The Somerset herald and farmers' and mechanics' register. (Somerset, Pa.) 183?-1852, November 16, 1847, Image 3

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T I! ESS A Y, N 0 VE M B E R 1 0; 184?.
XuljutUhthi decision if the Whig Tarty
- A Court Martial is vow fitting in Wash
ington City, to investigate certain charges
preferred gainst Lieut. Col. Fremont, of
the U.S. Regiment of Mounted Riflemen.
The Colonel is charged with Mutiny and
"Disobedience of orders, whilst in Califor
uia ha having. refused to recognize the
.Whority of Gen. Kearney, a enperior
officer. The Colonel's defence is predi
cated ripen the fact that he was acting un
der orders from Commodore Stockton, and
alleges that he could not obey the con
flicting orders of two superiors, not know
ing which vtt the highest in rank; but
having first received his orders from Com
incdora Stockton, he preferred to act un
der them end to disregard these of General
The testimony already adduced on the
trial is voluminous, end it is supposed
that by ths time it is got through with,
the chief purpose of the Administration
in bringiug on the war will be pretty ful
ly developed. In one of the letters of Sec
retary Bancroft to Commodore Stockton
read to the Court; it is said that "the ob
Ject cf the United Slates is, under its
rights as a belligerant nation, to possess
xiuelf entirely of Upper California."
. General Taylor. The Atlanta Mis
ecllany of the 23d ultimo says: "We
conversed cn Thursday Ust with a gen-
tleman who has been for some time at
tached to the Quartermaster's Depart-
mentin Gen. Taylor's division, and who
left the Rio Grande on tho Cih instant.
He informed us that the statement con-
tained in the papers that the Genera
would visit ihia country in the month of
November is without foumlut ion. The
'- old Hero has his hands full, and has
raade a call on the Government for re
infofeements to disperse the large gurr
rilla forces that are concentrating in the
neighborhood of his camp, and who are
becomingexceedingly bold and insolent
We learn from the Germantown Tele
graph of the 3d insL, that a man, who
ave his name as Shakespeare, was arres
ted, in Philadelphia, having in his posses
sion nearly S5C00 in counterfeit 10's, on
. the Mechanics' Bank of the city of New
York. The execution of the note
though inferior to the genuine, is calcula-
. ted to deceive, but they may be detected
by the signature cf the Comptroller be
in? printed. The notes are stamped a
'cross, the face in red ink, with the words
'Delaware and Hudson Canal Co.," with
the view of inducing a belief in their be
ing genuine.
7 Judge Banes has issued a circular
'to the Commissioners and Treasurers of
the several counties, urging the prompt
collection and payment of taxes, to meet
the February interest. The damage done
by the late food ; will diminish the re
ceipts of the Treasury to a very consider
able amount; and in order to maintain the
integrity and credit of the Stale, all taxes
due the Commonwealth should be col
lected and paid over without delay. We
Lope the Stata Treasurer's appeal will be
.promptly responded to on the part of those
-entrusted with the collection of the public
money. Pcnn. Int.
" Dl"ShutiVs majority for Governor is
17,076, and Longstreth's majority for Ca
T:l Commissioner 17,718.
, Gen. Irvin's vote falls short of Gen.
I.larkle's in 1344, about 28,00V and
Shunk's is about 14,000 short of his for
mer vote. The tote of 1847 is over
42,000 lees than that cf 1844.
InBahimore, flour is .selling at:$0.-
. More sellers than buers. Wheat, 1,25.
New York--Prices unsettled. Small
.alcs Gf flour a 60,37; ot wheat, at 1,45.
''in Philadelphia, flour sells at 6,50;
end wheat at 1,50.
. 4 . i i ' .' ' ' :'
, JCT" The Supreme Court of Pennsyl-Vinia'-jiow
tn session at Pittsburg, have
derided 'the "No license Law" of this
State to be unconstitutional.. Judge Coul
ter and Bell-dissenting. , The opinion has
Hut yet been published. -" . .
rjrpQne. thousand laborers arc wanted i
:pon the Publhrorks immediately, lo
. . 1 , - "Ji t .
rpair.the Coinages occasioned by.lhe re-,
cent freshet. .
