-before
purchasing elsewhere- TI I' "k ,
No. 26 .Market street, below 8th,
Sept 1 4-47-6m , PMladelphia.
Somerset Vmuilyjss;
i 'an Orphan Cdrrrt held
;&i'al So'merset in and Tor1 said
Con on 1,e 3tiy day of' Aui
jguet,iio4;',D lion
oradle Judges I hereof ,
On petition of "AbValiam-PhilinDi for :4
decree of - epecific. performance of con
tract entered John" Philipw. Esq
in his lifetime w ith. Adani Fritz: and Pe
ter PlMUppi for a tract of la'rid'iituaieln
itlitrord townsbip.:On motion of 'Mr
ivinimei the Uourt grant a rule n the
heirs and legal representatives of ! John
PhiJippi,ileceaseda4Ml all persons con
cerned except those vlioae waived
to appear at an adjourned Orphans' Oourt
to be -held at Somerset ?n Monday the
22d day of Kovember,' 1847, 'and "shew
caus? . .ay. "fl-ey, wiry .a7"pecrfic
performance of .contract entered into by
theisaid John Philippi, decM. in his life
timerwith Adam Fritz and Peter Phitipi
pi should not be decreed agreeably loihe
true intent and meaning riiereof.i and a.
greeably to jhe act of-assembly in -such
case made, and provided, foJ the nurnose
oT;comp!et'mg ihe'ititTe to the said Adam
r rtiz ana reter; Phmrini,-&e, : ' :
1 o the heirs arte) legalvrepresentaiives
cW-Jwhn: riulippi; Eso;, deed, and all o-
itier ;persns -corrcef Bed, except those
who waived. ;. : -' j t. .... ? :
Ycu laying aside alf busmeVs'and ex-
eihsea are;; hereby "cited, to- be and'a'ppear
before an adjouriied-Orjihans' Court to
beheld at Somerset ort Monday" Septem
ber 22d, lS47,;ai5hewcaus&if any
they IraveV why aTsnerifie"
of -contract should :nbPbe grairted, enti-r-ed
into bp John I'hUfptii. Esq. dee'di in
uis nietime tvitu
Adam Fritz an'd J'eter i
Philipj i, should decreed.agreea
lbLlflJUe true extent and meaniW there-
in uch case mode atlrovided,fiijr .rfie
purpose of coinp'leting ' the . Htle to the
said Adam Friiz. and Peter' PhilippiV&c.
Herein fail not. ' . 'x I
V Given under my hand and seal of said
Couit this 30ik ' flay, of ' Asr"i; A. D,
1847. , tV M. H.; riUKIK.U,.
Si'mcrrci County, 8S. ...-..
4V - At an a('ionrn orphans
iSC'Ife'Ja. court leJd at Somerset,
n and fer the county of So
"'esw -merset,, on the 7th day of Sep-
temoer, a. .u.,ioii..i 'resent
tlie Honorable Jereiiiiali S. Black, Presi-;
de'nt, and George Ch or perming . ind
John McCarty associate: Ju'dgesvf ti
same courl, ' : ': ' :"
: On petition of Peter Tf erring the courl
grant a rule on the Executors' of Adam
Gtihdle, deceased." .'Adam'. Maurer and
Henry J. Heiple trustees for the sale of
the? Ileal . Estate, of John Gundle, de
ceased, widow arid heirs of John Gundle,
deceased,' Joseph ' Miller'the': purchaser
anil all'other persons' inferested, Jo ap
pear at an adjourned"' Grphans' court, Wi
be held at Somerset on Monday the 22d
day of November, 1S47. ,and.then, and(
1 1 e r e s h 6 w" c a u s e i f a n . y o u h a v e , w h y
the said Adam Maurer ! and Henry r Ji
Heiple'trustees as aforesaid. should uof
pay the petitioner Peter f Herring.1 ihp
sum of five hundred dollars with the in
terest due thereon from" the years 1826
'1829,' 183-2. 1835,'and 1838, respective
ly, out of the funds arisinr'from ilie sale
-j i
of the Real Estate of siid John "Cundlej
deceased. ' ' '' ''". -' ' "
To the Executors of Adam' Gundle;
deceased, Adam 'Maurer and" HenryJ;
Heiple, trustees for . the sale of the Real
Estate of John Gundle, deceased. Joseph
Miller the purchaser of said Real Estate
and all oilier persons interested 7
You laying aside all business and ex
cuses are hereby' cited' to be and appear
before an -adjourned Orphansv Court to
be held at Somerset on Monday the 22 d
day of November,5" At D. 181', " then and
there lo sliow eauee if any yp have',
why you should nof 'pay the petitioner
Peter Herring,-out of the - funds arising
j Gundte, deceased, the sum of live bun-
horn tlie sale ol tne real estate ol John
dred dollars with the interests due- there
on from 'the years IS26,' 1829, ;1852,
1835, and 1838, "herein fail not."- i
- Givcri under mv hand and the seal -of
paid court, at S-onierset September '7,
I8ir. ' ;--n:---.V j I
. v. , : Z w. H. PICKIN,(
October 26 1 847. -t Clerk;
TtlE undersisned will pay 1 cent
per pound or all old metal, deliy-;
ered at their Foundry in Somerset. '
oct2G ARMSTONG;& CO. '
ft ,1IGS, ' Kaisins, Almonds FUbertsi
lr Cream. Pecon, and Ground Nuts,
ad Candies of all kinds, fwr sale at the
Drug Store of
' Wm.McCreert.
Administrator Noticed
T? , ETTERS of AduiiRidtraiion-on. rfie
ii.-eaute of Lbnhart Shnhz late of Mil
ford township, dee'd, having been granted
to "the subscriber residing in said town-
lipjilT persons. -indebWd to- said;?? late
are requested to -attend atrihe late resi
deuce of the" deceased' on Wednesday
the 17th ot CNovemVeciiexC f reiared to
settle; and those having claims lo present
viuein ;ii Jiie suineume aim hci
y ,autUenti?ated :' - l ? , ' 'i
ORi.i2Nr-ci.HB r-nr?AdaiV:
N the court of-Cauimon Plea5 of So.
J nierset county, of January term 1846;
No6.' ; .'.!' t'.4:. ";;"- --
J i Andriow. io wit,5lSib October; J847,
the account of George ,r. Weller,-Se.ques-trator
: of 'the ' Somerset & - Cumberland
TtirnPik-e road,' :filed.iri .ny odice .and
will, be presented. to Ihei court for; con
firmation,, on Mon!ay- the,22d day; of
November next. . : :'' , t ,?: j
, .-- A. J,. OGLE, I
:Pfo. .office; Drl,' 2G, M 7 u rProthy 1
T Administrator's Notice.
IT.,. ET J'EltS- of . Admfmstraiiea on the
SLA estate'. a( . Jonat'haa Butler, ' decd,
having been granted to the subscriber, he
hereby,, requests all persons, indebted to
satu estate, to attend at i.he house ol ,tohn
Brallier n the town of Wellersburg,
Somerset -county on Wednesday the
24h day of November next, (1847) pre-
pareu iu seuiei-anu wose .naving claims
to present them at the same', "time and
place preperly authenticated. 7"
October 19,. 1847;
Private Sale
In Donegal fp., Westmoreland Cu.,Va. ;
rTTMIE subscriber olTers for sale'a
situate in Ligonier valley, Donegal tp..