- jir.e-no of-itft-ijaaoa iJanx. ,ifefcfcst0ccasioaw for aa ifieh-fcftsrri. Meria Ohio' adwfii
rf thi-,S?-4te, are rw Jcdeetbe'J at the! txv sooth of ths HIo Graait. Dsi! s ScsisT CchocI
W:cwXlssk cf ThihdlThia,' i ?Tfctrj .J.iU caj Rtortfe
The Poblic is reminded by the New
York "Express" that m the" Congress
which is to - assemble -oa: the Cth of the
next month ecerif member of the Houte
of Jleprescntathes has been chosen by
pinole districts, for the first time we be
lieve, since the organization of the Na
tional Government in 1789. For this re-
j form the nation is indebted to the Whig
Congress of 18Il-42. their nnlilifat on.
. . r r
j poncnts having since -abandoned their at-
I tempts to repeal the law, and the States
I of New Hampshire, Georgia, Mississip-
pi, and Missouri, which at first resisted
it, and illegally elected their Represent
lives by general ticket,' have finally found
the system so popular with the people cf
those States that their respective Legisla
tures have permitted the general law logo
into effect by adopting the District sys
tem, and their Representatives to Con
gress have been elected under it.
gThe Journal printed at Camden,
(S. C) states that it is in contemplation
to raise a fund sufficient to support the
family of the late Col. P. M. Butler in
honorable competency, by a general sub
scription of the citizens of South Caroli
na. The subscription to be limited to
silt dollar.
JSSTThe lion. Jabcz W. Huntingdon,
the only , Whig United States Senator
from Connecticut, died at his residence in
Norwich, on Monday evening, Nov. 1st,
of a bilious attack.
HCJThe Philadelphia papers state that
Mr. George Plitt. of Western Pennsylva
nia, was robbed in the National Theatre
in that city, of his pocket book contain
$4,700 in bank cotes.
The best commentary we have seen on
the infamous conduct of the Union and
its followers in styling the Wbig party
"Mexican Whigs." is found in the annex
ed brief paragraph from the Mobile Dai
ly Advertiser. It appears that a call raade
on Alabama more than six months ago for
five companies has not yet been answer
ed by a single company, notwithstanding
the Locofoco Governor has issued two
Proclamations to his Locofoco fellow citi
zens. The Advertiser thereupon makes
the following
Suggestion. "The 'Mexican Whig'
State of Kentucky the State where
dwells Henry Clay 1 has furnished for
the Mexican war five companies more
than is wanted, or will be received by
the President; while the Patriotic Dcm-
ccratic State of Alabama, that has been
called on to furni.h only five compa-
tiles' lacks just Jive companies of the
4 number required. Now, we have to
suggest to those companies of 'Mexican
. itji i ir . i i i
-via li iiigs oi cvcniucKy , who are uc-
sirous of engaging m the service of the
Ait r i ,i . .
- cumin aiiu 'Hit uvcu ictuscu uiviu iu I s a . i i ,
come to Alabama, "and thev flnnatTiT??' tr.ggs, J,4'J uleb - uusiung.
4 chance. We want just five companies.
and there seems no prospect of getting
4 them in this Democratic State. Our
people seem to have a decided dislike to
4 'villainous saltpetre.
goodness to lay this proposition before "Urgty Wing m both hranches
4 the 'Mexican Whims' cf ' lhat -rascally P,he r,eU'T of . m; mernbtn, ihu fa
' Whig State,' and it accspted let the five
4 companies come on forthwith."
The New York Herald, in discussing
the chances and probabilities of what the
coming session of Congress will do, makes
the following predictions as to the line of
policy the President will lay 'down in his
message: ' ' ' " '
"The President's annual message will
develope the policy the administration in
tend to pursue; but as the anxiety of the
public on this subject is extreme, we have
taken pains to learn in advance the views
of those in power. - Our information is
of the most reliable character. We can
not predict what may take place between
this time and the beginning of December, j
It may be that the relations between the
two countries will entirely change in ihe
mean time. Mexico may sue for peace j
and accept our terms. ' With these alter-1
ed circumstances, the policy of the admin- !
istratton" would necessarily alter. But
should every thin remain as zt present,
and the chances of peace appear as vision
ary ss now, the President will recom
mend to Congress that the war be prose
cuted as long as there sha!l-be a show of
resistance on the part of the enemy; that
a uniform tariffbc established in the Mex
ican ports; that the roads to the interior
be opened and kept open; that the public
mincs and rdl other sources of revenue be
seized; lhat the enemy be in this way j
compelled to bear all the expenses of the j
war; and that every j important place we
hare taken be retained until Mexico shall I
sue for peace and accede lo terms.