Westmoreland county.-Pa., containing
adjoining lands of-John Galbraith. John
Pliilippi, - Joseph". BeanyV'John-Withe-row
and others, one hundred ', acres are
Jeared, and in a good slate of cultiva
tion, the balance is well timbered, there is
.25 acres m meadow.
and 20 acres'sowed in limothy and clo
ver last spring. ; The farm is well wa
tered; the LoyalhannaV-creek ' nassin?
through" it. .and a number of neverfail-
ing springs of watet thereon; there is on
he premises a" lare :and commodious
and kitchen, a -tank. barn, amoke house.
- 02. and a saw mill on a good site; there
is apple orchard and sugar camp i
on the .premises, , J he above tract ts
to mill, within "2 miles of Centreville,
and 6 of Ligonier, Laughlirrstown and
DonegaL -Any person wishing to pur
chase will please, -cal I on Joseph Lloyd.
Centreville, or Ephraim Lloyd, Donegal,
who will liuwthe premises and make
.known llwterm..- A good . bargain will
j j be given, and an indisputable tide made by
,Mt. PieasanL-.
most speedy remedy for pains in the loina, re
cent arid chronic aflet-tions of the Sidneys, dis
ease of the ' bladder, gravel,' seminal weakness,
&C. : Fersciss wha, by: iudaig'm in a secret "ha
bit,, liave. entailed on- thenjfettes constitutional
debility, should apply immediately to DR. KLY-
KCLIN, of the Philadelphia Medical House,
the oldest institution of the kind in the city. .Ofr
fice, N. W. corner of south 'Third &riA:Union
6tretV between -Sjifuce and". Hue, lj 'squares
from the Exchange . . . ;:: ,
: Thii med'eal Twase was established by Dr.
thirteen years, ago, for ahe suppression of quacke
ry, there beirig so many jersons, without kaow
te4e,'name or ttaracterwho put advertisement
in the" p'ubnV. papers, that an institution of thia
kind Was highly necessary i to prevent the afflic
ted, especially slra Ogers, from falling jt ibe
hands of some unskilful vreteh," wko, instead of
curing, lnigUt 6ena ins -.victim io no untimny
Crave.,-Therefore, the atllicted should shun tne
numerous pretended physicians who know noih
ing of the practice cf medicine, but xouauH Dr.
Kinkehn, who cures - r. -'' I .- -. ? '.'
in two or three d iys, according to the state of the
patient, without the use. of mercury. No mer
curial remedies are used by Dr. Kinkelin; his me
dicines are palatable and harmless, and all pa
tients are honoratiy fhiekied from even the pos
sibility of being discovered. Ile'wha places him
self under the care of J)r K may" reh'sfously
confidin, hisTionorl a a gcntleraap, and coufi
dently rely on bis sAill as a physician, and if
he k not speedily relieved, remuneration" wilt
be demanded.- .... J r-
. Strictures, ne of the most troublesome . and
dangerous affection's, which often end in gravel,
inflamatioiJ, weakness, &c.f Dr Kinkelin guaran
tiea to remove speedity; as hi swellings, diseas
ed prostrate gland, &c Strictures have ruined
many who had no knowledge of ther existeuce.
Young men who have injured thcnisclves by
a certain pracflee"tnd'u!gcd:in a habit frequent
ly learned from -evil companious, or at school
Ui e. effects of which are nightly felt, even (when
ajJcep and destroy both mind and body, should
apply immediately. Weakness ami constitution
al debility immediately cured and full vigor res
tored; Alt letters post paid.' " - :
SiTake Noti-e'Dr Kinkelin has had greater
practice in the above affections than any physician
in the United States. He also possesses an ad
vantage over a!! others, from the fact of his hav
ing studied in the great hospitals of Europe." -Thdusartds
in Philadelphia" can testify that he
cucci-thera afier every othef means had failed,-f
Seperata room for private consultation." 0?Sa
ull 8 P.M. - i ' fn'ovaly
TRATtittn .tuppKed at t monwnt notice
with tha reouisitil mir;r!d r rnra' lhiMnivc
f ; ' -i -:- . ... .'" ;
f ttiv oayi V .
4 . J '
v !