"The administration do not desire lo
obtain a greater portion of Mexican terri
tory than that embraced in Mr. Buchan
an's project, sent out by Mr. Trist. New
Mexico and the Californias are quite suf
ficient for our purpose. At present we
have no occasion for more." '
The last two sentences of this quota
tion arc certainly tool. The editor talks
.ss if Mexico was entirely at our disposal.
and a5Sht or leave Jut 38 mcch
cf it as we pleased. - -
J .H xttnrrU f- Anit.r:a
ss that, and ons of them will certainly be
"an emphatic "jtoi - We have cof, the
"That sane Old Coon."
Whole Whig State Ticket E
lected by Majorities of from
30,000 toJSOjOOO !!!!!!!
The gallant Whigs of New York have
covered themselves with filorv I They
have just achieved a SPLENDID VIC
TORY -one that will thrill the heart of
every Whig in the land I The triumph
is most perlect and complete! All honor
to the Whigs of the Empire Sta'e!
Their brethren throughout the Nation are
indebted to them.
The Tribune savs, "For the first time
since 1844, our "STATE GOVERN
PARTMENT save the Judicial. We
have a Wrhig Governor, Lieut. Governor,
all the Heads of Dc par tin em, Canal
Board, Prison Inspectors, fcc, with large
majorities in each branch of the Legisla
ture. Never before has the State Admin
istration been so thoroughly Whig !
Whe believe the Whis have carried
HOUSES, and elected every man on
their Suts ticket by from 30 to 50,000 ma
jority ! We think Mr. Filmore's majori
can hardly fail to reach SO.O00 !
The Whigs have elected a majority
of 10 or 18 iu the State Senate, who are
to, vote in 1819 for a United States Sena
tor, in place of Mr. Dix, whose term ex
pires ia March 1840. This is important
as it may secure a Whig U. S. Senalar.
The Wbigs have also swept the City
of New York, and with as much of a
tempest as in the State. A thousand
cheers for Redeemed New York !
Partial returns indicate that there was
a much more general turn-eut of the vo
ters at the election in Massachusetts on
Monday last than at the preceding annual
election. So far as heard from the vote
for Governor is as fallows:
Counties. Brigg. Cushing. Scat.
HamnJen, (cornA 3.271 3.289 409
Hampshire, 17 t. 2,489 986
Franklin, 8 towns. 994 703
Worcester, 10 " 2,188 1,503
8.843 6,520 1,589
, r . en
The vole in Boston wasns follows:
2,003; Scattering. 1,328. ' Majority for
onggs.z.iuj. - -
A majority of all the votes given is ne
cessary te elect, but 'if the People fail to
make n choice the election will devolve
upon the Legislature,' which Ve suppose
show the election of eighty-two Whigs to
seventeen Democrats. '""
In the city and parifh of New Orleans
on Monday week, the Democrats elected
both their candidates to the State Senate,
(the same as last year,) end the twenty
Kcpresentattves were equally divided be
twecn the two parties, (being a Whiggaii
01 two members.) In the parish of Jef
ferson -the Democrats have gained one
There is no doubt of the re-election ict
Congress of Emile La Sere, (Dcm. in
the first district; he was opposed by Ed
gar Montcgut, an Independent candidate
oi the same politics. But the announce
ment of the defeat of Bannon G. Thibo-
ieaux, (Whig) in the second district is at
least premature. The vote is vcrv close
and all the district has not been heard
from. His competitors are P. T. Landry
(Dem.) and Jacob Barker (Independent,)
the latter receiving only several hundred
From the two other Congressional dis
tricts, both of which were represented in
the last Congress by Democrats, we have
no news.
The election which took place in Mich
igan on the 1st instant resulted in ihe e-
wn of Epaphreditus Ransom to the
office of Governor, and W m. M. Fenton
as Lieutenant Governor. The vacancy
n lhe second Congressional district has
hecn fietl "X the r choice . of Charles E.
Stuart. All Democrats, of course.
On yesterday morning soros 15 or 20
of the laborers employed by Messrs.