Bd&ci W 'U. i se oii' 2
tg:'; jfof'Xale'atjihe J)iTg:Smro: of :' .;
. . .. Wm. McCref.ry.
Br. W. S, llarah," v -
IRS Ins prores&iou.f.serVK'es
Jolhe chijens. of A'?mrevil!e :nd
vicinity. Ilts-office is .at-the.. -White
Ilall' Inn,. (Joseph Pile',) where rU ail
times he may be foundunless absent on
professional business. 4 4 juncS It "'.
v;t'r Law1 Partnership.": ' ; :
- W E Y A N D A .p R O D D Yr
.A -ttorneys at ;Luw, -will attend punc
X3l tnally to air business entrnsied
them. j Collections and ottier business
solicited.'.' OSicrJ immediately opposite
the Jlotel, of Wm. MI. -Picking,' Main
s' reef. -Somerset.. Pa... ept. 21 47-3m. t
yflONSISThNG in part of silver pen
) Cil -rsp. -Rilvr-lJiimh!p cfcoi
JL . ' " - "-, .i,.v
peauvsitK twist, t.on spools. Tor purses,)
.iwiiSmius,; V4idiw9,aiiu ; kvyH, oeaui,
necklaces, corabs, waterand fancy,col
ours, camels hair pencils, crayon pen
cds, scgar aed tobacco bxes, pocket
hiirrers,' tweexersfc steel -pens - and hold
ers, toys for children, &c, for sale at the
Drug Store of. .. War. McCreery
TJJAVE jusl" returned "Jroru the East-
tern cities, and am now opemno- a
general assortment of Dry Goods, Hard
ware. Groceries and Queensware, which
I ill dispose of cheaper than any Siore
in somerset. 11 v customers and tfm
public in gener?tare inviied to call and
examine for themselves.. . .. .
; ' joh n m. holderbaum. .
sept, 23, 1847- '
. r Law Notice,
THE partnership heretofore existing
between Simon Gebhart and Ross
Forward has been dissolved.- The for.
mer having removed '"to Dayton. Ohio;
All business entrusted to the firm rnd
papers relative 'thereto'5 have bsen left
with Ross Forward who will attend to
me. saroe. ; IJis office is the same for
merly occupied by Mr. Gebhsrt, on the
north. West comer ol the diamond.
t w .
Oct. 12, 1817.
Notice" to Assessors.
THE assessors for the year I8i3,'in
the several districts of Somerset
county, are hereby notified to attend at
the Commissioners' Office, on Thursday
he 18th. day of November next,, to re
ceive their books,- and instructions ne
cessary for making, the assessment of
said year.;' . " ''. ," . .
' .. By order of the Hoard,
" ' r R. L, STEWART,
October 19 1847-it cierk.
Administrator's Hotic'e. '
fETTEES of Administration ' on the
J estate of Henry -Miller late ,cf Jef
ferson township, dee'd,. having been
granted lo'ihe subscriber rnsiding in Mil
ford township, all persons indebted to
said estate are requested to attend at the
late residence of said deceased on Salur
day tlte 20ih - oCJevember next, pre
pared to settle; and tHoie having claims
to present them .at the same time and
place, properly authenticated. -
-Oct. 12 1847. - f - Adm'r.
nrtnf rrf?
? B HE undersigned would inform tlie
mj': citizens at large, that they have fit
ted up a steam engine in complete order,
which will enable ihcm to say that they
can compete with any establishment in
Western Pennsylvania, in the way of
castings.; Their casting will -coasi&tin
part, of ;
' Stoves, Gratesj Ploughs, and
Plough Points, and all kinds, and dei
cripthn of, IIOLLOirAVJIiE ;
They have also fitted up taming lathes
and are ready ut. any. time to take in ttir
nirig,, which will be done on the short
est notice., -,: '' . .;' 1 1 -,-:
i '. It has been but a short time since the
abovenamed Foundry , has been put in
operation, ind. the undersigned are thank
ful for the very flattering support alrea
dy. offered ihein. ' They would also add,, give satisfaction to all
who will hereafter givefhem a-cail. -
Somerset, Au24'.'47-3m . - .