Feister, Breve & Co., on the Hollidays
burg and Bennington Rail Road, struck
for higher wages $1,00 ner day and
found. They were receiving 87j cents
and "eatingt enough, we ihink; in bU
conscience, when eighteen cents per lb.
is demanded for stiszisq butter' by the
hucksters attending our market. 31air
County Whigv- ' . -o ;
' 11 '-..
'. A Dublin paper say, that t sehoclaii.
,Z till 9 Will kciy,
.1. v
A private letter from Chicago, III., da
ted the I4ih ulL. savs: Wo had a heavy
1 fall of spow last ciht "and this morning,
i Sleiffhing bells were heard in the streets
! t t V ca rr a timn f 12 a Yt;Ar pt!fl f
p-een corn for dinner, something unparal
leled iu the history of the weather. - ;
It is stated that General Scott was born
in June, 17S3, and is, therefore, 61 years
of age.
Somerset Lyceum
Will meet at the Lyceum Room ca
Friday evening next, at 6 o'clock.
Question for discussion Has. the Dra
ma a beneficial effect upon public morals?
Leaders in debate, Ogle and Pearson.
Essayist, M'Creery, Declaimer, Scull.
'Geo. L. Little, Sec.
: On Thursday last, by Rev. D. B. Ernst,
Mr. Levi Horner, to Miss Eluabeth,
daughter of Joseph Zimmerman, all of
Qnemahoning tp. ,
New Advertisements.
Cream Cheese.
6rVrYrV Pound. Cream Cheese,
w vJiJ' just received and fr sale
nov!6-4t No. 23 Wood st, Pittsburg .
Stray Cow.
CJAME to ihe piemises of the subscri
ber r esidlng in Shade tp, somttimo in
September last, a light red row, with a
star on the forehead, no oilier mark;
ihe owner is requested lo come am! prove
property, pay charges and t4ke her away
r she will be dispositd of as the law di
H. F. Schell, Attorney at Law;
. on Main Crott Stmt, Somerset, Pa.
OLLECTiNG, Scrirening r.d other
legal businesitransacted with Cdelity.
Refer to Eckal, Raiguel & Co, Phil'a.
Hiser & Dougherty, Halt.
" Cissaway t Anson, Cumb.
Ewalt & Gebhart, Pituburgh
Nav.lG '4 r-3in
e :
Hi on Merchant s,
i 5 : ff
c CO
h E-l
i 2- c
Sis n
3 e S'g.S
t-H S CtJ t
Q p 3 f-2
-; 1 Z -2
i; 5
o .
t .5?
ts zz "
o :
2 &4
- . u: c
K 1 (l 1 1 T S I N pi A N VEG ETA
PILLS of the Nirt!i Ameriiran
College of Health. The original and
enly genuine preparation. .Every day
u this celebrated mrdicine extending the
sphere of its usefulness, and ctery year
ashling to the long ratatogue of its Iri
limphs; A MILLION OF BOXES are
distributed annually uithout fully meet
ing the demand ! For some time 'past,
the salea have been limited nolelv by
want f facilities of .supply! Truly this
is a nnircrsiil re:eiiy! Unlicra'ded,
these Pills have fnnd their way iut the
remotest comers of the Union, every
where proving their title as THE POOH
MAN'S FRIEND; and sick man's hope
the marvel and blessings of the age.
1 ur a trifling sum, every tuuitidttal
and every family may havu HEALTH
INSURED to theuu for an indefinite pe
riod, rnd what is life without health but
a miserable existence! It is too precious
a boon tu be tampered with, by Irving
a1 sorts of experiments upon iu .The
nick should use those medi. iues only
which experience ha shown lo be the
Peail.'Murk! Lee rv! 5' in ward
ly digest the following rsmarkable state
ment from ,one of the most respectable
citizens of N orthampton co, Vu:
Peters ville. May 4,1317.
Dr. Wright In the of 1841, 1
was persuaded Jo use your Pills; and be
fore I had used bus box 1 felt ein-utirag
ed to continue, and did continue, until I
had ncd twelve boxes, having stopped
ii intervals :ind commem-ed g4iu. The
result was, that in ihe spring following 1
feft the sick bed and room to whieh I hud
entirely been confined for eight ers
during which lung period I had recourse
to the kill of lite beH physicians, that
ciuld be obtained, and who did all in
their power, bui all of their efforts were
in vain, Indeed, I i;e?er derived the
least benefit. .