Copper, Sheet-Iron and ' V
V, , TIN-WARE, , ;. .
One door "cast of the 'HeratP OrTice, and ira-
mediately opposite Slaht's Hatter Shop, " '
- - - Main - street, Sotneret,: Pa. J ;;
tizens of Somerset and vicinity
that: he has purchased frtm J. II. Ben
ford & Co., their entire stock, and" that
lis. will continue Uo manufacture, TIN,
Copper anasiieet-Iron-vvare, ;
at'the od Mand.:" Having lately purcha
sed a't : Cumber'.a'nd, a fresh supply of
tin, sheet-iron, and copper, he is now
prepared to" make.'to order all kinds of
ware, in his line of bnsiness.'" His work
shall n6tbe surpassed in sty le or durability.
J , Jilerchants' and others, i
.who, keep TW-ware for sale had better
give him a caller a he can sell them w?re
ws. lo W; as : it can be. bought at any other
shop of the kind in the county. .Appro
ved country produce taken' in fxcha'ngo
for ware. Mending- done on shorty no
tice and reasonable prices.- Remember
i. iffod. hop ison Min'street ens ;.doof e3?t
?.&Utf. HeraJj'VofSc.Sorset! t
A Lot of Blank Deeds ijiistpric-
r ted, on fine white paper, ana
safest tKsoffice.
Citizens of -'Somerset. JZz
Pause ! ;Hcik;ct'!! Decide !!
Men may cry peace ! peace !l n itea
.'i .: thrcre is no peace!!! '
The.war 1 is actually begun li'but Gen.
laylop never surrender?,' neither (feet
the -ReR; Uibban,.s Vegetab!e AnTi
tlous Family Pills;" wher they once
charge upon.. bilious disease?, such as
bilMua, reoitun?, intermitlino-, conges
live, typhus and erurtiv? fpr. m" -
l0 hoUct cholera morbus, dysetuary, sick
S3 ic-ache. &c, in shaft all diseases an.
tng irow , disordered-state of the-sW
ach and blood; keep the liver stimulated
into, healthy aciie.,,-thblomrcleansed
Irom all impurities, and you are cm
fn . . r-. . '
i'iwluic rfi,u maintain
gotnl health.
The most potent piirifver
V nf Kf,,l .t '"' :.
w . .nw uii;i;u urn. tUl I CCWr 01 liJC
fiver is
r.VJlibbard's pills.
f i emaies 11 yon - are nt-awe!
- 'land use , lUrx B. , Uibbard's
put, mey reopen aii oostructions. clean e
the systtra, purify the tlood and give
animation, health "atrd beaaly to all who
use - them, sttch ;as you : cannot receiro
from the use of any oilier medicine.
Dose half a pill. ' ' . .
"Dyspeptics dorrt 'Jc'spaTr,1 here? Ts
certain cure. Dyspepsia of ten iW.
- H - . , ' .. .. . .
standing, and after ahv:other -ine-Jicne
had laiied, feas been cured by tf.e u?e of
Rev B, Hibbanl' pill?.; taken in quarter
of pill doses, tliree times a day for thrsa
weets. . . ;
- Doctor J WihJcmut'h, of Montgomery
co., Va., says he has led them in his
practice for three years, and finds them
the best medicine he. has ever usednever
being disappointed in an case, he em
ployed them in. We refer you: to hiria
personally. - ; t. :
These pills have such-a reputation ir
Illinois, that. they, have given to thera
the name of "King Pills." Try ..them,
you who are ill, and want a cheap, safe,
certain and speedy remedy. . Dusa from
half a pill to two pills. CircnLrs
be had of agents free of charge.