My complaint was originally rheuma
tie. and was afterwards aggravated by a
cold. The two combined became seated
in my whole system. 1 became helpless
my legs and arms were of no use lo
me during thai long time, in which 1 have
suffered beyond my power to desciibe;
and if I were ia attempt description, it
might appear to others an exaggeration.
Nor will 1 attempt to tell you how much
money 1 paid the doctors.
I live hi Moore tp, Northampton ca. -
l'a;atii a farmer; am 76 vear't)f age; an4 ,
though you are unknown to me. I con-
reive yV the greaim UaeW ll
fisTJJ :. ' , - JoJm Ffajrlj;.
Some ate coated whh pt'gsr; othert sre
mads in resemble in outward appearance
i!ie original medicine. The ssfest course
is, to purchase from the ttguhr vgenis
only, one or mors tf whom mi" be
found m every village & town in the state.
ds;ent$for Somtrzzt County.
PARKER & ANKENY, Soraenct,
M. A. Ross.
Samuel Kimmel, Pine Mills,
G.Parker & Co. Jennerrille.
Mirh iel Sipe. Snmere township.
Aunhinhaujh A. Brubuker. OcutreiHs
Stevens L Srhbe. B:krr?town,
J. Shaffer Sr. & Co. Sioystown,
' W. Chalfant, !'urktwn,
Hav & ttter, Lavans-.ille,
J. C. IrrdU Smithficld.
Culbertsoti Rankin, New Lexington,
Offices devoted cxtluielv lo he e
of JfrizhCs Indian I'esftable Pills.
wholesale ind retail, ICQ Race Street,
; yj
. '
3S Orrrnwich Sirret.
,and 193 Trrtnmil Street, Bos-
ton. I mav4
Vegetable f'ursotirc Pills.
AHE universal! mJaiittcJ to operate, not only
s ineffectual prcvetaive, lut u never tailing
reuseJy, io all ihseai vtLivh ran cfluct ths hu
man frame. lleuiiacu. InJiestion, KhcumalUic,
Piles. Kcurty, Dropsy. Srna!l-pox. ChoIen-morU
s, - worm, u noipinj-coogn, vonsump;ion-
jnuJicc, Quincv, fcc.irtatina, I.tver eomiilaint.
Apojilexy, Uatuer. Mea!e. .Sitt-ntieum, Kits,
Hearl luru.hre.-tptla, Ucatneis, lunings ct Uic
stiti,coIJ C'iit, grjfl gidilinfis, p-iustuthc
bark, tawarj weAnes, pa'pitution of the heart,
riiins in the tbruat, asthma, fevers of all kiiula,
fcmala corapUint., atitrhe in the si te, anittnij
4f LIooJ, rc eyes, scrufuln, at. anthony'a fire.
lewness ot pmts, floovng. fiuor a'Uua or YV lutes.
Gripe. kin'i evil, lockj iw, llyttcria, bile on the
stomach, and fill bilious affections, pleurisy
croop. swelieJ feet snj leg, swine-pox, white
swelling, tremors, tumors, ulcers, vomiting, and
others hare successfully and repeatvdiy Icea
vanquished by their powerful arm.
They have been known to effect permanent
cures when all other rcmfiiies had proved una
vailing, and in the last stages of disease.
They have in many cases superceded the pre
scriptive skill of the nvwt eminent Physicians,
and received bctfiJe their unuliicd commend
ation. They have beta rrpeatcdly recommended bj
men uf the ust uistinsuinhcd characters.
throughout the land, and been sanctioned in i!u
roje by noblemen and Princes cf Hoya Blood.
Thry have been introduprd into the Hospitals
of Edinburgh, Paris, and Vienna, and through
out the disinterested exertions of our foreign sm
hjfiwdors, they have received the favorable com
incmtation of the Emperor of Russia, and Lis Ce
lestial Majesty of the Chinese Emperor.
(jj'Scarcofy a Packet vrel of any repute
sails from the port cfN'ew York, wkbcul an a
bundant supply of the sick mas' pevks nit
tits vsisitb. d3Agencics have been establish
ed in all l be principal cities of the union, and ap
plications arc eonstawlty reaching us fmm al
most numlwrtcss villages in every section of the
country. Testiuionials of their marvellous rf
fecUare pouring in from all quarters and in
such numbers that we have no time to read halt
of them. Whal stronger or more eouclusive
evidence than t!i-se important facts can the most
skeptical desire! It' U pih!e thut tho many
thousands who tried CI.ICKNER'd PILLS,
can be deceived in their result! If any impostor
or quackery existed, would it flotlong ago have
been held up. as it should be, to the scorn and
derision of a justly oflVndrd community.
Remember Dr. C V. tJiickner is the original
inventor of ugar Coaled Pills, and lhat nothiug
of the sort was ever heard of, until he introduced
them in 1831. Purchaser should, therefore, al
ways nk fr Cliikner's 'ugar Coated Vege
table Pills, an 1 take no other, or they will be
ina-ie the victims of a fraud.
PRICE 5 U E ;N TbTcfuij its
-n n r r r -r-
I)r. Ciickner'e principal office for the sale of
Pills. i3 60 Vesey street, New York.
Win. Jackson, 80 Liberty street, head of Wood
jitrcit. PirtLiirgh, Pa., general agent for West,
cm Pennsylvania, Northern Ohio, and ths Riv
er counties of Virginia. -
b'old by thu fjllowiflg dult appointed Agents
for Vinerse.t county. Pa.
J J & H F Scheil Somerset
Fdmund Kltrnan Jenner n RosJs
Snyder St ZifttimTman itoystowa
Phillippi & Kieman Rox!urj
Chnrh-s Kriss'nigcr Derlin
. P & W Meyers Jlcyers Mill .
Miiier i Divcly' Salisbury
" 44 GranUii:, Md.
6' C II McChesney 5mith!iekl
Samucl Eltlcr Tctcriburgh
Peter Levy. D.vidil!e,
Elias tahl Mount Peh.
Likewir sold by the same Agents,. the a est
A M C It I O A N O I L,
procured fromawellin Kentucky, 185 feetlc?ow
tha Hirbce of t'ue earth, a certain and infallible
euro for Iiitlamat.'ry rheumatism, spasms, colic,
sprains, strains, cuts, bmines. scalds, burns, tet
ter, erysipelas, scald head, croup, iiiSarsatcry sora
throats, &c. &c
Price 50 f cits per Bottle.
CAUTJU.X. Iu order to ho sure of MutaUl
ng the genuine, purchase only cf the general
agents for Western Pennsylvania, Wia. Jack
son, No. S3 Liberty street. Pituburgh, or through
sub-agents appointed by him for tUsaia, each of
wham wi I have a hovr bill, and generaldi
rooiions in pimph!tfriji. con'aining the name
and a.Mres of the propru-tor and General Agents
for Western Pi-nnsyivaiiia as follow;
D. Hail & Co. proprietors, Kentucky.
Wei. Jackson, General Agent for Western
renn.tylvania, No. 89 Liberty street. 'itUburgh,
to whom all orders must be addrrseed.
OBEKVK-Eaca bottle is enclosed in one
of ths abore named pamphlets, snd the name of
Wm. Jackson ftiie trenera) and only wholteah
agent far Wrstrrn Pcnnsjlar.ia) printed coihs
outiide ff the Ukl,
And in addition 'a be sold by the same agmts
Dr. Thompson ' Carminative
So justly crlebrntad as a ww-reign remsdy fse
all iiowet duaplaiuts, Ltarrhflsa, ibolcra iscrlv
us,-S.ii2S aamajer complaints of children and 3
dults, &.C prepsrwl enly by Dr. Edgar Thorn
(now of Nw York city. fnrinrly of Uuburgh.)
For the last tw year this cflbrated end un
sgrpassedrenjedy fir tb above fomplainta have
leu,vre!l krjawa.,aard extensivflj used in Fitt.
burgb and surrounding country w'th nnqualie
sucrese vhich renders it unnecessary to parade
long list of testimonials Li its favor, which
could readily be done. Suffice ILlo say that
PUmbersof the raosi resper.uble persons in Jltts
burgh and vicioi; bare osed and proved lU
wonderfuIefiTcacy. ItUe Veeta'.ile and scien
tific preparaiioo predicated cjt thunalU'fabie
Laws of Nature, adaptod lnoi rertaiclv u rs-
i move tbe reus, thai ite itSrct- lusy cvu; UI
i utr:o:iEa. it cau truly b pranouorcji" mnirf
ibi bi reaedk f.r the ahu curaDlaiaU fn -a
Daiwdfitates. Vo&ioilj WH l wither it
P6t f aiDy joora wiio-it
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West Branch bank
Relief Notes
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Dink of Wesirairutsr
Caps! Gaps'! Caps!;!