Price 12. 25 and 50 cents per box'. '
Sold by the following agents, viz :
Snyder & Zimmerman, Stoystown,
. Samuei Kiramel, Pine Mills.- ; ,
Walter Chaifant, Allegheny . Summit
J; H. !: E. Benford, Snydersville,
- Michael Sipe, Somerset ip. - ; -' '
iWilliam M'Creery, Drtijgist, Sonler
iel, Pa., General and supply ing cgent for
this county. . . , . ,
August 5 1, I847-6m ' ' ' ' 1 "
HE Great Preventive Medicine!
-Though Wright's Indian Vegeta
ble Pills h ave achieved triumph upon tri
umph, in the cure of obs'.inate cases o
disease, -even after t!ey had been emiref
ly given up, and after all other remedies
had failed, yet iheir power of prevention
may, tD8 justly esteemed their growing
glory ! . -"Storm's," it is said, "purify
the air" but storms" do mischief also,
and are so ; far n evil. Were it within
human power to in a'n la ia ie EectricuX
equilibrium between the earth and air,
there would be no occssion for storms,
for the air would always be pure.
So of the human body. If kept fre
ficai morbid humors, the action is regu
lar and healthy. But if those humors
are allowed to accumulate, a crisis, or,
in other words, a storm, will arise, which,
is always more or Ies3 dangerous,
Wright's Indian Vegetable Pills are
equally well calculated to prevent tha
storm, er to allay it when it comes. But
prevention is better -than cure, besides
being cheaper and less troublesome.
The delay of-a day in the commence
ment of sicltness has ofien proved fatal,
and always renders the case more diffi
cult to manage. .
Let the sickness be caused by chan
ges of wcsiher, high living, want of ex
ercise, close'confinemeni, functional de
rangement, or anything else, the effect
upon the body is much the same is
equally dangerous, and is removable by
the same means. .'j
Have you a cold? Letit nt ripen in
to Consumption. Are yoa Dyspeptic!
Beware of the 'hypochondria, "Two
Pills takes every other night on an emp
ty stomach, for a short time, will, in nin
cases out of ten, ctrs the Dyspepsia,
and thereby- drive . away the legion of
'devils blue. For Headache, no me
dicine .is superior lo ft'rihC Indian
'Visitable Pills. . Costiveness, that pro
lific .mother of disease, is caused by,
torpid state2 of the -liver,1 whieh thesa
t Pills effectually cures."! By striking at
die root of disease, Wnghi s Indian ve
getable Pills prevent all - and cure, all.
They can hardly, ever be taken amiss, if
used with common discretion; aud wb
commend jhem to the use'o those who
have uof yef tried them.
- Beware of Counterfeits of all kinds;
Some ate coated with sugar; others are
made to resemble in outward appearance
tiie original medicine The safest course
is , to pti rc h a'se ' fr mo t he - reg u I a r a g e n ts
only, one or more of.! whom may: be
found in every village & town in the state.
Jlgenls fav-Somcrsct Count.
: PA RKER & ANK.EN Y, Somerset,
-,M. A. Ross, Petersburg, -
. Samuel Ivimmel, Pino .Mills.
, G. Parker &. Co. Jenncrville.
.Michael' Sipe, Somerset township."
Anghuibaugh & Brubaker, Cenirei!la
Stevens k Scldag; Bdkerstown. ; " :
J. Shaffer -Sr.' & CoSloystown,
,'3V: Chaifant, Buckstown, C
. Hav ife Bj?r, Lavansville, ; . .
j.C.,Darrrll,SmitbfieM.. ; ... .
" OfTices 'devoted exclusively to the fale
of If right Indian Vttublt Pilti,
whf!e-,!e t;.Tret.iit7"lCr) Rare S'rret.
jPhth'de'lphij?v'2SS;:Grrnwich Street.
I'Neve Yorkitj jat rcant Surt, B6s-