TXjfEN ami Ho' Fur, Cloth, Piuih,
IvJ. Hair-Seal and Glazed capj, very
cheap at
50,000 Victims every year
Mra. Atlan;, 126tli street, Ilarlea.V
suiTered a year with a cough, pain in the'
chest, night sweats, and all the sfjjrava-
led sympion of Consumption; nothing
relieved her till she tried Sherman'
ILdsatn half a bottle cured her.
Mr. E. T. Lawrence, Jackson street,
Brooklyn, after (years ofsuflcrinj, ssJ
treated by various physicists, was pr
nounred incurable from ulcertlcd lurjs
and liver.
as wss supposed he tried the BalrsJ
its effects were most miraculous; ftwa
bottles mred him. f
Mrs. Dajgas, residing zt 69 Jbl.eri.7
street, 70 years old, has been subject is
attacks of pleurisy and consuc:p!'e
coughs far years. Ths Ralsac
saved her from very preal suiTerir..
L J. Beats, 89 Delancy-streel it
lo his sister-in-law. who had bcuh aa in
valid for .years from Asthma; tu. another
considered as in consumption It re
lieved them at tmce, so that thtfy travel
led several hundred miles.
Is alwavs alarming. It leads a th
worst kind of Consumption, and unlet
arrested in time U generally fatal. Sher
fflffllj'iij iit.AaBtl-W ! i " t l ilom i tha best
inane a tttttt .. -sl j. . - r .-- , j
remedy it heals tlie wounded or ruptureo -
lilnrtd vCcl r f ifu Innm
e.Tccis a pcrminenl cure, while other
remedies only stop the blood for some
time. A few doses of this Balaam will
satisfy ihe njost skeptic! that it is tho
medicine requrrerj It hs been success
ful in many cascsj aMjd thai too whert
mcj nau run into a rapurcTw77'i, i.r, as
more gercrally expressed, 'HASTY
CONSUMPTION." Yotin persons,
or those of miJdle age, are more subject
to these attacks than the aged.
1'nce 25 cants and $ 1 per bottle.
Sold by the following duly appointed
Agents for Somerset county, Pa.
J.J. & II. F. c5chel!,. Somerset,
Snyder & Zimmerman, StoystAWB,
Edmund Kiernan, Jenner Roads
Philltppi &i Kitrnan. Rexbury,
Clias. Krissinger, Derlin,
P. & W. Meyer, Meyer'e Mi!.
. Miller & Dircly, Salisbury,
'V " GrantsviUe.Md.
S. C. II. X'cCht-sney.SmithSeld,
Samuel Elder, Ptlershurjh,
Peter Levy, Daridsville,
Elias Siahl, Mount PcU
Likewise. Dr. Sherman Aledieafe!
Lozenges, Tooth Pasle, and Poor Man'
zenges are a safe, nwslstue ar.J rfTeeroal
remedy for coughs and colds, lightness
of the lungs or eliesi, die.
Loienjrcs have been proved in mora
than MCO.OnO cases to be the infallible;
tlie only certain worm destro) in med
icine erer dist-otered, Ii was resertei
for Dr. Sherman to invent a rr.edicin to
destroy worms that children woukl tke
Children will uke these Lozenges snJ
rry frr more.
A premium Dentrtfiee, the testarikl
known for cleaning and whitening th
teeth, the gows, swteien
ing ihe breath.
TER. The bfit Mrenj'hecing pbstff
in tiuj ..r!1; a sosereiijti temedr for
pains at wenkr.e in ths bsrk, Iua,
siJts. brfSKt. &e. Uc. One reilltnnt
year will n.i fpply ihe demand. V ir
rantpd ih Vest and'ehcapeit. Osa ilai
H itl pioee the fact .....
ted for ji 115 almost immediate rli-f lt
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